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11-26-2012, 06:49 AM
I'm up early today as my fiance left this morning to work in another city for one week. It was really hard helping him pack and saying goodbye knowing I'd be alone with the kids at night for six days. I'm not used to that. He is a big part of my weight gain though since he mostly refuses to diet and I cook for him then get weak and eat it. Maybe this week will be good for me.

He and I went for a 4 mile walk yesterday , I was pretty beat by the end of it since the most I go is 3. I'm gonna do good with food again today.

Over the weekend I was searching for a Panini press and ended up with a big george foreman grill from macy's for 19.99 after 15 dollar mail in rebate. yay! I also got a really hot pair of black heels from Ross, then I bought some insoles and tried putting them in last night...there was only one insole! I checked one package and it had two then my daughter started playing with it and put it down, so i went and grabbed another , lucky me I grabbed a package which only had one in it! :^: I have to return at walmart I guess lol , thats ok this time I'll use the coupon that came in the package.

I don't know if I mentioned that my dryer stopped heating up about two weeks ago, it gave me a ton of extra work having to take 6 people's laundry to the dryer with a baby. I'm so happy I got a new one yesterday from craigslist for 25 dollars and it works !!

11-26-2012, 07:10 AM
Susie: You're right, I just had higher expectations for myself you know, and then I felt all disappointed yadda yadda yadda I'm gonna have to just pick it up which is unnatural to me , I normally wallow in it for a long time and grow more..I havent' read in a while , I have been watching movies though..Watched Breaking Dawn Last night ! Great movie if you're into twilight..saw Thor the other day,,HOT. I don't normally ogle men but that was unreal!

Dee: I really like shopping online :D and thank you so much for the advice I'm going to sit down and plan the week on paper in a minute, since I normally wing it..I know that structure and rewards system will help me a lot. :yes:

Carrie: Hi :hug:

Spunky:thank you :) You're right, I don't want company in gaining but I don't feel like such a loser. I felt like I wasted so much time, I'm over it and I'll just keep going. :) Sorry about everything thats been going on with your brother and the deer. This will all sort out soon.

Everyone ::trampo: Have a good day :D

11-26-2012, 01:45 PM
Happy Cyber Monday girls :o

I'm a member of your 'oops I should'a walked away from the dessert/snacks club' on Thanksgiving & the weekend. My scale said I was up 2 lbs, so I took 2 water pills & it's off again :^: dum sodium. Soo that being said I'm sure most of everyones gain is from salt....

Susie I'm on board w U on working-out 3x week to New Years :exercise: I'm starting tomorrow & prob do it for 30-60 minutes until all the holiday craziness is over & then I hope to make it a 'me routine' it will help strengthen my muscles because we'll start snow-shoe hiking & skiing as soon as we get 6" of snow. I hope your knee is ok after your 5k. Its wonderful to have a career that U r loving to go to daily, U r very blessed.

Victoria I got ya on feeling sad while your fiance' is gone. I've never been alone more than 3 days my 'entire' lifetime & then my dh phoned me daily those 3 nights. I feel ok about it now though because I have my doggies w me. Hey if U still have your dryer, buy a new 'heating element' & follow the dryer manual & replace it & if that fixes it, you'll have a back-up for when the craig's list dryer breaks. My dh has replaced my dryer 'heating element' 2x & my dryer works like new. He let me install the 2nd element, girls can do almost everything technical/mechanical that don't need huge muscles :wizard: Great job on finding 'bargains' I love sales too ;)

Today is a new day & start for the week....So lets not just 'try', lets All 'DO' make a 'plan' like Victoria is doing & start a 'exercise routine' like Susie is doing. Remember when people actually logged-in w a daily planner for the week & month...if U bite it, then U write it, :comp: then U gotta move-it to Lose-it, take that fat back-off your body :lifter: 2,000 steps = 1 mile walked, a person weighing 150 pounds burns 183 calories w 30 minutes of walking, I got that info from 3FC here.

Time to go finish my cyber shopping now. Tonight is our :p Mexican food night for supper & I love this food & its easy lo-fat & lo-carb recipes soo tasty.

Carri & LeeAnne & Mel :hug:

11-26-2012, 07:11 PM
Thanks ladies I'm responsible for my weight gain no one else. I'm the one that puts the goodies in my mouth. I cannot blame anyone but myself no one twists my arm :carrot:

Good advice I need to journal again I do so much better when I do that . Gotta run the grandgirls are coming in the door .....:hug:

I agree I hate being alone for a few days the days are OK but I don't sleep well @ night. Not afraid or anything but after the 1st night I'm OK :)

Not having the dryer bites I hope the one you have now works.

11-26-2012, 11:27 PM
Hi Ladies,

I sort of got my workout in today. I realized that today was the last day of the Masquarde Sell at our hospital. Everything at this sale is $5! They have costume jewlery, scarfs (dressy and winter), sort of stuff. I bought several items for Christmas presents.

So I knew I wanted to do that tonight after work, so I did our indoor vibrant living walking trail during my lunch hour. It is a route that is mapped out in the building. It takes about 30 min to do it so I did that. While I didn't walk as fast as I would if I had been at the gym--I didn't plan on doing it so I didn't have my walking shoes, I still moved for 30 minutes.

Here is my food for today. It's not great but it's time to start back with journaling and I find it helps me to do it here.

B=1 greek yogurt, water
L=2 veggies egg rolls, rasberries, strawberries, blue berries, blackberries with fruit dip, 1 sugar cookie, water
D=4 taco's (used low fat sourcream..but I have to have sour cream on tacos)
Snack: 2 scoops of peanut butter chip icecream, water
Exercise: 30 min walk at a moderate pace.

Victoria: Dee has given you good advice on pre-writing down your menu. I know that there was one girl on this thread that lost over 100 lbs and she has kept it off..she always planned dessert in her menu..she knew she would eat it, so she counted the calories in her planning..that way she stayed in calorie range and on plan.

Just wanted to share that info with you in case it is something you would want to consider.

Dee: So glad you will join me in exercising up to the holiday. It will get you ready for the snow-shoe hiking & skiing!
What sort of Mexican dinner did you have tonight?

LeeAnn: Enjoy your grandgirls being there with you. I don't like to be alone at night eithier. For that matter, if my DH works on a Saturday I have a hard time going back to sleep when he leaves and if I do, I have weired dreams and wake up feeling "off" and " out of sorts" so I just get up when he leaves.

Carri: Are you ok?

11-27-2012, 12:10 PM
I know that there was one girl on this thread that lost over 100 lbs and she has kept it off..she always planned dessert in her menu..she knew she would eat it, so she counted the calories in her planning..that way she stayed in calorie range and on plan

THIS IS A GOOD IDEA ...I'm a sweet aholic this might work for me ..THANKS :hug:

11-27-2012, 12:15 PM
Hi Girls, just a quick check in...have been very sick with the flu and havent been to work...might go back tommorow depending on how I feel.

see ya


11-27-2012, 09:50 PM
I hope you feel better soon Carri :hug: what a terrible way to lose weight .

11-28-2012, 09:18 AM
Carri: I hope you get to feeling better soon. Rest and take care yourself.

LeeAnn: I am happy that I was able to share something that might be able to help you.
That is why we are here; to lend support.

Victoria: How are you going? You mentioned in a earlier post that you were watching the Twilight movies. I LOVED them! Just saw the final one last week. I read the book and LOVED them too.

Dee: Hi!

I am going to the doctor this morning to see what the MRI told him about my knee. I will fill you all in after I know.

Here's how my day went yesterday with food and exercise.

Nov 27
B=1 bagel with skinny cow cream cheese
L=single portion of mac and cheese, strawberries/rasberries/blue berries
S=1 Little Debbie Cherry Cordial cookie
D=6 inch veggie sub
Exercise: 1 hr walk on indoor walking track=3.1 miles

11-28-2012, 03:51 PM
Hey Girls, :brr: it's cold & damp weather here today. I hope your day is warm & cozy :smug:

Carri :getwell: we miss U.

LeeAnne I used to b a 'chocolate craver' to the sad point that I'd put choc.chips into a jar of peanut butter & eat a spoonful whenever I was stressed-out :?: I cured myself by eating more protein (more dairy, eggs & beans) & hot drinks. Now I'm in control of my sugar & chocolate cravings, & I treat myself to a 3 oz bag of peanut/peanut butter m&m's :m: that I keep in my car; its 1 bag per day when I'm driving :p Having that 1 special treat for me, keeps me 'happy/satisfied' even when my dh is teasing me @ home w sweets I bake for him. How's it going w your car :rudolph: r U fixed yet???

Victoria :write: I hope logging your food is helping U :smug: I have some silly looking notebooks :cool: w goofy notes to myself & some heart-felt feelings; its nice to look back & read how I was progressing months before w my mistakes & my successes. Food feeds both our 'body & soul'. Hopefully w your fiance' away, U were able to 'concentrate on making U Healthier' :cloud9: for your special family.

Hi Susie-Q, wow U r doing great adding 1 hour of walking after work, I am sooo proud of U :running: & a 20 minute mile is a wonderful speed for a damaged knee. I have a damaged knee also & my walking time is 15 minutes--20 minutes a mile too. U began buying Christmas gifts, wow I gotta get started too & do our decorating this weekend :wreath: Christmas sneaks-up fast after Thanksgiving....

Mel, Deb, Liz & Arabella :grouphug: All of U r missed! MERRY CHRISTMAS :ginger::hohoho::tree:

11-29-2012, 11:33 AM
Morning Ladies - finally back to work this morning after being off with the flu ...I am not fully back to my old self, say maybe 75% but I am out of sick time and quite frankly had a bad case of cabin fever from being home for 4 days straight without getting out of the house...thank God I have a desk job or I would never make it...still really tired, get worn out quickly...but hoping to be back to my old self by the weekend.

Dee - I used to do that too with the choc chips and peanut butter ...anything I could get my hands on in the house that was sweet, and I normally always had those two things on hand...

Susie - Hope the test results from the MRI give you the info you need, and that it's not that bad.

Hi Mel :hug:

LeeAnn - don't know if I lost weight or not, I feel like I have, my appetite hasn't been so great....even today I just want a bowl of soup ....

Hope you all have a great day, pray that I get thru the work day quickly and can go home to my pjs and soup and crackers. :)

See ya.

11-29-2012, 01:49 PM
Hey Everyone, I have been really beating myself up and continuing my poor choices even though I knew I shouldnt have..

I got my courage up and weighed in today at 217 thats better than 221 the other day (i guess it really was water weight ) I'm back on track and I walked 2 miles today and doing great with food, I still havent made my log or my list or plans I will today back soon.

11-30-2012, 10:45 AM
Morning Ladies – still feeling pretty nasty …my main reason is the chest congestion I can’t seem to get rid of …I have been taking Mucinex and it seems to be breaking it up a little …any suggestions? I can’t take it …

And there is this lady here at work who thinks it's okay to burn one of those Scensy candle thingy’s here for all to smell …smells like cigars …it's offensive and strong …and making me sicker …gonna have to say something …

On a lighter note … I am excited because tomorrow night we are putting our tree up, drinking eggnog, and watching one of my many Christmas DVD’s ( maybe Jim Carey in How the Grinch Stole Christmas )…I normally do it the weekend of Thanksgiving, but because I was so sick I didn’t get to…we are also going to our towns Christmas tree lighting tonight, so I will have a full on Christmas weekend, haha …

Victoria – I hear ya on the eating, I haven’t been so good either …but with this sickness I haven’t had too much of an appetite, so although I am not eating the right things, I am not eating much of them. Great job on being back under 220 !!!

Hi Susie, Dee, Mel, and Lee Anne – hope you all have a great day and a great weekend !!

And I hope I can get back to normal after this weekend ….

See ya !!

11-30-2012, 03:12 PM
Hello Everyone! So glad it is Friday! I'm looking forward to the weekends...I always do!

I haven't posted in a couple of days because my evenings got bogged down. I went in late to work on Wed and worked late to make up for it and did some Christmas shopping before going home that night. I didn't get home until 9:00 p.m.

So, the MRI showed that I have osteo-arthrititis in my left knee. The cartlidge in the back is gone! That is why I have a bone spur on the front right side. I still have a lot of space and am not bone on bone yet.

He gave me a cortizone shot and I can have one 2-3 times a year. It's feeling pretty good today.

I am banned from every doing squats or lounges again and no skiing. Also I am not to run and for the next 6 weeks, I'm to use the stationary bike and elliptical as I have a stress fracture on my left foot that is healing.

He hopes to get me to 10 years before a knee replacement. He also wants me to get my Vit D level checked--as it has been low before and I had to take supplements and he is thinking maybe a dexa scan. Usually you get those in your 50's but he is wondering about osteoporosis since I'm 47, have had a hysterectomywhen I was 37, and am white and very fair complextion.

I see my primary care doctor on Dec 12th and I will talk to her about the Vit D and the dexa then.

I can share a 3 lb loss at TOPS last night! :carrot:

Carri: I hope you have a great weekend. It all sounds so nice and festive. Take care of yourself and get extra sleep, and try some Vicks Vapor rub when you are home and not going out. I have heard that putting it on the bottom of your feet and then put socks on is effective and of course on your chest. Also, if you have a vaporizor run it, or buy the Vicks ones you can plug in..and LOTS and LOTS of water to drink.

Dee: It must be amazing to be in control of of sugar & chocolate cravings. You know, I think it is about, thinking what you will allow yourself and staying in that range. That why it is a decision YOU made for YOU and that is empowering.

You asked about Christmas shopping. Yes, I am in full swing. Doing a lot of my lunch hour and from the internet. I have a day planned on Dec 12 to go finish up for my DH's gifts. A friend of mine and I are taking a vacation day to go shopping and hang out. MY DH's b-day is Dec 31 so I always have shop for it as well as Christmas gifts.

Victoria: a 2 mile walk is great! and I'm glad to see those scales coming down...just keep at will get there.

LeeAnn: Hope all is well. Is it almost time for DH to return from his trip?

Ok..back to work. We are going to the local Christmas show tonight. It is always a great production and something new every year. It lasts about 1.5 hours. I have 4 little "nieces"--they are my friend's daughters and they are so excited that we are coming "opening night". They will do the production tonight, tomorrow night and Sunday afternoon and then repeat that next weekend. Auditions and practice start for this thing in JULY! It is quite a show.

See you all tomorrow. I'll get my food put in for the past couple of days and today later.

12-02-2012, 08:32 AM
Hi Everyone,

Seems to be pretty quiet here.

I stayed home all day yesterday. My DH was out doing shopping for my Christmas and I choose to stay home and read and clean the house. It was nice to have that time to myself!

The only issue with it was that I didn't eat well. I didn't eat a lot, I just didn't get well. I had a bagel for breakfast with some berries, then for lunch a bag of popcorn, and later some butter cookies and a coke. For dinner I had a garden salad and a loaded baked potato from Bob Evans and a piece of pumpkin pie.

We will be grocery shopping today and my food will be better!

Looking forward to hearing from the rest of you.

12-02-2012, 03:35 PM
Girls, it's a warm 56* today & 60* tomorrow :dizzy: I'm sitting here w U @ my laptop eating mashed potatos & gravy & dumplings :^: I've been on a 'potato-adventure' the last 3 weeks every other day is 'potato time'...baked & loaded w everything yummy...potato skins loaded...scalloped...scalloped potatos w sweet potatos...corn chowder w potatos...sweet potato pie...shepherds pie...stew...sweet potato pancakes, etc. All the potatos r on sale since Thanksgiving & my dh keeps buying them... I'm not going to tattle on my dh snoring 2 nights in a row & me getting only 3 hrs sleep :yawn: 2 of my college football teams won yesterday, Wisconsin & Kansas :cheer3: lots of red-suits on the field.

Tomorrow is my 1st Christmas party for our kops society w kops from 3 counties, I'm the photographer & 50/50 raffle girl so I will b there. Because of the Jehovah Witness lady there, we can nolonger call it our Christmas party/celebration & we won't sing Christmas carols/hymns & the gifts will b called grab-bags now & nobody is to wear Christmas clothes :( Thats a big-fat-bummer because we have to do everything to make 'her comfortable' our leader says, but the +20 kops can't b themselves & celebrate :candy: Christmas. She said she may not come, because she worries we may celebrate, it still is a bummer, to put 1 person ahead of +20 kops being happy. I'm going to give her a Christmas card w a scripture verse anyway...if she refuses it or puts it down, I don't care. 'I am' who I am & I Luv the Lord & my Jesus & I'll always celebrate His birth. But "if" I offended anybody & 'your faith' I am very Sorry.

Saturday night is my dh company annual Christmas formal dinner dance & he is p-off that I twisted my knee Thursday & can't wear my stilletto pumps now. I'm happy that I can walk & will prob wear 2" pumps & I think its crazy that our dh's still want us to b arm-candy in front of their bosses. Then we have 4 more dinner-parties, plus my tops club party-dinner. From Thanksgiving its just too :hat: many party/dinner obligations & party clothing & New Years Eve out & New Years Day & the football games/parties. But winter is short, snuggly & cozy & I Luv it as much as the summer....

Susie, I'm glad I had my dexa 10 yr ago because it showed osteopor. in both my forearms started from injuries & overuse & needing vita D/calcium. So I'm aware of what to do to avoid fractures in my arms & I wear wrist-guards roller-blading & ice skating now. When I take the vita D I get constipated, (TMI :() so ask your doc for more options other than pills in case that side-effect happens to U also.

Carri, wow do U get sick like this every November? My dh started getting flu shots when he turned 40 yr, I got my flu-shot last week. Your WI # will b looking really good :smug: I hope your dh spoiled U :hug:

Got any fav holiday recipes that r 'healthy', please post them here :p

Victoria, LeeAnne, Mel, Debbie, Liz & Arabella :grouphug:

Looks like everyone here has started enjoying the holiday season :wreath::hohoho::tree: we just need 'pretty snow' for Christmas in Michigan :snowglo:

12-02-2012, 08:29 PM
Hey ladies ! my hubby had to de frag, de bug, de spazzle, re do my entire computer . Then I couldn't get on here for a few days don't know what was going on. It just wouldn't let me on this site all seems well now back to normal business.

Dee try Cal mag vit D all together in 1 pill or my super duper pooper recipe 8 oz PlumSmart (red cap) every morning :D

I've been picking up temporary xtra wk lately (7 days in a row). I'll try to get back here to you ladies soon. I'm down a lb dont ask me how ... LOL ;)

12-03-2012, 08:26 AM
Hey Girls, I had a pretty good weekend considering I weighed in on friday and was back down to 214 from 217 and days before 221 I guess it really was water weight. I am feeling good. Did good saturday but had to go to bed early cuz I was having cravings , which I gave into on sunday! Its ok, I'm going to pick up today and run with it I hope to lose at least 2 pounds this week , I'm up early with my lemon water and my work out clothes on , after I drop off the girls I'm going for another walk I think that I'm gonna hit 50 miles alot sooner than the wedding.

Glad to see you ladies are all ready for christmas,,I'm not ~ we have had our tree up a week now , but I forgot to put water in it! My cousin and I had to hold it up, with all the decorations already on it, while my fiance grabbed the baseboard cutter and cut the tree, It was heavy! I lost lots of my balls from the tree and had to put them back and redecorate. I still havent sat down and created my plan, Lazy I guess. I have been thinking about it and taking some action but its not really organized action , like I walk when I can and sometime its at night, I try to stay on plan but dont plan to plan. etc. I found my notebook though and I'm gonna write some stuff in it right now while the girls are getting ready for school .

So glad to have each of you !
Spunk! Great job on that one pound now you're sooo close to onederland~ congrats !
Dee- sorry about your christmas party bummers
Susie :)thanks, Congrats on your 3 LBS! How was the christmas show?
Hey Carri I have been congested for over a week now, just cant kick it, I'm not really feeling sick just coughing , maybe you should try drinking some water with lemon to help boost your immune system..thats what i'm doing right now.
Oh my gosh I'm back to 214! :) my next mini goal is 209 I'm gonna get a real manicure!

12-03-2012, 09:30 AM
I finished writing down my plan and I decided to up my goal to 100 miles before the wedding :) Its 7 weeks away I didnt even realize my wedding is 7 weeks away!~ I have stuff I still have to get sorted! but i'm happy about it :)

12-03-2012, 10:22 AM
Morning Ladies …I had a good weekend, got the tree up and just sort of lazed around …not too much to tell ….not doing so great on my food….don’t know what to say on that.

Dee – No, I haven’t had a cold/flu like this in probably 7 years or more ….I hardly ever get sick …but for some reason this one is really hanging on…I have felt a lot better the last two days, so I am turning around. I have always said I wouldn’t get the flu shot but I am considering it now. Yes, dh did spoil me, he took very good care of me. Speaking of warm temps ( you mentioned ) it is supposed to be 70 here today !!!! That seems crazy for December…I don’t care for it. Haha

Susie – I hear ya on the soda, I have been bad with that too …trying to limit myself to only one a day though …but I know that’s not good either. I also take a vitamin d supplement, 2000mgs a day ….along with a calcium pill ( since I am lactose intolerant and don’t get it thru milk ). I don’t have any issue with constipation with it, but I know a lot of people do. Glad you got a day to yourself yesterday…I love those kind of days.

Victoria – CONGRATS on your weight loss…you are doing awesome !!!!!!

Lee Ann – Hi, glad to see you back !!!

My doggie Les ( 11 ) has a nasty cyst on his back that has to be removed this week…we kept putting it off but it's disgusting now and oozing and looks infected ( sorry if TMI ) …he sort of acts like he doesn’t feel well at times too …so called vet this morning to schedule the removal ..of course it's going to be not cheap…but it’s worth it to get it off of him and make him feel better …as you dog lovers know…any of you have pets with cysts?

Well have a good day Girls !!!!

12-04-2012, 10:14 AM
I stayed OP 100% yesterday, which is fantastic for me! I normally cheat a bite here and there.
Waiting for my baby to put her shoes on and jump in the stroller, she is so independent its cute. Gonna go for 3 miles today with my neighbor. I weigh in now 3x a week so I can see if I'm going up or down. I made my plan I will be doing my weights 3x a week and walking 12 miles a week , I went out and bought some diet dessert for when I'm weak. I have my notebook, my healthy snacks, my motivation, and you guys thats all i need for weapons in my arsenal. I hope each of you are feeling well and having a good life today.

hugs to each of you and I'll chat w u soon.

12-04-2012, 04:30 PM
Hi There :smug: it's good to see everyone back this week.

LeeA. :) TY for the info about the vita D & the PlumSmart, I put them on my shopping list. I'm sorry about your pc probs, I'm the techie @ home, but my son wrote code in SanJose for corporate accts, so if I get puzzled I contact him & he fixes my pc online from his. Congrat's on your pound-off :dust: U r eating smarter & U r getting more active, that's why 1 pound fell-off your bod :cheer2:

Susie, 'repeat eating' the same way U ate when U Lost that awesome '3 pounds' last week :dancer: How...did U lose that 3 lbs in 1 week :cheer3:

Victoria, lemon water is yummy. I also like to drop-in cucumber slices, lime, whatever fresh food I have in cold water for energy in the daytime. I smiled reading your 'tree story'. OMG U r getting married in 7 weeks, U will b a beautiful bride! Soo many details for U to do after the holidays r over for your wedding. Congratulations :lucky:

Carri, come-on, no-way 70* in December in Indiana :coolsnow: Yes, I feel sad for your Westie, I wish somehow doggies could talk & say how they r feeling w pain. No our doggies have never had cysts/tumors. If your vet gives U a RX & its pricey @ your vet; phone some human pharmacies & see what they charge for pet RX. All 4 of my doggies get a weekly bath, they love feeling clean & being brushed & enjoy the attention.

My kops party was very nice...the Jehovah lady chose not to come because she was afraid we'd play Christmas music & she'd have to leave. So we had the hotel play for us Christmas music in our conference-party room & we sang & celebrated & enjoyed our afternoon.
:wreath: :candy: :tree: :rudolph: Have a Wonderful week!

12-05-2012, 10:08 AM
Good Morning ladies, I just got back from my daughters parent teacher conference and I'm getting ready to go for my walk here in a second.

Good news is I weighed in this morning at 212! Omg I have not seen 212 in a long time, I think I'm really on this train to onederland and it feels amazing! I can't wait to go get my manicure I've been growing my nails for a month and a half and one broke yesterday wahh.

What type of plan are each of you following? I'm doing MRC plan.
Hope each and every one of you have a lovely day. :)

Dee , I'm so glad you had a good time at your christmas celebration :D

12-05-2012, 05:00 PM
Good Afternoon Ladies !!!

Turns out I have bronchitis per the doc …so got some antibiotics ( which I never have ), and an inhaler …have yet to use the inhaler, never used one and am a little scared of it, haha ….so here’s hoping I can finally get that stuff out of my chest so I can breathe fully again, and take the stairs !!! haha

Victoria – Girl you are doing so AWESOME !!!!! You are going to be in Onederland before you know it …making the rest of us, and our holiday slouching, look bad… haha …so excited for you with the wedding.

Dee – I know !! 70’s, it was SO weird …..yes I was thinking the other day that I wished Les ( doggie ) could tell me how he felt …he acts like he might feel a little bad, but hopefully once he has surgery on Friday to have the cyst removed he can get back to his old self.

Hi Mel, Susie, and LeeAnn !!!

Have a good evening all.

12-05-2012, 08:14 PM
Hi Everyone,

How did it get to be Wednesday? My Director is here and you know that means long hours for me. I'm glad she came early Dec so I can have normal work hours the rest of the month.

I am about to get back to working here in a few minutes but I decided that tonight I was taking a few minutes for me and spend them with you all!

Last night I made sure I went to the Y and met my workout partner. Monday and today I did the indoor walking trail that is mapped out in our building. I can't really get any "speed" in's hard to do that when walking the halls, but at least I'm moving on the days I can't get to the gym.

Carri: I hope you little doggie gets to feeling better very soon. I am glad you are on your way to getting better too!

I know you don't like the warm temps but I thought it was nice on Saturday, Sunday and Monday! I hear it will get below freezing tonight. BRRRRR.

I do like wearing sweaters and boots; just not my winter coat!

Dee: I'm glad you were able to enjoy your KOPS party. As for the Christmas card; mine are always biblical. After all...the holiday on Dec 25 that people shop for and bake for and such is called Christmas. My take is that I am free to celebrate my holiday too!

You asked me how I lost 3 lbs...I did it by eating at the top of my calorie range and getting in at least 30 min of exercise a day..sometmes more. That always seems to work for me. Oh...and getting sleep.

Victoria: 212! Good job!!! I think it is cool that you have a goal for miles walked by your wedding day. Just think how good you are going to feel and look on that day from all that exercise! Not to mention that brides are always so beautiful.

So, 7 weeks until your wedding. How many miles are you from Cincinnati, OH? I'm thinking about setting a walking goal for myself and using your wedding day and distance as a goal.

LeeAnn: So glad that DH was able to help with that have been missed!

Ok to get some meeting agendas pushed out.

Tomorrow is TOPS and I have my fingers crossed for a loss.

I'll talk to you all on Friday.

12-05-2012, 08:47 PM
Susie Thank You so much :) I'm excited and actually nervous really. I'm just about 1,000 miles from cinncinnati :D , That sounds great I would be honored if you did that.

Carri- I'm sorry that you have bronchitis , wow I had that when i was 8 it sucked I hope you feel much bettter soon. Thank you, hearing that about onederland is exciting :)

12-05-2012, 11:16 PM
Confession time...just hanging my head down in shame....I ate Girl Scout cookies today :frypan: for my lunch instead of eating healthy. My 'weakness' is 'cookies & milk', my dh got me 1 box from our grandbabe, he got 4 boxes for himself. He's 5'10# 178#, he won't gain a pound eating his cookies....Men r soo lucky, they never get fat.

Carri :hug: I am so sorry to hear you've got Bronchitis, b a good girl & do everything your doc said :getwell: I'm glad its under control. A friend has double-pneumonia (both lungs) in his 40's & the ER doc put him in a medical induced coma 2 days ago for complete rest to treat his lungs/body effectively & his wife Fay is freaking out worrying if he'll wake-up & b normal. Soo I'm very happy that U don't have Jack's pneumonia. Stupid-crazy winter weather we're living with this year is Hurting people.
How's grandma & your friend doing since their recovery :angel: I'm sorry I haven't asked about them for awhile, I know it's been rough for your mom w both of them ill @ the same time this summer. :grouphug:

Victoria, hey you're doing Amazing starting your 'new health journey'; it's gotta feel awesome being organized & being back on track to reach your goal again :cheer: Phone your nail tech & ask her how to protect your nails till she can do them for U for your wedding :smug: What is your MRC plan, a protein plan? Its Wonderful seeing U enjoy taking control & winning your bod back :smug: U asked what we do for our weight....I eat everything & do not diet; I read labels & buy the lower cals/fat/sodium & eat only 1 serving size. I bought 'pretty wide-top' 8 oz. canning jars, like those many of my meal clients have me fill w their weekly foods, they freeze & thaw & microwave & eat from them @ their jobs & @ home. By using them I don't have to measure my 1 serving size anymore, it's kept me from bingeing & not back-sliding past my 149 lb goal the last 4 1/2 yrs. My dh often takes them from the freezer to work/lunch (healthy instant meal). Also on the weekend maybe a pop or a social drink w friends (Skinny Girl: Margarita, PinaColada, Cosmo all under 100 calories).

