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07-27-2012, 09:32 AM
Welcome to our new thread !!!!! :welcome:

Anyone trying to get in to Onederland is welcome, come join us !!! :yay:


07-27-2012, 09:36 AM
Morning Girls ....hope you all had a good week, and I have to say TGIF !!!! :carrot:

Long week for me with my TOM and all ...still having that by the by, haha

Just want the work day to go by fast so I can get home to my comfortable clothes and my couch :D

Here is what I had yesterday:

breakfast: poptarts ( 1 1/2 ) not a good choice on my part but within my calories, just no nutritional value
Lunch - 2 fresco tacos ( yes Taco Bell again, been forgetting to bring my lunch to work )
Afternoon Snack - baked bbq Lays
Dinner - mexican casserole I made, turned out yummy, and it was low calorie
PM Snack - Pringles

Wow, now that I am looking at what I ate I didn't make very good choices yesterday on breakfasts and snacks I said I was within calories but just need to do better, and I will today !!!

See ya girls, have a great weekend if I don't get back on here.

07-30-2012, 11:14 AM
Well girls I know that both of you are gone on vacations I believe, or a mini vacation, so hope you are having a good time.

I finally got up enough courage to step on the scales yesterday and I was back at 198 ( even on TOM ), so I was very happy about that I can get back to the business of losing a couple of lbs a week.

Hope you guys are having a good time.


07-31-2012, 11:13 AM
Any lurkers who wanna join in? I am alone this week lol ....

Okay so here is what I had to eat yesterday:

Breakfast - thomas 100 cal english muffin and 1 T peanut butter
Lunch - Sara Lee Turkey on Wonder Smart White bread with slice of pepper jack cheese and serving of cottage cheese
Afternoon snack - 2 deviled eggs, and 15 CheezIt's
Dinner - 1 1/2 cups of beef stir fry
Evening Snack - bowl of lucky charms and Lactaid Milk

Have a great day all !!!

08-01-2012, 10:04 AM
Morning everyone….I am feeling really bloated and swollen today …I had a bunch of salt yesterday, seemed like everything I ate all day was bad choices as far as sodium wise …dinner was really salty, and then I made homemade tortilla chips and salted them before going in oven and after …needless to say I was almost a whole lb up this morning …I will really be drinking a lot of water today to flush it all out I guess.

Susie – saw on fb that you got home safely, glad you had a fun trip…now back to business haha

Dee – Hi !! Hope you are having a great time.

I am really trying to work to get to my next goal of 188 ….it will be awesome for two reasons ( think I have said this before but it bears ( ?? ) repeating lol ) – first it will be an even 50lbs off which sounds pretty impressive, and secondly I haven’t been in the 180’s for like 10 years !!!!!!!!!!!! So it will be a HUGE accomplishment for me …and to think I am only 10 lbs away from it is VERY exciting !!!!! But eating high sodium items is not going to get me there anytime soon lol

You guys been watching the Olympics? I have, I love them…I only start watching them every night in prime time ( around 8 ), love to watch the gymnastics and swimming …the diving has been interesting to watch as well …dh was an awesome swimmer back in the day and he still has records from the early 90’s at our high school for the butterfly and back stroke …he was awesome at the butterfly, and still is …he did it the other day at a friends pool ….needless to say I was a little turned on, hahahahaha!!!

Okay, I have said enough …better go ……

Have a great day everyone!

08-01-2012, 11:21 AM
I'm back!!!

We had such a great time and Mackinac Island is beautiful! We also enjoyed our time in Mackinaw City.

I would have liked to have had one more day to go see the lighthouses in the area but we wanted to have a day at home before returning to work tomorrow.

I did a lot of walking during our mini vacation and while there was a lot of fudge EVERYWHERE, I have one piece that I bought for me and I have had had 1/4 of it.

I actually had some sort of 24 hr stomach bug that started on Monday night and I didn't want to eat anything at all or I was in the bathroom if I did! I wanted to be able to enjoy our last evening in Mackinaw City so I just sipped on ginerale and had some of DH's mashed potatoes when we went out to dinner. I was disappointed because there was a place that had geleto and I so wanted some of that but I didn't dare! I just told myself that vacation wasn't about food but about seeing different things and experiencing them as well.

Carri: Thanks for holding down the fort here! and for starting our new thread.

You are doing well with maintaining and staying below 200 lbs and I know you can get to the 180's.

Can you share the mexican casserole recipie? I saw your pictures of it on FB and it looked tasty. I'm sure it has meat in it but I bet I can make it without it and it will still be tasty.

I am watching the Olympics in the evening and I also enjoy the swimming and gymnastics. I was so proud to see both teams take home the gold last night.

Dee: We can't wait until you get back from vacation!

Anyone that is lurking, we would love for you to join us here so we can all help each other get to ONEderland or maintain residence here.

08-01-2012, 05:14 PM
:smug: we're driving home & I'm on my cell right now. I've been replying to e-mails w my cell during the past 5 days on vaca so I'm not blasted when we get home.

I was here the day we left & I posted, I hope u both read my note to you. I deleted my post 2 days later from my cell after Carri did a post; because I had wrote about Susie's vaca & I didn't want to b responsible for a 'crazy' robbing her home while she was gone. You never know which friends that u know, are genuinely trust-worthy now days.

We had a blast, we Luv camping & driving the sand-dunes for one vaca every summer.

We have a 21" LCD we take camping & we watched the Olympics as well as my reality shows @ night when we're not @ the beach. I've loved watching the synchronised diving events w the slow-motion replays of how they can duplicate every move :o Soo amazing. While I was packing this morning to come home, I saw 'Kelly Live' & Drew Lashea's brother Nick was there & he said that Drew was a gymnist in high school & that helped him win DWTS w Cheryl B. the 2nd season....Gotta admire & respect the guys that take great care of their bodies :cool:

Carri, it soo awesome that dh is a competitive swimmer. My fav stroke I do the best r back-stroke, breast-stroke & side-stroke is soo relaxing. I have a question for u to ask your dh for me: I'm 'right-handed' & it's easy for me to do the side-stroke laying on my 'left side'; but when I lay on my right side it's hard, I struggle to get a rhythm going..So please ask dh what's up & how do I learn on my right side to keep my strokes smooth, like I can on my left side. How about posting that Mexican casserole recipe Susie mentioned, I'm always ready for yummy food.

Susie I'm so happy that u enjoyed most of your vaca. Soo sorry about the indigestion bug, etc. something I think we should ask our doc's about when we travel, to put inside a first-aid kit w us. You have awesome Willpower not eating the fudge, Congrat's ;) We're having our annual tops picnic tomorrow so when we get home I'll make a big salad from my garden & bake a pineapple upside down cake in my cupcake pan so the portions r ready to eat, plus they're small.

We're pulling into McD. for a hotfudge sundae (low cal. because so much air is whipped into it) my dh eats 2.

I'll b back later this week, enjoy our beautiful summer cause fall is sneaking up soon.

I'm veryyyy proud of u Carri & Susie :hug: Portion Control :p is long term & healthy & the only guarantee'd way to keep-off the fat pds :). Diets r just a temporary fix & that's why we all back-slide/fail & regain the pds :(

08-02-2012, 10:21 AM
Morning Ladies …had an NSV this morning, got in to a pair of work pants ( that I have always loved ) this morning that I haven’t worn in like 5 years…and my friend here says to me ( unprompted ) “why do your legs look so skinny in those pants??” …made me feel really good today. And they are even lose and already probably too big …that is the ying and yang of this whole thing …yeah you are losing weight and feeling good, but then just as you get into a piece of clothing you have been working towards getting into , it starts to become too big really fast …I guess it’s a great problem to have but also a little annoying since I don’t have a lot of money to be buying new clothes just to wear for spurts. Anyway, tooted my own horn long enough so now what about you girls?

Dee – so glad you had such a good time. I am just like you, I am very paranoid about what I put on the internet …I have heard too many bad stories…so I never post when we are on vacation or not home – or even if I am going to be home alone…you just never know anymore…also dh “was” a competitive swimmer, he hasn’t done that since high school, but he is still just a great swimmer…he actually had a scholarship to Ball State for his swimming but dumb young us , we thought we HAD to get married right away and not go away to school …oh if I could go back and tell my younger self some things….but that is the past and I love my present…I will ask him about the side stroke thing and see what he says.

I know you said enjoy the Summer because Fall is sneaking up , but I wish it would sneak up faster ….I am over this hot and humid Summer already, and I am sure August will be worse so I will be rushing Fall, haha

Susie – sorry to hear about your bug while you were gone…sucks that you couldn’t enjoy the food while you were out and about…that is one of the best things about trips…I shouldn’t focus on the food aspect of it I know, but I do and that is just me, lol ….

Okay, Mexican casserole ….oddly I didn’t have a recipe, I just started putting some things together ….first I put a layer of corn tortillas on the bottom of a 9x9 dish …then I took half a can of refried beans mixed with a tablespoon of taco seasoning and spread that on top of the first layer of tortillas, then topped beans with layer of tortillas, next we taco meat, then another layer of corn tortillas topped with Mexican cheese….baked in oven for about 25 mins in 350 degree oven….once it was out and cooled a bit, I cut into 4 squares …I served a square topped with fresh tomatoes, chopped jalapenos and a dollop of Daisy ( lol ) sour cream ….it was so good and fresh ….and not hard to make …try it out, you can even make more layers and do different things is you wanted…

Yesterdays food diary:

Breakfast: English muffin with whipped butter
Lunch: veggie pizza at Pizza King
Afternoon Snack: one slice of Wonder Smart White with a T of peanut butter
Dinner: Grilled egg and cheese sandwich
Evening Snack: cup of Lucky Charms, dry – no milk

So again I was in calories, probably under when looking at it again, but should have had a better late snake and maybe more of a dinner ….I like typing this out, makes me really look at my choices.

Have a great day girls !!!!

08-02-2012, 05:30 PM
Carri; I LOVED hearing about your NSV! and go ahead and toot your own horn because we are also doing that for you.

Thanks for the recipe! It is something I can make for me and DH. I will make his with taco meat and mine without..I will just add mushrooms and olives to mine.

You know I'm cooking these days since my Chef is on a year-long mission trip in Mexico, so this is very helpful.

Dee: I'm so glad you had a good vacation. Also, thank you for being aware and not telling the whole world I was on vacation. I'm pretty careful with that type of thing too!

I love Drew and Nick Lashea! They grew up in Cincinnati and so they are like "our" guys! I have a friend who was in the choir that Nick had that won that show a few years ago. He said Nick was a great guy.

I hope you have a great TOPS picnic. The pineapple upside down cake in you cupcake pan sounds great.

Here's my food for yesterday:

Breakfast: 3 Eggo pancakes with syrup, 2 scrambled eggs
Lunch: Liquini al fresco and garden salad with blue cheese dressing
Snack: 1 piece of peanut butter fudge
Dinner: 2 p of veggie pizza, 1/2 cup of cole slaw, 1 brownie.

I wanted to let you guys know that after much thought, research and talking with the Cardiologist we have decided to give the electrical cardio-version a try for DH's A Fib.

It is scheduled for August 22, 2012. It is done as a outpatient and will be performed at Christ Hospital here in Cincinnati, OH.

08-03-2012, 10:03 AM
Morning Girls ….I am in a bad mood today …weighed myself this morning and scale still shows at 198, meaning I haven’t lost anything this week even though I was totally OP …I usually weigh myself on Sat or Sun morning for the week so something miraculous could happen and me drop my normal 2lbs or I could be stuck …I hope its not the dreaded plateau …

Just makes like you really wasted a week …although I know I can’t think like that.

Also found out yesterday at doc’s office that I have a bladder infection, so I am now taking meds for that ….doesn’t seem to be my week

Sorry about my pity me attitude this morning

Susie – I also make a taco pizza like that…just buy one of the premade pizza shells at grocery, and lay spread beans over it and meat ( not on your half haha ) and then top with some cheese, bake it oven till warms up and cheese melts …when it comes out slice it and top with salsa, jalapenos, lettuce, and fresh diced tomatoes…and of course sour cream …it is very good too.
I will definitely keep you and your dh in my prayers during this time…like I said my sister had it done and she is okay, I am sure he will be fine – although I know that wont keep you from worrying. Hugs

Hi Dee, Hi Mel and Liz !!

So glad it is Friday, me and dh are gonna try this new recipe this weekend for homemade protein bars …if they come out good I will share the recipe next week.

My menu for yesterday:

Breakfast : English muffin with peanut butter ( yes I pretty much have this every morning )
Lunch: Sara Lee Turkey on Wonder Smart White with light mayo, serving of Sunchips, pickles, and natural applesauce
Afternoon Snack: ½ peanut butter sandwich
Dinner: scrambled eggs, bacon, one slice toast
Evening Snack: red seedless grapes

Have a great weekend girls !!!!

08-04-2012, 11:39 AM
Hi. I was exhausted yesterday! Slept in this morning and feeling much better now.

DH is making breakfast--french toast, & eggs, this morning.

Then he is off to the grocery store and I will be cleaning house. We are taking two of our nieces to The Rootbeer Stand tonight.

Carri: Let me tell you that when I have a UTI I am ALWAYS in a bad mood. Also, you might not have showed a loss due to the UTI. Just stay the course this week and I bet you see it drop next week. I know it is hard when you feel you have done everything right and it doesn't show up on the scale.

Thanks for sharing how you make the taco pizza--I have added to my recipe book.

DH was looking over my shoulder and saw it and thinks it sounds good. He also thought your food for yesterday sounded good. :)

Here is my food from wasn't really all that good but oh well

Friday, August 3
B= scrambled egg and 1 yeast doughnet
L=2 p of veggies pizza
D=2 potato skins

08-06-2012, 11:27 AM
Morning Ladies, hope you all had a good weekend ...I had a pretty good one, couldve done better food wise but I was already in a mood from the UTI and the no loss that week ...I was on antibiotics for three days, last day yesterday, and I hope it took care of it , I can't take much more ...might go to the drugstore and get some of the Azo bladder pills and see if that helps it ...Susie - what all do you do for yours?

So as I said Friday no loss for me last week ...but am plugging away back at it today ...have a good Monday girls.

08-06-2012, 02:19 PM
hi girls :) nothing going on w me. same of the same going on....busy, busy days......

carri, i hope u feel better soon!

susie & dh u r in my prayers for dh procedure :hug:

b back when something more is happening. have a fun/happy/80*s week girls!

08-07-2012, 11:10 AM
Morning Girls, not having a very good OP week, having a can't get focused kind of week ....but I will turn it around ...going to the State Fair on Friday afternoon and you KNOW that will not be a good diet day ...Elephant Ear HERE I COME !!! :carrot: LOL !!!!

Have a good week Girls !!! And Dee we are no where near 80's here ...we are having high 90's ...but if you are having 80's then you full enjoy those, haha...and I am jealous.

Have a good day all

08-07-2012, 12:43 PM
Ummm We were @ the fair on Saturday & the food doesn't interest me.

Everytime we walk through the small animal barns, dh has to restrain me from talking to the owners.
I Am a animal Lover. I tried talking dh into letting me buy the mini-animals again. A mini-horse, mini-donkey, mini-bunny rabbits, some cutie-pie mini-goats again this year.
I don't like the noisy geese or turkeys. A neighbor does animal sheering & so one year I put deposits on a pair precious breeding alpaca's, for soft cashmere wool & when dh saw the bill ($9,000) he freaked & made me get a refund. I told him they were an investment :smug: He was raised on a dairy farm & showed 4-H livestock & so we'd give our animals a good home & I'd take care of our animals instead of exercising, more fun being w them instead of walking on a treadmill, etc. But dh says he'll buy us a calf/steer to raise & eat/take to a butcher; but I always pass-on that offer from dh.

We have hens that lay brown eggs. We sell them & eat them. Fresh eggs r yummy & their fertilizer is awesome to use in the soil.
DH said I'll have to b satisfied w my doggie kennel business, but I Luv almost everything except reptiles. We're taking our little-ones to a zoo next weekend when they stay here. I'm taking 2 of the kids to a riding-stable before school starts to have a trail ride w me, the ponies r trained to b gentle w kids.

Anyways the food doesn't get to me, its the animals I want to have & play with & love. Have a blast Carri, just try to eat or drink water 10 minutes before u go so u don't have a Fair binge :p County Fairs r a fun day.

08-07-2012, 02:47 PM
Hi Ladies,

We are going through a re-org at work and I'm crazy busy with putting in forms to move people from one cost center to another, writting up Org annoucements and scheduling the Org annoucement meeting for tomorrow.

Why am I always crazy busy?!

I am doing well with food because I can not eat! My mouth has been really sore since Saturday and I saw my dentist and I have foot, hand and mouth disease! I have no idea how i got it. I'm on meds and should be feeilng better in 5 days!

Carri: I LOVE fair food. When I go I tell myself I can have two things. I try to make them things that I can't get easily anywhere else, so for me, it is a funnel cake and cotton candy.

How are you feeling today? Back on track?

Dee: So good to hear from you! We have a alpaca farm about 5 miles from my house and I pass it everyday going to get on the interstate.

Your time with your grandbabies sounds like such a nice time.

Ok..need to get back to work..just wanted to pop in.'s in the 80's here today and feels so humidity! But we will be back in the 90's tomorrow.

08-08-2012, 02:27 PM
My mouth feels better today, but still sticking to soft food.

I had picked up a couple of Weight Watcher meals for lunch and I had the Three Cheese Zita Marinara. Which is really good by the way.

I wondered in the marinara would sting but I just kept drinking water and swishing my mouth with water and it's all good. I also had a piece of bread and butter and watermelon.

Walked for 30 min last night with my walking partner. We will do the elpitical or bikes tonight for 30 min and then lift some weights.

I do have a TOPS meeting this Thursday and I can't wait to go! It's been so long.

Food for August 7

Breakfast: 1 Etemin (sp?) mini coffee cake
Lunch: 1/2 peanut butter sandwich, macc and cheese and pear slices
Dinner:1 cup of mashed potatoes, 2 cups of green beans, 2 cups of ice cream

08-08-2012, 06:24 PM
Evening Girls

Susie - no I am still struggling a bit this week...I know I will turn it around though, I think my fair food day on Friday is making me think why bother till that is past, lol :D But on a brighter note I am going to start taking Zumba classes at a local place starting next Tuesday ...gonna do them at least 2 times a week but maybe three is $8 a class and there is no committment, you either show up and do it or you don't they have a great schedule, there is a class right when I get off work and it is on my way I am excited to try it.

Hand, Foot and Mouth ??? I thought only little kids got that ...well I am glad you are starting to feel better from it. All of your "soft" foods sound good, haha

I had chinese for lunch today, it was my brothers bday yesterday so I took him out for lunch today and gave in to temptation ...I had the fried rice and an eggroll ...rice always makes my diabetic blood sugar get VERY high, so I didn't feel food all afternoon ...well I did it, so I paid for it...anyhow it tasted good.

Well have a good evening ladies ....

08-08-2012, 07:54 PM
Hand, Foot and Mouth :dizzy: I thought that's what we get after 2-3 drinks :hat:

Sounds painful :( I'm happy that u found some yummy foods that r soothing :smug: to eat.

Susie & Carri I am always IMPRessed w the work-outs that u both do. I did Zumba before & it is fun. B prepared to b a hot mess, at least sweating is a good thing for weight loss.

2 slices pizza w. pineapple, green peppers, mushrooms.
Cherry Dr.Pepper
bowl of grape tomatos
battered onion rings
ham sandwich
2 creme filled Long-jon donuts
chocolate milk

I'm still hungry....

Susie what was your phone # again? I may have to call u to help me :frypan: not to snack, get my mind off the yummies. It's sad that I can't call my tops friends, they seem to b jealous & think I'm strong. I told them I also need help sometimes, oh well.

I have WI in the morning, I hope I'm ok. Good Luck @ your WI ;) tomorrow night, so many girls r on summer vacation @ ours.

Have a great week girls!

08-09-2012, 10:50 AM
Morning Ladies ….

Dee – OMG your yesterday’s menu looks good ….I have been craving doughnuts FOREVER …I may just have to get it out of my system and get some, haha …and onion rings? Mmmmmm …tomorrow afternoon at the fair I plan on getting some of their deep fried veggies, probably onion rings and mushrooms …look out heart burn here I come lol

Glad to hear you liked Zumba, I have never tried it before but hear a lot of women say they like it…I just hope I can get the moves down and not look like an idiot …I will be at back of the class for sure, haha …at least for the first few
And yeah, sweating is good for you so I like that part of it …however I get REALLY red faced when I work out …sometimes people get worried, so not looking forward to that part ….

Hi Suse !

I am starving today for some reason, woke up that way ….not good …stormed here all last night and it kept waking me up …very thankful for the rain but the thunder and lightening can stay away …I guess we are suppose to get more severe storms this afternoon and evening …like I said, love the rain, but the thought of hail damage to my new car makes me sick …but another good thing is it is bringing in MUCH cooler weather for me tomorrow at the fair …only gonna be like 78 and cloudy, yippee !! Great day for it.

Okay better get back to work.

See ya

08-09-2012, 12:40 PM

So good to see posts from both of you (Dee and Carri)

Dee: I will email you my phone number again. I am happy to help when I can.

I used to do Zumba 3 times a week and I LOVED it. It didn't feel like a workout because it was so much fun! You are right that it will make you sweat!

Carri: Your fair food sounds great and you will have a good night, weather wise for it on Friday. I'm looking forward to the cooling off that is coming.

I get very red-faced when working out's just because we are so fair..this even happens to me when I am in the pool.

Try and eat some extra protein when you are hungry; at least that is a tip I have read.

Another tip I picked up from the Extreme Weight Loss guy is that room tempature water will help you to feel fuller than ice cold water.

My mouth almost back to normal but taking it easy crunch things for me right now.

08-08-12 MenuBreakfast: 1 mini Entemann's Mini Crumb Cake--that thing has 250 calories in it!
Lunch: WW Smart meal: Three Cheese Zita Marinara, 1 p. of bread and butter, watermeln
Dinner: McDonalds cheeseburger ( read that right..I was craving in--I crave meat about 2 times a year), small fry and mini m&m mcflury.

Exercise: 30 min weight training; we didn't feel like doing cardio, so we didn't! We allow s a break every once in awhile.

08-09-2012, 05:17 PM
"this even happens to me when I am in the poo" Susie ......................sorry I know that was a typo but it has really made me laugh ................... lol

08-10-2012, 02:10 PM
Hey Girls :cool:

Hmmm, I get red-faced even in the winter when my body starts to overheat. I'm a natural strawberry blonde & light & have lots of natural red-head aunts/cousins; we're Irish. People do get concerned & I do get out of breath quicker, than people I'm with. I've just always tried harder to b like them & not feel like the weird friend.
I feel really bad for the people that are nick-named gingers & albino's, it so cruel to b bullied when it's not our fault how we r born.

I was only down 1/2 pd @ WI yesterday.....just too much heat & food this summer to deal with daily.... Fall will soon b here & the pds willlll come off again :smug:

Have a fabulous weekend girls :smug:

Breakfast: skipped it.
Lunch: Subway--breakfast flatbread sandwich w steak/egg/cheese & loaded w veggies, no sauce. Ice tea
Supper: battered onion rings, grilled Denver steak, grilled corn on the cob. Ice tea
snack: pop slushee sprinkled w blueberries.

08-10-2012, 10:03 PM
Short post tonight--dealing with a headache!

Dee: Hey, 1/2 pound loss is better than a 1/2 are right fall will be here soon and it will be easier to get out and move and not have water rention from the heat.

Carri: OMG! My typo was so funny! I saw on Facebook that you are enjoing the fair. Have fun and enjoy it!

I had a 1.5 lb loss on Thursday at TOPS!

08-11-2012, 10:41 PM
Ladies!!!! How is everyone? I cant count how many times I have thought "I need to get on my laptop and update the girls" yet I havent done it :( I wish they had an app for this site to make replying on my phone easier! Hope everyone is doing well!

I have broke the 190s and 180s! Lowest I've seen is 179 which still boggles my mind! I am changing my ticker to 182 just to be safe. My weight loss has slowed so many I need to stop obsessing over it and just chill. stepping on the scale literally every time I go in the bathroom is a bit much. Hope you are all doing well!

08-13-2012, 10:37 AM
Morning Ladies …had a fan-tab-u-lous weekend ….awesome weather, spent time with friends, and just did a lot of stuff. Friday we went to the state fair around noon, ate our weight in fried food, then off to another city where we walked around, got treats for our dog, had a drink at a local place, stopped at a smoke shop ( dh smokes sometimes, not me ) …then we did some more shopping and ended up at my favorite sushi place for dinner …long day Friday but it was so nice…me and dh had a lot of fun together …weather was perfect for walking all around…then Saturday we cooked out a friends house for dinner, left there at 10:30…had other friends call us, went over to their house and didn’t come home till nearly 2am …so needless to say I slept in late on Sunday…Sunday was lazy for us…we only got out once and that was to go to the grocery store …but the weather was still great …so just a great busy weekend….

I hear the weather is gonna be nice like this off and on this week, and I will take it !!!!

Probably put on 5lbs at the fair so didn’t weigh myself this week …got my first Zumba class tomorrow evening so hopefully that will sweat out some of the fried food calories, haha

Dee – I am just like that, anytime I get hot ( winter too ) I get really flushed…I don’t like it but it comes with the fair skin territory I guess….not looking forward to it at the zumba class tomorrow, but it is what it is I guess.

Susie – headache gone? Hope you didn’t have all weekend….congrats on the loss to both you and Dee !!!!!

Mel – yay for stopping in !! we get lonely over here sometimes, haha ….I can’t wait to be in the 170’s like you ….GREAT job !!!

Back to the grindstone ( so to speak ) for me today after a bad weekend of eating starting with the fair ….my body feels super sluggish and tired from all the fat and sugars ….hoping to do some detoxing this week with my better eating and all the sweating from the zumba !!!

Have a great day girls !!!

08-14-2012, 01:36 PM
Last night after I got in bed it occured to me that I hadn't posted yesterday.

This sort of think kept happening to me yesterday, like when I got off work, I went to my car, put my laptop in the truck, got in the car and started it. I think it was about 3-5 minutes after I started the car that I realized I was sitting in the passenger side with the car running! :dizzy: I think I might have too much on my mind!

Tonight I'll be at the Y with my walking's "hills" night on the treadmill!

Carri: I can't wait to hear what you think of Zumba. Just have fun...don't worry that you don't know the routine or steps..they will come..just have fun!

Drink your water to help detox.

Mel: 170's?! AWESOME! So nice to see you here.

Dee: Missing you!

I'm just plugging away. Sunday I was off plan but got back on yesterday.

August 13th Food JournalB=1 strawberry greek yogurt
L=Omlete with cheese and veggies and side order of hashbrowns at Ihop (meet a friend for lunch)
Snack: 2 Reese Cups
D=Bob Evans: loaded baked potato, side salad with colonial dressing, 1 WW ice cream bar.

08-14-2012, 03:54 PM
Afternoon ladies ….man, someone just popped a bag of kettle corn here and the smell is filling the air, smell sooooooooooo good.

How are you all today? It is a dark cloudy day here today and it is making me tired , but I better turn that around because tonight is : ZUMBA !!

My stomach is actually a little odd, hurting since lunch, hope that goes away …

Susie – oh that is hilarious, sounds like something I would do and dh would belly laugh over …woman you better relax and take some time to just decompress , lol …you do such a great job with your exercising …you inspire me.

Hi Dee and Mel !

It’s like time is standing still here at work this afternoon, and maybe it is because I am anxious about the Zumba …

Missed HK last night so gonna have to watch it on Demand ( Comcast ) tonight I guess if I have time …I saw The Voice is starting back on Sept 10th …yay, love that show …well all the shows in primetime are starting back in Sept, yay to that, I am sick of watching nothing but repeats and Big Brother, haha.

Well back to work ….have a good one.

Will let you know how goes the zumba tomorrow …wish me luck …

Menu yesterday …

Breakfast – egg mcmuffin from McD’s
Lunch – Turkey and Swiss Sandwich on wheat , fruit cup, and Starbucks green tea
Snack – Nature Valley Granola Bar
Dinner – beef stir fry with shirataki noodles
Evening Snack – gouda cheese on crackers

08-15-2012, 10:52 AM
Morning Girls ……..okay first let me say………………that Zumba KICKED my butt !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was not prepared for what a full non stop hour of high intensity aerobic activity was going to be like , lol ….Half way thru I was about ready to drop and we still had a half hour left …BUT I did get thru the full hour without stopping and that makes me VERY proud of myself ….I didn’t think I could do it when we first started …I will definitely be going back…my heart rate was high I know, I am sure I burned a lot of calories last night….a lot…If I am going to keep doing this I need to get one of those nice heart rate monitors that you wear during exercise so I can see just how many calories I am burning.

Hi Mel, Susie, and Dee – hope you are all having a good day. :wave:

I know Mel’s boys started back to school today and she is sad, so :hug:

Menu for yesterday:

Breakfast: egg mcmuffin
Lunch: Turkey and Swiss Panini with serving of Sun Chips
Snack – protein bar before Zumba :o)
Dinner – chicken tenders
Snack – one sea salt caramel

*** obviously not the best evening snack, lol …but I had to have one, these are from Whole Foods and they are delicious !!!! Just one square though is 85 calories …could be worse…but it is all sugar …stop trying to justify it Carri, you had one and get over it !!!!!! :rofl:

08-15-2012, 02:04 PM
Hi Ladies,

It's lunch time and I actually took my computer from my desk and took it to a break area so I could have lunch with all of you! ;)

My wokout was great last night. We kicked it up from a incline of 1 to a incline of 3 and went at it for 45 min. I was tired when I got home but felt good.

Tonight is in the weight-room and we are adding some legs to the mix. We will do squats and then the machines that work the inner and outter thighs, then all upper body using machines or free weights. Last week for check we used the bar, which weighs 45 lbs and then added 5 lbs on each end so was working with a total of 55 lbs. At one time I did it with a total weight of 75 lbs...working to get there again.

You know one area I don't work much is my core or my abs and I find myself slouching when I sit and when I stand. I think I'm going to start being more aware and start sitting and standing up straight and I will figure out how to add some core work in there too.

Carri: I am SOOOOO proud of YOU for doing Zumba....look at you! :carrot:
You are right that it is a intense workout but wasn't it a blast?

Your food looked good for yesterday and don't worry about that snack..I remember Liz told me once that she planned something like that every day into her meal plan and it worked for her. I have been doing the same thing as I must have some sort of little sweet after a meal.

As for the kettle corn..that always smells so good! I was just in our break room and someone left cake! YIKES!:sp::fr:

Dee: It's very lonely here without you. I hope to hear from you soon. I sent you my phone number yesterday via email..did you get it?

Mel: :hug: I know you are missing your boys today.

Food for Aug 14
Breakfast: Quaker Oat Strawberry Yogurt bar
Lunch: Smart One Cheese Ravioli with spinich in a marina sauce (it was yummy!), 1 no bake cookie
Snack: hand full of fritos (was craving salt and crunchy)
Dinner: Stuffed pepper that I used to make a burrito
Snack: 1 Klondike bar

08-16-2012, 11:30 AM
Morning Ladies ....not a good evening last night, went over my calories by quite a bit for some cinnamon toast, tortilla chips, and had too many caramels ....gonna have to hide those tonight ...

So not feeling particularly great about myself today …

I am so dehydrated for some reason ( of course I did sweat out like 10lbs at zumba lol ), been downing water like crazy and my mouth is really dry

Me and my friend were supposed to do our water aerobics tonight but the pool is outside and it is supposed to thunderstorm here from like 3-11pm, so it doesn’t look like that is gonna happen …which makes me sad cause I need it after last nights food, but oh well …maybe go to a zumba class tomorrow after work or walk.

Susie – you ROCK with the exercise !!!!!! Great job !!!! Yeah, I think I remember Liz saying that too about planning a treat once daily in to her calories …too bad last nights caramels were 4 instead of 1, haha

Dee – did I miss you saying you were on vacation or are you just not coming on here ? Either way we miss you !!

Hi Mel !!!!

Hope you all have a great day !!!!

Food for Weds:

Breakfast – English muffin with peanut butter
Lunch – Lean Cuisine Deluxe Pizza
Snack – granola bar and a serving of natural applesauce
Dinner – 4 oz sirloin ( only 160 cals ) and roasted yellow squash
Evening Snack ( now here is where I lost control ) – two handfuls of tortilla chips, 4 sea salt caramels, and 2 pcs of cinnamon toast

08-16-2012, 03:00 PM
The workout last night was great! I hope I didn't undo it with the fritos and Sprite I had last night.

If I plan for something like fritos, or ice cream or whatever..then that is ok with me but when I eat them for self comfort, I am not ok with that and I did that last night. It wasn't a huge amount, maybe 2 cups....but I had ate dinner and I wasn't hungry rather I was upset and angry over a conversation DH and I were having.

I need to vent a minute about that. My DH is very good to me and we love each other but somedays, know how it goes sometimes. So last night, we finished dinner which he fixed because he didn't want leftovers, so after we ate he got up from the table and sat in the living room to watch tennis.

I said, "Aren't you going to carry your plate and glass into the kitchen? and he said "No, I thought you could do that. I work hard all day, my job is very physical and I'm 56 yrs old. I cooked dinner and I unloaded the dishwasher so I thought you could do the rest" ---ever hear that expression that says "and then the fight started......."

