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09-01-2012, 06:24 AM
Here's the link to last month's thread. http://www.3fatchicks.com/forum/diabetes-support/263919-august-hot-chat-3.html#post4454600

No low FBGL this morning as it was 5.8 after no glyburide. I guess I need 1/4 of a pill which is getting pretty darn small. We'll have to try it and see. Hmmm - I also did not drink any wine last night.

My fridge is purged of the family visit stuff and it feels good to be "pure". When I was at the spa for my pedicure yesterday, I bought some dandelion capsules to see if I can budge the "kankles". The bottle said "8 tablets 3 times a day"! :yikes: Seems a lot so I will not try them. I'm all for natural remedies but that's excessive. Maybe cooler weather will solve the problem. :crossed:

Time to crank up the day - new month and new resolve.

Enjoy the last long weekend of the summer.

09-01-2012, 02:14 PM
Starting off the month by checking in...hope you're all doing well.

I've been very keenly working on managing my blood sugar better with a lot more exercise. I'm so glad it's the weekend because I am quite sore and tired and am looking forward to some pampering at the spa today.

Doing much better with sleep since I've increased my exercise levels. Getting a minimum of seven hours a night now. Wish it was eight hours, but my dog gets me up at 5 every morning and my boys keep me up till 10 every night.

When the sleep isn't so good, then I'm struggling with getting control over how many carbs I eat. I do eat a lot of veggies, so keeping carbs under 35 gm is challenging. And then, every couple days I get cravings for something grain-like, which isn't helping me at all! When there's tight control, the weight comes off. But if I indulge just a little, the weight pops right back up.

I haven't been testing blood sugar levels lately. Not doing medication to control it and I know how my numbers run when I'm eating right, so tracking is just an added level of stress right now. All my focus has to be on the exercise, carb intake and sleep patterns because that's where I'm finding success.

I'll report back next week. Take care!

09-01-2012, 07:13 PM
Thanks Ruthie for starting the September thread.

Georgia :wave:

Can't do Dukan because I can't eat nothing but protein days. I've got indigestions so bad right now it is awful. So counting cabs and calories. Only thing is I am not going to get even 1000 calories in today and they say you have to eat at least 1200.

I'm walking around the house some without the walker, but youngest DGD says "Where is your walker?" Then when I explained, she puts her arms around my waist and walks with me saying "I'll walk with you just in case you need me". Can't ask for more love than that.:)

DD agreed with me that I need to be moving more so blood will get to the knee and it can heal. She stresses don't pivot, but she didn't say I could walk without the walker. I just did that a few minutes agoto see how it would feel. I plan to go to church and probably talk the walker for safety. DH and I took it yesterday and we went to eat at Ryan's and then the health food store. I did use the riding cart at Walmart, but I told Tony that even as bad as my leg was that I could walk faster. It was so near dead and then a little old man took it when I got off it. When the leg starts to hurt, I put the heating pad to it and I have to say it is feeling so much better.

Y'all have a nice holiday everyone.

09-01-2012, 10:23 PM
last full day at the cottage, got the kayak out and paddled around, don't know why I didn't get to that earlier. Tried the dreamfields pasta tonight, made mac and cheese, had with chicken and salad. Will recheck blood sugar before bed and fasting, as I have been told by some that it just delays the carbs from digesting. Wanted to give it a try as the family loves pasta.
Ruth, are you already on a diuretic? if so, be cautious about the dandelion, having both can cause an electrolyte imbalance, I think too much potassium over time. If not, maybe have a smaller dose, like 1 cap with each meal.
Its generally a safe herb, otherwise, but may flush out some meds if working well as a diuretic.
happy september everyone.

09-02-2012, 08:01 AM
Mad, not on a diuretic at the moment and am not taking the dandelion capsules yet. I'm trying lower carb eating for a while with 1/4 of a 2.5 glyburide to see how that goes. (I may make a carafe of dandelion iced tea and see if that helps but am leery of the large dose of capsules.)

I'm afraid yesterday was not a good day as a friend came over with a bottle of his wine AND a box of those darned Cheddar Goldfish crackers. All I can say is that I'm glad they are gone. (We did give some to the dogs but ... )

Anyhow, today is a brand new day and I'm about to use up some garden fresh peppers, tomatoes and onions in a breakfast omelet. I wish you could join me.

09-02-2012, 04:06 PM
Went to church today and just used the cane. We went out to eat and shared a wonderful breakfast with DH. Had to go get house keys made for oldest DGD since she comes in and out with big brother now that he is in college. I used my Hugo walker at Walmart and leg did great. I came home and took a short nap while everyone is gone as DH and I start back to small group Bible study at church tonight. I will use the cane to go up 3 steps and I honestly believe by next weekend I won't even have to use the cane. It has been a long road of healing but I believe it is finally just about over. Probably could go without it now, but not taking any chances. I've learned my lesson to take it slow.

Weight is up 2 lbs this week, but I believe those will be back off now that I can move around more. As soon as I get my stomach straightened out, I will be eating more low carb... plan is to eat veggies, fruit and protein but within reason. No more all day protein days for this girl. I also do not plan to use the fermentation drinks either as I am now fighting rashes as well.

Catch y'all tomorrow.

09-02-2012, 09:19 PM
Hey ladies here in georgia. We will be leaving here tomorrow. trip is going good although i have done alot of walking and my feet are killing me here. My uncle fixed me a foot saok and it helped alot. Food is going soso but I can guess I will have a slight gain but nothing I cant nock out when I get back home. I will be ddoing great... Will talk to you all when I get back . I will talk to you all then....:carrot:

09-02-2012, 10:44 PM
the drive home was long but ok. I am stiff and sore, but found out there are a couple of yoga classes tomorrow, so will try that to straighten out. Walked around waiting for the ferry and some on the boat. Looking forward to my own bed tonight.
Everyone loved the dreamfields pasta, since I haven't made mac and cheese for ages, but I forgot about testing. I haven't been testing much for a while, so should start doing that again.
Well, I hope our injured (rie, trish and bonnie, sometimes ruth?) will get better. Time to get active for me. Not sure what else will be up tomorrow for the holiday. have a good night everyone

09-03-2012, 07:54 AM
FBGL OK at 4.7 and weight up just a smidge from a tad too much salt yesterday. (Friends dropped in and we did BBQ hot dogs for lunch and some of the condiments added to the sodium, I think.)

I am going to relax as much as I can today as it might be the last real "summer" day but am looking forward to getting back into the gym and home treadmill routine this week. My August "staycation" is over and I'm cleaning up my act - too much food and drink over the summer!

On we go!

09-03-2012, 01:58 PM
Mad I am doing much better walking. I don't think it will be too long before I will be walking more and more without the walker. Thanks for thinking of me. And I also hope the others will be well too.

Ruthie I will be so glad when I can use my bike again. I am going to start doing what exercise I can do while the knee is healing.

I've decided to eat like I did when I lost weight when DH and I first married. I ate very healthy back then and I lost about 83 lbs down to 165 lbs, but never made it to goal. I've decided that is the way I'm going to do it this time except I'm going down at least to 158 lbs and then deicide what I want to do then. Didn't use any partiular diet actually was more like what I've learned is IE, abut didn't have a name for it then. I mostly ate a lot of fruit, veggies/salads and protein with a little bit of starchy foods thrown in every now and then but not on a regular basis. It worked before and came naturally so why not do it again? Mostly had starchy foods when we ate out. I exercised 20 min 3 days a week. I was getting healthier and healthier. It worked before so I see no reason why it wouldn't happen again.

09-04-2012, 07:24 AM
Yick! The Pypers arrived at suppertime with pizzas! I was at my carb limit for the day but succumbed. Should have stuck with my planned salad but Life happens. Weight is up a pound this morning :( but BGL is OK.

This week I am actually going to make a daily menu to use up some of the leftovers in my stash. My Grandma used to say "wasting food is a sin" so ... At the moment I have frozen cooked chicken, beef, pork roast and even three BBQ beef weiners. I may be able to avoid buying meat for the month! No shortage of veggies around here either. Anybody want a wheelbarrow full of tomatoes? Eggplant is coming on too and I have a Swiss chard forest.

Time for a smoothie for breakfast and then on with the day. Be well and prosper!

09-04-2012, 11:04 AM
Hi Friends.

fbs at 97 this morning and I am not sure why? I haven't slept well for 3 nights - perhaps that is making a difference. I lifted weights this morning as I am determined to return to daily exercise. I have a 5k later this month. I am also signed up to do the color me rad race in October with friends. It looks great: http://www.colormerad.com I am looking forward to it. But, I want to be in shape to walk fast and dance my way through the color! :carrot:

Trish, I am glad that you knee is healing. It takes a long time to recover from that injury.

Bonnie, good job on getting in so much walking on your trip. I hope you enjoyed the weekend.

Ruth, Oh, my! Pizza is my nemesis. I just can't handle it. The strange thing is that it actually isn't that good - I would rather have chinese food. But, I think pizza just smells so wonderful and it is such a social food. Oh well, back on track.

Mad, enjoy the yoga classes. It will certainly help with the aches and pain from the drive.

I am facing a busy week so I will get to it. Have a healthy and active day!


09-04-2012, 11:14 AM
Good Morning Chickies

Ruthie Life does happen and sometimes it just doesn't go our way.:hug: Never had a hubby who really helped in that area. I could say "I'm going to back to lowcarbing" and what would they bring home? Pizza or hamburgers.

DGS had both of his therapists here this morning so we are done with that and my laundry is half done. DH has to go to docs appt without me this afternoon. He will go pickup DGD from school after and go for prescriptions and eat out while he is out. I don't really have to cook today so not sure what I want to eat as of yet. Right now nothing sounds good.

Have a great day everybody.

09-04-2012, 02:36 PM
mg The scale said I gained 5 pounds has to be water maybe too much salt on the trip but oh well today has not been good Have all bad things to eat Can't wait for the hubby to get home so I can go grocery shopping. Will be back on track tomorrow. Been trying to catch up on laundry and all again since we have gotten home.
Last night my aunt daughter and Boy friend got into it and she left him again so she is here again with the baby. Well have to run My uncle gave me three different thngs for my feet one is a vibrating foot bath and the others are jest thing that massage my feet . Well I better get all this done so when the hubby gets home I can go to the store and get me some groceries.

Hope all is doing fine!!!

09-04-2012, 02:38 PM
Ruth know jest what you are saying I told everyone that and they still paicked some not so nice places to go eat while we were away and it kinda upset me that they didnt look at my health being a factor and my other uncle is a diabetis who takes insulin .

09-05-2012, 07:36 AM
Checking in. BGL 4.4 and weight down a smidge again so I guess I'm on my way. I even ate fish (!) last night along with yellow beans, chard and tomatoes. I'm back on my MWF gym schedule this morning and will NOT have toast or a muffin when we go out for coffee afterwards. My resistance muscle will also get a workout.

Bonnie, people usually just think about themselves. We just have to do the best we can.

