Medifast - First week on MF done. Results and comments here.

08-22-2012, 09:07 PM
So I have completed my first week on Medifast. I will admit to two cheat days (eating out with family though I limited my portions but it was by no means lean and green).

Results. I went from 274 to 267 so a 7lb loss. I know that I got this number (with cheating) mostly from water weight. I am committed to doing better this coming week and preparing for a more realistic weight loss. :carrot:

Comments. I don't love all the food (soft serve and oatmeal textures leave lots to be desired). I love some of the foods, bars are quick and easy to take to work along with shakes and the soup (chicken noddle) is yummy with a little spice added! I am bummed I can't customize my auto ship orders! This is a big problem for me. I am also sad that I found out today that the 10% and 5% discounts for auto shipments are no more.

Overall I have not been as hungry as I thought I would, I need to find creative ways to enjoy the MF foods I don't care for and I need to work on how to eat out with family without cheating.

08-22-2012, 10:24 PM
I am on my 2nd week, the first week I lost 5.5 lbs. I haven't cheated yet. Lol.
I have gone out to eat a couple times, I have eaten grilled shrimp and broccoli and another time a small grilled steak and small salad and some steamed broccoli.

I'm still trying to tweak the foods too. I don't like the oatmeal, pancakes are ok, chili=yuck, I'm scared to try the sloppy joe. Lol the puff, eh guess I gotta get used to the soy crisp stuff. Lol

08-23-2012, 08:08 PM
Ive modified my orders from the beginning. If you go to your tsfl site and log in, then edit cart- you should be able to modify for whatever foods you want. If you arent with tsfl then Im not sure, but Ive had no problem for the 4 or 5 orders Ive done.

08-23-2012, 10:07 PM
Ive modified my orders from the beginning. If you go to your tsfl site and log in, then edit cart- you should be able to modify for whatever foods you want. If you arent with tsfl then Im not sure, but Ive had no problem for the 4 or 5 orders Ive done.

Wow, I will try this...I thought it wasnt an option.

08-25-2012, 09:47 PM
Yeah, I am super pissed about the discounts going away - like they haven't gotten enough money from me over the last 16 months?!??!!! First they raised the prices, then they decreased the discounts and took away the points you could redeem for merchandise, now no more discounts. So all my "membership" gets me now is free shipping. GRRRRRRRR. I am SO writing a nasty email to Medifast.

OK, rant over.

Suggestions -

Try varying the amount of water in your oatmeal - more, less, let it sit for a minute before eating, add a little cinnamon/splenda/coffee creamer. Or make it into a big pancake.

Try the soft serve as a shake - it comes out much thicker than the actual shakes. I think it's just too much work to make it as directed. Or throw it in the freezer for about 1/2 hour after you make it - it will firm up a lot.

Don't be afraid to experiment.

I will tell you that the weight loss slows after the first 2 weeks - see the sticky on ketosis at the top of this page. And cheating with carbs makes you lose less, because you pack on water when you eat too many carbs. I'm in the throes of this right now - up 2 pounds this week because I ate baked beans and cake last weekend. I know it will pass eventually, but I'm still ticked. :mad:

And yeah, I change up my order every month. Usually to add more bars. :D

08-27-2012, 09:29 PM
Riddy - thank you so much for your input! Coffee Creamer sounds like a good option to smooth the oatmeal texture up a bit.

08-27-2012, 09:41 PM
I think I will have to call customer service because when I try to customize my auto ship variety kit it just adds my new selections on in addition to what was already there.

08-27-2012, 10:27 PM
You're welcome! I've been at this so long, and I started experimenting and doctoring up from the beginning. I knew I'd need to keep it interesting so I would stand a chance to stay on it long enough.

I think you have to remove the 4 week kit from your order, and then start from scratch with what you want. HTH!

08-28-2012, 12:00 PM
HI! This is my first week on Medifast too (day 2) and I am HUNGRY. I am so impressed that you cheated an still lost 7lbs, kudos!!
To try and follow the plan but not starve, I had an extra MediFast food and protien yesterday. Today I feel the same. I have not been able to fight this hunger all morning. I have already had my medifast breakfast food, half of my mid-morning snack and 3 egg whites...and I am still hungry! Oh, and I've had 30ounces of water. I feel like I am missing something or doing something wrong :-( I haven't gone ot the gym in the last two days (since they said to wait a while after starting before getting back into a regular routine).