Susie I'm so glad that your knee is feeling well enough to keep walking :carrot: Christmas cards w scripture r my fav also, except for the photo cards. Have U done any kareoke this fall, my dh & I think U r the same Susie that sang kareoke on tv show over a year ago & U r being humble now, she had your hair ;) U said you've won contests, confess/spill-it it is U w that amazing voice & stage personality. I know U will have a loss or b a turtle @ tops :dancer: I've run dry w writting our tops newsletter & want to quit but nobody will step-up & take it......

I gotta go now, Nashville is coming on. I missed The Voice this week, whose team is still singing? Cliff-hangers/season finales r starting :( again, I'm gonna miss DWTS, Revenge, Once Upon A Time, Survivor.......


12-06-2012, 10:14 AM
Good Morning Ladies! ,

It was raining here this morning and I was thinking I wouldnt get my walk in today , the weather channel said rain all day I have my little baby i take w me so walking wasnt an option. I called around to the gyms and they wanted 20 bucks to walk in for an hour!! Thank God it cleared up and I'm going for my walk right now, as of today I'll be at 26.5 miles and I'll have 30 by the end of this week, I'll be walking 12 miles a week thats not so bad.

Dee, i know what you mean about tv shows.. but i don't have cable lol i use netflix and hulu, my fave is biggest loser It was on netflix but they pulled it i found out yesterday it was on hulu so i ordered hulu, i find netflix to run a lot smoother on my tv and wii, i can only use hulu on my pc, maybe my wifi connection is too slow.

I did kind of bad on eating yesterday, I ate more carbs than I should have and was kind of sad about it, I will really buckle down today cuz i weigh in tomorrow and hope I have a loss, i still have 22 lbs to go in a short time and i'm getting really nervous about looking nice and having all the details worked out, I bought my first foundation for my face yesterday it looks good idk if it matches i'm gonna put it on before my walk and see how it holds up to the humidity and sweating. lol

you guys have a great day . I'll check back soon!

oh yesterday i went shopping for necessities and i was sposed to get garbage bags, came home to an over full garbage and guess what..... no garbage bags i forgot.

on a brighter note i went to goodwill for a top or something and found all four twilight books! 2 were soft cover- 79 cents each , and two were hard cover 2.49 each, me and bun started reading them last night.

you guys have a great day . I'll check back soon!
tchau. xoxo

12-06-2012, 10:39 AM
Good morning Ladies.

I am sitting here at work having a breakfast of Pringles Cheezums I had in my desk …breakfast of champions…I didn’t plan this well and haven’t been to the grocery store in a while, so got nothing. :?:

I can feel my middle area getting thicker and is making me sad, gonna try really hard not to have soda for a while…I think that is my main problem right now…not necessarily eating horribly, and not a huge amount …just not counting cals and that usually makes me gain …dang it I gain so freakin easily !!! :(

Haven’t started ANY of my Christmas shopping yet…I always wait till last minute – might do some this weekend – I like the crowds…makes it feel Christmassy, haha :tree:

Susie – don’t work too much !! haha …yes the meds are definitely working …I finally feel like it is turning around…good luck at your weigh in !!!
Interesting thing you said about how u lost the three pounds…how you ate at the top of your calorie range and lost with exercise…I was told when I wasn’t losing for a while that I was probably eating too little calories…at the time it was like 1350 and I was exercising …I am pretty sure they were right because I had a long stall of weight loss and I’m sure I was eating too little …

Dee – Thanks, I am definitely feeling better from the meds my doc gave me….sorry to hear about your friend…they say things can turn into pneumonia pretty easily, so I am taking good care of myself, and gonna rest up this weekend when I am off.
Thanks for always asking about my family, that is so nice of you …my Grandma is having a rougher time with this go round of chemo …she has one more round soon, and then she is done with that…however then she starts 6 weeks of radiation, everyday for six weeks…ughhh …she is not looking forward to that…but she seems to be feeling okay…and I think she will come thru it fine.
The friend that had the heart attack ( age 47 ) is also doing really well…she has a new outlook on life and is taking better care of herself.
I was VERY disappointed with The Voice results on Tuesday ….one of my favorites left ****************** SPOILER ALERT ( to anyone else who might be reading ) ********************* Amanda went home…and I thought she might be in the final two…she was so good …but now with all that’s left I REALLY want Terry to win …so glad breathy Melanie went home, she annoyed me …she was cute, and could carry a tune, but she wasn’t “THE VOICE” you know?

Victoria – I also LOVE Biggest Loser …can’t wait for the new season next month…although don’t know how I will like the new teen kids angle but we will see.
It's so hard with foundation to get a good match …I don’t know that I ever have…mainly I use MAC for mine, love their makeup, but it still doesn’t match that great.
Great find with the Twilight books, I loved reading all four of them ….
Good luck with the weigh in !!! You are doing great !!!! You are going to be beautiful at your wedding so don’t worry…

Hi Mel and LeeAnn !!!! :hohoho:

Everybody is sick around here at work, sounds like a symphony of different coughs, haha, including mine …I hate this time of year for all that… :cry:

Have a good day all !!!

12-07-2012, 08:15 AM
i did super great all day yesterday, until it was dinner time and we went out to mexican, IDK WHY i suggested that in the first place, I"M an idiot. I lost all self control and of course made excuses as to why I should eat whatever I want and wait for monday to weigh in and not weigh in on friday.

By the time it was all over I felt stuffed and light headed, then I went home and had some bathroom issues. not throwing up , (that might have been a good thing lol )

I'm gonna weigh in anyway and see the damage I did , hopefully its not too bad. I will just move on and walk today like i had planned and then hope I get a bigger loss on monday, like they do on biggest loser when they throw the weigh in . lol

How are you guys doing with your eating and your trip to onederland??

Misti in Seattle
12-07-2012, 09:11 AM
Good morning!

I am just a few pounds away from my first major goal of 230... the next one will be Onederland... so decided it is time to hop on this train!!

I look forward to catching up on reading and getting to know everyone.

12-07-2012, 09:54 AM
Good Morning Misty! 72 pounds lost, wonderful! Wow you'll be in onederland before you know it:) , What a cute Christmas ticker!~ I'm almost at my first mini goal, I'll make a christmas ticker for my next mini goal which i hope to reach by christmas!

12-07-2012, 11:14 AM
Morning ladies ...I finally think the meds are working and this chest congestion is starting to break up :carrot: I see a light at the end of the tunnel !!! Thank God its Friday and I can do some more resting ...might do a little bit of christmas shopping this weekend too, but nothing to get me tired.

Well took doggie in for surgery this morning was scheduled for 10:00 so they are doing it now...he is like a child to us so it is nerve wracking to have him there, but he is in good hands and I feel like he will be perfectly fine...he will get pampered and babied this weekend, haha :lol::hug:

I might make chex mix this weekend. I normally wait till week before Christmas but this year I am REALLY craving it and want it sooner ...I figure I could be eating worse as a snack this time of year.

Victoria - I CRAVE mexican food...a big ol' chimichanga with rice and pico...and of course all the chips and salsa I can eat, and oh the queso dip, haha I know how easily it can get out of hand, and I usually end up with the same result you did, in the bathroom, haha is another just move on !!! :)

hi to everyone else ...hope you all have a great weekend.

12-07-2012, 03:12 PM
Hi have some good news to share...I had another 3 lb weight-loss at TOPS last night. :carrot:

I did what Dee told me to do the same thing I did the week before and it worked. I'll do it again this week! ;)

WELCOME to Misti :welcome: This is a great group and we look forward to getting to know you.

Dee: :hug: thanks for helping me believe that I could lose 3 lbs in a week again.

Now, you had a brief time where you made ONE bad food decision. So, bite it, write it and go on. Have some extra water to get that sugar out of your blood.

I swear I am not the girl that sang kareoke on tv show over a year ago. There is no way I would go on TV at this weight....but I just might when I hit goal! :D

Carri: So glad to hear you are feeling better. Take it easy this weekend. Let us know how your doggy does with the cyst removal.

Victoria: Ok...I'm going to see how I do with the 1000 miles until your week date. I am only going to count the miles that I do at the gym or on the indoor trail at work. How many weeks do I have to get this done?

Hi LeeAnn! Hope to see you back soon!

Hi Mel: How are you doing?

Hi Auntie G: Are you still out there?

12-07-2012, 05:26 PM
Susie! :) You've got 6 weeks starting tomorrow :) That puts you at 16.67 miles a week around 5 and a half hours a week if you walk 3 mph. 3.33 miles a day if you walk 5 days a week. I'm doing twelve miles a week since I started before you. I find 3 miles everyday in the florida heat overwhelming esp cuz i'm on a lower cal than normal diet. But that is totally achievable , Yay I have a walking partner lets do this!!

12-07-2012, 11:12 PM
Hello ladies,

I'm back down to 200 was up to 203 lowest was 197. I got some bad news yesterday. As of Dec 30th won't have a job in the NICU they will put us (4 others) on "relocation status".

We are not in the budget for 2013' boooooo ! As of Jan 1st we'll go in a float pool until Jan 30th. After that if we don't have a job they will bid us bye bye & a small severence pkg.

I will hold my head high (I balled like a baby @ 1st) & carry & REFUSE to shove my face full of food.

Love you all & I don't mean to be a downer :dizzy:

Misti in Seattle
12-07-2012, 11:14 PM
Thanks for the welcomes! It is nice to be on the express!!!

12-08-2012, 08:34 AM
@ Susie- :bravo:3 lbs again! Congrats:cp: , yes that is awesome:cheer:! What did you do all week :listen:, maybe I can try that :)

@ Spunk- I'm sorry to hear about your job I know you must feel awful, pray about it ,and I will pray too. Everything will work out even if you don't stay there you will be fine. Remember that.

@ Carri- how's your pup feeling?:)

@ Everyone- :hug:I hope you're having a great holiday with your families and keeping warm and happy :)

Well Yesterday I weighed in at 210.5 which was pretty good I thought for bombing it at mexican. , I told myself I would be a diet saint so I can be happy on Monday's weigh in. I walked yesterday two miles , did good for bfast, then I got a salad from wendy's and I ordered the wrong one it came w fried chicken instead of grilled , i was too lazy to go back but I learned my lesson..then at night of course i didnt plan and i ended up eating my leftovers from mexican, and chips and salsa and choc cake and cornbread..not a lot but more than I'm supposed to i'm sure. It was my girlfriend's bday last night so after I ate we met for bowling and drinks, I drank water, then we went to outback steak house where I also just drank water, My friends were like oh you already messed up today you might as well. but I remembered somewhere I read you might as well not . if you've already messed up your diet drink water and move on. I"m really proud I managed last night but wish i didnt have my diet blunder for dinner.

How are each of you handling your social lives while trying to lose ??

Misti in Seattle
12-08-2012, 09:24 AM
My friends were like oh you already messed up today you might as well. but I remembered somewhere I read you might as well not . if you've already messed up your diet drink water and move on. I"m really proud I managed last night but wish i didnt have my diet blunder for dinner.

How are each of you handling your social lives while trying to lose ??

I like this "might as well not." Good one!

As for handling my social life, I am fortunate in that most of my friends are either also trying to watch their weight OR are considerate of those who are, so if there are meals there is usually healthful stuff. But if not I will make sure I eat a salad or something beforehand and then just eat very small portions.

But I am not on a "diet" but just eating healthful foods so there are not things I am not "allowed" and I don't have to count anything so that makes it easier to manage.

I just flat out do not eat the stuff or if I do, in tiny portions.

12-08-2012, 12:51 PM
Hi. Getting ready to get out of this house and do some Christmas shopping. My plan is to be done by next weekend and I think I will make it.

Then I have to start wrapping! I also need to go to the post office this week and mail some packages.

Victoria: I can do 3.33 miles 5 days a week and I will start today. I can get that in in about 1 hr and 15 min on the treadmill, or eliptical or bike. we go! This is so fun! So your wedding date is Jan 11?

Good for you for not throwing caution to the wind and just eating overboard. Stay focused.

Your asked about what I did to loss the 3 lbs and I just stayed near the top of my daily calorie range--I log my food on a app I have on my phone and doing 1 hr of exercise 5 days a week. I also have been skipping soda most of the time. I think I had 1 last week.

As for the social eating, if I know I'm going out with friends, I keep my other meals light in calories but higher in fiber so I don't feel hungry and then I can sort of "bank" calories for the social meal.

Dee has said: If you bite it, you write it and so that is what I"m trying to to with putting it into my app so I can see what I had.

Misti: Dee is like you, she eats anything she wants and doesn't count, she just eats small portions.

LeeAnn::hug::hug::hug: It is such a horrible thing to be told you won't have a job. I think other than hearing your have cancer or someone you loved died, it is the next most scary thing to hear and deal with.

I'm a faithfilled person and I believe in prayer and also I find comfort in reading my bible. I will pray for you and if you would like some verses that I have clinged to in times of trouble, let me know and I'll send them to you here via PM.

Hi Dee and Carri!

Ok..I've got to get moving.

12-09-2012, 08:40 PM
Merry Christmas Girls :wreath: We woke up to 6" of snow & it's beautiful & looks like Christmas :coolsnow: Friday I was wearing a hoody shopping, it was 60* & today it's in the 30's w snow :snow4:

Misti WELCOME it's awesome to have U with us & congratulations on taking control of your health. It's sad that we lose control of ourselves & put on weight that causes problems. We look forwards to learning new things from U as we help each other w our weight struggles & successes :smug: it's wonderful that U have supportive friends w similar life goals.

LeeAnne :hug: U r in my prayers that they understand that U r a asset & hopefully keep ALL of U working somewhere in the hospital. U r doing Great w your weight, I am very Proud of U :cheer2: Maybe U can shift your worry about your job status, to doing a sport or a hobby U enjoy that U haven't given yourself time for, so spoil yourself being busy. Remember how hard you've worked to b healthy & slimmer. Junk food IS junk, So everyone should only eat 1 serving of junk food @ a sitting & get busy & burn-off those cals/fat before U eat a 2nd serving size of munchies. U will b okay, everyday is new & we don't know what is around the next corner. We r also your family, so vent here as much as U need.

Carri, how is Les doing? I know he is your child & that U hurt when he hurts & I prayed for him. I hope your bronchitis is almost gone now. Omg :cheese: cheesy Pringles, I'm w U but I buy the low-fat & dill pickle Pringles & scoop on sloppy joe (burger or bbq pulled-pork) or cottage cheese, Quaker has a yummy rice-cake 'white cheddar' I eat appetizers as a meal serving. U & Victoria spoke about Mexican food, their 'spicy-hot' soup can kick the flu & a cold right outa ya, just like a 'spicy-hot' Asian soup does. I love everything U wrote U eat & I eat salsa & salsa verde w fat-free sour cream weekly & fat-free refried beans on chips I make using high-fiber tortillas & season w chili powder or drizzle margarine & sprinkle on sugar & cinnamon, or melt a few choc. chips & drizzle on the chips for a instant snack when I crave chips. Put ground flax seed in a container & sprinkle it on food daily.

Having a healthy weight Is all about making good choices, especially when socializing. Drink wine or SkinnyGirl drinks made w agave' sweetener in the Cosmo, Margarita & Pina Colada, w under 100 cal's per glass. Gotta take a cheese ball to a party, use white cheeses lower in fat/cal's, try subbing baby peas for 1/4 of your avacado in guacamole', don't add salt during cooking instead add it @ the end of your cooking, put kosher salt in your shaker instead of iodized, don't eat pie-crust/cheese-cake crust, etc. My kitchen is large w a 4'x8' island where everyone helps w food prep & guests bring a food item & we invent recipes playing w our food like kids do. I read a scary pamphlet @ my dentist about soda/pop & how it eats the enamel off our teeth making them thin & breaking & what it does to our bones, so now I have just 1 pop/soda weekly when I do my shopping, I like having my real teeth :D

Victoria, :congrat: on your being in control when your friends pressured U to eat w them. U moved on from eating silly-bad & r back OP & thats all that matters now. Peer pressure is the worst thing to face, but U can always 'eat like a fussy child' remember how kids pick @ their food & leave something on their plate. Leave 3 bites on your plate to remind U that U r in charge of your life, not the food. Eat only your pie filling & put the leftover crust in a bowl & let the crust harden, & give it to your doggy or the birds/animals, it's not harmfull like the dead things they eat off the ground. Eat your fast-food burger bun topless, etc. If a friend asks U just tell them U r banking your calories for a different meal.

Oh Susie, "Thank You", for thanking me, 'I do have faith in U' & I respect U. So it was easy for me to ask U to 'repeat your 3 pound loss week'. U r a typeA & a WonderWoman & fun & my Christian sister in the same package. So U just gotta use those attributes of yours & put U into a slimmer package to live a healthy, long life w your dh. We know how our men r w/o us, so if we r messed up, it also affects our loved ones & they hurt along w us. Since we met here over a year ago we've shared a lot of happy & sad moments. I was here for a few months before Arabella, Liz & Mel left, I never got to know Auntie G. I know if U & Carri leave I'd stay in touch even though I am not a fan of FB. Um, dh & I both r having health problems & we need prayer, so I would also like the scripture chapter/verses :angel: that U offered LeeAnne. There r just too many medical errors happening. Susie U r on track to reach your goal :goodscale & I know U will reach all of your 2013 goals :sunny:

Carri r U going to give us another 'yes-yes' :yes: & 'no-no' :nono: this week, for our December challenge now that U r recovering?

Mel, Debbie, Liz, Arabella & you'all who were here briefly, :grouphug:

Got any 'Healthy :chef: Food Gifts :p' that U make or buy, please post them here this week, TY. Share some of your healthy cooking tips so we can keep learning & remind us of some we did before :cofdate:

What's your 10 fav, non-electric kitchen/cooking hand-gadgets U use weekly? Some of mine r: 1.graters for cheese, nutmeg, ginger, etc. 2.pepper mills. 3.olive oil mister. 4.whips. 5.pastry bags w tips for desserts to stuffing pasta shells. 6.folding mesh colander/steamer baskets 7.silicone covered tongs scissors 9.pastry dough-wheel 10.mandoline slicer/shredder. Share your list of 10, For our own kitchen ideas, or to give inexpensive Gifts to a new cook that U know this Christmas or buy & donate to those who have gone through a hardship like Hurricane Sandy replenishing their kitchens.

:tree::candy::hohoho::angel: With Christmas Blessings to All, DeeDee

12-10-2012, 06:20 AM
Thanks everyone I really appreciate your love & support I don't want this to become the" Lee Anne board"

Welcome Misti ! :)
Carri - how is your puppy ?
Dee - send me some snow can keep the ice though

Any amount of prayers,scripture & support or words of advice is TOTALY appreciated. I have an interview today @ 0900 so I'll sparkle myself up dust myself off & pretend like I'm talking to a friend in a casual conversation. It's how I get through an interv without being nervous.

Haven't done too too much damage eating wise trying to stay on plan. I can't really eat a whole lot feeling like this you ladies :hug:

Misti in Seattle
12-10-2012, 08:12 AM
Misti: Dee is like you, she eats anything she wants and doesn't count, she just eats small portions.

Did I give the impression I do this? LOL Not at ALL!! I have totally changed my way of eating. As much as possible, I eat organic, whole fresh foods -- lots of fruits and veggies, and small amounts of other things. I live a block from Safeway but drive 7 miles to a natural foods community co-op market.

I eat almost NO processed foods... you couldn't pay me to touch a Lean Cuisine, etc.... I won't even eat bread off the store shelves but drive to a Great Harvest Baker and get fresh, whole grain bread. And as little as possible of anything containing any GMO tainted products, or stuff filled with chemicals, sugar or fake sugar, and salt. No fast food. Certainly not "anything I want" although the more I study how processed foods are made and what is in them, the less I want of of them. I even changed my brand of cottage cheese when I studied the ingredients and found out my old brand was full of corn products (almost assuredly GMO tainted ones, since most of the corn grown in the USA is). I will very occasionally have a tiny piece of cake or one cookie, etc, if I am at a social gathering with friends, but that's it. I won't even eat unhealthful stuff at times like Thanksgiving and Christmas. I've gone from drinking multiple cups of coffee a day... I was hardly ever without it... to having it once or twice a week -- at church or at a friend's house. I don't even buy it any more to make at home. I never drink soft drinks, seldom eat anything sweet and do not touch fake sugar. I don't own a salt shaker. I gag down a horrid tasting -- but very healthful according to my doctor -- nutritional supplement, almost every morning.

I have become a huge fan of Michael Pollan and studied his videos and books, and agree with him. I have pretty much adopted his "Food Rules" for eating.

Oh and my lab work is great and my blood pressure has gone down into the normal range, which I have been working for years to get it to do... unsuccessfully until now. My doctor, chiro and a lot of friends have commented on my improved complexion. Even my hair is softer and shinier. And I FEEL better than I have in years and have tons more energy.

Just to clarify. :) I most certainly do not "eat anything I want" LOL How on earth did I give that impression? :) And I should add that I have never eaten more delicious food in my life! Once the cravings have gone from all the addictive substances in processed stuff and fast food... and I am getting actual nutrients in my food... I no longer crave all that stuff.

12-10-2012, 09:01 AM
Lee anne- good luck at your interview today ! :)

Susie- the date is january 19th :)

Dee- I absolutely love reading your posts! I will also keep you and your dh in my prayers for health.

I weighed in yesterday at 210.5 tried to do good all day while visiting friends until last night before bed. I always do this! before bed darnit. Im gonna go check my weight this morning then come back and get ready for my walk hopefully i have a loss this week again I'm ready to get into the 1's soo bad :)

Ok girls I'll let you know how the weigh in goes . Have a great day anad make good choices :D

12-10-2012, 05:39 PM
Evening Girls….it’s been a long day for me here at work …I am feeling better but still not back to my old self quite yet, still coughing up chest congestion, ughhhh …TMI I know …:cry:

Les is doing better, however the wound is fairly large and seepy thru the stitches ( boy I am full of gross details today haha ) and now he is trying to scratch it and get at it….and we can’t use a cone because the wound is right on the neck line, so we are trying to yell at him when he does it, but we will see…pain meds seem to be helping him quite a bit, that first day he came home he just whined and moaned and laid around, made me feel terrible or him.
Thanks everyone for asking about him, he is a dog, but he is more like my kid since I don’t have any human ones, haha

Susie – Girl you are SO impressing me …another 3 lbs? You are ROCKIN it !!!! Great job !!! How did the Christmas shopping go? I got most of mine done over the weekend and today, just a few more things to buy. :present:

Dee – thanks for the food advice with the Mexican stuff, it is my weakness…well that and Chinese…I have been interested in flax seed too, someone once told me it was very good for you …Thanks for praying for Les, that was very sweet of you.
So jealous of you getting all that snow…send some down here !!!! At least for Christmas :snow4:
Speaking of challenges, I need to be in one, I have now gained back about 12lbs and am quite depressed…I am in a shame spiral with food… :(

Lee Anne – SO sorry to hear about your job…I know that is always hard, has happened to me in the past ….I wish you a lot of luck on the interview. Hugs.

Victoria – that is how I always roll, if I have a bad lunch I say screw it and eat like a pig the rest of the day ( I really do have some major food issues ), but truly you should just go right back on plan and eat right the rest of the day, I know easier said than done…but you are doing such a great job and you have such a great motivator with the wedding coming. :jig:

Misti – Welcome …I too won’t eat the bread at the store…we have a bread shop here in town and the bread I get there has like 5-6 ingredients and I know them all, all natural…my ultimate goal in 2013 is to not eat anything processed , but don’t know if I will make it …your way of eating sounds so good for you…I will have to look into the books by Michael Pollan.

What a long day at work – did I already say that ? haha …and I have heart burn, had Steak n Shake chili at lunch …boy am I regretting that one… :barf:

Have a good night Ladies !! :candy::candy::candy:

Misti in Seattle
12-10-2012, 08:38 PM
Hello everyone. Just checking in before I go get dinner.

Satine, just wanted to say that Michael Pollan has a lot of full length free videos on YouTube. That is how I got acquainted with his stuff. Quite an eye opener.

Yes, we are fortunate to live near good bakeries. :)

12-11-2012, 09:09 AM
Carri- Good to hear you're nearly back to your old self. :) You could join our walking challenge and we can motivate eachother :D
I am doing great for bfast and I have a 3 mile walk to do today but the humidity is 93% i hope I can stay dry.

I remember as a kid waking up and my parents , aunts , gma who evers house I was at would always be up early drinking coffee at the table by the time I got up. I decided it would be nice for me to have the christmas lights on and making breakfast before they get up with christmas music on today. I feel pretty good about it.

Misti in Seattle
12-12-2012, 04:59 AM
Hi everyone

It's late but I'm just checking in to catch up on reading and say hello.

Wishing everyone a successful day!

12-12-2012, 08:30 AM
Good Morning Everyone :D

Its Wednesday , time for another morning weigh in :) I'm nervous and excited I had dream I lost weight I really hope I did, It could have been from watching biggest loser last night before bed on hulu :)I was such a good little eater yesterday , 100% on plan til bed . Gonna get the girls ready for school and walk 1.5 miles today , thank God I stayed dry with the baby yesterday I brought towels and a jacket in case it started to sprinkle ..

Misti- I tried eating like you do, it worked really well but I find it easier to lose weight following the program that I know which includes a few processed items. Glad to hear thats working for you and you're not putting any chemicals into your body. :)

Susie- How's your walking going? I told my dad a while back i was planning on walking fifty miles. I told him last night i'm at 36 after today and he was so proud that I was almost there. Then I told him I'm doing 100 instead. he told me about this time in egypt he had to walk 106 miles in 4 days in the army because their unit didnt want to be outdone by the brits who walked instead of taking their traks, idk some type of military vehicle.

Carri- are you back up and running at full speed yet? I hope so. I've had the same cough for 2 1/2 weeks now no other symptoms but chest congestion , can't wait for that to end. :)

Lee Anne - How did your interview go?

Dee- Thank you for the advice you're such a sweet heart. I'm definitely learning a lot from you. :)

Misti in Seattle
12-12-2012, 08:51 AM
Good morning, everyone

Yay, just got on the scale and it still says 233! I do deserve it since I just had veggies for dinner and did not overeat yesterday, but still... never know!

cheeriloos, I hope your dream comes true and you lost weight! :) And glad you found a plan that works for you. To clarify, I do eat some processed items... just try to make sure they are organic and GMO free, and have very few ingredients (a lot of ingredients generally equals a higher level of processing).

I guess it is working because yesterday I got told I am developing a "healthy glow." :dance:

Everyone have a fantastic day and stay on plan!!! We want to be a bunch of losers!!

12-12-2012, 11:38 AM
Yay, 207.5 thats what i weighed in my dream :) I was kind of getting greedy for a minute like dang why couldnt i be closer to 199 but thats really great in 2 days. :D I watch too much biggest loser and want 17 lbs a week LOL I sure don't wanna be in the gym eight hours a day though so I guess I don't want it that bad eh?

12-12-2012, 12:11 PM
Hello Ladies, I've been thinking about you all. I had some busy work days and then both mine and my manager's computers crashed! So, a few long days.

I took a vacation day today and had my regular blood draw, results will be back tomorrow. The doctor was happy to see that I'm down 15 lbs since I was there in May. I had no idea. I lose and regain the same weight and lose it again, so while 15 lbs in a year isn't great, it's something and I still have a little time to loose some more.

It has been a very busy year for me with a lot of tranisition and dealing with very unexpected things, but everything has turned out just as it should and I am good with that. I will see this docter again in May and so I would like to have 35+ gone by then. As you know I'm a goal setter and it helps me to work towards something.

Misty: I thought in your post that you wrote you don't count your food calories and so that is what I met. Dee and you are a lot alike, she really watches the processed foods and she cooks so many things for herself and DH and always is looking for healthy and balanced in that processes.

I'm glad your way of eating is working for you; not only to loose weight but to feel better and be healthy.

Victoria: I am doing good with my walking. I did the inside walking trail at work. It is a 3.4 mile trail. I break it up and do it 30 min; at lunch and then the other 30 is when I take a break. With the crazy work week I haven't made it to the Y so my walk has to be at work.

I have a question about your walking ticker. How did you get it in your signature? I went to that site and made a ticker but when I put the URL in it just takes me the site where my ticker is. I want to put it on my signature.

Good for you at the scales this morning and for doing your walk.

Carri: I think you will be all well by the weekend! I'm sending positive vibes! I am still praying for doggie Les.

I didn't do very well with my Christmas shopping on many people out and I get distracted. I'm going to go today. I took a vacation day since I had the doctor appt. A friend is going with me.

Right now I'm waiting on a plumber. My kitchen sink decided to plug up last night and I can't get it unclogged.

LeeAnn: I am glad to hear that you had a interview already and I pray you get a offer. I'm praying for the best that He has planned for you.

Dee: You made me cry (happy tears) when you said "U r a typeA & a WonderWoman & fun & my Christian sister in the same package". :hug: I cherish you! I think if I lived close to you I would be at your house everyday! I'm so glad we get to visit most everyday here.

I will certainly pray for you and DH and the health issues that are cropping up.

I am going to send both you and LeeAnne some scripture to meditate on. I'll send it by PM on here.

Have a lovely day ladies! I look forward to seeing you all tomorrow.

12-12-2012, 03:36 PM
susie after you make your ticker on you will see the code for it at the bottom of the page if you click bbcode. copy all of that coding then go to your user cp and to edit your signature link then paste the code in there , hit preview it should come up with the image then click save image, if that doesnt work let me know i'll try to explain again :D Glad to hear you're doing well

12-12-2012, 05:30 PM
Hi Ladies ....Hope all of you are having a good day...I think I feel a headache coming on so I'm about to take something for it ...I stopped a bp med and started another one and i think I am getting headaches periodically from one of those....I normally only get headaches on my TOM. :(

Les is doing well, still oozing at the wound site, we are trying to keep it as dry and clean as possible...he gets the stitches out next week.

