Support Groups - The 5% Club - Always a New Beginning!

03-06-2001, 04:18 AM
...Even on message boards, it seems! How many new servers have we stayed solid through?

I need to remember that late Feb/early March are tough times for me, and the last week certainly bore that out. I don't want to repeat the whole thing, which involved work stress and relationship angst, just to say that it is a New Week and I am feeling much better. Today was Ballet class number 5 or 6 and I was sweating like crazy. I worked out every day last week, and I have new shoes on the list. I'm still addicted to smoothies. Sunday I did get a little into too much sugar, but I'm back and persevering.

I have said it over and over but I finally actually broke out of the inertia - on Wednesday a woman is going to clean my house, and we will see how it goes and I might have her come on an every-other-week basis. If not her, someone else. Her minimum is 2 hours, but I have no idea what can be accomplished in that time. I can do a lot without the distractions of phone, kids, etc. Let's see how this goes!

Book Group is at my place on Friday night, and that is something to look forward to.

I must persevere with work, so no individual messages this time, alas. I look forward to reading your latest and will do a better post soon (perhaps as my new cleaning lady sweeps up the rose petals that I will throw at her feet).


03-06-2001, 12:50 PM
Yes here we all are with yet a new server for our precious 3fc site!!

Juno - Oh what a wonderful treat to have a cleaning person come in!! It can be difficult for us ladies to delegate work to anyone else. I think you will really enjoy it! Good for you on having a strong week workout wise last week. Did you look into that ballet tape?

I am plugging along. The power was out all afternoon/evening on Sunday. It was quite enjoyable to have all the candles going, curled up by a warm fire and reading until my heart was content.

I am seriously considering getting myself certified to be a personal trainer. I visited with a gf that I trained for a while last year and she got me really pumped up about pursuing it. (We had been talking about doing work that we were passionate about - not just because it paid the bills) Initially the training would be an "on the side" thing. If I can get myself established and somewhat secure then I would pursue it full time. I'd like to pursue nutritional training too.

DH was hesitant at first - he always is when I bring up new pursuits for myself. Then he recognized that it would be a good thing for me. Odd that my gf was SO supportive and he drags his feet on these things.

I guess thats all for now. Take care everyone!

03-06-2001, 04:36 PM
YEAH! The last time we moved I had to get a new name but now this one remembered who the old Steph was and gave me back my simple STEPH. Yahoo!!!! You would also think that after this many times switching servers that I would know to revisit 3FC and bookmark again but nooooo....I did it this morning and realized I was behind. I like this screen better so far....

Everything around here is just fine. Keeping up with my exercise, trying to eat right, manage my family & my work while keeping a smile on my face. Besides the illnesses still running rampant in the state of Minnesota it has been an okay year so far. I will repeat my mantra - GIVE ME SPRING.

I signed up for the Self (magazine) challenge again and I was laughing at first because the cardio, ST, & stretching I have whipped probably for the next 3 mos. no problem. The first tough thing for me was Week#1 and figuring out the amount of calories I should assume per my body weight and cutting it down a very tiny bit so that maybe I could shed some weight. My calorie intake came to 1898 so I thought -heck this is easy!! Well let me tell you that I eat way too much and if this is the lesson I learn for the year then I'll be a much healthier person. I know I eat too many carbs but the past week learning to measure has shown me I have big pasta/bread problems and I have really been good this week about eating the way I should. I was flipping out the first day saying that I couldn't believe how much calories were in my rice but I can tell a big difference at the end of the day....I'm full but not stuffed like I was before. Send me lots of good vibes because I am going to need it to hang onto just the first goal. All the rest this month are easy - just those calories!!

I'm kind of feeling silly about doing this but I'll post the website here and maybe take it off towards the end of the week. My kids are cute but DH & I would rather not be seen (but he is the one who picked out the pictures and put it all together). Just thought I would share our faces but no making fun of us!!!! I am thinking about putting some of my before & after pictures up but I need to get braver!

Juno - Have thought about the cleaning person but I don't think anyone would come here with all the kids (will you be home or out?).