So, I said, "I work just as hard as you do, maybe not physically but still hard and I have a lot of responsibility and pressure on the job. I appreciate you made dinner but you wanted to, so don't bring that up to me. As for empting up dishwasher, well..I loaded it and we live in the same house".

Then we didn't say anything to each other for about 1.5 hrs and that is when I ate the fritos.

He told me this morning he was wrong...he said he was just looking to be babied and he was sorry. it's better. that I have vented I feel better. I should have done that last night instead of eating the fritos.

Carri: Get those carmels out of the house! I hope you get to do water areobics tonight.

Food for August 15
B=1 blueberry yogurt Quaker Oat bar
L=Weight watchers Smart meal: noodles and veggies in a ginger sauce, 2 no bake cookies, watermealon
D=2 pancakes, 2 scrambled eggs
Snack=2 cups of fritos and 1 sprite

08-17-2012, 09:43 AM
Morning Ladies !!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so excited for this weekend…not because I have anything planned but because it is going to be in the mid to high 70’s for both days !!!!!!!!! Love this kind of weather !!! Susie and Mel , I am sure you two are having similar weather huh?

Gonna be awesome Fall like weather :carrot:

It rained mostly all afternoon and all night yesterday, I loved it as well, sometimes you just need a nice rainy evening…its quiet around the neighborhood and dark…relaxing…

Oh Susie, we have all been there …me and dh fight a lot about that kind of stuff …we don’t have kids, we both work 40 hrs a week – so I hate it when I am expected to do certain things around the house and he doesn’t have too …one night a couple of weeks ago I came home from work at 6:00, he had been home since 5:00, I walked in and dinner had not even been started – I was immediately mad and I was so hungry – I started cooking dinner and he just went to the living room and watched some tv…really??? Sometimes I don’t get men …love them, but don’t get them ….don’t worry about the fritos ( which I LOVE by the way , could eat a whole bag anyday ), it was a reaction, you have learned from it, today is another day so move onward and upward…plus with all your exercise I doubt it really has any impact …you might see a couple days of added water weight from the sodium but that is no biggie.

I did have another caramel last night, but only had one and I had the calories for it so I was proud of myself …but I think an emotional situation like you had last night would send me in to eating the whole rest of the container, lol

Hope the work day goes fast so we can start this weekend !!!!

Food for Thursday
Breakfast: English muffin, 1T peanut butter, ½ T jelly
Lunch: 3 crunchy fresco tacos from T Bell
Snack: Granola Bar
Dinner: 1 cup tomato soup, 1 grilled cheese
Snack: 1 sea salt caramel, 1 cup dry Lucky Charms

08-18-2012, 12:15 PM
It is going to be a beautiful day in Ohio today. Like Carri; we are having a sunny, low humidity day and it's warm..not hot!

In my hometown in the summer, they have a band come and play and they block off main street and everyone hangs out in this parking lot that is blocked off and it's called 3rd Friday at the Mual.

The band was GREAT last night and it was packed and everyone was up dancing. Familes come, old people come, single people come, college students come..and we all dance and sing and talk. There was about 700 people there last night and it was just a great night. I must have danced for 4 hrs straight!

Today is house cleanning and getting ready for a birthday party for one of my "special nieces". She's our friends grandaughter and she calls us Uncle John and Aunt Susie. She will be 10 and her party is a will be a nice night to be outside again.

Carri: You called it..I did see a weight gain at TOPS on Thursday after the Wed night frito feast. It's almost gone today.

You are also so right about men! But I love mine and you love yours so we put up with it..but sometimes I tell mine about it! :D

Mel: I saw on FB you had some health tests. I hope you are feeling better and I'm praying for you.

Dee: I sent you my phone number. Did you get it? Where are you? We miss you!

August 17 food
B=1 butter twist doughnut
L=Garden salad with rance dressing
D=Linguini al fresco, garden salad with blue cheese dressing, 1 p. of garlic toast

08-19-2012, 08:53 PM
Hey ladies! Hope everyone had a great weekend! The weather was nice and suppose to be nice tomorrow as well :) Got to see my best friends micro premie on Saturday (my Facebook profile pic) who is almost 7 months old. She is the cutest little girl!!
Went to the dr hoping for a med to help my stomach and after he heard all the symptoms I've had for past 6 years (since gallbladder removal) he said I needed blood work and an abdominal CT scan. I didn't have insurance for 6 years so I never asked him about it :( So I am praying everything comes back good next week and we can find a solution do I can live a normal life and get a job since the kids are back in school.
Sorry for not writing back to anyone I'm on my phone and just wanted to drop a line. Sorry if half of this doesn't make sense lol Talk to you all soon!

08-20-2012, 11:20 AM
Hi Girls !!!!!!!! We had a BEAUTIFUL weekend ...temps in the mid 70's both days and just nice and sunny sad that it had to fly by and now I am back at work, lol ...

Susie - all that dancing was surely a great workout for you ...would help burn off the pasta and garlic bread :D ...yes, I love dh but sometimes it is hard ...although I know he says the same about me, so we are even, haha

Mel - I am anxious to hear what the tests results say so make sure you come on and tell me, or send me a message on fb :hug:

I weighed myself yesterday and was actually a pound up , the old me would have just said screw it then and eaten whatever I wanted, but I didn't ...I will just exercise and eat right this week and see what happens for next weekends weigh in ...not giving up...

Have a great day ladies !!!!!

8/19/12 food
breakfast - none
lunch - scrambled eggs and toast
snack - frozen yogurt
dinner - salad with balsamic vinergarette
snack - popcorn

08-20-2012, 07:49 PM
Hi. I took it easy yesterday. Went to church and took a nap and then just looked through magazines. It was nice to relax.

I want to be very truthful and let you know that my DH's upcoming procedure has me on pins and needles and while I'm trying to stay on plan I will not be hard on myself this week if I slip up.

I do keep trying to tell myself that eating for comfort will not change anything so I just need to do what I can control and pray for good outcomes for the best. Some times my mind accepts that and sometimes it says WT*?!

Carri: I saw on FB that you went for a walk with your DH last night..and I thought..."well, won't you just look at our Carri!, out walking with her DH on a August night". I'm proud of you!

As for being up 1 pound; I'm sure you will get it back off. Any idea why it might of happened or are you just ready to move beyond it?

Mel: I saw your FB post about the tests. I'm praying for good outcomes...keep us posted.

Where in the world is Dee?

08-21-2012, 01:50 AM
Hello, everyone! I am less than 12 pounds away from Onederland, and I keep fantasizing about it. Even though I know I won't look much different, it's all psychological, I guess!

Today I met my friend at Sweet Tomatoes. She suggested it because we are both on Weight Watchers, and they have a lot of healthy choices. That is true - but it's also a buffet, and there's so much BREAD! Rolls, muffins, garlic bread, corn bread, etc. It's really hard for me to resist that. However, in the end, I stuck to a huge salad full of veggies, some egg and italian dressing on the side and cup of brothy soup. Because of that, I was able to get some frozen yogurt for dessert!

This was a success for me because I remember, sometime back a few years ago when I first discovered this restaurant, I once ate so much that I threw up afterwards! Limiting myself to a 7 point dinner was definitely an accomplishment!

08-21-2012, 11:54 AM
Morning Ladies …I am not liking my body lately, haha …I am really struggling…even though I am OP and exercising I have not been able to lose a pound really in the last two weeks…in fact today, it showed my up 2 lbs thru no fault of my own….I hope this is not the dreaded plateau that I hear about on these boards…cause my mind can’t take it, just feel like I am suffering for nothing over here …I know you girls can relate… :grouphug:

I do think I have been having way too much of my calories for the day be carbs so maybe I need to switch that up some…lower my carbs… :censored:

Back to zumba tonight …back to my butt whooping….haha :exercise:

They have Kind Bars at Kroger now ...I used to only be able to get them on QVC or at Starbucks ...if you haven't had one try them, they are SO good

Susie – aww that made me feel good, your comment on me and dh walking …I am trying to get used to regular exercising …so we will see …and don’t be hard on yourself this week on your slip up’s, yes we know comfort eating won’t take it away but sometimes it does help and I would be just as stressed out as you are…hugs to you both, can’t wait till its over and done, and he is all fine. :hug:

I am starting to get worried about Dee ….come back Dee !!! :df:

Hi Mel !! :wave:

Epic – Hi and Welcome !!! I know what you mean, the 200’s is gonna be great to have behind you …I just felt so accomplished when I saw the 1 in front of my number …and I also hear you on the bread, it is my weakness …me love me carbs, lol ….great job on limititing yourself…we used to have one of those places around here too but then it went out of business…I always wanted to try it …sounds like a Panera Bread sort of place maybe?

Okay, girls – have a great day !!!!!!!!!!! :flow2:

8/20/12 food:
Breakfast: high fiber English muffin ( the 100 cal kind ) with one T peanut butter and drizzle of fresh honey
Lunch: sushi
Snack: fiber bar
Dinner: BLT ( on low calorie bread with light mayo ) with serving of Doritos
Snack: one slice 50 cal bread with peanut butter spread

*** what this day shows me is a lot of bread carbs and not a whole lot of protein …got protein in the few slices of bacon on my blt and the little bit of shrimp in my sushi, but that’s it …looks like I need to revamp my daily food when I go back to store this weekend…need to push some more protein, especially on work out days. **** I am glad we are doing this food journal things, makes me really look at

08-21-2012, 12:00 PM
Good Morning Girls :smug: Only got a minute to say 'hi'. Our 1 1/2 yr old is bouncing on the bed beside my laptop as I try to catch-up w my e-mails for the last 10 days while we've had the 4 little ones while mommy & daddy went on vacation. The baby is cutting more teethe & has needed grammy to hold him a lot :hug: They go home today & my life goes back to normal sort-of. We go up to Boyne/Petoskey camping next week for our last vaca of the summer. We couldn't get a camp or hotel reservation within 1 hour drive, to walk the Mack. Bridge over Labor Day :(

Susie :hug: I know your dh will do well w his procedure, I think I remember it is the 22nd/tomorrow? You're in our prayers & I did get your phone#, TY. If I don't make a 911 food-police call to u, I may just phone u some evening to chat, umm like when my dh goes fishing :cool: during our vaca & I'm back @ camp.

Carri & Susie, I haven't had time to read the past posts, but I know you'all r doing great being OP w some days off here & there.

Mel, I'll pray for your test results to b normal/something simple to cure w/o surgery. I love when u have time drop-in to post w us :smug:

Baby did a stinky in his diaper. I'll b back asap this week. :hug: Dee

08-21-2012, 12:23 PM
I'm joining in on this i have only a few lbs to go I'm at 204.4

08-21-2012, 11:11 PM
So nice to see so many posts!

Welcome to the new people posting.

Carri: It is so hard when you do everything right and those darn scales don't show it. You know they will this point go by how you feel.
Did you make it to Zumba?

Dee: So good to hear from you and yes, call me anytime. My DH procedure was going to be Wed, Aug 22 but they moved it to Aug just a few more days.

Thanks to both you and Carri for your prayers for us.

I did go on a walk tonight with my workout partner. It was so nice outside tonight.

08-22-2012, 10:44 AM
Morning Ladies – zumba last night killed me …I have done something to back left side back muscle, did it at work, and I went ahead to zumba anyway thinking it would help work it out but I think it made it worse…it feels so so today, just nursing it and relaxing while still moving …need to work it out.
Class was fun though in spite of that…gonna go back either Thurs or Friday depending on how the back muscle feels….if still sore tomorrow I may just do a pool workout instead …more gentle on the old body, haha

Susie – I will definitely be thinking of you and dh on Friday…I’m sure it will all be fine…its just hard to go thru things like this I know…when my dh had to have back surgery I was a nervous wreck, and then he came home in more pain then he went in with for about a week…it was so hard on me…but I know harder on him…I feel for ya. Hugs.

Dee – glad to see you back, was starting to worry about you !!!

Hi Mel !!!! Hope you are feeling better

Dollylala – yes, join in !!!!! You are so close !!!!!

Have a great day girls !!!!!

Auf 21st Food:
Breakfast – English muffin with peanut butter and honey
Lunch – bologna sandwich and serving of cottage cheese
Snack – protein bar
Dinner – bologna sandwich and Doritos
Snack – one sea salt caramel
*** yes, I had a long day and a quick bologna sandwich for lunch and dinner just seemed easier, hahaha

08-23-2012, 10:26 AM
Good Morning Girls …sorry, it’s a whine day…I am just so frustrated with the scale and don’t know what I am doing wrong…ever since I have started zumba I am up two pounds and I am very unhappy with that…can’t seem to get it off, and the only thing I have changed is the zumba …I really it is new to my body to do that much cardio for that long but not sure why my body would hold on to either water or something….this is compounded by the fact that dh is dropping weight like crazy, and now weighs a pound less than me…I guess I should just keep doing what I am doing and put the scale away and not get on it for a long time…don’t know what else to do…just so over it !!!!

Okay, off my whine now ….

Hope you all are having a good morning so far …getting ready to go heat my breakfast up.

Talk to you all later.


08-24-2012, 10:40 AM
So it looks like I am by myself again ………………….where is everyone??? :?:

Last night I went against all advice and took a zumba class from one of the hardest instructors at the place I go…and man did I regret it …I was able to get thru most of the class but it was SO hard, took a lot out of me…I walked away at the end of it thinking “never again”, but now I think I need to do it just to challenge myself …all these little bodied women there don’t understand how hard it is for me to me dancing, jumping, and running around for an hour carrying all 198lbs of me …it’s a lot of work. :D

Well I guess that’s it ….since I have no one’s post to comment on, lol ;)

Aug 24th Food Diary:
Breakfast – lean pocket breakfast ( bacon, egg, and cheese )
Lunch – Lean Cuisine Chicken Breast and lasagna, with one serving of cottage cheese
Snack – protein bar before class
Dinner – turkey and cheese sandwich, Doritos ( needed something quick after class, I was STARVING )
Snack – ¾ cup of Quaker Corn Bran Crunch cereal – love to snack on this stuff dry

Have a great weekend !!!!! :cool:

08-24-2012, 10:04 PM
I'm here Carri! Sorry to leave you here alone. As you know today was my DH's procedure and between trying to get things in order to be off a day at work and then dealing with the stress of the procedure, I just checked out for a while.

I want to thank everyone that I know form this board, past and present for your prayers and good thoughts for me and my DH. Things went well today. He is back in rhythm and we pray that he will stay that way.

It was a very, very trying time for us since we found out about his Afib in July.

DH has said that he is going to start walking again and get back in shape and feeling good. I hope he does as it will make it easier on me to stay in that frame of mind.

Carri: I know it is good to challenge yourself and yes Zumba is fun but don't push yourself to hard.
I don't know why but sometimes when I work out hard I will have a gain too.
I think we should remember that we must do everything in moderation in order for our bodies to work as they should.
It is frustrating for sure when our DH's loose weight so easy and when they weigh less than us that is VERY frustrating. :hug:

I will start tomorrow to getting back to posting my food daily. The past few days it has been a mess and I ate whenever and whatever.

I'm getting my hair done tomorrow..that always makes me feel so much better and I feel renewed.

Dee: Do you still have the grandbabies?

08-25-2012, 01:28 AM
Hey Carri, hmm if it was me having your pain I'd dump the zumba because Duh, everyone's body internally/physically isn't made the same :dizzy:
My brain would tell me, 'hey go do some other work-out & stop injuring my bod'. Because pain/injuries put small tears in the muscle fiber u r trying to build-up & thats why they use the acronym RICE. R=rest, I=ice, C=compression, E=elevation for pain/injuries & trainers will tell you to Always take 2 days off to rest your body to repair itself from stress-exertion. Carri :smug: Good Luck if u keep going to zumba, I quit that class & do some yoga, etc. & other dance work-outs @ home & sometimes w friends during the winter. I'm not a gym rat, the invisible bacteria is creepy, no thanks (people pass Staph/Strep/they cough Snott on the machines :(). Instead I do free-weights @ home anytime, even during tv commercials/whenever & take hikes outdoors enjoying the crisp air. In the winter we ice-skate, snowshoe, x-country ski. So long-story-short, Carri just do Whatever Your Body says Is Comfortable & Then increase or change-up/add-on to it :hug: Who cares what the current exercise fad is if it hurts; but I do love playing Pickle Ball indoors @ our local rec. center every spring & winter :carrot: I'm asking Santa for a new racket. DH is 5'10" & always weighs 165#-175# & solid muscle/a 6 pack, a hot body @ 48 yr. so he doesn't need to work-out & our lifestyle keeps us active, relaxed & content. Ron's oncology doc says our country home w 40 acres is why dh's remission has lasted so long, 80% of other patients don't live this long w his cancer/treatment. We have an organic garden & use compost, etc. & it doesn't take any actual work or time. Our red/black raspberries r doing awesomely & we've had buckets full of concord grapes to eat :p The recent 80's weather has given us fab veggies, I'm giving away food from our garden daily to a church pantry & a needy soup-kitchen in the city: grape tomatos, roma tomatos, peas, cucumbers, romaine lettuce, sweet red onions, peppers, dill, basil, mint, oregano, broccoli, kolarabi, sweet corn & sugar-baby watermelon, sunflowers (Ron loves eating the shelled seeds & I enjoy the flowers); its so much more food than we need. I grew up in the city & it was convenient as a teenager being there, but I do not miss that traffic, rude people or noise & the odors from the city. So we simply drive to any cultural events we enjoy. It is strange that people choose to live so close to one another, that they can actually see into another family's rooms & hear a persons conversation.

Susie I'm so happy that everything went perfectly for John. This is a awesome weekend to give some special Luvin & spoiling to him & make fun winter vaca plans :smug: I know that planning our future always perked-up Ron & he loves all my extra attention, you know men r like big kids.... Whenever u get time to update us here, please do; I know you'll b busy on FB w everyone wanting to know about John today. If u get a cell call/text from 989-944/verizon it's probably me while on vaca checking on you :smug: I'm very proud of you, I know your stress & it's a rough time eating. My Luv & continued prayers r with you both because heart disease is serious & needs lifestyle changes.

Mel, it had to b lots of fun going school shopping, they must b so excited to b in school soon. I hope u r feeling so much better :smug:

The biker that crashed into my bike last month & hurt me is lucky he didn't flip-over. My sciatic nerves got messed up & I've had inflammation coming & going through my legs & arms to my fingers from compression damage :( so I can't ride my bike for about 3 months & take it camping on vaca. or ride horses or waterski anymore this year. But I'll b walking, swimming & kayaking the next 5 days :smug:

Mel, Carri, Susie ;) Great going being OP this weekend, Christmas will B amazing Fitting into your cute-smaller new clothes!

Thedollylala & epicskyline :cool: Welcome to this thread, let us know what we can do to Help u be in the 100's :carrot:

Talk to you Wed. or from my cell this week, :hug: Dee

08-25-2012, 10:24 AM
It just feels like a brand new day today and I love it!

DH is in the kitchen making breakfast and we are going to get this day started. I'm not sure what all we will be doing today other than my hair appt. We need to clean house and get some grocery's too.

I talked to my DH last night about both of us losing weight and both of us getting active again. This morning we are going to weigh ourselves and we will weigh-in on Saturday.

I will still weigh-in at TOPS but I need to get him onboard with this too, so we decided on a couple weigh-in on Saturday mornings.

Carri: How are you feeling today?

Dee: It is so good to hear from you. Your garden sounds like a lot of work but a lot of reward.

I hope to get that text from you while you are on vacation.

I'm sorry to hear that you can't ride your bike on this vacation and I hope your sciatic nerves and compression damage are all better in the next 3 months.

It sounds like you have a good plan for exercise for the next 5 days. Enjoy yourself!

08-27-2012, 09:09 AM
Hey Carri you aren't alone!!! Thanks for keeping me strong!!

All you ladies are awesome!!

08-28-2012, 11:50 AM
Morning Ladies …well I weighed in on Saturday morning and showed NO LOSS again …as you can imagine my attitude went straight to the toilet ( even shed a few tears ), and I let that attitude feed me all weekend ( and yesterday ) …I ate what I wanted, ate very poorly…I just couldn’t get out of the funk of not losing anything for the last three weeks after losing 40lbs so easily at first …yes, I know it would slow down but not to nothing ! I can’t help but think about how it all started when I started zumba….and I think I said already that sometimes when starting a new exercise routine your body has to adjust, but I am pretty much over it…going back on today, and going to zumba class tonight …but not liking it …Lord give me strength to get out of this funk and start seeing a loss …

Dee – yes I do have rests in between the classes…I only do zumba Tues and Thurs ( or Friday ) and then I just walk on the weekends with dh….so I am not over stressing my body I don’t think.
I agree with you on not understanding why people want to live right on top of each other in these neighborhoods….luckily in our neighborhood we are on a corner and only have one neighbor beside us, and they are a good distance ( but I would like it to be more ) …our goal is to buy a house with some acreage in a few years…like what you have ( well maybe not as many as you have ) …I am so happy to hear that your dh is doing well.
Sorry to hear about your sciatica, I know that stuff is nasty business…dh has it every once in a while from his back, he has had back surgery on his l4 and l5 discs…I hate that for him. Hope yours gets better soon.

Susie – great news on hubby…I hope this will take care of his issue for good ..and something good did come out of this if he is going to start getting more active with you…always easier with dh is doing the same thing …I am lucky with that too …
I am feeling okay, just a little down about things, as you have seen above…but I have to remember that I have my health, and so does my dh and all my loved one’s …and if I have that, I have everything and can work anything out.

Hi Mel – thanks for stopping in and thanks for saying I keep you strong, that means a lot and will push me further.

Dh and I took the day off together yesterday, we just lazed around, slept in ( way too late ) and watched TV …nothing exciting…haha…so looking forward to another three day weekend this weekend…

Have a great day everyone.

08-28-2012, 05:04 PM
Carri: :hug::hug: I know how it feels to do everything right and not see it on the scale.

I have no idea this is happening. Have you googled it and see if you find anything?

I was watching that a old Extreme Makeover with Chris Powell on Sunday night that I had DVR's a few weeks ago and the lady he was helping was having a similar issue. I found it to be inspiring to see her transformation despite the struggle.

Maybe you can google it and see if you can find it and watch it on your computer and it might give your insite or inspiratio,.

Mel: We love it when you pop in!

I didn't get to walk last night with DH. I had a ton of things to catch up at work and so I worked from 7-11:30 last night.

My food has been pretty good; I think, but I have slacked from last Wed until now on recording it and sharing it. I have recorded it today and will start sharing tomorrow.

Tonight i "practice 5k". My workout partner and I will be on the treadmills side by side, talking and walking--it's too hot to do it outside

Got to get back to work. I'll check in again tomorrow

08-29-2012, 11:34 AM
Good Morning Ladies !

Susie - yeah I have done some research and have also been talking to a friend on fb who has lost my same weight and is an avid exerciser ...a lot of people think I should up my calories on the day I work out since I am burning so much when I am not working out I will keep them at 1400-1500 but on days I do work out I will have them at 1600 or more ...should shake things up a bit ...I won't weigh myself for a couple of weeks and see if that gets things moving. Also everyone is saying that after I work out that hard I need a LOT more water gonna push that too

I had a good time at zumba last night, she really worked us...:carrot:

My current goal right now is to not have any "cheat" days or meals until my birthday Sept 29th ...that is a month away today and I am pretty sure I can do it ...probably see a good loss too.

Susie - you work too much, haha ....hope you like what you do since you are always doing it. :D I couldn't do my job much more than I already do...gets pretty boring sometimes.

Looks like the hurricane is going to be over us this weekend and we are going to have rain Saturday and most of Sunday...looking forward to it...sounds nice and lazy :)

Have a great day everyone !!!!!

08-29-2012, 01:39 PM
The workout last night was good and effective as I can still feel it a bit today in my butt and in my hamstrings.

I also feel very accomplished when I complete a 5k, eithier as a workout or a actual even because I really push myself physically and mentally.

When I get to about 2.25 miles my body says slow down, it wants a litle rest. When that happens, I breathe deeply in and out so that I get energy from that and I start this "self talk" in my head that keeps me going.

That goes on until I get to 2.75 miles then it starts feeling better until I get to 3 miles..that last little it is tough and I really have to push myself to stay on pace across the finish line.

Carri: I'm so proud of you for working through this instead of just quitting. I know exercise is new to you and you should be proud of yourself for trying and sticking it out.

August 28, 2012 Food JouralB=1 bluebery muffin, 2 boiled egs
L=WW Smart One meal: Pasta primvera with veggies (I really liked this one), grapes
S= 100 calorie bag of Vanilla Waffer cookies
D= Sloppy Joe sandwhich on bun, 1 single serving potato chip bag, 1 Skinny Cow ice cream bar

08-30-2012, 10:26 AM
Morning everyone …if you see that I start not posting on here as much don’t be alarmed ( as some of you will still see me occasionally post on fb )…I am just getting really down and frustrated with this whole weight loss and exercise thing …emotionally I can’t take that I haven’t lost anything in three weeks and have actually gained two pounds since starting more exercise …I don’t really want to give up exercising but I do lose weight when I am not doing it and just eating right …I have up’d my calories like everyone has suggested and was up yet another pound this morning …so by doing the math you know that now my scale is saying 200 again …I worked so hard to get under that number and now I am seeing it again …

Just not in a good frame of mind right now …sorry for brining anyone down …just needed to get out how I am feeling this morning.

Susie – thanks for the words of encouragement, I really appreciate it.

Food for 8/29:
Breakfast – English muffin with 1 T butter
Lunch – Lean Cuisine and 1 serving cottage cheese
Snack – Granola Bar and 1 T peanut butter
Dinner – 1 grilled chicken breast and cup of corn
Snack - brownie

08-30-2012, 03:16 PM
Hi Girls :smug:

Vaca was a bust & I was unhappy except for our beautiful drive home along Lake Michigan, dh was acting like a spoiled brat, 'he' wanted everything 'his way' on our vaca. It was more like 2 separate vaca instead of ours. Normally dh is great, but people have put ideas in dh head about his cancer & that dh deserves to b treated like a king & me as his 'yes girl', so on our trip dh behaved selfishly & yelled @ me whenever I didn't say 'yes to everything'. My head & heart was more concerned w being home w our 3 yr pregnant girl Sundae who will give birth during the next week to a litter of 'mini-GoldenDoodles'; just her 2nd litter. Soo I tried hard not to speak to him w angry words or yell back & let him just b a hot-head. Instead I kept my thoughts w Sundae, she is adorable just like her sweet name.

Carri :hug: I'm sorry to read that you r still struggling w your weight. I've maintained 145 pd-147 pounds for 4 yr & for 1 yr now I've been stuck/wrestling to lose 6 pounds & to b 141 pd but it's my own fault that I did Not hit my 141 pd goal yet. The 'Good & Bad' I do: #1. I know that muscle is Heavier than fat; so I'm not certain if my weight is more from fat or muscle [I still have some fat dimples on my legs]. #2. I eat everything I like & I enjoy my food. #3. I do not have a scheduled work-outs, because I'm always busy & rationalize my fat burning. #4. I do not diet & will not diet. I Do believe Only in Portion control/size for a heathy life, because people regain weight after they diet, even the surgery people do because I cook diet meals for back-slider dieters. #5. I am a emotional eater & my portions get out of control, Unless I have a meal/snack ready to eat or heat quick during stressfull moments. My lightbulb moment went off as I walked down the kitchen aisle @ Kroger & again @ WalMart & I saw the canning jars that most of my thin clients use for their meal portions. So I make my own convenience meals to have a few ready in the freezer/fridg when a 'emotional/stress moment' occured. It has helped me during the last 6 months & I have not over-ate once since I started this & it actually is 'fun' to plan what I can put inside the really cute jars I bought, I shop for current & the pretty antique green glass. #6. I make excuses by letting my work days take priority & interfere w me taking care of my body/health. #7. I put everyone else first, my body & needs last.
Okay Carri, see I'm a mess & I have to fix myself also :o
You've lost weight & been successful ;) You Are doing GReat & I KNOW that you r soo much happier now, than you were when you weighed 40 pounds more. R u certain that u r not having any hormone/medical problems?...
Okay, Carri IS in Onederland & You Will stay Here :hug: & we will celebrate together as your little-self reaches your next weight goals.

Susie, I'm sorry I couldn't reach u over my vaca. My dh took my cell & wouldn't let me use it until we got back home last night. He didn't want me to speak to any work or vent to friends about him being a hot-head. This is the only place I'm venting because I know he'll never know I tattled on him/vented. I told him I forgave him & he was having his Manopause. I do walk on my treadmill for 15 minutes @ 3.5mph for cardio, it's my only daily habit. It's a comforting walk during allergy season & the hot temps. How's dh doing w his heart-health new lifestyle changes? There r so many yummy heart recipes to enjoy.

Does anyone play Pickle-ball? Do you like it better than tennis/racketball? We really do :smug: a little easier on my bad knee.
We're going to a Amish Auction on Sat. & waiting for our puppy litter to arrive in a few days, I'm so excited. We haven't taken any deposits for this litter yet, my webpage/domain expired for my doodles.

I have to get to work now, I hope you'all can come post again this week. I'll b back & post my food-log :p

09-01-2012, 10:36 PM
I was wondering if you had room for one more. I am 17 lbs from onederland and
11 lbs from losing 100lbs. It has been a long road but I am ready to make the final leg of this journey.

I am not really new just been missing a while. I am glad to be back.

Susie: We were in a group together in 2009 or 2010. I can't remember everyone but I remember you and Hollyhock. I went back thru my messages and had a message from you after your cruise in Sept 2006. It has been a while

09-02-2012, 02:28 PM
Hello Girls :smug: I hope you'all r having a Wonderful weekend!
A nice relaxing weekend for us. Gas prices kept us from doing as much as normal & we just went to a Amish auction/flea market yesterday. I wish we had kept our motorcycles :cool: Michigan voted this year & lets our bikers chose to go w/o helmets & as a pro-helmet biker because I like my brain; it bugs me seeing bikers w a bare head-broken & wearing flip-flops :dizzy:

Carri, Susie, Mel, Liz, Arabella, Thedollylala & epicskyline :wave:

Debbie :welcome2: Wow :cool: Congrat's on the 100 pds :woohoo:

Saturday's Menu:
Breakfast: skipped because we overslept.
Lunch: Subway- breakfast/egg white-steak-mozz.cheese flatbread sandwich loaded w veggies & diet Dr.Pepper pop. :p
Supper: chicken breast & veggies & German choc. cake w ice tea.
snack: German choc. cake w skim milk. Potato chips :(

I'm looking for a simple pie recipe using 'yogurt' as the filling, please post if u have one, TY :smug:

09-03-2012, 10:35 AM
Hello! I can't believe it is Labor Day and the holiday weekend is almost over.

Ours has been a busy one--is anyone surprised? I'm ALWAYS busy.

Thinking about that, I'm beginning to wonder if I'm keeping myself so busy so I don't have to really deal with my extra weight? Dee's list got me to thinking about that for myself.

I did have a loss at TOPS on Thursday, 1.5 lbs. It felt good to see that loss.

I have been logging my food in my Lose It App and one day (Saturday) I went over big time! I wasn't binging or anything, it was just the foods and the amount I was eating did it, but the rest of the time I have in calorie range. Logging that food is something I know that really works for me and I must do it EVERYDAY.

Dee: I'm so sorry that DH acted out on vacation. My DH will do that at times too. He feels entitled to things at times, due to his age or due to how hard he physically works day in and day out at his age.

It is hard to keep quiet about it and not yell back but I find it stops quicker if I don't. If he gets to out of control, I try to tell him in a low-key, controled way and after I say it, I don't say anymore but go quietly about what I want to do and what makes me happy.

I remember when I was going to get married, I told my grandmother; she was 80 yrs old at the time and had been a widow since her early 60's. She was very grandmotherly and was a Quaker. Her response was "why"? and I said because I don't want to be lonely in my life and I love him and she said "just visit!". I was shocked but I still laugh about it. I think she knew how men can be at times.

Carri: You are going through a rough patch girl and I'm so sorry. I hope you don't stay away for too long and not have inspired me to not give up. Don't YOU give up!

You know that you don't have to post all successes in this forum. We celebrate with everyone when they have a victory in this weight-loss battle and we help each other when that battle is getting the best of ourselfs.

Debbie!! I remember you from that thread and I'm so glad you found us here. I know at one time, you were close to goal and then your DH had a lot of issues with his job and I think you were going through something like that as well? Sometimes life just controls us instead of us controling it, but it looks like you are holding the reigns again!

We are going to a movie today and keeping things low-key. We saw The Incrediables 2 on Friday night with a young couple who we are friends with and today we are meeting another friend of ours who lives in Dayton and seeing "Hope Springs". I'm looking forward to this laid back day today.

It's raining here...thank goodness! We really needed it.

09-03-2012, 11:12 AM (

At least I don't have to worry about having company, making a big meal and overeating.
I only have to work til 1 so that's not too bad.

I have been doing ok so far but not really doing a lot of losing lately.
I try to keep calories between 1200-1500. I still have my outside job so I don't get any extra exercise in the summer months. I do use my Fitbit and get 11000-
14000 steps a day so I do burn some calories.

