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04-02-2003, 05:11 PM
Welcome to the Weighty Issues thread! We are a group of women who are trying to get through every day life with the help of each other. No topics are off limits, we discuss everything. If it wasn't for these girls I probably wouldn't be here trying to get healthy.

04-02-2003, 05:16 PM
Wow, I didn't realise how long the old thread had gotten.

Noelle, You are so pretty. I love your new avatar.

I just got in a 1 1/2 mile walk so I feel a little better. Tomorrow is a new day and I didn't gain back all 50 pounds in a couple of days. :lol: I wouldn't know what to eat differently. I eat Honey Bunches of Oats in the morning because it is the only cereal I like and At Subway I eat either a ham sandwich or a BBQ chicken sandwich. Suppers are always different. I do need to buy some fruit but I only like watermelon and strawberries. I am a picky girl(unless it is junk food)

04-02-2003, 06:44 PM
Noelle, you are such a pretty girl....sorry to hear your having dh issues today too. I think between this thread and another that I post on the final concensus is that men just don't get it!!! My dh is not home from work yet, I'm sure he is planning it this way, he has a meeting at 7 so he will probably pop in and out and not get home till 9 tonight.....

DH and I hardly ever fight so this really is upsetting me. I will see how he is when he does get home. Maybe I hurt his feelings, but my feelings got hurt in public. And I can't see how I hurt him, other than maybe he thought I was insinuating something was going on with him and the friend (I was not) I was stating what living in a small town of people would start for a rumor....oh, you gotta love small town mentallity.

Catch ya girls in a while,

04-02-2003, 08:16 PM
Hey ladies, thanks for the compliments. That avatar pic was taken on Saturday 3/29/03 before we left for the carnival. Later that night was spent scarfing down 3 malassadas (haha) . Then the horrific Sunday BBQ carnivore gala. Anyway, it's Wednesday hump day and I'm hanging on track by the tips of my fingernails. Not looking forward to Saturday's weigh-in but hey we all gotta face the music right?

I know I kept talking about how difficult it was to find a "before" pic. I did find a few but now I'm having trouble w/my scanner and photo editor. I'm gonna try to attach the file here. If you can see the pic, it was taken during Dec 01 or Jan 02 while we were in Las Vegas for the New Year. Not a bad pic overall but I hate how 'full' I look. I didn't see that of myself when I looked in the mirror. Pictures don't lie. But I'm pretty happy with my progress to date and will continue on this journey as long as it takes to get to my final destination, Babeville :lol: . (That was the name of a prior thread I used to post on :wave: hi girls, if any of you are lurking) .

04-02-2003, 08:21 PM
ok well, I can't get it to resize correctly. Once i get it to the acceptable pixel size the pic is sooo tiny. Let me work on it for a little, I'll be back in a bit. Sorry!

04-02-2003, 08:39 PM
trying again...here I am in all my glory. This is an acceptable picture of myself...I have some really yucky ones that I can't bring myself to post just yet. I'll save those for later. OK, this is about when I was at my highest weight, I'm thinking 215 (which probably meant 220 (what I weighed when I delivered my son) since I refused to step on the scale if it went any higher :lol: . I'm working my way down to a more healthy weight for my shorty-short height of 5' 3" . See me trying to hide behind my purse and jacket?

04-02-2003, 09:10 PM
WOW, Noelle, your pics sure do show a big difference. Your face really shows it. Keep up the awesome work girl......

04-03-2003, 02:25 AM
Hey Angie, have you ever thought about having soup for lunch or dinner? I just had Progresso beef and baked potato soup--the entire 18.5 oz can for 260 cals, 5 g. fat. The sodium was kinda high @ 1030 mg but it was A LOT of soup and very tasty. I probably could've done with just one cup of soup (the recommended serving) but I just HAD to bring my calories up to 1200 for the day :lol: . Yup, i'm finding canned soups are a good diet food--that and Del Monte green beans :T . Just a suggestion. Don't know what I'd change for breakfast since mine's usually in liquid form :p . That's my 2cents for the night. C-ya tomorrow.

04-03-2003, 11:18 AM
Noelle that is such a change. You are doing so good.

Not much to report on today so far. It is really just getting started here. I will pop back in later though to see what is going on.

04-03-2003, 11:44 AM
WooHoo Noelle!!!! You have made a huge difference. You were still pretty though! Your face in your new avatar looks so thin. You are one hot Momma!!!!!

Kempy, Your deck is beautiful! I am so jealous!!! Joe was wearing shorts!!! No fair! It is supposed to get crappy and snowy up here again! Can't spring just come and stay? I found the most beautiful patio set at KMart yesterday. It has etched glass on the table like leaves. The chairs are iron with gold colored seats and they have a sofa and coffee table that matches. All for only $900.00 I want it!! I need to redo my whole set this year because the cats sleep in them all summer so they are pretty hairy and dirty looking. I am going to try to bleach it and see if that helps.

I am in a totally different frame of mind today. I ate so much food that I am READY to diet again! I told Jay that I think I ate as much food last night as I did the night before I started my diet and lost 135 pounds!! When I started that diet I never planned it it just happened because I got so full one night and it clicked in my brain . What the **** am I doing to myself? So I lost it all. I am ready again. I just wished I could be happy with moderation but I don't think that is in the cards. I still feel cheated if I have to drag myself away from something good so It doesn't satisfy me. Does that make any sense?

I got in 2 1/2 miles so far today and I will do another 1 1/2 tonight maybe I'll even jump on the elliptical later to jumpstart the loss!!

04-03-2003, 11:56 AM
Noelle where was that picture taken? It is so pretty. They advertised a special on the news for roundtrip airfare and a 7 day hotel stay in Honolulu for $849 per person. I told Jay if I had that much on my credit card we would have to do it. The plane leaves right from Bangor. My MIL always drives to Mass. to catch her plane on trips and I thought that was so stupid when we have an airport an hour from our house. I would gladly pay the extra money to fly out of Bangor rather than travel for 8 hours by bus to catch a plane. DUH. I love my in laws. :lol:

Funny story. I have been setting up my camcorder when I go for a walk because one of the dogs has figured out how to get into my couch console. Day one: we get home and the console is opened but the camcorder ran out of tape before the dogs got into it. SHOOT!

Day 2: We don't set it up because the kids are here. I figured they would keep an eye on them. HA HA Candi got into the consaole and ate a whole jar of Vaseline(a big jar) made an even bigger mess coming out. YUCK!!

Day 3. Kids are home. We get home and Candi has eaten a ceramic candle holder and the candle. Little PIG!

Today: We get home and the console hasn't been touched but we can see parts of Candi eating my books off the bottom shelf. My floor is covered with torn up books and they are all looking at me so proud of what they have done.

TONIGHT: Candi gets gated into the kitchen. :lol:

04-03-2003, 01:07 PM
Angie that is so funny. I have heard of people having to do that to catch their dogs. Do you think they have seperation anxiety?

I sent the before pic of the deck so you could see how green everything is. Can you make it out? Yeah, it is pretty nice to be able to wear shorts again. Before to long though even that will be to hot.

04-03-2003, 03:18 PM
Angie, Candi's body must think that the dog food is sorely lacking in nutrition since she feels the need to eat so much petroleum jelly and parrafin :lol: . Reminds me of that pregnancy symptom "pica" where some have a compulsion to eat weird things like dirt since their bodies need iron or something. What a naughty dog :devil: . She's not pregnant is she??? Imagine that, a whole brood of Cappie/Candi clones--how cute. That pic was taken in Las Vegas at the Bellagio Hotel fountains, you know the one on the movie Ocean's Eleven? I'm standing on the sidewalk on the side of the fountain though, not the front like where they were standing. If you haven't seen that movie yet, I recommend it if only to see all the lovely sights of LV (including George Clooney and Brad Pitt :T )

Kempy that deck is beautiful. It didn't take long at all did it? I'd have one too but I need to buy the house first (haha). Our backyard is mostly dirt since all the grass died. Once the permanent BBQ is finished then we're bringing in topsoil and replanting. I'm starting to like working in the dirt outside...mostly just digging though (makes me feel like a kid again), my mom does the planting, then I do the eating...oh, that goes without saying huh? :lol:

We're having a nice beautiful sunny day today. I'm wearing shorts to work since it's been getting pretty hot. I even drove my car to the car wash this morning--which means it'll probably rain this weekend. Oh yeah, I hit Wal-Mart after the car wash and got a cool pair of reversible board shorts for under $12. They're solid black w/a fuschia waistband on one side and a funky orange/red/yellow blend w/a beach scene on the other. I'm actually looking forward to hitting the beach this weekend--who would've thunk it?

Sandy how'd it go with the hubby last night? Kiss and make up? I hate it when Rick and I fight but it's a normal part of marriage I guess. We just have to learn how to do it correctly--and men have to learn that their wives are always right! :lol:

OK I think I better close this chapter on my novel...I'll check back w/ya gals later. I invited a gal over from the buddy thread, hope she shows up sometime. :wave:

04-03-2003, 03:19 PM
I don't know. They never have been left alone until I started to walk around the block. Candi has turned into such a little hellion since we got Cappie. I think he taught her how to be a dog.

I can't wait until everything turns green up here. I love it when my yard is closed off by the leaves and shrubs. During the summer it feels like I don't even live in town because all the leaves block the neighbors. I need to build rails around the pool on the deck now or I am sure Cappie would be in the pool all summer. I hate to do that because I like having half of the pool open But....Cappie is a bossy boy.

04-03-2003, 03:21 PM
All the dogs are fixed. Thank god. I would go crazy with any more Keeshond's. They are hyper little buggers. :lol:

04-03-2003, 03:34 PM
Oh yeah I forgot to add, Angie that airfare to Hawaii is awesome! Did they mention which hotel it was? That's the same price I pay to go to Bangkok. The tourism industry is pretty vital to our economy, esp. the visitors from Japan and we're hurting now since the visitor count is down--I think more from the SARS/Asian Flu scare than the war factor. Now's a good time to come though. And let me just say this, NO confirmed cases of SARS in the state. Come on over, we've got lows of 70 and highs of 83 + breezy tradewinds to cool you off. Sunshine! Shorts! Tan! White sandy beaches! You can meet ME! :lol: Ok, I just changed your mind didn't i? :lol:

04-03-2003, 04:18 PM
Hey there girls,

Today is WI for me and I have stayed the same for the week!! I'm really bummed about it but I guess it's better than a gain. I have not cheated not one little bit, so I guess the body is adjusting? I am also having my TOM well, acutally it started on Sat. then stopped on Tuesday now when I got home today suprise its back......so maybe the adjustment? I will just stay strong and stay op and maybe next week will show a loss?

Hubby and I are good again I guess? We kinda let it go and just didnt mention it again? That seems to be how we leave things sometimes. I think because hubby is sorry but with those stupid male genes it's so hard for them to say they were wrong and we were right. But I know he loves me and thats what counts.

Angie: glad your back on track. I knew you would get there. Wow your a walking machine. And the dog thing is just to funny. Hope she did not get sick though.


04-03-2003, 05:26 PM
No I don't remember what the Hotel's name was. I wished I had the money because I would do it in a heartbeat. My husband is a volcano fanatic so he would love to go to Hawaii. My mom's best friend has been a few times and loved it.

Sandy, I am glad you two made up. Me and Jay do that too. It is easier to let it slide sometimes. Usually I get so pissed that if he looks at me wrong I just start to laugh and then who can stay mad. We are freaks!

Sandy, Sorry to hear the scales didn't move but you know what they say is that you are building muscle. You really are doing an awesome job!

04-03-2003, 05:46 PM
Is this the TOM club? Mine showed up last night oh joy of joys. On the positive side at least it's getting regular again. I don't know about you Sandy, but mine went haywire the first couple of months into this "diet" . Good job on the maintain--better than a gain anyday.

My hubby thinks I'm psycho since sometimes we get into these rows with each other while at work on the phone then when we're both at home it's like everything's hunky dory... he's so mellow though, he's used to my self-diagnosed bi-polar, multiple personality whatever-u-want-to-call-me kind of mood swings. :lol:

04-04-2003, 12:42 AM
Hi, my name is Jen. I hope you don't mind me posting here. I was just going thru some of the other threads and you girls just seem so great. Although you all are alot further than I am since I'm just starting. Congrats to all of you!!!!! I can't wait to get down ther also.

Currently I'm at 240 (the biggest I have ever been) and my and goal is to be at 140). I'm 26, and I have 2 kids Mark jr. is 7 and Ivy is 2. What made me decide to finally take control and do this is that my son is in soccer, and after practice one day all but 2 parents (me and another mother) went out and played with the kids. And I wasn't able to run around like them, and have fun. And I used to be awesome at soccer. So I decided it was time to get healthy and lose the weight.

So I guess I was hoping just to find a good support team, and other ladies to talk to. Not just about the weight loss, but everything that goes on with it (Life in General) If you have any questions of me, just ask I will spill just about anything. Thanks so much.

Take Care!!!!


04-04-2003, 01:22 AM
:wave: Hi Jen and welcome to our thread. Happy to have you and flattered that you think we're great :lol: --and we are great! Together we all make an excellent support and motivation team. We all started somewhere and we're all making progress and we'd be happy to help you get to where you want to be. Hooray, finally someone in a time zone a little closer to me. I'm always 4-5 hours behind everyone else... Your goal is totally reachable, just take it one day, one step at a time. I know 3FC has been a godsend for me because it's been 5 mos. since I started and I'm still at it.

Well, I just got back from my evening walk and I need to go eat something before it gets too late. Hope to chat more tomorrow morning. Glad to have you and I'm sure you'll like it here!

04-04-2003, 09:39 AM
Hi Jen. Yep, these girls are the best!! We will give you as much support as you need through out your weightloss ups and downs. I too know I wouldn't be here still if it wasn't for everyone here.

I am a 30 year old married mom to 3. Brittany,11 and twins: Corey and Alicia age 9 (Me, my mom and the twins all have the same birthday)(Kempy's Birthday is on the same day too!)

I have 4 cats, T.J(aka Fat cow),Shadow(aka Meatball) Meanie and Butterball(aka Princess)

I have 3 dogs Rebel(JRT), and Candi and Cappie (Keeshond)

I also am a baker. I guess that is about it for me. Welcome.

04-04-2003, 12:56 PM
Hi Jen glad you decieded to join in our little family. We are always welcoming new poeple. Like everyone said we are inall different starges and I think that is what really keeps us going. When one person is down the rest of us are here to pick her up.

I am really busy today, we are having our beach party tomorrow and we are trying to get everything together. Nothing like waiting till the last minute. :lol:

I am going to be popping in and out all day hopefully I'll catch some of you.

Hey Angie! I see you on line!!!

04-04-2003, 02:43 PM
Hi Jen, you will love it here, the girls are great!!! So supportive. I love the 3fc site....it has helped me stay true to my new life style. I have lost 26 lbs now....

My name is Sandy and I have been married 14 years this year to Fernald. We have 2 kids Alexis 5 and Evan 11. We have 2 dogs Daisy and Chester and a cat Sasha and some fish. You can see my stats at the bottom of my post to see where I am weight wise. I was really bummed about the scales yesterday, but this am I got on and lost 2 lbs so I really am 28 lbs lighter but can't officially count those 2 lbs till next Thursday.....oh well, at least it gave me the strength to carry on.....:)

Angie: I did'nt know your bday was the same as your moms and the twins, thats neat. Evans is the same day as my mils, and I figured noone could give her a better gift than that. But wowzers you gave your mom 2 grandbabies......your great!!!

I think Chris and I have the same bday?


04-04-2003, 05:43 PM
Good afternoon everyone. We had this freaky thunderstorm early this morning, lots of lightning too. I woke up @ 3:30 am because of the lightning flashes and the rolling thunder. Then it started raining buckets big time for like 4 hours! I checked on my son but he slept through all the racket. Our cable got knocked out for a good part of the morning and I've only been able to get online briefly...talk about withdrawal symptoms.

Well it's almost lunchtime here but I couldn't go a day without saying "hey" to all my pals. I'm soooo looking forward to the weekend. Think we'll hit the beach or at least the local water park on Sunday if the weather improves. i could never understand why when we were little my mom always insisted on running home if we were sitting at the beach and it started to rain. We were there to get wet anyway right? What's the big deal over a few raindrops? :lol: Kempy your beach party sounds like fun. I don't think I'd win any awards for losing bodyfat yet though :lol: . (Keep those calipers away from me!)

Have a good rest of the day everyone.

04-04-2003, 07:35 PM
I want to go to the Beach!!!!! We are gonna get a freaking snowstorm!!! Have extra fun for me okay?

Me and Jay did 3 walks today: 4 1/2 miles. WOOHOO!!! Plus I did 15 minutes on my elliptical too. It looks like tomorrow I will be doing the elliptical. BooHoo. The weatherman said we are 20 degrees below normal right now. It was 28 today and it should be 48. So not fair.

04-05-2003, 03:18 AM
Hi girls, Thank you all so much for welcoming me. I can't wait to get to know you all. Well maybe I should give you the short version about me. I've been divorced for 5 years now, but about 3 years ago my ex-husband and i decided to get back together and my daughter came along, and he decided to be bad and right now he's in prison, been there since I was 6 months pregnant with my daughter. When that happened I actually had to move back to my parents house with my kids. I'm also in school right now, and I go from 4-11 p.m. so I can be home during the day with my daughter and be there to drop off and pick up my son from school. (Saves on daycare) So all of that and a little bit of laziness is why I'm here today.:) Got real depressed there for a while and all I did was eat. Mostly cheesecake.....ALOT of cheesecake. Anyway.......

If you all don't mind me asking, but what have you found worked best for you? I've been considering taking a water step class 3 times a week at the local rec center, and then they will be having a zumba fitness class starting in May that actually sounded like alot of fun. Lately I've been walking but I haven't been able to go as far as I want because I have Ivy with me, and she will not get into her stroller or the wagon. And it's been WAY too windy and cold to go bike riding around here yet.

I'm still not sure what I should write yet. But I think I'm going to head off, busy day tomorrow. My son has his first soccer game of the season in the morning.....BRRRRRR. Talk to all soon. Thanks again.....Take Care!! *Jen*:balloons:

04-05-2003, 05:18 AM
Hey Ivy. No pun intended but it sure seems like you have a lot on your plate. Your life sound like it's in good working order though, all things considered. What are you studying in school and how much longer do you have to go? All I can say is that I wish I finished college. Hang in there, it's totally worth it.

Let me tell you a little about me. I've been married to my husband Rick for 8 years and we have one 4 y.o. son. I am 31 years old and live on the beautiful island of O'ahu, Hawaii. Rick is a plumbing contractor and as of September of last year I quit my "real job" as a Credit Manager and got on board the family business. Let's just say that I wouldn't have chosen this profession for myself. But it's a job and it's for our family so I do it. As far as dieting goes, I am not following anything formal with a fancy name. Just doing low-fat, low-cal and walking for exercise. I have in the past done Nutri-System and Jenny Craig. The weight came off but came back within a matter of years since I felt like I was never taught to eat properly and just went back to my old fat habits. This time I feel is different because I'm more mature and am taking the responsibility for what goes into my body. I do not want to go through this again. I'm doing this on my own (without going to a center or club) and have lost 39 lbs to date since 10/24/02 and hope to lose at least another 30. I weigh-in weekly on Saturdays so that 39#'s lost statistic may hopefully change for the better. Finding this site and meeting these girls has kept me going for the past 4 months. I hope to keep on being a great loser until I am at a healthy weight and state of mind. What is zumba class? I've never heard of it :shrug: . Well, sorry to have wrote a novella but that's my life in a nutshell.

Good luck to your son's soccer team tomorrow. Stay warm!

04-05-2003, 09:07 AM
I don't want to weigh in until next week. I know I had a gain this week and I hope to lose it this week. I was a perfect angel last night so I think I am back!!!

