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08-07-2012, 09:41 PM
Just when I think I've got this maintenance thing nailed... an alien took over my body a couple of hours ago and transferred a pile of Swiss chocolate from my hands to my mouth. Of course **I** was the one in control, but it sure didn't feel that way. It brought home the point that I'll probably never be cured of my deranged eating impulses -- the best I can do is figure out strategies to keep the monster in its cage. Fortunately I was able to snap out of it fairly quickly this time. Based on my shaky state of mind, I decided that I had to throw out a few items of food immediately, which I did (complete with Comet powder poured over them). Nuts, eh?


08-07-2012, 09:44 PM
I have found it is much easier to lose weight than to keep it off. I have some frozen waffles calling my name right now.
Stay Strong !

08-07-2012, 10:04 PM
This is the third time that I've lost a significant amount of weight and as I approach my goal, I know (and have known all along) that this is when the real heavy lifting begins.

Thanks for posting. Good luck and I'll second Bargoo's "Stay Strong."

08-07-2012, 10:11 PM
I don't think Comet on the discards is nuts at all. I admire your creativity!

08-07-2012, 10:21 PM
I once heard of a maintainer that called themselves "obese in remission." I like that term, because it sums up everything nicely.

Stay strong! I admire your drive to stay on track despite a bit of a slip, I've always admired how strong you are :)

08-07-2012, 10:30 PM
The squirrels in my neighborhood often benefit from my eating disorder. Just this past weekend, they got a big bag of cheese popcorn!

Your post reminds me of a friend who always says she "accidentally" ate a box of cookies. I so know that feeling.

Good work on getting yourself back on track quickly. That's a win.

08-07-2012, 11:37 PM
Thanks for the support, guys. It REALLY helps to post here and get feedback. I feel like I'm accountable not only to myself, but to an entire community!


08-08-2012, 12:34 AM
Not nuts! You recognized it before it got ut of control, threw away the rest and made sure you wouldn't dig it out later!

traveling michele
08-08-2012, 12:07 PM
I'm impressed that you had one indiscretion and were able to reign it in without losing all control. Kudos from another maintainer who is more or less in remission.

08-08-2012, 12:19 PM
The same alien force-fed me Munchos, Smartfood and honey roasted peanuts last night!

Shannon in ATL
08-08-2012, 01:52 PM
freelance, the same alien force feeds me stuff sometimes too. I'll find myself standing in the kitchen and ten minutes later I won't know why I've eaten whatever it is. While I see my hands and know what I'm doing, I don't feel like I'm in control of what I'm doing.

Tossing it out with Comet on it? Not crazy at all. Mine usually involves tossing it out with coffee grounds poured out of a used k-cup on it.

Great job on reeling it back in before it got too out of control. :)

08-08-2012, 06:28 PM
Add '7-layer-cake' to the list..... :,(

08-08-2012, 06:54 PM
Add 7-layer carrot cake to the list.......

08-08-2012, 08:27 PM
Add 7-layer carrot cake to the list.......

7-layer carrot cake? nice :devil:

08-08-2012, 11:40 PM
Sometimes when people offer me sweets at a party/office event, I will say that I can't eat it because I have a sugar intolerance, or I'll say I'm a borderline diabetic. It's so much easier than explaining that 2 bites of the food on offer will never satisfy me, and will induce raging cravings for more-more-more for the next few hours (at least). In remission indeed, but always ready to rear it's ugly head at a moment's notice.

08-08-2012, 11:43 PM
Day after the chocolate mini-binge: I had a good eating day today, despite a horrible argument with my 16-yo DD that left me feeling teary all evening. She's such a great kid and she's so angry at me right now. (I suppose I'm also angry at her for giving so little to our family life these days.)

The day after an eating disaster is so important, IMO. The more "good" days-after we can accumulate, the more confident we become in our ability to rebound from a slip. I avoided the temptation to undereat and overexercise, which rarely leads to anything good, in my experience.