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04-01-2003, 05:33 PM

We want to invite everyone to join us in our journey.
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We want to invite everyone to join us in our journey.
We share laughter and tears.
We share what works for us and what doesn't.
We recently started a Topic of the Day.

:wave: WELCOME!

04-01-2003, 05:59 PM
Deon: I don't know if you were kidding or not when you said: Tina: Ok call me slow or whatever. But I thought Tony was your husband?? :?: I am confused. I don't read the entire posts and I guess somewhere along the way I missed something. :) If you're serious, you just made my day! :lol: Well, even if you're kidding you made my day. I suppose I could look at this from a psychological view and think, "Hmm, :chin: perhaps I talk about Tony a little too much if someone thinks he's my husband. Perhaps I should concentrate more on the man that I've spent 17 years of my life with. Perhaps I should just think or speak about Tony Stewart on race day if it's pertaining to the race. Definitely something to think about.

NOT! :lol:

Tony Stewart is a stockcar driver for Nascar Winston Cup. In my opinion, he is the best driver on the track and is awesome. He's not too hard on the eyes either. This is Tony:


Ron, is my dh. He is the man I truly love. We have been together since I was 15 and he was 13. (Yes ladies, I got him right off the vine) We have been married over 15 years and there is no one else in the world like him. I mean, how many other men would just laugh and shake their head at my tony fetish. Then again, he also knows that I truly do like him for his racing ability. Say what you will......but the man drives like no one I've ever seen. Oops, where were we? Oh yeah, my husband. He is like all men, pretty lazy, forgetful and a slob, but he loves me and a day never goes by that he doesn't tell me. From day one, he has never made me feel anything but beautiful and that is why I love him. This is Ron:


He likes Tony too....just maybe in a different way. :s:

If you were kidding, well then....you've just made me type a whole post explaining the differences between my real life and my fantasy life. But then again, I wouldn't call it a waste, because we all knew I was gonna end up talking about one of them before the day was over anyways! :lol:

Either way, you made my day! :grouphug:

04-01-2003, 07:15 PM
Just finished teaching piano lessons for the day... just wanted to take a second and pop on here to reply to Tina.

Tina: I COMPLETELY understand. :) Last week, it actually crossed my mind that if I continued to wait until my own personal weight loss website was done (this is could be a long time) that people might start to doubt that I had lost weight! :lol: I also totally understand feelings of jealousy. The reason for this is BECAUSE I was overweight my entire life and had those exact same feelings when I heard of other people's weight loss. I was happy for them... but wished it could have been me! I kept wishing I'd had the willpower to start the year before! I think your "confession" is 100% natural and you are just being honest with me. (You, by the way, probably create a lot of jealousy with your fabulous success thus far too!!!) It is an honor for me (the old me and the new me) to be on your fridge as a source of inspiration. THANK YOU! :)

Catch you chickies later,
Sara :)

04-01-2003, 08:28 PM
Dear sweet ladies, could I impose on you to say a couple prayers for me? I have a job interview with the Senior Assisted Living complex (part time receptionist on weekends) on Thur and I sent a resume in today for a full time receptionist position. I really need to go back to work. I am getting really bored at home (there is only so much you can clean when there is only two of you living in a home!) and I don't want to slip back into bad habits. We can live perfectly fine on dh's income, but having extra money for home improvements on the condo, getting dh's clunker running, tagged and insured again and planning a great vacation (which we have now had to postpone because of some much needed condo repairs) would be welcome with my income again. Thank you. I will post longer tomorrow.


04-01-2003, 09:16 PM
Happy Birthday, Duckie!

:hb: :gift: :hat: :cp: :dancer: :grouphug: :lucky: :wizard: :bravo:

04-01-2003, 09:38 PM
Donna: you asked for em~~~~you got em TOYOTA!!!! OPPS, WRONG SONG.....lol....You got my prayers for the job. Keeping my :crossed: for you.

Sara and Tina: I can totaly relate to the jealousy issues. I want so bad to be small!!! But, I do think of Sara as an inspiration too and you too Tina, I couldnt have gotten to this point without all of you. Tina, if you have noticed? Our weights are about the same now. I know you have lost over 70 lbs and I am so happy for you, I'm at 26 gone but I do find myself watching the numbers of everyone.....:o maybe thats the competitor in me? But friendly compotition is a good thing I think. When I was in ToPS we often had contests to see who could loose the most or what ever in a period of time and the best person got a prize. Anything to help us along our way.