So far today:
2 egg white scrambled with 2tbs of Jimmy dean Turkey sausage crumbles
Fiber 1 brownie.

I am really trying to get to onederland by New Years. :carrot:

09-04-2012, 12:08 PM
Morning everyone…I had a really good three day weekend with the hubs …we did a lot of fun things, but also ate a lot of not good for you food, haha …today my stomach is acting up because of all the junk food.

So I am thinking that since I have diabetes ( lighter case, numbers are usually always good when checked annually at my endo office ) that my issue right now might be carbs…when you have insulin issues your body doesn’t do well with the carbs and stores them quicker …so I might start playing around with my carbs and/or also start doing what I used to do which was not have carbs after my afternoon snack…I think I heard someone say that Bob Harper says to do this in his book, but anyway, I used to do it and it worked out well for my body….so I am trying still to change things up for my body as again I didn’t lose anything this week, still stuck at 198 …if you are gonna be stuck somewhere I guess I am glad it is still in Onederland, lol …

Debbie – WELCOME !!! Great to add a new member…I look forward to getting to know you. Why don’t you give us a mini biography of sorts so we can get to know you some…married? Kids? Job?

Dee – Thanks for the encouraging words, I will get there …I know we all stumble along the way.

Mel – Hi !!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hope you had a great weekend with all your boys.

Susie – Thanks for your kind words…it makes me feel good to know that I have encouraged and helped someone else along the way. Mel has told me that too and it really does make me feel good and want to carry on and make it to my goal, so thanks again. And don’t worry I will always come here to post the good and the bad, haha

I haven’t had any breakfast yet because my stomach is making me feel a little nauseaus ( spelled wrong I am sure )…but now I think I may need to as it might be making it worse ….

Hope you all have a good week !!!

Supposed to go to zumba tonight but am SO tired don’t know if I can …brought my gym bag to try and encourage myself to go but we will see


09-04-2012, 01:58 PM
Hey there Chicklets :smug:

Just 3 days of the 80's & we drop back into the 70's this week, the air is smelling sooo good! But the yucky 'Ragweed'-my Worst enemy' is back on the roadside-everywhere again....:( Ragweed makes me sicker than anything on the earth, so here I go w prevention till the cold temps kill-it-off.

Sundae had 4 gorgeous puppies on Sept.2, her 1st litter was Aug. 23 last year with 5 puppies. I'll remove dewclaws in 2 days & check their sex, right now we're just spoiling Sundae when she leaves her bed & we don't bother her babies. During her delivery I just sat by her bed & remove wet towels from the puppies coming, keeping her company stroking her back & giving her sips of water, back-labor hurts soo badly.

Yesterday we went to the lake/beach, so nice having 4 within 10 miles of us. Hubby caught a few walleye & I swam & kayaked.

Carri, so nice to hear from u :hug: I miss you when you don't post...
I follow Bob Harper/BL tips I heard him say on a talkshow & my evening snacks r mainly light carb fruits/veggies, protein prior to 8pm & I don't eat supper after 6pm or I'll see a gain on my scale the next morning. If I must eat supper after 6pm, I only eat 1/2 the portion I planned & I'll save the remainder for lunch or share it w my hubby if we're @ a restaraunt. After managing Burger King & Arby's in the past, I never feel silly about asking for French fries w/o salt, they keep a separate basket to drop fries for customers wanting salt-free; then I just sprinkle my own from their tiny package.
How's your Grandma doing, I hope she is enjoying the warm summer we had.

Susie, I hope that w fall coming that your job duties will b less stressful for you :smug: You've had such a busy summer w long work days. If I had your career, I'd take lots of mini-vacations :cool: After being home 1 day after our vaca, Ron chilled-out & is his normal self & he's being a sweetie again...He appologized for being overbearing on vaca & is now on the reverse going overboard being :dizzy:

Monday's menu:
Breakfast: veggie omelet & coffee.
Lunch: watermelon salad, cookies & ice tea
snack: Fahita- grilled veggies on a tortilla.
Supper: fruit smoothie/milkshake, grilled walleye & cucumber salad.
snack: 2- frozen homemade pudding pops

09-04-2012, 10:19 PM
Just a fast check in. I am watching baseball.
I had a good day and was just a little under on calories. I hope for a loss my next weigh in. Have a good evening.


09-05-2012, 10:17 AM
Morning Ladies – had a good OP day yesterday…the work day really dragged though, guess it was because of the three day weekend spoiling me. Hopefully today goes faster. I didn’t end up going to zumba yesterday after work as I was just too dang tired…didn’t have the energy to lift my arms and legs like that, lol. :jig:

I cannot wait until the last week of September when all the shows start back new…so sick of reruns…at 8:00 I like to start decompressing from the day with some tv until I get tired…also that last week of Sept has my birthday in it …but we won’t discuss that because I am skipping it this year. Hahaha I am just gonna stay 38 indefinitely :joker:

Dee – my grandma is good…thanks for asking…ya know a couple of weeks ago I drove past her house on my way to a baby shower and she was outside trimming bushes !!! An 83 yr old woman who gets chemo every Friday was outside doing that…it put a big smile on my face to know that she felt good enough to do that…however I told my Mom and she was not happy about it, she went down there to help her and finish up, haha…so far she is doing good, the chemo is not really making her that sck, of course she has lost all her hair and has some really cute wigs she is having fun with.

The fact that Fall is coming soon is making me so HAPPY, the best time of the year for me….puts a smile on my face …and it’s the season that flies by the fastest because of that….gonna be a great cool weekend this weekend and it is the Pork Festival in my hometown of Tipton…so we will probably go there. :ink::T

Debbie – Have a great weigh in !!! :goodvibes

Susie and Mel – Hello gals !!! :wave:

Food 9/4
Breakfast : fiber bar
Lunch : Turkey Sub and baked bbq chips
Snack: Protein Bar with blueberries
Dinner : 2 slices thin crust pizza
Snack : english muffin with whipped honey

09-05-2012, 07:53 PM

Such great posts! I'm sitting here reading them and smiling..DH asks "why are you smiling" and I say it's my Chickie Girls!

I have been doing very with food (other than on Saturday when I went over my calorie range.)

I really want/need to come here every day and post my keeps me on track to stay in range. I will continue to strive for that daily posting.

I did have a unplanned coke was late in the afternoon and I went to get water and they were in the fridge in the looked so cold. BUT I skipped my after dinner dessert (always like a little something) and told myself, that I already had it this afternoon in that coke.

I worked from home last night for about 3 hours after I got home and did my 1 hr walk (3 miles) with my walking partner and at my dinner. I was proud of myself for going and doing the walk. I thought about skipping so I would have more time to work and then I told myself..I need more time to live!

Dee: From your mouth to God's ear about my working hours! This role is very busy and has a lot of responsibility supporting at the Associate Director and Director level..but I do love what I do and our payscale is very reflects the work level we do.

So, you have puppies!!! I bet they are cute. :D
I saw you did kayaking. We had a work outing where some did that and I didn't, and to tell the truth I didn't do it because of my weight---didn't want to embarrass myself in front of those I work with. That was a recent event that said to me "time to get real about this". When my weight holds me back from something then it's time to really work hard on getting it off.

Carri: I think you might be onto something with the carbs.
That is just great about your Grandma and I smiled when you said, she had a lot of cute wigs and was having fun. That is the best part of aging...some of those things that botherd you before, just don't anymore.

I haven't gotten to that place your Grandma is yet but I can tell you that the things I let bother me at 37 don't bother me at 47. It's a very free feeling.

Debbie: Yeah for you for staying in calorie range and so glad to see you post.

Mel: How are you?

09-06-2012, 07:11 AM
I am up and ready for another busy hot day. Hopefully we only have a couple more over 100f days. I am really worn down.

My weigh in is tomorrow but I checked this morning and I am down a pound.
Last spring I was losing 1 1/2 - 2 a week now the scale creeping down.
I should be grateful because it has creeped up about 5lbs over the summer.

Hope everyone has a great day.:carrot:

09-06-2012, 11:30 AM
Morning Gals …hope you all had a good evening last night …I did.

I have decided that along with my zumba classes I am going to start taking a spinning class after work once a week…mix it up a little…maybe start it next week…just signed up…also since it is going to be so nice and cool out this weekend ( like Fall ) I am going to walk outside a couple of times with dh.
Look at me – Little Miss Exercise …who’da thunk it ? lol

Susie – You really are in the right mentality right now for losing…great job on skipping your after dinner treat due to the coke…WISE choice !!! And you know I too have a soda weakness ( and like you said I want it cold and frosty ), and I had a couple this weekend, mmmmm …but I digress….haha…
I also find it very helpful to post my food on here…makes me more accountable and makes me take a hard look at what I am doing daily.
I can’t wait to get older and not care , haha ..although truth be told I am like my Grandma a lot and we both have never really cared what other people thought …I was thinking the other day what a difference a decade makes…how much different I am now at 38 then I was at 28 , and I am sure this will be even more true at 48…

Debbie – congrats on the loss …I am trying to not get on the scale for a few weeks, I have just been driving myself nuts with the ups and downs.

Hi Mel and Dee !!!!

Mel – any word on your test results ?

Have a great day everyone, and stay OP !!!!!!

Food 9/5/12
Breakast – Lean Pocket Breakfast
Lunch – chicken breast and one ear of corn
Snack – 1 slice wheat bread with 1 T Peanut Butter and smidge of honey
Dinner – homemade fried rice ( low in cals, used brown rice ), and 5 lower calorie steamed dumplings
Snack – 1 cup Barbara’s Puffins cereal

09-06-2012, 04:01 PM
Good afternoon Chicks :smug:
A beautiful fall day today @ 84*. But we have had high humidity all week & so we were in the pool @ 9pm to cool-down for bedtime. I said 9pm BEcause I HAd to watch my MC/HK/BB this week @ 8pm while the final episodes r finishing up.... Christine is my fav on MC, HK???, BB Frank deserves to win for fighting soo hard to stay in the game, Dan from MI promising on his dead grandpa is a a-hole & Ian also for voting out Mike Boogie after Mike gave Ian $3,000 when he could've given it to Frank, etc. Tonight will b a night to Not miss w a double eviction.

Carri, I want to b in your adorable family ;) cause each of u r fabulous :grouphug: I am available for adoption if u ever need another Loyal/silly/dependable gal.
Great going w planning a health program :cool: to reach your goal. Birthdays r a virtual tracker that u can celebrate, better than being Dead & stuck @ the same age; sooo enjoy every year u r older :hat:

Susie, I've owned my kayak for 4 yrs & I Luv it. There r kayaks sizes for different weights, so don't ever let weight stop u from enjoying yourself. Once u sit down inside, nobody can tell how big/small a person is, so go rent one & try it & you'll Luv the peace & freedom u have. My dh prefers his canoe because it hold 4 people & he fishes from it. We've taken river trips canoeing w friends & floated a case of beer & mixed booze & pop in a tire tube w us w a picnic basket to go on-land to feast, soo much fun for 1 yearly trip. Some of our friends do that tubeing, but I don't want my swim bottoms catching & ripping off my cheeks :o

Debbie :flow1: yay for u for staying in calorie range & taking that pound off. We're here for u, 'keep it up Debbie' :dancer:

Okay, I had my tops WI this morning & I turtled again :dizzy: 7 straight weeks @ 144 pds. OMG I am sooo tired of that number. I'm going to start walking on my treadmill 10 minutes @ 8am & again @ 9:30am & @ 6:30pm to kick-up my metabolism, @ 3mph to prevent injuring my bad knee. TOPS friends r supportive about me weighing 144 pds & our other 6 kops. But I am stuborn & I will Not give up on being 141 pds, OMG it's been almost 5 yrs since I've seen that on my scale.

Mel, :smug: how's the school week going for u now, w the boys gone?

Breakfast: 1 egg on English muffin, coffee.
Lunch: fruit shake, bowl of grape tomatos w cucumber slices & egg salad w hard salami & ice tea.
Supper: chocolate milkshake, eggplant lasagna, big bowl of concord grapes from our vines-so tart & yummy.
snack: ice tea

Have a fun weekend you'all :wave: Dee

09-07-2012, 10:40 AM
Morning Girls, not much exciting going on here except that its FRIDAY !!! Might get some bad storms tonight, which is okay by me cause I will be curled up on the couch in my pjs, haha

I was SO hungry last night, nothing could satisfy me….only went over calories but only by about 300 …but what’s that anymore …this stupid plateau is making me crazy, I just hope it breaks soon …I could handle being stuck at like 160 but not at 198 ….this number needs to freakin drop !!!!

Dee – dh and I have kayaked and I did really like it, it is a lot of fun. I was heavier then and I didn’t worry about the weight of it, so Susie you should just do it !!! Thanks for the kind words about my family …we are very female driven on my Mom’s side and I love that …my Grandma is the true matriarch who everyone goes too…I just pray the meds work for her and she can be with us more years. Thanks for thinking of her. And you are right I would much rather get older than the alternative.

Hi Susie, Mel, and Debbie !!!

Hope you all have a great weekend !!!!

Food 9/7/12
Breakfast – English muffin with peanut butter and little honey
Lunch – lean cuisine pizza, deluxe
Snack – Kind bar ( love those )
Dinner – Hot ham and cheese sandwich, one serving of chips
Snack – mini bag of popcorn

09-07-2012, 09:52 PM
Quick post as I just don't have it in me tonight to do much more than that.

LONG week with all the prep for my Director coming (she is only at our site on Monday and Friday, those are the only days I am responsible for her; the other days she is at the GO and really I can't help her much when she isn't in the same building as me) and the United Way Kickoff. These two things happen Monday and Tues of next week and I'll be so glad to have them over with.

I had a small gain at TOPS and it really bummed me out. But I didn't go binge, I just thought, next week the scale will show my efforts.

I will post more tomorrow when I can think straight again.

We had some lovely storms tonight and tomorrow and Sunday is going to be in the 70's! I am looking forward to that. I love summer but it's time for a bit of cooling off.

09-09-2012, 08:23 PM
We had a great time at the wedding and I did very well with the appetizers that were there to nibble on while we waiting for the wedding party to arrive at the reception.

I also did well with the meal and I only had one piece of wedding cake. I did the cupid shuffle, the eletric slide, the twist and almost won the longers married couple in the anniversary dance. The couple that beat us out had been married 27 yrs.

I wore these sexy red peep toe pumps and my knee is KILLING me to day. But my husband told me I sure looked HOT yesterday! lol

Today we were tired and I felt like we needed some down time so we didn't attend church services. We slept in a bit. I got up at 8:30 and he got up at 10:30. We just spent quiet time, I read, wrote two letters, did a daily devotion and he read the Sunday news paper. We then had brunch, he went to the grocery and I cleaned house. I FINALLY have my home office clean and it order! I also organized my purses in my "dressy" closet.

Still a lot of things to get done before it gets cold and we are shut in the house...I have to have it organized or I go crazy! I really do feel unsettled when things aren't orderly. And when I feel unsettled I tend to "let my emotions control me" and "to use food to r ....dull my senses"

It was a very cool weekend here and it was a welcome break from the heat.

I'm looking forward to hearing how everyone else's weekend went.

09-10-2012, 10:53 AM
Morning Ladies, hope you all had a great weekend, I know I did…weather was absolutely perfect !!! Great Fall weather, was wonderful to be outside in it. Looks like this weekend is going to be more of the same, I really hope we are done with the hot humid weather but this is Indiana and I know it can change on a dime.

My eating was bad again all weekend, dh is really a bad influence on me lately on the weekends. I shouldn’t blame him as I know I have will power of my own but it is harder when he is eating whatever he wants in front of me. Plus we were all excited about the first football game of the season yesterday afternoon and wanted junk food and soda for it, so that was that, haha.

I think I may make a pact with myself to not weigh in until the morning of my birthday ( 9/29 ), and see how that works since I am not getting anywhere on the scale…ya know I blame a plateau but I have been doing a bit of pigging out every weekend and then expecting to still lose something that same week…so I just I should be blaming myself instead of a plateau, huh ?

Susie – good for you for being so good at the wedding…and with the dancing I am sure you burned off some good calories too. Wasn’t the weekend gorgeous? We also had the storms Friday night, it actually got kind of scary around our house as the storm that came up on us had funnel clouds spotted…dh kept his eye out, so did the dog haha, and we had the basement door open and ready to run down….luckily nothing came of it but it looked pretty bad, was quite a cozy dark evening though, just hanging inside listening to the rain…I love those nights.

I hear on the cleaning and organizing, we have a lot to do in our house, mainly just dusting and cleaning…dog hair everywhere…can’t keep up on it…we would also like to do some painting soon …some of it we have to hire someone for because our entry way is two story…and I don’t need dh falling…I know he could do it but I would rather not worry about it and just pay someone else to do it. But I would like to have most of this done by Winter so we can just relax. Funny, I need a whole season to relax, haha …

Hi Debbie and Dee – hope you all had a great weekend.

Mel – hope you are feeling better today and got some sleep.

Have a good Monday ladies …as tired as I am ( didn’t fall asleep till like 2 last night ughhhh ) it is going to be a long day for me, then I have to go to grocery after work …another ughhhhhh …and zumba tomorrow after work …I am tired just typing about it, haha

See ya !!

09-11-2012, 09:36 AM
Happy Early fall Morning to EVeryone :dancer:

82* today but the air smells of fall :smug: I'm a coach for a tops member, so I drove to her town yesterday to assess what she does & she 'knows'. Okay giving advice to a person, 'older' than myself is delicate, but she listened, smiling & her final words were "thank you, for your support & telling me some things I Will definitely Change". Which made me feel positive with the 3 hours we had together as we walked & talked, w taking a 20 minute lunch break @ Subway & she even copied my egg-white breakfast muffin. She had prior always eaten a 6" sub & she estimated the 300 cal. she saved w eating the egg-white, shredded mozzarella, veggie, muffin sandwich. She was surprised when I told her I don't count calories, etc. that I eat everything I want, some sugar, etc won't kill us; I like using portion size, w Permission to use my Brain to choose to b 'a fatty' or stay the size I am, & b as healthy as my body allows. That works, just use your Brain whenever you Look @ the food & talk to Yourself & Then put it In your mouth. I retrained my shopping habits that way; Justify do I 'want it' VS do I 'need it' to *Improve my Life*??? I told her I don't want health diseases or arthritis & I Love being happy & active, she said I Did motivate her without being preachy :smug:
While I'm posting, I'm eating grapes from my garden. Saturday I removed dewclaws from our 4 puppies, we ate out once over the weekend, I did billing invoices for my clients, I ordered new business cards, paid bills online, played outdoors, swam @ home/the lake water is cold now, kayaked @ the lake taking pics of the shoreline, cleaned my desk & made a menu plan for us to grocery shop. The weekend flew, we didn't have rain & we don't need it.
I'm busy cooking for Friday/Saturday tailgate parties/football games.
MC I'm so happy for Christine & HK for Kristina the winners! My fav drama tv shows r coming back soon, Revenge, etc. I watched the Voice last night, Adam & Christina r still my favs. My 1 1/2 yr baby comes to stay for a week on Thursday, babies change so quickly from month to month learning.

I have 2 KOPS graduating in our club next week & it is my resonsibility to plan the ceremony & celebration party while our baby shadows me all week so I may not b back here for a week. Soo b Good & try to stay OP girls :cheer3:
Carri & Susie & Debbie, I KNow you'll EAch lose 1-2 pounds this week while I'm gone :bunny2:

09-12-2012, 09:45 AM
Morning Ladies !! Sorry I didn’t come on here yesterday but I hadn’t watched the season finales of HK and MC yet and I was afraid someone would do a spoiler and list it in their post, lol ….by the way, I feel as if they gave it to Christine due to her disability …yes, she is a great cook and has accomplished much with what she has but I just though Josh was better …but maybe Christine winning was better for the network …who knows…just my two cents…Josh is such a good guy.
Hells Kitchen – I thought Christina would win, I wanted her too …but liked Justin a lot too

Yesterday was a bad day for me, I always get so sad and wrapped up in 9/11 when I think about it ….when you think of the many lives that were taken so senselessly and all the families who lost loved ones, it’s really just too much…RIP

So now what do we watch? The VOICE of course, haha …I just watched Monday nights last night and will watch Tuesdays tonight, always one day behind, haha …don’t know if I can take another season of staring at Christina’s big boobs…geez put those things away already…

Today is our annual work picnic and we are having bbq catered for us with Seasons 52 desserts …I am gonna partake because it comes once a year and everyone else will be doing it ….haha

Dee – now Dee, technically Fall doesn’t begin until 9/22 …but I feel ya !!! lol Thanks for the weight loss good vibes – I need it !

Hi Susie and Mel !!!!!

Have a good day girls !!!

Food for 9/11
Breakfast: egg sandwich on English muffin with some light mayo
Lunch – lean pocket ( chicken bbq pretzel one, pretty good I might add ) and serving of cottage cheese
Snack – dark chocolate Nature Valley granola bar, mmmmm
Dinner – pork tacos with pico, little cheese and sour cream
Snack – popcorn

09-12-2012, 01:30 PM
Hi! Sorry to be MIA--it got a bit crazy on Monday and Tuesday for me. I worked at the office until 8:00 p.m. Monday night, because I had a lot of things to catch up on after being with my Director all day on Monday and then the United Way kickoff took most of my day until 2:30 p.m.

I did get a walk in last night and I needed it. My feet hurt though and I know if was because I was on them from 7-2:30 and I'm not used to that. And that is a shame! I need to sit less.

Dee: How exciting to have two KOPS graduating in your chapter. Those ceremonies always make me cry. The first time I saw the "circle of light" at SRD it was so emotional for me; I was so happy for them!

I love the "Justify do I 'want it' VS do I 'need it' to *Improve my Life*??? ". That really spoke to me. I'm at a time in my life where I'm thinking more along those guidelines and my desire to loose weight versus I just want to look good--now I want both! ;)

Hope you enjoy time with your baby..and we look forward to you getting back here!

Carri: I have the same issue where I will eat badly all weekend and then expect to have a loss on Thursday. Really when you think about it, it takes Monday and Tuesday to at least reverse what we did on Saturday and Sunday, so we do loose weight; the salt and water weight we put on from overindulging, but we don't make good progress in the total weight loss battle.

I was emotional too yesterday about 9/11 and that is ok with me because I NEVER want to forget what happened and how I felt at the time. It motivates me to get involved in things and to remember that my freedom has always came at a price..and really not to me but because others sacrificed it for me. I also think about how I did nothing to be given my citizenship other than to be blessed to be born here.

I hope you have a great time at your work picnic.

09-12-2012, 08:07 PM
Hi, I just had to drop-in while checking my e-mail.

Susie :hug:Thanks for the reinforcement words, backing me up on what I do for 'weight control'.

Girls about 911, we have a tops member who is a Jehovah Witness. How do I know this about this very nice, polite woman? She refuses to stand-up during the Pledge of Allegiance & said she has 'no respect for our government or our soldiers', that it is against her REligion to make that 'promise'. WTH that burns me up, I have angry thoughts seeing her sit there w a smug look on her face...It got to the point where we took a vote on discontinuing saying our pledge when we begin our meetings & now we don't say it; after saying our tops & kops pledges, which she won't say those either or stand-up :(

I have tops in the morning & its hard for some of the girls to speak to her even though she is very nice.....I tolerate her actions/opinions about living in the United States as if she is a 8 yr old child instead of 41 yr old & registered nurse.

I smell the blueberry cobbler for a tailgate party is ready to take-out from the oven now.

Give me your thoughts on that tops member & I'll read it when I check my e-mail again this week ;)

Go-Kick Butt & Lose It this week :carrot: Susie....Carri.....Deb.....Liz.....Mel

09-13-2012, 10:28 AM
Morning Ladies …as some of you might have seen on my fb post last night – yesterday was National Chocolate Milkshake Day …haha …and dh made me a homemade one, not a huge one …just a good amount to get a good taste of it …it was SO good ….hey I had to, the holiday only comes around once a year, lol.

Dee – I have to tell you that burns me up about that person in TOPS …for her to do that is like a slap in the face to all the soldiers who have given their lives for our freedom and all the families who are affected. And I wouldn’t have stopped saying the Pledge at the meeting, I would have just made her sit there while we all do it…she needs to know it is important to other people and she is in the wrong. I understand she is strong in her beliefs but I don’t understand how you can be a US citizen and be like that.
I know you don’t know this about me but I LOVE all things blueberry…I will buy anything that is blueberry flavored or has blueberries in it…so hearing that the blueberry cobbler was ready my mouth instantly watered …

Susie – woof ( at your work schedule ) !!!!! haha …proud of you for getting your walk in even though you have been working so much ..I just would have said screw it I need to relax but not our Susie !!! Great job !!!
You are totally right, and I can’t keep cheating all weekend and expecting a loss at the end of the week, not gonna happen ….need to get my butt in gear…football season is the worst …dh and I love football and we always want tailgate junk food during the game….gonna have to start learning some healthy “junk food” options.
The picnic was very good, I over ate and hate a dessert but oh well, today is another day and I wanted to join in with everybody else. Normally I don’t and get all kinds of heat about it, so today I just did.

Hi Mel !!!

Not gonna list my foods for yesterday, it was pretty bad ……………….oh well, here they are:

Breakfast: English muffin with butter and jelly
Lunch: Work picnic – bbq pork on a bun, coleslaw, baked beans, mac n cheese, and chocolate peanut butter mousse in a shot glass, so small serving
Snack : bag of TGI Friday’s Cheddar Bacon tator skin chips
Dinner : Nachos topped with cheese, jalapenos, shredded carnita pork, pico de gallo, and sour cream …made these at home, not calorie friendly but SO freaking good
Snack – Homemade chocolate milk shake ….

Okay so that day REALLY looks bad huh? Admit it and forget it !!!!!

09-15-2012, 12:02 PM
It is so pretty out! Such a perfect "fall" day even though the calendar says it doesn't arrive until NEXT Saturday. But still perfect.

I am doing my usual Sat routine. Paying bills, catching up on 3fat chicks, catching up on email, planning the grocery list and cleaning house.

DH and I have a lot to do today because about 3:00 p.m we are headed to Cincinnait. I need to buy 3 birthday gifts and a wedding gift and then we are going make a stop at Kings Island.

It is my company's "day" at Kings Island (today and tomorrow). I don't ride many rides anymore and DH never did but it's fun to go and it's free! DH and I have decided we will split a funnel cake. I want to go in the evening when the lights are on..I just like the look of the park then. It's going to be perfect for jeans, t-shirt and a light jacket.

I had a loss at TOPS on Thursday. I lost what I had gained last week, so I was happy about that. and most exciting: we had a NO GAIN meeting!!! Sometimes TOPS chapters will "try" that for the next meeting--we have--and we never get it; this time it just happened (I think because the Leader and I have been trying to get people "centered" again and losing..because when others loose, it makes you want to loose and work harder at it--at least for me it does!). We were so excited! 5 people stayed to walk 30 min after the meeting with me. It was just a great night at TOPS!

Carri: I like the Admit it and Forget it! It's the let's keep our healthy lifestyes in tact and it will be a much better feeling getting on those scales.

Dee: I am speechless over your TOPS member display of her beliefs. Usually those who don't want to say the Pledge of Alligence still sit quietly and respect others. She has never learned "grace" as far as I am concerned.

How did the KOPS ceremony go?

09-17-2012, 10:55 AM
Morning Ladies – hope you all had a great weekend…I know I did…like Susie said it was awesome Fall like weather …looks like it will be that way all week too and into the next weekend…and THAT I can handle, haha …Fall does officially begin this Saturday and I think the high is going to be 63 that day….wonderful…this weekend is the Earth Festival that we go to every year and I am really looking forward to it since it will be nice cool weather…just your normal fair stuff and crafts ....fair food of course but I am going to try and steer clear of that …hopefully.

Speaking of food, we had yet another horrible weekend food wise…I told him we HAVE to stop that because I am getting no where ( like I said last week )

Our good friend’s bday was Friday and we went to this place called The Black Market and I tried a few new things …we had beef tongue, marrow bones, and octopus…we got a few different things and tried them…all very good…but expensive….not a place we could go to a lot but we would like too. Very good food.

Tomorrow night is my first night with the Walking group that I joined here at work…for now they just do it every Tuesday evening…other nights I will just walk with dh, I enjoy that the most anyhow. Gives us time to talk without the tv on, haha

Susie – I would love to be at Kings Island at night with all the lights on, I bet it is so pretty and cool …that is great that they give you guys a free day/evening there. I did think my “admit it and forget it” was pretty clever …haha …would have to have said that all weekend again, haha …

I really do have to knock it off I would like to lose another 10 lbs by November and I don’t see that happening on my current path…I am not gaining, holding steady at the 40 off, but the more important thing is to start losing again …and I hope I can….the plateau just made me frustrated and I have given up some, but need to get back into the correct mind set.

Have a good Monday girls !!!


09-19-2012, 09:44 AM
Morning Ladies ….

I have been in a bad pattern the last few days where I eat good all day until dinner and then I just eat whatever ( pizza, sweets, etc ) …so I am trying to get out of that spiral right now…stomach not feeling so good this morning, pretty nauseas, but my metformin med does that to me a lot in the mornings so I am used to it.

Have you guys been watching The Voice ? Seems pretty good so far, seems like the talent have stepped it up a notch, gonna be a good season.

Next week all the sitcoms and shows have their season premiers !!!!! Yay !!!!!!! I just love my TV starting at 8:00 ….I need to unwind and watch my fav shows at that time. There are some new shows I am looking forward to like Elementary and Vegas …

Where is everyone lately? I know Susie is probably working 24/7 :o) But where is Mel and Dee ? and newbie Debbie ?

Its HUMP day !!!

I think dh is making his chili tonight so I will be eating on that for a few days and that is not bad for me the way he makes it …plus some good fiber in the beans, maybe it will clean me out, lol !!

Have a good day all !!!

09-20-2012, 09:00 AM
Morning Ladies – had to be in to work earlier than normal so I am posting earlier than normal …

Dh made a big ol’ pot of chili last night , we didn’t eat it last night as he didn’t start cooking it till later so today we are having chili for dinner and probably grilled cheese I would guess …sounds so good to me with this cooler weather. :cb:

You guys having cooler weather where each of you are ?

I talked to Susie last night on fb, she is fine she is just really working a lot….she will come on and post this weekend.

Mel and Dee – Hi girls :wave:

Nothing to exciting going on here, well I do have my annual dr appt today for my womanly test, so that is of course putting me in a great mood for the day….just want to get in there and get it done and go home, and then be done with it for another year ….I have to have one every year or they won’t fill my bc pills script …and plus I need to be checked on yearly anyway …I suppose at 38 I will have to start having the mammo’s soon too …I think my doc doesn’t do it till you hit 40 though …great to be a woman huh? Lol …………..but it actually is :hug:

Food 9/19
Breakfast: 2 pcs bacon, scrambled eggs
Lunch – hot and sour soup, order of crab Rangoon
Snack – nothing
Dinner – ham sandwich and chips
Snack – KitKat

Yeah its not pretty but it is what it is. :ink:

See ya Girls

09-21-2012, 09:10 AM
I made it here! Thanks Carri for holding down the fort!

What a week! Actually the past 3 weeks have been nuts but I am going to have some nice paychecks!

I think I have things in a place where I can now work only 40 hs a week again. I was so busy this week as I was coverning for another Admin and doing my work and it was decided that 7 people need to go to China in two weeks and needed to prepare their packets for their visas and get them out to the Consolute by COB today. They went to shipping last night to go out today via Fed Ex. No hoping that I did them all correctly.

I have not focused one day this week on weight loss and it showed at the scales. In fact I don't think I was alone as our chapter did not well this week. But today is a brand new day and for me a brand new "weight-loss" week so onward!

Carri: We had chili this week too! I think a lot of people just seemed like the thing to have with the fall like weather.

How's your "thinking" today? Are you getting your head back in the right place? Someone told me once when I am struggle between what I know I should do but I'm not doing it that I should look for inspiration. She told me to look at before pictures of myself and to see out success stories. Also she told me about a tool that you can find online where you but your body weight and height in and then put your goal weight in and it will show you how you look now compared to how you will look when loosing the number of pounds you want to loose.

Try those things and see if they help. You need a battle plan for the weekend! It is almost here! You can do this! and so can I!

09-21-2012, 03:12 PM
Hi Girls :smug: I finally have a few minutes to chat :smug: The last 2 weeks have been non-stop for me, only online checking e-mail & paying bills.

I took our 18 month old back on Tuesday after 8 days, he is soo adorable, I can't imagine living without such Luv in our lives as our sons & grandbabes. Yesterday was our kops graduation & 1 kops 25th anniversary. I'm still our ceremony/celebration coordinator for our chapter of 31 members & even though I tried to delegate members to participate in the details, we have so many seniors over 60 yr that I could only get 5 to bring in extras. My #1 helper yesterday was a sweetie that is a 82 yr guy w heart & back problems that helped me & 4 other ladies do my table set-ups. It was beautiful w my fall flower arrangements & candles on the 8 tables. I made a red-velvet cake w ice-cream between the layers instead of frosting & my secret ice-cream frosting on the outside. We all deserve a 'splurge' on special occasions :p For the ceremonies I had our Leader & co-leader do our kops graduation & myself & our other 7 kops did the anniversary ceremony.
Anyways I got thank-you's from everyone on the tables, ceremony, etc. I bought a large goblet for our club gift to our new kop & had it engraved w 'kops, her name, her date she made her official kops goal' she joined tops in 1997 & never gave up, she lost 58 pds :smug: to reach her size 12 clothing & brought in the outfit she weighed in wearing. I am so happy that the ceremonies are over, I've been juggling my own jobs w preparing for both ceremonies & having my baby w me the last 2 weeks.

