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08-23-2012, 03:41 PM

We are fixing to be up in the 90º this day with isolated thunderstorms and the rest of the week with a very low chance of rain, so they say. We want rain. I haven’t done much yet this day but do have dinner in the crock pot. At least the meat part anyway. I am cooking a tri-tip coated with a package of dry onion soup and some wine to tenderize it. This is the mate to the other one we BBQed awhile back that was as tough as shoe leather. This one will certainly turn out tender after being slow cooked all day. :yes: I think I will give Will a call to pick up some tortillas and I can make a few burritos with the left- overs and freeze them for a quick lunch one day. I am not in the mood to make tortillas this day and there are some good tasting ones on the market now with low points.

It is just now noon thirty and I am thinking about having a container of Greek yogurt for my lunch with some of the WW oatmeal cereal in it and crunchy celery sticks. Yep that sounds like a plan. Tonight with the roast I will fix some of my rice mix and some baked beans along with a fresh tossed salad. So the yogurt mix right now will be a good low point lunch that should hold me till dinner time. I have some cuties still that will make a good snack if I need one later on. That’s the plan for my food intake this day. I will walk and do some (not much but some) weight lifting for my exercise. I am still easing into this exercise thing. So far I haven’t hurt myself in the process so I am bashing on little by little ~ wins the race. I am not in a contest with anyone but myself. BTW did you know that 2 Tbsp of Seasoned Croutons is only 1P+ ~ yeppers ~ that is a whole ⅛ of a cup. They are so good sprinkled on top of a cup of soup. I like the crunch. I am more of a crunchy person than a creamy one. I like crunchy much better than creamy, much better. And I do like a few bacon bits sprinkled on julienned green beans that have been spritzed with “I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter.” So by now any of you who ever want to cook for me know at least some of what I like. :lol: Life is good.

JEAN Oh, yes, we have to be price conscious. We can get some things at the "Dollar Store" that are even cheaper than Wal*Mart and some things are iffy. We like the "Dollar Store" for dry onion soup and such for they are always cheaper there and they have dog treats that lists the first ingredient as protein so we buy them for our dogs. Wal*Mart is cheaper in meat and their meat is mostly better than at the other markets in town. Go figure. The tri-tip I am cooking today didn't come from Wal*Mart. Wal*Mart also doesn't carry some of the items we use so we do have to shop for them at the local market like the brand of Bread & Butter pickels and olives stuffed with jalapeno slices. The important stuff. :lol: Also some other things besides condiments. It is hard to do one stop shopping for food around here anyway.

DONNA FAYE I can't say I have ever even heard of barramundi fish. Wonder if it is known for a different name ~ I will have to research it. I will never eat a snail ~ slimey little things that eat geraniums. There are plenty of other things for me to eat and if others want to eat them fine. There are lots of strange foods out there and I don't have to even try them if the thought of eating them makes me shudder. Different strokes for different folks. I have been where snales were served and politely declined with out making any "rude" comments. :p I won't eat fish eyes either.

I am back after looking up barramundi fish: There are two kinds of it ~ one is a Cod and one is a Sea Bass.

Have a wonderful day Magnolias. :wave:

08-23-2012, 05:34 PM
I'm baaccckkkk! I'm having one of those days where the hurrier I go, the behinder I get! :tantrum: I just go from one thing to another without finishing anything. Makes me mad so don't know why I do that.

Maggie -- Your menu always sound so good! I'd rather have you cook for me! ;) I prefer having crunch too! Have you ever put popcorn in your soup? I've not tried it but my WW leader does that all the time, rather than crackers. I never thought about using croutons. Good idea. :yes: I didn't know that snails liked geraniums, nor that people would eat fish eyes. Yuck! I learned two new things today! Thanks for starting the new thread.

I need to get busy and do some serious vacuuming. Hope you all are enjoying a terrific Thursday! :woohoo:

08-24-2012, 01:14 PM

I hope we get more rain today. We got some last evening and through the night, and it was sure welcomed. Let the :rain: come down. We closed the doggie door early because Beanie likes to frolic in rain & hail and will come in wet & stinking from his play. The hail, when it hits so hard, could actually hurt him. We weren’t having any of it last evening but the rain came down at a good pace. :cp:

I just have to say that Greek yogurt is yummy with a couple spoonfuls of the WW oatmeal cereal and a few blueberries in it for a breakfast or lunch. Low point, yummy and sticks with me. I have a large variety of dried fruit so I can change up on the flavors. The roast turned out nice and tender from cooking it all day in the crock pot. I will make burritos today out of the leftover meat, beans, & rice. I will also add a bit of shredded light cheddar and salsa.

Will wants to call out for pizza for dinner this day so I will eat light till then. I can have two nice slices of pizza if I plan for it in advance. One slice of the meat lovers hand tossed is 8P+. I can deal. I really appreciate that he let me know last evening that he wanted pizza instead of waiting till time to order it. He is a help to my program. :cp:

Schwans® man came this morning and I hadn’t placed an on line order so Will bought a few things and I wonder what they were and am hesitating to ask. :lol: He usually does pretty good when he buys though, for he is also trying to lose weight and knows the things I like to have on hand. I am going to make a pot of Chili Verde next week and make some more burritos. A bowl (6P+) of it is good to eat with a nice tortilla though. I have a recipe that uses pork and another that uses chicken and both are yummy. If any of you want one of the recipes or both let me know. The :chicken: is from WW and the :ink: from Cooking Light.

I haven’t been using my pedometer for my walk though. I thought I would wait until I have worked up to more minutes of walking to use it. I am really interested in getting one of the WW thumb drive things when they go on sale. The leader showed it to us last Monday and it is trick. It not only records walking but has other functions and you plug it into your computer for the read out. :comp: I want one but will just have to wait until they are on sale ~ probably when the new program comes out in November. In the meantime I will keep recording :write: my minutes of walking in the booklet I made for that purpose. I have been faithful and done it for 3 days so far this week ~ started on Tuesday. I’ll go walking when I finish here. :dancer:

JEAN Yes I have put popcorn in tomato soup before and it is good. I need to try it in other soups also but don't always have any left over or just sitting around to do that. However, I could purposely save some of the poped corn some evening for soup the next day. Or pop some fresh for that fact. Anyway it is a great idea. I could season the popcorn to taste like the croutons. :p I do try always to finish one thing before going to another for I have found it works better for me if I do that. I prioritize a list of what I want to accomplish in a day and try my best to follow it. Each person needs to find what works best for them to get things done. Has your WW leader shown you the new thumb drive device they are having the leaders try out before they sell them at meetings?

