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Suzanne 3FC
04-10-2003, 02:18 AM
God Bless America!

We want to invite everyone to join us in our journey.
We share laughter and tears.
We share what works for us and what doesn't.
We recently started a Topic of the Day.

Monday........Motivation Monday
Tuesday.......Tuesday Tips
Wednesday.....Wednesday Weigh ins
Thursday......Thankful Thursday
Friday........Friday Facials, Fingernails and Fun
Saturday.......Sit-up Saturdays - any physical activity
Sunday.........Soup and Salad Sunday - recipes

These are not required topics ...just ideas to share. We have found them very helpful. We also share heartaches and fears...joys and celebrations.

Please feel free to jump right in with us.
And be sure to check if there is a second page. We don't want anyone to miss any posts.
We want to invite everyone to join us in our journey.
We share laughter and tears.
We share what works for us and what doesn't.
We recently started a Topic of the Day.


04-10-2003, 02:37 AM
Well, it is officially Thursday morning here in PA.

I am thankful to be alive, to have a home to go to and two healthy cats (http://pages.ivillage.com/loranden/tiggerandnoah) ! I may not be rich, but I feel I have it made anyway!:)

I've tallied up my food journal entry for the day and figured out why I was so lightheaded earlier--the calorie tally came to only 937 :yikes:!! I honestly thought I ate MORE than that; and I really had to be careful today, because my glucose level was up to 139.

I had a boiled egg, and now I feel better.:)

04-10-2003, 02:43 AM
What a surprise to come to start another fresh thread and find it already started. Thank you Suzanne. I am willing and ready to start anew.

I have had a fairly good day Wed.
My food is better each day. I have bought more "new" veggies and I am looking forward to trying them soon.
I discovered the differences between all the different kinds of squashes. Each variety had cooking instructions on them so I am set. :D I spent a fortune at the grocery store. $$$$$$$

I am babysitting my grandbabies Thursday. I am looking forward to it. I bought a bunch of new toys for them at the garage sales last weekend with my daughter. I can't wait to see their excitement. I also bought them some treats that are a no no for me. :nono: I am determined to not even take a taste .

Okay.. I need to go clean in my kitchen. Half of those groceries are still sitting in bags on the counter. :o I put up the refrigerated stuff and my feet hurt so bad from shopping soooo long that I just cooked dinner and then sat and watched American Idol. NOW I have to go put up the rest.
I want to welcome all newcomers. :wave: We love newcomers here and I am sorry it has taken me so long to welcome you.

It is THANKFUL THURSDAY... I am thankful for ...
new beginnings...
old friends....
and the present.....
any kind of presents... Christmas, birthday, just because I love you presents. :lol:

04-10-2003, 02:48 AM
Hi Lori... you sneaked in on me while I was posting. :wave:
I love your cats. I used to have one quite a bit like your yellow one.
Journalling is important not only to keep us from eating too much... but also from eating too little as you learned. ;)
Love those boiled eggs for a quick snack. My dog usually eats my yolks. :lol:

04-10-2003, 03:50 AM
:mad: Ok please help me quick! My daughter and I just had it out and she made me so angry that I went straight to the kitchen ready to sabotage my whole program. OK I started in and I was ready to eat into oblivian, but I did manage to stop myself. Actually I started writing everything down and realized I hadn't gone over my points yet so I stopped before I did. But why was I so quick to give up, just because my daughter is 15 and thinks she knows all and is the queen of this house and everyone should bow down to her including me. Is that any reason to ruin my life? I don't think so. Also she is the one that guilted me into starting WW in the first place so I think that is why I was so quick to quit over a fight with her. She said that I needed to do it so she could and I have always felt guilty about her weight as it is, so then of course I thought if I didnt' do something I would be responsible for her obesity. Well she doesn't even stick to the program, so I guess I need to set a good example and stay strong through our fights instead of giving into angry eating. :tape:

Hey thanks for all the help. ;) I guess sometimes just coming here and writing and just talking about it solves the problem. I am still very frustrated with my daughter though. She thinks she is a grown up and should be treated as one. She is also very smart and knows all the right buttons to push. It's amazing how similar a 15 yr old and a 2 yr old are. She is doing some of the same things she did when she was 2 to push my buttons only in a more decietful and hurtful way. We are really clashing these days, and I don't want it to be like it was with my mother and I. I could never talk to her, she always made me feel small, I just don't know what to do. :?:

Well anyway, alot has happened since this afternoon when I was in here, has anyone heard from Donna?? Please come back Donna.We love you and I need you.:grouphug:

Tomorrow is WI. I am afraid. Oh well it is just a number and I know I have done the best I can this week.