Evan was in a play tonight and he did so good. He said he got really nervous when he saw all the people in the audience. But he did well. I was the proud momma tonight.:D

Once again Happy Birthday Duckie. Hope you had a marvy day.

Hugs to all,

04-01-2003, 10:20 PM
Yes Tina I was completely serious, and I am glad to hear that you love your husband so much. Even though I thought it was Tony!:D

OOOOOHHHHH!!!! I am sooo frustrated. What do you do with kids that are just so rebelious and refuse to do homework or anything that takes effort unless it will benefit them? My son is 11 almost 12 and he will not do homework. He doesn't get to do sports and he is grounded 99% of the time but he still refuses to to even try. And he is blatently disrespectful towards us. No you must understand that we are pretty lenient on our kids and they lead pretty free lives, all we expect is for them to do well in school and they can pretty much do what they want. My oldest is an honor student and cheerleader and does pretty much every thing she is told, and my youngest is a super pleaser, she gets good grades and does everything she is told and always tows the line. Now my boy is the sweetest most loving and sensitive boy around sometimes too sensitive. But he is an airhead!! :p I love him dearly but I am at the end of my rope with him. Any advice???
This is awesome, my sister just sent it to me, talk about timing. It takes a few to load but it is worth it. http://www.theinterviewwithgod.com/popup2.html

Another thing, a couple of months ago he got into some big trouble, first time. He and another boy whom he was spending the night with, which I thought he was under adult supervision, went carousing during the night with some older kids and did some vandalism, well this is big. he knew he blew it, he was sooo grounded and had pretty much everything taken away from him, well him being the sensitive one, it was around valentines day, got a valentine card that said how sorry he was and could I ever forgive him for dissapointing me. My heart melted:cry: . He felt soo bad. Well he just came and apologised again for being a dissapointment. What am I doing wrong? Is it too much pressure? I try not to let him know I am dissapointed, that he needs to do this for himself not me. He thinks his firends and girlfriends and playing are more important, meanwhile he is getting D's and F's on his report card, and it is not a learning problem because when he does the work he gets A's and B's. Well any advice would be helpful. Thanks to all.

04-01-2003, 10:21 PM
Under my last post and Sandy's post, the times say something like 4/2 1:37 AM...:?: Since it's still 4/1 (and I've yet to think of a comeback for Miss April Fooler) I was just curious.

ANYWAY...that's not why I'm here when I should be napping. I just wanted to report a successful first day. I must say, it was touch and go there for a bit. As I was making dinner, mashing potatoes, (one of my all time favorites) I started tasting...you know, so you can sdjust the salt, etc...After about three spoonfuls I stopped and thought...gotta count those points! So I did... and added a few more nibbles that found their way into my mouth! All told, I logged in at 34 points (1 over)...but! I took a very brisk walk with the dog earlier...35 minutes...based on the activity points calculator, that was worth 3 points! I'm not gonna nit pick it though, and die if I'm a point over...I won't even count the activity points...in my mind, that will give me an excuse to eat, "just a teeny bit more."

So, food was good, I drank all my water, exercised, I even started a little journal...just to keep track of points and activity.

That's it for me! Oh yeah! I weigh 253 today, up a little due to TOM. I want to be in the 240s next week. and in the 140s the week after that! ;)

I'll reply to everyone tomorrow, I really have to lie down and rest for my lovely job that I still have, Tina, because the other job was PURGED when it was time to trim the budget. :( I've always got my eye out for something new. I don't mind this job, really...just need to get a better sleep pattern going, but I'm not sure you ever do that, working nights. Oh well...

see y'all later.

04-01-2003, 10:23 PM
Oh sure, 3fc...make a LIAR of me! Now the times are correct...

04-01-2003, 10:51 PM
One more thing, Sara, I too have your picture on my fridge. You are truly an ispiration. One question, how long did it take you?

04-01-2003, 11:55 PM
Baylee...YOU ROCK!!!! I'm so proud of you!

To answer your ?, Deon...I think it took Sara 1 year, (or thereabouts) to accomplish that!! Isn't she amazing?

I'm off to work...bye for now...

04-02-2003, 12:53 AM
Tina: Is it just me or do I see a SLIGHT resemblence between Ron and Tony?:devil:

Donna: Good luck on that job interview!:cb: Keep us posted on everything!