Raychel - I think you would be an excellent personal trainer & I am giving you 100% support! You go girl! DH thought I was nuts when I first brought up the licensed daycare but now not a word since I'm one of the best in our area (so my licensor & waiting list say). I am already have lists going of what I want to be when kids are bigger - part of the fun in life is pursuing your dreams or changing them all the time if you want...Juno shall be a prima ballerina, you shall be a personal fitness trainer, and I will go and be one of the Solid Gold Dancers (darn are they off the air???).

I must go and get ready for snack! Steph

03-08-2001, 01:20 PM
Well Steph I tried to look at the page but its not pulling up...I'll try again later. And watch out! Posting pics gets addicting. I never ever thought I would post pics of myself, much less posing ones that I've shown you all!! Now I don't have a problem with it!

What a great motivator doing the Self Challenge!!

I've been researching the certification thing for myself - the best one seems to be ISSA. Its an at home thing for about $500 but really in depth, not only with human biology and nutrition (two subjects I love) but also with the business end of things. How to start your own business, marketing, laws etc. I'm getting sooooo excited!!

Some idiot at the gym this morning asked if he could feel my legs! LMAO!! I said um, NO. This guy is actually nice - I kid around with him and his training partner all the time but that was bit beyond!! I thought if I told hubby that he might start coming with me on a regular basis. But he just laughed and said "only once!". Uh oh. :)

I hope everyone is doing okay...take care!

03-08-2001, 04:14 PM
Maybe I should check my own links when I make them??? I fixed the address (sorry I was missing a backslash!) I use my scanner quite a bit with my sisters, mom & 2 friends but this website thing is beyond me. DH is going to give me lessons.

I just got done doing my very wimpy workout today. I got on the tread for 20 minutes and then did light weights and felt pathetic but I figured something was better than nothing. I tend to get stressed before going out of town and since I am heading out tomorrow morning I am sure I am feeling anxious but not admitting it!!

Tomorrow morning is my big trip out of town all by my little own self. I haven't actually gone on a trip by myself EVER but this is the first time without the kids or DH since we've been together. I need the little break but I'm nervous about leaving. I am going to visit my oldest and probably my closest friend in Houston. Kind of funny because she moved in across the street from me when I was in 4th grade and only lived their for 3 mos. We have been pen/pals, cassette pals, and e-mail friends our whole lives. She visited me once in Chicago after I got married but that is the only time we have ever met again. We have always lived a half a country away. So I am very excited and plan to have a good time but being a Nervous Nelly about flying & going away.

I will be behaving quite badly this weekend I am afraid but a well-deserved bad. I will be breathing in all the warm air but consuming all restaurant food! I won't have to think about potty-training my obnoxious 3 yr. old, get called any names (he has been just nasty since he was sick last week), and I don't have to pick up after anyone.

Hope everyone has a great weekend! Steph

03-08-2001, 05:53 PM
Oh Steph your pics are wonderful!! You have a beautiful family...and your HAIR...I want your hair!! It looks so thick and rich! And your smile! You look pretty close to what I imagined..warm and lovely!!

03-08-2001, 09:22 PM
Hello all! I was glad to see that we were back up and running - and checking in. I like that new feature where we can see how many people have viewed our thread. Nice to know that our 'lurkers' are still around and hopefully (!!) finding us helpful.

Steph, I love your pictures! You are looking so good. And your kids are so adorable!! I'm impressed you're taking that Self challenge again. I've looked at those before and tho't I didn't have the discipline to do it properly so I'm doubly impressed! What a great motivator for you I'm sure. I hope you have a great trip - enjoy!!

Juno, how did the house cleaning go? Before K & I split, I often tho't of getting one in ever so often but never did get that far. Did you feel like a queen? Glad to hear you're bouncing back and feeling better.

Raychel, you go girl on the trainer idea! A friend's fiancee does that and she loves it. I know you would do a fabulous job of it! I had to laugh at the guy at the gym asking to feel your legs. Bit of a new / different approach!!

