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07-01-2012, 08:48 PM
:angel: Welcome Friends :angel:

You've found a great place to come
and vent, share or ask for prayer support.
This is a great group who will be very
encouraging, caring and loving....
....anyone is welcome to join!

A Servant's Prayer --

Jesus, My Jesus....How marvelous are your ways....
Far more splendid than my mind can envision.
What an honor to be chosen by you.
A lowly child I am, but empowered by the Holy Spirit
to fulfill the great hope to which you have called me.
I give myself totally to you, Lord.
Take my imperfect heart and make it perfect.
Peel away the hardness.
Close the doors I have opened to the temptations of this world.
Gently remove the roots of painful memories, sins, doubts and fears.
Discard anything that separates me from you.
Lord, fill the emptiness with the light of your love
that I might be a beacon calling the lost back to you.

To love as you love.....
To serve as you serve.....
To forgive as you forgive.....
Always mindful of my nothingness while doing great
and marvelous things in your name and for your glory.
This I pray, Jesus, in YOUR name ...


07-01-2012, 09:00 PM
Thanks ladies, for your well wishes on our country's celebration for July 1st -- CANADA DAY ... We should be able to see and hear the fireworks from here as we now live about 4-5 blocks closer to them.

GARY ~ that's so cute: I am positive she knew exactly what she was singing, and :yes: so does JESUS ... :D Isn't there a verse about praise is perfected out of the mouths of babes? Matthew 21:16 :yes: JESUS said it too!

We had nicer temps for the last few days with lots of :rain: on and off today, with a lovely breeze too. It was nice to sit out on our new back deck. We really love it; and there haven't been very many buggies this year. The black flies are gone and the skitters that come out later in the day, have been few -- PRAIZE GOD! I think we will be putting that A/C in tomorrow AM as July does getter hotter and that is expected this week.

ROSE ~ glad your pastor is well again; praize GOD and I hope your new deck table lasts longer than the last one. WE have one made of pine that DH made a long time ago; it matches our chairs and looks great.

We had deli bbq chicken, tators, corn (for me), and salad this weekend, so we didn't have to heat the house up cooking ... yum!

Tomorrow is a holiday for many people here -- hope you have a good one everyone ... :flow2:

Rose Centered
07-02-2012, 10:26 PM
:hot: What a holiday week! The US weather map has record highs all over the country, and western US has over 50 wildfires raging! :flame: Our prayers are for the folks in the midst of this trauma.

:?: What is it about the evening? I can do so well during the day, but supper and afterwards, all bets are off. :ink: A little more self-discipline--and prayer!


07-02-2012, 11:30 PM
ROSE ~ I am going to send up some ^prayers^ for you -- that our precious LORD will fill your heart with more love for yourself. I find it much more disturbing that you repeatedly refer to yourself as a "cochon" than the fact that you may eat a little more than you would like, on occasion. JESUS wouldn't call you a name like that. JESUS would call you his beloved child.

Please try to be more kind to yourself -- for what you do and say here reflects upon us all. When you judge yourself so harshly, you judge us all. Personally, I take offense to it whether it is intentional or not; and I have heard others here say that they do too. I forgive you sister, but I had to say something becuz it makes me not want to come in here.

It actually bothers me that there is even an emoticon for that; and when I saw it, I was surprised at the obvious slur. We don't have one for a horse or a dog or even a cat, why only one for a pig and cow? I love this site, but that has always bothered me ... :shrug:

Rose Centered
07-03-2012, 08:45 AM
Rosebud ~ I am so sorry to have offended you and anyone else. I used the icon lightly, as it is used so lightly in conversation. Thinking about it, however, I see where it is a symptom of how society (including myself :() can be so judgemental.

Your prayers are appreciated ~ and felt! My morning has gone well exercise-wise (I feel the endorphins), breakfast-wise (healthy, and w/i an hour after rising) and spiritual-wise, w/ reading my daily devotions/prayer.

You brought me up short: my perception of myself is indeed "off" (using 'centered' in my name is a misnomer) and I pray that true friends will always "tell it to me like it is."

Thank you!


07-03-2012, 09:48 AM
ROSE ~ Thank you for your understanding -- I was hesitant to say anything becuz I didn't want to offend YOU. Isn't that always the way? Often, I have just thought that I am too sensitive; and maybe I am -- probably from being called names like that one specifically on more than one occasion. Then a lady started a whole thread about this topic; and received so many replies from members here that felt the same way.

Yes, I realized that you were adding it in jest; and it probably didn't occur to you that it would be a very unpleasant reminder to so many of us. So after praying about it several times, I felt the LORD wanted me to put a "bug in your ear" about this, so2speak. :lol:

Many years ago, my mother (who was a Christian) said something like this -- that when we judge ourselves so harshly, we are saying that GOD is wrong to love us; that GOD is wrong to forgive us; and we are throwing Jesus' grace back in his face. Moreover, we are saying that our judgement is greater than His ... that one hit me the most, and I never forgot it!

This is just another reason why I believe that this WL battle is a "spiritual lesson" -- more than we sometimes realize. It shows how we see ourselves, how we see others, and how we see GOD. It shows how we need to heal the hurts; and how we need to learn to love & accept ourselves & others, as GOD does.

Maybe you can pray for me that somehow all the hurts of past name-calling will heal. I appreciate that you are here in our group; and your very mature, Christian response. Remember this, "I do not cease to give thanks for you, making mention of you in my prayers." Ephesians 1:16 :hug:

Rose Centered
07-03-2012, 10:08 AM
Thanks so much for your reply, Rosebud. I'm glad 'we're good.' :hug:
And I know that after praying about it, God told you the right thing to do.

I do appreciate it when friends let me know when I've strayed from being the kind, loving Christian (to myself and others!) I want to be.


07-03-2012, 11:44 AM
Rosebud and Rose May I jump in here.

I also think the WL could be a "spiritual battle" for most of us because I think that many of us as Christians take our Christian walk so seriously that we want to be perfect in every area of our lives and with the way the world looks at Christians and overweight people, it causes us to have the tendency to look down on ourselves because we even feel we should be able to conquer this weight problem. Then we feel like we are failures because we aren't able to overcome it the way we think we should.

Rose Your name does not offend me. Actually it made me think of Jesus as the Rose of Sharon. Also, my Mother loved roses and always called us girls her rose#1, rose#2, and rose#3. However, I have seen some names for people in their Avatars that really makes me wonder if they realize how they are re-enforcing so much negative that they are setting themselves up for failure. Even groups, for example... I love the Overeater's Annymous meetings and even started a meeting in the Houston/Galveston area some 40 years ago. But I quit when I heard a preacher speak of how we say things so negative about ourselves. I would love to go to their meetings as I love their support system (nothing like it), but I refuse to introduce myself to anyone by confessing and re-enforcing the statement "My name is Trish and I'm a compulsive overeater". Why would I confess to be what I don't want to be. I promise you that if I didn't have to make that confession, I would most definitely be a member of their group again because I loved the meetings, support and fellowship. member As I write this I remember one time after I started the group, my then SIL heard me say something about being a compulsive overeater and she said "Why would you say that about yourself? You are not a compulsive overeater". At that time, we were so close that she was with me almost every waking hour so she new me very well. You know the sad thing is that I didn't get it. I heard her, but I didn't believe her. That is what all that negative things the world says about us works against us if we fall for it and say it to. At least it was for me.

Rosebud I loved what your very WISE mother said and I think it bears repeating... IT SURE SPOKE TO ME. Many years ago, my mother (who was a Christian) said something like this -- that when we judge ourselves so harshly, we are saying that GOD is wrong to love us; that GOD is wrong to forgive us; and we are throwing Jesus' grace back in his face. Moreover, we are saying that our judgement is greater than His ... that one hit me the most, and I never forgot it!