I am off now to do some walking. Have a wonderful day Magnolias. :wave:

08-24-2012, 03:37 PM
Good Afternoon, Flowers! Bob left for Canada this morning, and I have been wide awake since 3 AM -- he left at 3:30! I couldn't sleep last night (headache and stuffy nose) so went downstairs to the recliner. Slept good for a couple hours but think I may need a catnap later. I had my nails done first thing this morning and ran a few more errands. It is more humid although not as hot today; wind still blowing though.

Maggie -- Send some rain my way! The weatherman did say thunderstorms during the night tonight but not to expect much rain. I haven't seen the WW thumb drive thing since I haven't stayed for a meeting lately. :o It seems like we are last to get whatever is new to the program. We still don't have computers so the receptionist and leader have to use the old paper and pen method. They do have locked storage so don't have to haul boxes in each week. Enjoy your pizza!

The mailman just went by so guess I will go and see what piece of political news we got today. I sure don't understand why either candidate is spending money on a nominating campaign. What a waste of money imo!

Hope you all have an enjoyable rest of the day! :wave:

08-25-2012, 11:34 AM
Good morning, ladies. 73 degrees and pouring a hard rain right now. It's rained every day this week.

Thursday was my 20th anniversary at work and the boss took us all to dinner last night. I got to choose so we went to Nawab which is an Indian restaurant. I had a mixed grill which had chicken, beef, lamb, goat, scallops and shrimp. It was served with rice and vegetables and so very good.

Yesterday was ago English paper piecing bee and we had a really good time. It looks like everyone is back from summer vacation and we were all there.

Today Sandy and I are going to lunch and then do some shopping. I have to get a pair of oxford type dress shoes for my appointment for my shoe orthodics is next Friday.

Maggie, the WW thumb is sort of like my FitBit I was given to do the walking research study except I just have to pass within 15 feet of the computer and it records. I love it. Congratuations on moving more. It is important.

Jean, I'd love to send you all our rain for a couple of days. It seems everytime we have a long holiday weekend it rains. Summer passed so fast this year.

Hi, Faye!

Have a wonderful day!

08-25-2012, 11:53 AM
Good Morning, Flowers! It's a cool (66 degrees) rainy morning in my neighborhood with .65" of gentle rain so far. I got up at my usual 6 AM time, dressed, make-up, and hair combed thinking the contractor would be here bright and early like he usually is. Silly me -- I forgot . . . . never "assume" anything! :rolleyes: Rumor has it the electrician will come Monday morning; he never calls but just shows up. I leave at 7:30 and lock all the doors so he may be in for a surprise.

Susan -- :congrat: on your 20 year anniversary at work! It was nice of your boss to treat everyone to dinner in your honor. When one stops to think about it, that is a long time to perhaps drive the same route, sit in the same office, work with the same people, doing the same work. I know every day is a bit different but yet they are similar. I know when I drive by the high school it doesn't seem possible I was there for 18 years. I visited the school website and looked at the staff pictures. When I subbed I knew almost all of the teachers in all four grade schools, the junior high, and high school. Now I know very few, and there are even a few new ones at the high school. Enjoy your lunch and shopping with Sandy; I hope you find the shoes you need.

Maggie -- Thanks for the rain! ;)

"Gma" -- Hope all is ok with you and Jack! :yes:

I have a load of laundry ready to go downstairs and need to vacuum the laundry room. Ernie got a little wild flipping kitty litter around. Have a super Saturday and enjoy wherever you are and whatever you are doing today. :wave:

08-25-2012, 12:57 PM

It rained again last night ~ hallelujah ~ we sure need it and are grateful for every drop. I usually wake up a few times during the night but go back to sleep quickly most times. I slept through last night. All night I didn’t wake up once. I am surprised.

One of these days before Christmas I need to make a trip to the big city and get a few things I need that we can’t get here. First off I need some more Christmas roof lights for my little houses in my village and am hoping Michaels has them for that is where I got the ones I have now. I do hope that Michaels does have them. I also want to purchase a roll of one foot by two foot magnetic sheeting and a few other crafty things. We always like to go to Olive Garden or the Red Lobster (owned by the same company) or Chili’s when we go to the city. I think it is Chili’s turn. Always thinking about food but I need to know so I can plan ahead what I am going to order so as to stay OP.

I made 8 small burritos yesterday and now have them in the freezer. I froze them with my machine putting two in each bag. I love that appliance. I also bagged up several pounds of ground sirloin that Will found in the “used meat” bin yesterday. He also brought home a whole chicken that I froze in its own tightly sealed plastic wrapping for it will be fine in that since it is heavy duty from the factory. That bird will be cooked in the rotisserie one day this year.

SUSAN :congrat: for 20 years at your job and what fun to get to celebrate with the workers. Sounds like you chose a restaurant that pleases your palate. Since you work for WW do you have one of those WW thumb drive devices or did they just give them to the leader? With all the exercise you do it must be a fun thing to check the information on your computer that has been recorded on the thumb.

JEAN You are quite welcome ~ it is nice to share. We are fixing to get some more rain this night also. What we have gotten the last couple days has soaked in nicely. :cp: In fact it is drizzling now as I type. I have one of those kitty mats in front of Cecil’s butt hut and it seems to catch all the sand that he transfers out of the hut. His feet are so huge that it isn’t a wonder that he transfers some sand. He hasn’t frolicked in there yet but that day may come. He is so funny ~ he eats all his food except a layer on the bottom of his dish then asks for it to be filled again. I dump that layer back into the container then fill his dish up again. It has become a ritual. He is fed on a wooden TV type table and loves to knock pieces off onto the floor where Beanie sits waiting for them. I have a piece of non skid on the table because the feeding dish got broken when he pushed it off the table onto the floor where the food went everywhere. Cecil can’t scoot the stainless dish I now feed him in. He just drops little morsels to the floor for his friend.

DONNA FAYE We miss you.
Have a wonderful day Magnolias. :wave:

08-26-2012, 09:17 AM
Good morning all. I posted on Thursday, but it isn't there so don't know what happened to it.

