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08-31-2012, 06:28 PM

It is a beautiful day now in the 70º area and said not to get higher than 90º before the day is over with. I slept clear through the night again ~ guess all this walking added to my exercise routine has done that for me. I have worked up to a nice 30 minutes now and will hold that for awhile. My plan is to work up to an hour eventually. For someone who hates exercise I think I am doing pretty good. It is one of those things I would love to just be able to pay someone to do it for me ~ like losing weight. We can pay folks to do most anything else for us so why not those two things. :o We were out and about this morning and then went to Sonic for lunch. I got a dry burger and tossed the top bun. Saves some points that way. I now have some more meat to bag and freeze this day.

I am going to make that Caramel Apple Salad today for I have the ingredients sitting out on my counter except the Cool Whip is in the freezer. It is so good to eat with a Panini and this is the weather for such things. We like this salad because the whole thing is only 7 points+. I got this recipe from a dear friend of mine. :lol:

JEAN Your place will have a new look when those contractors get through with the re-modeling. It is fun to get a new look. :D I can imagine your cat will find a way under, through, or around that plastic before it is taken down. Cats are that way ya know. Usually our cat sleeps in Will's office chair but lately he has taken to sleeping up against the back of my legs.

DONNA FAYE I feel so sorry for you and your personal problem. I am surprised that there isn’t a med that you could be taking that wouldn’t cause such a side effect. You are certainly brave to go on a cruise with that going on in your body but it sounds like you have a plan for getting up early that will hopefully work for you. They have so many things on the market now of under garment wearing apparel that works for folks with problems like yours. Pads and undergarments that don’t leak ~ I am sure you have looked at finding something suitable for you. You are such a wonderful list maker you will have all your ducks in a row come the time of departure. I have made rugs before but out of ropes of braided material. I had forgotten about that ~ fun thing to do. I have never knitted one though. I am sure yours will be nice and color co-ordinated with your new make-over of your place that you have planned.

Have a great afternoon Magnolias and I hope your plans for the weekend are fun ones. :wave:

09-01-2012, 04:50 PM
Good Afternoon, Flowers! It's a "funny" day for weather -- nice and cool this morning but now is hot 'n humid once again, and the sun is playing hide 'n seek in the clouds. I made the HUGE mistake of waiting until this morning to go to the grocery store. :hyper: We ended up going to a funeral visitation in Sioux City yesterday afternoon, met some friends for supper, and didn't get home until almost 10, in time for bed. Anyhow, the store was packed, they've moved some items around :tantrum: and I spent wasted time looking, plus the aisles were full of boxes to be unpacked. How stupid! Bob wanted to grill hamburgers so invited the contractor to eat with us. He loves to talk and knows all the local gossip. :lol: He's taped and mudded sheet rock this morning so gone until tomorrow when he'll mud some more. Having two sliding doors has really opened up the view of the back yard. Ernie doesn't know which window to look out of first. :lol:

"Gma" -- Do you use regular yarn to knit rugs? I don't think I've ever seen a knitted rug. :no: You will have to practice taking deep breaths and counting to 10 until trip time. You are so organized I'm sure you will be fine and have all your ducks in a row when it's time to leave. Just don't lose your lists! That is my trick because I pick them up and then lay them down somewhere else when I'm not paying attention.

Maggie -- You making the Caramel Apple Salad sounded so good I am doing the same for tomorrow. :T Ernie ended up in the basement yesterday and he was NOT a happy camper! When the doors were in place the hanging sheet of plastic was in a roll in the floor and he acted like it was going to attack him. He finally did jump over it to get to the doors, turned around, and gave me a dirty look. We've had a stray cat wandering through the back yard the last few days; it doesn't seem afraid but won't come to me either. He/she has Siamese markings.

I have laundry in the dryer and need to take another load downstairs. Bob is washing his truck and I'm thinking the recliner with my book sound good. Enjoy the rest of your day whatever you are doing and wherever you are! :wave:

09-01-2012, 06:03 PM

Saturday in the park ~ I thought it was the 4th of July ~ but it is the first day of September. Yesterday I didn’t want to do my walk and was thinking of all kinds of excuses and even asked Will If I could skip it and of course he said I could. But I did it anyway and was glad for it. This is my 10th day of my new walking program and I am not ready to give it up. I just didn’t feel like walking yesterday but feel better about it today and then tomorrow, Sunday, is the day of rest. I will NOT give up on this walking program. I bash on even when my knee starts hurting. Tomorrow is pot-luck and I know how to watch what I eat at such functions now.

We went out to eat at our favorite Mexican Place today (It is Will’s birthday) and we didn’t tell anyone. :lol: He didn’t want his picture taken with that large colorful hat on and pasted on the wall. :nono: Tonight he wants to go out to, of all places, I-Hop. I got him a period type pistol he can use in the reenactment presentations he and others do at the museum on special occasions. Got to be authentic, ya know, down to the buttons on the clothes & uniforms. Now he can make a nice leather holster for it that fits with the style back then. It has a very long barrel but that is what they used back then. I prefer the snub nosed kind. :lol: Back then if I had lived in that time I am sure I would have had a little derringer to carry in my pocket and a six gun on my hip.

We got a few more pounds of meat for me to bag and get into the freezer. Today in the “used meat” bin were stew meat, cube steaks, rib eye steaks and some 90% lean ground round. I can think of several recipes I can use all of those cuts of meat in. I am so thankful I have that wonderful appliance that sucks all the air out of the freezer bags which prolongs the life of the food 5 times longer than regular freezing. No more of the “freezer burn” food that gets tossed. No more ice crystals forming in the packages. Just think if a food has a freezer life of 1 year it is prolonged to 5 years with all the air sucked out of the packaging. I don’t imagine I will be cooking any of this freezer food 5 years from now though. It will surely be used up before then. :yes: And, of course, be replaced with fresh other packages of meat.

JEAN Sounds like you will have a nice light source with those new doors. Cecil loves getting up on his shelf in front of the huge picture window in our front room so I can image how your cat will love that new viewing area. Grilled hamburgers are so good. In fact that is Will's most favorite thing. Home grilled burgers. There is a snow white colored cat with a black tail that comes to visit Cecil through the back fence. It is so clean looking I imagine it is well cared for by someone. But when he is let out he makes a bee-line to our side yard. I am glad we keep our animals shots and stuff up to date for I don't want them getting anything from their visitors.

Have a great first of a new month Magnolias. Always a good day to make a fresh start with what ever program you are following. :wave: Type at y'all later.

09-02-2012, 09:21 AM
Good morning to you all! We had a whopper of a storm last night that lasted around an hour or so. Jack was watching the Alabama/Michigan game and lost the satellite feed so we just turned the tv off, then the power kept going off and coming on and going off and coming on. The thunder and lightening was loud and scary. Fortune was panting so we thought he might be scared, (I was scared it was that awful) so we put on his Thunder shirt and he was right as rain. He got up in the chair and sat with me. The thing really does work.

I am going to try and get upstairs and clean it today. I have some groceries up there that need to be put away like kleenex and such and clothes to put away since I did laundry. I also need to strip the med and wash sheets today.

