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06-21-2012, 10:08 PM
Okay, so I know a lot of you out there say you don't like the food or you've been having problems with certain products being lumpy or not cooking all the way, etc.

Wellllllll I've had the same issues and accidentally discovered a couple things today!

First of all, soup. Especially the ones with noodles or nice. If you cook it per the directions sometimes the noodles/rice and other pieces remain hard and crunchy. Yuck. Here's what you do: add your cold water and let it sit for a few minutes or more. I don't think you could presoak it too much so if you have the time, use it. Then cook per directions. When the microwave routine is finished, carefully (its hott!) pour your soup into some kind of thermos (soup, coffee, etc) close the lid and let it sit for a few. The thermos keeps it warm enough where the soup continues to cook, and when you go to eat it it's actually thick and creamy and really, really good.

Hot drinks. Pretty much the same approach. I had made the cappuccino two times, the first being pretty good and the second being a lumpy mess. I realized the first time I made it I had added the water, then talked to a co-worker for about ten minutes while stirring it occasionally, and then microwaving. The second time, I added and microwaved right away, and it still had some pretty nasty lumps in it.

Today, I added the water, stirred, let sit for about 10 min, microwaved 1 min, then 30 more seconds, then put in my thermos mug. Holy cow, it was so good! And not a single lump found.:carrot:

If you're having problems with the food don't get discouraged! Remember, its a lot like dehydrated camping food or astronaut food (i think:p) so it needs time to rehydrate BEFORE being nuked. This is going to make your food turn out better almost every time.

Anyone else with other tips and tricks?? Share here!:dizzy:

05-21-2013, 02:16 PM
Thank you for this great tip. I am going to try it today!

05-21-2013, 04:35 PM
I have two wide mouthed thermoses I bought from Amazon. Every morning I boil hot water in a teapot and just add it to the thermos with my soup mix (Every soup mix, like Stace says it gets rid of the lumps, makes the chicken nice and plump, makes the noodles soft, makes the soup nice and creamy), I add spices put the lid on and shake, then bring to work. I make my soup at 5:30 am, eat it at 1pm. Sometimes it requires a few seconds in the microwave because I like it pretty hot, but even without it's pretty warm. I've also made my hot cocoa and oatmeal this way, it turns out great!

I just wish I could make the chili less crunchy!