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09-03-2012, 01:37 PM
Just popped in to start a new thread for September! Rode my bike 10.5 miles this morning. Yesterday jogged 2 miles and walked 2 miles and did strength training machines at the gym. Going out with the family in a few. Eating isn't great, but could be worse. Hopefully, exercise is off setting some of the damage!

Enjoy the day off for those of you celebrating Labor Day! Good luck today, everyone! :hug:

09-03-2012, 07:35 PM
WOW - I can't believe it's September already!!! Thanks Guac for starting our September thread! It's going to be a FABULOUS month!!

We just got back from Florida - had a wonderful visit with my Mom, went to a spring and swam, sang karaoke, line danced...lots of fun! AND - I ran a 5K every morning in the RV workout facility - paid $20 for access, but it was worth every penny! I definitely enjoyed my wine this weekend, but ate really well - mostly fish and veggies - I'm actually looking forward to getting on the scale tomorrow - honestly, I will be SHOCKED if I'm not down. I am off of my antibiotics (for 5 days now) - so any of that water weight should be gone....at any rate, I'm definitely feeling up for the 5K this Saturday - with one exception - my daughter (bless her heart) - gave me her cold...so I'm stuffy and have that "fuzzy head" thing going on... :-(

It's all good though - if I have to take tomorrow off from running it's okay - I need a rest day anyway....

Hope everyone had a wonderful holiday weekend!!! HAPPY SEPTEMBER!!:D

09-03-2012, 07:43 PM
Wanted to say hello. I am a lifetime WW member coming back after forgetting to do everything I learned. LOL I started WW in Jan. of 07. I became a lifetime member the following August after losing 52 pounds. I am back to take off the 30 I put back on.

I plan to come here to get inspiration from others on the same journey.

09-04-2012, 01:11 AM
WOW guac..you just made me feel like the laziest person ever! Way to go with the exercise!

I am glad it is September...Aug was the worst month I have ever had in my life I am glad it is gone.

My goal for tomorrow is 45 min on the treadmill. Still trying to work up to a jog..I can jog for about oh 2 minutes. Then off to water aerobics for an hour. Then house cleaning...LOTS of it..all sorts of organizing that gets put off all the time. Now I have no excuse not to do it.

09-04-2012, 12:39 PM
Hello All
Looks like I am not alone in getting back on track getting back on this month... The summer has been good to me I have relost 20 pounds and am training for a 11K Road race on Rememberance day in November. The last 3 weeks my weight loss has slowed to 1 pound a week which I find disappointing, but am hoping for some encouraging tips or suggestions on how to get thing going again.

09-04-2012, 01:22 PM
Sheila22 - glad you had a nice trip! I have been on antibiotics for the past 2 weeks for a spider bite. I didn't realize antibiotics could cause bloating, but I am happy to blame my weight plateau on the medicine! Any excuse will do, except admitting to the chocolate cake I ate this weekend.

lorman - Welcome! You will find lots of support here.

onmiwei - Well, my eating hasn't been good, so the only thing I have going for me is the exercise at this point!

Izzadawn - Good luck in your goals. Sounds like you have exercise down, now you can focus on diet and what's been working and what hasn't. One day at a time!

I jogged for 2 miles, walked 2 miles, and did my strength training at the gym. My clothes still feel tight - I am wearing a size 10 skirt today and the waistband is feeling snug. I'm still going to wear it! LOL. I have been really stressed about one of my teenagers, and I have been trying to keep busy in order to avoid sinking into a depression. So far, it's been working. I think the exercise is giving me a mood boost too. However, I am giving in to emotional overeating of sugar and carbs - which ultimately makes me crash and feel worse. It's tough being a parent sometimes.

09-04-2012, 02:38 PM

I have to make an admission. I am a crazy lady who decided to give this guy, who I have crazy chemistry with, another shot. I met him a year ago and we dated for a little while. I am 41 and feel like I can not be a cronic dater. I like being in a realtionship, alot. I have always felt like I didn't want to settle for anything less than who I deserved. Of course, over the years, the list of my desires has been shorted however I still struggle with having too much time on my hands and wanting to be with this person every second. This was the problem he and I had last year. He has a job that really does demand at least 15 hours per day. He also has 4 kids, which is one thing I love about him. At any rate. I started recently seeing him again and I am once again struggleing with not being able to see him as often as I would like. I think I irriated him by asking him to do something this weekend. His workweek is W-Sun right now and the hours are crazy. Some days he goes in at 3PM and works through the next morning. Some days he goes in at 8am and gets off at midnight. At any rate... I don't want to ruin things with us. I don't know what to say to him right now. When I asked him to get together this weekend he simply stated that he had his kids. I said "Ok have a blast then and I will see you soon". Now I feel like it was the wrong thing to say or ask. I should have left it alone and waited for him to tell me when his free time was... that was kinda where we left it last week. Anyway I know this is a place where we can talk about anything I don't know how to stop myself from spinning right now. Thankfully this is not affecting my eating or excercising, but what should I do??? Leave it alone. Don't say anyting else and hope it works out? I need some advise. I feel pretty immature when it comes to dating as I have never really had to do it. My relationships have always been fast and instant and long. I have never really had to wait on someone or be patient with them as far as time goes. This is a guy I really like and don't know where to go from here - I may have already f'd it up by being impatient....

09-04-2012, 02:57 PM
Hello Sept2012
I have been in your shoes.. Let him do his share for the relationship, seems he is uncertain or just busy. try filling up that time with a date with the girls, an art class. when he realizes your not "available" when he wants you to be he will work harder to spend time with you.

Make him Chase you....When we make dateing too easy we lower our value.

09-04-2012, 03:10 PM
sept2012 - One thing that experience has taught me about men - they don't change. Whether this man is making excuses to be unavailable to you or whether his reasons are legitimate - it doesn't really matter. The bottom line is that you want to be in a relationship with someone who has more time for you than he does. You are uncomfortable with the level of contact between the two of you. This doesn't mean that you are clingy or that he is a bad guy. It just means that you are in two different places in your expectations for a relationship. To me, it sounds like you will continue to feel "unfulfilled" with him. It's a red flag that you feel like you have messed up the entire relationship because you asked him if he wanted to get together over the weekend. If he is going to make you feel clingy or selfish for requesting something so normal, that's a problem. At my age, I'm not one to play games anymore. I wouldn't only make myself unavailable by making plans with friends, getting involved in hobbies or classes, etc. - I would actually BE unavailable to this guy. I would just tell him that although we have chemistry, we just aren't on the same page in terms of the amount of contact we require or are able to give to a relationship. No harm, no foul - it's just time for you to do you and get what you really want out of life!

My 2 cents for what it's worth....

09-04-2012, 04:06 PM
Guac - this actually brought tears to my eyes. I know these things. Forsure... one of the things that I have not come to terms yet is I moved to ATL by myself. Its been hard making friends and finding quality people that I want to be around (girls and guys). So when he came back I was so excited because when we are together there is hours and hours of face to face conversation which I miss so much. Don't get me wrong I love my cyber friends but having actual contract with a human being that I do not work with means the world to me right now. My family and friends are all out west so I only have been able to see them a few times this year which makes it even harder. Thanks for your input though I will take it to heart.

09-04-2012, 05:41 PM
Sept...as what others said; it was not unreasonable of you to ask...let him chase you!!

09-04-2012, 05:41 PM
Okay ladies, I am going to kick some butt this month!

09-04-2012, 06:08 PM
sept2012 - I didn't mean to make you feel bad! I just think that often men show us who they are and we try our darnedest not to listen! To me it sounds like you could use a good network of local girlfriends/platonic friends. It's never good to rely on a romantic partner for your entire social outlet anyway. I think when you have other people in your support network, you are able to see romantic relationships more clearly too - because you are not so dependent on that one person for your happiness. Find ways to get out there and make new friends - heck, you are already into fitness, maybe you can join some exercise or healthy cooking classes? There are lots of local meetups for those kinds of things -






09-05-2012, 02:22 AM
Sept-I might be a little late on this conversation but I can understand how he is stressed out. Just mention to him how you do enjoy his company, you understand his kids and job are priority. Let him know when he is available to give you a call. Then as the other ladies said go out with friends, join a club, some sort of class, ect. If he was meant to be he will find the time for you. If not...well there is something better around the corner. Remember you aren't someone's after thought.