09-05-2012, 09:12 AM
have been sleeping better since getting home, but didn't exercise at all yesterday, not even a little walk, so have to stop this!
I am with you on pizza, for years I didn't eat it at all, I had worked making pizza as a teen and disliked it intensely. NOW, I am picky about it, but love a good slice. I think I mostly like melted cheese. Have been putting grated cheese on a low carb tortilla with veggies for topping and no sauce, and into the oven for a bit, makes a nice cheesey sandwich? roll-up? pizza with no sauce? whatever, I really like it.

Long office day today, and ww weigh in tonight. Must pack my lunch and get stuff ready for DH to put in oven tonight. Personals later

09-05-2012, 10:47 AM
Hello Friends!

fbs at 89 this morning after eating yogurt at midnight. I lifted weights yesterday but didn't work out today. <what is wrong with me???>

Mad, I join you in the search to get back in the habit of exercise. Hopefully, we will both find our way.

Ruth, we will follow your lead as you head to the gym and exercise those resistance muscles! :carrot:

Bonnie, I am sorry about your family members. I struggle with the same problems, and I consider my family to be pretty supportive. My parents are getting better over time but it is a slow process! Hang in there.

Trish, did you find something good to eat yesterday?

Maybe it would be good if we start posting more about our food/exercise here? Motivation? accountability? Hmmmmm


09-05-2012, 11:09 AM
Yesterday was a strange day even with eating. Ended up too carby. Will be better today. DD and DSIL took the dog out last night in the rain and she fell down the stairs off the little sde porch. We all insisted she go get checked out especially since we knew she wouldn't be able to go to school. The school is very strict and she could be let go with out a good excuse for missing so I felt she needed something from the ER for proof and they do have insurance. Thank goodness nothing was broken or damaged... just going to be sore and wth her sensitive fair skin, she will probably have some bruises as well.

Remember I told y'all she was figuring out ways to do things for us. She isn't allowed to where acrylic nails in nursing school. She found out that Walmart carries the gel which she says is like what the professional nail shops use. She used to work in a nail salon doing all that stuff, but doesn't have her license any more so couldn't buy the stuff. Well, she started using the gel polish on her nails. So she did mine the other night and will teach me how to do it myself so I will be able to do them myself. That will save me about $20 or more a month.

Well, Jaxxson seems to need lots of playo time with Nannie this morning so will go and catch y'all later.

09-05-2012, 11:20 AM
Rie my hubby is usually pretty good he usually makes sure where we go is suitable for me .Our uncles dont watch what they eat like I do I have seen his sugar levels and they range in the high 200's sometimes and I would go nuts if I had something like that. Plus I have been told that I need to lower my trg's. I have read that things I didnt even know could raise them so I have been trying to stay away from all them things too.

Does any one have a problem with brown rice or wheat breads? What are some of the things that you can eat and not have a problem with I have bought a loaf of the mulitgrain sara lee bread it is 45 cal for two slices of bread. I am getting boared with the foods I am eating I have to switch them up.

I better be going I will check back in with everyone later.

09-05-2012, 11:20 AM
Hello Friends!
Trish, did you find something good to eat yesterday?

Interesting question that sets me to thinking about what was wrong with me yesterday. No I didn't. I ate a lot of stuff some good and some not so good and thanks to your queston I realize that I wasn't really hungry for anything in particular. The rule of Intuitive Eating is to eat only when you are truly hungry and then eat what you really are hungry for and then enjoy it. I don't think I was every really hungry; I ate just because I thought I needed to eat. So I'll have to watch that today. DD and DSIL were up so late at ER that I got up and took care of the baby so they could rest this morning. Made him cheese toast and yogurt and made myself the same thing just because I ddn't want to bother with what I really wanted. I must be more careful with that. I wanted low carb breakfast of eggs. Maybe I'll have that for lunch. Thanks... very helpful to me.

09-06-2012, 07:48 AM
Trish: when you say the rule of intuitive eating is to eat when hungry then enjoy it, well, the problem for me is that I over eat if I get very hungry, and will make bad choices.
I am gonna do some true to atkins stuff for a while, weigh in last night was depressing, and up even higher, in spite of a week not being bad, but not carefullly tracking either. I DID get on the treadmill last night, and stayed on through a whole recorded tv show, (I think about 40 minutes, since I could skip commercials). There is usually just one primetime show a day I would watch, so that might be the way to do it. For some reason, I really have trouble with exercising first thing in the morning.
Bonnie: I do have trouble with bread in general. Helps if I have peanut butter on it, the fat slows down the carbs. Generally, sprouted grain bread is best for me, and I have had some luck with this "flatout" low carb tortilla style bread, using it for wraps and thin crust pizza style stuff. (sigh, no more for a bit now)
Rice is also out, spikes are as bad or worse than white bread, and yes, that is brown rice.
I am a little anxious about going to yoga right now, I am expecting a client who delivers very quickly and don't want to miss her. Hope she will go soon and I will relax about that.
Have a nice Thursday everyone.

09-06-2012, 08:15 AM
Good morning! Down to 185.2 and a FBGL of 4.6(82.8) this morning so something is going well.

A good session at the gym yesterday - I guess all the walking I did when my company was here helped. No problem resisting the after gym coffee break as it was the gym's 7th anniversary and they supplied coffee and healthy muffins there. (I brought home my muffin and had it with my lunch salad.) More salad and leftover lasagna from the stash was supper.

A couple of days ago Rie suggested we start posting our daily menus. I'm following South Beach Phase II which I find really easy and it works for me but might not for people on Atkins. I'll start a thread and we can pick and choose ideas that suit our own programme.

09-06-2012, 10:18 AM
My eating was better yesterday, but I must have gotten some salt in something as weight is up and some swelling ths morning. I've been off the Metformin and the Fenofibrate for a couple of months now. Since I wasn't sure which one was causing me all the cramps and I still have lots of Metformin and I'm not having any cramps any more, I think this is a good time to find out which one it was. So I started back on the Metformin yesterday. I'm cutting the 1000 mg in half and taking half in the morning and the other one in the evening. I'm getting back to eating low carb again too. I've thought about doing the Phase 2 of South Beach and will have to get the book out and see what it calls for. I can't remember what is on it. I'm not to sure what I will be able to do since DD seems to have lost their food stamps since oldest DGS lives at the college. She is appealing it, but we will have to help buy their food until it gets straightened out. Baby drinks soy milk and the girls regular milk and I notice they are out of cereal. But I fgure if I can eat eggs and fish especially tuna for my protein and throw in some veggies, I'll be okay.

DD went to school today. She has clinical on Wed and Thurs and thought she would be out at 1 and just text that she has to stay until 3. She's in pain from the fall and has a patient today that is shutting down. Sad experience. She'll be wiped out and very emotional when she gets home.

I'm going to go look at SBD. What I like about the SBD is the fruit allowed in Phase 2 and the fact I can eat nuts. I would really love to start losing again and get my fbs under control again. Just got to do it. I did do some exercise this morning. Mostly upper body. I also remembered today the Sit and get fit exercises that I used to do. I think I can even do those for the legs so I can get some motion going as well will help a lot.

Hope we all have a great day.

09-07-2012, 11:19 AM
Ruthe After reading your SBD plan for yesterday, I got my Supercharged SBD book out and looked at the foods allowed. Didn't get to really look at meal plans in the book for Phase 2 until today, but I believe I can do this even or perhaps especially with having to help buy food for the kids. In fact, it s a good plan for all of us. I've got a big pot of beans cooking now. So I may join those of you on the SBD thread or at least be lurking.

DGS and I had oatmeal with blueberries and yogurt this morning. I like a lot of things about starting with Phase 1, but I think Phase 2 will be easer so I will be using it. I really do need the fiber. This will be day 2 on the plan because what I ate yesterday was SBD friendly. Weight was down a little from yesterday and so was fbs but I still can't take Metformin as it does some really crazy things to my system.

Hope everyone is doing well today.

09-07-2012, 07:41 PM
Hi everyone: fbs down a smidge 5.3 today, but weight is back down to (recently revised) ticker. Ate well so far today, and went to yoga for an hour at noon hour, then went for lunch with a friend, and actually left some potatoes on the plate. (in fact I took the plate over to the counter to reduce temptation).
So have stayed pretty much on plan today. Gonna have salad and a small steak tail for supper in a bit.

Trish: you have to remember that you have to stay on the metformin for about a month before the digestive symptoms abate. Taking the smallish dose is a good idea to start though. If you really can't manage it, please talk with your doc about getting something else to manage your blood sugars. Hope you are feeling ok, and can plan to stick to your diet plan.

Ruth, I am glad you could manage to eat the fish, I do prefer it when someone else does the cooking, or I cook it outside on the grill. Hope you can keep up at the gym. I am really pleased that I have exercise twice in the last 3 days. Planning for tomorrow now.

Have a good day everyone.

09-08-2012, 07:08 AM
Didn't make it to the gym yesterday as I was waiting for "digestive issues" to resolve themselves. No luck so it's Fibre1 and flax in the smoothie this morning! TMI, I know, but I'll need to use TNT soon. I didn't post a menu yesterday because I was all screwed up. Didn't eat much at all but BGL still 4.9 this morning.

When at the clinic yesterday for a meeting, I got a quickie HA1C done and it's back to 6.1. :( My diabetic nurse is still very pleased and said to eat more! Never had anyone say that to me but she's concerned about my very low readings over the past month or so. 2.3 FBGL is not good,even though I don't feel any differently.

Have to figure out today's menu and post it. See y'all later.

09-08-2012, 10:08 AM
fbs was 5.7 again, although it wasn't a real fast since I had a small snack at 2 am. Was trying to get to sleep, and food sometimes helps with the insomnia. Weight is going down, even with modified low carb, so will continue on this trend. Although I had some potatoes, had no wheat except a little original fiber 1 with my morning yogurt.
Ruth, have you tried the new iogo yogurt? they use splenda, its low fat, but quite tasty and creamy like. also, you can always have some of the sugar free chocolate with maltilol to get things moving! as long as its not too painful. LOL
Have a good weekend friends.

09-08-2012, 12:26 PM
Fbs at 91 this morning. My ds brought home chinese food last night as a "treat"I avoided the rice but it is still to sugary. Oh well. I did manage to work out yesterday. I slept over 8 hours last night. That is a very rare treat. I am going to have a complete day of rest today.

Ruth, thank you for posting the menu thread. I will be there beginning tomorrow,but I probably will use it to report what I ate, rather than what I plan to eat. Try mirilax. My dr recommended it and it works wonders if I let things get out of hand.

Trish, I had side effects from metformin for almost a month. Digestive problems, feeling tired, and leg cramps. It went away. I hope that you find a med that works for you.

Bonnie and others.... Hello!


09-08-2012, 03:36 PM
Thanks everyone for the advice. I'm going to get my act together and get this weght moving and get things straightened out. I don't just get the leg cramps with the metformin, I get muscle cramps in other parts of my body as well. The other body side effects... feels like I'm have internal earthquakes. I have to sit very quitely until the feelings pass.

I know that I am one of those people who can do this with weight, but I guess I've been looking for an "easy" way without all the work. I am using South Beach phase 2 as a guide and counting calories at the same time. I read on the thread that Phase 1 is to get rid of cravings and I am not having cravings so feel starting with Phase 2 will be okay.

