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08-01-2012, 02:38 PM
Happy August everyone: I have internet again, after DH has been away. I will be without again for a couple of days, then going to the cottage to be with him for our long weekend. Its called Civic Holiday, and we have Monday off, and I am also taking time off on Tuesday so that will be a nice little break from work.
Weight and eating has been up and down, was down to 168 again, and thought I was on track with eating, but am over 170 again darn it!
I have been exercising by weeding in the gardens a lot, but not much walking or going to yoga. Will need to be doing that a bit more.
I will be going back and reading posts from July to catch up with everyone though. ttfn

08-02-2012, 02:04 AM
Hey Mad!

Thanks for starting the chat. I couldn't figure it out this morning. Back in the morning....

08-02-2012, 09:49 AM
Hello Friends!

Fbs at 82 this morning. I have been unable to exercise for almost two weeks and I am sure missing it. I have had a lot of informal activity but it is not the same.

I had my family reunion on Saturday. It was a great success - so it was worth the stress and work to get ready. It was a lot of fun to re-connect with my cousins. We all brought old family pictures and sat around looking at them and thinking of those who have passed on. We played volleyball, ate great barbeque, and enjoyed our traditional foods. I am so glad that I did it.

Sunday morning I took off for the mountains with my youngest ds, dil, and gs. We spend two days on the boulder river - exploring, a little fishing, and just enjoying time with each other without the distractions of TV, phones, internet and all the trappings of modern life. It was wonderful.

I am still struggling with my skin infection that has gotten worse. :( I saw the PA again yesterday who brought in my dr. I had the very unfortunate and painful experience of having a biopsy in a very tender area. That is not an experience that I want to repeat. I hope I get some answers. I mentioned that the NP had stated that this is being complicated by my diabetes (she was much more rude than that). He was emphatic that this is not related. He said, "Not when you have the control that you do!" He is a really nice guy.

Mad, I hope that you enjoy your long weekend. I am enjoying my camper very much but I have a little envy for your cabin. ;)

Trish, I hope your knee is recovering. Hopefully you are able to enjoy your usual activities. Are you still caring for Jax or is he in daycare these days?

I know Ruth is off on her vacation at the shore. I love the idea that some of the moderators are actually friends offline. I know that she also knew Mowee....

CarolSue, I am impressed that you manage to follow a good eating plan while you eat out a lot. :cool: I know it works for you and hubby because you want to eat different things.

Bonnie, I hope you are hanging in there. I bet it is hot and humid in your neck of the woods these days.

Georgia, what's up? Do you have any new adventures planned?

Hopefully, I caught everyone. Have a great day!


08-02-2012, 04:29 PM
A quick note.

Mad Enjoy your long holiday.

Rie I'm so glad you had such a good time at your family reunion and with your DS and his family. Yes,I still take care of Jaxx although his big brother is doing the most since I can't be up on the knee muh. We still have most of the medical equipment DH Mother used when she was living, so I use the Hugo walker to get around. I don't know if they plan to put Jax in day care or not. We talked to DD about it,but I think she has forgotten it.

My knee still hurts if I move wrong or go too long between pain pills. I'm using Aleve and Naprison alternating them. It doesn't hurt when I'm sitting so it is easy to forget about it because I don't feel anything is wrong until I get up to walk. When I do forget and go to long, it lets me know it but only when I walk. DD said that it takes 4 to 6 weeks for it to heal. I'm praying for 4 which would mean it would be well in 2 weeks. Went to Walmart and rode around on the riding cart. DH didn't want to go without me. I told him I could understand why his Mother wanted to go any where when she got to where she had to use a wheelchair. Just to dress and then walk out to the car real tires me. I think it is because it is such a strain to try to walk without hurting the knee. Well as they say "This too shall pass".

Hope everyone is doing well.

08-03-2012, 11:38 AM
I just posted the following on the July thread, 'cuz I forgot it's August!

Well, now it's my turn to apply icing to my leg. I kinda blitzed my quad again. I think it's cascade failure from the foot, because it has affected my knee as well as lower back. And this week, I worked out hard, two workouts per day. Yesterday afternoon, after Pilates, my body said, "Okay, girlfriend, that's it!" So I'm going to rest well over the weekend, curl up with a good book and a bottle of Motrin, and ice.

Sunday I'm going to Big Sur, on the California coast. Just read there's no Internet or cell phone service there...what a bunch of hippees! :D I'm going for a writing retreat, but there will be times when I will sneak off in my car back to civilization where I can get 3G on my HotSpot phone and get some work done for clients. I'll be gone a week. I'm bringing my workout gear, weights and bands, and I plan to get in some quality workouts on the beach!

So that's my upcoming adventure, Rie. I am so sorry to hear about your infection. It sounds very painful and uncomfortable. I'm glad your dr. heard you. Hope you find relief soon!

Trish, I hope the meds help soon! :( I'm feeling a lot of empathy for you today.

Cheers, Maddie :wave: Have a lovely holiday!

I'm doing really well with the very low carb restriction again. I feel good! Had kale with peppered bacon and eggs for breakfast. Nom-nom!

Have a great weekend!

08-03-2012, 12:50 PM
Georgia So sory about your knee... I know exactly how you feel. Take good care of yourself. I've been doing too much and it hasn't helped it. It feels pretty good right now so I'm not going to do anything to upset it. DH has a doctor's appt today, but I'm not going with him for 2 reasons... 1) he will want to know why I didn't come in to see him with this knee, but I had a similar thing happen with my other knee and I already knew to stay off of it as much as possible and let it heal and 2) I don't want to aggravate it more by using stairs and walk on concrete like I did yesterday. I hope your knee is well enough for you to enjoy your trip.

Rie Sorry about your infection and I hope you heal quickly.

My FBS was finally back down in the 120's again this morning. My eating is good as well. So I'm extremely pleased with the way that is going.

Y'all have a great day.

08-05-2012, 12:49 PM
Hello Friends!

fbs at 78 this morning. My eating was good yesterday. My kids left and I spent the day resting. I am still unable to exercise and I am in considerable pain from the sores that I have. I am waiting for biopsy results and I am hoping for answers. :(

Trish, it takes a while for knees to heal. I totally understand your desire to get out of the house. My best advice is to engage in slow, non weight bearing movement a little bit to keep it from getting stiff while it heals. Hugs.

Georgia, wow, your new adventure sounds wonderful. I can't wait to hear about it when you get back. Enjoy and heal up. Ok?

Mad and Ruth, I hope you are enjoying your holidays..... talk to you soon.

Bonnie, I hope you are hanging in there. :hug:

Off to face the day....


08-05-2012, 04:30 PM
I have been exercising in my in-laws pool this summer. Yesterday we had a BBQ with some friends and my DH said some pretty negative things about my weight. I told him that he hurt my feelings by saying what he did but he just shrugged it off and said "Oh well than I guess I'm sorry." I feel like I have no support from family and friends.

08-05-2012, 04:59 PM
Bigbeautifulmama2012:hug: I haven't seen you here before so let me give you a big :welcome: You have definitely come to the right place for support. People can be so cruel at times and it is especially hard when it comes from someone who says they love us. I suspect that all of us have experienced that. In my case, someone is alway telling me about a new diet or telling me what I need to do. So I suppose in strange way they think they are helping. Please don't give up try to just let it be whatever it is and keep doing what you know you have to do. My suggestion is Do Not do it for anyone. DO IT FOR YOU!!! I had to learn to do that myself. I had to come to the place that if they give me good advice fine and if it is something I think will help me fine and if not I forget it. I am doing what I am do for me and for my health. I'm not doing it for anyone but me.

Rie Thanks for the advice for the knee. I think today I am where I was when I over did it and aggrevated it so I'm being very careful with it. DD watches me and last night I was doing something and she said to her hubby "Help her and don't let her pivot on that leg". She has really been a help to me through this situation. I am praying for you Rie to get a good report and help from the test results.

Bonnie, Georgia and others reading/lurkers:wave:

Have a blessed day.

08-05-2012, 05:05 PM
Hey Patty
Love the quote from Joyce Meyer....I'll remember that next time someone at work says this little piece wont hurt!;);)

08-05-2012, 05:11 PM
Hey Big Beautiful Mama,
Don't listen to those crazy people. Just keep on truckin...you'll show them someday!

08-05-2012, 05:15 PM
Hey Big Beautiful Mama,
Don't listen to those crazy people. Just keep on truckin...you'll show them someday! You've got support right here! Was that your X husband saying those things? Tell him to take a flying leap!:)

08-05-2012, 06:02 PM
Back from my Beach Vacation but refuse to check my weight until tomorrow morning. Thoroughly enjoyed the time off and the change in food. Ate a lot of seafood and a couple of desserts but think I did pretty well. Unfortunately my darned knee was giving me grief so I didn't get much exercise. Blood sugar stayed in perfect range but the scale will tell the tale in the morning.

Hi to new folks and Big Mama, remember they are just men. They have no idea!