You know another sad thing about all the way the negative causes us to judge ourselves is that we start acting that way and believing it about ourselves and we can begin to let others mistreat us and run over us because we don't think we deserve to be treated any better. I've noticed that if you feel good about yourself and respect yourself then others will either respect you or leave you alone. But they won't treat you like crap any more. Just my humble opinion.

I pray we all have a Terrific Tuesday.

Rose Centered
07-03-2012, 11:56 AM
Trish ~ thanks for your comments and insight! It is great to be amongst affirming Christians. :hug:
A lot of my self-image stems from junior high--and at 62 it's time to let it go!
So this is me, moving forward: (

07-03-2012, 12:40 PM
Trish ~ thanks for your comments and insight! It is great to be amongst affirming Christians. :hug:
A lot of my self-image stems from junior high--and at 62 it's time to let it go!
So this is me, moving forward: (

Me too Rose and I'll be 69 in August.:hug:

07-03-2012, 05:06 PM
I also think the WL could be a "spiritual battle" for most of us because I think that many of us as Christians take our Christian walk so seriously that we want to be perfect in every area of our lives and with the way the world looks at Christians and overweight people, it causes us to have the tendency to look down on ourselves because we even feel we should be able to conquer this weight problem. Then we feel like we are failures because we aren't able to overcome it the way we think we should.

THANKS, TRISH ~ I also appreciate your input; I think that word above bears repeating too, becuz my mother and I were talking about "perfectionism" that day also. That's what started the conversation. She said that I was too hard on myself, then made the statements I shared. (ouchy-ouch-ouch). That was a spiritual lesson for me for sure.

And yes, I agree that the negativity can become a "self-fulfilling prophecy" -- keeping you from succeeding, which is the opposite of what you want. To overcome this WL battle, you need "positive" armor just like the verse in Rose's signature (Phil 4:8/9). Think on the positive and that's what you will get/become ... :D

ROSE ~ I noticed the negative avatars, monikers & threads too; and that's what got me thinking about all of this again as well. So suddenly, I started noticing the negativity everywhere. I too used to berate myself (and I still slip up now & again; it's an ongoing process for me yet). That is why my mother & I got into that discussion in the first place. We are ALL learning and moving on together ... :hug:

I hope you all have a terrific Tuesday as well. This was my devotional message this AM -- how fitting ...

(Sper, of course)

07-03-2012, 07:46 PM
I never noticed until lately that when I do something wrong or that I really hate that I catch myself saying "Stupid" or "Dummy" or something like that. Knowing how negative things can affect us, I reverse it and I say something like "Oh no I am not stupid" or "I am not a dummy in the name of Jesus".

I think we have to counteract the negative. I also noticed Roses signature too. We need to remember who we are in Christ. We are children of God and He loves and accepts us the way we are and we need to learn to love and accept ourselves as well. I always wondered "How can I love my neighbor as myself if I don't even like me?" I think we have a tendency to love others and treat them much better than we treat ourselves. I've been thinking of that a lot lately.

Rose Centered
07-03-2012, 07:56 PM
Rosebud ~ {going back to your 8:48 am post today} yes, I will pray for you (and myself, and others who still hurt from horribly negative things said to us) for healing. God can use pain and change it into something good.

...I'm thinking of the butterfly, who has to go through a chrysalis stage before being able to fly... ( (

07-03-2012, 09:23 PM
Rosebud ~ {going back to your 8:48 am post today} yes, I will pray for you (and myself, and others who still hurt from horribly negative things said to us) for healing. God can use pain and change it into something good.

...I'm thinking of the butterfly, who has to go through a chrysalis stage before being able to fly... ( (

Rose I think that is why I love butterflies. Please add me to that prayer too.

07-03-2012, 10:32 PM
I have some news I would like to share with you. Some sad, some happy.

I am on a FB site on growing up in our city. The other day I ran across a name that was familiar. I asked her if she had a sister named Linda and she did. Long story short, we were good friends all through jr high and high school. She always had a crush on me, but me not on her, so I was always careful. She was such a cool person I didn't want to hurt her feelings. Anyway I have not seen her since our 20 year reunion almost exactly 20 years ago and she lived across the states. The sad part is she passed away with brain cancer 2 years ago. The happy part is she was a born again christian, as is her sister and brother. We all shall meet again :carrot:

And on the same site a lady asked me if I was so & so and I said yes. She was so excited, we know each other although she is 6 years older and was good friends with my parents and cousins. I have put her in touch with my cousins and they are having a blast catching up.

So excited my friend will be in heaven. She was such a sweet-heart of a girl so many years ago.

Rose Centered
07-03-2012, 11:11 PM
Rose I think that is why I love butterflies. Please add me to that prayer too.
Trish ~ Will do! (
. (

07-03-2012, 11:22 PM
THANKS, ROSE ~ I appreciate those prayers; and that lovely butterfly analogy too ... :D

I always wondered "How can I love my neighbor as myself if I don't even like me?"

TRISH ~ I said that very thing to my DH today. "How do we love someone as ourself if we don't love ourselves first?" You know, I really think that GOD teaches us all similar lessons at the same time.

GARY ~ that has happened to me many times too: run into old friends or some extended family members (or hear about them) -- happily, to find out that they are now Christians too. That is why I tell people never to give up on anyone; becuz you never know how or when they will become believers, or if they already are ... :)

07-04-2012, 01:43 AM
Gary That is great news about your friends. And I share and feel your joy.

I experienced that concerning my deceased hubby's step-father years ago although he was not a very sweet or lovable man. Often wondered what my MIL saw in him, but out of respect for her, we always treated him with respect. He never knew that I just tolerated him because I treated him the way I thought the Lord would have me treat him even though he often ridiculed me and made fun of my faith. I was shocked the day he told me that he knew everyone in the family just tolerated him, but that I never once made him feel like I just tolerated him. He had just spent 2 weeks in our home without hubbies Mother and he was getting ready to leave. I knew he was lost and I really prayed for him. You see he was only one of 2 people in my life that I ever hated so I knew that I had to pray for him just to get the hate out of my heart. Then one night God gave me a dream and let me see he was lost which made me realize how important it was for me to pray for him which I did for years. Many years after he died, my DH aunt told me that he was born again before he died. I was absolutely thrilled.

There is nothing like that feeling of joy when we learn that someone we love or care about is saved and we will be with them in heaven. You have no idea how thankful I am that I treated that man with love and kindness even though he was so rude and ugly to me at times. We never know who God is using our life to touch.

07-04-2012, 10:38 AM
The conversation here has really spoken to me. I was feeling down about myself and others this morning for no good reason. Sometimes I think that when things are going well we get more attacks. That's how I feel this morning. I weighed in today and am down 2 more lbs :carrot: and yet I feel down. I have prayed and am praying for a better attitude. It's wierd because I should be acting like the little carrot. On the upside I'm starting to feel it in my clothes that the weight is coming off and that's a good thing.

Gary: That is such good news. It's amazing to me to see how God works in people's lives and we aren't even aware of it. It sure makes me think again about how I should treat people.

Happy 4th of July to all my American friends. Let's celebrate the freedom we have in our great countries.
Have a great week!

Rose Centered
07-04-2012, 11:57 AM
Trish (***1a5b& eply.php%3Fdo%3Dnewreply%26noquote%3D1%26p%3D43935 27&v=1&libid=1341412078421& r%3DZSzeb001_ZNxdm824CLUS& h-based-support-groups%2F262061-christian-encouragers-july.html&title=3%20Fat%20Chicks%20on%20a%20Diet%20Weight%20 Loss%20Community%20-%20Reply%20to%20Topic&txt=%3Cimg%20border%3D%220%22%20alt%3D%22%22%20src %2F16%2F16_7_1.gif%22%3E&jsonp=vglnk_jsonp_13414122985131)~ What an awesome story, in so many ways!
Allowing yourself to be God's instrument under extremely difficult circumstances is such an inspiration for me! I'm glad that you were able to see the result of your prayer and commitment to God's will, even though it was many years later. (I see the colorful butterfly in my mind whenever I type your name, Trish; hope you don't mind. :))

Wilma ~ You are doing great! :cp:
I know how easy it is to get down on oneself, for no apparent reason. There usually is some trigger when this happens to me. If I can figure it out, I try to talk to myself in the second person (as if I was my own best friend). Sometimes it helps. (We're frequently nicer to our friends than to ourselves!) ( my 3FC friends in the US ~ Happy 4th of July!!

