UK Fat Chicks - Hi, UK chicks - I want in on the action!

07-13-2012, 04:54 AM
Hello! I've been reading these forums ever since I started trying to lose weight about six weeks ago. I am so amazed and reassured at how lovely you all seem and how supportive you are of each other, and now I want in! My boyfriend knows I am trying to lose weight and he's incredibly supportive but I think he's getting a little sick of me talking about it all the time. I find the whole topic really interesting, but I can see his eyes starting to glaze over. So I should probably talk to you lot, who seem to be as interested as me in the whole process! :carrot:

I'm 25 and living in London. I have always been on the heavy side and I would love to change this. A massive, massive factor for me is emotional binging. I have finally come to terms with the fact that I have quite a big problem with solitary binging. I've been doing it ever since I was around 15 (oh, God, that's TEN years!) and it's something I really want to get under control. I have never told anyone that it's something I do but it's been great to read through posts here and see other people going through the same thing and to know I'm not as weird or disgraceful as I've been telling myself. A few years ago I did make it just over six months without binging, but then started again and obviously my weight went up again. I'm not sure what caused me to do it again, (and once I did it once, gradually they got more and more frequent) so this time round I'm trying really hard to be vigiliant and pay attention to what makes me want to do it so badly. I'm still not sure what I will do if I get an overwhelming urge, though.

I find this can be difficult for dieting - rather than "dieting", I should say "lifestyle change" - because I am in a certain mindset after so many years. I totally understand the idea behind having "treats" or occasions where you eat something not in your diet plan but I'm frightened if I do that, the floodgates will open and I'll start binging again. But it's obviously not sustainable for me to be strict for the rest of my life! Any tips and hints welcome!

I have put 140 as my end goal, just since that's a healthy BMI for my height. But I don't think it's really about the numbers for me. I would like to be thinner so I'm obviously aiming for the numbers to decrease but I will be ridiculously pleased if I can bid farewell to binges and stick at 145 or something.

Looking forward to getting to know you all a little better!

07-13-2012, 07:30 AM
Hi Poppy, Welcome!

Awww, I am glad you felt ready to join us, it is just the nicest group of people going here, so wonderful and supportive.

I am in a similar situation, trying to lose weight and get a more healthy lifestyle, but also tackle problems with binge eating... I am trying to stop the solitary binges too, it is hard but getting better! I hope I can give some help and encouragement; I am by no means there yet but I am learning ways to deal with it.

That is great that your boyfriend is being supportive. And now you have all of us!!:carrot: See you around here!!


mountain walker
07-13-2012, 07:33 AM
Welcome Poppy201!
I am so glad you have joined us. This is a great forum even if you want a rant or to confess abinge or whatever!
I think most people who are overweight do not have a healthy attitude towards food. It might be binging, or regular overeating or lack of care about what we put in our bodies.
You are so right to start sorting it at your age. I am 45 and I have tried a zillion times to address my emotional eating and all or nothing philosophy.
This website has helped me a thousand times more than the WW leaders or aerobics teachers. As you can see I have a long way to go but in my head I feel so much better about food helps knowing others are going through the same things!
Good luck on your journey.

07-13-2012, 01:48 PM
Hi JoseLo and mountain walker - thanks for the welcome! :)

JoseLo - Glad to hear it is getting better with the binging. I hope to be in a similar place one day. Yes, he's a very nice man... But I don't want to test the boundaries of how much longer I can continue to talk about just one thing!

mountain walker - "I think most people who are overweight do not have a healthy attitude towards food." Good point. This seems true to me. I suppose I have never spoken to anyone, overweight or otherwise, about binging so I've never been able to have a frank discussion before - it can make me feel a bit isolated and like I'm the only one doing it.

And yes, every time I've binged for the last however many years, I've always said to myself "I can easily stop tomorrow if I want to, I just don't want to stop today." Which is ridiculous. Because I do obviously really want to quit doing it!