08-06-2012, 11:01 AM
Hello everyone: it seems funny to come to the cottage and now have internet and not have it at home. But I have read back to posts I have missed, so caught up a bit.
I am so sorry that Mama's DH said something hurtful about the weight. Remember, you are not trying to lose weight for anyone but yourself, and learning to manage without comfort eating is a goal for you to manage blood sugars too, and we wish you all the best with that.
WOn't get into personals much, as I want off the computer and outside into some fun. Have some grand nephews and a niece here to enjoy, and plan a little individual time with each of them to enjoy and relieve their parents and grandparents a bit.
Ranted on another thread about my BIL and wife, who are the loveliest people, but not taking care of his diabetes at all well, and I ranted here rather than at them, because its not my business. Suggesting they get proactive is as far as I have gone.
I must do the same with the kids as one grand nephew has adhd and is miserable at school, and self esteem is really suffering. Again, I am not his parent, and can only suggest, then have to back off. (sound familiar trish? Difference is that this is only a short visit, I don't have to live with them and am not asked to provide child care!)
Will be eating carefully this week, and realize I have to get back to exercising more regularly. Will think about how I want to do this as I am at the cottage. Was also thinking of making menu plans for the next couple of weeks to make it through. Little projects to pass the time.
Happy Monday, its a holiday here is Canada. Ruth, whats it called now, didn't it get changed from "Civic" holiday?
Well, off to be a wonderful Auntie.

08-06-2012, 11:05 AM
Hello all,

fbs at 81 this morning. Yesterday was a good eating day. I am struggling to find something that is comfortable enough that I can wear to work today with this darn skin condition. :( Pretty tired of it.

Ruth, I am so glad that you had a great time! I am jealous of your seafood vacation. Your weight will come back in line

Trish, I hope your knee is continuing to improve. Nice that your dd is being protective and helpful of you in this time.

Georgia, I am sure that you are on your seaside adventure.

BigBeautifulMomma, I agree with Ruth, your husband is a GUY and therefore he doesn't get it... :;):hug: Hang in there and I hope to see you here more often. It must be so great to have access to a private pool!

Cmarty, nice to have you back!

Mad, I saw your post on the other thread. It is hard to let others find their own path, isn't it? See you soon.


08-06-2012, 12:37 PM
Hey ladies sorry I have been MIA but I am not doing so hot here been so busy and Now I am been having problems . My feet are swollen up at night and they are aching . I have been eating what ever and anything and Now I know I cant do that. I must get back into my routine and get back to working out and doing what I need to got on the scale and boy have I gained weight I am so feeling bad right now I can tell that my body is telling me to stop so I am going to listen. I have to do it. I watched home makeover weight loss edition last night and some of the things he said to me hit right at home. I need to do this for myself and no one else and I need to do something about it.

As my children are yelling at me that the internet is out I must go do something about it.

08-06-2012, 10:25 PM
Had a great day, took the kids at different times. Unfortunately, the oldest, who I thought I would connect with, wasn't too interested in the stuff I had to show him, and wasn't interested in anything but tv and video games. (we don't have it at our cottage, but at his grandads its there, my BIL) His younger brother and sister were totally jazzed to come over and look at the dragonfly eggs in the shallows, where we also saw frogs crawfish and a watersnake. Then we checked the internet about the life cycle of the dragonfly and went looking for signs of the naiads, but didn't find them, but had lots of fun. Then they wanted to play games, and we did that, and swam. Had them for 4 hours, all fun.
Then supper with the family at BIL. He didn't have dessert. He said later he feels deprived. I suggested that instead of toughing it out and not having desserts (he is skipping them because last a1c was up again) he needs to do some carb counting, maybe give up something else, or have some desserts he can enjoy. There is a lot of snacking and treats there all the time. Not just with the grandkids there, but all the time. DOn't know if he will think about that, or will just "suffer" without the desserts. I know it won't last. Oh well, shut up after that and took the kids for an after supper walk with the dog.
I feel like it is my first chance to get to know the youngest boy, he has always been shy of me, and I mostly see him at larger family events where I can't spend time with him, so this was much better.
I DID have a brownie for dessert, and took a walk, and have had a busy and active day. I don't think I was successful with eating particularly well, but I go home late afternoon tomorrow, and will go back to real life.
Shower then early to bed. have a good night ladies.

08-07-2012, 08:55 AM
Good morning! Pleased to announce that I did NOT gain weight on my "down the shore" holiday. I'm back to 182 which is where I was June 1. I've lost two months when I could have done better but am blaming it on the very hot weather and edema.

Mad, I have my DD, her DH and their 13 year old son coming for a week at the end of the month and am at a loss to entertain the lad. He has had his brain fixed on electronic stuff for ten years and is going to find things a tad boring around here. He and his dad are going to go into Ottawa one day though. My DD says Matthew needs to be more active but I doubt it will happen in the week he is here.

This week's Food Challenge? My Aunt Rose's 100th birthday pm Thursday where I need to eat a piece of cake so she won't give me heck! I may insist that I serve it which usually works well.

I absolutely must get back to going to the gym. Between pre-Fair prep, the Fair itself and my vacation, I've missed three weeks of my 2-month membership. Maybe I can persuade my DD to join me for the week she's here in August.

On we go - trudging or skipping through Tuesday. I vote for skipping!

08-07-2012, 11:32 AM
Ruth: I played scrabble with my 11 y.o. godson on a visit to London in April, and was thinking I might try that with this almost 12 year old too. Had a very bad sleep last night, hands were sore and achy and kept me awake, took 2 extra strength acetominophen to tame that and get some sleep.
Could you borrow some bicycles from friends that he might ride around?
My nephew also has ADHD and he had trouble focusing enough to get dressed and ready to come over. He is off his meds until school starts again, (no problem with that) and it really shows too. So he may have been enjoying it more than we thought, but unable to concentrate enough to keep on one topic for any length of time. I go home this evening but this has been a nice respite from life at home. DH will be back on Sunday. TOmorrow we are interviewing for my job-share position, hope to find someone to work with in the future as my current job-share partner will be moving in the new year.
Have a good day to all my chickie friends here.

08-07-2012, 11:48 AM
Hello friends

fbs at 76 this morning and my weight is stable and high :(. A lack of exercise is just gradually pushing that needle up the scale. I am planning to get really serious again as soon as I can work out.

My skin problem is still really bad and very sore. I am getting pretty discouraged. I should get biopsy results today or tomorrow and I am hoping for answers.

Ruth, I often find that teens enjoy some of the old school card games like cribbage, uno, etc. They may grumble a bit but often enjoy the friendly competition. I am sure that he will enjoy spending time with you.

Mad, good luck on the interviews. Finding the right person is often a challenge but is worth the effort.

Bonnie, I hope you find your way back to caring for yourself. We are always here for you.

Trish, hoping that you are still recovering nicely.

Georgia is still enjoying the sea.

Skipping into Tuesday..... :D


08-08-2012, 11:32 AM
Everyone must be busy. It is quiet in here. Fbs at 80 this morning. I worked in the garden last night and the activity felt good. I have a long day today with pool league after work.

I hope you all have a good day!

08-08-2012, 06:24 PM
Rie I've been lurking. I've spent the last 3 days staying off my knee. Stayed in bed until around 6 each night when I would come into the living room to be with DH and family. DD included me in their evening meal and has servedme like a queen. I appreciate her help. She is cooking a special birthday dinner right now for her hubby. DH is doing our wash right now. It has paid off because the pain in the knee is almost gone. Hopefully I will be walking without the walker tomorrow. Did you get a report on your skin rash?

Hope everyone is having a good day.

08-09-2012, 07:10 AM
Grrr! No Internet yesterday but the problem was finally resolved around 8 last night.

It was a busy day anyhow as my two male cousins were here for lunch - chicken, tomatoes, cukes, rolls and corn with a peach crumble pie for dessert. I kept myself to chicken, veggies, ONE cob of corn and ignored the rolls and pie. No wine but I did have G&T.

Scale is steady. I am having a bit of a problem with constipation and may need to take drastic action to get things moving again. TNT? Just had a smoothie with Fibre One and flax and must get back to drinking more water.

Off to Ottawa this morning for Aunt Rose's 100th BD celebration which should be interesting. I'm looking forward to seeing all the cousins with one exception - B. the drama queen. B. is extremely self-centred and a real PITA but I'll pretend I'm the queen and ignore her. She insists were are the same age but I was flower girl at her wedding so ... Maybe I should be nasty and take along a photo.

Lunch will be at Swiss Chalet s I'm planning to order a chicken breast and salad and skip the darned birthday cake if at all possible.

Happy Thursday. Need to read back and catch up.

08-09-2012, 12:23 PM
Hello friends!

Fbs at 85 this morning. I met with my endo doc yesterday. He is so pleased with my sugar control and was contemplating taking me off the Januvia. I don't want to do that because I am worried that my insurance will give me a hard time going back on it if I need to. We decided to just "not fix what isn't broken". I feel most comfortable with that. Really, the only down side is that it will continue to cost me $40 per month. I think it is worth it.

