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07-02-2012, 01:28 PM

I don’t know why but my morning shower sure felt so good today. I got in and gave a nice sigh. I slept real good last night and am now enjoying my first coffee of the day. Will poured it into my container before he left to take the dogs to the groomer. :cp: They get haircuts and baths and will come home smelling so good for a few hours. The heat sure zaps their good smell quickly. :faint: They really don’t smell that bad but have lost the fresh smell if you know what I mean. Cecil is moping around ~ can’t find his dogs. Tonight is weigh-in and I sure hope I show a loss. If I don’t I won’t have a clue why not for I have been OP all week. I am using that little crate I got at the flea market to hold some little things that float around on my desk that I use often. I like having things organized where I can locate them easily. It bothers me when I can’t find something. A place for everything and everything in it’s place. Of all things when we moved here I couldn’t locate my popover pan. Will had cut two of the cups off so it would fit nicely in my convection oven and I kept it with my muffin pans. But nowhere could it be located. I bought another one awhile back when I wanted to make popovers so Will cut off two of the cups and now I have the set of 4 in where it belongs. It’s one of those black metal things that is designed to have the cups not touching so when the popovers pop over they will not touch each other and they get nice and brown all around. It remains a mystery what happened to my other popover pan. It did offer me a time to pull every pot and pan out of the cupboard looking for it though. :cool: I have WW lightened recipes which are all good ~ cheddar-scallion (3p+), graham (3p+), lemon-garlic (3P+), old-fashioned (4p+), and thyme (2P+). I have made the thyme ones most for they are the lowest in points and use fresh thyme which is flavorful. But they are all yummy if you like popovers I can e-mail you the recipes.

I hope all is well with you Magnolias ~ type at y’all later ~ :wave:

07-02-2012, 01:43 PM
Good Morning, Flowers! It's going to be another hot day here. We balanced first try this morning and I was on my way in an hour. Stopped to pick up the gift shop money and need to deposit that after lunch. I decided to try and cover up my so-called mending attempt, on Maddie's dress, with ribbon. There is one fabric store in town and WM; fabric store didn't have what I wanted but WM did. The glitch there was I'd have to buy the whole spool of ribbon! After tracking down a clerk I was not a happy camper. :tantrum: I'm debating about going to a neighboring town that has a small K-Mart and a quilt shop to see if they might have it.

Maggie -- It is hard to believe that July is here already. I have noticed that it is not as bright when I get up in the morning. The sun is rising a minute later each day. :( Good luck at WW tonight! I've never had a popover (that I know of) and would have no clue how to make them. :dunno:

"Gma" -- Hope all went well this morning. :yes:

Susan -- Did you lose power with all the others? I hope not! :no:

Not much newsy from here. Tomorrow is my morning to work in the gift shop and will send out quarterly statements at church in the afternoon.
Hope you all are staying cool and enjoy your day! :wave:

07-02-2012, 08:15 PM
Good evening, ladies. Hot with more hot in the forecast and more storms for at least this week. We've had 4 major storms in 4 days with power outages, trees and limbs down, 7 people have died from storm related causes, its awful. We've had winds in excess of 60 MPH with these storms and hail.

I thought all the deaths were over but 3 more of my friends have lost family members. I gave up and bought a dozen sympathy cards today.

I haven't done anything exciting yesterday or today, just the usual housework, trip to the Y and grocery shopping. I don't really have anything until Thursday evening when it will be First Thursday Bee time.

Jean, if you find any ribbon at the quilt shop, it will be expensive. Our Kmart only has ribbon for gifts. Considering the cost of gas, it might be cheaper to get the Walmart ribbon and donate any leftovers.

Maggie, I like to be organized, too, and try to keep everything in its place. It works well, except for my sewing room which gets messy while I'm doing a machine project but then I clear it up before the next one. I haven't had popovers in years. I did like them a lot.

Faye, I hope the D and C went well for you and will get you straightened out!

Have a wonderful evening.

07-03-2012, 12:00 AM

We went out for a ride looking at prices of cars today which always convinces us to keep our Jeep. :cp: My glass straws came today and I have my little barber pole made. What I did was have Will cut the glass because it was Pyrex and my cutter wouldn’t work so he got me the right ½ inch length cut off with his Drimmel tool from the the 4 inch straw. I have glass paint so painted a white and red stripe around it. Will cut off a couple brass screws that I used for the ends and was able to solder a loop around them and have a bit of a handle to solder to the building. It turned out to where you can tell it is a barber pole. Cute. These are sturdy glass for sure and are great straws. They sent me a little brush that will clean the insides. Be back later after WW weigh in.

Just got in from WW and weigh in and am down 4 pounds. :cp: Yep 4 big ones gone. We went out to eat at Applebee’s and I brought most of my dinner home. It will be good tomorrow as a re-run.

JEAN I don't make popovers a lot but they sure are good once in awhile. Easy to make also ~ they rise up and leave a bit of a hollow in the middle where a dab of sugar free jam is good. Doesn't it feel good to get things balanced at first try.

SUSAN Sorry to hear so many of your acquaintences have passed during the storms. Your sewing room is like my glass room which has to be cleaned up after each project. In fact it gets a cleaning after practically every stage of a progect.

I hope all is well with you Magnolias ~ type at y’all later ~ :wave:

07-03-2012, 11:15 AM
Good morning ladies. I hope you are all keeping cool and dry and no trees on your house in the case of Susan. It sure is hot and humid here still.