I also understand about making friends in a new area. Being military it was always hard to meet new friends, most have friends they have had for years and one becomes secondary to them, or people don't wan to become close friends because they know you will just move....I have lived here for 8 years now and for the most part I have no real good friends. I have a few people that we are working on close friendships but they have their long time buddies and I am the one who is left out of a lot of things. I always seem to be the outsider looking in. I do have a few friends from other duty stations that have PCS'd here but it has been years since we were stationed at the same locations and we are all in different places in our lives. I think that is one reason my position was eliminated over someone who had just started at another branch. I was pretty much the only person who wasn't family friends or long time friends with most of the people who worked at all the branches in town. I was the outsider. I tried..but never fit in. I have joined clubs but still it is hard to find people who aren't "set" with their friends or who have "room" for another good friend, they all seem to have a history together. I have a few in the works but for the most part it is me and my husband and my daughter when she isn't hanging out with friends. this is kind of something I have struggle with my whole life. I used to move every 2 years as a kid. Not sure if I just have it in my mind I will be leaving soon so I am looking in the wrong places or what. It is kind of hard growing up like that then becoming a military family then all of a sudden just living in one place.

09-05-2012, 10:58 AM
I'm one of those who has made a commitment to lose weight over and over again during the last 10 years. What has it gotten me? About 60 pounds! I decided I've got to really make a commitment to MYSELF to make some healthy changes. My kids are back in school, and I'm going to take this school year to work on myself. I'm walking 4 - 5 miles about 5 times a week, and I'm working on improving my eating habits. I'm trying to calorie count as that doesn't require any monetary investment. As I'm not working, we need to stay on a tight budget. I need to work on logging everything I eat. Some meals are so easy, but when I make home cooked meals sometimes it's hard to estimate the calories so I try to stick to portion control.

I know I'm overeating as I've gained 4 pounds in the last month. I have to get control of this. I hate getting dressed because nothing feels comfortable. I've become frumpy when I used to be pretty fashionable. I want to feel good in my clothes again.

I'm going to check in here regularly to make myself accountable.

09-05-2012, 01:29 PM
I rode my bike for 27.1 miles. 2h5min...terrible headwind coming back.
I literally feel my fat melting away :lol3:

cinlo Sounds like a great plan!

09-05-2012, 03:55 PM
Welcome cinlo! You will find support here I promise you. We are all in different stages of our weight loss journey and can offer much insight and support along the way. :carrot:

09-05-2012, 04:07 PM

I think I agree with all the other gals great advice when it comes to your "chemistry man". It is my experience that if something is important enough to a man he will make time for it. And if it isn't, he wont.

Quite simple really...:(

This doesn't mean that he doesn't also feel the chemistry that you feel...he probably does. But if he is super busy with work and his kids then there literally might not be enough hours in the day to include a girlfriend. I STRONGLY beleive that much of the success or failure of MANY relationships has a lot to do with timing. No matter what you might do or feel about/to/with one another, if the timing is wrong, it is virtually impossible to overcome.

It is an overused phrase but in this case I think "it is what it is" feels appropriate. Enjoy his company, but don't build your schedule around him.

my 2 cents :hug:

09-05-2012, 04:45 PM
Hi Everybody...
I have been on this board before...I lost weight and thought i had things in control..well here I am again....my clothes aren't fitting and i feel awful...I''m eating everything and anything, and I eat even when I'm not even hungry.......I am trying to turn a new leaf..so Here I am again :)

I am going through a super ugly divorce, so I think I am turning to food for comfort.....Not sure what I can do to help myself, since eating out of emotions is so different from eating from hunger.

I recently went back on welbutrin, and i"m hoping that helps me lose some weight and stay focused. It is hard to stay focused on weight loss when you are depressed and your life is upside down.

As far as the man advice given here I agree with everybody. Let a man chase you...something I am learning to do right now. :dizzy:

are there any "challenges" going on now?

09-05-2012, 06:16 PM
Went to water aerobics this morning...the going to the treadmill before or after seems to be the problem. I did stay in the pool and did my own water workout for 40 min afterward though. I swam a few laps, jogged laps in the pool, did aerobic moves from class..worked the exercises that I felt worked the areas that that needed it.

Other than that I am just cleaning house and getting items ready for the craft fair I am a vendor at this weekend.

Have a great day everyone!!

09-05-2012, 06:55 PM
Week one down and I lost 2 lbs. Hopefully I can keep the pace. Seems after the first 3-4 pounds I start losing like 0.7 or 0.8 a week. Then it gets me bummed and I relapse. I am going to try hard to not let that happen again!

09-06-2012, 01:32 AM
Hey Zumba :hug: How close are you finalizing your divorce? Sorry to hear that you are struggling!!

onmiwei I miss swimming workouts. -- They blast calories. Good for you!!

lorman :woohoo: 2 pounds is fantastic!!

:wave: to everyone else!

I kinda took summer :sunny: off, or at least the latter part what came to my weight loss and gained 5-7 pounds back. Too many parties and travels. I think I finally found my mojo back and I am back on track. -- I added biking which I am totally getting addicted to it. -- After my 27 mile ride; I AM SORE!!! I am hoping to ride 3 times per week, at least 25 miles each time. The other days I will walk and do elliptical and weights. I am determined to shed 15 pounds by mid November (my bday).

As Zumba asked...maybe a challenge would be a nice? Maybe Thanksgiving challenge?

Sending :dust: to all

09-06-2012, 04:06 PM
Hello, lovely ladies! I rode my bike for 14 miles today. I have been varying my workouts a bit - jogged/walked for 2 days, elliptical for 1 day, and biking for 1 day. I did weight training for 3 days, but skipped today. Exercising is the only time I can really zone out and forget about my problems for awhile. I haven't really been focusing on the scale that much, but it's been hovering around 152. Even with an upped carb intake, I'm not sure why the scale hasn't been moving down, but I'm going to concentrate more on fitness right now and see what happens. If I'm still not solidly back in the 140s in another month, I'll start worrying about changing up my diet. I am under so much stress right now with my teenage son. I can't begin to tell you how awful it feels not to have a handle on his behavior. I'm so tired of doling out threats and punishments. Sometimes it really sucks being an adult and parent.

09-06-2012, 07:11 PM
Hello Everyone!

Well, I think I accidentally posted on the August chat a couple of days ago. :-)

Good news - I ran 20K over Memorial Day weekend - 5K a day :) But coming home on Monday, my daughter shared her head cold with me - UH!:(

So I took Tuesday off, ran a 5K yesterday on the treadmill (struggled to breathe but I did it), and wanted to run on the trail tonight (race is SATURDAY) - but I got on it and it must have been the heat and humidity but I couldn't breathe - - so I decided to stop, take tonight off and hopefully knock this cold out by Saturday morning!

They say you shouldn't run the day before a race - - but I'm thinking I might do it anyway...any thoughts from anyone with experience? It's going to be my first run on pavement, with hills, and just as icing on the cake it's calling for RAIN. Could it get any more challenging? Oh - - yeah, my head cold and trouble breathing....LOL

But I'm thinking of it like a "warrior dash"...LOL.

Other good news! I weighed in today at 141.5! :) Hopefully by this time next week I'll be sharing that I'm in the 130s!

Hope everyone is having a good week! Guac - sounds like you're definitely BACK!!!! YOU ROCK!!!!

09-07-2012, 07:56 AM
70% chance of rain and THUNDERSTORMS tomorrow morning! If this race is cancelled after all I've done to train for it, I am not going to be a happy camper.... :(

09-07-2012, 12:57 PM
As always, you ladies really inspire me!