04-10-2003, 04:03 AM
Deon... I am here... but no great words of wisdom. :no: Sorry.
I raised three teenagers and each one was different... but I did have some of your same problems. If I had to do it all over... I don't even know what I would do now. :rolleyes:

Plus... I don't know that even if I did know what worked for me... if it would be right for you and your daughter. There is no one answer fits all. Just know we are here for you to come release your stress with. {{{ HUGS }}}
I will tell you.... that at 15 you are learning how to be independent. You can't talk back to your teachers, or others in authority ... so who do they practice on ..... MOM. :rolleyes:
God made babies soooo cute and sweet so we would fall head over heals in love with them... because he knew we would need that background to deal with the future. :lol:
I want to tell you how PROUD I am of you for not eating.
You did AWESOME !!!! Instead of having one problem... you would of had two if you ate.

04-10-2003, 04:08 AM
2cute: Thanks so much for that advice and hug. I really needed it. It helps to know that I am not the only one totally lost about all this teen stuff. I always thought I would be able to get through the teen years easier than most because I was going to remember what it was like, well I do remember but I don't know what to do about it. So here I am. Just struggling to do the best I can and hope that she don't hate me in the end. Thanks again for all the support. It is very needed right now, I am weak.

04-10-2003, 08:39 AM
Good morning ladies
Fresh thread fresh start. :goodvibes
Lori I love your cats and the neighbers too.

I made my reservations last night for our trip I can't wait I really need the time away and I promise to try and stay op. :nono:
This will be kind of a second honeymoon for us.

If I missed welcomining any new chicks sorry you will love it here as I do.

Thin good chatting last night where were the rest of you.:shrug:

Well I gotta run grab someting to eat and get off to work.
Love to all of you


Suzanne 3FC
04-10-2003, 08:45 AM
Question: Would the 300+ group like a separate forum, like the 100lb club has? You would have to scroll down the page a little to get there, but maybe it will burn a calorie or two :p It would give you room to branch out into various topics, if you wish. However, I realize you may also feel more cozy in a single thread. It's up to you :)

04-10-2003, 09:34 AM
Good Morning. I promised Suzanne I would post to let you know I am ok. Please know that I am a tough old lady ok? I know you guys love me. My dh put me to bed with sleeping pills last night so I did sleep finally. I am kind of out of it this morning, but will get in the shower and should be able to shake it off. Anyone that is known to belong to this thread is welcome to e-mail. I will leave my address with 2cute as she has posted this am on the thread and I can use her pm without going back to other threads and you may pm her to get it.


04-10-2003, 10:36 AM
Hey there chicklets,

What do you think about suzannes idea of a forum. Wow, we have come a long way.:) A fresh start for us all.

Well today is WI day for me and true to form I have been on the scales twice already even though I use the afternoon weight as the official weight.....but looks like I will have a good loss for the week and will be changing my numbers and guess what else.....I will have lost 10% of my body weight!!!! Yippie hurray lets all dance with me!!!! Please dance with me, we need to smile and laugh again....:lol:

I did this super long post last night about the latest saga with Evan but now its gone....so, if you did not get to read it, here is the condensed version. He came home in tears and terrified to ride the school bus. Well he has had a problem with this one 8th grade girl for sometime. Mind you he is only in 5th grade. Well anyway apparently yesterday it went beyond picking and she and her little croanies decided to tell him well whisper load enough for him to hear it that they were gonna kill him. Yes, thats right they used those words and many more. Well hearing this I got on the war path. Here my child is in tears and terrified and not feeling safe in his own home. So I tell him, I am going to the houses of these other children and straigtening this out once and for all!!! The first house to be visited is the ring leader (8th grader) Well her dad is like OMG, I can't believe she would do this because she has been picked on at school for the last 5 years and come home many a time in tears. So anyway long story short the father was super about it and was gonna have a long long talk with the girl. Then on to the next house, a boy in 6th grade who by the way has been to my house to play, well he would not go in the house and get the dad for me to talk to, I think he was scared and knew exactly why I was there. Anyway I talked to this kid with Evan right there and think all is fixed on this one too, but told him if it continues I will be back to talk to the dad. Next house a 7th grade girl, who turns out is a peer mediator at school. The mom is astounded that she would be in on this, but glad I came and had the guts to go about town and handle this. So that girl admitted everything and has now decided to help Evan on the bus to stop the picking and stuff. I think she did this out of fear of what her mom would say if she did not. But, none the less it will help, and all the parents ended up being really good about it and said if I had any more problems to call right away. Our school system has a no tolerance level for bullies or threats. It is grounds for immediate disipline. Anyway I hope I have fixed all of this and Evan does feel better, even told me last night that I was his hero, can you imagine, can you see my heart melting right now?

I can't believe I went out in my own town to all these houses and did all this, but that mother lion we all have inside just came out, my mil told me this am that she couldnt believe how mad I was. My dh told me if I were a man I sure earned my brass balls last night. Gosh, look what you all have done to me!!! I'm no longer a shy little person in the corner that lets things pass on by. I mean I have let the kid fight his own fights but this one needed more than he could do.

Okay I bent your ears so long....Im sorry, but you guys are my cyber family and I just like talking to you all about everyday stuff in my life too, kinda puts us a little closer....

Hugs to you all,

04-10-2003, 10:42 AM
Hey gals. Do you all remember Sapphyre Dreams? Well I'm here. My computer crashed and I couldnt get back,so when I finally did, I just re-signed up again. I hope all is doing good. I have missed ya'lls support and kind words.

today I am thankful for being able to be back here with a ton of supporting ladies.

04-10-2003, 11:00 AM
Hi Ladies --- Allow me to introduce myself again for those that didn't see my post from yesterday that is now gone. My name is Barb, I have been lurking around here for a couple months using this website for support during my weightloss journey. Everyone here seems wonderful and so tight knit that I guess I was just a little apprehensive to jump into the group. You have all inspired me so much and given me so much support without even knowing it. I decided that it's time for me to jump in, participate and try to give back! :wave:

A little about myself....
I am 32, married to my wonderful hubby, Jeff, for nearly 9 years, we have 3 dogs, no children (yet - we're hoping), I work fulltime for an investment company --- I have battle my weight pretty much my entire life. I've done it all --- childhood dieticians, nutri-system, Richard Simmons, pills, slim-fast, starvation, blah, blah, blah! I'm tired of it all and now trying to find out what works for me. I know the answer - eating healthy and exercising. It's just easier to say than do, as I am sure you all know. Marriage has been wonderful, but the years have not been kind on the waistline (mine or Jeff's). We just found ourselves getting too comfy with our life and each other and stopped being concious of eating and exercising. The weight just crept up over the years. Finally, a few months ago something just went off in my head that said, "get yourself together - time to be healthy". We dearly want to add children to our life and we have not had any luck doing things naturally - I know that losing weight will help and a lot of my motivation comes from my desire to have children. Before I start down the road of treatments and doctors I have vowed to take this year to really get myself back on track...anyway, that's probably more than you wanted to hear...

I have been counting calories, carbs and fat trying to find a good balance. I've been trying to exercise (mostly walking) everyday. I had a pretty good schedule going and 6 weeks ago we adopted our 3rd dog - Charlee the Chihuahua, who I love dearly but has added a little kink in the exercise plan. She can't go for long walks like my other dogs and needs more attention during this puppy time. It's taken me a few weeks to get back into a routine, but this week things I have gotten a little more normal...so, back on track it is. Actually, yesterday after reading the boards and finally deciding to post I went to the basement to walk on the treadmill and added 1/4 mile to my walk. I just felt so motivated!

So far I am down about 22 pounds. My scale is a little tough to read and I am not positive it's accurate, so I ordered a new one that should be here in a couple days. (I do a lot of my shopping on the Internet).

Well, I guess that is enough about me for now. I look forward to getting to know all of you wonderful women! You are all the BEST!