We got to the hospital at 6:30 and I checked in. Found out I was #2 so it would be near 11 before I would go in. Bummed out as that meant sitting on that hard bed for 3+ hours and since I had no clothing on just sitting on a peri pad and leaking all the time if you know what I mean. They called into the room around 8:30 to talk to the nurse and she said I was done, so just a few minutes later while I was in the restroom, the guy came to get me so I thought it would be more like 9 o'clock for surger. Nope, I sat in the holding room with poor Jack how has that back strain sitting on this creaky cheap computer style chair for 2 hours before anyone even ventured into the room. Then began the real mess. I have very small deep veins and I tried to tell them they needed someone that could do it, but they all thought they knew best so I now have 8-9 bruised places where they tried to put in an IV. They finally put it in my right index finger just above my knuckle and boy did that one and the one they tried to put in my thumb hurt. They kept apologizing. I have two anestheisiologists and a nurse all in there fooling with me. I came out of surgery (no ablation again, they had to do the d an c) and though he had given me something for nausea, this time I was really sick at my stomach. She gave me something as soon as I got into the room, which was about 12:30 PM but it didn't help. I tried drinking sprite, then water and she opened up my saline drip all the way and though I wasn't vomiting I could not go home that way. I got up to go to the restroom as I had to urinate before I went home and was dizzy from the meds and oh so sick to my stomach. I tried crackers too, but my mouth has been so dry from the anesthesia and the tube down my throat made my throat soar so the crackers stuck in my mouth like sawdust and choked me. She came back in off and on and finally she said, I am giving you something that will make you really sleepy, but should do the trick and it did in about 10 minutes I was up dressing and going home. They gave me a shot of something for pain in the recovery room, though my pain was nothing like I had been having at home before the procedure so when we left the hospital, I was pain free and sleepy so I dozed as Jack ran around town with me in tow. We ran to the drugstore to fill my prescriptions, but it was now 5 PM so couldn't go and pick up Jack's FMLA papers at his cardiologist (even though he is having a day procedure, anything that will keep him out of work even a few days, they make you do the papers) and we ran way out to the post office to pick up Fortune's flea and tick meds I ordered and they would deliver because she said we had a dog loose (she heard the pit bull next door as Fortune was in the house.) We then came home and Jack just ran out and got us some supper. I still have a bad tasting mouth and sore throat, but no pain at all and very little bleeding from the surgery. I took my first day of hormones again and nothing bad so far. She did lower the dosage by 40 mg's. She said it looked like I was making really good progress so I guess that is why she lowered my dosage. All I know is I am just glad I am feeling incredibly better. I imagine the next round will be December or January.

Maggie: Glad you got your little barber pole glass. Cars of any kind aren't cheap that's for sure. We plan on buying a new car right before Jack retires and keep our little Mariner and use it to run errands and the new car for other things like trips and such. WOOHOO down 4 lbs that is really terrific! Good for you.

Susan: I am so very sorry about the deaths of folks you know. What an awful thing to happen. I don't want storms like those, but we sure could use rain. Our air alert remains at Orange most of the time now. I can't wait until we convert the area we use as the dining room into a big pantry/storage area. I will have my own little area to store my yarns by weight so I don't always have to take the used stuff and wind it on my thingy that tells me it's weight.

Jean: I agree with Susan. Why not check online for ribbon. You would have to probably buy the spool, but it might be a lot less expensive that running around all over trying to find it. Joann has nice ribbon online. Popovers are yummy and I like scones, too if they are made right. I have looked up so many British Isles foods not knowing what they were like Treacle Tart or Spotted Dick. :lol: I got the frenzy reading the Harry Potter books.

I have the socks on the needles and am on the leg part past the cuff and have my sweater sleeves on the needles and have the arm cuff done and two of the patterns done. I have 6 patterns to go and then can cast off and have one done. I didn't realize how fast it would go even with my huge arms and the pattern wasn't for anyone near my size so I had to work out how big to make the sleeve and by darn I think I did it just right. :lol: So, off I go back to it.

I have laundry to fold when it is done, but all my other regular chores are done. No cleaning for me for a couple days then I can go back to my regular cleaning routine. Have a great Tuesday all and a wonderful 4th. We have a burn ban here so no fireworks, but you know that won't stop people from doing the stupid thing. Faye

07-03-2012, 01:21 PM

I got up a couple hours earlier than usual and didn’t miss any sleep by doing so. My main thing to do this day is to finish up my building that I have started. I finely decided to change my calendar on my desk to reflect this month. It is one of those huge blotter sized ones and I always have to set some things off of it first and I just got around to doing it. I think I was being resistive to say good bye to June. Will is out in the cooler part of the day to do some yard landscaping. The tree he planted out there has survived nicely. Time to go to the nursery which is a ways out of town.

Back from the nursery where we are getting the supplies to make the walkway and seating around the tree that got planted awhile back. It is going to look so neat when it all gets done.

At WW meeting last evening I bought a box of envelopes of Popped Zesty Cheese Crisps and they are quite tasty and only 2 p+ a bag. 14 grams of whole grains per serving, flavored with a blend of savory cheeses and perfectly seasoned for an irresistible snack. Yep, I am going to enjoy having these around. They will be great with some cottage cheese, sliced carrots and celery for a lite lunch.

I don’t have to figure out what to fix for dinner for we will have the leftovers we brought home from Applebee’s last night.

DONNA FAYE I am so happy for you that you are now feeling almost back to exact and are able to get back to your knitting with better ease. What a horrible thing to put you through even after you informed them you have veins that aren’t cooperative. Sounds like something isn’t quite right where you have to go for your medical needs. When I go in to have any blood drawn they always ask me which vein I prefer to have blood drawn from. You must have had a bunch of folks just learning how to draw blood working on you for they don’t seem professional at all. How sad for the patients.

:wave: Howdy Jean and Susan ~ hope all is well with you this day.

I hope all is well with you Magnolias ~ type at y’all later ~ :wave:

07-03-2012, 03:07 PM
Good Afternoon, Flowers! It's not as hot today, but still hot with a slight breeze. According to the paper we are supposed to hit 100 this afternoon but it's only 86 now, so don't think that will happen. The gift shop was super slow this morning, but I worked on a couple of paper type projects for other departments. Bob met me for lunch in the coffee shop and now I am home again. I decided to do the church mailing on Thursday so I can get my 4th food ready this afternoon.

Susan -- I've been thinking about you and having the storms in your area. I'm so sorry about all the deaths and destruction. I didn't find any ribbon in the quilt shops, but one kind clerk :D referred me to the grocery store floral department. Their ribbon wasn't washable so that didn't help. I did call a friend who does a lot of crafty things and she did have some but not as wide as I wanted.

Maggie -- :congrat: on losing 4#s last week! I'm glad you have your barber pole fiinished. It sounds cute. New vehicles are expensive but I just read where people are keeping their cars longer because they are made to run longer. I have a rock chip in my windshield that needs to be fixed.

"Gma" -- I don't understand why hospitals make patients come in so early when they know the procedure is later. :dunno: I'm glad yours if over and you are more comfortable. I have the same problem with IVs and last time asked them to use the vein in my arm where I donate blood, and they did. It was much easier for everyone. I wanted the ribbon asap so I could finish the dress and give it back to Maddie tomorrow. Guess I will show it to Beth, as is, and see what she thinks. She doesn't sew at all so it might be ok with her even though it isn't "proper" mending.