Shelia - I hope the weather clears up and you feel better and enjoy your race. Even if the race is canceled, you have really improved your health and fitness training for the race!

I have had a good solid week of eating on plan. Scale was down 1 1/2 lbs this morning. Wish it was more but am still happy with my progress this week.

I have started using MyFitnessPal to log my food an exercise. At first I was not sure that I liked the program but the longer I use it the more useful I find the app.

Exercise has been pretty good. A few mornings have been cut short because I have ended up cleaning up after one of my dogs. Anyone want a chocolate lab? I am ready to send him to a new home. Ugh.

Hope everyone has a wonderful on plan weekend!

09-07-2012, 02:58 PM
Just checking in. Been in the midst of poor me for the last few days. I think I have finally gotten out of it. Didn't feel much like posting but I know I need to to keep myself on track.

Been eating good and excercising. Not seeing much in the way of the scale moving. I have been stuck at 267 for 2 weeks now. My body is funny that way I expect to see a few pounds drop off here in the next few days. I still feel great. My body is changing forsure. I am comfortably moved down to a solid size 18 now in mostly all of my clothes. Some of my dresses which were a 18 are huge on me now. :) That part is bitter sweet only because I love those dresses. By the time it is time to wear them again they won't be worth altering. Oh well a price we pay for losing weight :0

Hope everyone has a great weekend.


09-07-2012, 05:57 PM
Hello ladies!

Weigh in this morning was no fun. Up 2# which makes me quite upset since I followed plan all week. :(

The only good thing is that it shows me how I need to start incorporating exercise into my new lifestyle. I feel like I have the eating thing under control/understand how it is supposed to work. Now I just need to add the exercise part.

Originally I had planned to buy a used treadmill from Craigslist but that won’t work. I would need my husband to help pick it up and move it in for me and he is "unavailable" to help. **sigh** That's OK I can figure out a different plan. I am determined to do this and refuse to let his unwillingness stop me.

I am headed out of town for a week on Monday to help my Mom and Grandma with some family business so I am working on ways to be able to stay on plan while outside the "bubble of safety" that I have created at home. Luckily, my Mom has recently lost 80# and is super supportive of me so I shouldn't have any issues with people trying to sabotage my efforts. Still, I am a little nervous about travelling. I will be driving and have already purchased some diet friendly snacks and bottled water to stash in a cooler I plan to keep in my car.

Keep up the good work ladies! Post when you can :carrot:

09-07-2012, 07:59 PM
I had a horrible day today......ate a whole box of turnovers. Times like this I feel like I hit rock bottom.

Guac: so sorry you are going through a tough time with your son. My younger son has been giving me a really hard time, he is 12. I think he blames me for the divorce. Anyway I hope things get better for you.

I taught aqua class today and will do some yoga tonight.....Nothing will undo the damage I did today so I'm just chalking it up as a bad day )part of a bad week) and moving on to a new day tomorrow. Can't fit into clothes..yuck...

09-08-2012, 02:23 AM
Hi Ladies,

I haven't been here in a while. A couple of vacations and then a ton of stress with my 16 yr old daughter. Guac and Zumba I am right there with you. My older son did not prepare me at all for this. I feel clueless and lost at least half of the time. I'm eating too much junk and I feel like the stress and feeling down is affecting my workouts. I just feel so tired. Maybe some vitamins will help.

09-08-2012, 08:38 AM
I lost 7 pounds last week! :woohoo: Lot's of it was pre-TOM weight gain, but some...maybe 2-3 pounds, was real weight loss.

<<<------ I am back working on looking like my avatar again. Only 20 more pounds.

I feel like adding biking at higher speed and longer distance, has jump started my weight loss. It is melting off fat from my belly, which is strange because that has always been my biggest trouble spot and now it is going down like crazy. -- I am not complaining :lol3: -- So ladies if you have a bike, go out and blast some calories!

I started out riding 6 miles and now I can do 25-27 miles. My goal is to be able to ride 40 miles a few times per week.

Sending :dust: to all!

09-08-2012, 10:57 AM
Ran my FIRST 5K this morning!!! :dancer:

It was cold, windy and RAINY! I was soaked to the bone by the time I crossed the finish line - but I didn't walk ANY of it!!!

Still waiting for the official race time results to be posted, but based on the length of my 5K playlist and the song I was on when I crossed the finish line, I'm estimating my time at about 34.7 mins - - - 11.2 minute miles!! :)

This was such a major milestone for me! I can't believe I'M A RUNNER!!!!! :)

WOO HOO!!!! :carrot:

09-08-2012, 02:48 PM

That is GREAT news! :carrot:

C O N G R A T U L A T I O N S ! ! ! ! !

09-08-2012, 06:13 PM
Apparently the timer equipment was impacted by the weather - OMG! :mad:

....they said they still timed it, but need to compile the results - we will see....SHEESH!!!

If I ran this race and can't get an official time I'm going to fume!!! :tantrum:


09-09-2012, 08:28 AM
Okay - race results are in! My time was 33:49! :) I placed 8th in my age group and 78th overall! There were 137 in the race.

So I feel pretty good about that! :)

Fly to California this evening for business... :( This travel really gets old. This morning I'm going to clean the house - - but first I'm going to go for a run on the trail. :) Then after cleaning I'll pack and head to the airport.

Scale was 142 this morning - I think its PMS.....I seem to be stuck again!!

09-09-2012, 11:10 AM
Sheila congrats on your 5K. That is awesome.

I had sort of a spike day yesterday, I was not watching what I was eating that carefully and scale rewarded me with 0.5 pound loss. :love:

Today is a cleaning day and then I will do my 25 mile bike ride.

I hope everyone will have a beautiful Sunday :sunny:

09-09-2012, 11:31 AM
Went for a light run - two things - first, that pavement, while easier than the trail did a number on my muscles...very sore today.

Second, because my regular running shoes were still wet, I used an old pair - - made a HUGE difference and made the run even more difficult!

The lesson - the right shoes are important! The ones I ran in today were New Balance - still a nice shoe, but my Asics are SOOO much better!!!!

Going to tackle the first floor of the house now.....(sigh)...I'm going to clock myself with a goal of being done by noon! :)

09-10-2012, 11:58 AM
Hi All,

I feel like I got through all the BS finally and am ready to pickup again. I have been stuck at the same weight for almost three weeks and I ready to bust it this week. My goal is at least 5 lbs. I know that is a lot but I also know my body so its not unattainable.

I was a slacker and only worked out 4 times last week. This week I am back to 6 and I am going into hibernation until Sunday to get this scale moving again.

Last week I bought my plane ticket home to CA for XMAS. By then I will not have seen my family for six months so they will be surprised to see my progess. My desire is to be the size I was at my brothers wedding 10 years ago. :) A solid. size 14 Again not unattainable. I have 3 months to make this happen and feel like nothing can stop me. It helps that I put on a fitted button up shirt from the gap today and it fits perfectly. I am glad I didn't get rid of some of my smaller clothes (especailly the ones I really loved) as they are going on nicely and making me feel motivated.

Hope you all have a great week. Can I do anything for anyone to help you get motivated with me (if you are not already)?


09-10-2012, 12:01 PM
The lesson - the right shoes are important! The ones I ran in today were New Balance - still a nice shoe, but my Asics are SOOO much better!!!!

Ah the first lesson we learn about running - its all about the shoes and being smart about them. Not every running shoe will be for you. You have to try on a few pairs to get the right fit for you body, your feet, your shins... it all matters... kinda like trying on a new man :) not all of them are a fit.

Good luck with your running. I just recently started again. Slow and steady for me right now in that arena.


09-10-2012, 12:05 PM
I am a little late joining, but am new and would like to jump in. I look forward to getting to know you all and giving/getting support. I really need it!

I'm so jealous that so many of you are so close to your goals. It seems like I have been fighting this battle my whole life. I was always able to lose it quickly which might be why I gained it all back each time and more. Once I hit 40, it has been slow going.

Hi there... you are not late joining. We just chat throughout the month.

