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07-23-2012, 12:47 PM

It is currently 88ºs here in the ♥-Land at 9:30 am and said to get as high as 103ºs this beautiful sunshiny :flame: :sunny: day with no :rain: in sight. I am planning on attending WW this evening and expecting to take a hit since I missed going last week. We are going to make a real effort to not eat out so much. I count the points but some “sources” say that the listings for restaurants points+ are not quite accurate so that doesn’t help in trying to keep close track. I think we are going to start by just eating out once on Sunday after morning services and eat “in” the rest of the meals. It has just become so easy to eat out these :flame: hot days that I don’t really feel like cooking. How did my mother do it ~ we never at out when I was a kid.

I was just looking at my palm where I had burned a spot with hot solder some days ago. It is sure taking a long time for it to heal completely for it must have been a deep burn. There is just a tiny little scab hanging on. When I finish this building I will have to wait for an order to be made for I will be out of solder. I don’t like using the kind that the hardware store carries for it doesn’t flow like the brand I get from the Glass Crafter folks. They should be the same but they just aren’t.

I think Cecil misses his little kitten friend but we had him taken to the shelter where someone will adopt him ~ for folks are always looking for a cute little kitten. The shelter man figured someone just dumped the kitten into our yard because it is near impossible for anything to get into this yard because of the fencing ~ except maybe a snake and I have not seen any of those since moving here. There are always folks dumping dogs on our friends ranch in Texas. Guess some folks dump animals onto people who they know will take care of them. I suppose it is just easier than taking an animal to the shelter for some people. That is a definite mindset. I remember as a kid when we moved and had to leave our cat behind but my mother found a family to take him in and care for him. He was a big yellow tabby that we called Brother John. I was in kindergarten and remember singing “are you sleeping, are you sleeping Brother John? Morning bells are ringing . . . “ and so on. I don’t know if it is a real song or if I made it up ~ but I remember the tune.

SUSAN My food sealer takes rolls of bagging and will cut any size I want and is easy to use ~ I think it is the largest one they make ~ Food Saver model V3420. I will have to look out for those bags you mentioned for it would sure be handy to have on hand for those times when I don’t want to get out the “sealer.” They are getting so trick with all those bags now aren’t they. I love having the snack sized bags. I use those for my jerky then put them in a bigger freezer bag. Sounds like you had a fun time with your friend quilting. It is great to do things with friends. I certainly hope your chiropractor is able to help your pain go away. Sometimes the manipulation and such can help out tremendously. :crossed:

DONNA FAYE :cp: for your weight loss. Just do the best you can and don’t stress on it and you will be down some more before your vacation. When one isn’t well they say is not the best time to try to lose weight. You have been through some real tough times here lately. Jicama doesn’t have a strong taste whatever one thinks it might taste like. I love the crunch and like it with a light dusting of Cayenne pepper. :p I do hope that your neclaces are what you expected and will work well with your outfits.

JEAN Good day to you this day.

I hope all is well with you Magnolias ~ type at y’all later ~ :wave:

07-23-2012, 03:57 PM
Good Afternoon! It is another hot and humid day in my neighborhood. There is no rain in the forecast and 90+ all week. The crops are beginning to show the lack of rain around here, and they were looking pretty good. Guess prices are expected to go up alot on everything. We balanced quickly this morning, and my gift shop money is questionable. Either the volunteer didn't get the employee to fill out their paperwork, or someone didn't pay cash for something written on the report. :hyper: In other words I'm short money!

"Gma" -- :congrat: on another 3.5#s gone! You are doing GREAT! Our crops, right around us, were looking pretty good because we had gotten some rain. But they are beginning to show stress, so who knows. We had a few drops of rain last night. I heard it on the bathroom skylight and went downstairs to check the deck to be sure. The rain gauge said 0.01.

Susan -- I wish you could send some of your rain westward! I remember life without air conditioning many years ago. We did have a window unit when I was fairly little because my mom had asthma. Unfortunately, it wasn't even close to my bedroom. :rolleyes: I will have to look for the perfect portion bags; that sounds like a great idea! I hope your back feels better soon.

Maggie -- Eating out is definitely bad for me! I'm fine if I decide what to order before getting to the restaurant and then stick to that. Bob likes to order goodies like cheese balls or onion rings which are hard to resist. We have lots of stray cats running loose around town. The you-know-who don't spay nor neuter plus, when they move on, they leave the animals here to fend for themselves. Makes me :mad: ! I keep hoping you will find some cooler weather and send it my way.

I have to run a couple errands and make my bank deposit so had better keep moving. Enjoy the rest of your day! :wave:

07-24-2012, 01:02 AM

Just thought I’d pop in and tell you my weigh in news ~ I am up 1.4. Actually not as much of a gain as I expected but non-the-less it is a gain and I had better do better this coming week. Yep, I had better watch it real close. Since they were on sale I bought the take along containers that have that ring in the lid that can be frozen to keep the contents nice and cold. One is for salad and the other for fruits. It was neat how I got them for when I went out to the Jeep afterwards when Will came to pick me up I told him about those neat bows that were on sale for a reduced price this week and he opened his door and went in and bought them for me. :cp: What a nice guy he is. He does know how I love my fruits and veggies so when we are out and about at meal time I will be prepared and not have an excuse to not have them along for a OP meal. He can buy a burger or whatever it is he wants and I will be happy with my fruits and veggies.

JEAN It is 86 right now and it is 10:45 pm and it got up to 107 today. cooler tomorrow at 106 ~ we shall see for it usually gets higher then they say. I would dearly love to see the 90s. Sorry I can't help you out by sending you cooler weater for it looks like we are hotter here than you are there. We have a neighbor across the street that has a cat that likes to come over here and have her babies under one of our sheds and then she carries them back across the street one at a time but at least she takes them home. :cp: The shed she likes to have her babies under is outside of our backyard fence between our fence and the church building there is quite a large space. I am so thankful that moma cat takes her babies home and we don't have to deal with them. I have seen her going home for food then coming back to her babies. I guess there isn't a place across the street that moma cat feels comfortable to have her babies over there.:p They don't bother us a bit under that shed and our dogs can't get to them. I sure hope you can get that money problem at the gift shop straightened out. Someone knows what happened.

In the am I am going to have my ducks in a row and try to make a menu for the week. I don't usualy do that but I think I will give it a go now that I have the freezers rearranged and know exactly what I have in there and can locate items it would be a good time to make a menu ~ don't ya think.

I hope all is well with you Magnolias ~ type at y’all later ~ :wave:

07-24-2012, 10:42 AM
Good morning gals. I worked upstairs yesterday and got it all sparkling clean again. Today, I am going to veg out and work on that sock. I haven't worked on it much because of the spasms on and off in my finger, probably from knitting so much! :lol:

I got my necklaces yesterday afternoon and they will all be perfect. One had come apart, but the eyehook was open too far so Jack brought me a pair of his little needle nose pliers and I hooked it back through the other eye and closed it tight so it is good as new. I have to say for very inexpensive jewelry it is not cheap in quality. A couple of them only cost me a couple dollars each. I am definitely all set with jewelry for the cruise now and clothing and shoes.