Dee - Hope things are getting better with you and dh and your health issues...I am keeping both of you in my thoughts. :hug:

Victoria - you are doing so well, you make me ashamed ( well you and Susie ) for how I'm eating right now, I have done better today and trying to knock off the soda, although I am only having one a day, last year at this time I was having 3-4 at least I got that going for me, lol

Hi everyone else, have a great evening !!!!


12-12-2012, 07:07 PM
Ok girls , I have done it once again. Rationalized that I should eat more to keep from plateauing -is that a word?I went to publix bought myself a bag of chips and salsa i followed the serving size then i said "well last time I ate like a pig at mexican I still lost weight. and I'll just do really great tomorrow. But I feel really sad after I do this and while i"m doing it I just don't care I'm eating and it tastes great and I feel like it will all be ok , then when i'm done and full and i feel gross I am super guilty and worried about my weight. What the heck is my problem, I've totally got food issues. I am gonna stay OP tomorrow so i hopefully see a loss on friday and help with damage control like I told myself while I was know whats funny. I was shopping for ice cream and said no to myself and that it was a bad idea. I ended up binge eating anyway. Great. Oh well once again i'm moving on , but man what a sucky feeling , I'm never this full anymore and its uncomfortable and I feel really dumb. Just venting guys..

12-13-2012, 01:25 AM
Hello Girls, I just got home from Christmas shopping @ 10:30pm & I gotta get up @ 5:30am tomorrow, but can't fall asleep yet so I wanted to say 'hi'. Girls :hug: TY for caring about dh & me, neither of us will know anything until we see our docs in 2 weeks. Mine will b on vaca in Italy & his oncologist can't get him in, so it's going to b a long 2 weeks. Life goes on & after we get our good/bad news I'll tell you. :angel:

LeeAnne, did U get your new job? I've been praying on it w U & sending U happy, positive thoughts. I want U to have a happy Christmas without worrying about your income. Maybe U will win the next lottery or a awesome prize, U may think I'm crazy but I entered both Ellen & Oprah's Giveaways :D I've won concert tickets several times, so I figure somebody's gonna win, why not me & other nice things. We still have 4" of snow, No ice but I wanta give back the 30*s :brr: I want my snow in the warm 50*s & just wear a light jacket outside.

Carri, girl what r we gonna do with U....If we lived closer we could bring U a pot of 'yummy soup' :stir: & play cards or watch movies & babysit U. I hope U let your man do some housework while U were sick. I bet your voice sounds real freaky w your bronchitis :joker: U could phone-prank your best-friend, brother & sister & parents. Have U ever thought about buying a Soda-Stream machine, I know sombody that bought 1 & it actually helped them to break their habit of drinking soda....Umm, did U read what I read @ the dentist about soda (acids in it) thinning the enamel on teethe & bones, that should scare U into drinking just 1 daily that U r doing. Don't give yourself a beat-down for eating....Remember the 'Carri that was doing swim-aerobics' l remember How DEtermined that U were & How proud & strong U felt about Your body & your clothes were Falling-Off. Ok, GO "Find Her" & get that Carri BAck on Track next Monday. Go make a week's menu & go shopping for your fav healthy foods..... U Will Do this, or Santa willl NOT take U back to Florida next fall :dancer:

Victoria, all of us have messed-up & guilted ourselves & it does suck, but ya know U just gotta out-smart yourself, trick your cravings. 3 things that have worked for me r: #1 eat protein & veggies @ every meal & With every snack; eat protein even if U eat junk-food, that's prob why U lost weight eating Mexican food cause of the protein in the beans & meat? When I eat cottage cheese or refried beans w chips I don't gain. #2 Buy your fav pricey fruits & veggies & have them peeled/sliced/defrosted ready to eat or make a smoothie & use them for your 'guilty pleasure' craving. #3 Drink 1 large glass of water, as soon as your cravings start, & drink it before U eat your meals also. U said U drink lemon-water, well try flavoring it also w sliced limes, cucumbers, etc. That's all I got right now for U, because honestly I think U r eating 'emotionally right now'. Christmas time is beautiful, but crazy-complicated & U have wedding stress, so I wish I could loan U my hot-tub & chimnea-fire on the deck & U could soak & watch the snowflakes fall while U watch the bunnies, squirrels & deer walking around my back yard; that would relax U for sure. U r doing amazing, take a breath & maybe a nap, then re-read your Plan again & sing to the baby about how mommy is getting healthy & slimmer to play with ;) U

Susie :hug: Ron just turned the light off, it's midnight already, so I'll write my post to U tomorrow after my tops meeting ends.

Sweet Dreams girls, DeeDee

12-13-2012, 11:48 AM
Ok I weighed in this morning to see what damage I caused last night. I'm almost 209 more than 208.5. I'm glad it wasnt that bad but I didnt record it because I"m not sposed to weigh in officially on my plan i made for myself until tomorrow. I almost didnt want to go for my walk this morning but i'm going. I need to really stay On plan and keep going with it so I'll weigh in again tomorrow and I'll walk now even though I'm feeling sooo sleepy and not motivated to go at all. Anyway guys you have a good day and I'll chat to ya soon. I've got to get some christmas presents in the house , i'll order some online today and after my walk I'll put on my fake bake today and tomorrow so saturday night I have a tan I'm wearing a new dress I bought about a month ago with some nice heels I got the day after thanksgiving hopefully I'll be back down to 207.5 by sat morning and I'll be in a good mood :)

12-13-2012, 01:48 PM
Hi Girls!
Quick post on my "lunch" hour which I'm eating and doing TOPS things I have to do as the Secretary before tonights meeting.

Victoria: You will look lovely in the dress! I am very much a comfort/emotional eater and I think that maybe you are too?

I am having to work hard today to get those steps in to stay on track. Since I desk things to do at work today I'm not walking the building trail. BUT I did volunteer to take something to the dock so that I could get some extra steps in.

Carri: BOOOO on the headaches. Be sure to tell your doctor about it.
Feel better!

Dee: How was TOPS?

LeeAnn: Still praying and sending positive vibes. to go....see you all tomorrow.

the shiv
12-13-2012, 03:39 PM
I'm new! Hi everyone :)

I'm not weighing myself regularly, but I have a pair of trousers that are about 14lbs away from fitting (I think), so once I get into them I should be under 200! Hope everyone's doing well, it feels good to say I'll never have to pass a "onehundredandsomething" mark ever again :D

12-13-2012, 04:53 PM
Merry Christmas :hohoho:

shiv :welcome2: It's so nice to meet U. Feel free to say anything on your mind; if U want to vent or ask for help & give us advice. We talk about most everything here, cause being overweight comes from many things in life :smug: The girls here r from 20's to 50's & r very supportive.

Today I had my tops WI & I was 142 lbs, -1 pound below my 143 lb goal, I'll own that. I resigned as Newsletter Editor today, it hasn't been fun for several months & its time for a new editor to take-it-on. I tried to 'motivate the girls & give support them', while writting the newsletter but often it seemed like talking to rocks :^: when they'd regain what they lost :( I'll continue as the awards/charms coordinator after doing it since 2007 its still fun cheering on the losers & hosting the ceremonies. Our leader & co-leader are upset about my resignation, it-is what it-is, w 29 girls +5 snowbirds they need to step-up & take their turn working too.

Victoria :running: great job w going on your walk & your weight, duh 1/2 lb it will prob b gone in the morning :smug: when U WI. Dance the night away Saturday night & drink lots of water too :dancer: Enjoy your special night, you'll b beautiful w your handsome guy. Take some memory pics of all 4 of U before U leave cause your 2 little ones will adore them when they r older.... What's the name of the weight loss program U r following & how do U like it, pros & cons TY :smug:

Susie, :crossed: good luck @ your tops WI tonight. Has your been canceled for bad weather yet, we've had 3 canceled. When we get 2-4 more inches of snow we're getting out our snowshoes & hike our woods, I'll post my pic if we see anything amazing. I wish we could all b in a tai-chai class or yoga to relieve some stress together, then go to a kareoke bar w our men (my dh has a sexy-strong singing voice & people stop singing to listen to him, I'm not jealous but I do envy it) I will Not sing lead, but I would do a duet or trio, like I said before I am shy being solo. U said U & your dh like jazz, have U heard Jamie Cullum, I saw him on Austin City Limits twice & I really enjoyed him & his energy. I hope U see on the scale today what makes U happy again :cheer2:

Right now, I'm craving a pizza w pineapple, black olives & mushrooms for supper :o But it won't happen because I baked a cheeseburger pie & a salad for dh & made a 5-layer salad w provolone cheese for me this afternoon..... A huge candy dish of mixed flavors of Hershey's Kisses is sitting across from me & teasing me all week to cave-in & eat JUST 1,2,3, no thanks I'm staying OP. So I'll sip 2 glasses of water & wait for supper @ 5:30.

Carri, Mel, LeeAnne :grouphug:

Have a wonderful Weekend girls!!! :rudolph: :snow4: :wreath: Christmas Blessings to All !!!

12-13-2012, 05:34 PM
Afternoon girls ...well we had to take our doggie Les back in for more surgery this morning,,, I feel so terrible for him but he did it himself ...he was picking and scratching at it and he took out two of the there was a big open wound on his back and it was seeping it was this afternoon they had to put him back under and re open the wound and clean out all the infection and put stitches back in, they also put a backwards cone on his head so it would cover the area and he wouldn't be able to scratch it hopefully....they also put a train in for the infection...he looks half crazed, and the drain and bandage have to stay on until Tuesday...I don't see us being able to stop him from touching it until then especially when we are at work ...dh is staying home with him tomorrow though I think ...I will post a pic of how crazy he looks now...they even wrapped his head, poor guy ....and yes, today was another big vet bill ...Merry Christmas to all !!! lol

12-13-2012, 05:38 PM
My poor baby ....

Misti in Seattle
12-13-2012, 08:22 PM
Hi everyone

Just a quick check-in

MyChoice, you are right in that I don't count food calories. I pretty well know basically what things are and that chocolate has more calorie than carrots. :) I will have to check out more of Dee's posts... I haven't been in this thread long enough to get to know people. Sounds like she is more of a cook than I am though... LOL mostly I chop and season veggies and bake them on a cookie sheet. But I live near a natural foods market which makes fantastic hot items.

I'll be back later to catch up on more of the posts here.

12-14-2012, 10:17 AM
Good Morning Everyone! I sat here and typed up a whole pity party , then I wrote to myself what I would write if it were someone elses pity party. What a wakeup call. :D I'm going to have a great day. I lost that pound I gained and half a pound more i'm down to 207 and not 207.5 yay. big baby is sick today, throwing up since 3 am so i'm gonna do laundry and take care of her . Hopefully I'll get my walk in later in the evening I don't wanna get I will get my walk in :D. Have a great day guys.

I was taking my 15 pounds for granted and sad that its not more and feeling sorry for myself and thinking sad things. No I still cannot fit my skinny pants. (skinny compared to me anyway ) but I'm making progress and If I keep going in this direction I'll get to the body I want eventually. I just have to stop telling myself I"m tired of this , and its not happening fast enough.

I will tell myself that I am doing great. Making great progress and I will not let myself stop or quit again. :) I'm so glad I can talk to you guys.

Dee-A few years ago I signed up for metabolic research center. They are a low cal /low carb program with protein supps. I lost 30 lbs in two months. I met my fiance and forgot the diet and gained weight when we got prego with our little baby_she's two now. I lost the same 30 last summer. I was happy . So happy and I gave myself a break(i forgot all about my weight ).

Now Its all back , well 17 of them are back I already took off 15 yay. And I plan to get down to a good size soon. I'll be happy in a size 8 . even 12.

Anyway its a very expensive plan. (for me) so I just remember what the plan says to eat. I bought a no carb protein shake and I follow it and it works just the same and I get to keep my 300+ dollars sign up fee and 55 dollars per week for protein shakes. My protein is 40 bucks and it lasts like 3 weeks.

Fast Results
Not a lot of cravings
No Loss of energy
No prepackaged foods ( i make all my own foods, just less than my normal binge every meal type)

Low Carb-I love crackers, chips, bread, pancakes, cookies-bad carbs in general
Pretty restricted in food choices. even certain fruits i have to avoid.

12-14-2012, 10:45 AM
I didn't get to weigh-in at TOPS last night as I went to my nieces Christmas Concert at school. I thought I would be able to pop in, drop off the minutes book so someone else could take the minutes for me and then weigh-in but the weight recorder wasn't there yet..I was really early.

Our Leader is always there by 5:15 and usually the weight recorder is there too..our weigh-in starts at 5:30. I couldn't wait until 5:30 so I had to leave but by my scales at home (I aways step on them before I go to my meeting to see what they say and if they are on track with the TOPS scales). I would have been down another 3 lbs. So, I'll just keep doing what I'm doing and when I weigh-in next week I am hoping to see a total of 6 lbs lost!

Dee: I am proud of you for going ahead and doing what is right for you and I agree that with that size of chapter, others need to step up. Really with that size 1 person shouldn't have to do two things.

And look at you under goal! It is very hard to stay a KOPS since the leway under and over is very narrow. Again, VERY proud of you!

We haven't had any snow in Ohio and as far as I am concerned it can wait until Dec 24...and can snow until Jan 1. I'm off work from Dec 21 on and so if it snows during that time frame I am good. I just hate to have to get out in it and get to and from work with a 50 mile commute--one way--every day!

Carri: Poor Les!!!! That picture is so sad..I hope he gets better soon.

Victoria: I made my miles yesterday! Knowing that I have the deadline of your wedding and that you are walking it too helps me to stay on track!
Keep it are doing well.
I also like the info you are sharing. I can hear your "talking" to yourself (and it matches the voice in my head); we emotional eaters have to do a lot of "self-talking". So now I hear my voice and your voice and Dee's voice in my head...and it is a good thing!

Misti: Thanks for checking in! Nice to see you here.

LeeAnne: Hi!

WELCOME to Shiv: Having a pair of pants to measure your progess is a great tool! We hope to see you posting here and that we can get to know you.

Ok..back to work for me. I'll be around this weekend.

12-14-2012, 08:10 PM
Victoria: I made my miles yesterday! Knowing that I have the deadline of your wedding and that you are walking it too helps me to stay on track!

Awesome! You know I walked today because I know you're doing it too its extra motivation to have a partner in this :D
I can hear your "talking" to yourself (and it matches the voice in my head); we emotional eaters have to do a lot of "self-talking". So now I hear my voice and your voice and Dee's voice in my head...and it is a good thing!

I feel the same exact way!:D Today I went to lunch at Friday's ( BAD CHOICE BTW) I could hear Dee saying "eat like a picky child " in my mind , It helped with the queso dip. I took a chip and broke tiny pieces off and dipped those instead of eating chip after chip . So Thankful for each of you girls. :D

Prolly gonna gain again from eating at friday's:dizzy: , I told my girlfriend. Pick a place I can eat grilled chicken salad..she said fridays I said ok I got there and the salads were more than 750 cals **what in the world??

She is my anti diet friend. Needless to say I will be pickin the restaurants from now on. lol

12-15-2012, 11:38 AM
Hello everyone scale said 201 yesterday. Even though I'm not where I want to be I'm not gaining a crazy amount. -1 + 1-1+1 & so on & so forth. Food is not my thing when I'm upset /worried / stressed. I'm really doing good in that dept too for some reason maybe it will hit me when the VERY LAST day nears & I still don't have a job. Dec 25th is my last day in the NICU & Jan 30th is the last day in the "relocation pool"

THANKS for your love & support I'm still pluggin along & hope you are too DONT EVER GIVE UP !

Susie : I got your message Thanks :hug:
Carri : cute puppy hope he heals quick I know it's stressfull
Dee : send me some SNOW girl !

Hello to all the new people & WELCOME !

Type A here too & OCD former-military (not as bad as I use to be BUT don't ask my family)

12-16-2012, 08:44 AM
Good morning! The weekend is flying by! I have a lot to do today after church, but one thing I'm doing for sure is taking a nap!

I just balanced my checkbook :sp: Christmas is hard on the ole checkbook! It's ok...we have all the bills paid, food in the house and gas in the cars. I just don't like it when I feel things are tight, but we all face this from time to time...unless we have won the lottery!

I got my blood works results back and my numbers looked good except my Vit D. It was low, just like my doctor thought. So I am now taking a supplement for that.

Dee: You are always talking about us winning the lottery...that would be so much fun! How are you going? Is your snow still on the ground?

It has been in the upper 50's in Ohio this weekend...crazy weather. I love to watch the snow if I don't have to go out in it. If it would just snow on the weekens when I don't have to commute to work that would be ok.

Carri: How is Les? and how are you? Have your headaches subsided?

Victoria: You did great with the chips and queso. Some salads can pack a lot of calories that is for sure! I will say, I think having a salad even if it is high in calories is better than eating a cheesburger or something like that. At least it has veggies.

I got my miles in yesterday; today will be a off day for me and I will start on it again tomorrow. It's fun walking with you!

LeeAnne: :hug: Sorry those scales went up a bit....they will come back down. Just try and stay focused as much as you can. It is tough when we are used to a regular job and then suddenly we find out we will be without one and thinking about starting over.

A friend of mine sent me something yesterday that said that the words "do not fear" are mentioned 365 times in the bible---a year is 365 days..I think He said those words on purpose.....He has us covered EVERY day. I hope that lifts your heart this morning.

Hi Shiv and Misti! to go eat breakfast and get ready for church. Have a great day everyone!

Misti in Seattle
12-17-2012, 12:32 AM
Hi everyone.

Thanks for the greetings! Checking in to read all your posts; that is about all I can handle timewise lately!

Hang in there

12-17-2012, 12:50 AM
:santa: Merry Christmas Girls :wreath: It sure is coming quickly, way too fast for us, w many things we have to do yet.

Hey Carri & Les, I hope U r doing better :D it's been a rough few weeks @ your home. I know your food struggles, I've been there & I don't like myself when I fail, so I made myself :write: write a goal plan & added wkly rewards when I maintain my weight. I know it will happen for U Carri, U will Not give-up after what U accomplished last summer; U were Awesome w your swim-routine :yay: & eating. When U get tired of working your butt-off to lose those same pounds & going backwards; the little Carri will start fighting to b back again. "The Choice Is Yours", they say @ tops club. Write your plan & start your Indy Race, 'Carri is In the drivers seat :bike:', I know U can match what U did in the summer, plus more. We r here to help & so many sites r helpful like WW, etc. Carri, I see U wearing a size 12 next Christmas if thats what U want :hug:

Victoria, :smug: TY for sharing your program w us, I hope it keeps working for U & is healthy for your age. Eating out is crazy I agree, my fav fastfood is Subway getting breakfast w egg-white & loading it w veggies & no dressing, anytime of the day or getting a small Wendy's chili. Anyways U know how to eat/exercise & I Am Proud of U becoming healthy :workout: :running: for U & for your beautiful girls & new hubby; to stop gaining that fat that kills people daily. It's so fabulous that U make most of your foods U eat & teaching your girls their natural flavors & how-to cook. Choose a size & go for it because U r young it will happen easily for U. I wear size 9 jeans & size 12 tops, size M @ 143 lbs. U can get there too & b a happy clothes shopper next Christmas 2013, new clothes for U w Christmas sales @ 50%-70% off. Hey, check wonton wrappers & see if they fit into your diet program, U could fill them w yummy protein/veggies & oven-fry them, or maybe make bread w rice/potato flour?

LeeAnne :dizzy: my snow melted yesterday when it was 50* & rained, now it's mud everywhere. Great Work :lucky: on maintaining that 1 lb up-down, because I can gain more than that when I stress eat. Sometimes when we go through bad times, much better things r waiting for us in the future & being self-employed I never know what will happen w my income next week. We're living in such a unstable economy, that our experience & self-confidence doesn't mean anything to companies & hospitals r the same :( We'll get through the hard times okay, it's in His Word, give all your worries to the Lord :angel: U wouldn't believe some of the silly things I chat to Him about, He Is so Amazing. Better days r around the corner for all of us :cloud9:

Susan Wow :goodscale another weekly -3 pound victory :cheer2: That's 9 or 12 pounds straight? Your Vita D is low, I'd make that a snack challenge to eat Vita D snacks & avoid the silly-bad foods. How is your knee doing w the crazy weather changes we r having? U r lucky to have a local indoor track to walk-on, my local indoor-walking r the school hallways during the winter. How is your 5K buddy doing, is she @ her weight or is she in tops also? How is John doing w his cardio eating plan, most men have probs continuing a new nutrition eating style. Oh, I only buy 1/$2 mega-lottery ticket weekly & nothing yet :^: Dh is on 1 hr daily overtime for 2 months & waking up w him @ 4am instead of 5am has screwed my body-clock up & I'm hungry @ 6am now :?: I have a snack & then eat again @ 9am....Now I have a new challenge for myself to stop that. Susie I feel U will b wearing a size 14 for Christmas 2013, w Good Losses continuing for U through 2013, sooo keep-on track, OP like the past 3 weeks w 2 lb or 3 lb weekly losses, U can Do this.....

Hi Mel & Shiv :wave: Hope U r having a good weekend!

Saturday was crazy-busy. I finished a food order for our Amish neighbors that buy my homemade spinach/cheese tortellini & my veggie ravioli dough. Funny my baking is healthier than theirs, since they make most food from scratch; but they use lots of shortening, lard, gluten, white sugar, salt, baking & I don't. Most of my sugar is natural honey & fresh/frozen fruits, that I blend & I only use natural whole grain, veggie flours/rice/potato, buckwheat, etc. I haven't bought bread products since 1990 when my sons got me my 1st bread machine for Mother's Day & I began buying my grains from a Amish grocer & did artisenal baking to destress from my office job & probs. Tomorrow I finish painting a client's wall mural for a child's room & instead of $pay I chose to trade them for a cashmere Alpaca brimmed hat, mittens & infinity scarf, they r Alpaca breeders & I chose my colors & style & they sent my order to their knitter. I rarely do client paintings anymore, but this is my 2012 Christmas gift to myself & I am so looking forwards to wearing it.

I hope everyone is doing Wonderful w your foods & will have a Great New week OP :dust: Let's keep-on motivating each other, during the holidays :p Going to bed late tonight, I had to stay-up & watch tv, the Survivor finale' ;)

:hug: DeeDee :hohoho: :tree: :rudolph:

12-17-2012, 04:25 PM
Hello. I found myself scouting for some chocolate because I am seeking something to comfort me today. I feel stressed. So much to do as the holiday is almost here. I need to wrap, clean, cook for family carry-ins and you know it's Christmas so money is a bit tight at times.

So, instead of continuing to scott for chocolate here at work, I decided to take some time to come here and read some posts and then post myself.

I'm already feeling better while I type. :)

Dee: Your hat, scarf and mittens sound so nice! We have a alpaca farm very near me and they have a "store" there. I haven't been..I'm afraid I would want something!!

My indoor track at work is not really a track, but rather a path they mapped out in the hallways but it works and I"m glad it is here. I used to work in another building that had a full workout facility and I miss it. At the Y were I workout with my walking partner on Tuesdays, we have a indoor track. It is above the gym--we can watch the guys play basketball ;)

My knee is feeling pretty good. It will swell if I am on it a bit more than usual but the cortozone shot has helped with the pain.

You asked about DH's eating for his cardio plan. He didn't have to change his eating habits for the AFib issue. It wasn't a heart issue per say where he had blockages but rather a electrical issue and since they did the cardioversion he is in rhytm and so it is all back to normal. I did talk to him about his heart and the fact that having a strong heart is important, in case he would have AFib again (they think he might have gotten it from being dehydrated at some point--that can do it sometimes. His heart showed nothing wrong with it structually or any blockages so they aren't sure why he had the AFib)' having a strong, clean heart is important for everyone so he is trying to keep his fats limited.

I would love to be a size 14..I looked HOT when I was a size 14....Thanks for helping me to picture it.

Ok..I think I'm back on level ground now and I can go on without the chocolate. I am so glad this board and all of you are HERE!

12-17-2012, 04:29 PM
Hi All,

I have just joined today - I have 20 pounds to lose and am looking forward to the support that this website offers.

12-17-2012, 06:20 PM
Hi Ladies! I went crazy when I saw 207 back on that scale, I did the same thing I always do . ate chinese, mexican, red lobster, chocolates and plenty of breaddd. Needless to say I gained my water weight again. I'm learning how my body works by frequenting the scale after a bad day or weekend I'm learning I can bounce back from this if I see where I am I can find my horse and jump back on.

12-18-2012, 11:59 AM
Morning ladies …sorry I have been a little MIA but everyone I try and get on here lately the site freezes …so I just close it and move on …haha

Not much going on here …same old same old …just gonna kind of sale thru the holidays and then do my usual start back after Christmas is what it is and it’s only a another week or so ….like I said I am not going totally crazy, just not counting calories and having my one a day soda.

I am super excited though to hear that so many of you are doing great …

For those who have asked ( and thank you ) Les is doing really well …since he can’t actually get to the stitches with that backwards cone on it is actually healing well…this morning he went to have it looked at and cleaned up some and they said it is healing nicely and no longer infected, so that makes us feel good…he will have the cone on probably another few days though to let it completely heal and then he gets the stitches out two days after Christmas…

Dee – thank you for all your kind words and encouragement …a size 12 would be awesome…I originally started out as a size 6 …so I would like to be at a size 8 by next Christmas so I have a whole year …here’s to hoping, lol ………….I also can’t wait for Summer when I can get back into the pool, that really seemed to help me quite a bit …how is dh doing? Any updates?

Susie – I can totally see you getting to a size 14 and looking HOT as you say, haha ….completely do-able for you …

Spunky – 201 ? Awesome !!!!!!!!!!!!!! Looks like you may get into Onederland for Christmas…I hope you can find a job ASAP and that it doesn’t ruin your holidays…try to stay positive ( easier said that done I know ) …p.s. I am also OCD and type A, so I understand ya !

Victoria – Good job at Fridays….Dee does have a lot of helpful ideas …stick with it though you are doing an awesome job, can’t wait to see some wedding pics later.

Hi Mel – Hope you are feeling better. Hugs

Sorry I have not been a real good example of losing weight lately ( or even maintaining ) like I was …I too have my struggles and am trying to work thru them, but I’ll get there …thanks for all your support Ladies.

12-18-2012, 11:42 PM
Hello Girls :hohoho:

:snow4: It's snowing :coolsnow: we're supposed to get 4" of snow by Friday, w a chance of rain. Cold temps w it, so looks like we may have a White Christmas! Who knows how many snow days we'll have, it warms-up & rains & melts...Winter snow days keep getting shorter, but the cold temps & winds linger. I hate the rain, it turns to ice & the underground power-lines seem to freeze & we loose electric. I'm watching the Voice finale' right now; Smoky Robinson is singing :cool:

passion2bfit :welcome2: Soo happy U r here w us! We hope U can stop bye often :smug:

Susie, it was so nice to see U come here when U had a craving :hug: instead of buying that candy bar. I'm happy for U that your hubby's fine, I just remembered how worried U were last summer & hoped that he is 'still doing well'. I'm glad that your knee has been feeling good :smug: I hope your eating lots of protein & fiber/veggies & w yummy hot soup & sipping hot tea, etc. to fix your cravings on these cold winter days. U r such a Wonder-Woman, look @ Each of your weeks of Steady~Successful Losses :yay:

Carri, I have a lot of faith in U & I'm gonna remind U of the 'tiger' you've shown us U r; when U want something U go after it like U did in the summer :swim: I'm so proud of U for keeping the soda @ 1 daily! Baby steps w the holiday foods... Hmm I think I'll eat baby-bites on small plates & trick my mind & tummy :p

Okay Susie & Carri, my seeing U smaller @ Christmas 2013 is real. Susie, U & me r both 'busty/top' so that's why I think a size 14-16 for your height of 5'7" will look gorgeous on U, curvy & hot like U said :smug: Carri, we r the same height but it's hard to hit a low weight & maintain it right away, that's why I said size 10-12 because it is do-able, a maintainable weight. I'm positive U can b a size 8/small again if U r strict daily w your eating to stay OP, but the year I've known U, we r both foodies so I was being real w U :smug: & wearing a size medium is wonderful, trust me I like it.

Victoria, I hope your stress-eating is gone now. Have U tried getting all the temptations out of your home & keeping mostly your program foods for your family & U available to eat, or eating 1/2 portion size or a taste from your no-no list? Can U modify your no-no list w substituting a healthy ingredient w a bad in the recipe? I'm sending U good thoughts as U go through the holidays & prepare for your wedding :hug:

Mel & LeeAnne :grouphug: we Miss U & hope U r doing well.

:rudolph::tree::candy::gift2: ~ With Christmas Blessings ~ DeeDee

12-20-2012, 01:45 PM
Hi Girls :gift2:

Just wanted to wish 'everyone' a "Happy and Safe Holiday". Snow began blasting us @ 2am & we got 6", but now it's a mix of rain w snow & high winds :( Our lights have flashed several times this morning, so that means the eletric-substations or underground lines r being affected from the icey mix coming down. I'm just worried about our son Scott, driving from Milwaukee, WI tomorrow coming home for Christmas & his 6 hour drive thru the storm getting here safely :?: I have a 30 minute drive tomorrow w 4 hr of shopping to finish. So anyways, I'm adding you'all & your families to my prayers for tonight-thru Christmas for 'traveling safety'. Nothing worse/more scary than being in a wreck in a nasty ice or snow storms & cold temps :brr: waiting for help & hurting our family-time together.