He also changed around some things to treat the rash that I am struggling with. I got the biopsy results yesterday and it is not any of the more serious diagnoses. (apparently, my obgyn thought that it was cancer and didn't tell me until the results came back negative.) My endo doc, gently and firmly told me that he is my primary care provider. He consulted with the other doc and came back into the room and changed my treatment. I am now on a big dose of a broad spectrum antibiotic and I am more hopeful.

Tonight I will get most of the stuff ready so that I can head out to the mountains with my ds, and dgs on friday morning. I am looking forward to this family only trip.

Ruth. :D PITA! I love it! I have a new code for annoying people. I hope the bd party goes really well and you are able to avoid the difficult parts and people.

Trish, how great that you are able to get bed rest and care for that knee. I hope that it continues to get better.

Mad, how's it going? I am taking some little baskets, glue and cardstock so the little guy can make a collage while we are camping. I hope he enjoys the time.

Well, I better get rolling here.... I will check in here later.


08-10-2012, 01:38 AM
Sorry I wasnt able to come back but I was at the hospital. Had to take the two girls in and one of them had a allergic reaction to the meds they gave her. She had like a antiflatic shock reaction to it. She is doing lots better now. But what can I say things are still on the fence for me But I have realized that it is all my fault and I have to be the one to make changes I cant expect the family to do it for me. Well gotta hit the bed be back in the am

08-10-2012, 07:14 AM
Great BD party yesterday! Aunt Rose looked great in her "lavender" suit with matching CROCS! Cousin B was as usual - crabbing about losing her drivers licence which was THREE years ago! I succumbed to BD cake which was an ice cream cake but otherwise did OK. BGL a tad high this morning but OK.

Bonnie, yes, we are the ones who have to make the changes. Hang in there.

Rie, I sure hope the new rash treatment works so you can enjoy your holiday. I still have Montana on my bucket list but have to do Calgary first.

Trish, thinking of you and the knee problem. Hoping for faster healing.

Mad, thanks for the suggestions for entertaining my grandson. Somehow I think that getting him away from his mother may be the best solution. My DD is a worrywart and fusses too much over him IMHO.

Time to tackle the day. I cooked some chicken stock overnight and need to drain it - a job I hate but ... "git 'er done!"

08-10-2012, 08:04 PM
A quick flyby. The kinee is getting a lot better and I'm hoping it will be well and my life back to normal in a few more days. I've been getting a lot of reading done while staying off of it. One good thing about it is I've lost weight and I'm back down to 229 this am. I'm drinking Atkins shakes and eating one tv dinner and a couple fruits each day. I finally have the swelling off. So I have a really good jump start to getting back on lower carb.

Bonnie Sorry to hear about you're DD, but glad she is doing better. I think we all have to come to the place where we realize that we have to take responsibility for ourselves. I think that is when we start learning what to do for us.

Ruthie Glad you had a good time at your Aunt Rose BD. She sounds like a lady who liked her independence. LOL We had ice cream cake for DSIL BD and it was delicious. It was the first time I ever even tasted one.

Mad, Rie and others :wave:

Have a great weekend.

08-11-2012, 07:51 PM
HI all: DH is back home with the internet hub, so I am back on line. I had internet at the office, but we got very busy and I haven't been on much.
Apparently, my weekend drop in with the grands was well received, they have been showing off their new knowledge of dragonflies and frogs, and talking about that day with me. I feel so happy to have made friends with them. A good memory goes a long way with a kid.
I made supper for the first time in a week with DH here, and planning to get back on the exercise bandwagon. Have had lots of rain here, so gonna get weeding in the garden and walking with the dog now that she is back too.
Will check in again tomorrow.

08-12-2012, 01:03 AM
Hi everyone so me and the hubby talked today and I told him how I was stressed out about the fact that I have no time for myself any more and How I am getting in to bad habbits because of it. I told him I am ready to tell them all to **** with everything that I am gonna get up in the am and work out and do what I have to and if that means they have to run the roads by their self then so be it. I can not no longer do it . It is slowly killing me . I cant workout I cant do what I need to.

I am so stressed out we have my aunts grandaughter all week and every weekend cause her parents insist that they need down time a day off from being a parent. So I have decided that since his aunt keeps telling them she will babysit I a gonna let her do that and I will do what I need and maybe when I am done then I will help her but I am gonna have to be first in my life.

Sorry for the rant but it is Saturday and it is almost 12am and the baby is jest going to sleep . Grandma let her go to sleep at 745 and then wanted to let her sleep for a hour . I told her she was crazy she is gonna be u all night and she said so what Ill take care of her and then she expected her to go back to bed at 10 doesn't happen. She has been complaining since 10 because she wouldn't go to bed I keep reminding her she let her take a power nap.

Well I must be going too I hear the bed calling my name..

08-12-2012, 01:04 AM
Oh Yeah wanted to ask anyone have the problem of their toe going numb when working out. Mine do every time. Was wondering if I should talk to dr about it when I go in their Monday..

08-12-2012, 12:36 PM
BOnnie: I have sometimes had a toe or the sole of my foot get numb especially on a treadmill or elliptical. Could just be the way the foot fits in the shoe. Do make sure you are taking enough b vitamins, as these feed our nerves.

Going out for a dog walk now that the rain has stopped. Grocery shopping and gardening are on the agenda for the rest of the day.
Happy Sunday friends

08-12-2012, 05:29 PM
I have started taking multivitamin and some fish oil caps so I will see Have to go see dr tomorrow and get a check up wish me luck

08-12-2012, 11:11 PM
Reporting in: I walked 35 minutes with the dog, and also weeded in the garden for an hour. Did laundry too, and have eaten reasonably all day. Am enjoying having DH home. Feel on track.

Good luck BOnnie: Good for you, put yourself first for a least a part of each day.

08-12-2012, 11:38 PM
I went out side today and I mowed the back yard and help so some things and my legs started hurting and I got soooo tired I came in and took my sugar it was 77 so I called it a day and took a shower and fixed me some dinner. Off to the Dr in the Am will let you all know how things go.

08-13-2012, 10:34 AM
Hello Friends!

I woke up this morning and forgot to test. :?: I haven't done that in a long time. I had a great weekend camping with my ds and dgs. Just the 3 of us - I sure enjoyed the family time. I may have said this before (sorry) but the camper makes it so easy - 35 minutes after we pulled in the driveway, everything was cleaned, stowed and ready for the next trip. Lovely.

Today I head for Sidney, Mt on the edge of the Bakken Oil fields for a business trip. I am going there to consult with a facility. I will have wifi so I will check in tomorrow

Bonnie, I am overjoyed to see you hear again. I am thinking good thoughts about your appointment today. I am a little confused by parents who need so many days off from their kids. As I recall, when my kids were little - days away from them were rare.

Mad, your day of activity sounds lovely! It is nice to have you back online.

Ruth, Carol and others.... Have a great day.


08-13-2012, 12:11 PM
Bonnie, do elt us know what the Doc says about toe. I used to ahve that problem but it seems to have disappeared.

I have been forgetting to test my FBGL these days - guess I should get back at it. It seemed to stay perfectly stable for so long that I got out of the habit.

Sheesh! A week ago I was 182 and today I'm back at 186. I wonder if having popcorn for dinner last night might be the culprit? I still have a fair amount of ankle swelling but I suspect being sightly off program may be the cause. Too much family and celebrations the past week!

Anyhow I did go to the gym this morning, the first time in a whole month - and it actually felt pretty good. I may re-instate my ticker as an incentive to stay on track and also check the FBGL.

Mad - you've inspired em. I'm going outside to work for an hour before lunch.

08-13-2012, 01:34 PM
Well Dr visit was good as expected they are gonna send me to a Podiatrist for my feet they don't know why I am having the numbness in my toes. Then my A1c was 5.7 but he said that my Trg and LdL is high and that I need to limit the fried food I told him I never fry foods and he said then I need to elimate some of the carbs I am eating. If they don't improve then I am gonna have to be put on more meds. So He chewed me out for not eating like I should be and not working out so I will have to get on that.... But I am doing good..

Question does anyone take cinnamon?? Do you think it works??

08-13-2012, 04:39 PM
Knee is soooo much better today. I talked to my sister last night and she said when she hurt her knee they told her to stay off of it for 2 weeks. She said, "You are doing everything the doctor would tell you to do."

Y'all know that I do more of Intuitive Eating. Well, I've been drinking Atkins shakes and eating one tv dinner since I've been staying off the leg. Well, for 2 day now I've been craving "protein". Can you believe it? I got up this morning and cooked a bunch of chicken legs, thighs and wing and a couple of country style ribs. I've got fish and shrimp to eat too. So I guess I'm doing induction without even really trying. My body just seems to be craving it.

Bonnie A year ago, I did Atkins and got all my numbers normal and then I decided that I wanted to eat more carbs. Now here I am starting over.

Rie, Ruthie, Mad and others:wave:

Have a great day everybody!!

