Atkins - Atkins-two weeks in-no weight loss after the first week

07-19-2012, 12:18 PM
Hey guys,
Please help me out. I have been on Atkins now for 16 days doing Induction and I have not had a loss since Day 7-I lose and gain the same 1 pound or 1.5 lbs. It's getting annoying. My friend is experiencing the same thing.

Here is my daily menu:
Atkins shake
2 egg omellette with mushrooms, small amount of onions (sometimes, not always), shredded cheese, butter
coffee with cream-if I make it at home then it is w/ heavy whipping cream or sometimes I will buy a coffee on my way to work with regular cream.

Usually a salad, estimated 3 cup of lettuce, sometimes with a few cherry tomatoes (lately no tomatoes at all), creamy ceasar dressing, shredded cheese, vinegar, olive oil, grilled chicken, a few small peppers, 2 boiled eggs

Usually eggs and turkey bacon, cheese, or some sour cream, beef sausage, boiled eggs

Can you guys help with some advice please? I also take 2 multivitamins (gummy bear kind)-could this be stalling my loss? Also, I take 2-3 sticks of extra gum a day-I work with people and don't want to have a foul breath. Could it be the gum that is stalling me?
I take almost no sweetener regularly-if I do it's 1/4 packet 1xday.

I bought a biggest loser kitchen scale to start measuring my cheese...


07-19-2012, 01:40 PM
What's the typical carb count for your daily menu? Id switch from the gummy vitamins to one you just swallow. Why have the added sugar if you dont need it.

I know how you're feeling..I've lost and regained the same 3lbs in the past 2 weeks. VERY frustrating! I know I need to start exercising because I know it's just water bloat but its frustrating nonetheless.

07-19-2012, 02:06 PM
So im not on atkins anymore..but according to to atkins, you are not supposed to drink the shakes inless you are on phase 2... Even though it says Atkins and it looks like its okay..they say its for phase 2 3 and 4 only...

How much water are you drinking? Ive found on any ketogenic diet, you need to drink lots of water.. You could also have water retention due to too much salt...just a thought. Remember, your second week wont be as big as your first because the first week was mostly water..its going to get lower because your losing actual fat now.

07-19-2012, 03:15 PM
@Simona: Thanks! I'll buy some regular multivitamins today to eliminate this as a possible reason. I have been tracking my net carbs today and so far I have eaten 17. I can see how a bite here and a bite there of low carb food allowed during induction could be adding to my net carb total for the day. i have been kind of counting carbs in my head since I started Induction and it was great the first week (7lbs) but the second week not so much. I was just trying to stay away from tracking of any kind (calories, points-I used to be on WW) but now realize I have to really make sure I track those carbs for two weeks.

@PortHardyGurl-I am drinking lots of water for sure...yeah, those shakes are not the best but the shakes seem to be the only thing that make me go potty (sorry TMI) and are so convenient for breakfast as I am flying out of the house.

Thanks for your advice, I will try to figure out what works for me over the next week....I wil stick to 20 net carbs a day (by tracking) and see if anything happens.

07-19-2012, 03:25 PM
Try doing a "pure protein" day. Not something I'd recommend often but 1x a week seems to work for people to break a stall. Im planning that myself if nothing changes by Monday.

Typical menu for me would be:

B: Eggs/Bacon or Sausage
L: Steak
D: Pork Roast
S: Eggs [maybe with mayo] and Cheese

I consider cheese pure protein even though it does have 1g of carbs per oz.