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06-29-2012, 08:26 PM
Hi all,
I felt like I wanted to start a new thread because I am really no longer a newbie--as the title says. I started the first week of June and am down 23 pounds. (I haven't fixed my ticker yet) I am very happy with Medifast so far.

I did order some Wonderslim products but only to see how I like them and if they are comparable. I do plan to stick exclusively with the MF bars and shakes because I really like them and they have the best combination of cal./fat/carb/etc. Also I like the soups very much. Those are my main meals. The Wonderslim pancakes are far superior to MF but a little more in calories, so it I will watch that. So far I like the prices better of WS and they were more prompt in shipping. But I will stay with the main stays of MF.

Wedding report: Whew! I did very well, eating only a few bites of a most lucious wedding cake. But my day was so crazy! On my way to church my car DIED!!!! Literally!!! Thankfully some young guys pushed me out of the the middle of the road...I called AAA...borrowed a friend's that the mother of the groom could actually get to the wedding!!! Sheesh! Now I have a new car, my son's wedding was wonderful, and I lost another 2 pounds.

This is a lifestyle change for me and I am excited to keep progressing taking it one day, even one meal at a time. I do get tempted to say...hey you are doing so well you can go have a couple tacos or some pasta, but I have resisted that so far. The only real glitches have been the big family food- centered celebrations, but I am losing very well even with those events.

To anyone new--hang in there. It really works "if you work it." (OA days)
You won't be hungry and you will feel wonderful! :smug:

06-30-2012, 12:04 AM
Great job, Elstyle!

I only lost 0.1 pound last week, then went away to an Irish festival for the weekend. I had 4 drinks on Friday night, plus too much hummus, cheese, and olives. Saturday I did better drink-wise, only 2, but still too much snacks. However, I was pleasantly surprised when I weighed in today - 2 pounds down! Funny how our bodies work. :dizzy:

Good for you for keeping your cool when the car died, AND only having a couple bites of cake.

I haven't tried wonderslim, but I have started supplementing with some of the small Atkins bars. Especially this time of year, when I'm running around a lot, I never seem to have enough bars. And my dad just started Medifast. He wanted to start before his food came, so I gave him a bunch of mine. Since the Atkins have more calories (120-170), I limit myself to just 1 a day.

Keep up the good work!

06-30-2012, 04:32 PM
woo hoo, congratulations! I agree, the bars and shakes are the way to go- shakes especially in this heat we're having!

07-01-2012, 03:20 PM
Great job!! I just tried one of the RTD shakes today and it was really good!!! It was like having treat.

07-04-2012, 09:26 PM
Hi Elstyle,
It's great to hear you are doing so well on MF. Did you switch coaches? I know you were having a problem as I am so I was curious to see what you decided. Thanks for letting us know what you thought of WS. The reson I am still hesitant about switching from MF is just like you said - the calories, carbs, and fat are a little higher. I will probably do a combination of things because my wallet can't take straight MF and I have a ways to go. Congratulations on the wedding and continuing to lose even when you have such big family events. Hopefully I will do the same while I'm in Florida. Thanks for the update. It helps to keep me motivated.

07-06-2012, 11:33 PM
Thanks for all the encouragement!!!! You don't know how much I need it!

Karmich, I don't even hear from my coach anymore. Well, I did get a kind of form email from her last week, I think, but I just am not going to bother. I am not doing the MF auto order because I don't like the idea of getting stuff without going over it myself first. So I don't know if that kind of lets me out of the program anyway. I have tons of product here to use up and will order as I need it...considering a 2 week lag time though!

Like I said before, I feel like I get more insight, help, encouragement, and the ability to express myself here better than with the tsfl coach! I really thank you all for your helpful words and I do read the other posts and threads for all the info I can get. I did lose another 3 pounds last week and I am starting to be able to sit in chairs more comfortably!!! That is a very noticable change for me. As a large person I have had to be careful where I sit and look for the sturdiest chairs, etc. It is a joy to just sit anywhere and feel comfortable. And my clothes are getting looser. It just astounds me that I am actually losing weight while feeling so much better healthwise.

I do like some of the WS products. Their Chili Lime Soy Nuts are GREAT! They are the only snack I like so far. I just can't get into the pretzels and other bits, but the actual soy nuts are super duper! I need to refresh myself on their exact numbers but I only eat them sporadically and I am still losing quite well.

Besides buying a car and all that, I had planned to put a new floor in my kitchen and get some new appliances (my oven no longer worked at all, and my fridge was 30 years old and Harvest Gold!!! YUK!). So I had been saving for this renovation. But then the cabinets look hideous... so I have been using some wonderful products to clean and restore the wood and they look wonderful now.

But just to tell you a story... I was working yesterday on the cabinets all day long. I had my shake in the morning and did not feel hungry and had kept working all day!!! I would have never had that kind of energy a month ago. But around 3:30 I started feeling sooooo sad, and I just wanted to cry and I don't usually cry for no reason. I asked myself, what in the world is wrong with you? Then it dawned on my I hadn't eaten most of the day and the time went by so quickly I had no idea how late it had gotten. Well the kitchen was a complete wreck, my fridge is in the living room and I didn't have enough space to prepare anything. So I took myself out for a salad. Eating half the salad I realized I felt much better and didn't want to cry anymore!!! Wow! That is a new one for forget to eat!!!! Heavens!

Well, I can go on and on about how many changes are happening for me. I hope to check in more often and not be so long winded.

Hang in there all...we can do it!!!!

07-07-2012, 12:12 AM
Hey Elstyle,

Isn't it crazy the first time you forget to eat? It's funny, it happens to me pretty regularly on my days off - all of a sudden I'll realize it's been over 3 hours since I've eaten, but at work sometimes it's a struggle to go 2 hours. It must be something about marking the time at work, or stress eating. Sometimes I give in at 2 hours, but sometimes I see how long I can last. I tell myself a little hunger won't kill me. It's like I'm in a stare-down with my hunger - who will win? Yes, I realize I sound slightly crazy - but I'd rather be wacky than morbidly obese. ;):D;)

Hooray for a new kitchen! I grew up with avocado appliances, and a Pepto pink tub/sink/toilet. Mom and Dad's tub/sink/toilet was baby blue. Dad was right on trend when he built the house in 1973. :p They finally ditched the kitchen appliances 10 years ago - Mom loves her icemaker, but HATES the layout of her "new" fridge. Stuff just doesn't fit the same in the new models.

Those chili lime soy nuts sound pretty yummy - I may need to try them. I like crunchy and savory - there is a lot more sweet than savory in the ready to eat MF stuff.