I had to go and pick up my contacts yesterday at Walmart and we did a bit of shopping. They carry this flavored coffee cream Jack likes and they don't have it anywhere else so we got some of that and I got a container of safety pins to take on the cruise.

Jack is going to shampoo carpets today though with this rainy weather it may take awhile to dry. Jack says the tropical storm is headed for Alabama so we are going to get a lot of rain this week. It rained here a deluge while we were out shopping of course yesterday and it is dark and cloudy this morning so we may get more rain. We wanted to cook steaks and asparagus out on the grill, but that may not happen. We may have to just broil them.

Susan: Congrats on your 20 yrs at your job. Sure isn't like it used to be. Employers wanted long term employees and nowadays 5 years and they want you to move on. Stupid way of thinking in my opinion. Hope you had fun at your paper piercing.

Maggie: I had read it was some kind of sea bass, but not the other. I imagine the sea bass type is what they will serve as the dining room serves real upscale stuff. Speaking of fish eyes, I was watching a rerun of Rizzoli and Isles the other day and Mara took Jane to this funeral memorial of these really rich people and they had a sit down dinner. They serve a whole fish and of course Jane was you typical Boston blue collar gal and ewwwwd the whole idea of a fish with eyes looking at you. Mara tried to show her how to eat the fish and Jane got impatient and just stabbed it and threw fish juice on all these high falutin people. It was pretty funny. I am not sure I am your whole fish kind of person either, but who knows???

Jean: How the heck is the rain missing you? We all are getting rain around you! :lol: We get all that nonsense too. Most folks have strong opinions and have decided months ago who they would vote for so I am like you, why waste the money. Of course catalogues are starting to come for the holidays, ugh!!! I noticed when we were in the commissary last week that they had the Halloween candy all out already. Sheesh. I did order the yarn for Jay's birthday socks and for the boy's socks for Christmas. I hope to work on those and Kelly's socks for her birthday while on the cruise.

Nothing much else going on around here. It is pretty quiet most of the time. Gonna work to finish that sock today. It needs to be done and washed and blocked. Have a lovely day today. Faye

08-26-2012, 10:59 AM
Good morning, ladies! We had 7 inches of rain and a lot of flooding again yesterday with more rain today. We are so wet right now.

Sandy and I went to Jason's Deli for lunch yesterday. They have a great salad bar. We had golf umbrellas and had fun running from the parking lot to the stores and deli.

I'm working on my quilt for the retreat today and doing laundry. Tomorrow is the dentist to have my teeth cleaned. The Y is closed for it's semi-annual top to bottom cleaning so no gym.

I think I'll make chicken for supper.

Have a great day.

08-26-2012, 02:48 PM
Good Afternoon, Flowers! Just got home from church; today we had a gospel group visit with a lunch afterwards. They sang and talked for almost an hour and a half -- they were so good. Several people asked where Bob was and commented that he would have enjoyed the singing. Now I need to do some serious vacuuming and sorting in the basement in case the electrician needs to get to the electric box tomorrow.

Maggie -- You mentioned needing more Christmas lights; when I stopped in the hardware store they were checking in Christmas merchandise. I know some of the Hallmark ornaments were on display in July which is normal for them. Beth called yesterday and told me to watch the Animal Planet. The program was The Cat from He**. Basically it's about cats with BAD habits and a guy who offers advice on how to retrain them. One in particular was a biter; he would attack and hang on :eek: to the gal's leg but never bit the man. At least Ernie bites and runs. Part of the retraining was to take the cat outside on a leash. In the end the retraining did work but it took a long time.

"Gma" -- I'm glad to see you here today! :yes: We got .86" of rain yesterday. It drizzled all day, kind of a clammy chilly day. Both Jason and Amanda have run into looking for jobs where they made too much money in their previous job and/or had too much experience so weren't hired. I know there are companies (WM is one) that give crappy hours and assignments so long term people will get fed up and quit even though they have to give up vacation time, health benefits, etc. It's not fair but that's the way it is.

Susan -- I can imagine you are water logged! Will you get more from the hurricane? Did you find shoes yesterday? I was wondering if you have one of those exercise balls at home. Since the Y is closed, you will have to be creative. :dance:

I need to get busy while I still have some energy left. Enjoy the rest of your day! :wave:

08-26-2012, 04:39 PM

What a beautiful day in the neighborhood. It is in the high 70º and the wind isn’t blowing for the first time in ages.

I just got in from eating out and stopping by the store. We went to our favorite Mexican place and I had 1 shredded beef taco for 4 points+, rice for 3 points+ and for starters had 10 corn chips & salsa for 4 points+. All in all 11 points+ is not a bad amount to pay for such good food they have there. On the way home Will stopped by the market for he wanted a “sweet.” He came out with a package of those mini chocolate éclairs which are only 4 points+ each. I ate one and he is welcome to the rest of the package. The regular sized éclairs are 11 points+ and I definitely stay away from them. I now have plenty of points+ left to spend on dinner.

Not much going on in this neighborhood ~ all is quiet and peaceful.

JEAN Sounds like a nice concert you had today with a meal served afterwards. I am sure glad that Cecil isn’t a biter. I couldn’t abide a dog or a cat that bit me. Something would have to be done to change that behavior to live with us. I imagine by the time we get to the "city" Michales will have their Christmas things out adorning the shelves and I can get the miniature lights for my houses.

DONNA FAY Wonder what happens to those posts that go out into cyberspace and don’t land on this tread as they are supposed to. Just floating around out there somewhere. I can just see that fish squirting those folks. What a hoot. My brother never brought back any sea bass but I got a lot of nice canned tuna when he went out on his boat for a "vacation" each year. My very most favorite fish is Red Snapper.

SUSAN I imagine your area is quite waterlogged now with all that rain. We can sure use some more here in the ♥-Land. I imagine you have enough exercise equipment and know how to keep yourself going while the Y is closed. A change up in a routine is a good thing "they say". How many days in a row do you exercise before taking a day off?

Have a wonderful day Magnolias. :wave:

08-27-2012, 08:47 AM
Good morning to you gals. We should be getting rain soon with the tropical storm movine towards New Orleans. You feel for the folks along the borders, but on the other hand, they know what they get in to and there is a trade off, great weather most of the time and possible dangerous some of the time. It is very overcast here and yesterday we had a spot of satellite outage with the HD satellite but only about 5 minutes or so. Funny thing, the regular satellite picks up the stations just fine. :lol:

Well, I should get Jackson and Thomas's and Jay's yarn for their socks this week. I already have Kelly's. I wanted to show you what the yarn looked like, but the photo upload hasn't been working for over a week now. I did send them a message about it. Jay's socks will be smoky blues and grays and the boys are all these fall colors. The yarn is called hayride so it gives you an idea.