Hey Jen, I am like Noelle. I just do a lowfat low calorie diet. I have a treadmill,bike and elliptical machine at home so it helps me on the days that I can't get outside to walk. I do an hour of exercise every day and try to eat healthy. I say try because I blew it this week but these great girls kicked some sense into me and I am back on track. Thanks Girls!!!

04-05-2003, 01:06 PM
Good morning all. Jen, I just read my last post to you and I called you Ivy--that's your daughter right? Oops, brainfart--I was posting way past my bedtime :lol: . Here I am on a sunny Saturday morning and weighing in @ 174--2 lbs down from last week :dance: . Woohoo, I'm on a roll. :dance:

Angie, :drill: forward march! No looking back. hup 2 3 4 keep it up 2 3 4 . What's on the agenda for the weekend besides cold? I'll try to blow some of my hot air up your way :lol: .

Kempy how's your beach party going?

Sandy what's shakin' today?

Chris, where ya hangin' beautiful? :D

Washu where are ya girlfriend? Did ya leave town again or did you get that job you wanted? We miss you over here.

Gargoyle (aka "the organized" one :lol: ) what's happening in your neck of the woods?

Anyone and everyone have a good OP weekend. Check w/y'all later. I'm gonna get off my @ss now and go for a walk. Ciao!

04-05-2003, 02:19 PM
All is great here. The weather is really yucky though, snowing and sleeting. I thought winter would be over by now.

Angie, your back on track so thats what counts, you can weigh when you want. I am just still the queen of the scales and on them at least 6 x's a day. But they are showing a 2 lb loss after saying I stayed the same on Thursday, but can't officially change my stats till next thursday....oh well.

Noelle, please send some hot air, or at least some mild....we sure could use it.

Hi to all,

04-06-2003, 01:21 AM
Hi everyone, I hope all of you have been having a great weekend so far.
Well today was my sons first soccer game. They won 9-6, and my son was the one to score the first goal. :cp: This team is so much more fun than the others that he has been on. They actually get up and jump around with me. I was only able to get out today and walk for about a mile, before it got too windy and cold. At least I think it was about a mile, I lost my pedometer a while back and haven't gotten a new one yet, I guess that's something I should think about. Tomorrow though I won't be able to get out at all, I have to take my kids down to see their father and that's a 2 1/2 hour drive one way. :eek: I do have a treadmill, but it's just so awful walking on it and staring at an unfinished basement wall. But if I have to, I have to. Maybe I can stop at the library and pick up some books on tape or something. We have a weight machine also that is just collecting dust, I need to clean it off and start using that again also. :strong:

Noelle-Don't worry about calling me Ivy. I'm actually studying Aviation Science, I have got a degree in Avionics (which is actually my second) and I'm getting my third in aviation maintenance so I'll be rated and certified to work on all airplanes, electrical and mechanical. And Zumba fitness is kind of like latin dance moves. It's gotten real big in last 6 months or so, they have a web site where you can buy their exercize tapes, but I think it will be more fun in a group setting.

Angie & Sandy- How are you doing today?

Kempy- I hope you're having a great time at your party. Gosh I wish I lived near a beach.

Well I better get going, I need to get some stuff done tonight before the long drive tomorrow. Sorry I wrote a book, I'll try not to next time, it's just so nice to talk about other stuff other than Yu-Gi-Oh, Pokemon, and Barney. Hope to hear from you soon. Thanks!!!

Take Care!!!


04-06-2003, 11:55 AM
How is everyones weekend going? I overate some Blue Bunny fat free yogurt last night but hey at least it was fat free right? :lol: Other than that I am back on track totally and hoping to show a good loss this week. Fingers crossed. It sucks because of the cold and the snow I can't go walking so I have to do the elliptical and bike. I would so much rather be outside!

Gotta shower and go to work. Have a great day everyone!

04-06-2003, 12:25 PM
Hi girls,

Well yesterday ended up being a bad day for me. My first bored to no end day, and I found my hands inside a box of cheese its, and I ate a bolonga/cheese sandwhich after I had already had my lunch, and a big bowl of popcorn.....rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr...now I am so mad at myself. The scales were back up the 2 lbs I thought were gone, maybe it was the salt? I mean how the **** can you gain 2 lbs in 1 day with only a slip of what I did? I didnt eat the whole box only about 4 handfuls, I figure 2 servings or so, because on the box it says 32 are a serving. Oh I am being obsessive I know.....but this is my first real flub/stumble since I started January 23rd.

Noelle, I was just wondering why Hawaii does not do daylight savings time? I mean now I had to set the clock ahead an hour so how far apart does that make our time zones now? Its 11.19am here, so I am assuming that we were on a 4 hour differnce so it would be 7:19am there? Or now with the extra hour added maybe its only 6:19.....oh I am confussed. But the news did say that Hawaii, Alaska, and parts of Indiana and maybe there was one more state?

Angie, glad you had a good day yesterday and are back on track, you go girl.....

Jen, welcome again, and wow your plate is full with schooling like that. Good luck with it. Sounds like an awesome job.

kempy, how did the party go? Was that the one that the club puts on to promote the club and to try to drum up memberships? Hope the weather was good.


04-06-2003, 01:35 PM
Hello there... I am new at this. I have just started on a weight loss program (again) and am looking for support...I have lost and gained and gained and lost and am now back where I said I'd never be. So, I am trying something different this time. I would like a buddy or anyone really who is around this area to exercise with if anyone is out there. Also, just wanting to meet some new friends on here whoe can offer support!

04-06-2003, 02:11 PM
Welcome newcomers Jen and i'm_just _ kim !

Up and down and back up and back down and so forth....
I know I've been there.

melekalikimaka -
Oh, please don't call me " the organized one":
Morgenstern's book was a great help to me, but I think perhaps "less chaotic/cluttered one" may be more appropriate.
There are always more little things/places I find to straighten up.

It's raining here today.
But it's not supposed to rain again for at least a week.
High tomorrow is 80 again, but Tues thru next Sat. the highs are in the upper 60's and 70's.

04-06-2003, 02:20 PM
Good morning everyone. Welcome Kim :wave: . Glad you could join our group. Whatever kind of motivation or support you want just ask, we'll give it to you.

Last night I went to a candle party at my sister's house. It was potluck and my sister made a pot of thai chicken curry--suprisingly very tasty. I had some chocolate cake w/buttercreme frosting so I wasn't a complete angel w/the food, but I refuse to feel guilt.

Angie you're on track now, no looking back. At least it wasn't full fat BB. You're doing awesome lady.

Sandy, I agree those Cheese Its are evil! Though the scale shows a gain, it's most likely water retention from the salt--doesn't sound like you ate THAT much anyway. Get back on track, drink your water and the bloat will go away in a day or two. Trust me on this :D, I'm an "expert" on that happening :lol: . I really don't know why we don't observe daylight savings time but it's us, Arizona, Alaska and "parts of" Indiana that don't. The usual time difference between HI and the east coast where you are is 5 hours. DST would now put us at 6 hours apart. That means when you are having breakfast I'm fast asleep. When I'm eating breakfast, you're probably having lunch. When you're going home for the day, my day is only 1/2 over. Well, you get the picture. :lol:

Kemp how'd your party go? Which hot bod won the prize? Can we see pictures? :lol:

Jen congrats on your son's team win. Your degrees and skills are mighty impressive. Me, I can push a mean pencil and make a real effective collection call :lol:. You go girl.

Chris how are things w/you? Hope they're happy and stress-free.

Everyone else, have a wonderful Sunday. :flow2:

04-06-2003, 03:09 PM
Sandy, I know exactly how you feel. I have been majorly bored lately too. This snow just makes me want to go over the edge!! I want to go outside!!! :lol: I always want to eat when I get bored. Don't beat yourself up about it. Noelle is right by tomorrow you will be right back to normal.

Hi Kim. I have lost alot of weight and gained it back and now I am here to lose it again too. I am doing pretty good thanks to these awesome girls. They give me all the support I need. We can all do this together.

Jen, I know what you mean about the Yu-gi-oh! :lol: My kids will actually scrape every penny they can to buy the cards every week. Luckily we have them on a saving kick and now they put it in their bank accounts. I think I know every Pokemon there is. haha

gargoyle, even with the rain I would gladly take your weather. I could still walk outside and people would think it is just the rain on me and not sweat. hehe

Kempy, Where are you?

Chris, How is the computer repair coming?

MissWashu, Are you still with us?

I gotta get back to work! I snuck in on a pee break. :lol:

04-06-2003, 03:56 PM
Weird weather here in good old Southwestern PA:?:

Nevertheless, at least it isn't raining like it was yesterday, so it was effortless to get my one-mile walk in today before the race started, and I'll probably do another half-mile before going to bingo tonight. It got up to 74 degrees this past Friday; today it is not even 40 degrees...

HELLO, IT'S APRIL!!!!!!!!!:mad: :p

Hope you all remembered to turn your clocks up last night!:D

04-07-2003, 12:33 PM
I am still alive but barely. :faint: :headache:

You guys have been busy here. I shouldn't have missed over the weekend.

Well, our party was a disaster. It rained and when I say rained I mean it POURED!!! We had already set up the tents and a hugh sign that one of the employees made which got ruined. The only people that showed up where employees so it turned out to kind of be an employee party. we had to BBQ the chicken b/c it hadn't been frozen yet so we had tons of it left over. I brought it home and froze it. We sat around and drank. Then after we left the party we went to my MIL & FIL house b/c my little sis was having a sweet 16 party so we were going to hang out with the parents. We ended up drinking yet again. I had to kick out some guy b/c he was 22 bringing drinks and giving me a hard time. How sad is that that you have to go to a 16 year olds party. So to make a long story short (to late), Joe and I sat on the sofa all day yesterday trying to recover. I was off plan all weekend and I am still having a tough time today. The time change has screwed me up b/c I am hungry b4 I am going to take lunch.

OK I think I have whinned enough for today. I promise that next post will be a happy one.

04-07-2003, 12:56 PM
Sounds like a fun weekend Kempy. :lol:

We did nothing. I watched Jackass and Maid In Manhatten. I liked Jackass. I like Party boy. haha Maid in Manhatten was a chick flick.

I haven't been for a walk outside for too long. It is so cold. I don't think it is ever gonna warm up.

04-07-2003, 02:38 PM
Welcome Lori...glad you could drop in. It seems like those of us not getting snowed in are getting drowned in the rain :lol: .

Kempy sorry to hear about your beach party. I hate it when you plan for something and it goes south with the weather. That happened @ my son's b-day party last year. Thankfully a lot of people showed up but we were all huddled under a concrete pavilion roof with some tarps hung to keep the rain from blowing in. The kids were still having a blast in one of those jumping balloon inflatables, slipping and sliding around. At least you've got dinner for a few days...maybe weeks ;) .

Angie hang in there girl, the sun is bound to shine down on you guys eventually. Haven't seen either of the movies you mentioned yet. I think they were having some kind of J-Lo movie marathon on one of the cable channels yesterday--I don't know why :p

We did get to the water park this weekend instead of the beach. It's 15 minutes away by car from our house and it started to rain as we drove there. The sky cleared and we had a great time (suprisingly enough for me since I'm not a water person at all) . I even got to lay out in the sun a little and caught a few rays. Don't worry, I always wear SPF 50 and only laid out for like 15 minutes. A downpour started in the afternoon as we drove home so we had perfect timing. It's supposed to get up to 85 today but there's 95 percent humidity which means more rain is coming. At least the grass and trees are nice and green. :D

Anyway, I gotta get up off my butt and get my son to school and me to work. I'll check you guys out later. Have a great day.

04-07-2003, 05:17 PM
OK enough is enough. It is really raining bad here now. I just got off of the weather channel and it looks like it is going to be this way for awhile. Members are calling to see if we have power b/c they don't and they are bored. The funny thing is, they still aren't coming to workout they just want to see if we have power.

04-07-2003, 06:51 PM
Hey there girlies,

I think I have recovered from the box of cheese its....boy they need a warning on that box that says once you start you just cant stop:) anyway, the scale is being kind and think I will manage a loss this week come thursday:^: .

The weather sounds bad everywhere.....rrrrrrrrrrrrrr, Noelle, please please please send some nice clouds our way....

Hope everyone is having a good day other than the weather.

04-07-2003, 07:22 PM
Welcome Lori!

Kempy, Did you get the hail?

Noelle, Sounds like you had a nice weekend.

Sandy, I knew it was just water bloat. It happens all the time. I love Cheese its. The kids are now no longer allowed to buy them for a snack since me and Jay ate the last box. :lol:

I got a walk in this afternoon. My parents finally came over for a minute to meet Cappie(actually their car broke down and they needed help moving it but whatever....) I haven't seen them since Christmas. Now you know why an out of state move wouldn't make any difference.

04-07-2003, 07:48 PM
Do your parents live near you?

04-07-2003, 09:49 PM
sorry your family is not closer. My moms side of the family is not close either, but I do see my mom everyday just not the rest of her family. My dad, well thats a whole nother can of worms.....but I see him when I drive to see him and thats all I will say about that (the story is too long and I think I've explained some before).

But my hubbys family is big on doing family things. We all go camping together in the summer, and the rest of the year we get together a lot for family dinners/bdays and what not. When we all go camping together just immediate family is Me and hubby and our 2 kids, 1 bil and sil and their 3 kids, another bil and whatever flavor of the month he is having, and hubbys mom and dad......then sometimes extended family from there. We usually all have a good time.

04-07-2003, 10:41 PM
I guess I'm very lucky to have a close immediate family. I have to admit that we get on each others' nerves since we see so much of each other :lol: but for the most part we all get along. In fact, we're planning a family vacation during the 4th of July this year where everyone will be flying to Maui for a few days. That should be fun. My in-laws are a completely different Animal (yes, with a capital "A" ) . Rick has to do his visiting on his own time and they can not :no: come to my house and that's that :soap: . I make concessions and visit my MIL on a few occasions--mother's day, her b-day (maybe) and definitely X-mas. I don't keep my son from visiting her at all and if Rick wants to take him he's free to--but the house has to be clear of the other degenerates and substance (as in illegal drugs) free--let me tell you he hardly gets to bring the boy there. Sad, but true.

04-07-2003, 10:49 PM
well, thanks for the welcome. It sure has been monday around these parts. *ha* I started my diet today and absolutely NO cheating.. go me! What kind of candle party? I've been to a few myself--interesting and smells good!

does anyone have a recipe for a good low-fat cookie. meaning one that doesn't taste like rubber? :)

hope you all have a successful TUESDAY!

04-08-2003, 03:28 AM
Hi Everyone,

I meant to check in yesterday but after the driving, when I got home I just couldn't. I must be a really slow starter :snail: because yesterday we stopped at McDonalds :moo:, just started and already I messed up :nono: I really need to remember to pack healthier snacks in the car before I drive like that, plus I was way too tired yesterday to do anything to make up for it. I also lost the safety key to the treadmill so I was only able to get out and walk for about a mile before it started snowing today. I was able to drink my 8 glasses of water today though, which is actually a pretty big deal considering I don't really like water that much.

So my mini goal for this week is to get up to at least 10 glasses of water and at least 90 minutes of some kind of exercise daily. I'm don't really care about a loss yet, I just need to get in the groove of things first. So I'm going to wait an extra week before I weigh in. And then hopefully I'll be pleasnatly surprised.:crossed:

Thanks for listening!!! Have a great Tuesday!!!!!

Take Care!!! *Jen*:balloons:

04-08-2003, 11:48 AM
YEAH!!! I just weighed in and I am back down to 152.5 again. Now maybe I can lose some weight before PMS hits again. :lol:

04-08-2003, 12:02 PM
Re: Addictive Cheez-its

Cheez-its with Tabasco are even deadlier.

Sometimes I buy the box of little Cheez-it bags.
They're 220 calories each and have 4 or 5 gms. of protein.

Gotta stay away from that big box of them, tho'.

04-08-2003, 02:40 PM
Wow talk about withdrawal from the site. It is 12:30 here ands I am just now getting on. Not that iI had anything interesting to talk about I just like reading what is going on.

It poured all last night and this morning. Thank goodness we didn't get any hail though. Just alot of water. There is a huge canal like thing that we drive over to get into my subdivision and the thing looks like it might tough the bottom of the bridge soon. I think they said we got about 6-7 inches yesterday. That is alot for down here. I know it is going to take 3 weeks to dry out from this.

04-08-2003, 06:48 PM
HI girls. I'm still hanging around. Just waiting for my new computer to come in the mail. It stinks that I have to rely on work or family members, and even then, it's so quick, that I dont get to get on here, and just say hi. I haven't read back in the other posts,a nd I feel so diconnected. But, the HP site says my computer should be delivered on the 11th, so who knows, I may get to catch up, and get back here before the weekend.

I'm being good, food and exercise is my friend... in a good way. I had a physical today,a nd i"m weighing in at 147 lbs. Good blood pressure, good health. Have aweful PMS, so i"ll go home in a bit,a dn crash in bed, wiht a women's magazine. Okay, so I miss you, and can't wiat to get back here,. Just dropping in to say be back soon.... welcome to allt he new faces and names... ciao bellas!

04-08-2003, 10:42 PM
Sheesh, it's 3:22 pm here and I've only gotten to post here now :( . I've actually been working here at work :lol: . You ladies are probably getting ready for bed or near close to it.

I'm just plugging away at trying to have an OP day. So far so good, but when the evening rolls around I get munchy. Scale says I'm up 2 lbs since Saturday but who know's? I did go overboard on the weekend (explanation below) but w/AF just leaving town I hope it's just weekend bloat. Oh well, three steps forward, two steps back--the story of my life.

Jen the main thing is that you try again tomorrow and the day after that and so on. This is for life ya know, and hopefully we all have a whole lotta days left.

Kim I'm not much of a baker, I just go to the store and buy reduced fat graham crackers or pretzels...OMG, what my skinny sister did to my graham crackers...she made some 'graham cracker brittle'. This is NOT low-fat :o : melt butter and brown sugar in sauce pan, coat each graham cracker completely in melted mixture, bake in oven for x minutes until brown and crisp, top with slivered almonds. Crispy, crunchy, sweet and sticky. So so naughty and I ate a lot this weekend. :ink: Sorry, I digress, you were looking for low-fat right? Oops! As far as the candle party, I have a friend who is a Party Lite consultant. We buy some awesome smelling candles ( i especially like the kitchen scents like belgian waffle or fudge brownie--go figure :shrug: ) and holders from her and I get my friends and family addicted to them too. We get together at least every other month and see what's new. They have a website you can check out partylite.com or something like it.

Chris :wave: hope your computer gets to you intact and ready to go. We miss ya over here.

Angie tug on my wagon bungee a little will ya? I'm struggling over here.

Sandy :flow2: , here's some more sunshine, hope you guys thaw out real soon.

Kemp, if you stop doing the rain dance I'll stop doing it too--I have had enough of the rain to last me at least a month. We're so soggy out here too. I did go walking last night but carried my umbrella, got drenched anyway :rain:

Gar how're you doing today?

Well ladies, hope to hear more from you on hump day.

04-08-2003, 10:51 PM
Good evening. It seems weird to be here at night. I just got trhough watching American Idol. I voted too. Got to keep the good ones on you know.

Chris wow a new computer. I remember what that was like.

04-08-2003, 10:56 PM
Noelle, Tug!! Get back up here, I screwed up for a week so you could catch up. :lol: Don't make me do it again he he.

Chris, Can't wait until you get the computer!

Kempy, I am just waiting for 10 for the Real World Reunion. I am so lame!!!

Sandy, How was your day.

Jen, forget about eating the McD's and move on and you will get there. I have had to do it MANY times. You will get there

Jay is sick so he is in bed. Poor guy. He walked 4 miles with me today too. He didn't tell me how sick he was until after we were done. Gosh, I love him!!