I need to change clothes and get in gear. Being gone in the morning makes me feel lazy in the afternoon when I get home. :o Enjoy the rest of your day! :wave:

07-04-2012, 12:27 PM
Happy 4th of July, ladies! Hot and hotter and thunderstorms this day. We've had a lot of rain but the ground looks dry because it's so hot.

My neighbor invited me to their cookout this day so that's what I'll be doing. We can usually see fireworks from Langley AFB right in our back yards.

I need to tweak my furniture arrangement. Now that I've lived with it a couple of weeks, I see a few things that could be better so I'll be doing that, too.

Faye, I hope this works for you. I don't know that I'd like to be having D and Cs a couple of times a year. Old school is not always better.

Jean, my power is on but there are still several thousand without it - in this heat. Sounds like you need to look for ribbon on line.
Maggie, :carrot:on the weight loss! You go girl! I'd love to see your barber pole. I don't know I'd give a glass straw to a child. I wish you could post pictures of your village.

Have a wonder day!

07-04-2012, 04:25 PM

It has cooled off some for right now on this 4th of July holiday and it is only 100ºs ~ but expected to get up to 103ºs and a bit beyond before the day is over. Will is at the museum where they are putting on an Old West Show. They have 3 speakers and he is talking on Buffalo Guns and Civil War Guns and artillery. Other speakers are talking on Wild Bill Hitchcock and Elizabeth Custer and they are all in costume. Each will give @ an hour presentation and for the next three days. It will be a fun thing for folks to take their children to. I may go one of the days they are doing it.:D

While Will is at the museum I am having a lunch of a frozen dinner for 6 P+. This afternoon we are grilling ribs and having corn on the cob. For dessert we will have Apple Salad which is yummy and very low in points. Some say Butterscotch pudding is good in this but Will doesn’t like the taste of it so I use Vanilla. If you do like Butterscotch you may want to substitute it for the Vanilla and call it Caramel Apple Salad. :cp:

2 green apples, cut into bite-sized pieces
2 red apples, cut into bite-sized pieces
1 small box of instant sugar-free vanilla pudding
20 ounce can crushed pineapple in own juice
Tub of fat-free whipped topping

Mix dry pudding mix with pineapple and juice
Mix this with the Whipped topping
Add apples and mix again
7 points+ for the whole thing

I am working on my glass building till my main squeeze gets home. The dogs are both outside along with the cat all lazing in the shade. Life is good.

SUSAN These are sturdy glass straws made by Pyrex and don't break when you bite them ~ I tried it. :p They are quite well made and not at all like the ones of old that were thin and easily broken. My grandmother had some and cautioned us kids not to bite them and we didn't. Just like we were taught not to bite the glass thermometers that had mercury in them. How things have changed. My favorite straw that my grandmother had ~ had a spoon at the bottom, I think my mother has that one. I have a set of plastic ones that have the spoon at the end we use for RB floats. I took my vinegar/honey dose this morning before eating anything and I won't do that again. Gave me a bit of a tummy ache till I ate something. That was nice of your neighbor to invite you over. We like to check with single folks to see if they have any plans. My folks always had extras over on holidays that weren't family but fit right in as if they were. At Christmas time I remember my folks getting gifts to give "guests" when they came at that time. Times were we made gifts in jars back then and I am making some this year again. We always had something to give the guests during the holidays. What fun we had. Never "just the family" at those doings. It's good to see that folks are reaching out these days. One day when I have my village all built I will take a picture and post it.

I hope all is well with you Magnolias ~ type at y’all later ~ :wave:

07-04-2012, 11:36 PM
Good Evening, Flowers! We just got home from the lake and I'm heading for a shower shortly. It was 90+ and quite windy -- made me tired for sure.

Susan, it was nice of your neighbor to invite you over today. We stopped at a WM on the way to the lake and I bit the bullet. Bought the spool of ribbon for $1.97! That store is much bigger, cleaner, and nicer than the one here.

Maggie, I make the same salad only use butterscotch pudding so it does taste like caramel apples. Kids really like it! The programs sound interesting -- hope it cools off for people to come and enjoy.

I'm heading to the shower! See you all tomorrow! :wave:

07-05-2012, 09:45 AM
Good morning to you gals. Well, Kelly and the guys start their climb today. She is a bit anxious about it now, but I am sure she will do fine. This was the two boys idea in the first place!

I am having one problem left over from the hospital and that is an odd sore throat from the tube and the anesthesia. I can swallow, but seems like there is something lingering in my throat that makes me want to clear it and it is a bit sore, not scratchy and I can swallow, but more like raw I guess, I don't know. I keep hoping it will go away, but so far this morning it is still hanging around.

I should have stayed home, but I went out and did some shopping yesterday. I came home and really felt all in. I had to walk a lot in Penney's, Joann's, Target and it made me shaky. I think I need a bit more time to get over being in the hospital before I get too involved in that sort of thing. So, I am taking it easy today again.

Jean: Glad you found the ribbon and went ahead and got it so you could fix the dress the way you wanted to. Hope you had a good time at the lake. We came home yesterday and just hung out in the house because it was so hot.

Susan: I hope your holiday was nice and free from the storms and other such attached to those kind of things. We could sure use rain, but not the kind of stuff you eat coasters got. Jack wanted me to ask you something as I told him you eat a lot of seafood. We were watching a diners, drive ins and dives yesterday and this restaurant in Va Beach called Citrus, makes this Maryland soft shell crab eggs benedict. Jack wanted to know if you eat the whole thing shell and all with soft shell crab? We assumed you did, but we aren't sure.

Maggie: Glad you are coming along on your work. Thanks for the recipe, it sounds really good.

Well gals, my chores are calling me so I better get to them. I have one sleeve on my sweater done and working on #2 of 7 pattern repeats on the second one so it is coming right along. Have a good Thursday all. Faye

07-05-2012, 11:51 AM
Good morning, ladies! Close to 100 today.

Faye, soft shelled crab actually has no shell. As the crabs grow, they outgrow their shells and shed them. There is about a day before the new shell starts growing and that's when you get soft shell crabs - they should be called no shell crabs. We get our seafood fresh from the boats and it is oh so good. You eat the entire thing. I'm sorry you have a sore throat. I've been pretty lucky when I have general anethesia and never have after effects. I'm sure the kids will have fun on their climb. My boss climbed the hardest face but I doubt they would let a young man do it. They have several different climbs and the sherpas do the hardest work.