The commissary had hardly anyone in it when we got there 3 minutes before opening and by the time we left, it was nuts. People were cleaning out the steaks, ribs, pork and chicken so I am glad we went yesterday as we wouldn't have had any meat to pick from. Guess people were having last bbq parties. Like I said, it was some ss checks, navy retirement payday and active duty payday and we went to check out and they had 2 checkers and one express lane open! I plan on going on the website and giving the guy who runs the place a piece of my mind.

Maggie: I know from experience, even with the knee that the more you walk, the more you can take. I never liked doing it, but I never missed a day either. Please give Will my best wishes for his birthday. I will celebrate mine on the ship this year.

Jean: Sounds like you had a busy day. I think we are going to cook ribs on the grill tomorrow as long as it doesn't rain and if it does, guess they will go in the oven. I have never knit a rug, but yes you use regular yarn either worsted, which is what you make most sweaters and such out of only you use two or three strands or the heavy bulky yarn. The yarn they used for this rug I really liked was Lily's Sugar and Cream. This yarn has been around for decades and decades. I have never used it, but it comes on cones or in those longer kind of can looking skeins. I really like my knitpicks, but this yarn is much cheaper so I may just go to Hobby Lobby or Joanns and get some. After all, they will be walked on so I want them to hold up.

Susan: Hi to you and hope you are having sunny days now! :)

Have a great holiday weekend. Faye THREE WEEKS FROM TODAY WE SAIL AWAY!!!

09-03-2012, 11:20 AM
Happy Labor Day, ladies! In the high 80s today with thunderstorms. We had a bad storm yesterday, too.

I finally found new tie shoes for my orthodics. I found a nice pair of black SAS oxfords that are made so you can take out the insole and insert the custom one. I also bought a pair of Acsis walking shoes that are fushia, turquoise, silver and black...makes me feel happy just to look at them.

Saturday Glory, Sandy, Shelly and I got together for a sew day and had a lot of fun. Yesterday was housework and today I am working on the new membership cards for PPQG and I have some work I brought home from work to finish.

Faye, I know you be so organized you won't forget a thing. I hope the female issues get resolved soon.

Jean, it seems like you just opened the house at the lake and it won't be long before it's time to close it. Summer just flew away.

Maggie, I don't think sucking the air out of the package prolongs the nutrition of the meat. Even if you buy commercial vacuum sealed meat its only good to freeze for a year or the nutrition is compromised. Keep up the good work with your walking program. It pays big dividends.

Have a wonderful day!

09-03-2012, 12:48 PM

It is 87º as I type and they say it will get to the high 90º and into the 100ºs this day. After all it is still Summertime until the 22nd of this month when Fall begins. I do so long for cool breezes. It has been a long hot Summer here in the ♥-Land.

We are going out to eat at Whisky Creek today for lunch and I will have my favorite there of shrimp cooked on the grill. They have 3 skewers threaded with plump shrimp served with rice that is very tasty and along with a tossed green salad ~ fits into my program quite nicely.

DONNA FAYE Yep, your cruise gets closer every day and I know you will be well prepared. What fun it will be to celebrate your birthday on the ship. I bet they will put on a celebration for you there. I wonder what gives ~ that commisary should have more checkers especially on days when folks get paid for they know they will be busy.

SUSAN Thats what I wear ~ Black SAS shoes which work great with my brace. I take out the innter sole and then add more inner soles into my other shoe and am level. Oh girlfriend if what you say is true I have been duped. However, I don’t think so for this is what the experts say: “These vacuum sealing machines work by sucking the air out of food storage bags. Oxidation causes food to rot and wither; when you remove the air, the oxidation process slows down, causing the food to perish slower therefore prolonging its nutrition life in your freezer.” Makes sense to me.

JEAN Howdy!

09-03-2012, 01:25 PM
Good Morning, Flowers! We've lost our sunshine but it is more humid today so feels sticky. We are supposed to have thunderstorms later this afternoon. The contractor is here adding more goop to the seams. Bob is gimping around for the 3rd day; he doesn't know what he did but once he's up and around for awhile the leg pain goes away. It comes back at night when he lays down and is painful enough to keep him awake which isn't good. :no: Forty-five years ago we said "I do," and 39 years ago Jason was born. I just can't believe how fast time is flying by!

We had a nice full day at the lake yesterday -- our last "hurrah" for the summer. We spent most of the afternoon out in the boat. It wasn't too hot nor windy, just nice. The kids like to ride on the torpedo, and then stop and swim awhile in the deep water where there is no seaweed. :lol: Since Jason was there to help get the boat to the lagoon, so we pulled it out and brought it home. I think the guys will pull the dock in the next couple of weeks or so. Anyhow, we were both tired last night when we got home; must have been all the fresh air. :twirly:

Maggie -- :congrat: on the walking exercise when you really didn't want to. Also, a belated :hb: to Will! Enjoy your lunch at Whisky Creek today!

"Gma" -- I had a nice surprise in the mail Saturday. I thought my SS check was a set amount, except for cost of living raises, because I took it early. Since I turned 65 last October I will get an increase as if I had waited until 65, plus back pay to last October. Bob says to not spend it all at once in case they made a mistake and want the $$ back. :lol: Beth has asked for a new afghan so I will be knitting/crocheting once it gets a bit cooler. I do the afghan stitch so it goes pretty fast. I made her old one when she was in high school so it has lasted a long time! :yes:

Susan -- I'm glad you found shoes that will work with your orthodics. I had to :D when you said your walking shoes make you feel happy! You are having a "work" day on Labor Day!

I need to round up the laundry and head for the basement. Enjoy the rest of your Labor Day! :wave:

09-03-2012, 03:46 PM
Good afternoon to you all! Jack is smoking ribs for dinner tonight. I made bbq sauce this morning and put it in the fridge so it is cooling. I finished my chores and want to do some stuff upstairs after dinner.

I have a good start on Jay's sock and looks like the pattern is going to stripe so it looks pretty cool. I asked Jack if he would wear them and he said yes he thought so. I am hoping Jay feels the same way.

Jean: I thought your anniversary was tomorrow. I am going to have to change the date on my calendar alarm. Happy Anniversary to the both of you! I had to laugh at you calling it goop. Jack and I decided after we get back from vacation I am going to go and get paint samples and test them out in the laundry room to decide what color we want to paint the downstairs. We are leaning towards a light yellow, light green, or light gray. I found a chair on the lazyboy site and a fabric that has those colors in it so any of them would be ok. We are going to get rid of our big long couch and get two easy chairs. We are also going to put our tv up on the wall and buy one of those with an arm that you can swivel.

Susan: I am thinking about going and buying a probiotic capsule to take everyday and see if that helps with this problem. I know what is causing it, the stuff in the uterus is going through the intestines and it irritates the intestines so it causes diahrrea. I just have to deal with it. Hope you are having a great holiday weekend.

Maggie: Hope you are having a nice holiday going out to eat. It is really muggy here and sticky. I just hope we have beautiful weather when we go to Florida and the gas prices don't skyrocket.

Well girls, I need to go. Have a wonderful day. Faye

09-04-2012, 08:40 AM
Good morning to you girls! Looks like more rain for us today. It is pretty gray and dreary. It is also really humid out.

I am really beginning to wonder if the neighbors next door cut and run. The owner of the condo hasn't shown up yet to clean up and get ready to rent and we have already started the first of the month. He is pretty johnny on the spot about getting it ready to rent so I don't think he knows they have moved out. They left black curtains up, I can see over the fence and I know James didn't have curtains on the windows. We shall see what happens.