Because of the weather, I didn't have a WI or will have a meeting over Christmas week, so I'll have to b strict w eating 1 serving size & not 2 so I stay @ my goal. This afternoon I'm sewing myself jeans, I found some really cute paisley corduroy fabric & prob a solid vest to match or a blazer. I live in corduroy jeans & fleece all winter, I sew fleece & corduroy dresses to stay cozy @ church, etc w my tall boots. Someday I'm going to try crocheting; 'who' sews & crochets here??? I'll prob ask for hints from U when I start to crochet :smug:

Merry Christmas! DeeDee :wreath::rudolph::hohoho::tree:

12-20-2012, 04:10 PM
Afternoon Girls, just got back from our work holiday lunch …we went to an Italian place …it was okay…don’t know that I would go there again, but maybe….we all had a good time though and that was more important than the food.

Can’t believe I pretty much have all my Christmas shopping done…need to get dh a couple more little items for his stocking but that is it ..

Dee – it has rained pretty hard all morning here but it is supposed to turn over to snow this evening and get REALLY cold …right now it is almost 50 but tomorrow only a high of 30, brrrrrrrr, and snow ….be nice if it would stay here for Christmas so we could have a white one….but I’m sure it won't stick around that long …your’s might though, that was quite a bit …I will be praying that Scott has safe travels to you.
Also I LOVE cords …so comfortable…my Mom knits and crochet’s a lot but I haven’t done any of it …I probably should pick it up, give me something to do this Winter besides sit on my butt and watch tv, lol …

I keep thinking today is Friday ( wishful thinking ) and that I can sleep in tomorrow…but alas, no ….haha ….I wish, gonna be hard to get up and get going when it is only going to be in the 20’s out ….gonna be hard to get out of my warm bed, that’s for sure…

Hi Mel, Victoria, Susie, Lee Ann, and any lurkers …hope you all are having a great day !!!

12-20-2012, 09:46 PM
Hi Everyone! Sorry to be MIA but I had a migraine hit me after I posted the other day and I'm still dealing with a little bit of it. This wind and rain we are having isn't helping.

We had our TOPS Christmas party tonight and we didn't weigh-in, but will have our weigh-in next week. My scales tell me that I would have stayed the same this week. I'm not surprised. I only have gotten in about 3 days of walking and I have had a lot of lunches out--meeting work friends from another site and exchanging small gifts.

I have to work 4 hrs tomorrow morning and I'm doing it from home (so greatful I can work from home sometimes) and then I"m off until Jan 2.

We are supposed to have some bad weather in the morning with snow. I hope DH still has to make the commute.

WELCOME to Passion2bfit--I like your "name"...very close to mine! ;)

Carri: Bundle up tomorrow as you head into work!

Dee: I am excited about your "vision" of me....I'm going to make it a reality next year..oh yes I am. I was given a lot of gift cards from the people I support and I have made a decision that I am not spending them until spring when I buy a cute outfit that will be a size 18 or 16. I'm a 20 now and NEXT Christmas my DH will shop for 12/14 for me.

I LOVE corduroy fabric and I wear a lot of it in pants in the winter. You are so talented with all your cookie and sewing and such. I have thought about trying to learn to crochet. Maybe I will have to look into it.

I hope that your son arrives safely. I will keep his travels in my prayers.

LeeAnne: Are you out there? We miss you!

Mel: I saw you say on FB that you were feeling under the weather. Are you feeling better? I hope so!

Veronica: How are you doing with the miles/steps? That wedding is right around the corner! Don't let that one set back get to you. I think that maybe when you get to 207 the next time you need to tell yourself that you are only going to concentrate on keeping it there for the next week or two. It seems to be a "set point" with you and you need just embrace it and then move past it..but you dont' have to do it at the same time. I think your body KNOWS that is a set point for you and it is fighting you, so fight back but in a way that allows your body to embrace it so you won't keep yo-yoing there.

Misti: Saw you pop in. It is a busy time for everyone that is for sure!

Ok...I'm going to get my makeup washed off and my nightgown on and I'm about to head to bed.

See you all tomorrow.

Misti in Seattle
12-20-2012, 10:21 PM
Hi everybody

Just checking in and doing some reading. Sending lots of cheers you way for success in your weight loss journey!

12-21-2012, 10:52 AM
Good Morning Gals, I havent' been checking in for two reasons. I was really sad to see the scale jump back to 212, I was determined to get it all off and when I use the computer I tend to linger and "christmas shop" online, then facebook, then email then whatever else and I waste way too much time. I Got to 206 this morning , Thank God I really needed that because yesterday I was having a great day and then out of nowhere I came down with a terrible cold. Headache, face hurts body pain, achy tired , runny , stuffy you name it. I have never had a cold come on so quickly and I was really sad , because I'm celebrating christmas eve with my older girls tonight and christmas tomorrow as for the actual christmas eve and day they will be at my ex husband's place. I got everything they asked for and I'm so happy to be able to do that for the first time . I have a really bad case of the wedding procrastinations...I need to mail out my invites asap or noone will come lol my wedding is in less than a month. what the heck have i done!! its ok mostly family is coming so they all know to come I'll just have them rsvp by phone to save time. I'm really hoping to be out of the 200's by the wedding N I think if I will just stop slipping I will get there..

Dee- I want to take up crocheting after my wedding. Should be fun and relaxing,,(maybe ) I have two visions of myself crocheting . in one vision I'm in a chair smiling and relaxed, my other is I'm throwing my supplies around because i have a lopsided blanket or I can't figure something out..

Carri-Im glad your dog is doing better I know how bad you must've felt for your little baby.

Susie- I"m a tad behind on my miles I didnt' do my 3 miles yesterday I was soo busy shopping thuen my cold hit that i just wasnt up to it, but I have decided today that I will not let this cold keep me from what I set out to do. So I will catch up , sick or not. :)

Misti- Glad to see you're doing good

I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas:ginger::tree::clause: and God blesses your families.

I'm getting down to the wire on my wedding planning so i won't be here as much for a bit but still checking in :) after the wedding I'll be back full force :D We're only going away for a day or two right after the wedding but we'll have our real honeymoon in the summer. We're going to new york or tennesee wherever we go I hope to be able to wear shorts and look ok in them :) talk to you all soon!!

12-21-2012, 11:03 AM
Good is cold and snowy here! Just a light dusting but high winds so it is all swirling about.

I am WFH today until and I will be done unitl the New Year.

DH and I are attending a choir concert at the middle school with my niece Cailyn. It is really for grandparents but here's live out of state and so DH and I fill in for those things.

She's not really my niece but rather a friends daughter--my friend is also my 5k partner. I was with her and her DH when all of her daughters wore born..she has 4..the last two are twins. And my dear friends allowed me to hold thier babies first right after they were born...even before they did! I have a special bond with these girls for sure. We also get together every Thursday night and eat together as a family and play games or watch TV together and then put them all to bed. It is my weekly "mommy" fix.

Victoria: I'm glad to see those scales back down for you and YES YOU CAN be out of the 200's by your wedding date. BELIEVE you can and do it!

Take it easy with cold. Light exercise is good..but no more than that. You want to get well and stay that way.

Hi Misti: Thanks for popping in again.

Have a great day everyone!

12-23-2012, 12:06 AM
Hi Everyone,

Looks like it is quiet here. I expect that we all are getting busy with the final days leading up to Christmas.

We had a family dinner today with my cousins. I LOVE to see my cousins. We were raised like brothers and sisters and it is always fun to see them.

I hadn't seen one cousin since last Christmas and she said to me, "you have lost weight". I don't see it because I have struggled with losing and regaining this year but I looked at my TOPS book last night and I was at 303 at my highest this year and currently at 286 so yes, I guess I have lost a bit--17 lbs and I guess that would be noticeable.

I also think that all the walking helps to tone and that helps me look smaller--if one can look smaller at 286.

I so am going to have them say to me next Christmas...WOW! Have you lost weight. My goal is to average 2lbs a week loss next year--just think 52 weeks x 2=104 lbs off= 182 lbs....yes! I want that.

I think if I could move in with Dee for 3 months and get a kick start--like those who have Chris Powell move in with them on Extreme Weight Loss--I would have that good jump start!

I hope everyone is doing well. I'll check in tomorrow.

12-24-2012, 11:29 AM
Hi Ladies, just stopping by real quick, am working today till around 2 ...then have my families Christmas tonight and dh's busy, busy, busy ...and on top of all of this we are supposed to get a bad snow storm tomorrow night, and of course I am back to work that next day...should be interesting. :(

Anyway, I hope everyone of you have a GREAT holiday with family and friends.

MERRY CHRISTMAS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:wreath::xcheer::present:: hohoho::santa::tree::rudolph:

:candy::candy::candy::candy::candy::candy::candy:: candy::candy::candy::candy::candy:

12-24-2012, 04:35 PM
Hi Carri! Nice to see you here. I hope you have a great time with all the family get-togethers. I saw your FB post that you opened your presents from Ian last night---SPOILED! and I say that with much affection!! :hug:

I'm sorry you have to work the day after Christmas. I have heard we could get some nasty weather.

How is everyone else? We are pretty laid back this year for Christmas--we had a lot of our get-togethers before today and tomorrow. Tomorrow we will be with friends who we consider family. It will be a very nice low-key day.

I'm so ready to open gifts! I feel like a little kid!

Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas--your friendship and support have been one of my very favorite "gifts".

:wreath: :hohoho::present::rudolph::tree::ginger:

12-24-2012, 07:00 PM
MERRY CHRISTMAS everyone ! :hug:

I FOUND A JOB for Christmas !!!!! (it kinda found me) :carrot:

I will be wkg nights (whatever) it's a JOB taking care of newborn triplets :coolsnow::coolsnow::coolsnow:

Started out as a temp job when they heard I lost my job they said COME WORK FOR US !

I use to wk in the NICU so I can handle 3- 1 @ a time . It makes the night/day go by faster. You have to have a system, a schedule & a plan in place & a ALOT of patience.


Misti in Seattle
12-25-2012, 11:54 AM
Merry Christmas, everyone! And welcome to the newbies.

I just lost pound #75 -- my fantastic Christmas present to myself!!

12-25-2012, 07:26 PM
Hey ladies, merry merry Christmas:-D i have been pretty bad but it's expected on Christmas, hope you're all doing well. Weigh in tomorrow to assess the damage.. night girls.

12-25-2012, 07:46 PM
Merry Christmas ladies!!! Hope everyone had a wonderful day! At 169.4 this morning so I'm happy about that. :-)

12-26-2012, 11:00 AM
I got way behind on my miles so I have to walk 3 miles everyday this week, then 2 daily until the wedding, weight up to 211.5 temporarily after christmas carb load and overload! I received a beautiful tablet for Christmas . I've been spending most of my free time on it.

Mel>congrats! Merry christmas,glad to see another one all the way down at 169,i can't wait to get there :-)

Misti> 75 lb that is fantastic! Great

Spunk> congratulations! Thank God :-) it all worked out

Susie. Merry christmas it's gonna be a great year for weight losses, my goal in health is 676 miles in 2013 &to keep on my plan until i re such size8

Carrie merry merryChristmas

12-26-2012, 11:56 AM
Good morning! We have snow, and ice, and wind. This girl is staying in all day today. I am going to get my spare bedroom cleaned up. My twin neices are staying the night tomorrow night and I hope to get some of the Christmas stuff put away..including the tree.

I have been trying to stay away from the M&M's but it is hard

I also plan to nap, watch movies and just piddle around.

Misti: Congrats on the 75 lb weight-loss

Veronica: I'm a bit behind on the miles too. I have a walking dvd and will try to get that in today.

Mel: You are doing great!

LeeAnne!: Praise the Lord!!! You will be busy with those babies..but how fun.

Hi Carri and Dee!

12-26-2012, 01:39 PM
Hi Girls, I'm sick, I'll b back after I can breathe without pain, going to a walk-in clinic when dh gets home from work, just too weak to drive myself.

Mel, LeeAnne, Victoria, Susie, Carri :grouphug: I'm so very happy for each of U & your successes :yay:

:newyear: DeeDee

12-26-2012, 05:18 PM
Dee: I'm so sorry to hear that you are sick. Please get better and let us know how you are. :hug:

12-26-2012, 10:43 PM
THANK YOU LADIES I know the Lord would NOT leave me hangin :carrot:

Dee I hope you feel better soon breathing is important :hug:

SUSIE thank you for your verses ;)

Carri & Cheeri :)

Still gonna weigh in on Friday morn & see what happens. Don't plan on eating much through the night if any. I wkd nights before & gained 25 lbs am going to try & nip that in the bud that at all cost.

WELCOME new people this is a FABULOUS place to be !

12-27-2012, 07:22 AM
Dee, I'm sorry you're sick, I'm gonna pray for you, sending healthy energy your way, be sure to keep your chest warm, i read that helps if you have a chest cold.

Susie, I'm way behind but I gotta work extra hard to catch up as I really don't want to let myself down.i broke my you're walk into 2 30 minute ones, one in the AM one in Pm ..

Spunk, I'm so happy for you. Be sure to drink lots of water and mix up a permission drink, there's one called syntrax they have different flavors you can mix with water, there's no carbs and the protein will keep you from getting so hungry overnight, just a thought. Make sure you still get 8) hours sleep in a Dark room.

Susie,i cleaned for 5 hours yesterday, got all my Christmas stuff down too, my place looks bigger without the tree, I'd like to keep it up until New year but with the wedding its just not a good idea..

Not gonna weigh in today, I'm obsessing about it and my plan is to weigh in every other day.i have got too give myself a chance too actually drop weight.
Were driving to pick up a New truck for my fiance today he's really excited :ive got to be really careful as spending time with him can be dangerous for me in my weight losses efforts, so can traveling.
Alright girls, talk to you soon have a great day:-D

12-27-2012, 11:19 AM
MOrning Ladies !!! Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas with your families, I did, but it seemed so short since I didn't get any time off this year, we were back at work yesterday but that horrible snow storm came thru and we got to leave work at 9:20am...and I had only just gotten there at was horrible to make us all try and get in there only to tell us to leave right after we did. :( but dh's work closed too and we just had a snow day together...we were lazy. :)

Dee - So sorry to hear you are sick...when I was in the thick of mine it really did hurt to breathe, so I know how you feel ...sending good feeling vibes your way :hug:

Mel - I am SO jealous that you are in the 160's ...great job keeping that up thru the holidays.

Susie - I loved seeing all that snow didn't you ? I know Mel got the same storm as us. Sounds like you had the same day we did, nap and piddle around, haha ...hope you had fun with your neices.

Spunky - YAY !!!!! So glad you found a job !!!!!! Merry Christmas to you, lol

Victoria - where do you live that you can walk outside during this time of year, or are you walking inside?

Hi to everyone else !! Have a good day...I gotta work till 6:00 tonight, it will be dark and still icy...:( I will take my time though ...

See ya

12-27-2012, 05:54 PM
Hi Girls,

We got out and about today for a few hours. I had a follow-up appt with my ENT and he said he was glad I came...I guess I have a sinus infection. I just started coughing last night and don't feel badly yet but I guess I was headed that way. He did a xray of my sinues and now I am on a zpack.

I'm glad we caught it, I don't want to be sick for New Years Eve (its DH's b-day) or when I go back to work on Jan 2.

I had 4 hrs that I needed to put in for work and so I worked this afternoon from home while DH went to a movie with a friend. It was so nice to work and get things organized for when I go back next week. I was able to go back and look at emails that I had flagged to look into more. The email we get a day is out of control. I usually get at least 75-100 new emails a day.

I have TOPS here in a bit. I don't want to step on the scales...I had a few days where I had quite a few handfuls of M&M's. Stepping on the scales will get me back on plan!

Dee: I hope you are on the and take care my friend.

Carri: I was thinking about you in all that snow and ice on Wed. Be careful traveling tonight..some of that stuff will refreeze.

Have you been thinking about getting back to "plan" once the regular routine starts again in Jan. Do you have a challenge for us?

Victoria: Good idea to break the daily miles in half. I am going about 3 miles a day right now. That wedding date is looming! I might not get it all in but by golly I'm going to make a good go at it.

I think when you get back from the honeymoon and get settled in a routine we should do another "walk" together.

LeeAnne: Good plan to start thinking about how you will not gain that 25 lb working nights. You know we will be here to help you!

See you all tomorrow.

12-28-2012, 11:20 AM
Susie - yes, I am definitely going to be getting back on track for the new year ...slowly giving up things now to get ready...Maybe we could have a new challege every quarter? So the first one will be from Jan-end of March...

Have a good day everyone.


12-28-2012, 11:31 AM
Susie - yes, I am definitely going to be getting back on track for the new year ...slowly giving up things now to get ready...Maybe we could have a new challege every quarter? So the first one will be from Jan-end of March...

Have a good day everyone.


THAT would be fabulous ! I'm sorta weaning myself now starting again on Tuesday the 1st ....HELLO everyone :hug:

12-28-2012, 05:01 PM
Hi Girls!

I can't tell you how happy I am that I was at the ENT yesterday and he recognized I was about to come down with something. As the day went on, I started coughing more and my chest and throat burned. I felt pretty bad when I went to bed last night, so I started the Zpack. I feel much better today. I'm not coughing as much but I still have a burning in my throat and chest--it's less intenese than it was last night.

I would have hated to be sick over New Years Eve!

Carri and Veroncia: I too am weening myself off of things right now, in anticipation of Jan 1. I am not going to have any soda--I was getting in 1-2 a day...not every day but still about 4 times a week. I have also rid this house of milk chocolate. I can have a piece or two of dark and I don't have to have anymore that day, but with milk chocolate I can't seem to stop myself.

I hope everyone else is doing ok. I'm worried about Dee. I've never heard her say that she was that sick.

We are going out to dinner with friends tonight. I am going to have some sort of soup and a salad...the soup will make my throat and chest feel so much better.

Oh...I had a 2 lb gain at TOPS last night...I said to myself "you did it to yourself girl" and "if you did it to yourself, you can undo it".

See you all tomorrow.

12-29-2012, 11:47 AM
We have more snow! It looks like a winter wonder land. I have to admit it is pretty.


I don't think I will leave the house today. I'm going to get my tree down, spend time on the computer looking at "before and after" success stories and start programing myself to be "healthy minded".

I have a new book and I might start reading that.

I was over my food limit yesterday by 50 calories--dang it! It was the hot chocolate I had..but it was good and it made my throat feel so much better.

Hoping to see some more posts---missing you all!

12-29-2012, 05:21 PM
Also ridding my house of the "naughty foods" Tues is my day of redemption (sp). We were suppose to get snow we got some ice & rain for about 30 min. If we get snow I want it BIG on my days off ofcourse.... hope all is well with everyone. I'm not as good as you gals naming everyone in personal msgs.

I'll work on that in 2013 I promise :)

I got another job offer this is the permanent one (as permanent as they can be). The other is a temporary nights taking care of triplets. This is @ my old unit that I wkd prior to the NICU. Nights which I don't love BUT I don't need to be micro managed & am tired of the faces & managers of days. More $ so I can help dig myself out of the cc debt we put ourselves into.

Best wishes ladies be well today :hug:

ps. up 2 lbs down 2lbs up 2 lbs gettin' dizzy

12-29-2012, 08:36 PM
Spunk, I'm so happy for you. Be sure to drink lots of water and mix up a permission drink, there's one called syntrax they have different flavors you can mix with water, there's no carbs and the protein will keep you from getting so hungry overnight, just a thought. Make sure you still get 8) hours sleep in a Dark room

THANKS I plan on keeping my Atkins drinks & snacks with me @ ALL times. Made my room a cave the other day fan for noise natural sleep aid if I feel I need it. Blacked out ( black flat sheets) over the windows . Like I said I dont love nights BUT I do love coming home in the am when everyone else is going to work. It will all work out I'm glad to have a job it's too stressfull without one. :)

Misti in Seattle
12-29-2012, 08:43 PM
Hi everyone. Just checking in and catching up on all of your posts!

Stay on plan, everyone. This is our year!

12-31-2012, 11:41 AM
Morning Ladies …like Susie we got some more snow this weekend, we are completely covered in it …and we are supposed to get another 2-4 inches tonight…they said it might put a damper on everyone’s NYE plans tonight ….we were going to go to our good friends house but they called and said they had the flu Friday, so we decided to steer clear of there tonight and just stay home, especially because of the weather.

What plans do you guys have? They acted like on tv that more and more people just stay home.

Dh is going to try his hand at making this Wisconsin cheese and beer soup, we will have some crusty bread with it …sounds so good to me on a cold snowy night, hope it turns out well …I’m lactose intolerant so I will probably be up all night, but the bonus is that I have tomorrow off of course.

Tomorrow I’m sure we will just be cleaning house and putting away all the Christmas stuff, taking down the tree …sad to see it go for another year.

Susie – only a 2lb gain over Christmas? I would say that is quite an accomplishment …you wouldn’t believe how much I have gained…not gonna put it on here just yet …let some of the bloating go down, lol …glad to hear you got to doc in time and got some meds to help kick out the sickness …I am so over sickness ..its all around me here at work …can’t wait till it's all gone.

Spunky – so glad you now have two jobs !! I also do a lower carb plan and I like the Atkins stuff once in a while …my problem is that I don’t do artificial sweetners and so much of their stuff is loaded with it, so I only have sparingly…

Dee – hope you are feeling better and that you and dh are having a good holiday together and with family.

Mel and Victoria – Hi !!!!!!

Still in the weaning stages with the soda gals …slowly but surely, lol …..

Everyone have a GREAT NEW YEARS EVE, and HAPPY NEW YEAR !!!!!!!!!

01-01-2013, 03:54 PM

going in 7p-7a tonite then off 1 day then on 2 days of days for orientation CONFUSED yet ? Sooooooo you might see some crazy postings throught the night....LOL gotta keep busy in between work.

My 2nd job is kinda offeneded I got a 1st permnanent another. She said she wasnt & understood BUT... it was her husband that reminded me it was ONLY TEMPORARY. He didn't say this in front of her I think she would have kicked him if she did heard him. BUT ...ONWARD WE GO !

Not getting on the scale till Friday I wish you all a GREAT ON PLAN NEW YEAR & we must stick together :hug:

01-01-2013, 10:16 PM
HAPPY :woo: NEW YEAR :hat: Girls

Thank You with all my heart :val3: for the prayers all U gave me. I was very sick like Carri was in December. Last night I was in the ER & they gave me 2 breathing treatments & let me come home instead of admitting me, my oxygen level was critically low. Today I feel so much better. Honestly it would not have happened if my dh would've let me get the breathing inhaler RX that the doc ordered for me. My dh said he wouldn't 'waste paying $60 RX, the co-pay' on it because I know how to breathe. I'm on 3 generic RX meds for a few more days... Husbands can b unkind sometimes... Using the inhaler would've helped me to heal sooner & w/o my pain & sickness for the last 6 days & I wouldn't have been @ the ER last night, that doc told us.

Victoria, pleasssee post your wedding pic here to share w us this month :val2: We r soooo happy for your New family uniting. R u taking a honeymoon? I know U prob go to Disney World often because U live in Florida but it would still b fab to honeymoon there. 17 yrs ago my dh & I had a candlelight church ceremony & then flew to Vegas & stayed @ the Luxor for 5 nights & saw a concert each night: Smoky Robinson, Hall & Oates, Jon Bonjovi, Rightous Brothers & ZZ Top. I'm lucky picking slot machines & won concert tickets to 2 shows & won $4,900 while there including losses. Maybe U r too young to know those singers, but trust me they put on fab shows & we had great tables w drinks/hordeurves. I wish I could go to Florida yearly like Carri does, its such a great state to U live in, I've only been there 4 times.

Carri, I am sooo jealous of your N.Years eve dinner: "cheese and beer soup & crusty bread" I wanted to come celebrate & eat :p @ your house after reading that. Because I'm sick, my dh ordered a pizza & I ate chocolate covered peanuts, dill pickle Pringles & drank Ginger Ale on N.Yrs eve after we got home from the ER & watched a Leonardo DiCaprio dvd & I slept-in till 8:30am.

Susie, only a 2# gain ;) I've been drinking & eating w/o any rules while being sick & I gained 3# over the holidays when the ER nurse weighed me. We'll get it back-off in a week together :hug: I'm here for U. I'm going to start walking 1 mile daily on my old treadmill on Friday; my bad knee can handle that. I'll increase it to 2 miles on Feb.1 & then March 1 just try increasing my mph if my knee is okay. If I walk over 2 miles on my treadmill I'd have to break-up the sessions because of the hard surface. How's your knee feeling?

LeeAnne, working @ night I'd have to eat prior to work, take snacks w me & keep my hands busy w a craft or reading a Kindle or a Nook; unless my employer had busy things for me to do while the babes slept. Its fab that U can b awake all night long w/o craving food snacks, I'm Not strong like U & I'd have to have a routine ready to follow w taking protein & veggie treats for myself. Sooo my friend :hug: I wish U :goodluck: & w your military past I know U will b Successful w your jobs :cool:

I'll b back this week, 2013 IS going to b a good year for each of U :grouphug: Everyone here will b in a smaller size, sizes 10-16 on Christmas 2013 :tree: But begin w achievable goals of maybe 10 lb in 8 wks= 60 lb off in a year :yay: :dancer: Lose more if your body agrees.

g'night girls :yawn: DeeDee

01-01-2013, 11:32 PM
Hey girls, its wedding week for the next and a half weeks, crazy crazy planning, executing mode, back to 208, have stopped walking but gonna start again tomorrow its not late, I'm in bed on the tablet so i will leave a bigger more detailed post in the morning. Sleep well girls, spunk,i know u might be at work tonight but I hope thou slept well today and you will in the morning. Hug those babies, night

01-02-2013, 08:30 AM
Hi Ladies, Good Morning Everyone! Its time to see what we're made of. Lets make our will to be healthy stronger than our will to stay on the couch. I have basically given every excuse in the book not to walk for the past two weeks, which puts me way behind schedule. Its still doable to reach 100 miles though and I will get it!~I'm at 208 and really want to lose these last few before the wedding, still doable also if I stop eating a ton of cereal at night before bed , I swear I'm stress eating big time. I still have tons of details to work out. I'm gonnna keep on plugging away at my to do list and be prepared for the wedding in no time. I am very excited but I'm so nervous that it will look stupid or cheap. I have never done a wedding before or even been to one at a reception hall. with my limited budget , lack of a decorator and lack of experience I am frightened to death that It will be a huge embarrassment. I keep pushing that thought to the back of my mind because It still will be pretty nice to finally be marrying the most awesome man ever. I love him so much I also want to be proud of what I have put together without any help from my girlfriends or mom , they're all far away and the ones that are here are I guess not really that much interested, at first I was super sad about that but now I just dont have time to be sad about it.

Starting today to finish the 47.5 miles I have left I need to walk 30 minutes (1.5 miles) in the morning and another 30 at night every single day including the morning of the wedding. I just wont be happy if I dont reach my goal that I set.

Dee- I live in south central florida about 3 hours north of miami right on the coast, our weather has been a mess, very hot and humid in the day but freezing when you first wakeup in the mornig, (not freezing by northern standards but 46 is nearly unbearable when your'e used to being in the 80's/90's for 9 months straight.

Susie- don't worry girl, you got this, 2lbs will be gone in no time. :) I love that you go look at before and after pics , I do the exact same thing. It totally gets me going . How's your walking going?

Carri-is your pup all healed up? I see you're still struggling wth the soda, have you tried to use mind over matter and drop it cold turkey? I think the first few days will be the worst but once you get through the first three you will be ok with out it. Also I think eating carbs/starches will trigger more cravings for it after so you might want to keep those to a minimum for a bit.

Spunk- I do the atkins stuff too but I find it really hard to not sit down and eat like 3 bars at a time when I get a craving lol they are delicious, and I tell myself. its ok! They're diet food, ha! I'm such a diet dork. No more of that I'm gonna get smart this year and do much better.

Misti- Hi, I hope you're doing well. Whats going on in your life any new plans for this year?

I'm going to *try* to RUN my first 5k in March. I have walked them before but I want to start training to run right after the wedding. its called color me rad and they throw powdered or some type of paint at the runners, it looks super fun.

What is your measurable goal and your non measurable goal for 2013?

My Goals are:
1. To be a better mom, Make more time for my babies and love them , listen to them, make them feel like they are all the best thing in the world every single day.
2.To Be a good wife, cook more and make my husband feel like he wouldnt want anything else from me.
3. Take better care of myself this year , all around, I mean see a dentist for the first time ever, walk more because I care about myself not because I'm trying to make myself smaller, get my manicures because its relaxing , things like that.

4. MEASURABLE with numbers goal, Walk 700 miles this year , hopefully running will help me reach this faster. :) and get under 170 by 2014 I know thats not very ambitious but I simply do not have much faith in my ability to lose weight.
I would also like to try to complete the work out programs that I bought and have never 100% finished them, so that I can justify buying the Insanity workout program. I have to finish p90x, turbo fire and brazil butt lift before I buy that so it is a long shot since I HATE p90x and turbo fire. lol

I know I went on forever but I haven't had time to talk to you guys in a while and I just dont talk to ppl in my life about this stuff very often.
Again I want to thank you girls for being there and listening and letting me into your lives even if its only a small part here online it means so much. :)
Take care girls and get moving!!!