Nice to see the rest of you are doing well and a big HELLOOOOOOOOO from here in good old PA!

Tomorrow is the doctor appointment; I think he is going to be very pleased with my progress, though there is a slight chance he may bring up WLS again---maybe not, who knows?:?:

Anyway, I have two photoshoots lined up with two Pittsburgh area photographers for mid-April, and I am also going to be in the Fashion Bug fashion show on April 12 at my local store!:s:

04-02-2003, 02:50 AM
Hello all you gullable lovelies... :lol:
It is me... the prankster here. :p

I have had a VERY VERY busy day... and see no free time tomorrow either. There were sooo many things I wanted to reply on... but just tooooooo tired.

Lori... WELCOME !!! Have you been here before? I don't remember you here... but I have seen your avatar before... I LOVE IT !!!!! In fact I stole it with the intention of posting it here one day soon. You beat me to it. LOL

Donna... have everything crossed and prayer said for you. :crossed:

Ladies... I just can't stay up any longer. It is nearly 1 am and I only got 2 hours of sleep last night. :rolleyes: It takes time to write those great sagas. LOL Actually I cheated on that one. I stole a lot of it from an email someone sent me. :o BUT... all of my other stories have been all mine and TRUE.

And yes... I could see that fiasco happening to me too. :lol:

04-02-2003, 03:15 AM

Well, I am feeling like crap again so thought I would sit here and post since I just ask for prayer earlier.

Baylee: Good girl and yeah for you! You are doing great!

Kat: Weigh to go! Hope you are doing ok with the night work. I have done that and it is very tough especially with children in the house!

Deon: What can you say about kids? I thought I wouldn't survive my two. The boy was very gifted but thought school was a nuisance so did lousy. He even had to take Sophmore English in summer school. I found out his summer school teacher was my old English teacher and I told him that if he didn't get an A in there I was going to kill him dead! (I was an english nut in school and even took 2 courses a day my senior year). Giving advice on homework is really tough. The little buggers are sneaky and a lot of times unless the teacher keeps you informed, you don't know they are flunking until report card time. We were strict parents, but they still did things behind our backs. They did turn out alright though. Here is my lofty suggestions. First off, find something he really dispises to do, clean the garage, clean the bathroom, something gross, the worse the better. Warn him ahead of time that grades not up to snuff or getting into trouble again and whamo he gets the nasty chores and ones that take up huge amounts of time on the weekend too! Tell him if he wants to act like a baby then you will treat him like a baby and that every time grades dip or trouble, either you or dad will be going on the next date, get together or whatever. Oooh they hate that one! I know, but if you want something to work, sometimes the sacrifice has to come from you. Also, put a kabosh on freedom completely until there is an improvement. Rides bus instead or friends or drives or you take him and make sure he is seen by friends. For gosh sakes, don't try and be their friend! You are the parent. Like good ole Dr Phil always says, "they can hate you, they'll get over it!" The worst parents in the world are the ones that say, "We are best friends with our kids." Bologna! The kids are running the house! One more thing, the Bible says, "train up a child in the way he should go and when he is old he will not depart from it." Don't plan on lofty results just give them the right tools to become good adults and they will be ok! Oh and does he feel inferior to the sisters? Sometimes, bad behaviour can be a warning signal that they are not getting the proper attention either.

Sandy: Oh how great that the "King" did so well. I am sure you are very proud of him!

Lastly, thought you might like a little chuckle regarding kids. This one is a dgs special. Now remember, he is just 2 1/2. Kelly told T to tell Granddad and Nonny what he had done in the house. He said, " I cooked a corndog in the microwave and started the house on fire." Yep, that is kind of what he did. While Kelly was upstairs, he got a plastic plate, got a corndog out of the freezer, wrapped it in a washcloth, put it in the microwave and set it to cook for 30 minutes. Kelly came downstairs and the house was filled with smoke. She got the plate outside onto the sidewalk and went back in to open the windows. When she came back out, she said the corndog had taken off and looked like sparklers on the Fourth of July! That's my boy! lol He then told me about Mr. Guy (his other grandparents cat) He sid, "Mr. Guy was sick and Pops was crying so we put Mr Guy in the mud so he would be nice and cosy!" What a way to look at death! lol

Love you guys! Donna :)

04-02-2003, 09:07 AM
Where do I start? I could see myself going way off of the plan today!!!!