Things here are going pretty good. I made a big batch of cookies on Monday night and they are all gone with minimal eating by me! The benefits to working with all guys who love my cookies :)

I totally went out and treated myself this afternoon and had a fabulous time doing it. I went for lunch with a friend then went shopping! My friend was down for business (actually a consultant doing some work for my company!) but I wasn't sure how long he'd be able to stick around for so I booked the entire afternoon off. After he left I went to a shoe store and must have tried on 75% of their new spring shoes - and bought 3 pair! I haven't done that for such a long time. I can tell that my mental 'rewards' are changing. I used to go buy food as a treat, now it's shoes!!

Oops, gotta run and grab my laundry. One thing I really don't like about leaving my house and moving into an apartment is apartment laundry rooms. But is still better than having to beat my clothes down at the creek with rocks! Hope everyone is doing well!!

03-09-2001, 02:27 AM
Hi everyone.

I do like this new page, it is easier to read somehow, and I like how it loads you up right to your next message. Good job 3FC.

The house cleaning was a very good idea. They did 2 hours and it was very freeing for me. There is still some catching up to do. Eventually I am only going to have them every 2 weeks, but they will come next week and the one after so we can get a good basis and then can maintain. Mostly they concentrated on the kitchen and bathrooms. Funny, after they left I felt like cleaning and did a couple of further projects. It is that daunting "starting" when it's gone on a bit too long that gets me. Did I feel like a queen? No, I felt like action was being taken, and I would say the feeling was energizing not royal - a preferred feeling for me!

The same day the carpet installer came to estimate installation. Now I only have to get out there, pick some carpet and order it!

Workouts are a bust this week - so far anyway. Work is insane and the kids are on a half day schedule for conference week. That always throws me a bit. Food is not bad. I am interested in going through an herbal cleansing, need to look into a good, reputable product.

Steph I can load the page with the lovely mountains but can't seem to get photos. Am I doing something wrong? Have fun on your trip!

Raychel you would be a wonderful personal trainer. I guess asking to feel your muscles takes being an "object " into a whole new dimension, eh? I'm sure he was appreciating you as sculpture however, and forgot that personal boundaries do apply! well at least he asked.

Justy sounds like a great afternoon with your friend. Nothing like the womanly art of Shopping for Shoes. At least in the laundromat/room you can run more than one load at the same time. It's efficient in a different way.

Tomorrow is my book group and it is meeting at my house - the cleaners were timely! I need to get my work done and shop for wine and snacks before my kids get out at the half day (or at least that is my preferred plan). It looks like it will be a fun weekend. OH I forgot to mention...on Wednesdays my two girls are both in a combined ballet I and II (kids) class. Christian, the director and who teaches the class, invited me to join the class for barre! Now stop laughing you guys - you think a 42-year-old woman dropping in on a class full of kids from 8-13 is funny? I asked S and A if they would be embarrassed to have their mom pop in and they were sweet and supportive. Raychel I am trying to get the drift of the head positions for front, second, back. It is harder than rubbing your tummy and patting your head when you are new at it but I want to surprise my reg. teacher on Monday with a better clue.

To work with me--



03-09-2001, 01:02 PM
Juno: The head positions will come in time and feel like second nature...the basic classes should be teaching you to follow your hand with your head.

03-09-2001, 01:34 PM
Raychel - Yes they teach it but it takes so much concentration that it is hard to think about the other myriad positional and movement things - so I am just practicing the head thing over and over and over this week, so it can *become* that second nature. I have a way to go on this. I always *thought* I was coordinated :o

Have a good day --


03-09-2001, 06:47 PM
LOL! I know I know.....nothing like a ballet class to make you realize what a klutz you are...does it to me every time!!

Have a good one!!

03-13-2001, 05:45 AM
Hello and happy Tuesday everyone.

I wish all days could be like this. Perfect? No. But I am just at peace in my little cottage. I went for a walk today and took some roads in my own neighborhood I have never gone down. One road was one I have jogged past (it intersects my jogging route) countless times but I have never wandered along it. There are houses and apartments I never knew existed. I have crocuses and pulmonaria buds and spring is going to get here eventually. The house is orderly, as I have kept up momentum from my cleaning people and things are good in that dept.

Raychel how goes the trainer training plan? I ordered the tape from Amazon tonight, after looking at several I went with the one recommended by my favorite personal trainer. I am accepting of my imperfection and not so emotional about it - just learning as much as I can at my own pace. I'll join the little kids on Wednesday, what a journey this little side trail is.

