Beck Diet Solution - Own Your Space: A Beck Summer De-cluttering Thread

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06-19-2012, 06:02 PM
Hello Becksters!

I am issuing a challenge to clean out that space, clear up that mess, prettify that room, re-arrange that tired space, and just tend to our environment as Beck suggests. No job too big or too small. Tackle the thing you've been putting off. I can guarantee it's taking up too much mental space and weighing us down.

06-19-2012, 07:18 PM
Hi Becksters:

Ok here's my first big summer goal: declutter and re-organize my home studio.
My *wish* is to have a space I feel comfortable working in. It's not like that right now and I actually avoid using this space and instead just stuff stuff into it, making the whole thing even worse and even mor depressing.

Tentative completion date: July 1st 2012.

So, I need to chunk this task down and come back here to tick the boxes off as I progress

get things off the floor credit 1/2 way finished
a) all bags: sort through them
b) all boxes: sort through them
c) group like things together in the same place

go through my 3 shelving units drawer by drawer
a) sort drawer by drawer
b) gather like things together
c) label drawers

re-organize cubby shelf unit into 2 sections
Top two shelves: my special art pieces, special books and materials, things I love. I want to look at this shelf unit and just smile all the time.
Bottom two sheves can hold supplies cause I can't readily see into it anyway.
re-organize storage pantry
like things together
things that are fragile and/or things I don't want the cats getting into or on

I will probably jump around in this list doing a bit of this a bit of that until it's done. It doesn't matter how I do it. I just need to do it.

BY FRIDAY re-organize the bathroom/linen closet DONE. I need to sort and get rid/give away old linens: towels, blankets, and sheets.

06-20-2012, 08:39 AM
Thanks for starting this up, onebyone! I want you to know I'm really grateful to have found one of your threads several years ago...leading me to Beck Diet Solution. I have made alot of progress since then and I still have more goals to achieve.

Since I first started making a connection in my brain regarding the condition of my environment and my ability to lose weight and keep it off I have accomplished my first goal which was to get my living space to a condition which is easier to manage. I have found that I am far less stressed on a daily basis and my biggest change is in my ability to "find" things. I used to go crazy trying to find an item I knew I "had".

Last night I was thinking about a "goal" for Owning My Space....then I had to go to the basement for something....voila....the hider of all things, my basement. I am going to start there this time. One step at a time. One item at a time.

First two:
1. Two bags of clothes which came out of a suitcase of my sisters from college years....via my moms garage. :rollpin: I will sort first, then wash and fold and take to the thrift store. Time frame: by tomorrow afternoon.

2. One file folder sitting on top of a filing cabinet which is marked "computer" and contains old discs. Time frame: today after work.

I'm going to take a note pad down and make a list of mini-projects.

06-20-2012, 10:21 AM
I'm in!

Having just returned from a trip, I have some immediate space problems that I want to clear before I can even think about longer term ones.

4 baskets of clean clothes to put away DONE
1 basket of dirty clothes for the dry cleaner
Unpack the toiletries kit
Unpack the red bag
Unpack the black bag
Put all luggage away

My goal is to complete all of that this week.

06-20-2012, 10:27 PM

CREDIT Today I took everything off the bottom three shelves of the linen closet. The other shelves are not about the linens. Then I washed every towel I could find. I've folded them and put them away into the closet. I had two boxes in there and just took them out. I consider it done.

Next task: washing all sheets and such that are lying around. 3/4 Done including 1 extra load of clothes

Also: cleaning up all around the futon/couch; basically this is the wall with the picture window in it. Anything along that wall will be dealt with.

I've crafted a basic rule for the house; DH adhered last night so if I stay the course this could be a permanent change: no going to bed with dishes in the sink.
And for my art progress, *I*cannot go to bed without choosing and changing the image that I want to represent the day that is about to pass. I need to get working on my daily printmaking project. I pretty much stopped making prints when I came back from Key West, and I am not happy about it do time o change it.

Thanks Lexxiss and Gardenerjoy for joining me :)

06-20-2012, 11:14 PM

Great job onebyone and gardenerjoy!