The ship has a meet and mingle you can sign up for and they provide a space to meet, food and snacks to meet others sailing with you. We started out for several weeks with not enough people. Well, it is up to 110 now!!! Most of them belong to the thread on so Jack and I are getting to know them a bit beforehand. Probably 98% have cruised before many of them several times and they know each other. A lot of them are big drinkers/partiers even though they are around our age so I told Jack we will participate in what we agreed to, but I am not hanging out with them and he agreed. We are having a gift exchange where you are supposed to bring something from your area or state as a gift for less then $10. I bought a bottle of Corky's bbq sauce and bottle of their rib rub. It is a well known restaurant and has been on some of the travel channel Memphis BBQ restaurants and such like that. I thought it was better than a stupid mug or something. Also we signed up for the cabin crawl, which I have thought better of since then with the number of people involved, but I won't pull out as I agreed. You volunteer your cabin for people to come and look at. We are the only promenade cabin in the group.

I decided to go ahead and buy Fortune a Thundershirt and it should be here in the next couple days. We will see if it helps him from having so much anxiety when he goes away from home.

Susan: Thanks for the info on the jicama. I read it stores well as it doesn't discolor like a potato would or an apple after you peel it and you can keep it in the fridge for two weeks once it has been peeled. The commissary had a new Chex Mix I wanted to try and Jack and I had a serving (1/2 c) last night. It was italian herb and parmesaan and boy was it every good. It is 2 pt a serving, which is not bad and 1 starch for my exchange. Sounds like you had a nice time with Sandy. Sure hope the dr can fix your back. Backaches can be the worst because they can be so debillitating and keep you from moving almost.

Jean: Our gas prices have jumped about 40-50 cents in the last month. They jumped 10 cents from the morning when Jack went to work until he came home in the afternoon. I think Jack said Walmart gas is $3.29 as of yesterday afternoon. I just hope it doesn't skyrocket right before out trip. We did have ac either and I remember in the summer laying in the heat just waiting for it to cool off or blow a breeze through the windows.

Maggie: It is sad the way people do animals. Most shelters and such have programs to cheaply spay or neuter pets and frankly if you can't afford a pet, don't have one. They aren't cheap to take care of properly anymore that's for sure. Hope your village is coming along nicely. I agree that eating out can be a killer even if you try and pick something healthy. You never know what goes on in that kitchen when they prepare stuff.

Well gals, I am going to get myself some breakfast and get my morning going. Have a good one today. Faye

07-24-2012, 01:17 PM

It is already 87ºs here in the ♥-Land and they say it will get over 105ºs this day. I am so looking forward to fall weather and hopefully it will be cooler then. Will has an interview to do with a reporter of the local paper today for he is the only one in this area for miles around that does gun restoration. The reporter got interested in Will when he attended one of his “show and tell” presentations around town. I am still planning on making a menu for the week ~ at least making a good attempt at it. It shouldn’t be a big chore since we have decided to eat in more often now.

One of the college students that has adopted us as grandparents is going to go to Florida for a few days to lay on the beach before school starts. She is currently working at I-Hop and is a real character. We met her when she was working at the place where we get our coffee. She is studying to be a doctor and is quite a smart little gal. Anyway Will gave her much bigger tip then usual when we were there last evening and told her to call us if she ran into any trouble on her mini vacation. We have some good friends in Florida near where she is going that would help her out in a ♥-beat if we gave them a call if she ran into any trouble. Her eyes got so wide with surprise it was precious. Anyway it is good that she has adopted us for she is looking for a job that isn’t waitressing. Will turned her onto a job opening at the museum that she would be good at and is meeting her this afternoon to introduce her to the director who has become our good friend. Hopefully she will get hired there for she could work there around her school schedule. :cp: There are other college students working there. I don’t know why he wouldn’t hire her for the museum position ~ but we shall see. One day we will call her Doctor. We know several students that are studying to be doctors for this is an excellent school for them to attend and study in that direction.

I just took a drink of my coffee and looked up at the ceiling ~ YIKES :yikes: the fan needs dusting for it has picked up dust from the air on its blades. That, my friends, will be taken care of today. It is so dusty here because of all the fields around ~ makes me sneeze.

DONNA FAYE I bet it is a load off your mind that you now have all you planned to buy to take on your cruise. It is neat that your jewelry turned out as you expected or maybe even better. :D I am limited on what jewelry I can wear since I get a rash if it isn't gold. I can wear some silver but not for long periods of time. I still have the gold earrings my father bought me for a graduation present back in the day. They are a tiny gold chain that goes though the hole in the ear and has white glass balls on each end that screw on the chain. Anyway I am so glad that you can wear costume jewelry for there is so many pretty things out there that I would love to wear but can't. My mom is the same way but my sisters could wear anything. You are fortunate. Feels good to have your upstairs all clean and tidy once again doesn't it. I would love to be able to hire you if we lived closer to clean my house. Your gift of BBQ sauce sounds yummy. Yep, a very good choice.

I hope all is well with you Magnolias ~ type at y’all later ~ :wave:

07-25-2012, 12:05 AM
Good Evening, Flowers! I went to a luncheon meeting near the cabin, and was gone most of the day. The car said it was 100 on the way home. The crops are beginning to look pretty stressed and the cattle were huddled under whatever shade they could find. I really feel sorry for the black cows.

Maggie, you will have the small gain gone by next week for sure! I haven't seen the bowls, but they sound like a good idea. It's nice of you to offer help to your young friend if she would need it while on vacation. Let's not talk about dust! The sheet rock is coming off next Saturday; I'm hoping the doors will be here soon so we can put the room back together. I have paint samples taped to the walls. :D

"Gma," I'm glad you like your new jewelry and could fix the broken piece. Being able to get acquainted before the cruise is nice. Perhaps there will be others who feel as you do about the party people. :crossed: A little of that goes a long way for me/us. I hope you get something nice in the gift exchange. Does the whole group cabin crawl together or just a few and when invited? Gas is 10 cents higher up at the lake. We have hauled gas cans up for the boat because there is only one place to get gas on the lake and the price is almost double.

I am heading to bed. See you tomorrow! :wave:

07-25-2012, 08:45 AM
Good morning gals. Took Jack to work at 5 AM :yawn: as I have a gyn recheck today at 9. So I will be heading upstairs to the shower in just a bit and getting ready to go. I have to drop off a prescription refill of Jack's on the way then pick them up when I am through at the drs. I have a couple errands to run, then lunch, then back to Jack's work to pick him up.

It is going to be very hot today, near 100 degrees not counting heat index which is probably around 110 with this humidity. I do look forward to a cooler fall, not cold, but cooler. My big concern now is NO hurricanes for vacation. We didn't buy vacation insurance so we would lose a huge amount of money if that happened.

I have started using my tanning towels to see how they will work for the cruise. I am on day two and I noticed some coloring this morning when I was out in the natural light so I imagine it will do me fine. I just want some color all over as I look like a fishes belly at the moment. I haven't been swimming at Kelly's at all this year with Jack going to work so early I don't feel like getting up at 4 AM so I can go swimming.

Maggie: Several piece of jewelry are resin, which I really like. I wear big chunky stuff because of my size and not much dainty jewelry though I have several things like that bought for me over the years. Hope that young lady stays safe and has a nice time. It would make me nervous having my daughter go by herself to Florida I am afraid.

