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08-15-2012, 10:35 AM
I've been diagnosed with "Sub-Clinical Hyptothroidism" which basically means I have all the symptoms, but none of the matching blood work.

My doctor started me on Synthroid about 3 weeks ago and I have noticed some positive changes: I'm not nearly as exhausted, my hands/feet aren't always like ice, etc. In week 1 I lost 7lbs, week 2 I lost 1lb.

I was wondering if there are any other out there that have started Synthroid without the matching blood work and how it has gone for you.

08-15-2012, 11:36 AM
For me it all depends on the doctor. For me there is a family history of hypothyroidism, my grandma had it, my mom and her siblings have it. I've always tested on the borderline side of normal, but some doctors will prescribe it for me, some won't. My current doctor is all about using healthy eating to try to treat things first, so she won't prescribe it. Honestly though, I never noticed a difference in taking it or not, and I'd rather not take a pill if I don't have to.