04-08-2003, 11:00 PM
wait, wait....tell me who they're booting off, or is that tomorrow? I want Ruben to win for sure! He's pretty funny and humble, like he's not expecting to win and he's got the best voice (in my opinion anyway). Shoot, now I gotta wait 3 hours until it comes on :mad:

04-08-2003, 11:00 PM
What a sweet guy!

Have any of you seen the new commercial for Toy R Us? It is with singing rabbits. That is so funny! I like all of the commercial from them though.

Noelle it wa a good show tonight too. I voted for 1,2,5 and 8. Watch it and see if you agree.

04-09-2003, 02:48 AM
Hi Everybody--
I am so proud of myself, I was a perfect angel, and I even managed to get in
1 1/2 miles, not as much as I would have liked, but my daughter was with me and refused to sit in her stroller so she walked along too. Tomorrow she said she would ride so I'm hoping to go alot further. Eating was good and I even manged to choke down 70 oz of water. Which is actually pretty good since I hate water. The weather is even starting to get better. It's actully supposed to be in the 60's-70's. Woo-Hoo!!!!

I miss out on all the good shows, and get stuck watching Days of Our Lives in the afternoon.

Well I'm off, I got home from class and my daughter is still awake watching Who Framed Roger Rabbit. I need to try and get her in bed. Hope to catch you all later. Bye. Take Care.


04-09-2003, 12:11 PM
The Toys R Us commercial made me laugh out loud with all the rabbits singing !

Haven't yet seen the Cadbury Bunny Tryout tv commercials that run every year before Easter.
Those are hilarious with all the animals wearing bunny ears and trying to cluck like chickens.
The lion always cracks me up.

04-09-2003, 12:20 PM
I thought the commercial was cute too. I saw it for the first time last night.

Jay thinks he has strep throat. He is at the doctors right now. I did the elliptical this morning and I will make Brit go for a walk with me after school :lol: I am trying to talk him out of working today because he looks like ****.

Have a great time today!

04-09-2003, 12:21 PM
Animals talking or acting like other animals always get me going too. I love to watch animal videos on animal planet.

Echo will be coming home for good Saturday. :cp: She will be completeing her last trial that morning.

04-09-2003, 12:25 PM
YEAH ECHO!!!! I bet she will be glad to be home to stay. Does she get clingy when she comes home? Rebel stayed in bed with Jay all morning while he slept. He won't even get up when i do. He loves his daddy.

04-09-2003, 12:43 PM
Hey hey hey. I'm up, I'm up...just barely. Can't even type straight yet. Yeah Kempy, that's the one. What a trip. You know, I read and read those posts (and there were more than 2-3 threads) and after the supposed binge episode I just had to say something supportive. So call me gullible if you will but hey, the rest of us are here for the right reasons and even though there will be others after this one freak, that's not gonna stop me from coming here giving and receiving what I need from this site.

I gotta hit the shower before the house wakes up. Be back later. Oh yeah, I loved Ruben last night, he was soo good (heehee) . Talking about American Idol here, what were you thinking? :lol:

04-09-2003, 01:09 PM
I can't wait until tonight to see who gets kicked off. :lol:

Angie Echo is clingy anyway. She always has to touch one of us. When I get out of the shower she tries to lick my legs to get the water off. That is just gross that is why I took the shower. She licks us constantly. Joe is always telling her that she doesn't have to lick all of the time. i wonder if she does it because she thinks we sent her away b/c she was bad.

04-09-2003, 01:56 PM
I just saw it.....I just saw it. That commercial is so cute!!!! SO what exactly happened on the threads last night if you don't mind me asking? Hope everybody id having a great day so far. I'll be checking in later...have to go buy treats for cub scouts tonight. Bye girls.

04-09-2003, 02:23 PM
Hey girls,

Work is totally busy....but wanted to pop in and tell Noelle that I read her diary post on another thread. Someone copied and pasted it about the girl or who ever that was in such distress. Anyway one of the girls from another thread that I do, well she had tried to really help and was upset that the person was just poof gone!!! So another girl had read your diary post and just wanted to let her know that she was not the only one. Hope you understood that????? Anyway good post!!!!

I am doing well with the food and stuff, but just sooooo busy at work and home havnt had much of a chance to get on. But I do read the posts daily!! Tomorrow is WI day for me and I hope to move my numbers down finally after last week of staying the same and then up over the weekend and well you know the rest.

Angie: Hope Jay is feeling better after the doctor visit. Maybe they will give the man some good meds to make him feel all better. Men can be big babies when they are sick.\

Oh Noelle: One more thing, I did think of you last night. I was watching TV, the Cher concert at 9:00 my time and thought wow its only 3:00 over where Noelle is.

Kempy: I havn't seen the commercial yet, but can't wait. And about Echo licking? I think some dogs just do it and you just can't break them of it. But some like the salt on our bodies too? Who know, dogs are funny furry babies.

Jen: Good going on the walk and the food. You can do it, and with these girls behind you anything is possible.


04-09-2003, 04:10 PM
Jay has strep. He got some meds and he feels like poop. He is on the couch in a coma. Rebel licks us after a shower too. I just thought he was too lazy to walk into the kitchen for a drink. :lol:

04-09-2003, 04:11 PM
How many people were in chat last night? I always go in but there is never anyone there.

04-09-2003, 04:16 PM
I sat around for about a minute in chat yesterday afternoon and lo and behold, Kempy showed up. There were about 4-5 of us there yesterday? I was still working so I didn't stay long, but the others were 4-6 hours ahead and getting ready for bed. Maybe i'll check it out later today.

Sandy, I am honored :lol: that someone quoted my entire journal entry on another thread. I'm glad someone out there is interested in what I have to say sometimes. :D

04-09-2003, 05:41 PM
Looks like it is all worked out. YEAH!!!

I took Candi for a walk uptown and what a little angel she is. She wasn't pulling or anything. Cappie and Rebel would be little buttheads. :lol:

Am I the only one who lives on CNN right now? We seriously have the tv on all day on that station watching what is happening in Iraq. It is so interesting.

04-09-2003, 07:22 PM
Is Marlana still Satan? That's when I stopped watching that! I'm down to one channel, so that helps get me out of the house.. DTV went out. Best thing that happened to me in a while *ha*

I've ordered those party lite candles.. really nice. I see not to ask you for low fat ideas :p

I took a "mental health" day today--was nice to have a break. I hope that everyone had as fabulous a day as I did. I went to my Mecca (well, besides Wal Mart) GARDEN RIDGE POTTERY. How people live without this store, I'll never know. Did pretty good with the eating thing too. Had some soup.

Happy Thursday!

04-10-2003, 02:55 AM
Hi everybody!!!

I hope everybody had a good day today. I did pretty well, walked about 3 miles to the grocery store and back, almost didn't make it up the last big mountain, my legs still feel like jelly.:lol: Feeling pretty good!!!

Kim- No marlena is no longer posessed, but she did manage to have another set of twins by Tony Dimerra right before she got pregnant with Isabella by John. She didn't even know...I mean how would you not know you were pregnant with and gave birth to twins? It gets more and more out there everyday. I have NO life.:lol: :lol: :lol:

Tomorrow will be a sad day, It's the funeral service for my teachers son who was killed over in Iraq during the first ambush over there. We're having a memorial service at the school to lend support to our teacher.

I better go, I'll check in tomorrow morning. Hope everybody has a great Thursday!!!

Take Care *Jen* :flow1:

04-10-2003, 10:10 AM
Caramel-Pecan sticky Buns

1/4 oz. yeast
3/4 cup warm water
3/4 cup warm milk(skim)
1/4 cup sugar
2 tsp. salt
4 cups flour

Mix and knead for 6-8 minutes. Cover and let rise until doubled about 1 hour.

Punch down dough and roll out into 18 inches X 12 inches.Spray I Cant Believe Its not Butter spray on the dough and sprinkle cinnamon sugar mixture on it.
1/4 cup sugar
3 tsp. cinnamon

Roll it up(jelly roll style) and slice into 12 equal slices. Spray a 9X13 pan with Pam. Poor milk and brown sugar mixture then sprinkle pecans on top(if you want to use pecans) into pan and place rolls on top. Let rise until doubled about 1 hour.
1 1/2 cup brown sugar
1 cup skim milk

Bake at 350 degrees for 30 minutes. Cool 1 minute and then invert onto serving platter and enjoy.

They are virtually fat free without the pecans and just as good. I am going to make some for Easter I think. I hope you enjoy it.

04-10-2003, 10:20 AM

I am gonna get right on making a batch of those, Well okay when I get home from work. I think I have everything except the pecans and we will skip those with Alexis' peanut allergy. We keep all nuts away from her. And she loves cinn. buns.

Today is WI day for me and you all know I just had to step on the scales this a.m even though I officially post in the afternoon because for some odd reason my body weighs less in the afternoon? Anyway, looks like I will get to change my numbers down bottom to 265.....yahoo that means an even 30 pounds gone and also means I have lost 10% of my body weight!!! So a goal met in deed.....do a little dance with me...
:cb: .

Hope everyone has a wonderful day.

04-10-2003, 11:25 AM
Today I'm going to H&R Block to get our taxes done. The lady there has been doing ours for over 10 years and we sit there and tell jokes and laugh and everybody there probably thinks we're certifiable. :)
Well, I Know I am, anyway. <G>
We're getting a refund, it still stresses me some cause I'm always thinking I've forgotten something.

Hubby built 2 more containers to plant the jalapenos in since where we planted them in the past is now too shaded.

How do people grow herbs inside their kitchen, like in a window that gets only morning sun, when the little tag on them says plant them in "full sun" ?

Ordered a Nordic Track treadmill at Sears Monday. It will be here tomorrow. I still haven't figured out where I'm putting it in my exercise room. It does fold up, but that's still a big piece to fit in.

My Prime Time viewing is mostly: CSI, CSI:Miami, Jay Leno, Crossing Jordan, any of the Law & Orders, The Shield (I wouldn't watch it if Michael Chiklis wasn't in it), ER, Everybody Loves Raymond, Becker, Judging Amy (sometimes Tyne Daly is a scream), the old black & white episodes of Andy Griffith Show with Barney in them, Absolutely Fabulous and Keeping Up Appearances on BBCAmerica, and Y&R is the only daytime soap I watch. I tape it and then watch the whole hour in 30 minutes or less.

What does everybody here like besides the shows they've already mentioned ?

04-10-2003, 11:48 AM
I am so ready to plant Gar I can feel the dirt under my nails. It stoped raining but it is still to wet to go have fun outside. Now that we have the deck Joe is ready to plant stuff around it too. I have to say it is kind of cute to see him that way.

I like funny shows. King of Queens, Yes Dear, Everybody loves Raymond, Friends, Scrubs and the list goes on. I really like HGTV. Anything that has to do with interior decorating or landscaping I am watching. Favs are Gardening by the Yard, Trading Spaces, While you were out and Curb Appeal.

Angie how is Jay today?

Not to much happeneing my way just trying to get the day going. I'll be back later on to check in.

04-10-2003, 12:18 PM
Kempy, I watch everyone of those shows too. Except Scrubs I don't think I have ever watched that. I like Bernie Mac and all the reality shows too. The Food Network is a favorite but I try not to watch it too often as it leads to extra baking. :lol: On Saturdays I watch the marathon of Trading Places.

Sandy, YOU GO GIRL!!!! 30 pounds is AWESOME!!! WOOHOO!!!! I am so impressed with you!
You will love those cinnamon buns. They take some time but it is SO worth it. You can cut the brown sugar and skim milk in half if you want too. I actually doubled it so they would be extra sticky. The first time I made it they weren't that sticky so I doubled it to what I wrote down. YUM!!! I don't know the calorie count on them so I am sure there is quite a few caloties in them but they are low fat at least. haha

Jay is doing better today. We just did a walk together 3 miles. The deer were out in the fields while we were walking by and not one dog noticed them. Duh!

Gargoyle, You will like your new treadmill. I loved mine until I got the elliptical and now it just collects dust. :lol:

04-10-2003, 05:08 PM
Yummm...caramel sticky buns. Will somebody whip up a batch and Fedex some to me? Thanks for the recipe Angie and glad Jay's feeling better. Yahoo for the kids going away too, now you can have some fun :devil: .

Gar my tax docs are all bundled up into an envelope sitting on the passenger side of my husband's truck--waiting to get dropped off at the accountants. I'm gonna kill him if he doesn't drop it off today (oops, did I just put that in writing? :lol: ) We just got some grape tomatoes planted in our garden box--I like these way better than the cherry variety. :T

Sandy, WTG girlfriend :high: ! I'll go a little dance with ya :dance: :dancer: :jig: So inspiring!

Jen sorry to hear about your teacher's son. At least he died proudly and in service protecting our great nation. God Bless us all.

Kim are you gals talking about Days of Our Lives? I used to watch that waaaaay back when...I think when Eugene and Calliope were on and they had a time machine or something. It's too weird for me. I'm a long time watcher of Y&R (since I was in elementary school) although I only catch a few minutes of it each day while at lunch...I don't miss out on a whole lot though since the story lines go so slowly, then repeat themselves year after year. It's a sick addiction I tell ya :lol:

As far as other TV shows, I do like Everybody Loves Raymond and Trading Spaces...don't really have any regular shows that I watch, mostly I steal cable (shhhhh, don't tell) and catch the recent movie releases. OK, that's 2 sins I've admitted today. I better stop and head to the confessional :lol:

04-10-2003, 05:20 PM
Hey Everybody,

How is everyone today? Doing okay, we just got back from the funeral precession for my teachers son, we lined up along the funeral route, and I never realized how many people actually went to my school. Plus there were all the people who just came out to show their support..It was just so sad.:( I haven't been able to get out and exercise yet, but I'm planning on doing about 2 miles during my lunch, that should give me enough time to get back and study a bit before my test.:crossed:

Favorite shows: When I actually get to see them are Friends. Will and Grace, anything that will make me laugh, trading spaces, and any of the Law & Orders especially CI (I have a thing for Vince D'onofrio)

Angie: Those sound so good :T I'm already on my way to the store to buy the ingredients. I'm sure they will be a big hit with my kids too, they love anything that gets them all sticky and gooey:lol: I'm glad to hear Jay is doing better.

Sandy: Congratulations!!!!!:bravo: :cp: :bravo: :cp: I can't wait to be able to write that on here.

Kempy: I'm with you I can't wait untill I'm able to get out and work in the garden/yard. :flow1: The weather has been great here for the week, but it's supposed to snow again this weekend

To everyone else: I hope you're having a great day.

I'll check in tonight. *Jen*

04-10-2003, 07:04 PM
Well chicklets, my official weight loss this week is 3.5#'s gone. So I got to change the numbers to 265.5 which is exactly 10% of my starting weight. I'm happy with it. 11 weeks into it now.

I didn't get to those sticky buns yet, I forgot.......can you imagine? I forgot about food, I think thats a good thing.

04-11-2003, 01:49 AM
Hi gals,

Well went to class, aced my test, and the instructor let us go home early. :dance: So I ended up going shopping at the grocery store and I didn't even buy any junk food, (so I'm pretty proud of myself about that, I know it's not a huge deal, but it sure feels good) :goodvibes and then I got home and went for about 1 1/2 mile walk, it started to get too dark otherwise we would have gone further. There's always tomorrow, also we are supposed to be going on a "field Trip" to Wings over the Rockies but usually we never really go, they just have to say that so they don't get in trouble with the top dogs. :sssh: Anyway feeling pretty good except that I do feel like munching, I tried to drink extra water and eat a few carrot sticks, but there are some potato chips here that my sister had bought, and they are calling out my name :devil: so I decided to get on here and write for a while, so if this is long and boring I'm sorry..

I actually did get to see Will and Grace tonight on t.v. so I'm pretty excited. I'm starting an exercise class on Sunday called core and more it works all the muscles in your body to help tone and strengthen and then starting th beginning of May I will be going to a different class almost every day, and the best thing is that the rec center is about 3 miles away from my house so I can walk or ride a bike there and back and get in extra exercise. WOO HOO :strong:

Angie- Thanks for the recipe, they're in the oven even as I write. :)

I hope everybody had a good day today and will have an even better day tomorrow!!! I hope tomorrow is a great day, I'm starting to get totally pumped up about this . :hyper: I'm going to sign off for now, but I'll check in again later before bed. Everyone have a great Friday!!! Take Care!!!

*Jen* :flow1:

04-11-2003, 01:56 AM
:dancer: Go Jen Go Jen :dancer: I love reading positive posts, the energy does rub off on others, thanks! Sniff, sniff, I think I can smell those yummy sticky buns :T . Let me know how they turn out.

Just got back from my evening walk and we got caught in a downpour. I always bring my umbrella though on days that are cloudy. My sisters and their dogs looked like drowned rats though :lol: . Well I'm gonna go rustle up some dinner before it gets too late. Have a good night all and I'll see ya chickies tomorrow.

04-11-2003, 11:26 AM
I have not been around lately, just focusing on other things which means I have not dieted. I am still doing my 30 minute walks 6 days a week though. I just wandered in to see how everyone has been doing. Congrats on those who has lost you guys are doing great and I am jealous. I just love my food too much. I found where my problem is and I do eat way too much carbs so I have to watch that and see whats happens. The only problem is my husband threaten to bring home fresh clams. That will not help me much. :dizzy:
I see some people are able to get into your garden and I am still jealous! I get over it. You all have a great weekend.

04-11-2003, 11:33 AM
Essey, Even if you aren't eating as good as you would like at least you are still walking. Good for you!!!
I would like to start some planting too. Jay pointed out today though that my lillies are starting to sprout. (I don't know what they are called but they are the wild orange ones) I love those. No tulips coming up yet. I did see pussywillows yesterday. Spring is coming!!! I hope you check in more often. I love to hear from you.

04-11-2003, 12:40 PM
I am planting my pansys next week and now I have to go on a pussy willow hunt! I love pussy willows. SPRING HAS ARRIVED!!!

04-11-2003, 01:11 PM
Jen I can feel your enthusiasum right now. Reading your post made me want to hop on the treadmill. Then I remebered that I at work and I don't think that would go over to well with the boss man. :lol:

Noelle sorry about the rain but we don't need anymore so I wont take it for you. It is still kind of chilly but it is warming up. Joe and I can't wait until this weekend. Echon will be coming home so the whole family (us and the animal children) will be outside enjoying the weather and the deck. Ther is a BIG festival here this weekend (Strawberry Festival) but I think I burned myself out when I was a teenager. I used to run around that thing like I was so hot. God was I stupid or what. I can still see myself and that terrible hairdo, but then again we all had the same one. :lol:

Essey, glad to see you are back. I think if you stick around you will fall right back into the routine.

04-11-2003, 03:24 PM
:wave: hi essey! Glad you could pop in, hope to see you around more often. Mmmm, I like clams too. How do you prepare them there? My grandmother used to steam them up with a little fish sauce and cherry tomatoes (a filipino kind of thing)... course I like them now steamed with a lot of garlic and butter. Sorry, I always end up talking about food here huh? :lol: :ink: Good job on the walking!

Kempy, ok you brought it up. What WAS that terrible teenage hairdo? Mine was dyed jet black, spiked on top and layered in back. Oh yeah, and real heavy black eyeliner :lol: . Of course I was known as "The Metal-Head" since me and my gang were into Heavy Metal. I even wore a dog's choke chain :shrug: :lol: . I still like the old music but I'm so glad I grew out of that phase once I got out of school. :lol: The funny thing is, some of my old HS friends are STILL the same--how pathetic.

We have beautiful blue skies again this morning but the weather guy says possible thunderstorms again this afternoon. Maybe I should skip work for a while and take a walk now...hmmmm...I feel like going shopping. I haven't turned the phones over to me yet :s: so maybe I can sneak out to the mall for a little while. Looks like we're going to have more rain this weekend, it's so soggy here that even my fingertips look like raisins.

On another note, can you believe the drama that's going on around the threads? It's a soap opera I tell you--and that's all I have to say about it.

