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08-06-2012, 12:53 AM
Hi All ~

I was wondering if anyone else had a problem with giving into vacations as a license to go off program?

I am SO good at home and NEVER go off program and I'm never tempted but I told myself that when I went to Cancun on July 16th that I was not going to spend that much money on vacation and not enjoy myself. Well, truth is...I had a great time and really enjoyed myself but it is now August 5th and I have yet to get back to the clinic and have been eating carbs like crazy! I feel like total crap, not from guilt but from the food! I absolutely can't take it another day and will be back to weigh in and get back on track tomorrow.

I was amazed that when I got on the scale this morning that in 3 weeks I'm up 15 pounds! I know that once I begin the program again that I'll lose some pretty fast due to water retention but I freaked and thought about how easy it was to get here in three weeks and how easy it would be to go back and I'm NOT going there!!

I've got another weekend vacation at the end of August but I've got to find a way to do program while I'm gone, I can do this!!

Wish me luck getting this train back on the track!

08-06-2012, 04:54 PM
Well, you have someone that definitely When we travel, it is rough for me, too. Because we are on "vacation," I let myself go and believe that the only way to enjoy it is to relax where food is you, I have had to come home and face music that wasn't so pretty...several times. We are taking our kiddos for a week in December to Disneyworld, and I am already feeling anxious about it. The truth is, you don't eat like you do when you are at home, and many times can't! My plan is to lose a few before that if I do go up, I will hopefully be where I am ok at rather than having gained.

I still believe we need to be mindful about the choices we make while we are away, but I don't intend to fret about that ice cream cone with my family on the beach...or whatever. Feeling resentful isn't good either...can lead to really poor choices. That wonderful "happy medium..." is tough to find sometimes!

Hang in there...getting on the right track now that your home is truly what counts:)

08-06-2012, 11:23 PM
I traveled quite a bit this summer, and was lucky enough to have lost through it all. But, I have learned I have to have a plan before I get to the restaurant. I am never without the Fat and Carb Blocker, meal bar and my HNS. I have found that if I ask, most places are happy to accomodate my request to make substitutions. But, if you decide to indulge, enjoy it, then chug that water and hop back on the train! (The Key Lime Pie w/fresh whipped cream was entirely worth it while I was in Florida!)

08-06-2012, 11:24 PM
And, of course, always have a bottle of water stashed close by!

08-07-2012, 10:58 AM
If I can, I take my home scale with me. Slide it right under my seat in the car and then put it in the bathroom when we get to the hotel. I actually lost weight when we went on vacation last year because it was a constant reminder that calories ALWAYS count, even on vacation.