Jean, I'm glad you got your ribbon. I've found grocery stores vary by neighborhoods, too. Poor people have to put with with messy dirty stores because they have nowhere else to go and more affluent customers won't shop if the store isn't kept up. Shopping in Williamsburg (very affluent for the most part) is different than shopping on the Peninsula.

Maggie, it sounds like a lot of fun at the museum! Thanks for the recipe. I've saved it for the next covered dish I have to make.

Have a wonderful day!

07-05-2012, 05:48 PM
Good Afternoon! It's a "cooler" day in my corner of the world, at 88, but the humidity seems to be higher. There is a breeze, as usual. I went to church this morning and felt like it was Monday so we should be counting money. We ran out of window envelopes so I ended up hand addressing the last 25+, then ran out of stamps so the secretary was printing those when I left. Big mailings make me appreciate self sticking stamps! :cp: This afternoon has been phone calls for church and sneaking up on finishing Maddie's dress mending.

"Gma" -- I wish Kelly "good luck" and happy climbing! She is a better sport than I would be. I'd sit at the bottom and read my book while the guys climbed. :lol: I hope your sore throat is gone soon. You are right about it being to hot to do anything outside of the air conditioned house!

Susan -- The towns people, where I got the ribbon, caused a HUGE uproar when a packing plant wanted to move into town. We are sports rivals and not all that far apart from each other so they know all about what has happened here. Needless to say the city fathers turned down the request -- smart move on their part.

I have laundry going and need to change loads, then balance the checkbook. Hope you all are having a nice day and enjoy the rest of it. :wave:

07-06-2012, 11:00 AM
Good Morning, Flowers! It's going to be another hot day in my corner of the world. I am home ALL day and have several things I want to do. Jason will spend the night here after his reunion get together tonight. Amanda will come tomorrow for the family brunch. I'm not sure where the kids will be since they are still with their other grandparents at the lake. Beth is still at the cabin so we may go back up tomorrow.

I'm off to get dressed and get busy. Have a Fantastic Firday and enjoy. Stay COOL! :wave:

07-06-2012, 11:03 AM
Good morning to everyone. It is terribly hot and sticky again today. We are supposed to be up to 102 degrees today, but the worst is that 78% humidity. Jack leaves for work and is sweating before he gets into the garage to get the car. He takes extra clothing to change into before he even leaves work because his stuff is soaking wet. Glad today is Friday for him that's for sure.

I sprayed some Cloroseptic in my throat last night and it seemed to help quite a bit. I still have a little feeling like I have sand in my throat, but it is loads better than it was. I have never had this reaction before and I surmise it might just be a none to gentle insertion of the tube while I was out.

I have just a bit and am done with the second sleeve and can sew it up, more than likely today. I hope it fits. It was not a plus sized pattern, but I just increased it so I hope my calculations are right. I am pretty spot on with the sleeves, but I am more concerned with around the hips of the sweater than anything.

I bought the greatest color for my toes for vacation. It is a glossy orange called "Crushed." I am doing french tips for my nails, but wanted a nice bright color for my toes since I am wearing sandals a lot. I am not very fond of red colors. Jack thought he was humorous and said I should paint my toes the orange and my fingers lime green then I would be totally tropical. I told him to watch it or I just might that I have seen some really jazzy green colors. :lol: I wonder why we haven't embraced colors (except for teens and young adults) like yellows and blues and greens for our nails. I know in the 50's most moms just wore red, red lips, red nails, period. I look like death warmed over in red lipstick and nails. I have really pale skin. I am going to exfoliate and put on my tan towels this weekend though and see how they do. I keep forgetting to do it and we are getting close enough I need to test them out.

Susan: I thought it might be something like that. We are not huge seafood eaters, but I think if we could get fresh we would eat it more. We are not big fish eaters, but Jack loves scallops, crabs, shrimp, shellfish in other words. I haven't ever had scallops that aren't rubbery so I don't care for them, but I like fish that is not "fishy" tasting like tilapia, different types of white fish, but I am a shrimp lover and I love cold boiled shrimp. I told Jack I am getting two shrimp cocktails for dinner every night since I don't pay for them. He told me to just order 6 and have them for dinner! lololol The nicest and cleanest store here in town is the Super Target. It has a smaller variety of groceries though, but it is nice to go into a sparkling clean store. I have never been in a dirty Target, actually, but have never been in a clean Walmart. I think Kelly said they have 12 people between guides and the people who haul up the tents and supplies and such. The three of them are their own climbing group by themselves.

Jean: Is it too expensive for your church to use the machine stamping??? You seem to send out an awful lot of mail all the time, I would think it would be cost effective for you. I am so glad the post office has gone to pre-glue stamps. I always hated licking them. I mail stuff so infrequently that I have a thing of stamps forever it seems. At my age, I don't think "working" on a vacation is what I want to do! :lol: Seems like that climb would be huge work. I just hope they have fun no matter what.

I guess I should get out of here and get some work done. The heat makes you so lazy you just want to sit and not even think! :lo: Have a good weekend. We have commissary weekend this weekend so it should be fun in this heat. Faye

07-06-2012, 11:46 AM

Wonder where in cyber space is my post from yesterday or did I just think I posted and spaced it. Hummm. It is currently 82 and fixn' to get up to 103 this day. I got my 3 in one village building done and it turned out better than I had visioned. I put scalloped copper around the roof edges and that really set it off. I made little signs to put above each of the shop windows to tell what they are. One end says Beauty Shop and the other end says Barber Shop with that little pole and the middle says General Store. Will told me he never ever wants me to quit cutting glass. I cut out a court house last evening. It is the one that was built back in the 1800’s, that I had made a pattern for, and is still in use in the northern CA area where we once lived. My goodness there was a lot of windows to cut out. It will be a fun one to have in my village. I will build a Police Station and Jail combination building next I think. Will is going to put up another couple shelves up for the ones I am building now for the two that are up are full. If Michaels still has the little Christmas lights I will solder some hooks around the roofs and decorate the buildings for the season. I have about 6 buildings that have lights around the roofs but will need more. It really looks very festive with the lights all lit during the Christmas season. After I get my village built I think I will gather up the materials and tools and make some high fa-lootin dolls. I really want to make some and that would be a good time to start them ~ before I start a new glass project. Yikes I do go on. Did I totally bore you with all of that?