04-11-2003, 04:38 PM
42 degrees and raining. Blecch.:p

I'm not much of a TV person, but when I do, it is the Law and Orders, the CSIs, Judging Amy, Dragnet, and some PBS. PBS in my area carries the "Sit and Be Fit" exercise program Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 2-2:30PM.

I got my blood work results back from the doctor's office today; my glucose levels are closer to a normal profile, everything else is in normal range, and my cholesterol reading is 168!!!!!:dance: :cb:

Since today is Friday, it is fish day, soooo...I have to find a tasty fish dish to make for dinner :D

04-11-2003, 04:51 PM
Yee-Haaa! I got my new computer, and I"m back online!! Finally. I feel so out of our little group.... I used to check in almost hourly, had even started a lot of threads we used to talk on.. now I"m like hte prodigal chicky. But, I"m back, and happy.

Hubby and I are going out to dinner at Uno's, and to get some new slippers... I know, real party animals. Hey, we're happy. Still working on getting the adoption stuff together, fingerprints, background checks, physicals... keeps us on our toes.

Ok, so hubby wants to head out.. I"ll definitely be back later... see ya soon. Christy

04-11-2003, 05:30 PM
Chris, Glad you are back!!!

Noelle, What drama am I missing now? I love drama as long as it doesn't involve me. :lol:

04-12-2003, 10:40 AM

WooHoo!!!! I am down 1 1/2 pounds this week!! I am at 151 now. I can't wait to see if I can get below 150 this week.

I got up early this morning and went out to the bakery and made some Caramel sticky buns(lowfat) and surprised Jay with them when he got up. They were so good! I cut the recipe in half so I only got 6 of them so I am not tempted. Jay will polish off the others. :lol: He sacrifices his figure so I can stay on track!! :lol:

I'll check back later. Have a great day!!

04-12-2003, 02:18 PM
Hey everyone. Congrats on the loss Angie :dancer: ! So close to 140's...I'm excited for you! You're such a sweetie. I'd love you too if you made me sticky buns for breakfast :lol: . I'm aiming to hit 170 by month's end. I think I can I think I can...

I'm down a 1lb this week myself. I'm gonna try real hard to stay OP this weekend. i've made a food plan of what I'm allowing myself to eat if we go out and not feel like I have to choose the biggest, fattest, greasiest thing on the menu to feel like I'm having fun. I've got to remember to focus on the outing, not the food. That's tough sometimes while everyone else is eating whatever they want. Oh well I'll live. I need to go grocery shopping today so I can stock up on more legal stuff. Slim pickins at our house today.

Hey Chris, how was dinner last night? So glad your computer's up and running again. They fingerprint you for adoption records? What for? I'm sending good thoughts your way for the special baby that will evenutally come to you. I love babies :bb: . My clock's ticking loudly...

*sigh* I gotta get off now and get some cleaning done. Maybe take my boy to an easter egg hunt at the park this morning. I'll check back later gals. Have a great day everyone.

04-12-2003, 09:09 PM
Hey Girls, :wave:

:strong: 5 miles and 90 oz of water :strong:

How is everyone today? I hope you are all having a great weekend so far. Today I took my son to a presentation about animals and they way some they survive from the museum, and then to the new library ground-breaking, then directly to his soccer game. Bears WIN 8-6:cp: and my son Mark scored the first goal again.:cb: Anyway we got back, Mark went to play and Ivy took a nap so I decided to take advantage of that and go for a walk by myself. It was so nice, walked thru the nature habitat and watched all the little animals run around. Then to the library where I got a Kathy Smith Walking audio tape, so I'll be trying that tomorrow, and I just got back a little while ago. I do have to take my kids on another walk though after dinner so maybe I can get in another mile or 2. I'm trying to forget about all the laundry I need to do tomorrow:p

Well I just wanted to check in real quick to see how everyone is doing.
I hope good. I'll check in later tonight. Until then, have a great evening!!!

*Jen* :flow1:

04-13-2003, 12:03 AM
Gee Jen, I read your post earlier and you sounded so motivated that I put on my walking shoes and got my walk in early. I'm feeling energized myself. Thanks for the inspiration.

I didn't get to take my son to the easter egg hunt since it was raining this morning. But we did get some shopping in. That seems to be the theme w/me for the past few days. I found a nice black sheath type dress with an oriental motiff, deep red on top with cream colored carp designs. I bought it for our family portrait which we're taking next Saturday. I'm also gonna be using this to my girlfriend's wedding on the following Sunday. It's a size L, not XL :D . That was cool. It looked a little small (according to my eyeball sizing), but I took it into the dressing room, tried it on and it fit! :cb: It feels like I'm gonna be able to stay OP this weekend--that's a great feeling! So far I've eaten sushi for lunch and had 1/2 a ff ham on whole wheat sandwich w/clover sprouts as a snack. If I can replicate today's eating tomorrow, I'll be in fine form. Looks like another BBQ tomorrow for my niece's 6th b-day.

04-13-2003, 08:10 AM
Wow a Large!!! You go girl!!! That will keep you going I'm sure.

No long replies today, I feel like major yucky......so can't seem to make my brain want to respond or think of things to say, just wanted to let you all know I was around, just lurking and reading to keep inspired.

last night I had a run in with 2 handfuls of choco chips and a bowl of cereal.....I had pts left to cover the cereal, but the choco chips????I think NOT!!!! Oh well, done and over with.....but still bums ya out!

04-13-2003, 08:26 AM
Morning Ladies! Noelle, don't get me started on the fingerprinting stuff. They have to geta background check on us, and then ask us for a sanitary survey (check for cleanliness), and then there's the social worker.... she's fantastic.. and really, the whole thing is understandable, but gives us lots of things to worry needlessley about. Our social worker has already said we're fine. She's encouraging ;us to relax, and go through the different 'checks'.

Also, my mother called me last night and she knows a young girl wo is pregnant for the 2nd time,a nd she is convinced she wants to give her baby up for adoption. So, we've given them the message that we'll talk to her. We are obviously very nervous. Never thought we'd be at this point so quickly. We're not even 'certified' from the state yet, but if this all works out, everything can be rushed, so we can have the baby.. Of course the girl is only 2 month pregnant, so if and when, we've got time. Praying that we say the right thing,a nd that if it's not meant to be, that we all figure that out.. and that it's smooth, to limit the feelings hurt factor. Jeezz.

On the food and exercise front, I"m struggling with the motivation to keep exercising. Last night, i literally had to force myself to exercise. We were working on the rental property, and were exhausted, but I knew that I hadn't really worked out, so I had to do something. I had a scrapbook party in the afternoon, so by the time I got home.... forget about it..

but NO! I had to exercise, cause tihs whole journey can be undone with the acceptance of quitting. If I allow myself to poop out, and make excuses, the weight is going to come back on. My metabolism will slow down, and I'll start to feel lousy, and then I"m sure terrible eating habits will return for me. I don't want that cycle.... I see it in lots of friends, and it kills me.

So, the good girl in me rationalized that it's only 30 minutes out of my life, and what the heck. So, I put in that Boot Camp aerobics video, and did it. Sweated my butt off, and afterwards felt like the strongest girl around! I'm better for it, but all afternoon, I was mentally preparing myself to poop out.

We ended up going to Uno's for dinner, and after a beautiful salad, we grazed over our dinners. I got the stuffed chicken, stuffed with brocolli and spinach and tomato... and some cheese, and some pesto penne pasta. I couldnt' finish is obviously, and tok it home, but now i"m gonna throw the lefties away, cause I think it's enough for me for one night.

Well, I read about the sticky buns.. and I'd kill for them! Angie, you're so sweet for doing that... hope someone does that for oyu on Mother's Day. Noelle, the incredible shrinikin' violet.. pretty girl!

Peekaboo: the most successful people give credit for the failures, in getting them to their one success.. Keep Pluggin!! We're think about ya, and we know you'll get there!! Day by Day...

Hi Jen! I'm probably really late welcoming you to ur little group, but since i never got a chance! Woo-Hoo, I love your attitude, and i"m thrilled you've joined us. I"ve been waiting for my 'puter to arrive,a nd now i'm back. Love your avatar!

04-13-2003, 07:42 PM
Good Afternoon!! Where is everyone? I thought my kids would be gone for the weekend to my mom's house but they always have something wrong with them when they go. :lol: Last night me and Jay were settling in for the night and my mom calls to tell me that she thinks Corey needs to go to the emergency room. He has an ingrown toenail that is infected and swollen and yucky. He never complained about it to me so I have to drive to their house to pick him up and go to the emergency room. It was infected and the doctor was going to cut the toenail out. It is a nasty procedure Jay has had done before that involves 3 shots into your toe and they remove the whole nail. He instead gave him some antibiotics and said if it isn't better in 3 days to take him to his doctor and have the nail removed. GUESS WHAT??? It looks worse today so I guess I will be calling the doctors tomorrow. GROSS!! I told him that mom can not be in the room with you while it is done so I guess daddy gets to go for moral support. It makes me queasy just thinking about it. So anyways no nookie for me this weekend!!!

I did walk 4 miles yesterday though so that was good. This is the only chance I have had to get on the computer today. I had to work and it is so nice outside!! We are supposed to hit 70 on Wednesday. What will I do, I have size 8 and size 12 shorts but I am in a size 10. EEKs!! If it is 70 then I am going to need shorts in the bakery.

Sandy, Have you seen the pussywillows yet? I love those!!

Kempy, How did Echo do at trials? Did you spoil her last night.

04-13-2003, 08:00 PM
Nope have not seen pussywillows. But I have tulips and daffodils coming strong and I noticed my orange wild flowers that you mentioned before are coming along too.

Also, I finally made the sticky buns......OMG they are wonderful. My hubby loves em and so do the kids, before I knew it Lexi had #2 going into her mouth. Thanks for the recipe. I have only eatten one!!!

Hope everyones weekend went well, back to work tomorrow. Tuesday I have my yearly physical and I can honestly say I'm actually looking forward to it to show the doc. what I have been up to.:D

04-13-2003, 08:12 PM
Glad you liked the sticky buns. I have the full fat version if anyone needs it but I like the low fat ones just as much. They are definately delicious.

Good Luck at your physical I'll bet they like the difference. You will like the kudos too I bet. You deserve it, you have been busting your *** to lose weight. You are doing great.

04-13-2003, 11:24 PM
Hey Angie and Sandy...the hot air I sent is finally arriving huh? hehe...it takes a while to cross the pacific ocean I guess.

I'm going to copy that sticky buns recipe and have my sister make some. She's a much more willing baker than I am.

Went shopping yet again today. Rick bought that weight station thing he's been wanting. From what it looks like it has that butterfly thing, the leg press, the squat thingie and some other stuff that I haven't a clue what to do with. I finally got to try an elliptical. I think I'm going back to get it since it was on sale for a little over $300. Oh yeah, my accountants office called today and our taxes are ready for pick up....got to get them in the mail by Tuesday (yeah, I win at procrastinating, I know).

Anyway, I'm excited about the weights and I'm even more excited about the elliptical. Let you know if/when I get it. Well, I'm waiting for my salmon to come off grill, even though the aroma of steak is wafting through my windows :T . I can be strong, I can. Hope everyone's weekend is going well. Like Sandy said, back to the old grind tomorrow.

04-14-2003, 12:20 PM
FIANLLY!! I tried to get here three times this weekend. We were so busy every time I sat down Joe would pull me away to do more stuff to the house. We didn't even get a chance to clean the place we were so busy working outside. Yes, you heard me right, outside. We got to spend both days outside. It was wonderful. I wish I could have stayed home today too.

Echo came home Sunday istead and boy did she stink! SHe had a vapor trial behind her that we tried to stay out of. :lol: I am just glad that she is home now. It will be bath time again when I get home today.

Chris so glad to see you back with the computer people again. It sounds like you have been really busy with this baby stuff. I know the right baby will come to you and Chris.

Angie I know those buns sound good but I am going to have to pass b/c I will eat everyone of them if Joe isn't in the mood to eat one. I don't think I can deal with that kind of temptation. Maybe I can give my sister the recipe and have her make them so I only can get my hands on one.

04-14-2003, 12:23 PM
By the way Noelle, I forgot to tell you. My hair was big. It was the 80's after all. I used to use the hair dryer toi blow out the side and then spray hairspray while I had the dryer hitting my hair so it would harden like that. I bet I could have taken flight if the wind was right. :lol: I used to dress in all black and listen to alternative music. Of course what I used to listen to then is now on the 80's stations and it tis nowhere close to alternative now. I still scare myself when I come across old pics of those days. :fr:

04-14-2003, 12:47 PM
Hi there. Home sick, so to speak. Aftera stressful weekend, I can't figure out why I can't go poopy. It's terrible. I feel aweful, and even told my boss the aweful story of my bowels. Now he's like, "take some sick time, and next time something like this happens, just call out... I don't wanna know." FUnny, huh? So I gulped down some milk of magnesia, and I'm home waiting....

Thought I'd share... you're family here. This weekend was so mentally exhausting. First, we went to the rental property, to paint. My mom calls me on the cell phone, with news that she knows of a girl that's pregnant, 2 months, and wants to adopt her child out. We were excited, until we found out that she's got no phone, and the father doesn't know she's pregnant. He's into cocaine... long drawn out story, ends with us saying not thanks... after a lot of talking and stress.

Then, we had lunch with mother in law, whom I hadn't seen in almost a year, after hubby and they had their falling out. That was stressful, but healing also.

Woke up feeling like I do... I'm home, eating lentil soup, hoping to stimulant the potty factory. What a mess!

Emotionally spent, and tired. Doggie had to get a shot today, and wouldn't you know, she must've figured that out, cause she pooped al over my seat in the car... gross! Imagine having to drive like that, til I got home, to correctly and thoroughyl clean it out... disgusting.

And it's only noon.

04-14-2003, 04:52 PM
Boy what a Monday this is. I feel so lazy today. I kept my son home from school today because he had a little bit of a temperature and a boogery nose (sorry for the visual :lol: ) . Knowing that he's home makes me want to go home and take a nap too. :yawn:

Chris, sorry to hear your feeling poopy, or is it poopless? You may want to try some Wow chips to help you along. I ate some last week and I must've ate a little more than 1 serving and boy, did I feel it. That was weird. It never happened to me when I ate them before but I always made sure to measure out just 1 serving. Still sending good vibes your way for that baby.

Kempy I remember girls in my high school who were maybe under 5' tall but with their hair they would be 5'6" :lol: . Mostly the filipino girls (Hawaii's equivalent to mainland chicas) . I was not one of them. I was one of those who only wore black too, black jeans, rock t-shirts, black denim jacket w/chains, buttons, rock band patches. I can laugh at how ridiculous I used to look but back then, we were so cool :dizzy: . There was one teacher that used to call us the "black jacket gang" . A lot of people steered clear of us and we liked it that way.

Angie how's your day going? Did Corey get his toe fixed? Sounds painful :cry: .

Sandy are you back to your old chipper self? Just think about your doctor's visit and how pleased he'll be when he see's your progress. :D Glad to hear the warm weathers coming back to ya.

Gar, Jen, Kim, essey, Lori and any others I may have missed, hope you all are having a great day and a week ahead.

04-14-2003, 06:34 PM
Can someone tell me how slow the clock can really move? AAUUGGHH!!! I am so ready to go home and the clock is just sitting there. I have been checking the site but you guys aren't posting this makes the day go by way to slow.

04-15-2003, 11:32 AM
Good morning. I seem to get on here when there's no one around. Oh well. I'm feeling better. I took some milk of Magnesia.. but after all day and all night, nothing happened. I'm thinking it wasn't what I thougth it was.. it must be something else. Not sure. What a nightmare though.

Feeling energetic today though. Did my workout this morning. Waiting for the sanitary survey of our home and property, for the city to tell us our home is safe for babies. Nice, huh? Think about how much easier it is to just get pregnant, and go through that. We're on the short end right now. But it's worth it in the end.

House is spotless, and I'm showered up and we're just waiting on him. Any minute now. I'm working, so to speak. Just havne't been bugged by anyone yet by cell phone... I hav3e a long orientation meeting with a couple of my kids all afternoon, to get them volunteering at the local hospital. Should be interesting to sit through. Glad I got my workout in this morning, cause sitting there all afternoon is a killer.

Well, when you all get on here... morning ladies, and have a great day!

04-15-2003, 12:00 PM
I just got back from taking Corey to the doctors. They didn't remove the nail yet nut he drained the infection and gave him some more antibiotics. Lets hope the infection goes away and he is okay because I made Jay go in for the incision. :lol:

We did the riverwalk with the dogs today. NEVER AGAIN!!! They dragged us the whole 2 miles and barked at people. I also did my usual 1 1/2 mile walk this morning before the doctors appointment. 3 1/2 miles so far. Yipee!!! Tomorrow it is supposed to cool right back down again. One good day 7 crappy. Gotta love Maine!!

04-15-2003, 12:35 PM
Hey everyone. Just jumping on to say hi...debating whether or not I should get my butt in gear and go for a morning walk w/my sister. We're going to watch a pro boxing match tonight (oooh fun, I know :rolleyes: ) featuring Brian Viloria, an Olympian and my neighbor. He's about 21 years old and he calls me "auntie" out of respect. I feel really old when I see him around even though I'm only 10 years older than he is. From the last statistics that I've seen he's 11-0 w/6 KO's. Should be at least a little exciting since we'll be in the 2nd row. I think it may be televised so look for me :D . I got my elliptical last night :jig: . Of course the one they had on advertised special was out of stock for a month...they had a lower model w/only a 14" stride length which I tried. It was fun but it didn't feel "right" . They had another brand available w/a 17" stride length which had more features than the one advertised and actually felt more sturdy than the one on sale and the guy gave us 20% off so we got that one. I tried one of the other models w/the nomal stride length (whatever that is) and I couldn't even get coordinated, my legs are way to short. I don't know what brand it is (not a Proform) but I can't wait to unbox it and get it out of my car. Feeling :strong: .

Well gotta get a move on...the day's waiting. :flow2:
Have a good one.

04-15-2003, 01:51 PM
Angie is it a river that you walk by or a boardwalk type thing? Did you have all 3 with you? If you did I bet that was fun. It is a shame that you can't come down here for awhile, the temps are going to be around 80 for the rest of the week. I really don't think we will see cold weather again until October.

Chris it is a shame that they don't go check some of these house of people living around me. I don't think they are very clean and certainly not clean enough to have kids running around in. It is a shame that more kids can't live with people like you and Chris.

Noelle Joe and I would love to go to a boxing match. We always tlak about going but never get around to it. You guys have awesome seats. Is it going to be live on tv? If not let me know what time and channel and we will watch out for you.

Not to much going on today. I am just waiting for lunch. Isn't that sad?

04-15-2003, 02:02 PM
Good afternoon chicks.

Noelle, thanks for blowing the warm air up this way, but if it's not to much to ask could you blow just a little harder? The weather man (god love him) says its gonna be cold for the rest of the week. As Angie said "you gotta love Maine weather".

Congrats on your purchase hope you like your new machine. Sounds like fun. Have fun at the boxing match.

Well I went to the doc's today for my yearly. I have a new doc, cause mine left:( . Anyway, she was nice, and she isn't even a string bean like most doctors, she was like a little on the pudgey side:D (it's just great to know they arnt all perfect) She was happy I am loosing weight and told me to keep up the good work. I do have to go have blood work done tomorrow to check my sugar levels, seems my body just hates to get a dose of sugar or carbs....it can't break it down fast enough and it sends my levels way out of wack, meaning this is early sign of diabeties maybe? I had gestrational diabeities with Alexis, and it runs in my family, so every year they check me out. She says maybe with weight loss it may go away. And I have to go have another darn mole removed from my back. Better safe than sorry she says. I had one removed last year and it ended up being nothing, and she said this is probably the same, so in the mean time they are scarring up my back removing all these stupid little moles. OH well. But other than that all went well.