I went to the basement:
~hauled the bags of clothes and computer files up
~made a list of 19 tasks to do down there

I sorted one bag of clothes and went completed the computer file. Tomorrow I'll go through the second bag and finalize (thrift stuff to thrift store and trash to trash).

I'll check out my list and come up with several more tasks tomorrow.

Emotions: calm
Food: on plan

06-21-2012, 01:00 PM
Becksters :carrot:

I woke up this morning thinking this: I love that chair. It makes me feel like a Queen when I sit in it. Why don't I move that chair into my studio space and see if it works there for me?

I have this chair I bought from my friend when she had an antique chinese furniture store. It's an ox-bow design with carved antelope or deer on the back part. My friend said it is a scholar's chair and was found in the country side, taken during the cultural revolution and used as ordinary kitchen furniture which is the perfect explanation for the very perfectly round burn ring in the seat--which I LOVE. I love everything about this chair including how it feels to sit in it. I feel like royalty in that wooden chair. It took me months and months to pay it off but I did.

This chair always has crap on it. I've never really used it as part of my everyday life. I always just remember how great it is, never experience it. Right now I can see it has a layer of library books, and a laundry basket on top of that, full of I'm not sure what, (it ain't laundry), and then two flat boxes each with one flat-ish ceramic object I made, and then a sheet of linoleum to carve and a jar of gesso and a dollar store bag of something on top of that.

I never actually put my butt into this chair to enjoy it.
I'm changing that today. CREDITS GALORE & THE PROOF! I've attached 3 jpgs: #1 shows my clean floor behind my desk/table then #2 this is my Throne on the clean floor and #3 this is where I'll be sitting as I *start* my writing career today.

So from yesterday's list I am doing these things today:

clearing the floor space behind my work table=going through bags and boxes and putting them away Done.
clearing off my special chair=putting the stuff on the chair away Done.
switching the existing chairs by my table with the Throne Done.
clearing the floor spaces by the front picture window=sorting/throwing out/putting away
doing an "all sheets" laundry Done. another load remains for another day

My daily tasks to keep me happy and moving forward in my life include:

no dishes in the sink overight done
choose my picture of the day, do the photoshop on it so it is ready to be carved in lino when I am ready for that done
do the first writing exercise in my Write Brain book of 366 days of (10 minute daily) writing exercises and I am going to be seated at my "Throne" for this task. That will be my true reward for the work of today.done

06-21-2012, 11:26 PM
Yay, onebyone! Love the photos. That's a great chair!

Great start on the basement, Lexxiss!

I wasn't willing to go to bed tonight until I made progress on my list, too.

4 baskets of clean clothes to put away DONE
1 basket of dirty clothes for the dry cleaner DONE
Unpack the toiletries kit DONE
Unpack the red bag DONE
Unpack the black bag DONE
Put all luggage away

06-22-2012, 10:27 AM
Gardenerjoy Way to go getting through that to-do list. Great job!

Lexxiss how's the basement doing? I remember my basement. It was a like a brooding thing. I sure don't miss it, even when I moan about my lack of space! It was such a catch all for me, and probably for the whole world and for everyone who has a basement. Is yours a finished or unfinished basement?

Since it's Friday my focus is turning to the farmers' market tomorrow. I have put off/promised a client some rough sketches for a commission and I've been putting it off, which is what happens when you don't give me a deadline. So I need to print off some background images to work on top off ie. the pictures I took of his fence--which is the space we are making things for.
This is task #1 or today.

I also need to make 1 phonecall DONE and drive to one bank DONEand return library books DONEand pick up those on hold DONE and on my way also to stop in and make dr. appt's for DH and me.

Busy day.

More like a "de-clutter your life" day than my environment :lol:


06-22-2012, 12:22 PM
Great job, onebyone and gardenerjoy!

I got sidetracked with yesterday's medical emergency but here's the perfect use of BDS here-Get Back on Track immediately!