Jean: I am not totally sure about the cabin crawl or how many people are signed up except there are only 5 cabins signed up to tour. I imagine most people could care less so shouldn't be too many. On top of that, most of these people have cruised repeatedly and on this ship so probably don't care to participate, at least I am hoping that is the way it will be. This group have plans to have dinner Saturday night at Port Canaveral, then meet at one of the bars as soon as we set sail, then the next evening is the meet and mingle and a whole bunch of them are doing their excursions together. I want to meet some new people, but I don't want to hang around with the same group for the whole trip. We plan on going to dinner with them Saturday, skip the Sunday afternoon bar thing and do the meet and mingle and that's it.

Well girls, I need to do chores, get breakfast and get going to go out this morning. Have a good middle of the week. Faye

07-25-2012, 01:17 PM

Surfice it to say it is another hot :flame: day here in the ♥-Land expected to be in the triple digits and the whole week will follow with the same. Those water bladder bags that fit around the trunks of our little trees are working great to keep them hydrated. Hopefully at least we can keep them alive. The one that is on our Willow tree in the front yard is a green donut shape around the bottom of the trunk. The one on the maple in the side yard fits around the trunk and is brown in color. Our little dwarf apple tree in our back yard didn’t produce apples this year as they said it would so maybe next year it will. Right now it is just a cute little tree doing well. The other apple tree produced a good crop this year and the bugs didn’t get them before we did. :cp: We did spray to keep them away though. I am sad that our strawberries didn’t make it but we got the best ones yesterday from the market that were grown out in CA that were the best we have had so far. They were all ripe with none rotten in the bottom. I sliced them up, sprinkled a tad bit of Splenda® on them and served them with a squirt of fat free whipped cream and they were yummy. The leftovers we will have today.

Today is a good day to clean out my desk drawer and re-arrange the things that get stashed away in it. Also I will attack the “junk” drawer in the kitchen. Will adds to it on occasion and I re-arrange things so they are more easily found when one wants something in that drawer.

Cecil is getting so big it is hard to believe he isn’t a year old yet and still just a kitten. He has been hanging around inside more lately during the day because it is so hot outside. The dogs hesitate to go outside also. I got a good laugh at Cecil grouching at me when he came in from outside. It’s like I could do something about it. I take care of his creature comforts so why not turn down the heat outside also. I am just a mere mortal and limited in what I can do. OH ~ the little skudder just bounded under my desk and un-plugged my computer. It still works though, because it is charged 100%. I’ll get it plugged back in soon though. What he did was tip over a basket containing binders which bumped the cord and caused it to come out of the wall a tad bit and broke the connection. After he did that he scooted out of here like he was being chased ~ hopped over Ragg Mopp who is in the hallway and off to the front room he goes.

To make it easy since this is Wednesday and we have class tonight I think I will do a “Shepherds Pie” from Schwan’s® for dinner and then we will have leftovers tomorrow. I’ll serve it with a side veggie and some fruit and cottage cheese. The Shepherds Pie is a mixture of ground beef, peas, carrots, tomatoes, celery, green peppers & onions ~ topped with a layer of mashed potatoes. It is really quite yummy and costs me 8P+ per serving. There are 4 servings in the tray. This is one of those things that we like to have in the freezer for such times as these or for unexpected guests even. I also have some stir fry meals frozen which are company friendly.

DONNA FAYE From the sound if it you have a very busy day ahead of you. Be safe and as cool as possible. Inside most buildings is nice and cool but the getting between them can be a scorcher. I am sure that what ever it is you end up doing on your cruise you will have a great time. Especially now that you have all your out fits together and ducks in a row. Now, hopefully, the weather :sunny: does co-operate. :crossed:

JEAN & SUSAN I hope your day is going well with you.

Type at y’all later ~ :wave:

07-25-2012, 06:01 PM
Good Afternoon, Flowers! Weather is SSDD here. I ran some errands this morning and stopped by the grocery store without a list . . . big mistake. This afternoon I went to church to get the monthly newsletter put together and labeled so it's ready to mail. Other than that not much going on. Tomorrow I'm getting my nails done and meeting another retired teacher for coffee in the afternoon.

"Gma" -- You were up early this morning! :eek: I hope you got a quick catnap in sometime today. People are beginning to wonder what our winter is going to be like, and speculation has it will be very, very cold and lots of snow. We had such a mild winter last year we are probably due for a "normal" one. I hope the tan towels turn out to be just what you wanted.

Maggie -- I should clean out a couple drawers in the kitchen. I noticed this morning the one by the bread corner and toaster has crumbs in it. :rolleyes: I opened a bedroom window for Ernie this morning and since it was in the shade he stayed there for quite awhile. He teases to have the back door open, but it is on the west side and way too hot in the afternoon. He is just a little spoiled.

Hope you all are keeping cool and enjoying your day. :wave:

07-26-2012, 12:15 PM
Good Morning, Flowers! It was 67 degrees when I went downstairs this morning! :cp: We got almost a 1/4" of rain last evening; it came down hard and fast for a few minutes. It's supposed to hit 90 this afternoon. I've been to get my nails done, have laundry going, and need to do some serious dusting and vacuuming. This afternoon I have a coffee date. Bob went up to the cabin to work on some rotten wood around a rain gutter.

Not much else is newsy. I need to get busy and accomplish something visible so Bob can tell when he gets home. :lol: Have a terrific Thursday and enjoy! :wave:

07-26-2012, 12:30 PM
Good morning ladies. I am sitting watching CSI Miami and knitting this morning.

Today is laundry and chores day. We are shampooing carpets downstairs this weekend and getting things ready for Jay and Jackson to visit next weekend. Jack's procedure is a week from tomorrow and I sure hope they don't have to put another stent in. The last one they put in clogged at the bottom and that's how he ended up with heart bypass surgery so it makes me really nervous.

My dr appt went great. The biopsy says no tumors, no cysts, no cancer and all the dysplasia, which was quite a lot when we started all this the beginning of the year is GONE!!! She said my uterus is not wide, but it is very long. Comes from having a baby that was 24 inches long!!! Thanks, Jay! :lol: She said her only concern is that when I go off the meds I start bleeding and bloodclotting. So, I am on the meds until the end of October then in November I make an appt to see her again and all we can do it wait. She didn't think she had, but she did reduce the meds this time around and I think that's why I am not having problems like before. I told her I was feeling pretty good. She is funny as she told me she really thinks I should take a dr with me on the cruise just to be sure. :ol: I told her I would work on it. :D

Jean: We can barely get below 80 at night and the humidity is just so awful. I do wonder what we will be like this winter. We are not equipped to have snow and ice for sure. The city is at a standstill with just 3 inches of snow. Do you buy too much or not enough if you forget a list??? I end up forgetting half the stuff. I have looked all over for jicama and can't find it in any of the grocery stores around here so guess I won't be able to try it.

Maggie: I need to clean out every drawer in the house and clean out the garage and the deck and the list goes on and on. It is just so hot here and without the central air, the rooms just don't cool off enough to do extensive stuff. It is going to have to wait until fall I am afraid.

I bought these great snack chips yesterday. They are the Special K cracker chips. You get 27 in a serving and they are pretty low pts too. I got the ranch flavor and they are really good.

Well gals, I need to go. You all have a great day today!!! Faye

07-26-2012, 02:56 PM

It is currently 85ºs and not said to get over the high 90ºtoday. Wow ~ under 100ºs will be a treat. We just got a couple spits of rain last evening that didn’t amount to even getting things wet but the temperature has dropped and that is a good thing.