Steph are you back yet? I can't wait to hear details of your trip, the fun you had and the lovely comments you are bound to hear due to your health, strength and vitality.

Justy - I agree that it is fun to see lurkers abound. I wonder if our friends Shorty, Sheryl, Katy and other pop on to read and have no time to log on and talk. I do like the energy that comes from new blood, so to speak, but we have a nice thing going now. I think we are all similar in temperament and optimism.

Catherine - how're the workouts going?

I've been considering over the past few days how my best actually eating/weight loss times comes with keeping a journal of what I eat. I got away from that and I am considering starting it again. Something in me resists, but I can't say what. Nonetheless, it is time for review of basics and some spring renewal. I am even considering re-readint MTC (okay skimming it), just for reconnection with the connection, hehe.

The server keeps aborting, but I haven't lost any text yet. Still, with that in mind I will sign off with all my good wishes to you all - think about what it means to be 5% and have gratitude! We are so lucky.


03-13-2001, 10:09 AM
Checking in

03-13-2001, 10:41 AM
Good morning everyone. I have been trying to post since the new server, but hasnít allowed me to. You wouldnít believe the words of wisdom that have been lost!

Raychel Ė I have been wanting to tell you that I think itís a GREAT idea to look into becoming certified. It doesnít hurt one bit. Maybe youíll fall in love with it, and maybe youíll hate it. Everyone has to start out somewhere.

Steph Ė You were NOT what I pictured in my mind at all. But STILL beautiful. You really truly do look great. Hope that youíre having a wonderful time on your mini-vacation.

Juno Ė my workouts are going well. Planning on cardio and ST tonight. As much as I dislike running, I know that it really helps me out. Running, ST and walking have to be my fundamentals. Iíll supplement with yoga and pilates. I am excited for summer when I can rollerblade again and softball season is right around the corner. I would love to have the discipline to food journal, but Iím not there. I read MTC about once a year to refresh and revive.

Thatís about it. Have been doing well with eating. Still planning out all of my meals at night. That seems to help. Itís a no-brainer whatís for dinner. I tend to not eat after dinner, so thatís good.

Still 5% with all of you.

03-13-2001, 03:45 PM
I'm in a disgruntled mood so I'll try and keep my post short since it will probably be a complaining one anyhow. PMS & Potty Training plus a touch of the stomach flu are making me very short tempered today. Why did I feel I couldn't leave my family for a 7 day vacation?? Next time I won't feel guilty and off I will go.

I had a great time in my short 48 hour break. I must admit that I ate way too much but it was all stuff I wouldn't find around here so I gorged. This one restaurant had the biggest portions of food I have ever seen. Huge waste of food because there is no way you could actually finish it. I swear the one chicken dish I ordered had like 3 chicken breasts in it! I got outside with the green grass and enjoyed the 60 degree weather but there was no sun which is something I really needed. My girlfriend said yesterday was 78 & sunny - BOO HOO!!!

Thanks for the compliments on the photos but the only good looking ones are the kids. DH & I were cute once but age is killing us! My kids are cute though!

Raychel - I do hope that you pursue your training interests because I thought you looked awesome in your photos and would die to have your muscle tone. My hair is owed to Loreal Excellence & the fact that I can let it air dry in the morning. Trust me I have had some frizzie overpermed nasty hair in years past.

Catherine- I was doing great with the meal planning but have slipped up. Back to basics again... I do plan out the grocery list which has really helped on having nibbly foods around. I don't really buy stuff anymore that I used to munch such as chips or crackers. There is hardly any dessert here for me either but today I asked DH to grab me something (PMS speaking not me)

Juno - Oh Oh what is spring??? I left last week and the snow was slowly melting and I could see mud. Yesterday we got 7 inches of snow and we have another huge storm hitting on Thursday. All the states below us are in the 50's but we are just getting slammed. I think I inspired my GF to start taking her walks more seriously because she has no energy & whines about her lack of it. She walked for 50 minutes yesterday and plans to do it again today.