Barb :)

04-10-2003, 12:09 PM
I don't know if I like the idea of a seperate forum, I like the small personal group we have and with a seperate forum I don't think it will be as personal. It's hard enough keeping track of the ladys that do post, not that we don't welcome new comers, a seperate forum might invite alot of newbies who come and go and we don't even get to know them. Just my opinion.

04-10-2003, 12:15 PM
I just wanted to say welcome barb! Today was my first day back since aloa. this is a great thread to be apart of with alot of support. Good luck on your journy

04-10-2003, 12:25 PM
Mornin', girls! :wave: Yesterday went decent, but you know, if I journalled, I'd know for sure! :^: Gosh, you'd think by now that I would just do that. Oh well. One of these days.

On the subject of our own separate forum: My first response I guess is, no. Here are my reasons, but the rest of you guys have to 'weigh in' on the subject too. Personally, I don't have time to jump around from thread to thread all the time. That's why I had to give up the WW100 thread that I was a regular on for a long time. That is also why J-ann quit posting here, because she couldn't keep up here and there. I like being able to read all of what everyone has to say in one place. Some of us (not me) have joined exercise and food challenges with others from other threads and that's great. I just don't have time to keep up with anything additional. That's just me. Everyone else put in your opinions.

Suzanne: Thanks for washing the board for us so we could start over. You do such a great job keeping this site the best weightloss site on the web. Congratulations to you for all you do. And [[[hugs]]] for caring so much!

Barb: Welcome, once again. I hope you will enjoy it here as much as I do. :)

2cute: Sounds like you've got another one of those busy, fun days planned today. Enjoy!

Sandy: I had read your Evan saga yesterday. You go, girl! It's amazing what we're able to do when the 'mother lion' comes out!

Deon: [[[[hugs]]], honey. 15 is NOT much different than 2! Will I really depress you if I tell you that it will get worse before it gets better? Sorry. My wise cousin (who raised 3 sons) once said, "the older they get, the bigger the problems". Boy, was she right. I tried to remember back to when I thought MY mom grew brains and I think I was about 24! :lol: Hope you don't have to wait so long for your daughter to think YOU know a thing or two!

Baylee: I loved the piece on goals. How very true!

Aradia: Welcome! Where abouts in NC are you? I spent 2 years in a little town called Kernersville in the early 80's. Beautiful country!!! I know you'll love it here.

Mary: It was great to talk to you last night. Your trip sounds so enjoyable, and certainly, you deserve it!!!

Donna: I'm glad you were able to get some sleep last night.

Sorry, DUCKIE, I missed you while I was posting. Good morning!

Well, girls, I owe, I owe so it's off to work I go. I have my 4 Walmart visits to make today. I promise I will not even THINK about PB cups today! I think I have conquered that little devil. :devil:

I'll see you all later. Love :love: you all.

God Bless America!

04-10-2003, 12:34 PM
Oops, I thought of one more thing:]

Deon: Here just a thought. It is a strategy that I learned years ago. It works like a charm, but I'm not sure about it working with kids. It works well when you're trying to overcome an objection though....and we all know that with a 15 year old, it's all about objections. :lol:

Anyway, it's called the 'feel, felt, found' method of salesmanship. Your job is to respond to your daughter with a statement using those three words. I'll give you a for instance:

She comes to you and says she'd like to stay out later at night:
You say, "honey, I know how you feel. I was a teenager once too and wanted to stay out late. I felt my mom was being to strict with me too. But I found that when I was in early and got some good sleep, that I felt so much better in the morning."

Do you get the idea??? It takes some time to get used to using the technique, but it is very effective.

Hope it helps.

04-10-2003, 02:47 PM
Originally posted by Suzanne 3FC
Question: Would the 300+ group like a separate forum, like the 100lb club has? You would have to scroll down the page a little to get there, but maybe it will burn a calorie or two :p It would give you room to branch out into various topics, if you wish. However, I realize you may also feel more cozy in a single thread. It's up to you :)


I don't know about any of the other ladies here, but I think it would be a great idea that would save the headache of starting a new "300+ and ...." thread every day.

Deon....Good for you for exercising restraint in not "caving in" and eating yourself into obvilition after the altercation with your daughter. Teen years can be a tough time, especially if you are a person of size. Keep up the good work.;)

Donna: Good to know you are OK and posting. You are an inspiration to this middle-aged chick here.