I am so excited to lose the weight but being hungry makes time CREEP by!!

Does anyone have any suggestions or tips? :?:


08-28-2012, 11:15 PM
Hi aebrey,

It will get better in a couple days. Definitely drink more water - it helps a lot. Or seltzer, or Crystal Light, or whatever you'll drink. If you're starving, my coach said it's better to eat a 6th Medifast meal than eat extra real food. Real food is what got us in this mess, ya know? :p You can split your lean & green up if that helps - either in to 2 smaller meals, or take some of the veggies out to bulk up the soups, or have a small salad with a bar. If your protein is egg beaters, egg whites, or tofu, it's a lot of food - that gives you a lot of volume to play with if you're having trouble with hungry days. And go for salad greens as your veggies - 3 cups of baby spinach is a LOT!

Hang in there!

08-29-2012, 11:38 AM
Thanks! Water is key, I saw on one of these posts that we should be drinking half our weight (ounces) in water, so I am going to try that today and see how I feel. I just think mornings are going to be rough for me, I get fuller as the day goes on and by dinner time I don't feel super hungry. Not sure what the morning hunger pain is all about though. Splitting up the food is a good idea, I think I am going to try that today. I didn't think about using the tofu, might have to fry some up tonight. Shame we can't use nutrional yeast, makes for healthy crispy tofu.

I also think I am going to write in the blog whenever I get hungry to distract my mind (helps when I work in front of a computer all day long) :-)

08-29-2012, 01:27 PM
I was hungry the first few days and from time to time (esp if I have let too much time go between MF meals) I notice a tummy rumble. Now it has stopped for the most part but I still get that frantic I need a snack feeling (similar to how it feels to stop smoking and crave one). Tomorrow is my two week mark and if I am calculating right I am down four more pounds but I will wait till my morning weight in to make it official.

It feels so good to be working towards my goal, it is nice to feel proud of myself in the weight department (I feel proud of my self often for work and family accomplishments but weight has been a big failing area for me for years). When I really want to cheat I remind myself I can always have the ...fill in blank with crave-able treat ... later and that tends to put off the temptation long enough for me to get past it.

Also @ Riddy thanks for the heads up on removing the 4 week package. It is just not worth the little discount to end up with boxes I don't want to eat anyway. :) :hug:

08-31-2012, 08:02 PM
Keep drinking water when you feel hungry. I split my L/G and have about 1/3 at lunch, that helps fill me. Especially since I can usually have my 3d MF meal with it. I do a brownie muffin around 7am, cereal around 10, then my L/G lunch around 1pm with pretzels and LC cheese or a brownie, a shake at 4 when I get home from work, dinner around 530 or 6, a bar around 8. Thats been working for me for the 4 months. I keep trying to drink water all day. If I have to work late til 7pm I have my whole L/G for lunch, tho thats alot of food for me, which is why I prefer splitting it up.

09-06-2012, 04:18 PM
The first 3 or 4 days is the hardest, until your body goes into ketosis, which is an appetite suppressant in itself. If you feel you have to eat because you're hungry, think protein, and low carb! I eat a salad with low carb veggies and a little full fat dressing or cottage cheese, or egg whites. A salad is also what I go for when I go out to eat. I have a wheat allergy, and I'm vegetarian, so that complicates things even more (but at least it makes me stay away from pasta and bread!!), but I can always find a salad. I don't use low-fat salad dressings because often those have higher carbs to make up for the fat. For me, I sometimes bring my own tofu to put on the salads, but if you're not veg, you could have a salad with chicken, etc, for your protein.

I also use konjac powder/glucommannan powder with water before meals to fill me up, or, put it in my shakes, or eat shirataki noodles (made of konjac root) - that's a great option, no calorie, too. The konjac is a water soluble fiber, it fills up your tummy with basically no calories or carbs, slows up digestion so it's great for your blood sugar levels. JUST BE SURE TO DRINK A LOT OF WATER WITH IT AND DON"T USE IT DRY!!! It congeals quickly so if you use it in water, drink it down quickly, and then make sure to drink water afterwards.