My goodness this cat is getting big. He totally fills up his butt hut and is taller than Beanie. Cecil isn’t even a year old yet so has more growth even yet to do. He is such a character. He will stay outside after dinnertime till it is time for us to go to bed then we call him and he comes up to the storm door but won’t come in till we close it and he can come through the doggie door. Beanie does the same thing. When we are going inside he waits till the door shuts and he uses the doggie door. Ole Mopp will come through the door as we are going into the house. It sure didn’t take Cecil long to figure out that little door meant “freedom” to come and go as he pleases.

JEAN Sounds like you have fun with family plans. Isn't it wonderful to have family close and with fun things to do.

DONNA FAYE Oh my, I have never had rubbery Scallops ~ that would be terrible. No wonder you don't like them for the ones you had must have been old ~ not in age of the scallop but freezer old. Maybe what you had were not scallops at all but look alikes cut from Sea Skates. I really like scallops and shell fish also and "fresh" is the key to good fish. We don't buy any fish locally except through Schwan's. My favorite fish is Red Snapper. It is so yummy and mild.

I hope all is well with you Magnolias ~ type at y’all late ~ :wave:

07-07-2012, 12:26 PM
Good Morning, Flowers! It's cooled down to 85, but still humid. Jason is waiting for Amanda, I, and Z to get here for the brunch/picnic in the park. We will leave soon, for the lake, after I do cat chores.

Hope you all have a "cool" Saturday, and enjoy! :wave:

07-07-2012, 04:21 PM
Hey gals! I am totally all in for the rest of the day. We got up around 6 and got ready, went to Mcd's for breakfast then on to the commissary. It was blissfully quiet and hardly anyone was there while we were there. We came home and put it all away then headed back out to Walmart. Jack forgot to get the mashed potatoes, likes the variety of WW type ice cream better and Walmart, wanted to get another brace for his knee, which is bothering him mightily lately. I bought a new tube of lipstick because I broke mine off at McDonald's this AM and got some little yellow legal pads which I use all the time for notes and knitting instructions, all kinds of things. We bought rug shampoo as we are going to shampoo upstairs tomorrow. Jay and Jackson will be here in another month so want nice clean rugs for them when they come. We then trekked back home and put the stuff away then out we went to Chilis for lunch and finally back home. I feel I have run a marathon today. It is around 100 degrees at the moment so just going outside makes you sweat.

Here is a picture of the kids at their base camp I think. I know it is day two and they are starting their climb. She is nuts, but I hope she has a good time. She is front and middle, you can see T in the back and my son-in-law is heap big white hunter clear to the right! :lol: Looks like it is nice and cool there though!

Maggie: I am going to have to try red snapper. I have never had it before, though I have seen it on lots of menus. Sounds like the village is coming right along. My pooch is in the recliner fast asleep. He says it is too hot to do anything else! :lol:

Jean: Have a good time at the lake. I am doing laundry today then try and get some work done tomorrow. I think while he is shampooing, I am going to try and clean upstairs since he will be moving the fan and such to keep everything cool. Then next week on to cleaning my nasty downstairs.

I finished my sweater and darn if it doesn't fit! :lol: I have to wash it and then block it into place then I can put it away for the cruise.

You all have a great weekend. Faye

07-08-2012, 03:08 PM
Good Afternoon, Flowers! It's a beautiful, cool day in my neighborhood. We've been to church and I've been putzing around here since being home. Bob wants to grill steaks for dinner so volunteered to go to the store.

"Gma" -- You had a busy day yesterday! :yes: I hope it is cooler for you today; I'm sending it your way. I'm sending positive thoughts that the brace will help Jack's knee and he will be in good shape for vacation. I will be anxious to hear about the mountain climbing! Your sweater turned out great! :cp: Thanks for sharing the pictures.

My contribution for dinner will be a salad and fresh sweet corn, so I'd better get moving. Enjoy the rest of your day! :wave:

07-08-2012, 07:19 PM

We were out and about yesterday and I picked up a real nice bar of soap my friend made and visited her for awhile at the flea market. All the veggies folks are selling are way too big and I don’t have a clue why in the world they let them grow so big. I am talking about root vegetables and cucumbers. I worked on my court house in the afternoon and have the watch face secured in the tower so when I get to attaching that part I will at least have that done. Also ~ I got the signs made that go on it. The rest of the building is all cut out and copper wrapped. I had to get this tower thing done first so at least I would know what I have to work. I am not doing any soldering till after evening services this day and maybe not even then but will surely do it tomorrow.

We went out to eat at our favorite Italian restaurant and split a meal and it was plenty for both of us and it sure helps to do that since we are both cutting back on the volume of food we injest. It was a high p+ meal anyway so it is good to have cut it in half. Fettucini Alfredo with sliced up Italian saussage in it. Tonight we will go out to Applebee's and I will make a WW choice from the menu. I have been going to bed earlier so I get up earlier and it is working out great but for some reason I am sleepy today. But I am not a napper so I will just have to sip my sf ff Latte and wake up. Will said he feels sleepy also so it must be something in the air. Tomorrow evening is weigh time and I don't have a clue if I will show a gain or a loss. Since I showed a good 4# loss last week it is iffy if I will even have a maintain for my system isn't being a consistant looser even though I track every morsel that passes these lips of mine and have had a good week ~ not going over my limits. I'll not fret about it. :nono:

JEAN Grilled steaks sound yummy. We have some in the freezer that will be grilled one day this coming week. We are going to buy part of a cow soon and have some nice steaks cut from that. Do you always have corn on the cob when you grill steaks? Seems like we do. It just seems they go so good together. Next time I make that apple salad I am going to make it with the butterscotch pudding because you said it tasted like candy apples and when I told Will that he said to do that next go-round. :p

DONNA FAYE I bought a knee brace when my knee was giving me fits and have never used it because it quit hurting like that. AH ~ but I have it "just in case" because they really do help a lot. I used one years ago when I hyperextended my knee getting out of the vehicle and on ice when we lived in the North Woods. I sure do think that one will certainly help your Jack out a lot. Have prices on everything gone up in your area ~ they sure have around here. Our buck doesn't go nearly as far as it used to. I am so happy for you that your sweater does fit. :cp: Now you don't have to re-do it and just get it blocked like it needs.

The latte worked and now I am not a bit sleepy. YEAH.