01-02-2013, 09:49 AM
Morning Ladies – I hope you all had a great NYE and that you all will have a great 2013 !!!!!!!!!! Victoria asked what our goals were for 2013 so here are mine ( some are repeats if you saw on my fb page ):
- Lose more weight by making healthy choices, portioning my food and exercising
- Be kinder to my husband
- Gain more patience
- Stop worrying about things I can’t control or change ( this will be a hard one since dh has same issue )

I guess I should also confess something that is HORRIBLE, but as I always say, it is what it is ….I got on the scale last week and it showed me at 224 ….seeing as how I was down to 198 at the beginning of October, that means I have gained 26lbs since then …well I guess in 2 ½ - 3 mos ….it’s no exaggeration that I can gain 5lbs over a weekend if I am not on plan ( and soda really packs it on me ) from my diabetes…my body wants to store every fat and carb due to my insulin issue. But all I can do is face that number and move on right? It's really hard to come on and admit that…but it's 2013, a new year, and I got to face my own truth ( as Oprah says haha ).

My first mini goal will be to lose 15lbs to get back into the single digit 2’s ……I would like to have that goal accomplished by end of February. I would think that might be easy since more comes off of me at first, but if not I will plan on March.

This week I am still weaning off my soda ( Victoria - I can’t go cold turkey the caffeine wdl headaches are too bad, it sucks I know because that would be easier )…dh says he is changing his bad eating habits TODAY and no looking back …but if I go that strict just one day I feel really bad ( may be due to the diabetes ), so I have to slowly make changes and get back into the groove – you girls know.

Dee – I am so glad you are feeling better but hate that you ended up in the ER …funny story though, when I ended up at the doc for my bronchitus a few weeks ago she also gave me a script for an inhaler since my breathing was horrible ( couldn’t even get enough breathe to go up stairs ), and I saw that it was 60.00 and then I didn’t get it …and I regret it because I think instead of having to deal with it for three weeks I could’ve been breathing better after one….but hind sight is 20/20 I guess….take care of yourself and get plenty of rest. Also I love choc covered peanuts …one of my faves !!

Victoria – I can’t wait to see the wedding pics…don’t be nervous about it, your future dh is gonna love anything you put together because he is there to marry you. I am so excited for you starting your lives together this year married…you are doing so well with your weight loss that I really do see you in Onederland VERY soon !!!

Susie – Hi !!! Hope you guys had a great NYE ….

Mel and Spunky ( LeeAnn ) – Hello !!!!!!! Happy New Year !!!

Well first day of work in 2013 ….wanted to take today off but others already had it so here I am …gotta make a grocery list to go after work, don’t have much in the house but some left over junk food …

Hope you all have a good day ….”GO US” IN 2013!!!!!!! Lol

01-02-2013, 11:32 AM
Happy New Year Everyone! :dust::dust::dust:

I wanted to give us all some extra will power as good starts are always important!

New Years Eve was my DH's bday. We went to the famous Mongtomery Inn for dinner with 10 of our friends. It was such a nice time.

I had planned on getting here yesterday but just didn't get it done. I was thinking about all of you!

Dee: I'm so HAPPY to see you back here! I was very worried...and I pray when I worry, so I am now giving thanks and rejoicing that you are on the road to wellness. I'm so sorry you ended up in the ER. I'm sure you thought "well this is much more expensive than the $60 inhaler"...I would have said it out lad---looking my DH straight in the eye! :devil:

Yes, we will get these recent weight-gains back off in a week TOGETHER! You asked about my knee. It is doing pretty well as I have been listening to the doctors directions concerning not doing more than 2 miles at a time on the track/pavement/treadmill----until I am actually training for a 5k. I am doing my longer endurance training on the elliptical or the treadmill--at least I will start with that again today. I have not done anything since last Friday.

Victoria: I'm sure that your wedding will be beautiful! Just enjoy yourself and others will follow suit. I'm behind on my walking but will get in what I can get in. I'll let you know on Jan 17 where I am at.

Your goals for 2013 look very good. I know you can accomplish them.

LeeAnne: I am so happy you have a job! and the fact that is isn't temporary is a added blessing! I will be looking forward to your "off/odd" hour posts.

Carri: it's 24 lbs...better than 50 or can get this off. I think to do it by Feb might be a little much..but go for it! Whatever you get off by that time is going in the right direction.

My 2013 goals are:
1. To do all I do for the glory and pleasing of my Saviour, Jesus Christ
2. To take care of my body the best I can--no more excuses. I must give 100% of myself each day to this.
3. To lose at least 50 lbs this year and be in a size 16 or lower next New Years Eve.
4. To tackle some debt that I want to be finished by the end of the year.

I am so excited to do this with you ladies....and to be a part of support to your goals.

I'm back to work today and took a break to post, so I must refocus and get things done.

See you all later!

01-03-2013, 11:14 AM
Susie - its 26lbs but who's counting, lol !!!!!

Morning Ladies - I had a fairly good day yesterday, and very little soda...I am thinking I can be totally off of it by tomorrow or Saturday, which has been quite an ordeal, haha ...I'm gonna miss you cherry coke.

My food was cut way back...and I made healthier choices all day...I did have a caramel santa during the afternoon but I can't go right back on and expect to be perfect right away it was only 170 cals so it couldve been worse.

How are the rest of you doing?

01-03-2013, 02:28 PM
Carriiii :o I ate 2 bean & beef burritos for breakfast w a cherry-Dr.Pepper, its supposed to b our highest cals/fat/carb meal of the day; so everyone has All Day, to burn-off those grams by moving our butts/feet/arms :carrot: [if I counted that stuff I'd scare myself, so I just read labels & nutrition info. & eat the healthiest choices] ;) I'll eat Better the rest of my day. Normally I eat my worst meal for breakfast & get-it over with, so far its worked almost 6 yrs @ 143-147 lbs & still a size 10/12 @ goal. My soda favs r Dr.Pepper, Root Beer, but when I'm sick Ginger Ale to settle my tummy. I did ask our Internalist doc about Tums & soda & she said the carbonation is so similar, so drink the soda if it makes me Happy :p so I doooo.

I'll be back to do individual posts later. However................

Victoria, If there is anything, that U r on the fence about being unsure of while working on your wedding plans, decorating, food, etc. I'm sure everyone here is ready to give U some ideas/help; just tell us your questions U r pondering & your guest # & theme & budget. I've done weddings & receptions & wish I was w U in person to give U support, smiles & hugs. Everything that U do will b sooo dreamy & perfect for your special day :hug: I'm always here for U & I can give U my e-mail or phone# if U need me, just let me know. I'm sure your mom & new mom-inlaw r also wanting to help U :smug: everyone loves U & wants U to feel like a Princess on your day w your Prince & girls :hug:

01-04-2013, 07:16 AM
Dee- Thank you So much, you are so sweet. Last night I ordered my flowers from sams club online, and my table cloths, i confirmed my headcount, and today I pay off my dj, make my deposit on my cake and chairs, Yesterday I didnt walk, I said oh i'll do it in the evening since i'm so busy,,well i didnt so now I have to walk more miles a day to reach my goal. I'm such a silly sally.

Satine- I know you must be upset but like you said, it is what it is, you will get it off and we are your support system. You can come here and be accountable tell us how you ate, if you walked and most of all weigh in once a week. I am learning a lot abut what makes me gain and how quick it comes because I weigh in 3x a week. ( a tad obsessive don't ya think) But when I skip the scale its like its not there and I keep going with my candy and bread binges) I CRAVE that stuff once I have a little its awful . But ok 26 pounds to lose, you got this ! this weight just got owned you're going to smash it and 26 more by the summer you watch. :)

I will definitely share my pics with you girls, i made a lot of hard decisions last night. idk about posting pics here maybe its easy, i'll check. but I have face book and I can make a group on there where you can join it then I can post my pics and stuff have a great day , :) I'm going walking before anything else! :D

01-04-2013, 12:27 PM
Good morning everyone ! I was 202 on Jan 1st & I stayed the same today . I wish everyone well & stay on plan (today is my treat day) Pizza w the grandgirls tonight.

Cheeri- Good weather & wedding day wishes ! :)

Satine- Love the new pic & youre right "it is what it is"

01-04-2013, 03:04 PM
Hello Everyone. We have sunshine today and that just makes me feel better! :D

I weighed in at TOPS last night and stayed the same. At first I was disappointed because I wanted to have a loss, but then I said "'s the first number of the year and what makes a diference for the TOPS records is that number and the number on Dec 26, 2013".

My Lose It app tells me that if I start today at my current weight and I want to loose 2 lbs a week (it only allows me to put in a weight loss of 2 lbs a week--no more than that) so that I can get to to 239 (that has been my lowest weight in the last 10 years and it was 10 years ago) I can reach that by July 12.

So that's my plan.

I'll come back tonight and do personals--just got called into a meeting.

01-04-2013, 03:24 PM
Hey gals!! Sorry to break in, I know it's been a heck of a long time, but I feel like I need some support lately so hopefully you don't mind me nosing back in. :)

My weight has been edging up the past couple of months, and I am sitting at 142-143 now. It feels funny to worry about 5-10 pounds given my history but it really makes a difference now, plus I am thinking a lot about the slippery slope that weight gain is!

I'm sorry I haven't been around, I think about you ladies a lot but just don't seem to find the time to post (except of course when I need your help, bad me)...anyways hope you all are well, obviously can't catch up but if you don't mind I will jump in!! :)

01-05-2013, 09:05 AM
Hey Girls , Good Morning!

Liz- Welcome back ! Nice to meet you, I am Victoria, getting married two weeks from today, doing low carb program +walking. Stay at home mom to three little gals.

Susie- Hey ,I set a walking goal for the year of 700 miles. Thats alot but I decided that if I take up this 5k thing it might go quicker. It is an ambitious Goal for me but I don't want to set one too easy or whats the point. :) After The wedding lets shoot for 60 miles a month? thats Roughly 15 miles a week .Its a serious comittment. What about instead of miles we do minutes? example generally speaking an 5 hours a week or 300 minutes broken up any way we want? thats 20 hours a month and 240 hours for the year? This way if you get less mileage in an hour you don't feel discouraged and it can help us manage better. idk just a thought. because yesterday when jogging i didnt go for distance I went for time and it really encouraged me more than , get to that tree way up there before you stop. I knew I'd have to jog 60 seconds, watched my stopwatch, then walk for 90. much more motivating to watch the clock count down. Any how I know that was a long personal. lol I'm really proud of you and the lose it thing is a good measure but sometime you can lose even faster than 2 lbs a week so maybe you'll get there quicker than you think! ;)

Spunk- Thank you so much :) I'm waiting for my linens to come in by next week wednesday to decide what color to paint my charger plates , they're green..i got them at walmart on sale from the holiday clearance at 24 cents a piece so i snatched em up now i gotta paint em gold . lol 60 of them. yikes. i like diy stuff but darn thats a lot.

Dee- You're such a great person. I'm so glad I found you all! is decided, linens are bought , so are flowers, problem is I got champagne colored linens, but the only chairs my supplier can get is gold chiavari chairs and i thought fruitwood would look better. gold and champagne are similar looking and i dont want ppl to think i tried to get all matchy matchy and failed..but its done now thats all she wrote. I'm a total diy bride, i ordered my roses and petals from sams, i ordered my linens online, i bought all my own vases and candle holders , i'm buying the long lasting tea lights. I did hire a dj, caterer, videographer, photographer , and a sax player for the ceremony. I'm trying to stay on budget but I think im cutting it quite close..hope all turns out well. oh and I got a great baker for my cake. I found a classic beautiful topper at goodwill for 59 cents. So i splurged on my vendors but went cheap on decor hopefully it wont look cheap since i tried to keep it all very simple .

01-05-2013, 09:08 AM
I only went two miles yesterday, was sposed to go another mile in the evening but didnt because we were out of food so i had to go shopping and didnt get home til 930 and i was too tired to even put the groceries away. my honey had to do it and i went to bed. I was up early , jogged and drove all over town making final decisions/payments.

I forgot to say that today I have to do 4.5 miles to keep good on my goal of 100. no jogging today as its rest day for that but i will jog tomorrow again. my quads are a tad sore..I wont weigh in til monday but yesterday was at 207 , I can do this 1derland by the wedding thing I feel it!

01-05-2013, 05:37 PM
Hi! I've been busy today cleaning the house and doing laundry. We are going to dinner tonight with friends at a italian resturant. I have looked at the menu and entered my food for what I plan to eat and what I have already eaten so that I'm with-in my calorie range. I thought it was best to do be prepared!

Liz!!!! :hug: Of course we are glad to see you here. I wish it weren't for the issue you are struggling with but you know that we are always here for those who used to post.

You are so right that weight gain is a slippery slope and you are wise to get back here and jump in. Are you still journeling your food? I remember that you always planned your sweet for the day in your calorie range. Are you still doing that? What are you doing for exercise?

Carri: it's 26 lbs ;) I was giving you credit for the 2 lbs that I know you will loose right away from getting the soda out of your day!

Victoria: It's so fun to hear about your wedding plans. It all sounds very lovely! You said you had a Facebook account. I am on Facebook too. If you would like for me to find you there and send you a friend request send me a private message here with your info.

You said that you know you can get to ONEderland by the wedding date and at 207 I believe you can. Go for it!

I am with you that after the wedding date we will shoot for 60 miles a month. It is so fun to have someone to log miles with.

I did 5 (I think it was might have been 4) 5k's last year. I walked them but still did them and I got my time down 10 min from the 1st one I did the year before. I was very proud of that accomplishment.

Dee: How are you feeling? Keep being good to yourself. Post when you always inspire me! :hug:

LeeAnne: 202!!! You are almost to ONEDERland. How is the job going? to finish getting ready...have a lovely evening.

01-05-2013, 08:36 PM
Victoria - Nice to meet you!! And congrats on your wedding! How exciting. :) How old are your girls? I have two kids, my son about to be 5 and my daughter who is about to be 3!

Susie - Thank you for the welcome back! :hug: I am not journaling but doing the same as I have done for quite a while, just counting in my head. I know very well that I am over, but somehow I am having a hard time reining it in. I know I can eat 1800 comfortably in maintenance, sometimes a bit more depending on the time of the month, and instead I have been eating probably like 2000-2200. So over time obviously it translates into a gain. Not much in terms of intentional exercise still, just making sure to move as much as possible! I am now along with my regular job taking care of a couple of boys on a part time basis, which keeps me fairly active (had them for 5 hours today) and then we went tobogganing which is fairly active too....but here I am glass of wine in hand eating a cookie now. Good for you on the 5k's!! I did one last year, that's awesome that you did 5!

Anyways things are OK today, eating not really in hand....tomorrow we are supposed to be going out for brunch and then shopping (we are headed to Niagara Falls NY to do some shopping...I have some things to pick up at a UPS box there since it's so ridiculously expensive to ship from the US to Canada!). So my plan is to eat a 500-600 calorie breakfast, no lunch, and a healthy salad with chicken for dinner, and a sweet snack before bed (yes Susie I am still a sucker for my snack!! haha). Hopefully I can stick to that!

Hope everybody has a good Saturday night and a great Sunday. :)

01-06-2013, 09:28 AM
did my second day of Training for C5K, was not as brutal as the first day. Still exremely hottt and tiring not gonna lie but I did better. Plus I didnt go alone.

Back up to 208 garrr, but prolly water weight as i had chinese for lunch at the mall while picking out my wedding shoes and bridesmaid shoes , and bra for under the dress. omg its really happening you guys!

Susie- I know This is awesome, I swear I'm so thankful for finding you guys. Great job on getting ur time down, NICE. :D :D :D My Facebook is : :) , the rest of you girls who have Facebook can add me too if you want :)

Liz, Nice to meet you too :D , Thank you so much :) I have 3 little ladies. My girls are 8, 6, and 2.

Carrie, Dee , Spunk Everyone, have a great day!!:hug::hug::hug::hug::hug:

01-06-2013, 07:08 PM

We had a great dinner last night and I had leftovers for today. I was right at the top of my calorie range for the day but I didn't go over! That is a victory!

Liz: I know you will get back on track since you will be posting more and thinking of us here. You can do don't want to have to take more than 7 lbs off...Remember 10 lbs is a pants size!

Victoria: I can't believe you have started the 5k training when you have a wedding in two weeks! Good for you!! I'm sure the Chinese food contributed to the 208...I bet it is already back off.

Thanks for the fb link...I sent you a friend request and a private message.

Ok Ladies, tomororw at work I'm going to get back to walking the inside trail in my buildings. I want to do that at least 3-4 times a week to add extra movement to my workout routines at the Y in the evenings. I am one who can think "I'm too busy" and just skip it and eat at my desk so I'm looking for some "push" from you gals.

Carri and Dee and LeeAnn: I hope you have had a great weekend and look forward to hearing from you guys tomorrow.

Is anyone watching the Biggest Loser this time? It starts tonight.

01-07-2013, 01:11 PM
Susie - You are so right posting and thinking is exactly what the got the weight off last time and will do it again! And good reminder about the pants size, since my pants are getting a bit tight! :)

I did pretty well yesterday, not as well as I had hoped to do but was pretty good. I have to decide on a weigh in day! I weigh in daily but I like to do an official weigh in day too. I think I should do Mondays, that will give me incentive to be good on the weekend. ;)

01-07-2013, 04:48 PM
Hey Girls :wave:

I hope U all r well, I'm getting closer, but not back to normal yet.

Last night tv was a big night, I was happy to watch something other than sports, reruns & pbs. We don't have a dish, just a tv antenna & I missed the return of Revenge (I read the recap online today) & instead I watched Downton Abby from 9-11pm :smug: I did see the return of Once Upon a Time :smug: @ 8pm.

Yesterday I wrote personal posts to everyone & my puppy jumped onto my lap/laptop & crashed my page/blank :(

Susie, Our NBC signal gets fuzzy so I couldn't watch The Biggest Loser last night. I'm joining U & Victoria w the '60 miles a month' challenge; somedays I will prob use my step-pedometer indoors w our cold weather. Oh, since I resigned as the tops newsletter editor a month ago, our board has been giving me the cold-shoulder @ meetings & socially so I'm considering quitting tops, they r very clicky & I feel hurt & very used (I filled different offices for 5 yrs when nobody else would volunteer). During my sickness I canceled my [8] tops food clients & my primary focus will b my fashion/home interior sewing business for 2013 & I have about 20 non-tops food clients that I enjoy & will continue to cater food/meal orders for.

Liz, that's a fantastic idea to have WI on Mondays & b OP all weekend, those r my worst days also. Transferring to a different tops club that meets on Mondays will keep me in my size 10's, I set my goal @ 143# because I needed a easy to maintain weight & I don't like failing. My 6 yr goal anniversary is Feb. so far eating 1 serving size portions has worked great, I do not diet, instead I read labels & cook smart & eat everything I want; however I stay Honest by 'Logging in a notebook' Every Food I eat. U can b anything U want, U proved it when U hit your goal :goodluck: I have a nightly glass of wine, Moscato, etc. good for our hearts, or a soda or a chocolate milkshake & a dessert, just keep measuring your food serving size/Portion Control. Because 'depriving ourselves' will make us become secret bingers :( Have U analyzed yourself for a cause: tom, hormone change, salt-water retension, eating-out frequently, stress, holiday treats, etc. then it would b easier to fix how U gained 5#.

Victoria, Carri & LeeAnne :hug:

01-07-2013, 10:27 PM
Hello! I had a great on-plan day with food and with getting back to walking the indoor trail at work and I also went to the Y tonight and did 30 min on the recumbent (sp?) bike.

I only got to do the indoor trail for 2 loops so I only did about .75 miles and on the bike I did 5 so that's 5.75 miles for the day.

Dee: :hug: :hug: :hug: I'm so glad to hear that you are getting back to normal. Don't overdue; ease back into things. I want a healthy Dee!

I'm still coughing from this stuff and I caught it right at the begining so it's taking a while.

Shame on your TOPS group for treating you like that! :mad: I think you should find another one to attend.

I think you did a good thing with cutting out those foodie customers and focus on those that you enjoy and the fashion/home interior sewing business.

You are so right about not depriving ourselves or we are secret bingers..that is my biggest issue and I'm really trying to work through it this year.

I DVR'd Revenge and it will be a couple of days until I can watch it. I'm DVR'ing the Biggest Loser tonight and The Batchelor. I'm hoping to watch some of he Bathcelor in a bit. I love to DVR things so I can skip through the commercials.

I'm glad you will be joining me and Victoria on the Monthly Mile Challenge.

Anyone else want to joing?! :carrot:

Liz: I think Monday's are a great official weigh-in day. Like you said it will keep you honest over the weekend--a very hard time for me because I'm such a routine person and weekends aren't routine for us.

Carri: I saw on FB that you aren't feeling good...I hope you are feeling better today. Post when you can.

Victoria: I know you are busy with the wedding but pop in when you can.

Hi Mel and LeeAnn!

01-08-2013, 08:25 AM
Dee, I'm so sorry your TOPS ppl are like that, you don't need them, you have us!! I'm glad you're joining our mileage challenge that will be great!

Susie, I added you on fb, i didnt get the message though. FB is weird sometime . I heard you say you needed a push, well ok. I do too :) I know how to push others , just not myself . I do great everyday til dinner then I get weak and eat trash. I am saying to you right now. Lets get tough and take it one day at a time. One meal at a time. Eat healty at breakfast and resist temptation one meal at a time. Lets be accountable. I will communicate with you on FB whether I stayed 100 percent on plan for that day or not. Can't wait!

Monday will be my Official weigh in day too! I was thinking about that and I have been weighing in each day and instead of gaining momentum I'm losing it because I watch my weight fluctuate too much and get discouraged. Im' going back to once per week. I was 208 and a half yesterday, *sob*.

I got tons! i mean tons! done yesterday , met with the day of coordinator, the pastor went over final details, paid off the caterer, figured things out with the sax player, bought candy buffet jar labels, received my pew clips, bouquet holders, cake cutter, mr, and mrs, chair sashes, address labels with my new last name on them, we made a box for each table, with the candles for that table, holders, plates, silverware etc, my aisle runner will be coming in the mail today, *thank you* and my linens will be here tomorrow. I bought all the plastic cups for the bar, plastic plates for the cake and silverware and napkins for the cake , coffee stirrers to suck your mixed drink out of. I'm almost ready! I even picked up garbage bags to use to clean up our venue. Whew I'm beat, I am still behind on miles that is stressing me out! Ok ladies I hope you all have a great day!!

CArrie , Liz, Mel Hey I hope you do great today, Smile :D :hug:

01-08-2013, 11:14 AM
Morning Ladies !!!! Yes, I have not been in here because I wasn't feeling well as Susie said, I think just the caffiene wdl headaches and sck to my stomach, just my body adjusting back to the healthy way of eating and detoxing has been hard on me...I do feel somewhat better today...usually it takes me about a week to feel better and I really just started on Friday so by end of this week I should be feeling back to my old self.

The good news is that I lost 2 lbs already !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:carrot: So that will help keep me on the straight and narrow too ...

I know I missed alot of posts the last four days so wont do a lot of personal posts.

Liz !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Of course we would LOVE to have you back posting regularly...I always wished you would so you could update us on your maitenence anyway :) I know you can get right back in the groove and get those extra pounds off ....its so hard not to gain thru the holidays...and at least you had the sense to know when to turn it around and not let 7lbs become 27lbs :hug:

Hi to everyone !!! Hope you are having a good day.


01-08-2013, 01:08 PM
Hi--I hope everyone is having a good day. I'm doing good...I have my water bottle right here and just finished my lunch. I'm about to go walk the inside building trail. I meet my walking partner tonight at the Y to walk on the track from 6:45 to 7:50, stretch and go home.

Carri: I'm so glad you are back and I'm crossing my fingers that the body adjusting back to the healthy way of eating and detoxing is over for you and you will feel great from here on out.

I'd say that losing 2 lbs already will help keep you on track! :carrot:

Victoria: I've been checking out your FB :D Since you are having issues staying onplan at dinner time; I'm wondering if you pre-plan the meal and if not do you thnk it would help?

Hi Liz, Dee and LeeAnn!

01-08-2013, 01:50 PM
Hello everyone thought I'd post before I lay down to wk for the triplets tonite @ 10p -7a

Carri I am proud of you for facing your demons that's inside of us "foodies". I start my detox on Jan 12th I have 4 days off. I really feel better on low carb my Dr loves my labs too ( Diabetic)

Susie your focus on walking makes me want to get back into mine. The eliptical inside will have to do for now it's too cold here . I've lost some of my " I'm from Illinois I can take the cold " kinda person. Springtime I will get out there. Got a pedi today & awaiting new Ryka shoes from QVC to get me motivated.

Mini & Cheeri :hug:

Have a good day everyone I applaud your strength ! :carrot:

01-09-2013, 08:53 AM
Hey girls, I am a tad depressed on the weight loss end of this journey. However, I am jogging! I finished my final day of week one last night. I am getting stronger. :) Ate a whole cheesecake yesterday with my cousin. and 4 sandwiches..idk what my problem is. ( Susie, you're right, i don't plan) I will tday though and these last ten days, even if I dont get to onederland I'll try my hardest to stay on plan and workout HARD. :D

my table cloths are coming today, my cake stand too. I got my aisle runner yesterday. and I'm almost ready, gonna do a lot of spray paintint today for my chargers , :D

Have a great day

01-09-2013, 11:24 AM
Morning Ladies ...had a good OP day yesterday, and I was feeling much better. :hug:

Victoria - I think Susie is right, planning out a meal ahead of time is so much easier and better on you...I make a meal plan every Sunday and only get the groceries for those meals...then every night I know what I am there is no temptation to get something thru a drive thru or a pizza...or just make junk at home....but now, sadly, you have me wanting cheesecake, lol

Susie - Thanks for the thoughts and encouraging words, like I said above I am doing better today...and yeah the start of a little weight loss is keeping me on track for right now :)

LeeAnn - since I'm a diabetic too I also feel better on low to lower carb ...since I'm just starting back on I am trying to wean myself off of the sweets and breads, still having a little a day but just fitting it into my calorie range ...but I want to get back off of them in the next few weeks...

Hi Dee, Mel, and Liz !!

Oh and yes I was watching Biggest Loser, seems like Jillian came in this season to be a lot meaner at first, haha ...I guess she is making up for the two seasons she lost. :o But her team sure is dwindling so she might want to rethink her approach ....

I also started a weight loss challenge here at work on Monday ...I am heading it up here, I only got 6 people, which is surprising, but oh well those 6 people really need it, so hopefully I can insprire and encourage them to lose with me.

Have a great day !!!

01-09-2013, 02:24 PM
:sunny: so What r U eating for lunch today? That was my dh last question as he left for work @ 4:30am today :dizzy: so I asked him if he was hungry already? I gave him a small NewYork cheesecake & my 1 serving lasagna from the freezer & kissed him 'goodbye'.
Ok, I think that while we r trying to have a 'healthy weight' it sometimes confuses our guys, like they may wonder if 'they also should b eating like us' :?: I keep telling my dh, 'no he needs much more & I never limit his food; because he works w manufacturing steel machinery all day & the only time he sits, is @ his computer re-drafting a blue-print & his 2 breaks/lunchtime. Otherwise he is always moving & then @ home for about 3 hrs daily. I keep telling him 'his body needs' more calorie/fat/carb for his energy strength than I do, so to eat whatever he needs/wants.

LeeAnne :smug: I wish I was w U caring for your triplets, I am sooo jealous of you. I'm so proud of U for keeping your health focus & detoxing next week :tape: Great idea buying New shoes to start the New Year, I like Ryka too & I have their water-aerobic shoes. TY for not forgetting about us here, we're your family also & we need U with us :hug: Is a elliptical easier on our knees than my old treadmill? Have a wonderful week & nights!

Victoria :cool: Reading your posts makes me 'envy your mom' U have it sooo together w your life right now. I would hire U to work w me on my clients party events, I have been very impressed on what U have accomplished in such a short time. The food is just a small bump in the road; it's all about making 1 hour for yourself :write: to make a weekly menu & buy that food & write/label 'mommy' on the boxes/food to eat seeing it will help remind U that U r getting Healthy for U & your family. After the wedding b sure to put yourself on your daily planner w logging your food/activity/weight. TY for being such a sweetie-pie about my tops club post, it hurts when ppl use us for their selfish needs. Okay the wedding is approaching, sooo pleasee watch your sodium & do Not add any salt to your meals, Also eat more protein & fiber & more water, it keeps our energy levels up to prevent any hydration & also if constipation/nerves is hitting U I was told by a dietician yrs ago to take 1 aspirin every morning/evening. And take a walk or a nap Daily, your body will TY. Delegate, delegate, delegate like I said 'your mom & mom-inlaw & family want to help U prep for the wedding :yes: U know why U binged, so U know how to stop-it, B prepared w having Healthy food ready to eat. I have a dark chocolate candy bar, zip-lock bags w nuts, choco.chips, dried fruit, low-salt pretzels in my car, & these lava cookies w just 20 cal/5 carbs/12 mg sodium each. And make some tortilla filled appetizers & toss them in the freezer, to thaw or micro. for a treat instead of chips, etc because U can put a healthy filling inside (U will think your eating a no-no & actually U r eating a yes-yes. We love U, just enjoy these special days because your journey is as lovely as your family is :val3:

Carri, I am so happy for your work challenge :carrot: TY for the update on the Biggest Loser & Jillian :cool: I know this Will b your year to achieve your goals. :dancer: 1 day @ a time, 1 meal @ a time we WILL b Healthier in 2013.

Susie, I was sooo sleepy when I replied to your PM yesterday afternoon, I'm sorry about the edits. PM me about what happens. :hug:

Liz & Mel :wave:

Have a Great week everyone, I'm going w dh to his oncology appt today, hopefully all tests r stable.

:hug: DeeDee

01-09-2013, 07:42 PM
Hi. Popping in before I head to the Y. Tonight I will bike for 30 min and do the elliptical for 15 and then stretch and head home.