08-14-2012, 12:35 AM
Had a busy work day, ate ok, but maybe too much? we will see. Got to hot yoga for 90 minutes so am happy. Really must get more active again.
Ruth: I haven't been testing much either. Am going to be making a dr appt. about my meds. I have been having a lot of heart palpatations this week, want to have my meds checked over. Will also talk to the pharmacy. This is new, and I am on the same meds, no recent changes.
Off to bed, have been sleeping much better with DH home.

08-14-2012, 07:11 AM
Good morning. Decided to get back into the testing habit and found out my meter isn't working. :(

For once I have a day with nothing on the schedule. It's going to be a "me" day that will start off with a soak in the tub. Then I plan to make a 3 bean salad and start a beef stew to have when the "kids" get here next month. I'll freeze the cooked meat and add veggies later.

Last night I BBQed some marinated pork skewers and had them with green beans and tomatoes. Guess the marinade was way too salty because the weight didn't budge overnight. The leftover pork will go into a stir-fry tonight with limited soy sauce. When you cut salt from your diet it really affects you when you do have some!

I am edging towards Atkins or some other lower carb plan. There seems to be too much bread in my life! The bread we sell at the Mill is great healthy stuff but very dense. One very thin slice is 2 oz and the loaves are very small in diameter.

On with a healthy day.

08-14-2012, 05:05 PM
Ruthie Enjoy your "me" day.

I really don't want to do a strict low carb for very long but I think I've got my incentive as I'm losing weight... lost 2 more lbs. I am so excited to be losing again. So I'm thinking of doing this the way I read that Dana Carpander(sp) did in her book. Just low carb most of the time with the idea of having special occasions when she had a planned eating off day. She had special holidays etc that she knew she was going to eat carbs.
Back in 2003, I lost almot 67 lbs on the Carbohydrate Addicts Diet. So I know that I can throw in a carb meal once in a while and still lose weight. The key for me is to make it one meal and not a whole day of eating carbs.
Knee is so much better that I'm using a cane instead of the walker today. I hope to be able to get back to normal by this weekend. This is good since the kids start back to school next week. So it will be Jaxx and me. Actually, I'm looking forward to it.

Bonnie, Rie, Mad and everyone else :wave:

Catch y'all tomorrow.

08-14-2012, 06:45 PM
Jan 23 2012 13 AUG 2012
TC 207 191
Hdl 43 38
Trg 187 198
LDL 127 113
Non Hdl 164 152
Tc/Hdl 4.8 5.0

A1c 5.7 5.7

These are my test results I do see where I improved on some and then I need to Improve on the others. Well Today has gone good have been on plan today have only eaten what I should I am gonna work out after dinner I am on my way to cook me some veggies and chicken. But things are going good today...

08-15-2012, 01:11 PM
Quick flyby just to check in. Hope everyone has a nice day today. My sweet hubby is going to get me out of the house today. I think I mentioned that we still have all the medical equipment that his Mother had to have so he said would take the wheelchair just in case I need it. I'm going to use the cane and we will go out to eat and then I can use the store riding cart and do some shopping.

Have a good day.

08-15-2012, 04:05 PM
Today is going good. Food is great I walked a mile last night and I did 4 miles watp this morning so doing good already have dinner ready left over chicken with squash and zuchnni all is good I hope all is well with everyone...

08-15-2012, 05:55 PM
Did good with my eating. We went to Steak 'n Shake and I ate a burger and ate only a few bites of the fries. Just didn't want them. I always drink water with lemon and I take my own Stevia to add to it. Did okay with the walking although my knee did hurt some at the restaurant. I think my knee doesn't like walking on concrete. Used the handicap riding cart at Walmart. Dear sweet hubby goes in to get one and rides it out to the car for me to use from the car and then he has me use it to go to the car and he rides it back inside. Was really good to get out. Tomorrow I try going out on my own. Will try to park between the nail salon and beauty salon as close as possible. There is one business between them and I'll be sitting most of the time so don't think there will be a problem. I'm really pleased with how my day has gone so far.

Bonnie So glad you are having a good day. I always loved my WATP exercise.

08-16-2012, 08:27 AM
Hello All,

Sorry that I haven't been here for a couple days. I just didn't get in any computer time while I was on my business trip. I did well with eating but not much exercise because it isn't safe to walk anywhere there (lots of violence) and I didn't like the guys who were in the exercise room at the hotel. Next time I am determined to stay at a newer and better hotel. :mad: I had dinner with my aunt and uncle. I stayed with a really lovely grilled walleye fillet, baked potato with a smidge of butter and only green veggies from the salad bar. I sure had a nice time with my family.

It was a long trip, though. It is about 5+hours away from home. We logged in 25 hours of work in two days. :p I came home really tired and I was glad to get home.Today, I will be the oficial judge for the 4H dairy show at the state fair. I haven't done this for a while so I hope I will remember all my skills.

Bonnie, it is so great to have you here and posting. Your A1c results look really good. Why does your doc want you to cut more carbs? I hope your other numbers continue to get better.

Ruth, it must be so hard to be around lovely home-made bread all the time. It would be hard for me to resist.

Trish, it is so good that you have all that equipment so you can baby the knee. Go slowly.....:hug:

Mad, heart palpitations? Have you found anything out?

Well, off to the fair. Have a great day.


08-16-2012, 09:37 AM
hey everyone....
sorry i disappeared for awhile. life got really busy. i have been doing great. i was taken off all diabetes meds. next month will be the test to see if i was able to control with diet and exercise. numbers were pretty good. did have a few high days about a week later. now everything has evened out. weight loss has been just zipping right along. almost to the 100# mark. excited to see that. exercise has become my drug. i workout 6 days a week. some days 2x a day. i run at least 2+ miles 4xs a week and do classes many days. next month i start with a trainer to start toning. too much flabby skin. it's been sorta fun clothes shopping. i am still not comfortable being out of the plus size section. i feel people still look at me funny. Dh has been great about that. my LDL has dropped so low. the doctor is concerned. so may be coming off more meds. i guess eating well isn't always the best some times. got a great new doctor. he has been really reducing meds as needed and checking all my test results with a fine tooth comb. the old doctor just always told me that the meds is why my numbers were what they were in all blood work. he didn't want to take me off anything. just kept giving me more to bring numbers up or down. i feel so much better now too. the asthma meds will always be there. but, that's fine.
babysat my granddaughter for the summer. they go back to school next week. they kept me busy. we took our first vacation in 5+ years a few weeks ago. took the grands and went to the blue ridge mountains for a week. it was great. would wake up and look at brochures to see what we wanted to do that day. it was great seeing the mountains again. here in the south on the coast there are NO mountains. it was the first time the girls had see mountains. they were in ahhh and kept taking so many pictures of them.
well, i need to get my chores done and pull something for dinner. maybe something with ground beef. haven't had that in awhile.
have a great day.

08-16-2012, 07:34 PM
B]Rie[/B] I learned my lesson a few weeks ago when the knee was better and I did too much too soon and it started hurting again. I feel like I could do a lot more, but I'm not going to. I will go to Costco with DH tomorrow and will use a riding cart if they have one available. If not we will have a wheelchair with us.

Chipper You are doing great. It is good to hear from you.

My trip to the nail salon and the beauty salon went very well. Has been at least a month since I'd been to the nail salon because of the knee and my nails were terrible. They had grown so long she had to take some of the nails (I get acrylic nails) off because they were loose. Then went two doors down to the beauty shop for my perm and hair cut. Amazing thing is that some of time at tIme at the beauty shop I could have walked without my cane, but I know better than to push it so I used it any way more for security. I did good because I didn't have to walk a whole lot... spent most of the time sitting at both places. The girl at the nail salon even had me roll the chair from the table where she did my nails over to the drying lights. So it went well. I will probably just use the cane now at home. It seems to start hurting later at night. I told DD how it feels now and she said it seems to be healing nicely just for me to be sure NOT to pivot on it. I told her the only thing I really have to watch is that I have a tendency to put all my weight on it. So I'm healing nicely. I hope to be able to go to church Sunday. Eating is still good as well.

Hope everyone is doing well.

08-17-2012, 12:14 AM
Rie he said that my triglycerides are too high and that I need to work on them to come down. I know what you mean That they need to be parents and I don't know where they get that they need down time.

So we are planning on going back to georgia on labor day weekend but the aunts daughter says she is gonna talk us out of going that she dont want us to leave . She has so many excuses that she can think of and we keep telling her too bad so I wont count on going until the car is packed and us leaving.

All is well have been doing great didnt get a work out into day but Had to go to some dr apts with the aunt so I will tomorrow.

Everyone I hope all you are doing well!!!

08-17-2012, 12:33 AM
Hello Friends!

I had a great day at the fair. This morning I was a judge for the 4H dairy cattle show. It was a blast to work with the kids.

I spent the rest of the day riding rides, looking at arts and crafts, and (yes - eating my way through the fair). It was so fun to go on rides - last year I wouldn't have been able to fit on the rides. :)

I even crossed something off my bucket list and went on the bungee jump/ sling shot ride. It was scary, amazing and wonderful!