I still haven't gotten that sock done, but I am almost at the toe so should be able to finish it today. I then can finish up the wrap and will have the "have to" knitting done.

Jean: Butterscotch wasn't a biter and only had his back claws, but he could scratch the heck out of you anyway. Even Fortune scratches me crawling all over me all the time. I have seen that program listed, but never watched it. Now that my shows are all on fall hiatus until November, I doubt I will watch much tv except in the daytime. I got hooked on The Mentalist during the day last week and I like the CSI NY and the Miami one a lot. I have seen all the Las Vegas ones and don't care for the format as much as the other two. I am a big fan of Gary Sinise as he does such wonderful things for the military. Hope Bob got home all safe and sound today.

Maggie: I like those creme horns, but I stay away from them. Down here they have frosting in them, which I don't like. Up north they put like a marshmallowy meringuey filling that I like a lot better. I like watching "The Best Thing I Every Ate," on the cooking or food channel and they had these italian pastries that looked to die for. We have one bakery that makes real pastries. It is a french patissierie clear on the other side of town and very small selection so I never get in trouble with it, but other than that all we have here are donut shops for the most part. I am going to have to really watch the sweets on the ship. They have some hum dingers for sure and you can get the stuff 24 hours a day! :lol:

Susan: Jack and I have talked of rejoining the Y so we can now swim year round. They put a temporary covering over the pool during fall and winter now and take it off in the summer. They didn't have that when we belonged before. We have 2 Jason's Delis here and I love their salad bar. It has such a wonderful selection of stuff.

We are under 4 weeks now and I am a nervous wreck. I have so many lists and things we have to do besides I am a bit nervous about spending a week on a ship out to sea. :lol: I know I will easily get used to it, but the thought of not seeing land I have to get used to. I was on the aircraft carrier once and they went out into the Atlantic for the day so was surrounded by water but wasn't up on deck all the time. Ah well. I am just glad they have swimming even if they pool isn't deep.

Everyone have a good start to the week. I am going to read and knit then get my chores going. Faye

08-27-2012, 11:23 AM
Good morning, ladies! It'll be in the 80s today with - you guessed it - rain.

Nothing happening today. I brought stuff home from work so will have to work on that a couple of hours. I had my teeth cleaning this morning so that's out of the way. Guess I work on beading a scissor case for my friend this afternoon!

Jean, I sit on a stability ball when I'm on the computer and also do some exercises with it. I have that, toning bands, weights, and dvds for yoga, pilates, and walking so I can exercise at home when I can't get out. I didn't find the shoes I wanted yet so will have to shop some more.

Faye, I have never wanted to cruise because I get paniced when I can't see land from a boat. I love going to the Y, as you already know.

Maggie, we are water logged. If the rain doesn't stop and let us dry out, the trees are going to start falling over. It'll be really bad if we get even the remanants from a hurricane.

Have a great day!

08-27-2012, 01:14 PM
Good Morning, Flowers! It's a beautiful day in my neighborhood. I thought the electrician would be here this morning so yesterday I half heartedly cleared a path to the panel box in the basement, wrote a note telling him the back door was unlocked and not to let Ernie out, and double checked the door and note before I left. He hasn't shown his face yet. GRRRRR! Last week he was bright and early before I was even dressed. :mad: I didn't answer the door because I didn't recognize him and there was no writing on his truck. We balanced at church and I have the gift shop money ready for the bank. I need to pick up a few things at the grocery store; not sure what time Bob will be home although they cross the border at 8 when it opens.

Maggie -- Your Mexican dinner yesterday sounded good. :T

"Gma" -- Your knitting will keep you busy until cruise time. :yes: So far I haven't seen any show previews that interest me. I do like Dancing With the Stars and notice that will start in September. IMO there is way too much violence on tv. Give me the old half hour funny shows any day.

Susan -- I thought I remembered you had a ball. You are well equipped for exercise! :cheer: I hope the rain stops and Isaac takes a detour back out to sea.

I'm off to make a bank run and hit the grocery store. Enjoy a Marvelous Monday! :wave:

08-27-2012, 03:34 PM

A group of us went out to eat at Wendy’s after church last evening and I got a grilled chicken sandwich without the sauce and tossed the bun and just ate the meat and veggies for a whopping 3P+ and was just as happy as I could be. They were out of some of the items that I would have ordered but that is what happens in this small town ~ not enough call for some items and I totally understand. I wanted the roasted asparagus and mushroom mix for 2P+ and they didn’t have it nor did they have the Mandarin orange half cup. I had ordered my chicken and veggies without the bun but I guess they have to serve it in a bun. I have gotten to the point that I don’t eat bread unless it is of a special kind. :cp: What I ate was good and I had a great time with the folks. I can go out now anywhere to eat and pick and choose what to eat and stay OP. None of this ordering willy nilly then trying to figure out what the points cost is. I stick to baked, broiled or BBQed and am usually safe with that when eating out. And stay out of the bread basket. Don’t get me wrong I love bread but it doesn’t love me. :nono:

I am going to make dinner today after WW for Will has a meeting to go to. I’ll weigh in and not stay for the meeting so he can go to his after dropping me off at home. There is a chance there won’t be a meeting at WW but just “weigh in” for the leaders mother-in-law passed away and she is attending the service this afternoon. Any of the ladies that work at the WW place can answer any questions folks may have about the program. I weighted this morning on my scale and it shows me down a pound. Hopefully the scale at WW will show the same. :crossed: I can only hope. :lol:

DONNA FAYE I love the ocean but don't want to go out so far where I couldn't swim to shore. Never had the desire to go on a curise and be confined to a floating vessile that I couldn't get off of until it docked somewhere. I am one of those folks that needs the wide open spaces on tera firma with its mountains and valleys. But I wish you fair sailing. It's just not my cup of tea. Like I say "different strokes for different folks." I do hope your time out to sea is a pleasant one and all you have hoped for. I don't like those cream horns ~ but I love chocolate eclairs.:D Like I always say ~ "different strokes for different folks."

