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08-05-2012, 09:24 AM
... here I go again!

Hello all. I doubt there are many poeple left who will 'know' me, they must have been successful! This is my second return this year....

Bad news, I have not lost weight since I first joined here.

Well I did but as I am less well than I would like to be I have regained all and more.

Good news, I have lost a stone this year without trying very hard or consistently. OK it was the stone I gained to make me the very heaviest I have ever been, but it is gone now!

So I am starting again.

This morning I did my first attempt at the NHS Couchto5K podcast - I can't say I finished it, I have given myself 3 weeks to complete week one fully :)

I have 2 goals: Onderland by September 4th and complete the Couchto5K this year!

So hello, I may be here for quite some time :D

mountain walker
08-05-2012, 11:03 AM
Hello Stef and welcome.
How are you losing your weight???

08-07-2012, 02:06 PM
Well, I wasn't going to say how I am losing because I have had so much negative response BUT after the Horizon programme last night I'm feeling a little less defensive.

I am JUDDDing. Intermittent Fasting. Alternate Day Dieting.

That is I eat about 500kcals one day and whatever I feel like the next. No other restrictions apply - just eat the calories. I do 2 proper Down Days a week (Mon and Weds) and a medium day on Friday (I made that up) so I eat normally from Friday night to SUnday evening when my husband is home.

The first 2 weeks are a bit odd. You fight the urge to eat more on the Down Days but, oddly, I don't feel the urge to binge on the Up Days. The second week I got a couple of headaches and felt a bit wobbly - so I had a sweet ryvita to calm that down a bit (54kcals is no biggy overall).

Now I am sat here having scrubbed down the kitchen this afternoon and I have eaten 2 peaches - 80kcals - and a tuna mayo and ryvita - about 180kcals. I haven't had the Slimfast shake that was originally supposed to be lunch but I know I can have that as pudding/supper. I'm just not hungry now.

Tomorrow I plan on eating something burgery, I think! I made some lovely blue cheese burgers and froze some back. I have a feeling one will be back out tomorrow! In a bun. With chips! And salad, cos everything has salad at the moment. It was cous cous a couple of weeks ago. Not sure how that happens, I just get a craving for something, erm, healthy!

So, I started this week a whole stine down (ticker is from 2 days before, I'll sync that on Friday and/or Monday. I weigh twice a week. Friday morning when I think I will be my lightest and Monday morning when think I will be at my heaviest. It is fun looking at the difference - it has been 3lbs to 0lbs, so there is no real pattern.

Sorry, that went on a bit. But I am quite excited to have found the diet that works for me!

mountain walker
08-07-2012, 02:30 PM
Stef I am so pleased you have found a system that works for you. And don't be bullied by anybody who thinks their system is any better than yours!
I am just "eat less do more" with one or 2 slimfast days a week. ( this is dependent on my bowels as Slimfast= constipation for me!!!!) (sorry if this is TMI!!) I started off just walking under a quarter of a mile and really struggling with that, but now me and my dawgs are 2.5 miles a day without difficulties. From this week I have started adding in an extra exercise session every day. Yesterday it was 30 mins on my trampoline, today I swam and tomorrow it's badminton with the hubby. Actually this will be exercise mostly picking up the shuttlecock!
From Sept 1st I am starting an OU course so I will have to manage my time a bit better. I had to give up work last year ( long story) so I am fortunate in having more time than most people!
Good luck my lovely.......and sorry to go on!!!:hug:

08-07-2012, 08:05 PM
Wow I ham so excited to find someone else who is trying Intermittent Fasting and I am so glad it is working for you.
I am starting by doing the 5:2 method after also watching the program last night.
Had my first fast day today and feel hungry but not too bad :) I am also feeling really positive that this might really work for me!

08-08-2012, 09:11 AM
Good luck. I hope it suits you as much as it seems to be suiting me :)

08-08-2012, 09:42 AM
i watched that too and it looked like somthing that i could do. i like the idea of the fasting one day and eating the other.
what kinds of things do you eat on the 5:2 method? do you eat normally for the 5 or fast for the 5?