I am including a picture of me working with a young (9year old) 4H kid and his heifer. Back tomorrow for personals.


08-17-2012, 06:18 AM
Checking in. BGL is great but weight is all over the place despite eating properly - most of the time. All I can do is keep on keeping on. Yesterday I know I was perfectly on plan but am up four pounds overnight. :shrug: I know it's water weight but it's still discouraging.

A week from today my DD, her DH and my grandson will be here. This will be a major food-fest for a week. Luckily we have two dinner out invitations and I plan to put the emphasis on BBQ and garden vegetables as much as possible. Dave, the DH, loves to cook and I plan to just let him! I'm planning to do as much advance prep as possible and will have to have baking, of course. What kind of a grandma would not have cookies for a 13 year old boy?

I'm off for a haircut this morning and am taking the train to Montreal tomorrow morning. I have tickets for "Wicked" and will go with my crazy cousin Cathie. We're having dinner at her house so I'm hoping my weight won't "blip". When I get back on Sunday, I face another food challenge at the Fish Fry we're having at the Mill. ** Sigh ** As Treasurer, I have to be there but may be able to avoid eating. Nobody I know can peel the batter off a piece of fried fish and eat just the fish.

Wish me luck.

08-17-2012, 12:34 PM
Another busy day. Going to Charlotte to Costco with DH. I plan to use the riding cart, I hope. Last time we went and DH planned to use it the battery was down. Will have the wheelchair if we need it. My knee is not feeling well today, but maybe it will be okay by the time we get there. Will go to 2 other stores, but I will stay in the car and read while he goes in.

Ruthie I am experiencing some of the same thing you are right now. I'm still drinking the shakes, but added regular food yesterday and was up some today and FBS was up. I think mine was because I didn't really plan good yesterday and didn't eat enough at my regular meal time and by 7 or 8 o'clock, I was starving. I ate sf jello with some yogurt and was still starving and then ate a salad with crackers. I just can't eat saltines that late at night. Not enough time to drink enough to flush out the salt. Hope to do better today. Good luck with your eats today and while you travel and have family in next week. I may have to switch to a stricter low carb like SBD or the new Dukan Diet. Will have to decide by next week.


08-17-2012, 01:14 PM
Hello friends.

fbs at 80 this morning. I didn't get on the scale. I am stiff and sore after a day of fair rides and simply spending 10 hours walking around in my cowboy boots. :( I join Trish today in the sore knee club.

Trish, I am glad that you are being cautious about the knee. I need a knee replacement because the joint is completely destroyed. I hope to wait another year and get in better shape for the surgery.

Ruth, a fish fry would be so hard to resist. I hope you have a wonderful time getting ready for your family visit. Sometimes the anticipation and preparation for a visit adds to the pleasure.

Bonnie, are you talking about moving back to Georgia or just visiting? I am glad that you are taking some time to care for yourself.

Chipper, it sounds like you are doing great!

Mad, Carol and others, Have a great day

08-17-2012, 09:40 PM
Just have to share that oldest DGS got a call from the university here in town and he has qualified for a full scholarship. Starts Tuesday even pays for him to live on campus and his food. I am so proud of him.

08-17-2012, 11:06 PM
Rie god no Hubbys X lives their we are jest going for a visit. Our Uncle Alton isnt in very good health so we wanted to make sure we spent some time with him in case something happens. I have nothing against georgia but we can't be too close .

Things here are going good for me I have been busy here. I plan on having a good workout tomorrow I have even dug out my heart rate monitor. I have peaked at the scale and yes I have lost weight but since I didnt start till monday that will be my weigh in day..

Hoping all is having fun and all is going well for you guys . Will check back over the weekend.

08-18-2012, 07:27 AM
Well, back up to 189.8 this morning. The sausage and peppers for dinner must have done it. I am going to have to be very careful this weekend because .2 pounds up would put me where I never want to be again.

Just had blueberries, yogurt and Fibre One to get me set for my train ride to Montreal. Cathie is picking me up at the station and we will have lunch out before going to her new condo. Lunch could be a minefield - it IS Montreal!

This will be a weekend when I really have to exercise my resistance muscle but I still intend to have non-food fun!

Wishing you all health and control over the next two days.

08-18-2012, 09:57 AM
just a brief pop-in to say hello. weight is up, and I seem to have no self-control. Am going back to shop in Buffalo for sugar free items, but really just need to get myself in order. I haven't tested in a bit, and the other night, I was sooo thirsty and was waking up and drinking 2 glasses of water 3 or 4 times in the night. at the time, I thought, must have been salty food at supper, but later, I realized, I'd had a lot of carbs and must have been getting rid of extra sugar. Damn.
on the good side, I went to yoga twice and had trail walks with the dog twice this week.
Personals later,

08-18-2012, 10:35 AM
Hello everyone!

fbs at 81 this morning. I finished judging the showmanship at the fair last night. A bunch of 9 and 10 year olds leading large cattle and other animals. It was good for my soul. I am glad to be done with the temptations and bad food of the fair. I tested often and enjoyed as I could. I don't seem to have bs trouble but my weight is really bad these days. :(

Today we are attending Crow Tribal Fair on the Crow reservation. One more day of bad food and then I am back on track. :^:

I am sorry that we are all struggling and I am hoping for better days ahead. Must hit the road.


08-18-2012, 12:31 PM
Jest did almost 1 1/2 hrs of walk it out had to stop the toes going numb was side tracking me. But I feel good that I got the work out in ..

08-18-2012, 11:15 PM
I went to find a battery for my heart rate monitor . When I got home I went and had to try it out so I did another hour of walk it out. Feeling pretty good.

08-19-2012, 11:44 AM
Happy Sunday!

FBS was at 79 this morning. Yesterday was not a good eating day :( Back on track today. I am planning to just rest and hang out today as I prepare for another busy week.

Go Bonnie! :carrot: You are doing so great. So, what does the heart rate monitor do for you? I have never used one.

Mad, just remember that each day is a new day, each moment is a new moment. :hug: Hang in there.

Ruth, I hope you are enjoying your mini holiday and I look forward to hearing about it.


08-19-2012, 12:43 PM
Rie theheart rate monitor is for when you wear it you can see when you are in your target heart rate and you will burn more fat. Seems pretty good . I had to peak at the sscale this morning and I have lost 6 pounds this week. We have to run Hubby is going to fix his sisters car it is broke down so I will be back later have some things I wanted to post.

08-20-2012, 11:02 AM
Hello Everyone!

Happy Monday! FBS at 84 this morning. I am having my standard breakfast and heading into a busy week.

Bonnie you are doing amazing! Good for you!

Mad, Ruth, Trish and others - have a great day.


08-20-2012, 12:21 PM
I got The Stress Diet Cure by the Hellers and read it this weekend. I really didn't see anything in the plan that was any different than the Carbohydrate Addict's Diet, but they did have more proofs of research on some things like sweetners and the importance of eating breakfast and they explain why those of us like me who aren't hungry for breakfast and our fbs is up. They seem to be saying that when we eat high foods at night(night eaters) we aren't hungry for breakfast and our insulin is high. They actually recommend eating the higher carbs for breakfast and eat (they don't call it low carb, but to me it is) low carb meals and snacks the rest of the day. However, they do allow an Alternatiive Meal instead of the higher carb breakfast which they call a Big Balanced Breakfast. Like I said to me ithe plan iisn't any different from their other plans just more info of how and why certain things work. By the way, they do stress the importance of eating good protein and lower carb veggies and balancing them.

I did get up and had a good protein breakfast . I made a 1 Minute Muffin and used it to make me an Egg/Bacon/Cheese McMuffin type breakfast. I plan to have a taco salad for dinner and tuna salad for supper.

Things are getting so much better with DD. I honestly believe we are starting to build a relationship. I go once a month and get acrylic fills. She isn't allowed to wear them while in nursing school, but she puts can use gel nails. I offered to pay her to do my fills and my pedicure telling her I spend $40 when I have both done. She is going to start doing them but she wouldn't take the money. She said "I live here". She is finding other things she can do to help out since she can't help a lot financially. She will save me about $40 a month plus she will do it when they need it which I couldn't afford to do but once a month. So I'm so thankful things are working out between us.

Y'all have a great day.

08-21-2012, 07:02 AM
Been remiss in checking in because life is trying to get out of control! The weekend in Montreal was a good break from the business of my "stay"cation. I used the train time to write - not just To Do stuff but bloggish stuff. I really should get back to my online blog. Last entry was February.

Did not gain any weight over the weekend and BGL was great. Survived the fish fry on Sunday with no damage and gave away all leftovers, including half a rum cake! I've still not made any more progress on my 20 pounds though. Maybe this week with chicken and salads. My DD and her family arrive for a week on Thursday and I will need to really be firm with my inner child! I know it will be carb city around here because that's how they eat.

I'm pretty disgusted with having put back some of my weight. I weighed less a year ago! I am determined to head it off at the pass though. Yesterday was an extremely busy day but I did work in a trip to the gym mid-morning. I also passed on the refreshments at the 5 PM Mill Board meeting and gave away half a leftover rum cake from the Fish Fry! (Whoops! Already said that so it must have been a big deal for me.)

