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09-04-2012, 02:54 AM
Who is here? Round up! :D

Who is here this month?
How are you?
How was last month?
How is your PCOS management last month?
What are you going to work on in Sept?


09-04-2012, 03:02 PM
Who is here this month?

I am! Finally, the end of August had me away...

How are you?

I'm okay. I broke my Whole30 yesterday.

It didn't turn out to be a completely clean Whole30 because I can't drink coffee without sweetener. So, I might do it again later, with no coffee in my life. I actually got kind of sick of coffee in the last week or so.

How was last month?

Good. I was doing Whole30. It was great. It's made me think different about the food I eat, which I think is good.

I'm going to continue Paleo, because it does focus me on lower-carb and I think I need that right now. I also think a lot more about vegetables, which is always good!

How is your PCOS management last month?

Good. Took my supplements, had my period, and I went to the endo, so he was happy.

I need to lose another tenish pounds though.

What are you going to work on in Sept?

Losing weight.

I think with Paleo I lost 5 lbs this last month, which is a huge drop. But I do think it was mostly water weight!

If I get below 162 in the next month, then that'll be REAL weight loss at that point!

09-04-2012, 03:29 PM
Who is here this month?
Me. I'm Kate

How are you?
A little nauseous today. I just stepped up to 2000 mg of met, so I'm having some side effects. Also I went for bloodwork today to test for Cushing's.

How was last month?
Last month was a waiting game. I continued to gain weight, and finally on the last day of the month, got in to see my endo. Since my other test results were good he decided to test me for Cushing's. My internist put me on phentermine to help with my insatiable hunger and my Endo increased my metformin from 500mg to 2000mg.

How is your PCOS management last month?
See above.

What are you going to work on in Sept?
Wanting to lose more weight and get back in the gym.

09-07-2012, 09:59 AM
Who is here this month?


How are you?

Mind -- Really doing great. Lots of interesting things to do and think about. Great convo's with friends and DH.

Heart -- DH and I continue really tight. Kid's great. Been working on strengthening my friendships too. Relationship with parents is still wobbly -- eldercare for Dad is up and down.

Soul -- Excellent. Spent time tending to my spirit with journal writing, gardening, trip to beach, attending church.

Body -- Needs work.

How was last month? How is your PCOS management last month?

Good in all buckets but body. I'm having a VERY hard time remembering to take my meds and my labs all sucked as a result because of inconsistant thyroid meds.

Not really on the Met for IR -- more for the lower androgen thing.

I'm still feeling like I'm at the end of my endoc's experience with PCOS and she's frustrated at my lack of compliance on meds and I'm frustrated she's not seeming to hear me that I need help with the compliance if I'm space cadet. I know I have to own my bits of the puzzle and asked DH to find me some pill taking app now that I have a smart phone to freakin' BUZZ at me when it is time. Made a chart for the kid to pester me with. I did take all 12 of my pills (ugh) yesterday. So one day at a time.

I asked DH to remind me (I am so forgetful!) that after the next 2 mos when I see my endoc if my labs are on track or not, to start shopping for a new one.

Sigh. I stayed with her because at the time that was all there was here but there's new clinics now so perhaps others are more up todate on PCOS and PCOS perimenopause? I want to know and be tested! I feel hot and cold and spacey and weird. I know I'm on the younger end for perimenopause but I'm tired of asking "What about this? What about that?" and not getting answers.

I am wearing my pedometer and trying to track today. I def need more exercise.

Diet is great though -- cholesterol and all that on track.

What are you going to work on in Sept?
From here to next endoc appt in 8 weeks my goals are:

Take all my pills on time! (90% of the time -- this is critical. I need an "A" here!)
Track food, exercise 70% of the time. Not worry to much about increasing -- just track it. (I can live with a "C" grade there.)
Cope with my foggy brain by trying apps, memory minders and other tools. Just explore them and if they can work for me -- 3 tools tried in 8 weeks.


09-14-2012, 10:52 AM
Hi Ladies!

Welcome back all of you. September seems to be a slow month for this board! I thought it was just going to be the summer.

Anyway, I'm thinking doing daily check ins just to stay accountable. My weight this morning was at 162.4 lbs which is not significantly higher than before, but I want the scale to move down, rather than up. These two lbs are driving me nuts, I just want to hit 160 now!