I felt sickly almost like a virus all day yesterday but decided that I needed to take laxative any way. I took 1 cascara in the morning and another later in the day. Should have either took 2 at once or maybe just one. I didn't sleep much from running to potty all night, but the swelling is gone this morning. Now to keep it off. The ticker is back to where it was a lb less. I will be posting food plan as well, but mine will be after what I ate rather than plan ahead.

Hubby is up and ready to eat so I need to fix what he wants and decide what I want. I'm kind of babying my tummy today... but OP. Oh, not only was my we down but my fbs was 109 and I had oatmeal yesterday. I can cut it to 1/3c instead of 1/2 and it works.

Have a great weekend.

09-09-2012, 08:10 AM
Trish, there really is no "easy" way as you know. South Beach works for me and I've stuck to it for several years - mostly. It's become what I do now and seems to be working in keeping my blood sugars stable. Weight is another matter but I'm working on that by controlling quantities.

Still no "results" but am seriously considering a sugar-free chocolate binge. I know that works for sure! Thanks, Mad.

Rie, I agree with posting what we actually eat. I frequently revise my planned menu as circumstances intervene. Yesterday, for example, i got involved in other cooking and didn't get the spaghetti squash cooked as planned or the beef thawed for meatloaf. That may happen today. I pulled a small individual pizza from my stash and had it with a green salad. Had some wine too since it was Saturday night! FBGL 4.1 this morning.

Time to crank up the day with a smoothie and then Church. Enjoy your Sunday.

09-09-2012, 10:19 AM
Good morning friends. bs was 6.0 last night before bed, and 5.4 this morning fasting. Weight is same at 171.6 (well down 0.2 of a pound, but thats just variation in my book). So first day I haven't lost almost a pound since I went low carb. The difference?
I had my final serving of the flatout low carb flatbread or tortilla. I made a mini pizza with cheeses, black olives and salami pieces. Total carbs for the day came in about 35g, so no more than usual, but I had wheat. We will see if that is different today, I will avoid all wheat. Had an atkins bar for breakfast. I plan to make a couple of the minute muffins for the next couple of days. I seem to be able to manage a bit of fresh or frozen fruit with other foods, and since thats what I miss on atkins, I will keep that up.

Rie: isn't it heaven when you can sleep long enough that you believe you are rested? It may be psychological, but if I don't sleep for 7 hours and wake more than once during that time, I don't believe I have had enough sleep. Lots of times though I feel tired even after a good sleep. I seldom wake with energy. I miss that.

Trish: I agree with Ruth. Changing eating habits is HARD work, thats why we need each other here, and all the support we can get. Whatever plan you are using, you need to stick to it, at least for a while, and once the weight starts moving, stick it out longer!

Ruth: hope you get your spaghetti squash cooked today, I really enjoyed it last night. Fortunately, its a substitute DH likes too. He often eats bread and butter with spaghetti, so he did last night too and so doesn't miss his carbs. He now weighs less than me, so I need to keep going down to 160 so I can reverse that trend!

I didn't formally exercise yesterday, but was busy and active during the day. Did laundry, cleaned house, weeded garden etc. so I feel I was plenty active. No housework to do today. Just generally feeling fine. Hope you all have a good Sunday.
Hellos to Bonnie, Georgia and anyone else I missed or who is lurking. Hope you have a sunny day like I have here. Its lovely

09-10-2012, 10:45 AM
Hello All

fbs at 78 this morning. Sorry I didn't get here yesterday but I will post my eating on the other thread.

Today I am traveling and then training tomorrow at the law enforcement academy. I will take peanuts and jerky for the road. I always sort of give up on calories when traveling and just limit carbs.

Sorry I don't have time for personals. Later!


09-10-2012, 10:57 AM
Weight steady at 225 next goal is to get under 220. My plan for today is on the menu thread. I decided to go back on the plan that has always worked for me in the past... lost 65lbs on it years ago just didn't make it a lifestyle. I will look at it that way this time. I'm hoping to be able to go home to TX to visit family next year. Usually go every 2 years, but couldn't go this year with Tony's DD and family living here. Hope that wll be different sometime next year. So the goal is to lose as much as possible before we can go, keep going till I reach goal and keep it off this time. I'm back on the Carbohydrate Addicts Diet. I'm going to keep up with the calories for a while just to see how much I am eating although I don't really have to on CAD. This plan also helps me to keep the fluid off the ankles.

Long busy day today. One of baby's therapists comes this morning to make up for a holiday she had off. I wouldn't mind her coming earlier in the day every week. But we do what we have to do. DSIL is off the next 2 days so that will be a little easier on me. Getting my laundry done today. DH and I will go to store tomorrow. I need to get some more salad foods.

Have a great day!!!

09-10-2012, 09:48 PM
Hi everyone: did pretty well yesterday. Had a few square of sugar free dark chocolate though at a friend's place, and weight was the same this am. So no loss. Today did well, although having a late supper, I had a few potatoes with my pot roast. Hope the carbs won't do me in, but they were roasted with olive oil and rosemary and are delicious. Otherwise everything good at the end of a long and busy day. Off to bed soon.
Rie: must be interesting to do the training you do, with all kinds of groups. Have a good trip.
Ok trish, hope the CAD works well and you can stick to it.
good night all

09-11-2012, 06:56 AM
No idea where I was yesterday although I did hit the gym. My "digestive problem" is resolved - I get a star on my chart! Fiber and water is key for me given my family history. (My mother's whole family - all nine of them - all died of bowel cancer!)

Got dragged into the dreaded Chinese buffet yesterday but had only one plate with the emphasis on vegetables. "Dinner" last night was crackers, cheese, a sliced tomato and an apple which is what I'd planned for lunch. BGL was 4.6 this morning so I'm good. The darned weight is still stuck at 185, plus or minus a smidgen. Today will be a lower calorie and lower carb day so I cans see what happens.

09-11-2012, 11:24 AM
Hello. I need advice about my meter(s). When I was first diagnosed I had a One Touch and a One Touch Mini that I carried in my purse. When I retired, I had a high deductible so I switched to WaveSense because it was cheaper. I have met my deductible so I went through Liberty and got a new One Touch and supplies. Just out of curiosity, I checked my blood on all 4 meters at once and got 4 different results. I had done a control test on all of them. I can see where the Wave Sense could be unreliable, but the One Touch should have been in the ball park. How close should these readings be between the different meters? They differered by up to 10 points. The only thing I can think of is that maybe I should get new batteries for the old One Touch. What do you think?

09-11-2012, 01:32 PM
CarolSue I am sorry I can't help you but I believe Fatmad can help you when she sees your post as I seem to remember her talking about that very thing a while back. I'm sure it is frustrating.

I had a great CAD day yesterday. I have no idea why I quit following CAD. I did it with an (IE) Intuitive Eating twist to it although I didn't know about IE back then. Ate this way for about 2 or 3 years and it always worked great for me. I am thankful to say that I have found 2 CAD support groups on 2 other sites which is going to be very helpful as one site has people who have successfully followed the plan for many years. Will be posting daily menu on those 2 sites.

I ended up having my RM and 1 CM (Complimentary Meal which is a low carb meal) for those who don't know. Looking at the book again, I found that this is actually one of the optional Plans allowed in the CAD book so it will be the one I will be following since I ended up having my 1 c of coffee wth Stevia and splash of H&H then eating only my RM and 1 CM yesterday not needing the snack. As I think back to the way I ate as a child and in my teen years and at times in my life when I have been thin, I realize that this is the way I always ate. Except that sometimes if I wasn't hungry, I would only eat once a day. It never felt like a det ecause it was normal for me. Nothing is off limits at RM so there is never a need to cheat because if I want somethng I can have it as long as I fit it into the RM. So I've chosen to do CAD because it is what comes naturally for me.

Hope everyone has a great day.

09-11-2012, 07:11 PM
had a nice 4.7 for fbs today, so am quite please with that. Weight up a smidge, but haven't had a bm for a couple of days, so should be better tomorrow after that. Had indian buffet at lunch, feel very full still 4 hours later, so will have a very light and late supper, probably just salad. I skipped the rice and noodles though, although papadum and onion bahjees were very much enjoyed as my carbs.
Carole Sue: it is a pet peeve of mine that there is not accessible research comparing meters. The companies that make them will do and publish research showing that theirs are reliable, and by industry standards, that is within 20% of a lab value. So that means that you can be off by quite a lot. So the difference between meter readings of 10 points isn't much by those standards. Even consumer reports didn't publish a comparison. Blood sugar 101 doesn't have much. My diabetes educator and dietitians couldn't say which is most accurate. I suspect an industry conspiracy about it. What they really want is for us to start buying smart meters and spending lots of medicare or insurance company money on their products. However, most type 2s don't need to test several times a day, except when we are first diagnosed and learning to manage our sugars. When we are stable with meds and diet, a few times a week is usually fine.
For my money, I would go with a meter that is reasonably close to test results.
I was able to do that by having my blood drawn several times and testing at the same time. My one touch was within 1 point (canadian values are different) every time, and my low showed low and my high showed high. So I am sticking with the one touch.
However you do it, stick with the same meter, (yes, even different meters of the same brand may differ, although I have a one touch and 2 one touch minis and they all will read within 0.1 of each other when I have compared).
At least then you are comparing yourself to your own normals on a regular basis, and not messing with results that may be different with different machine.
Hope this is helpful, and I would be truly interested if anyone finds some research testing different meters. thanks

09-11-2012, 10:01 PM
Thanks for the reply, Fatmad. Back when I was using the regular One Touch and the Mini at work I had a similar problem. I was getting a big difference between the two and asked a pharmacist at work about it. She told me to do a control test on both. I did that and it didn't help, but I opened a new canister of strips and that straightened it out. They were less than 5 points different, which was good enough for me. This time I have new control solution AND new strips that I just received with the new meter and am still getting a difference between the two. I think for a few dollars I will get a new battery for the Mini. I haven't used it for a couple years and the battery might be old, even though it is not yet indicating low battery. Since I just recently had bloodwork done I won't be having it again for a few months, but I will check them along with my bloodwork next time. I just want to know which one is right.

09-12-2012, 07:11 AM
Quick check-in again. Had to knock off a few spammers this morning so running late.

Darned weight is not budging although eating has been fine since my minor Chinese detour on Monday. Guess I'll just have to wait it out. I can no longer blame it on the big C, TMI I'm sure.

Yesterday's food was spot on. Now to plan today's and FOLLOW it. As usual, more water is needed.

09-12-2012, 01:37 PM
:wave:Quick flyby. Busy next few days so probably won't be here so checking in quickly now. DH and I will be going out today while DSIL is off and Friday when DD gets home. Got a call from lady over devotionals for our once a month ladies meetings at church, I couldn't speak last month as planned so had promised to do it this month. I didn't realize this is going to be the 3 week of the month so will be busy getting ready for that.

Eating is going good. Still finding that I'm not real hungry and no cravings other than for salads. That can't be a bad thing. I'll check in whenever I have time.

Hope everyone is doing okay.

