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07-10-2012, 02:38 PM
I was recently following low carb. Not doing that great but I was losing about a pound a week. I had to go to the doctors yesterday due to stomach pains (started before low carb) and they determined I have an ulcer. She now said I have to do low fat, no citrus. I AM LOST!!!! She said "yogurt, yogurt, yogurt". I had yogurt for breakfast then a waasa fiber bread with lc cheese on it but by lunch time I was biting the head off my husband. I went to the grocery store at lunch and bought some turkey and the store made 100% wheat bread. I made half a turkey sandwich because I didnt' want to do the whole slice. The doctor also mentioned getting more fiber (as I have a history of IBS) so apparently Atkins like diet is not for me this time around.

I feel lost though...not sure where to start or what to do. I hate doing low fat because I usually starve!

Any suggestions are welcome.
Thank you

07-10-2012, 02:45 PM
I'd suggest you take a diet break until you overcome the ulcer.

Consider this an opportunity to practice maintaining.

Recognize that as you ingest more carbs your weight is going to increase fairly rapidly as your glycogen levels increase. This is just water, not fat.

07-10-2012, 08:00 PM
I don't think low-carb and low-fat are mutually exclusive. Lots of veggies and lots of lean proteins work well on both. I even think there are yogurts that are both low-fat and low-carb, though I'm not sure on that. You can get quite a bit of fiber through veggies with limited non-citrus fruits, and can supplement with psyllium or something.

I never thought I'd be a low-carber, but in getting the protein that I want to build muscle while staying within a low calorie range, I find that I am accidentally fairly low carb. (However - I will always and forever eat all the fruit I want without feeling guilty about it!)

07-11-2012, 11:26 PM
I agree with JohnP and that maybe you should wait for the low carb until after your ulcer... afterall, low fat is another healthy way of eating. That being said, after years and years of concentrating/growing up thinking fattening things are horrible, I have a hard time eating low carb/high fat. I find it quite easy to eat low carb and low fat at the same time. Lots of salads - packed with lean mean (chicken), veggies, and low fat dressing. I also have Flat Out wraps - they are low carb and only 100 calories a piece, so with some chicken or turkey lunch meat toasted in the toaster oven can be SO DELICIOUS.
And don't underestimate the power of cauliflower. I turn it into pizza, mashed 'potatoes', stir fry with some lean beef, etc.
Good luck, whatever you do!