Exercise! - I want to start exercising but not sure where to start.

08-08-2012, 06:20 PM
Hi guys,

So I've been dieting/lifestyle-changing for about two months now and I want to start doing some regular exercise. Maybe three times a week initially? But I don't really know where to start or what the best thing for me to try would be - the choice seems a bit overwhelming!

I have been reading on here that exercise doesn't massively affect weight loss, (well, you know what I mean,) so I'm not looking for something that's going to make me lose weight faster or anything, I just want to do it for health/fitness. And I keep hearing once you get into it, it can be so rewarding and make you feel great. (Although I suspect I will have to force myself to do it initially.)

I don't know how fit I am - not majorly, I expect! I'm 25, 5'8 and was 169lbs at last weigh-in. I'm not keen on joining a gym cos I think I would feel self-conscious and that might make me quit. And can't really afford membership. I was thinking about the NHS (I live in the UK) Couch to 5K programme? Or maybe weights I could do at home? But then I don't know what weights to buy, or what programme to follow.

What did you all start doing right back when you started working out?

I'm sure there are many similar threads to this already, so apologies - I just wanted something that was a bit more specific to me. So any any advice is massively, massively appreciated :D

08-09-2012, 10:50 AM
Just start, it doesnt have to be perfect right now as long as you are doing something. If you want to run, go run. If you want to lift weights get some dumbbells and start lifting. One good way to lose weight is through anaerobic exercise. For this you can run at a high pace for 1-3 minutes and then slow down and rest for a minute and then repeat multiple times. You can also run hills which is a great workout. just find a decent sized hill and run up it as fast as possible and then walk back down and do it again.
Im not going to suggest a certain program to follow for weight training. If you want to weight train find some exercises that target where you are trying to lose weight and do them. Or look up body weight exercises which tend to work the entire body, these can be more effective for weight loss.
The only reason I am responding is because you havent got a response yet and I think it may be because you havent asked the best questions. Its hard to respond to a post like this with little direction. Maybe you can provide more direction.

Hope this helped in some way

08-09-2012, 10:53 AM
:bravo: for starting to exercise!

Well I started plain ole walking, it's cheap and always available... I eventually starting jogging and going to the gym... If you don't like the gym you can borrow CDs from the library to exercise in the comfort of your own living room... Just start by doing something, anything... Good luck!

I now walk, run, bike, weight train, swim, hike, whatever my little heart desires... Just do it ! as the old cliche says :lol:

08-09-2012, 12:39 PM
cardsfan1248 - Thanks for the reply. I'm not sure what you mean by saying I haven't asked the best questions. But like I said, I'm pretty clueless about the whole thing at the moment! I don't know if I can provide more direction! I guess I was looking for people saying, "I started off doing such and such and found this to be good because..." etc. I was just looking for a bit of input, really. I guess I will start off with C25K, since that seems to be anaerobic, like you suggest.

Thanks, Ilene! I do already have a fat-burning cardio DVD thing I've been doing but I live with two other people I don't know that well and didn't like doing it when they were in the house, too. So I guess running may be the way to go...and hopefully one day I will have a whole range of different activities like you!

08-09-2012, 01:27 PM
I know you said you dont think you would like the gym, but for me going to classes at the gym is essential. I was initially self-conscious (and still am a little) but you start to realize that no one really cares what you are doing.
I need someone telling me to keep going and the accountability is good for me. Also, I was clueless about what I should be doing so the classes help with that.
Good Luck!

08-09-2012, 01:43 PM
gyms can be intimidating if you are worried about people looking at you. Over years and years of ups and downs and gyms and no gyms I really do believe that if you pick the right gym you won't feel like that. Most people are there for exactly the same reason as you are. To get fit. They don't give a rats axx what you are wearing, doing or look like. Most people are focused on themselves.

I started swimming. If you can't afford the gym what about the Y? Swimming is great for toning, aerobic excercise and I have found a general overrall feeling of well being. If the Y is to expensive and you want like 3 times a week a community pool might be best where you pay something like a dollar or two to use it for the day.

But everyone is right. You are doing good wanting to start. Do anything a few times a week to make it a habit. Walk, Run, Swim, Bike any of these excercies are a good place to begin. After a few weeks if you are bored chnage to another activity. The point is to just get going...

Good Luck and I hope you find the insight you are looking for


08-09-2012, 02:15 PM
I definitely think walking, in my opinion, is the better choice. If you're not used to exercising or you haven't in a long time. If you have a nice park to walk around...it can be really relaxing, and if you walk with a determined pace you're burning calories while doing so.

I have a park literally right across the street from where I live. And it has wooded areas and there is this path that goes up and down hills it works me out like whoa. I walk a total of around 2.13 miles Mon-Fri. Just started last week and I can already tell the difference. I was walking by myself with just my ear phones, but my brother recently started walking with me and that gives me extra motivation to move faster and keep moving longer.

Or you could get some workout dvds. I've purchased two sets but lose interest so easily. It's way too easy to stay lazy in the house. But I'll have to go back to them when we move at the end of the month and I won't have the close proximity of the park.

08-09-2012, 02:54 PM
I started in January doing a 22 minute yoga DVD 3-4 times a week. I tried a kettlebell DVD a month or 2 later, did it for a while, now I've lost interest. When the weather got nice in the spring, I started some walking. Mid June I started a couch to 5K program. The last couple months my goal has been to do something every day, so I alternate couch to 5K with yoga. I just bought some discounted yoga classes, so I'm looking forward to trying a real live yoga class.

I think starting out, anything is better than nothing. Since you're not interested in working out at home or a gym, you're limiting yourself quite a bit. Go ahead and try couch to 5K, but you might want to start with a week or 2 of fast walking to prepare - I would have been overwhelmed if I had jumped right in to the running segments. Make sure you have good sneakers and a supportive sports bra.

Go for it!

08-09-2012, 08:28 PM
I have been reading on here that exercise doesn't massively affect weight loss

I completely disagree with this....at least in my case. Diet alone has NEVER worked for me to lose any significant weight.

Anyway, I'd start out with walking and then graduate eventually to Yoga or Pilates...then on to cardio/weights if you want to get toned.

Good luck.

08-10-2012, 04:33 AM
I completely disagree with this....at least in my case. Diet alone has NEVER worked for me to lose any significant weight.

I know, it seems odd to me too! But maybe people were meaning you shouldn't expect too much from it, or you shouldn't just do it to lose weight. But you're right, everyone will be different.

Thanks to everyone who has replied! Majority opinion seems to be to start off with brisk walking 3/4 times a week to get into the habit of doing something, which makes a lot of sense to me. And then I think I will try progressing to C25K. Most people are saying, "Anything is better than nothing," and you are all absolutely right.

I still find the prospect of going to the gym intimidating but you make a good point about the classes that instruct you, angie. We'll see, I'll bear it in mind.

Thanks for all the advice and luck! :)