What happened in the meantime was that now I have new messes in the house which take 1st priority BUT I will still finish the clothing project TODAY! DONE I will also pick one more basement task which IS doable TODAY. DONE

Today I have already reclaimed our vehicle....all trash and junk are out, sheets and blankets are out (DH's travel bedding) and in a pile to be washed TODAY.DONE I have several bags of clutter I brought in to sort through TODAY. DONE

Today's tasks also include:
~redoing refrigerator and cupboards and dealing with foods DH can no longer eat.REFRIG DONE
~unpacking from yesterday's trip (I thought DH was going to be hospitalized)DONE

I have a written plan! (Yay Beck)

Statement of fact: I know I will feel calmer when these tasks reach completion.
onebyone, I love your chair! What a perfect example of reclaiming your space! You had a beautiful chair which you loved and it was piled with stuff. Now you can use it for it's intended purpose.

06-22-2012, 07:42 PM
I put the luggage away, so I finished my initial list -- yay!

I'm inspired by onebyone to work on my creative space. I have this bookcase which I love, but I've never used it quite they way I imagined -- 1 cube per project. I want to do that, but first, I need to empty some cubes. I think I'll empty a cube at a time and see if I can get rid of a lot of stuff. 16 cubes. If I did two a day, I'd be done by the end of the month!

06-22-2012, 08:17 PM
Lexxiss first of all, what a day you had yesterday with your DH. Gout. My friend's mom got gout in her big toe and boy did she suffer. I can only image how much misery this has added to your DH's recovery. The plus side is a change in diet is required.

How have things gone today??

gardenerjoy I have a white cube thingy, my cubby I call it, just like yours. I want the top two rows to be full of inspirations things and the bottom two rows can be practical work-related stuff. Thanks for posting a visual. Great job completing your weekly tasks!

I didn't do any of my to-do de-cluttering list.
I did do my bank stuff and all that, but not the Dr. appt stuff.... procrastinating on that for sure.

I will do my No Choice daily tasks (there's that helpful BDS at work again) tonight:
-leave a clean sink
-choose a JPG image of the day
-do next writing exercise seated in my Chair.

06-22-2012, 11:37 PM
onebyone, thx for asking :) DH is doing fantastic today! The gout meds had already made it possible for him to travel and get back in our house in much better condition and today (can't believe this) he got in the back seat of the car and went to Denver with us, including walking around Whole Foods.

Speaking of Denver....when I saw DH was really feeling great I suggested an outing which cut into my home time. Since I work tomorrow, I did persist and completed alot of stuff.

gardenerjoy/onebyone, I love your photos and would love to participate...not there yet! I love both of your ideas for the cubicles. I have a cubicle idea but it needs to be built into a triangular closet to house linens....

Question for you two: As I perused items in the basement I looked at one that leaves me perplexed...recycler that I am. I have a Krups stand mixer from the old days which I really like. It's upstairs and I use it all the time.. The mixer comes off the stand to use freehand which I really like. I got all these attachments which I never use...a nut grinder and a salad shredder. Thrift store is out because no one would have this mixer. My common sense says throw away and I'm having a hard time doing it. If I have not used it in 20 years it's unlikely I ever will. Dumb to keep it.

G-night must go to bed as I work early tomorrow.

Food: tired, but don't feel like eating/overeating

06-23-2012, 07:08 AM
Some serious de-cluttering going on in this thread. Just the encouragement I need.

My goal for yesterday was to remove the stack of papers from the kitchen table and the stack from the dining room table before friends came over last night. I jumble in the same pile unread mags, a not-yet-filled prescription, and an unimportant notice from the bank that I think I should read.

I did it, tossing most stuff, saving more than needed but in a single stack small enough that I could put it on my desk. Our friends thought we lived in such a neat house, LOL. Miles to go.

helping rachel
06-23-2012, 11:10 AM
Such great progress for all. I am in. This is what I need to shift into "letting go of the things I don't need".

I plan to clean 3 closets today and lose 5 lbs (concept from "clutter diet") of clutter and take to trash and goodwill.

Thanks for sharing and encouraging thru your committed action that already has been taken. I plan to connect into the momentum that is already on this thread.

helping rachel
06-23-2012, 03:11 PM
Completed Closet one, organized all pillows and blankets. Sheets in one place.
Completed Closet two, organized all extra kitchen utensils in top of closet, have a full garbage bag of clothes ready for goodwill.
3/4 the way done with Closet 3#...stopping to sit and read in the sun, since it is going to hit 90 by 4pm. Will head back to it then.