Right now I'm baking in 2 ovens & I have food in my 3 slow cookers for customer tailgate parties tonight. I have sewing to begin tomorrow. I am burned-out & will take a breath later tonight & read from a Max Lucado book. Weeks like this are when I'm gratefull for lazy winter days snuggled up relaxing or playing games/cards w dh watching the snowflakes fall or cuddling in bed watching tv.

Chili...yumm but which recipe to make...which cheese to sprinkle on...which bread sticks for dipping or bake bread bowls to eat...
Grilled cheese...yumm sprinkle mozzarella or provolone cheese & romaine lettuce...Hey,don't forget that white cheese has 'less fat' than the yellow.

Carri, drop by @ & weight watchers for some inspirations....I know you well enough that I KNow you will get back on track soon.

Girls, the only thing that keeps me from gaining weight is to eat 1 serving size, my food portions that I prep ahead of meal time & put inside containers or measure as I plate my food w dh. If I wanted to gain weight I'd eat 3 serving sizes LOL!
Maybe try menu planning your meals weekly like I do to stay our of trouble: Wednesday= our fav soup/stew; Sunday= we grill outdoors (meat, veggies, fruit) even in the winter; meatless Monday= lo-fat Mexican, etc.

Gotta go check the food now, hope you'all have a wonderful weekend!

09-21-2012, 03:35 PM
OK, hopping on the ONEDERLAND EXPRESS!!! Want to get there SOOOOO bad, am so close! I did hit a small goal today- I could take my rings off for the first time in ages! So changes are happening, if not as fast as I want :)

09-24-2012, 04:10 PM
Helllooo....Where IS everyone? Getting kinda spooky rattling around here alone the last several days :ghost:

:welcome3: nicolejoy.... We're normally here most weekdays together posting & supporting each other through ups & downs. Sooo please come back again soon & we'll help each other to stay on track :bunny2:

Okay, it rained all weekend so my outdoor plans were screwed, sooo I cleaned & packed-up our summer things....I got out the choc. chips & marshmallows & made hot chocolate, & the wok & made stir-fry & lots of pot-stickers to get our fiber & protein w/o the carbs & fat. Because when the temps change my carb cravings start to zoom-up :o

Have a happy Low-Fat week girls & try to b active for at least 10-15 minutes each day to Keep those yucky fat pounds off our bodies 'Forever' :carrot: Dee

ps: Maybe DWTS dancers breaking their butts learning routines & little costumes can give us more inspiration :cheer3: See how hard Kirstey A. is working @ it :smug:

09-24-2012, 07:39 PM
I'm here! The weekend was so beautiful and I got into washing windows and mopping wood floors..that took a lot of my computer times.

We had a wonderful wedding reception to attend friday night and I was able to get out on the dance floor! I love to dance!

Saturday night after all the cleaning we had dinner at a friends house and she fixed a lovely meal. I was able to stay in control of my food at both occassions.

I'm not sure why but something recently in me "clicked" and it said "I'm so tired of being fat!" not overweight but fat! and hearing that in my head is what is keeping me from eating other than for fuel and to not overeat. One regular portion and that's it!

I sure hope this stays with me.

Welcome to NicoleJoy :welcome: As Dee said, we are usually quite active during the week and we usually do a good job of getting here on the weekends too...I think this weekend was just to pretty outside!

Dee: You have been one busy woman! That cake so sounds so good! and the KOPS ceremony/celebration sounds so lovely!

I can't wait for DWTS tonight! and you are right about Kirstey....I"m ready to be inspired again.

Carri: How are you? I saw a FB post about White Castle and I thought about driving out there and rescuring you. to get some things done before DWTS. Talk to you all later.

Food for Sunday, Sept 23
B=3 pancakes with syrup, 1 scrambled egg
L=4 way with veggie chilli w/ Vanilla coke--I thought of the coke as dessert
D=grilled cheesem 7 onion rings (I counted) and coleslaw

09-25-2012, 10:48 AM
Morning Girls, sorry I have been MIA …I am still here, just chugging along ….I haven’t done real good on my diet this week, didn’t think I would, I got birthday on the brain, I am getting taken out to two nice dinners for it and I know those won’t be low cal so it makes me not do well prior, haha …a mind thing I guess …

Dee – that is exactly my problem too, once it starts getting cooler I start wanting more carb heavy food, not sure why …maybe to warm up the body?
Everything you make sounds delicious !!! Glad the KOPS ceremony turned out well.

Susie – I actually really like White Castle on game days for some reason…but just the cheeseburgers and nothing else…I didn’t go way over cals that day, haha…I am glad it has “clicked” for you…I get those periods too and it makes it SO easy to stay OP …you are doing a great job.

Don’t worry girls, after my bday on Saturday I am right back to OP and good healthy eating….looking forward to getting back on track, but also am looking forward to enjoying my bday first

Welcome Nicole !!! Look forward to getting to know you, tell us a little bit about yourself.

Didn’t have a good start to my work day so hope it gets better as the day goes by…hope you all are having a good day.

09-25-2012, 04:09 PM
Yay our girls r back this week :smug:

Just a minute for a lunch-time confession :^: I had my yearly labs & mam this morning. My Internalist MD is a hour's drive & after my 12 hr fast I was starving. I ate a drive-thru chicken sandwich & tossed 1/2 the bun to the birds. I took a bottle of ice water w me to sip on the drive home.

When I got home I was still hungry & picked up the first thing I saw on my island, a 1/2 can of my dh's 'dill pickle Pringles'. Remembering to Always toss chips in a new/clean paper lunch bag to de-salt & degrease the fried chips, I shook-off tons of salt/seasoning & then got out the lofat cottage cheese & scooped it on my Pringles while watching the noon tv-news :o

Okay, I back-slid by leaving a junk-food snack out in sight, such easy temptation when I didn't have a fruit/veggie setting out on the island; or anything prepped today for my lunch in the fridge :frypan: So tonight I'll eat a veggie meal for supper for nutrition & my no-no lunch. I almost texted Susie for 'help as I was shaking the Pringles inside the lunch-bag for her to tell me to go to the freezer/fridge & grab some veggies. I could've easily tossed some black-beans in a bowl & top them w shredded cheese & microwave them & defrost some cornbread; or heat chili beans in a cup of tomato juice for a quick lunch. Sooo I'm going to make sure I have lunch/supper prepped Every time I leave my home so I won't backslide like this again..... I wrote that on my kitchen-marker board after I finished my 'guilty lunch'. It seems like I'm always making notes to stay on-track w my days......

Time to get back to work now. My ABC dramas start back tonight, Grays Anatomy, etc. after DWTS, so I need to b ready to snuggle up @ 8pm. Pam A. was soo terrible, nasty.... I was disappointed to see Kirstey A. was still chunky when she danced w Max because she has been pushing her new skinny diet products to the public since she was on DWTS, looks like she doesn't use it or its a flop, it also is sold on QVC. Oh well, we all backslide.... Sooo I'll keep watching, it has soo many awesome celeb's on it & I wish the best for Kirstey & her life-long struggle w losing the fat....

09-25-2012, 05:31 PM
Hi! I have actually had sometime today to work and get ahead of things instead of just playing catch-up.

I am actually getting ready to leave work in 4 min..I'm out on time tonight!

I am walking with my friend tonight. It's our 5k night. I haven't gotten to train like I usually do so I told her tonight it was just distance for me and not speed.

I have one here at work on Friday--a little nervous about that as I am with my co-workers and I sure don't want to be last!

I have a 5 k on November 3rd and I will be training in October for that one. I think my work scheduled will settle down for a little bit now.

I LOVED DWTS last night. Not sure who I am cheering for yet.

Dee: You can text me anytime! Thanks for sharing this with gave me some good ideas on how to handle those times when one does need to fast before a appt. I know I am always starving when they are over.

Carri: I know you will get back on track. Just want to encourge you that even while you are "off" not to undo all the hard work you have already done! to get out of here while the gettin's good!

09-26-2012, 10:03 AM
Morning Girls – just had some breakfast and thought I would pop in to see what’s the hap … I using that right? Lol …I think that was a 1950’s or 60’s thing maybe …or maybe no one ever said it, haha…who knows, I’m still tired …

Aren’t you loving the fact that all of our tv shows are back on new …awesome to have something to settle in and watch every night now…of course my dvr is doing double time…I have so much on there.

Dee – Kirstie was on Dr Oz last week and I thought the same thing you did …she has gotten noticeably bigger…and she said she is sick of hearing she has gained all her weight back when she didn’t, but I think she is awfully close to it…she is quite thick…and there is no shame in that, she is human like the rest of us and she is in her 60’s …so yeah its gonna be hard not to backslide ..she should just admit it …but she will no doubt lose a bunch again doing the DWTS show, maybe this time she can keep it off.
I had to laugh about your Pringles with cottage cheese thing, sounds like something I would do …love both of those things, haha

Susie – GOOD for you for actually getting to leave work on time and enjoy your evening. Thanks for the words of encourage, I did step on the scale at the doctor office last week and was 3lbs up, but I know that is not a true gain, and also that I can get it back off pretty easily once I start back Sunday…I know what I am doing isn’t right, by taking a week off for my birthday, but I am just doing it – not making excuses, lol

Cant wait for my birthday dinners…the inlaws are taking me to my favorite seafood place where I am getting the Alaskan king crab legs – so good …I love lobster and king crab ….do not like snow crab…doesn’t taste that good and there is really no meat in there …

Talk to you all later !!

09-26-2012, 10:23 AM
Hopefully this Friday on my weigh day. I stayed the same last week grrrr. If not I'll pull my hair out that outta be a lb or 2 ...right ?

09-26-2012, 10:30 AM
Cant wait for my birthday dinners…the inlaws are taking me to my favorite seafood place where I am getting the Alaskan king crab legs – so good …I love lobster and king crab ….do not like snow crab…doesn’t taste that good and there is really no meat in there …

Talk to you all later !!

Mmmmm same here I can eat my weight in this stuff :dizzy:

09-26-2012, 01:25 PM
Hey you'all :smug: just taking a short break from sewing. My sciatic pain won't let me sit down for another hour so my laptop is on my island & I'm standing right now :cool: & I just did my 15 min. treadmill walk @ 3.5mph.

1spunkygal :welcome3: 24 pds off is Outstanding......Congrats :cheer:

:wave: NicoleJoy, Mel, Liz

Susie :angel: whoa Your Life is Going Fab for you again & you Deserve it :yay: Friday will b another sweet Victory for you, many people never train & you r a PRO now :running: You said you Luv to sing, r u on YouTube?? How's dh doing w his new cardio lifestyle changes? I'm soo jealous of you going dancing 2 weekends in a row, I Luv to dance too & so does dh.

Carri....I Luv your b-day dinners Yumm :bday2: Your 3 pd gain was prob water/salt retention & maybe 1 pd of food :dizzy: On my WI day I don't drink 2 hrs prior to the WI scale or it will b a gain from not peeing it out :o I know your doggie will Luv u to take him for more daily walks after supper, keeping u slimmer ;) You Will loose +15 more pds by this Christmas =5 pds Oct/Nov/Dec. :hohoho: Santa wants to give u smaller clothes this year.

Later :bunny2:

09-26-2012, 02:32 PM
THANK YOU ! I have the sciatic thing too when i sit too long (back surgery in 2005). I hope you are out of pain soon & yes excersise does help.

09-27-2012, 10:21 PM
I though I would stop by and say hello. I have trouble getting time to get here daily.
I have been doing well. Just have a long work day 12hours with my commute.

I want to share my personal goal:carrot:
I plan to be in onederland 1/1/13 I have 15lbs to do that. It will be tough thru the holidays but I am going to try hard. I glad I can share this journey with ya'll

I have to lose 1.9lbs a week. WOW!!! It sounded easier the other way...

09-28-2012, 07:27 AM
FINALLY UNDER 200 I was 199 this morn I have not seen those numbers in 15 yrs ! :carrot:

who is this person I have become ? :carrot:

09-28-2012, 11:19 AM
First off SPUNKY GAL CONGRATS !!!!!!!!!!!!! :carrot::cb::cp::hat::cheer2::congrat:
And welcome to our thread !!! Look forward to getting to know you.

Morning girls, not much been going on with me, just enjoying my birthday week, yes I take a whole week, haha ....hey 39 only comes around once in a lifetime ....unless I just give that age for the next few years, lol :D

Been loving all the new shows ...Survior ...Amazing Race starts this weekend and so does my Dexter !!!!! yay !!!!!!!

Debbie - you can easily do that and that is my goal too, 2 lbs a week...I will be right there with ya trying to still lose thru the holidays...we can help eachother :grouphug:

Dee and Spunky Gal - I hate that you guys have to deal with sciatica, my dh does too and it is horrible I know ...can't find much relief, and it seems so common these dh also had back surgery about 5 yrs ago which REALLY helped but he still has his days...if he keeps his belly weight off he usually doesn't have any issues...but luckily he has a doc that gives him pain meds when he needs them.
Hope you are doing better Dee !!!

Tonight is my bday dinner with the inlaws ...bring on the seafood !!!!!! :chef::yes:

Gonna be a GREAT birthday weekend ....hope you all have a great one too, great weather again.

See ya !!!

09-28-2012, 03:34 PM
WOW Ladies THANKS for the warm welcome I feel the love :hug:

Call me Spunky it's good for now :)

I agree if I keep my belly weight / weight down if feel MUCH better my surgeon told me that. I'm a straight shooter he didn't candy coat it for me & that's good. My weekly goal is ALWAYS less than the week before . I'm type A personality so planning is right up my alley. Also former ARMY so I do know how to exercise I just get a little lazy sometimes :carrot:

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Satine ENJOY ! & I'm also a QVC queen myself :D

ps. don't order the electric pressure cookers after 3 duds i give up :dizzy:

09-28-2012, 03:44 PM
Hi :smug: so nice to see sooo many happy girls today.

Debbie, I'm happy that u r back & a work day = 12 hr with a commute really bites. I'm self-employed for over 7 yrs now working from my home; otherwise I'd have a 10-11 hr day w commute like u r doing :( Being a small business-owner has more pros than cons. My hubby has cancer & when he needed me 7 yr ago; my employer fired me because I had many cancer emergencies taking lots of time-off for my dh's disease. My hubby's employer gave him a sick-leave to continue his job & BC/BS insurance while I began my self-employment careers. I got fat during my hubby's cancer, while trying to 'fatten my hubby when he lost' over 20 pds from his cancer/chemo....We ate all fat, yummy foods; ice cream nightly, brownies/cookies, pie, cheese on everything, Pizza Hut 2 x week, you get the picture. That's my story. I came upon this thread accidently last year & enjoy the girls & never left, this thread is like home.
Deb, I KNow u Will Loose 2 pds a week to reach your goal :carrot: if u Want it U will honestly Do It. Your employer can boss U at work....But Debbie is Her own boss in Her Personal Life & Deb will eat Whatever She wants to eat & b Healthy & Beautiful :dust: Goal-time is coming :goodscale

Spunky :yay::cheer::yes: You DID it....OKAY now u get to make a plan to get to a monthly goal. :write: :tape: :running: to Keep Loosing the fat & b Gorgeous & Healthy on the inside & outside...So u never back-slide & regain any weight. I've been yo-yoing w 4 pds for months because I don't diet or have a exercise routine. It took me a year to reach 148 pds from 173 pds because I don't diet; I eat everything I want/like, I eat 1 serving size instead of many servings like I did when I was putting my hubby's pre-cancer pds back on him & I gained too & I became a fatty. I've maintained 148-150 pds size 10-12 for 5 yrs being a TOPS member w their club member support & I recently decided to lower my goal to 141 pds my prior weight I was when my hubby got cancer. I'm sorry that U have :hug: sciatica pain too. Mine hurts if I sit too long & my bone/joint stings, I agree w u that moving is the best treatment to take compression off that painful nerve.

Sooo to our new girls, I want Everyone to B whatever U want to B. :hug: I'm just trying to help U, Motivate U, & want to share ideas/thoughts together here as we r all friends & we share the same body & self-esteem goals. We all have problems & sometimes its easier to share/vent to our friends on this thread that will Not judge us. I'm here for U, to listen, to help U & cheer for your successes ;) B happy, life is good regardless of what anybody else thinks of us; If our Health is Good & we Like our Bodies that's all that matters :sunny:
What r your stories, how did your weight get crazy on your bod? We r each compassionate to our weight situations & this is good therapy for us.

Hey Carri, did u see QVC tsv, I ordered the tall boots, the heels r chunky 3" instead of skinny & Warmer than my pumps w my winter skirts :smug: & r in a size wide for a full calf or to wear socks. Where r WE eating our b-day seafood dinner tonight :hun:

Susie, Mel, Liz, Arabella :grouphug:

Looks like a beautiful fall weekend for Everyone to do yardwork & have fun outdoors. I'm going kayaking & look @ the fall colors & then hiking in our woods & make a path for snowshoeing this winter :bunny2:

09-29-2012, 10:15 AM
Hi Everyone! So much action here! I LOVE it.

First I want to report a 5 1/2 LOSS on Thursday at my TOPS meeting! :carrot: I was pretty excited about that.

Also, the 5k at work was great. I walked with 4 other girls and they were slower than me. I thought about going off and just walking it by myself but it was nice to get to know some new people and we still finished in 57 min. Anything under a hour I will take.

My next 5K is on November 3rd for Matthew 25 ministries. I'm going to be training hard all of October. I want to do that one in 50 min. I'm going to look for some info on how to train for speed.

Carri: I believe TODAY is your birthday! :bday2you: I LOVED being 39 and I loved being 40.
I am so happy that all the new shows are back on. I am DVRing a lot of things too.

Dee: I sure hope that sciatica calms down soon. I have it from time to time and it is very painful. Enjoy your weekend outside. I'm going to come to see you some day and go kayaking. I have never done it and remember I wouldn't do it at work as I was embarrassed to do it at my weight...well....this weight IS coming off and when I do it for the first time I think I should do it with you! It would be so much fun.

Spunky: Congrats for getting into ONEderland and we are glad you are here.
I am a type A person too and I LOVE to makes me feel in control

Debbie: I commute to work too. About a 45 min to an hour, depends on traffice. It does take a lot of a person.
I KNOW you can get that weekly goal accomplished so that on New Year's day you are in ONEderland.

Ok..busy day here. I get my hair done today and my 10 yr old niece gets her black belt today. Somewhere in there I need to get some house cleanning done and I HAVE to get my fall clothes out this weekend. I'm planning on going shopping on Oct 20th and I need a idea of what I need to replace.

Have a great Saturday everyone!

09-29-2012, 04:25 PM
WOWeeeee 5.5 lbs loss how fantastic ! I use to go to TOPS & I miss it . Nothing close to me anymore or to fit my schedule. I could use that 5.5 lb loss. I have my reg dr appt this coming FRI. He's been after me about my weight for a lonnnng time. It has to be up to us & no one can make us or do it for someone else. About the type A pers I have to be in control of no one else can handle it ...LOL !

Have a good day ladies I'm @ wk 4 more hrs to go :carrot:

09-30-2012, 01:50 PM
Woke up this morning feeling sick to my stomach off and on and running a low grade fever. I am trying to clean house when the fever breaks and I feel like moving around.

Spunky: For your doctors appt this coming Friday, I think he will be happy to see that you are losing weight. Also, between now and Friday, you can be down another pound...go for it!

Dee: Did you get your TOPS inspiring!

Carri: How was the birthday dinner?

Tomorrow is October girls and I want to set a couple of goals for myself.
Goal #1: to loose 7 lbs
Goal #2: daily journal my food here
Goal #3: get at least 7 hrs of sleep EVERY day

I feel these goals will help restore balance to my life, and I need balance.

09-30-2012, 01:59 PM
Woke up this morning feeling sick to my stomach off and on and running a low grade fever. I am trying to clean house when the fever breaks and I feel like moving around.

Spunky: For your doctors appt this coming Friday, I think he will be happy to see that you are losing weight. Also, between now and Friday, you can be down another pound...go for it!

Rest & feel better soon take care of you :hug:

For my dr appt I am soooo gonna behave this week. HE better be HAPPY for me !

I'm cleaning out my drawers & closet kinda day.

GOODBYE 1X & 2X & some X-LG :carrot:

(I didn't know where else to put this )

10-01-2012, 11:37 AM
Morning Girls….I had a great birthday weekend….great food and great company …I WAY over ate though and paid for it by my stomach being mad at me…haha …today back OP and looking forward to at least another 10lb loss for October…that is my goal.

Susie – you feeling better? CONGRATS on the 5.5 lb loss , that is huge !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Great job !!! :bravo::cp::hat::cheer::yay:
I think your goals are very good and quite achievable ….lets make October a great one.
I think I am gonna love being 39 too …it’s just hard getting used to that number I guess …I don’t feel 39 …of course my Mom says she doesn’t feel 56 …haha

Spunky – I know your dr is gonna be real happy with your weight loss, good for you !

Dee – no I didn’t see any boots on QVC I only watch it on Weds nights and Sunday afternoon for the In the Kitchen with David show…he is my favorite.
I get in too much trouble watching him, I buy too much, but I love kitchen stuff …even though I don’t cook, haha

Hi Mel !!!!!!

Hope you all have a great day !!! Today is the first day of a new month, lets make this one count for our weight losses !!!!

10-01-2012, 03:27 PM
What a beautiful fall weekend we were blessed with :angel:

Susie, Susie, Susie :hug: I am sooo proud of you for your 5 1/2 pd Loss :celebrate: YOU deserve that from all of the 5k training & walks that u & your friend r doing....I hope that she is Also having Wonderful results w her weight/muscle building from walking w u :smug: Your October goals r wonderful & I KNow u will have no probs doing them :running::lifter::write: I hope your flu/cold didn't last long & u r ok now :dancer: Our son Seth & my dh Ron were also sick last week w a fever/cough/headache for a couple of days, it must b from being outside in the damp evening weather like they were & u were walking. Ron was cutting wood & a 8" tree branch/log hit him from overhead & broke his 2 ribs Friday evening, he always wears a yellow safety helmet so his head is ok. But he barely takes the 3, RX from the ER doc when in pain, he'll make faces & do a scream....Men & pain....Of course He HAD to have pie, ice cream & brownies for His pain all weekend :o So we didn't go to the lake & 'yes' I would Luv to go kayaking w u next summer....Remember I still want to go to the Jack Hanna zoo ;)

Carri, where did u eat your b-day seafood at :p What were your b-day presents :gift:

Spunky :hug: first of all THANK YOU for your time in the Army. I Honor & Respect every day of service that 'you gave to us' so that I can live in our awesome United States :sunny: I Know your doc is going to b sooo happy that u r back in the 100's again :cheer2::cheer3: Wear light clothes for the weight scale & take off your shoes :goodscale Congrats on loosing the bigger clothing sizes, but u can alter & redesign the cute ones into a smaller size to fit u & save some cash; I do alterations for many people. Sooo get out your sewing machine & start tearing out seams :smug: I'm sooo happy that u joined this thread w us. You r doing wonderful :carrot:

Hey Debbie, I Know you will reach your -5 pds Loss every month to make your Jan.2013 goal :cool: Planning & portion size & being active daily willlll get u there :dancer:

Monday's menu= 1 serving size.
Breakafast= lasagna & mocha-mint coffee. :p
Lunch= eggplant roll-up w veggie & provolone cheese & ice tea. :p
Supper= cole slaw & tomato/provolone grilled cheese sandwich & ice water w cucumber slices....I can barely wait for supper & my sandwich.
Snack= pumpkin-spice coffee & 2 cookies
I Luv my Dunkin Donut coffee flavors :p

Have a great Week you'all & stay OP :exercise: I have a busy week sewing & cooking for my clients & my pap on Wed. so I'll b MIA & back on Thurs./Friday ;)

10-01-2012, 06:51 PM
Thanks mini I have many more clothes to go I can donate them to the less fortunate & be happy about that. Most of them were stretchy & old t shirts not expensive at all. I can sew but bye bye bigger sizes .

Satine : I'm glad your BD dinner went well. Funny how the food always reminds us we cant eat that or that much anymore. I love ITK w David too he is a hoot.

10-01-2012, 08:09 PM
Hi Gals,

I had a stomach bug of some sort yesterday. I ran a fever and ran to the bathroom too! lol TMI!

Today I'm taking it easy with food and I decided to skip my workout and let myself rest. I am worn out from work.

October 1 Food
B=greek strawberry bannana yogurt
L=Progresso light veg soup w/ dinner roll
Snack=pear halfs
Dinner: toast with grape jelly.

I'm about to cuddle up on the couch and watch DWTS.

Spunky: Losing weigh and buying new things sure if a lot more fun than gaining weight and buying new things! Stay strong...Friday is coming and you are going to show that doctor of yours you mean business! :p

Dee: I haven't forgotten about the zoo! Next summer is going to be an active one! Good thing we are getting ready for it now.

Carri: I am glad you had such a great birthday! Now let's get going on that 10 lbs! You can do it!

Hi Mel! I know you were going to start some new meds to deal with your stomach are you feeling?

10-01-2012, 08:19 PM
Thanks & glad you feel better take care of you . One advantage of the bathroom trips NOT the way we want to do it but... we'll take what we can get :hug:

10-02-2012, 11:18 AM
Morning Ladies - another wet, dark, and rainy morning here, and somewhat chilly. the kind of day that you really want to be at home for, but alas stuck at work, haha :D

I had a pretty good food day yesterday, not perfect where I'm normally at but a lot better than I have been.

Dee - We went to Mitchells Fish Market and I had the Alaskin King Crab, it was SO good. Saturday we went with friends to a new place called Usual Suspects, a gastropub, it was pretty good but nothing outstanding. Don't know if I would go again. As far as gifts I didn't get too much..dh and I don't exchange birthday gifts since we spend so much on eachother at Christmas...he did get me a beautiful bouquet of flowers though and a nice card. The inlaws got me a pair of shoes I have been wanting, some Yankee candles, and some cash ( always appreciated haha ). I haven't been able to get with my parents yet, supposed to be sometime this week, to get my gifts from them.

Spanky - Yes David is hilarious...I never miss it on Sundays, and try to see some of it on I just noticed your tag line under avatar says "low carb", so is that the kind of plan you follow? I have done that in the past and it really works...I need to go back to it, I don't do low low carb, just a lower carb plan.

YAY for the start of OCTOBER !!! A GREAT month !!!!! :sklol::witch:

Food 10/1/12

10-02-2012, 11:19 AM
Food for 10/1

Breakfast: half bagel and cream cheese
Lunch: 2 McDonalds hamburgers ( 250 each )
Snack: Kettle Corn
Dinner: Pizza Rolls
Snack: Toast

Sounds worse than it was, didn't make the best choices ( like I will today ) but surprisingly not over calories that much, haha...


10-02-2012, 08:58 PM
SPUNKY = now I just noticed your tag line under avatar says "low carb", so is that the kind of plan you follow? I have done that in the past and it really works...I need to go back to it, I don't do low low carb, just a lower carb plan.

Yes same here I started on Ideal Protein & had to switch to alternatives as my budget was suffering. ( Atkins shakes & bars musch cheaper & yummy too)

As long as I'm less lbs than the week before thats all I care about. I'm eating as healthy as I can & it works for me. I try to get in my 4c of veggies & 6-8 oz of protein a day 2 shakes 1 bar & 64 + oz of water :)

10-03-2012, 09:30 AM
Morning all ….yesterday was a good food day pretty much, was able to bring the reigns back in so to speak on my eating…every day is gonna be a little bit better until I get back into full swing.

Last night I made homemade Beef and Barley soup from a recipe I got off a low calorie recipe website…I made it last night for tonights supper…I tasted it and I think it turned out pretty good, although not sure I am in love with it…we will see how it tastes tonight after sitting overnight…it called for 2/3 cup barley but that wasn’t hardly any and was still quite thin, so I added about that much more and then it was too thick, but still edible – dh seemed to like it.
Don’t know what we will have with it, probably just some whole wheat bread…I would like to start making more soups so if anyone has any good recipes let me know. Its that time of year – soup time !!!

Spunky – I used to focus more on getting a lot of protein and have sort of gotten away from that and I need to go back to eat…think that is why some days I cannot get full or satisfied…did you say you do protein shakes? If so what kind? I can never find one that I think tastes good…

Hi Mel, Susie, and Dee !!!!

Tonight is The Middle and Modern Family ….I love those shows….can’t wait to snuggle up on the couch in my pjs and watch them …been cold and rainy here for the last three days…Carri’s kind of weather, lol

Food for Oct 2 :
Breakfast: 1 scrambled egg, 2 sausage links
Lunch: ham sandwich on whole wheat with mustard, serving of cottage cheese
Snack: Blueberry greek yogurt ( I love anything blueberry remember haha )
Dinner : Thin crust frozen pizza – 3 small slices
Snack: One slice whole wheat toast with 1 T butter

10-03-2012, 12:44 PM
Just saw that due to Pres debate being on tonight there will be no Modern Family, now my whole evening is

10-03-2012, 02:47 PM
Spunky – I used to focus more on getting a lot of protein and have sort of gotten away from that and I need to go back to eat…think that is why some days I cannot get full or satisfied…did you say you do protein shakes? If so what kind? I can never find one that I think tastes good

Yes I do 2 protein shakes a day 1 "big meal" Ideal Protein choc ready to drink is the best one (in my opinion) but due to my budget I buy Atkins shakes & bars .

Trust me if they weren't good I would NOT drink them I'm the pickyest fat person I know :). So all in all they aren't the worst I've ever tasted. Muscle Milk is out there too but it's not my favorite.

10-04-2012, 11:17 AM
Great, I will have to try those.

Have a good day everyone.

10-04-2012, 08:50 PM
Hi Everyone,

You all know how crazy my work week gets as it progresses into the week. I really don't like it when I don't get it here each day.

I just got back from my TOPS meeting and I had a 1.25 lb loss this week. I will take it! Like Spunky said As long as I'm less lbs than the week before thats all I care about." VERY well said Spunky.

A group of us at TOPS are walking together after the meetings for 30 min. Right now we walk outside but when it gets bad weather (or dark) we will do a walking tape. I think getting that extra day of exercise is helping me with the weight loss and keeping my head in this game.

Carri: I see that you are getting back to being on track with your body....just keep doing what you are works for you!

I love The Middle and Modern Family too. Do you also watch Two Broke Girls? I DVR it because of watching DWTS.

Spunky:When are your weigh-in?

Dee: Looking forward to you being back with us.

10-05-2012, 07:44 AM
Good morning everyone yes I'm a crazy early bird :)

I weigh every Friday morn @ 0600 I set my alarm. Dr appt later today he hasn't seen me in 6 mo. Hope all is well with everyone.

- 2 lbs from last week

10-05-2012, 09:35 AM
Morning Girls …all week my body ( I think ) has been fighting some colds that are going around here at work …I have felt “off” for the whole week and today my throat is odd…voice is lower …last couple of days the glands on the side of my neck have been tender…so I know my body is trying to fight off something …KEEP AT IT Body , you can do it !!!! lol

I could not be ANY gladder ( is that a word ? maybe more glad, but anyway ) that it’s Friday …long week at work and again me not feeling the greatest, sinus headaches included with the crazy back and forth weather here …was 80 yesterday, gonna be 55 and rainy today…just need a weekend to catch up and relax…my birthday weekend last week was crazy busy so I want to do nothing on this one…

Susie – another great loss….congrats…I am just happy when I see any loss at all lately, so Spunky is right. Yes, dh and I LOVE Two Broke Girls…I hear a lot of people say they don’t and I just think they haven’t given it a chance, it’s so funny

Spunky – Congrats on your loss too !!! Hope your dr appt goes well today.

Dee and Mel – Hello Gals !!

Hope everyone has a great weekend !! I will be maxing and relaxing ( yep bringing that one back haha ).

10-05-2012, 03:50 PM
Hello TGIF,

Been a long week :(

Last weekend my friend's 35 yr son was stabbed when he walked in front yard @ 8pm to tell 2, 14 yr boys to stop peeing there. Mike is the size of a football player, but the kids were 'high :devil:' & knifed Mike as he walked back to his porch. Mike was stabbed in the neck, head & leg w steak knives the boys had. I pray daily for Mike; his vision is gone in 1 eye, he drags 1 leg & the tip of a knife is broken-off inside his head while the neurologist waits for the metal to evacuate on its own to prevent more trauma from surgery. He lives in a 'safe town & area' but drugs r everywhere & destroys lives :?:

Susie, U r like Wonder-Woman, remember Linda & her lasso & bracelets :queen: You DO Everything sooo WELL, I admire You so much :angel: Oh I loved the last TOPS magazine w the 2 teens from Michigan getting their weight in control & learning to stay healthy during high-school for life :smug: We have many senior citizens in our morning group in their 70's so we don't do much exercising w their joint pains & surgeries. The night group has 30's-80 yr girls but I won't drive on winter slippery roads @ night so I go in the morning. You & John always have nice weekend plans, have u gone to any f-ball games this fall? What's your 2 fav teams?