I just ate an Italian Panini from our favorite coffee place, Mokas Café, and it was sure delicious. I always have them hold the sauce and use light cheese when we get food from there. It had roast beef and cheese, lettuce, tomato and onion in it ~ cooked in a press that melted the cheese and all else together. Will brought it to me when he came back with our coffee. We like to split a sandwich when we get one from there. They give you a choice of chips or an apple there. When I want to spend the points I like a small bag of Miss Vickie’s Jalapeno all natural kettle cooked potato chips. That sandwich will hold me now till dinner time which will be a re-peat of last evening’s meal. Then some watermelon later in the evening will be delicious. We finished up the strawberries last evening. Need to get some more of those wonderful globes.

DONNA FAYE I certainly hope your doc was joking about having a doctor along on your cruise because if she wasn't she is seriously concerned about your condition. And surely those cruise ships have doctors on them or do they just air lift folks off when they have a need for a doctor. Surely they have that all covered to keep folks safe. It is like a floating city with all the needs aboard. What fun you will have. I'll have to get some of those chips for they do sound like they are really good tasting ~ then that is a plus for the program. That is odd that big place that you live in doesn't know jicama. I bet if you asked the man that stocks the produce he would get some in. When we moved to MN the butchers didn't know tri-tip and we were so used to getting it in CA. We didn't get any in MN untill one of the markets hired a butcher from CA and he "knew" tri-tip and would get it in for us. Once he got some in other folks were asking for it also. Ask the green grocer about jicama and see what he says. Do you have a Mexican market there ~ if so give them a call. Orientals use a lot of it also.

JEAN What color are your nails this week? Wish you would send your rain over here. We only got a little smattering. Have fun at your coffee date. It's nice to visit with co-workers from the past isn't it. Yack away! :D

I hope all is well with you Magnolias ~ type at y’all later ~ :wave:

07-27-2012, 09:46 AM
Good morning to you all. It is going to be hot today, but really terrible tomorrow, over 100 and that's without the heat index! :eek:

Like I said yesterday, we are going to do carpets this weekend so will do preparations tonight like moving furniture out of dining room and vacuuming and getting ready so Jack can get them cleaned again before the boys get here next Friday.

I saw on the ship website our cruise documents are now ready for printing and we can send for our luggage tags. This is the last thing we need to do to be prepared for the cruise as far as the ship is concerned. I texted Jack that they were ready as he has been looking for the info for over a week now. The only other thing is when it becomes available in a couple weeks is the cost of photo packages for our cruise dates. This is separate from the ship and I need to know how much the packages are as I don't want to spend big bucks for professional pics, but would like some.

Maggie: Boy I threw you for a loop. No, the doctor had been on a cruise just a couple months ago and loved it so she was kidding sort of tongue in cheek that I needed a doctor to go so she could go on a cruise again. I told her I would see what I could do and she gave me a hug and laughed and told me she hoped we had a great time since she wouldn't see me again before the cruise. I bought these lean pockets that were pretzel bread with spinach and cheese filling. They were so delicious and really low in calories and such. I think next time I go to the commissary I will stock up on them! :lol:

Nothing else much going on here. I ordered a couple watches for my niece who graduated this year and my best friend's granddaughter who I took care of from the time she was born until she started pre kindergarten. I was going to wait and send them money, but then my niece contacted me about this watch I had bought her and how much she loved it so I bought her something very similar to replace it and got another one for this other young gal.

Everyone have a grand weekend and try and stay cool. Faye.

07-27-2012, 11:27 AM
Good Morning, Flowers! It's a wonderfully cool 64 degrees here! It's overcast with dark clouds in the west; maybe some rain will fall. We are going to Sioux City after lunch to do some birthday shopping for Maddie.

"Gma" -- Is Jack's procedure a checkup this time? What great news from your doctor! :cheer: I tend to buy too much of the wrong things when I go to the store without a list. I usually forget what necessary items were on the list in the first place. :o I have eaten the Special K chips and think they are good. How do you get your carpet to dry with it being so humid? We need to replace area rugs but I'm still toying with the idea of installing carpet again. First come the new doors, upstairs bedrooms painted and new carpet, then paint downstairs.

Maggie -- Your lunch from yesterday sounds yummy! :T My nail polish is the same color as last time . . . pale pink. I don't like dark polish on my fingernails but do go darker on my toe nails. :yes: I hope it is cooler for you today!

I need to get dressed and get moving. I've been watching the Today Show with Olympics tidbits. Hope you all have a Fantastic Friday and enjoy! :wave:

07-27-2012, 12:41 PM

Here is a strange one for you ~ Will was in Wal*Mart to get a few items and zip lock freezer bags were on the list. When he went down the “school items” isle he found the same zip lock bags there for a much lower price so you know where he bought the bags.

I learned a good lesson this day. I don’t always check my phone for messages on a regular basis and I have been waiting and waiting for my apple corer to arrive and found out when I did check my phone for messages that it hadn’t been shipped yet. The message was that they had typed in the number wrong for my debit card and would I please call and correct it. Now it can be shipped. It is just a six dollar item that I can’t find any where here in this area. I want to get my apples processed ~ they are just sitting around the kitchen in bags and need to be dealt with.

Schwan’s man came this morning and brought what I had ordered. I like those individual meals to eat when Will is gone at noontime when he works at the museum. Speaking about food ~ on the news last evening they said that prices will climb very high by the end of summer due to the drought the food belt has experienced. They said that the beef growers are forced to send more cattle to the butcher due to the shortage of food to feed them. Now is the time to buy beef if you want ~ for in a few months the price will almost double. This shortage has affected the veggie, pork and poultry growers also. That is what the “experts” are saying. All food prices are affected by this drought. This will really hit the folks that are on a “fixed” income hard. I think we will buy our Thanksgiving turkey breast soon, and have it in our freezer, while the price is still down. We plan on smoking it for they turn out so good that way, nice and succulent and tender. Thanksgiving is about 5 months away but one will keep in the freezer that long for sure. :) I shudder to think of all the things that will be affected because of the lack of rain during the growing season. No one’s garden, that we know, around here survived. Our trees are only alive because of those bladders we have around them. Maybe the cotton garments won’t have a price hike because cotton thrives in this heat. We shall see.

DONNA FAYE OK that is good that your doc was joking with you. You gotta have pictures ~ too bad they didn't include them in the total price though but maybe the photo folks wanted it to be seperate because folks will be dealing with them long after the cruise is over buying seconds of the printing possibly. I am really excited for you ~ it is getting real close. Those lean pockets sound yummy.

JEAN A light color on your nails also don't show scratches and such like the dark colors do and stay pretty longer. I like to do mine in the natural color ~ matches my skin very closely. It is called Bare Naked. I also have Sheer French and Crushed Pearl that are around the same shade of color and don't have any darker colors. I do need to get some darker for my toes though.:p They look better polished when I wear sandals for sure. Have the corn growers in your area had success with their crop. In some areas their cobs have been stunted ~ like maybe 2 inches long instead of the full natural length of the cob. It is a sad situation. Most farmers have insurance now days but the ones that don't are in dire straights.

Stay well Magnolias ~ type at y’all later ~ :wave:

07-28-2012, 01:49 PM
Good Morning, Flowers! It has been sprinkling rain drops most of the morning and is a cool 66 degrees outside. As we drove to Sioux City yesterday, several farmers were in their fields cutting corn stalks for silage. A sad sight for sure. One of Bob's clients told him is we can get 1 1/2 - 2" of rain before September, our area will have a crop. It will be considerably smaller but they will have one. Bob is off making his Saturday morning rounds and I have been watching the Olympics while I putter around the kitchen and do some laundry.