. (

07-04-2012, 07:34 PM

Everone have a good evening.

07-04-2012, 08:20 PM
HAPPY 4th of JULY!!!

... to all our American friends celebrating freedom and liberty in the U.S.A. today ... :cheers:

07-06-2012, 02:01 PM
Hi Gals :)

Taking a few minutes to check in before Angie gets home from yoga. Then we are heading out to do some shopping. We need to pick up a car seat for the GRANDdaughters1&2. Having one in Angie's car will just make it so much easier when we want to just pick one of them up to take to breakfast, etc.

Well our 4th Of July BBQ and Shuffleboard Tournament went well...although Angie and I did not win the trophy :(....;) At least it stayed in the family (it owuld be almost impossible for it not to :D) My son and daughter in law won it again. I felt bad because it came down to them and the nephew of my sister (on my bil's side) and his wife. Now I consider the nephew family anyway, he is in his late 30's and I have known him since birth. He has always called me Uncle Gary. Anyway he has 4 kids, 3 boys and 1 girl, ages 5 to 10...they wanted that trophy to go home with them so bad!!! Oh, the disapointment :( Their mom and dad were in the lead until the very last shot when my daughter in law scored 10 points on her final shot to win the match by 5. I may have to have another tournament soon!

We had 31 people here for smoked bratwurst, smoked chicken street tacos with cilantro lime sauce and roasted corn and I bbq'd up some Nathan hot dogs for the kids that wanted them instead of bratwurst. Angie and I took care of all the meat and the rest of the family brought all the sides. I actually ate fairly resonable :) and drank to moderation...when there is a trophy on the line Angie appreciates it when my head is in the game ;)

We are having GRANDdaughter1 over tonight for a sleep-over :carrot: My son and dil are off to a wedding. Should be a ton of fun.

Well ladies, I will leave now and remind you all I am praying for your concerns :hug:

07-09-2012, 02:44 AM
Hi All! I haven't been here in a while but tonight I decided to stop by for a visit.

Reading some of the posts here I thought I would re-share a story about a friend of mine... Some of you like Rosebud and Gary have heard this story, but some of you have not, so I felt led to tell it again.

It is a true story about a dear friend of mine. I love my friend but at a young age, she started an unhealthy relationship with an abuser. This abuser was a bully and had no mercy; she would put her down at every turn. The bully would say, “You are stupid. You only have a seventh-grade education. You’re a loser and you will never lose weight. You have tried dieting so many times and have never been successful. You’re fine for two or three weeks, and then you run out of gas. What makes you think this time is different?”

She would make rude comments on the way my friend looked. She would say, “You have huge pores in your nose and a big white, blubbery, pasty, stomach.” She would constantly tell her she was ugly every single time she caught sight of her. She would tell her she was repulsive. It was brutal and constant. Every time my friend had a success, the bully would knock her down. Every time my friend was in a social situation, the bully would point out her faults to everybody. She would tell the other people at the party that my friend was fat.

I think the bully in her own sick way was trying to protect my friend, because she would tell my friend, “They won’t accept you if you don’t show them you know you’re not as good as they are. If I build them up by putting you down they might like you.” Then when my friend and the bully were alone, she would berate her for all the stupid things she said at the party.

People who were close to my friend would try to tell her the bully was wrong, but my friend didn’t believe anything good about herself. She had listened to the bully too long. The bully drove her to the brink of suicide. She tried to kill herself three times, but thank God, she wasn’t successful.

Do you think my friend could ever be successful as long as she continued the relationship with the bully? ________Why or why not? ____________________________________________
__________________________________________________ _________________________

No matter how much self-esteem you have, if you are constantly told you are bad, you start to believe it. What do you think happened to my friend in the end? _______________________
__________________________________________________ _________________________

If you haven’t already guessed, I am my friend and I was also the bully. The way I used to talk to myself was horrifying. You cannot succeed; let me say that again YOU ABSOLUTELY WILL NOT SUCCEED UNTIL YOU GET OUT OF THE HABIT OF VERBAL SELF ABUSE. You may as well quit now if you can’t make the commitment to break this habit. Would you talk to your child the way you talk to yourself? It’s time to stop this destructive habit. I can’t stress how important it is for you to end this!

You’re probably thinking, “I can’t stop! I have been doing it too long.” If you try, God will bless it. This is how you do it: you look at yourself in the mirror and if you’re alone say it out loud, and if not, in your mind, “God made me beautiful. I am beautifully and wonderfully made (Psalm 139:14). I am the temple of the Holy Spirit (2 Corinthians 6:16) and my steps are ordered by God (Psalm 37:23). God only sees the good in me (Romans 8:1). I am well able to fulfill the destiny God has planned for my life (Hebrews 13:20-21). The best is yet to come (Jeremiah 29:11). God is pleased with me (Zephaniah 3:17). I am a good friend. I am a wonderful Christian, because if not, God would not have chosen me (Romans 8:29-30. I try my hardest all the time. God is perfecting me every day (Hebrews 12:2). He is well able to give me all I can ask or imagine because He loves me (Ephesians 3:20). Everything that God allows in my life is good (Romans 8:28). Look at me, you good looking thing you (Song of Solomon 1:8)…” I mean, you need to go on and on.

Everyone has a conversation going on in his or her head at all times (your internal dialog). Your subconscious mind records everything people say to you and everything you say to yourself. Your subconscious mind takes everything literally, recording it for later use. If you don't get anything else from this study, take this truth. It is so important.

Your bully may not be as ruthless as mine was, but if you are a habitual dieter, most likely you have a bully.

07-09-2012, 09:01 AM
Kelli, thank you for sharing this truly important story.If only we would treat ourselves as well as we would treat someone else. I would never call someone else stupid but I have called myself stupid many times. Thanks again.

Rose Centered
07-09-2012, 09:06 AM
Kelli ~ Thank you so very much for sharing your story. It really is an eye-opener and makes me think about the way I have talked to myself over the years.

I am inspired to treat myself with more respect and love, and I ask God to help me!

(I wasn't going to open any 3FC threads this AM to avoid being late for work, but I was led to open "Christian Encourager" anyway, and I'm glad I did!)

Rose (

07-09-2012, 12:20 PM
Kelli I was coming here to find support and your post stuck home with me. Even though my DH is very generous with his compliments, I can't accept them as truth. He must be making it up, I always think. thanks for sharing that, I am not sure I can do it, but surely something to wok toward.

I wanted to also come here for diet support. I have been on a different forum for many years, but they aren't Christians and I really need more of the Christian support.

I just finished reading the Metabolism Miracle diet I had been told about on that other forum. In case you don't know anything about it, she explains how some people have a normal metabolism and some have an alternative one which she named metabolism B. With normal one, calories in minus calories out will equal a weight loss. With Met. B, it is a hormonal issue which causes the weight gain, not necessarily the amount of calories one eats, although that is still a factor, but not the main one.

Any how. I am 100% sure that is me .... I totally fit the symptoms of this alternative metabolism. You would think, great! go to it, start the diet, yet there is a huge mountain I can not get around right now and that is a financial one to purchase what I need to do this and continue to for no less than 4 months (1st 2 steps of diet will be hardest) and then the rest of my life.

I have been quite bitter about our finances. I have had hope for years it would be different, yet nothing changes and things get worse. By God's grace and mercy, we are making it, but we have alot of debt and ALOT of needs.