I also got two 15 min walks into at work. Together they are about 1 mile.

I saw some talk about ellipticals. I used to use this machine all the time but then got into the 5k's and started walking. When I walk, I walk's a lot of pounding on my with running...both put about 2x your weight pressure on your knees and feet. With my osteoarthritis knee and the left foot fracture on the top of my foot, I can say that yes, I would say that correct!

My Ortho doctor told me that I can do road work training (being on a indoor track, or walking outside) no more than 2 times a week when I'm training for a 5k race. And from now on, only one 5k race a month and he would like to see a month's break between them.

The rest of the time if I am just casually walking on a track or street then I'm ok to walk it at a normal walking pace (so this is what I do at work on the building track). I'm using those walks to just at "steps" to my movement.

For the rest of my exercise, I am to use the recumbent bike (or I can bike outside) and the elliptical. This keeps the impact off my knees and feet and I can still burn calories and get my speed up and do hill trainng and so forth.

I am doing great with my food. I have found that I break the food that I would eat at my meals up and eat more often. Like today, I had a ceral bar this morning and then some greek yogurt, at lunch I had soup and half a peanut butter sandwhich and watermelon. When I came home from work I ate the other half of the beanut butter sandwich. When I get back from working out, I will have the rest of my ravioli from our dinner out on Sat. (I have gotten 3 meals out of that one dish!) and the left over broccoli that we had on Monday with another meal. Then if I want, I get 2 pieces of dark Dove chocolate.

Dee: Please let us know how the doctor appt for DH went. I have been and am praying about it.

I did get your PM and thank you for your help with the KOPS graduation ceramony that I am planning for our new KOPS. You have me some lovely ideas. :hug:

Victoria: Dee gave some great advice on how and what to eat before the wedding (and afterward) as did Carri. Isn't this place just great?! You are got me moving again with my walking.

I'm so excited about you wedding and love reading about what you are doing. I've seen some of the pictures you have on FB as you have been planning your wedding. It is going to be lovely and so will you!

LeeAnne: You are doing great with all the new hours and changes you have had to make to your lifestyle. What color did you get for your pedicure?
I LOVE pedicures!

Carri: Good for you for stepping up with the weighloss challenge at work. I know this will help you gain momentum and get the remainder of that 26 lb gain off!

I think Jillian might want to re-think her approach too.

Liz: You doing ok? I know you had a trip planned, but I wanted to check in with you. to get changed and get to the Y. It's fun to unwind from work with you gals!

01-10-2013, 11:40 AM
Morning Ladies …not much going on here, had another good day yesterday food wise …stayed within my 1600 cal range…was just making out my meal list for next week so I can organize my grocery list and I am actually enjoying it again…the planning of healthy meals…getting the fresh ingredients…I get all my meat ( and some produce ) at Whole Foods ( meat is so fresh there ) and the rest of the stuff I need at Kroger. I try a lot of recipes off of …if you haven’t been to her site yet check it out …tons of great healthy recipes…and everyone I have tried on there so far is good.
Excited to make the cauliflower fritters next week one evening. :T

I cook dinner ( or dh does most of the time ) every night at home…we may eat out once on the weekend but mostly we are at home eaters …so much easier to retain control of your portions and calories that way.

Victoria – I am going to have to try and find you on fb. Will look for you today. :yes:

Susie – you have such a great handle on your exercise…great job….ya know speaking of elipticals…I hate the one I have at home…we paid 1600.00 for it and it is SO hard …I used the one’s at the gym and loved them, but the one we bought is quite hard, even on the lowest level…dh uses it sometime but I just kind of gave up …might try again once I get more into the swing of things.
I agree with you on the food thing …I too have been eating something every couple of hours instead of sticking to 3 straight meals …great way to get around the hunger. :cbg:

Hi Mel, LeeAnn, Liz, and Dee :wave::grouphug:

Well the soda bloat is gone and I definitely feel smaller after this past week ( today has been one week since I started back on strictly ) …makes me feel a whole lot better and helps me stick to plan. Of course I am not gonna feel real good about myself until I get back under 200 again …but I will get there.
I will make a mini, mini goal of getting into the 2 teens for right now …who knows – maybe I could be there next week or this week even !!!! :yay:

Have a great day all !!!!!!
:rain: Gonna rain here all day.

01-10-2013, 03:22 PM
:p It's lunchtime :smug: I just finished eating a 6" Subway sub, from last night. We stopped for supper & I just wasn't hungry & I drank a Dr.Pepper instead.

:dancer: My dh's cancer is gone, he has been in remission since Jan.2011, (No cancer tumors) his oncology doc said & she kept it a 'secret from us', to keep him taking his chemo RX & be sure he wouldn't have a 'recurrence during 2012'. Of course we r thrilled that dh has 'no cancer'; but to put us through the stress of worrying everytime dh was sick, was Unkind to us from Jan.2011. Everytime since Jan.2011 that dh was in pain/sick I worried that dh cancer tumors were enlarging or metasticizing; she said on those days 'his body was just reacting to normal health issues' & I prayed, cried & worried wondering if 'that would b dh last day w me', that was cruel of her, she should've told me. Dh & I both r not happy w her treating us like children, doctors know their power w their patients lives because they r in control of the tests/surgeries/RX & we r @ their mercy to help us. She also told my dh to 'use me as his health role model :dizzy: because I take just 1 RX daily for high blood pressure, we both laughed @ that remark. My dh 'is a total man' & lives how he wants & that IS why she knew that he would stop his RX if he knew he was in remission in 2011 instead of continuing it in 2012 to give him the best outcome. Now dh only has to see doc every 6 months now getting his labs done w a yrly CT :smug: I want to go to celebrate 'dh/us' on a nice warm beach, but thats not do-able this spring :( Dh was having mood-swings on our way home from his doc appt. about how our life will change now :?: He's gotta get life & our marriage back in a normal focus now :angel: after years of dealing w his cancer.

Girls, I'm a 'pedicure virgin' :easter: My feet r very tickleish so I do my own pedi's, only the podiatrist has touched them when I had a callus & he used the same rotary tool I use on my doggies :cool: Sooo for about $30 U can get that tool w accessories & give yourself 15 pedi's :yes: Let's start posting our daily menu's again :p I gotta keep myself Honest daily. Now that dh's cancer is over I want to get back on FB, but dh's ex/crazy wife lives 30 mi from us & dh told me to stay off FB, because we have a mutual friend that would gossip about us & dh's ex would give us grief, she's so arrogant. Actually I really don't have extra time for FB I am so busy daily, so I agreed w dh for now.

Susie, I feel sooo lazy after reading about your 'high-energy days/nights' U r Always very inspiring to me, 'Go WonderWoman' :spin: 'U r sooo very welcome' for the graduation info I shared w U :cool: TY for all the good info U shared about walking, I'm into it too, but it will take me a while to catch-up w U. :yay: for your being OP w good eating this week. W having such a long day & job commute, how do U keep your energy level up all day & what time do U go to sleep @ night? What r your fav walking/work-out shoes, I have flat arches (TMI) Tell me to 'shut-up DeeDee', or 'want beets for supper DeeDee' when I ask questions U don't want to answer :(

Carri, Great job w your OP week :flow1: TY for the recipe link, I bookmarked it! I watched Rachael Ray this morning, a person was on, I'm going to read Amazons reviews about her book 'The Virgin Diet' by JJ Virgin about replacing foods. With the flu being sooo bad, I agree w U about not eating out much during the year, homemade is tastier/healthier/safer; do U use your outdoor grill in the winter, it's lots of fun :smug: I'm suffering through a prob w my 'eardrum/eustacian tubes pressure/pain' for a week now & can't see my ENT till next Thur. I finished my antibiotics, I've tried Sudafed, my neti-pot, aspirin, pinch-my-nose to pop my ears, Sweet Oil drops & nothing works; got any ideas till I see the doc :?: Did U have a ear prob also? Sorry about U & the soda, I'll keep drinking mine when I run errrands because it's relaxing & better than my chocolate/strawberry milkshake w less cal/fat/carbs. I'm happy that U r feeling good now; your Thin days r coming for U :cheer3:

LeeAnne, Victoria, Liz & Mel :wave:

Break= 1 breakfast burrito w a orange & mint tea
Lunch= 6" Subway sub w water & sweet potato chips & 2 pickles
Supper= southern fried potatos & carrots w hot tea & a banana & chocolate pudding... I came back tonight to log my meals :)
snacks= none today

01-10-2013, 08:14 PM
Hey I'm all about posting our daily menus, today my family gave me a surprise visit and took me out for chinese. I did better than I would have in the
past but could have done better :P , thats ok, I bought all the alcohol for the wedding today, I also spray painted all 56 chargers and my dads chair gold . whew all done yay!1

01-11-2013, 08:20 AM
Alright, I'm not sure how you ladies normally format these daily menu plans but here's my shot at it.

Breakfast, 1egg+1 egg white, with one piece of bread, salsa, and protein shake.
Protein shake @10am
Lunch, Tuna & Cabbage or lettuce , more protein
Mid day Protein
dinner Chicken , 1 slice toast, Veggie, protein shake,

If you're wondering why so much protein shake , its to keep me from being too hungry. This is how the program works but its a no carb shake and low cal, 25 cals a serving.

only went 2 miles yesterday gotta go for 4 today, Wahhh. Have a nice day girls. I promise I will stay true to my menu plan as i have 8 days to do as much damage to this fat as possible!!

01-11-2013, 10:19 AM
Morning Ladies …

Victoria – I keep forgetting when is the wedding? Soon? Sounds so exciting to get it all together …also I love protein shakes too, but I can never find one that is low calorie and low carb that doesn’t have artificial sweetener in it, cause I won’t use any of that….I think they are a great idea, always staves off my hunger for a while.

Dee – AWESOME news about dh’s cancer….so happy for you both that he is healthy and the cancer is gone !!!! I do agree with you that the doc was wrong for not telling you that for a whole year ! What a needless amount of stress for such a long time….hope things can get back to normal for you both now and you can work on things.
I too am also very ticklish in the feet but I have to have my pedi’s over the Summer …just looks so much nicer when a professional does it, haha

Also I do think we should go back to posting what we ate, so here we go:

Breakfast: Jimmy Dean Breakfast sandwich – 350 cals
Lunch : Wendys Chili ( 220 ) and 4 pc nuggets ( 180 ) , 2 saltines – 25 cals….– 400 cals
Snack – Nature Valley Granola Bar – 190 cals
Dinner – cup of soup -170 …half grilled cheese sandwich – 240
Snack – Rice Krispie Treat – 90 cals ….Oikos Strawberry yogurt with 2 T granola ….165 cals
Total for day : 1625
Amount of calories I can have per my Lose It app for weight loss is 1620 per day…so I was over 5 calories.

Have a great day everyone !! And great weekend if I don’t get in here …

01-11-2013, 10:08 PM
Hi, what a strange winter its been :dizzy: today it hit 50* w fog & rain & icey roads last night & next Friday maybe the 20*s.

Dh crashed after supper so here I am w U ;) I had a bridal party fitting @ 4pm. The bridal party bought long gray suede skirts [they want me to shorten after the wedding] & gray suede high-heel boots to match & I designed blouses for their skirts. The girls in their late 20's wanted to wear their clothes several times afterwards, so we got together in Nov. & I sketched them, they got their skirts/boots @ Macy's; the blouses I made r: violet, pale pink, light plum, pale burgundy & the maid-of honor's is a dusty gray. Their blouses r romantic w semi-sheer chiffon bodice fabric w sheer long sleeves & a long deep-v ruffled neckline flowing to the hem & the sleeve cuffs r 3 ruffle layers. I took pattern pieces from 3 blouse styles & integrated them. Anyway they each looked gorgeous & fit perfect. The guys r wearing gray suede vests I made them instead of a tux, w charcoal gray slacks & the bride bought ties w a similar bridesmaid blouse colors; no matchy-matchy. ps: Fashion Star returns in March, sigh. The bride bought her gown @ David's, but I'm making the groom's cake, a 4-layer banana-creme sheet cake & peanut-butter creme frosting alternating w the banana-creme frosting layers :p. Her wedding is 2 weeks away.

Victoria, I like protein shakes too & have a couple during the week for a extra-energy boost. My current brand I'm drinking again is Jillian Michaels chocolate whey, no artificial sweeteners/flavoring, I like her vanilla too. I just read the can, it has 7 carbo, 15 protein & 100 cal. What's yours called, I didn't know there was a 25 cal protein shake? Your menu looks good, I see why the protein shakes r helping U because I eat more food after getting to my goal.

Carri, TY for your good wishes for dh & I. The last 2 days we're acting like we're dating when we're together, so cute & hot. I know U have 100's of nail polishes, have U tried the Sally Hansen gels, or any of the gels & do U like them? U didn't answer me about my 'ear' question.... I thought U r lactose intolerant? Have U tried coconut milk or yogurt, I was told they r yummy & it is not dairy. I'd eat w U today, except for the rice krispies bar/granola bar unless it was filled w fruit or chocolate ;)

Breakfast: veggie omelet & a orange & cranberry tea.
Lunch: bbq pulled pork sandwich & 3 pickles & rootbeer soda.
Supper: spaghetti & 3 breadsticks & water.
snacks: sugar & cinnamon toast, pb on crackers, tea.

Shark Tank's coming on soon, I gotta see the new inventions. Oh watch the Miss America contest Sat. night too. Have a wonderful weekend :cool: I have a earache/headache tonight so, I'm sorry for any bloopers in my post.

Susie, LeeAnne, Liz, Mel :hug:

01-11-2013, 11:40 PM
LeeAnne I wish I was w U caring for your triplets, I am sooo jealous of you. I'm so proud of U for keeping your health focus & detoxing next week Great idea buying New shoes to start the New Year, I like Ryka too & I have their water-aerobic shoes. TY for not forgetting about us here, we're your family also & we need U with us Is a elliptical easier on our knees than my old treadmill? Have a wonderful week & nights!

LOL I wish you were there to help me w the triplets. I went down 2 this week YIPPEEE ! I need to get my eating pattern down pat. I think I have to stick with oatmeal & gentle stuff @ night my tummy does better that way & such not good on low carb but WHATEVER works @ this point in time. I wish everyone well & will post more this wknd when I'm off :hug:

01-12-2013, 11:46 AM
:mad: I posted yesterday but was doing it before I went into a budget meeting and I see that it isn't here. So, I will start over.

I had a GREAT loss at TOPS on Thursday (my official weigh-in day). I lost 4.25 lbs! I had some great losses like that last year and then I would let the weight "creep" back on and so I kept losing and then regaining. That WILL not happen this year. I won't let myself do that to me!

Dee: I am very happy to hear the news about DH's cancer. God is good! I am not happy to hear that the doctor let you all worry. I think she should have told him that the cancer wasn't there BUT if he didn't take the meds last year his chances of it recurring were my opinion that would have been a better approach.

The wedding party attire you described sounds beautiful and makes me understand the talent you have!

You asked where do I get my energy from and sometimes I don't even know! I don't get the sleep that I should and on Friday's I usually crash early and I always take a nap on Sunday. I'm thinking about trying some of the "protein " shakes. I am going to look at the Jilian Michael whey you talked about.

Victoria--You are one week away from you wedding!!!!! I can't believe that with it so close you are jogging...but you know, watching what you eat and exercising as you are right up to the wedding is going to show on your wedding day. You will have confidence, you will be radiant and happy.

Carri: Thanks for getting us back to posting our food daily.

LeeAnne: Great job on the 2 lb loss!

Hi Liz! Hi Mel!

Here is my food for yesterday: On Friday's I'm a bit "freerer" it's sort of the day I give myself to not be so strict...since it is right after my weigh-in but on Saturday's I get back to it!

Friday, Jan 11
B=1 Special K protein bar , water
L= baked potato with tad of sour cream and cheese. Roasted veggies (aspargus, carrots, red and organce bell peppers slices), 1 cookie, watermelon, and water
D=veggie burrito from Hot Head Burrito-these are huge ladies, but so yummy. I scoop of peanut butter ice cream (I try not to keep ice cream in my house as it is one of my addicting foods).

Ok...I need to get to cleaning this house and paying some bills. We are attending a b-day dinner tonight for my 5k is at a local italian resturant. I need to plan the rest of my food/meals for the week and get DH out to the store so I can clean while he is gone.

I'll see you all tomorrow. We can do this ladies! :dust:

01-12-2013, 12:32 PM
Morning Girls !!! hAPPY WEEKEND !!!

Just weighed myself and was 219.8 in the 2 teens but I'll take a 2 pound loss this week !! :carrot:

Susie - over 4 pounds !!!! GREAT JOB !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You are killing 2013 so far.

Dee - sorry I forgot about the ear question, no I didn't have any ear issues with this last sickness, but I did have a friend who does right now and she ended up in the ER because the ear pain was so bad...hope yours is better soon....thanks for mentioning the Jillian protein powder, I will check it out since you said there is no artificial sweetners in it, I have a hard time finding ones that taste good too....but I'll check that one out....and yes I am lactose intolerant...I normally just drink the lactose free milk, kroger brand since thats where I shop...I like it pretty well, but I will also do almond milk too...dont like the soy or coconut.
The thing you said you dh and you made me smile....being "hot" and all would be nice to get that dating feeling back for a guys got a new lease on life.

Okay girls, gotta go find something to eat on this fine Saturday to you later.

01-13-2013, 05:25 PM
:woohoo:to These AMAZING Chicks for their Fabulous Losses last week: Carri -2 pounds, LeeAnne -2 pounds, Susie -4.25 pounds :yay:
All of U girls have just showed everyone what Powerful minds & bodies U each have! With your New Year's start-up & a New gorgeous body for your Christmas 2013 :belly:

Like Carri in Indianapolis would say, "get your engines started for your big race" :smug: Or "Looks like all 3 of U r in-it, to Win-it" as Jeff Probst from Survivor says. Our thread posting during 2013 w our successes will b our 'Best year ever' :workout: :cheer2: :running:

Weather report for here: last night it poured rain & the only snow we have is inside our woods, otherwise it looks & feels like April. This week supposed to b in the 30*s, yesterday 60* :sunny:

LeeAnne, I'm sooo proud of U for your health commitment while starting your new job :hug: I've never done a 'detox' before, but Dr.Phil's wife was on Rachael Ray & does this daily. Morning Drink: mix 1 c. warm water, 2 T. lemon juice, 3 T. apple cider vinegar. Robin McGraw says, "This mix is a great way to start the day, it not only cleanses the body, but boosts the metabolism."
I know pepole that have done the lemon juice, honey, pepper, detox but it's not for me. So I'm going to try the gentler version that Mrs.McGraw does & see if it keeps me 'regular' TMI :o & gets rid of any extra toxins. So :goodluck: w your detox the next few days, I hope it helps your body!

Hey Susie, we stayed home again this Sunday from church because of the speakers/band & my ears & watched church in bed. About the ['want beets for supper DeeDee'] to stop me from talking; when I was a child in Charleston @ supper there were 'pickled beets' on the table, my older brother told me, they were 'the hearts of dead animals' & I cried & cried. He did the same thing w 'brussel sprouts & aparagus' telling me they were 'rotted brains' & I don't eat them or 'cooked beets' now, they just don't appeal to me. I do love all the other veggies. :p Funny how kids get scared & have a bad memory linger into adulthood. Also I don't eat any animal organs because of the toxins in them. My dad spanked my brother & this little southern girl ate her fried chicken & fried carrots & potatos (& I watched my brother to see if he died :o because daddy Made him eat the beets, brussel sprouts & asparagus @ each meal, after he scared me) But I do eat beet greens :smug:

Carri, I shop @ Kroger weekly too & get my flu shots there also. We alternate WalGreen & Kroger w our RX for the $25 transfer & my dh gets free 'ice cream, steaks, booze' men :^: I like how Kroger separates their nutritional/natural foods into a separate area also so if there is a specific food to shop for its much easier to locate & loading coupons/sales onto the Kroger keytag for discounts. And I still shop @ our local Amish grocery stores once a month for all my 'natural grains' especially for bread dough, pastas, beans, etc. A friend gave me crap about buying 'real beans' & rinsing them & cooking them, instead of buying canned beans off the shelf. Ok the beans I buy r raw in a bag, so I rinse them/soak/cook them w/o salt & preservatives, it takes no time to do that & they r tastier, healthier & cheaper so it's a win-win. I have several crock-pot slow cookers, duh they r wonderful. Please tell us here what U r doing w your 'work weight-loss challenge' like your rules & any weekly/monthly challenges U r doing, TY.

Victoria, :hug: if U don't have time to post before the wedding, U know we all r wishing U the most Beautiful "Wedding Day" ever :congrat:

Liz & Mel :wave: We miss you!

01-13-2013, 06:41 PM
Hey everyone! I'm hopping on board! :)

01-14-2013, 08:14 AM
Thinkthin- Welcome!! Your ticker shows you have had great results! You are definitely on you way to onderland!! What type of plan are you on and what are your tips to losing?

Susie- I sent you a fb post this am, I hope you're doing well on your walking , I did 5 miles yesterday!! 4lbs!! Fantastic! I have that issue too,Mine creeps back up once I lose , because I'm so proud of myself I reward myself with 2 and 3 day binges until its back. I'm starting to realize I might actually really have a mental problem with food!

Carri- I found you on facebook and added you as well :) Already in the teens! This is your year!! You have got this under control and will not fail! PRoud of you and glad to see you doing so well and so quickly!

Dee- I'm so happy to hear that your husband's cancer is gone! I'm also sad to hear that the doctor thought it was her place to keep important precious information and peace of mind from you! :HUg:

MIsti- How are you hangin in there ??

today I have lots of laundry to put away , lots of walking to do 22 miles in 6 days because I always skip days , :( , I have lots of lights to make for the wedding they take like an hour each :( I ate on plan yesterday after a weekend of binge eating because the scale went back down , so as of yesterday its 209 again. Wow I'm such a self sabotager. That is it!~ I'm not gonna be dumb anymore. I jogged yesterday in the middle of the day I suffered so much more than when its cool out. things are good here mobing along at a good pace, I'm a little overwhelmed right now with all the small but many tasks that lie ahead, but I'm sure it will all work out well in the end. Take care ladies and be tough today you can totally do this!!

01-14-2013, 11:25 AM
Morning Girls, hope you all had a great weekend...I am so tired today and a little headachey from little sleep ...dh stayed home today as he said his head hurt really bad...he skipped his bp med yesterday and when he does he always gets a bad headache...I would think that would make you more up on it, but who knows :D I tried to call and get a refill for him but his rx has now he has to call doc office as they wont let me due to privacy issues.

Dee - I am not doing anything special right now, no exercise...just staying at or under 1600 and no soda ...probably get more strict with carbs and sugar once I feel like I got a handle on things. I love Kroger and their sales, and I always use the little savings card...gotta go there tonight after work ughhhhh ....hate grocery store night, haha

Victoria - great I will look for the friend request ...and thanks for the encouraging words....when is the wedding again?

Hope this work day goes fast ...I'm just not feeling it today...thankfully this weekend is a three day weekend thanks to MLK that will help me get thru the week.

Hi Susie, Mel, Liz, and LeeAnn.....have a great day everybody !!!!!

Food 1/13/13

breakfast - none
Lunch - Subway, ham and cheese on flatbread ( 370 ) and baked bbq chips ( 140 )
Snack - baked cheetos ( 150 )
Dinner - chipped beef gravy on toast ( bread 200, gravy 400 ) - 600
Snack - serving of lactose free milk with some nestle quick power - 180
Total for day - 1440

01-14-2013, 11:26 AM
Hi Cheeriloos!

I started my weight loss last year on Jan 4. I started out by just cutting back portions and making healthier choices. In February last year I joined Ideal Protein program and did that for about two months, but had trouble paying for that and decided to do it on my own again. Shortly after that, I fell off the wagon which lasted for about 5-6 months. Unfortunately, I gained about 30lbs back. Very frustrating having to relose the same weight. My husband has been doing this along with me and we restarted our weight loss the first part of this past October. We have been doing it on our own watching carbs, mainly sticking to protein and vegetables. We have cut out all sugar, bread, pasta, starchy foods and even fruit. Since starting back up in October I have lost about 35-40lbs. I try and walk every day either outside or on the treadmill. I weight myself every day, which can be discouraging sometimes. Like this morning for instance, I weighed a pound heavier and was very good calorie/carb wise yesterday. I have started the C25K and am thinking the running may have caused water retainage. That's about all I'm doing. I'm determined to stick with it this time to get to my goal and hope by summer I'll be a lot closer to it!

the shiv
01-14-2013, 02:19 PM
Argh!! I want to post in here! I thought I had a slow week, but I was 206 this morning, down from 209 last week (??!). I want to start posting in here when I get to 198 as by then I'll have got rid of a stone!

Soooo... Just wanted to post anyway to say hello, and back in a bit!! :D

01-14-2013, 03:52 PM
Hi Girls :smug:

:welcome2: thnknthin1 So nice to have U join us on this thread, we r all about support including our day-to-day life that can help w our successes or probs that cause us to back-slide. Getting & remaining @ your fav size or goal weight is not about dieting, but not repeating our bad choices. It sounds like U mapped out your gains & loss probs really well, so congrats on solving it. It helps us to help each other w sharing 'tips' when we know each other. :smug:

:welcome2: shiv, come back anytime. Your weight# doesn't matter to us :smug: Maybe we can help U reach it.

Victoria :hug: wow U r doing sooo much, please tell me that your mom & mom inlaw r helping U or your sister, friends w your wedding. I don't want U to burn-out before your wedding day. If U need some help, Please tell them, they love U & want to b there for U. If you've tried on your gown recently & it's snug, just go to Target/W-Mart & buy some shapewear & avoid salt. Please just walk/jog to relax yourself before your wedding, but not to punish yourself for your recent binges & eat OP. What is the name of your protein shake that has only 25 cals, does it have artificial sweetners. Maybe I'd alternate it w my Jillian.

Carri, on Sat. night there was a repeat of the 1st Biggest Loser on, I almost cried w the guy that was sent home when all the teams cried w him. Looks like another really good season. OMG the girl from Detroit was a scank on the Batchelor last week so happy she left, so U see what I'm watching tonight to distract me & de-stress & get a few good laughs. Hey my only prob w grocery shopping is that the bakery & deli aisles make me hungry & my dh will buy it & eat it while we shop. If I was 5'10" & weighed 175#, I'd eat all the time too & whatever I wanted; at 48 yr his job is keeping him looking like a athlete w his metabolism. Yessss I envy him, his bod hasn't changed in our 18 yr together :o Men r just sooo lucky to have faster metabolisms than the ladies do.

Susie, LeeAnne, Liz & Mel :grouphug:

Food Log: 1/13/13
Breakfast: chocolate protein shake w banana & cool-whip in it.
2 slices toast w cinnamon/sugar sprinkles.
Lunch: 2 slices pepperoni pizza, & 3 breadsticks w ice tea.
Supper: veggie, beef stew & 3 dumplings w hot peppermint tea.
snacks: 1 glass Moscato wine, German chocolate brownie w glass of milk, hot peach tea.

Not active, it was a lazy day & we just read & watched football :cool:

01-14-2013, 04:38 PM
Hey ladies!!

So sorry I haven't posted, crazy busy weekend! DS was really sick on Saturday and missed a birthday party that I took DD alone to, then Sunday was his birthday plus my nephew's baptism, and he was still sick so my little guy spent his 5th birthday on the couch with Daddy playing games, while I went with DD to the baptism, oh well!! He's better today so that's good.

the shiv - Welcome!! You are definitely welcome to post anytime, you don't need to be in onederland, this post is for ladies who are on their way there, or would like to stay there! :) Congrats on your losses thus far!

Dee - Your food log sounds yummy! Lazy days are nice once in a while. :)

Carri - Hope your hubby will call the doctor's office, in order to get mine to do anything organized like that I have to stand over him while he does's like a 3rd child sometimes, I swear. ;) Hope you're able to catch up on your sleep.

Everyone I missed - Hi! :wave:

Things are going well for me, although only a .2 loss to report for the week though, lol....the weekend with everything going on and lots of food around....not surprising I didn't lose. Oh well. Since everybody else is posting food, I will too!

B. 2 banana vita tops, plus a few bites of the kids cereal (ooops) (300 cals)
L. 2 oz. chicken, 1/2 cup 7 vegetable salad (made it for the weekend, so yummy!), crackers (300 cals)
S #1 - Yogurt, tea and a few cookies (200 cals)
D. Planning on a BIG salad with chicken and tons of veggies (about 300 cals or so with dressing)
S #2 - Tea, cherries, 100 cal pack of chocolate pretzels (200 cals)

Anyways hope everybody has a great day!

01-15-2013, 10:09 AM
Morning Ladies....hope everyone is having a good morning so far...

Dee - Yes I totally agree with the lady that got let go on the Bachelor last week...she was too much ...she got too drunk and I think that was her undoing with Sean...I think there are a couple he really connected with though right at first, should be a good also broke my heart on BL with the guy that got sent home, to hear him cry like that was really sad, because he needed to be there ...but that is the game I guess...Yes I am also jealous of my husband...normally only 15lbs overweight if he is even that...can diet for two weeks and look like a million !!!!

Liz - He will call the doc office IF an usually take care of everything as I know you do...stressful sometimes huh? Good job on the loss...hey a loss is a loss...

Hi Mel, Susie, Victoria and LeeAnn !!!!!!! Have a great day !!!!