Grannie: Glad you love the cats. Smokey still "visits" and I give him a treat...better him than me:lol: Noah is Mama's lovebug, he follows me around like a shadow. Tigger is more independent and the king of the house.

Anyway, I'm making the effort of getting close to 1500 calories today than I did yesterday--I still can't believe I ate so much food with so few calories :yikes:! Thank goodness for boiled eggs to the rescue :D

04-10-2003, 04:16 PM
ok ladies... as you can see, i've been around this forum for quite awhile, and I HAD NO IDEA THAT THERE WAS THIS SUPPORT THREAD for those of us who weigh/weighed more than 300 pounds. and i really wish i had known about you much earlier.

so, even though i don't have any voting rights on this topic, i would LOVE to see this as a separate forum.

i've dropped from a high of 506 to 239, but i'm telling you, it's not over yet. and there are still so many issues that only very large women understand... if only i'd found you sooner!!!

oh. and one more thing... if you want some references about me, PM suzanne or jennifer3fc. they'll tell you i'm a peaceable sort of person, most of the time, at least..

04-10-2003, 05:19 PM
Here's my vote...I'd like to keep things as they are. I'm with Thin and Duckie...I like being able to read all of what everyone has to say in one place...I just don't have time to keep up with anything additional. My thoughts exactly!

Thanks, Suzanne for your care and concern!

Jiffypop...you amazing woman! Will you share your story with us? How long did it take, what do you do? Inquiring minds want to know! Welcome to our humble group!

Thin...would it be easier if you journalled here? Just post what you've eaten...would that make you feel more accountable? Whatever works...

Baylee...Excellent quote! I think I'll print that out and post it in a prominent place!

Hi Barb, welcome! Sounds like you are already on your way!

Welcome back, Aradia!

Sandy..."Mama Bear," good for you! Why the heck do some kids get such joy out of tormenting others? Especially younger ones...that really pisses me off. My son has been having some problems with a classmate. (same age) Before I step in, I'd like him to try and solve it himself, but if need be, I'll be speaking to the teacher...and see some of the anti bullying rules put into effect.

Mary...mmm...a trip to "Big & Tastyville," huh? How nice...I've always wanted to see New Orleans...Some GOOD eating down there! :yikes: I know you'll share pics, won't you?

Deon...I have a teen age daughter too...(17) We've had our share of battles, but that seems to have passed. She and I are very close. I have only one little piece of advice. Throw your guilt out the window...you are the parent, what you say goes. Oh...one more thing...you are not responsible for her obesity, she, and what ever she puts in her mouth are! Just keep setting a good example.

Lori...your kitties sound adorable! I'd love to have a cat, but I am SO allergic to them. :( I have my big dumb dog instead, but it's just not the same!

2cute... What can I say? Other than you are the best. And Thank You.
I know you are up to your eyeballs in kid stuff and toys and fun right now...you're gonna sleep good tonight!!

That's it for me...somehow I got suckered into going in early tonight, so I'd better get moving. I told them I'd come in at 7...they really shouldn't call me when I'm sleeping...God knows what I'll agree to! That's OK, I'm off for the next three days. :cb:

Gotta run!

I'm so glad things are back to normal around here...

04-10-2003, 05:47 PM
I'm for keeping things like they are I like it here

04-10-2003, 06:15 PM
I'm with Mary, Kat, Thin and Duckie! Change is bad! :lol: I like our thread nestled amongst all the other support threads in the support forum.

Gotta scoot. My piano students will be here any second.

Sara :)

04-10-2003, 06:39 PM
Now I am totally bummed.....I had a big long post and lost the darn thing again.....

lets try to sum it up. I like what the other girls are saying. I like being able to post to this thread no matter the topic and not have to go hunting.

My official WI is 3.5 lbs gone!!! So I have lost exactly 10% of my starting weight. Happy Dance. So close to 30 but will be there next week!!!!

Visualize it...........29.5 pounds= 5 ~~~5#bags of potatoes
1~~~3#Can of Crisco
1~~~1#pkg of butter
and.......1/2# of candy.....

That sound good to me, will keep me going for a while.

