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08-22-2012, 07:12 AM
Happy hump day beachy friends :coffee2: Can I pour anyone a cup of Vermont Coffee Company Front Porch blend? or maybe a cup of tea? Cool mornings are here and they are so pleasant. Made the flax muffin this morning, just right for a cool morning.

I am so looking forward to a whole day off this Saturday. Not sure what the morning will hold other than errands but I'm off for a late afternoon hike and picnic on a mountain with a friend. It's been so nice getting back into hiking and kayaking again, just in time for fall in Vermont.

I've been a bit loose with my eating again and need to buckle down. I know the scale is reflecting a lot of water but it's still distressing. Time for a stretch of Phase 1 just to refocus and kick the cravings nipping at my heels. Funny how much maintenance is just like losing :shrug:

Today is a big driving day, helping a friend in her turf again. Then tonight I'm taking good friends out for a thank you dinner at a new restaurant in our little town. It's Italian but local and a bit healthier than the norm. They menu is online so I'm planning my food ahead of time. Another busy day :)

How is your hump day shaping up? Hope it's not too bumpy.

08-22-2012, 07:34 AM
Good morning, Cyndi, and thanks so much for the coffee. :) Have fun at the new restaurant with your friend this evening.

My Hump Day is looking relatively easy. The girls are leaving around 11 to spend the day with Cindy's mother, so after I'm finished at Susie's my work day will be over. :D I plan to stop by the thrift shop on the way home, then a stop at my parent's before heading home to get the laundry done. I think supper will be beans 'n greens with a chop thrown in to make Jake happy.

08-22-2012, 07:35 AM
Good morning, Cyndi. My Hump Day is just a gentle slope so far but I suspect it'll grow as the day unfolds. Thanks for reminding me about muffins. I am loaded with cherry tomatoes and was thinking they'd work well (dried) in some sort of savory muffin.

I have to go to town for groceries after gym today to stock up for the family invasion. Mary-Ellen, her DH and Matthew arrive in Ottawa at 6 tomorrow evening. I suspect they won't be here until 8 by the time they get luggage, rental car and mess around getting here. I have to get my picture taken at 7 for the Fair Board so will dash over, do that and then come home to await their arrival. I'm sure they will be ready for dinner although it'll be only 5 on tummy time. I am thinking pork loin but may switch to lasagna as it holds better if they are late.

I wish I could convince myself that my summer gain of five pounds is water! I am really tightening up what I eat and hope to ditch the extra before Christmas. I just night have to force myself to do Phase I for a while. Not until after my visitors though!

Time for an OP breakfast and then I'm off to the gym and the city. :lol: (Smiths Falls has a population of 8,978 so is not exactly a metropolis. They do have a good grocery store though and a Super WalMart.)

Raising my :coffee: mug to a gentle slope Hump Day!

08-22-2012, 08:37 AM
Thank you for the coffee, it's delicious. :coffee: I'm off today but had to get DD off to school. I think we're in for storms.

My weight was up on Monday but I'm on plan so I'm not really worried.

08-22-2012, 08:58 AM
Morning chicks - I can't believe it's already Wednesday - can't believe it's only Wednesday, if you know what I mean.

I took my favorite cat (shhhh, don't tell the other cats) to work yesterday for weight loss, and there might be a mass in his chest. It *could* be something benign, but we're going to try and get an aspirate tomorrow. I gotta say, after going thru this roller coaster with Reesie, I am devastated. He's 13, so something's gotta happen sometime, but couldn't he have asked or waited?!? LOL... The only good thing about it is that I'm nauseous, I just don't feel like eating right now. Ugh...I hope this is the last emotional thing to deal with in 2012.

Until the ultrasound aspirate tomorrow, I have a "shorter" day of work today, and if I'm lucky a bit of a break this afternoon. I gave reesie a chemo pill yesterday, so by rights I shouldn't take her on a walk (and our favorite place is a public watershed).

Oh - and my DH finished off my wine bottle last night. I would joke about grounds for divorce, but I suppose that I can just stop by and find another bottle ;).

08-22-2012, 08:59 AM
Good Morning:sunny:

Have a great and beachy day everyone! Today is my "Friday" at the restaurant yet it seems my two days off will be spent with some business dealings with my mom. We are going to sell some equipment and so we need to go do some inspecting and clean up before showing the prospective buyer.

Yesterday after work we had to go to Denver to file some paperwork with BLM regarding the transaction so we had dinner at Whole Foods and did the big veggie/fruit stock up. I need to get back downstairs and finish up the washing/storing process. We got 4 big bundles of kale and DH is going to start making kale chips today.


08-22-2012, 09:15 AM
Good morning, sounds like everyone has enjoyable day ahead. TwynnB I hope you feel better and everything goes well with the kitty.

My hump day is completely flat. no plans at all and that is just fine with me. Had a tittle tiff with a friend last night, partly because I was over tired and cranky. Still bothered by it though, but not going to let it derail me from an OP day.

My dear friend, Rick, will be visiting in October for a few days. My BFF and I have not seen him in 10 years so we are both very excited. He is coming to clear his head for a few days. Sadly he and his wife are separating. Apparently this has been a year in the making. Having been in his shoes I can empathize and understand his need to get away from his life even if only for a few days.

OK enough babbling, time for more coffee!

08-22-2012, 09:23 AM
Hello! Been away from the boards for a few days. Sounds like everyone is doing well - except for you Twynn! I am so sorry that you're going through this with your crew. Sending hugs your way.

I probably won't be posting for the next two days. DH and I are installing new hardwood flooring in our living room. Since both of us tend to have focus problems (he swears that I'm the only one with an issue - HAH!), I need to make sure I don't get PC distracted in the AM. Wish us luck - and talk to you all this weekend.

08-22-2012, 09:53 AM
Good morning,

Quick flyby for me, just wanted to check in. Busy day last evening, had soccer practice and then DH decided to buy different sofa for living room and brought them home so I had to get rid of the old and clean that area up for new. It does look nice though.

Hope everyone has a great day and :hug: to Twynn

08-22-2012, 02:58 PM
Big hug for you, Tammy, to give you some comfort during this very difficult time. If only you lived closer so we could go out and share a bottle of wine together.

08-22-2012, 09:40 PM
Just saying my daily hello. *waves*