09-12-2012, 03:11 PM
Hey Ladies things here are good I have not been on plan 100% but been busy have been cleaning out the garage this heat is amking some of my things mold out in the garage and I have been trying to get everything cleaned up and get things ready for the winter. But Will keep going. Will be back later when I have more time.

09-13-2012, 07:20 AM
Nice to see you again, Bonnie - been wondering. I'm getting into fall clean-up mode too.

Patty, I'm glad CAD works for you. Is it keeping your BGL stable? I wish I'd get cravings for salads.

Carole Sue, hope you have resolved the meter problem. I try not to get to obsessed with testing daily unless my doctor wants me to do it. Meters really do vary.

Mad, Indian food is soooo good and your post made me realize I've not had any for ages. I just may have to hie me down to Kingston. Right now the closest I get to Indian food is Blue Menu Chicken Tikki Masala which I had for dinner last night.

Rie, my you do travel a lot with your job. I think of you every time I see the "Get lost in Montana" commercials! Gotta get there someday.

FBGL a tad low at 3.6 this morning but I'm about to fix that with a smoothie. Finally found unsweetened almond milk locally and am going to try it for my smoothies. Only 30 cals per cup. I also dug through my freezer and found some Splenda sweetened strawberry jam that didn't gel. It's in half cup containers so I see a lot of strawberry smoothies in my future. Fibre One and flax seed will be added as needed. I'll let you know how they taste.

Time to take out the trash and crank up Thursday. Enjoy!

09-13-2012, 10:31 AM
Hi Ruth - Normally I don't get hung up on testing because my doctor is satisfied with my A1c. But since my surgery I have been having a lot of high readings and I thought a new meter would help get better control. I was reading about it online and it seems to be a problem for many. I am not alone. I am going to test the next time I have bloodwork and compare the two.

09-13-2012, 01:24 PM
Patty, I'm glad CAD works for you. Is it keeping your BGL stable? I wish I'd get cravings for salads.

Thanks Ruthie. CAD does work very well for me and the FBGL is getting better and is finally back below 120... 109 one day and highest has been 119 another time. So I am confident it will continue to go lower as time goes on. System is getting back to normal as well with regular BMs which will help with weight loss too although I seem to be stuck, but I expect that to happen from time to time. For example it can happen when we get sodium when eating out.

09-13-2012, 10:29 PM
Hi gang. Weight is up again since the indian food, and fbs was 5.3 again. Hope to get a hold on myself again. Teaching in the morning, and off for the weekend. Going to see DD on Saturday, and a funeral for a long retired but loved mentor, who was my own midwife too, who died recently.
Well, off to bed early.

09-14-2012, 06:59 AM
Mad, mine is up a tad this morning - I made a pasta sauce yesterday to use up tomatoes and also added leftover cold cuts that were stashed in the freezer. Calabrese salami is salty! Gotta watch that stuff especially if I start throwing black olives into the mix.

Off to the gym this morning and am going to talk to my PT Linda about some more core exercises. I always thought my hips and thighs were my trouble spots but now it's my alleged waist and tummy. She'll assign me some exercises and it'll be up to me to do them.

I'm about to have a strawberry & almond milk smoothie with Fibre 1 and ground flax. That'll keep me from ordering toast or a muffin when we go for coffee after gym. (The Big C problem seems to have disappeared for now.)

TGIF! Have a good weekend.

09-14-2012, 09:32 AM
:wave: Busy day and weekend so flyby. Have a gread Friday and weekend.

09-15-2012, 10:08 AM
fbs 4.7 this am, and weight settled back to normal with just normal food intake, so must have been a lot of salt in the indian food I had had, to put it on and off like that. Having pretty good days, even if not formal exercise, have been out and about and not sitting around much. Going to Toronto to see DD and SIL this evening, take them out for supper and hear about the honeymoon, see the pics not posted to their facebook pages etc. Younger DD has started back to class and works weekends, so will catch her during the week later.
Ruth, enjoy the workout and watch out for the salt monster.
Have a good weekend friends

09-15-2012, 02:33 PM
Oh dear! Book Club last night and the snacks were salty. I decided to not eat supper which was a mistake because everything Terri served was over the top and I nibbled away most of the evening. FBGL was OK but ... the scale was insane! Nothing like a supper of olives, cheeses, anchovies and nacho chips with dips.

Today was to be better but I'm already carbed out with a bagel for breakfast and a PB and cucumber sandwich for lunch. Dinner had better be just protein and veggies.

09-15-2012, 05:05 PM
I just read about things wheat in our diets can cause if we have an allergy to it... even joint pain and arthritis. I read an interview Fat Head did with Dr. Wm. Davis who wrote the book Lose the Wheat, Lose the Weight. I don't want to buy the book. I've got enough diet books and don't want to get drawn into another diet. Besides I like to keep my eating simple so I've decided that I have no problem giving up wheat so I can do that without buying and getting into another diet book. I can and will substitute a non-wheat bread like potato bread and there are some veggies or veggie pastas etc which can be substituted for the wheat during my CAD RM. This way I can stay on my CAD/IE plan and still enjoy the foods I like with my family.
Besides from all I can see Atkins, SBD, Paleo etc are wheat free diets which I do wish I could wrap my mind around and do because of the wonderful benefits of doing them. I did see on another site where some people do a SBD with an Atkins twist but not sure what they do. But as long as CAD works for me, that is what I will do.

My meeting this morning went well. I know what you mean Ruthie about the carby foods. We usually have an egg cassarole but the one who probably would have brought it was out because of knee surgery so donuts and bagels were picked up quickly. I didn't eat breakfast before gong which normally is my way of handling that type of situation. So off plan today because I got home and DH doesn't know what he wants to eat so we are having a snack type day. I ended up eating way too much beef jerky I got at Costco yesterday. Sure won't be buying those any more. DGS is home today so I took pork chops out for DD to cook later and I'll have one of those with a salad.

Ruth, Fatmad and Everyone else:wave:

09-15-2012, 07:26 PM
What is wrong with me I hate eaten all kinds of stuff these last two days I am so hungry and I have been eaten everything I can see.

09-15-2012, 09:40 PM
What is wrong with me I hate eaten all kinds of stuff these last two days I am so hungry and I have been eaten everything I can see.

Bonnie:hug:I've had one of those days today and mine was due to no plan. I know you have a lot of stress and it causes things to become diffcult to get our focus right. You aren't a bad person, you are just having to get things working right in your life. I hope things get better for you and you can find your way soon. TOMORROW IS A NEW DAY AND WE CAN DO THIS!!!

09-15-2012, 09:50 PM
A few years ago I met a woman on a CAD/CALP thread who was doing CALP and she started her own newsletter. I got a newsletter today and she was telling how she has lost weight still doing CALP, but she has been wheat/gluten free for 2 or 3 years. I am so thrilled to learn that someone else has had success reaching goal doing CALP the way I want to do CAD and that it does work. Just had to share.

09-16-2012, 01:30 AM
Trish, my youngest DD was allergic to wheat in the first years of her life, and while I nursed her for 3.5 years, I went off wheat too for the most part. I am also finding wheat of any kind tends to spike my blood sugar, so I keep it to a minimum.
Due to this experience, I can tell you that other breads probably won't do it, and are quite expensive. But really not worth the money. They DONT taste good, don't have the texture you want etc. The rice pastas are ok, though I prefer spaghetti squash, and I will substitute cooked rice or quinoa in salads that might have wheat, (like tabouli). There are some brands of wheat/gluten free crackers that are nice, ( I LOVE the Mary's organics, and the low carb ones made with chickpea flour. ) And you must read the labels of everything. To do it right, you MUST be really free of all wheat. Do a google search of things that may have hidden wheat too. I think some forms of hydrolyzed vegetable protein may have hidden wheat, soy sauce often does etc. So the ingredients of some ingredients can be a problem. Its a really big deal if you are a real celiac.
Plan to do it just for a week. It is hard and requires planning. You will want to take snacks etc when going to meetings, especially if there is food, because it will almost always be food you must not have. I am not a big bread eater, so didn't find that a challenge, but other foods were. And nothing tastes like bread if it doesn't have wheat, IMHO.
Hope you diet plan works, and you can make a one week plan and stick to it. I agree, avoid buying another book. If you really need to read it, get it from a library or borrow from someone.
Good luck.

bedtime bs was 5.5 after a nice supper out with DD and DSIL. They are looking great, and seem quite happy. The servings we very large at the greek restaurant, so I have another meal. I sensibly didn't eat everything, and brought home half the supper. So off to bed now.

09-16-2012, 11:45 AM
BGL 4.8 this morning but I did not feel well. Skipped breakfast and had a coffee after Church with real Scottish shortbread - a friend was just back from a trip there. Feel great now so I guess it was just a passing "malaise".

I'm planning a beer can chicken on the grill with broccoli and sweet potatoes or quinoa. This method does a great job of keeping the chicken moist. I hate dried up cooked chicken breasts and usually end up throwing them into soup or dousing them with mayo in a chicken salad.

09-16-2012, 12:02 PM
Hi all. fbs was 5.2 this am. not too bad, but still not under 5 on a regular basis. slept well after a late night. Ruth, I actually have finally accepted that I don't actually like chicken breasts. I can tolerate them as long as the meat is moist and tender, but if they are dry at all, the texture turns me right off. I never buy breasts, and only have them with a rotisserie chicken from the store. (its often cheaper to buy one fully cooked than a raw one to cook, and with just the two of us, we don't want the mess.) but Beer can chicken is a good way to do it, out on the grill. Are you having company to enjoy it with, or will you have some yummy leftovers?
Happy Sunday friends. I have a funeral today, then friends over for supper. A very social Sunday for me.

09-16-2012, 12:12 PM
Hi Friends!

Sorry that I have been MIA for a few days. A phone call came into work telling us that one of the teens we work with was killed. This call came from her grandmother. Lots of grief, caring for staff and sad feelings. Then, I found out last night that it was a hoax - perpetrated by another family member. How awful. I am glad that she is alive but filled with hurt and rage over the last few days. Sorry. I am planning to turn over a new leaf on Monday.


09-16-2012, 05:22 PM
Rie :hug:So sorry for what you and your work crew have been put through. Wonder how people can be so cruel.

Fatmad Thanks for all the info and advice. We went to Walmart after church and I decided to get organic flaxseed to make my own 1 minute muffins when I want or need bread and I got spaghetti squash to use in place of pasta. I also have buckwheat or oat bran for making pan cakes. I also have pecan flour to cook with.

Ruthie I've never tried the beer can chicken. I will have to try that.

I always wondered why my sister suffered joint problems and I didn't. I now understand the difference... I was always eating low carb. It was when I fell for the "whole grains" and eat wheat hype etc, I acquired all these health problems. It comes down to the quality of life I want and I want the best I can have.

09-17-2012, 07:17 AM
Rie, that makes my blood boil! How could anyone do that?

Well, the beer can chicken was great and I now have three meals of leftovers which I am starting to call "planovers". I can't stand dry chicken breast either, Mad. My mother overcooked chicken and turkey all the time and the whole family slowly migrated to the dark meat end when given a choice. The only thing is that I left it until nearly six to start it and it wasn't done until 7:30. Good thing I didn't invite anyone for dinner!