08-08-2012, 01:58 PM
I am also interested in this method of weight loss. Could someone specify exactly what a week entails? When you restrict consumption, what are you allowing yourself to drink or eat (and in what calorie range)? For those of you that do this method, do you find that it generally is fast working? I want to lose 10 pounds by October - stat!

08-08-2012, 02:48 PM
OK! Nicolae - you fast for 2 days but here are lots of variants. JUDDD done 'properly' has every other day as a Down Day. But that does not fit in with my life! So I do 2 or 3 Down Days a week.

I use MFP. Initially I thought I would have to be very careful on the Up Days but that did not turn out to be true!

My first 2 weeks was:
Mon: slimfast x 2 plus a piece of fruit or sweet ryvita with lots of water and redbush tea.
Tues: Absolutely anything I felt like, e.g. bacon egg and toast for breakfast, chillie and rice for lunch, sauasge egg and chips for tea
Weds: slimfast x 2 and water, tea an ryvita
Thurs: A repeat of Tues, anything I felt like.
Fri: this is my 'medium day', slimfast x 1, water, redbush tea and then something like steak and chips
Sat and Sun, anything.

I keep Friday evening - Sunday evening normal as that is when my husband is home and I don't want this to spoil our usual weekends - which always invovle cooking and relaxing.

DD's for the first 2 weeks were probably about 700Kcals and Up Days ranged from 1500 - 2300 Kcals, that depends on pudding, take away, or just eating something with lots of bread and cheese. I don't really worry about that now!

Now, My Up Days are much the same, I think they are healthier as I don't really want rich, fatty, creamy food. I am certainly eating more fruit and veg. I think the high kcal days are lessening, it was our 23rd wedding anniversary last week and I did NOT plug that in!! I prefer not to know (I still lost 1.5lbs).

Down Days are slowly coming down to a regular, no problem 500kcals per day. I am aiming for 400, but would happily stick with 500kcals for a few months.

I have a growing collection of 200kcal 'meals', I eat one of those a day. I stick to the slimfast for half of the kcals, it keeps my head in diet mode - though I will eat 2 meals instead if I feel like it. If rushed at work or days when I work late I will do 2 slimfasts. It depends on what is convenient.

I batch cook things I like, so my freezer has small portions of veggie curry, egg muffin thingys, they are basically omelettey, pastry less quichey things.

Egg Muffin 'recipe'Whisk up the eggs, throw in some of anything, pour into muffin tins, 3/4 fill each hole, and bake for about 20 min at 180 degrees.

Amounts don't really matter, it depends on how many eggs you have, what you are adding and how full of bits you like them. But do add quite a lot so they are veg and meat held together by egg, rather than egg with some bits in. They'll keep in the fridge for about a week and freeze really well, allow to defrost thoroughly and a quick micro ping warms them through nicely.

I like to keep my DD meal similar in style to my normal food, but with lots more veg and salad. That way I don't feel too deprived.

Another egg recipe (I have chickens) any veg you have, season with whatever you like, dry fry in a frying pan. When it is all softening, push it to the edges of the pan, leave a hole in the middle and crack an egg into it. The choice is yours now, dry fry the egg, scramble it and mix it through the veg, or omelette it and cut it into the veg. A one pan dish that is surprisingly filling.

My 200kcal meal list is slowly growing!

I am sorry if anyone expected it to be more complicated, but the rules really are that simple: 4 - 500kcals on 2 or 3 days a week and whatever I feel like for the rest. No food is banned. Drink lots.

The best thing I have found about this is that my full button really did start working again very quickly - I am sat here now feeling a bit stuffed and I only had one of my burgers in a bun, no chips, I fancied a salad. Perhaps no bun next time.

I hope that sort of explains it. I know a couple of people who are also doing this who have really strict rules (they are ex WW, SW or some other dieters). They don't seem to get any more benefit and, to be honest, they seem to find this as difficult as any other diet they gave been on. I have never done a commercial diet, so I don't know the rules :D