I am off to do more stupid chores...hope everyone has a good week! Steph

03-15-2001, 07:27 AM
Gosh it is approaching 2:30 a.m.! Happily DH is taking the girls in in the a.m.

Good good good. I am right on the money with food - today soups, fruit smoothies, oatmeal and pumpkin were the main fare. I really like to eat this way. I am getting more in the mood to cook too, maybe it is the light?

Can you endure another ballet report? This is so amazing to me. Instead of Buffer and weights, lately the bill of fare is this ballet business and walks in my neighborhood. Tonight I note *respectable* biceps and mucho firmness in the hip quarter! Today I did barre with the younger class (there was another adult/mom too, it didn't feel weird at all). It is much easier! But more reps so the strength is emphasized. I just need to be in fourth grade, that's all. I'm getting a better and better idea how I can work out with this stuff on my own, and I think I can do some things without worrying that no one is there to correct me.

PW wasn't it you who did The Artist's Way? I forgot to throw you a howdy on my last post. How's life? I hope the current market stuff hasn't dampened your enthusiasm for your new job. "Buy low!" I say.

Anyway. I had an almost amazingly good day. (Maybe here is the place to point out my verbose orthopaedist is on vacation this week), and I'm looking forward to tomorrow. I am ready and inspired to get to my "Original 5% club" fighting trim - I'm ready to look in those mirrors in the ballet studio and say, is that ME?

Okay friends...


03-16-2001, 05:39 PM
Hello all - TGIF!!! Why is the day before you are officially on vacation the craziest!?

I will be gone next week...but checking in most likely. We have several projects to do around the house and are also taking a quick trip up to Monterey to meet some friends and have fun.

I spoke to a woman who ref'd me to ISSA to get my certification. The info is on the way. Its an at home study course - pretty detailed from the looks of it. My previous classes in human biology and nutrition and business are going to come in verrrry handy!! I'm excited!!

I'm also going to start training with this gal who ref'd me. She's been training for many years and I've gotten to know her husband who trains in the morning. He tells me I'm the second most intense training (woman) there next to his wife and prodded me and her to train together and see how we like eachother. I'm excited as she is more advanced than me and will definately knock me out of my comfort zone! We meet Monday evening for legs of all things (the hardest body part to train) so if I'm alive Tuesday it will be a miracle. She's incredibly strong!! Her DH is totally trying to psyche me out "Can't wait to see you cry" he says. Sheesh!

I did pull ups for the first time on Monday unassisted...I was so thrilled. Then I couldn't do them to save my life today...agggg. Frustrating!

Juno: Such the night owl! I made a great non fat split pea soup from C'mon America over the weekend. Pumpkin sounds good too. But I always think of it with sweet stuff. I bet it would be great with some roasted garlic or something. How fun to dance with the younger class. My mom teaches 3-5yrs olds pre-ballet. She is so sweet with them and they are just cute as can be!!

Steph: Spring is on the way!! Hang in there! I have this image of you holding your breath for the first day of sun and semi warm weather - out in it as soon as possible, digging your hands into the earth with a satisfied ahhhhhhh sigh!!

Catherine: Yes, getting certified is the right thing for me to do. You can do a lot with it beyond "just training" people - you can lecture, write, contract to PT offices and so on. I'm looking forward to it.

I guess thats it for now. Have a great weekend everyone!!

03-20-2001, 03:26 PM
I'm only hopping on for a minute but I felt bad seeing the last poster was on Friday.....

Raychel - I hope you are enjoying your week of vacation at home. I have a week off in June which will be a stay home vacation and though we have projects I am looking forward to it. I have to go to IL for a 2 day family visit but that is it. Hope you are able to move your legs today :)

Juno - Hope you are having a good week and the work load is light. I am glad that I have a few longer weekends coming up because I already need them. Normally I don't take any days off til summer but I decided that I deserved a few extra breaks this year. They can all go elsewhere if they want to complain!

Catherine - I hope the snow is melting there like it is here! I've got a river going down my driveway. I shall survive as soon as the grass dries out a bit (mind you I have lots of snow left!!). I am trying to be prepared and make dinner ahead of time because we are going out tonight and I am sick of grabbing food on the run - so we will eat & then run. HM veggie lasagne is better than all those FF places.