Carri :hug: hope u feel better soon, u know we both share the weather & sinus headaches :( Dum weather right now is like a yo-yo. We only had 1 rainy day this week, 2 hot ones & a 2 cold windy cloudy days. Two Broke Girls is a hoot, soo real & fun to b their friends. Their horse story fits me, my dh said the girls r my reality-daughters :D I'm so happy that 'Revenge' came back w all my other ABC dramas.

Spunky :smug: I hope your doc appt is good today. Mine was on Wed. & was normal, just waiting for the pap results next. Your 2 pound Loss is like winning a prize :dancer: Just pick-up 2 packs of margarine & hold 1 against each hip & think, wow I LOST that this week, smaller clothes r in your near future :cool: I eat protein w every meal too otherwise I crave chocolate or sugar. I've only tried Jillian Michaels whey protein powder, not any others so far. Beans & dairy product r my biggest protein source w fish/meat/chicken 1x each weekly. Spunky, what r your pets, I have 3 doggies & a puppy litter, Susie has a big kitty & Carri has a Westie/doggy :smug:

This weekend I'm baking: toaster-oven pastries (pie crust pockets, filled w fruit & a spoonful of jam) veggie pot pies (frozen veggies w gravy in a pie crust) I make mine in a big muffin pan (1serving size for me) & freeze them, then bag them separately for a easy meal. For dh I use bowls & fill them-up & freeze them, then bag them so they can bake in a cake or pie pan inside the toaster-oven for a easy meal. I bake instead of buying because of the yucky: sodium, preservatives & bad flavor taste of packaged foods. Costs less money too when we make our own fresh, yummy food. Does anyone use recipes from: I do & I love her cocoa lava cookies, yum. Being a famous dietician she sure knows how to make lowfat/low calorie foods that r good:p So far all her recipes have been a hit that I've tried.

Hope you'all will have a fun, beautiful fall weekend, full of Luv :hug: Dee

10-05-2012, 05:46 PM
Hey Ladies : Thanks Dr appt went VERY well he was happy about the weightloss BUT .....had to remind me to stick w turkey or candian bacon & egg beaters or egg whites chol was a just a tad on the high side . So even though I have been a good girl I need to do better ...all in all it was a good experience .

Funny thing though I "chose not to " get on the scale I told the nurse what I weighed this morn. I told her I don't weigh in the afternoon. TURNS OUT she use to be 265 lbs herself (now about 140 lbs) & does the same thing when she goes to her DR ! ....LOL :carrot:

Mini - 2 cats (both rescued @ 8 wks) Buddy thinks he's a dog & Piper Anne thinks she's a princess both SPOILED ROTTEN ! I never was a cat person but I love them both :hug:

10-06-2012, 11:57 AM
:DHi Gals,

It is a beautiful fall weekend here in Ohio. My DH (John) and I are going to a college football game in Cincinnati today. We are going to watch the UC Bearcats.

I have a friend who is a huge fan and she asked us to come with her and her DH. It is their homecoming weekend..and so it is a full day there--game not until 7:00 but we are meeting our friends at 1 to get the tailgate spots and then to watch the parade and other homecoming activities.

I will try and be careful with the food and I plan on a lot of walking, so I hope it balances it out.

Dee: What a horrible thing that happened to your friend Mike! I will keep him in my prayers.

We have a lot of older ladies in our TOPS group too and also two ladies with mental illness but they do very well at losing weight and keeping it off and they always come to the meeting.

I smiled when you said I was like if I could only be shapped like she was!! :D

Carri: I hope you haven't ended up with a bad cold...get lots of extra sleep this weekend and maybe eat some vegetable soup or chicken noodle and sip on tea.

Spunky: Glad to hear that things went well at the doctor. Along with his advice maybe try and eat more oats or Cherrios..adding fiber to your diet helps to keep cholosteral in check..also, maybe start adding Metamucil each day. You can put it in smoothies. Remember when you add any sort of extra fiber to up your water...if get concrete! ;)

It is time for me to get things packed up and get on the road. It will be a long day but it will be fun--I hope I remember that tomorrow when I have to clean house instead of nap! :p

10-07-2012, 11:36 AM
Good morning.

I am hoping to get my house cleaned today and get some fall decorating done inside and out.

We had fun at the football game yesterday and did over 10 miles of walking. It was a long day but fun.

Just wanted to pop in...see you all tomorrow

10-07-2012, 05:41 PM
Hi Girls,
Just online paying bills right now & wanted to say 'hello' :smug:

Spunky, I'm soo happy that your doc appt went well :carrot: Both my parents died from coronary disease, so my doc always reminds me to b good also like yours. With the fats, I almost always substitute fruit for sugar or fats. When using eggs I don't like 'egg beaters' I'm not into preservative & whenever possible avoid them; instead I use egg whites w 1 whole egg it keeps the flavors yummy; when I bake/cook for customers & family nobody can tell the diff of not using all eggs....I Luv my morning weight too, it shows the 'truthe/real weight' prior to dressing & eating daily ;)

Susie, glad your f-ball game day was great :cool: 10 miles omg I would loose like 2-3 lbs if I did that. TY for praying for Mike, he's a sweet Teddy bear that goes out of his way to help everyone in his town & is a beloved guy. Hmmm, so u like Wonder Woman too, there's Nothing stopping u from having her similar body next year with your own body Christmas 2013 :mrsclaus: ...You R on that path right now sooo keep going straight & if u do turn left towards the dumb foods & eat them, ASAP take a right turn & turn right back toward your goal :broc: That's one of the many things I admire about your 5k training, Susie has Susie on her to-do list :running: It's way too easy to put ourselves last durung the day & b too tired to take care of ourselves, I'm always forgetting about myself daily.

Gotta go now & cook us a stir-fry & wontons for supper.

Carri, Mel, Liz, Debbie :wave:

10-08-2012, 05:14 PM
Afternoon All - I am at work but leaving early to go to my dr appt, just for a blood pressure check up I guess...knowing that I am going for that doesn't make my bld pressure any lower...I have white coat syndrome thats for sure.

We had a great weekend...nice and cool the Fall !!!
Didn't do well on my eating AT ALL ...I am really getting tired of myself lately,

Dee - That is so horrible about your friend...I cannot believe how people ( especially kids ) are these days...I hope he has a full recovery.
Thanks for the recipe website, I am going to go on there and check it out.
Also how is your dh these days? I hope he is doing well.

Susie - that football game sounds fun, and what great those types of fall activities...we might go to a haunted house this weekend...LOVE it !! Hope you got your house cleaned up nice :D

Spunky - My cholesterol is always really low, and thank God because I love my meat and eggs ...haha Dee I don't like the egg beaters, I have tried them many different ways and just cant do it for some reason...but I know with diet you can get your cholesterol back in check. Glad he was happy about the weight loss.

Hi Mel !!!!!!! Hope you had a great weekend.

Okay girls gotta wrap up some last minute work things, hope you all have a great evening ...think it is going to be a soup and grilled cheese kind of night for us. Its chilly out there.

See ya !!!

10-09-2012, 06:11 PM
Hi ladies my wifi is low & will chat with you all again soon . Fell off the wagon a bit for 2 days & am climbig back on today no worries I'm refocused. I wish you all good "in control" days ahead


10-10-2012, 07:33 AM
I can't believe it is Wednesday already!

It seems that we are all doing ok..but fighting to stay "on plan".
Come on girls! We can do this!!

Think about how on December 31 when the rest of the world is going through "tommorrow, Jan 1, 2013" I will start my diet and my new staying on plan now..or getting back on plan now we will be way ahead of that! :hug:

I don't know about you but it makes me feel great just to think about it.

I'm posting before work as I hadn't checked in for a few days and I needed my "life support". ;)

I'll try to get back later and do personals.

Have a great Wednesday!

10-10-2012, 10:50 AM
Morning Ladies…slowly but surely getting back on track …I just my breakfast that I brought from home…2 eggs ( fresh from our good friends chickens, so good ) and 2 smoky link sausages…that kind of protein really helps me thru the morning…brought a ham sandwich and my usual cottage cheese for lunch…exciting huh? Haha

Are you guys watching The Voice ? Last nights was very good…the duo who sand Vision of Love by Mariah Carey did an awesome job…gave me chills…love that show…makes me want to be on it, haha …I do have a good singing voice but don’t know if its “the” voice…I am constantly singing, drives my dh nuts…especially in the car …

Spunky – I hear ya on the losing control…I have had about three weeks of that and feel pretty low about myself …but we can get right back on and go forward !!!

Susie – You are SO right, I am really fighting to stay OP, thanks for the encouragement…I am working hard on getting back on to lose…and that is an awesome idea about the New Years Eve thing…I am always the one starting on 1/1/12 ….always !! I don’t want to be in that group this year…thanks for bringing it up.

Hi Dee and Mel – hope your weeks are going well.

Food for 10/9/12
Breakfast – 2 cinnamon sugar poptarts ( not a good choice but forgot my breakfast and had to eat what was here )
Lunch – ham and provolone on whole wheat bread – sandwich
Snack – ½ c applesauce and 1 fiber plus bar
Dinner – 1 c low fat mushroom soup and grilled cheese
Snack – 2 servings of Sour Cream and Onion potato chips ( here is the part of me still struggling some ) and three Halloween snack size Kit Kats

Have a great day Girls !!!

10-10-2012, 10:55 PM
G'd Evening Girls.... Hope everyone is staying warm, today is cold & windy

I'm happy to see everyone is back OP. Tomorrow is WI & I dread it. I had a cold, sleepy week & wasn't active at all & that means my food intake added weight because I didn't burn any cal's or fat off my body :(

Spunky, I'm proud of u for starting-over again. It shows that u honor your body & Luv your family & yourself enough to B a healthy YOU by 'not giving up on weight-loss' to have 'Better Health & b here for Them & enjoy your body size'.

Carri :hug: somehow u sensed I was upset about my dh, yes whenever he runs a temp or has unexplained pain, I worry. So he got labs yesterday because of 2 weeks of random temps. We're both Christians & read our Bible & pray daily, but I guess its me being a female, why I need everyone to b healthy & happy. I'll phone his oncologist Friday for results, maybe he just needs his drugs changed. TY for asking about him.

Susie :broc: is OP & staying strong. That's how to reach the finish line. Do u still write your tops newsletter? I run out of club info, but nobody else will write it. I'm shy & I feel & like a jerk telling +50 yrs how they should eat/do to b healthy, I'm a size medium size 10-12 not a tiny model size 5. I need some of your executive self-confidence. Or Carri's talent to make everyone laugh.

Yes, I loved the Voice-duets Tuesday night. I'll miss Christina next season when she leaves, she works great w the guys & I love her voice. Carri, I don't mind her curves, because celebrities buy clothes for attention. Cher & Madonna were the role models. Christina has a phenominal voice as Adam said, like Mariah & Celine's. I'm a Adam/Maroon 5, fan also :cool:

Girls, it would b so amazing if Fat was a Blessing & Good for us ;) Not being a precursor to disease or early death or being immobile.

Here's a Zonya recipe from her website, I told Carri about. I hope u like them, I do. :p Cocoa Lava Kisses = Makes 40 cookies.
These heavenly clouds of sweet chocolate work great to take care of a chocolate craving. Unbelievably, they’re fat-free! They are intensely sweet, which will make it easier to stop at 3, which is only 60 calories!
Nutrition information for 1 cookie = 20 calories/ fat:0 g./ sat.fat:0 g./ fiber:0 g./ protein:0 g./ chloresterol:0 mg./ sodium:12 mg./ carbs:5 g./ sugar:5 g.

Have a 'healthy, fun, snuggly weekend' :dust: DeeDee

10-11-2012, 12:10 PM
Good Morning everyone I Hope all is well with everybody I hope to be on here soon to personalize my thoughts to everyone. Im @ wk right now I cannot do it today.

Welllllll to put it mildly this week was a bust. I WILL start AGAIN on Sunday (new week) to get myself back on track. I've been almost perfect since July 6th I'm a little ashamed of myself BUT.... not gonna beat myself up that NEVER worked before I doubt it will work now.

(hugs) Satine & to everyone please do well today I WILL get it together soon . A promise to myself I will NOT go backwards.

10-11-2012, 05:50 PM
Hi ya Girls, just a quick check in – getting ready to leave work for the day…gonna run by the store and get a rotisserie chicken …I just need something easy…and I have some fresh asparagus at home so that will go great with it.

Dee – please let us know how dh’s tests come back, I will be praying for him.

Spunky – I have been having many weeks lately that are a bust …we all know how you feel …but I am trying to do well today and you will too !!

Hi Susie and Mel !!

Food for 10/10
Breakfast: 2 fresh eggs, 2 smoky links
Lunch: ½ ham sandwich and cottage cheese
Snack – fiber bar
Dinner – spaghetti with butter and parm
Snack – n/a

Have a great evening !!!

10-12-2012, 10:28 AM
Morning everyone …well I did it !!! I was actually OP 100% yesterday ….as you can see from my last few days menus I have only been about 70-75% OP and so I really feel like I accomplished something yesterday and it will make it easier to stay OP today…although the weekends are what always throws me so wish me luck on that…

Also today my brother is taking me out for a very belated birthday lunch and I am gonna try really hard to be good wherever we go.

Food 10/11/12
Breakfast – scrambled eggs with peppers and ham, cheese – just a serving
Lunch – ½ Turkey Club, Baked Cheetos
Snack – Fiber Bar
Dinner – rotisserie chicken breast, asparagus, and lean cuisine mac and cheese serving
Snack – blueberry greek yogurt

Hope you all have a wonderful “OP” weekend …me especially, haha

10-15-2012, 03:56 PM
Hello ladies -

Ok pity party / food fest / lost my mind OR whatever it was I was doing is OVER. I'm happy to be back on the wagon. Anybody need extra support ? I dont know why it helps ME to give support to others

10-15-2012, 06:43 PM
Yes, Spunky...I need BIG time support ...I cannot get myself back on the straight and narrow and it is KILLING me....I leave for FL in three weeks and I wanted to be about 20 lbs less than I am now, so that is not gonna happen and I am driving myself nuts about it ...


10-15-2012, 09:38 PM
I can SO relate I wanted to be 175 by Thanksgiving.... just take a deep breath DO NOT beat yourself up that never works & take one day at a time my dear. We didn't get this way overnight . WE WILL stay on plan 1 day @ a time WE can do this !

10-16-2012, 11:09 AM

I have not dropped off the face of the earth. I tried to post on Friday and couldn't get it sent (internet issues) and after it wouldn't go and I lost what I had typed, I just gave up.

I had a surprise gain at TOPS on Thursday night and I was (and still am!) highly upset about it. I did everyting right and still gained 1.25 lbs. It really put me in a mood :mad:

I didn't overeat but I thought about it. I'm in a better mind set now.

Soo Carri and Spunky I hear you on trying to get back OP. We can do this girls!

Dee, Auntie G how are you?

Mel: I saw on FB you were not feeling well..I hope you are feeling better. Also, saw that you posted you were at 70 lbs lost. Good for you!

Liz, Arabella: do you every pop in? If so, we would love to hear from you!

10-16-2012, 11:51 AM
Yes I am currently struggling quite a bit ...I told myself I was gonna do much better today and then came in to work and someone had made homemade coffee cake, I have had two large pieces...not feeling good about myself at all ...but I will try and not beat myself up about, try and do well the rest of the day...I just don't know what my issue is lately.

Thanks for the support Spunky and Susie !!!

10-16-2012, 02:03 PM
Hello Girls, I really think its the changing weather temps playing w our appetites & our energy levels :(

When I see the sunshine I get energized & the gloomy weather does the opposite to me & my body thinks hey I can eat high carbs & sweets & put on my winter clothes that hide my faults. Some tops friends admit they love cold weather & 1 of their reasons is that they can hide their cellulite whether they r a size 14 or a size 18 under their cozy winter clothes nobody will care, because nobody can see their stretch marks, lumpy fat bulges. There is a lot truthe to their confessions.

We need to post a daily Food Log here, it is inspiring. Get on our scales each morning & maybe each evening & see what's happening. Make a inspiration board of what u want to wear this winter, or next spring :wizard: We Can Reach our goals.....but We Must make a week long battle plan of 'yes' & 'no-no's' w daily food & daily activity :yes: Start subbing foods, like make your fav wrap w lettuce instead of a tortilla; instead of ice cream/use cool whip & drizzle some fudge topping on it, or make a banana split; u can shred cabbage & use it in place of noodles in lots of dishes. Anyways we Can feel satisfied & enjoy our foods by modifying cals/fats/carbs :p Fiber IS filling/good for us & salt makes us puffy & sluggish. My dh labs r ok, just the normal cold/flu everyone was dealing with.

Susie, your tops gain is probably water weight or muscle weight; when u know u r OP it's NOT You; its another cause. B happy & keep doing what u did when u had your big losses :carrot:

Carri, You can do this....I remember the big Losses u had this summer :cool: Sounds like its time to get together w your work-out friend again for support & restart your engine & make a 'new goal for your FL trip' start working daily for a 4 lb--10 lb loss :broc:

Spunky, your attitude is great :dancer: now we just Need our bodies to co-operate :smug: & write ourselves 'into our daily planners' ;)

Monday meals:
Breakfast: my fav cold cereal-Kellogg Fiber Plus/170 cal., 10g. fiber 3g. protein w skim milk.
Lunch: 2 lettuce wraps loaded w veggies & shred. mozz. cheese for protein; 3/20 cal cocoa lava kiss cookies; ice tea.
Supper: cabbage lasagna, no noodles; blueberry crisp; skim milk.

Have a good week girls. Tomorrow I'm getting a group membership swim pass w some tops friends, the only way I can afford to use the hotel pool. Swimming will solve 2 purposes, 1. stay active & have fun doing it & 2. to look firm because people will see my bare body, so now I won't b eating dumb foods the next 4 months.

~~ Think SLIM*~*Make a Plan to Be SLIM*~*DO my Plan Daily*~*Log my Weight Daily*~*Reach my Goal ~~:sunny:

10-16-2012, 06:20 PM
Thanks for the encouraging words Dee are right, we can all turn this around, I can have big losses again like I did this Summer ...just got to get my head back in the game

10-16-2012, 06:21 PM
Also so glad to hear that dh's labs came back okay.

10-17-2012, 11:23 AM
Morning Ladies....had another bad day yesterday food wise but am determined to make it better today...instead of going to McD's like I wanted and getting a sausage egg mcmuffin , I went to subway and got the egg white sandwich on the wheat muffin...half the calories of the other at least I am starting off making better decisions...:D

My goal for the next few days is too not count my calories but to make good food choices to get me back into the swing of things and then start counting cals again on my Lose It app steps...and then before you know it I will be on vacation and probably not making good food choices, haha...oh well, its just a week ...I never diet on vacation comes once a year to me and is supposed to be relaxing and do whatever I want...I work too hard thru the year for it to be otherwise. :)

Hope you ladies are all having a good day ...and here's to a good evening. :hat:

talk to you all later

10-17-2012, 06:56 PM
Hi Girls, today has been total crap for me. I was in a fab mood :smug: as I left home to do errands; the sun shined & temps in the low 70's :cool:
My 1st stop to pickup a RX that I normally pay my co-pay $8 generic, the drug co. nolonger makes a generic & nobody else does either & it's $60 now; I refuse to pay a weeks groceries for it, I'll phone my doc on that. I had a $25 coupon that a clerk said she had trouble reading the fine print/I read it to her w my glasses on & she still refused to give me my $25 credit after I had waited in line for over 15 minutes. I was so mad that I went to the stationary dept & got a magnifying glass to enlarge it for her & she told me to come back in the afternoon when a manager could enlarge it on a copy machine, omg Wal-Mart really sucks sometimes. Then I met my tops friends to get our quarterly group swim membership & the hotel raised the price $20more each person monthly; so screw that, I can't afford $60 extra to swim 2x a week. 4 girls did pay it & joined, I'll b a guest once a week on their guest pass & pay $10. With my clothing business I'm hurting for customers now. My 5 best paying clothing clients (2 retirees & 3 professionals needing career-wear/casual) moved from Michigan this year to: 2 Arizona, 2 Florida & 1 Nevada because of our economy. I got cards from 3 inviting me to come visit but that doesn't help my income, they paid me over $3,500 yrly income. So I'm watching all costs over $10 for 'need it' or 'want it' & doing comparison shopping, I always liked sales, but now I 'need' sale prices ;) Okay I vented before dh got home. He's w the guys tonight after work dinking around working on a buddies truck.

I did buy a Dr.Pepper @ Speedway on my way home & then got a ice tea & drank it. If we lived locally I would've tried talking u girls into skipping-out of work & coming over & sit in our hot-tub & drink Margarita's, Pina Colada or Mojito's & get hammered this afternoon, after the crap morning I had. I haven't had a Moscow Mule cocktail, has anyone here? It was on Oprah's favorites list when she her cbs tv show :cheers: Or we could go to a bar & try a Moscow Mule & call our dh for rides home from the bar :rofl: because Oprah wanted us to try her fav cocktail.

Carri, I'm so w you on eating @ Subway, u ate my fav sandwich except I get the steak/egg white w cheese muffin & occasionally splurge w the flatbread. I used to get the provolone cheese & checked the values, now instead when they r loading it w veggies I have them toss on mozz.cheese instead. White cheese is sooo much healthier :p Ummm I did a big boo-boo in my post to u >> start working daily for a 4 lb--10 lb loss << I meant start working to have a 4 lb--10 lb loss BEFORE your FL trip oops!

See you'all tomorrow, no more crappy errand days this week; I have cooking for several customers to get done tomorrow & Friday, then finish sewing jobs for fittings appt. on Monday/Tuesday.

Let's ALL follow Carri's Fantastic example & choose Yummy---Healthy foods like she did @ Subway today :cheer::broc: Making SMART Choices like she has ALLLL summer.

Susie, Spunky, Mel :hug:

10-17-2012, 10:06 PM
It seems we all are dealing with things, things we can't really change or control BUT we can control our reactions to them.

I loved Dee's suggestion: We need to post a daily Food Log here, it is inspiring. Get on our scales each morning & maybe each evening & see what's happening. Make a inspiration board of what u want to wear this winter, or next spring We Can Reach our goals.....but We Must make a week long battle plan of 'yes' & 'no-no's' w daily food & daily activity

I have been sick all day to my stomach again and I am running a low temp again. I'm going to the doctor in the morning to see what might be going on. I don't have time to be sick or feel like this..I have to much that I WANT to do as well as HAVE to do.

So, as soon as I am back to eating "normal" I will start doing Dee's suggestion,

Dee: I am sorry that you had such a losey day today. :hug: I had something similar happen at the pharmacy this week too. I just wanted to cry.

Instead I said a prayer..just poured my heart out about how I am trying so hard to keep our budget and then things like that happen....and I came home and found out that the exact amount of my Vectren bill for the month was less than the amount that I budget monthly for it and it was EXACTLY the amount of what I had to pay extra at the pharmacy!

I am glad to hear that your DH's lab tests showed nothing to serious.

I also love Dee's idea of all of us just hanging out and drinking those Moscow Mule cocktails!

Carri: I am so proud of you for hanging in there and fighting your way back to getting your head in the game.

Spunky: How are you doing?

10-18-2012, 10:17 PM
1st of all I LOVE THIS PLACE what a wonderful group of lady's.

I hope everyone is doing well . I think I have recoverd weight wise from my self imposed madness . It's really HARD @ wk I wk in a hospital with LOTS of stress eaters & people / family's show there appreciation with food, donuts, cakes, breads pies etc. We'll see in the morning how I've done i do get on my scale every morning I just record the number on FRIDAY.... my best to everyone (hugs)

Susie - I hope your tummy troubles go away.

Satine - are you hangin in there ? We can do this lady's !

Dee - stay strong I know it isn't easy when my job is either feast or famin. In the famin stage I keep my butt home & spend next to nothing. I've even agreed to wk a couple of nights (HATE THEM ) just so I can get the shift dif & bonus they are offering with it. HOPE I can stay awake (I'm an early bird)

Lee Anne / Spunky

10-19-2012, 12:24 PM
Up 2 lbs I'm thankful it wasn't 10 lbs that Amish cooking & bakery does me in everytime. I will move forward & not dwell on it or beat myself up. It was Yummy...I enjoyed it along with family & don't eat it everyday. I could never ever live near them...that would be a BAD thing.

how is everyone else ?

10-19-2012, 12:35 PM
I am glad it is Friday, but today is trying to give me fits. I am at a computer training that is outside my office and when I got here I was early and so I sat and listened to my radio for a bit (30 min) and my car battery is dead!

My brother lives close so he is going to come over and give me jump at lunch. I hope it solves the probleam. I am taking the car in tomorrow for a oil change and I will have them check the is almost 7 years old so it might be time for a new one. I hope that is all it is! This is the older car that we use to drive to work daily.

I didn't make it TOPS last night. I didn't get into work until 10 due to the doctor appt so I had a lot to catch up and I knew I would be out today.

I have a confirmed inner ear infection...most likely do to allergies are really kicked up. I have meds and am feeling better all around this morning.

I didn't weigh this morning...I will start that tomorrow doing it morning and night and see what my body is doing in response to what I eat that day.

Spunky: Happy to hear that you are back on track. It can be really hard to stay there when there is a lot of food at work.

Also happy to hear that you like our board...I find it amazing! We are glad that you are here!

Carri and Dee: How are you two doing?

10-20-2012, 07:40 AM
Hope your car troubles are over . I miss & loved TOPS there isn't one near me anymore.

10-21-2012, 08:23 AM
I am not a fan or crazy busy weekends and this one is that for sure!

I wasn't at home at all yesterday; I hada 8:30 a.m. hair appointment and a noon car maintence appointment at noon. I asked them to check the battery, which was 7 yrs wasn't holding about half the charge it should, so after a oil change, headlight replacement and battery I left $186 poorer!

My DH's cell phone gave up the ghost about 2 months ago and we weren't eligible to get a new one until October 18, so after the car appointment, we went to get a phone--that was about 2 hrs. DH wanted to see Frankinweenie (very strange movie!) so we did that, and then went out to dinner. All I could think was "ugh"...I wasn't home at all yesterday and today is church and a baby shower at 2. *Sigh* :p

I do have my first "what I want to wear next winter" when I have 60 lbs off this body...I want a pair of tall boots! They are everywhere and I can't wear them and I love the way they look on everyone.

How is everyone else?

10-22-2012, 02:28 PM
Hi Girls :smug: I was here Sunday afternoon & wrote a long post & my dh bumped my arm & my post was deleted :( Yesterday I talked about food/dieting, today I'm Not in that mood so I'm simply chatting to my friends :smug: here.

The weekend was beautiful, sunny 60*s days. I sold my 4 puppies Saturday, not seeing & hearing them in my kitchen gives me a empty feeling because I've nurtured them since pregnancy began. But we r fortuneate to have 3 adorable doggies that we Luv in our life/home. I look forward to a new litter in 2013 & I understand how Sundae & River feel w their little ones gone. They were all bought in 2 hour @ our local sports store where other dog breeders go to show & give advise to new puppy home shoppers; if we had 8puppies they would've gotten homes, I give a written 3 yr health guarantee w each of my puppies. Now I have $ to buy the new countertops in the kitchen I need. When my dh had his cancer return 4 yr ago, Sundae's 2 week old litter removed his depression & anxiety during his recovery, New birth :angel: is such a Treasure.

Lee Anne :smug: TY for your kind words, u r soo right about our economy 'feast or famine' we've been on a budget ever since I lost my $41,000 yr job 7 yr ago from taking so much time-off work w my dh cancer needs. Becoming self-employed was our best choice for me w dh's random sick days to b w him. We r blessed that dh's company he's been @ since 1985 values him/work performance enough to keep him & his insurance when he's had so many sick days. His company downsized 200 men during the last 3 years & they do not have a Union, so we live by prayer & hard work in this economy.

Susie, I'm so sorry about last week week when u were sick :val3: I know exactly how u felt, I went through the same this year like Carri has. TY for your compliments of my post ideas I wrote, sweetie u made me feel like I am valued here :hug: My dh is mechanical & does all our auto repairs/maintenance so was my ex-dh a GM employee, so I've never been to a repair shop; only the new car dealerships & buying new tires. Seth my son was a auto bodyshop painter & when we move someday I'm thinking about doing a 50's style color theme w Seth painting my fridge, etc. like Rachael Ray & some other celebs showed w their kitchens in magazines :smug:

I've done so many things & visited states, but I still haven't been to NY & seen a Broadway show or climbed the Statue of Liberty/Empire State Building :o Have any of u girls & what shows did u see? When I win the lottery ;) I'll take us all there & have a girls--weekend :cool: so we neeeed to get into great shape to walk-up all those stair-steps :workout:

Susie...U don't have to wait to get those new tall boots; unless your foot is a narrow size, just buy a size wide boot & maybe wear socks w them, the calf is Always Wider in a wide size boot, or just google a wide calf womens boot :smug:

Carri, if u r leaving this week, please b Safe :hug: I know'll have a great time & give Mickey & Donald a squeeze from me :grouphug:

We're having 4 days of low 70*s this week, what's up :dizzy: It's time to go now, a afternoon fitting appt will b here in 10 min. Bye, girls

Sunday's menu:
Breakfast: egg white/veggie omelet, coffee w a floating peppermint pattie.
Lunch: roasted veggies w gravy & 2 home-made buttermilk biscuits & lemon meringue pie.
Supper: I put some roasted veggies from lunch in a saucepan & used my stick blender & made a chunky soup. Plus 3 more biscuits & a slice of pie.
Snack: 1 glass of yummy sweet Moscata wine.

10-22-2012, 02:35 PM
Hello! It is a bit quiet everyone tired from the weekend? I ended up mopping my kitchen floor last night at 10:30 p.m! I just feel that is insane..but then what does that say about me!! :dizzy:

The baby shower I went to yesterday was interesting in the fact that her water broke about 40 min before it started so she went to the hospital! The baby is 4 weeks early and I haven't heard how it all went. She had been on bed rest for the past 6 weeks.

So, I did it....I weighed this morning...starting what Dee suggested we do for a bit....and my morning weight is 292.8. I'm not sure if I have ever told you my weight before....sort of scary to share it...but I know you all love me and I love you too!

In addition to the boots that I want to wear next year, I have thought of something I want to work that will happen before then. I have this CUTE top that I haven't worn in a long's a going out top---and on New Year's Eve we always go out to dinner...15 lbs would make the top look good with a pair of black dress pants and my fun silver that's it...that's what I'm working for. I also have something for the spring...a very cute skirt and top that is in lime green and white....I want to wear it for Easter. I wore it on my 40th birthday when I was at my lowest weight since I was 27 and that was at 239 lbs. So, Easter 2013, I plan on wearing that outfit.

If I can remember, I'm going to take pictures of these two things and post them here so you can all see.

I'm looking forward to reading all your posts later. Time for my lunch break to end (I actually took one today away from my desk--I just brought my lap top with me to this private room so I could post!

Have a great day.

10-22-2012, 05:29 PM
Lee Anne TY for your kind words, u r soo right about our economy 'feast or famine' we've been on a budget ever since I lost my $41,000 yr job 7 yr ago from taking so much time-off work w my dh cancer needs. Becoming self-employed was our best choice for me w dh's random sick days to b w him. We r blessed that dh's company he's been @ since 1985 values him/work performance enough to keep him & his insurance when he's had so many sick days. His company downsized 200 men during the last 3 years & they do not have a Union, so we live by prayer & hard work in this economy.

My husband had cancer as well it's all gone now it was of the prostate. He had the Da Vinci robotic surgery. I know how you feel a bit he also lost his job then too (scary time). If it wasnt for my Dad some un employment & my job we prob would have lost our home. So when work calls me if I'm able I feel compelled to go, I don't go everytime but most of the time. When we are low in census we get cancelled or floated to another unit IF the work is there. Good thing they kept him on for the ins & couldn't you get FMLA to be with him when he needed you ? SAD

Susie : That is VERY common for preg women to go into labor before the shower maybe they are excited & stressed. Hope all is well for theat family . Please do post the pics of the top you want to wear.

10-22-2012, 07:07 PM
Hey Susie :o we crossed w our posting today :smug:

About the tall boots, if u have some or find a style that u Luv & fits everywhere but maybe your leg/calf, a shoe cobbler/repair shop can add leather or a elastic band to make the boots fit comfortable. I've taken my fav or pricey shoes & boots sole replaced, etc.

Talking about the holiday, reminded me about the yearly formal dinner-dance @ his company's huge annual Christmas party, about 250 employees. 2 banquet hall floors, country band 2nd floor & rock band on 1st floor. After 17 yr w dh & 17 yrs of this being formal, I wish they'd change it to casual dress so I could wear slacks & a glam top like u Susie.

Lee Anne, I'm so sorry that your dh had cancer & about your struggles; but I'm happy his was curable & he's fine now :hug: My dh's cancer is rare & inoperable, his liver would resemble swiss cheese to remove the multiple tumors in it; taking oral Gleevic daily for the last 4 yrs has kept it from metabolizing & keeps my dh alive. My dh was in a head-on collision by a guy reaching for his coffee mug 3 yrs ago, our van was smashed & dh was only scratched-up from the broken glass pieces; so whenever God speaks we'll all go & join him :angel:

Life....Enjoy it without any Regrets that are in your Power to Change....B satisfyed or Fix It & B Shame....