Well hugs to you all,
Welcome to all the new posters

04-10-2003, 10:27 PM
Well the evening is winding down for me. Today has not been that great of a fresh start and I'm very upset with myself right now. But I'm so sick of eating. Does that make sence? I'm tired of trying to drown my saddness in food only to feel pissed off at myself. Ladies I have enjoyed getting to know all of you today. I hope everyone has a wonderful night, I'm going to get my butt to bed and maybe get up on the healthy side of it in the morning.

04-10-2003, 11:09 PM
Hi Gals!
Thanks for welcoming me so warmly to the group! I'm looking forward to getting to know you all much better!

Doesn't look like I am going to have a loss this week, but hopefully no gain - it's going to be a tough but fun weekend. We are heading over to Atlantic City in the morning and will be there till Sunday. We agreed to go to one of those time-share presentations in exchange for a two room place for the weekend and a round of golf. Although it doesn't look like we are going to play golf - the weather is a bit icky and I haven't picked up my clubs since last summer. Some friends are going to join us on Saturday for dinner and gambling. I'm looking forward to a couple days away from home.

In terms of a new forum vs. the threads - I am deferring to all the experienced users around here. I'm fine either way as long as I know where to find you.

I hope everyone has a SUPER weekend!

Sandy - Way to go!!!! Isn't it amazing to visualize the weight we've all shed????

Aradia - I hope you are feeling better in the morning. Start your day with a smile and remind yourself that you are worth all the hard work!!!

:spin: Barb

04-10-2003, 11:49 PM
Evening, everybody! :wave: Today was a pretty decent day. I had a Subway for lunch, 11 points, an apple, a Pria bar, a salad and lite fettucini Alfredo with a chicken breast for dinner. The low fat Alfredo sauce came out very well. It was sent to me by a friend. However, the stats that were listed didn't seem right so I am going to double check them before passing the recipe on. My oldest loves Alfredo sauce so I think he will be pleased the next time I make and he gets to try it.

I've been restless this evening since dinner, not knowing what I want, but wanting something. I figured I would come in here and post instead of stalking the kitchen. You guys are so good for me! :yes:

Lori: I didn't notice before but you're really doing well. Good for you! :)

Jiffypop: I don't know where you've been hiding, but we've been around here since the summer of 2000. And I'm sure there are several of us who would love to take credit for some of your weightloss success! :lol: Just kidding! :o You have done a marvelous job of taking off the pounds. You'll have to come by regularly, now that you know we're here, and share some of your secrets with us.

Katrina: Oh ****, YES it would probably be easier for me to journal here, but then I'd actually have to DO IT!!! :eek: Silly Girl!

Mary: That was quick. Come back when you can stay longer. :;:

Sara: You too. What's with this 'quickie' stuff? Don't you know that 'quickies' are only for "big and tastys"???? :rolleyes:

Sandy: WOW!!! 3.5 pounds!!! You go, girl!!! I'm soooo impressed! :cp:

Aradia: The best advice is what you've already given yourself, go to bed and get up to a better choice day tomorrow. Hang in there! :tape:

Barb: Have a great time! It sounds like you have a wonderful weekend planned. We'll be waiting for you to return so we can hear all about it. :yes:

Michelle: I'm glad you checked in the other day. I'm not sure your post is still there. Good luck with the mid terms. YUCK! :crossed:

What ever happened to Tracy???? If you're out there, come on back and say hello.

Well, guess I'm going to run. Love :love: to all. I'll see ya tomorrow. Big 'showgirl' weekend, so I'm not sure how much time I'll have to post.

God Bless America!

04-11-2003, 01:13 AM
Originally posted by thinthinker

Lori: I didn't notice before but you're really doing well. Good for you! :)

Do I have a choice?:lol: :s:

Seriously, thanks for the compliment. I feel different--in a positive way :cp: I'm hoping the trend continues into August, when I see the bariatric surgeon.

My blood test results that I had done last Wednesday should be back by tomorrow, if they aren't already. I'm going to call the office in the morning and check on them. This "If everything is normal, you won't hear from us" BS :p doesn't work for me--I need to hear it for myself.