Maggie -- Knowing WM I would think the baggies with school supplies would be higher priced. :rolleyes: It's a good thing you checked your phone messages! I text more than I talk so try to check quite often. I did have a very strange message the other day. It was addressed to Patty so I knew it was a wrong number right away. The message was about someone being seriously sick or hurt. So I sent a reply saying they had the wrong number. When I checked the next morning, my message had never been delivered and when I checked the one I received, there was no name nor phone number after the message. I just assumed the number at the top was the phone number from another area code and never gave it a thought. Anyhow, I deleted both and hope I don't get any more. Do you use OPI nail polish? That is what I have on right now. We are getting excellent sweet corn right now. Because it was so mild this winter and an early spring, the guy plants his crop early, and plants on a rotating cycle. Normally he would still be having sweet corn in October but I'm not so sure about this year. His brother sells in Sioux City and my friend has bought from him for years. They farm between here and SC but quite a bit north of where we were driving yesterday.

I need to make some hamburger patties ready for the grill. Hope you all have a relaxing Saturday and enjoy! :wave:

07-28-2012, 06:05 PM

We went to a town about 20 miles away to deliver a long gun and case that will refurbished for the Museum there. The drive was interesting for we saw deer and some other wild life that are usually napping at the time but we figured they were disturbed by something or other so were on the move. The buffalo were all huddled up under the shade in a lean to also. Gotta find shade where they can in this heat. After we got back in town Will stopped at Dairy Queen to get a small cone and I asked for a glass of ice water. In the glove box I keep fiber and water flavorings so I had a nice raspberry/lemon drink that didn’t cost me any points plus gave me some needed fiber. Life is good. I have a couple of pork chops thawing which will be for dinner. For tomorrows meal after church we will come home to a crock pot roast which I will have put in tonight in it’s frozen state to cook all night and tomorrow morning. I’ll also throw in some small whole red potatoes and quartered onions and pieces of celery. That’s the plan since we are making an effort to not eat out so much. Also we will have some yummy left-overs. :cp:

JEAN I do hope that your area will get the needed rain for that corn crop. So many farmers have lost so much of our food supply as it is due to the weather. Will was also surprised to find the Freezer Zip Lock bags cheaper with the school supplies but happy to buy them there none the less. I use fewer of those bags now that I have that "state of the art" food saver that sucks the air out of the bags for freezing. Food sure lasts a lot longer frozen that way. With this machine you pull from the roll how long you want the bag to be and then cut it off with the sliding cutter. You then put one end in a slot and it seals it ready for food to be placed inside then you put the other end in the slot and it sucks all the air out then seals it. There is a setting for dry or moist food also that you can choose before final sealing. When a bag is sealed I write the contents and date sealed on the white strip for that prupose on the edge of the bag. The bag rolls come in two different sizes and can be purchased from Wal*Mart. Also you can make any smaller sized bag you want with the sealing mechinism. There is no moisure or frost build up on the contents when you have sucked all the air out of the bag therefore it makes food last longer. If I am going to use an item "real soon" I don't vacuum seal it. :soap:

I hope all is well with you Magnolias ~ type at y’all later ~ :wave:

07-29-2012, 08:34 AM
Good morning to you all. We have been cleaning, shampooing carpets and such this weekend getting ready for Jay and Jackson to come. They should be here sometime Friday afternoon.

I am now finally at the heel of the sock. I really need to get going on it, but I guess I am bored and I have a bit of sore hands. I want to definitely finish it this week though.

I bought a pair of hush puppy sandals for the cruise so now I am definitely done buying shoes for this trip. I bought two pair of backless sneakers from Easy Spirit for the excursions, but because I am totally flat footed, but feet tend to slide towards the toe of any shoe. So, I bought a good pair of sandals to replace the worn out pair I have and will probably wear them on the excursions. The two I bought recently wouldn't hold up walking around on terrain and stuff and the black and white flowered ones are for dinner only.

I guess Royal Caribbean is going through a dining room menu change and they will have changed the menus in August before we cruise in Sept. I had looked at a couple old menus someone posted and they looked decent, but I guess they did this big survey and people complained a lot so they are changing them. Hope they don't get too weird or we will be eating buffet all the time! :lol:

Jean: I thought I had told everyone, but I guess I hadn't. A few months ago Jack had a nuclear stress test, routine as he has them every couple years. Well, they found a bit of blockage and so he is scheduled for a catherization on Friday morning. If Dr. Anderson feels the blockage is more serious once he gets in there, they will put a stent in. I hope it isn't anything much though as the stent he had put in a few years back is why he had to have open heart surgery. His stent got blocked from the bottom. They can't be removed once they are in or replaced so if an artery gets blocked that has a stent, then the patient has to have bypass surgery. I feel so for the farmers. It is all or nothing with them and they can get into horrendous debt with a couple bad years for sure.

Maggie: Jack was able to look at a couple other cruise websites that use the same photography company and we can get a cd of 10 photos for $150. If you want all of them, it costs you $300 and I think Jack says that is about 40 photos. I just want some nice professional shots of us. We will just take the cd to Walgreen and have prints made more than likely. We are taking our video camera and our digital camera so we hope to have lots of memories.

Well, gonna check on Jack. He went to bed late watching the Olympics and I heard him up and around at 5:30 or so. Have a lovely Sunday. Faye

07-29-2012, 01:20 PM
Good morning, ladies! Another 100 degree day - more than that with the heat index. We had another round of bad thunderstorms - one had 69 mph winds. It rains so hard and fast for a short time that it really isn't doing a great deal of good. At least my grass is still green. Gardens have suffered greatly due to the heat.

Last week was a busy week with all my md appointments and English Paper Piecing Bee. When the Dr. M (chiropractor) x-rayed my back, it showed the L4 vertabrae had been pushed out of alignment nearly 3/8" and my left leg is 1 cm shorter than my right leg so my spine is curving slightly to the left. I felt a bit better after that first adjustment. He will give me a prescription for a heel lift for my left shoe after my spine is fixed. He doesn't think it will take but 4-6 treatments to get everything straight and in place again. The echocardiogram and nuclear stress test didn't show anything but some premature heart beats so I'll be getting a halter monitor on Wednesday to wear for 24 hours. I haven't heard from the mammogram or bone density yet.

My boss wants me to make changes to our database program and add some new features so I'm working from home on that this weekend and probably for the next few weeks. I can't work on it when others are on it so its an after hours project. Always good to have extra money.

Faye, I hope everything is okay for Jack. Stan had 5 shuts in his left leg (the one they ended up amputating) from PVD. I hope your cruise is even better than you think it will be. Won't it be fun to see Jackson!

Jean, the bags may or may not be different prices. It could be one shelf price didn't get changed. If they have the same UPC code, they will ring up the same at checkout. We'll be having so sales tax on clothing and school supplies so I'll be shopping that week because the list of covered items is huge - including small appliances, sheets, towels, etc. Our tax is 4.5% so it saves some.

Maggie, I got a buffalo steak at the Farmer's Market yesterday so I'm making that for dinner tonight. I've only had the ground bison before. We have a huge buffalo ranch in the area now. I got some sweet corn there, too, and it was good.

Have a wonderful day.

