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06-30-2012, 03:43 PM
i am almost to my goal but it's going to be hard since i am 50 and even though i'm almost the same size as when i was a normal weight and in my 20's, my body has TOTALLY rearranged itself, lol. Much more flab and less muscle and much more in the belly and a bit less in the rear (i want it the reverse! :) and i figure i may have about 10-15 more lbs to lose but i'm terrible at judging that. i actually do not have a scale and do not know how much i have lost (i have a morbid fear of that scale) but i have gone from a 20/22 pants to a size 12 (which is a normal size for me, medium build, 5' 6'') anyway which leads me to my question:

i have always had a bulky knee shape even with no fat there. Over the years i have gained a lot of arthritis and knee problems. i do cardio daily (treadmill) and i have begun modest weight lifting (I have CFS/fibro so i have to take things extremely slow) and i am wondering has anyone seen knee swelling after exercise? Or excess fluid retention around the knee area for those who have knee issues? The actual PAIN isn't worse, it just seems either i get fluid gain around there or my knees seem fatter some days. i know some of it is FAT and i am HOPING that will go away with continued fat loss. I never had flab around my knees when i was younger, just big knees :) Actually all this "skinny" flab is amazing me, just something i never thought of or anticipated, welcome to being 50, i guess :dizzy:

(i should also mention i just started exercising 9 months ago after being sedentary with CFS chronic fatigue syndrome/Fibro and overweight for YEARS so i know it will take time to become fit and build muscle again)

07-01-2012, 11:39 AM
My knees are looking LOTS better! I used to have this overlap on my inner thighs at my knee which is almost gone. There's still a little bulge there, but it doesn't hang anymore, if that makes sense. My starting and current sizes are the same as yours.

I have knee issues, too - ACL repair in 1, chondromalacia in the other. They definitely feel swollen some days, although they don't usually look swollen to me. I'm younger than you (late 30's), and I'm doing yoga and couch to 5K. I'm taking the couch to 5K slow because of my knees - running slow, and repeating workouts. I'll just be thrilled to finish the program.

You might want to try icing your knees down immediately after exercise to see if that helps with the swelling. After my surgery, they told me to ice them every time after PT, even if they felt fine.

07-01-2012, 10:43 PM
oh, thank you! i will try icing them after exercise. i just think they look so ugly, maybe i need more fat loss in that area, i guess :)