Heres what happened. Last night we were getting ready to go to the sons play. Well everyone got to eat supper but me after I cooked the damned turkey. But I had to get everyones butt moving, get the video camera ready and get my turn in the bathroom. Well finally we are ready to go and I look and hubby is only in his Shirt and unders. Well I said are you going with us or what? He said, what time do you have to be there? I said we have to leave NOW, I have to drop Lexi off at my moms and pick your mom up because she wants to go and Evan needs to be there at 6. Okay, he says I will meet you there, so this ticks me off a little!!! Then when he gets there he walks in with one of my best friends and her daughter who decided to sit behind us. Well I told dh he could sit with us beside his mom, and she also said that, well nope, he sat with my friend. Mind you, I know nothing is going on, but she is a divorced mom of 3 and we tend to help her a lot when needed, like this winter he plowed her driveway for nothing because she could not afford to have it done. Anyway, I just think a husband should sit with his wife at a public function like this!!!! So this a.m, he finally asks whats wrong and I tell him and now I've managed to blow this thing in to a huge fight I guess, because when I asked for a kiss goodbye he said "NO if you want to drag something stupid like this into a fight we can" and I said I was only trying to tell you how I feel!!!! I mean really, if I had sat next to another man (friend) instead of him, he would have been wild!! Yes, we are both jealous people, not that either of us have anything to be jealous of, we are committed to each other. But, I was hurt and trying to explain that to him but have only managed to blow it to pieces. NOw????Do I stand my ground or what? He says its an insult to him for me to think that way. But even my friend looked up and said, oh my we are gonna have the whole town buzzing, you walked in with me and sitting with me. RRRRRRRRRRRRRRR, men!!!!!!

Any advice?

Teary eyed,

04-02-2003, 09:57 AM
Sandy: Oh honey, husbands are such :censored: putzs sometimes! This comes from a woman married longer than Zeus! First, let me tell you my opinion and then what to you should probably do, but they don't jell. If it was my dh, I know I would have not spoken to him until he ask what was wrong and than told him flat out that he embarrassed the heck out of me by sitting with someone else, let alone someone the neighborhood knew is unmarried. Secondly, why did you feel you couldn't be ready and go with us? Now, I know this would have caused friction, but I wouldn't have cared. The only time dh ever did anything even close to that was when dd was a baby (25 years ago!), he was on recruiter duty and I went to the office to go and have lunch with him. He was busy and couldn't go and had to answer the phone, so I just sat at his desk. His briefcase was open and there lay pictures of him and some woman I had never seen before standing in front of a school bus. Oooohh, I popped my cork, picked the pics up, stormed out without even saying goodbye, drove all over town tearing up the pics and strewing them all over. When I went to pick him up, I wouldn't talk to him at all. When he finally got me to talk, I unloaded. The dummy come to find out allowed himself to be photographed with this woman (who was an aquaintance of the other recruiter there in the office) to make HER boyfriend jealous. The pics were innocent as Jack was just standing beside her, but I told him I would leave him if he ever pulled such a stupid stunt again! Now, to your problem. When dh gets home, I would NICELY say to him that you would really like to talk to him when the kids are in bed. Then, and this is the hard part, do not harangue about what happened at the play, but do tell him that you trust him completely, but it was really really embarrassing for you to have him sit with someone else, let alone a woman everyone knows is single. Tell him you love him and you don't want to fight about it, but that he really hurt your feelings! Tears would work pretty good at this point! Bet ya, you will make up and everything will be hunky dory. BIG THING....YOU MUST LET IT GO THEN AND FORGET ABOUT IT!!!!!!!! PS: The dumb friend should have insisted he sit with you by the way. What the :censored: is wrong with her? Some friend!

Love you sweety and don't let this get you off your path for today ok?

DAY 2 CHALLENGE!!! It will be too! I have the microwaving arsonist today while his mom goes on a job interview! :lol:


04-02-2003, 10:32 AM
Sandy: I can definitely see what you're saying here. Men can be such butts sometimes. While I love my dh very much, he sounds alot like yours, to a certain degree. My dh (as most men) do not like to deal with any type of conflict. They just like to sail through life, hoping nothing effects them. First of all, I agree that he has nothing to hide. If there were truly something going on between them, that's the last place he'd sit....right beside her. So that's not even an issue. I think, like most men...he didn't even thing anything about it. You, on the other hand...did. And I'll bet you a dollar to a donut, (a low-fat one) that if the situation was reversed, he'd have been burnt up too. :mad: The most important thing you can do now is get over it, because the more you dwell on it and the more you pick at him, the worse it will get. He is not going to see your point. Sometimes you feel like if you talk long enough, and look at a situation from enough angles, you'll see that little light bulb come on over his head and finally, he'll get it! But usually, that will not be the case. The only thing he will hear is "nag...nag...nag." He doesn't see it as you telling him you're upset, he sees it as you nagging him and just trying to start a fight....so I'd let this one go. It wasn't tragic and I'm sure he won't make that mistake again. Hope this helped some. ;) And let me tell you something else: You will not go over your points today....you know why? Because YOU are strong and you have worked too hard for your success to let anyone affect you in this way. Be stronger than this and show him and yourself that he will not get too you. {{{hugs}}}

For instance: Monday...I get off work and go pick up Trey at school. I decide since I haven't been cooking any really big meals lately that I will cook a good dinner, so after I've got him all corraled in the car, we head off to the store, which I would like to mention is worse than going to the dentist. Every isle we're on is, "Mom, can I have that...and Mom, can I have this?" Anyways, I pick up some pork chops for BBQ pork chops, potatoes for mashed potatoes, biscuits, corn and a few more things. As I'm leaving, I remember that dh mentioned to me the other day that he sure would like to have some icecream in the house that wasn't low fat, so I even head over to the icecream isle and pick out his favorite kind....butter pecan. So I lug all this home and in the house and when I come in, older son...(Brian) says, "Dad said to tell you that he waited for you as long as he could and to tell you he went turkey hunting." I was livid. :mad: Let me explain why.... First of all, dh isn't supposed to get off work until 4:00. I walked in the door at 4:03. That means he left work early, thus missing pay. Secondly, he couldn't have waited that long because I picked up Trey at 3:30, went to the store and was home by 4:03. Thirdly, he just went hunting Thurs, Sat and Sunday....which means this was the fourth out of five days that he'd went hunting, not to mention that Trey was now crying and screaming at the top of his lungs because I took him to the grocery store instead of home, where he could have went hunting with his dad. I just cannot comtemplate why a man feels it necessary to sit in the woods like an idiot waiting for some damn turkey to gobble....it is beyond me. :rolleyes:

Needless to say....he had a hotdog for dinner and a burnt one at that. :T :devil:

Deon: You are so cute, you should have known that Tony wasn't my husband though....I mean really, who talks about her husband that much? :lol: As far as your son goes, I'd have to say that I agree with Baylee. My 10 year old is a real slacker when it comes to homework and I literally have to sit on top of him to get him to do it. While it is good for children to have their freedom and that works well for some, others need to have more structure. You need to set some rules down now, before it gets out of hand. My youngest loves to play outside, but before he walks out the door, homework is done. Yeah, he gripes and complains, but he does do it and it definitely helps his grades. After he gets into a daily routine though...he'll get used to it and that might help.

Donna: I'm so sorry that you have been feeling crappy lately. Get out of this funk lady...you can do it! I love the stories about your dgs...they absolutely crack me up. 2cute should have been there with a fire extinguisher....I hear she keeps one of those handy these days. :lol: I'll keep my fingers crossed for you on that job you want.

2cute: You are a little prankster, aren't you? :s: You absolutely cracked me up. Even dh got a chuckle out of it. I'll also have you know that you are the only person that got me all day. I hope you're proud of yourself. :smug:

Baylee: I think everyone here will join me in giving you a standing ovation... :cp: :cp: How proud I am of you. You have really taken this bull by the horns, so to speak...and ran with it! I wish they had TOPS meetings in my area. Your numbers are going down...down...down. You are so close to onederland! You rock Miss Baylee!

Kat: Hey there sweetpea....I remembered that you said that job was purged....sometimes you just have to rattle my cage a little bit and wake me up. :dizzy: I feel for you though....third shift is a killer and I don't know that one ever truly gets used to it. I think it just goes against everything that is normal. Good for you for meeting your challenging day yesterday. Mashed potatoes :T are one of my favorites too and I like to do the "taste test" as well, only problem is, when I used to taste, half the pot would be gone before supper got started! :lol:

Lori: I don't think I've seen you on the board before, but it's good to have you with us. Post often..that's the best way to get to know you! And as far as the resemblence between Tony and Ron .....hmm, I'll have to think on that one. :s:

Sara: I knew you wouldn't be mad at me for being honest with you. I just felt like I should, but to be honest....again. I don't think I ever really doubted that you did it, it was just the ol' green eyed monster rearing it's ugly head. You will be happy to know however that your pretty face is now on the front of my fridge (eye level, I might add) and that image talked me out of having something last night that I didn't need. Thanks again for all your energy, support, laughter and inspiration. That's what being a friend means....