Food 1/14/13
breakfast - bacon, egg, and cheese on flatbread ( 325 )
lunch - Wendys chili ( 220 ) and 4 pce nuggett ( 180 ), needed something quick
Snack - none
Dinner - homemade chicken parm, with side of spaghetti, made low fat and with portions...550 cals, still higher though
Snack - rice krispie treat - 90
Total for day - 1365

01-15-2013, 10:09 AM
Also we don't have to put calories to what we ate the day before, I just do it for my own record in my head.

01-15-2013, 04:28 PM
G'd afternoon girls :smug:

Liz, I'm so sorry your son was sick for his b-day, but I'm sure that your family is planning a 'very Happy Birthday' dinner for him when he's well :smug: I hope the rest of U stay well. Liz U know any loss is BEtter than a gain, U can b any weight U want like U proved before :smug: I was going to ask Arabella when she was here in 2011 if she'd ever been in the audience @ the 'Steven & Chris' tv show in Canada, have U ? I watch them almost daily, they have good guests & info. on their show. The only place in Canada I've been to is the Niagara Falls :cool: My hubby has skiied in Canada several times.

Carri, Who r your top 3 for winning BL??? I'm on the fence right now. It was wonderful to see that Bob's blue team did great w their losses w being punished in the game room & being lazy. Shocking to see the red team w 3/-2 lb losses. Happy to see Jillians 2 girls both w great losses, she was like their individual 'personal trainer'.

The only time my dh voluntarily gets medical help is to use his AFLAC insurance :^: knowing @ least he can have fun w the $120 he gets after his injury.... men....

Susie, LeeAnne, Victoria & Mel :wave: We miss U & hope U r Well & OP :cb:

Breakfast: frozen strawberries in my vanilla protein shake (I use my immersion stick blender for my shakes, or w ice cubes to make them into a creamy milkshake) :p
Lunch: egg salad wh.wh. sandwich, 3 baby dill pickles & glass of milk.
Supper: chicken, mashed potatos, cole slaw & ice water w lime slice.
snacks: hot peach tea, German chocolate brownie w glass of white wine.

01-16-2013, 11:15 AM
Morning Gals !!!!

I am actually feeling smaller this morning, starting to feel the fruits of my labor so to speak, hahahaha, that saying makes me sound older than I am....fer sure

Dee - yeah I am on the fence about who to root for in BL too...I do like both of the women on Jillians team quite a bit so I could see me rooting for one of them in the end....

Kind of quiet in here yesterday.....where my girls at ? :D

Now that I have broke back into the 2 teens my next mini goal is the single two's....I am getting excited for that. :carrot:

Have a great day all !!!

Food Tuesday 1/15
breakfast - english muffin with 1.5 T of peanut butter - 250 cals
lunch - low cal taco salad ( no tortilla chips ) - 375 cals
snack - pop chips - 100 ...granola bar - 190
dinner - two slices of low cal pizza - cup salad - 150
snack - rice krispie treat - 90....baked cheetos - 140
total for day - 1505

01-16-2013, 12:09 PM
I FINALLY made it here! The past two days have been crazy at work. I just was given our budget and it's a mess and we have to have all the corrections in by the first week of Feb in order for things to be on track for the next 6 months.

Our "fiscial" year goes from July to June. No one has taken a look at things for 6months, so I had a lot to plow through with two managers and then start hunting down things they didn't think looked right.

It has been hard but I have gotten my inside walks in, and other than Monday night I also have been on the eliptical and bike. I'm going to the Y tonight as well.

I have been a bit more munchy this week--most likely due to feeling a bit stressed with being handed this extra work--but I have done my best to be smart about it and eat dry ceral and protein bars. I did have a mini bag of kettle corn yesterday.

I read through the posts--you girls are so inspiring!

Welcome to the new people...this is a amazing board and we are glad that you have come to check us out and join us.

I have to get back to work---now I need to catch up my other work before all the answers that I sent out emails for start coming in.

I'll be back to doing personals and daily food posting tomorrow.

Have a great day everyone!

01-16-2013, 04:02 PM
Hello Girls, :smug:

I'm hoping that you'all r just busy & 'not sick' instead of dropping by here.

Susie, glad that U r doing well & just busy @ work. How about making a few 'stress food kits' for yourself; for work, the car & @ home ready to pick-up w/o much prep to eat. I have a cute insulated cold-bag that holds a 8-pk that I keep inside my car, ready to take into anywhere & it has: tea bags, instant cocoa, nuts w choc.chips & peppermint, crackers & chicken boullion, homemade lo-cal treats, pre-measured protein powder in a shaker, 2 glass mugs, real silverware, a can-opener, mini-packs of tuna & dressing, instant soup, etc. hot water is available everywhere including fast-food drive-thru's & I replenish & wash my items as used, so let your imagination-go & put fresh veggies/fruit inside it like packing a lunch on stress-days or long car drives. We all get off-track somedays from stress, you'll b fine :hug:

Carri, It's great to see your lower # r back :dancer: Your food log shows it! How's the weight challenge @ work doing? Here's the recipe I gave links for, its really yummy & maybe your dh will like it too, cause I see U like dessert (rice krispies).

Cocoa Lava Kisses Makes 40 cookies~ Hands-on/30 min. Oven/30 min.

These heavenly clouds of sweet chocolate work great to take care of a chocolate craving. Unbelievably, they’re fat-free! They are intensely sweet, which will make it easier to stop at 3, which is only 60 calories!
Preheat oven to 250°. Line 2 cookie sheets with wax paper.
3 egg whites
1/8 tsp salt
1 cup sugar
2 tsp water
1 tsp vanilla extract
3 T unsweetened cocoa powder
Place egg whites/salt in medium bowl. Whip with an electric mixer until soft peaks form. Gradually add 1/2 cup of the sugar to egg whites while constantly whipping. Combine in a cup water/vanilla. Add to mix, a few drops at a time, alternating with the remaining 1/2 cup sugar while constantly whipping. Flake cocoa with a fork to break clumps. Sift if necessary. Fold completely into mix.Place bite-size rounded teaspoons (not tablespoons) of batter onto the wax paper-lined sheets.
Bake approximately 30 minutes. They will be dry on the outside, but moist and lava-like on the inside. They will retain their shape. (If they become completely dry like Styrofoam, they are overbaked.) While kisses are still hot, remove from wax paper and place on a wire rack so they will not stick. After cooling, store kisses in an airtight container.
These freeze well, making them convenient for future chocolate cravings!
Nutrition for 1 cookie: 20 Calories. Fat/Saturated Fat 0. Fiber 0. Cholesterol 0. Sodium 12 mg. Protein 0. Total Carbohydrate 5 g. Sugars 5 g.

Breakfast: oatmeal w hot tea.
Lunch: grilled cheese sandwich w green pepper/onions sliced (shredded mozzarella, lower in fat) hot cocoa.
Supper: 3 slices pizza (my doggies ate the crusts/yeast is good for them) oatmeal cookies w milk.
snacks: crackers w peanut-butter, vanilla protein shake w blueberries, hot peach tea.

01-17-2013, 11:03 AM
Does anyone have tricks or ideas to get weight loss started or past a hump? I have been losing and gaining the same pound over and over for at least a week. It seems my body does this now and again. Do you find increasing calories, decreasing calories, upping the exercise works best for you to get past these stalls?

01-17-2013, 12:46 PM
Morning Ladies – got home late last night since dh got a new car ( one he had was only two years old but you know men lol ) …so I didn’t have time to fix dinner and we stopped at Subway…I am really liking the flat bread …only 10 more cals then the wheat bread I normally get so not much of a difference…I have just been getting ham on it, then heated…then add lettuce, tomato, and a little light mayo …its so good….mmmmmmm

Anyone watch American Idol last night? I heard it was kind of snarky between Mariah and Nikki – but I like them both so not rooting for one or the other….Mariah I have loved since I was 12 and Nikki’s music makes me dance and be happy, lol ….

Don’t know what I will have for lunch today…I didn’t grab something this morning at home so I have to get something quick out…what to do, what to do….

ThinkThin1 – whenever I want to jump start things I drastically drop my carbs….usually always gets things moving.

Dee – thanks for the recipe, looks good…I normally don’t have much of a sweet tooth but starting off going back to eating right I have been indulging in the 90 cal rice krispie treat…once they are gone though I probably wont buy again….not good for my diabetes…

Hope everyone is doing well, and that Susie is not over working herself somewhere, haha ….Hi Mel, Liz, Victoria, and LeeAnn !!!!! Hope to hear from all of you soon.

Food 1/16/13 Weds
Breakfast : englishmuffin, one T peanut butter – 200 cals
Lunch : Smart Ones frozen pizza – pepperoni – 410 cals…I couldn’t believe that was that high, wont be getting again
Snack – Kind bar – 180 cals
Dinner – Subway, ham on flatbread with lite mayo ( got cheese this time ) – 380, baked bbq chips – 140
Snack – of course my Rice Krispie treat – 90 cals
Total for day – 1400 on the nose !! haha

See ya !!!!

01-17-2013, 02:25 PM
Hi. I'm taking a few minutes to eat lunch and check in with "my chickies!". That is what my DH calls you all.

I didn't make it to my Y workout last night (i worked at home for 3 hours) but I did do the "building trail" so at least that is saving me...I get in 30 min here daily.

Dee: I LOVE the receipie and I"m takinng it tonight to share with my TOPS chapter.

Thank you for the "emergency" food kit ideas. I live my life in bags so what's a few more! lol. Seriously, you should see my home office. I have a bench in there are it always has my purse, my lunch box, my computer bag, my workout bag, and my TOPS bag on it.

I wanted to tell you that I eat grilled cheese like you do! I will sometimes put a tomato on it too.

Carri: What kind of car is DH's new car? It's so fun to have a new car! I like the flat bread a subway too. I always have veggie with one slice of cheese and have them "heat" it..and my favorite sauce on it is the sweet onion sauce. I don't know the calories in it though.

Victoria: On Saturday you will be a Mrs! As soon as you can post and tell us about the wedding, please do so. I know we will all be thinking of you.

Thinkthin: I increase my protein (not easy for me as I am a vegitarian) and drop my cabs.

Hi Liz and Leannne!

Jan 16, 203 Food Log:Breakfast: 1 Special K ceral bar, water
Snack: 1 protein bar
Lunch: single mac and cheese, cole slaw, pears, water
Dinner: skillet ravioli with spinich, 1 cookie, water.
Snack: hot coco

01-17-2013, 02:37 PM
I'm already on a low carb diet. I stay around 40-50g per day. I'm wondering if maybe I'm not drinking enough water or if it's just natural for everyone to go thru a stall/plateau now and again even while staying OP.

01-17-2013, 02:37 PM
Hey ladies!

Dee - thanks for the recipe, I may try it, I don't usually like things too sweet but hey at some points during the month I do need chocolate!! haha

Susie - Wow 3 hours, good for you!! What kind of workout do you do? I need to dust off my treadmill, lol...I keep talking about selling it because I never use it but DH insists maybe one day we will, you just never know. lol

Carri - MMM maybe I'll have to try the flatbread, I love subs I usually do Mr. Sub though because I love mushrooms on my subs and Subway never has them! I also love pickles though which is not so good for water retention!

thnknthin - For me it's usually do a lot more exercise than normal or else dropping calories for a while....and like Carri more veggies and less carbs helps too.

Anyhow I've been a bit busier lately...I've decided to do an online accounting course and slowly start to work towards an accounting certification...I am still at my regular job but I think I need a change, things are still fairly crappy at my work....anyways just need to work it into my schedule! Hope everybody has a great day, I'm about to take the kids out for a walk to run off some energy - found out yesterday DS has an ear infection/chest infection so now that he is on antibiotics he is back to going crazy as usual, so gotta get them out!! :)

01-17-2013, 07:10 PM
Hello Girls :smug:

Hey, the cookies have soft centers sometimes gooey, so if U follow the recipe U made them right. My other sweet & healthy thing I do so I don't binge when I Must eat chocolate is: I spread a hi-fiber English muffin w peanut butter & then sprinkle chocolate chips on it & microwave until the choc.chips melt {Fiber + Protein = my chocolate craving is 2/3 healthy instead of a Bad snack}. I like to play w the hi-fiber/low carb muffins & dress them-up w foods :p so I can eat a bread weekly. I watched Nashville last night, did anyone ever watch General Hospital, kid who played Lucky, Luke's son, is on it as a guitar player/singer, w some other well-known tv stars on it.

thnknthin1, Hi when I'm like U, I increase my water by 3 glasses daily & add more fiber/veggies @ lunch/supper (usually beans for protein & leafy greens) helps my body drop water weight & food stuck in the colon. When my hubby has dairy (milk-cereal) daily he gets plugged/constipated/bloated (tmi) :^: Sorry for being blunt :( Good Luck!

Carri, I did watch American Idol last night & I think the girls were ok, considering some of their drama may b to get more fans watching them & Idol this season. It was cute the way Keith would give them the 'girls play nice look' as he sat between them. U know Subway is my fav fastfood stop & I always get either the breakfast muffin or their flat-bread & tons of veggies, instead of the sliced cheeses I ask for shredded mozzarella/lower in cals/fat/salt. My Honda CRV's a 2010 & I feel your dh getting his new car :cool: I want one w the back-up camera on my dash too, what did he buy & what color?

Susie, sweet onion dressing @ Subway is one of my fav's, but if I see I'm 142# on my scale I won't have any dressing & just enjoy the taste of the veggies w flat-bread, sometimes ham/chicken-breast. I'm like U being organized w sooo many tote bags, I gotta do that or else my brain would explode trying to locate everything, but w my specific bags ready, I can go right-to-it w/o any problems. I was letting my hair grow for locks-of-love (cancer wigs) but the ends r dry so I'm getting a new style & cut 3" off tomorrow, it's been so long time since its been above my shoulders, I'll prob feel skinny :df:

Liz, :smug: Good to hear that DS is feeling normal so he can have his 'b-day celebration' :woo: Good luck w your accounting degree, its so nice that so much can b taken @ home on our pc w/o driving to a college campus weekly & U can b home w your family.

Breakfast: 1 orange & hot apple/cinnamon tea.
Lunch: 2 - jr. Arby roast beef sandwiches & ice tea.
Supper: Vanilla protein shake w sprinkle of cinnamon & hot peach tea.
snacks: ice water, glass of milk.
I'm just not hungry today, the week has caught up w me & I'm tired & sleepy. I really need Susie to live near me & loan me some of her 'amazing energy' :dancer:

My dh just walked in from work w a hot pizza & that doesn't even tempt me, I'm going to sleep right after Gray's Anatomy tonight...
Have a Great Weekend if I'm not back Friday... :carrot:

LeeAnne, Mel & the shiv :grouphug:

01-18-2013, 10:24 AM
Morning Ladies…what a beautiful thing today is….Friday !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And I get a three day weekend with my Honey….although I think he is a little mad at me this morning as I had him looking for my desk key at home when I already had in my purse at work, and because of this he was late to work ….ooopss ! My bad ( yes, I’m bringing that back ), lol

Dh got a Mazda Speed 3 in silver…he had the same car in black, but it was a 2010 and this one is a 2013 with more bells and whistles and a touch screen and all those neat things…plus this may be the last year they make them so he wanted a new one…my car is only a year and a half old ( I have a regular red Mazda 3, well sport version – yes, we like Mazda’s haha ) but him getting his new car has given me new car fever ….but I better just put that on the back burner…cause I don’t need one …

Dee – good for you !! I would have been all over that hot pizza that dh brought in, pizza is by far my biggest weakness…I’ll have to check and see if my Subway has the shredded mozz cheese…cause that does sound better…

Susie – you little exerciser you !!! haha !! I always want to branch out and try a new sauce at Subway like the sweet onion you and Dee said you like but I don’t know the calories, but I make it makes the sandwich yummy…I like the “chickies” name, its cute

Victoria – I know you are probably busy with the wedding stuff, but have fun !!! Cant wait to see pics…also I saw the future dh on fb pics and he is a cutie !!!

Liz – hope ds gets to feeling better asap, poor kid….Mr. Sub must be a Canada thing but I agree with you I would like to have some mushrooms….I might suggest that on Subways site…The online accounting thing is a great idea…good luck with that.

Hi Mel and LeeAnn !!!

I hope this work day goes fast so I can start this three day weekend…I am craving pizza but maybe I just get a thin crust Delight pizza from Papa Murphys sometime this weekend. Also we are going to an Italian place tomorrow night with my brother to meet his new girlfriend and I have been looking at their menu and nothing looks “diet” friendly…I may just end up with a salad with the dressing on the side…boring…..anyhoww….if I don’t get back on here have a great weekend all !!!

01-18-2013, 10:34 AM
:carrot: Good News! Scale finally moved this morning. I increased my water intake yesterday, by quite a bit, and saw a 1.4lb loss on the scale. Now I'm hoping I don't find it again! Thanks for all your help and advice. I appreciate it. :)

Onederland I have you in my sights :devil:

01-18-2013, 05:21 PM
Great job Thinkthin ....if you are going to be posting with us a lot can we have your first name so we can call you by it?

Forgot to post my food from yesterday
Breakfast - normal english muffin with 1 T peanut butter - 200
Lunch - KFC chicken strips ( 390 ) and mashed potatoes w gravy ( 120 )
Snack - nada
Dinner - ham sandwich with cheese ( 280 ), two servings of Doritos ( yes I was hungry haha no afternoon snack ) 280
Snack - fiber one brownie - 90
total for day - 1360

01-18-2013, 05:55 PM
Sure! It's Alyssa.

01-20-2013, 11:27 AM
I am keeping my fingers crossed that I will still reach my goal of getting to Onederland by Valentine's Day. Hope it's not too far fetched.

01-20-2013, 07:24 PM
Oh my Gosh Girls! I got married yesterday! I didnt finish my miles, i didnt get to onederland but I'm so happy my DIY wedding was like a dream wedding! more beautiful than i imagined! so fun it was great!~ Back to eating right and working out tomorrow i wanna be in onderland by valentines for sure! we stayed at the hotel where we had our first valentine's day it was great ! I'm back home though cuz we wanted to see our families before they left town . :D I can't wait to get some pics from my photographer! i will def share them

01-21-2013, 08:37 AM
Hi Ladies. I am off work today and am about to go get my workout in this morning.

I'm going to be having a fun day out with a friend of mine later today and I thought it was a good idea to get the workout done early.

I started to post over the weekend and I avoided doing so because I had a gain at my TOPS meeting and I was so disappointed in myself. I know you all don't judge me but I was being very hard on myself. It took me a couple of days to get out of that "funk".

Yesterday, my resolved returned....I will not give up! I will keep doing...not trying..but doing...doing is the only way I'm going to get this done.

Carri: I saw that you posted you are off work today too. Enjoy the extra "you" time! You are being so diligent in posting your food and I see it is working for you...I know I must do it too. Thanks for keeping me inspired that way.

Veronica: What a beautiful bride you were! I can't wait to see more pictures.
So, now that you are done with the wedding we will start the mileage tracker?

I think you said 700 miles by then end of the year? I think Dee is doing this with us. Anyone else want to start?

Alyssa: Yeah for you on the water intake and that it showed a loss! This board is such a great place to keep motivated, to get help and help others.
It looks like you and Veronica are planning on arriving to ONEderland by Valentines Day. It's going to be fun to watch the two of you traveling there and getting there.

Dee: I watch Nashville, but I didn't watch General Hospital although I am a HUGE fan of Rick Springfield, also known as Dr. Noah Drake! ;)

Liz: I hope that DS is feeling better. I think the online accounting class is a very good idea. Anything you do to learn more and keep your working skills up is a plus for your career.

How are you doing with getting back to the number on the scales that you want to see?

Hi Mel!

01-21-2013, 04:14 PM
G'd Afternoon Girls,

:congrat: Victoria :hug: :hug: :hug:

Alyssa, U r doing great! :smug: Just take control to hit your Feb. 14th goal. Daily log yourself, like charting so U can easily see what U have yet to finish that day/week. That realllly does make a big impact on us, especially so we do Not go on a craving binge :^: Like last night I wanted a candy bar really bad, so I made a substiute to get over it. (I spread low-fat/low-sodium margarine on a high-fiber English muffin & sprinkled choc.chips on it; when I don't have any chocolate chips/syrup/peanut butter, I sprinkle on brown sugar) anyways that works for me, just like cinnamon toast does when I'm craving a candy bar. I love eating fruit desserts, but not every day.

Carri, I'm thinking U r prob celebrating your day off like Susie; but Im picturing U eating Sushi :p right now ;)

Susie, don't feel bad about the gain cause it happens to everyone. Your back on track & thats all that matters w reaching your health goal. I'm starting my walking tomorrow for our yrly challenge. Your weather must b very nice to b out today, 'Have Fun', we're going through bitter temps today/tomorrow 18* :brr:

We stayed home Sunday & dh painted our laundryroom & putting down new flooring tomorrow. Saturday from my '2013-Did-It' List we ordered new island/kitchen countertops & sink & faucet, we r both excited to have the kitchen updated from 2001 when we built our home. Also on my '2013 List' I wrote learn to 'crochet', well the ladies that said they'd teach me went to Florida for the winter; so I'm taking a class @ JoAnn's Fabrics, Saturday & 2 wks later I take a advanced class & I'll crochet myself a shrug for strapless dresses & a large heart-shaped rug for my bathroom :smug: So I'm on my way w achieving my 1 monthly '2013-Did-It' crossed-off my list 'Jan./Feb.' :cool:

Monday's menu
Breakfast: 1 poached egg on toast, 1 banana, hot peach tea.
Lunch: 2 mugs of chili, water.
Supper: 2 servings sherpherds pie/veggies, mashed potatoes w lemon water.
snacks: cinnamon toast, 1 orange, vanilla/peppermint protein shake.
Activity: Lifted my hand-wts, cleaned the floors.

LeeAnne, Liz, Mel :wave:

01-21-2013, 05:53 PM
I love MyFitnessPal. I have been using that for about a year now. I can log in here also with my daily meals. I am determined to get to Onederland by Valentine's Day. I actually jogged for the first time outside last night (so no one would see me). I went very slow but managed to go about 1 1/2 miles.

Breakfast: 2 eggs, 2 slices Healthy Life High Fiber Wheat Bread
Lunch: Spinach salad w/cherry tomato, peppers, mushrooms, SF dressing
Snack: Few cups of popcorn
Dinner: Chicken thighs, roasted cauliflower
Snack: Atkins Double Chocolate Crunch Bar

01-22-2013, 10:04 AM
Morning Ladies hope all is well with everyone :hug:

I've been sick the last 2 days so no xtra duty for me till I'm free n clear of this cold. Haven't been eating much, oatmeal, soup, tea but haven't lost anything either.In fact I gained BOOOOO ! I can't seem to get my 7p-7a eating together MAYBE by being under the weather will help me get it together. NOBODY should be eating nachos @ 2 am...REALLY ? it turns my stomach right now just thinking about it :dizzy:

01-22-2013, 11:35 AM
Morning Ladies ….I had a great three day weekend, however I did not have a great three day weekend food wise…I sort of went off the rails on Saturday night and didn’t really do to good after that …I didn’t go crazy, but I didn’t count my calories at all and I’m sure I went way over on all three days…I never at any point had soda though so that’s a small victory, lol

I’m back on today, and this week is going to be SO hard for me anyway cause it’s my TOM that I only get every three months ( on the three month pill ), and because I only get it 4 times a year it seems harder on me that it should be….but I so appreciate only getting it that often – love that pill …

Victoria – I agree with Susie you looked so beautiful on your wedding day, can’t wait to see more pics…so happy that it was everything you wanted it to be.

Alyssa – being in Onderland by Valentines Day is going to be pretty hard…that would be 14 pounds in less than a month, but I think if you really want it and you work hard – its achievable !! So go for it !!!

Susie – thanks for the compliment…too bad I proved you wrong by my weekend excursion, lol !!!! Oh well ….

LeeAnn – sorry you have been sick, that stinks….and that you have gained….but your body just needs to adjust I bet …and no you don’t need nachos at 2am, haha …..but it does sound good to me.

Hi Mel, Liz, and Dee.

I am pretty grumpy this morning and just keeping to myself at work…didn’t wash my hair last night in the shower cause I just wanted to get in and out quickly and today my head feels greasy and itchy, so that is making me irritable….well that and the TOM hormones…
Just want this work day to hurry up and be over….well I guess I should say work week – but I shouldn’t wish away time….

Have a great day everyone.

01-22-2013, 02:37 PM
Hello Girls :smug:

Girls, don't forget what a 'huge problem' :( Sodium is= weight gain, bloat, hypertension, kidney probs, cardio & more. It's as bad as Excess fat & sugar; but salt is Controllable by: *adding less amounts to your food;
*rinsing canned veggies prior to cooking/eating;
*using kosher salt because U have the flavor w/o using as much;
*order your French fries @ McD./BurgerKing, etc unsalted & they will drop a fry order for U;
*buy low-salt products tomato juice, etc;
*add salt to your food to enhance the taste after it's cooked instead of during cooking;
*when baking use 1/2 the amount the recipe asks for;
*add more herbs/lemon-lime juice to your foods;
*or just Enjoy the natural food flavors unsalted. Salt substitute chemicals r unhealthy so don't use them. Just read your food labels & compare the amts of sodium per serving & the Recommended daily Allowance & divide that amt in half to eat daily. Include eating 'half of the sodium daily allowance' into your 'healthy lifestyle' food plan. :smug: Like drinking a small soda or when a large soda is the same price as the small, just fill half the cup w ice cubes & enjoy the taste. These changes will help U keep-off weight.

Tonight is the 'Finale' of Private Practice on ABC :( I'll miss that show, I watched it all 5 yrs. I hope to see those actors roles visit on Grey's Anatomy. The Taste replaces it & looks great, maybe we can learn things from the cooks. A.Idol is on, I hope the girls behave tonight, Nikki's mouth runs like a odd 14 yr teenager & my dh's friends watch it to laugh @ her & her fake giant boobs falling-out. I told the guys the show Is about the 'audition voices' not Nikki :dizzy: If anybody has a :p 'yummy recipe' that is sorta healthy, please Post it for us, TY.

Breakfast: vanilla-banana protein shake w fiber English muffin.
Lunch: 1 mug chili, wheat crackers, 1 orange, w glass of water.
Supper: 2 serv. veggie lasagna, peach slices in hot cinnamon tea.
snack: 4 oatmeal cookies, w 2 glasses milk.
Activity: walked, lifted hand weights, cooked/sewed.

For the girls living above Florida, please b safe :hug: during these bitter cold days/nights so U don't get car-stranded & freeze & give your pets a extra blanket :smug:

01-23-2013, 04:49 AM
Thanks for those tips Dee: I've been eating alot of soup which we know is loaded w/sodium

Carri : I feel ya w/ the soda I struggle too Dr Pepper is my vice I even tried buying the little ones .... I drank 2 defeats the purpose

Victoria : Congratulations you made a beautiful bride from the 1 pic I saw.

Hello to the newbies that I probably missed :)

I'm back down 2lbs I don't know if I'm commin or going...LOL ! Trying after this to hop back on my Atkins Low Carb

01-23-2013, 11:18 AM
Morning Gals ...I am so bloated from TOM and eating dh's homemade chili for the last three about your fiber, haha ....he makes awesome chili but it takes a toll on the system if you know what I mean.

I did watch The Taste last night Dee and i really liked it ...but I love Anythony Bourdain and Nigella I would watch them on anything. I think I'll keep watching it.

Not feeling the greatest due to TOM so just kind of going thru the motions this week...not much energy...oh well, I'm a woman and have to get thru it and go on, right?

Have a great day all.

01-23-2013, 01:03 PM
I weighed in last night at 213 RArrrr,
I had a Meatball sub for breakfast and some chocolate from the wedding,
going for my couch to 5 k jog now , wish me luck.

01-23-2013, 07:39 PM
I am finally here! Girls, I say it all the time but I am so crazy busy at work! I know we all have things that keep us busy. I am on the computer so much at work that I don't want to get on when I get home. BUT I can't go more than a day as I miss you all. MY DH calls you all my "chickes". lol

I'm getting ready to head out to the Y. I have made it Monday, Tues and Wed so far this week. I'm going to up my ellpitcal to 15 min and I will stick to the bike at 30.

My food is better this week...I'm not sneaking the treats here and there like I do sometimes and I "forget" to put them into my LoseIt app.....and when that happens I see a gain on Thursday.

Dee: My friend and I had a great time out and about on Monday. The weather was cold but we bundled up and ran into the Mall. There was a snow burst that stirred up a 80 car pile up on Interstate 75 and another one on Interstate 275 that involved 50 cars. I guess the snow came down quickly and people couldn't see and couldn't get traction. Their was one death in the 80 car pile up and it was a 12 year-old girl. Very sad.

We weren't on the road when that was happening but we did see it on the news.

How exciting to be getting a new kitchen! Also, wanted to say "good for you" for getting over that craving. :hug:

Carri: TOM used to make me very grouchy and I would keep to myself to...I could hardly stand myself and so I knew that other wouldn't want to be around me! :p

While you went off food plan a bit you didn't have the Dr Pepper so that is a victory! Be kind to yourself this will go away and you can get back to being you.

LeeAnn: I think that nachos and cheese at 2:00 a.m. is when most people would eat that! lol Usually after a night at the bar. LOL.

Sorry to hear that you are not feeling well. Take care of youself and get well soon and then you can get back on track.

Victoria: Couch to 5k...get going! When is your first race? I will be doing mine March 23. Walking it (my running days are gone with this knee) but I want my time to be lower than when I did this race last year. I keep a log of my races and my time.

Alyssa: I think it would be hard to lose 14 lbs by Valentines day but if you believe you can, then you should give it all you got! And we will be here to help you.