Started simple.....basement is the clutter cemetery and will take me months. Will be thinking how I can chunk it out to do a little a day/week.

06-23-2012, 08:07 PM
A hearty :welcome: to billblueyes and a big :welcome3: to helping rachel

It's great you've decided to join us. We are all off to such a great start. Hooray. This cleaning up/sorting/tossing/deciding and changing our ways stuff is hard to do, so *credits* to all of us for moving into the messes of our lives.

Lexxiss I'd have a hard time tossing the nutgrinder attachment myself, mostly cause I've never seen one for a mixer. I grew up with a nutgrinder that my grandmother attached to the table to grind walnuts and (maybe?) poppyseeds for special Hungarian-once-a-year-at-xmas baked goods--so perhaps this warm fuzziness clouds my projection onto your nut grinder attachment! You can see why I have a tough time with Things. But, if you have not used it in 20 years get rid of it. I actually would drop it off at the thrift/sally ann. They will know if it's a keeper or a tosser. I'd put it in a box and pass it on and let them decide. (The salad shredder I'd have no trouble tossing btw. Sounds like vegetable carnage to me.)

helping rachel wow :carrot: way to go with the closets! Basements. I swear they are all like that. When we were moving last year I really broke it into small bits. And if it wasn't small bits I'd set a timer and walk away when it went off. I felt no guilt because I had a plan. I always, and still do, make a written list that I give myself big checkmarks on. I need all the encouragement can get.

billblueeyes Paper. It's real trouble. I am like a squirrel keeping all kinds of things: menus, flyers, art event postcards (a weakness for sure), magazines, papers to be read that are older than a week, a month, or a year, or from vacations long past, plus unopened mail (I do that a lot), stuff that I know I need to throw away but just haven't yet. That's the bulk of the clutter around the coffee table/picture window wall that I have not de-cluttered yet. It's next but I really need a system. Flylady says DO NOT WAIT deal with the paper/mail that day and in one designated space only. I think DO NOT WAIT is the key here, similar to Beck's get right back on track. *credit* for your paper-work.

gardenerjoy how's the cubby project faring?

I went to the farmers' market this morning with a stream-lined set-up. I have decided to simplify what I bring with me and even though I brought more artwork, and by taking the time to think it through and not rush so much and pack things carefully the night before, the whole booth looked better and my therefore my presence at the market was enhanced. My sales weren't all that but it's ok. It's a marathon not a sprint. I am pleased with what I am doing there.

In terms of de-cluttering, my only goal today is to put away the stuff I have packed in the car before I go to bed tonight. I found more space in the hallway against a wall to lean my market paintings for the week so this is good. The other things already have a home they just need to be brought in. I bought a floor mat for the cat food dishes today. I *credit* clean up after Their Highnesses every night now and they both push their wet food off the plate onto the floor. Neither cat has a good set of chompers so this isn't likely to change. After I cleaned the kitchen I realized this would help keep it clean. I also need a mat by the back door and a mat by the stove, maybe even something small to stand on to do those dishes. *major credit* to my DH last night who, after I mentioned I couldn't go to bed without having the sink empty, took it upon himself to make it so. Now that is real suport. He is happy I am doing this. Me too. I'm not even :mad: about it anymore! *credit moi*

Until tomorrow...

06-23-2012, 08:43 PM
Lexxiss: It sounds like you really answered your own question. That's going to motivate me to throw away the attachments to the food processor that I haven't used -- and for even longer.

BillBlueEyes: two stacks down to one is definitely decluttering progress!

Welcome, helping_rachel! Great start on those closets!

onebyone: cool that you're seeing a benefit to a stream-lined market set-up. Good plan to get stuff in from the car on the day of the market.

I cleaned up three of the cubby holes today. I also made a map of what I want to end up with in each cubby hole. That's going to make it easier for me to clean and organize at the same time.

06-24-2012, 08:56 AM
:welcome2: BBE and helpingrachel! As our group grows we have new ideas and support for achieving our personal goals for decluttering, which for me has a direct correlation to my relationship with healthy food habits.