I need some support here so I don't continue to feel defeated about our finances. I don't blame my DH, we have made the choice for me to stay home to be with our 9 kids (now some moved out), so I don't regret that decision at all. We have cut back on nearly everything we can, and still we need to cut more....all expenses are going up, food, gas, etc, and the income (we are self-employed) stays the same. Which is actually good so we can still get some government services. If we make just a bit more, we would loose some things ( student financial aide for the kids to go to college, health care for our kids, etc.) which we could not pay for with a small income increase.

We need a miracle another one, the 1st was when we got this business, now we have to make a huge increase in income to jump head far enough to make up for what services we will loose if we make more money.....stupid yet true....

Thanks for "listening" :^:

My DH has written a children's book, he is amazing....maybe at some point we can work on selling that. one of our sons is working on illustrations right now, but since he is only 13, he is not very motivated.

07-09-2012, 03:09 PM
NELLY ~ I really understand what you are saying about your finances; DH & I struggled for many years too. During that time, GOD showed us how to live on less; we became really good at stretching our dollar. The most important lesson we learned was not to carry debt; we paid it off and now we save for anything we want.

There IS a reason that you are where you are; there are lessons here -- for you and for your children. They can learn through you how to manage money better. Will continue to send up ^prayers^ that GOD will grant you wisdom and patience through this time. :hug:

KELLEY ~ thanks for sharing your story with us again; I can so relate, as you already know. GOD BLESS ... :hug:

07-09-2012, 08:13 PM
Nelly, for many years I was diagnosed with clinical depression. It just felt like nothing would ever change. There was never enough money when I was growing up, and I still didn't have enough money. I was fat, and couldn't lose the weight... and so on...

Through the years God has taught me that I need to stop dwelling on what I don't have and start being thankful for the things I do have.

Proverbs 18:20, 21 (The Message) Words satisfy the mind as much as fruit does the stomach; good talk is as gratifying as a good harvest.

21 Words kill, words give life; they're either poison or fruit—you choose.

Every morning to start my Bible study off I read a little devotional called, Our Daily Bread. Sometimes the stories are so appropriate. One of my favorites was about a 92-year old Christian woman who was blind but despite her disability, she was always dressed nice and her makeup and hair were always neat. She would begin each new day with enthusiasm. After her husband of 70 years died, she had to go to live in a nursing home to receive proper care. On the day of the move her room wasn’t quite ready, so she waited patiently in the lobby for several hours. When an attendant finally came for her, she sweetly smiled as she was assisted to her room. The staff member described her room to her, including the new curtains that had been hung on the windows. “I love it,” she declared. “But you haven’t seen your room yet the employee replied. “That doesn’t have anything to do with it,” she said “happiness is something you choose. Whether I like my room or not doesn’t depend on how it’s arranged. It’s how I arrange my mind.”

Please don't feel like I am making light of your pain, I am not, I know how much it hurts, I have been there. But remember you are a new creation in Christ, this is not our home. In fact our life here is so short, and it sounds like you are very busy and blessed with a FANTASTIC ministry. Wow! Nine children, what a blessing!

07-09-2012, 09:36 PM
KELLI ~ I also read "THE DAILY BREAD" each morning -- what a wonderful story that is (worth keeping). I love the punchline ...

"Happiness is something you choose. Whether I like my room or not doesn’t depend on how it’s arranged. It’s how I arrange my mind.”

Thanks for the scriptures too ... :hug:

07-09-2012, 09:42 PM
KELLI ~ I also read "THE DAILY BREAD" each morning -- what a wonderful story that is (worth keeping). I love the punchline ...

"Happiness is something you choose. Whether I like my room or not doesn’t depend on how it’s arranged. It’s how I arrange my mind.”

Thanks for the scriptures too ... :hug:

Reminds me of another saying, not found in Scripture but a good thought

"If you don't get what you want, want what you get."

07-11-2012, 03:06 AM
My name is Laura and I just found 3FC yesterday. I hope you won't mind if I join your group. I can always use more encouragement and prayers. I'm on WW, I've done it before but just restarted 3 weeks ago. So far I've lost 10 pounds and doing great. Last week I had some trouble staying OP but I'm doing much better this week. Right now I just pray for the strength, determination, and physical ability to work out each day. That has been my biggest struggle. At my weight it's hard to work out. I had a back injury last year so it's hard on my back and joints to be carrying around all this weight. So I'm starting slow and doing most of my working out in the pool because it's lower impact. Anyway, that's enough about me. It's nice to meet you, thanks for letting me introduce myself.

God bless!

07-11-2012, 08:55 AM
Good morning Laura and welcome to Christian Encouragers. We have a great group of ladies and men here. Congratulations on starting your journey to better health.
Proverbs 3:6 In all thy ways acknowledge him , and he shall direct thy paths.

07-11-2012, 02:31 PM
Thanks for reminding me that there are men on here too! That's great.

07-11-2012, 04:49 PM
Another week has passed and I am down another pound. I have mainly been increasing my veggies and lowering my portion sizes. It seems to be working. I am still not walking due to my foot injury but have started with other exercises.

Welcome Laura. This is a great place for support!

Kelli! I'm glad you shared your story. It's so good to see that you are gaining victory. The devil wants us to wallow in poor self esteem instead of see who we really are in Christ. Thanks again for the reminder that He really does love each one of us.

Have a great week!

07-11-2012, 09:24 PM
:welcome: LAURA ~ glad you found us over here; I know how you feel -- it's hard to exercise sometimes. Many people find the pool easier on their joints and muscles ... :D

Congrats, WILMA ~ on that 1 lb -- it all adds up; sounds like a good strategy you have going there! :)

Tonight, we had fish, salad, tomatoes, .5 cob corn, a few baked fries (not too many). Eating is going better this week after a munchy weekend. Thank goodness, I was able to keep the calories in check overall. We finally transpanted all the berry bushes. We had been waiting for some sand to be delivered that hasn't showen up yet. We found some on the north side of our house; just enuff to plant them today.

Now we just can spend the rest of summer watering and enjoying the fruits of our labors. My lilies are blooming again: they are orange with red & yellow striped centers; very pretty. My peony bushes seem to have taken a hit from either the heat or possible powdery mildew??? Will have to do some research about that and some heavy pruning may be in order very soon ... ah, shucks and they were blooming so nicely up until this week!

The temps were good up until today in the 70's and just up to 80 F here today (late afternoon) but we had a lovely breeze all day that felt wonderful. We are blessed with the spot we are in and the bushes and trees on the south side help a lot too.

Have a great week ... :flow2:

Rose Centered
07-12-2012, 11:01 AM
:wel3fc: Laura! You've made great progress, glad that WW is proving to be a good plan for you. I'm also glad that you have access to a pool. Besides being good exercise, there's something about being in the water that lifts my spirits. :swim: And yes, we will keep you in prayer! Morning devotions/Bible reading/prayer is what keeps me going.

Good news, Wilma! A good reminder that 'slow but sure' is the best way to go. :broc: Even more important than the weight loss is the adding of veggies. So hard for me!

07-12-2012, 01:51 PM
Well, I did my research and was correct; I had the beginning of "Powdery Mildew" and found an EZ homemade environmentally friendly spray (just 1 tbl baking soda + 1 tbl canola oil + 1 tbl plain dish soap in a gallon of water). I made some up but may not have to use it becuz they also recommended to prune out the bad areas which were mostly the seed balls and any dead or dying branches.

So, early this AM -- DH and I went out and pruned both bushes until there was none left, and they look so much neater anyways. They are still healthy and growing and blooming; so glad that we caught it right at the beginning -- now they will be OK! Thank you, LORD for the internet info; so handy. :D

It is warmer here today; we have been blessed with a nice breeze, but we may be having a siesta this afternoon and a very light dinner. :)

07-12-2012, 02:06 PM
Rosebud, I have read that back in the day before modern plumbing housewives when done washing dishes would throw the dishwater on their rosebushes, they had no problem with aphids.