It's Suppertime bye again, DeeDee

10-22-2012, 09:41 PM
WOW that's all I can say right now... bless your heart & your family :hug:

10-23-2012, 11:25 AM
Morning Girls, sorry I have been MIA …just not feeling it lately …my food is not good, and getting ready to go on vacation …have gained about 4-5lbs back and am just trying to maintain until vac is over …I plan on coming back and starting back in on my next 40lbs off ….so trying not to get down but look towards the future, haha …

The problem with my body is that someone else can go off plan for a few weeks and maybe gain 2-3 ….I go off plan for a few weeks and I gain 10 …and I don’t know why, I guess the insulin issues …but it's just crazy

Susie – GOOD FOR YOU for telling us your weight …it is what it is huh? And no none of us would EVER judge you or think anything about a number …you aren’t a number, you are a great person and friend.

Dee – nope not on vacation yet …but getting close !!

Spunkygal – so glad to hear that your dh is well now and he was able to get into remission…

Hope you all are doing better than me …I had a healthy breakfast but then someone brought in cookies and I went over and had two. Carri , Carri, Carri

Later gals.

10-23-2012, 03:34 PM
Satine : THAT'S the spirit & I will certainly join you full throttle !

10-24-2012, 12:17 PM
Good morning girls ….still hanging in there …did great all day yesterday and then went home starving and ate half a bag of sour cream and onion chips….I had waited too long to eat and just grabbed the first thing I saw, and dh wasn’t home to see me ( closet eater ) so I just sat and munched on chips till he got home…then I made a decent dinner and wasn’t that hungry for it due to all the chips, haha

Going to get my hair cut today and highlighted ….my real color is a darker blonde but I like it a little lighter so I just get some highlights…and I will probably cut 6 inches off or more…it's pretty long right now …but I always let it get really long then cut it off, then really long again and cut it off…so getting off work early for that, nice to have a shorter day…I just don’t like to sit there that long and smell the fumes, I get antsy …that would be why I don’t go that often

How are the rest of you doing?

Spunky – I didn’t realize you had copied my response and posted to it, I was reading it and thought this sounds familiar – we are having the same issues right now, haha …then I realized it was my words, lol …

Hi Susie, Dee, and Mel

Wow, are we having an Indian Summer or what ? It might get to 80 today !!! Been high 70’s for a couple of days….but then true to Indiana form we are gonna be in the 40’s and low 50’s for the weekend…no wonder I have sinus issues and headaches so much this time of year …back and forth, back and forth.

I got a challenge for my myself ( and would love for you girls to join ) called the Holiday Challenge …clever huh, took me a while to come up with that one lol …anyway EVERY year I start eating like a pig from Halloween candy on thru New Years Eve, and EVERY year I gain about 20lbs during that time…and EVERY year I say I am not gonna do it the next year but I do …and this year I DON’T WANT TO DO IT TO MYSELF !!!!!!! Obviously there are a few freebie days built in ( Thanksgiving, Christmas, etc ) …
So when I get back from vacation I start back in serious and stay on thru the holidays except for the actual holiday ( and probably Christmas Eve, my family’s Christmas ).
Who’s with me ????????????????????????

Have a great day everyone !!!!

Food 10/23/12
Breakfast: one slice toast, 2 smoky sausage links
Lunch: frozen meal ( bbq chicken and potatoes ), one pudding cup
Snack – greek yogurt
Dinner – half bag of sour cream and onion chips, some shredded beef and mac n cheese
Snack – more chips !

10-24-2012, 02:48 PM
I am here! I had such a hard time getting to the page yesterday. I usually try to take at least 15 min, eat something and come check up with your girls during my lunch time.

The posts a wonderful! I'm so excited to be with you all on this journey.

Dee: New counter tops!!!!!! How exciting! Thanks for the info on the wide calf boots...I will look into them but next year I won't have to! :D

Your DH's Holiday party sounds so nice. I used to work for a small company and we had a big formal party every year that I planned...and I always wore a fabulous dress!!!

Carri: You made me cry....happy tears....when you said I am more than a number and I am a great person and a friend. :hug:

Getting your hair done is going to make you feel so much better! and going on vacation will help you reset your mind and spirit.

I laughed when I read the chip story...I have had that story be mine way to many times!

I LOVE your challenge and want to get in on it. When do we start?

Spunky: Is your name LeeAnn? My friend delivered a very healthy 6 lb 4 oz baby boy. He is doing great for being 4 weeks early. Thank you for your kind thoughts for them.

Ok..forgot to weigh last night and this morning but yesterday morning the scale said 291.2

Back to work for me. I'll check in tomorrow.

Oh..we are going to a wedding in PA this weekend if I forget to tell you all. So, I'll be MIA on Friday-Monday.

10-24-2012, 07:58 PM
Yes & that's good news 4 wks early can go either way. Have a good time @ the wedding & a small bite of cake for me ...I LOVE CAKE !

Lee Anne

10-24-2012, 08:04 PM
Spunky – I didn’t realize you had copied my response and posted to it, I was reading it and thought this sounds familiar – we are having the same issues right now, haha …then I realized it was my words, lol

except for the actual holiday ( and probably Christmas Eve, my family’s Christmas ).
Who’s with me ????????????????????????


& YES ME.... ME..... ME..... I AM WITH YOU I need this soooo bad . I was an X-LG in a uniform & can now fit a LG but want a MD will not buy new ones till I feel decent in MD.

10-25-2012, 01:05 PM
Okay Ladies, so our Holiday Challenge starts Monday 11/12 ( I will be back from vac by then )…we will encourage each other and try and stay strong thru the holidays to not gain weight…I am excited that we are all on board !!!! As I said we will have a couple of days off but that won't hurt us if we stay strong all the other days !

I am sitting here typing this eating a handful of M&M’s….so I need this challenge …

Susie – aww, I am glad it made you happy …it’s all true. The hair turned out good, my neck hurts today after having to keep my head in one position for an hour and a half, haha …but I like it …I cut off about 6-7 inches and it really needed it…
Yes, the chip thing almost happened again last night since I came home from getting my hair done and I was ravenous …

I think I will come back from vac refreshed and ready to get off another 35-40lbs …I honestly have gained back about 5-6 so now I am back over 200…and it makes me sad but I am pushing on , my head is in a funk right now ….and also because I am on my TOM ….which is making me moody, crampy, and I have had a headache for three days now ….can’t wait till it is over this weekend !!!

Lee Anne – yay for our challenge !! I know we can do this !!!!

Hi Dee and Mel !!!

Even though I am doing bad I will still post my food because I think it helps me look at what I am eating and acknowledge the calories …

Food 10/24/12
Breakfast: one slice toast, 2 smoky links
Lunch: split fried rice entrée with my brother at Chinese place, one eggroll
Snack: nothing
Dinner: 3 slices pizza, handful of chips
Snack: 2 halloween mini twix bars

Have a good day ladies

10-25-2012, 07:28 PM
Hey There :smug:

Got back from tops late today, I was 143 lbs today, last week I was 144 lbs, then 142 lbs the week prior; I am a human Yo-Yo since Jan. 2012. Going from my original goal of 145 lbs to my new 141 lb goal I set last winter is irritating. Some girls @ my tops club tell me to just b happy w my 145 lb goal that I reached in 2007; until I can get to 141 lbs & maintain that 141#, for 8 weeks w/o gaining & then change it......It took me 1 year to loose that 28 pounds going from 173 lbs down to 145 lbs & I've kept it off almost 5 years;but in my tops club there r women that have lost over 50 lbs in a year, making me sometimes feel like a lazy elephant for fighting w these final 4 lbs I want to loose & b @ 141 lbs again. I'm a 36" DD cup & my doc said breast fat can b difficult to loose for some of us, well my belly-fat quickly disappeared & I have a flat tummy & a small booty, my hormones chose to save all my fat in my breasts :o Before I got fat I was a 36" C & 137 lbs 7 yrs ago, she was right...hormones r crazy. But I'm not ready to give up on my 141 lbs yet...not until March 2013 my b-day month.

I soo understand everyone wanting to hit their goals & b up & down especially since I won't diet & lost my pounds from: eating smarter/better food choices @ home & restaraunts, subbing ingredients like applesauce instead of fat & egg whites w 1 whole egg or eating only 1 serving size instead of 2.

Carri :carrot: Let's Do IT...I'm IN, I'm ready for weekly physical goal challenges...Soo your Holiday weekly Challenge will Make 'me' put 'Myself' on my day-planner 5 times a week to tone-up & build stronger muscles :smug: I eat chips too, but Susie reminded me last winter to time myself as she was doing w dessert. I'm doing that w my chip habit, set a timer & then put'em away.... Have a VERY safe vaca, we'll b happy to hear about it & when U get back, U can Give us our 1st weekly Challenge goal to do & then each of us can 'name the following weekly challenge goal to reach :carrot:

Susie, did U hire a new chef after yours left? How's she doing & your dh? Sounds like such a wonderful weekend, U really have lots of showers & weddings to go to, your always on the go somewhere every weekend :D (I'd eat the frosting & leave the cake :p) I choose my sweets cautiously, thinking about how much walking I'd have to do, to burn-off those cals/fat from a 1 minute bite.

Lee Anne, you have such a wonderful career being a nurse; U have the inside track on good health :hug:

on 10/22/2012 re: {I've done so many things & visited states, but I still haven't been to NY & seen a Broadway show or climbed the Statue of Liberty/Empire State Building Have any of u girls & what shows did u see? When I win the lottery I'll take us all there & have a girls--weekend so we neeeed to get into great shape to walk-up all those stair-steps } What's your answer girls :cool:

no Candy-Coating these Facts: I Do Understand I am a adult & I Am in Charge of What goes into My mouth, belly, ateries. I can B ignorant & eat bad...OR eat by using my Brain & care & Live verryyy Happy.... Success in Life is earned by educating ourselves & following through w what we know....Each of you have proven that w your 'daily careers'; so its just a matter of 'Flipping' our eating & activity Weakness's from being the classroom failures into being the New 'classroom Honor Students' @ our goal weights w all this Knowlege we have :carrot:

Life....Enjoy it without any Regrets that are in your Power to Change....B satisfyed...or...Fix It..&..B Shame....Because it's MY Choice & NOBODY else can Force me eat that candy bar or fried foods....Nobody is Hitting me forcing me to Eat: more than 1 serving of foods & fried foods & artery-clogging junk :o

MY Body ~ My Choice ~ My Health ~ My Happiness :smug: I Care

Take Care :hug: DeeDee

10-26-2012, 08:25 AM
Hey There :smug:

Lee Anne, you have such a wonderful career being a nurse; U have the inside track on good health :hug:

1st YEAH for your loss ! actually I'm a CNA (certified nurse asst) in the NICU but very good @ what I do if I say so myself. You would be amazed how many overweight people there are in the medical field (high stress) & people thank us with food allll the time. We are greatfull BUT there is always something yummy fattening in the breakroom.

Good Morning ladies I'm back down to 197 this week...I need to get a serious grip on things :dizzy:

10-26-2012, 12:47 PM
Morning All :smug:

Lee Anne :hug: :cheer3: on back down to 197 this week :congrat:
re: >> there is always something yummy fattening in the breakroom. I need to get a serious grip on things. <<
U CAN do It :smug: I know that simply means having an Emergency Snack ready in your breakroom for u/or in your pocket for those times; co-workers will probably follow your new healthy routine :smug:. Just plan it as if u were a diabetic or another disease/illness.

Being 'overweight' is not considered a disease; but 'obesity actually is'. So it would b nice if like the public would recognize the problems that obesity causes, but instead most of our society looks @ us like we r ignorant & lazy. Obesity affects our entire body system putting stress on everything & most people don't stop their 'stupid eating habits' or 'lack of a activity routine' until he/she is diagnosed w a critical illness/disease; so I applaud this website 3FC w its educational chapters & WW & other proven sites w registered dieticians like

I care :grouphug: about everyone that is Working to get a Healthier body :dust: Excuses r okay for Ill or legitimately handicapped people, but they even do chair-exercise to keep their precious hearts ticking. We can each cardio-walk 30 minutes daily, ya know we sleep for +5 hours for rest, so 30 minutes of cardio-walking after supper for our bod's is a cinch. Take your doggy/hubby/kitty for a 30 minute walk :running: I've said many times that Susie is inspiring w her 5K training, whether she does it once a week or more, she Luvs her body & life enough to work those legs & her heart/lungs :bravo:

:hug: to everyone. DeeDee

10-29-2012, 12:57 PM
I am home from our wedding weekend in PA! We had a good time and I did very well with my food and overeating. Also, took a walking tour of Philly and saw The Liberty Bell and Independance Hall.

At the wedding you KNOW I danced and danced and danced..and then my knee hurt me all day yesterday but we were in the car all day (well...9 hrs) and so I iced it off and on.

I took the day off from work and so did DH and we are getting things done at home, grocery shopping (I think we are making chili this week) and getting ready to go back to work tomorrow. Tomorrow is our trick or treat night and I need to carve my pumpkins today as well.

I had a small loss a .25 lbs at TOPS on Thursday.

Dee: Concerning you winning the lottery and taking us all to NY and we can climb the Empire State building...I am ready to train for it! I actually was thinking about making this a part of my exercise program in 2013 and start using the stair climber machine.

Maybe after we finish with Carri's Holiday challenge for us we can start a stair climbing challenge. I'm sure that we have access to stairs somewhere?

You asked about my chef. No I haven't hired anyone. I have just been dealing with it since she left. It's hard sometimes but I try and cook something on Sunday that can be a leftover on Monday or Tuesday and then eithier on Monday or Tuesday fixt something that can be left over on Wed.

I will most likely keep to this until she comes home in May 2013. It is hard to find someone that I trust coming in and out of my home. I so wish you lived close to me; I would hire you in a minute.

Carri: I can't remember when you are leaving for vacation..but when you go have fun!!!!! And thanks for coming up with our challenge that will start on November 12.

Spunky: :carrot: yea for you being back to on tight to that "grip" can do it!

I have a 5k on Saturday. It is to benefit Matthew 25 ministries. This will be a big race with a lot of people participating. I haven't really trained like I would for a upcoming race so my goal is to just do it under 1 hr.

My last 5k for this year will be Nov 22 (yep..Thanksgiving morning). It will be 1 yr that I started doing 5k's. After that one is done, I'm going to see make a appointment to see if I can figure out what is going on with my knee. I wll not consider surgery at this point but I want to get it looked at and see what sort of other course we can do to help it from hurting and swelling when I use it a lot.

In 2013 I want to do at least sic 5k's and I want to get started on the stair climbing traning/challenge. Also in Cincinnati every year in May there is a big race called The Flying Pig. They do all sorts of races during that event weekend which includes a full marathon. No way am I ready for that! BUT, I am thinking about doing the 10K race for that one. The only way I can do that is to be 40 lbs lighter by May 2013 and that only happens if I start now! "break" time is over..better get back to getting done what I need done.

10-29-2012, 05:16 PM
Afternoon Girls !!! I haven't left for vacation yet but when I do ( don't like to post those kind of things online, safety reasons ), I will still get on here and post off and on like normal ...I should have time.

YAY for our challenge starting 11/12 and yes Susie I would be up for a stairs challenge after our holiday challenge ...we need challenge after challenge to keep us always working.

Susie - glad you had fun at the wedding, I love to dance too ...but I usually make a fool of myself haha ...and a loss of ANY amt is better than my last two week gains be happy about it !!! :carrot: Good luck with the 5k, sounds fun...and the weather should be nice and cool for it.

Dee - you always have such great advice, and its not sugar coated which I like...I need that kick in the butt once in a again thanks...and a big congrats to you for keeping your weight off for 5 years !!! Don't be down about those last few pounds, you have done an amazing job ...maintaining is the hardest part, and look how long you have done it? :)

Spunky - great job on getting back down to 197 ...and now we move forward !!!

Not much going on here, waiting for hurricane Sandy's wind to get here ...even though we are in Indiana we have a wind advisory from 5pm till 8pm tomorrow for it ...the wind is crazy right now....just glad I am not in the thick of it on the east coast ...hope everyone stays safe. We have friends in VA that I am worried about.

I didn't sleep well last night, never do on Sunday nights...think its because I sleep in sunday mornings and then know I have to get up early on Monday, too much pressure, haha I am tired and ready to go home for the day !!!

Halloween is in two days ... boo !!!!! :badbat: Do you guys get a lot of trick or treaters in your area's? We actually always leave the house during it, go out to eat or something ...

See ya !!

10-29-2012, 05:53 PM
Hey Lady's,

Hurricane Sandy is here in Va lots of cold wind & heavy rain. We are about 150 mi north west of Va beach. It will pass & all will be fine .

For some reason I want to eat today not stressed.... the storm is no big deal to me . I think cause its cold & rainy I tried not to sleep too much today either. I'm a hibernater in the winter anyway, as long as I don't have to go out in the cold it can do whatever it wants. I do REFUSE to gain my weight back just because it's cold outside. I got a bright idea today I'm gonna try to lose this weight 25 lbs @ a time. I did the 1st 25 & have 3 more times to make it to my goal.

Not too many trick or treaters here they have a party @ the club house. I live in an older community so not really too many kids either. So what mind games do you have to do to make your eating plan work for you & not eat all the Halloween candy if you buy it ?

Stay safe warm & dry everyone :hug:

10-31-2012, 11:27 AM
Morning Ladies …………HAPPY HALLOWEEN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yes Dee, if we are home we get A LOT of trick or treaters …we have 800 homes in the 5 adjoining neighborhoods….but we never stay home for them…our dog just goes crazy every time the door bell gets rung or the door gets knocked on, so it becomes a real pain in the butt …by the end of the night he is in full blown anxiety over it …so just not worth it …plus we don’t have kids so doesn’t really do much for us …we normally go out to eat or go hang with friends for dinner ( like we are doing tonight ) until the trick or treating hours are over.

And since when does no one follow the “porch light is off so not trick or treating” rule ? Last year I tried to stay home and just left my porch light off and damned if they didn’t come up anyway like every five minutes …geez people, lol …

Leanne – glad to hear you are safe from Sandy, I watched the news and I can’t believe how much destruction and damage there was…poor people…

Have a good Halloween all !!!!!

10-31-2012, 01:40 PM
Today I made it to Onederland... after months of hard work... and it feels so good! I must keep this up, I never want to say 200 again! I don't think I can do this alone... hoping to find some support here and maybe make some new friends :)

10-31-2012, 02:18 PM
Hi Everyone. Happy Halloween! :spid::sklol::bat:

Our trick or treat was last night and the weather really had our numbers down. We usually have about 500 kids but last night had around 200. We had leftover candy and I sent it to work with DH.

I did very well with my candy this year. I ate 10 pieces of it since we bought the first bag Oct 6th (we have to buy a little 3 weeks in a row or it cost us a fortune to buy it all at one time).

WELCOME to cdcn and congratulations on making it to ONDERLAND. It's a far off place for me but these gals here are very kinds to let me visit them and see how beautiful ONDerland is! :) If you are looking for support and friendship this is a great group!

Dee: I am interested in this signed contract you have on the fridge. Would you mind sharing what it says?

Carri: Enjoy your dinner out tonight...and remember to enjoy the company more than the food! ;)

LeeAnn: I'm glad you were safe from the storm. I also like your plan for taking off the weight 25 lbs at a time. to get back to work. I tried to call the ortho and they were out for lunch. I have it on my calendar to try them again in a hour. I went down steps again yesterday and my knee hurts again..and is long as I don't go down steps I seem to be ok....but I need to start training for steps (at least we will be going up) in Jan so when Dee wins the lottery and takes us to NY I can climb to the top of the Empire State Building! ;)

Everyone stay on plan and keep behaving fit and trim!

10-31-2012, 02:25 PM
Thanks Susie for the warm welcome. With a great group like this, I am sure you will make it to Onederland!


10-31-2012, 03:34 PM
Hey Girls :wizard: I did a edit/re-post from this morning :dizzy: :comp: fixed a couple of sentences & added a few.

First I gotta say, :welcome2: to CAROL. :cheer: Even though we seem pretty silly here, we Actually do share lots of support & also some Good Ideas. We Care & we show it :smug:

Carri said>>Do you guys get a lot of trick or treaters in your area's?<< Only about 2 dozen & I like things that r enjoyed after Halloween night so I make a dozen hair-bow barrettes or hair scrunchies for 'girl' tricker-treaters & the 'boys' get rubber bugs, etc. :spid: Because houses r not close together living out of town in the country, only the parents that know us w kids stop @ our home.

Lee Anne said>>So what mind games do you have to do to make your eating plan work for you & not eat all the Halloween candy if you buy it ?<< I eat like a Diva, the celebs that eat only certain candy in their dressing room, so if dh buys m&m's I'll only eat 1 color & stop & I do the 1 serving size/portion control on Everything including candy always for 52 weeks a year.

I don't want to feel Guilty later & have to take Off that "same regained fat again & again & again".

I have a "No Excuses", No Returns Policy, typed, dated & signed by me on my fridge :cheer2: w a small monthly calendar & daily reward stickers :sunny: because I ate 'responsibly' all day & if I have time to work-out I get a bonus/star sticker & then I get 2 weekly wishes from my Wish-List jar :smug: Since Sunday I've gotten my 2 wishes drawn this week & they were: 'buy new cowboy boots for Christmas' & 'dh gets to vacuum my car for me this weekend' :o

With our extra Seasonal candy I have: donated candy bags to a food pantry or a soup kitchen. Frozen extra candy & decorated cakes & cookies for gifts, melted some for a fondue dip (google for fondue ideas) or taken candy to a potluck meal. My dh has a candy bowl on their break table.

I think Unless we r on a medical advised diet, & we adjust to eating 'Never more than 1 serving size of fats/sugar', & 'Portion Control, 1 small serving size instead of large, unless it's fiber' & 'substituting recipes w nutritional food ingredients', & 'eat only 1 serving size of silly non-nutrient foods on your free-day'; I think r 4 easy nutritional daily routines everyone can do to be @ a good weight & it's worked for me loosing my fat & keeping it off. I always have frozen veggies, a jar of applesauce or fruit to mash & use in recipes instead of oil or shortening, & other nutritional substitutes in my kitchen. I have a friend that I was given @ tops to b her coach for 1 month. In 2 hrs we resolved her biggest mistakes, she has lost weight every week :o since we got together & that was 2 months ago. So talk to some friends that have lost weight & kept it off & let them point-out some things they would change, it may really help you :smug: Having a Honest support buddy :goodscale will Help U get healthy & slimmer much easier & quicker, keeping us Accountable daily/weekly, by phone or text.

:joker::m::stir::queen::witch::bat::haphal: Time to start work now, I'll play Halloween tunes today w the 'Monster Mash' dance :bunny2: DeeDee

10-31-2012, 04:52 PM
Dee - I love your No Excuses Calendar. I might have to do that and post it on the fridge... it will help me be more accountable!

11-01-2012, 10:57 AM
Morning Ladies. Very cold here this morning. Hope everyone had a good Halloween.

Carol - congrats on making it to Onederland and welcome. Glad to have you aboard.

Dee - no we didn't have any trick or treaters as we were gone. Over at a friends house.

Susie - hello !!!
Mel - hello !!!

Have a good day girls !!!!!

11-01-2012, 02:52 PM
I had a nice long personlized post to everyone & got booted out GRRRRRRR!

I'm just popping in to say hello & stay strong everyone (hugs)

11-01-2012, 09:39 PM
Satine... I can't help but notice how our stats mirror each other... from start weight to current weight to goal weight! (

11-02-2012, 02:00 PM
Hello Ladies,

I am happy to report a .50 lbs loss. not big..but not a gain!

I am doing a 5k on Saturday morning----I hope you all with think of me and cheer me on! :cheer2::cheer::coach:

I'll pop back in this weekend....hope I have company here!

11-02-2012, 08:03 PM
GO Susie GO susie GOOO ! I use to be a runner & would love to do it again one day. I wish you a pain free & a smooth run stay focused & may your runners high come quick & stay long.

I'm not weighing this week giving myself permission not to. I left @ 0400 to help my daughter move & just had to focus on getting on the door & being on time. I will stay focused & not over do it this week.

Stay strong everyone !

11-03-2012, 09:38 PM
Hi Girls :smug:

I hope everyone is having a relaxing weekend & staying OP ;) A beautiful day today in MI :sunny: no winds blowing.

Lee Anne, u made me smile when I read about u loosing your post, I'm glad I'm not the only one that's happened to :dizzy: U r sooo Blessed to have a daughter to help w moving, I have 2 sons & a 28 yr daughter-inlaw but having a daughter of your very own is soo amazing :hug: I envy U.

Carol, I'd love to know how u lost 40 pounds :o That's a awesome achievement, so please share some of your ideas w us :smug: They worked for u & maybe....we can b your twins & loose like u have :cool:

Susie, I feel so silly about my voice message :o I drew a blank last night, I was pretty sleepy. I know u & your friend did Fabulous w your 5k today, Team Susie :cheer: I have a lot of faith in u & I Know U meet each of your challenges w determination, U r always a Winner :yay:

3 yrs ago I started my calendar to keep me Honest w my food & activities. My rewards r mostly 'small comforts/items, 'the cowboy boots r just 1 of 6 pricey items in my Wish/Reward jar. In my jar I also have '16 Giving Rewards' for senior citizens I give to them: *clean a home *cook a meal *help do their spring cleaning *sew them flannel pillow cases for the winter *sew fleece scarves w pockets *sew fleece lap-blankets w a top pocket to warm their hands & a bottom pocket for their feet, I let them choose their winter gift; when I was a Sunday school teacher I always taught my class to 'give to seniors' so we'd go in groups of 3 during the week & do acts of kindness [now people call it, paying it forward], so I had to include seniors in my Wish jar/my Rewards. This calendar is my favorite, making me happy to keep a healthy weight :angel:

I'm used to my 5 yrs maintaining 145 lbs. But sometimes I really want that 2nd serving of food, but I'd b mad @ myself :( afterwards for regaining fat back after eating it. So I needed to move-on to loose & I liked the sound of 141 lbs better than 145 lbs, so last fall I came here to 3FC to find help & I found wonderful friends that don't ridicule me for not wearing a size 6. I've been down to 141 lbs several times since coming here, but it doesn't last & I regain 2 or 3 lbs & I yo-yo between 141 to 144 pounds, staying barely below my tops/kops goal of 145 lbs :?: In my tops club we have 5 kops that r a size 6 & 3 other kops @ my size, but I still feel like the 'fat girl' [I wear a size 10] when I stand beside the size 6 girls. So I know how girls feel when we each want to 'look normal' together in a group.

When people look @ the puppies in my litters they always talk about my 'small, medium & bigger' puppies they see; 'I feel like I'm the medium puppy' that they r trying to decide about :o if they want to take me home my dh told me, I worry if the adorable bigger puppy isn't chosen until last :cry: I get tired of hearing, 'oh look @ the cute little puppy or is that cute puppy the 'runt' of the litter. I say the bigger puppy is as sweet & will give them as much Luv as they give to her/him. Girls I support everyone here :hug: @ 3FC & I Luv u each of U for supporting me, because even though I reached my 145 lbs goal I am still 'a work in progress' & we share all the same food/exercise-activity problems together. I Need each of U.

Okay, All of U r wondering WHY is Dee writting such a long post tonight.... Because my DH & his friend r being BRATs trying to make me eat w them, pecan pie w custard ice cream & I was waiting till they have their 2nd servings & finish-off the pecan pie.... Time to go have a big glass of chocolate milk now. Good-night Girls. Talk to U next week when I start logging my meals here again ;)

:grouphug: Carri, Mel, Debbie, Liz

11-03-2012, 10:19 PM
Guess who's really lazy when it comes to updates?! This girl right here! Sorry ladies its def not bc I wasn't thinking about you all. Hope you all are doing good, I'm bouncing between 173 to 169 :-) more in the lower than the upper. Hoping to keep staying strong and keep this weight off. Like I have said before I update on fb a lot more than on here so find me there. I get to chat with my Carri and Susie on there :-):hug:

11-04-2012, 08:11 AM
Good morning everyone! That extra hour of sleep was wonderful! I think all of us on here "fell back" today?

I am happy to report a offical time of 56.01.79 for my 5k walk. I have one more to do this year..the Turkey trot and I am going to train for it. I want my time to be under 55 minutes. After that I will still walk for cardio fitness but will be adding some time in the weight room and working on core strength as well.

I did get a appointment on November 12 to see the Ortho about my knee. I took some naproxen yesterday before I did the race and it didn't hurt at all all day. It's a bit stiff this morning. I will ice today. I only want to take the naproxen when really needed.

Dee: I was so excited when I got your voicemail!!! I actaully started laughing out loud when I heard it and jumping up and down. My DH was like...what is it?!! and I told him and he was just so amazed of the support that I get from this board.

I did get the call when we were out to dinner with some friends and my phone was in my purse so I didn't know you left it until we got home around 11 p.m. I didn't think you wanted a phone call back then. :D

In your post you talk about being the medium girl and the size 10and a medium....Dee.....that is who you are and it is amazing on you. I know you want to be 141 and you can do it...but maybe to get there you split the difference and focus on maintaining 143?

I'm looking forward to your menu posts.

Mel: So good to see you! You are doing so well with your weight loss and it's always good to see you when you are here.

Carri: What are you up to this weekend?

Spunky: I hope the move with your daughter goes well. What a lucky daughter she is to have her mamma help her get settled.

Cdn: I would also love to hear how you lost 40 lbs.

11-04-2012, 08:18 AM
[QUOTE=miniDoodles;4518104][COLOR="Purple"]Hi Girls :smug:

I hope everyone is having a relaxing weekend & staying OP ;) A beautiful day today in MI :sunny: no winds blowing.

Lee Anne, u made me smile when I read about u loosing your post, I'm glad I'm not the only one that's happened to :dizzy: U r sooo Blessed to have a daughter to help w moving, I have 2 sons & a 28 yr daughter-inlaw but having a daughter of your very own is soo amazing :hug: I envy U. [QUOTE]

Thanks no need to be envious about my daughter ( we have had our ups & downs) the move went well . I'm not as springy bouncy backy as I use to be I'm envious you are in beautiful Michigan... I miss the midwest guess I'm homesick today. :^:

Girls please tell me why when i get lower in weight I want to snack the most . I could just live on appetizers & snacks. I was doing so good I just want to eat like "normal people" & not give what I put in my mouth a 2nd thought. Not trying to make this" The Lee Anne Show" but does anybody else do this ? I want to lose the weight but I guess I'm feeling lazy. I get like that in the winter I want to stay inside & eat comfort foods. I wish there were a TOPS group nearer to me... I think in the winter I need it .....Thanks for reading this so far :hug:

GO SUSIE I'm proud of you !

STAY STRONG ! (i need my own advice today)

11-05-2012, 04:15 PM
Hi Everyone, I'm on my break & checking e-mail & I had to stop bye, to say 'hi' to our team here. Mondays :carrot: r so wonderful, a fresh start to the week to b better than we were during the weekend.

Mel :hug: u r doing so phenomenal w your weight goal, I am veryyy happy for u. I am probably the only person in America that hasn't joined FB, so I'm happy whenever u drop bye :smug:

Lee Anne said: [Girls please tell me why when i get lower in weight I want to snack the most. I could just live on appetizers & snacks. I was doing so good I just want to eat like "normal people" & not give what I put in my mouth a 2nd thought. Not trying to make this" The Lee Anne Show" but does anybody else do this ? I want to lose the weight but I guess I'm feeling lazy. I get like that in the winter I want to stay inside & eat comfort foods. I wish there were a TOPS group nearer to me... I think in the winter I need it]

Here r my thoughts to all of here :hug: please don't ever think u r alone on what u just said, cause it Does happen to each of us.

Our tops club has a coaches program for the kops to help members succeed losing weight, we r w a member for 1 month & then each kop draws a new person. I'm w my 3rd person now after having 2 successful people lose weight weekly. My current person was a 2nd shift worker & weighs over 200 lbs. She swims weekly @ a hotel pool w other tops girls, her knees r feeling healthy again cause water is healing & she can now walk w/o pain for several miles :running: She's on her 4th week of losing -3 lbs. weekly now :chef: since we 'fixed her bad snacking' problem: I suggested she UpGrade her snacks & enjoy eating 1 serving size per every snack time always including a protein. Ex: fruit has lots of sugar that turns into fat, so when u eat fruit check the carbs/cals & eat like a Diva/Cleopatra w a Beautiful small bowl w low cal/low carb fruit & do the same w a veggie plate & b a chef & prep a 2-days serving size in separate containers w a protein to eat w the fruit or veggies or divide the fruit/veggies having 1/2 serving of each w their protein to have more Yummy~Slimming~Healthy snacks staying in her daily budget plan to look forwards to eating w/o guilt. Think of Eating & Drinking healthy as another way of 'Going Green, naturally for your nutritional needs' instead of the stores labeled foods w chemical preservatives & additives from ready-made foods. Like make your own onion rings & oil a baking sheet instead of deep-frying & your 'hair/skin/nails & inside body parts' will *sparkle*

In the cold months make Easy comfort meals/snacks, veggie soups: tomato juice that I jazz-up w chili powder or chopped veggies & top off w 1 T. mozzarella cheese (protein) in a mug or do that w frozen veggies & use chicken broth or 1/2 can of creamed mushroom, etc top w a low-fat cheese or slice of chopped hard salami/pepperoni. I subst. a lettuce leaf for the tortilla in my veggie/cheese chicken wraps. If u need chips eat them w cottage cheese instead of dip & buy the single serving chip bags. Try baking your own veggie chips, google a recipe. Lowfat dairy & peanut butter & nuts eating on veggie sticks, r quick energy boosts w/o the guilt. Substitute the fats in all your recipes, we get unhealthy fat from so many sources so we don't need to add more yucky fat when we can substitute fruit & beans, avocados, etc. when I cook/bake (nobody knows they r eating cake, brownies, cookies w/o fat because they r still yummy :p) Try eating 4 meatless meal nights every week & see how u feel..... Sorry for talking so much.