I finished the shawl and now have to figure out how to block the long thing. I am going to wear this on formal night with a navy blue floor length dress, and white flowered sandals.

I have started the first load of laundry and am doing the sheets today. Jack forgot to strip them yesterday and brought them down this morning so will get them done this am. I still have my chores and cleaning to do this morning, but am going to sit and work on Jay's sock for a bit before digging into my chores.

I have to call the vets today and make a grooming appt for scruffy. Since we are going into fall, I am going to have him cut him longer, which means more frequent visits, but it will keep him warmer. I do have a ton of sweaters for him though! :lol:

You all have a great day. Hope the rest of the week zooms along. Jack is keeping an eye out on weather reports of storms and such in the Florida area and ocean. We want to be prepared for whatever. Faye

09-04-2012, 03:02 PM
Good afternoon, ladies! Almost sunny today - at least no rain so far.

I've been busy at work today so had a late lunch. Nothing exciting happening until First Thursday Bee this week. I have to take dessert so it'll be whatever Trader Joe's or Fresh Market bakes that day.

Faye, Your wrap is beautiful! I take probiotic capsule every day. It has helped me a lot. Several of my friends take them, too. Don't delay if you are going to get some because it takes a week or 2 to get the full effect.

Happy anniversary, Jean! Time sure flies. There's a picture of my happy shoes below.

Maggie, I think SAS will be by go to shoes for the future. I just need the lift in the left but the right will have a full orthodic.

Have a wonderful evening!

09-04-2012, 10:58 PM
Good Evening, Flowers! Today has seemed like Monday all day! We didn't get home until 10 last night, then neither one of us slept very well. I couldn't get to sleep and Bob couldn't get comfortable. He did go to the doctor this morning; will start out taking a muscle relaxer and go from there. His foot and leg move like they are supposed to so the doctor thinks he twisted wrong when lifting doors in and out. Church money balanced first time. The gift shop money counted ok but I couldn't get the paperwork to match. :hyper: I will try it again tomorrow! I know the money is right and the bank agreed with me. ;)

Thank you for the anniversary good wishes!

"Gma" -- I need to decide on paint colors and feel like I'm always second guessing myself. I like what others choose better. :rolleyes: You will look lovely in your shawl! I love the colors! Wouldn't it be nice if you didn't get any neighbors?!

Susan -- What exactly does a probiotic do? I don't know anyone who takes them. My granddaughters would love your shoes! Fun colors! :cb: They do look like happy shoes!

I need to put a load of towels in the dryer and call it a night. See you tomorrow! :wave:

09-05-2012, 09:06 AM
Good morning to you all! It is going to be really hot today, almost 100 and sunny. Looks like not much rain for awhile at least. Jack is keeping an eagle eye on any storms developing in the atlantic and so far so good. The two that followed Isaac went out to sea on the cold water eastern side and petered out I guess.

Susan: Love those shoes!!! I love they are now giving us bright colors for walking and running instead of just white or black or gray. I bet you are going to love them. Until I can get across the street, I am taking Benefiber again three times a day to start helping anyway. Don't know if it will balance anything since the stuff from my uterus irritates my colon causing the problem, but probiotics certainly are good for you, especially seniors, who I found out almost always have diverticulosis as they age. Most never know about it.

Jean: The dog drove me nuts last night so I didn't get proper sleep. He was up and down and up and down. I had to let him out 3 times to boot. So I am kind of pooped, but I will be ok. Get my chores done and sit and knit on his sock. I made my shawl really long so that if I wanted I could throw one side over my shoulder to look more like a wrap too. I think the colors will look nice with Navy. Won't be long and I can start packing!

I have a new list! :lol: I did a list by dates of what appts and stuff I needed to do by what date. Jack took his shirts to the cleaners and they can be picked up on Thursday. He said I could just wash them, but it was so much easier to have them laundered, starched and folded like he likes them.

There are 137 people coming to the meet and mingle now. I can guarantee we won't stay long. I thought it would be more like 40 or so. This is like going to a full restaurant and trying to meet everyone in it. Jack went to the forum site yesterday and one poor woman has pneumonia and a case of shingles to boot. I felt so sorry for her. What a combination, not being able to breathe then having those itchy burning patches on yourself. The family from Australia (2 adults, 4 kids) are leaving this weekend to come to the states. She took a suitcase and filled it with Australian candy to hand out at the meet and mingle. At the prices for bags these days, I think I would have skipped that. Their picture doesn't look like they are wealthy, but boy they are taking some trip here, two cruises and traveling cross country besides. I don't know how you afford just taking a family of six on a cruise. They seem to be really nice people though from talking to them at the forum site.

Nothing much else going on here. Just keeping up with cleaning and chores and knitting. Have a nice Wednesday everyone. Faye

09-05-2012, 01:26 PM

This is Wednesday already and I think this week is going by absolutely too fast. I have gotten a lot done so far this week so time was not wasted. Will brought home a couple dozen center cut pork chops yesterday he found in the “used meat bin” along with some Italian sausage links and a couple racks of pork ribs that I now have in vacuum sealed bags in the freezer. I know now we are not going to have to purchase a half a :moo: and half of a :ink: along with some :chicken: to fill that freezer we just recently purchased for we have been getting enough meat to fill it from the “used meat bin” at the market. Pretty soon I am going to run out of room in that freezer. :cp: That’s a good thing for meat prices are steadily going up because of the lack of feed for the animals due to the inclimate weather. The price for a bale of hay has gone up considerably. Our friend in Texas is still keeping his cattle but doesn’t know for how long if the price of feed for them continues to rise.

I have had some bug in my system that slowly worked its self out and is finally gone now. :encore: I had not felt real good for the past couple weeks and not real bad either. I had Hershey squirts the other day and couldn’t determine the cause for Will and I had been eating the very same things and he was not affected adversely. I just don’t have a clue what it was but am so happy it worked its way through and out of my system. Since I hardly ever get sick this has thrown me for a loop. Like I said through ~ I didn’t feel real bad ~ just not real good. I slept in a long time this morning so I guess I really needed it. Is this what getting old is all about? I don’t feel old. :nono: I do feel so much better today than I did yesterday so I am hopeful this is the start of my system getting back to exact. I actually feel more like myself now and am a happy camper. Yep, I do believe whatever it was it is gone now. :cp:

DONNA FAYE I got a good chuckle out of your statement that those folks didn't look wealthy. When we lived out in that small place out in CA there were tons of registered millionaires and you couldn't tell them from those of us less wealthy folks. Walking around dressed just like us or worse on occasion. Sloppy sweats and such. :p Just folks with lots of bucks. That meet and great deal has sure grown. Guess you will just have to meet what you can.

JEAN If that is what happend to Bob then it will heal. Not a pleasant thing to hurt your back. There are so many beautiful colors to choose from these days. Hopefully one of the experts will stear you to one that you will like a lot.