Talk to you all soon,

04-15-2003, 02:07 PM
The riverwalk is where the trains used to run beside the river and individual towns will dig up the tracks and plant flowers and stuff. Alot of older people in my town use them. Yep all 3! I have Candi and Rebel on a splitter leash so they are together and Jay does Cappie(since he tries to squirm out of his collar if he gets excited) The people who had him last definately didn't spend any time with him but he is a good boy for the most part. :lol:

My elliptical is a Proform. The only complaint I would have is that one of the arm extensions loosens up with every hours useage so I have to keep tightening it but other than that I love it more than the other machines I have.

Chris, Is it still that hard to adopt if you were trying for an older child?Or is it just newborns? I don't know anything about the process for adoption. I know alot of people around here who shouldn't have been allowed to have kids.

Gotta get back to work. It is so warm outside right now. I just filled up the dogs pool and they are loving it. But the weatherman calls for 40's again tomorrow!! YUCK!!!

04-15-2003, 02:13 PM
Sandy, My doctor left too. I hate that. I didn't even know until I scheduled a pap and they told me. I was like do you still have a woman doctor available. Yep so I got the pap. Now she is gone too. What the? Now it is all males and I prefer a woman doctor especially for woman stuff. When I was pregnant I went to a woman for that reason and on the day they induced Brit they had an intern their and he actually delivered Brit. I was so embarrassed(Yes even through all the pain I was still embarrassed :lol: ) Then with the twins when they were stitching me up they had my room door open and the paramedic(men) were in the hallway watching the doctor stitch me up.And all my glory was aimed at the open door. :lol: Geesh!!

04-15-2003, 03:31 PM
Angie you're so funny :lol: . I've only had female OB/GYN's too, but during my labor overnight the doctor on call was a male--and he had to check my progress every so many hours, yuck! At the actual delivery though I had a team of all women and it was OK. The only good thing I remember about the male doc was that he was the one who approved my epidural :cloud9: .

I checked the box on my elliptical and it's an Eclipse brand, don't know if it's good or not but it did have more stuff on it than the Proform in stock, I like bells and whistles I guess.

Sandy diabetes runs on my dad's side of the family (uncles and aunts) but none of us have it. I think I may be borderline myself having been heavy most of my life. I was lucky enough to not get gestational diabetes but I did have trouble TTC, like right now too. I think you'll be in good shape after losing the weight and hopefully it won't develop at all. Sending good thoughts for your mole removal too. :flow2:

Gotta split, got a dentist appt @ 9 am. CHeck back later.

04-15-2003, 07:28 PM
Hey girls. I think the adoptioj process is aweful, but good in the end. It sifts out those that aren't serous, those that aren't ready, and those that aren't sure about how to raise their adopted kids once they get them.

It is really easier to adopt older children, there are so many waiting. We just wanted to start with a newborn,a nd then maybe adopt a toddler a few years later... easier after we've gone through the baby thing.

We're all clear wiht the sanitary survey.. now on to the fire marshall inspection... geez!

04-15-2003, 08:42 PM
Noelle, Am I the only woman who was ready to get up and walk out if they gave me an epdural? :lol: I am serious. I went in at 6:00 in the morning to be induced and by 6:00 that night I hadn't gone into labor(oh yeah and when they put the iv in for the pitocin the missed the Vein and my arm swelled up like staypuff. I wouldn't look at my arm even though it felt funny because of the needle and my sister and brother in law noticed it. HAHA) They were going to pop my water and if I didn't go into labor after that they were going to do a c-section and I actually said" Can't I just go home and come back tomorrow and try again?" Luckily they broke my water and I immediately went into labor and had her 6 1/2 hours later. I had to do the same thing with the twins only no pain medication and it only took 3 hours(But it hurt like ****!!!!)

We walked 6 1/2 mile today. I also brought out my patio furniture and washed the covers and enjoyed the afternoon outside. Too bad it is gonna get cold again. That was too much of a tease.

04-16-2003, 11:47 AM
Well it is cold and rainy today. It sucks so bad after yesterday was so perfect. I even wore shorts in the afternoon!! I had to exercise inside. YUCK!!!

My weight is giving me troubles just like it did when I hit 130. If I eat anything for a snack(even lowfat) I gain weight and spend the week trying to lose the bloat. It is so depressing!!! Right now I am 1 pound up and I haven't even been eating anything bad(some wow chips the other night) So I have to try to get rid of that and hope for some sort of loss for this week. I hate trying to lose weight.

Sandy, Have you heard when it is supposed to warm up again?

04-16-2003, 12:57 PM
PS: I forgot to tell you that yesterday started my summer ritual of saving mice and birds from the cats! :lol: We came home from one of our walks and Shadow and Fat Cow had a baby mouse in the driveway so I scream at them and they ran towards it because they know I am going to take him away. I got to him first and we put him in a bucket and put him out back so they couldn't kill him. I can't even count how many birds and mice we have had to save from them.Usually I make Jay take them in the car and put them in the hay fields up the road so the cats can't see where we put them and kill them later. I am a freak I know!!! :lol:

04-16-2003, 02:03 PM
I don't know when the weather is gonna warm back up? I hope soon, I really enjoyed doing my walk yesterday with no coat on. Now today we are back to coats. Just think soon enough we will be moaning because it is too hot..and we got the air conditioners running full throttle. I wish we had a pool like you. We do have the lake and the beach though, so it's better than nothing. I think this year, being a little more active I will swim more often.

So you saved a baby mouse. You just earned your Mickey Ears....LOL...but, I know what you mean, my dogs, both of them for some reason like to torment moles when they find them and I am always yelling at them to let go or leave them alone.

Speaking of Mickey ears, we watched a show last night on cruises and saw the one for the Disney Cruises, oh wow, they look great. So now my new kick is Disney world for the kids or a cruise on Disney line Cruises. You can actually check your kids into a activity place and they give you a pager and you are free to go till they either page you or you are done doing your thiing. They have family pools on board or 18 and over...something for everyone. Oh what a dream.

It's been pretty okay here today, but now the clouds are moving in and I bet it's gonna rain before I get out of work to do my walk. Bummer!!! Tomorrow is WI day for me, and I know I've had a loss, thank goodness, I was getting a little worried.


04-16-2003, 03:05 PM
I save lizards here. They will sit on them trying to hide them but I can tell what they are doing. The have a certain look on there face like they are trying to hide something.

I save a hummingbird the other day. I went out back and heard him but I just thought that he was flying around the feeder and then I noticed he was stuck between the cement and the deck. Poor little guy. I had to use his wings to pull him out. I did it really lightly though and then he just flew away like nothing happened. I think it would be cool if the year he would fly up to me like I was his friend or something now. You know, like that fabel about the mouse and the lion.

I am busy so I need to get off the puter.

04-16-2003, 03:38 PM
Hello everyone. We've got rainy kind of day so far but it's supposed to clear up soon. I'm kind of tired today since we stayed out a little late last night at the boxing match. Our guy Brian Viloria won his match in the 8th round :dance: . I was wincing the whole time, watching w/morbid fascination :lol: . There were 6 bouts and even an exhibition match between 2 12 year olds--all of 80 lbs. I think I had the hardest time watching them. I couldn't imagine letting my son get into that sport, and watching him give or get blows to the head :( .

You guys are softies aren't you? I don't think I'd try to save a mouse but I have saved my cat from a chameleon before. I heard the cat yowling outside and he must've been trying to hunt it but it bit him on the pad of his front paw instead :rolleyes: .

Sandy that cruise sounds fun! I've seen the commercial where the ship blows it's horn and the tune is "When you wish upon a star". Cool. My next family vacation plan (if I don't get to go to Bangkok because of SARS fears) is to go to Las Vegas and Disneyland. My son will be 5 next year and I'd like to take him before he starts kindergarten.

Well gotta get some work done since I'm here...I'll check back later. You all have a great day.

04-16-2003, 03:42 PM
One more thing, Angie are you getting enough calories in? I've been trying to up my calories to like 1500 so when I get lower in weight I can reduce it down to 1200. According to fitday I was only getting between 1000-1200 daily--much too low for that stage of the game. Now that I've been eating a little more food, the weight's been coming off more steadily as long as the exercise is consistent. THe only other thing I can think of is get that water in. You may be retaining water if you're not getting in enough fluids. As we say here in Hawaii, "suck 'em up!"

04-17-2003, 12:26 PM
Good Morning girls!!! I am kind of in a funk this morning because reality has set in. Gennels challenge ends this weekend and I added up my loss for the MONTH...2 1/2 pounds!!!! What the ****??!! I have been working out faithfully and my mess ups weren't really mess ups so what is wrong with me.

Easter is coming up and this makes it harder to say I am not going to eat anything bad. Especially since I need to make an Easter Bunny cake(My mom made them every easter and now I do it with th kids Tradition ya know.)

04-17-2003, 03:27 PM
Angie don't be hard on yourself. You are doiing great. Just becasue you didn't lose to much this challend is ok, look at how far you have come. You might be gettint to the leveling stage. Maybe you are at the place where your body feels more compfortable.

I would love to go on a cruise of anykind. I thought Joe and I might be able to do it this year but we keep adding things to our list to do so I don't think we will have time.

I am busy yet again at work today so I am going to try to pop back in later today.

04-17-2003, 05:08 PM
Just a quickie post to let you all know I lost 2 lbs this week. I did not hear from the dr. so I am assuming my blood levels were not to bad, will find out for sure next Tuesday.

04-17-2003, 07:03 PM
CONGRATULATIONS SANDY!!!!:cb: :cp: :bravo:

You are doing so great!!!

04-18-2003, 12:02 AM
Yowza chickies, you're all probably in bed by now. I was having an antsy kind of day, didn't want to stay at work (who does?) so I hightailed it out of there and caught the movie "Bringing Down the House" by myself. I've never gone to a movie by myself before and I must say, it was pretty darn fun. That movie was hilarious and just what I needed--I recommend it if you need a laugh. It was a bargain showing too $5.25 instead of $7.25. I think that may become something I do for myself at least once a month :D .

Sandy awesome job on the loss! :dancer:

Angie, hang in there! 2.5 lbs lost for the month is POSITIVE! Just give your body time to adjust, it may take a month to stabilize. I know my weight goes up and down by 3-5 lbs sometimes then finally settles on the lower number. Go back and read Gennel's posts--she's the one that said she had months where she plateaued yet she stuck with it and look where she's at! You are an inspiration to many here on these boards. Hold your head high and keep on truckin'. You're well on your way and you'll get to your destination. You look great!

Anyway, I ate one too many reese's peanut butter eggs :o at the movies so I better get off here and head home so I can exercise a little. Ciao ladies, have a good night.

04-18-2003, 12:02 PM
I am now up one pound!!! I am so PISSED!!! I have been drinking 8 cups of water,I have been getting in more cardio than just my hour,I have been eating healthy. What gives?!!

A plateau I could handle but the jumping up is brutal! I never had this happen last time and it depresses me so bad.

I will be back on my diet Monday but I think I am going to enjoy this Easter weekend. I will worry about my weight Monday.

04-18-2003, 12:24 PM
Good goin' Sandy!! :cp:

Noelle I have never been to the movies by myself either. My MIL goes all of the time. I guess i just think it will be kind of weird but hey, maybe I should stop thinking that way and just do it. At least then I could laugh out loud and not worry about the people that are with me. I could be that old crazy woman in the audience who laughs like a hiena (sp) throughout the whole movie. :lol:

Anige I know you are having a hard time but liek Noelle said you are such an inspiration. I am sure other poeple have gone through the same thing you are going through right now. I think you should just relax and enjoy your weekend with your family. I am sure they would love for you to chow down with them. I am sure it has been a long time since that has happened.

I will be getting off of work at 3:45 today so I think Joe and I will be working in the yard again. We made a pathway with big slate rocks so now we have to go set them in the ground. We left them out for a week so that they would kill the grass so we will have an easier time cutting around them to set them in.

04-18-2003, 04:39 PM
Hey gals. Rick gave me a "day off" so I could stay home and do laundry--what a nice guy, eh? :rolleyes: Anyway, I got a headstart on my walk this morning so I can either go somewhere this evening or get another walk in. :dancer:

Angie, I know you don't normally do in-between meal snacks but with all the extra exercise you've been doing, maybe your body needs more calories? I don't understand the gain part but if it's only a pound or 2 it's probably just water retention. You know how to solve that don't you? Drink more water! :) It sounds crazy but the more you drink, the better your body gets at flushing out waste, including fat. If 64 ozs aren't doing it, try upping it by 8-16 ozs more for a few days. You may be peeing more but I swear, the scale goes down quite a bit when I consistently force myself to drink 80+ ozs of water. It's when I slack off then the losses slow down. In any case, you are and HAVE been for a long time, my inspiration. Don't know how that makes you feel (I know, you're saying Shut up already Noelle :lol: ) but I just wanted you to know that.

Kempy your yard and deck is going to look so awesome, I can see it already. Louisiana in the summer, having a BBQ and drinks on the deck, lazing around... :df:

Anyway, I hear my son having a disagreement w/his cousin....mom needs to go and intervene since it's getting a little heated. I'll check back w/ya chickies later. Have a good one.

04-18-2003, 06:17 PM
I never went to the movies by myself until I became a Russell Crowe fan.
Hubby went with me the second time I saw Gladiator and he really liked it. (Gladiator started in theaters in May 2000)
I saw Gladiator 10 more times in the theater by myself.
I guess when you're initially obsessed by someone, you have no problem doings things that are different.
I went to see Russell's band TOFOG 3 different times in Austin TX.
Russell still leads my list of favorite actors, and yes I knew he was getting married on his birthday a month prior to that date (April 7th), from the Crowe's Perch message board.
Tied for 2nd place on my list would be William Petersen (CSI on CBS), and Michael Chiklis (The Shield on FX).

So now you know I'm certifiable. :lol:

I don't see that many lizards around here, but my in-laws (they live about 70 miles SW of Houston) have these strange looking little albino lizards. I didn't know there were any off white lizards !
The other day we had the most adorable green frog asleep on top of the little phone box on the outside wall of our house.
Our cat is a strictly indoor and screened porch cat, so she couldn't get to him. He has moved since then.
He was So cute. I guess he lives in that corner, cause it only gets a few hours of direct sun every day.

I bought myself a t-shirt when I turned 40 that said "Older Than Dirt".
I turn 50 on May 20th.
Hubby was griping on his birthday last month cause he turned 42, and I said "At least you're not facing half a century !"
I can't believe it.
I remember when I thought 40 sounded like "rest home" !
I'm in denial.
I'll just say I'm 30 and holding. ;)

Hope everyone has a good weekend !

04-18-2003, 08:28 PM
Well!!!! I've been gone for quite awhile, sorry for not saying goodbye We (BF and I) went to Idaho to visit my family for a week. Special treat... My new found sister and her hubby came to Id. as well. It was a great time! I completely abandoned my diet and only gained 3lbs...
Then, just a couple of days after we got back, we went to Longview to visit his family. Side note- BF is working w/ his BIL down there, so he went to work, and I just went to hang out w/ the fam. tried hard to re-esablish my diet and gained 7 more.

O well, I'm home now. Lacking motivation... there's been so much that happened I don't think that weight loss is top priority right now.
... In longview I had an episode of severe chest pain, no ideas yet as to why... and money sucks, our i-net almost got permanently disconnected. Thankfully we avoided that and I'm up and running today.

So I haven't read any of the past posts yet. I'll come back w/ comments when I have.

Have a great weekend all!!!!


04-19-2003, 01:20 PM
Good morning everyone. I am down 2 lbs this week despite the reeses incident. :dance: I thank God for my revving metabolism for the past couple weeks. I'm sure it'll slow down next week w/PMS and all, but for now, I'm riding high baby!

Hey Washu :wave: , glad to have you back. Sounds like you had a great time w/your visits aside from the chest pains. I hope you went and got yourself checked out--didya? didya? That's nothing to sneeze at for sure. Thinking good thoughts and sending them your way. Take care of yourself, you hear?!!!

Gar we have those red dirt shirts here too, a little outfit makes 'em on Kauai. Too funny. Heck, you're not old (certifiable, yes :lol: just kidding) I think age is just a number--it's how you act that keeps you young. So I take it your a Russell Crowe fan, huh? Huge understatement, I guess. I like Harrison Ford (except since he's taken up with twiggy Calista...) and Patrick Stewart (Capt. Picard on Star Trek), Sean Connery and uh, Robert DeNiro...now keep in mind that I like these men for their acting ability, not their looks, Yeah right...gee that list is a little geriatric for my age, isn't it? :lol:

Kempy did you get your pathway done? Get some pictures posted over here when you're done, we wanna see.

Anyway, I need to get some breakfast for my boy so i'll check back later...oh yes, the site goes down for maintenance tonight so I'll wish you all a safe and Happy Easter in case I don't make it back today.

04-19-2003, 05:37 PM
melekalikimaka -
l have trouble picturing Harrison Ford with Calista F.
At first I didn't believe it, but I guess it's true.
They seem like a Very odd couple.

And yes, I can even tell you the day that Russell Crowe hard wired himself into my brain (June 9th 2000), and he's been there ever since. His getting married didn't change anything for me. :)

I've always felt that Sean Connery is the Only James Bond.
I still think he's hot. Love the Scottish accent, too.

Don't mean to ignore everyone else.....just fun to talk about actors.

It's looking very gray here, but it hasn't rained yet.
Highs are the low 80's.

04-20-2003, 05:58 PM
Happy Easter.

I am sure that I am the only one on the site today. Joe left for Denver so I have been poking around the house and thought I would pop in.

Washu do you go to Longview, TX? I have friends from there.

We didn't get the path done yet.We got all of them dug up and set into the ground with river sand. I have to go wash them off with the hose to let the sand settle and then I have to go out each day and fill in the ones where the sand sunk down under the stone. I think it will take a few days before it is completed but I can already tell it is going to look good.

Angie are you feeling better?

I hope all of you guys are having a great Sunday.

04-20-2003, 08:08 PM
Happy Easter Girls! Just checking in, after a crazy weekend, from waving off the chocolate, to passing out ham dinners, to being tempted by evil pastries. I lived through another HOliday! Can't wait to see the pictures, in my easter dress. I'm such a ham.

Chris is not well, but we're planning to climb into bed really early tonight,a nd veg. We did too much, as usual. But we're in good spirits. Saw my grandma today. She's so precious to me.

Worrying about the background checks (just to worry about something I guess), and fighting wiht my father. It isn't a hliday without an argument.

But, didn't binge, ate what I wanted, and no more. Exercisd yesterday, so I can take tonight off. Enjoy the couple hours of Sunday. Get geared up for another week.

04-21-2003, 09:29 AM
Good Morning girls!!! I AM BACK AND I AM BLOATED!!!!I over ate the whole weekend. No biggie though. It is life and we over eat sometimes right. I am going to go back to my strict plan at least until I can get to 140 which is where I am pretty comfy. I did walk 5 miles yesterday and we raked the whole fron yard(We have a good sized front yard too.) It was supposed to be crappy all weekend but it turned out to be sunny and beautiful. I hid candy for the kids yesterday(They know there is no easter bunny but they like to find the candy) We ended up eating Easter dinner out on the deck. WE have never been able to do that. I went to Good Will and I found a nice pair of jeans that fit nice so I have a couple of pair until I can lose some more weight.

I'll check in later

04-21-2003, 03:12 PM
Good morning,

Kempy - Longview, WA. It's only 'bout 3 hours drive from here.

Hope everyone had a nice holiday. I don't celebrate Easter, but went out for a nice long walk yesterday. Got rained on on the way home :lol:
Re: chest pains. SIL took me to the ER when it happened, they couldn't find anything imidiately wrong... X-rays showed something suspicious in my lung. I came home and took x-rays to my PA. She thinks that they are unrelated... chest pains were reflux due to exessive stress and not taking my Rx. Lung thing is just scar tissue. Good news all around. She is getting a second opinion from a specialist this week, just to be sure.