Susie :cool: I'm glad u got my call & it made u smile. My dh always sets our phone on 'do not disturb' setting/voice messages @ 9:30pm in case we r busy :o I'm hoping your knee is back to normal for u today; RICE ~rest/ice/compression/elevation~ Thanks for the kind words about me not looking like a chub @ tops when I stand next to the Little kops @ tops. I just don't have a petite/small bone frame, I'll always b average....

Question for this week for each of us to answer: What 2 body parts would u like to b different :?:

:df: I'd like 'cute :cool: perfect' feet & wear a size 7 shoe, instead of my size 8 feet & my low arches & my big toe being pinched in pointy shoes. To have 'thicker eyebrows that r brown', instead of my thin, blonde brows....

Hi, Carri, Carol, Debbie :drinkup:

11-05-2012, 09:36 PM
I came to post that I will be MIA most of the week. My Director has arrived from the UK and I have been told that I will be with her in all day meetings on Wed and Thursday at our downtown offices.

I'm trying to see if I can get a hotel for those days/nights as it is a 1 hr commute distance wise for me both ways and those meetings are early and late!

I don't expect I will have much computer time so it may be quiet from me until the weekend when I can catch up.

If I can, I'll pop in.

I do want to take a minute to answer Dee's body parts question (it made me laugh to think about it!). I wish my boobs were up where they used to be! and I would like to have darker eyelashes and eyebrows..mine a white (my mom was blonde and dad a red-head and I have red hair but white eyelashes and eyebrows.) I have them dyed when I have my hair dyed but they fade and by 4 weeks...I have to use lots of mascarra and eyebrow pencil.

11-05-2012, 11:51 PM
Dee.. I lost the 40 pounds doing Jenny Craig and going to Zumba three days a week. I don't know where I am finding the willpower to stick with it this time... I have been on and off so many different diets over the years. I think I like JC because I don't have to think about what I am making for dinner and having to control the ingredients and portions. Everything is done for me. Should be interesting to see what happens when I reach goal and start working other foods into the plan.

11-06-2012, 01:46 PM
Hi Ladies, I would like to join you on your trip to Onederland! I have visited there twice since I had my first daughter in 2004 but I really need to get back!

Its been a rough road staying on track but I know I really have to, when I get to heavy I can feel my heart beat harder sometime, I've gotta stick around for my girls and my honey. and me too right?:D

I weighed in yesterday at 218.5 , i lost a few pounds since I started again on the 1st of this month. (I wrote another post and it was longer but I lost it somehow. )

Talk to you all soon :) Oh and if I had two body parts I'd change, it would be my legs, and my belly i've got a bit of a hanging thing from having 3 girls. :( hopefully I can somehow lose enough weight that it goes away:^:

Your posts here are wonderful and you all seem very sweet. I can't wait to get to know all of you!
I read a few posts at the end, and I'm excited to make some new friends who are in the same boat!:hug::hug::hug:

11-07-2012, 08:08 PM
my belly to be gone & may she RIP I have my Mom's crazy eyebrow (yes eyebrow) the other one is OK

Welcome other newbies I'm kinda sorta new here too.

11-08-2012, 11:15 AM
Good morning my Ladies !!! Guess who is back from vacay ????? :carrot:

We had a great time in FL and now it is back to reality, haha ...and back to work today, ughhhhh ...

I have missed so much I can't do personal replys but glad to see the board was still going strong while I was gone ...

getting ready for our Nov 12th challenge start date !!!!

Welcome to the newbies, I think I saw one :)

Write more later.

11-08-2012, 05:17 PM
Welcome back Carri & YES I'm so ready & need to get back on track 100% (till Thanksgiving anyway) LOL.

I KNOW I'm the naughty one don't mind me I'll behave myself till then. I hope you had a fabulous time :)

11-08-2012, 05:35 PM
Hey Girls,

cheeriloos :welcome2: We're Happy to have U join this board. Feel @ home to say anything on your mind, we get-it what most of us r going through w our weight & health & our looks. Friends & family, especially men/kids, just don't undrstand our Body Challenges like we do @ 3FC. U r under 40 yrs so your metabolism is awesome for losing & maintaining your weight goal & your skin can shrink back, ask your doc or dermatologist what U can do to help reverse things U don't like, maybe your new muscles will fix your bod as U get slimmer & stronger. Good Luck & we're here for U :broc:

Susie, I wish so much that I was w U to go out while U r staying in the city & catch a movie or dinner, etc doing 'girls night out'. Stay safe & enjoy your working vaca this week. Your career is filled w so many perks :cool: I just got home from swimming w my tops friends & tops meeting; ok I confess I had a loss & was 141 pounds today, but as for hitting my goal I will not get excited because staying there will Not last through the weekend. My son Seth has his b-day tomorrow & I'm making his favs: peanut buttercup cheesecake & blueberry turnovers & black & white cookies, to go stay w his family for the weekend. Plus Kylee is selling her Girl Scout cookies, so it will b a sugary weekend. I'll b back up to 143 lbs next week :^:

Hi Carol, TY for sharing your weightloss w us. It's great that JC is working soo well for U & the Zumba :trampo: I hope that U reach your goal during the time-frame U have set. We're HERE whenever U need our support :hug:

Lee Anne :rofl: TY for making me laugh w your reply to my question, I think U made me lose 20 calories. U r not a newbie anymore ;) after being here for weeks putting up w us. I hope U have a warm & dry weekend & r back on OP, & not struggling anymore w your cravings for appetizers & snacks :hug:

Carri :woo: I'm so happy that U made it back home from Florida, safe & sound. Spill-it & share your exciting vaca news, remember I'm not on FB to see your pics/hear your news. Okay w my weekend away I'm looking forward to starting our New challenge on Monday, it's your challenge so tell us your rules: the no-no list & yes-yes list & when it ends :write: I'm looking forward to hearing about your vaca & food & Susie's working vaca staying in the city this week.

:wave: Later, Dee

ps: I was eating my allowable 1 serving size of pickled bologna last night & my doggie took a bite of it from my hand, made a sour face & swallowed it. Hmm I wonder what she was thinking....

11-08-2012, 10:17 PM
Hey Girls,

ok I confess I had a loss & was 141 pounds today, but as for hitting my goal I will not get excited =

:hug: THEN I WILL DO IT FOR YOU ! :hug: :carrot:

Lee Anne :rofl: TY for making me laugh w your reply to my question, I think U made me lose 20 calories. U r not a newbie anymore ;) after being here for weeks putting up w us. I hope U have a warm & dry weekend & r back on OP, & not struggling anymore w your cravings for appetizers & snacks :hug:

:wave: Later, Dee

I'm afraid not my dear I have been the worst. & need a swift kick in the pants to whomever wants to join in. I have been TERRIBLE about staying OP I don't know whats wrong with me. Well I sorta do BUT I need to get passed it :^:

:hug: EVERYONE !

11-09-2012, 08:21 AM
Hanging my head in SHAME this morning I'm 201 :(

Lesson of the day : You CANNOT behave foolishly & think the scale won't go up :o

I need to put my big girl panties on & deal with it !

11-09-2012, 11:56 AM
Leanne - PLEASE don't feel bad about that 201 ...I am no longer at 198 myself and am afraid to get on the scales and see what it really is ...but I am really looking forward to starting our challenge and getting my butt back in gear.

Dee - we did have a great time, I haven't posted any pics to fb, dh has them all, and we didn't take a whole lot of them ...the best day of the week was my day at Disney's Magic Kingdom....we were there from the time they opened till they closed and we had a GREAT time !!! but I was so exhausted by the end of it ...always great to be in FL on vacation but even better to be home :) I'm a homebody at heart plus I missed my doggie.

Hi Mel !!!! Glad to see you popped in :hug: That weight is AWESOME !!! You should be so proud.

********Rules for Challenge starting Monday ************ - there aren't many, I think our main goal should be to stay OP on ALL days except Thanksgiving and then go again until Christmas Eve...that is how I am doing anyway ...if we do this we can stave off the gaining of the usual 10-20 during the holidays....starts Monday 11/12 and runs thru 11/22 for the first section ...this will be our warm up because that is only 10 we can do that !!!!! Next section will be harder...from 11/23-12/23 ....30 days....WE CAN DO THIS !!!!

Hi Susie !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Have a great day girls !!!!!

11-09-2012, 04:14 PM
********Rules for Challenge starting Monday ************ - there aren't many, I think our main goal should be to stay OP on ALL days except Thanksgiving and then go again until Christmas Eve...that is how I am doing anyway ...if we do this we can stave off the gaining of the usual 10-20 during the holidays....starts Monday 11/12 and runs thru 11/22 for the first section ...this will be our warm up because that is only 10 we can do that !!!!! Next section will be harder...from 11/23-12/23 ....30 days....WE CAN DO THIS !!!!

YES WE CAN ! :carrot: ( I sound like a Bob the Builder cartoon love that show )

& Thanks for being so forgiving about me not being 197 anymore :hug: This is a hard time of year (not whining) There is something in those ~!@# breakroom's (4 of them) EVERYDAY ! :dizzy:

11-09-2012, 05:25 PM
I totally understand Leanne ...I worked so hard to get under 200 and then totally got back up over recently I feel like crud myself ...

11-09-2012, 05:47 PM
:hug: I don't understand why I do this time & time again I don't know if I get over confident or what.
I get right under 200 & go back up like I'm done or something ....weird.

Good Luck everyone :) if anyone has the answer to what I just posted PLEASE chime in.

11-09-2012, 09:54 PM
DEE- you are FABULOUS Thanks :hug: My no no was not planning for my meals & not being in charge of my snack. I've already packed my lunch for work in the morning.

I have to really sit & remember why I started this is the 1st place & how I felt I haven't forgotten. Has anyone shared there "all right enough is enough moment" on here. If so point me in the direction so i can read them. If not maybe we should share what made us decide to start this in the 1st place. Thanks ladies you are all wonderful :D

11-09-2012, 10:03 PM
I went to do a spelling-edit & I just reposted instead & I read the note from LeeAnne. Thank You because we ALL r in this Together!!!

Girls :hug:
I feel sad hearing that U both r going through 'regaining' after working soo hard; but if you've regained just 5 lbs or less than that, U r still doing fine & maybe it's only sodium retention, it's minor; it's the same that I yo-yo with 1-3 lbs every week @ my tops weigh-ins. THAT's why I 'have to limit myself to' PORTION control w 1 Serving per meal & snack-time; otherwise I'd regain more than my 3 lbs & I couldn't maintain that 145 lb goal I've been @ for the last 5 years.

Carri: [ I worked so hard to get under 200 and then totally got back up over recently I feel like crud myself ...]

LeeAnne: [I don't understand why I do this time & time again I don't know if I get over confident or what....I get right under 200 & go back up like I'm done or something ....weird.
Good Luck everyone if anyone has the answer to what I just posted PLEASE chime in.]

We r Females & We R Successful :dust: We r NOT quitters, when we Use a Plan We WIN :yay:

When we fall....we get Back Up.....Saturday...IS a New BEGINNING so Enjoy a rebirth & a NEW Start and make a PLAN & DO-It....:dancer:

When I baked for Seth today, I used a teaspoon to check the batter & put it in the sink. When we buy the Girl Scout cookies I won't deny myslf, but I'll just eat :yes: 1 cookie from each box & my dh gets the rest.

Stay strong & ask yourself IF being Lighter, Slimmer, Stronger, Healthier, IS Important to YOU.....If the answer is Yes.....Go For It now :woohoo: because you know 'what to eat' & how to 'measure 1 serving size'....Now GO make yourselves a Beautiful body :cheer:

11-12-2012, 08:33 AM
********Rules for Challenge starting Monday ************ - there aren't many, I think our main goal should be to stay OP on ALL days except Thanksgiving and then go again until Christmas Eve...that is how I am doing anyway ...if we do this we can stave off the gaining of the usual 10-20 during the holidays....starts Monday 11/12 and runs thru 11/22 for the first section ...this will be our warm up because that is only 10 we can do that !!!!! Next section will be harder...from 11/23-12/23 ....30 days....WE CAN DO THIS !!!!

OK I'm here & I'm ready we start today we can do this ! :hug:

11-12-2012, 11:07 AM
Hi everyone! Thank you all for the warm welcome , I was a little saddened that I gained 2 pounds and went up to 219 friday, I did get lazy and eat out a few times last week, I thought i was maintaining portion sizes but I was off program. I'm starting again today, Hard core..I hope to be back to 217 by thursday, I lost a whole week! grr, I'm running out time , i'm getting married in January and I really thought I'd be doing better by now. I'm gonna get under 200 before the wedding I know it!
I hope it anyway! :) I'm thankful for this group ! I would have replied sooner I subscribed to this thread but some reason my email didnt show there were any replies so i though noone wrote anything, boy was I wrong! I'll just check back daily. As of yesterda i'm at 218, wish me luck I hope I can stay OP today at my daughters thanksgiving dinner Lunch at school today, I'll be there at 11 I'm gonna bring my own food! I hope noone notices . I know my kids will , and thats another thing my girls are 8 and 6 and 2 the oldest wanna weigh in when i do and I hope i'm not setting a bad example for their body image, they are both thin but they see me say no i cant eat that I'm trying to lose weight , I should say something else like trying to eat healthy! I told them a big reason i'm eating healthy is that I have a heart issue and I notice it a lot more when I'm heavier which is true , when i was around 246 I could not lay in bed with out feeling my heart pounding , that is gone now except for once in a while I have some sort of arrythmia I found out about it around 6 years ago. Now I better hurry up and lose this weight before I end up worse off. Any tips on how you handle your weight loss lifestyle in front of your children I think I need a lesson on that.

11-12-2012, 11:21 AM
Morning Girls !!!! Today we start on our challenge and I am ready !!!!!!

For me, I know I can't make huge changes and feel good, because I just get frustrated and quit I am gonna go with what Dee said and use this week to just focus on portion control ...and everyone else should work on that too ( if you don't already have a handle on it, haha ).

I am feeling pretty heavy lately, like I can feel that I have put on about 6-10lbs or more ....and lets face it I haven't really been trying or caring for a good month or more now so I am probably up that much ...I carry most of my weight in my belly so when I gain its very noticable ... I am the poster child for the spare tire ...:D

Leanne - I feel ya ...I know how frustrated you are ...because you and I are really in the same place....under 200, over 200 ...back and forth ....we just need to really dig in and go for it !!!!:hug:

Cheer - I had that heart thing when I was way up too ...I am pretty aware of my heart, but that mainly has to do with some anxiety issues I was having...meds have really helped me in that area ...but when I am heavier I really notice it...speaking of children and eating well with them have you seen those new lightly breaded chicken nuggets by Perdue Simply Smart in freezer section? I am gonna try some tonight and see how they are...but might be something both u and your kids can have and agree on

Hi Dee and Susie, and Mel - hope you all had a good weekend...


11-12-2012, 11:52 AM
Ok ! I had a good breakfast and lunch! Now I just gotta nurse my water and I'll be good until around 1 when i drink my protein water , it keeps me from getting too hungry! i will check back when I get back from the thanksgiving feast, I ate just now before i"m leaving so I don't eat there and mess up I'm ALL IN on this Challenge! I won't mess up even one day! I gotta keep a promise to myself at some point this should be my time to finally do it! Satine my kids love chicken nuggets that would be a great idea! Good Luck Ladies, be strong!

11-12-2012, 11:55 AM
Hello Eveyone. It is good to be back with you. I survived last week. I ended up working almost 70 hrs in one week.

It was nice to stay downtown and walk to work ( and we had beautiful weather here that week). Also nice to not have to clean the bathroom, make my bed. I think I could live in a hotel! lol DH came down and stayed with me a couple of nights.

I'm like Carri. I like to go away but I like to be at home to and I miss my cat when I'm gone.

I'm taking a 1/2 vacation day today to get in some medical/ dental appointments that I had to cancel last week. I had a great check-up at the dentist. I just came from the Ortho about my knee. He could see one bone spur on my knee but it doesn't look that bad. I am going to have a MRI to see what is going on with the minicus (sp?) and then we will go from there. He said all in all, my knee looks to be in pretty good shape. Of course, he said loosing some weight would help.

I think that is my ah-ha moment is that..when I go to the doctor or for a test I don't like that they blame it or a lot of what is going on with my weight, but truthfully it is. For someone my weight, I am in pretty good shape and can still be agile and flexible and things but I know that they extra weight as I age is going to be a big it's time to get at this!

And today starts our challenge. 10 days ladies...we are detoxing and dreaming and counting and moving....we can do it. Once we get through that detox it will feel better. And I have that 5k on Thanksgiving day!!

I'm so happy to be here with all of you!

WELCOME to Cheeriloss.

11-12-2012, 03:12 PM
@ susie, thank you! :)
@ everyone- I got back from my daughters thanksgiving dinner, it looked pretty good esp the pie but I made it, my mouth was watering literally! I remembered what I said here before I left and I wanted to keep my word, I did! I'm so proud! Small victory but pretty big , I know me and I would have eaten mine, and my babies food plus any leftovers the other two girls had, instead I brought it home for my honey he loves thanksgiving food and I didnt even look at it on the way home. Yay for me . I'm drinking my water and staying on it. Every couple of hours or so I get this feeling of wanting to go hangout in the fridge and munch I'll get better i'm sure , but staying at home with my daughter instead of working is a diet challenge that is for sure!

Hoping you're all staying on Plan and enjoyin your day, will be back soon when I need another pick me up. (It gets lonely here at home while my baby is napping)
talk to you all soon.

11-12-2012, 03:42 PM
Happppyyyy Monday Girls :smug: The weekend was 'warm & sunny' here. But it feels like a storm is brewing today, a cloudy sky, temps r falling & the winds r strong-blowing leaves, etc like a 'Winnie the Pooh' wintery day :^:

I'm OP for our 'new Challenge' :carrot:
I was good all weekend OP & on Saturday I took to my sons b-day weekend; a bbq shredded pork loin in a slow-cooker for everyone to graze-on while we played games & cards all evening & I ate my 1 serving on a 'dinner roll' instead of a bun & 1 heaping serving of Greek pasta salad that the kids Luv as much as the adults they requested I bring. Sunday Miranda cooked & I ate 1 taste of Seth's b-day cake & instead I used my portion of fat calories @ dinner for a thumb-size each of sour cream-bacon-cheddar cheese to fill my baked potato which was delish & a thumb-size of shredded mozzy cheese on the 'Italian Everything Seasoning bread' that WalMart bakes daily, Miranda baked ham & I passed on that, cause I got my protein from my cheeses & my fiber from the veggies & fruit salads. I did Not feel deprived at all from not eating the ham, butter, b-day cake or pop; my body & spirit & were happy w my 1 servings I chose.

I'm soo happy that everyone is on Carri's Challenge today :broc:
Hi :wave: LeeAnne, Carol & Susie

Cheeri :congrat: on your up-coming Wedding :cheer2:
About your daughters Thanksgiving dinner Lunch at school today; Wow I support U 100% on bringing your own food :cheer3: About your girls copying U, I saw changes when Miranda was trying to wear her size 7 again & she was embarrassed & had borrowed my size 10's after the baby was born 2 yrs ago. The kids started learning about healthy bodies from mom's example. She ate lots of yogurt, etc & salads & exercised 10-15 minutes after every meal & it took her less than 6 months to b into her clothes & have healthy tight muscles again, she was 27 yr.
Then @ 7 yr & 5 yr old, they did copy mommy's eating style & that's okay because kids know what tastes good to them & their physical limitations of rest-time & pain. The wonderful thing is that they have made exercise & strength training a part of their after dinner, home routine also. Kylee now 9 yr & Preston now 7 yr did 20 reps after we ate dinner on Sat. & Sunday of push-ups & lifting mommy's 5 lb hand-weights effortlessly & running 10 laps outdoors around the house; then they told me it was Grammy's turn; everyone laughed as I did my turn during the push-ups after being tired from running outside doing the laps w the kids. :workout: See my point, your girls will not have a bad self-image as long as U keep doing as U r currently doing w explaining the 'good health concepts' to them that U do & what is appropriate selections for their age. :dancer: U are a wonderful mommy. :hug:

:happ3: :drinkup: :thanks2: Dee

11-12-2012, 04:12 PM
Hello to all you wonderful ladies :)

Afternoon check in & MAJOR confession. I knew we were gonna start this today so I ate (at work) like I weighed 90lbs yesterday (last supper again). I feel good about this day like I did when I 1st started back on July 6th (determined) .

Cheeri : my 2 cents good eating habits ARE a plus BUT ... I wouldn't weigh in front of your daughters esp if they are small (in weight) I passed on the scale OCD to my daughter (she's 31yo) sorry I did this .

I would weigh before they get up in the am.

Where is your most vunerable place we all know mine is work ...spill it.

11-12-2012, 08:40 PM
@ Spunk- You're right, I'll avoid the scale in front of them, my most vulnerable place/time, HOME at dinner with my family i need the bread by night time.
@ Dee Thanks so much thats sweet and a good Idea about including the girls in my workouts n stuff

11-12-2012, 09:36 PM
day 1 SUCCESS ! I'm going to bed now before I blow it :)

j/k... hope you all had a great day I work the next 3 days :dizzy:

11-13-2012, 11:17 AM
Morning Ladies - great to see so many posts on here ...the thread is alive again :carrot:

How did everyone do on the challenge? I did pretty good although not perfect, it's a work in progress and today will be better Susie said it is a detox for ten days...then one day off and back on ....

Susie - 70 hours in one week? Woof !!! Girl you work so hard ....and I hear ya on the knee's thing ...I don't have any troubles yet but I often worry about what I am doing now by carrying all this weight, that is gonna effect me in my later years...we need to do this NOW !

Dee - I love to make pulled pork bbq...and GOOD for you for having such control with your go !! :)

Leanne - definitely WORK is my worst place ...I get bored and home I can always find something to do...

Cheer - great job on not giving in at the thanksgiving lunch...I have had many mouth water situations like that myself, haha, and it is hard...good job.

DAY 2....go !!!! :jig:

11-13-2012, 01:10 PM
@ carrie- I find it the hardest in the evening! I get like starving and give in to high carb foods.. Last night i had like 2 bites of stuffing and some mashed potatoes, i'm sure it wasnt enough to mess up my diet cuz it was just picking really but i felt kind of disapointed after, oh well today is a new day and I think I figured out why I was so weak..I didnt get enough protein in I only had half the protein that I should have! Today is a new day.

@ Spunk , thats how I felt too, I wanted to hurry and get in bed so i could forget about the snacks calling me!

11-13-2012, 04:31 PM
Hey ladies day 2 so far so good .

It's easy for me to go to bed early & watch TV I'm an empty nester. I may not go to sleep but when I hit the bed I cannot eat anymore (silly mind games). I try NOT to eat past 6pm.

Best wishes to everyone STAY STRONG ! be in charge of the food /snack not the food/snack in charge of you :)

Lee Anne

11-13-2012, 04:47 PM
Hey Girls :smug: Day #2 of being OP :cool:

My "weakest time--place to eat" for me: 'my silly-bad no-no foods' is when I'm shopping---running errands in the car..... There seems to b a Giant-Magnet pulling me into a Pop fountain w Dr. Pepper, etc. calling my name :o Or a 'Fast food' drive-thru because I always have lots of places to go & I drive & eat to save on time & I eat badly. But @ Wendy's I actually go inside when I'm alone & enjoy a bowl of 'hot chili' & I feel good about myself or @ Subway eating a healthy breakfast sandwich.

Today I had a ice tea, Arby's jr. sandwich & big York peppermint pattie for lunch running errands. I know the hi-fat candy bars by name :dizzy: The big York has only 1.5 g sat. fat & 140 cals & 10 mg sodium :carrot: the others r like +240 cals up w +5 g sat.fat & +150 mg sodium & a few yrs ago in Prevention Magazine a proven study said that peppermint decreases our appetites when eaten, in tea or smelled as candle scents, etc. (cinnamon, berries & vanilla scents make people Hungry :frypan:) Yup I have many peppermint candles I burn during the winter to help me walk-away from lots of hi-carb foods & instead I'll drink 'hot teas, like peppermint, etc' when I get cravings after supper & I want a snack or a 'hot mug of tomato juice, spiced w chili powder, etc.' to Fill-up my night-time cravings & several other 'quckie' healthy snacks. [Chewing gum doesn't stop my appetite, it makes me hungry for that flavor of food]

FYI ;) By accident a new cracker box jumped into my cart today, I saw it eaten by a actor on a tv show Modern Family recently, so I was curious. Pepperidge Farm Jingos: 1 serv: 130 cal. (23 crackers 1" size), 0 sat.fat, 220 sodium, w 2 g protein not for crackers & they r delish :p I ate the Lime w Sweet Chili for my snack. W 6.5 servings per container, they will b 1 of my daily snacks this week. They had another flavor I'll try next week.

See you'all tomorrow for day #3 :happ3::turkey: Dee Dee

11-14-2012, 08:52 AM
Hey ladies hope everyone is doing good on the 10 day challenge! I'm still at 170 yet I feel like I should be losing :-( My diet has been pretty OP bc I haven't had an appetite lately. I don't know if you hit a certain weight and your body says "That's as low as you're ever going to be". I know this is the lowest I have been since I was in my young teenage years but is it possible to get lower? 168 is the top of the "normal" BMI so I feel like I should weigh less. My body is built big so I know I will never be really thin. Ok I'm rambling so if anyone has opinions pls let me know :-) Love you ladies!

11-14-2012, 11:23 AM
Morning Ladies ...last night was interesting....major caffiene wdl headache...finally gave in and dh ran and got me a pepsi and within 10-15 mins my headache was gone...guess I should've known I can't just drop everything cold turkey and feel okay...I only had one serving last night so maybe I will do that all this week and sort of wean off I guess. That's what these 10 days are for me anyway, a sort of weaning off the bad stuff little by little so my body isnt shocked and mad at me !!! :lol:

So I had a so so day yesterday, it's one day at a time for me, I can't do all or nothing or I just get to hard on myself and depressed. work in progress :dancer:

Mel - Aren't you pretty tall? 170 might be a good weight for you...every picture I see of you on fb you just look thin and beautiful ...but if your personal goal is the 160's then I want to see you get there !!!! :hug:

Dee - I am a sucker for a Dr Pepper too ...fountain or not I know exactly where you are coming from. Even when I am being strict and totally OP I still will save calories for one once in a while...DP is the best. :love:
I have heard that about peppermint, I may have to try that. :)

Lee Anne - I also can go to bed whenever, me and dh don't have now that it is cold and dark early we tend to go up early and watch tv in bed until we get tired...its nice and cozy ...I try not to eat after 8:00 ...I don't think I could do it any earlier due to my meds ( diabetes )...but I hear the earlier you can cut it off the better.

Cheer - what is your real first name? or did I miss that? Anyway yes I am a carb hound too, and I know I never get enough protein...I really need to start working on that cause I feel so much better when I get more of it. Plus carbs are the enemy....Just kidding .... :lol:

Hi Susie !!!!! Hope you are having a good morning....

Well back to work they are bringing in Noodles and Co for lunch for us...I am going to get more salad than pasta but still have some.

Talk to you all later :wave:

11-14-2012, 11:24 AM
I need to get the courage up soon to weigh myself and update my tracker with the truth, lol !!!

11-14-2012, 02:46 PM
Hey Girls... Day #3

After posting I'm eating lunch, which my dh had for supper last night (goulash, I'm having a carb craving & the pasta shells will fix it :p ) Last night I passed on eating & just jazzed-up chicken broth to knock-out my headcold. If I hadn't been routinely eating 'just 1 serving size per meal' of each food for several years; I'd b on a carb binge today.....Nutritionists say Healthy changes Become routines after 5 weeks & its worked for my last 5 years & it made me feel sooo Happy :smug: when I read that Carri is trying Portion control by eating 1 serving size of her foods.... Dr. Oz ;) would b smiling @ her & giving her a hug for her measuring her 1 serving portions.

Mel :snail: w your cooking for your kids & your sweetie I'm sure we share similar tasting/eating probs. :( I keep yo-yoing between 141 lbs my goal, & weighing 142 lbs--144 lbs weekly (stupid sodium/carbs) since joining Oct. 2011, I hit my goal 5 times & stay @ 141 lbs for just 1 or 2 weeks & then I gain 1 lb--3 lbs :^: So I really don't know what my goal should b, Susie suggested I do a compromise @ 143 lbs; from my 145 lbs I've maintained 5 yrs now, but 8 yr ago I was 136 lbs & my metabolism now just doesn't burn-up cals/fat/carbs the same being in my 50's. My lifestyle w cooking for customers really Impacts my WI on Thursdays @ tops because I taste for quality control & I know that affects me. I agree w Carri about maybe U could change your goal to 169 lb or 171 lb & b content maintaing that weight @ least through the winter without gains & see how that works. At least that will allow U to toss marshmallows into your 'hot cocoa & eat cozy winter foods' without feeling pressured to b skinny. Just B Happy :sunny: about How Healthy U r feeling after losing :cheer2: more than 60 lbs. I just liked the look of the #141 so I chose it last fall, but now I'm rethinking after Susie said #143 is also amazing. Anyways that's my thoughts for U, 171 lbs & 169 lbs look like good # for your height & a healthy & a strong toned body, & muscle does weigh more than fat :lifter:

Hey everyone, I hope U all r having a happy week :grouphug: I gotta go now.

11-14-2012, 07:33 PM
I need to get the courage up soon to weigh myself and update my tracker with the truth, lol !!!

For me the sooner the better just to get a handle on things before it get's worse (shock factor). Although this is just my 2 cents & could be worth nothing . YOU will do it when YOU are ready :hug:

Not perfect today but still didn't go over board. I weighed this am & it was 199 BUT I don't record till Friday. I hope everyone is doing good we can only take 1 day @ a time ladies that's all we can expect of ourselves.

Smooches...... Lee Anne

11-14-2012, 08:33 PM
Hi Everyone. While I'm not working crazy hours this week I am now trying to catch up on things at home.

I haven't made it to the Y this week...and that's not good. I'll try for next week. I'm just tired.

I'm doing ok with the challenge and staying on plan but I have had some little slips--which is a soda every day. I have to stop those or it becomes a downhill slide for me.

I see that everyone is talking about where it is hard for them to keep eating undercontrol. I agree with the breakroom work area--especially as it is "getting to be that time of year". I think my hardest time and when I fall off the wagon is when I get home from work. I just feel like I NEED something and I know it is a comfort thing.

Carri: Update that tracker when YOU feel doesn't matter to are still Carri and we still support you.

Dee: I see for you that running errands is a hard time...I've been there too. Because I'm a closet eater and if no one sees me eat it, then it doesn't count!

Mel: So nice to see you...and you look great!

Spunky and Cheerio: I have gone to bed before to avoid eating anymore. It's not a bad deal...and extra sleep is always good right? to go have some dinner, get the kitchen cleaned up and watch a little TV.

Stay strong everyone. I'm getting stronger every day...especially when I come here and read the posts.

I am having the MRI on my knee tomorrow and I have a follow-up apt on Nov 28...I'll keep you all informed. What I want to know is what I can and can't do with it and build my workouts around it and how can I strengthen it....I know how to take some pressure off of it.....take off some weight!

11-14-2012, 11:58 PM
Carri- I'm 5ft 9in but being at the very high limit on the BMI bothers me...even though it shouldn't :-/ It's time to update your ticker, there's no shame in it going up some- you've seen me do it many times. I'm always here to chat (you know I always check me fb messages). I know you can rock this challenge!

Dee-thanks for the support!!Since starting this journey on June 1,2010 (wow it doesn't seem that long ago!) I've been up and down and tried to maintain. I've learned to stay away from dairy and don't eat fast food or most junk foods. It's easier for me bc I have stomach issues and I feel horrible if I eat those things (a very weird blessing in disguise I guess). Good luck on the challenge but I'm right there with you trying to maintain/maybe lose a few more pounds.

Susie- you are so sweet! Good luck with your MRI tmw!

Hope you lovely ladies have a great night and Thursday!

11-15-2012, 11:18 AM
Morning Ladies, yesterday was again pretty good, not horrible, but not perfect...I like Susie am having a soda a day just to stave off the caffiene wdl headaches for a while ....but may go completely off this weekend...

Mel - thanks, I know you will always be there....fb, text, or here :hug: And yes if its going to bug you, then you should work for less weight've come this far, gonna finish it :)

Susie - you and me and our sodas !!! Help us Lord !!! LOL ...good luck with the MRI

Lee Anne - you are right, I need to just get on there and deal with the number and move on !!!!