September is coming soon and I must make an appointment for more bloodwork. Not sure if the results will be as great as they were last time but ...

Hang in there, Chickies.

08-21-2012, 08:10 AM
HI friends: I haven't been around a lot lately. We had a couple of busy weeks, but things are quieter now. Weight is sitting about 173 :(
fbs sugar was 5.8 :(
Trish: I too am struggling to figure out what to do and where to go. I can't really say any plan isn't working for me, its not following the plan that is the problem. Too many treats and not saying no to myself, or as Ruth says, I listen to my inner child too often.
DH lost weight over the summer, being active doing all the landscaping. I am sooooo jealous. :p Leads me to understand that I really need to be more active. I meant to go to yoga yesterday evening, but fell asleep after work, and slept through, and of course, had difficulty sleeping in the night. Didn't get to sleep until about 1 am, and woke up at 6 and couldn't sleep any longer.
Will plan an earlier nap today.
Have been reading posts, and thanks for the personals to me, its nice to know folks think of me. :hug:
I am hoping you can keep on track Bonnie, and Rie, hope your busy week doesn't side track you from staying on plan.
Will take the dog for a trail walk this am. have a good day chickies.

08-21-2012, 10:33 AM
Good Morning Everyone,

Ruthie & Mad I definitely understand the listening to the inner child too much. I think she has been throwing a rebelious fit all summer. And time for me to make a decision.

I have done a lot of reading this summer. I really like the way Dukan Diet works, but while I don't like eating "full" fat so freely, I also don't believe that cutting fats so far back is real healthy either. And then I obviously have problems with swelling from a lot of salt. After reading "all" the different ways of low carbing, I think what my doctor said is true "any diet will work. You just have to learn what you can live with". I can't actually start a plan yet as my birthday is tomorrow and I don't know what the family is planning but we always have a birthday dinner. The kids keep saying "so when is your birthday?" So I am going to have a very extremely low carb eating today and just plan to have an off meal for when they decide to do it. DGS started college today and the girls will start tomorrow and DD is having finals for this 5 weeks and DSIL is working today through Friday. So we may not do anything until the weekend when everybody will be home. So I just might be able to get in several good days of very low carb. I think I'm going to have to do extremely low carb for a while to get the swelling off my legs. Since I've never had knee problems, I really think that the low carb is important for my knee to heal and for them to stay healthy. So many benefits to eating low carb. And obviously my body loves it as well.

Ruthie Enjoy the family and just do the best you can with that inner child. Have some kind of a plan... even if it is nothing but having plan for what you want to do when they leave. Hey I'm talking to me too!!!

Mad It isn't fair that men lose so much easier than we women do. You know I've about decided that Dana Carpander's way of lc is the way for me to go. I'm going to attempt to get on a really good low carb and realize there will be times I may not be able to stick with it. In her book I read, she allowed herself certain occasions of her choice when she knew she would eat carbs of her choice for one meal and she got right back on the plan. I like to call my off days a CAD day. Although the Heller's say their diets are not low carb, to me theCarbohydrate Addict's Diets are 2 low carb meals with 2 low carb snacks and 1 reward meal that is a balanced meal with carbs. I've done that before and lost weight, don't know why I ever stopped it. So I don't know why I couldn't do low carb as my main way of eating with the idea of throwing in a "CAD RM" once in a while. That way I'm never off plan. I think I could live with that.

Rie, Bonnie and others:wave:

Have a nice day!

08-21-2012, 11:08 AM
Hello everyone!

Fbs at 84 this morning. My biggest struggle is that I have gotten off the exercise train and my weight is really high. :( My last camping trip will probably be this weekend and then I intend to hit the diet and exercise really hard. I would like to get back to my ticker.

Mad, nice to hear from you. Like you, I think everything depends on exercise for me.

Ruth, you had a successful week! Good job on that rum cake!

Trish, I am glad that things are going better with DD. Happy birthday if I don't make it back tomorrow.

Bonnie, you are the current exercise example. :carrot: I hope to be catching up to you soon.

Well, off to work today. later!

08-21-2012, 11:57 AM
Hey ladies jest finished doing a watp 5 mile dvd it was great and its only 11 am here. Hope the rest of my day is going good. So far I am doing great. I hope to show another drop here soon.

08-21-2012, 10:33 PM
hi again. I did get out weeding again for an hour today. Didn't go for a walk. Felt pretty crummy all morning from the odd sleeping, (and lack of sleep). Eventually just went to work to try to get on track, and did better after coming home for supper.
Trish, one problem for me with carbs, is they are addictive. One meal off, and I am craving more, and having trouble keeping myself in line.
That said, I found a low carb flatbread to use for tortillas, wraps, or even pizza crust. Just 7 net carbs each (and 9 g fibre) so hope I can manage them. they taste ok too.
Planning yoga for tomorrow if I can sleep tonight.
Rie: when you are camping, are you not fairly active? I imagine walking/hiking, even as you go fishing.
Anyhow, I think Bonnie has it right with activity and we all can get on the bandwagon, in whatever way we can.
(Ruth and Rie: I am thinking aquafit so your knees don't give out.

08-21-2012, 11:24 PM
Mad I understand that about the carbs. Are you counting carbs again? What is the flatbread you are using? I would like to find some good tasting low carb flatbread. I also believe some sort of exercise has to be done. I can't do much with my knee, but I am doing what exercises that I can do. I figure anything is better than nothing.

Rie Thanks for the BD greeting.

Bonnie You are a good example to us and inspiring me to get busy and do whay I can.

08-22-2012, 09:31 AM
Up early and to a new start. All the kids are off to school and it is just Jaxxon and me. His watching baby development and playing when things come on he isn't into or doesn't care for and I'm going to get some reading done. As far as I know I can stay on plan today as no BD plans until the weekend when everyone will be here.

I had mentioned my swelling on another website and someone told me Eades mention swelling in their book. So happens I have the book and looked it up. I learned it is not unusual to swell when 1st getting on a low carb way of eating and it should go away shortly after the plan takes affect. So I'm staying OP expecting the low carb diet to do its job.

I eat most of my carby foods at main meal around 2 pm. I got up wanting a pancake breakfast. So Ijust made the 1 Minute Muffin and used it as a pancake. Interesting thing is that I had my usually low carb breakfast which is 1 Minute Muffin, 1 egg and a slice of bacon. Had the same thing this morning just used the muffin as a pancake. Some time I use it to make an egg/bacon McMuffin and add cheese. Same breakfast just different looks. LOL

Y'all have a wonderful Wednesday.

08-22-2012, 11:05 AM
Good morning!

Fbs at 90 this morning. I had an upset stomach in the night and at 3 crackers at 2am to try to settle my stomach. I have a long day with pool league tonight after work.

Trish :bday2::bday2you::woo:

Everyone else: Have a great day!


08-22-2012, 08:47 PM
I bucked myself up enough to go to a ww meeting for the first time in a month, 173, as I expected. Will have to keep buckling down.
I also haven't been tracking.
I AM doing low carb, but within ww limits as much as possible. I am going to have fruit periodically though. Its the best part on the new ww points program in my opinion.
truthfully, though, I am not exercising enough. Activity was the theme at tonight's meeting, and a 40 minute trail walk a couple of times per week and yoga once or twice just isn't enough activity. And while I will whine about DH losing the weight, it truly is due to a high activity level. SO in additon to tracking my food and keeping to a daily points limit, I am also going to work really hard to incorporate more activity into my day. Even if that means watching the morning news from the treadmill.
gonna GET OFF THE COUCH now.

08-23-2012, 06:30 AM
Well, I now have a $300 grocery order stashed away in my house ready for my company. Not a lot of tempting stuff, just a lot of food! Matthew is nearly 14 and has developed quite an appetite so I'm counting on him to eat a lot.

Checked yesterday and my last bloodwork was November! Definitely time to do it again but I may leave it until October. I'm off to a wee town in Indiana for a MOD-meet in mid-September and am determined to make my life less hectic this fall! (I'm also hoping to have chipped away some of this extra "fluff" I've put on since spring. Last time I saw the 170s was April 3!)

08-23-2012, 10:32 PM
Hey ladies Thanks fir all the nice words. I did a 50 min 4 mile watp today. Feeling pretty good ight now I need to go find a snack and take my meds needs to be at DR at 7:45 in the am I know I will be looking for a nap tomorrow. Will let you all know what he says..

So getting kinda stressed here. We will be leaving on the 31st to go to georgia for the weekend and believe me cant come soon enough. I am having my fill here . Had to have a talk to the girls tonight and tell them from now on they are not to say anything to the baby if they see her doing something wron then go tell her grandma or mom who ever is around. I was told tonight that they are hollering at them and they are giving her a complex and that a commet was made that she has too many people telling her what to do . So I told them from now on dont say nothing let them do it. Maybe they will see how bad she is. These parents and grandma refues to disapline the child and lets her get away with everything so from now on she will here too and they can deal with it and they will have no one to blame but their selfs.
My children are getting tired of being bitten and hair pulled and being slapped by this child she is 18 months and they refuse to do any thng to her .Its pretty bad when your children beg you to leave for the weekend jest so they dont have to be around her.