SUSAN I can tell by those shoes that you have "happy feet." They are a party in themselves. I have several different pairs of shoes I can wear this brace with but the SAS are my very most favorite daily ones to wear. I think the ones I have on are my 4th pair of them. When they go on sale the local place here is going to let me know and I will get a new pair. The company out in Texas told me they would special make a red pair for me if I want. :cp:

PS: I just looked up "probiotics" up on Wikipedia to make sure I knew what I thought I knew about it. This is what was said, "At the start of the 20th century, probiotics were thought to beneficially affect the host by improving its intestinal microbial balance, thus inhibiting pathogens and toxin producing bacteria. Today, specific health effects are being investigated and documented including alleviation of chronic intestinal inflammatory diseases, prevention and treatment of pathogen-induced diarrhea, urogenital infections, and atopic diseases.

To date, in those cases European Food Safety Authority has investigated health claims that are made about probiotic products, they state that the evidence provided is insufficient to establish a cause and effect relationship between the consumption of the products containing probiotics and the claimed health benefits."

Have a wonderful day Magnolias. :wave:

09-05-2012, 05:05 PM
Good Afternoon, Flowers! It's a beautiful cool sunny day in my neighborhood. We had a 20 minute wind storm go through last night around 10:00. Our rain gauge must be plugged because it says we didn't get any rain and I know we did! The contractor has been here to do the texturing this morning; I helped him hang and cover furniture with plastic which took longer than doing the actual texture routine. He came back this afternoon and is putting the siding back on. I'm getting closer to choosing a paint color, or having to I should say. :hyper:

"Gma" -- I hope you and Fortune got in a cat nap this afternoon. ;) When I have a busy week or multiple things to get done, I also make a day by day, time appt. list. The large meet and mingle group might get broken into smaller groups, meeting at different times, which would be nice. I hope that you meet a few ok people to spend some extra time with if that is what you would like to do.

The electric company has been in the neighborhood for a few days checking tree branches that are close to the power lines. Today the cut 'em and make sawdust crew is here. The poles are across the street, and in our back yard, but the saws and shredder are loud; Ernie doesn't like them. Between them and the contractor banging around he hasn't had much of a nap today. :lol:

Maggie -- I'm glad you are feeling better. I hate that "not sick but not 100% either" feeling. What's weird about Bob's leg pain is that it hurts the most when he is laying down. The prescription is 1 every 12 hours so he is hoping to tell the difference tonight. Am I dreaming or is yogurt full of "natural" probiotics? It seems like I either read that or someone told me. Since I don't like yogurt I never investigated that theory. :no:

I have laundry going and need to make a grocery list. I should have gone to have my nails done but felt like a "do nothing, lazy" morning ~~ tomorrow will be the time! Hope you all enjoy the rest of your wonderful Wednesday! :wave:

09-06-2012, 09:48 AM
Good morning to you girls. We are almost into the end of the week. In fact, Jack's first vacation day would start today in two weeks. It is sure getting closer faster. :lol:

Bad, bad night last night. I have decided to take Fortune's water up around 6 pm. I was up at 10,11,1,3 and 4. I think it is because I let him out and he goes pee, then comes in and gets his treat and goes and sucks up a bunch of water. Because he is old in dog years his bladder doesn't work as well so he needs to go more, but I need some solid sleep!! I tried to go back to sleep this morning when Jack left for work, but I woke up about 10 minutes ago with horrendous cramps so got up, went to the bathroom, took my meds and 2 pain pills. Now I just have to wait for them to kick in.

Today is clean the upstairs day so will head up there in just a bit. I forgot to tell Jack to leave the ac on upstairs so it will probably be hot up there for awhile. Just about the time I finish up there it will have cooled off some. :lol:

Maggie: Have you ever seen the show or commercials for "Honey Boo Boo?" That's the way that family was dressed so that is why I said I doubted they were wealthy. On top of that, I know she is one of those at home care givers to some elderly folks and not a nurse so I doubt she makes a lot of money. Frankly, she and her family seem a lot nicer than some of those people on that forum. A big group of them a bigtime drinkers and I am not wanting involved in that at all. I rarely, rarely drink alcohol because I don't like the taste and it gives me an immediate headache and what folks do is there business, but I don't have to sit around with them while they get soused. Jack and I doubt we stay long at the meet and mingle. It is on a Tuesday morning at 10 AM and in my opinion only drunks are drinking booze at 10 AM. I do want to meet this family very much though.

Jean: You have to eat a lot of yogurt to get a good dose of probiotics, but yes it does have microrganisms that help with digestion and such. The Activia commercial Jamie Curtis does says you should eat it 3 times a day. I don't like yogurt that much! :lol: I told Jack when we get ready to start painting we will buy several sample cans of different colors and paint in the laundry room to decide on a color. I would like to do a light green and get gray kitchen cabinets, but they might be too expensive. I know I do not want white. It is what I have now and boy do they stain easily. Hope your project is finished soon. Is Bob on Flexeril? That is what they give Jack and he can't take it most of the time because it puts him to sleep. It will knock him right out. Jack's knee gives him more trouble in the resting position than up walking. I think when you strain something or hurt something a lot of times it stiffens up when you are sendentary. Hope he gets to feeling better real soon.

Well, I guess I better get going. I have yet to block my wrap, but I haven't decided exactly how to go about it. You all have a great day today and weekend this weekend. Faye

09-06-2012, 01:34 PM
Good Morning, Flowers! It's another cool sunny morning in my neighborhood. Beautiful! I've been to get my nails done and stopped by the grocery store on my way home. I'm hoping to leave early for the soccer games this afternoon and make a couple shopping stops enroute to the fields. Since Beth asked for a new afghan, I'm anxious to look at yarn to see what colors are available.

"Gma" -- I was up twice last night -- too bad I couldn't have taken Fortune out a couple times for you. ;) I did happen to see Honey Boo Boo last night, and imo they shouldn't be allowed on TV! :crazy: What a poor excuse for a program -- so obnoxious! Bob is on Naproxen and has to take it with food. He was up a couple times during the night so wasn't too happy about that. I think green walls and gray cabinets would be very attractive. I asked the contractor for color suggestions yesterday; he remodeled his house, then promptly sold it, but he used all the new dark colors with two colors in every room. I don't think I want to do that. When you mentioned blocking your wrap that made me think about blocking an afghan. I think I took it to the cleaners the last time. How do you block things that you make?

I need to decide on something for lunch since Bob will be home soon. He has been out working on his tractor that had a flat tire. Hope you all have a terrific Thursday and enjoy! :wave:

09-06-2012, 03:17 PM

It is 84º right now at :sunny: noon o’clock and they say it will get to be in the mid 90º later on in this day. I slept in this day and feel great. It is sure quiet in this house for the animals are all asleep and Will is at the museum. I am thinking of doing something with a plant that is on a stand in the front room. The pretty little ivy plant that was in the pot with mixed greens has grown so long we have it looped around a candle sconce on the wall behind it several times. The other fern type plants in that pot are doing fine. I wonder how long that ivy would be if I stretched it out its full length. It is amazing how long that thing has gotten. Our other plants are doing fine. We sure like those watering bulbs that we have in the pots. They give the plants a slow drip.