Don't be jealous of others feets. We have all been batteling weightloss for a long time. Look at some of the dates others have joined. Some have been here a few months... some a few years. What matters is you took the first few steps to get started. I am so far away from my goal right now. I try to take a minute, one day, one week at a time so I don't get overwhelmed. Although I am feeling much better - eating right and working out I still have moments when I realize I am still fat. I have a ways to go, but I tell you what being here and with this group of wonderful ladies it does not seem so daunting.

Good luck and hope to see you around!


09-10-2012, 12:55 PM
Hello, everybody! Nice to see so many people eating right, exercising, and being conscious of their choices and their goals! It sure does motivate me. I have been in "offline mode" for the past few weeks. I haven't been logging into myfitnesspal (very bad not having actual calorie counts) and started back up today. I haven't been posting here very much, but I am reading. I have been exercising quite a bit - to the point where it's not really sustainable over the long run. However, if I have 1.5/2 hours per day to exercise, I do it. However, I realize that during busy times I will have to limit things to 30 minutes. Certainly if I go back to work or even during the holiday season, working out for that amount of time 4-6 days per week is not doable. Today I rode about 15 miles in 1.5 hours. I took it slow but steady. I thought about stopping at the gym for 30 minutes of strength training, but decided against it - it's too much for one day. I haven't weighed myself for about 1 week - but last time the scale said 153 - ugh! I do feel firmer and tighter, if that makes sense, even though the scale doesn't show an improvement. I might be losing inches instead of pounds, which really didn't impress me at my higher weights - I wanted pounds lost or nothing! However, at my lower weight, inches do make a difference in how my clothing fits and how I look. I've been getting comments about "looking skinny," which is funny because I have been the same weight for the past few months and am feeling pretty hefty.

Good luck today, everyone! :hug:

09-11-2012, 09:50 AM
Hi Everbody!!! I get so much inspiration coming here and seeing what everyone else is doing...way to go!!!!

It seems like everyone is biking.....maybe I should get my bike out of the garage, get the dust off of it and put some air in the tires.

Sum: Kudos on that huge weight loss spurt!! Amazing!! I want to bike whiel the weather here is still "good"....I give it a month. New York gets cold by October. Anyhow how do you know how far you have biked.....? Do you have some kind of mile tracker thing on your bike?

Animabella: Yes, inches ARE important. I used to lift "heavy" in my thirties and had an amazing body.....but i did notice the scale didn't go down all that much..it was all about inches and to me inches is BETTER. Nothing is greater than a firm body....being skinny and flabby is called "skinny fat" and although it is better than being obese there isn't anything that healthy or attractive about it.

Guac: What can I say except that you continue to amaze me.....Let me repeat the inches thing...losing inches is better than losing pounds but in our minds we have become slaves to the scale. years ago I went from a size 14 to a size 6 and only lost 7 lbs...I kid you not....it was all about gaining muscle...people would tell me that i was half the person I was prior and I didn't believe them because I kept looking at the scale. It wasn't until my workout pants fell down to my knees at the gym :o and I went shopping and had to keep trying on the same pair of pants in smaller and smaller sizes that it hit me ....I remember the sales lady saying "Honey, youre a four" and me saying "Oh no, that's a mistake, there is no way I take a four..there's something wrong with the pants".....What a stupid girl I was! If only I could look that way again but this old gray mare aint what she used to be!!

Sheila: As a fitness instructor I can assure you that the right pair of athletic shoes is VERY IMPORTANT. Also we wear down our shoes before they look worn out....as a rule you get around 100 hours out of them. As soon as you start feeling shin splints or knee pain it may be time to get a new pair...also look for good inserts, I like Spanco? that will help you get more life out of your sneakers. CONGRATS ON THE 5K!!!!

Cbigsis: I hear ya girl on the whole teen thing. We had a couple of "good" days so I pray it lasts. All I ever wanted was a happy family and I put career and my own goals aside for that..and here I am with anything but. and ugly divorce and kids that act like they hate me. It's a miracle I don't weigh more than I do because I spent the summer eating the pain away...it never does work though, does it? I'm sending you a hug....

Welll I hope I didn't leave anyone out, I just wanted y'all to knwo that i'm thinking about you.

09-11-2012, 09:59 AM
Okay well I'm down for a 30 day challenge.....30 days to enlightenment, both spiritual and physically.....

Now that my younger son started middle school I have more time in the mor ning, have been using it for housework but now I intend on working out instead...either riding bike, or doing one of my DVDS....four days a week, no excuses in addition to the classes that I teach......

I may start a 30 day challenge thread, but we already have enough on going threads here, so I 'll just talk about this personal challenge on here if that's okay with everybody...unless y'all want a challenge thread.

Lets do this.

09-11-2012, 02:44 PM
AnimaBella - thanks for your thoughts. Slow and steady is the way to go, I have to remind myself of that sometimes. You'll get to onederland before you know it!

Zumbachica - I've been thinking about you and your determination to get healthy in spite of all your divorce stuff. You do inspire me to keep going through the stress of life. Your story about going down so many sizes despite only losing 7 lbs is amazing! It does put things into perspective for me about valuing fitness and inches more than being a slave to the scale (which I confess, I still view as the ultimate measure of weight loss success). Hopefully, my perception will start to be more broad minded.

I rode about 18 miles today, but I was really dragging at the end. I think I overdid it! I came home, showered, ate like a horse, and then promptly took a nap! I really need to get up an accomplish some things around the house now.

Good luck today, ladies!

09-11-2012, 06:04 PM
Guac, there is something in the air because I have been hankerin' for a nap all day!! Taught my class this morning, hope to get some yoga in tonight....
It is so hard trying to do this during divorce...and obviously I'm not doing such a great job...but it is something to focus on.....I may get to the end of this thing having lost my mind but I won't give HIM the satisfaction of seeing me unhealthy too.......:(

09-11-2012, 08:50 PM
I have been way too busy for the past 3 days to do any formal exercise :cry: Tomorrow I will definitely do my 25 mile bike ride. Zumba I use cardio trainer program on my phone to track my mileage and speed. I use it for walking as well.

Sending everybody positive thoughts! :love:

09-11-2012, 09:37 PM
Is there room for one more in here? I've been lurking for a bit, trying to decide where to settle myself for regular support checking-in, and I think this may be the best spot, if you'll have me :) I'm definitely in my 40's and definitely trying to lose weight.

I'm on day 2 of an eating plan reboot, and it's HARD. Am trying to avoid the crackers and cereal that's whispering my name... I know it will get easier as the days go by, so I'm hanging in. I'm not totally carb-less, just limiting to one or two servings a day (and preferably not until afternoon) with a focus on vegetables and sufficient protein.

Made it to the gym this morning for 5 am body pump. I've been fairly consistent with this twice a week since the beginning of the year and the changes are amazing. It's still an effort to get there, especially now that it's cooler in the wee hours of the morn, but I can't argue with the results. It's definitely worth it!

Need to get more cardio...somehow. With work, kids, DH, and life,the challenge is finding time. The 5 am slot on non-BP days is open, but it's so hard to get up that early... will be working on it, though, because that's the missing piece right now: regular cardio.

Thanks for being here - your posts over the past months have been very motivating, even though you didn't know I was here :) I hope I can stick with regular check-ins, now, because I know how much they help with motivation and sticking with it!

09-12-2012, 12:25 AM
Lost 2 lbs last week. This week I have been working on doing the treadmill for sure along with water aerobics. So far so good. I wanted to do the treadmill for an hour but it has only been a half hour due to me not getting to the gym on time.

I get the treadmill up to an incline of 15% and go for as long as I can. So far that has been 5 minutes at a speed of 2.7 mph. I know it isn't fast or for very long but I can feel it. I then go to 3.2 for 10 minutes and then back to the incline for as long as I can, 5 min so far again. I do like feeling the burn in my thighs and butt :D

09-12-2012, 08:54 AM
GRACENOTED: There is always ROOM for one more. I like the term "personal reset"...I'm finding myself doing that now....too bad we just can't press a "default" button...LOL

Well I am down a teeny bit, lost some bloat. Was doing great yesterday until I attacked a package of butterfinger bars...I really need to stop bringint that stuff into the house. I like to have treats for the kids because since they were born I've been giving them nothing but whole wheat and organic food..and very little snacks.....I don't want them thinking that "junk food" is a big deal and something they should covet since they never had it growing up.....I saw my son sneaking candy into his room (not sure where he got it from) ....I don't want him feeling like he needs to hide food from me....