Food for Jan 22
B-Special K ceral bar, water
L=Lean Cuisine mushroom tortelline, water, peaches in their own fruit juice, 3 vanilla waffers
D=grilled cheese with green peppers and onion, pretzals, water
Snack: Healthy Choice frozen greek yogurt
Exercise: 45 min walk =1.50 miles, 10 min bike=2.60 miles to get to the Y. See you all tomorrow.

01-24-2013, 10:27 AM
No, I don't think I'm going to make my Valentine's goal of reaching Onederland either. I have been battling constipation something awful this week, which has been causing water retention. My weight on the scale has been all over the place. I'm 212.0 this morning and TOM is just around the corner so I have a double whammy going for me. But, I do hope to reach Onederland by end of February or begining of March.

01-24-2013, 12:05 PM
Just wanted to pop in and say thank you for posting the recipe below. I found it while searching for recipes.

I cut the recipe in half, used a little less sugar and added coconut oil and a tiny bit of sweetened coconut flakes. It's soooo good! Kind of like a healthier almond joy. I keep it in the freezer and when I need something sweet and/or a healthy fat (coconut oil) I eat one or two.

After I'm finished with this batch I'm going to experiment adding chocolate whey protein and pecan pieces for a small treat with protein.

Thank you!

Hello Girls, :smug:

Cocoa Lava Kisses Makes 40 cookies~ Hands-on/30 min. Oven/30 min.

These heavenly clouds of sweet chocolate work great to take care of a chocolate craving. Unbelievably, they’re fat-free! They are intensely sweet, which will make it easier to stop at 3, which is only 60 calories!
Preheat oven to 250°. Line 2 cookie sheets with wax paper.
3 egg whites
1/8 tsp salt
1 cup sugar
2 tsp water
1 tsp vanilla extract
3 T unsweetened cocoa powder
Place egg whites/salt in medium bowl. Whip with an electric mixer until soft peaks form. Gradually add 1/2 cup of the sugar to egg whites while constantly whipping. Combine in a cup water/vanilla. Add to mix, a few drops at a time, alternating with the remaining 1/2 cup sugar while constantly whipping. Flake cocoa with a fork to break clumps. Sift if necessary. Fold completely into mix.Place bite-size rounded teaspoons (not tablespoons) of batter onto the wax paper-lined sheets.
Bake approximately 30 minutes. They will be dry on the outside, but moist and lava-like on the inside. They will retain their shape. (If they become completely dry like Styrofoam, they are overbaked.) While kisses are still hot, remove from wax paper and place on a wire rack so they will not stick. After cooling, store kisses in an airtight container.
These freeze well, making them convenient for future chocolate cravings!
Nutrition for 1 cookie: 20 Calories. Fat/Saturated Fat 0. Fiber 0. Cholesterol 0. Sodium 12 mg. Protein 0. Total Carbohydrate 5 g. Sugars 5 g.

01-24-2013, 02:56 PM
Hi Girls :smug: Just another cold day :brr: in the north today. I wish we were all enjoying Victoria's warm Florida weather :beach:

Carri, spoil yourself this week & treat yourself w a bottle of your fav SkinnyGirl drink :drinkup: & toss-in some blue-berries/strawberries for nutrition, or a hot-toddy :smug: get brave & go sing kareoke this weekend.

Victoria, :hug: don't b hard on yourself about the weight, U Can Do this! The extra pounds didn't happen in a few weeks, so we just have to b persistent & patient. U just went through a 'major life change w your wedding' so U need to have a vacation from pressure & 'have fun taking-off your pounds' like play w your girls & hubby & see the pounds falling-off while U play/laugh together.

Susie, sooo nice to hear that U r still 'our WonderWoman' w all your energy & work-outs after work :exercise: What is your 'go-to food for 'extra'energy'??? Great to hear that you've been OP w/o munchies, you'll prob have a big loss @ tops this week :smug:

Hi Alyssa, we all get how U r feeling cause it happens to all of us. My doc told me to move the stuck poo, we gotta have extra fiber & drink lots more water to dump the poo. A friend of mine does naturopathy & told my tops club that sometimes when we take calcium pills it constipates us, so to add a daily vitaC & aspirin for a week to see if that will help get us regular. I've done what both of them said & it worked. Good luck. If U want to reach Onederland by end of February, I Know U can do-it :cheer: just Never give up, set-up a Routine & follow it daily, even when U feel yucky U can do at least half of your routine that day & b Proud of yourself when U follow half of it.

LeeAnne, how was your detox? I hope it made your body feel refreshed :smug: I've never done it, my doc doesn't reccomend them, she prefers fasting using sliced veggies in water for a week. Good luck w using your Atkins Low Carb diet again. I mostly only drink my soda when I'm shopping & Dr.Pepper is also my fav, I fill my cup half-way w ice then add my soda, its less soda but I still get my taste-buds happy :p

SunnySide99, TY for your recipe tips, :p I'll b trying them soon. Come back & drop-bye anytime. We'd love to hear more from U :smug:

Breakfast: Cottage cheese, cinnamon/sugar toast & hot peppermint tea.
Lunch: Scalloped potatos, orange & choc. protein shake.
Supper: Lasagna & wine.
snacks: orange, scalloped potatos, hot raspberry tea, water w lemon.

Mel, Liz :wave:

01-25-2013, 04:33 AM
I have been battling constipation something awful this week, which has been causing water retention.

PLUMSMART 8 oz every morning & WELCOME to the forum :)

01-25-2013, 08:00 PM
I have done a number on my foot. I recently started the C25K program and started taking things outdoors and although it didn't hurt at the time, the next day my foot (the area where a bunion would be) was absoluely killing me. I've been icing it and alternating Aleve and Ibuprofen. If it doesn't get better I'll have to see if my doc will get me an x-ray. So, now even my walking is on hold till this feels better and I am really bummed out because I'm afraid the scale is going to go up. Plus TOM is coming really soon. At least the fiber tablets are starting to work. I don't need three whammys :)

I'll have to try the Plumsmart also. I bet it's good. Thanks for the suggestion!

01-26-2013, 12:37 AM
Hey Girls, well we got 4" of snow dumped on us this afternoon giving us 7" of snow so we're cross-country skiing & snowshoeing this weekend :bunny2: Just 2 wks ago it was a balmy 59* weekend & Ron took this pic of me @ Lake MI, while looking for sea-shells & drift-wood on the beach. I hope you'all have a fun weekend being active also & enjoy this beautiful 'fluffy' snow! When its bitter-cold, the roads r icey & no pretty snow to enjoy, winter is just nasty; but days like this r like a beautiful painting.

LeeAnne :smug: TY for the 'PLUMSMART' tip, I'm adding it to my health-tips notebook!

I took my crochet class @ JoAnn's today; they give a free kit from Lion Yarns: a skein of Vanna White's yarn, a huge totebag, book w 6 stitches & a crochet hook. Learned 4 stitches today & had fun :smug: In 3 weeks I take a advanced class & learn & make 2 items as our instructor teaches us how-to follow patterns, add beads, etc. I'm going to 'set 2 of my crochet projects in my 'food areas' to remind me to do them, instead of snacking replacing it w a warm drink & keep myself busy making gifts :val3: Until then I'll practice my stitches making winter scarf & tablerunner. To keep myself from carb over-loading during the cold days/night this winter.
JoAnn's had charmeuse fabric on sale & I'm sewing myself red slacks & a short red pencil skirt w a ruffled hem to wear w a ivory silk blouse my dh got me for Christmas [& Valentine's Day is soon]. Who else sews--crochets & what is your fav fabric stores ? ?
It's nice to hear about other things instead of food everyday :dancer: So 'what's Up w you'all, like whats your hobbies besides: food/exercise/reading/family/sleep/working ? ?

Breakfast: chocolate protein shake.
Lunch: Subway flatbread breakfast sandwich w egg white, veggies, mozzie cheese & small Dr.Pepper. Before my class.
Supper: my 2nd serving of Lasagna from yesterday, Edy's ice cream & water.
Snacks: Snack bag of almonds/choc.chips/fiber cereal when driving w bottled water after my class so I wouldn't go to Arbys today on my way home from crochet class. Hot apple-cinnamon tea tonight.

Have a fun weekend Everyone :angel: Stay safe & OP, cause your family & friends need U Healthy..... :wave:

01-26-2013, 08:58 AM
Good morning. I just finished reading through all the posts and I can't tell you how good I feel when I come here.

I have had a migraine since Thursday and it is finally gone today--I just had to go to bed last night with my head packed in ice and a using Icy Hot balm on my neck and shoulders where my muscles were so tense and I took some over the counter migraine meds. I work up this morning with the pounding gone but a little worn out from dealing with pain for two days.

I stayed the same at my weigh-in at TOPS on Thursday. When I look back at my weight book I usually stay the same or gain on the 3rd week of the month. I think it is hormones? I don't have TOM anymore due to a hysterectomy (sp) ten years ago but I still have my ovaries and so I think I still expereince the "cycle".

We received some snow yesterday. Not as much as Dee got but a good covering and it makes things pretty but I'm a spring/early summer girl and so I'm about ready for winter to be over already!

Dee: I LOVE the new picture of you. I hope you are enjoying your cross-country skiing & snowshoeing this weekend.

I enjoy hearing about your crochet class @ JoAnn's. This is something I would love to do. I'm not a crafty person but I would like to try and learn to crochet...maybe sometime I will set aside the time to do it.

You asked about our hobbies and I'm a bit sad to say that I really don't have any other than my exercise and reading. I just seem to have time for that, working and a little reading. I don't think I like that very much about myself. :mad: Not sure how to turn that around but I'm going to think about that and see what I can do.

LeeAnn: I didn't know that calcium could cause constipation. I am about to add some extra calcium because my Vit D is low and I am now taking a supplement and with the stress fracture I had on my foot and the ortheoarthritis I have in my knee I was told that some extra calcium would be good for me. I will also be getting some Plumsmart. Thanks for that tip.

How are you doing with the job and getting yourself into a routine where you feel good and can lose the weight you want to loose?

Alyssa: You have a lot going on. Your body is telling you to slow down and take some time to take care of yourself. Listen to your body and go for a gently walk. Do 10-15 min at a will keep moving and it will help you with keeping the lbs from creeping on.

I have been there with the foot issues. I did 2 5k's in one month and I had a stress fracture on my foot. I walk 5k's but I do it fast and it's like a slow job that a lot of people do and running and jogging are high-impact.

My ortho doctor told me that he wants me to do my 5k training on the bike, on the elpitical (and I can jog in the pool) so that I can train for speed and endurance and when I walk on the track or the roads he doesn't want me to do more than a 12-15 min mile so that I am not hard on my feet. The only time he will agree to me doing that fast walking on the street is the day of the race. He is trying to help me "save" my knee for as long as I can before a replacement.

So, take care of yourself--your whole self.:hug:

Carri: How are you feeling? How is te Biggest Loser at Work going?
Are you watching the Biggest Loser this year (Dee are you?). The guy named Mike on their is a friend of a friend and he and his wife lived in my home town until about 3 years ago. I remember seeing him around town.

Hi Liz, Victoria and Mel!

01-27-2013, 03:17 PM
Hello Everyone,

I hope everyone is having a restful Sunday. We are finishing up grocery shopping and laundry.

I am feeling better today--my headache is FINALLY ALL gone.

We went to dinner with some friends last night and it was just a good time to get out, and laugh and talk and share good food. We had never been to the resturant before. I have not idea how many calories I might have eaten but I'm ok with it. I felt I ate a healthy portion of my food and enjoyed it.

While I want to try and stay with-in my daily calorie range I also want to get over this idea that there are good foods and bad foods. I want to think about am I getting good nurtrition to fuel this body so it can work the way it needs to work and to burn energy and can I look in the mirror and be happy.

I'm not there yet, but I'm going to be!

Jan 26, 2013
B=2 pancakes w/ syrup, 2 p of bacon, water
L=1/2 of a veggie yum yum sand (veggie cream cheese on a multigrain begal, cucumber slices, read onion, muster cheese slice), 1 serving sea salt potato chips (having crunchy, chips help me to only eat the recommend serving), 1 ice cream drum stick, water
D= Portabella mushroom "burger", seasoned fries, water, 1 scoop peanut butter ice cream

01-28-2013, 08:09 AM
Hi looks like you all have been "together" for awhile, mind if I join in? I'm working my way towards Onederland as well. :)

01-28-2013, 09:42 AM
Happy Monday everyone! Hope you all had a nice weekend. It was cold here all weekend but today will be in the 60's so I'm going to take the opportunity to go walking outside. My foot is still bothering me but with Aleve I am able to keep up some walking, I just have to take it easy. I weighed in this morning at 209.4 so to mark the occasion I changed my Avatar to reflect pounds lost. Onederland is getting closer!

Welcome Laura!

01-28-2013, 10:31 AM
Hey My friends! I gained 9 pounds!! I'm back to 214.5, ok I'm beginng again today. I have some major issues going in my life right now causing me super stress I mean I am sooo stressed right now. But i need to get back on the wagon stress or not. (not about my husband its other stuff, long story and no time right now but wow Its out of nowhere and I was not prepared for this) Gonna eat right today, its rainy idk if I'll walk or not. Talk to you all soon.

01-28-2013, 11:19 AM
Morning ladies ...hope you all had a good weekend...I was still sort of down with TOM and my eating wasnt the greatest...I did finally break down and have some cherry coke :( but not like I would have had back in the day, just one can.

Suppose to be 62 here tomorrow:cool: however a high of like 19 on Friday...this Winter has been so crazy with the back and forth...but I guess that's Indiana for you.

Victoria - sorry to hear about the stressful situation...hope it gets better asap...and you can get that gained weight right back off.

Susie - that is cool about knowing one of the guys on BLoser...and yes I am still watching it...glad to hear your migraine went away...I know that has to be the worst...

Dee - love the new Susie, I don't have a lot of cleaning one? lol ....I do love to read and go for walks....and photography, love to dabble in that too a little. Playing in the snow sounds like fun, hope you had a good time.

Hope you all have a great Monday...its rainy and cloudy here, but gonna be around if not raining when I get home I may take a long walk to think about what I have done, haha, kidding.

See ya later

01-28-2013, 03:40 PM
Girls it's my late Lunch-break today :p :cookie: even though I'm self-employed I gotta keep on-schedule or I'd lose clients. Some days I forget to eat lunch cause I get soo involved in a order & the day flies bye & my hubby asks what I ate for lunch & I'm embarrassed to tell dh I forgot about food :dizzy:

Laura :smug: We're Happy to have U here w us. Hey, please share w us whatever gives U success & the stuff that didn't work for U because we r all about 'supporting each other' on this thread & learning things. :smug:

Alyssa, I'm happy that U r getting some relief w your foot pain & can do some gentle walking again, so nice that U have good weather today to walk outside. I would also b proud like U to have a Avatar reflecting '70 pounds lost', what a fantastic victory for U. :cheer:

Susie, reading your menu w the portabella burger told me what I'm shopping for this week, I love grilled portabella's & sometimes I make them like a McD. Big-Mac burger. Great job w your '1 serving size' portions & sensible portions of All foods, that does Work to lose weight & keep-off the pounds when U r @ goal w/o dieting & counting cals :yes: TY for the thumbs-up on the Lake Michigan pic, clouds kept moving & dh was annoyed w the sea gulls begging him for snacks while he was trying to snap my pic. U really have a lot of 'self-control' when U eat out w your friends, I admire that a lot :cool:

Victoria, :hug: so sorry about the unexpected probs U r dealing w right now. I'm praying that it works in your favor, that U get the result that is best for your family. The only tip I have for U about your weight 'gain' is: U really Need to Have Slimming Foods in your 'Eyesight' & 'Prepped, Ready to eat' During problem times. This way instead of reaching for the chips/candy/cookies, U can eat a yummy banana/fruit/carrots, etc. setting on your kitchen counter, or in a dish setting in your livingroom, etc. & make a travel-bag w Slim foods to put in your car to eat from when driving, & eat your spaghetti, etc. on a dessert plate so if U eat 2 servings they will b smaller servings. We love U, please take care :hug:

Carri, hey cleaning is my exercise on winter days when the weather is yucky. We played outdoors all weekend & dh went ice-fishing yesterday, caught perch & a walleye, so grilled fish is for supper tonight :p It rained during the night & 1/2 of MI schools r closed today from the icey-roads. Got up to 45* @ noon & the snow is melting, so glad we had our last snow weekend to play. TY for liking my pic, I get a perm every 2 yrs so I can do a wash & go, w/o blow-drying it & I just go to the salon every 2 months for trims. We love Indy people here in MI, your peeps have lots of vacation homes here :smug: Congrats w having 1 can of soda instead of 2, everything is Ok in moderation. My dh makes a nightly ice-cream float/milkshake & call it his dairy/calcium :p as part of his snack... I've never tried photography, but it's a perfect hobby w creating memories, what r your cameras/lenses? Do U do portraits also?

Gotta get back to work now :wave: LeeAnne, Liz, Mel :grouphug:

01-28-2013, 04:02 PM
Thank you DeeDee, appreciate it. :)


01-29-2013, 09:37 AM
Hi Gals,

I had a little meltdown with the yesterday with my food. It wasn't horrible but I was HUNGRY and nothing I was eating was helping.

I also didn't get my workout in :mad:

Today I'm back to "normal" and moving ahead.

BL was pretty good last night. I know both Carri and I are watching it. Is there anyone else?

Dee: I laughed when you commented on my "self-control" when eating out with friends. I am a "closet eater" if I am going to eat out of control. I don't want anyone to watch me do that. I try to tell myself that "when I overeat in private my excess poundage is there for all the world to see". Yesterday when I had my meltdown with the food I made sure that I was doing it in front of someone so that they could see it--that was a little bit of control damage.

Carri: One cherry coke--just think of it like dessert that you had that day. Also, I remember when that one coke would have set you off on a binge, but it didn' you are wining this battle. ;)

Victoria: I hope the stress lightens us soon. We are here for you.

Alyssa: How is your foot feeling?

01-29-2013, 11:19 AM
Morning Ladies tired today...having a hard time keeping my eyes open here....shouldve went to bed at a decent time...will try and do that tonight.

Dee - I have an old 1980's Canon that my Dad bought me when I was a freshman in high school, its totally manual everything and of course uses film but its so cool to use dh wont touch it, he has all these new digital camera and high powered lenses, but I'm old school. :D

Susie - we all have those days...sometimes I have a day where no matter what I eat I don't feel like I've had anything, and those are the days that really get me in least you still exercised right?:hug:

Speaking of BLoser, I don't care for the way they are doing the voting this year....I'm sure its for a reason , but I liked the old way around the table better...I'm not as in to it this year as in past years but I still watch it.

Hi to everyone else !!! Have a good day.

01-29-2013, 02:37 PM
Hey everyone! I was back up a pound on the scale this morning. I'm blaming it on TOM approaching. These next two weeks are always the worst weeks out of the month for me weight loss wise. Plus, I am still not quite regular even with my fiber supplements. I read that magnesium tablets can help, so I started taking some today that I had leftover from when I was on Ideal Protein.

My foot is still sore but I'm managing to get my walks in. I did about 6.4 miles yesterday (not at once) and today went for a walk this morning about 3.8 miles. It was 65 here this morning so I definitely wanted to take advantage of that before the cold front moves thru. Crazy midwest weather!


01-29-2013, 09:27 PM
Hi Girls,

I didn't get to post my food earlier so here it is.

Monday,Jan 28, 2012
B=1 Special K ceral bar, water
L-Spinach salad with seasemee seeds and cranberries, 1 pack of club crackers, peaches, 8 vanillia wafers, water
D= (this is where I lost it!) 1 veggie buritto from Hot Head and yes I put sour cream on it.
Snack=1 chocolate chip cookie and 1 scoope of vanillia ice cream

No workout :mad:

I just got back from the Y and did a 1.5 mile walk and then 1 mile on the elliptical all in 55 min.

It was beautiful here in Ohio today--makes me want spring so badly....but I will wait the time..I'm working hard to stay OP with food and exercise so that this spring I'm at least 15-20 lbs lighter and when summer comes another 10 at least.

Carri: I hope you get to bed early. i will be doing that myself. I had to be at work today at 6:30 a.m. and worked until 5:30 p.m. I'm a bit tired. My plan is to get to 9:30 and then sleep until 5:30 a.m.

Alyssa: That is a LOT of walking! When I had TOM I had two weeks in my cycle that were very hard on me to lost any weight. I still exprience it but it is now only about 1 week...usually the 3rd week.

See you all tomorrow.

01-30-2013, 08:46 PM
Hi Girls,

This week I'm sewing shirt-dresses & yes, sun-dresses already my clients r ready for the warm weather :cool: & a few cruises coming up soon. Soo ladies, its time to get working daily w your goals to look: cute/sexy in your "New-Smaller-Slimmer" summer clothes {shorts/cropped pants/sun-dresses-swimsuits-sleeveless/halter tops}.

Susie did U read this months tops magazine yet, several good articles :smug: I always follow that years 'officers installation ceremony' for our club & also flower-centerpieces on all our round member's tables, in the church banquet room we rent. Do U have your kops ceremony planned, I know it will b beautiful :queen:

Carri, in the 1960's my dad gave me his camera, I was 11 yr & I still have it & treasure it, he died w a heart attack that year. Soo I love that U still have the camera your dad got U, 'old school' is like being sentimental/romantic/sensitive. Do U have a fav diabetic cookbook U use :chef:

Alyssa, I'm @ a loss for words, U walked 6.4 miles yesterday on a injured foot :^: Not me. Take care not to over-do & make your injury worse, stress-fracture, etc.

Sounds like we all need to get 6-8 hrs of sleep to Empower our bodies. I'm watching the B. Loser & find it amazing that Bob still has all his team. But I wish they had more obese, kids/young teens on the show, peer pressure & bullying Is such a big problem in schools. I did my bus. taxes & bought a 46" Samsung Smart TV on sale $630 for our bedroom yesterday, to replace my old 32" tv. During the Superbowl, now I can go watch my new TV in my bedroom to cheer-on the S.F.49ers when the guys r screaming @ the familyroom TV. Who r U cheering to win the Superbowl, Ravens or 49ers ??
I'm baking desserts tomorrow for a couple of Superbowl parties. I need some tasters here for quality control so I don't add any pounds to my bod :cookie:

G'd night girls :yawn: I'll try to go to sleep @ 10/11pm instead of watching the news/Lettermen-Kimmel, but Nashville is on tonight too. I get up @ 4am-4:30 w dh & go back to sleep till 7:00 then start my work day schedule & work w my clients appointments coming after their job ends. I'll b hiring a new assistant for Easter through Christmas; I fired my last lady (34 yr married w 1 kid) for stealing from us just before Thanksgiving. If somebody needs anything all they need to do is, ask to borrow it, not steal it.

LeeAnne, Liz, Mel, Victoria :grouphug:

01-31-2013, 05:07 PM
Afternoon Ladies, hope you are all having a good day….Mine has been so so, so far …I didn’t prepare well and forgot my breakfast, lunch, and snack for work so I’ve had to make do with what I had here and a bbq pulled pork sandwich ( minus top bun ), and I have been pretty hungry all day …almost cracked a couple of times and had something bad for me, but I haven’t !!! so far !!! haha

Any of you watching the Bachelor ? I think Dee does ….I just want a few of those girls gone…glad Amanda went but now we need rid of Tierra ….good Lord girl….she works my last nerve…

Dee – no I don’t use any diabetic cook books or recipes because most of them center around artificial sweetners which I won’t use…I mainly just watch my carbs and sugar intake…my annual numbers are always good…I keep things under control most of the time. We have a 46inch tv in our bedroom and its awesome…although we do spend too much time watching tv in there sometimes.

Susie – I did get to bed early and have been trying to do so the last two nights …I haven’t felt the best all this week , just due to my body trying to adjust I guess to eating better….I just keep going back and forth and my body doesn’t know what is up ….I have been good all this week though and am back down to 218….so gonna try and go nothing but down for now….so just gotta feel bad for a while I guess.

Hi to everybody ....have a great evening

01-31-2013, 05:46 PM
Hi ladies, been taking it easy with the foot. Did not walk at all yesterday hoping the soreness will get better. Not sure if I'm going to walk tonight or not.

Been stressed out since yesterday afternoon. My oldest has been getting picked on by these bullies at his school for a while now. Nothing is ever done to these kids. My child gets in trouble when he complains to the teacher about it and of course these kids collaborate with one another and say they are all innocent which the teacher believes. Mind you, these kids have parents who have "clout" around the school and town. Well things escalated yesterday and my child stood up for himself and shoved the kid back that had pushed him first, which he has never done. He gets sent home and the bully gets sent back to class with no detention or anything. We have spoken to the principal and teachers till we are blue in the face about this ongoing problem and nothing is ever done. It's like they're sweeping it under the rug and pretend that doesn't go on at their school. Well it does and I've had it! I'm ready to pull him out of that school.

Sorry about all that, had to vent.

02-01-2013, 12:23 AM
Hi everyone sorry I'm not here more often it's not that I forget. I'm trying to get my fung shway on nights ( not happenin) I have to look for a day job. I am an early bird up early run me ragged let me be in the bed by 10pm. One good thing is I'm down to 196. I hope all is well & I will post more on my day off.

Many hugs to all :hug:

02-01-2013, 11:44 AM
Morning Ladies – it’s a SUPER chilly one here today …was only 5 degrees when I was driving in to work …the walk from my car to the building was horrible, way too cold …doesn’t help that the wind was so strong either. How is the weather in your neck of the woods? We are supposed to be cold all weekend with some snow tomorrow…but I love all seasons…so I will enjoy the Winter while it is here…

I tried one of those new Special K breakfast sandwiches this morning …I had the sausage, egg, and cheese one …was only 240 cals and 14 grams of protein…I thought it was pretty good…there was this slice of white cheese that was on it, once melted I didn’t like the way it tasted so I scraped it off….after that was pretty good….will try the ham, egg, and cheese one next time….they even have a veggie, egg, and cheese one that I hear is pretty good and only 180 calories.

The other day ( Tuesday I think ) I bought myself a toaster oven, have been wanting one for a while …and I have used that thing so much since then …great for a lot of things….and I don’t have to heat up the oven …do any of you have one? What do you mainly use it for ?

Thinkthin – I think that is horrible that your child is in that situation…I totally feel for you and your son ….hope it gets better, I know that is SUPER stressful. Is getting him to another school an option?

Hi Spunky – good to hear from you !!

Hi Liz, Mel, Dee, and Susan and everyone else !!!!

Hope everyone has a great weekend and if you are in a colder area like me, stay warm !!!!!!!

02-02-2013, 06:42 PM
Hi Ladies,

I have been feeling overwhelmed and depressed the past couple of days. I had a gain at TOPS and it just sent me over the edge. So, for a few days I just quieted myself. I did think about all of you and it was hard to stay away but I needed to just be quiet for a few days and recenter myself.

I'm starting to feel hopeful again and have a brighter out-look. My goal for Feb is to get at least 7 hours of sleep every night, and to be more diligent about logging my food into my calorie counter. When I don't I find end up with surprise on the scales at TOPS.

Dee: I so want to look cute in those spring/summer clothes. Thanks for reminding me that season is right around the corner. Of course I won't be at goal but who doesn't look better after shedding some extra weight even if it isn't ALL the extra weight.

I did get my TOPS magazine but only flipped through it. I plan on settling in with it tomorrow afternoon.

Thanks for asking about the KOPS ceremony. It is planned and things are in place for it on Feb 14.

You asked about who we are routing for in the Superbowel. I'm routing for the Ravens and my DH is rotuing for the 49rs. We are a house divided. :dizzy:

That is horrible that you had a employee stealing from you!

Carri: We have snow here too. It is sort of pretty and while it is still cold it's not as bitter cold as it was on Thursday and Friday and I'm happy about that.

I watch the Batchelor too. I'm not one to usually think that blonde guys are cute but I think he has something about him and so I like him.

LeeAnn: 196?!!! That is great! I am a "day" person too and wouldn't do well working nights. For now you have a job--just keep trying to find a new one..and remember they say it is easier to find a job when you have a job.

Alyssa: Take it easy with your foot. I know that is hard to do when you walk for exercise but you need to let your foot heal. I'm almost certain you have a stress fracture. I had one in November after doing 2 5K's (walking them) that month. If you do walk, go for a long time and don't "pound" on your foot..slow down at bit.

As for your son, that is horrible that is happening to him and to your family. You would think that a school system would want to get this under control.

Hi Victoira: How are you? I hope the stressful situation has gotten better

Hi Liz: How is it going?

02-03-2013, 11:46 AM
Happy Super Bowl Sunday everyone. Does anyone have any good, healthy appetizer recipes for today? I'm doing well......foot is still sore. I am starting to think it is a stress fracture like you mentioned. I'm still doing my best to get my walks in though.
My son is doing okay, I did ask him if he wants to stay at that school and he said yes because he does have friends there he would miss. Just wish the bullies would go to a different school!
My weight stayed the same as yesterday, 205.4, hoping these 5-6lbs don't take too long to come off. Anxious to get to Onederland! :)


02-03-2013, 07:12 PM

Not to much going on here. Just trying to finish up things around the house. I had a baby shower to attend yesterday and I didn't get everything done.

We aren't going to any Super Bowl parties. We are just staying home. DH is going to get some wings and I am having some leftover pasta. We are low-key for this one.

Alyssa: It's good to know that your son feels he has friends at school. I hope you can get the bullying situation taken care of. I'm hearing some of my friends who have kids say that a lot of schools have a "no bullying" policy but when it comes down to it not much is done. That makes me mad! :mad:

I'll see everyone tomorrow

02-04-2013, 11:12 AM
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