I an see I am gonna have to make some finances changes and get us out of here after the first of the year before we all go crazy.

Well I guess I have ranted enough I better be going to bed here soon I hate going to bed early never can fall asleep.

I hope all is doing well check back in the am...

08-24-2012, 12:34 AM
Hi Friends!

Busy couple of days here.... I am packed and ready to head for the mountains for the weekend in the morning. I am looking forward to it. There are only a few more weekends left here in the high country and I want to take advantage of them.

Bonnie, I am sorry that things are so stressful. It makes me sad that the family is letting such a little one run rampant. They are certainly not doing her any favors.

Ruth, I know what you mean about how much those teen boys eat. I am sure that you are looking forward to the visit.

Well, I hope everyone else has a great weekend!


08-24-2012, 10:47 AM
Went to the Dr about my toes going numb he is treating me for Neuropathy and Neuroma. They made wraps I have to wear when I work out and then they have ordered a cream for my feet. They said if this dont help then he will have to give me cortizone shots in my feet .

On the bright side took my sugar this morning it was 99 got to love them two digits. I have been doing good But I do feel me a nap comming on not used to getting up at 6 in the morning. Then I will get my workout out in Gonna be another raininy day here.

Rie I know Right the bad thing is since I have been back from the Dr I have heard her yell at the baby several times. she has gotten where if she dont get what she wants she is throwing at tantrum .

Hope eeryone is doing well be back later..

08-24-2012, 11:42 AM
LOL: Ruth, on the way to Indiana come by here for me to take your blood, bring the requisitions and I will be your personal vampire! I pride myself on my abilities, so if you present a challenge I will do my best!

Bonnie: it is really hard to watch other people parent when they have a challenging kid. So many people told me I was a terrific Mama with my oldest, but she was the easiest kid to parent. I don't remember too many people saying that with the 2nd one, who was much more difficult from day 1. Sounds like the terrible 2s come early with this one, and seeking ways to protect yourselves is a good idea. Good luck with everything.

Rie: have a wonderful time in the mountains. It sounds very appealing, like going to my island camp. (which I will do one last time this summer next Wednesday. )

DH will take away the internet again on Sunday, but I will join him on Tuesday night or wednesday at the island camp. Youngest DD is going with him, but she usually takes off and joins friends she has made there, so not sure how much we will see her. One last hurrah for summer, school starts here the day after Labour day.

Have a good day everyone.

08-25-2012, 03:11 AM
Sneaking in for a quick hello. I've been very busy with life lately, but it's all good. I'm down two more pounds and I'm definitely hitting a groove with exercise and eating the very low carb diet to control my blood sugars. Mornings are still mostly in the low 100s, but I'm not seeing FBS popping up over 120 at all now.

Hope you're all well. Will see you again for the September chat. I'm working a lot lately and don't see things slowing down at all in the near future. Helps me not overeat!


08-25-2012, 03:16 PM
He ladies decided that I would stop by for a min Jest got done doing a five mile work out Doing good. I will be weighing in on monday and doing good . I Have been doing great on the food . Well have to run be back in a few

08-26-2012, 11:01 AM
JEst hopped the scale this morning and I am now 3 more pounds down!!!!

08-26-2012, 04:11 PM
A quick flyby. I am most lurking right now. Not saying a whole lot right now as I move into the way I am eating right now. I am doing the Dukan Diet 1st phase right now. I started yesterday and will share more later. I felt I had to be more extreme right now to get the swelling off and the weight moving down. I don't like eating nofat, but I see that people who have done this for a long time have learned to tweak it and some add fat into the plan and still lose weight. But if this gets me going in the right direction then I will do it. Also learning from one lady on another website Dukan thread the importance of drinking Kefir everyday... it really is good for the knee and joints.

I changed my starting weight to go with the Dukan Diet yesteray and it was 234 and today it is back down to 229. So maybe the fluid is beginning to turn loose. That will help the knee a whole lot.

Georgia Glad you could check in.

Bonnie I am so proud of you taking care of yourself in the midst of the turmoil you are going through. :hug: and prayers coming your way. Believe me I understand about people who can't seem to control their kiddos. Little Jaxx will fuss and yell and throw a fit with parents, but he doesn't do that with DH and me. He will start, but knows that it gets him no where with us. Also I have found that when the girls are taking care of him, they don't know how to get him to stop throwing fit so they give into him. Being young themselves, they are limited as to how much they can do. So there are those people who love their kids and are good parents in other ways, but just don't know how to discipline. I've know people who thought if they discipline them that their children won't love them. What they don't realize is that they may love them, but they won't have respect for them.

Mad, Ruthie and Rie Y'all enjoy your vacation trips.

Y'all have a super Sunday.

08-27-2012, 10:58 AM
:wave: The weight is holding steady - better than going up, right? FBGL is wonky at around 2.3 in the morning. :shrug: It may be because of drinking wine. I am eating normal healthy foods with no sweets except ice cream one day when I took the "kids" to a local dairy. We'll see what happens when they go back home on Thursday. :cry:

08-27-2012, 11:01 AM
Hello Friends!

Fbs at 78 this morning. I had a lovely time in the mountains. My friends and I were very high into a national forest and we were the only group in the campgrounds. My eating wasn't too bad, wasn't too great.

Bonnie, you are doing so good - especially given your stressful situation. I hope your feet improve rapidly. My dad was diagnosed with diabetes because of neuropathy. He takes a medicine for it but I don't remember what it is.

Trish, I hope the Dukan works for you. After all, I don't think the specifics of the plan matter as much as our ability to live with it.:p It would be so nice if this was all easier, wouldn't it?:hug:

Mad, I am with you. I totally think that activity is what has derailed me. I can manage the bs rather easily with my eating but I need to exercise to manage my weight. Here goes...

Ruth, I think waiting til October for your appointment would be fine but maybe you could call and make the appointment soon? Just get it on your calendar? That is what I plan to do about a dentist appointment that I am dreading.

Off to face the day!

08-27-2012, 06:01 PM
Today has been very good. DH had his endoscopy and the ulcers have healed up very nice. Had to stretch the area where the scar tissue was again. I told him about my DS hubby having to have his done ever so often. He said they might have to do it again in 6 months if he still has trouble feeling full all the time. We will see.

Dukan is working for me. I guess you would say it is Modified Dukan. I met a lady from another low carb site and she had to modify it some because she was losing too fast and she believes like I do that we need some fats. Example, I use the whole egg not just the white... too many good things in the egg we need. This is day 3 and I have lost 7 of the water weight I gained. I know it is water but I'll take it. So thankful the swelling is going down. Had a planned off breakfast after DH got through because he was hungry. We stopped by the local store that sales Kefir. My knew Dukan friend is sending me the starters and helping me learn how to make my own kefir, my own fermented flavored drinks and kombucha tea. Such healthy drinks. Any way, I got right back on plan by having a glass of kefir with oat bran mixed into it since having it is required to eat once a day. The kefir is actually supposed to be really good for the joints/knee. I do feel really good on the plan. First day was difficult because I didn't eat enough, but I ate the oat bran for breakfast and it set the day. I was thrilled to learn that oat bran is good for lowering cholesterol. I read that kombucha helps correct the ph and detoxes the liver causing the liver to be healthy i and I read yesterday one of the many benefits is that it keeps the insulin from spiking when we eat. She is mailing me the stuff next week so when I get it I will let you know how it works. I understand these things can be purchased in the stores already made, but homemade is less expensive and you know what is in it.

Rie Your trip sounded like fun. I agree about the specifics of the plan. When I told the lady I talked to today about me having to eat a little off today and had some carbs, she said "Life happens". We have to realize that. She has lost an over 100 lbs on this. I think that is what I have to remember because I always try to do things to the letter and when I have to deviate the slightest, I feel like I blew it. I just thought of today as a Dukan/CAD day which means I was only off for the one meal and right back on planwith the kefir.

Mad I agree with Rie. You have done pretty good considering the stress you've experienced.

Ruthie, Bonnie and everyone else Hope all is going well for you.

Have a good evening.

08-27-2012, 06:24 PM
HI gang: well DH left yesterday for the island, took the internet hub with him. I am at the office after hours, going to a yoga class later, so staying here to eat supper and use the internet a bit. Still not sticking to diet plan, will meditate on my urges tonight and see if I can manage the rest of the week. Leaving after work tomorrow to join DH and youngest DD on the island until Sunday, so a mini holiday to enjoy the end of summer. DH says the lake is warm and I should get out on the kayak a bit.

08-27-2012, 07:18 PM
Sitting her jest ate dinner Had to take the girls to their Mental health apts and when we came home The aunt got mad about something and took off out of here . Wondering what have we done now!!! It seems to always be something.