I have realized a major success this morning! On my "basement list" was ~finish old canning jars. Some of you may remember that I started emptying and reclaiming over 300 (full) canning jars left when my grandmother passed away in 1976 :fr: I was a teen, away at college, and it was a responsibility my mother never addressed. I could have thrown them all in the landfill but I chose to reclaim my GM's jars. I had 6 in the basement which I couldn't get open and several days ago I decided to bring them up one by one. I have the last one sitting upside down in water waiting for the rusted lid to let loose and I am done, (at least until I go back up to the cave and see if anymore are left).

I spent the morning reclaiming my and putting stuff away. It looks fantastic!
~I had an idea several weeks ago of putting the dehydrator on the counter for drying greens but I'm not using it now so I put it back in the cupboard.
~I had a cotton wad from a pill bottle which had been sitting there for months....either take it upstairs to the bathroom or get rid of it. It's moved upstairs.
~I was going to move a few olives from a big jar to a smaller one...upon looking they looked icky so I pitched them...
~sent the jar to recycle (I don't need to save every jar)
~I'm going (RIGHT NOW) to thin out the spice cupboard. There are things I just don't use any more.

And, related, I bought 3 nice plants at the greenhouse Friday. The only bed that gets watered all the time has several hollyhocks that I will dig out. I have hundreds in my yard and I don't need to save everyone. When I get rid of something I have plenty of I make room for something I now feel I'll enjoy more.

BBE, yay for moving that paperwork!

helpingrachel, you're off to a great start! As you progress, you'll come up with a plan for the item at a time, if necessary.

gardenerjoy, yay for moving ahead with your cubby!

onebyone, kudos for the solid steps you are taking to "maintain" your new space as you forge ahead!

Emotion: excited for change
Food: planned and on track

ETA-onebyone, I have an old fashioned grinder, which was my grandmothers. I use it mainly for chokecherries. I also have a beloved Cuisinart on my kitchen counter which processes nuts for me in a very satisfying manner. In order to "use" this nut grinder, I have to pull the mixer apart and it attaches to the hand part....however, in writing this, I recognize that it is a handy little gadget for spices AND I do have space right next to the mixer. I will keep the nut attachment but get rid of the rest TODAY

helping rachel
06-24-2012, 12:38 PM
Good Morning, De-cluttering, Organizing Friends.

I have a basic question to help me with time management. How do you reply to everyone to be able to see what they wrote without having to scroll up and then back over and over. Any short cut tips. I am not on a forum very often but want to get into the groove of connecting and being accountable as I join each of you becoming competent in the area of Organizing. Thanks for any tips.

06-24-2012, 03:06 PM
How do you reply to everyone to be able to see what they wrote without having to scroll up and then back over and over.
It works for me to select [Post Reply] into another window. Then I quickly swap back and forth between the two windows using [CNTL]-[Tab].

helping rachel
06-24-2012, 03:25 PM
Thanks billblueyes! I don't why I didn't think of this.....basic I know.

OneononeSounds like you have a good plan with the Farmer's market. I like your comment that it is a marathon not a sprint. Daily progress. I also like how you organized your first posts with a plan. I will borrow you plan and work on one for my own today. Will post it later tonight, no later than Monday am.

Lexxiss I love your insight on "Owning my Space" Taking the control back so you decide what it will be like. This made me think of being mindful of what is going in my body and what I am doing to exercise which does release stress. I also like your mantra. One step at a time, One item at a time.

I value everything has a home and like it when rooms are functional and decluttered. Gives me a sense of peace. I then take all the excess to the basement ......YIKKKES how long have I been doing that!! Will be taking committed action toward my goal of room by room, one project at a time.

Gardenerjoy I had to laugh at your first post of simply unpacking your trip suitcases. The reason is this....I went to KC last weekend with girlfriends home on Sunday. My husband flew to Japan and was home Friday and unpacked his suitcase and had all things put away and I was still tripping over my suitcase from the week before. Procrastination will get me every time.

I am grateful for like-minded -de-cluttering - organizing-becksters. Like my weight loss journey, it helps to have accountability and a place to write down daily movements toward my goals in this area.

06-25-2012, 12:10 AM
I checked off two more cubbies today.

Lexxiss: you're making terrific progress in both the basement and the kitchen. Cool how one thing sort of leads to another.

helping_rachel: I use Notepad on my computer in a smaller window so I can have it on top while I type. Then I cut and paste the text into the posting window and apply any formatting.
Did you have fun in KC? We had a great trip there in March.