ANYWAY my point is I ate butterfinger bars last night like a fool ...still managed to lose some bloat.....

Here's to a healthy day everybody!!!!! No classes to teach today so I am going to either walk, bike ride and do one of my DVD's..preferably P90 because I need that resistance training.....

09-12-2012, 10:54 AM
I love it when I step on the scale and I see the same weight I did before... hear me out... I makes me happy that it didn't go up and that I really did lose the weight from the day before. My whole thought process this time around has been that no matter how long it takes and no matter how slow the process may be I will keep going... so staying the same is ok in my mind every now and then. My body is funny I will lose a pound one day and then another pound the next day and then will hold that for a few days (maybe longer) and then it will start over. So at least I know what to expect and how to deal with the none movement.

Last week was not great with excercise. I still did 4 days. This week has started with a bang. Got back on schedule and plan to do my 6 days. I did a walk/run 3 miles on Monday that left my legs hurtin but the good hurt. Today is the same routine hopefully my legs will shake it off and let me finish good.

Hope your all well.


09-12-2012, 09:49 PM
Hello Everyone!

Just back from California - I ate "clean" and did a 5K every morning! :carrot:

Even better - - the team I work with complimented me on how great I looked - :) It felt great!!

Zumba - - divorce is a bear.....having gone through it myself, I can relate to where you are, although I know each individual circumstance is different. Still, know that you are NOT alone....and your kids will be just fine. :) In fact, mine told me after my divorce that I became a better Mom! :) I sincerely believe that they grew through the process too. Hang in there!!!

Well, I'm going to make dinner and RELAX...long week, and early morning tomorrow!

09-13-2012, 02:07 PM
Hello, all! Did 30 minutes of weight training yesterday and went for a 2 mile walk/jog today. Been logging my calories. I just feel really wiped out and am not sure why. I need to start taking my vitamins again - that could be the culprit. Feel like I am just barely hanging in there lately. I am glad to read about everyone else's enthusiasm - 5ks and 25 mile rides! It keeps my head in the game to read how everyone else is progressing.

Good luck today!

09-13-2012, 05:06 PM
20 mile bike ride for me. I could have gone longer, with legs and lungs but my heart was just not into it :(

I am about to take my furbaby for 3 mile walk.

09-13-2012, 06:43 PM
Well Ladies - I am taking today as my "day off" from working out. :)

It's actually hard because I'm so energized by it, but 20K in 4 days ----- coupled with the time zone swings, etc...my body needs a day of recovery - eventhough my mind doesn't.

And I took another HUGE step in my life today. I signed up with a dating service :) It's hard with my travel, job and kids to meet anyone and I think I'm at an emotional point in my life where I'm ready to date again and find my "Mr. Almost Right" ;) Afterall, we are all "perfectly imperfect" aren't we? :) I'm nervous, but also excited....my ex-fiance and I left on good terms and still talk all of the time - I've had a hard time "turning the page"...now it's time for a new chapter.

So - good day - - we will see how this works, but the reality is, I'm taking a positive step!

09-14-2012, 06:31 AM
Good for you Sheila!!!! I am looking forward to hearing how things go.

Guacamole, I know you were sick just a bit ago, could you have a secondary infection of some sort? -- I hope you are feeling better today.

09-14-2012, 07:50 AM
Well, I got on the scale this morning - 140! :carrot: I'm SOOOO close to seeing the 130s!!! WOO HOO!!!

TGIF!!! So glad the work week is coming to a close. I'm going to go for a nice long run this evening!

Hope everyone has a great day!

09-14-2012, 10:33 AM
I have not posted for a bit but have read your amazing progress everyday!
Each of you continue to inspire me and keep me in check.
I have been logging my food and exercise each day. I lost 1.4 lbs this week. Wish it were more but I am happy for the loss. I am so only 2 lbs away from my original goal. Ugh, relosing weight that I lost once and promised myself I would not gain back is not fun.
I always fall off track on the weekends but really hoping I can do better this weekend.
I hope you all have a wonderful, on plan weekend!!!

09-14-2012, 01:55 PM
Hello, all! Glad to see everyone posting and progressing! I rode my bike for 4 miles today - it was all I could do. Spent the day cooking yesterday and after all the nightime prep for the next day of school and homework with the kids - I was just wiped out. I have been on antibiotics for over 3 weeks for an infected spider bite - went to the dermatologist this week and he drained and dressed it. I don't know if that is what is making me so lethargic, but I am still so tired and drained. Maybe it's seasonal allergies? Maybe it's the zyrtec I am taking for seasonal allergies? No clue...but the past few days I have had no energy. It could also be my eating - higher carbs/white flour/sugar. I haven't been eating as clean as I would like.

Anyhoo....had a reality check when my little guy asked why I am no longer skinny like in my wedding photos. Why do I have a big tummy now when I had a flat tummy then? I told him it because of all the babies I had in my tummy! LOL! I didn't mention all the fattening foods I also had in my tummy! Well, my kids sure keep me from getting a big ego. I hope it's the reality check I need to get back in the game - my head just hasn't been in it. I want to reach my goal so badly, but I just feel so tired of trying so hard. I seem to be falling by the sidelines mentally. Need to recharge the old batteries!

Have a great weekend!

09-14-2012, 02:31 PM
AnimaBella I am turning 45 in a few months and for the first time, ever, I was about 10 days late. I had horrid ovulation pains over a week and then terrible PMS.... so I am totally with you :hug: -- We can do this horrid menopause together!! Congrats on your loss!! Maybe some was bloat and some was actual weight loss :crossed:

09-14-2012, 04:56 PM
I just ran 5K :carrot:

Working from home this afternoon - love working in my ballcap and yoga pants --- :) Squeezed the workout in-between conference calls! :-)....and still managed to check email while I was running! Amazing - running has become like power-walking to me. I can't imagine ever "just walking" again! And I still can't even believe I'm a RUNNER!!!

Tonight the kids come back from their Dad's - - I need to figure out dinner - - - hmmm......

They're here!! WOO HOO!! I miss them so much when they're gone!

09-15-2012, 08:44 PM
I really need to get some motivation to use my YMCA membership. It is really hard right now. I am not leaving school until almost 5 every night because we have had so much extra put on us with the new evaluation process. by that time, I cant make myself go to the Y. I just want to go home and veg. on the couch.

09-15-2012, 11:40 PM
Did 3 mile run today and down to 263 yahoo... almost 30 lbs gone now. So exciting!

09-16-2012, 01:17 AM
Hi ladies!

So glad to be checking in with you today. I have been out of town on family business and still managed at 3.2 loss for the week. I increased the amount of exercise I did too! :carrot:

It is easy to see that exercise is SUCH an important part of the equation.

I so enjoy reading all your successes and share in all of your struggles.


09-16-2012, 02:15 PM
Hi everybody...managed to lose a few more lbs in bloat....I feel so much more comfortable!! AF showed up which helped a bit. Trying to stick to the high protein low carb thing.....it is a beautiful day out today so I plan on taking a long walk on the beach....Hope everyone has a great day..hang in there all!!

09-16-2012, 03:04 PM
I did another 25 mile bike ride. I needed it. We had an amazing wedding to go to yesterday and over indulged quite a bit with wine and food. Therefore today I need to eat clean. -- I feel really good after my bike ride, it is physically quite demanding but I love the path I bike on, very quiet and pretty scenery.