I just looked :mag: down at my caftan that I am wearing and counted 7 little holes in the front of it. :yikes: Places where hot solder had burned through when I was building a house :ginger:. This is one of those caftans that it 100% cotton and burns on contact quickly. It is my uniform when I am soldering. So guess what I am going to be doing later on this today. Will needs to get busy and build me some more shelves in the front room. I will mention that to him when he gets home and he will put it on his “to do” list. He may even move it up to the top of that list. I just received my Glass Crafters sale flyer and there are a few things on it that I “need” so I will be making an order soon. There is a new item featured that I will be very interested to start using. It is a unique non-abrasive brass wool coils in a container that extend the life of any soldering tip. It will not cool the tip as when using a wet sponge, allowing one to continue working immediately. I am currently using the wet sponge method and would love to have one of these. They are also running a good sale on solder, which has gone up considerably in price ~ so I will order some at this reduced price. Glass is on sale also so I will get a couple packs of 12 sheets. It is a good way to spend my allowance. I love it when the glass folks have "on sale" items that I need to order for I get more bang for the buck that way.

I need to figure out what to make for dinner and get what meat out of the freezer to thaw. When Will doesn’t have a clue of what he wants then I need to put on my thinking cap and make a decision. For lunch, in a little bit, I will have a frozen meal from Schwans ® or Weight Watchers® that I will microwave it then put it in my bamboo bowl and eat it with chop sticks. :lol: When I have the freezer open I can decide what meat to get out to thaw for dinner. :cp:

DONNA FAYE I have never seen that program nor have ever heard of it. I am sure you will meet some folks that you and Jack can become friends with and do things with on that cruise. ;) Not everyone that cruises is a drunk I would imagine. :nono: You're not. It is your vacation and you can surely pick and choose who you hang with during your time of cruising. Be safe and have a great time. Your little pooch has you trained. :D There are so many pretty colors of paint out there and nice combinations to choose from. Painting in your bathroom sounds like a good idea on getting an idea what you will want.

JEAN I bet your nails look all pretty and shiney now once again. I cut all mine and am going to polish them this evening. I am thinking of doing the French Tip thing on them. All this talk about yogurt I think I will get out my yogurt making machine and make a batch of Greek yogurt this day for I am just about out. I use it to cut down creamy type dressings and cook with it and sometimes put sf jam in it and have a good snack. I sweeten it with Splenda® ~ the kind that measures like sugar. I make a batch of plain for I don't want it all sweetened for I do use it for savory dishes also.

Time has come for me to go get some lunch. :wave: Type at y'all later.

09-07-2012, 08:42 AM
Good morning to you all. It is going to be a scorcher here today with heat indexes near 109. I thought we were done with this kind of weather, but I guess not. We had a big thunderstorm last night and it woke me up. I sat up until it abated to make sure the power didn't go off completely. It kept blinking on and off for about an hour or so. Jack said the clock went off, but none of the other stuff didn't which is unusual. Usually the microwave, stove and computer are the first to go off. I imagine when I turn on the tv this morning I will have to reset it. You have to reset the time and date or you keep getting warnings about it.

I am finally at the heel flap on the sock. Sheesh these socks are going to take awhile. I have decided I am not keep on knitting men's socks who have big feet! :lol:

Jean: I block pretty much everything. If the item is washable, then I wash it, put it on a towel and pin like if it were a sock, into place. If not, I wet it completely and then block it. When it dries then it is "blocked" exactly as you want it. I don't have the styrofoam mats a lot of people have to I used old bath towels. I should go ahead and buy the mats and you can link them together sort of like flat leggos to make blocking mats like what I need for the shawl. I am going to do it today and just use multiple towels and roll it up then unroll it over the back of the sofa to dry. I find that program reprehensible too. I am a yankee, but in my opinion it makes people who have never visited the south think that everyone in the south are redneck hicks. I don't even know why the dumb thing is on. That is like that other program "Small Town Security." That is a totally disgusting program and I have only watched the trailers.

Maggie: For heaven's sake don't watch it. It is vile. I was just saying the Australian family wear more like Kmart clothes than they do Macy's and I am amazed at how much they can afford to travel. We saved up two years to take this trip and they have 6 coming from Australia and are doing back to back cruises and going to Disney World and stuff. Hope you get what you need for you little business. I wish knitting was more profitable, but you have to charge so much for something, no one wants to pay it. It would put too much pressure on me to get things done anyway. I like knitting purely for pleasure. It would take the enjoyment out of it if I sold things I think.

Well gals, I guess I better get the dishwasher unloaded and get some breakfast. Have a great weekend! I am making cookies this weekend to take on the trip and we are finally going to get those carpets shampooed again. Faye

09-07-2012, 01:58 PM

It is raining. Wonderful rain coming down. I hope we get lots of it. I made the Greek yogurt I had planned on making yesterday and it turned out great. I made 7 containers of plain which I can flavor as I wish. I am planning on having some for the first meal I eat for this day. It is Friday already and hard for me to wrap my head around how fast the time is passing.

The Schwan’s® man came this morning and I am now set for those TV type dinners they make so good for those times when Will is gone at lunchtime. I got a few other “Healthy Choice” items also. No meat though. Now don’t you just wonder why. :lol: I think I will crock pot a roast this day. I had bought a can of cream corn to use in some corn muffins and opened that can by mistake so we ate it for dinner last evening. If I don’t have another can then the cornbread I make today just won’t have any cream corn in it. I like to add things to cornbread like chives and sliced olives for instance. Makes it more interesting don’t ya think. Bacon bits are good addition also with a tad bit of smoke flavor. :lol: I have to add points+ for whatever I add though, so I mainly sick with non points things as additions. It all depends on what else it is being served with.

We have been having interference with our TV reception for some time now where the sound cuts in and out and we miss some of the pertinent points in whatever it is we are watching at the time. The repair man came out and couldn’t find the problem then his boss came by and couldn’t find the problem. Well if they can’t find the problem we are shopping for a different company this day for the problem is not in our equipment. If this company doesn't work out we will just go back to dish. We don’t watch much TV but what we watch we want to be able to hear everything being said.

I got a surprise this morning when I first woke up ~ the cat was on the bed sleeping with me. Usually I am the one that lets him into the bedroom after I have gotten up but Will said he wanted in there earlier than usual. He didn’t bother me at all though, for he was in there to sleep. Ragg Mopp is in here with me as I type for there is thunder and he does not like that deep rumbling sound. It doesn’t phase ole Beanie though. Storms always did bother Ragg. I just have to give the little fellow some re-assurance and he is fine. OH good, Beanie just came in here. I was hoping he wasn’t out back chasing rain drops. I can’t think of anything he is afraid of. They are both so cute lying on the rug.

DONNA FAYE There are a lot of TV programs that we won't watch. Seems like every year it waxes worse and worse. My point was that there are a lot of rich folks that are nice and dress like regular folks for all of them are not "high faluttin". We know some that don't even have a TV in their home because of all the trash on it they don't want their kids to see. Most of what I am building now are for my village. We now have two shelves in the corner of the front room above the TV that are full of houses. I need more shelving up there for my village is constantly growing. :p

PS: I just had one of my containers of homemade yogurt for brunch and it was so good. I added some Splenda® and sugar free strawberry jam to it and yum, yum. It has been awhile since I made any and I had forgotten how much better homemade is than the store bought kind. Since it is so easy to make I will be making it more often. :yes:

Everyine have a lovely day. :wave:

09-07-2012, 07:29 PM
Good Afternoon, Flowers! I made a trip to WM and the grocery store this morning. Our WM store is pathetic compared to the ones in Sioux City. I am definitely shopping for yarn in SC, either at WM, Michaels, or Hobby Lobby, wherever Beth finds what she likes. I did a search and found my "how to do it" book. Silly me, I thought the hook/needle would be with the book. So, the next challenge will a search for that.