JEAN Isn't it irritating when those contracters don't come when expected. They seem to over book themselves and don't finish one job before flitting off to another.

SUSAN I sure do hope your trees don't fall over. That is so sad what damage those beautiful trees can do to homes and property in a storm. Too bad they can't be replanted. Sounds like you just about have the same exercise items at home that I do except the stability ball. Come the first on next month I am going to order one to use here in my office.

Time to see about getting some lunch. :wave: Have a great afternoon Magnolias.

Back from WW to crow~ I am down another pound. YIPEKIO

08-28-2012, 09:02 AM
Good morning to you all. I see we are supposed to start getting slammed with rain starting Thursday. We will start getting rain tomorrow, but the heavy stuff will be on Thursday and continue through the weekend. It is commissary weekend and military payday weekend so that should be fun.

I am on the toe of the sock so should finish it today. I keep saying that then knit a bit and my shoulder or hands start to hurt and I have to put it down. The wrap is a really easy finish and if I don't want it super long, it can be cast off where it is at as it is well long enough.

We are going to have pot roast and carrots and potatoes for dinner tonight. I will stick it in between noon and 1 PM and it will be ready around 4 for us to eat. I think I will put two rolls on to raise too. I think it will be chicken and noodles for dinner tomorrow night so I need to get the chicken out to thaw and get it in the crockpot.

Jean: Did Bob make it home ok? Your statement about crossing the border reminded me of something Jack told me. He reads the cruise critic website forum everyday, several times a day and he told me he saw that the Western Caribbean cruise leaving Sept 16 (the week before ours) is some kind of a drag queen party cruise. We have a couple from Canada, who are in their 50's-60's and are going on this cruise and I would bet they have no idea their ship is going to be filled with drag queens. They are doing back to back cruises, doing the 16th then will do the cruise with us. Going to be a real surprise for them I would think. :lol:

Maggie: We shall see how I do on the ship. I am taking seasick meds, but I don't expect that to be the problem, just the idea of no land. I am amazed at how many people take 3-4 cruises a year. Some of the people that have joined our meet and mingle have 50 or 60 cruises under their belt. :nono: That is not going to happen with us. I told Jack if I liked the cruise, we could take one more on the big ship, but that's it. You would think they would get bored with the same activities and shows and stuff all the time. Even with their discounts, I don't see how they afford it.

Susan: It is either feast or famine weather wise. You guys have gotten a lot and most of the country desperately needs rain. It started too late for farmer's crops. I noticed they plowed under the corn already so no corn maze for Halloween for the kids this year.

Well, gotta fix my meds and get the day started. Have a good one. Faye

08-28-2012, 11:05 AM
Good Morning, Flowers! The sun is shining and it's a cool morning so far. We are supposed to be in the 90s for the next few days. Bob got home ok; I was mistaken in that he could bring 4 fish home instead of 2. :cp: Everyone had a wonderful time! The electrician just left and will be back tomorrow morning to get the work done. He likes cats and has 3, so likes to compare stories. He is friends with the party people who live behind us and remembers the deer up on our deck from 3 winters ago. I'm glad I hadn't said anything critical about the party people. :D

Maggie -- When we were in Maui our traveling companion ordered a fancy hamburger and proceeded to take the bun off. The server got a little huffy and told if she wasn't going to eat the bun to order it without. :lol: It's not like he was paying for the meal. I hope you had a good weigh in last night.

"Gma" -- Bob was tired when he got home around 7 last night. They leave the resort at 7 and it's a long day. He only stopped long enough to drop off his brother in Fargo, ND, Jason in SD, and Denny about 45 min. from us. They try to eat and get gas at the same time. It will be interesting to hear about the drag queen cruise! ;) I know you will get the sock done in time!

I need to get busy and do some more sorting. I am :o to say I found a container of clothes I wore when I first started subbing in the late 80s. I should make a rule :rolleyes: that if I don't wear or use it in a certain length of time, out the door it goes and NOT down to the basement!

Have a terrific Tuesday and enjoy your day! :wave:

08-28-2012, 12:14 PM
Good morning, ladies. The sun is out! Hot today so maybe we'll dry out a bit.

The newspaper this morning said the rain we had over the weekend was a rare storm that happens about every 100 years and the 10 inches that parts of Newport News got happens about every 500 years that's because it all fell in 3 hours! The storm drainage system can only handle 3 inches in 6 hours. The rain from Isaac is going to the plains states so we are supposed to be dry this weekend.

Here's a link to an interesting article wthat is from a new research study (Almond Board had no part in it) showing that the fat in nuts is not digested as much as fat from other sources. It is a method that may recalculate calorie counts in a lot of things.

Jean, it seems like contractors and repair people think we have nothing to do but wait for them. My time is valuable too.

Maggie, I got my Gold's Gym stability all from Walmart for about $10 and it had a foot operated pump. The air really stays in good. It's an excellent way to strengthen your core muscles. I hope that pound stays off all day so you have a good weigh in at WW.

Good morning, Faye!

Have an wonderful day.

08-28-2012, 01:46 PM

It is a bright sunny day here in the ♥-Land in the 90º and said to be that way all week. :sunny: We takes what we gets (as Pop Eye would say). I went and weighed in last evening at WW and showed a pound down.:cp: There won’t be a meeting next Monday due to a holiday called “Labor Day.” They do hold a meeting in a neighboring town on Wednesday but I won’t be going to that for we have mid week Bible study that evening at church. I will just have to deal.

We had the best nectarines last evening ~ just exactly ripe enough and not too ripe. I peeled them and cut them up and they were so yummy for we had them for dessert. I have a basket of ripe strawberries to deal with today. I like to slice them up and sprinkle some balsamic vinegar on them. They are so good that way.

I got in my 30 minutes of walking done yesterday which I have been working up to. I now will do that number of minutes all week, and maybe longer, then work slowly up to 60 minutes. I don’t like it but am doing it anyway for it is good for me. I like to do a lot of things but exercise isn’t one of them. :nono: When I was younger and frolicking in the ocean, surfing the waves, I never thought of it as exercise but I was in good shape back then. Swimming to me was not exercise. I got fat after my back injury and now I am trying to lose that fat and that’s the fact. I am almost half way there so I have made some progress. Just call me a snail for that is about what my pace has been. The turtle wins the race with the rabbit. I have a cute picture on my wall that has a little white rabbit sitting on a turtle’s shell. Reminds me to keep plugging on along for this little :ink: is going to make it to the goal.