Strange week ahead as I leave on a wee trip again Wednesday evening and won't be back until Sunday. It's with a group of MODs from here so the food will be good - if not perfect. We have a rented house with a great kitchen so lots of recipe swapping will be happening, some of it good, some of it :censored:.

BGL a decent 4.6 this morning and darned weight just on the cusp of getting below 185. Those extra pounds are well rooted after having a summer to get attached to my body!

Do something nice for you today. I am going to the gym although I had a bad night and don't feel like it.

09-17-2012, 11:48 AM
How many times a week do you do cardio and strength traning and how long do they last trying to set me up a routine and stick with it. Getting back on plan if it kills me the only one who can accomplish my weight loss is me not the family so I am going to try to build me a big wall and not let them pull me into this spiral downward pull again. I have faced the facts they put it their but it was me who picked it up and ate it I have to gain the motivation to want this enough not to do this again. Where will it get me no where Jest on more meds here is 5 more months. I have to take and be the one responsible for what I have done to my body it wasn't the family it was me I have been going for years and now it is time for me to stop and do it for me and not for everyone else I know my dr can suggest me to loose weight but I have to want it to do and I do. So from here on I will be thinking of me.

For breakfast I had some low fat cream cheese and gala apple and two slices of sara lee 45 calorie multi grain bread. Going to get my room clean so I can start my workout for the day so it will be out of the way. I think I am in the mood to do a richard simmons video! I love the Richard simmons number three at the carnival ! so here I come..

09-17-2012, 04:18 PM
OMG Rie: I can't believe someone would do that to any one. It makes me feel sick, to put people through that kind of grief. Hope you are doing ok for now.

Ruth: happy holidays and have a great time.

Trish: hope the diet changes help with the achiness, however, some of it DOES come from age, as I am finding out to my own soreness.

Bonnie: I think for a while you were doing a couple of hours of walk-it-out everyday. I think you could plan for a 3 days a week thing, have a good workout Monday Wednesday Friday or Tues/Thurs/Sat. in between just make sure you get out for a walk or something. Depends on YOUR schedule too.

Eating on plan yesterday and today. Managed NOT to snack at the reception after the funeral, just visited and came home for supper. Knowing supper was in the oven really helped. (oh yes, a PLAN!)

Happy Monday everyone.

09-17-2012, 05:47 PM
Mad I couldn't find my Sweatin to the oldies so I did a five mile watp. I was thinking the same thing I jest want to do some arm exercise to start toning my under arm hang

09-18-2012, 07:48 AM
Feel great this morning as I slept until 6. I have insomnia problems - woke at 3 yesterday and just could not get back to sleep.

Had a fairly carby day yesterday - muffin, sandwich and pasta - so BGL was 5.6 this morning. I realize I've not been taking my a.m. Metformin or my Victoza. Gotta fix that. It should take priority over feeding the dogs.

I'm off for a long weekend starting tomorrow evening and will be very careful what I eat when I'm away. I'm not too worried as I'll be with a some of the MODs from this site and we are all pretty health conscious. We have a rented house and will be doing most of our own cooking - always fun to cook together. The scale next Monday may not be pretty.

Time for breakfast and another coffee. I am cutting carbs today - scrambled eggs with chopped peppers and zucchini is on the brekkie menu and I'm thinking chicken and veggie soup for lunch. It's a cold wet day and that would just hit the spot.

Have a "be nice to yourself" day. :hug:

09-18-2012, 08:57 AM
Ruthie Guess we swapped places. I've been awake since 3:30 this morning and couldn't go back to sleep. Have fun on your long weekend.

Fatmad Thanks. I checked on Amazon and the 2011 book was not very expensive so I ordered it mainly because I found a thread on another site and they said that he says not to eat gluten-free products. Guess it goes back to processed foods thing. Doing the best I can until I get the book. Also joined his blog.

Bon.nie I love my Sweatin' to the Oldies but don't have room to do it until the kids move. DD graduates from nursing school Dec 7 and according to DGD they are moving into an apartment when DD goes to work.

Baby is sleeping late so I got to go get him up. His morning therapist will be here in 30 minutes.

Y'all have a great day.

09-18-2012, 08:34 PM
I also had insomnia last night. COuldn't get to sleep, until late, but woke up ok for work, but was bagged by afternoon. Had a snack when I got home, but got an allergic reaction to something! eyes all itchy and swollen. Am now also sleepy from the meds. I am not eating right for now, as a result.
Trish, I bet you can't wait until December!

09-19-2012, 09:53 AM
:wave: Have a great day!!!

09-19-2012, 11:10 PM
didnt go to ww tonight, as I was called out for a labour check at 5, got home about 7, no baby for now. Will be on tenterhooks for the night, this won't help my insomnia!
DH made a lovely fire and we watched a couple of interesting shows. New show, Perception with darling Eric McCormack, and Jane Goodall on the Strombo show. Off to bed early just in case.

09-20-2012, 09:02 AM
woke up before 5 and couldn't get back to sleep. Weight up a tad, still retaining fluid from the allergy problem. fbs 5.7 today, up a bit, might be from the insomnia.
Potluck day at the office, I may not eat other's food after this allergy thing happening again.
Hope everyone doing well. Have a good THursday.

09-20-2012, 10:55 AM
I got the Wheat Belly book and I'm really glad I got it as it is a real eye opener as to why I have problems with weight loss and I definitely will be going wheat/gluten free. He recommends using flaxseed, nut butters and flours instead of wheat. He stresses veggies which are always healty and said eggs, meat and fats are good for us not bad. I can see why low carb works so well. He said he used Wheat Belly in the name of the book but that wheat damages so many organs in the body that he could have used any organ in the title. He had been on what we are taught Diabetic/Heart Assoc calls a healthy lowfat complex carb diet and his wife took a picture of him sleeping on the beach. This is when he realized that not only had he developed diabetes, but he was amazed to see that he also had what used to be called a beer belly and he didn't drink and he worked out like crazy. Oh and he is a cardiology prevention doctor. He wondered what his patience thought when they saw him and he told them to eat healthy.

I am amazed at the foods that he says raises blood sugar... one is oatmeal . Interesting since I learned that I could not eat oatmeal, remember? He said that te complex carbs we are told to eat causes our blodd sugar to rise higher. Within 2 - 3 months he was no longer diabetic. His fbs was 84, but when he eats oatmeal or complex carbs his blood sugar skyrockets. In fact, he found that the simple carbs did not raise his bs as much as the complex carbs. However, he still says eat neither one.

I got up this morning and made a flaxseed/almond meal cereal. The recipe in the book was flaxseed coconut cereal, but I didn't have coconut. I guess the kids used it all. No lowfat anything either... use full fat cheese (which can be use for snacks as well as nuts) and if you use milk use whole milk, almond or soy although some soy products can be gluten. Raw nuts are unlimited. That will surely take care of the regularity. He also says that when we eat wheat that it causes us to want to go back for more. Fruit is limited. What as made wheat so bad is that it has been cross breeded to the point that the chromosomes have been so changed that it is not the wheat that even our great grandmothers cooked with so it leads to diseases like celiac.

09-21-2012, 10:10 AM
Placed a new recipe for ice cream in the diabetic recipes which Dr. Davis posted on FB this morning as a result of the request of a 14 yr old.

Hope everyone is doing okay.

09-21-2012, 01:23 PM
Hi everyone....I am a type 2 diabetic and haven't really taken good care of myself at all since I found out a couple of years ago. I recently had to go on meds and now I am really regretting not learning more and doing more for myself. I still have a lot to learn, but I was wondering what is "fbs" and "BGL"? Sorry to sound so dumb, but I'm trying to learn. Thanks.

09-21-2012, 07:38 PM
WELCOME Kuntreegirl!!! We are all in a learning process. Read and find out what works for you.

09-23-2012, 10:11 AM
HI everyone: have been having a busy weekend with 3 deliveries and lots of new baby visits, but quieter now. Going into town to see my little Lilia, my grandniece by friendship, and enjoy some grandma like activities. DD is not pregnant (yet) so I will just keep enjoying the other little ones around me. A recently new co-worker has a delightful 5 year old I just LOVE. So I am getting my fix in.
FOod wise has not been brilliant with the crazy hours, so time to get back on track. Discovered there is LEMON juice in my new yogurt (was sure I had read the label the first time I bought it, so maybe they changed the ingredients) and that explains the allergic reactions. ALL is calm now.

09-23-2012, 10:14 AM
Hey Trish: am making ratatouille tonight for supper. What should I have with it instead of rice or quinoa according to your diet?

09-23-2012, 05:07 PM
Hey Trish: am making ratatouille tonight for supper. What should I have wih .instead of rice or quinoa according to your diet?

He says nonwheat grains such as quinoa, sorghum, buckwheat, millet and possibly oats lack the immune system and exorpin consequences of wheat. They post substantial carbohydrate challenges which can cause high blood sugars, but he believes they are safer than wheat in small servings of less than 1/2 c are sufficient to minimize the bs impact. Rice is a grain that is allowed in small amounts if you don't want to eliminte it.

I have found people who eliminate just wheat, some eliminate all grains and then some eliminate so many starches I figure you might as well do Atkins. I am going to attempt just eliminating the wheat for now and just take the time to learn what foods I have to get stop eating and eat what I really like of what I can. I read that some eat cornbread instead of bread. My second hubby's grandfather made a homemade ratatouille type stew and cornbread everyday for our lunch. Strange thing is I never got tired of it and still love making it although mine never seems as good as Pops. I just might make that for supper tonight.

09-23-2012, 08:40 PM
Hi Friends!

Sorry that I have been gone for a few days. I have been so busy at work and having trouble with internet here at home. My eating is good but the weight is just not moving. I am up from my ticker by a considerable amount :( I am going to hit the exercise hard now.

I have a 5k walk next saturday with my aunt and some friends. :o I better get moving!

Mad, I have been eating quinoa as a substitute lately. My ds made some stuffed peppers and added quinoa in place of the rice. Yum. I also eat tons of spaghetti squash. I can eat it with anything.

Kuntregirl, welcome! We are glad to have another join us and there is some good advice here if you need it. "bs" stands for blood sugar. You will often see "fbs" which is fasting blood sugar - like first thing in the morning. BGL is blood glucose. How can we help you? Are you interested in diet? help with understanding blood sugar? Whatever you need.

Bonnie, I hope you are doing well. I will be your long-distance workout partner this week, ok?

Ruth, I hope you are enjoying the weekend. You really get together with other mods from here? That is really interesting. Is it a meeting or are you just friends?

Hope I didn't miss anyone.... Back tomorrow.


09-24-2012, 11:19 AM

09-24-2012, 11:38 AM
Good Morning!

I was up with the sun this morning and was so committed to getting in my workout that I forgot to test. :dizzy: I remembered while working out and it was too late then. I am sure that I am good. I have been holding steady at about 80 - 85 every day. I did an hour of walkitout and logged my workout and breakfast into livestrong. Every I am going to post everything on the menu thread daily. Trish, I would be interested in hearing about what you are eating on your new plan.