Scale loves to hang around 152 pounds...maybe eventually I'll break the barrier. -- Interesting thing happened. I saw some pictures of myself around 135 pound range.... I was not exercising a lot just watching what I was eating.... I almost looked fatter then than I do now at 150 pound range. -- I have worked out for nearly a year now and I think it shows. I have less cellulite, actually barely none on my legs whereas I had loads of it at 135 pound range...I guess I was skinny fat?

09-16-2012, 03:10 PM
Zumba I envy your 140 pound number :D You will see 130's this week, I am sure!

syndehat Congrats on your 3.2 pound loss! :woohoo:

sept2012 Wow, 30 pounds! That is fantastic!

lorman Did you make it to the Y?

AnimaBella and Guacamole :wave:

Sending :dust: to everybody!

09-16-2012, 04:05 PM
Hello, sum38! Hello, ladies! You are all amazing and I hope you know that! What we are all trying to accomplish is so hard at times. It's so nice to have you all to give me determination when mine is failing.

Sum- it's interesting because I was just thinking that the last time I was 150lbs about 8 years ago I was solidly in a size 10. In fact, 10 s were loose. Now I can only fit into the roomiest of size 10s - most are still too tight even though I am the same weight as before. I think I was working out more and of
course, was 8 years younger! I have been exercising since the spring
So maybe it will pay off soon.

It is going to be a bumpy ride these next few weeks. Lots of family events and food! My eating is totally off track. I have been feeling kind of lost and my clothes are feeling tight. Waiting it out till the celebrations die down in October. I wonder if it's possible to make it to my goal by January which is my birthday. Seems optimistic right now.

09-16-2012, 04:25 PM
Hello Everyone! Happy Sunday!

BEAUTIFUL day here - mid 70s and Sunny! This morning was cool - in the 50s - so I put on my tennis shoes and went to the trail for a nice long run in the cold crisp sunny weather! It was AWESOME! Then I came home (kids were still in bed) - and I cleaned the top floor (my bedroom gets as out of control as my teenager) - in fact, my teen daughter's room is typically cleaner than mine! LOL

Then my son went to play with some friends and my daughter and I went to the mall - I got a new sweater (it's SO cute!) and also a set of stacked rings from Banana Republic. Then we went to the health food store (my daughter did some shopping at Ulta and got her brows waxed) - - but I'm completely set food and drink wise for the week! :-)

Tomorrow - soccer game after work - then I'll run while my daughter watches the JV game. My weight went up 2 pounds --- not sure why - but I'm not worried - I know I'm burning a lot more than I'm taking in - - maybe it's muscle weight from the running?

Anyway - hope everyone has a great evening!

09-16-2012, 05:10 PM
Oi I am watching football and they just said the stats of a linebacker... 6 feet 258 lbs. sounds like a big guy then I realized I am 3 inches shorter and weigh 5 lbs more. Scary and sad and mindblowing all at the same time. I can't wait till I weigh more like a reciever... 205 ish...

09-17-2012, 04:42 PM
Still here...didn't go to water aerobics this morning...am going to do the evening class instead. The rain has started and the pain started..ugh. But I got the pain to stop so exercise this evening. This is my last week before my class starts. Even though I am exercising a lot the weight is slow coming off. Oh well...as long as the scale is moving downward I am happy. I only lost 1lb last week. I guess I really need to get serious about the food I eat. I know there is a lot to improve there.

I am glad to see everyone is doing so well with their exercise goals.

09-17-2012, 09:18 PM
I take a packet of vitamins every day from a company called Natures Code. They are GREAT! and are specially designed for men vs. women and for women either pre or post menopausal. I get mine from QVC but you can probably find them online too. :)

09-18-2012, 08:43 AM
Hi everyone
I added my bio above. I used to be active on the board 10yrs ago and I'm back. I've gained back all the weight I lost plus some.
I like to exercise- elliptical, yoga, Zumba, c25k. I'm not on any plan, just counting calories.
Recently I've been diagnosed with asthma after a bout of pneumonia and so I quit the gym and do all my exercise at home.
I've got 2 kids and run a small business (tea and cakes).
As for supplements,
I take evening primrose oil and sometimes vitaminBs. Have you ever heard of a Meyers cocktail? (an iv of B vitamins). It's fantastic.

09-18-2012, 08:59 AM
139.5! :carrot::carrot::carrot::carrot:

Woo Hoo! I'm in the 130s!!! SO EXCITED!!!! Feel great! Going to celebrate by taking the kids out to dinner tonight - (of course it's grilled fish and steamed veggies for me - with of course, a celebratory glass of Chardonnay!

Rainy day here - can't believe it's only Tuesday! Hope everyone has a good day!

....oh - saw some of the posts on vitamins - I just started taking 5000 mcgs of Biotin daily - since I've lost all of this weight, my hair has gotten really brittle and fine - my hairdresser told me it's AMAZING! I've also read about B vitamins helping metabolism, so I guess it can't hurt! :)

Gotta run to work! Just had to share my excitement about being in the 130s again! WOO HOO!!! :D

09-18-2012, 09:27 AM
My body loves, loves and LOVES 152 lbs. I guess I am going to stay here for awhile...lol...so I might as well embrace it.

It is raining...boooo... I was going to ride my bike for 27, yup..... TWENTY SEVEN, miles today. Instead of it, I will go for a 5 mile walk and maybe 30 minutes of elliptical later.

Sheila22 I am GREEN with envy!! I bet you are one hot mama!! Congrats on the 130's!:hug::hug:

InATizzy Welcome back! Happy to have you here!!

AnimaBella I take GNC's Women's Ultra Mega; Collagen type 1,2,3; Acidophilus; Milk Thistle; Drenamin.

onmiwei A loss is a loss!!

Guacamole I am sending you :dust: to survive all family gatherings.

:wave: to anyone else I missed!

09-18-2012, 11:08 AM
Been hanging in, working on sticking with lower carb. Picked up a bunch of books for moral support: Atkins, Eat for Life, Dr. Amen. Not that I'm follwing any of those plans, mind you, but I like how I feel with lower carb, more whole foods, etc and these books have all the info and motivational stories related to eating 'right'. I can totally eliminate my carb cravings if I cut them out for a bit...it's that 'bit' that so difficult, though. I need more go-to back-up plans for snacks and meals It's hard with the kids and DH!.

Did an hour at the track (fast walking) Sunday, then walked at the kids' soccer practice last night. Today was up for the 5 am Body Pump. I am already sore...she switched up some tracks so it was stuff I hadn't done in awhile - owww! I'll appreciate it later! If I feel it like this, I know I made good weight selections :) I would like to do more cardio - need to get the fat burning. I think BP is a little bit aerobic (heart rate is up there on some of the tracks) but I need something more regular and longer. Gotta find time...where there's a will there's a WAY!!!

Waiting for TTOTM to fade before hitting the scale - water retention is just awful right now! Sometimes it's no problem, but other times it's insane. I can tell this is one of THOSE months. Will have to ride it out and stay on track.

09-18-2012, 01:31 PM
Hello Everyone!

Home for lunch - just had a piece of cold grilled salmon and a "calcium boost" salad with various legumes, spinach and tomatoes - YUM!

Am really not into this work week. :( Just feeling a bit "blah"....trying to decide if I'm going to run on the treadmill after work or take tonight off....it's so easy to NOT workout - wish it were easier!

I'm still flying high for seeing the 130s this morning. :) Feels great and I'm so proud of how far I've come. Just need to make sure I stay on track and motivated - I don't want this to be a yo-yo story but want to maintain this lifestyle long-term!

Rainy, yucky day! UH! Doesn't help my mood. Three more meetings this afternoon....then done for the day. What is with my attitude?? I definitely need to recalibrate here....hmmmm....

Okay - I'm going to go back to the office smiling and with lots of positive energy! The people in these meetings will be energized after having had the "Sheila Experience"!!! I'm not sure how, but in some way, I'm going to make their "rainy days" better!!! I'm on a mission!! LOL

09-18-2012, 02:42 PM
We must all be in the SOUTH... its pouring rain here today. BOOOO... I get so unmotivated to go out in the rain but I am on my way to swim right now. I feel like a slacker... Have not been reading any posts, have not been posting... have not been reading any stories and have not lost any weight... hum maybe I should take a clue.

