Exercise! - working out without working myself to death

06-24-2012, 10:51 PM
I have not had a real exercise program for a few years..I want to see where others start (or start again). I know walking is easy..but how far do I walk to start? I am out of shape..I dont want to over do it..but I dont want to over do it. I have a bike and would love to ride with my kids more, but I am slow and winded shortly after riding...What is a fat chick to do once she has no clue how to work out anymore? :?::dizzy:

06-24-2012, 11:24 PM
walking is a cheap easy way to start. i started walking moderately (just fast enough to make me breathe harder) for 30 minutes. when that became easy for me, i stepped it up a notch and tried walking farther (i started at a mile, then tried for 1.25 miles in the same time and slowly increased it). when THAT became easy, I tried walk away the pounds, which is a video that incorporated knee lifts and arm movements along with walking.
when THAT got to be too easy, i tried jogging. thats where i am now, lol. the first time i jogged on the treadmill, i lasted about 12 secs and it took me 4 minutes to recover...today i jogged/sped walked on the treadmill and i hit a mile after 16 mins. about 6 mins of that was jogging. i am SUPER proud of myself for that one!
I am working my way up to 12 min or less per mile. after that, im not sure where I will go. I also do circuit training (a bunch of different exercises in a circuit) and weight lifting with friends from work.
i start with small goals (try a 10lb weight instead of the 5 i used last week) and i increase them.
Ive still got about 115 lbs to lose, but I am more fit than i was 20lbs ago. I can actually jog, when climbing stairs used to give me asthma attacks (i dont have asthma)
start where you need to, but dont stay there. always challenge yourself and push yourself PAST your limit, a little at a time
good luck!

06-24-2012, 11:24 PM
Hi KatieJames! Walking is a great way to start! I found that it is easiest to measure in min walked rather than to worry about distance in the beginning. A ten min walk at an steady or moderately brisk pace would be a great way to begin and that would allow you to see how you feel afterwards. After an injury and at my highest weight, I started by walking around the block and, as that felt good, I would walk it twice a day and then begin to walk farther and farther.
Good luck as you get started!