Trish, :wave: LOL

Bonnie, are you hanging in there? I miss you.

Mad, how was your supper last night? What did you decided for a starch? I am hoping that my spaghetti squash produced several more before the first frost stops the growth. I love the stuff. Even buying it in the stores, it is so cheap.

Ruth, I hope you had a good weekend!

Everyone have a great day.


09-24-2012, 03:29 PM
Hi Rie - I am still doing the Carbohydrate Addicts thing, but I am not eating any grains. At Reward Meal when I'm allowed to eat whatever I want but balanced, I eat some of the carby veggies and or seeds or nuts. For example, today I took 1 egg some unsweetened coconut and almond meal and mixed it all together then I had to pat it on the cod fish to make stick but it worked. I placed them on parchment paper in a pan and cooked at 375 degrees until done. Had that with a broccoli and 2 c salad. My other meals and snacks are pretty much low carb... protein and the lower carb veggies. I have also switched to almond milk instead of regular at the RM. I am allowed the dark chocolate I like and I also can eat berries during RM for variety to keep things from becoming a drag.

I finally decided that it just comes down to the fact that if it helps stop joint pain and lowers the bs then I am willing to do whatever it takes. Plan to do everything I can to be healthy and active. I don't want to be in a wheelchair or anything like that if I can possibly stop it.

09-24-2012, 09:40 PM
Hey all: just a quick hello. did ok today until hubby brought home "smartfood" (a white and yummy cheese covered popcorn) and put a bowl in front of me. He meant it innocently, so I am not angry, but disappointed that I don't stop myself.
Had a very busy weekend, and didn't exercise much while trying to catch up on sleep.
Got fired by some clients we just couldn't seem to please, and we really went more than one extra mile for them. Its not personal, they seem unhappy with all caregivers, but it still smarts.

Glad to hear from you Rie. Hope you can get the weight down too. I have to work on it before Thanksgiving, and make a plan for the holiday. Its just 2 weeks away!

09-25-2012, 08:52 AM
Yes, our Thanksgiving IS less than two weeks away!

Thoroughly enjoyed my break with some of the other MODs. We won't talk about what we ate but I did drop another pound by some miracle. I didn't test my blood but did religiously take my meds. We also did a lot of walking around the town (Zionsville, IN) and I realized that I am no longer the one who suggests we sit on a bench for a while. :cb: Leg muscles are a bit sore today which shows me walking is different from treadmill.

BGL was a nice 4.4 this morning after last night's late supper of green beans and a small steak. I am hoping to get in a walk this morning, maybe with a dog. (My dogs are wonderful but not fabulous on the leash - my Portuguese Water Dogs were great but they were show trained.) I do have desk work to do but will strive for balance.

Fall veggies are looking very tempting at the Farm. I got green beans and peppers yesterday and plan to make a bean salad today, maybe the last of the season as we are close to getting a killing frost. I also got some fall strawberries, expensive but a great last taste of summer. I avoided buying squash for now but may succumb later. It'll have to be the only carb at the meal.

Enjoy your day, Chickies. Now I need to read back on what I've missed since last week.

09-25-2012, 11:00 AM
I did an intro over in the intro folder.

I've been reading and put quinoa on the grocery list.

My biggest challenge is what to make for dinner as I have to feed husband and daughter. They are both really good about things but I hate to restrict them too much from 'normal' food. I tend to use problem foods as condiments. So a bit of last night's brown rice macaroni and cheese over a lot of veggies. Still to high (156) but even with my first reduction in Levemir came in at 78 this morning.

09-25-2012, 11:43 AM
Hello friends!

Fbs at 74 this morning after a good night's sleep. Today was weight lifting day. I sometimes struggle because it doesn't give the calorie burn of cardio but I know that it brings other, long term benefits. In for the long haul, right? I snuck a peek at the scale today and was appalled to find that I am up 2 pounds over yesterday. :?: Hmm. Water retention, who knows. A good reminder that the day-to-day vagaries of the scale are not to be considered seriously. :p I am interested in the goal.

This morning I enjoyed eggs scrambled with onions, zucchini and tomatoes. I used one whole egg and 2 extra egg whites. A very large portion of food without most of the fat and calories. Yum. And lots of protein.

Mad, sorry about your clients. It is probably a blessing.... it always amazes me when I am fired by clients who have been demanding and for whom I have gone the extra mile. BTW, do you think that there is a concern about eating too much protein? I end up over the recommendations almost every day. My kidneys were evaluated extensively last year and I am good in that area. When I was diagnosed almost 2 years ago, I had massively high urine protein. It has come down to almost normal now. It is just hard - low carb and low protein is :?:

Ruth, Yay on deleting a pound. And on being the one who has energy to keep going. :running: Nice to have you back.

Trish, your plan sounds good. The fish sounds terrific. I have been using almond milk for a while. I don't drink it, but I use it on my cereal and in smoothies. I used to have a serious milk habit but I don't drink it much anymore. Do you like the almond milk?

Froggy, glad that you made it over here. :welcome3: to our little group. My son and grandson live with me. We all eat the same meals at suppertime. Our typical meal is a lean protein, a carb, and one or two low carb veggies. I often eat smaller portions of the carbs than they eat but we eat the same. My grandsons both have type II on both sides of their families. I like to think that we are teaching them a better way of eating than I learned when I was young. :^:

Well, off to work!


09-25-2012, 03:09 PM
Welcome Newbies !!!!!!Sorry I have been Mia But I have been having a hard time and Been busy here. For one Some one please tell me how you coup with people shoving food in your face and talking you into eating it or even making you feel bad cause your not eating it. The stress in this house is driving me crazy. I have been doing good for Breakfast and soso on lunch and dinner is out the window. I have not been working out cause I have been having PMS symptons from ****. Going to the dr next week hopefully she can do something and then I have been trying to clean the garage out all my stuff is out their and the moisture has cause a bad mold problem on all my furniture . I am jest so exhausted by the time dinner time comes it is out the window.
I thin I have been doing to much I have had a pulled muscle in my upper back on it is in my hip. I swear I jest want to get better so I can get back on track......

So I wanted to know what was some of the scarriest things your dr told you when you were diagnoised with being a diabetic?
Rie as soon as I am doing better I will be out and working out I promise I cant continue to do this. Something has to give!

09-25-2012, 08:33 PM

My doc didn't have a chance to tell me anything that first day. I didn't have a doctor so when this really nasty dermatologist diagnosed me and then just told me to "find a diabetes specialist" I went to the walk in clinic that I knew. I told them why I was there and cried in the waiting room. A person from the diabetes office next door came and told me that a doc had a cancellation and he would see me at 4 that day.

I returned, still crying - an absolute scared mess. Bless him! My dr stayed with me and talked to me for over 2 hours, telling me what to do. He had to escort me out because everyone else was gone and the office was locked. But, he stayed. I bet he thought, "I've gotta get this crying woman out of my office!". He is the best, though, he put up with me. Yup. A great dr. I love him.

The scariest thing - next to the diabetes diagnosis, was a diagnosis of porphyria - an inability of the kidneys to filter protein. Turns out I didn't have it.....

Hang in there

09-26-2012, 11:09 AM
Good Morning Chickies,

Froggydawgy :welcome2: Glad to have you join us.

Bonnie I can't say that I had any fear when I was 1st diagnosed because I had a sister-in-law who is T-1 and she got hers under control and got of insulin and handles it with diet, exercise and one pill a day. I figured if she could do that w/T1 that I could do the same and I did and was not diabetic for years. My problem is that even this last time, I made the mistake of using Atkins to get it back down and then stopped. You have to remember that you can get it under control usually even better with T-2, but it has to be controlled ALL THE TIME not just for a while. I think I have finally gotten that into my "thick" head and now I am trying to focus on the positive things I can do to get it back under control. Hopefully the way I am eating and working toward that goal will work. I really don't want to go strictly Atkins, but at this point, I'm beginning to realize that it isn't so bad if I put more variety into it. At this point and age, reasons for doing it is more important than the vain reasons when I was younger. And I don't really know how you handle your situation where people who are trying to force you to eat off plan except to be bold and blunt with them by letting them know that eating the food they want you to eat is poison to your system and you want to live. In my situation, I have come to the place to where when I see bread or anything with wheat in it as "poison" for me and my system. I've decided that I want to live a "healthy and quality" life as best as I can. I'm willing to do whatever it takes to do it and I don't care what anyone else thinks about how I do it. HTH

Mad Sorry about the clients. There are some people you just can't please no matter what. Hope your week is good.

Rie I don't like the unsweetened almond milk and decided I wasn't going to buy it any more. However, I didn't want the carbs in the sweetened so I decided to go ahead and get the unsweetened and add some Stevia to the half gallon carton (less than 1/4 of a cup) and although it doesn't taste sweet (thank goodness as I didn't really want to taste the sweetness) it was enough to make it drinkable and now I'm used to it.

Ruthie Glad you had a good trip and enjoyed being with the mods. Also congrats on the lost pound and good fbs.

Well, have to get busy. DGS has another therapy session this morning. Got to give him a snack before she gets here.

Have a great day.

09-26-2012, 11:25 AM
:welcome: to Froggy! Looking forward to (sings) to getting to know you.

Back from the gym which was difficult today because my body is a bit sore from moving my very heavy antique desk out from the wall - I had to connect a new modem! However, I kept on plugging away and finished my session.

BGL was 5.2 so I didn't eat before gym. I went out for a poached egg on a slice of ww toast with Grumpy Doreen who ate a huge breakfast of 2 eggs, sausage, toast with jam and home fries! And then she crabs about not losing weight! Sorry but she frustrates me as she thinks she can eat back her exercise calories. Her exercise is ten times walking around the room plus minor weights. She refuses to walk anywhere and has bought herself a scooter so she can go next door! The mind boggles!

Bonnie, I was not scared when my doc talked diabetes to me as I'd already learned a lot from my husband and his family. My HA1C never went above 7.2 so it has been easily controlled with meds. My biggest hangup was the little prick on my finger for testing but I ended up with a meter that handled crook of the arm testing.

Not sure what the rest of the day will bring - it's cold and wet so I'll probably have a broccoli soup lunch and maybe something comforting for dinner. I do have spaghetti squash in casseroles with tomato sauce but will have to add cheese for extra protein.

Edited to add: Patty I just can't drink almond milk but may give it a try with some sweetener. I use it in smoothies. It's half the calories of skim and the same amount of protein - a good thing!

09-26-2012, 12:15 PM
Hi Everyone.

fbs at 72 this morning. I did about 75 minutes of Walkitout. I am having a good week and it feels good to be back on the workout train.

Ruth, it is really impressive that your A1c was that low... mine was over 13:o:( Scary.

Bonnie, my family has stopped giving me a hard time about what I eat. They are used to it and it goes away but it takes a while of resisting before they get it. My mom knows that if she wants me to "just taste something" that the most I will do is take a tiny spoon and literally take a taste. She used to get mad about that. She used to also insist that I take something, even putting it on my plate. When I wouldn't eat it, she would even complain about me wasting food. I once told her that putting something on my plate was like putting it in the garbage. Now, she always meant well - she just didn't understand. All I can say is that consistency is the only thing that works. :hug:

Mad, how are you doing?