Today is a new beginning for me. New commitment, fresh enthusiasm. BTW - my PA gave me samples to get back on my Paxil, definately helping :)

Let's go gals!!!!

04-21-2003, 03:40 PM
I am sooo dragging today. We had a great Saturday where our entire family got together at a local park where we took family portraits. Then some of us went out to eat dinner later that night. After I got home I boiled up some eggs for my boy so he could dye them and my sister and i made some lumpia for Easter Sunday. My throat was a little sore Saturday night but I went to bed without a second thought. When I woke up Sunday morning I dragged myself out of bed early! and went for a morning walk w/my 2 sisters. It drizzled a little but I made it. I took a shower and went back to bed. My son opened his easter basket then my sister made an easter egg hunt for him in the backyard. I stayed in bed from 9 am to 3pm! I was having chills, sweats, headaches, bodyaches, dizziness...the works. I still feel out of it but I've drugged myself up and it seems to be holding the aches at bay. I think I need to go back to bed soon though. I ate 2 pieces of toast w/peanut butter on Sunday then that was it until dinner time, where I had a few bites of salmon. I took another shower and went back to bed. This type of flu or whatever it is is really nasty--it hit my son last week, then my husband is just getting over it, now I'm the lucky one. Anyway, that was my easter. :(

Angie glad to hear your back and better than ever. :cb:

Washu, still thinking good thoughts for you too. Reflux huh? See how fast our bodies get used to clean eating? When we go off plan it comes back to bite us.

Kempy how long is Joe going to be in Denver and what for? Nosy little one aren't I :lol: .

Chris, sorry to hear Chris is not feeling too great but it sounds like you had a great easter anyway. Good girl!

Everyone else, hope you all have a good week and I'll check you guys out later.

04-21-2003, 06:55 PM
Noelle, I hope you feel better but look on the bright side....You didn't mess up for Easter. :lol: I think Jay had something like that a few weeks ago. He was so sick. Feel better soon girl!!

I walked 5 1/2 miles so far today but I am sure I can drag Jay out again before dark. hehe I have been perfect today so maybe I can get some of the bloat to go down tonight. that would be greatly appreciated.

04-21-2003, 07:23 PM
Okay, I admit, I have broken my own rule!!! I have been a naughty little girl this weekend and it extended into today!! Thats really not the naughty part, I consider the naughty part that I have been here to the board to read but havnt posted at all.

I will be back on track tomorrow. I just got off and started slipping in the old ways, and boy how fast can those come back. I'm hoping I didnt do to much damage the scale this am said up 2 lbs, but that could be from salt (ham yesterday and stuff) but I did have cheesecake too, and well I don't remember half of what I put in this mouth today (blindly eatting) I know there was some chips in there somewhere and real ones at that.

I will be back later, my supper is now done and I am hungry????Don't know whats up, but hope tomorrow is better.

04-21-2003, 08:24 PM
It is amazing how easy it is to go off track huh? I know on Saturday I ate nothing until like 4 and then all **** broke loose and I was stuffing and stuffing for the rest of the night until 11. YIKES!!! It is scary how easy I can lose control like that.

The important thing is that you are getting back on to continue. Good girl Sandy!! From what I can read from everyones journals we aren"t the only ones to go off plan this weekend so at least we aren't alone. :lol:

Interesting fact about my jeans I bought.... I was looking for something comfy while I am in between sizes. I looked at the tag today and they were a size 10!!! Holy cow!! I thought I was looking in the 12's. they actually look good too.

04-21-2003, 09:58 PM
I was bad to day with not posting too Sandy. Bad Girl! (talking to myself)

Angie that is awesome about your jeans. It sounds like you are doing much better. I think all you needed was to relax and do whatever you wanted and now you feel renewed.

Washu I have never had reflux but a friend of mine had to have sugury b/c of it so be careful and take care of yourself.

Gee Noelle it sounds like you day was lots of fun. I am so sorry that you had to spend it in bed.

Joe went to Denver to show some poeple they bought software from what all of the numbers meant. He thought he would be ther until Thursday but he finished today at 1:30. He changed his flight home and he got charged an additional $150. Like they didn't charge to much for the flight to begin with. I am just glad he will be back tomorrow.

I got busy at work today looking for a radio station to listen to on my computer at work while I am busy and before I knew it I had wasted a whole day. Boy do I love my job.

I actually came home from work and did Pilates today. I am hoping to get my lazy butt out of bed in the morning to get to workout like I should. Everyone keep me in your thoughts and maybe that will push me.

04-22-2003, 10:18 AM
Can someone tell me how to open a link in someones journal? SaraJoy posted a link to her before and after pics and I can NOT figure out how to get to it. I am numb I know. :lol:

04-22-2003, 10:40 AM
Just copy and paste it into your browser....the pics she posted are great!!!! Have fun

04-22-2003, 11:24 AM
I tried it and it comes up not existing.

04-22-2003, 11:40 AM
I don't know? I just did it again and it worked...
lets see if I can put the link in here...

Saras pics (www.regnsara.com/skinnymini) lets see if that will get you there? Now you should be able to click on the underlined words and get there....I did.

Good Luck

04-22-2003, 11:44 AM
Thanks. I had just figured it out...sorta. I had to screw around with it but I got it. She looks great!! I wished I had toned up like she seems to have.

04-22-2003, 03:55 PM
Hello all. OMG SaraJoy is beautiful! She looks a little too skinny if you ask me, :lol: nah, that's just envy talking. SHe has a beautiful face and was very pretty when she was heavy and I'm not just saying that. How inspiring to know all these people at 3FC who have succeeded in their quest. Now the real test is keeping it off, right? I am motivated to keep trying each time I see the faces that go with the names of my fellow 3FC sisters.
My wedding pictures are the opposite of hers though--I was a stick when I got married and now I'm a, well, a log? a tree trunk? :lol: I'm trying to get with the program though and get back to my slimmer, healthier self.

How's everyone else doing today? We have had so many rainy days here for almost 2 weeks! That's our spring I guess. The only upsides are that the grass and trees and very beautiful and green and I've been fortunate enough to see a rainbow almost every day of my walk--awesome! I'm feeling much better today and I fear that my appetite is getting back to normal after 2 days of almost eating nothing. Now to get rid of the headache.

Anyway, I'm only working a half day today since I have no sitter in the afternoon. I'll check back with you gals later.

BTW Kempy, good going on the Pilates. Did you work out this morning? huh, huh? didya didya? hehe, just making you accountable like you asked :D

04-22-2003, 04:06 PM
I actually got my behind out of the bed!!! :bp:

I even had lots of things that would normally keep me home but I pushed through them and made it in to workout. Now I just have to keep myself doing it. That is really the hard part.

Not to much going on today so I will check back in later.

04-22-2003, 04:54 PM
YEAH KEMPY!!!! Congrats on getting that workout in!!

Poop, It is raining out. I wanted to get another walk in today. We saw the buds are starting on the trees. YEAH!! When all the trees have leaves then my entire back yard is closed off from the neighborhood and the street at the top of the hill. I love it.

Sandy, Do your kids have this week off from school too? Luckily they are going to my sisters on Thursday and from there to my parents until Sunday. Anyone want to bet that my period starts?!! :lol:

04-22-2003, 05:12 PM
Hi Everybody,

How have you all been? Sorry I haven't been posting, but I have been reading.:^: Not that much has been going on with me. Have just been walking as much as I can and been trying to watch what I eat. Had an okay Easter, ate a bit too much (especially candy) but still managed to lose 11 pounds for my first weigh-in.:cb: I pulled a muscle in my back yesterday while trying to manuver through all the dining room chairs set up as a fort. My Dr. put me on Vicadan and flexeril, so I have been pretty much out of it. I managed to pass my test while all drugged up.:) I decided today to quit taking it and I'm still recovering from the after-effects. BLAH!!!!!

Well I just wanted to check in real quick and see how everyone is doing. I'll check back later. Bye:wave:

04-22-2003, 05:25 PM
Jen, I hope your back feels better soon. OUCH!! CONGRATS on your weight loss!! Way to go!!

04-23-2003, 09:52 AM
Where is everyone?

It rained so hard yesterday. I did get in 3 miles before it started but it started to rain right before I wanted to squeeze in a 3rd trip around the block. I was so pissed. :lol: I got up early and took a walk with Brit this morning and there were worms and snails everywhere.

Noelle, Are you still sick?

Sandy, where are ya?

Kempy, How are you?

04-23-2003, 11:35 AM
Worms and Snails? Do they come out when it rains or something? I guess I am just used to seeing them all of the time rain or not.

I got up again this morning to do cardio. I am hoping to do Pilates when i get home. Joe said something about his parents taking us to dinner but I would much rather do PIlates than eat. (ask me later today what I would rather do :lol: )

Not to much going on down in in LA just waiting for the rain. They say it will be later today but it is summer here and there is a chance of rain everyday during the summer.

We had the landscape people out last night to give a bid on a new bed in the back yard. Wow that girl has some good ideas. I am just scared to see what those good ideas cost. :lol:

How is everyone else's day going so far?

04-23-2003, 12:33 PM
Yeah we usually only see them when it is wet out or first thing in the morning.

I looked in my flower beds and my tulips are coming up. YEAH!!!

04-23-2003, 02:59 PM
Yes my kids are on vacation too for the week. My youngest (Alexis, shes 5 and in kindergarten) She actually has next M-T-W off too because of the new kindergarten registrations, so that gives her almost a 2 week vacation.

We also get worms and slugs in the am if it rained....yucky. Hate when slugs are on the porch.

I'm at work and really busy, so will pop in later and give you an update.


04-23-2003, 04:07 PM
Hey everyone. What's all this talk about slugs, snails and worms? Makes me think of that song about greasy, grimy gopher guts...or the one about the worms crawl in, the worms crawl out... :lol: We have a lot of african snails and some kind of black or yellow slugs, they only come out in the morning if there's a lot of dew on the grass and plants, otherwise, they're hiding. I don't care for those at all, in fact, just last week I was showing my son how they "melt" when you put rock salt on them :lol: . Thems yucky pests.

I'm still not 100% back to normal(?) since I still have this lingering headachy feeling and a sore throat. The headache I don't know though, could be PMS... been getting my regular walks in and trying out the elliptical even though that thing uses a whole new set of muscles and makes my thighs feel like rubber! I've been sneaking in bites of cake and cookies yesterday too (bad me) . I feel a little blah and hope to shake it soon.

Hey Jen, congratulations on your loss! That is awesome :cb: . Sorry to hear about your back though. What type of "plan" are you following if you don't mind me asking?

Angie, keep walking girl! Oh yeah, I'm crossing my fingers for you that your "." stays away and you get some "fun" in while the kids are gone :lol:.

Kempy :bravo: on exercise first thing in the morning. You rock!

Sandy, all work and no play makes Sandy a dull girl...good girl for "playing" a little while at work (me, I do it all the time--even when I worked for someone else :devil: )

Everyone else, hope your day is going well--it's Hump Day, let's get this week over with!

04-23-2003, 05:53 PM
Home finally!!!

Noelle: Usually I play at work any chance I get :lol: , but my boss gave me Monday off (Patriots Day here in New England) and she gave it to me with pay so that was ggggrrrreeeeaaattttt. But, today it felt like a Monday but it was really Wendsday and I was behind in the billing and this week is payroll---the list goes on, but never fear Sandy is here :wizard: and with a wave of my wand, I got it all caught up....

So now, an update on me. I went back to the doc's yesterday to go over my bloodwork (yahoo, my numbers came back fine and I am not diabetic) My blood pressure is better, but still on the meds for it. My pap smear, was normal (okay maybe that was to much info, but thought you might want to know :D ) Then, I had the mole taken off my back, thats a little sore, but I have good health so thats what matters. I think I finally got my butt back on the wagon for my eatting too, keep fingers crossed, the scale this afternoon says 264, so I need to loose 1/2 lb by tomorrow to get back to last weeks weight!! I think I will because, guess who showed its ugly head this a.m.? TOM, didn't realize it was time, hubby said he knew though because I have been being a *****? Oh men!!

Okay, now on to replys.

Noelle: I already did you didn't I??? I gave you top billing on my post...LOL...Actually, I hope your feeling better this afternoon, and stay away from the cookies/cake they are mean little things!!! And melting slugs with rock salt???Boy your mean, but bet your boy thought it was cool. I can see my son now, loving that if I showed him..:s:

Angie: Wow, getting rid of the kiddies for a few days. Thats great. Hope TOM stays away for a while for you, at least to get a little in.:D

Kempy: Way to go on the exercise. You have more energy than me!!! You go girl.

Jen: Hope your back is feeling better. Great job on the weight loss. Keep up the great work. We will make it there together.

Chris: Where are you? Hope everything is going good for you. Hope hubby is feeling better too.

Sorry if I missed anyone, it was not my intention. Hugs to all.

04-24-2003, 02:08 AM
Hi girls,

Real short one today, thanks for the congrats. The back is doing much better, still hurts a bit though. and Just when I was getting ready to go and walk.....RAIN...and RAIN....and RAIN. In fact , it's still raining. And it's expected to last thru tomorrow. AHHHHHHHH!!!

Noelle: Actually no "plan" really. I'm just watching what I'm stuffing into my mouth, no junk food (other than Easter candy last weekend) Lots more fruits especially for snacks....trying to keep things low fat or low calorie, and some exercise everyday....well almost everyday. And not eating after dinner. That's usually when I eat the most..when I get home from class, or fast food on the way home from class. and between 70 and 90 oz of water. That's about it. I have trouble following a strict plan so I just kind of make it up as I go, and try different things to see what works best.

Sorry this was so long, talk to you all later!!!! Bye.

04-24-2003, 11:32 AM
Jen, I am so sick of the rain too. If that isn't bad enough it is also cold today. Geez, I want it to just warm up and stay that way. Your plan sounds alot like what I am doing too. It works pretty well for me too. You are doing great!!

Noelle, good for you calling the Humane Society. I am proud of you, maybe they can take the dog and adopt him to a better home. I hate it when people don't take care of their pets!! We had a cat that would come down here and spray my sliders right in front of me and try to fight with Meanie when we fiorst moved here. He was a HUGE Siamese. He got run over one afternoon while we were walking and his owners never bothered to take his body out of the road. I was so pissed. The town ended up doing it.

Kempy, Are you busy at work this week? Congrats on working out every day. That is great!!

Sandy, How are you doing this week? Congrats on your doctors visit. I am glad everything is normal. I hate going to the doctors.

The kids are leaving this afternoon. YEAH!! I havent stepped on the scales yet this week so I am hoping I am back down to 151 by Saturday. I didn't want to depress myself after over eating for a weekend. I also gave up diet soda this week. I have had my diet Pepsi with lunch and that is it for the day. I have been drinking about 15, 20 ounce cups full of water a day . I am not sure I will stay away from the diet soda because I love it but I figured it was worth a shot to see if I can get my weight moving. I heard that not drinking diet soda stops cravings but I don't see it. I still am ready to munch at night. Oh well. I am sure I will be drinking alot again this weekend but we will see.

04-24-2003, 02:35 PM
Jen I think doing whatever kind of program works for you is the best. I personally think that all of the diet out there really don't work for to many people. I am sure that some poepl have lost weight on certain ones but everyone is differnt. What works for me will not always work for you. I am a firm beleiver in tryijng different things out. After all we all don't eat the same foods, we all have a certain menu we tend to eat from. How in the world can someone creae a diet that works for thousands of people and be able to take everyones tasets into account. :soap: Sorry I need to get down off of this thing. :lol:

I am right there with you guys and the rain. I may have to leave work early today if it gets to bad. I have Echo outside and they said it could get tornadic. :fr:

Oh yeah Jen, do you live close to Denver? My hubby was just in Littleton.

I am pretty busy here at work these days. I am glad of that. Last summer we just sat around looking at each other b/c it was so slow.

I worked out again this morning too. :cp:

Chris where you at girl?

04-24-2003, 03:29 PM
Hi everybody,

How is everyone? Still raining here, but I found an umbrella:cp: :rain: so if there's no lightning I can go out later. Although we did have a funnel clouds around here yesterday, but it's spring so it's pretty common.

Kempy: Actually I'm in Westminster, which is about 30 minutes (on the highway) north of Littleton, but I have some friends down that way. Was he here on business? Good job on the working out too!!!

Angie: Congratulations on the kids leaving for a couple days. Have fun :devil:

Well I'll check in later, Have agreat one girls!!!

04-24-2003, 04:24 PM
Well it's seems to be raining all over the place. Right now it's sunny but the weather forecasts say possible heavy thundershowers in the afternoon...:mad: . I'm feeling so :?: blah right now too. I really think it's PMS. I still have this stupid headache lingering. I don't feel like working, I just cut a couple of checks and am surfing the net looking for a rennaissance (sp?) king or prince costume for my son. His cousin is having her 4th b-day party and all the little kids will be dressed as princesses and princes...my son SAID he's the KING! That's my boy :lol: . I was thinking of going over to the party store to look for a costume and/or heading to the Humane Society to pick up a cat trap. I'm gonna get that cross-eyed feline once and for all. I don't think he's adoptable though, he's looking pretty mangy and malnourished.

Angie sounds like you have the same kind of neighbors I do. I have the phone number for the dead animal pick-up for the City and State posted to my wall near the phone. These irresponsible pet owners (?) around here don't even look after their animals when they're alive, they don't even tend to them when they get smooshed on the road. It's terrible.

Jen glad to hear your feeling better. Your "plan" sounds like the one I'm on too...I try to keep it under 1500 cals and get a 3.5 mi. walk daily. Seems to be working. Oh yeah, and the water thing too. Even though today I seem to be slacking. I'm not in a "diet" frame of mind...I need to work on that.

Kempy, you go girl...get them sexy legs in tip-top shape for the summer. I saw the weather report for LA, it was 79? I can imagine the humidity yet to come though, ugh! My sisters and I were discussing where we could go on a trip this year if we don't go to Bangkok, Thailand...one of them mentioned Louisiana! I was thinking of taking Rick and my boy over to Disneyland & Vegas but Louisiana sounds fun too. I'll let you know what we decide...and when.

Sandy, what's shaking today? (My answer would be, my thighs but I'm sitting still at the moment :lol: . )

Chris, how the heck are you?

Washu, where are you? Keeping healthy I hope.

Gar, did you see that silly tabloid cover about Meg Ryan "fainting" as Russell Crowe gets married :lol: ...boy oh boy.

04-24-2003, 07:53 PM
Hi girlies,
I'm here, just hanging out. I am on the wagon still. I started to slip off today again, but caught the Oprah show today and OMG I got so inspired.....It was all about people who have lost tons of amounts of weight and without surgery. Anyway it gave me new found hope again, and clicked that little clicker in my head again.....thank goodness something did!!!

Hugs to ya,

04-24-2003, 07:58 PM
I watched some of that show too Sandy. Until my sister came for the kids. Those women looked so good. I don't look anything like they do so it is kinda dissapointing. Did you catch if any of them had tummy tucks or anything? I caught the very beginning and the very end. The 22 year old that Oprah set up on a date looked so good!!! I am jealous!!

There is a good show on Discovery Health that I have been catching lately too. It is called They Lost It or I Lost It. It is all people who have lost lots of weight. I caught it by accident on Saturday and Sunday. It is a good show.

I am glad you stayed on track. I have been thinking munchies too since the kids are gone. It is strange but we associate eating as having fun.

04-24-2003, 08:13 PM
My Wonderful Friend Angie,
Please let me tell you, I have seen the pics of you!!! You are beutiful, and you look just as good as any of those girls up there!! And they all got their hair and makeup done by professionals before the show, so that tells you they had room for improvement!!! LOL....You are beutiful!!!!!!