Well guys...I'm out of here for now. I have been typing forever and I have a blue zillion things to do today. If you haven't figured it out by now, I am off today. (no mention of killing Chatty Cathy was a dead giveaway I'm sure) I've already done my 2 mile WATP and I'm about to head in the kitchen to do some good ole fashioned cleaning that should burn off a few more calories. I hope you all have a wonderful day and I will come back later. I love you all. :grouphug:

04-02-2003, 10:47 AM
Hiya Ladies!

All day today (8am to 4pm), I'm staffing the sexual assault support lines from my home. I've had one call this morning so far and I'm hoping, for other's sakes, that the line is quiet for the rest of the day.

Baylee: Woohoo! That's an amazing loss this week! It must feel absolutely fantastic! I'm so happy for you! :D :cp: :cb:

Donna: Sending positive, good luck vibes your way for that job! :goodvibes

Sandy: Man-oh-man-oh-man! Husband's skulls can be a bit thick sometimes! I can relate exactly to how you feel. I think it's perfectly reasonable for you to be peeved at him... I definitely would be if my hubby did the same thing. I think Donna had some good advice... but if I can add my two cents to it... THEN it would be perfect! :lol: No hanky-panky for him until he grovels at your feet! :lol: Just kidding... kinda... :)

Deon: Kat's right. It took me almost a year to reach my goal weight. I started at my heaviest, 270 pounds, in May 2002! It's an honor to be on your fridge too! :lol: Gee... that's a funny thought. Somewhere in the States, a couple of woman have my picture posted on their fridge... :lol: I'm happy to be there! :lol:

Okay. Gotta scoot for now. Be back in a bit!
Sara :)

04-02-2003, 11:23 AM
Oh gosh, thanks for all the advice. But I think you all might have misunderstood when I said that my kids get alot of freedom, that's only after they abide by the rules. I have taken everything away from that boy possible, down to sitting in his room with his bed and a book. He is sooo stubborn he will find a bug to play with rather than do the work. It is a huge fight all the time. And the worst is getting him to even get the homework home. It doesn't help any when you have uncooperative teacher. She thinks it is totally the childs responsibility to take care of homework and such, which I agree, but when that child can't handle the responsibility I need a little help from the teacher. She and I have butt heads before. My daughter had her in 6th grade also, and she didn't like her either. I am just so lost on what else to do. He is a stubborn one. Guilt seems to be the only thing that even comes close to working. Guess I will stick with that. I don't know what else to do.

Anyway, I will get through this. Thanks for all the advice. I know kids don't come with directions, unfortunately. I have a couple easy ones, and then one that will give me a full head of gray hair. :lol: He is the middle child and I know he will make it, cause I was a middle child and I understand what he is going through somewhat, but he is also a boy!;) OH well.

Tomorrow is WI and I am once again nervous about it, I had a couple real low points days and then a couple real close points days, no exercise, weather changed. So I don't know how I will do. Also have struggles with the water thing. Not drinking enough.Well I will try not to stress over it too much. I think I will do ok. :dizzy:

04-02-2003, 02:20 PM
Thank you all for your input. I'm still at work, and trying not to think about home!!!

But, I wanted to tell you this. I did not make my lunch like I usually do to take to work, I decided before I left I was going to the store!!! Okay, my car makes it to the grocery store parking lot, I get out and I go in with all intentions of buying something not so good for me, like that would teach him a lesson? But, I stood there in the store thinking, who will you hurt? So I made a salad at the salad bar, lettuce, cucumbers, carrots, mushrooms and onions and little bit of turkey and ham slices. Then I was gonna go get something else and I said NOPE, this will not make me go back to my old ways!!! I can get through this. It is not a life changing thing that happened, it just really upset me. Men, just sometimes don't use their heads at all! So, he will probably come home late from work like about 6 or 6:30 and has a fire department meeting at 7 and will stay there till 9 or 10 depending on how much he is talking. I will see what kind of mood he is in when he gets home.