I hope all is well with you Magnolias ~ type at y’all late ~ :wave:

07-09-2012, 01:22 PM

It has finally cooled down somewhat. It is currently 73ºs at 11 am here in the ♥-land and they say it will get up to 83 before the day is done. However, we do have a chance of thunderstorms with rain this day which would be nice. I don’t have any plans for the day except working on my glass and then WW this evening. I am happily sipping on my sf ff latte and looking forward to a wonderful day.

It is so far quiet around this thread so I will be back later ~ probably after WW this evening.

I hope all is well with you Magnolias ~ type at y’all later ~ :wave:

07-09-2012, 06:44 PM
Good Afternoon, Flowers! It's raining, it's raining, it's raining! It started out as a beautiful, relatively cool summer day, and then the dark clouds moved in. We'll take the much needed rain and not complain. It was a challenge at church this morning. We had a lot of extra money to count from the ice cream social, VBS, a malaria net mission project, and the normal mix of budget, flower, and coffee money. Lots of cash from different places and some checks so members could get credit for what they gave to various "pots." It was almost noon before I got done, but I did get a start on next weeks automatic checking givers. I did my cat chores and picked up the gift shop money which was pretty skimpy this week. It was closed on the 4th.

Maggie -- Good luck at WW tonight! :crossed: We eat corn-on-the-cob with anything. :T The season is so short that we overdose on it. :o There is a new Italian restaurant, in Spencer, that we drive by on our way to the lake. I'm anxious to try it sometime. OG is my most favorite Italian place to eat, so the new one will have to measure up.

I need to put my gift shop paperwork away and pick up the kitchen. Enjoy the rest of your day and evening! :wave:

07-09-2012, 09:41 PM
Good evening all. It is really humid so it feels icky, but the temps are about 20 degrees lower than usual so I turned up the ac to 79 degrees. It will get a rest period for a bit since it is supposed to be in the low 70's tonight and no more than around 82 and rain I hope tomorrow. We need it so badly. It rained for about 3 minutes this evening and that was that.

I cleaned the whole upstairs today so that is done and will tackle the downstairs tomorrow, which is filthy. I also checked my sweater and it was dry so took out all the pins, folded it up and Jack took it up and put it with my cruise packing. If I have some place nice to wear it before the cruise I might, but otherwise will save it for the cruise. I found a really cute necklace that I am going to buy for it since I don't have many necklaces for the dress clothing.

We had rolled tacos and spanish rice tonight and I ate some rice and a couple tacos and that was it. I am burping the stuff up anyway and though these pills do make you hungry a lot, I try and fight it as much as I can. At least I am not having the problems with the lower dosage I had with the other and the rest of it has almost stopped now so I should be in good shape for the cruise, thank heavens.

Has anyone made a smoothie with fresh canteloupe? I have a whole one that is about to go bad and Jack hates the stuff so I need to use it up as quickly as I can. I thought if it blends well with ice and maybe strawberries or something and some Splenda I could use it up that way, but I don't know how well it works so thought I would check with experts in the field! :lol:

I am now working on Jack's brown socks and have the leg half done. I hope to finish the leg tomorrow and start on the foot if I can. I will be glad to have all the cruise knitting done sooner than later I think.

Maggie: Hope WW came out ok for you. I am a pasta lover of all kinds and find it hard to stay away from the stuff. I especially like asian style noodles. The brace we bought seems to help him. I noticed he is limping more so that means it is hurting him more, but it will be a couple years before he will have anything close to enough sick time to have a knee replacement, which is his only option. I am wondering if he has developed arthritis in the knee and that is where the pain is coming from. Dr Manugian said he would definitely end up with it in his knee. I may get him some of those capsasien capsules and see if they help. I know that several articles I have read swear by the stuff and Jack is not a big hot pepper eater, which is where the stuff comes from so we would have to go another route.

Jean: Do you mean the gift shop is closed permanently now??? Sounds like you had the mother load to count today. I loved the pictures of the kids. You can sure tell which siblings belong to which parents I think. They are beautiful kids and such big smiles too.

Well gals, I am going to play a little hidden object game then off to beddy bye early tonight. I am pretty tired tonight. Have a good evening. Faye

07-10-2012, 11:26 AM
Good Morning,, Flowers! It's another "cool" sunny day in my corner of the world. 65 degrees at 6:30 this morning is perfect! :cp: We got a 1/4" of rain yesterday which helps, north of town got 3/4", and east of the lake got nothing. I need to do cat chores and check the gift shop register later this afternoon. Otherwise it is more dusting, vacuuming, and laundry today.

"Gma" -- I truly am sending cooler weather your way! ;) I usually just buy a 1/2 melon so I can see what the inside looks like. I've never made a cantaloupe smoothie. I don't make smoothies very often because I don't like digging the blender out, then washing it, and putting it away. I should make myself do it more often. The gift shop is closed on holidays and so is the coffee shop. We don't have nearly the business we used to when it was separate from the coffee shop; we used to have more space and so had more merchandise to display. The goofus who moved us is long gone because he couldn't keep his pants up! :mad:

I need to get busy and accomplish things this morning. Have a terrific Tuesday and enjoy! :wave:

07-10-2012, 01:13 PM
[FONT="Comic Sans MS"] :comp: GOOD MORNING MAGNOLIAS :wave:

It is currently in the 60º area and expected high today is 92ºs. We got just a smattering of :rain: yesterday ~ not enough to amount to anything but clear the air which “was” something. I have some things I must do before starting another building. The court house turned out nice and is all finished waiting for Will to put up more shelving. But next I think I will build that police station/jail ~ I have some black glass that will work well for that. Then I will need to order some more supplies for I will be out of solder and some other needful items. I have to keep a close watch on Cecil when he is in here now for he has grown a curiosity about my glass works. He hasn’t yet bothered anything but he gets his nose very close. It appears that he enjoys sitting on the table beside my grinder to watch me work at grinding glass edges smooth. Watch is all he has done so far. I hope that is far as he gets and doesn’t decide to help me out. He has so far :crossed: stayed off of my cutting table.

I did show a maintain at WW weigh in last evening :cp: which I am not at all surprised at since I did show a good loss last week. :goodscale: I will just keep “keepin’ on” this week and hope for a loss at the coming Monday meeting. I do keep track and know if I have blown it during the week and my last week looked good.