JS - Ask me if I have enough discipline to survive the food challenges in a few more weeks. The calorie counting alone is killing me. Carbs are not my enemy but obviously too much of a food source for me! Hope you didn't make any more cookies this week!

I am pretty steady with the AM workouts but I still don't love them. I am just going to keep doing them until they become second nature. I've lost a few pounds this year but I really do need some kind of incentive to eat lighter.....I need to be leaner in the middle and I'll quit whining about my body shape.

One monster is up from nap - bye!

03-24-2001, 01:38 PM
Well, I guess I've been gone for a while, and here we have a new server! It sounds like you all are doing very well.

My new job is still great, in spite of the lousy stock market. It's actually a great time to buy. It's keeping me very busy and challenged, and I'm eally enjoying it.

I went to the naturopath for a VLA on Thursday, and my numbers are great--reflecting my new-foound enthusiasm for life, I think. I've signed up for their 6-week spring health class, which starts in April. I know a lot of the information will be things my nutritionist went over with me individually, but I thought it would be a fun way to review, meet some other people who are trying to be healthy, and recommit to the process.

Guido is screaming, so I better run.

03-24-2001, 08:41 PM
Happy weekend everybody! Today has been such a treat - the first Saturday in about a month that I haven't been into the office at all. Definitely a nice change of pace.

So, being a Saturday off, I went to see my hairdresser - and got beautiful copper streaks for the summer. Hair is such a fun toy to play with :)

Raychel, I hope you had a fantastic week off. Looking foward to hearing about your fun (relaxing?!) time.

Steph, nope no more cookies from this kitchen. But I do have to say that I was very thankful for the abundance of office guys who ate the bulk of them!

PW glad to see you pop in. Yah on the job going well.

Juno, have you picked your carpet yet? What a fun change that will be.

Other than working too much, things are going pretty good here. A bit shaky on the food depending on the day but the fruit is still a strong point which at the very least is making me feel better about the rest!

I have been making a determined effort to work on my arms at least a little bit most everyday. I want to be able to wear my sleeveless tops this summer without being embarrased. I'm getting good at dropping and doing pushups as I go from room to room :)

I've been fighting a headache all day so I think I'm off to spend the evening with a movie and a cup of tea. Have a good one!

03-26-2001, 04:32 AM
Wow, hello friends. Happy Monday. This begins Spring Break in my town, so I will have my girls at home and will get a little bit more sleep than is average for me. PW and JS it was great to hear from you!!!

What a journey this is. I have to remind myself when I log on to focus on health weight and exercise issues - it seems like I just want to charge on the board and talk about everything going on in my life. Oh well it is all related isn't it! But I will start there - had a pretty decadent weekend just now, but overall I am doing so well, eating healthfully and keeping up with movement. I went to the aerobics class that I enjoy on Friday night and noted a real difference in my thighs, for which I thank ballet. Raychel I have to blush and say that I got the video but haven't tried it yet. Time time time. It will ultimately happen. I am already worried about summer - the studio does not offer summer classes, so I will have to be creative to keep my miniscule strides from disappearing.

On the homefront, no I have not picked out the carpet that that will happen. I'm not sure you-all can fathom how busy I truly am in my little life-sphere, but I just have to say that the simple act of going to carpet stores, checking samples and pricing it out and making a choice involves several serious planetary alignments to happen in terms of time availability and energy to go do it. Isn't that pitiful? It's still conceptual, but we will get there. I have been getting some fun funky "my style" which is more or less antique/junk store chic, things from ebay in the past few months, so the domestic front has been boosted by some fun collecting and the second visit of Suzanne the wonder cleaner. With Spring break this week I intend to make the most of my (hopefully) vigorous energy and do more painting and organizing. It just isn't ever "done" is it.

Ballet will not meet this week either due to spring break (the studio is pretty much geared to kid schedules). I will go to aerobics all 3 times - and that is a great workout. I am doing simple plies and releves and whatever I can remember on my own, and trying to do whatever I can remember over and over so I can get a wee bit better at it. It may not show up as grace, but I think this is what is helping the thighs.