Dee - watching my portions is probably the only thing keeping me at bay right now with more weight gain, haha

So since Monday I have had three people at work come to me and say ( at different times ) how thin I am looking and two have said "boy you are just slimming down to nothing huh" ....I have been quite taken a back by these compliments since I have gained about 6-8 lbs in the past month or more...
I am not sure what they are seeing...I have thanked them and went on....but its just odd that I never get compliments and then boom out of nowhere three in three days, when I have gained !! Oh well I'll take it I guess

Have a good day everyone !!!!

11-16-2012, 08:28 AM
:hug: good morning everyone.

11-16-2012, 09:20 AM
:dizzy: Morning newsss alert :o

Good Morning America has just announced that the Hostess Co. has gone out of business today :( I'll sadly MISS my 'creme filled banana flips' I grew up with. If U have a fav, twinkies, filled cupcakes, etc buy ASAP & put them in your freezer :?:

I'll b back later when I have time to post.


11-16-2012, 11:13 AM
Dee - yeah I read that earlier ...I was so sad because one, I LOVE Twinkies...and two, I haven't even got to try the chocolate ones yet...I may go out at lunch and buy some up.

OMG, my Ding Dongs !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is a nightmare..............haha


11-16-2012, 11:32 AM
:dizzy: Morning newsss alert :o

Good Morning America has just announced that the Hostess Co. has gone out of business today :( I'll sadly MISS my 'creme filled banana flips' I grew up with. If U have a fav, twinkies, filled cupcakes, etc buy ASAP & put them in your freezer :?:

I'll b back later when I have time to post.



Carri - the choc filled teinkies aren't that great ...just my 2 cents :^:

11-16-2012, 12:31 PM
Hey guys good morning!! I am down to 214!! I can't stay on this site long my computer has been crashing when i come on here, weird i know! I hope you are all doing well! I will keep u posted! I'll try to get some walking in today and tomrrow do some weights!

I'm a sucker for the swiss rolls yum! Sunday we'll be having our thanksgiving dinner and i'll give myself that one free meal that day,(sunday cuz my two oldest go to their dads for thanksgiving day) I'm excited for my free meal. (the one where I eat like a normal person.) :)

11-16-2012, 11:42 PM
Day #5 Wow :dizzy: the Hostess cake co. made the 6:30pm big news on tv tonight :o it seems everyone is gonna miss their fav cakes :p

Cherri, Congrats on your 214# :carrot: On my free-day I like to treat myself to some pricey fruits I Luv & not share them, mine-mine allll mine ;) Have a Awesome Sunday....With your Mommy's day-off :cool: TY for reminding me to lift my hand weights this weekend & I'll take my doggies for a walk w me. I'm taking 3 flavors of cheesecake to Thanksgiving dinner, but I'm making 1 w fat-free cream cheese so us girls can enjoy dessert like everybody else will.

I loved reading everyones 'fav' Hostess cakes posted :cookie: I looked for my creme-filled banana flip cakes & I couldn't find any today OR my coconut covered-creme filled chocolate snowball cakes :cry::cry:

Carri, I wanted to try the chocolate creme Twinkies we dare Trust LeeAnne's 2 cent opinion on Such a Critical tasting matter :?: maybe she ate a Dill-pickle just before eating her chocolate Twinkie :rofl: Have U tried drinking coffee or tea for your Pop-caffeine withdrawls, my dh Has to drink 2 cups coffee or hot tea when he gets up for work @ 5:00am & @ 8am on weekends or he gets your pounding headaches & feels jittery from his caffeine addiction :(

Well girls @ least we still have yummy frozen Pepperidge Farm cakes for that fresh tasty, quick sugar fix :yay: Key Lime cake, yumm... Plus peanut-butter :m: & :m: :yes:

Hey the pic of me & dh is 3 yrs ago w my winter hair-color, it's called copper & is pretty. I'm debating on going copper again for this winter, then I won't need a touch-up again for 3-4 months....The room was filled w Christmas lights so my hair looks light-brown here (we both look bad in this pic from the crazy lights, but at least our eyes r open) the copper is flattering on all skin-tones; especially in the winter when nobody wants to look pale/sick. I don't want my strawberry blonde hair during the winter U saw on me @ the lake....Maybe get 2 colors of highlights but that's pricey to keep looking fresh?? .... So many decisions that guys just don't have to think about...They just take a shower & change their clothes, such a simple life for men...

So does anybody else 'change' their hair-color or hair-style during the winter months :coolsnow:

Blessings to Everyone & Have a Wonderful weekend....:thanks2::happ3:

ps: my snack times today: salsa verde & fat-free sour cream w low-salt tortilla chips. 1 serving size measured @ 3 snack times :cool:

11-17-2012, 12:09 PM
MADE IT!!! MADE IT!!!! After almost one YEAR, I am down to 199!!!! HAPPY DAY!!

11-17-2012, 10:08 PM
Carri, I wanted to try the chocolate creme Twinkies we dare Trust LeeAnne's 2 cent opinion on Such a Critical tasting matter :?: maybe she ate a Dill-pickle just before eating her chocolate Twinkie :rofl:

Hey the pic of me & dh is 3 yrs ago w my winter hair-color, it's called copper & is pretty. I'm debating on going copper again for this winter, men...

So does anybody else 'change' their hair-color or hair-style during the winter months :coolsnow:

1st of all - you look really pretty in that pic :)

2nd of all - try the awful awful chocolate filled Twinkies (wink) yourself BUT don't say I didn't warn you my motto "if it aint broke don't fix it" :D

3rd of all - I was NOT a good girl today I went to Amish country to my fav YUMMY place which is CLOSING another devastating blow ! & ate like I weighed 90 lbs it was my treat day :D

back on the wagon in th morning :hug with my hair I do go a little longer in the winter same color md brown .


11-18-2012, 08:03 PM
Hi Everyone,

I am going to do this quick--I have not been "on plan" because I haven't been planning! I just feel so overwhelmed with everything and I'm not sure why.

I won't give up though..I'll work through it.

The MRI was pretty easy but I can tell you that if I had to go in further than my chest I would have to have a open one...I started to freak out with my arms so close to my sides. I go November 27 or 28...I have it written down to get the results.

This Thursday, (Thanksgiving) is my last 5k for this year. I have loved doing them and will try to do at least 6 next year. I haven't trained much for this one but that is ok...I just want to get out and move.

I'm going to look to join some a new class or two at the Y so I can do something different.

Dee: I LOVED seeing your picture! After I heard you on my voice mail, I pictured you very close to that picture. And can I say that your DH is very handsome!

As for hair color...I am a natural red-head so copper has always been my color. I help it out these days since I'm 47. :D In the summer I put more blond highlights in it since the sun can fade red so much.

Carri: I haven't had a soda since get through that "headache", I took some of the Excedrin migraine helped. I really feel "mean" when I drink soda...and it flares up my IC.

Cheerilos: How was your early Thanksgiving dinner?

Spunky: :wave:

Nicolejoy: Congrats on your arrival to ONEderland.

Mel: I hate to hear about all the trouble with your tummy but like you said, it's a blessing in diguise.

I'll see you all tomorrow.

11-18-2012, 09:48 PM
:welcome2: nicolejoy so nice to have U here with us & :congrat: on your Loss.

Hi LeeAnne :hug: U know that I just Luv U to pieces & I can count on U to make me smile. I enjoy your 2 cent-opinions that U share :yes: How much were they before our economy tanked.... I'd say @ least .89 cents :lucky: Sooo keep being Honest w us w your 2 cent opinions :thanks: Good luck w getting back OP again, I Know U can do it :cheer2: I wish I was with U when U were eating w the Amish, they r my neighbors here & they sure have a sweet tooth & r good bakers.

Hi Susie :smug: I'm sorry you're feeling stressed-out right now :hug: but U know how to handle it :running: Hmm U forgot seeing my pic I posted of me last summer w my 2 little ones @ the lake, I guess I'm not memorable. TY for the nice words about dh. I'm 1/2 Irish & my aunts/uncles were red-heads & blondes. My real hair is strawberry blonde w auburn highlights, I just need a change now & then, I tried being a brunette & I looked terrible & dh had a fit & the salon put it back to strawberry blonde 4 days later. Is your 5k on Thanksgiving a 'Turkey Trot' for charity for a food bank? Okay Susie spill, what is your fav Hostess treat :p

FYI girls, On the news last night a reporter said he is hoping that Little Debbie or some other bakery co. will buy the Hostess recipes & start producing them ;) I reallly want my creme-filled banana flips :p & my coconut chocolate creme-filled snowballs.... I can bake a replica of all the cakes but it's a 'treat to buy' them off the shelf whenever I see them....Eating them made me happy :dizzy: funny how childhood habits can comfort us....

:thanks2::happ3: Blessings to You & your Families :grouphug:

11-19-2012, 09:11 AM
Carri- My real Name is Victoria;).

Susie- My Dinner went well, We cooked the turkey from its frozen state and it came out very juicy and tender. I of course overate by a lot. It was good :D We took pics of the turkey and the family it was fun and now its over, back to my main focus of weight loss , (Thank God). I am really anxious to lose weight and I'm feeling discouraged about the standstill on my weight loss this past week, I did not lose one single pound and I was on a RFL thing:?:, I am hoping I have a big whoosh this week (please God)

Dee: Omg you're almost to your goal! are you super excited? I can't imagine how I will feel when I'm all the way down there.

Everyone: Hi!:dancer: Keep up the good work you're an inspiration to me ! and Happy Thanksgiving,:thanks1: we did a new thing this year, each person had five items (we used seashells, with each one you said one thing you were thankful for then placed it in a cup and passed it around. Very nice, we will do this each year. I got the idea from a magazine, What are your favorite Thanksgiving Traditions?:turkey:

Update: Saturday our family went to take our Christmas Pics:tree::tree:, we had a blast I wish I was thinner lol , oh well We get to see them on Friday yay!! I know they'll be cute our photographer is awesome. On the way there my car's A/C started smoking:(:dunno:! like electric wires or something, not the engine, on the way home it was fine now i'm confused..

I'm on my way to get dressed and weigh in:goodscale then me and the girls will have breakfast and go for a walk.

Talk to you all soon , and I'll be back with my update later today. I hope you all have a good day. Thanks so much for being here. It helps a lot to have you all to talk to about this stuff.:grouphug:

11-19-2012, 11:23 AM
Morning Girls, had a good weekend , well not so much food wise, off and on I guess...dh is home sick from work today so that has me down, I hate sickness in the house...especially from a man ...haha :D He is at home eating all the soup we have, I guess it's some kind of flu know I will probably get it on Thanksgiving Day ....I better not !!!!! :(

Victoria - I love that idea about the family wouldn't go for it , but I would love to do it ...glad to hear you guys had a good time. Don't worry about the pics and you being thinner, they will be a nice reminder next year at this time of how far you have come !!! :hug:

Dee - I love that pic ...I do remember the pic you used to have I did already know what you looked like ( shame on Susie, lol ) :) I also heard that someone might buy the recipes and keep making them ...and that would be great cannot get them anywhere around here, shelves are wiped clean...people got crazy !!!

Susie - good job on the soda !!! I am not quite there yet, but want to be.
Hope the mri results come out well dh has had a couple for his back where he had to be all the way in ( and he is a very broad shouldered guy so he was smooshed ) and he freaked way out the first time...the second time they had to give him valium to get him in there...haha looks terrible.

Hi Mel !! HOpe you had a good weekend!!

Lee Anne - oh the amish have such good food and treats ....I'm jealous !!!

Have a good day girls !!!!


11-19-2012, 08:14 PM
Hi. Feeling a little better today--not so overwhelmed. I am such a control freak and when I don't have everything...physical or otherwise, in it's place I get a little crazy! :dizzy:

I got on the scales tonight just to see where I was and they said 289.4. I will take it because at TOPS on Thursday I was at 292. I was surprised to be up on Thursday because I felt like I had lost, so maybe it was water weight. My goal right now is New Year's Eve at 279.

Dee: Forgive me for forgetting about that picture. Now that you mention it, I do remember it! I will admit that I don't have the best memory. I think it is because I have to keep so many work things stored in my head so that my Associate Director and Director are always on track.

I leave a lot of personal reminders for me to remember my own stuff!

I would have to say my favorite Hostess treat would be the Ho-Ho's when they came wrapped in the foil. I'm old school! I swear they tasted better then.

I'm really a Little Debbie girl now. I love the white cakes that they have. The good thing about that is that I can control those. Just one a day and I'm good! ;)

Victoria: What a lovely Thanksgiving tradition. How did the weigh-in go and how was that walk?

Carri: Sorry to hear that DH is not feeling well. Mine was sick on Saturday. His was a stomach thing...and I told him he better not share it with me!

Fingers crossed you don't get it. :goodluck:

Spunky: Still on the wagon? Let's be sure it's not a Amish wagon! :D

Ok..time to eat dinner. We are having a crockpot meal tonight. It is chicken breast and red potatoes, carrots and celery. It calls for Italian dressing in the receipie and it all tastes so good when it comes out. I put in some tofu for me (since I don't eat the chicken) and I make a side of corn-bread stuffing.

See you all tomorrow.

11-20-2012, 12:11 AM
Hey ladies hope everyone had a great weekend! I went and got allergy tested today and it sucked!! The back pricks were fine but the injections in the arms hurt a lot. I'm allergic to cats, dust mites, cockroaches (weird huh), mold spores, grass pollen and weed pollen. Going to try some new meds an hope for some relief. Sorry this post is short but I'm about to go to bed and wanted to check in. Hope you all have a great thanksgiving if I don't check in before then!!

11-20-2012, 11:41 AM
Morning Ladies …so I was a little upset this morning, I tried on a pair of jeans that I can only wear at 205 or below and they wouldn’t fit….so yada yada yada…I’m fat ….lol !!! Well it's really not funny but ya gotta have a sense of humor about it at some point …

After Thanksgiving is over I am gonna go more serious and try to lose about 10 between then and Christmas …think I am gonna try Chris Powel’s carb cycling…I keep saying I am gonna do it and I never do …but that is a short enough period to give it a trial run …

Mel – I have very allergic to dust mites myself …that is how I get out of cleaning quite a bit …my allergies drive me nuts pretty much all Winter for some reason. Sorry to hear that it hurt so bad …but glad it’s over and you know what is going on now…

Dee – every time I see that pic now I think you look like Loretta Lynn did back in her younger days…we went and saw her in concert a few years back at this very small place in Nashville, IN ( which has since burned to the ground ), and it was awesome…glad I got to see her before she stopped doing shows.

Susie – I hear ya on the brain overload, I always tell my boss that…you keep pushing more and more in and some has got to leave to make more room…haha…hey it only makes sense…great job on being in the 280’s !!! Dh is still sick, didn’t go to work again today…I steered clear of him last night , got him some soup, he was in bed mostly …I REALLY hope I don’t get it, he seems pretty miserable …glad your dh is feeling better.

Hi Lee Anne and Victoria !!!

Have a great day girls !!!

11-20-2012, 01:57 PM
Hello Everyone.

I will be going to the Y tonight to meet my walking partner and might not get to post again, so I thought I would do it now.

The plan is to walk for 1.5 hours and see how far we get. We just want to get our bodies ready for Thursday's 5k. We figure if we do 1.5 hr tonight, then rest tomorrow..on Thursday our bodies will think we are going to go 1.5 hrs and so it won't start slowing down when we get to about 40 min...and almost at the end of the 5k.

Mel: I have had allergy testing done before and I remember the injection part well. I'm glad it is over for you now. I use a prescribed nose spray daily and it helps with my allegeries (sp?) year round. Sometimes in the fall I have to take some oral meds too.

I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving with all your special guys!

Carri: Get those jeans out of the closet and hang them up where you can see them everyday...and try them on weekly. You will be back in them soon!

You mentioned Loretta Lynn--I just love her! She is such a lady! I have never heard her sing live. How lucky were you that you did!

Lee Ann & Victoria: How are you doing?

Dee: I just noticed that your picture changed! :)

Ladies....we can do this...just take it one day at a time!

11-20-2012, 02:52 PM
Hello Girls :smug: I hope you'all r ready for Thanksgiving. We're going to our sons family this year. They r doing it their own way instead of a traditional meal & grilling ribs & a smoked ham. I'm bringing cheese-cakes & broccoli w cheese & bacon. They wanted to come here, but honestly w all the cooking I do as my job, its nice to have somebody else b in charge & just b a guest.

Victoria, That's also my grandma's beautiful name. I know you'll like your Christmas pics because U r beautiful. I hope your WI turned out to b what U wanted :hug: I'm happy that U like being here w us on this thread.

Susie, I own 5 crockpots & love them all. 3 of them r the 1 qt size & I use them for yummy fondues, 1 cheese, 1 mashed fruit sauce & 1 gravy & we dip or drizzle onto cubed: bread, angel food cake, steamed veggies & meats. With the holiday on Thurs. my tops WI is moved to Wednesday 9am & I dread getting on the scale w all the extra cooking I'm doing now. Most of my customers ordered 'jelly rolls & fudge cake logs & peanut-butter pies w either a fudge bottom or cream cheese bottom this year; & as my TY gift they get a dozen peanut-butter chocolate buckeyes. I've made soo many casseroles that they'll just defrost & finish baking....A busy time...I hope your knee feels great for your 5K Thursday :carrot: don't get too exhausted that U can't eat dinner w your dh.

Mel :hug: I'm so sorry about your allergy tests & pain.... I have the same probs like U do & also w chemical odors & bird dander. Thats why I have doggies that r non-shedding & get a weekly brushing & bath & I don't have probs w them making me sick. When the pollens r High I wear a hat & dust-allergy mask or scarf around my face outdoors in the garden/our woods/on bike trails. We have lots of lakes near us & we spend most our summer on the water/beach (boating, fishing, kayaking, canoeing) or in our pool/hot tub. So I hope U enjoy the water in the summer w the kids & new dh. I use antihistamines, decongestants, Benadryl & RX nasal spray as needed. Funny when we had the hot/dry temps this summer everyone was complaining about I didn't have any allergy symptoms when I was outdoors & I just took 1 Benadryl daily....Maybe Arizona is a healthy place/climate to live.

Carri, the carb-cycling is a really good idea ;) I deleted my pic after reading your post re:Loretta [I put that navy plaid turtleneck into a bag for the Goodwill store]. I'm not a fan of hers & don't want U to think I resemble her; so from this summer I re-posted my terrible-wind-blown hair pic from the Lake w the kids & then I'm deleting it this week. I'm not brave like U, I need somebody to b in a pic w me so I won't take a pic alone. 'I've wore bangs forever & I have natural wavey hair w body (it's easy to style or just wash & go) or use a flat-iron & go totally straight. Anyways I don't have a 1990's hairstyle. Ok Carri, I know its Not U that is putting the pounds back on, it's the new colder Weather messing w our brains making us 'store fat like hibernating bears do' :dizzy: Soo we'll All probably have to experiment soon w our food to stop storing the extra calories/fat this winter. Maybe your summer muscles or the fat just moved/shifted from its prior location & thats why U had a prob w your jeans this morning :^:

LeeAnne, where r U :hug:

:turkey::happ3: Eat & Enjoy :p 1 serving Only... NO 2nd helpings for Us here & Just pass the dessert to the skinny people @ dinner ;)

11-21-2012, 08:33 AM
Well, I went to weigh in on Monday, I went up 3.5 lbs :( Wow I felt like a loser, in a bad way, So i ate all day monday and yesterday. I'm back today and I'm going to kick those 3.5 pounds butt plus more this week and its a short week so I better get cracking . Our thanksgiving is over, (the kids are gone to their dad's until sunday , so no food distractions for me). Oh and the walk I was sposed to take? didnt was too cold for the kids .. I'm going today though and I'm going to eat perfectly on plan until Sunday then I'll have a free meal and do it again. :)

Carrie, I have a pair of jeans that I cant fit into until I'm in onederland I try them all the time and they wont go past my thighs. :( dont worry if we keep on trucking we will get there, it might be slow but we'll get there,

Dee Thank you so much, :) well my weigh in didnt go how i wanted but i'm gonna fix that this week God willing

Susie- thats a great idea I'm gonna start walking here in a minute I'm gonna go another 3 miles today, and then maybe tonight another 1.5 I've gotta get some miles on my ticker! :)

Have a beautiful day ladies. I'll check in soon and give the scoop on my weigh in for today. i know I'll prolly have gained more but I need the reality check!

11-21-2012, 11:22 AM
Why is this site so freakin slow all of the time ??? Grrrrrrr ....

but anyway...Happy Pre-Thanksgiving Day Ladies :turkey:

I am looking forward to all the good food tomorrow, gotta bake a cake tonight for tomorrow, hope it turns out well.

Dee - I can't believe you took that picture down because I said you reminded me of Loretta Lynn when she was younger...I honestly meant it as a compliment. And you even put the shirt or sweater you had on in a bag to give

I don't have much to say today after reading the posts...I hope you all have a great Thanksgiving. Enjoy your time with your family and I will try and pop in over the weekend to see how everyone's day went.


11-21-2012, 03:21 PM
:happ3::thanks2: Girls & to Everyone that U celebrate it with!

I honestly wish that the Holidays did Not revolve around celebrating w food.

Today is my customer pick-up day for the Thanksgiving week. I finished baking yesterday all my customers: pastries, pies, cheesecakes & fudges. I'm done making their: side dishes, casseroles, salads, biscuits & bread sticks. I'm tired of seeing & smelling food. After 2 weeks of customer baking & cooking for their holiday meals, my body crashes & I won't eat any sugar/desserts for at least 1 month. My body is having protein-veggie-fruit cravings now. I had a employee/assistant for almost 3 yrs till we caught her stealing when we came home (she sawed some teeth off a key & opened our house-lock). It's awful knowing anyone can b in your home so easy. I'm burning-out from food-catering for so many years.
After the New Years parties r over I'm done catering, I'm going to start working @ my design/sewing business more & open a store on Etsy & build a new website to sell @, plus I have my dog kennel business w dog-training classes :cool: My new goal is to enjoy my job nomatter what the income is big or little, Life is a Blessing.

:angel: We all know the tune 'This IS the Day That the LORD has Made' well it IS a New Beginning every day for US, we gotta give HIM Thanks for us being here right now & stop complaining like I just did above, about my cooking job. We gotta put-on our big-girl panties & Get show our Loved ones that They r important & We r getting healthier right now Because they r Deserving & we will Not keep-on failing them because They want & Need us to b Healthy :lifter:

Victoria, do U have a nickname like Tori or Vicky we can call U? Ok U had a slip-up w some weakness, but U r starting a new Routine. I know that daily Logging w a list always help me to Accomplish my Daily Goals to 'hit my Weekly Targets'; it's like I Need it written & Looking @ me as my Must Do-It or I may just ignore it & put it-off & b lazy. I have tops weight loss friends that do logging w 4 days walking & 3 days hand-wts. & give theirselves a gift if they meet their goals & have any loss on WI day. Don't beat yourself up about your jeans fitting differently; our bodies change & distributes muscle-fat-cellulite in odd places...gravity happens :^:

Susie :cheer3::goodluck::cheer2: w your 5K on Thanksgiving, win it for us Irish girls ;) we finish our races/goals.

Cari & Mel & LeeAnne :luck2you: Good Luck @ your WI this week after turkey day. Mine was cancelled today because the fog was heavy & all the schools were canceled :^:

With Luv & Blessing To Everyone, :grouphug: DeeDee

11-21-2012, 08:49 PM
Hi Everyone,

I just got my deviled eggs made and in the fridge. The pumpkin pies are in the oven and the rolls will bake in the morning.

For the Thanksgiving meal tomorrow we will be with friends who we are very close to and vacation with most years. My brother, his life partner and their boys (my adorable nephews) are joing us at our friends. We are all so close that it feels like family.

I will be thinking of each of you when I'm doing that 5k tomorrow. I will hear you in my head saying...faster, faster, you got it, faster. :running:

Dee: I like your advice...1 helping...but I think I will have a sliver of pumpkin pie before passing it....after all...I'm doing the 5K so I can! ;)

I am so thankful for my ONDERland friends..Each and everyone one of you who I have met through this board. You help me to keep trying and not to give up.:hug:

11-21-2012, 09:07 PM
Hey Ladies ! sorry I've been MIA long story short my 52yo brother # 4 had a massive stroke (in Illinois) . I'm more concerned about my 80yo Dad that will have to save the world by himself. Don't get me wrong (please) this brother hasn't had a kind word to say to me since I was 3yo (you read it right) anyhooooooo it is what is is. PLUS a deer ran into the driver door of my car Sat morning. Atleast I missed it's other 4 family members ....LOL !

Haven't been binging or pigging out really but I'm not behaving like I should either. After all this isn't a good time of year eating wise for anybody. Atleast were ahead of the folks just starting out in January. I'm choosing to work for the time & a half tomorrow need to get the car fixed . Don't really want to go to the inlaws anyway too much chaos :p

HAPPY THANKSGIVING to all :hug:I cherish each & everyone of you .

I think my weigh in will passed over till next Friday I'm not gonna stress about it this week

11-21-2012, 09:46 PM
I got on the scales tonight just to see where I was and they said 289.4. I will take it because at TOPS on Thursday I was at 292. I was surprised to be up on Thursday because I felt like I had lost, so maybe it was water weight. My goal right now is New Year's Eve at 279.

Spunky: Still on the wagon? Let's be sure it's not a Amish wagon! :D

YAHOOOOO on the 289.4 Missy :carrot:

I did bring back a few goodies but have not really beeen stuffing my beak :D

11-22-2012, 12:07 PM
Happy Thanksgiving everyone! :thanks1::turkey::happ3::thanks2:

I did my 5k this morning. The unoffical time was under 55..I think it was 54:35 or something like that. There is a website we can check later to find out. As soon as I know, I wil let all know.

I have some sort of GI issue today. So, I think I will be eating light on the food. That's ok!

I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday.

Spunky: Sorry to hear that so much has been going on with you. Good idea to wait until next week for the scales.

11-22-2012, 10:03 PM
Thanks Susie & Congrats on your time ! :carrot:

The situation with my brother is "It is what it is" he never took care of himself... all the more reason that we should. My family is odd & they'll work it out they don't seem to want my help....fair enough. (please don't think I'm cold)

11-23-2012, 01:17 AM
Hi Ladies ! Hope you all had a great Thanksgiving with your families !!

Talk to you soon. Gnight.

11-23-2012, 11:03 AM
Good morning. My official time yesterday was 54:30. My time for this reace last year was 59:58. I am happy that over a year of training I was able to shave that much time off.

My friend who does the 5k's with me and I are setting a gold of 6 5k's next year and we want at least one to have a time of 49:00:00. I'm goal inspired so I know this will be good for me.

I had a bit of a stomach bug yesterday. I wasn't sure if I would make it through the race but I said a prayer and got through it. As soon as I got over the finish line about 3 minutes later I was happy the bathroom was close! I only got sick that one time, but I really watched what I ate and had very small portions and no seconds!

Today we are cleaning house and I'm getting out my Christmas decorations for the mantel and other places in the house. I'm going to leave the tree until tomorrow.

We plan on heading out to the Mall around 4 and will do a bit of shopping and then have a nice dinner out.

I'm also doing some shopping online.

Spunky: I don't think you are cold. We can't fix anyone...we can only support and even that has a limit.

Carri: I hope you had a nice Thanksgiving. When does our new Challenge start?

Dee, Victoria, Mel: Hi!

I know sometimes we talk about other things here than just weight-loss..and I'm glad we reminds me that I am a whole person. :)

Is anyone a reader? Or have you read any books lately that you really liked or maybe didn't? I LOVE to is the way I truly relax. A friend of mine gave me the Fifty Shades books to read. I wasn't planning on reading them, but I have read the 1st two now and I can't but them down! I told myself I can start the 3rd one tomorrow...I need to get a few things done.

11-24-2012, 09:24 AM
Thanks ladies ! My family has been wacked for years. & yes I'm glad we talk about more than our weight issues on here cause this Fri weigh in (I said I was gonna wait) I was 201 onward we GO !

I was cancelled this morning @ my reg job (NICU). When our census is low they cancel us in 4 hr increments. I've started picking up side work so I had business cards & a window cling made for my car. (Vistaprint ) It's either feast or famin where I work so ya gotta do what ya gotta do .

Have a good day ladies ! :hug:

11-24-2012, 12:06 PM
Hi there, it's so nice to have 3 days to just relax now. Thanksgiving was wonderful, it was 58* & sunny all day @ our sons; the baby learned to say 2 new words, 'gobble-gobble' :lol: he kept us entertained all day.

Susie :congrat: on your 5K time :running: Yes I really like to read & find it hard to put a book down once I get started; but I haven't read any books for a few years except magazine & job-related books... I always have too much to do & not enough time to browse @ books in the store, but I know when I buy an e-reader soon that I'll read more again w the convenience of being able to download them. I know I'll download 50 Shades on it :o I'm not sure which to tell Santa to bring me: a color Nook or a Kindle....

LeeAnne :hug: I'm so Happy that U r back w us :smug: I'm sorry about your family. Most families have @ least 1 screwed-up member in it. Think of it as a sign or as a Blessing that they didn't ask U to b involved, now they cann't critcize U for stuff, 'it's All on Them w whatever goes wrong/right'....I'm just very Happy that U did Not get Hurt by the :rudolph: careless deer.
Living in the country we daily try to avoid the deer & turkeys running into the street & our cars. Oct. 2011 a buck went through the engine of my dh truck & we don't have rental-car-coverage so it was a 2 week hassle of him using my car till his truck was repaired.

I stayed home Friday & today & shopped online & used the free-shipping codes :comp: Too many sick & germy people in the stores & the restaraunt employees r sneezing/coughing during the winter months, so we just eat out for celebrations till spring.

The temps here dropped 10* today :^: winter has sneaked back into the 40*s. I'm making broccoli-potato-bacon soup in the crock-pot for supper now. :coffee2: I gotta start walking daily to enjoy my winter carbs again.

Victoria, Carri, Mel :grouphug:

11-24-2012, 07:01 PM
The tree is up, the house is clean and decorated and I have 6 presents bought.

Today has been a pretty relaxing day. I just did things at my leisure. We are about to head uptown to our Hollidazzle parade. If anyone is interested in looking for info on that google Hollizdazzle Wilmington, OH.

We are going to dinner with some friends after the parade..and I konw I'm having some sort of soup. I'm going to need it as it is FREEZING here! I have my warm fuzzy boots on, my turtleneck sweater and wearing my warmest coat, my hate, scarf and gloves...and I have some handwarmers that I am taking too.

Dee: Your Thanksgiving sounds lovely and the soup you are making sounds good.

I think if I were going to get a digital book reader I would go for Kindle Fire..get the wireless one and then you don't have to buy a data package, you can use your wireless connection at home and there are so many places with free-wi fi.

I am so lucky to have a friend who is a librarian and she brings me most of my books and then I look online at Barnes and Nobles and look for titles that sound interesting and ask her to check those out for me. A lot of my friend are readers and they suggest/lend books too.

LeeAnne: Good for you for facing those aren't that far from can get there next week or the next if you stay OP! I know you can.

Ok..DH is say...COME ON!!! I'll check in tomorrow.

11-25-2012, 09:25 AM
Hey everyone, I guess that I really bombed it this week. I checked my weight last night and i'm up 7 lbs back to where I started, I was really sad when I saw it. I'll just start again and stop screwing up . I really feel dumb , i know its water weight but wow what a disapointment, i ate a good breakfast and i'm goin for a walk right now. Hope you all are doing well I'll check in later :)

11-25-2012, 11:40 AM
Hey everyone, I guess that I really bombed it this week. I checked my weight last night and i'm up 7 lbs back to where I started, I was really sad when I saw it. I'll just start again and stop screwing up . I really feel dumb , i know its water weight but wow what a disapointment, i ate a good breakfast and i'm goin for a walk right now. Hope you all are doing well I'll check in later :)

Cheeriloos- you are not alone my friend I'm up 4lbs not that I want company or anything . the holidays are NOT easy we can just take 1 day @ a time that's it.

Susie- i guess im not trying hard enough really i need a kick in the pants :D

11-25-2012, 08:48 PM
LeeAnn and Victoria: Someone once told me that our true weight gains are not what we eat between Thanksgiving and New Years but what we eat between New Years and Thanksgiving.

So with that day at a time. For some people the goal is to just net out what they weighed on their weigh-in before Thanksgiving. If on New Years Day you weigh what you weighed before the holiday, than it might be enough for you and from New Years Day you can then plan to get more weight off.

If that is not for you, then figure out what you really think you can loose and go for it. Whatever each person decides..know that this group here will support you!

Dee and Carri: I'm sure you both are busy...but you are missed!

I can't believe Monday is tomorrow; I have enjoyed the time off and feel that I have relaxed and rested and got some things done.

I am sort of looking forward to work tomorrow as our site will be celebrating our company's 175th Birthday and we have a big celebration planed and I'm helping with it. I LOVE my company and I LOVE my job so I am looking forward to tomorrow.

I have made a goal to make my workouts 3 times a week from now until the end of the year...just to keep level. I hope I lose but will be happy as long as I don't have a gain and I feel good. So tomorrow...I'll be at the gym..I have gotten a bit lax on it for the past 6 weeks.

See you all tomorrow