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08-07-2012, 12:03 AM
So I'm 34 I have 3 kids and a 30 yr old husband. I am 5'6, 290 if being painfully honest, thank gahd the only health condition I have besides anxiety is high blood pressure which is currently under control. Then there's my 215 lb husband who's 6'1 who runs 2 miles everyday stays home w the kids goes to school full time eats nearly no sugar or no sugar added foods no salt or low salt foods rarely white bread if any bread at all, only eats egg whites has cut down on red meat to 2 xs a week (which used to be a nearly daily dInner of some sort for us) has gone from refusing to eat fish to now it it minimum of 2 times a week who has had 2 heart ablations, border line diabetic,high blood pressure and good chesterol is not so good is now classified as having SVT and has had episodes of a-fib. So I ask this how is it he can just cold turkey stop eating all the crap we used to eat on a daily basis like mcds steak twice baked potatoes soda you name it and he stopped. And because we are I team I stopped it with him. It's been years and I still crave all those horrible tasty foods. I actually sneak trips to fast food places I hide candy around the house for me and just rt now today it's completely over whelmed me and it's very terribly horribly hard for me to not binge on all that food. It's been so long and I have gone stretches with out cheating or hiding or sneaking for months at a time but I feel like I can't over come it this time. My husband told me not to change how I eat if I don't want to but I feel like I'd want him to change that for me s a sign of support. And to makes matters worse I exersize 4-6 times a week and haven't lost an inch. is there some one out there to help?!