Maggie -- We got .31" of rain last night with lots of lightning in the mix. Today there were just enough sprinkles to mess up the dust on my car. A roast sounds good since we haven't had one for awhile. I just had a go around with the cable company. They've been charging me rent for the modem I bought a year ago. "A credit is coming!" They've also removed a couple more channels but I'm not sure what they were since I didn't evidently watch them. :lol: Makes me nuts trying to keep track of their charges since we bundle with the phone and Internet.

"Gma" -- I'm sending cooler weather your way! :D It was 59 degrees here this morning. It's warmed up to 70 but is windy and feels cool. I've not watched Small Town Security; I'm not sure if it's available but will pass. What kind of cookies did you make? I bought chocolate chips so will sneak up on making them next week sometime. I have to be in the mood to bake cookies.

Bob just called and said he would cook tonight which translates into eating out somewhere. YES!! Hope you all enjoy a nice evening! :wave:

09-08-2012, 12:27 PM
Good morning gals. It rained here overnight again and cloudy today but sticky and hot. Jack is in working on the dining room carpet, which is a mess again. Fortune threw up on the living room carpets this morning so hopefully Jack isn't going to do all this work and he is sick again. Who knows? That dog has the most fragile stomach.

Jean: I mixed up the cookies this morning and they have to sit in the fridge overnight. They are the cookies with the oatmeal, pecans, choc chips, bits of brickle in them. They are spectacular and the recipe came from a book series about a caterer who solves murders. It took me 45 minutes to mix the things up in a hot kitchen. They are not diet friendly cookies at all as they have real butter, cream cheese, dark brown and granulated sugar in them, but Jack wanted cookies to take on the trip and he loves these. They are also great to freeze so I can make and freeze them and just grab bags to take with us. I will make up a baggie for our room steward I think. Have Amanda take a look at and check out their yarn. This is great yarn and great prices too. They have wonderful customer service and a great color choices. I think the Lily's Sugar and Cream line have great colors for afghans and most people like it. I haven't ever used it yet.

Crunch Time Cookie Recipe
by Diane Mott Davidson
1 cup pecan halves
1¼ cups all-purpose flour
½ teaspoon kosher salt (I just use regular salt)
½ teaspoon baking powder
½ teaspoon baking soda
½ pound (2 sticks) unsalted butter, room temperature
¼ cup softened cream cheese
1 cup dark brown sugar
¾ cup granulated sugar
2 large eggs, room temperature
1 teaspoon vanilla extract
2½ cups rolled oats
8 ounces (1½ cups) semisweet chocolate chips
4 ounces (2/3 cup) toffee bits (Heath toffee bits or “Bits o’ Brickle”)

In a wide frying pan, sauté the pecans over low heat, stirring frequently, for about 10 minutes, or until the nuts begin to change color, and emit a nutty scent. Turn the nuts out onto paper towels and allow them to cool, then chop them roughly and set aside.

Sift or whisk together the flour, salt, baking powder, and baking soda. Set aside.

In a large mixing bowl, beat the butter and cream cheese on medium speed until the mixture is very creamy. Add the brown sugar and beat very well, until the mixture is creamy and uniform. Add the granulated sugar and again beat very well, until you have a uniform, creamy mixture. Add the eggs, one at a time, and beat well after each addition. Stir in the vanilla.

Using a large wooden spoon, stir in the dry mixture just until combined. Then stir in the oats, chocolate chips, pecans, and toffee bits, blending only until thoroughly mixed.

Cover the bowl with plastic wrap and put it in the refrigerator until completely chilled, three hours or overnight.

When you are ready to bake the cookies, take the bowl out of the refrigerator and allow the batter to warm slightly while the oven is preheating.

Preheat the oven to 375°. Place silicone mats on two cookie sheets.

Measure the batter out by tablespoonfuls, two inches apart. Place no more than a dozen cookies on each sheet. Bake, one sheet at a time, for 9–11 minutes, until the edges of the cookies are very brown and the centers are no longer soft.

When you remove a cookie sheet from the oven, place it on a cooling rack for 2 minutes, so the cookies can set up. Then use a pancake flipper to remove the cookies to cooling racks, and allow to cool completely. Store in airtight containers or in zipped freezer bags. These cookies freeze well.

Maggie: I watch mostly reruns of stuff. I love Rizzoli and Isles, Burn Notice, and Longmire and that's about it except for things like the house remodel shows and cooking show stuff. I like The Mentalist too. Simon Baker stars in that and his character is a hoot. Hope you get your problem solved.

You gals have a spectacular day. I am almost to the foot on the sock so I am going along pretty well with it. Faye

09-08-2012, 02:19 PM

It is currently 69º here in the ♥-Land and the talking heads say it will reach 80º before the day is done. We had some nice rain last evening that sure helps around here. For dinner this day we will have some left-over spaghetti so I don’t have to put on my thinking cap to figure out what to cook. A group of folks wanted to go out for dinner after the upcoming T-party meeting come next Tuesday, and bless his ♥, Will suggested going to Applebee’s. He knew I would like that for they have some yummy WW choices on the menu from which I can choose. There will be folks at the meeting that are running for offices that we can ask questions of which will be interesting or boring.

Here comes Cecil wanting his morning treat. The dogs get a treat when I come to my office first thing in the morning and so he gets one also. The dogs were here a bit ago and I think Cecil just came in from being outside. He then asked me to open the bedroom door for him. What a cat. He has me trained.

I don’t have much on my ticket this day ~ lazy day it is. I should go re-arrange the freezer since the Schwan’s® man came yesterday and Will just puts things in anywhere ~ not by like items as I do but, that is fine with me for I can come along later and re-arrange them to suit me since I am the “chief cook and bottle washer.” He, at least, gets things into the correct freezer but if he didn’t that would be ok also. I am thinking of crock-potting something to have ready for lunch when we get out of church tomorrow. Depends on whether Will really wants to go out to eat or not. I’ll have to ask him when he gets home. He has gone over to a gentleman’s house to try to figure out how to ventilate the head of a lion costume for the man. Seems when he has the costume on it gets real hot in the head area for there isn’t much ventilation. Why he has this costume ~ I don’t have a clue. Why does someone have a lion costume? Maybe he is in the play of the Wizard of Oz. Maybe he belongs to the Lions club. Or maybe he thinks he is a lion cub. :lol: Quite possibly I can have my questions answered when Will returns home don’t you think.

DONNA FAYE OH those cookies sound so good. I imagine they are about 6P+ each ~ just a guess ~ but yummy and worth the points. I have lots of program friendly cookie recipes from WW and Cooking Light that I stick with. Also the book by Marlene Koch ~ 375 Sensational Splenda® Recipes has some good ones in it. Her recipes are low in sugar, fat & calories and all that I have made are tasty. Splenda® also has a brown sugar mix which is half Splenda and half brown sugar. She has taken some of the all time favorites and lightened them.:cp: Will loves cookies and likes any of the ones I have tried that are lightened.