07-12-2012, 02:35 PM
I really overdid it yesterday on the workout. I'm sore all over today. I think even my hair hurts, lol. Today I'm being kinder to my body and only doing 1 hr of water aerobics and getting back on treadmill tomorrow. But tomorrow I think I'll do 40 or 45 minutes instead of an hour. My sister was telling me this morning to push ahead and make sure I get right back on that horse. She thinks I should continue at 1 hr. I didn't get upset I just reminded myself she probably lacks some insight to my situation considering she is 100 lbs less than I am. She is a little overweight but I am obese. Big difference. I need to start slower so I don't injure myself. The diet is going great.

Rose Centered
07-12-2012, 02:51 PM
:cheer: Hi Laura, You are doing great in both the diet and exercise departments! And you are right to listen to your own body and being concerned about injuries. They could cause a setback to your program.


07-12-2012, 03:02 PM
Laura, it's good to get right back on the horse...

but you don't need to ride it until you kill it!

Work your way up a little at a time!

Take it easy if your body is telling you too...

but, at the same time...

don't use it as an excuse either.

Well Gals, my "baby" turned 29 yesterday...making this grandpa feel a little older...

all is good!

07-12-2012, 08:40 PM
LAURA ~ I overdid it a bit today pruning our bushes; so gotta rest my back a bit tomorrow, but then all the big gardening stuff is now done -- yeah!
It is better to do less more often, than push too hard and not be able to do anything. 30 minutes a day is better than 1 hour once a week and injuries.

I started out even slower than you; going in 5-10 minutes spurts which I increased over time. When we lived in the apt building I would walk 3-5 five times a day for 5-15 minutes. That can add up to a lot each day; and when I added in my toning exercises in the AM, plus my hand-weights, chair aerobics, light housechores, dancing, and gardening in the summer, etc -- that gave me more exercise over the week. I have had to learn how to pace myself, and I still slip-up now & then; but the point is that I never gave up and it has paid off for me over time ... :hug:

BARGOO ~ oh, that's right; I remember that now that you mention it.

07-13-2012, 05:36 AM
Hello everyone, it is good to be home again! I was just starting to get to know a few of you before we left. Glad to see that there are new people joining us "Welcome" I look forward to getting to know you.

Our Miracle Story...Katharine Margaret... God Answers Prayers!

We left in a hurry the first of June to go see our daughter up north, 2 days drive away. She has MS (multiple sclerosis) is 42 years old, and has been in a nursing home for 4 years already and is totally dependant, unable to do anything at all. We went in June because she lost the ability to speak and was chocking when eating the pureed foods, and can not drink anymore, fluids are put in a tube into her stomach. We needed to see her, touch her and reassure her of our unconditional love.

It is very emotional because she chose to disappear from our lives for 17 years and we did not know if she was dead or alive. Until 2 years ago this July when she asked the nurses to find us, due to medications or the progress of the MS they do not know what changed her mind and attitudes.

We do, we are just so thankful to have our daughter back in our lives and know that God does answer our prayers in His time.

There are special people that care about her up there, a very special "guardian angel" an other answer to our prayers, who has taken a deep and sincere interest in seeing that she has all the little things a MS person needs. He lives 7 miles away and rides his peddle bike into see Katharine almost every day in the good weather and takes the bus in bad weather. His name is David and he is a retired gentleman and he has hired a companion to spend time with her 3 times a week. She receives excellent care in the small nursing home and has a support system in place up there. David calls us every few days so that we can speak with her, now we just share what we are doing and make sure she knows how much we love her, so she can hear our voices and David responds on Katharine's behalf. The distance is hard on us but we go see her and spend 10 - 14 days with her every 3 months... being retired helps us do the traveling back and forth. But sure stretches our finances but God is supplying what is needed.

God has been faithful and her younger brother and fiance went to see her at New Years for several days. It was hard for him as he wears his heart on his sleeve, and was afraid to see his sister in such a condition. Her other brother has no interest in going to see her but allowed us to take his 2 daughters (8 and 10 yrs old) up to see their Aunt for the first time last summer. It was a very special time for them and us.

So traveling, living in motels, cooking some meals and eating out quite regular was stressful. Trying to watch all the foods and make " wise choices"
turned into a exercise of keeping a journal of every bite and drink, so I could stay on track. This is the first time in my life that I traveled with a weight scale... lol I weighed myself each morning and did not obsess if it went up a little. Just stuck to the plan as best as possible.

Most incredible " it is 4 months and I'm still off Insulin with good blood glucose levels", I am so grateful to God for this also!

It's been 6 weeks and I lost each week we were away, a little .4 of a pound one week and up to 1.8 pounds another, I am so excited and grateful!

Thanks for Listening, Blessings to All,

07-13-2012, 11:04 AM
Lily, it is good to hear from you. Praise be to God for the Angel that God has put in your daughters life. So good that you are able to see her as often as you do.
Good job on finding a way to keep your weight loss going.

07-13-2012, 05:12 PM
LILY ~ glad that you are back and thanks for sharing that special story about your daughter, KATHARINE MARGARET & her :angel: friend, DAVID. He must love her very much; he's so dedicated to her. I am happy for you all that you are in contact again. Will send up some ^prayers^ for your daughter and her friend; and your family (plus I will put her in the PRAYER WARRIOR's Current List on PAGE ONE as well). I am thrilled for you that you are off insulin and your plan is working for you too! :hug:

I am feeling better today; and I'm sure ALL your prayers have something to do with that. No back pain today at all -- PRAIZE GOD: HE is so awesome!!! Words cannot convey how grateful I am for all our faithful friends here, your prayers, and GOD's continuous care towards myself and DH. We've had a wonderful week.

I ordered DH's three-wheel bike today; it should be here in about 1.5 weeks, and I know he is very excited about it. It was a wonderful surprise to find out the bike was $230.00 less than the guy has previously quoted; the prices have dropped that much since we talked to him about it last fall.

Eating went well this week; I was hungrier this week but I think that was becuz we were more active too. Still managed to stay on plan and under my daily cals every day -- PTL!

We had lots of :rain: fall during the night, so we didn't have to do any watering today. It is hotter out there now, high 80's but still bearable in here; a nice breeze and some clouds are helping a lot. It should cool off this evening. :D

Have a FABULOUS FRIDAY everyone ... :flow2:

07-14-2012, 01:13 AM
Thank you bargoo! and thanks Rosebud, I will try and find the Prayer Warriors page, so I can add my prayers to others needs and requests!

07-14-2012, 03:31 AM
After 2 days of soreness i am actually looking forward to tomorrow's workout. but i think instead of killing myself for an hour on the treadmill plus 90 mins water aerobics i'm going to shoot for 45 mins on the treadmill and an hour of water aerobics. My diet is going great.

Lily-- thanks for sharing such an uplifting story about your daughter!

Thanks all of you so much for the support. Take care and God Bless

07-14-2012, 01:10 PM
LILY ~ your welcome; here's a link to the Current Prayer List on page one of our PRAYER WARRIOR's Thread (in this very forum); just click on it and you are there ...

LAURA ~ you have so much energy -- have fun and enjoy yourself as much as possible ... :D

07-15-2012, 01:37 AM
worked out for 2 hours and I feel great, albeit a bit tired. but in the good way! :cheer2:
I did 50 mins on the :woops:
followed by 1 hr and 10 mins of water aerobics :swim:

still staying on plan with my diet :carrot: though it isn't easy when other people in the house are eating junk like smores!

07-16-2012, 09:15 AM
Hi, everyone! So many encouraging posts since I was last here! And, glad to see more new people:)

It's just been a month of busy-ness and fatigue for me. DS3 had a good youth group trip to New Orleans and now loves flying (not so for me, but oh, well....). DS2 finished up his classes and can now get a few more hours in at his job before going back to college next month. DS1 and his wife seem to be having problems, but haven't told us anything about anything-all we know is she's staying with a friend and he has 2 of the kids when he's not at work. I just pray about that, as I know there's really nothing I can do or say unless they ask.