04-11-2003, 03:07 AM
First of all, welcome to all the newbies. I apologize for not welcoming you individually, but I have a lot of typing to do, and if I'm going to get started, I have to get started quick.

First of all, for those of you that don't know me, I am your resident Nascar expert.....one driver in particular, Mr. Tony Stewart. :s: I attended a personal appearance today and this is how it went:

Where to begin? Where to begin? I can honestly say, without a doubt, this was one of the MOST awesome days of my life.

The appearance was not publicized for various reasons. From what I understand, it was actually supposed to only go out on Tony's newsletters, I believe. There was very limited parking and I believe that was one of the concerns. It was a very nice event however. They had loads of food catered in and lots to drink. (none of which I enjoyed because I didn't want to go up to Tony smelling like a sweet n sour meatball or a nacho) Or possibly because I didn't want to gain 5 lbs! :lol:

They passed out wristbands, but would not let you get in line until 12:00. Because this was a warehouse, they were very particular....safety reasons, I suppose. So we arrived a little after 10:00, got our wristbands, left for a bit and came back at 12:00. We got in line and just chit chatted with other fans.

Believe it or not, Tony was actually early. Yeah, it was only 5 minutes, but let's give the man credit. He was not late! Now, keep in mind, I had emailed Pam, Tony's mom....earlier in the week to ask if I could take some shots after the signing of Tony for the Tony Stewart website I am an administrator on and she had ok'd it and said she had forwarded my email to Eddie, Tony's PR guy and I would just have to remind him when I got there.

Well, they start coming in and I stop Eddie and ask him if he got Pam's email? Eddie gets this blank look on his face and I think, "Oh no." He's not checked his email. So I tell him who I am and who I'm there for and he says, "Pictures after? Sure, just hang out." So, now that I know I'm all squared away, it's time to get down to business.

Tony gets to the table and the flashbulbs start popping. Ron and I both have cameras, and I'm sorry Ron, but I do have to take this time to mention........

He took the first 16 pictures WITHOUT the flash on!
Yes, Ron's camera woes continue.

But seeing as we only took about 75 more, I think we'll be just fine. So we get up to the table and I give Tony a certificate some of the other admins and I had put together for him awarding him the honor of "Scruff King of the Year" It basically thanked Tony for losing his razor every now and again and had the admins name at the bottom of it. We are part of the "official" scruff club. For those of you that don't know what scruff is, it's that lovely stubble that he sports. Anyways, when I give him the certificate, he actually stopped the line at this point and reads the entire thing. After he finishes it, he just dies laughing and says, "This is really cool....hilarious." I said, "We love the scruff Tony." He said, "Yeah, I know." I said, "Don't ever lose the scruff." He said, "Don't worry....we won't." Then he laughed again.

So Eddie tells us to go over on the side and wait, so we do. This appearance was very different than many other I have been to, because no one was very uptight. There were policemen there, but they were more or less making sure you didn't go through the line twice and things like that. He didn't have any beside him. It was only Tony and Eddie up on a platform and they were roped off with Home Depot and checkered flag ropes.

So, the line is dwindling down, (There were only 242 wristbands distributed) and we were making small talk with Tony throughout the wait. He signed my jacket as well as my other items and even addressed it "To Tina", which I thought was very cool. So I've been taking tons of pictures from the side, and now it's time to take some from the front. From what I understand, at Home Depot appearances, Tony will go into the breakroom and sign autographs for the employees after the appearance, but because this was so laid back, employees could come and go at will and have their items signed from where he was sitting on the stage.

So you can see it's about to wind up, so I go over to take some close up shots of Tony. I feel that there are only so many times you can actually have him look at you and smile, so I only took three of him looking directly at me and smiling for me. But they will be GOOD. After I'm done taking these, I go up to him. Even though I am standing & he is sitting, we are eye level because he is up on a platform. So I ask the pitiful question, "Tony, can I get a picture with you?" (They had already stated in no uncertain terms he would not be posing for pictures with anyone) Then I hear the words, "I'm sorry honey. But if I take one with you, then everybody will want one too." So I said, "Ok" and I walked away with my head down.