My goodness where does the time go. It is just turning noon-O’clock and here I am still back in my office. I think before I leave here I will clean the cat’s butt hutt first then go have a yogurt for lunch. :wave: Type at y’all later. Have a great weekend Magnolias.

09-08-2012, 04:41 PM
Good Afternoon, Flowers! I tried to visit here this morning and the site was taking forever to load. It seems to be working fine now. :rolleyes: It was a very cool 47 degrees this morning when I went downstairs. It has warmed up to 75 but is very windy so doesn't seem that warm. I've been doing laundry and more sorting. Bob just took my vertical blinds, custom made valances, and a box of "stuff" to the SOS store. The sliding door windows have built in blinds between the panes of glass, and I will have to come up with something for the window since I wanted the window treatments to be all together. I hope someone can use them.

"Gma" -- The cookies sound delicious! :T I'm sure the room steward will appreciate your thoughtfulness. Would it make a difference to use light brown sugar vs. the dark? I don't think I've ever used dark for anything so have no idea what it tastes like. There must be something or else the two wouldn't exist. ;) Do you sift or measure first? That has always confused me!

Maggie -- I'm not into politics very much but will the T-party people have their own candidate or will they support one of the two who were just on TV? I know people were afraid if Ron Paul ran as an independent that would split the party votes. I'll be glad when the election is over and we are back to "normal" commercials! :cheer: Maybe the lion guy is a mascot for a football team. :D Your spaghetti sounds good too! Today feels like a soup day! Our forecast has a 90 degree day predicted for Wednesday. Crazy weather for sure!

Susan -- What is on your agenda for today? :twirly:

My dryer is buzzing so time to change loads. Enjoy the rest of your day and take some time to do something for yourself! :wave:

09-09-2012, 11:57 AM
Good morning, ladies! We are having sun for the next 7 days (it did rain last night) with temps in the low 80's...I'm happy for I'll be able to walk outside.

Yesterday Sandy, Shelly and I went to Mathews Market Days. It's a festival of artists work. There were more than 90 booths and much beautiful stuff that was too expensive for me but I enjoy looking. We had lunch and when I checked my pedometer we had walked over 2 miles so a nice bit of exercise, too.

Faye, I had to chuckle when Maggie said those cookies would be 6PP. I only get 26 points and it takes 22 just to get in my GHGs. I have lost my taste for sweets so could pass them up. I hope Fortune is feeling better now.

Jean, dark brown sugar has a more molasses taste. There is definitely a noticeable difference.

Maggie, you know we are only cat servants. I sometimes think Casper must be getting exasperated with how long it takes to get me to do some things.

Have a wonderful day!

09-09-2012, 04:47 PM

It is currently a beautiful day in the high 70º and said to get to the low 80º this day, We decided to go to I-Hop for lunch but the parking lot was full to overflowing so we went for Chinese instead. I pick and choose from the buffet there and hopefully stay OP throughout the process of what I put on my plate. She has opened a store in the back of the restaurant where she sells authentic Chinese packaged foods. She has a huge bag of dried mushrooms that I want to get. :cp: I have had some of that kind before and they are delicious to cook with. She also has some other items that I will eventually need when I run out of the ones I have.

Yesterday I decided was a good day to clean out the fridge. What a surprise. :?: Don’t know when it happened but the back of the inside was sporting a run of caramel sauce. What a joy to get to clean that off. I cleaned what I could reach then called for Will’s help. He has a much further reach than I do so he did a wonderful job. I kept him supplied with warm water and a plastic flat scrubber and we got the job done in no time. It evidently spilled from the top shelf all the way down the back wall to the bottom. It was hiding for I didn’t see it till I took everything off the shelves. Well it really couldn’t have been there very long for it wasn’t long ago when I had the fridge emptied so I could clean it good. :cp: The container is one of those plastic kind with a push pull top and it must have gotten knocked over and was pulled open is all that I can figure for there it lay on the top shelf way in the back. It was positioned so it ran right down the back of the fridge wall to the bottom where there was a puddle under the bottom drawer. I thought when I decided to clean out the fridge it would be a quick wipe down for I like to keep it clean and organized. Thankfully that was the only “surprise” I found in there.

Last night Cecil was being a total brat. He wouldn’t come in out of the backyard when I called him nor when I sent Beanie out to get him. He ran from Will when he went out to pick him up. It became time for us to go to bed so we shut the door and went to bed. Will said he heard Cecil at 1:30 knocking on the door to get in for with the door shut he couldn’t get in trough the doggie door. He is in here now begging for a “good boy” treat. He evidently didn’t like to be left out all night and hopefully he has learned something from his being shut out at bedtime.

JEAN I don't know who this local T-Party is behind but I will find out. I found out the man with the lion suit is the president of the local Lions Club and uses that costume when they are doing something for children. Will helped him out on how to keep the head of the thing cooled. I too will be glad when all the whoopla is overwith.

SUSAN I can imagine you viewd a lot of "eye candy" at that festival of artists. Out in that town in CA where I once lived they have a wonderful "Arts in the Park" that is a joy to journey through. Yep, lots of good exercise meandering around at those types of showings. Do you have one of those neat new WW gadgets that measure your walking etc that go on sale when the new program comes out in around November?

DONNA FAYE :wave: Howdy. Hope your day is going well with you and yours.

09-10-2012, 12:23 AM
Good Evening, Flowers! We just got home from Sioux Falls ~~ another football game crossed off the calendar. ;) We went to early church, changed clothes, and headed out so it's been a long day. We made a stop at Menards to look at paint chips, WM (bigger 'n better) than Sioux City's store for yarn, Bed Bath & Beyond for a wedding gift, and Penneys to look for shoes for Bob -- no luck there.

Susan -- Glad to hear you are drying out. :D Matthews Market sounds like it would be fun, if nothing else to get some ideas.

Maggie -- I need to clean out my fridge too. I'm hoping the electrician will come tomorrow and finish the outside lights and plug ins. I'm going to have to make a paint decision soon. When we got home tonight Ernie gave us a look that said, "you are late and it's past my bedtime!" He then headed for his treat cupboard. :lol: The stray Siamese cat came for breakfast again today. He doesn't act as scared as some of the strays but won't let me get too close either.

I think I will head to bed and read. See you tomorrow! :wave:

09-10-2012, 09:54 AM
Good morning ladies. It is lovely and cool here this morning. I have the door open with the ac off for awhile anyway. I want nice warm weather for the trip, but I am loving this cooler weather here for sure.

We did the other rug yesterday and I worked on Jay's sock and completely forgot to come in here. I do that on weekend's sometimes when I don't get up early and sleep in a bit. When I finished cooling all the cookies, I stuck them in freezer bags and into the freezer they went. That way I won't be tempted to keep going in and taking one. They are really, really good cookies. :lol:

Susan: I always loved the little festivals and such they had in your area. Like you, I couldn't ever buy anything, but I loved looking at what people create. Yep, one cookie and you would probably have to skip lunch! :lol: Certainly not worth it. I am taking those little crackers with pb on the trip. I have to watch what I eat so closely when I travel and these are great and never cause me tummy upset. I started taking the probiotics last week and hope they help with what the medication causes. I should be able to get lots of walking exercise on the ship just leaving the room, but I think I will take "workout" clothes and walk on their track some too. The pools aren't very deep so swimming laps doesn't make much sense, but I will do some water aerobics as long as there aren't big crowds in the pool and such. They have an adults only pool so we shall see.