A month or so ago, someone (I believe it was Wilma) mentioned finding a diet buddy and it got me thinking and praying, wondering if I needed someone who knew me better who was fighting this same battle. A couple weeks later, a friend of mine from high school posted on Facebook that she needed some extra help, as she had gained back a bunch of the weight she had lost after her husband, I contacted her privately, and we're working this together! She's like me in that she gets really tired of people who think you have to do it their way or it won't work...or worse, yet, those skinny people who have never, ever had to lose any weight, but think they have your answer:rolleyes: So, since we're of such similar mindsets and both have faced this battle since we were in school together, we're working and praying on-line together! Now, I have 2 special buddy groups (you all and her) working with me in this battle!

I started a thread on Weight loss support about a couple supplements I've been trying, but started having some asthma-type coughing and heart palpitations, but could also be an allergy. Just trying to narrow things down.

Also, wanted to mention that my mom is doing GREAT!! She no longer has to use the walker and rarely even uses the cane and it's only been 10 weeks since her hip replacement! Saw her surgeon last Wednesday and he's very pleased. She's working on rebuilding the muscles in the area and wants to work on losing some of the weight she put on while waiting for the surgery. Many, many prayers were answered in getting her through this and we both praise God for what He did for her!

Well, must get going here-Hope you all have a really wonderful day! You'll all be in my prayers!

07-16-2012, 12:23 PM
LAURA ~ good for you for resisting those junkies -- that IS hard. Otherwise, it sounds like you are enjoying yourself with your exercise plan, and that is very important too ... :)

HI RONNI ~ Glad that you popped by as we sure miss you around here; but I am happy for you that you have found another buddy to help you in your journey & life. PRAIZE GOD for He has done wonderous things in your MOTHER's life; that poor dear suffered for so long. Will send up ^prayers^ for DS1 and his marriage/life. I know some people are so hesitant to involve their families when they are struggling; but the best thing we can do is pray for them all. :hug:

PRAIZE GOD for all the many blessings He has sent our way each day. My evening devotions all this past week have been about continuously focusing on the POSITIVE ... positive attitudes; positive thoughts; positive words; positive ideas; and positive solutions -- that is the way to victory in every area of our lives!

We've had nicer temps this weekend; and today is nice & cool. Eating went well last week; and I'm looking forward to another good one too. Hope you all have a wonderful week coming up as well ... :flow1:

07-17-2012, 01:49 AM
everything is still going really good for me right now. trying to build up some momentum before I go for a trip to see my boyfriend for 5 days. I leave Wed. I'm so worried about staying on track. I'll check in every day when I'm there to help keep me accountable.

today I worked out for over 2 hours. (Water aerobics and treadmill) I'm really proud of myself. Tomorrow I am going for a walk through the forest and invited a couple girlfriends.

I also think making the decision not to weigh daily was the right one for me. Today was the first day I didn't weigh. Actually looking forward to weighing on Thursday. Taking my scale with me on my trip. So glad this decision helped me to stop obsessing!

07-17-2012, 01:22 PM
I'm back from a weekend away. I planned ahead and took only fruit and veggies for snacks. We'll see if it worked when I weigh in tomorrow morning. Other than that my eating is going really well.

Ronni! I am so glad you found a diet buddy. It's so nice to have someone to be accountable to. We don't judge each other because life happens but we're there for each other when we struggle. You will find it makes a real difference even in making choices. Do I really want her to know I ate that?

Now we're beginning to record our exercise too. I'm slow starting out but its getting better.

Talk to you all tomorrow after my official weigh in!

07-18-2012, 04:12 AM
I go on my 5 day trip tomorrow thru the weekend. I've been worried about staying on track but I feel pretty calm about it now. I can tell people have been praying about that for me. And it's appreciated! Now I am all packed and ready to make my trip with joy and not anxiety. It'll be a great visit and I will stay on plan. I'm even bringing my own scale, lol.

Speaking of praying for me, in addition to the Christian support on this site I thought it was time for me to ask a good friend of mine to pray for me throughout this weightloss journey. I explained to her that I have a WW buddy, a workout buddy, and family support. But I felt a nudge to ask her to pray for me throughout this process. It felt really good when she told me she already prays for me all the time anyway but that she would be happy to pray for me specifically in terms of my weightloss goals.

I joined the YMCA today! I'm excited to try some of the classes they offer like zumba, pilates, and spinning class. I even called the Y in the city I'm going to and asked if I could visit their facility while I'm away from home.

This morning I went on a hike with my friend Heather. It was fun and I can't wait to go again. Next time I'll bring my camera along. Lots of scenic photo opps missed.

I'm doing really well on my diet. It's been a couple weeks since I've gone off plan. Finally getting into the exercise routine. I'm starting to feel a lot better, physically and emotionally, even though I don't think any weightloss is visable yet. I'm just happier than I have been in a looooooong time. I'm really glad I found this site.

07-18-2012, 10:38 AM
Weigh in this morning showed no loss or gain. This is good because of our weekend away and the hamburger I ate for dinner last night. Do you have Five Guys Burgers where you live? It's an American chain that is new to our city. The burgers (the little one) was huge. I don't even want to know how many calories are in it. DH wanted to try it out so I went with him. I won't be visiting there very often but the burger did taste good!

Laura: You look so well prepared for your holiday. That is so important. I planned for my weekend away with snacks I could eat and that helped me too. Have fun!

07-18-2012, 08:46 PM
My boyfriend's family and I went to a buffet restaurant for lunch. It's a national chain restaurant that has a chocolate fountain for crying out loud! But I wasn't tempted a bit. No dessert for this gal! Yay! I treated myself to a few items but I only took a half of a cheesy biscuit, and a half a fried chicken strip. The rest of my selections were guilt free. I hit that salad bar pretty hard, lol. And I tallied up the WW points for everything!

When we got back to his place we took a nice 2 mile walk.

Gonna eat lite the rest of the day so I think today was definitely a success. Not worried about tomorrow's weigh in at all.

07-18-2012, 09:15 PM
WILMA ~ no, we don't have any places like that out here as far as I know; I haven't heard of them anyways. I have noticed that the burgers are getting bigger everywhere it seems. We have an A & W and a KFC, a Tim Hortons, two Sports Bar type places (one is a Steakhouse), a Railway fine dining restaurant & a Western Roadhouse-type place (with good food but very expensive), two Chinese food Places, three Pizza Places & three sub shops (2 combined), a Deli with great stuff (my favorite), two truckstops, and a couple of family owned, cafe-type places with take-out service as well. That's a lot for a town the size of ours (5000+). There used to be more, and we wonder why we have weight problems ... :lol:

LAURA ~ you are doing great; glad you are having a good time!

Eating is going well this week too; tonight we had baked fish, a few fries (about 5), one third ear of corn, and a nice salad with my own cherry tomatoes. We have nice cool temps here today -- that's why I was able to do a meal in the oven. DH put up the lovely birdhouse our friends made/gave us as a house-warming present today; it looks great on one of our big fir trees in the back yard.

Have a thoroughly OP Thursday, everyone ... :flow2:

07-19-2012, 10:23 AM
The following is a poem by a Lutheran pastor named Gerhard Frost from a book called Seasons of a Lifetime.

The Demon of Self-Doubt

He’d had a great year

In kindergarten,

But now the going was hard

In first grade.

After reflection and brooding,

He came to his mother with a sad self-assessment

And solemn conclusion:

“I don’t think I’m really first grade;

I’m more kindergarten type.”

For another, it had been a significant career,

Fifty-five years of hard

And responsible work.

But now he sat alone,

Downcast and discouraged.

As I approached him with a greeting he said:

“I’m no good; I can’t work at anything any more.”

Two persons,

Each with a given dignity

And “justified by faith,”

Both deep in self-evaluation

And suffering

At the hands of the demon, Self-Doubt,

Both at a crossroad and needing wise and compassionate friends.

Voices are needed,

My voice and yours,

Voices of self-appointed guardians

Of the fragile egos

Of the very young and very old,

And everyone between,

Voices to proclaim

That God has loved us

Into dignity and worth forever.