Anyway here is to a rainy gloomy day!

09-19-2012, 12:22 PM
I woke up in a foul mood. -- It did not help that my college age daughter decided to make a full bfast for herself and left the kitchen incredibly messy. She thinks she needs to have no responsibilities just rights, argh!

I walked for 25 minutes and rode my bike for 11 miles. I wanted to go further but my heart was not into it, today....so I turned around. I think I will walk my furbaby again this evening for another 25 minutes. Forcing myself to get all the exercise in :lol:

I think I am feeling yucky because I have been indulging with cheese and my gallbladder HATES cheese. I have felt like throwing up, weight sky rocketed and I look like I am 7 months pregnant. -- I am kinda stupid that way...lol I keep eating the cheese and feeling awful. It will take me atleast a week to recover my cheese binge. :dunno:

It is beautiful here today. :sunny: maybe I should appreciate what I have and not focus on my yucky mood :D

I hope the rest of you are having a good and happy day :grouphug: I promise I will be back being the sunny self soon.

09-20-2012, 09:25 AM
Alright Ladies,

My first confessional. I started this process on July 4th 2012. Since then I have worked out 62 days out of 80 days (which I think is pretty relevant considering I did not do sh@t before that). For 11 weeks now I have been pretty much on plan and lost 30 lbs. WOW I read this and feel super super accomplished.

For the first time I broke down and had a night out. A real night out... with 3 vodka drinks, 2 slices of pizza (thin crust but still), chips and salsa, and yes dessert. It was a krispy cream breadpudding. Granted in the 11 weeks my stomach has obviously shrunk so although this may sound like a lot of food I assure you I only ate about 1/2 of what I normally would have. I went with a girlfriend and we also played bar trivia which is always fun. I left feeling happy and satisfied.

By the time I went to sleep my stomach was so uncomfortable, infact I woke pu this morning and still feel full. Thats not the point. I think my point is I woke up and realized that I needed to give myself a little bit of a break so I can move onto the the next 13 weeks (yes only that many weeks till I go home to California for xmas) with the momentum that I have had previously. I think I need to start setting alarms again. I need to hibernate again and I need to have the same drive that I had when I first started.

In the next 13 weeks I could potentially see another 20lbs lost (which is my new mini goal). I want to go home feeling good and confident. By the time some of my family sees me I will have lost at least 50 lbs. Thats a pretty significant amount of weight and I want to see the shock and awe...

What other tools can I use to recharge? I seem to be missing a little bit of that drive that I first had. Slacking here and there on my workouts. Slacking (not much) a tiny bit on my food but I will tell you I know from experience these little bits can add up and before I know it I could be like "What gym?" "What pool?" I don't want that and need a tiny bit of advise from you all.


09-20-2012, 03:04 PM
Hello, everyone!

sept2012 - I wish I knew what advice to give you, because I am also looking for a recharge. Maybe looking at photos from 1 year ago or trying on an item of clothing that used to be tight and now is way too big? I also find that reading on the goals thread on this board inspires me - people who have made it to their final goal and the before and after pictures. Maybe making a list of all the ways you feel better now and all the things you hated about being heavier?

I bit the bullet and weighed myself today - 153. Considering I am having TOM right now, I didn't do as much damage as I thought. It's still not good to know that I have been slowly gaining over the last few weeks. I rode my bike for 20 miles today. It felt good to get out on the bike trail again after a few days, but I am tired now!

Good luck today, everyone!

09-20-2012, 06:00 PM
The only thing that I might recommend is to continue to give yourself the mini-goals that you have already set for yourself. Also, the physical act of writing out your goals and your plan to get them is helpful to me. When I stop & think about my overall goal of losing half of my starting body weight it seems too overwhelming and impossible to do :stress:. When I think about the fact that achieving that goal will likely take me 18 months I freak out. :?: But if I break that BIG goal down into "baby steps" that are more attainable it seems reasonable to think that I can do it. I have planned my success.:dance:

As far as feeling less motivated as you did in the beginning I think you need to cust yourself a little slack. You have started a BIG life change here and can be expected to "stumble' now and again. That's OK. You aren't perfect. None of us are. The trick is to recover after the stumble.:cb:

Every day we get to make a series of decisions. Some will be good and others not so good. Like me and many others who visit this board, your eating has been and will continue to be a source of difficulty. Understand and accept that. I hate it. But I still have to deal with it. You WILL be successful in the long run. :hug:

09-20-2012, 08:31 PM
Sept- Maybe you need an anthem song like Ally McBeal had. Something you can play every morning or afternoon and whenever you feel like going off plan.
In my case, I have my mantra of sorts. Right now it's BBB. Body, brains and budget.

I had a great food day Thursday and I plan on having another great one Friday. Tilapia and lots of veggies for dinner.

09-22-2012, 08:01 PM
Hi everyone........I'm not making much progress.....kind of stagnating....cut out sugar but eating way too much bread! Popped in my new yoga DVD only to find out its cracked! Not having a good day..........

09-23-2012, 12:55 PM
Hello Ladies!

138 - now 45 pounds down! :carrot: 10 more to go!!! :)

Just got off the treadmill - ran 5K as I too had some "liquid doughnuts" last night - figured my poor liver needed some help detoxifying...so I sweat it off....LOL Did you ever hear the saying "Sweat is fat crying" ? I love that one...;)

I think if we had the key to re-motivation we could all be billionaires....it really does get difficult doesn't it? But I know that once you flip that switch from "want" to "WILL" - the rest is easy because there are no difficult choices to make - you've already DECIDED you're going to eat clean, make time for exercise and DO YOU!!! :)

For me I use a ton of different little things - my bracelets remind me of how far I've come (one for each 10 pounds lost) - and the 50 pound bracelet hanging on my tracking calendar on the bathroom door, journalling, this forum for sure, music (my "feel good" playlist), buying new clothes, getting rid of my large clothes (no going back!), my workout room (which has a TON of motivational art and sayings in it)....oh, and I have a "vision board" on the inside of my closet - someone already mentioned this, but it's just a cheap corkboard - I have pictures of me when I was thin, also pictures of people running (and now I'm a runner!! :) ), I have several words, phrases I've cut out from health magazines like "HEALTHY", "STANDARDS", "YOU EARN YOUR BODY", etc....I see this board every morning and it's a great reminder of what I'm manifesting in my life - - hmmm....guess I should find some cute men pics to pin up there....LOL

Anyway - that's what I do. Today I'm going to go and clean out / wash my car, then pay bills (fun), and spend the rest of the afternoon relaxing...I should cook - definitely need to figure out dinner.....hmmmm...it's great soup weather!

Well, I'm off - hope everyone has a good day!

09-24-2012, 01:39 PM
Hello, all! Quick check-in for the day. Biked 20 miles - not sure when I'll be able to bike again this week, so I made sure to get it in today. So far I have logged my calories - woo hoo! I am feeling completely wiped out right now, just finished eating a plate of scrambled eggs, and now I need to fold away some laundry. My reward will be a nap once I've finished!

Hope all of you are having a great on-plan day!

09-25-2012, 07:01 AM
Hello Everyone!

No sooner did I post about staying motivated, and I've hit the wall. :(

Scale this morning said 142 - GRRRRR..... time to kick it up a notch. I didn't run last night - came home and did the sofa / TV thing....and for the next two mornings I have to be at work early and I have dates both tonight and tomorrow night....so my next run won't be until Thursday. That said, I'm going to be extra careful with my calorie intake and try to squeeze a lot of movement into my days.

Really nervous about this dating thing - just not sure I'm ready. Sometimes it's easier to not stress about having to make an effort - - and I'm already feeling stressed about not working out in the evenings because of it....of course if I didn't have early meetings I could have ran in the mornings...(sigh) - at any rate, I'm going to go and see what happens. I really don't have any expectations - not sure if that's a good or a bad thing?