SUSAN Interesting artilce, thanks for posting it. It will take some time for the information to get in the national data base of calories I imagine. It will definitely change the points+ numbers on nuts. They do have those balls in this Wal*Mart now plus the WW ones also that will hold up to 600 pounds weight and comes with CD's of exercise and a pump for $25. Will is there now looking at them and called me. I am not sure if he is bringing one home today or not but we shall see. When I was looking on line for them I got a kick out of the one that will withstand 2000 pounds of weight. AH ~ Will is back from Wal*Mart with my ball in a box. Now he will inflate for me and I don't have to use the hand pump that came with it that would take a long time to get it inflated for sure. :cp:

JEAN That is funny that the waiter would be concerned what a person ate of what they had ordered. I asked for them not to give me a bun and they did anyway so go figue.

DONNA FAYE sounds like those cruises have become the playground for the rich folks if they can afford to spend most of their time out on the ocean cruising. Better to have most of those drinkers out there than on the highways though. If the sea isn't rough then on such a big boat you probably won't get sea sick. Watch out on the smaller vessels with their rocking motion. Will was in a hurricane when on a ship in the Navy and I don't think it tossed him about any. But you just never know . . .
Have a great day Magnolias. :wave: Type at y'all later.

08-29-2012, 08:48 AM
Good morning to you gals. Jack came in from work last night and said the across the street neighbor said the folks with the pitbulls next door moved out! Yeah, but wonder what the next bunch of idiots are going to be like. We just got new neighbors on the left side about a month ago. They are really quiet and I know she cleans because her laundry area backs up to my little bathroom downstairs and you can always smell Pine Sol coming through the wall! :lol: I hate the smell of Pine Sol, but at least she isn't a pig. I thought we might have some real trouble because they are two young adult guys living there and they looked like thugs, with the low pants and undershorts sticking out and sitting around in the garage watching people and such, but they have been really quiet. James, the owner of the empty one is probably going to have one heck of a mess on the back yard. They never cleaned up dog crap. It smelled to high heaven. Now I know what we had beer cans and such throw into our yard. It was probably the guys helping them move and they did it overnight so I wonder if they stiffed James and left the place a disaster.

I got the socks finished. I see they fixed the photo attachment. I sent a message to them about it. These are some wild socks aren't they, but Jack actually loves them. The stripes are dark brown and the other is light brown and has some orange in it even though it doesn't look like that from the picture. I am working on finishing the wrap and even though it is a lace pattern it is really easy to do so goes pretty fast.

Maggie: Congrats, it is great you lost a lb! I am not worried at all about seasickness, just about the weirdness of not seeing any land for days. My biggest worry of course if tropical storm or hurricane trouble. I hope we have fair sailing all the way around. I think I am going to try eggplant for my new food on the ship. I have never eaten it and it isn't like eating snails, though they posted a picture of the plate of snails and it actually looked good all covered in this sauce. If Jack orders them and eats one, I may try too, maybe....:^:

Jean: Sounds like Bob was pooped when he got home. They only let them bring home 2 fish? Do people that are from Canada get to keep more? That's what Jack said that it would be something to talk about at the meet and mingle. I think it is in November they are having a swingers cruise, clothing optional, UGH!!! Nasty! Are you supposed to get a lot of rain from the tropical storm. We should get slammed tomorrow sometime I think and it is supposed to keep it up all weekend. I am pretty good about weeding out clothes, but I bought a bunch of new sandals for the cruise 5-6 pairs and two pairs of backless tennies and a pair of suede loafers. I don't even think I am going to take the loafers now. I dread having to wear closed toed shoes soon. I love to wear sandals all the time.

Susan: Glad you are going to dry out. We have a slow drain system so I am sure everything is going to be standing water around here the rest of the week and our garage will probably be ankle deep since they won't seal these garages like they should. You know, considering the economy and jobs, you would think they would be johnny on the spot so they get more work.

Well, I need to get some stuff done in the kitchen first thing this morning so I better get out of here. Have a lovely middle of the week. It is still awful hot here, was 91 at 8 PM last night so our AC is still going full force. Faye

08-29-2012, 12:42 PM
Good Morning, Flowers! It's a cool breezy 77 degrees this morning. Two electricians have been and gone this morning, with one coming back to put in new outlets and the outside lights when the doors are in and sheetrock in place. I need to vacuum their sawdust and crumbs; they offered but I said I would do it. Ernie didn't like all the banging around this morning. He should sleep good this afternoon!

Susan -- I hope your area stays dry and Isaac is nowhere near. :yes: Thanks for sharing the almond information link. I knew they were supposed to be "good" for us.

Maggie -- :congrat: on losing another pound! You are doing well on your exercise determination. I just wish it could be more fun! I had planned on WW tomorrow morning but we have a funeral. I was supposed to help with the church newsletter but that won't happen either. Maybe I will go tonight if I remember in time.

"Gma" -- I hope you get some quiet new neighbors. It seems like that place is the revolving door; don't they have to sign a lease? I misspoke when I said the guys could only bring home 2 fish, they can bring home 4 a piece. I forgot to ask if the border guys checked this time. Bob has gone through enough that they recognize him now. Perhaps Prince Harry will sign up for the swingers cruise. ;) That sure wouldn't be my choice! There is no rain in the forecast for us; I think Isaac will water east of us quite a ways.

I cleaned out a kitchen drawer in order to guard the open door while the electricians were here. I found a couple of year old receipts and way too many paperclips, rubber bands, and pens. At least for a day or two I have a neat drawer. I need to think about food for the weekend, and make a list. Jason and Amanda will be here on Saturday (I think) for a wedding shower. Beth and family plan to be at the lake so think we will all end up there to celebrate Jason's birthday. Ian has a game on Labor Day, which is our anniversary and also the day when Jason arrived 39 years ago. How ironic is that!

Hope you all have a wonderful Wednesday and enjoy! :wave:

08-29-2012, 01:07 PM

It is going to be a 97º day before it is over and predicted to be the same for the balance of this week. I am sitting here yawning and I don’t know why. I had a great night’s sleep and didn’t wake up once during my slumber. My “sit upon ball” is on the floor next to me for I didn’t feel like sitting on it just yet for I am not quite all the way awake it would seem and I am not yet used to it. It is pretty stable though with that ring around the bottom that it sits in. I am just sipping on my first cup of java and feeling good. I still like my coffee container for it truly keeps my coffee hot all day like I like it to be. I am a really slow drinker ~ a sipper you might say.