I don't think so Mr. Stewart! Not getting away that easy. So, the girl who just a year ago took one look at him and fled said, "But Tony, the last time I had my picture made with you, I was about 50 lbs. heavier and I really wanted a new one with you." So he looks at me and then leans in really close with head down, (like we were sharing a secret) and says, "Ok, here's what we'll do. When this thing is over and I'm ready to leave, we'll take one together." At this point, and this was just a natural reaction, I reached over and took his hand and said, "Thank you so much Tony." He said, "Your welcome sweetie."

Oh yeah, I think I forgot someone. What's his name? Oh yeah, RON....my husband. :lol: He's standing over on the side looking at me, with my face literally inches from Tony's, holding his hand and thinking, "Is this really my wife?" :lol: He was also taking photos of me and Tony talking that I was unaware of and right as he went to take the one of me holding Tony's hand, a man walked right in front of him, so I'm not sure if that one will turn out or not, but what a photo if it does!

So, Tony's ready to go and his staff director or whoever she was....I'm not really sure, but she was bossy, comes over and says, "Come on Tony...we're outta here." He stands up, and starts gathering up items (our certificate included) and hands them to Eddie and someone else and he says, "Wait, I have to get a picture with her and points towards me." The lady (bossy one) says, "What?" He said again, "I'm taking a picture with her." She said, "Are you sure?" He said, "Yeah...it's fine." Then he motions me over. I'm walking towards him and he holds his arm out so he can put it around me. I go over and put my right arm around his back and my left hand is across my chest touching his stomach......yes, touching his stomach. :faint: So he squeezes me in close and Ron (God love him) takes the picture. I turn to Tony, (figuring...what the heck) and ask to take one more just in case I blinked and he said, "Sure." So we take another one. When we're finished, with my arm still around him, I give him a hug, (I got one back) and thanked him again, and he said, "Your welcome sweetie, see you later." And then he left.

I don't know what happened after he left the appearance site, but I can tell you with all certainty, from the time he walked in, till the time he walked out.....I was the only one that got a picture with him. I am a totally happy woman.

And part of me is still in a puddle in the floor of the Apex Warehouse in Nashville Tn.

Pics....lots more of them....are coming tomorrow!!

For now, here's one of me and my true love, Ron. Yes, it is Ron. :lol: :love: This is one of me and him at the appearance today.


P.S. I vote for keeping the thread JUST LIKE IT IS. I wouldn't want it any other way.

04-11-2003, 04:13 AM
:cb: :cb: First of all I have to get this out of the way. I lost 5 lbs. That is a total of 17 so far. I am sooo excited. I did this even after eating KFC over the weekend and having my little breakdown last night. It really pays to journal. If I hadn't been writing down everything I wouldn't know when to stop. I feel awesome.

Thin- Thanks for the advice I will give it a try. I am always willing to try new things when it comes to parenting, especially when what I am doing stops working.

Loranden- Thanks! I need all the encouragement I can get right now.

Donna- Oh Donna!!?? Just checking.

Jiffy- Your truly an ispiration. We all want to hear your story.

Sara- I still admire your picture daily. I am inspired to get my own before pic. now because I know there will be an after one.

Katrina- Thank you so much. It is very helpful to know that someone else has survived teen years. It lets me know there is light at the end.

Sandy-:cb: :cb: We're doing that happy dance together! :bravo: Congrats on your loss!!

Aradia- Keep coming here and these ladies will help you get on track. And tomorrow is a new day, a new start. :) Just don't give up.

Tina- Do we need to pull you off of your :cloud9: ?? Naw, we'll leave you there awhile longer. Wow! It really sounds like you had a great time. Totally cool!:cool:

As far as a new thread, I'm not sure because I dont really understand the whole thread thing anyway, as long as I know where to find all these wonderful ladies and can keep posting, I'm happy.


:D :cb: :cp: :bravo: :dance: :flow2: :flow1: :dancer: :grouphug:

04-11-2003, 04:19 AM
:D :D Tina.... I am smiling sooo much my jaws are hurting. :D :D

I am soooo HAPPY for you !!!! I know this is a thrill of a lifetime for you. :cb:

I am going to save everything else I have written for the next thread that I am getting ready to start. Sooooo.....

STOP !!! Do not post here....
Instead come race on over to our next thread... #314.
See you all there.... just look for the thread with the "gleaming" glow around it... that will be our beloved Tina. :D