06-25-2012, 04:51 AM
I got rid of a huge stack of cardboard packing boxes from our basement. It felt like a big deal, even though we were keeping them just waiting for a person in need to show up. They did, so I take credit.

Each space freed feels like a gift.

06-25-2012, 09:08 AM
Hi everyone!

I spent my morning in "maintenance". It's really important for me to continue to maintain those freed up spaces on a daily or at least semi-daily basis.

I started upstairs and put away laundry AND sorted through all the mail. Keeper stuff is filed and everything else went to recycle. I am so busy right now that there is NOTHING I need to save for later. I can find anything I need on the internet.

BBL...great job everyone!

helping rachel
06-25-2012, 09:21 AM
Working on de-cluttering in the present areas. A/C went out at 7pm last night and slept in 90 degree heat. Will be grateful for A/C hopefully by mid-morning. It is hot and humid.

Plan this week:
Clean Frig. and freezer organize food zones, veggies and fruit ect..

Call for quote to fix DH's mother hope chest. Take picture and email.
Make a list of returns to go out of house for errands on Friday.

Clean off Dining room table. Full of art supplies, glue sticks, magazines, several art projects. Will put away to original home in office.

Clean and organize Front living room, full of weekly files on class projects. Will organize the research books and place information in their labeled files and homes.

Purge my spice rack and pantry. This is done once a year. I need to think of what I want it to look like when done, before I start. I tend to throw more out if this happens.

Trip to Goodwill with one 5 lb bag of cloths.Done

06-25-2012, 08:14 PM
I proudly recycled a complete run of Consumer Reports from 1999 to 2006 in the process of cleaning out two more cubbies today.

06-26-2012, 06:29 AM
:cheer: to all our declutterers/organizers!

I made headway in the basement and also took a detour to our front porch. Today is trash/recycle day.
~4 or 5 cardboard boxes came from the basement, one big enough to hold this weeks recycle.
~sisters junk clothing in trash
~veggie unit and dysfunctional VHS tapes in the trash
~old worm bin up the stairs waiting for daylight...destination trash(no recycle option)
~the final canning jar lid will not come off so I will reluctantly put it in the trash. I did the best I could.

I moved to our front porch, a space "holding space" for junk from my moms house. Several items need to go to the landfill so I moved them under the big spruce tree until I have a day off. Once everything was off the porch I hosed down all the accumulated dust/spider webs and moved our chairs and table to their original spot.

None of this took much time, just the willingness to move ahead. Credit for willingness today.

helping rachel
06-26-2012, 08:55 AM
Credit to you ladies for moving out the things that don't serve a purpose or function anymore in your homes.

Off to tackle the Front living Room. I will do the "act" first and then step in the value of having a clean and organized space for later this day.

Started a new 5lb trash can for donation and one for Goodwill. Goal to lose 10lbs of clutter by Friday.

06-26-2012, 09:32 AM
helping rachel, I love your idea of losing 10 pounds of clutter! Best wishes today as you work at your goal!

After I posted, I went through my spice cabinets and merged and purged. Some stuff was no longer useful and I found other items I could consolidate. credit. My final act this morning was to haul a gigantic antique paned window down to the curb and put a free sign on it. The antique dealer wants it but never picks it up. Perhaps if I call and tell her it's going to go to the first taker she will finally complete her task.

Off to work....

ETA-The window was gone when I got home from work. My inner voice said, "it must have been valuable. I should have kept it and tried to sell it". Reality says it wouldn't even fit in my car and it had sat on the porch for two years. There is always another one. The absolute truth of the matter is that there are 3 of them in my DH's shop that are the same only bigger! It was ok to part with this one.

06-27-2012, 10:39 AM
Hi Decluttering Friends

I have *credit* managed to maintain my sink with the exception of one night but I took care of it right away in the morning. I am willing to get up and do those dishes and I did a sinkful last night but it was only ONE sinkful so it took less than 15 minutes, instead of the 6, 7 or 8 sinkfuls when we let all the dishes get dirty and then they sit there for a week or two, and then they can't be just washed easily but need soaking, and changing of water and scrubbing and I need breaks and I swear and I get discouraged that it got that bad again. So, doing a small sinkful every night is a lot less work than how I was doing it before. I'm getting used to it too so this is making it easier. it's becoming "the new normal".