Will has gone to the market and will come home with lots of fresh fruits and veggies. That is if he fills my list. :lol: I also need a new shower cap for when I shower twice a day I don’t wash my hair each time. The shower rain maker is high and my head gets wet if I don’t have a cover for it. In my younger days when my long hair had more oil in it I washed it daily in the shower ~ but now it doesn’t need washing that often ~ I ware it so short. My doc back then told me I was washing it too often and that’s what made it oily. His advice was to go two weeks without washing it then I could cut back and not have to wash it daily. It worked! Good thing it was during the time when school was out ~ to go two weeks without washing it ~ YIKES. AH but during the summer I got my hair cut real short and spikey on top because I was set to take swimming all year for PE. If we had very short hair then we didn’t have to wear one of those dopy swim caps. All that salt in the sea water when I was out surfing helped dry it out some to, I guess. My surfing days and the riding of horses are long gone. Our horse out in TN is making some beautiful babies. Cattle Kate is champion stock ~ and oh so beautiful. One day we will have to go visit her.

JEAN Aren't these cooler days just absolutely wonderful. After being so hot around here when it dropped down to 90 it seemed really bearable :D and it was still hot. AH but now we are down lower. That heat ceiling must have moved away. When the fresh corn is no longer in the markets we get the Schwans frozen kind which is very good. They are little about 4 inches and good as fresh.

I hope all is well with you Magnolias ~ type at y’all later ~ :wave:

07-11-2012, 11:39 AM
Good Morning, Flowers! It's another beautiful morning in my neighborhood! I have lunch bunch at noon, a haircut later, and cat chores after that. I don't anticipate much cleaning getting done today around here. :dunno:

Maggie -- Let's hope the cooler weather hangs around for awhile. We are supposed to be back up in the 90s by the end of the week. I've been checking the sun rise and sun set times in the paper. Sun set has been staying the same since "summer" officially started, but will set a minute earlier tonight. :( Sun rise has been a minute later every few days, then will stay the same for a a couple days. Sometimes I will shut Ernie out of the room if I am ironing because he likes to sit on the end of the board and look out the window. He will scratch at the door or gets his paw underneath and jiggle it. He doesn't like closed doors; Jason didn't shut the bedroom door tight the other night and Ernie paid him a visit before he was awake. :lol:

I need to figure out what I am wearing to lunch, and be sure I can find both top and bottom. Somehow, some of my outfits have gotten separated because I mixed and matched on a whim. Hope you all have a wonderful Wednesday and enjoy! :wave:

07-11-2012, 01:40 PM
Good morning gals. Even with the high humidity, it has been nice to have the lower temps for awhile. Like Jean, we are supposed to be creeping back up into the 90's by the weekend.

Kelly and her family are back at the hotel and will be getting ready to do on a safari before heading back home. Kelly got seriously ill with altitude sickness and they had to rush her down the mountain so she didn't get to finish. She said Thomas absolutely loved the whole thing and he and his dad got all the way to the top. She said it was really, really hard she cried a couple times, but it did make her feel powerful. I am just glad they are finished and hopefully won't get eaten by a lion! :lol:

Well, the insurance company called a few days ago and both insurance company have denied fault so our insurer now has to sue them with attorneys and such. I got an email letter from them this morning wanting Jack to call as soon as he could so I sent him the info so maybe they backed off and we will get our deductible back. Would be nice to get right before the cruise. We are down to 74 days so it is rolling along. :lol:

Maggie: I love corn on the cob and would eat it all the time, but Jack doesn't like it that much so we have it rarely. I like to take cleaned corn and put butter and garlic on it, wrap in foil and put on the grill. It is my favorite way to eat it. We haven't grilled out at all this year. It is so hot to even do it. I have a feeling Cecil is going to spread his paws so to speak and get into some trouble. He sure is more ornery than the dogs, but I think most cats have ultimate curiosity.

Jean: Fortune will not let you close him off from any place where there are humans. He will scratch and bark and keep it up for hours. So, at this stage in his life, we just let him have his way. Not very good doggy parenting, but he is too old and we are too old to fight with him.

I need to get some work done, but the heat is cranking up so don't know how much I will get accomplish. Have a good day all! Faye

07-11-2012, 03:06 PM

I have been back here in my office since I got up quite awhile ago. Will went out early and brought me a sf ff latte which I am still sipping on. I have read all the news on line I care to read and answered my e-mails so need to get to the other end of the house and do some needful things. So here I am before I really get into gear this day. Since Will is at the museum a day early this week because of other meetings and such I will have a TV dinner type meal for my lunch and we will be eating “left over’s” out of the freezer for dinner. Makes it easy later on to plan a meal for sure. I freeze the left over’s and we try to eat them within a few weeks so they don’t languish in the freezer and get to old to enjoy and have to be thrown out. We don’t like wasting food that way ~ or anyway for that matter. My goodness, I just looked at my desk and it sure needs to be straightened up again. We just received an invitation to help a young lady celebrate her graduation from the Wichita State University and will be going on to her induction as a Medical Student at KUMC. A picnic lunch in the park sure sounds like a good way to celebrate. She is a child of one of our good friends. Kids are growing up so quick ~ I remember her when . . .Life moves very fast.

JEAN We are up into the 90's again this day. UGH at times I long for those cool sea breezes ~ but alas, it is not to be for we are here in the HOT :flame: Heartland. Cats are funny creatures aren't they. Very entertaining to say the least. When my bathroom door is open Cecil gets behind it and sticks his paws under it and swats Beanie as much as he can reach. Those paws dart in and out and what a hoot. Cecil likes the bedroom door shut when he wants to go in there to nap on the bed. In fact he demands that I shut it. :p

DONNA FAYE We would just rather eat corn on the cob than off of the cob. To each his own choice on how to eat it. :D It just tastes so much better on the cob for some reason. I just zap it about 8 minutes in a pyrex dish with a little water in the bottom and coverd with wrap ~ it is so good. Sprayed with I Can't Believe It's Not Butter saves on butter points also and I grind spices over it to suit my taste. Lemon pepper and Italian spices stick to the spray and makes the corn so yummy. Hopefully you can get your deductible back.

I hope all is well with you Magnolias ~ type at y’all later ~ :wave:

07-12-2012, 12:04 PM
Good morning, ladies! A lovey 77 degrees right now with a high of 84 today...and more rain. Folks gardens are not doing so well with all the rain. Many have pulled up squash, zucchini, and cukes because they blossom but rot almost as soon as the veg gets started.