I'm still doing my Paleo eating and I like it. I do have to learn new ways of thinking of my meals and I do sometimes miss the carbs, but I know that its just because my body craves them, not because I really need them!

Kind bars have been a lifesaver.

I've been injured now for a while going to PT. My knee is hurting a lot today. We've made some significant progress this week and I think this morning my knee was like, "I'm done. Rest day."

Good thing I don't have any exercise class today. I think I'll be icing it a couple of times today.

09-16-2012, 07:10 PM
Crap. I said I was going to do daily updates and I forgot to do mine yesterday!

Saturday weigh-in: 162.4 lbs.
Calories: 1878
Exercise: Spin class and Pilates

Yesterday, I was feeling kind of weird, I think I had too many carbs. I know I had too many carbs! I was feeling tired, I think also from two classes and I didn't get as much as I wanted done yesterday.


Sunday check in!

Weight: 162.8 (wth?)
Exercise: None (it was raining!)
Calories: 1364 (will report back if I eat more)

Today, I purposefully ate less carbs. Breakfast was delicious eggs and bacon. Lunch = homemade chili. Coffee, of course. Tea in the afternoon, no sugar (I drink tea plain, no milk or sugar!). No snacks either. Dinner will be fruit/vegetables with almond butter. I am feeling like I need something "fresh" and light, so raw fruit and raw veggies.

Today, I was more productive, but I really missed my bike ride.

I'm really concerned about my stabilizing at 162. I guess I'll see if I stay here, but it feels like I should have gone down a pound by now... :(

I don't know if it's the PCOS or something else.

EDITED: 1484 calories. I had 20 g of dark chocolate.

09-16-2012, 07:22 PM
Good news: Down 2 lbs despite loopy.

Good News: Rented storage unit and got friends to help me haul crap out of there. House is not totally clean, but WAY improved. And now I can sort the clutter over THERE and not have anyone distubing my piles.

Bad news: MIL is having heart probs. Sigh. Another parent down. I know we're just at the age where our parents are older and having issues of all kinds but it is wearing me out. One gets ok and another goes down.

Please send her good thoughts and prayers. It's a worrisome time here.

But I'm feeling ok in myself. Things will be what they will be, and in the meanwhile, I have PCOS to deal with.

Happy PCOS Awareness month!

Despite everything -- still trying to fight it. I may have it but it doesn't have to have me. So there! :carrot:


09-18-2012, 11:35 AM
astrophe - I'm sorry about your MIL. I hope she gets better soon. I'm glad you at least are doing something right with your diet/PCOS care! 2 lbs is great!

My Monday Check-in
Weight: 162.0
Calories: 1416
Exercise: 1 hour of Spinning class

I was super busy yesterday at work, so it was stressful. My spinning class was the best end to my crazy day, however. I love the teacher I have in that class and I left feeling a million times better.

I also didn't really eat back my calories from exercise. It did mean that I was hungrier this morning though.

09-19-2012, 01:34 PM
Tuesday Check-in
Weight: 161.8
Calories: 1400 (on the dot!)
Exercise: Pilates

I didn't eat back all my calories and my carbs were super low -- 89 grams!

09-20-2012, 09:56 AM
Wednesday Check-in
Weight: 161.6
Calories: 1519
Exercise: Pilates

Class kicked my butt last night. But it was a good kick, rather than a bad one.

I think I'm beginning to fight a cold, :(. I've been super tired at night (no change in my exercise) or I'm super stressed.

I'm hoping things will calm down at work next week.

09-20-2012, 11:04 PM
Thursday Check-in
Weight: 161.4
Calories: 1653
Exercise: Pilates

My carbs are still low, despite higher calories. I just needed that bit of dark chocolate at the end of the day!

09-22-2012, 11:46 PM
Friday Check-in
Weight: 162
Calories: 1582
Exercise: My day off!

Friday was interesting. I had eaten well all week but my weight went back to 162 because I drank a ton of water the day before. This, I think, confirms that my 161 flutterings are water related....rather than any real decrease in weight. Oh well. I also had a chocolate cupcake to end the week. If I am not going to have a drink at the end of a long and hard week, then cupcake it will be.

Saturday Check-in
Weight: 161.8
Calories: 1528
Exercise: None!

I'm going to be traveling for a bit, so we'll see how well I can stick to the Paleo and traveling.

No more weigh-ins, though. No scales around me!

10-08-2012, 03:36 PM
Come on over to October 2012!


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