Update - at least Steph and Raychel will recall that a year or two ago my DH had some loose talk about getting me a ring. My wedding ring, which I love, is a very modest ring - I married for love not money, hehe! We misunderstood each other, as at that time I was eyeing what I thought was an attainable ring and he about died of sticker shock. I dropped it at the time but my feelings were hurt, it was an unfortunate miscommunication but it was a hurt that I could find myself nursing (to myself) on those man-woman cross purpose type days. Will this last week he brought the topic up again (we will have been together for 15 years this Mothers day, though married for 13). Did he mean it? Yes, he said to look at rings. I found a ring with a lovely setting antique-style filigree setting (though it is new) with 6 diamonds in a row, gorgeous, which will fuse with my current ring (I am sentimental and will wear my little ring always) - I'm rambling here but my man bought me this ring and I am just amazed and of course thrilled. It caps a couple of weeks of relationship roller coaster stuff and both of us feel pretty renewed. It will be nice to have a reminder on my finger at all times that the relationship cycle continues and faith will get you through.

I also got a cartilage (ear) piercing this last weekend, which also is a story in itself. I had long admired this look but thought it would be painful. A friend in my mom's art group was diagnosed with breast cancer and underwent a mastectomy a week ago. A large group of her friends and supporters went in and got this piercing in the same place in the left ear. Most of us are wearing a sapphire, her birthstone. A group photo was emailed to her in Seattle before the procedure. I missed the photo shoot but love this gesture - it is a sad reason but many women are being drawn together and it seems to be a wonderful symbol of female solidarity. I was still worried about pain but figured it was nothing compared to a mastectomy - in fact it hurt no different than an earlobe piercing. That earring is my forever reminder to make time for friendship NOW because you never know. The early reports from her surgery are good.

Sorry my friends, this post appears to be All About Me. I'll hope for some posts this week - would be nice! I know with Raychel returning there will be some good action. I love seeing the numbers of people reading our little saga here. Here's a bit of our astounding, and most importantly, RENEWABLE energy for all who are reading this!


03-27-2001, 09:22 AM
I've spent my time catching up on all the old threads I could find, so I don't have much time to post now, but will follow up with more later. Last time I checked in, I had bought a house and was about to move.....That was in October! It's amazing how anything can throw you off of your game if you let it... A few pounds have found their way back to my rear end and I have been struggling to get my self to the gym more than once a week. I am headed there now. You are still the same bunch of inspirational women as always!

-More Later

03-27-2001, 04:29 PM
Ackkkkkkk!! The day after vacation is always awful! I was sooo swamped yesterday!

Vacation was nice. I trained with a lady who has been lifting for 12 yrs. She got me to 225lbs for squats and pushed me on everything else too! Between her and her huge husband they are going to kill me! (In a good way) It was so much fun!!

Seeing my gf in Monterey was wonderful too! We had a great time. Tom had a pretty good time - unfortunately him and my gf's husband don't have a huge amount in common so it was a little odd. I'm much more social in that type of environment than he is. He gets very stressed out when we are traveling to an unknown place. Weird. Its made me get reflective about our relationship (again). Not in a bad way - just recognizing how different we are and wondering if we are enhancing or hindering eachother?? Growing pains I suppose.

We got the kitchen painted (looks SO good) and the drip tube layed in the fruit tree/garden area. Those were the two major projects we wanted to do.

I got the info/paperwork to start studying for my certification!! Yippee!! I was hoping to start on it yesterday but work has just been too crazy.

KatyDes - Forgive me - were you using another name when you posted before? Katy is only vaguely familiar...but my mind is half gone too. Post soon to refresh my memory!!

Juno - your "new" ring sounds lovely. And what a wonderful gesture with the earrings! There is something to be said for the group energy of women together whatever the cause may be.

JS: Ohhhh - copper streaks! Doesn't that sound lovely. I was just thinking of going to get my blond ones done. My hairdresser does such a nice job with them. She did blond the first time and the second time I wanted red - the blond looked better!!

PW: Sounds like things are going pretty well for you. I'd be interested to hear more about your spring health class.

Okay I guess thats it for now. Glad to be back on board!