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08-02-2012, 11:48 AM
Hi there, just wanted to pop in. It seems that many people have now left this site which is too bad. We used to have some good threads going on. I am not following the LAWL plan anymore per say but I have definately changed my lifestyle over the course of the last year.
My one year renewal is almost up at the gym and I cant believe it. The owner asked me if I was going to renew my membership and I didnt even have to think about it. The gym is my life 4 days out of the week now. I feel
so great when I go. I have also changed my food habits tremendously over the past few months. I never eat until Im full, ever! I have lost 18 pounds since May and I have 7 to go. Starting was the hardest part because you want it to drop off so quickly and when it doesnt, its easy to give up. Im so glad that I havent given up. I truly feel like I am finally having the healthy lifestyle that I always wanted.
Have a great day everyone!


09-27-2012, 12:36 PM
Hi. Are you still around? It's taken me a while to find any recent activity for LA Weight Loss. I was excited when I came across all the posts and now that I joined (yesterday) I can't seem to find the community for support etc. Maybe people will come back? It's quite sad, especially for me, as the only reason I joined was to communicate with others following the plan. Maybe you can help and guide me?