I went to Sandy's yesterday. Her daughter came and cut our hair and mine is now back to short-short and spiky. Tomorrow is quilt guild in the morning and then lunch with my friends.

Faye, its too bad Kelly got altitude sickness. That surely wasn't pleasant. Thomas is sure lucky to have parents that take him to all these places. Car insurance is a mess. They want the premiums but they don't want to pay anything out.

Maggie, cats sure are entertaining. Casper still wants me to get up with the break of dawn and I used to have to get up and put him into the hall and close the bedroom door. Now all I have to do is put him on the floor and he goes into the hall and lays down until I get up even though the door is still open. He still stays close to me all the time.

Jean, I bought a rocket blender, although I have a full size one, just for making smoothies. You drink right out of the container you mix them in and cleanup is a breeze.

Have a wonderful day.

07-12-2012, 06:55 PM
Good Afternoon, Flowers! It's a hot and humid afternoon in my neighborhood. This morning I went to get my nails done and decided to have a pedicure after I got there -- love the foot massage. Then I did cat chores and made a grocery run after lunch. Bob is at a tractor pull with his farmer friend. He sponsored a local tractor that travels all over the U. S., so in return received "pit" tickets to view all the tractors before the pull. He asked if I wanted to go . . . I didn't hesitate to say no.

"Gma" -- I'm sorry Kelly wasn't able to finish the climb but it's better to be safe than sorry. Thomas is one lucky, well traveled young man! Good luck getting the insurance mess straightened out. :crossed: I've never thought about using garlic on corn; I will have to try it. :yes:

Maggie -- A graduation picnic celebration will be fun! I hope the weather cools off for it. I really prefer "real" butter on my corn, :T but also use the spray. Cats are pretty smart that's for sure. Ernie can tell time. :lol:

Susan -- I know you enjoyed your "cool" day. I wish you could divvy up the rain you are getting and share. :yes: I just got my hair cut yesterday; it's not spikey but shorter than I've ever worn it. I never gave a rocket blender any thought. I will definitely take a look. :cp:

Since I'm on my own for supper I'm thinking Chinese sounds good. :T I may have to order it and go get it. Yum! Enjoy the rest of your day and evening! :wave:

07-12-2012, 09:46 PM
Good evening gals. I completely forgot to get in here this morning. I was doing cleaning and working on socks and talking to Jack about a grocery store run after work and looking at the kids "mountain" pictures and it just whizzed on by.

I found out what made it so serious is that the sherpas I think they are called had carried the oxygen up to the summit so where Kelly fell ill there was no oxygen to give her. On top of that she said her legs were jello from climbing this particularly tough area so getting down was hard for her. She has a picture with mud splattered down the back of her legs and shoes and one of the guides with his arm through hers helping her get down. My monkey hats didn't make it to the summit though Tom did put his on for one picture.

It is quiet in the house this evening. Fortune is curled up on a pillow on the couch and Jack is upstairs in his office. I have the tv off until 8 PM and "Burn Notice" comes on so will watch that. I noticed we lost all the Viacom channels on our Direct TV line up. Most of them I could care less about, but a couple of them and the kids stuff for Jackson when he visits will be missed.

Susan: I have 2 months and will get my hair cut and styled a week before the cruise. It is driving me crazy as I haven't had a haircut in nearly 6 months and it has been years since my hair was this long. I put the bangs in clips and clip up the neckline as much as I can. I plan on getting a short above the ear bob with a short neckline if I can. The lady who is doing my hair used to work in Tabitha Coffey's saloons so she should be very, very good. The gal from my dr's office who gave me her info has very cute hair. This is an unorthodox salon, gals with pink stripes, tattoos, they have bands on Saturdays, lol but all I care about is an excellent haircut. We have the opposite problem. We have had no rain and everything is withering on the vines. The corn crop looks awful again this year, but the ole hearty cotton is growing like gangbusters.

Jean: Garlic rubbed on corn or in a garlic butter is very good. I really like it. I said in butter, but we do what Maggie said she does and spray the corn with the "I can't believe it's not butter" spray then I keep minced garlic in a squeeze bottle in the fridge and rub it on and roast it in foil. Man, you are a party pooper, a tractor pull wooweee! :lol: Oooh, I wish I lived near you. I would have gone and gotten Chinese with you. I am addicted to the stuff.

Maggie: We rarely have leftovers. I try and make just the right amount so I don't "dip" before I clean out the pans to put them in the dishwasher. :lol: A picnic sounds lovely. I haven't been on one in a long long time. We had no 4th celebrations this year because of a burning ban so no fireworks so no one had anything of consequence.

Well gals, it is almost time for my program. Have a good evening all. Faye

07-13-2012, 05:41 PM
Good Afternoon, Flowers! It is a humid sunny 86 degrees this afternoon. It was cloudy this morning and I thought just maybe we might get some rain but no such luck. I worked in the church office this morning, then came home and waited until my neighbor called for a ride from the eye doctor's office. She is having cataract surgery and this was the pre-op appointment. The doctor comes from out of town and will do the surgery in our hospital which is nice. On my way into town this morning, I noticed the cottonwood trees are losing their leaves! It looks like a fall day in the park only the leaves are brown instead of pretty fall colors. I wonder if the trees will die because of so little rain. Our lake level is down and going lower daily. People across the lake can't even put their boats in hoists because there isn't enough water.

"Gma" -- I hope Kelly won't have any long term effects from lack of oxygen. That is scary! I'm so sorry they couldn't have a picture of all 3 in the monkey hats! Maybe later, in the swimming pool? ;) Don't talk to me about tv channels! :tantrum: Our cable company removed 2 more channels, one being the soap channel. I liked to record on that one because there were no interruptions when the president/breaking news, etc., interrupted the regular network programing. There is another one that Bob liked and is now some goofy cartoon/music/kids channel. The company doesn't bother to warn us or let us know that #s may move. Our farmer friend plants a huge garden because they like to freeze and can. :rolleyes: He told Bob to come out and pick some sweet corn but Bob got busy and didn't get there. During the night the raccoons cleaned out the whole corn section. They didn't just eat it, they took the whole stalk and littered all around the farm yard and ditch along the road. He had picked some that evening so did give us a few ears, and it is so hmmm, hmmm, good! :T

I see the mail just came so will go check out the junk mail that still seems to make it through the system. Enjoy the rest of your day and stay cool. :wave:

07-14-2012, 10:39 AM

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