Other then that been doing good got up this morning and did a 4 mile watp . feeling pretty good right now too bad it is raining here again I would get out and walk for a bit.

08-28-2012, 10:51 AM
Hello All!

I cant find my meter this morning. :?: Weird! I know that I am ok but it makes me feel strange. I will look for it today. I am getting things ready for a garage sale and I hope I didn't get it mixed in with other things by mistake. I think my gs might have moved it.

Bonnie, I hope the aunt was just having a "moment". You did move there to help HER? Right?

Trish, it sounds like you are figuring things out very well. I am happy for you.

Mad, enjoy the time at the lake.

Ruth, I hope you are enjoying the family visit!


08-28-2012, 11:40 AM
Good Morning, Chickies

Got up and cooked up some protein to have ready when I need it. Too carby yesterday even with allowable foods. Weight was the same this morning, but fbs up. Planning ahead and having things ready is so much better. Jaxx has had morning therapy and the therapist was very pleased with the fact that he initiated some things and sang row row the boat with her. I heard them and he pronounced many of the words very well. He will have his other therapy this afternoon. I have to say the DGD especially the oldest one is very helpful. She seems to have blossomed. She left me a "Good morning, I love you" note yesterday. She gets up and helps me by getting the baby up and brings him in to the living room. When I thanked her this morning she said "Oh I love getting him up. He is so cute when he wakes up". I think she knew DGS would do it. Now that he has moved on campus, she feels needed. Both girls are so much more a pleasure. Interesting to watch them growing up. Strange to the oldest was such a good kid and helpful, but now it seems the house is calmer. Don't really understand that one.

Mad I am so sorry you are struggling. :hug: Hope things get better for you soon. Have a nice trip to the island and enjoy your time away.

Bonnie I hope thing get better soon for you. The adjustments are not easy. I found in our experience that we needed more communication. Your aunt may be struggling with wishing she didn't need help so much. I hope y'all can talk and work it out.

Ruthie I agree a stable weight is much better than a gain. I was so glad that mine stayed the same after eating out yesterday.

Georgia, Slmn and others reading I hope all is well with y'all.

Have a good one.

08-29-2012, 12:15 AM
Leavi friday for Ga does anyone have any good tips on food and working out while I am gone dont want to back slide!!!

08-29-2012, 09:07 AM
Bonnie I was always able to lose when we traveled because food wasn't readily available. Choose wisely. You could take your fruit, nuts or whatever you use for snacks along with you for emergencies. Get out and walk around the rest areas some. Not a lot of exercise but it does good when traveling to do that any way. Have fun and enjoy your trip.

Up early all week but nothing pressing for the rest of the week. Muscle below knee really burned a lot yesterday. Tried ice on it and made it worse. DD came home and I told her what was going on and she said it was probably time to start putting heat to it. Got the heating pad out and used it off and on all evening and the pain went away. So will use it again today or anytime I have that feeling.

Weight stayed the same. Haven't checked the fbs yet. I'm going to get more organized with my eating. I'm staying OP but need to have more variety.

Hope everyone has a great day.

08-29-2012, 11:50 AM
Thanks Trish . Oh yes our uncle lives in a hilly area so I have all ententions on going walking. Plus we are going to spend the day at the mall of GA thats the only thing the girls want to do. I am jest alittle concerned on the food too I plan on going and getting me a few snack things before I leave. will have to see how it all plays out.

08-29-2012, 12:09 PM
HI everyone: heading into the last long weekend of summer, and kids go back to school on Tuesday here. Only youngest DD affected, but in university, that week is for frosh, so she starts classes the next Monday. We are back on our island paradise until Sunday, DD here with us. Already went for a walk today, she wants to go hiking later and maybe kayaking. Well, she is sure good for me, wants me to lead her in a yoga workout too. DOn't know how we will fit it all in. :D
Could be I will lose weight better here with her around. I have a couple of books, and some games, but will certainly be outside with her a lot. It isn't too hot either, which will help.
Hope you have a great time in Georgia Bonnie, and Rie, if you are going to the mountains again, take it easy but have fun. Hope yours and Trishes knees do ok this weekend.
I have internet here, so will stay in touch.

08-29-2012, 03:35 PM
I went to the Dukan site to have them calculate what my goal weight should be and they came up with 158 lbs so I am going with it with the idea that I can change it when I get there.

08-29-2012, 10:23 PM
Have done better today up here away from stress and chocolate!
Realized an odd thing, a work colleague brought it up. We had a student from May until late July. She started off kind of slowly, and I worked hard to bring her along, working with my job share partner. We all were communicating fairly well, but this student had some life stressors, and wasn't very mindful, (lost her keys, lost her pager, forgot things a lot, had trouble with study schedules, lost her cell phone) and then I went on holidays. When I got back, I could see she had hardly progressed at all. Had lots of discussions and work sessions and talked with my partner a lot, and in the end she was gonna fail, just couldn't bring it together. So she left before the end of term, although we suggested she stay and get what should could so would pass by repeating the placement. She declined, too much stress. Any how, she left a parting gift, a big basket of candy, including several bars of wonderful dark organic chocolate.
I have been slowly making my way through the chocolate, (not just me, everyone has been eating it) and my partner says, isn't it just like her, not being mindful, to leave all this candy for a diabetic midwife?
And of course, when I BUY chocolate, I buy sugar free stuff. Huh, might explain a few things. SO she is gonna rid the office of the chocolate, (so kind of her:devil:) for me.

SO managed a fairly active day and normalized food intake, and will see where that gets me now!
I have upped the ticker back to reality, and see where I am on Monday morning after returning to the real world.

08-30-2012, 10:03 AM
:wave:Everybody have a good day.

08-30-2012, 05:16 PM
The kids are now at Ottawa Airport and life should get back to normal. FBGL has been running a tad low but we'll see how normal eating goes. We drank way too much wine the past week!

Just have not been able to make it to the gym the past week but am not going to flog myself over it. IMHO it was more important to enjoy the time with my family. We did do a lot of walking which was a good thing though.

One more day and August is over. Where DID the summer go?

08-30-2012, 11:48 PM
Ruth: you are right, family time is really important. My niece and her daughter are visiting at the cottage now, and I really am happy to see them, only see them a couple of times a year now. Its good for you to connect with them. Take a day to recuperate too, and then start back to routine.

08-31-2012, 11:00 AM
Last day of August: yesterday was too windy to swim, and even sitting outside was a bit of a pain. Today much better. Supper at the in-laws, hoping I will be reasonable in my choices.
New thought: Trying to think about everything I put in my mouth as being something that adds to my well being. Something that gives to me. Something wonderful and worthwhile. That takes nothing from me. (is that intuitive eating? don't know, haven't read the book)
Have a good Friday everyone, and a lovely long weekend.

08-31-2012, 11:28 AM
Hello Everyone!

I need to go buy another meter today. I simply can't find mine. It is very strange. I know that it will turn up somewhere unusual but I simply cannot be without testing. It has been 3 days and my anxiety is through the roof. LOL I guess it is an important habit for me.

I have been eating pretty low carb. This morning I had eggs scrambled with fresh tomatoes and onions from the garden and a whole grain sandwich thin toasted. I have really been enjoying eating those sandwich thins as toast. Great texture.

Mad, I hope the weather gives you some lovely time at the lake. I think that one can feel when they put something good in their body. Good thinking.

Ruth, wine always gives me low bs, also. I consider it to be a virtuous vice for those of us with diabetes ;) One of the few we get to have! Even calorie-wise, I often think: "do I want this crappy snack? or a lovely glass of wine for less calories and less bs impact" WINE!

Trish, have a great day.

Bonnie, safe travels and I hope that you enjoy your weekend!

Off to work.


08-31-2012, 01:39 PM
Low BGL again this morning. I may have to quit the night time glyburide completely. 2.3 is ridiculous! I really do not enjoy using honey and a carby breakfast to bring it back up.

Did have a lovely relaxing morning lying on the spa table having a pedicure and reviewing the past month. The feet are feeling good and looking pretty in bright pink. I was very relaxed during the leg massage and hope that gets rid of some of the ankle puffiness. I dug out my dandelion capsules - I really cannot see taking 8 capsules 3X a day! Seems excessive and possibly dangerous.

Weight is 188 from holiday extravagances - ice cream and extra wine will do it. I need to get a grip on the food and drink situation now that my "staycation" is over.

This afternoon's project is to purge my fridge. I've already pitched stale-ish muffins, some cake and half a can of cream cheese icing. Now to freeze leftover pork roast, jumbo hot dogs and slice and package delicious leftover BBQ flank steak for my stash. I made a huge batch of tomato sauce and must package it. I roasted the tomatoes in the oven and simmered them for a couple of days in my large crock pot with peppers. garlic and onion from the garden. Made the house smell wonderful.

Drinking lots of water and cutting out wine should help me ditch the summer holiday weight. I need my size 12 pants to fit this fall! Renewed my gym membership too!

09-01-2012, 06:15 AM
See you in the September Chat Thread.