Trish, i like the taste of the almond milk but I don't actually drink it like milk. The last time i drank actual milk, it tasted to me like someone dumped sugar in it. Yuk!

Well, off to deal with the day.


09-26-2012, 12:23 PM
Last night I managed to nicely slice my finger while chopping onions. Blood everywhere and all I could think is what a waste! I could use that 2 hours from now.
Also planned, with my new bp monitor, to test my blood pressure first thing on rising. But DH actually got up to his first alarm, which was almost never happens, so gave me a momentary scare when he showed up outside the bathroom and I figured there goes the bp!
Morning bs 78. Ate purple potatoes and I'm thinking they are a decent alternative to white or pink. After dinner 134.

09-26-2012, 02:09 PM
Thanks Guys some good suggestions I will have to try some of them well it is cool here and I found my Richard simmons tapes. I am gonna pull it out today and do one of them. So far today is going well started tracking on spark people again and getting involved in the message boards. I hope to be back on track here asap. Will def follow up with you guys getting ready to fix me some lunch have not decided what it will be. So will be back later.....

09-26-2012, 08:28 PM
Thanks Guys some good suggestions I will have to try some of them well it is cool here and I found my Richard simmons tapes. I am gonna pull it out today and do one of them. So far today is going well started tracking on spark people again and getting involved in the message boards. I hope to be back on track here asap. Will def follow up with you guys getting ready to fix me some lunch have not decided what it will be. So will be back later.....

Oh how I could do my Sweatin to the Oldies DVD. Just no room in this house until DD gets a job and they move. I am jealous. :o

Well, I just may have to do Induction for a week or two. I had a few good days OP and then just blew it with a sweet binge. I just refuse to let myself go there again. Confessing just to keep me honest. I've really got my head on straight and not going to screw it up.

Thanks for the chuckle. I would have felt the same way on both counts.

09-27-2012, 08:07 AM
Froggy, I can so relate. I frequently slice myself with the mandoline.

Quickie this morning as I need to haul out two week's worth of trash. I'm hoping the "lad" will be running late this morning.

BGL up over 5 this morning - probably because I overdid it on pasta last night and did not drink wine. Seems strange to have pasta without wine but it can happen. Weight is still stuck at 184.4 :shrug: but I am down almost five pounds since my 189.8 reading Sept. 1. There is hope! :crossed:

09-27-2012, 09:03 AM
HI all: things are ok. Had some stress about a new baby diagnosed with a problem, but feeling ok, the diagnosis came because I was watchful and provided good care, and its better to know and deal with the problem, and it IS manageable, but I am always a little sad for babies with problems. I was upset and stressed at the end of the day, so went to weigh in at ww and then went to a yoga class. That really helped a lot.
fbs 5.2 today.
Fyi, I don't want to promote products, but tried a new pain relief cream. (the one Bobby Orr is touting) called Livrelief, and it worked wonderfully. You can google it, and try if you thing it would be helpful for you. There are a few different products, I just tried the regular pain reliever.
Weight is down a smidge, and I will build on that. Stayed on plan yesterday. Planning meals for my SIL who will be visiting for a week starting Monday. We also have a wedding to go to this weekend, so will plan around that. Hope to dance at this one, and get some exercise!
My diagnosis was not a shock, as I had symptoms. (excessive thirst and urination) and did the test myself at work and sent the results to my doctor. So I guess I self diagnosed.

Bonnie: who is shoving food in your face? I find having a talk with people away from meal times is helpful. Explain that you and your DOCTOR have a plan for how should eat, and that at times you have trouble with temptation. Also tell them its not their job to police you either, but that its up to YOU to manage things. Walk out of the room if need be if there is pressure. (near the end, with my mother's dementia, she couldn't help herself with her hurtful and mean words, so I would just leave the room when she gave me a hard time. This was quite effective and didn't really harm anything.)

Wellcome froggy. I haven't read your bio yet, but assume you are type1,? or were you started on insulin to get control and will wean off it?

Had a couple of nights of great sleep this week, but last night not so much. Looking forward to the weekend off, starting this evening, and will plan LOTS of sleep. !
Have a good day friends

09-27-2012, 12:17 PM
Hello everyone

fbs at 75 this morning. 75 minutes of Walkitout. I feel good. I chopped up some onion, zucchini and celery and put it in the fridge. This morning it was so quick to throw in an egg plus an extra white, the veggies and go! Once again, planning and preparation helps me to do the right thing. I wish I would learn that lesson.

Bonnie, did you get in your sweatin to the oldies? I run a facility for delinquent youth and sometimes we put in a Richard Simmons video for PE. You should see those tough kids laughing and dancing around. So funny.

Mad, so sorry about the baby but I am proud of you for employing excellent coping skills. I hope you get better sleep tonight.

Trish, slip ups happen and you will find your way.

Ruth, isn't it nice that wine is one of the few pleasures that actually lowers bs? I love it. LOL :devil:

Froggy, oh my! You are better than me. I can handle any injury but I am one of those people who faints at the sight of their own blood. I once cut my thumb in the kitchen and ended up with stitches in my head because I hit it when I collapsed. <facepalm> And trust me, I am a tough girl. LOL I was so embarrassed at the hospital:o

Have a great day!

09-27-2012, 12:35 PM
I am type 2 and weaning off insulin. Just beginning. I have gone from 95 to 85 units to get to about 80 bs in the morning. This morning I tested and I was 40... ooookay. Tested the other hand and was 84 - whew!

I work (when the district has money) with wanna-be tough kids. Shared laughter is what I work for - makes for stronger bonds.

Daughter and I are going to try and fit in a flu shot today. Then to remind the boys (one in Oregon and one at college) to get their flu shots (as asthmatics and one with multiple lung surgeries they are in the risk group).


09-27-2012, 02:53 PM
No Rie I didn't get to do it. aunts daughter was having her weekly argument with her boy friend so the who house was turned up side down. I am planning on doing it jest as soon as I get off here. my hubby makes fun of him too but oh well he makes me feel like getting up and dancing.

Mad it is my Aunt this lady is a diabetic too . Her A1c has been low so they say she is in remission and now she thinks that it is ok for me to do as her but it isnt ok for me I tell her no Dont want it and she has even went to the extent of putting the food on my plate and I dont want to upset her cause we do have to live with her but I can't do this any more.

I did great with my food yesterday . I jest want to get back 100%. I miss my daily routine and I wish all this confusion would go away.

Patty Girl I will think of you the whole time I am doing it.

Well I guess I better be going have lots to do we are having some cajuin shrimp fr dinner. I'll talk to you all later.

09-27-2012, 06:50 PM
Eating has been good today. Back on track. I know there are just certain things I can't allow myself to eat. DH and I went to Long John Silvers and shared a meal. I had the cole slaw, 1 fish fillet, half a hush puppy (just didn't taste good) and about 4 french fries and diet soda. Didn't eat breakfast. Just wasn't hungry today which was good since I over did yesterday. Feel great.

fatmad So sorry about the baby. DH worked in Neo-Natal for almost 20 yrs. I've seen pictures of some of the babies he took care of. I think there are special people who can do that. So glad your little ones problems are manageable. Hope you get some rest tonight.

Rie I know slips happen and I can accept a slip of an extra bite here or there or when life happens and I have no control of food offered and have to do the best I can. What I can't accept is a binge. I haven't had a binge in ages and was very upset with myself for doing it. However, there is progress because where as I would have just considered it an excuse to continue, I did stop and today when I got up, I was even more determined to stay OP and I have done it. So I guess all was not lost.

Bonnie, Froggy, Ruthie and others:wave:

09-28-2012, 08:44 AM
Good morning. "Body all achin' an' wracked wid pain" this morning, probably from yesterday's physical work outside reaching and pulling bittersweet vines off a dear maple tree. I should have had a hot bath at bedtime. Aleve should fix me up but I'm running a tad too late for the gym this morning. Perhaps some treadmill a bit later instead?

I seem to have lost my enthusiasm for food which is not a good thing. Before my meeting last night, I just ate a bowl of mixed canned beans with some salsa rather than my planned meal. What's with that? Today I'll cook up the rest of the green and yellow beans and make a 3-bean salad. I also have a head of broccoli to make into soup. I have to eat better! Weight is stuck just below 185 and BGL is nice and level but ...

09-28-2012, 10:31 AM
Hi all, didn't test this am, but weight is tracking down with me staying on plan. with me in menopause I don't have the menstrual cycle hormone changes fueling binges before a period, so why do I have days that just seem impossible to eat right? I don't get "full" eating properly, but am satisfied, and don't get hungry. SO don't know why I go off sometimes. Have been thinking of strategies for this wedding. There better be dancing, since we have to sit through a full mass. Only dancing will make it worth while :D :devil:

Ruth, is it the victoza that is bringing down the appetite? You know the cure is planned meals and sticking to them, and its ok to have smaller servings if needed because of the poor appetite, but have the balanced meal.

FYI, the baby is doing well and parents are coping. I am also pleased I coped with the stress in a good way. I have a massage booked today, and for exercise, DH and I are planting some lovely maple trees in the yard as part of the re-landscaping we are doing. These trees were picked for the autumn foliage they produce, so am hoping for some lovely views of scarlet leaves every fall as we grow older.

Thanks to everyone for the virtual :hug:, I feel the love. I always do better and feel better when I visit here regularly. You are my go-to folks for these difficult times, and I really appreciate you all. Even listening to others' problems is always a good thing, we can put our own issues into perspective, and refocus on the very important goals of taking care of ourselves with diet and exercise, so we will be better able to help the people in our lives.

Bonnie, I have to wonder about how old your auntie is? Is it possible she is getting confused about some things? Or has she always been like this?
She sounds a bit like my mother when she was getting confused.

Froggy, good work on getting things under control. Weight loss will help even more. My new goal is 160 for Christmas. Lets see how wedding and Thanksgiving goes. Its certainly good to plan.

Happy Friday everyone, lets plan a lovely weekend.

09-28-2012, 11:26 AM
Hello Everyone. Happy Friday

I forgot to set my alarm last night so I woke naturally - and late this morning. I feel rested. Unfortunately, ds and little guy were afoot so I will get in breakfast and workout when I am done as they are leaving now. Fbs was 78 this morning. My weight is frustratingly stuck:( The scale is not moving a smidge despite very good eating and exercise. Oh well, it will move sooner than later and I always tend to lose in whooshes....

A funny note: my dr tells me that I am like the American Indian princess Sackajawea: She was with the Lewis and Clark Expedition and when they were all starving and losing weight.... She maintained her body weight and her strength. LOL <facepalm> He thinks he is a funny guy.

Mad, I went through early menopause - I am only 52 but I am completely over it... I still sometimes have hormonal symptoms :?: weird. Enjoy the wedding and dance away the calories

Ruth, someday I hope to get to the point where food is just fuel for my body. Hopefully the broccoli soup will tempt you.