None of them talked of surgery (tummy tucks) but they really did not have a chance, there were so many to get in....I will have to watch for that other show your are talking about, I love real tv shows.

Hubby just popped in the movie Bourne Idenity....so gonna try to look somewhat interested.

04-24-2003, 08:29 PM
Sandy, You are such a sweet friend but... My bathroom has mirrors around my whirlpool tub and my toilet is right beside it so I see my gut the whole time I am peeing. :lol: Sorry... That was too funny to resist. I have been staring at myself in it lately and thinking when is it gonna leave. hehe

I am happy with the jeans I got at Good will Saturday though. they are Bill Blass and I think they were never worn(They still had the string in the pockets like when you rip the tags off) And if I do say so myself I look pretty good in them. It is just out I mean that isn't so pretty. Did you see their underarms? Mine are pretty big.

I was thinking about adjusting my goal to 140 because I have been going through my old journals and I had originally said I would like to get to 140 again. I wonder when I forgot about that? I think if I can find some more jeans like these I will just concentrate on eating healthy and exercising and not worry about the pounds so much. Maybe it will help me to maintain in the end.

I made Jay walk in the rain today. I am so mean. :lol:

Sandy, Have I mentioned how proud I am that you didn't fry the scallops? Well I am! They are pretty good with spaghetti aren't they. Me and Jay have been eating scallops and vermicelli on the weekends since lobster got so expensive.

Have fun with your movie and I will talk to ya later.And thank you for your kind words, You are a great friend.

04-24-2003, 08:56 PM
Hey, how do you cook the scallops? I sauteed them with pam and chopped garlic and had them over angel hair pasta with some sauteed asparagus too.

Thanks for keeping me going. You are an inspiration to me you know!!!

04-24-2003, 10:55 PM
Hey Chickies...I gotta head home, it's almost 4 pm, Oprah time. I hope I make it. :cb: good going Sandy for staying on the wagon. (I didn't, I ate a "mini" fried chicken cutlet plate for lunch--oops!) Anyway, I'm still going for my walk, or maybe try my elliptical...maybe while I'm watching Oprah?

I did get the cat trap and I did go looking for costumes, but since it's not Halloween or anything, it was slim pickins'. Anyhoo, I'm gonna get out of here.

Oh yeah, last night me and Rick went to Ross and I found a size 12 Gloria Vanderbilt shorts and a size 12 Jones New York pair of jeans--the shorts fit fine (I'm amazed myself) , the jeans go on and look pretty acceptable but it still feels a little snug in the seat. I'm getting there! So I know how you feel Ang, feels great doesn't it?

04-25-2003, 09:54 AM
I actually boil the scallops in water than boil my vermicelli in the same water after they are done for more flavor. Than I sprinkle Lawry's Garlic salt with parsley on it and lowfat parmesan.Sometimes I throw cauliflower in it too for bulk.

Noelle, When do you need the costume? Can you find a costume websight and order one?

What level do you have your elliptical on Noelle? Mine is on 3. That level feels pretty easy but 4 hurts.

Jay is ready to go for a walk. I will finish this later.

I am back!! It is windy out today. If the squirrel ate all my tulip bulbs out front I am going to hunt him down and kick him. :lol: I have 2 coming up and that is all i can see. Last year it was so pretty out there. I planted them around the old tree in the front yard.

WOOHOO NOELLE!!! Congrats on the size 12's. You look great!!!!

04-25-2003, 04:04 PM
Sandy and Angie I don't know about you guys but I am never happy with myself. No matter how good I have done I can still tear myself apart. I think it is because I have thought so little of myself for so long I just don't know how else to think. I noticed that when I just relaxe and live life not worrying about my appearnce it affects Joe too. (in a good way :devil: )

I didn't make it to the gym this morning, Joe didn't set the alarm right. It is ok becasue I am SORE!!! I am going to do Pilates when I get home tonight. I really like that now.

We had a really bad storm come through last night about 2:30. Of Course Joe had to scare me by telling me that there could be a tornado around. I hated it. The lighting when all around and it would likght up the whole house. Then the wind was blowing the rain sideways into the window and that freaked me out too. Can you say scare-dy pants?? :lol:

Noelle I hate to get differnet brands of clothes b/c none of them fit the same. You are doing so great though. Don't let the diff. brands bother you.

04-25-2003, 06:12 PM
Hmmmmm how do I start???? KEMPY I am never happy with myself. I havnt been small enough ever to be happy with myself. I will though, someday get there, and I am sure I still wont be happy then. I mean I am proud that I have lost 31.5 lbs so far, and that people have started to notice, but I still can't see it. They say it's hard for one to see ones self in another image.

Angie: I still think you have a lot to be happy about, you are beutiful, and have done such good things for your body, I just can't wait to get to that point (yes, I can say I'm jelouse) but noone can get me to that pt. but me. I will someday.:) Till then I sure have a good cheering party to help me along.

Oh about the PILATES........I really need to loose some of this belly to do that, I bought the tape.....a while ago now, but oh my god, I was like "you want me to do what????" LOL, okay it's funny, but imagine being as big as me and trying to bend your body in the ways she wants too....I just had to laugh at myself, it was much better than crying. I will pop the tape in again someday soon and check it out again....And I will report if I laughed or cried.

Well chicks I'm trying to make a small pasta salad to go with the burgers for supper, so chat later.....(very very very lean burger) I had to let you know that for some reason? And FF mayo for the pasta.....


04-25-2003, 06:27 PM
HI girls!!!!

Okay this may be a really stupid question but what exactly is Pilates, is it like yoga? Anyway I hope you all are having a great day so far. As for myself it has been pretty good. Went for a short 1 1/2 mile walk and I'm planning to go out again later. The Diamonds and Dudes dance at my son's school is tonight so we will probobly be going to that after dinner. I'm going to make my son dance with me. :) he's going to hate me after that.

Noelle- Can you sew? Do you think you can make the costume yourself? Just a suggestion.

Tomorrow the city is having an earth/arbor day thing at City Park, and they are giving away free trees. so I am totally there. My daughter is starting to get sick also, so I think she's going to have to for-go the walks for awhile.

And a couple days ago, Lady America gym called and said that I had won a free month membership so I went in today for the tour and found out of course that you have to sign up for a 2 year membership in order to get the 1 month free. I would have but it's a $99 down payment and $34 a month. It's cheaper to go to the rec center. Oh well. I wish there was one where you could join without signing a contract and didn't cost an arm and a leg over time. I guess I'll jsut stick to the walks for now. Well I guess I'll get going. You all have a great evening!!!! I'll check in later!!!

And by the way none of you should be unhappy about yourself, I know it's hard, but you all have accomplished so much!!!

04-25-2003, 06:45 PM
Hey everyone, it's me relapsing w/this stupid cold. Hack, hack, cough cough :faint: . No it's not SARS...

Jen, no I can't sew worth a darn--I am very un-domestic. The best I can do is sew a button. I practially flunked that portion of Home Ec class when I was in the 7th grade :lol: . I can cook though, and eat...but that's obvious :lol:. I ordered the costume from an online merchant and hope to see it by the middle of next week.

Gosh you easterners are already talking dinner and it's barely lunch time here.

Angie the elliptical is set on 3 I think, maybe I should drop it down to 1 or 2 hehe. When Rick does it he goes full blast (he loves it) and its up to 5--he used to go jogging when he was in the Nat'l Guard so he's used to running--and pain :lol: .

I gotta run and pick up my boy from school. I'll check back later.

04-25-2003, 07:42 PM
Kempy, I am petrified of lightning storms too and we don't even have tornados here. :lol: The pool is so big and close to the house that all I can picture is that we are a prime target for the lightning. We have at least one a year that makes me want to cry and pee myself. HAHA

Sandy, No need to be jealous because I KNOW that you are going to make it to your goal. You have such a great drive. And we will be here for you the whole way!! I don't think I could ever leave this sight. I need you guys to help me stay on track, I was just telling Jay that I give you guys full credit for me being where I am right now because If I hadn't had everyones support I would have given up at Christmas time...And Valentine's...And Easter...:lol: HHMMM, I think I see a pattern here. HAHA

Jen, I need to buy some trees too. My back yard is a field and I would like to plant some trees for the dogs to enjoy as they age. That is too bad about the gym membership. Walks are fun though, right?

Noelle, I worry about SARS now too. I hope we don't have a bad epidemic of it in the US. A girl I went to High School with had a 5 year old son who died recently and it sounded like SARS to me when I heard about it. It wasn't but it happened when SARS hit the news. He was sick one day but they went shopping and went out to eat and stuff and put him to bed like normal and when they checked on him at midnight he had already passed away. That is so sad. It made me greatful for my kids health. I started out on 2 on my elliptical and moved it up a while back it just makes it an easier transition.

We ran into a couple with a JRT today that I saw 2 years ago when Rebel was a puppy. They saw us with him and pulled over to see him 2 years ago and they showed up at the bakery when we did today and saw him in the Durango and asked if he was the same one. They had theirs with them (a 7 year old girl) Let me tell you if she could have gotten away from him to kill Rebel she would have. :lol: He opened his car door and she came flying and snarling at him and he had to hold her back. Rebel was scared of her but of course wanted to play. He loves all dogs.

I walked 6 miles today. YEAH!!! The kids are gone so I had Subway for supper and now I think I have enough calories left over for popcorn and parmesan cheese later(lowfat of course)

I am scared to weigh in tomorrow. I haven't done it all week and I hope I have at least gotten back to normal. On the plus side Jay said that last night I felt pretty boney to him. :devil:

04-26-2003, 01:08 AM
Hi Girls, :wave:

Well I took my son to the Diamonds and Dudes dance at school (it's a mother/son thing) We had fun, at least I did. We danced sort of, did the hokey pokey, the chicken dance, locomotion and danced to YMCA. :dance: And then I embarrassed him singing the Grease medly :o :). Got some dog tags, tattoos, balloon hats, and even got our pictures taken together. :cool: We walked down there and back so I was able to get in another 1 1/2 miles which was good. It was so hot in there, I swear they had the heater on to about 80 degrees.:hot:

Noelle: I hope you are starting to feel better, everybody here seems to be getting sick.

Angie; Awesome job on the 6 miles, and Good luck :lucky: at the weigh in tomorrow. I'm sure you'll see a loss!!! :crossed:

Well another mini novel. Sorry. I'll check in again later. Have a great night and a awesome day tomorrow!!!!

Happy Arbor And late Earth Day

04-26-2003, 09:07 AM
WEIGH DAY!!!! I actually lost all the bloat from screwing up last week plus 1 pound!!! I love only weighing in once a week. I didn't have to see the fluctuating. I just saw a loss and feel good about it. I think that is how I will do it from now on.

04-26-2003, 01:20 PM
Hi everyone.
Just wanted to comment on different brands of clothes and UNstandardized sizes. It IS extremely frustrating !
That's why I never buy clothes thru mail order except for big t-shirts to sleep in.

If anyone lives near an Eddie Bauer store, they only sell their own brand. Once you figure out which of their sizes fit you, especially regarding shorts or pants.....you can walk in and buy more of them that size without trying them on in the store and they will Always fit !
Their shorts that I liked (our EB store here closed....the *******s) were "classic fit" and were around $27.
They are good quality and last a very long time.
Also once you know which of their sizes are right for you, you can order them from their website.

Right before Halloween in 2000, a lightning strike started a fire in our attic over our garage. It was weird cause the lights never went out. It did, however, fry our tv, messed up our computer, and screwed up our central A/C.
Fortunately our home ins. replaced/fixed it all.

What was too scary to think about is what would've happened if we hadn't been home.
James went up in the attic (access stairs were in the garage) with the garden hose and had the fire out before the fire dept. got here....(it was still smoldering which they dealt with)
They were very impressed and asked him if he wanted to join them. <G>
We're rural and it's a volunteer fire dept.
It was also raining the whole time.

So now lightning makes me quite nervous only because I don't want it near our house again.
I normally would enjoy a lightning or as some call it, an electrical storm....but not after that happened.

On an hour show about lightning on tv awhile back they were saying how to tell how close the lightning is.
You count the seconds between seeing it and hearing the thunder. The lightning touches the ground one mile away for each second.
So when you see it and (for example) count 5 seconds before hearing the thunder....the lightning touched ground approx. 5 miles away.

Hope everyone has a good (storm free) weekend.

04-26-2003, 01:27 PM
Hi all,

Thought I would check in real quick before we're off to another soccer game. Jus got back from getting our free trees. They are just little baby trees....but they'll grow. We got a hackberry, and a ponderosa pine. And they are giving away a 5 gallon fruit tree. I have to get those planted today for sure.

Congratulations Angie!!!!! I'm so happy for you.

Well I'll check in later, after the game we're going out for lunch. Wish me luck. This will be my first resturant experience.:crossed: and then off to the Geology class, to the store, and the plant nursery, and then home to get the trees planted and then out for a walk. Here I go. Talk to you later!!!

04-26-2003, 10:14 PM
Did any of you guys see Oprah one day last week when she had all those weight loss success stories ?
One man lost 305 lbs. !
His before weight was over 500 lbs.

You could barely tell they were the same people from their before pictures.

All of them were very inspiring.

04-27-2003, 12:01 AM
Jen, How did you make out at lunch? Okay I hope. Going out is impossible for me...Unless it is Subway. I live on the stuff. :lol:

Gargoyle, I tried to watch the whole show but my sister came to get the kids and I ended up catching the beginning and end but I saw a few of the people. INCREDIBLE.

Noelle, I haven't seen ya today so I am assuming you feel shitty still. I am sending hugs and I hope you feel better real soon. Jay is feeling not so good again too. I hope I don't get it.

Kempy, I hope it slows down for ya at work this week so we can chat some. I miss ya!!

Sandy, How is your weekend going? I hope you and your family are having a good one even though it is so bad out.

I made it through my first Saturday in a long time with nothing for a bad snack. YEAH!!! I had some low fat microwave Kettle corn tonight but I skipped my WOW chips with dinner to do it. They say it is supposed to be 66 on Monday so it will feel nice to not be bloated when it is warm. Now to get some tan in a can so my legs don't look like marshmallows when I put on shorts. HEHE

04-27-2003, 01:18 AM
Hi all,

Thought I would check in before going off to bed. We actually decided not to go out for lunch, and I'm pretty glad. I'm not sure if I'm ready for that yet. Going out to eat is the hardest. We instead came back...ate lunch here, and then made low fat calzones for dinner. I made them WAY to big, so I only ate half and put the other half away for tomorrow. I don't know if it's because I actually got full, but I feel like I totally blew it for today. Oh well, I guess I'll be sure to get out and go, go, go in the morning. I was only able to do a mile earlier, it was way too hot to go further than that..:hot:

Well it's Spring....The bears have started to come down out of the mountains and into the neighborhoods. That means the Mountain Lions aren't too far behind.:eek:

Angie; you should see my legs, they are whiter than white....my friends actually call me Casper because I'm always white as a ghost. And every time I use the tanning stuff, I turn orange. White or orange, Hmmmm :chin:

Well I'm going to get going, I hope you all have a wonderful night and a great morning tomorrow. Talk to you later.

04-27-2003, 09:43 AM
Morning. Checking in, and wanted to leave my contact info. Thanks for the inspring words you left me in my journal.



Please keep in touch with me girls!!

04-28-2003, 08:58 AM
Good Morning!!! I made it through the weekend without any screw ups. YIPEE!!! I ate supper at 7:30 last night because we spent most of the afternoon in the emergency room for Jay. He has strep AGAIN!!! The doc said he has been seeing a few people who have had it recur so the poor man is in pain again. I sure hope I don't get it.

That is about it for my excitement. I will check back later.

04-28-2003, 12:52 PM
Good morning all...I have a computer that works again! :cb: Our downstairs living room aka catach-all, playroom, now "workout" room was being rearranged this weekend. Computer got disconnected to we could move the desk and the furniture around to get that home gym in...of course the cables and power cords weren't long enough so we had to get new ones...our desk is actually a 3 section thing which we had to disassemble a little to move...home gym is in the house (still in the boxes) but in the house. Maybe by next weekend I can actually use it (crossing fingers!!!)

I'm still not "quite right" as far as this cold goes but at least I'm not having the headaches anymore. TOM is terrible this month, not crampy and bloated, but just the volume is gross. I'll be glad when it's over in about 2 days. I haven't walked for 3 days--been extra busy w/the house + went to a friends wedding which was so beautiful! I'm back on track this Monday though like always...

Congrats on the loss Angie, you are my slimming inspiration! Hope Jay gets better quick, it's not fun at all when you're sick for more than a few days, especially w/strep. Enjoy the sun today.

Jen, mountain lions? Scary! That would make me walk extra fast :lol: .

Gar I did catch that Oprah show and you know, one day each and every one of us on this thread or even on this site could be on that show for our accomplishments. Those people looked amazing! I'm doubly proud because they did it without surgery--just good old fashioned will-power and exercise.

Chris :wave: take care of yourself and hope to hear from you now and again. Good luck!!! :grouphug:

Sandy, Kempy, Washu what you are gals up to today? Whatever it is, have fun.

I'll check back later when I get into work. cheers!

04-28-2003, 01:36 PM
I can't beleive I didn't make it here over the weekend. It always seems like something with me though.

Jen Pilates is kind of a fromw of Yoga. I think it is more like calistenics (SP). You have to really concentrate on using your core muscles though so that is what will make you sore.

Angie, I really feel for Jay. I hated it when i had strep. I don't wish that on anyone.

Gar I wish I would have caught Oprah. I am never off of work in time though.

I am not getting on the scale so I have no idea if I have gained or lost. I am thinking about not looking for two weeks and then seeing where it is.

The weekend was wonderful here. I had the windows open all weekend. I was truely loving it. I spread the rest of the sand around our yard and that was a strenuouse workout. I am sore today but I know it is a good sore.

04-28-2003, 02:51 PM
Good morning everyone, actually good afternoon pretty soon. Today I have had a slow start, I'm so tired. I just feel drained, I hope I'm not getting sick. Weighed in this morning and I'm down 3 more pounds. YAY!!! Other than that nothing exciting has been happening.

Angie: I hope Jay starts to feel better soon.

Noelle: Congrats on the new home gym. Sounds like fun. Actually I'm too far in to get the Cougars, they usually hit on the outskirts of Denver, this is the time whenyou hear alot about pets disappearing and sightings in the neighborhoods. I have some friends that see them quite often. We did have a bear out here last year though.

Kempy: Thanks, I have been earing so much about it, but never really knew what it was.

well I'll check in later. See ya then!!!

04-28-2003, 05:14 PM
Good Afternoon!!! I just got back from my walk bringing me up to 4 1/2 miles plus I plan on taking another one after supper to get in 6 miles. It is beautiful out today and I am actually in shorts and a top I have never worn before.

Noelle, CONGRATS ON YOUR LOSS!!!!! I get the volume problem every month but mine only lasts for 3 days tops so it makes it all better. :lol: How do you like the weight bench?

Kempy, I am not doing the scale thing more than once a week nopw either. It usually just depresses me. Did you get your walkways all done this weekend?

Jen,CONGRATS ON YOUR LOSS!!! Wow, 3 pounds must feel great! I need one of those weeks. :lol: We had a bear on our deck at our old house once. Thankfully I was asleep but I saw the frosting pail he tried to chew into. Scary!

Jay is feeling better today. He went to bed early last night.

My wholesale distributer gave me some samples today... cinnamon, orange and chocolate rolls. I liked the chocolate(one bite) and the cinnamon(1 bite) but the orange was too candyish for me. I might order them for the accounts though, they did cook up pretty nice looking.

Whatcha all up to today?

04-28-2003, 05:38 PM
I am going to post a pic for you guys that I don't have an e-mail for.

04-28-2003, 08:20 PM
Kempy you guys did a great job on that walkway and deck. Very beautiful and professional. So cool! I especially like the way all the trees are behind the house...is that a bayou in your backyard? Our backyard is just dirt for now, but the new BBQ pit should be ready for use any day since the cement has cured. I keep joking to my BIL that I wanna fire up some pizza in there.

