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07-10-2012, 06:39 AM
Ok, Im a longtime lurker and I hardly ever post (sorry! Busy mummy to 2 babies)

We recently booked a holiday for November. :carrot: And its a swimming holiday, its for our wedding anniversary. I want to be sexy in a swinsuit (and out!) for my husband. This has provided me with great motivation to get my butt into gear and really *try* harder!

Ive been eating healthier than ever, keeping to my calories and working out everyday bar sundays for over two weeks now. I did loose 2 lb last week, then it came straight back on the day after. Ive been 157 forever! It doesnt flucuate, which is awsome because usually I go up and down like crazy. But im not loosing as of yet. I think I know deep down if I just *stick* to it I will get there however slow, and the working out is making me retain water. I do actually *feel* smaller and my husband has commented on it too. He put his arms around me and went, 'whoa! your getting little!' :hug:

Because I cant see a change in the scale, Im getting very discouraged. Feeling like i'm putting a lot of work into nothing. At the same time I know its working and the scale is not an accurate reflection. But I had a very bad night (insomnia) and right now my brain is going, 'sod it! time for a pizza'.

I can think logically all I want but I really am fighting today :( And I was just hoping for a bit of support, or maybe putting it down in writing would make me see thats its worth fighting. All thats running through my head today is one of you guys famous quotes: It takes DETERMINATION! Not motivation. Im trying to hang onto that, I sure as **** aint motivated today but im trying to stay DETERMINED and plough on through today and hope tommorow is a better one :(

07-10-2012, 07:38 AM
I feel exactly the same as you. I ate really good yesterday, stayed in my cals but im up .4. water weight will be the death of me lol. Hang in there, it is worth it and you may feel it in your clothes first before the scale budges. Make a "bet" with yourself. If you lose a lb this week youll put some money away and when you get to novmeber use that money to buy a new swimsuit. :))

07-10-2012, 07:47 AM
Change things up but keep it healthy. Drink a lot of water, believe it or not it helps. Sometimes when I want to see results just to feel good, I take a liter of water, squeeze in a lemon and add some Splenda. It tastes great, is refreshing and best of all it's a diuretic so I see results the next day. Maybe it's a little like cheating but we need to keep motivated and a this type of cheating is just what the doctor ordered. Good luck.

07-10-2012, 09:40 AM
Sometimes if the scale is being a brat, a tape measure will make you feel better...do you know what your measurements were before? It's one thing for your husband to say that you're getting tiny, but super encouraging to see a smaller number, even if it's not on the scale.

Insomnia is probably part of the problem, unfortunately...not getting a good night's sleep causes your body to freak out and do silly things. Try drinking some chamomile tea before bed to help you relax. If you're doing everything right, change might take time, but I'm sure you'll look gorgeous in time for your vacation.

07-10-2012, 11:01 AM
It has taken me 6 weeks to lose 3lbs. I didn't see a change in the scales until week 4 in fact! A lot of girls have mentioned water weight to me and I believe it could have been that. I increased my water intake on week 4 which I think could have shifted the water weight (strange how water gets rid of water weight!) and I finally saw a loss. Like yourself, I got very discouraged between counting calories and not seeing any results. I took me about two weeks (I was still sort of watching my foods, but no exercise) during June to get back on the wagon and get the motivation to get out again.

Keep at it! Keep on plan, keep on your exercise routine. You know at the end of the day that you have this lovely holiday with your husband. That should kick start your determination to keep at this. Unfortunately weight loss is a long process for some and sometimes people can go weeks without seeing changes on the scales. I would take out a measuring tape like Hotaruchan suggested. I had measurements from June 1st (when I started) and measured again on July 1st and had lost 3.75inches! I know it isn't a big amount but it's a start. You could be even be losing inches and not weight at the moment.

If you don't feel up to it today, don't do anything today. Tomorrow is another day and another day where you can try getting back on track. Good luck!