07-29-2012, 05:31 PM
Good Afternoon, Flowers! It's a beautiful day in my neighborhood, sunny and a pleasant 80 degrees. We got .38" of rain yesterday afternoon. I can tell the humidity is higher today but still have windows and doors open. :D We went to church and in the bulletin was a space to voice our requests for a service time when school starts. We are going from two services on Sunday to just one. We both like 9:00 with no band! It will be interesting to see what some of the other people have to say.

Maggie -- It sounds like you had a nice day yesterday. :congrat: to you for not indulging at the DQ!

"Gma" -- I hope all goes well for Jack. I'm sure you probably told us about the procedure and I had a memory lapse. :o Our crops right around our area aren't too bad compared to some a little further away. Bob was explaining crop insurance to me, and I'm glad I don't have to figure that out for anyone. How long will Jay and Jackson get to visit with you? I know you are looking forward to seeing them.

Susan -- Our few and far between rain spurts have been hard and fast also. We could use an all day gentle shower at least once a week. :crossed: I hope your back is feeling better after each treatment and the heel lift will be comfortable. We have a 7% tax except on food which I think is so dumb because everybody has to eat! Some cities add a local tax above and beyond the state tax so it keeps one guessing if they shop out of town. Anyhow, the tax free weekend is next weekend (I think) but they have exclusions if the outift is over $100, etc., etc. Originally it was just on kids clothing but now includes adult clothing and school supplies.

Bob is cooking fish on the grill so I need to get my salad going for a late lunch/early supper. Enjoy the rest of your day! :wave:

07-29-2012, 06:02 PM

Not much going on this :flame: day here in the ♥Land. It was 110º’s when we went out for a nice drive in the country after lunch today. So glad that the air conditioning works great in the Jeep. Times have sure changed in years since I was a kid when air conditioning was with the windows down in the car going 55 MPH with a spray bottle in hand. The buffalo were all under the shelter again today soaking up what shade they have. It was so good to come home from church today and have lunch ready in the crock pot. We are sticking to it (so far) by not eating out so much. Tonight we will have toast with roast beef and a bit of gravy over it and a tossed salad. Lots of ice water gets taken in during these hot days, which is a good thing. Don’t want to get dehydrated for sure. Right now I have a tall glass full of ice and water sipping it through one of my glass straws. :cp:

DONNA FAYE Hush Puppies are so comfortable I have found. Certain kinds of sandals I can wear with this foot brace which is nice. I like sandals. I think it is more fun to have pictures you yourself have taken for "show and tell."

JEAN We would love a nice gentle shower once a week also. Pray for rain. We were talking to a rancher today and he said that hay from Texas next year will cost @ $500 a ton where now you can get it @ for $300 for the best and $180 for a lower grade. Last time we bought hay in TN it was $80 a ton ~ alfalfa mix. That was 10 or 12 years ago.:p

SUSAN I certainly hope your doc can get you all fixed up in that amount of time. You will notice a great difference when you are back in allingment. I just wear extra liners in my right shoe to keep myself straight for if I didn't my brace on my left foot would throw me off kilter. My brace isn't very thick but just that little bit . . . So something your doc gives you to put in your shoe will help you be on an even keel.

Be safe Magnolias ~ type at y’all later ~ :wave:

07-30-2012, 01:39 PM

It’s Monday and weigh day time comes this evening. I sure hope I show a loss this time. I have hope but I just never know for I stay off my scale. I am seriously thinking of weighing on Monday mornings here when I first get up and then I will have a better idea if I will show a loss at the meeting or not. My scale is as close as a whisper to theirs. Too late to start that today :nono: for I am drinking my coffee now. The dogs are at the groomer and Cecil doesn’t know what to do with himself. I am thinking of making burritos out of that left over roast and getting them in the freezer for a quick meal later. Shredded beef and rice burritos with some cheese to bind it together with the salsa. They are so good and I can know how many points that they cost for sure for I know what I put in them. I use my kitchen scale for such things as those. It’s is hard to believe but this month is almost gone. Two of the students from church are leaving in two weeks to report back to collage in different states. And we have some here that go to the local collage which is an excellent school especially for those going into the medical field. There are quite a number of students that go here that come from countries far and near.

I hope all is well with you Magnolias ~ type at y’all later ~ :wave:

07-30-2012, 03:34 PM
Good morning ladies. Been busy, busy trying to get cleaning done and ready for the boys on Friday. Friday morning is shot as I have to take Jack to the hospital and be with him so everything has to be done by Thur evening. I worked on the upstairs and have part of it done and will finish it Thursday morning, including changing the sheets for them to sleep in our bed. We will just sleep in the double recliner. The extra bedroom only has a double bed and it is way too hot in there. Even when the central AC was working, the front two bedrooms, (the extra bedroom and Jack's office) never cool off as the sun shines straight in most of the day. So, though he will say something, I am putting Jay and Jackson together in our bedroom in our king bed and we will just sleep in the double recliner. We do that a lot on the weekend anyway.

When I get done posting I am going to go out and wash off the deck and move the chairs and umbrella out to the corner for the trash men to pick up. I will then have Jack help me put the table into the garage until we can get it taken to the dump as the glass tabletop is completely loose on it and no way to fix it.

I made coleslaw this morning and it came out pretty good substituting lowfat mayo and Splenda. Didn't seem to effect the taste any of course. Jack won't eat slaw so it is only for me, but it gives me a veggie option. We are having sloppy joes tonight so slaw will be great to have with it. I like vinegar slaw too so will make it sometime.

Susan: Glad you are getting your back in shape again. Sounds like you have been a very busy lady lately. I am really looking forward to seeing Jackson. I haven't seen him since November of last year except in pictures. The only reason I get nervous about the stents is when he had the stent put in the very first time, it clogged at the bottom within just a few months and because it can't be removed or anything the only solution is bypass surgery. We sure don't want that to happen again for a lot of reasons. So, it makes me nervous, but since the stress test was several months ago and gave him the option of scheduling the procedure whenever he wanted so it can't be too clogged or they would have scheduled it immediately like they did last time.

Jean: They will come in on Friday and go home Mon or Tues. It is just the boys coming over the weekend. Alicia takes Jackson to her mom's a lot without Jay so he didn't feel too bad that she isn't coming along. We had such a wonderful time when he was up here earlier in the year. We sat around and talked a lot and just had a great time.

Maggie: Have you ever made beef and potato burritos? They are really yummy. Jack, though he loves Mexican food doesn't eat a lot of burritos, but your burritos sound great.

Well, I am wasting time and need to fold laundry and get things finished as Jack will be home in about an hour. Have a great start to your week. Faye

07-30-2012, 04:17 PM
Good Afternoon, Flowers! It's a hot humid 95 degrees as I am typing. There is supposed to be rain somewhere west of us so I hope it finds us. :yes: Counting was fast this morning and I need to take the gift shop deposit to the bank. I made a WM run looking for a Justin Bieber (?) notebook or folder for Maddie's birthday. There were super heroes, sports, cars, and plain. Stupid store!

Maggie, I hope it is cooler for you today. ;) It's hard to believe it's time for school to get started again. I can tell fall is on the way as it's darker in the morning when I get up, and getting darker a bit earlier at night. Good luck at WW tonight!

"Gma," I'm just sure you could get by just hitting the high spots in your cleaning. :yes: Sloppy joes sound good since we haven't had those for quite awhile. We had restaurant leftovers this noon so I'm not sure what's for supper.

