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06-29-2012, 01:57 AM
You and I are often at odds, as is natural. I appreciate that you seem to have surrendered the war on getting to the gym on a daily basis. I, of course, do my best to accommodate you by leaving the gym bag in the car so we don't have to think about getting it ready every morning. I have also conceded the "wear clean gym clothes every day" ideal. I think two rotating pairs of work-out clothes, laundered weekly, is a good compromise for us.

But please! Before leaving damp, sweaty gym clothes in a gym bag overnight and all the next day in the car, consider the weather. If it is over 100 degrees and extremely muggy, suck it up and bring the stupid bag inside. When I pulled the sweaty, still-damp, extremely warm clothes out of the bag at the gym, it was disgusting.

I'm not asking much of you. Let's just plan a tiny bit better next time. Okay? You know that sticking to our goals will make our long-term goals, like finding a permanent job, much easier.

Yours truly,

"Ambitious Me"

P.S. Would it kill us to pack five pairs of clean socks each week?

06-29-2012, 02:07 AM
Haha! Oh dear, that's something I'm sure lazy you can't help but learn from!

I always thought people would find it disgusting that I re-use all my exercise clothes but apparently I'm not alone. I sweat in it before, and I'm just going to sweat in it again a couple times before washing - what's the difference? :D