I love that.

What I need to work on though, is putting those dishes away in the morning. To this end I need to go put those dishes away right now...DONE

My work space is still clear *credit* but I find I prefer working at the coffee table. O well. I have not cleaned the picture window space, which is all around the coffee table, nor have I placed the chairs I moved out of my workspace anywhere yet. they are hanging around the kitchen and this morning that bugs me, so back to finishing up what I wanted to do earlier in the week.

-clearing out area opposite picture window to place chairs into DONE
-cleaning (picking up papers/sorting/sweeping to the right and then to the left of the futon/coffee table space

-if I am *really* into it, I will tackle the small orange side table. It's a place where I just shove stuff. It can really be used a lot better than that.

-get caught up with my writing exercisesDONE
-get caught up with the daily jpgsDONE
-leave the kitchen clean tonight *clean stainless steel cat bowl*DONE

I have today and tomorrow to make clean-up progress then it's time to get ready for the market, go to market, and recuperate from the market.
I'm going to make Wed and Thurs my offical "make progress with the clean up" days. If I can move forward in those two days and even just maintain the other 5 days I am way way way ahead of where I have been.

Of course, should it not work out, I am allowed to change my plans, but I must always have some kind of plan. Without a plan I am lost.

Have a good day.

06-28-2012, 08:48 AM
One small step: A new book caught me eye, so I requested it from the library instead of clicking [One-Click] on Amazon, even though there's a queue and I may not get it for a few months. That's one less book to decide what to do with when I'm done reading it.

06-28-2012, 09:22 AM
Thank youto all of you. After reading this thread and seeing a few ideas I am inspired. My son brought two bags of school stuff home yesterday and I sat down with him and went through it and there were only three things he wanted to keep and that was his three drawings that he brought home. I will go buy a frame for them and put them up so we can enjoy them. Tonight I am going to buy a book shelf for the living room. We kept all books in the basement rec room or in our bedrooms and only read there. Slowly books are creeping to the living room so I think a place for them would make it seem less cluttered. I cleared off the kitchen counter. I have so much paper there. Important things of Most of it went to recycling, the important ones went to the filing cabinet. As I look around it seems daunting to me. After reading here, I am convinced baby steps will work.
Thanks again to you all.
Oh yes, can someone tell me how to post pictures then I can post some.

06-28-2012, 09:24 AM
Bill that is great to decrease clutter by getting a book from the library rather than purchasing it. At least it has a spot to be returned too....yeah you.

helping rachel
06-28-2012, 08:23 PM
Oh Bill! I need to learn that skill, I love me some books!

06-28-2012, 11:34 PM
:welcome2: Ann(Newlifestyle), I was going to suggest on the other thread that it is very simple to start and I see you have taken the first step on your own. My sense is that you create the plan that works for you. It will evolve over time, too.

DH was ready to get out the door this morning. I decided that I needed to pick up before we left, and I did just that. I left with a clean kitchen to return home to. credit. I also took a moment to reflect on my basement list and remembered I had a bag of recyclables which needed to come over here. They are out of the basement now. It was a busy day and I made a kitchen mess before the picnic but it's put away now. I'll feel so much better in the morning.


06-28-2012, 11:57 PM
Hello Declutterers

:welcome: Newlifestyle to this thread!! What a great beginning you've made. It's great we can inspire each other. This is truly something I can't do alone. It helps me so much to know others are out there struggling with messes and piles of stuff just like I do and even better to hear that people are dealing with it and solving their clutter issues. I am glad you have joined us. I really see the time I have wasted worrying over my messy place as time I don't want to waste anymore. My goal is to be able to open the door to the landlord at anytime and not worry about any comments about my mess or a dirty floor or whatever. I think this is such a waste of my time and energy now--so much so that I am willing to do dishes for pete's sake. I must be fed up and ready for change. Beck is great when you are ready for change.