I need to head out for the bank. Enjoy the rest of your day! :wave:

07-31-2012, 11:43 AM
Good morning to you all. It is overcast and on and off thundering but not much rain so far. It hasn't helped with temps though. It was seriously hot yesterday and going to be mid 90's for at least the next 10 days.

I finally got Fortune's Thundershirt. I bought it strictly for separation anxiety when we kennel or send him to Kelly's but I read some reviews and one person said it stopped their dog from chewing on himself and licking, which Fortune has gotten terrible about. The darn thing works!!!! I put it on him when I notice him licking furniture or chewing on his paws and he stops! So, this just may work for him not to get upset when we leave him. I sure hope so because we always have to deal with blood in his urine when he comes home everytime and our vet says it is strictly was anxiety and stress. I think it will be especially bad with Marty being gone now as their cat has no one to chase around and Kelly says he hisses and such at Fortune because she is afraid of him. Well, Fortune is scared of their cat too so I am hoping it works. Our vet raves about them and I have a friend who has an old yorkie who vomits when she rides in a car over and over. Lynne bought one and put it on Maggie and said they drove to Indy and she didn't throw up once and a trip like that would have her throwing up over and over.

I am working on the downstairs today cleaning glass surfaces, all the countertops, cabinets, etc and a few other things. Tomorrow I tackle the rest of it including the dreaded sweeping and mopping. I know my son won't notice, but it makes me feel better anyway. :lol: In fact, when he called a couple months ago about coming down for a visit he quizzed me about it being too much for me, too much work and all. He knows me and what I would do before he gets here. :lol:

I connected up with a school friend on FB a couple years ago and we emailed and such and really got to know each other. A couple months ago I posted a link to an article about a Notre Dame quarterback who got caught drinking and drugging and he is underage. I do stuff like that all the time about all kinds of things. She flipped her darn wig and went nuts about it saying all kinds of horrible things. We were supposed to go to dinner with them on Saturday before the cruise, but I backed off that and have been considerably cool to her since then. Well, last night she posted a poem on facebook with a post that said, "To my lying, cheating husband, no explanation is necessary." Wow, they have been married over 30 years. She is a physically gorgeous woman so it isn't always a case of the wife getting too fat or whatever for sure. I posted to her that whatever was going on, I would pray for her and I will, but it rocked me. I had another friend who was a closer friend in school and she left her husband of many years just a couple months ago though I don't know anything about why or whatever. I just know she bought a little house by herself. I just do not understand people going out and looking for something else instead of working on what you have, especially if you have been married a long time. If Jack and I hadn't worked hard at it, we would probably have divorced a few times. The Navy was very hard on us financially and was a huge burden that spread through everything, our marriage, our home life, our kids. I guess you have to love each other more than you love something else. Sad.

Jean: I know you. You were laughing at me saying, "yeah, right she needs to clean her whole house." :lol: I ended up with no sloppy joes as I didn't have what I needed to make them so it was a hamburger each for us. Jack had tater tots and I had my coleslaw. I have to say the coleslaw turned out fantastic. It tastes like the stuff you get at KFC and doesn't have any regular sugar in it at all and lowfat mayo. I think the secret is putting it in the fridge for a couple hours though before eating it. I made it yesterday morning and it was in the fridge all day so the seasonings and such blended.

For those of you who like mayo slaw and don't have a recipe:

Easy Coleslaw

1 16 oz bag of slaw mix
1c lowfat mayo
1/4 c Splenda
1/2 tsp onion powder
2 Tbl vinegar
salt and pepper to taste

Whisk all ingredients except slaw together until smooth, add slaw and mix well. Refridgerate at least 30 minutes, the longer the better. 3/4 c 2 pts

Well onto housecleaning work. Have a nice Tuesday. Faye

07-31-2012, 11:54 AM
Good Morning, Flowers! It's a beautiful cool morning in my neighborhood, only to get hotter as the day goes along. After lunch I'm going to the church library and put an "in memory" plaque on the custom made oak book shelf, take a picture of it, and send it to the deceased's daughter in Virginia. I've been working on this project since February so glad it is almost done. Now to get the eternal lamp hung before our "free" electrician goes back to school. He gets home tomorrow and I plan daily phone calls because they don't usually answer their phone, and his wife is a dizzy dingbat; she won't remember to tell him I called.

It's hard to believe another month has flown by. :rolleyes: Where do the days go?

"Gma" -- I sure hope Fortune's thundershirt works well while you are gone. I had to laugh at Kelly's cat being afraid of him and he's afraid of the cat. Maybe without Marty they will become friends. ;) I had the same thing (friend divorcing) when we moved to Ohio and would be only a few miles apart. They hadn't been married long, maybe 10 years, but still. I sure don't want to switch partners at this stage of the game! We will have our 45th anniversary coming up. KFC is my most favorite cole slaw :T so I will have to try your recipe! Does it keep very long or do you make a half recipe? Our KFC is now owned by you-know-who, and they have altered all of the recipes :p so we don't eat there anymore.

I need to get moving and chase some dust/fur bunnies around. Enjoy a terrific Tuesday! :wave:

07-31-2012, 04:01 PM

I just got though cutting up 5 bell peppers and 2 onions and put them in 2 C bags so now I have 2 quarts more of frozen mixes like that. I use them in lots of dishes and having them on hand sure is helpful. The bell peppers were 2 green, 1 red, 1 yellow, and one orange. That makes a colorful mix for beans and omelets and such. I also have some fresh asparagus to cook the way Donna Fay posted awhile back which I will make soon. Will also got me a bag of Werther’s Original Caramel Chocolates that are 1P+ apiece. They are rich creamy caramel covered in smooth European chocolate. They will last me a long, long time and are now in my candy container. The serving size states 6 but my serving size is one. They are actually better than the Hershey kisses that are 2 for 1P+ with caramel in them. I can have this stuff in the house and never touch it for long periods of time then I only one. If you can’t handle sweets then don’t buy them for some folks would enjoy eating the whole bag then feel guilty for it.

I don’t know what is going on for I write what I bite but I did find out something that I have been eating that causes me to pack water. Of all things it is watermelon which makes me retain water. I showed a gain of 0.4 at weigh in last night and was surprised for I had a good eating week but did eat a lot of watermelon. The weigher inner asked if I had been eating watermelon ~ I will stay away from it this week and see if the scale goes in the right direction. Point 4 of a gain ~ not even a half pound. Good grief.

DONNA FAYE Thanks for the recipe ~ I have 3 good 1 p+ slaw recipes now I have another to add to my collection. For the dressing one of mine uses a mixture of yogurt and mayo and another that uses buttermilk and sour cream, and another that uses mayo and vinegar. Each have other veggies beside the cabbage in them. If you want any of my recipes I can easily type them out for you. The Thundershirt sounds like a real neat thing for dogs such as yours. I am so glad that some smart person came up with that idea to help calm the prone to nerviousness pooches. Ragg Mopp used to chew his feet and the vet said there were nerve endings that were acting up in there for some reason or other. He has since stopped that chewing behavior so I guess the nerves in his feet have calmed down.

JEAN Ah Justin Bieber. Little girls love that guy ~ teen idol. Remember James Dean, ah James Dean, rebel without a cause. That book case sounds neat. Memories ~ some are very precious.