So I've been running consistently (up until last night), but also have eaten a few carbs and have had a few too many liquid doughnuts lately (especially this past weekend). I think that's why the scale popped.

So - planning the food day - this morning I will have two veggie sausage patties with a slice of rice cheese (200), lunch - a salad with tuna, veggies and balsamic vinegar (200) - then dinner date - will have one glass of chardonnay (100) and maybe a salmon salad (400) - - leaves room for a second glass of wine if the date is going good. ;)

Okay - I need to pop myself back up over the line and get the REAL me back! Will focus on "extreme self care" - and do little things to remind myself that I care about myself and how I look and feel. I know it sounds crazy, but even just adding the extra step to my morning routine of putting on all of my moisturizers, eye cream, etc...helps me and puts me in that "do you" state of mind!

I'm off to get ready for the day - I hope everyone has a great one!

09-25-2012, 08:24 AM
Morning :sunny:

I went from being super blonde to nearly eggplant purple with some chocolate low-lights and a few highlights... Talk about a huge change. My hair was fairly long as well and now it is sort, and I LOVE IT!!! -- I have very green eyes and this coloring is making them pop :eek: I feel good about myself and hopefully this spills over what comes to eating healthy.

I did ride my bike for 20 miles :bike2:, and I was going to walk today, but I woke up with a cold and I don't like pushing myself when I am sick. I have lupus and if I don't rest during colds etc. I may end up with a lupus attack :( And then I am bed bound for a few weeks; so not worth it.:shrug: -- My son is sick as well, so we will probably just do a movie marathon.

Sheila good luck on your dates!! :cheers: Gotta start sometimes! It will get easier.

Sending :dust: to all!

09-25-2012, 06:00 PM
Just now home - I'm so nervous! Crazy, but true. (sigh) - I hate dating!! Will try to check in after to give everyone the "scoop"....LOL

09-26-2012, 01:41 PM
Well - no chemistry. LOL

Have another date tonight - we will see! :)

Can't wait to get back on the treadmill tomorrow - I may be able to sneak a quick run in after work and before the date. No nerves anymore - after last night I realized that this is a process - it's really just meeting people and seeing if there's that "spark" - unfortunately, I have a feeling I may need to do a lot of this before I find "the one"....

At any rate - good eating today so far. Scale is back at 139....I'm only 6 pounds away from my 50 pound mark - that's my October goal. Very feasible and realistic. Just need to plan the work and work the plan... :)

Hope everyone is having a great day!

09-26-2012, 02:54 PM

You are right about the whole dating thing being a process. Think of it as an opportunity to meet someone interesting. Igonre all the pressure to rush right out and meet "the one".

Just have fun! :D

09-27-2012, 08:23 AM
Ever have one of those mornings when you just want to sleep until noon? That's me today. :(

Another disappointing date. Nice person, but clearly single for good reason. Anyway - - -

Am running late (pushed the snooze button about 10 times) - so need to get ready for work.

Speaking of running - I'm really glad to be able to run tonight - can't wait ! I think not working out these past two days has really affected my mood which is lousy and just simply "down" :(

09-27-2012, 10:28 AM
Hello all you amazing women!
Struggling with negative self talk this week. It has been almost a year since I hit my original goal of 160. After I made that goal, I decided to go for 10 more lbs. For the past year I have yo yoed up and down within 5-8 lbs of my original goal but have not made any progress losing that final 10. Seems like a wasted year to me. Would love to be at 150 by the end of the year but with my track record, not feeling real positive about it.
On the positive side, I am getting a 'new' elliptical machine. I have an old one that I use 5 days a week and I have coveted my friends machine. They just about sold it to me last year (it is a $1,200 model and they are selling it to me for $300) but they decided they wanted to get healthier and use it more. Well, that did not work out so well for them and now they are willing to part with it. It is sooo much nicer than mine and I really feel like I will get a better work out with it. How nerdy to be so excited about a new piece of work out equipment.
Hope you all have a wonderful day!!!

09-27-2012, 11:15 AM
NEmom- that's fantastic. I've got an elliptical too- cheap model. I don't use it nearly enough. Sometimes if I'm on too long my feet feel numb. Has that ever happened to you?

Tonight I did Jillian michaels Yoga Meltdown for the first time. Very difficult.
I've been managing over 10000 steps most days this week.

Good luck with dating Sheila. A lot of my single friends use online dating and meetup for coffee after work or at lunch, if the guy is nice they schedule dinner later in the week. I guess it's cheaper and shorter that way-if you get stuck with someone who bores you it's an easy escape.

09-27-2012, 02:39 PM
Hello lovely ladies! Quick check-in - biked 17 miles today. My eating is not good - I just scarfed down 2 pieces of pizza for lunch (and some Duncan Hines brownies for dessert). There was a time when I went months without eating pizza or brownies! I think I am feeling entitled to eat off plan because of my exercise, but that really defeats the purpose! Ugh. Anyhoo....off to take a shower and drop off/pick-up some of my kids. Mom the chauffeur is on duty today. Haven't weighed myself in more than a week....too scared.

Have a great day today, everyone!

09-27-2012, 03:14 PM
NEmom -- That is awesome. I bought a 2 year old elliptical off Craig's list earlier this summer. It was a $1200 one as well, but I had to pay $400 for it :lol3: I used it a lot when it was super HOT outside and I have a feeling it will get used a lot when it is super cold outside. -- Now that weather has been fantastic, I have been walking and biking outdoors therefore the elliptical has not been used that much. Congrats, you will love it!

Sheila, sorry about your lousy dates...just have fun!

09-27-2012, 10:00 PM
NEmom, just wanted to say you should be proud of yourself for staying at your original goal for a year, that's an accomplishment in itself, not gaining back what you lost.

09-28-2012, 06:44 AM
Hello Everyone! TGIF!!! I am SOOO ready for a weekend!

Ran 5K on the treadmill last night - Loved it! Felt so good! I was dripping sweat when I was done! Took my bpm up to 165 - found new running music - it was great! Tonight I will run again - it's been rainy here, so I haven't been able to get on the trail. Hopefully it's nice this evening.

I've plateaued - and I know why. I have been enjoying wine in the evenings and haven't been as careful about my eating. Decidedly, October I am going to lose 10 pounds. That will get me close to my goal weight! But to do it, I need to CHOOSE to LOSE! Which means no alcohol, exercising 5 times a week minimum and super clean green eating. I can do anything for 31 days - it's worth it - so I will enjoy wine this weekend, but Monday October 1st, I'm on the weight loss wagon! Great that the new month starts on a Monday!!! I'm actually excited because I know I can do it!!! :) I'll be rockin' "hot for the holidays"!!! :)

I'm okay about the disappointing dates - I just need to put it in perspective. I'll keep trying - I do believe that when the time is right, it will happen. The important thing is that I'm already happy with ME! :)

10-01-2012, 01:33 PM
I woke up with a head cold, yuck!!

I have been biking and walking. I average 13000 steps per day...I should be skinny minny based on my movement, but scale is just creeping up and up. Someone please stable my cakehole shut! :eek:

My BIL's wedding reception is later on this month, I NEED to shed 5 pounds that I can fit into my dress nicely :no: -- So Sheila I am with you, no junk etc!

Guacamole are we having a Halloween thread?

10-01-2012, 02:59 PM
It's October 1st already, I can't believe it. Christmas is right around the corner.

I did not have a great weekend but it was not awful either. I did not weigh this morning because I was retaining some serious water on Friday and did not want to start the week off on a depressing note. I am planning on having a good week and staying off the scale until friday. The ups and downs are starting to drive me crazy.
I got my new (used) elliptical machine last night and used it for the first time this morning. Man are my legs sore, I cannot believe the difference between my old one and this one. I am excited to try all the different preprogrammed exercises.
Got a lot of house work done this weekend. Including detoxifing my sons room but still have so much to do this week.
Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!

10-03-2012, 08:54 AM

Come and join October chat!

10-10-2012, 04:56 PM
Is the the forum where I seen the zuchinin chip receipe, I want it!!