Jen congrats on your 3 lb loss--you go girl!

Angie are those rolls like snail type rollups? :T: Yum, the chocolate and the orange sounds good. I made some 'jello' rolls once, like cinnamon rolls but instead of cinnamon I used jello powder. It was a little tangy but I guess if you put in a little sugar or even splenda it would be a little sweeter and palatable. It was just something I tried. Geez, you're a regular walking machine aren't you--good job!

Yesterday evening as we were cleaning up the living room I found a box of clothes which were mostly my sons infant and toddler clothes. There were also an assortment of shorts in various sizes from size 12, 13/14 jr., size 14 and 16. I kept 4 pairs and can fit one now and should be able to get into the others within a few months. It was just like Christmas! So cool. I don't know why that box of clothes didn't get donated w/the rest of the stuff but I'm kind of glad it didn't. It was there for a reason I guess. :cb:

04-28-2003, 08:43 PM
Yeah they are like a regular cinnamon roll that you would buy at a coffee shop but some have chocolate in it and the other one was like an orange jam. I think I will order a case and see if they sell. Congrats on finding old shorts. I threw away all my skinny clothes from high school 4 years ago when we moved. I did keep my favorite jeans though. They say 9/10 but they look more like a 4 now. They are tiny and I couldn't fit in them at 130 so I guess I will never get into them again. SHUCKS! I would probably have to weigh 100 pounds to squeeze into them.

Kempy, nice yard. I love the walkway. You guys want to come here and do one for me? PLEASE!!!

Well, I got in 6 miles today. On our last trip around we went backwards and I ran into my ex sister in law and she said we couldn't go through town because the cops had Main Street blocked off because they found a pipe in the road and thought it was a bomb. NICE!! They were all cleared up when we got down ther but I can't wait to hear what actually happened. Town was so full of teenagers tonight too. I hate that.

04-29-2003, 01:56 AM
Just thought I would check in real quick before heading off to bed. Hoping tomorrwo will be a better day for me than today, but this is the last week in this class and I have a final on Thursday.:( Total stress time:stress: I think tomorrow I might try a bike ride. :chin:

Kempy: Your yard looks beautiful. Congrats!!!

Angie: You Go with your 6 mile walks. You're doing a great job!!! I hope you fill us in on your town gossip about the pipe/bomb thing. Those rolls sound so good, especially the chocolate ones!!! :T

Noelle: Congrats on being able to get into some old shorts!!! I kept all mine from pre-pregnancy days when I was Hot. I'm hoping ot get back into them one day. :)

Well I guess I'll head off to bed soon. You all have a good night and a wonderful day tomorrow!!!!

04-29-2003, 10:38 AM
Kempy - Your yard looks great !
Love the stepping stones, too.

We should all be lucky enough to have that many trees around.
It's wonderful to have that much shade.

Hope everyone has a good day.

04-29-2003, 10:42 AM
Jen, Good Luck on your finals. I haven't heard anything else on the pipebomb situation. I'll let you know as soon as I find out.

It is another warm beautiful day but it is supposed to go back to "seasonal" temps for tomorrow. As long as it doesn't get cold again it is okay but I kinda like wearing shorts again.(even if they are too big)

I have a hair appointm,ent tomorrow at 8:15 in the morning so I have to get up early and let the kids send them selves to school and haul *** to get there. I am getting it highlighted so maybe I will change my avatar tomorrow night.

I bought a head of cabbage for my veggies this week. It was so good at Easter and I looked it up and it only has 33 calories per cup. WOW. I like cabbage but I only have it once a year at Easter usually and then I forget about it.

I'll check back later. I hope you guys have a great day.

04-29-2003, 02:33 PM
Where is Everybody??

Sandy, How are you doing? Enjoying the good weather.

Kempy, Are ya working hard?

04-29-2003, 02:41 PM
Gosh, could it have taken me just a little longer to get here today? :lol: Sorry

Thanks for the complements on the yard. I swear all we do is work in it right now. Oh well, it will be worth it once it is done.

I had to order more clothes for our pro- shop today. That is always fun but time consuming. I talked to a head rep at the company that we deal with for our club software and that took a LONG time. We are going to be switching so thy are now trying to hop to it to give us everything that I have been asking for for over a year. It is amazing what a threat of money losss will do to someone. :lol:

04-29-2003, 03:24 PM
Hi chickee-poohs,
I'm here, and I have been reading, just did not have much to say lately.

Kempy: Love the yard, it looks wonderful. You will enjoy it once it is all done.

Angie: yes the weather is unbelievable today. My mom and I just went by the bank clock thing and it said 83 here on the coast. I took a trip to Walmart with mom, she had to return pants for my dad, funny though, she did not get him new ones but instead opted for new bras, socks and somehting? else for herself....:lol: . I didn't have much money to spend, but did end up getting Evan a new pair of boy sandles and Alexis an outfit on clearence for $5.00. It's a cute short sleeved shirt (purple with flowers on it) and a skort....too cute. Hubby needed paint rollers to paint the boat and I didnt get myself a thing....HUMMMMMMM~always seems to be the way, mom always waits for what she wants, but I am the one going away for the weekened......do I feel bad about leaving them all behind :chin: :no: not one little bit!!!!!! Mom needs a break!!!

Food has been so/so, the scale is staying the same and I thank goodness for that. I just seemed to reach some funky place I can't seem to crawl out of. I think after my free for all this weekend I will have it all out of my system....gosh I hope so, okay no gosh about it!!! I will be back on track I promise you and myself.


04-29-2003, 03:38 PM
Hey no fair, I'm just getting in to work and you're day's almost over :( . I'm indulging myself in a little coffee this morning, nothing fancy, just plain royal Kona coffee w/some equal and half/half. I had an english muffin w/peanut butter and jelly for breakfast than I ate a Spam musubi (kind of like a sushi thing but w/spam instead of fish)...do you guys eat Spam over there? I think Hawaii has the largest consumption of Spam per capita nationwide--not that I'm proud or anything, that's just a little fact :lol: . Anyway, that's way more calories than I normally eat at breakfast so I need to watch it the rest of the day. My legs are speaking to me this morning. I finally got on the elliptical for 15 minutes yesterday, then went out and did my regular walking route...my bones are creaking and complaining along w/my muscles which I've never felt before :lol: .

Angie have fun doing your hair tomorrow. You'll feel like a new woman :lol: . Is your hair naturally wavy or do you get it permed? It's really nice. My hair is straight as a pin and even when I used to get it permed the stylist would have a hard time getting it to go on the rods. I like my straight hair now though.

Sandy where are you going for the weekend? No kids huh? No hubby too? That would be fun wouldn't it? Once in a great while my sisters and I jet over to another island like Maui or the Big Island and just go have fun w/out hubbys or BF's...oh yeah, girls just want to have fun.

Kemp whenever you write about work I think of you as the responsible adult...me, I feel like I'm always goofing off here at work :dizzy: --it must be because I am.

Well, I've got to get started on some invoices so we can get some money into the bank. Have a great day everyone.

04-29-2003, 04:12 PM
I am sneaking back on again.

Noeel don't think that I don't goof off alot b/c I do. I think I would go crazy if I worked constantly.

Sandy I am heading out for the weekend too. Hubby and I are going to the beach. I am sooo ready for some sun. (not to much ready for the bathing suit though).

04-29-2003, 04:57 PM
I remember reading in someone's journal once (I can't remember who it was) this passage, and it really spoke to me, so I printed it out and stuck it to my computer next to my desk. It's been taped there for quite a few months and just now I re-read it. It goes like this: (remember, I didn't compose this, I "lifted" it out of someone's 3FC journal, so the author, whoever you are, thanks!)

I am strong...
I am capable...
I am worth everything...
I am worth every muscle cramp I will get, every bead of sweat...
I am a Queen, a Goddess... :queen:
I am strong.
I will make it :yes: .
I will be everything I ever wanted to be.
I am worth every second spent, every calorie saved & every calorie burned.
I am real. I have feelings. I am a woman, a mother, a daughter, sister, friend... :df:
Everything I do affects something else in the universe :spin: .
I am strong :strong: .
I am me :chin: .

I loved it then and I love it now--even more so since my hubby hand wrote in pen at the bottom: don't forget you are beautiful. Love you! :love: How sweet, don't ya think? heehee

**what brought about all this introspection? my doorbell rang a few minutes ago and there was a car load of lowlifes (my first impression of them) blocking my warehouse door, cigarette smoke billowing out of the windows...I had to tell them to scram and quit blocking the door since I was expecting some deliveries. They made some comments which I couldn't exactly hear but they moved. I am feeling empowered. ROAR!

04-29-2003, 06:42 PM
Sandy, A vacation? How fun. I haven't been on a vacation since the kids were in headstart and they are in 4th and 5th grades now. And that was just a night in New Hampshire and we went to StoryLand and Santas Village. Me and Corey both got attacked by a reindeer there too. I was so pissed. It jumped up on my shoulders and then rammed Corey(who was about 4) in the stomache. We had to walk around all day dirty from the damn thing. :lol: It has been a while. Have fun.

Noelle, My hair used to be straight when I was a kid and then in my teens I used to get perms alot but my last perm was about 10 years ago and the damn curl won't leave. :lol: I would love to have straight hair that doesn't frizz up when it is dry. I use so much hair spray so it won't do that.

Kempy, the beach. Now I am jealous. I told Jay yesterday that I wished we could think of something fun to do but in Maine there is nothing fun to do. I have been to Bar Harbor more times than I want to count and that is about it to do here.

I am making lowfat Fish and chips for supper. I haven't had it for a long time and I am trying to make this week a good one. Oh yeah, I will have logged 7 miles walked by tonight. YEAH!!!

04-29-2003, 07:43 PM
I'm so sorry, I thought I had told you all about me leaving for the weekend. Well, heres the lowdown. A bunch of us girls (cousins, aunts, grandmothers, moms, mom in laws, friends and whoever else) We all get together 2 times a year and go up north to a town called Carroll. Family owns a camp up there. So anyway thats where we are all headed!!! Friday 10:00am we are out of here!!! No kids, no hubbys, no males of any sorts!!! Drinks, food and woman and I am taking the video camera this time....that should be funny. Last time, we went up 2 weeks after the family reunion type thing up there on Labor Day weekend, well anyway I did not bother to unpack the sleeping bag I was taking with me cause I was just gonna have to pack it again, (hubby and I have a double sleeping bag) well anyway, I went to crawl in that night when it was just all woman and guess what was in my bag????My hubbys undies....LOL, guess that was a story from Labor day...thought I would share with you all, all the girls up there got a big laugh and to this day talk about it, and I am sure there will be the questions if I brought them this time...LOL

So, yes its a grown up girl slumber party I guess, only with alcohol. We laugh so hard you come home with your ribs hurting from laughing for two days.


04-29-2003, 09:08 PM
Ooh la la Sandy...the things that can be done in a double sleeping bag :lol: :devil: . I can imagine the fun you'll have this time. I like hanging out w/just "the girls" . Have fun! You deserve a break for sure.

Angie were you in the middle of reindeer mating season? :lol: Sorry I don't mean to laugh but just picturing the animal head butting...I've seen goats do it to the little kids at the zoo, I can just imagine what kind of damage a bigger deer can do.

It's so dang hot here today, upwards of 83 degrees--bright, blue and sunny--I can imagine what summer temps will be...sweating now as it is already. Anyhoo, my sons King costume came via UPS right after I had lunch. It's really cute w/a velvety cape and everything. I hope he's not too hot in it on the day of the party. I'll try and get a picture of him w/all the little princesses. Well, it's back to finish my work day. Have a good night everyone.

04-30-2003, 12:04 AM
:cp: Go Angie....7 miles:cp: Just a real quick check in again. It sounds like everybody had a really great day. Good!!! I think I have decided after my inal on Thurs. I'm going to take some time off for the summer so I can spend a little extra time at home with my kids at least for a couple weeks. BIG decision. It will also give me some time to oncentrate on myself also. :) I think it's going to be good.

Sandy: Have fun on your trip!!!!

Noelle: Can't wait to see pictures of the king!!!

Well I'll try and check in later after the little ones fall asleep. Have a good night everyone.

04-30-2003, 12:28 PM
Not much going on down here today.

Angie I can't wait to see your hair. I am sure it is going to look great. Have you thought about contacting the Maine tourism board? They should be able to help you find things to do close to you.

I got myself up and to the gym today but when I got here I was totally unmotivated. I endedd up doing 10 min. of cardio. :fr: That isn't enough to burn any sort of cals.

One of our memebrs brought in some old photos of our town from 1900. Talk about wild. It is strange seeing the streets made of dirt. I loved looking through them. There were only a few building I couldn't figure out but all of the rest of them are still here and look pretty much the same.

04-30-2003, 01:07 PM
Kempy,I love the old pictures too. We usually have books floating around that show all of the towns old pics. It is strange to see the town that you can still sorta resemble with the dirt roads and horses.

Jen, You should take some time off you sound like a very busy woman. The kids would probably love it too.

Noelle, I have no idea what that deer was thinking. :lol: I had a handful of grain and I saw it looking at me funny and then he just ran and jumped on my shoulders and I started to scream then he got off and I saw him dig the ground and he put his head down and rammed Corey and knocked him over. :lol: I was so embarrassed because there were tons of people in there. We went on the tram after and looked down on them and said we were coming back at hunting season and taking care of him. :lol:

Sandy, Sounds like a fun weekend. I have never been away from Jay for even a night. I swear we are just like my parents. Always together. I hope you have a great time and I can't wait to hear stories.

My hair came out good. I will have Brit take a picture of me later and change my avatar. I am sore today. I did one walk so if I get in 2 more this afternoon I will still have 4 1/2 miles.

04-30-2003, 03:28 PM
Hey chickies! I think I've picked up an old addiction of mine (no, not food :lol: ) , coffee in the morning. I haven't had coffee in the mornings for like 8 mos? Ever since I left my old job I haven't had coffee in the morning. How did I ever do it? I had McDonald's coffee yesterday which was OK, but this morning I went to the 7-11 where they have all sorts of different flavors. I chose coconut cream :T , just the name sounded good--and it is. They also have the regular Kona coffee which is grown on the Big Island and stuff like chocolate mocha or mocha mint (?)... I like coffee, makes me all warm and fuzzy inside, then after I'm done I'm all jittery--which I like somtimes :lol: . I have a coffee maker here in the office but it's brand new and I don't feel like making a whole pot of coffee just for me--if I did, I just may drink the whole thing. I have one of those french press thinga-ma-jigs but since I'm boycotting all things french (haha) I will not use it. OK nuff about coffee. I lost control last night after my walk and ate some cheese stuffed breadsticks--4, count 'em 4 + 2 malasadas :( :ink: . I dunno, once I had one I just couldn't stop. But! Back on track today (crossing fingers).

Jen I hear there was some hail in Denver? Is that where you are? On the news they showed a boy riding a bike with the hail pelting down and all the cars backed up on the freeway during the hailstorm. Aren't we heading toward summer already? Sheesh.

Angie can't wait to see your new pic. You're sure burning up those miles :dancer: . I'm trying to get on my elliptical more and more each day...my thigh muscles don't like it at all :lol: .

Kempy did that personal trainer just give you a workout plan that you're supposed to follow? If I had a personal trainer I think I'd want him/her to be on my *** the whole time I was at the gym (that would be the only way I would keep doing the exercise I think :lol: ) . Hey, at least you did 10 min...better than zero.
As far as historic pictures, I live in an old sugar mill town and there are still some of the original buildings and the mill w/smoke stack still standing. The last of the plantation houses have gone though, and it's too bad because some of the "luna" (boss) houses were really beautiful and could've been restored. A lot of the local business here have pictures of the area where their buildings now stand. It's really neat.

Sandy, it's almost Friday--can you stand the wait? I need a vacation too....just need to think of where.

Oh yeah, and Angie, you should try to get away from Jay now and then--I've left the country w/out Rick and let me tell you, I had the time of my life :lol: . All good clean fun but no man telling me 'enough shopping' already...

Hey did anyone catch that series "Manor House" on PBS? It's about a bunch of people who go and live in this big old manor house like the "Edwardian Days" (1900's?) --they show the heirarchy of the house servants from the scullery maid up to the ladies maid, the hall boy to the butler and the Lord and lady of the house--these are all people like us (except British) who volunteered for the "experience"...really interesting to see how the people lived then. It's sorta like the other American show where the people went and lived for 6 months like in pioneer times. I would not volunteer for that.

04-30-2003, 05:35 PM
Noelle, You have been good all week right? I wouldn't worry about it just be good today and it won't stay with you. Plus, you did just get done walking so that must have helped a little bit.

04-30-2003, 05:41 PM
Here is a bigger pic of my avatar since when I shrunk it you can't see it very well.

04-30-2003, 05:44 PM
WOO HOO :dancer: :high: Your hair looks great.And check out that green grass behind you. I know you are happy about that.

04-30-2003, 05:45 PM
woo hoo Angie--hair looks great! That lightening up really makes you look younger (not that you looked old before :rolleyes: ) . Looking good chicky! I can't get over how much you remind me of my friend Theresa from Baltimore (when she was skinny :lol: ) .

04-30-2003, 05:54 PM
I love the hair, it looks great!!! And you, have you taken a good look in the mirror lately? You are beutiful!!! You should be so proud.

Nope, I can't wait!!! Counting the hours....the minutes...got my wine today and I am ready to go...oh yeah, got to pack more than my sleeping bag and wine...LOL

04-30-2003, 05:55 PM
Are all 4 of us sneaking in here today instead of working? shame on us :devil:

04-30-2003, 05:58 PM
snicker, snicker :lol: my boss doesn't even know it either :devil:

04-30-2003, 06:06 PM
I am sure that I look really busy typing away. :devil:

04-30-2003, 08:36 PM
Thanks for the nice compliments. I actually couldn't get a really good pic today. The wind kept blowing and I was either smiling goofy or blinking. HEHE

I love the green grass. The field is almost there. The trees are budding and soon we will have leaves. YEAH!!

Sandy, Have you ever had the Jack Daniels drinks. They are little bottles but when I used to party alot I would drink the fruit punch one. I cant remember the name of it but I would drink like 12 of them and I never had a hangover the next day. YUMMY!!

05-01-2003, 01:53 AM
Angie: Love the new picture, you are so pretty.

Thought I would check in really quick, it's been crazy busy here lately. We took part of my final tonight, and I was so unprepared.:( Went for my walk today and had decided to go a different way, as I was coming down the hill to a pond I saw about 25 big white birds, and as I got closer about 20 of them swirled around in the water and swooped up into the air, they were about 5 feet above my head. It was so Awesome. I had never seen anything like that before, they were up in sky just flying around for the longest time. ONe of the people that live right there said they ended up there about 2 weks ago and seem to have made a home. She had told me they were pelicans. Now I never knew that pelicans were in this part of the country. I hope they dicide t stay. On top of that as I was walking back the other wayI heard this loud rumble and look up and there are 16 fighter jets (Air National Guard) flying in formation (flying pretty low) over to the base, I guess it was a bunch of soldiers that were overseas that were able to come home. Well I guess I'm off, sorry this was so long. I'll check back in tomorrow. You all have agreat Thursday!!!!!

05-01-2003, 11:05 AM
Well, I jynxed myself. I have been saying all week that I can't believe I haven't had a single cold all winter and guess what?? I woke up today and my throat is yucky feeling. If it gets any worse than I am going to have to call the doctors to see if it is strep. I HOPE NOT!!!

It is raining out today so I had to do the elliptical and bike. NOT FUN!!

Jen, The birds and the jets must have been neat to see.

05-01-2003, 11:17 AM
Here is the link to the new thread.http://www.3fatchicks.com/forum/showthread.php?s=&threadid=27222