40-Somethings - PMS~ Piling in Mouthfuls of Sh... stuff!

08-08-2012, 07:15 PM
pardon me while i pout to avoid stuffing more s*** in my face plz! my TOM was pose 2 b on the 4th n didnt "visit" til yesterday! but the cravins and never ending hunger hit this past saturday n hasnt seen fit to leave me yet! im tryin to stay busy, take dog for extra walks, clean more, whatever it takes n yet im still starving! im eating my normal calorie range of 1274 which usually fills me n keeps me happy but not lately. i wasnt able to make my wiegh-ins this wk which is prolly a good thing yet i feel like crap for having to miss (no gas in car). ive been tryin 2 at least do "healthy food shoveling" but just cant help feeling defeated so early in the game! ugh the joys of being an ove weight woman!

08-08-2012, 07:31 PM
I feel you! When PMS/TOM hits I want to eat the whole house! Definitely chomping on healthy options instead of junk food is one way to go. The other motivation I use to keep from overeating is to anticipate a post-TOM whoosh of water weight. Usually I pack on a few bloat pounds during PMS, but if I play my cards right and "ride the crave wave" by sticking to my calories and exercising as usual, after TOM arrives, I usually have a whoosh of losing the water weight and sometimes 1-2lbs more. So, anticipating the weight loss in a week or so sometimes motivates me not to binge during PMS/TOM. It might work for you too! Good luck.

08-10-2012, 10:00 AM
the cravings n hunger r beginning to subside (thank the lord)! this was my 1st major (for me anyway) hurdle n ill c how bad the damage is/was come my monday morning weigh-in ugh! thanx 4 the insight guacamole! normally i just binge til it passes n move on without thought of the after affects, which is prolly why i am where i am now hmmm... lol lesson learned~ hopefully!