Today we are grilling burgers outside for lunch and at the same time the burgers on the grill we will grill a couple of pork chops to have for dinner. I will slice the chops up thin and make a Panini out of them for dinner with sour dough bread. That’s the plan anyway for the meat is in the fridge and not frozen anymore. I had planned to do the chops yesterday but we went out instead. We were given a Hometown Supersaver booklet that has most of the eating places in this town listed with great deals. We went to a place where we bought one meal and got the second meal free. There are such great deals in it that makes it cheaper to eat out at times. It is hard to believe that it is already the middle of the week. Time sure is passing fast for me these days. It seems they don’t pass so fast in the winter. Wonder what this winter will bring to this area.

DONNA FAYE I certainly do hope you get some good neighbors moving that are nice and quitet as those two males that live next door and your yard stays clean from their debree. We are thankful for our neighbors that are quiet for the most part. During the summer is when they get kinda loud with bbq parties outside but they really don't bother us much. They love our dogs and feed them "good boy" treats. Thier two dogs are old and big and not fun like ours are. :D The sox are lovely ~ thanks for showing the picture of them. I love color.

JEAN Isn't it fun to find what has been lurking in kitchen drawers. It is time for me to clean a couple of them in my kitchen. Seems lots of things end up in the microwave stand drawer and it is getting full. Don't be afraid to get one of the stabalizing balls by WW from Wal*Mart because they do come with a ring you can set the ball on to keep it from scooting out from under us beginners. I figure if anyone could sit on one like me that all could use one. Whether you ever do any of the exercises they show to use it with just sitting on it will be good for your core and balance. It comes with a CD of 3 complete workouts if you choose to do them. 30-minute beginner, 35 intermediate, and 45-minute advance workouts. The secret of the ball is that it works your midsection without you even knowing it.

Magnolias, have a great day. :wave: I am awake now and can do something constructive to this house before I get started on my "fun things."

08-29-2012, 03:41 PM
Good afternoon, ladies! 88 degrees and climbing but the sun is shining.

I spoke too soon yesterday and we got slammed with 3 inches of rain between 4 pm and 7:30 pm...more flooding. We have been promised no more rain - until Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday. If we get as much snow this winter as we got rain this summer, we'll be buried!

Nothing happening today since the Y is closed. I went to the grocery store for milk, Greek yogurt and fruit. That was the highlight of my day.

Faye, I love those socks! I hope all your neighbors are quiet and clean for awhile at least.

Jean, if you get a stability ball, I forgot to mention to Maggie that they come in 2 sizes - one for short people under 5'4" and one for taller. I had to get the short. The WW one is one-size fits all.

Maggie, you'll enjoy your ball. My back actually feels better sitting on it than a chair.

I'm going to go read for the rest of the afternoon with a love glass of iced coffee. Enjoy your day.

08-29-2012, 04:07 PM

SUSAN I certainly do hope that your area does not get as much snow as you have rain. That would be something wouldn’t it. One of the reasons I went ahead and got the WW ball is because it is the correct size for my height and it came with the exercise DVD. Other balls come in 4 different sizes and the Weight Watchers is 65cm tall which is the correct one for my height which is between 5’ 5” and 5’ 11”. I found the other balls I looked at on line come in two sizes taller than mine and one size shorter and some even come egg shaped. :lol:

08-30-2012, 01:21 PM

It is another beautiful :sunny: day here in the ♥-Land with a temperature said to get to 98º this day. It is much better than all those days we had in the hundreds for sure.

I thought I was hearing a noise in my head but it is a neighbor using a piece of yard equipment ~ vacuum or sounding similar. It is that very tone that messes with my inner ear. I sure hope he finishes soon. It is affecting Will also ~ so I am not alone in this being affected by that noise. AH ~ relief for that noise has finally quit. What a difference. We don’t really mind him doing his yard work for it is his house across the street that we see out of our front rooms picture windows.

To get used to it I am using my balance ball after my walk and I don’t think it will take long before I do get used to it. The ball is a little lower than my desk chair but my computer table is 7 inches lower than my desktop so it will work out great when I am on my computer. My desk is what they call a “writing desk” and is a bit higher than a “normal” desk. The ball probably needs a little more air in it now that it has been at least 24 hours since it was pumped up. It has lost most of its wrinkles anyway.

My ears are itching and I just realized that I didn’t use my ointment in them after my shower yesterday. Mine don’t make wax so the doc prescribed this ointment to hold down the itch of a dry ear canal. It works great when I remember to use it. :yes: It is a wonderful prescription cream called Fluocinonide. Say that ten times real fast. I also use it for a rash I get under my brace on my leg in hot weather. In fact that is what the prescription was for years back then the doc said to use it in my ears also. Works for me. I prefer the cream for my ears over the prescription drops I had been using for years before. Itchy dry ears ~ not fun. They have settled down now for I have lubricated them. I can thank my father for that inheritance. However, I am totally thankful for my good hearing for I can still hear conversations going on clear across a large room. :cp: I hear things on occasion that maybe I am not supposed to hear. Life is good.

I hope all you Magnolias are having a wonderful day. :wave:

08-30-2012, 02:51 PM
Good afternoon, ladies. All I can say is the weatherman lies...we had rain again this morning but not much and it is nice and sunny now.

Work today and then I'm clear for a nice long weekend. Actually, its no longer than my regular weekends from work but it seems that way because of the holiday.

Maggie, itchy ears would certainly be no fun! I wonder where Faye and Jean are.

08-30-2012, 03:18 PM
Good Afternoon, Flowers! It's 91 degrees, sunny, and windy in my corner of the world right now. We went to another funeral this morning but didn't stay for lunch. We took Bob's secretrary with us, and she likes to walk her dogs over the noon hour. We are heading to Sioux City for soccer games later this afternoon.

Maggie -- I will have to take a look and see if our WM has the balls. :yes: There is no other store in town that would carry them. I can imagine itchy ears are no fun. :no: It's good you have something that will work to relieve the itch.