Bonnie, I think that sometimes primary care doctors for older folks have a poor view of diabetes "in remission". I know for a fact that my dad's last A1c was 7.7. His dr put a star and a "great" comment by the results. So, my dad goes merrily on eating candy, chips, and whatever. It is why they think that I am a crazed, extreme freak about what I eat. Over time, they have gotten over it, to a degree... but it is often a battle. My mom no longer puts food on my plate because she knows that I will throw it away. Hang in there.

Trish, good job on recovering from the slip. I am proud of you.

There was a newby that posted yesterday on another thread who was really struggling with very extreme bs readings. I invited her to join us.... I hope she does.

Froggy, I work with delinquent kids, also :) BTW, Walkitout is a Wii game that combines walking with a video game. Bonnie does it too.

Ok, must go Walkitout....


09-28-2012, 01:00 PM
I think this is what kicked me into a higher gear... Eldest son (one of the twins) has the most wonderfulest girlfriend and I'm thinking... hmmmm.
So that is my goal - Mother of the Groom.
2am bs at 61 so reducing insulin another 5 points tonight.


09-28-2012, 03:10 PM
Mad she is 65 she does get confused alot and she is forgettable about alot of things. But we will work things out I have a busy day yesterday could get stuff done had a house full of people came crashing on us and their for I didnt get a work out in . Probably wont get on in today 14 year old has two dr apts one and 3 and one at 4. Takes 30 min to get to it so dinner is going to be running late. So their fore my day is running behind.

I must be running have lots to do before heading out the door.

09-28-2012, 06:25 PM
Busy day today. Got up and had 2 loads of clothes to wash and found out DD didn't have school today. She had to take youngest DGD to school so I told her I had clothes to do so she could go back to bed and rest if she wanted to as I would take care of the baby. She came back and spent time with me and I must say I totally enjoyed being with her. Then when DH got up we went to eat at the mall and I went to Walmart while DH went to Lowe's. I got a kit to do the gel on my nails. She is going to do them tonight. I hope I can eventually learn how to do them myself.

Eating has been good today. I do need to get more veggies into my eating. May have a salad later on.

Mad - I'm so glad the little one is doing so well. So glad you coped well and I'm sure you were a big influence on how well the parents are doing. I can tell you are that kind of nurse. Scales being nice helps you too. Good luck with the wedding food. I met a lady on another thread who would say do your best... life happens. So I've adopted that theory with things I either can't control or are difficult. You will do good.

09-28-2012, 08:34 PM
Mad - I'm so glad the little one is doing so well. So glad you coped well and I'm sure you were a big influence on how well the parents are doing. I can tell you are that kind of nurse. Scales being nice helps you too. Good luck with the wedding food. I met a lady on another thread who would say do your best... life happens. So I've adopted that theory with things I either can't control or are difficult. You will do good.

this is true Trish, but truly, learning to eat right or at least enjoy a little treat and get back to normal right away is an important part of staying on track. For instance, this weekend is a wedding, then my SIL will be staying a week, (so some "special" meals likely) then Thanksgiving, then Hallowe'en, then my birthday, and next thing you know, Christmas is coming, with all the festivities leading up to it and all that. SO I really must learn to manage my eating around that. Even if I have some treats, I must get right back to normal eating, counting points etc like usual.

Froggy, my daughter was married in June, and I dropped a dress size and looked quite good for the wedding if I do say so myself. I regained a bit over the summer, but am getting back down again, and will go lower. Goal of 160 for Christmas? doable, but I have to manage myself. Thats the bigger goal, stay on plan over time.

09-29-2012, 08:35 AM
BLood sugar 101 suggests a fasting below 100 is the goal. This is 5.5 mmol in the units I use in Canada. I am usually below this, but for some reason, in MY mind, I need to be under 5. I want to be 4.5-4.9 and I just think this is my goal. Rie seems to be under 90 most of the time, and I wonder if I am having trouble or I should just read this as normal. Since most other sources don't look at the tighter control I prefer, they are not particularly helpful.
weight staying below 172, but won't change the ticker yet, it is up 1/2 pound from yesterday. I had a little snack that had some wheat in it yesterday.
Todays fbs 5.4
Just house cleaning today before the wedding, as my SIL comes on Monday for a week. Will also be planning meals for the week, and maybe doing the groceries this am instead of tomorrow.
Have a nice weekend everyone

09-29-2012, 08:54 AM
Good morning. My it felt good to sleep until 7 although I was awake for several hours during the night doing non-productive fretting.

Mad, Dr Bob and Dr Jack both told me that 4.0 to 4.9 is FBGL for a normal person so we are aiming for the right range, I think. Mine was actually a bit lower than that this morning so I guess I'm abnormal! No comments, please! :lol:

Sisters, bless me for I have sinned. I went to the chip wagon in the next town and had lunch there. It was a glorious blue and gold day and I sat at a picnic table in the sun and thoroughly enjoyed sausage on a bun and fries. I'm not feeling too guilty this morning because I've not had fries for two years - since the Delta chip wagon went out of business. The scale and BGL held steady despite the indulgence. I'll be extra careful today.

Going to Heather's for a "cat's" birthday party tonight - any excuse for a party with my crazy friends! She is serving pulled pork and I will take a huge broccoli and cauliflower salad. I'll be really careful of the pork and focus on the salad. There is life after a diabetes diagnosis!

By the way, when folks insist I eat something that I do not want, I just ask "Do you know how to deal with someone in a diabetic coma?" Works every time for the Food Pushers!

Enjoy your weekend.

09-29-2012, 09:57 AM
Good Morning All!

Fbs at 96 this morning. I expected this as I purposefully at 35 carbs at dinner and a carb +fiber and protein snack last night. I have a 5k walk (Yellowstone Valley Run Like a Girl Race) this morning. I will be walking with my aunt and friends from work. Tonight we have a women's only comedy event with wine and chocolate. :o Yes, wine happens.

Mad my dr has been considering taking me off the januvia because my bs stays in the 75 - 90 range. I asked him to leave it there so I can continue to lose some more weight. I think I will have to come off more meds if I lose more.

Ruth, as I said, life happens. I sometimes eat fries - I think it is just a portion control issue. Have a great day.

Well, sorry, out of time. It's of to walk I go.... (why do I need makeup this morning? I think we do it for ourselves when we are with other women. When I go fishing with my guy friends, I never bother. ;) )


09-30-2012, 09:09 AM
Last day of September and the darn scale blipped up a bit! FBGL still 3.7 though. Looked back at yesterday's food and see that I had three slices of bread - that plus my chop wagon lunch the other day may be the culprit. And then there was the pulled pork at Heather's place last night which was a tad salty for my taste. All I can do is "keep on keepin' on."

Today I am the menu planner again. I will dog out the spaghetti squash casserole from the freezer to have ready for dinner as I'm spending the afternoon testing dogs for work as therapy pets and won't be home until after 5.

Anybody have any ideas about what to do with cooked chicken breasts? I have several in the freezer and find them really dry and tasteless. Hot chicken sandwiches come to mind immediately but I sure can't hack too much gravy and bread. Maybe grind them up and make some sort of patty? Or feed them to the dogs. Shepherd's Pie?

Anyhow, have a good and healthy Sunday. New month tomorrow so we'll have a new chat.

09-30-2012, 11:04 AM
Ruth, shepherds pie sounds good with the chicken. As you may remember, I dislike chicken breasts, so don't buy them. And of course, you can make the shepherd's pie with cauliflower on top.
DId not too bad at the wedding. Its was Ukrainian/croatian, so I did indulge in some perogies, and really enjoyed them too. It wasn't hard to stick to salad and veggies with the supper, the meat was a bit dry and tough, and the potatoes had lemons on the plate. I had a "taste" of fettucini alfredo, but left it there. Managed with little alcohol, just some wine, but the desserts were good and tempting, but didn't do too badly. And I danced plenty and had fun. We were seated with some good people. blood sugar before bed was 9.8! yikes, but often have spikes after exercise, and DID have some treats. Was 5.8 this am. I didn't bother to check the scale, as I am sure to be up this am with retained stuff. Will do my best today, planning spaghetti squash supper tonight too Ruth.
Rie: enjoy the walk, hope the weather is fine.
Trish: glad you have had some times of enjoying DD and her family before they go. Will make the parting better.
Happy Sunday friends

09-30-2012, 01:42 PM
Going to try some spaghetti squash and see how I handle it.

We had excitement around here as DH managed to set the
wood pile on fire with his flame thrower (propane weed killer).
We didn't notice it as smoke is so think around here due to
wildfires. Wasn't until we went to feed the dogs that we noticed
the backyard was filled with smoke (and still thought this must
be the latest fire drifting in...) About a third of the wood got
charred. We tried not to give him a bad time about it or about
predicting disaster with the dratted thing in the first place!

09-30-2012, 02:12 PM
Hello Everyone!

The walk was on a clear fall morning. Temp was about 60 degrees. About half way through - nearing the turnaround, my bad knee started hurting really bad. It felt like walking on a toothache. :(. But I hung in there and finished the race. I need to find some trails that have varying terrain because the uphill stuff was hard.

I was taken off ibuprofen last month because of my stomach lining problems. After yesterday, I decided that I need to take it before hard exercise.

Mad, sounds like the wedding was fun. I am glad that you enjoyed it.

Trish, it is nice that you and DD can enjoy each others company. How did your nails turn out?

Ruth, I use chopped chicken breast as an added protein in other dishes. It stir-fries pretty well. My family also grinds the cooked chicken, mixes it with a little mayo and dill relish for a nice chicken spread. Consider slicing and saute' with peppers and onions.... I don't like chicken breast so I have used it for lots of things.

Froggy, how was the squash? It is a staple for me but it is so low in carbs/fiber ratio that I have to have some other carbs at a meal or I get too low. Nice that you can reduce insulin.... Keep on truckin!

Later everyone!


09-30-2012, 05:01 PM
DH and I went out for breakfast after church. Nice place. I had eggs and bacon and I thought I was getting some type of breakfast fries but they were different and I didn't like them and DH eggs benedict was more than he thought it was going to be so he didn't want the potatoes. He wouldn't eat them any way as they were soft fried with peppers which he doesn't like. I had a few bites plus about 1/4 of the toast and the carbs wipped me out. I've been so sleepy since I got home. I'll eat left over chicken salad later... no real carbs there. Another proof of allergy to the wheat.

Ruth - I thought of chicken salad since that is what I did with the leftover roasted chicken we ad for lunch yesterday.

Rie and Mad - Yes it was nice to have good visit with DD. Nails turned out nice. DD spent time with DH last night and she told him that her DH wants to move back to FL when they can. Tony told her that we are not moving back there. So not sure what they will do. Supposedly she doesn't want to go back, but he does. So we will see how it goes. He wants to move into an apartment when she gets a job and I wouldn't be surprised if they do it ASAP. I told DH I'm going to keep my nail person at the salon for my pedicures because I can't do those and if they move back to FL, I will need to keep the girl who was doing my nails. Just hope I can learn how to do the gel manicures. Oh well, you do what you have to do.

Catch y'all tomorrow on the October thread. Can you believe how fast this year has gone?

10-01-2012, 04:10 AM
See you here - http://www.3fatchicks.com/forum/diabetes-support/267263-october-chat.html#post4484666