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03-31-2003, 11:52 AM
I'll jump right in this morning!

As for all the "new man" questions, yes it is nice to be able to hug John and squeeze him, not just pat his sides! And that’s all I'm telling you! LOL

As for the "I thought I would also lose" Don't even go there! Not one darn pound! I have also put on a few, ok 4 but who is counting! I'm thinking some of it is due to the fact he can eat again so he has stored up the “I wants” and is running from one thing to another. He has found out a few times not all will set well anymore!

He came home from a rough day of work and was upset about a phone call. He decided to eat out some frustration just like the good/bad old days. Well let’s say surgery has cured him of that! He was one sick boy! No more eating on an upset stomach! He also found out that eating "just one more bite" is not going to happen! He has found no one food that he can not tolerate, he is just now finding his boundaries!

Well off to work

03-31-2003, 11:59 AM
just a quickie... have a meeting in 5 minutes. john has hit the biggest issue here. and if he doesn't cut out the stress eating and the 'one more bite' thing, he runs the risk of stretching his pouch. in a way, it's a good thiing that it's been so uncomfortable, but if he keeps going this way, it'll become easier and easier for him to overeat and to stress eat.

he MUST find other ways of coping with the stress. i'm almost ashamed to say it, but i've been using exercise to cope. and i've been knitting as well.

he CANNOT swallow his emotions any more. and he's learning the hard way.

03-31-2003, 01:25 PM
Right! And he got sick! I've never been so happy as to see someone get sick. Now I know that that sounds awful, but he needs to learn!

He had not had one bump before this weekend, and he really needed one to slap him back to reality! Boy does he hate to get sick! So I'm thinking lesson learned!

04-02-2003, 10:24 PM
We went to luch with a friend today and he made the comment that Alvin's "appitite" seems to be improving. My comment ws "but that's not a good thing!"

His problem is that he was so good and strick and then had to have the emergency surgery, so he's made up his own rules. But I guess that if he is still loosing and still feeling good, I need to keep my opinions to myself. right? (I know I know you are sitting there laughing saying YOU???) Anyway his anniversary will be in 17 more days.