Jean: Like Susan said, they add molasses to sugar to make it lt and dark brown and there is more molasses in dark so if you make them use the ingredients as they are, no margarine, etc. It will change the taste and such in these particular cookies. What paint colors are you leaning towards?? Jack wants green, I would prefer yellow, but we are considering gray too. It will be one of the three. I have picked out my chairs and the fabric has all the colors so I could use any of the three. We are getting the chairs, new stove and new washer next year and painting hopefully, so we will whittle down all that has to be done downstairs. Since we bought the double recliner only a couple years ago, I can't see getting rid of it so have to coordinate it's solid blue color with the chairs so this chair should work. I can get this style in a recliner or a fold out bed or just a regular chair.

Maggie: Hope you had a nice day yesterday. Jack likes cookies, but he is a cake fan. Loves icing like you wouldn't believe. I just don't make sweets when we are doing WW because it is too tempting. I have found these little twists at the commissary I like. They are similar to a turnover dough but they haven't any fat in them and very little sugar and are raspberry flavored. You can have two of the twists for one pt so they are a nice treat.

I need to get hoping and get chores done and get some breakfast. Have a great day all!!! Faye

09-10-2012, 03:40 PM
Good Afternoon, Flowers! I came upstairs to make a copy of my gift shop report and thought I would check in while on the computer. It's supposed to hit 99 today but it's only 77 now so don't think that will happen. It's quite windy and supposed to get worse later this afternoon. It took longer at church this morning since we didn't balance the first time. Went through everything twice and counted each other's piles. The treasurer finally figured out where the mistake was thank goodness. The gift shop was closed on Labor Day and it was a slow week besides; there wasn't much to count there. I need to make the bank deposit and take the church vase back to the church. We provided altar flowers for our anniversary and have the option of brining them home. I don't usually but these were above normal for flowers so decided I could enjoy them. The orphan cat was here for breakfast and is now curled up in the sun next to a big potted plant which breaks the wind for him/her.

"Gma" -- I'm hoping the cooler weather is here to stay. I don't want jacket weather yet but a bit cooler and less humid would be welcome. I've been known to eat frozen cookies. :o As for paint colors, the contractor said to "get out of my box!" The colors are the new darker shades of browns and greens. I think I'm going to have the brown lightened up a bit though. I'm also leaning towards blue rather than the green simply because my furniture is blue. On the other hand, my mom always said green goes with everything because God made the grass green and the sky blue. :rolleyes: I hope the probiotics will help your situation.

I need to get to the bank so will quit gabbing. Enjoy the rest of your day! :wave:

09-10-2012, 08:20 PM
Good evening, ladies! A lovely day at 82 degrees and sunshine.

Today was applique bee and it was good to see my friends and do some applique.

Faye, I hope the priobotics work for you. It's no fun to have tummy troubles.

Jean, below is the recipe you asked about a week or 2 ago. I didn't list points because it will depend on the cake mixes you buy. It's nice to just be able to make a single serving and not have leftovers around. Your grandchildren might enjoy making their own cake.

WW 1,2,3 Cake

1 box angel food cake mix
1 box any flavor cake mix you like
2 Tbsp water

Mix the cake mixes in a zip lock bag or container with a tight fitting lid. Mix well.

*for each individual serving, take 3 Tbsp of cake mix and mix with 2 Tbsp of water in a small microwave container sprayed with Pam. I use a coffee mug.

Microwave on high 1 minute.

Enjoy with a dollop of fruit or whipped topping.

Maggie, I hate it when something spills and I don't see it right away. It can definitely be hard to clean off the fridge when it dries. Casper doesn't go outside - I can leave the door open while I bring in groceries and he won't put a paw out the door. I think its too big and scary for him. I'm glad since we have a lot of animals that could really hurt him. I've never let my cats roam but they used to come out on the patio and the back yard. I think Casper thinks he is a dog because he chews on things and brings me things to throw so he can retreive them and bring them back for me to throw again.

Have a wonderful evening.

09-11-2012, 09:59 AM
Good morning to you all! Well, it is 9-11 again so am wishing good things to all the people who lost loved ones or had loved ones injured. Also, to all those fighting overseas and their families because of this horror.

Today I clean all the glass stuff in the house and clean the bathroom downstairs. I asked Jack if it was supposed to rain because my left shoulder in the joint area is killing me this morning and he said no. I told him guess it is just old age then. :lol: I was going to have meatloaf and scalloped potatoes and gr beans for dinner, but Jack went to make cereal and said the milk was bad so it is homemad sloppy joes instead. I will make meatloaf tomorrow night I guess since the onions are all chopped already.

I had to laugh at the bank this morning. I went in to balance and noticed my credit card had a credit to it. I can now afford to remodel, it was $.10 for charging me too much interest! :lol: Jack talked to them on the phone last week and made sure they flag our account about traveling and such. She told him to be careful for charges on our cc's out of the country because Visa charges a 1% foreign transaction fee. She was too late. I already knew that because we prepurchased our photo cruise package and were charged the fee. When I looked it up, the company is from the Grand Caymans!

Susan: I put the recipe in a word doc but how many pts per little cake? Thanks for it I think this is wonderful! Keeps you right in line yet you get a bit of a treat. I too hope the probiotics work and help steady what the hormone medicine causes. I think I have covered all my bases though for the trip so I don't have too many problems.

Jean: We have blue all over the downstairs and I am sick of it. Jack doesn't like people to be able to see in so I have blinds and curtains over all the windows downstairs so it makes it dark in the house. I hope a nice light color will help with that and the fact, the curtains are coming down and I am buying new blinds for the downstairs. Glad you finally found the problem and settled it up. Can be a real pain to try and find something sometimes.

Well girls, you all have a nice Tuesday. I am off to start on chores. Faye

09-11-2012, 12:12 PM
Good morning, ladies! It was a chilly 58 degrees when I got up this morning so a nice cool day in store for us today just in the low 70s.

This is from the Hungry Girl daily email. *New info is here on what works best for weight loss and weight management in postmenopausal women. A recent study ( compared the effectiveness of different weight-loss methods in the short term and long term. While limiting desserts, restaurant dining, sugar-sweetened drinks, and fried foods helped with short-term success, only the reductions of desserts and sugary beverages were associated with long-term success. Habits that didn't show up as effective until the long-term results were evaluated? Eating more fruits and veggies and less meat and cheese. Veeeeery interesting! ***

Makes me glad I learned to desserts only 2-3 times a month. I would have posted the whole article but when I clicked on it is a medical jargon research paper. You can click on click here above and read it if you want. It did say that learning to eat more fruits and vegetables did contribute to long term maintenance. Sugar just isn't good for anyone and artifical sweeteners are suspect too. I've switched to Stevia for the most part.

Faye, the points will depend on what cake mix you use. There are low sugar and sugar free and even gluten free mixes available and then different flavors have different calories and so do different brands. Won't be long until that cruise now! I had my whole interior painted white because it was too dark. I'm going to add some color again but it will be very light. I got rid of curtains and drapes long ago because they catch dust and affect my asthma. I do have valances and plantation blinds.

Hello Jean and Maggie.

Have a great day!

09-11-2012, 12:31 PM

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