Susan -- I sure wish you could share some of your rain. :rolleyes: The leaves are seriously beginning to fall and I'm hoping we don't have an early winter. Our trees are always late in dropping leaves so it will be interesting to see what they do this year. Would you suggest the smaller ball for 5'4"? Depending on who does the measuring, sometimes I am 5'3". :lol:

I need to change clothes; Bob wants to do some shoe shopping in Sioux City before we go to the games. Enjoy the rest of your day! :wave:

08-30-2012, 03:34 PM
Afternoon girls! Where did the day go? I have been sick today so haven't done much. The pain meds the gyn gave me haven't done anything to help today so I guess I have sat and felt sorry for myself. Not really, but I have only done daily chores nothing extra. I need to do some work upstairs, but when I am cramping and such this badly, climbing stairs just makes it worse.

Jack texted me and said the weather map says it is raining hard here at our house, but it is cloudy and not a drop of rain so far. I guess it is going to wait until Jack has to drive home and then come pouring down. A couple days ago he got in a big traffic jam coming home from work because of an accident. I read about it yesterday online and come to find out the man was thrown from his car and was killed and some dispicable person went up to this dead man and stole his wallet. Sometimes admitting I live here shames me more than I can say.

When I bought all that jewelry a couple months ago, one of the pair of earrings look like big teardrops and are handmade with thread. They are orange and yellow and really cool looking. I wore them last weekend and the threads started to unravel. So, I think I figured out how to fix it. I took nail glue and put it over the back of the threaded area where the thread had come loose. I did other areas that looked like they could unravel so I guess I will find out next time I wear them.

I am almost done with my shawl and have started my son's birthday socks. The blue and gray is the yarn for my son's socks and the fall colored yarn are for Jackson and Thomas's socks for Christmas.

Maggie: I have dry ear wax problem. Mine itch all the time too, but mine make dry wax. I guess I should talk to my dr. They might put me on the same stuff. My ears drive me nuts all the time. It is still hot and sticky here. I thought maybe we would be done for the year and start moving towards fall temps, but it is still pretty miserable again by midday.

Susan: I started to ask if you were drying out then read your post. Let's hope that you now will start drying out. I hope you have a nice holiday weekend. We have lots to do this weekend as we move closer to the trip. I dread the commissary trip this weekend as it is military payday on Friday so the grocery store will be nuts!

Well gals, I hope you have a nice rest of the day. I am going to go and sit and knit on the socks and try and get the cuff done so I can start on the leg. He wears a size 13 so these socks are gonna take a longggggggg time! :lol: Faye

08-31-2012, 12:04 PM
Good Morning, Flowers! It's supposed to be a cooler day today and only get up to 92. :rolleyes: It's breezy and cool right now. There is lots of hammering and sawing going on as the French door is being removed in preparation for the new doors. There is plastic hanging from the ceiling but I don't know if that will deter Ernie from investigating the open space or not. I'm trying to think of food to take to the lake on Sunday; there could be a chance of Jason and family being here tomorrow, for a shower, but I haven't heard anything definite. The spare bedroom is full of "stuff" from the construction zone.

"Gma" -- I hope you are feeling better today! I'm so sorry you have these "episodes." I really like Jack's socks! You find the prettiest (most handsome) yarn colors. I had to :lol: when you said Jay's socks will take a long time because he wears a size 13. Jason's feet grew first when he was in 6th grade. He finally caught up to them, heightwise, in junior high and has worn the same size ever since . . . 12. Ian's feet are bigger than Beth's now so think he will do the same thing. I'm sure he will be tall like Jason and Amanda. Will is tall so Beth will probably be the shortest one in her family, like me.

I need to make my grocery list and get moving for the day. There's no point in cleaning anything which wasn't on my agenda anyway. :woohoo: Have a fantastic Friday and enjoy! :wave:

08-31-2012, 12:25 PM
Good morning gals. I am waiting for the downstairs floors to dry as I just steam mopped all but the entranceway. I have to move stuff and sweep and mop out there still.

After I get all the socks done, I am going to make something for myself. I have rag rugs in the entranceway, a long runner in front of the washer/dryer a small one in the bathroom, and another rug in front of the fridge. They are all wearing pretty badly and my entranceway rugs are stained from washing them with a pair of new blue jeans! So, I found patterns and am going to make rugs to match the colors I am going to paint the downstairs. I think it will be fun and they are pretty quick to knit up. Part of the fun will be picking color combos and deciding on pattern in the rugs or whatever. I rarely make anything for myself so I think it will be fun.

Jean: I am so nervous about this stuff going on when we are on the cruise. The biggest thing is that the diahrrea gives me no warning. It isn't like I feel like I need to go, have intestinal cramps, wait too long or whatever. The other day, I stood up and had a mess all the way from the living room into the downstairs bathroom and I didn't even feel like I had to go. So, my only solution is immodium everyday and wearing incontinence pads as they are thicker just in case. I can't quit the megastrol as then I would have to deal with bleeding and blood clotting and that is almost as bad. Not really condusive to taking a trip on a ship for sure! Also, going out on excursions in a foreign country and not knowing about restroom availability and such. Funny thing, it happens only in the mornings. I told Jack on the day of the 9 AM excursion, I am going to get up super early and eat and such and hopefully if I am going to have a problem, it will happen before we leave. The other excursion doesn't start until noon. On top of that, my dopey dog got into his own poo and ate some and now is showing signs of loose stools and such. {{{sigh}}} I have 3 weeks until we leave and tons of stuff to get done and I am stressing about myself and the dog now besides getting all the stuff together to pack, making sure I get Jack's dress shirts laundered and picked up, the dog groomed, my haircut, nails and such done, shopping for snacks for the trip, calling the credit union to make sure they know we will be out of the country, and on and on. I have them all on lists so I won't forget anything, but I am really stressed out. On a lighter note, Jay is 6'6" so he would look pretty stupid with size 8 shoes I figure, but he does have gunboats! :lol: He had a pair of his running shoes sitting next to the couch and they looked like Bozo the clown shoes even next to my big feet. Thomas is to that point in his shoes. He wears the same size as his mom right now, but he is growing so tall. Have fun at the lake this weekend. A couple things I miss a lot are deviled eggs and good potato salad. Jack hates both so I never make it. I really like what they call hot or german potato salad. My grandmother made the best I have ever had.

Well, I have blabbed enough. I need to work on a menu and grocery list and finish mopping and such. Have a nice weekend! Faye

08-31-2012, 02:38 PM

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