Donna: I dont want you to get it wrong, I mean yes she should have said sit with your wife, but she is a good good friend. I think she was not thinking either!!! But, my word, with a dum husband who needs a dumb friend? And she is the one that said we will have the whole town buzzing, so the thought did cross her mind.


04-02-2003, 04:55 PM
>The blondest blond
>A blonde calls her boyfriend and says, "Please come over here and help
>I have a killer jigsaw puzzle, and I can't figure out how to get it
>Her boyfriend asks, "What is it supposed to be when it's finished"?
>The blonde says, "According to the picture on the box, it's a tiger."
>Her boyfriend decides to go over and help with the puzzle.
>She lets him in and shows him where she has the puzzle spread all over
>He studies the pieces for a moment, then looks at the box,
>then turns to her and says,
>"First of all, no matter what we do, we're not going to be able to
>these pieces into anything resembling a tiger".
>He held her hand and said, "Second, I'd advise you to relax.
>Let's have a cup of coffee, and then ..........." he sighed,
>"let's put all the Frosted Flakes back in the box.

04-02-2003, 05:54 PM
I just lost my post, wasted a whole hour typing and now am fuming, but the whole jist of it all was I had a good birthday, nothing special, mom took me out for pizza and some of the church lady's met us at the restaurant, got few little gifts. DF forgot.

Now I have no more time to type
Catch you later

04-02-2003, 07:48 PM
Duckie: I am sorry df forgot your birthday. They can be big lame brains sometimes!

I have lost another 5-7 lbs depending on the accuracy of the scale! That was a nice surprise. I haven't weighed in several weeks.

Hope all are OP today and getting that exercise in. I finished up with my exercise, but did cut it one hallway short today as my back is killing me.

Sandy: Please don't think I was insulting your friend. I just meant she should have insisted he sit with you if the lunkhead was not going to do it himself. I do think you need to address this issue though and not just let it go. It will fester for you as I am sure you won't be forgetting it anytime soon. Hope all goes well with it!

I am so pooped. DGS ran me ragged. We went outside for a few minutes and played t-ball then he let the cat outside and I almost didn't catch him, he got into his granddad's tools and "fixed" my floor fan for me including getting chalk all over his hands and on his very expensive shirt from dh's chalk line. He used dh's meter and promptly told me that "girls can't use pointy things." He talks about his sister all the time now (of course he doesn't have a sister!) and Kel said they cannot seem to make him understand he doesn't have siblings! It can be pretty funny.

Well, need to put away clothes. DGS was at the house almost all day and then I was at the mall and then fixed dinner.

I mailed and faxed 5 resumes so keep your fingers crossed!


04-02-2003, 11:13 PM
Tina and 2Cute: I've only been posting and reading the last couple of weeks--funny thing was, I found the 3FC site on Google while searching for something else! I think finding this is the best thing I can do for myself--everyone is awesome.:D

Men can be "butts" (I'm being nice here :lol: )--why do you think the only "men" in my life at the moment are my two cats, Tigger and Noah? For every "butt" though, there are good ones; those are the ones that are harder to find, it seems:dizzy: !

As I stated on another thread, I saw the doctor today. I should know the results of my thyroid levels and triglycerides (did I spell that right?) next week. Anyway, he has checked my previous tests and it appears that I am borderline diabetic--but the good news is that it isn't anything "a lifestyle change will help," which is what I have been doing anyway. The only difference is that my new caloric intake has gone up from 1200 calories to 1500--"to be on the safe side." ANDDDDDDD...if the weather stays decent, I can keep on walkin' my butt off (oh yes, and the rest of me too)!

The doctor was also positive when I asked his opinion on weight loss (aka bariatric) surgery, and he even recommended a doctor who accepts my insurance and has an excellent reputation in that area of surgery. He is getting the wheels in motion, and wants to see me back in three months, before proceeding to the bariatric surgeon for a consult.

04-03-2003, 02:16 AM
Hi ladies :wave: Have you missed me ???
I have been running my legs off. I am just here for a short hello.
I have not responded personally much in 40 posts so I am not even going to try and catch up. :no: Plus.. I am going to be gone until Monday.

Tomorrow is my dads 93rd birthday. I am driving to Missouri to celebrate with him and take him out for lunch. When I asked what he wanted for his b-day he said.... Not a *&^% thing !! So... I just got him a new shirt and I will take him out for lunch. They are getting rid of everything they own so I understand his frustration.

Friday morning I am headed for OKC to stay with my daughter for 3 days. She does have a computer so I may sneak in late at night after she goes to bed... but no promises.

