Ideal Protein Diet - Southern Shrimp and "Grits" & Raspberry Ginger Mint Julep!!!! Oh My!!

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ya just gotta love being able to take a favorite meal...and make it IP legal!!!!!!

thats what was for dinner!!!!!!!!!!! :)

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Raspberry Ginger Mint Julep (

blend 1 cup ice, 1 cup water,
1 tbsp torani raspberry syrup
(sometimes coconut, peach or strawberry),
tons of different torani SF flavors!!....
1 tsp of the gourmet ginger in the tube
and 1 fresh mint leaf in the blender...
and its nice and refreshing!!! quick and easy.

06-26-2012, 10:29 AM
Southern Shrimp and Grits

4 oz cooked shrimp
1 tomatillo
creole seasoning or old bay seasoning
1/3 head cauliflower riced
veggies of your choice for veggie sauce
colored bell peppers and fresh parsley for garnish

make your creole veggie sauce... (

simmer veggies in a pan with 1 cup low sodium no fat chicken broth...this is a GREAT way to use up bits of leftover veggies...i used some shredded cabbage, 1 green onion, a piece of zucchini, some mini bell peppers, a few cauliflower florets, some roasted red pepper, 1 celery stalk, a few radishes, and some jalapenos and red pepper flakes cause i like it spicy!!! just about any veggie will work!! (

then scoop out your veggies onto a plate to cool....try not to eat them all...because they are sooo good even just like this!!! reserve the "veggie broth" for thinning out sauce if needed (

after cooled, puree the veggies in a blender and add more seasonings of your a dash of hot sauce and more creole seasoning!!! use a little reserved veggie broth as needed to make it a medium thick sauce. omg i can just eat this whole bowl just like this!!!!!!! so good!!! set aside and prepare cauli-"grits" (

saute cauliflower rice (i grate mine in a cheese grater) in a rather dry pan to toast....sprinkling with creole seasoning....set aside

saute the shrimp and diced tomatillo in some creole seasoning....i used Tony Chacheres Original Creole Seasoning (

then pour in your veggie sauce!!! oooh my!!!

plate your with shrimp and sauce and garnish with sliced colored peppers, parsley and a dash hot sauce!!!!!!!! (

ooooooooo weeeeeeee and as Justin Wilson used to gawnna lik dis, " I gar-un-tee!"

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Wow! This looks awesome! Can't wait to try this one when i get home next week! I live in Louisiana and this recipe rocks! Thanks, Rainbowsmiles! :wave:

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Make sure to post these to the Recipe's Thread for posterity! I'd hate for this to get lost in the threads...