I hope all is well with you Magnolias ~ type at y’all later ~ :wave:

08-01-2012, 10:08 AM
Good morning girls. I am catching you inbetween cleaning jobs this morning. I am not feeling well, but I am now at a time crunch and have to just work pain or no pain. It started yesterday afternoon, cramping and my back was killing me really low. I even ended up taking a pain pill last night and it didn't help. It doesn't hurt as much as it did last evening, but still "catches" when I get up out of a chair and reminds me it is there. Don't know what that is all about, but I am sure it will go away soon.

I talked to Jay yesterday and he said Jackson is all excited to see Thomas and Nonny and Granddad so we are all excited to see him too. I just hope Jack doesn't have to stay in the hospital overnight on Friday. That would only be if they put a stent in.

Maggie: I imagine the slaw would be 1 pt if I used ff mayo, but I think it tastes like motor oil so I use low fat instead! :lol: Do you ever make vinegar based slaw? I grew up eating that and really like it. If you have a recipe for it, send it on.

Jean: Ask Maggie about how long it keeps. This is the first batch I have made! :lol: I would imagine it would keep a week or so but not much more.

I am up just a smidge weight wise, but I figure it is going to bounce around until I can quit taking the meds permanently. I am retaining water just a little with this excessive heat and that is my only concern as I won't be able to get my sandals on if my feet swell! :lol:

You gals have a nice day today. Faye

08-01-2012, 01:18 PM

Well glory be we had a smattering of rain during the night and it is only 77º :cp: but expected to get up to 103º before the day is through. :cry: I’ve got 4 trays of dried apple rings to get bagged and in the freezer today and more to fix up to dry. Today I think I will make snacking apple rings. I will lightly sprinkle sugar free Jello on the slices before drying and then the next batch sprinkle some Splenda® mixed with cinnamon on them. We have lots of apples to dry and I want some for snacking. Giving the slices a 2 minute bath of lemon juice prevents them from turning brown. The process sure goes well when two people are doing it. Will pealed, cored and sliced the apples and I soaked them, blotted them after 2 minutes and placed them on the trays. In awhile we will start the process again. I have a little gizmo that peals, cores and spiral cuts the apples that we are going to try to use today. I think we can cut the spirals apart to make rings. It may be easier than the method we used yesterday.

Here is one of my slaw recipes that uses vinegar and we like it a lot: You can, of course use all one kind of cabbage and bell peppers can be just green. This is one I like to make for 4th of July. :yes: It does keep for a week for sure and doesn’t last longer for I have never had any left to see how long it would last. We eat it up in a couple of days. For the miracle whip you can use mayo or leave it out and increase the vinegar. I have made it both ways and each is equally as good as the other.

Combine in medium bowl & stir well:
¼ Cup low fat miracle whip
2 Tbsp cider vinegar
2 Tbsp grated onion
½ tsp salt
¼ tsp pepper
Add and toss to coat:
2 cups sliced green cabbage
2 cups sliced red cabbage
½ cup red bell pepper cut in strips
½ cup green bell pepper cut in strips
½ cup shredded carrot
Cover and chill 2 – 3 hours.
Serves 5 (1 cup) ~ 1p+ per serving

I, in fact, am going to make some today for I have a head of green cabbage in the fridge and all of the other ingredients. Instead of the grated onion I think I will chop up a green onion.

DONNA FAYE I certainly hope by the time you read this post you are feeling much better. :hug: This on top of the opressing heat certainly can get a body down. Give the recipe I posted a try for I think you will like it. What fun you will have when the guys get there ~ hugs and kisses all around. We neither one like mayo so use rc Miracle Whip for all mayo tastes like motor oil. :D Different tastes for different folks. We are both up just a tad bit this week weight wise ~ must be something in the air don't ya think.

I hope all is well with you Magnolias ~ type at y’all later ~ :wave:

08-01-2012, 05:02 PM
Good Afternoon, Flowers! I stopped in this morning thinking I would have time to write and the phone kept ringing. :dizzy: Bob has a "lives far away, doesn't get home often" school friend that he hasn't seen in years. He was going to be in Sioux City today and several of the classmates were meeting for lunch. I had a board meeting, with lunch at the hospital, so we went our separate ways. It's hot again today, 91 degrees, but I don't think the humidity is quite as high as it has been. That or I'm getting immune to it. :hyper:

Maggie -- I am surprised that watermelon causes weight gain. :yes: You will have the small gain gone, along with a friend or two, in no time. Lucky you to get some much needed rain.

"Gma" -- I'm sending positive vibes that all goes well for Jack. :crossed: It's so easy to add the pounds and so very hard to get them off again. I know you will see a difference once you are off the meds. At least I hope so! I hope you are feeling better this afternoon.

I have a load of laundry to fold and put away. Then think I will see who is playing on the Olympic channel. Hope you all enjoy the rest of your day! :wave:

08-02-2012, 08:31 AM
Good morning ladies. I am finishing up sprucing up the last couple things in the house, but overnight Fortune got sick in the living room and all over the dining room. Ugh, what a mess. I cleaned it best I could and Jack is going to have to run the shampooer this morning and spot clean all the places he had diahrrea. I started him on Flagyl and will have Jack go over and get another bottle this morning since I don't have quite enough.

I feel sorry for my poor little guy because he sits with his head hanging down and I couldn't find him this morning and he was laying behind the recliners. He sticks his tongue out and licks a lot when he has a tummyache and he is doing that this morning. Sheesh at least with kids you can get them to the toilet or in a bowl or something.

I wanted to get rid of our old patio set, but knew the trash guys wouldn't take the table so Tues I put out the umbrella and chairs. Later I saw someone taking them from the corner of the house so I went out and ask him if he wanted the table and he said yes and took it so problem solved. We have had the set for 10 years and only paid $100 for the whole thing including the umbrella and pads for the chairs, which I threw out last year. Now they are $400 on sale without the umbrella. So, no patio furniture for me for awhile.

Maggie: Thanks for the recipe, but I meant an all vinegar coleslaw. It only has vinegar, water and sugar in it and maybe carraway seeds. I will definitely try yours though. I like Miracle Whip too, but they didn't have any lowfat at the commissary so I got lowfat mayo this time. Jack can't stand any of it so I buy just for myself.

Jean: I am sure Jack will be fine and right as rain, if not tomorrow then in a couple days if he has to have the stent. It isn't painful, just tires you out a great deal. We can't seem to get our humidity in a decent place at all. Jack came home last night looking like something the cat dragged in. He took off his clothes and slumped in the recliner in his undies and put his feet up and took a short nap. :lol: A few more years and he can tell them to take a hike and stay home. I want to go out today and find a couple of movies Jackson may not have and buy them for him. I already stocked my m and m machine that sits right as you come in the door. I bought it in Vegas several years ago before Jackson was born for Thomas to have when he came over so now the torch has passed. It is a couch with the dumb yellow m and m and the smart aleck red m and m sitting on it with 3 d glasses on. A big popcorn bucket is between them. The red m and m is giving a thumbs up and the yellow one is scared of what he is seeing and has his hands up in front of his face and one foot in the air. When you push his foot down, m and m's fall into the popcorn bucket. It really is cute and Thomas always loved it. I am keeping him one night so his dad can go and meet a friend he had when we lived here in the 80's wo we need entertainment. Not that I don't have stuff. We have over 400 movies in our collection! :lol:

Well, I need to find Fortune he has snuck off the couch. You all have a great day today. Faye

08-02-2012, 01:40 PM

Please go to the next thread numbered 22 ~ see ya there!