My food is just becoming so natural now. :)
I do not crave foods and my portion sizes are getting better too.
Progress not perfection.... and .... Practice makes progress. ;)

Okay... I will hopefully peek in before I leave on Thursday morning but if not.... Keep this site going while I am gone.
I am getting sleepy y y y y y

04-03-2003, 04:23 AM
Quick someone call that cute paramedic, 2cute has lost her legs!!! I think I saw them somewhere down the block! Hey that can be a good thing to lose your legs, if done right!:lol:

Ok I feel pretty good tonight, am still nervous about tomorrow night. :( It is WI day. I hope it is good, it seems like it was a struggle this week. but I think it was just a lack of groceries, and trying to figure out what to fix til payday. I am doing good though, still making wise choices.

Well got to run, am tired. Night all!!:yawn: :wave:

04-03-2003, 08:24 AM
Hey there girlfriends,

I completely forgot about chat last night. But, under the circumstances I'm sure you will forgive me. Anyway, I guess all is better with me and hubby. He came home from work about 6:15 or so and he did not go to his meeting last night. He said they can do without me. We really did not talk about the situation at hand, guess we kinda both just choose to forget about it, this usually means he has thought about it and figures I was right and you all know men, Lord forbid they admit they were wrong in the first place.:) Will they never learn that the wife is always right? So, I guess we are back to the good old couple we always seem to be. And yes, I still feel men are missing some kind of gene in their system, but I do love the one I have and will keep him around for a while.:D

Today is weigh in day for me and I will post it when I get home tonight, and you all know I stepped on the scale this a.m to take a peek and it was showing 1/2 a pound gone? Oh well, we will see this afternoon when it is time to really weigh in, maybe I can squeeze a whole pound out. Maybe the body is adjusting? I don't know and really don't care, I am doing the best I can do, so I will just keep up what I am doing and the weight will go away.

2cute: Hope you have a nice weekened with dad and daughter. Hope you get a chance to pop on, you keep me laughing.

Lori: glad to see you post, hope you enjoy our group of ladies they are the best.

Talk to you girls later,

04-03-2003, 08:55 AM
Helo all
enjoyed vhat last night
still haven't heard from the brother I can't keep calling him it just upsets me.
Food is soso
Welcome newbies you'll love it here

04-03-2003, 09:23 AM
Hi all, I think I have finally reached the end of this cold. What a doozy.

It is cold here and we might get rain, sleet and snow. NOT a good day on the road.

I have to get to work so will catch up later. Did I see a picture of some guy with GREAT eyes early in this thread????? Hmmmm maybe it's the orange that sets off the dark eyes?:)

04-03-2003, 09:34 AM

Baylee: I will try at the next chat, but I doubt it works. I belong to another myfamily site and can't use it either. I have not screwed up anything when logging in and do not have pop up stopper (or all these darn ads I wouldn't be seeing all the time:lol: ) Anyway, I did follow the reinvite so we will see.

Sandy: Glad there is peace at home and you can get on with life. I am just a stubborn old lady and I know he and I would have had to have had a chat to clear the air about it. Glad you can put it behind you!

2cute: Wish your dad a HB from me! 93! I am not sure I would want to live that long. So many times, spouses, friends etc have passed and your health is so fragile that it can be depressing. Hope you have a good time.

Today is the interview for the part time position. I already told dh if the woman that is interviewing me acts with me like she did on the phone, I am going to tell her to shove the darn job. I am not working for some nasty old prune! I don't need to and I won't. Hopefully, she was just stressed when she called me.

I have dgs all day tomorrow, but thank goodness Jack is off. Tomorrow is the anniversary of MLK's assassination so you know the city employees get it off. Besides, the union that MLK came here to protest about getting set up for the city is the one they have for my husband so...... I think it is ridiculous that because of the guilt this city has over his assassination, that we have to pay for city employees to be off that day, but..... Anyway, I want to get my house cleaned as I could not work on it yesterday or today so it is a couple days overdue. I mean, the heavy cleaning. I clean everyday pretty much, but cleaning bathrooms, mopping etc needs to be done again. I try and get it done about 2 times a week and then just keep up with it. Going to work full time is going to get interesting though!

Gotta go. Have a great OP day!


04-03-2003, 03:30 PM
DO NOT POST HERE! GO TO "300+ And Ready To Try Again....#310"

God Bless America!