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09-09-2012, 12:44 AM
I've been craving potato salad, but wanted a lower carb version. Unfortunately, the cauliflower potato salads that I've tried, taste a lot like potato salad, but the texture was all wrong, ruining them for me, so tonight I tried a trick that I use all the time with mashed cauliflower.

I added a couple tablespoons of mashed potato flake into the cauliflower potato salad recipe (I just stirred it into the light mayo before adding it to the unpotato salad).

Because it's spread across the whole batch, the potato flakes only add a few carbs to each serving, but give a much more realistic potato texture.

(Oddly, when I tried mixing small red potatoes into the cauliflower in a previous batch, it wasn't as affective as adding the potato flakes).