Listen to those VOICES our Lord gives us to get through tough times...and be a VOICE to those that need to hear good :hug:

07-19-2012, 11:06 AM
Gary-good poem. Especially to remind us that we all doubt ourselves, but we need to look to God Who is the One who can lift us out of the doubting mindset. I'm praying for your test results. God bless:hug:

Rosebud-you're always a voice of encouragement-I love reading about your days.

Wilma-I'm so glad you mentioned your diet buddy. It definitely is making a difference for me, especially as she's someone I know from high school and we've both struggled our entire lives with the weight problem.

Well, I may have accidentally figured out what's causing my allergy symptoms (the heart palpitations and asthma cough and tightness). After a couple days of eliminating the new supplements and DS3's new BO killer, I was still having the problem a LOT, so started looking at what I had been eating and realized that the symptoms got worse after each meal. So, 1st I eliminated wheat and the symptoms decreased, but still having problems after some meals. Next, I eliminated dairy of all kinds and within 2 days, the symptoms have decreased 99%!!! I dropped nearly 3 pounds in a day and a half as well! So, I'm eliminating both wheat and dairy products for a while to see what happens. I know the only way to test it will be to add them back one at a time and see what happens, but I'm fairly convinced right now that I'm probably allergic to both wheat and dairy. I can't believe how much energy I woke up with this morning, too!:D Even the puffiness in my face is decreasing and my skin is less irritated-who knew??!!

I'm so glad I have you guys here as my other diet buddies:hug: Hope you all have a great day!

PS-if any of you are on Facebook and want to connect that way as well, PM me!

07-19-2012, 03:41 PM
GARY ~ oh, that poem is beautiful; love it! It's a keeper ... thanx for sharing that with us all here. :D

RONNIE ~ glad that you found the allergy culprit; I have issues with dairy too, and have cut my consumption of it way back. I can have small amounts of certain kinds like yogurt & yogurt ice cream, and hard cheeses, etc, but I do have to limit them. I believe GOD has healed me becuz I used to have chronic stomach pain and very, very severe diarrhea in the past. It is much better now. As soon as I eat anything with even a tiny bit of dairy (esp milk solids), I get stuffed up & nasal drip (DH gets conjested too); but at least it's not like it was before. I still can't eat more than 1/2 cup of regular ice cream or I get the runs within an hour; but thank goodness, there are a lot of lactose-free products available now.

07-19-2012, 06:55 PM
Things are going great on my trip so far. Today is my hunny's bday and we went to his favorite pizza place. I didn't over-indulge and I counted the WW points. In fact, I think I may have over-estimated in my guessing but better safe than sorry. We took his 3-yr old to play at the playground for about an hour afterward so at least I was moving and walking.

Today was my weigh day and I'm down another pound. Yay! So glad I brought my scale with me on this trip.

Have a good week y'all and I'll check back in tomorrow

07-20-2012, 09:18 PM
day 3 of my trip. having a great time. taking something of a free day today. had a double cheeseburger and shared an order of fries. had reduced fat ice cream later. But I am getting lots of exercise in the form of walking. (did some shopping with a lot of walking and walking all over the hospital visiting my boyfriend's dad.)

I will be back on track tomorrow though! I hope my one day of bad eating doesn't do too much damage when I weigh on Sunday morning

07-20-2012, 10:34 PM
Lost 2 pounds this week. Should have been more. Vacation Bible School this week. With the stress and temptations at snack I ate some things I should not have. I will say that I am happy that at least I lost and my Body Fat went down a little. Thanks Lord for small victories!

07-21-2012, 05:02 PM
:welcome: CONHOP ~ that's 2 more lbs that are gone forever, and that's great. Have fun at your BVS ... :D

CHUBBYGIRL ~ I take a flex day once a week too; yesterday was mine, but I did pretty good sticking at about 1805 -- not so bad. Had a craving for a peanut butter sandwich last night ... my bain really. I'm a peanut butter nut just like my DH, and many people in my family. Usually, I have that for BF or Lunch, so back to that strategy.

Today, we are having roast chicken with lotsa veggies: smalll new potatoes, yams, broccoli, baby carrots, and cauliflower. Plus, I made extra so that we could have the leftovers tomorrow; just have to heat them up. It was cooler here today, so I also baked some healthy muffins and put them in the freezer for next week too.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone ... :flow2:

07-24-2012, 01:04 AM
I'm baaaack! I had a great trip. Stayed on plan except one day. Lost a pound when I weighed Thursday. Lost another pound when I weighed Sunday. Gained 2 this morning. So I'm even for the week. Which is ok considering I was away from home, eating out, away from my treadmill and pool. And I had a great time. Got engaged on Saturday night. Boy was I surprised when he proposed in front of 20 of his closest friends! :o

Stayed op today but didn't work out. I'm housesitting now so once again I'm away from home and treadmill and pool. But I will hit the Y this week. Hopefully tomorrow if I don't have to take one of future bridesmaids to the doctor.

07-24-2012, 10:37 AM
Congratulations Laura! I'm so happy for you and you did great not gaining.

07-24-2012, 03:42 PM
LAURA ~ Wowie, congratulations to you!!! What a surprise indeedy! You did really well not gaining on a holiday; good for you ... :)

07-25-2012, 01:25 PM
Weigh in day today. Another pound gone. It's coming off slowly but surely! I know I need to start exercising but I guess I'm a bit afraid of damaging my foot again. I think I'll start out slowly and build up from there.

Have a great day everyone.

07-25-2012, 07:18 PM
I'm doing great, hope everyone else is. I've been house sitting so I haven't been near my computer as much so it's been a couple days.

I've been staying on plan so that's good. Not having any problems staying on the diet since I got back from my trip so that's a relief. Did ok on the trip except one day that I splurged but it caused me to stay at the same weight for the week so I didn't lose anything.

Been working out a lot!! Yay! I'm so proud of myself. I love going to the Y.

Yesterday I went and worked on some machines. Did :woops: for 30 min followed by 30 min on :ebike:

Today I took a 45 min yoga class:yoga:
followed by a 1 hr water aerobics class :swim:

Good luck to all of you!
By the way, I did the math... to make my weightloss goal by my wedding day (8/24/13) I have to consistently lose 12 lbs a month. That's about 3 lbs a week. I can do that! :goodscale Tomorrow is weigh day for me.

07-25-2012, 07:51 PM
Congratulations, Wilma on another pound gone forever.
Chubbygirl, great job staying on plan and getting all your exercise in.

07-27-2012, 08:01 PM
Hi y'all. just checking in... I lost 2 lbs! I'll take it! Feels like it should be more with my extensive workouts this week but I know it won't just happen overnight.

I have stayed on plan every day this week and I worked out 2 and a half hours already today and I have a short hike scheduled with my mom after dinner so that will make it 3 hours total for the day just like I did yesterday.

I'm really proud of myself. Even when I lost a bunch of weight in 2007 I wasn't working out like this! I've never been so active. Can't wait till the weight starts falling off!

07-27-2012, 08:57 PM
Congratulations, WILMA & CHUBBYGIRL on those losses; every lb counts!:carrot:

We've had lovely weather here the last few days; in the 70 F or 20's C; with really nice breezes too. Did some shopping mid-week; picked up lots of fruit & veggies. Got lots of walking in that day as well -- more than I usually do so I was a bit stiff the next day. I'm feeling better today.

We ordered a 3-wheel bike for DH this month -- it arrived at the store, but wasn't pre-assembled like they'd hoped/ordered. We met the young fella who is trying to put it together; seems it was his first bike of this kind, so it was giving him a bit of trouble I think. We've been ^praying^ that GOD's mechanical angels will help him figure it all out. It was supposed to be delivered today but it was a no-show; I hope it is just becuz they are very busy at this time (which they are). DH saved up for some time for this bicycle; and I chipped in the rest as part of his 65th birthday present, and he is very excited about it.