07-13-2012, 06:11 PM
Hello Poppy! Welcome to the club! by the look of your stats, you don't have too much to lose, so with the support of 3FC you'll be fit and healthy in no time! There are the UK chicks pages naturally, and also there are sub forums for just about any exercise regimen, diet type or common problems should you need a wider net of support.

I didn't see you mention any exercise regimen, are you planning on doing any as part of your lifestyle overhaul? It can be really enjoyable and very helpful with gaining muscle, toning up and actually making your body more efficient at burning energy. If you have any exercise, gym or running queries, I'll do what I can to help (I'm a bit of a gym bunny :D)

07-14-2012, 08:59 AM
Hi Marchmallow. :) Thanks for the welcome. I don't know, I know it's not mega amounts, but 30lbs feels like quite a lot to lose and quite far away to me!

I've been reading through most of the sub forums so will definitely be posting in those too. There's so much good advice about!

Exercise-wise, I bought a pilates DVD and a cardio DVD just to do at home for the time being. I'm trying to do a combination of them about three times a week at the moment. (But I don't always manage it.) I've never really exercised properly and I have to force myself to do them cos I don't really enjoy doing them. (Feel good afterwards though!) But I have seen on here that people didn't like it to begin with and then once it became a habit they started to enjoy it. Did you always love working out? I am wondering if running will perhaps suit me better. (If it ever stops bloody raining!)

I didn't want to pay to join a gym initially and then never go cos I am a bit intimidated by gyms and the people in them!

07-23-2012, 02:20 PM
Hello Poppy201!

When I saw this thread my heart pretty much skipped a beat because my situation is almost identical (minus the boyfriend but my friends react the same). Like you, numbers don't really bother me. I'm quite broad so I have to accept I'm never going to be at a really low weight. Besides, I'd prefer to be a little curvy anyway.

I'm looking forward to hearing about your success!

07-23-2012, 07:52 PM
Hi GetSkinnyForSummer, nice to hear from you. You're right, same stats too! It'll be interesting to see what numbers we both end up at!

I'm still pretty new to the forum but it's a great place to vent and talk about all diet-relating stuff that people in real life probably get fed up of hearing after a while. Look forward to seeing you around the board!

08-03-2012, 01:32 PM
Hi Poppy!

I'm new too and would like to echo what you said. This seems like a great forum.

I live in London too. I'm 31 and 5'9/5'10 and 188. I just started last month at 210 (that was on my period after a big lunch) so I guess I had a little water weight bonus the first month. I've been pretty steadily losing 1.5-2lb a week on a 1300-1600 calorie whole foods diet with a maintenance day once a week to keep my metabolism moving.

And I feel SOOOOOO much better!


08-08-2012, 03:20 AM
Hi cherhorowitz :)

Sounds like you are doing really well with your diet - great stuff! I am feeling generally better too - long may it continue!

08-11-2012, 01:12 PM
Hi Poppy,

I can really relate to what you're saying (including my relatives eyes glazing over lol). I too am an emotional eater. Having a nice meal out, a take away, an indulgent dessert, a bar of chocolate etc was always used to celebrate or commiserate in my household growing up and its the first thing I turn to now.

Chocolate became a regular friend of mine and I would hide myself away with a multi pack of choccie bars regularly and feel ashamed and hide the fact later. I found that cutting chocolate out completely for a few weeks worked for me (I managed about 4 weeks) but didnt want to continue as I didnt want it to become the focus of my life, so I introduced 1 or 2 small bars per week. After a few weeks this started creeping up to 4 and 5 so I cut it out again for a few weeks til I could regain control. Its still extremely hard cos even now 8 weeks after starting this health eating regime 1 bar still doesnt cut it and I hate that I still long for the multi pack. I'm hoping this will lessen in time.

I've found some alternatives such as mini milks or skinny cow ice creams that help and are v few calories, but I know I wont binge on these like I would chocolate so maybe look for some alternatives that you feel you can control yourself around.

Its a marathon, not a sprint as I'm learning :)