Medifast - Restaurant Choices for Lean & Green

07-23-2012, 12:29 PM
Do you have any recommendations for something to order in a restaurant for my lean and green?

07-23-2012, 11:07 PM
Oh, there's lots of things to order out!

This time of year, I eat a lot of salads, dressing on the side
Grilled chicken or steak on a salad.
If they have shrimp cocktail you can ask for shrimp on a salad.
Mexican restaurant - ask for fajita chicken on a salad.

Steak is good, most "small" steaks at restaurants are 10-12 ounces, so pretty easy to eyeball 1/2. If the veggies on the menu don't sound on plan, ask the waiter "what veggie can you steam for me" - broccoli is almost always an option if you like it. My dad will often ask for sliced tomatoes and lettuce for his veggie.

Broiled or grilled fish - salmon, tuna, shrimp. Watch for sauces.

I have a local independent restaurant that will actually make me one of their chicken/veggie/pasta dishes without the pasta, extra veggies.

This time of year, gazpacho is an appetizer I order a lot.

I have come to avoid the chain restaurants for the most part. At most, they have 2 meals that are on plan, and the sodium kills me now. I usually gain 2 pounds of water weight the day after a meal at Fridays/Applebees/Friendlys/etc.

That said, I eat out at least once a week. Once you know how to order, and what part of the menu to not even read, it's not too hard.

Good luck!