Eating went very well this week; although, I did feel a bit hungry a few days. Today is my flex day, so I splurged and had some popcorn; but my meals are all still on track (and I think even with the popcorn, I am still under my calorie cap for the day). I don't always count the cals on my flex day -- I just journal what I eat on that day (at least once a month).

Hope you all have good weather for this weekend -- they are expecting it to be a bit warmer here ... :flow2:

Misti in Seattle
07-28-2012, 12:10 AM
Hello everyone. It's been a while since I have been here but glad to see this support section still going strong!

God's blessings on all of you.

07-28-2012, 10:59 PM
HI AGAIN, MISTI ~ glad you stopped by over here. Best wishes on your continued WL journey & many blessings to you too! :hug:

Well, DH was tickled pink that his bike was delivered this AM. The delivery guy was kind and helped us put the basket on before he left. The only thing we had to do was secure the basket with some special clamps that were left over, and that only took a few minutes. GOD bless Frankie for putting the bike together, and Home Hardware too for the assembly & delivery, all for free. DH spent the rest of the day buzzing around town showing it off -- so cute!

Really nice weather here again today; got up to about 80 F but stayed nice indoors. We fixed a hole we found inside the bottom cupboards; and then watered the berry bushes, beans, and flower gardens as we didn't get the rain they had expected. They are calling for some early next week, so we'll see.

Hope you all are having a wonderful weekend too ... :flow2:

07-28-2012, 11:15 PM
Welcome back, Misti.

Misti in Seattle
07-29-2012, 01:19 AM
Thanks for the welcomes, everyone!

07-30-2012, 10:17 AM
:bday2you: HAPPY BIRTHDAY BARGOO! :bday2you:

07-30-2012, 12:28 PM
Just popping in to wish you an Happy Birthday Bargoo! May today and the coming year be all you wish for!!

07-30-2012, 02:26 PM

Hope you have a wonderful day! :hug:

07-30-2012, 04:12 PM
:celebrate::celebrate::bday2::celebrate: :celebrate:

Happy Birthday, Bargoo!

07-30-2012, 04:38 PM
Thank you all for the birthday greetings !

07-31-2012, 01:00 AM
hi y'all. just checking in. I've been around long enough to get my ticker! Yay! And I lost another pound. Yay again! My diet is going great. My workouts even better. I am up to working out 2-3 hours a day now. So much difference since first starting to exercise a month ago!!! I've only lost 15 pounds but the increase in exercise has only been over the last week or two. The scale will move soon. And I gaining confidence and endurance instead of pounds. Praise the Lord! TOM is this week so I suspect next week will be more scale friendly, lol. My long distance hunny will be here Wed and Thurs... wait till he sees how much exercise we're going to be doing. Or he can just watch me! But I gotta keep moving.:carrot:

Misti in Seattle
07-31-2012, 01:04 AM
Oops I'm a bit late... were, where I am it is only 9 PM and I see you are in CA ha so Happy Birthday Bargoo!

And Chubbygirl, great job!!! I love your positive attitude. Glad you got your ticker, as it is fun to watch them move right on down,

07-31-2012, 09:08 AM
I have just finished reading a remarkable book. The title is "The Devil In Pew Seven." by Rebecca Alonzo. Some of you may be familiar with it, if not I highly recommend it. It is a true story, about forgiveness.
She has been on Dr. Phil. since I am not really a Dr.Phil fan I don't usually watch but I did catch about the last 5 minutes or so of her show with Dr. Phil. When I learned she had written a book I knew I had to get that book.I got it from Amazon.
I have to admit that I don't know if I have it in me to forgive as she did.
The author's Mother was murdered , right in front of her when she was about 8 years old.

07-31-2012, 09:23 PM
LAURA ~ ONLY 15 lbs? Hey, that is a lot in such a short time! You are young and your body can acclimate itself to more exercise than us older folks. Glad you are enjoying yourself. Have a good time with your fiance this week ... :)

BARGOO ~ the book sounds interesting. Yes, JESUS can help some people forgive more than they could ever imagine was possible. Look at all the stuff HE forgives all of mankind for ...

We had a terrrific :rain: storm all night with thunder and lightening, but we sure needed the :rain: for our greenery, as our grass was starting to turn to a more golden shade of green ... :lol: It was nice and cool today; but the :sunny: peeked out in the early evening.

DH has been zooming around on his new bike and having a blast; that was the whole point, after all. I've just been doing stuff around the house here; a little of this and a little of that. Been reading some fun stories in my rest times too. We had fish with corn on the cob and coleslaw for dinner (DH had something extra with his instead of the salad; I had the corn).

Have a wonderful Wednesday everyone ... :flow2:

08-01-2012, 01:09 AM
I hope everyone had a great month this July, and I bet August is going to be even better.

So what are everyone's goals? How are you in a different place than we were at the beginning of July?

For me, I'm in a much better place. I have finally moved on from guilt and stress over gaining 5 lbs back over my birthday weekend. We had out-of-town guests at that time and they left July 2nd. Things have been much better since then, each day better than the previous.

Also, I'm working out a lot now. I remember just at the beginning of this month when I started exercising. I did an hour on the treadmill and I overdid it and was sore for days. Now I work out almost 3 hours every day. 3 or 4 weeks has made a huge difference!

What are your goals for August? What hurdles do you want to overcome?
I am just 2 lbs shy of my first mini goal. I want to get there this week!
I want to continue building my strength and stamina in my workouts. And I want to lose 12 lbs in the month of August!

My biggest challenge is time management. I have a hard time juggling everything and I just want to be selfish and take time to go to the Y and not worry about anyone else. But I have other people who depend on me, like my sister who needs me to babysit my 2yr old nephew. I need to work on that. I don't want to be selfish but I feel like everytime I put my needs aside I get off track.

08-01-2012, 02:09 AM
Just popping in to say a quick hello to everyone.

Chubbygirl, great job with the exercise! I've just recently been increasing mine own. Isn't it a wonderful feeling? You are so close to your mini goal.. Congrats!!

Anywho, God Bless you all and have a wonderful evening! :)

Misti in Seattle
08-01-2012, 07:41 AM
Chubbygirl, congrats on being so close to your mini-goal; you will soon be there! With all that working out you are sure to be building muscle and losing fat. Way to go.

08-01-2012, 10:45 AM
Thanks Laura for the question about the goals for August. It made me think about where I have been and where I want to go. I've done well in July but there are things I need to improve. I would like to lose 5 lbs in August and get more regular with exercising.

This week shows a 2 lb. gain. I think this is because its TOM because I've been doing well with eating and have added some exercise. Hopefully weight loss will reflect that next week. I also go by measurements as opposed to weight loss. I'll be taking those on Friday and hopefully there will be some progress there as well.

Have a great day everyone!

08-02-2012, 01:11 AM
hi everyone! My fiance has been here with me since late late late last night and we had a great day together. We walked up a giant hill that kicks my butt and then we walked the whole length of Owen's beach at the Tacoma waterfront and back, some parts included stairs and hills. Then we came home and swam in the pool a little but I did do some water aerobics exercises between playing. Then we took a 1 mile leisurely walk through the forest. We came home nice and tired from our exercise efforts today. Feels good to have another day of physical fitness and healthy eating under our belts. And I'm thankful for 2 things today... that I had a great day with my sweetie without getting off track, and that I have his full support and cooperation in this weightloss journey. It was wonderful to climb that really big hill with him at my side and congratulating me when I finished. :hug:

08-02-2012, 09:16 AM
Chubbygirl what a fantastic day, congratulations !

08-02-2012, 03:54 PM
I'm so happy I made my first goal! On to the next! I would like to be below 300 lbs by Labor Day. That gives me a month to lose 13 lbs so I'll have to hustle for it. It was great that I had my loving fiance here with me when I made my first goal.

08-02-2012, 08:02 PM
HEY, EVERYONE ~ JULY IS OVER ... FINI ... please come and join us in the new AUGUST thread in this forum. See you all there .....:D

Here's a link to it ...