Mini-Goals - Two year anniversary today!

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06-30-2012, 04:09 PM
Hi everyone!

I just wanted to make a little celebratory post - I officially started my lifestyle change two years ago today - June 30, 2010. I started at 164 lbs, and as of today I weigh 138 lbs - only 3 lbs from my goal weight! :carrot:

Most of the time has been spent maintaining/slooooowly making progress toward my goal - only about 5 of those pounds were lost in the last year, but I'll take it! I'm really looking forward to the day I can post that I've finally reached my goal - hopefully before my third anniversary! :D

06-30-2012, 05:03 PM
Congrats! That's terrific.

06-30-2012, 06:42 PM
Thank you!

06-30-2012, 06:51 PM
Way to stick it out! Awesome job!

06-30-2012, 06:54 PM
Congratulations :)

07-05-2012, 09:39 PM
Thanks everyone! I am down one more pound today - almost there! Woo hoo!

07-06-2012, 07:49 PM
Way to stick with it! Congrats :)