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08-14-2012, 10:18 AM
I started phasing myself into phase 2 last Tuesday. The first 3 days I added in one grain (either brown rice or oatmeal) and continued to do fine, lost 1 extra pound between Tuesday and Friday (I was previously down 10 from phase 1). On Friday I added half an apple, and the next day weight was up a bit, ate another half apple on Saturday and on Sunday weight was up to a little over what I started phase 2 on.

I know that fast weight loss is only for phase 1, but is it just a coincidence that I immediately put on a bit of weight after introducing fruit? Should I cut out the fruit? I have measured portions of the grain very carefully, also the fruit (the apple was a bit on the big side so I halved it with DS), I exercise every day, and I have eaten NOTHING off plan. I am even certain that I am not eating too much that is OP. I only have an afternoon snack of a RF cheese stick, and if anything I am eating less than the 75 to 100 "extra" calories.

Today would be the day to add another grain serving according to the book, but I am afraid to do so.

Am I being a moron for worrying so much? Should I just continue to hold at 1 serving of grain for awhile and see what happens? Then maybe after a few days if I at least don't gain any I could try adding a different fruit.

08-14-2012, 12:56 PM
I think we started the same time. I added steel cut oats for breakfast. I mix in some ricotta for protein. No cravings and still losing weight. I am adding in some fruit this week.

Make sure you are still eating enough veggies and drinking your water.

08-14-2012, 02:31 PM
SB is meant to be a way of life. Cutting out fruit or grains completey is not attainable in the long run. I did not lose at all the first two weeks on P2 and I followed the plan. It took my system that much time to adjust to P2. I tend to lose every other week and try not to concentrate so much in the scale as numbers fluctuate daily.

I do limit myself to 1 grain per day. I save it for late in the day as having it in the morning just makes me hungry.

Try to be patient, the positive changes have already begun. More will follow :)