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06-20-2012, 12:54 PM
Hello everyone!

I'm sure there have probably been hundreds of Slimming World posts on here so sorry if this is just another one to add to the list :o (If there's a specific forum on here for Slimming World please let me know as I've had a look but couldn't spot one!)

Anyway, to the point...I first did Slimming World about 6 years ago and lost just under 2 stone. Then I stopped going and gained over 4 stone over a period of a few years! :o Then my fiance and I split up and I moved back in with my parents for a few months. My Mum was doing Slimming World and I decided to just go along with whatever she was eating and although I didn't go to any of the meetings, I managed to lose 2 and a half stone again. After a few months I moved in with my new boyfriend and after almost a year I've gained back half a stone (considering I haven't really been trying at all to lose weight since moving in with him I'd say that's not bad...for me anyway ;) )

Now my boyfriend and I are sick of the way we look and we both really want to lose weight. I've tried a lot of diets and other weightloss techniques over the years and found that Slimming World was the one that seemed to work the best for me so I'm keen to get back into it. However, I travel for work almost every day and my location changes all the time so I'm not able to go to the meetings. I've still got all the books etc. that I used before and the more up to date ones from my Mum (she reached her goal weight and is maintaining splendidly! :) ) and I was just wondering if there's anyone else on here who's also doing Slimming World or if anyone has any tips on how they've made it work for them in terms of sticking to it and/or maintaining?

Sorry for the long post, I try to not ramble but I guess it just comes naturally to me :dizzy:

Thanks for reading!!

06-21-2012, 06:49 AM
Hey there. I'm doing slimming world too and I love it! It's definitely been by far the most successful system for me and has totally changed my lifestyle.

Speak to your Mum re the Extra Easy book and have a good read-up - I reckon that would be the best route for you whilst travelling a lot. I use that on days when I'm going to be eating out, although I stick to red the rest of the time as that works best for me. :)

06-21-2012, 02:01 PM
Thanks for the advice! I think you're right about the extra-easy plan, it certainly seems to be the best way forward for me. When I was doing Slimming World a few years ago I used to stick to mainly green days as I didn't like meat. However, I've since discovered the joys of steak so that method won't work for me any more ;)

Looking at your ticker it certainly looks like it's working well for you, congratulations on what you've achieved so far, it's fantastic! I'm hoping that it'll work for me as well as it has done for you :carrot:

07-03-2012, 09:37 AM
My OH and I are have been doing Slimming World since beginning of Feb and its been successful for both of us, more so for him, he got his 4 st award last week whereas my 1 st is still evading me by a pound, but I think the fact that I am losing at all is pretty good going considering I work at McDonalds.

It's great that you are doing it together, I find having the support at home really helps I know if I was on my own I wouldn't be able to resist going over the road to the chippie or online to order pizza. It's a shame you can't make the groups too cos I also find them really helpful although I much preferred my old group to my current one. It's the same consultant but she does an AM and a PM group, I used to go to the PM but now cos of my job I have to go to the AM.

Good luck with your journey! We are all in it together.

07-03-2012, 10:44 AM
Hi me too, I am doing sw also and just a new vegan too so loving the site x

07-06-2012, 08:11 AM
Woohoo, hurray for SW, I got my 1 st award yesterday, very happy. My bf is very proud and I am very smug, for the first time ever I lost more than him, he gained 1/2 lb.