*credit* for getting rid of the pile of stuff across from the futon and I have placed the wayward chairs there and they look wrong - I am contemplating letting them go, maybe, not sure-actually I think I am hanging onto them because they were a friend of mine's and now we are out of touch and if I keep the chairs I am still, somehow, magically, in touch or reminded of her. This is not a reason to keep chairs. This is a reason to keep photos, or letters, or emails.

I am not putting away my dishes right after I wash them. I need to get myself to put them away too. So far though I am still revelling in the "OMG I've washed the dishes AGAIN feeling. I have gone to bed with dirty dinner dishes left in the kitchen but upon waking I put the dishes away and wash the new ones so they aren't piling up. This may be what I end up doing: 80% they are done before bed-20% done in the morning. So long as they don't go 2 days I think I can accept this as good enough. I'll see.

Newlifestyle to post images: when you are writing in the editor, (the "advanced editor") just scroll down the page, past the "Submit reply" and "Preview post" buttons and you'll see the next section is "Additional Options" and within this section you will see something that says Attach Files
Valid file extensions: bmp doc gif jpe jpeg jpg pdf png psd tif tiff txt
and then a button that says MANAGE ATTACHMENTS on it. Click the button and it will give you file options/file size options and etc. That's how you attach images to a post.

06-29-2012, 08:03 PM

I had to go out early to get kitty food this morning and when I got back with more than kitty food I was :mad: annoyed that the counter was too full to receive my groceries.


This was the direct result of NOT doing my dishes last night and not putting away the dishes I did yesterday. I've been busy with work stuff but now I have time to deal with the dishes. It's probably a 20min job at most. done

I am also going to commit to gathering up the random recycling around here that needs to be tossed. done

Time to make dinner. Back later.

06-29-2012, 08:53 PM
Oh, this is excellent for me. I'd say I'm 80% done with cleaning out what I don't need, but, as with weight, the last bits are the most difficult. 2 bedroom closets, 2 foyer closets and misc 'stuff' in the living room. I've painted the bedroom and this makes me so happy that I want to get to 100%!:carrot:

06-29-2012, 11:16 PM
:welcome3: Exhale15 Thanks for posting. 80% done really deserves a reward, or two. Excellent.

There really is nothing like painting walls to make you feel that fresh start. What colour were the walls and what colour are they now?

As for me just reporting in that I did all the dishes tonight and they are put away. I have to gather my market stuff up and finish packing the car for the very early morning so I'll sign off.


06-30-2012, 08:40 AM
:welcome2: Exhale15! Great that you found us. I certainly relate to your final 20% AND your last few steps to goal. Seems that's where I'm at, too.

onebyone, great job doing your dishes AND putting them away! How does it feel??

I encountered some frustration yesterday which has some relationship to my organizational/clutter issues....compounded by our having 2 houses 120 miles apart. I bought a camera May 6 at Target to take to Alaska. I decided to return it, as I went through 3 sets of batteries for 147 pictures. When I was here and couldn't find the receipt I thought it was there. When I got there, I couldn't find it either, so it must be here. I found out that Target would return without the receipt because I charged it. I tried yesterday and now it's past the 45 days for electronics returns. Their policy at customer services says 90 days for returns and they told me the 45 days is "on your receipt". Arg....they said talk to Canon but I belive they will tell me I "need my receipt". I am really bummed. I'm sure I did not throw it out but feel like my system has failed me.

I guess I will put the camera in my closet in a bag and keep organizing. It's only $161.00 and the camera "does" work. Perhaps the receipt will be found before the 1 yr warranty is up.

Good news is that I did bring a box of stuff back over with me which is designated to the thrift store. I left it in the car last night and will drop it off as soon as my schedule permits. credit for that.

I will work on one project tonight after work.

06-30-2012, 08:51 AM
Ok, I found the receipt in a drawer downstairs. What I also found was a bag of stuff which I had cleaned off the dining room table when we moved the bed cownstairs for DH.

I recognize from the items in the bag that I need to make some decisions regarding some items I just can't seem to get rid of....small yet annoying me. I brought the contents of the bag us to my office to deal with tonight. credit.

06-30-2012, 09:53 AM
Good morning!

Onebyone, the room was a funny-looking (by my standards today) beige. It is now a beautiful bright yellow with crisp white trim. So happy in it :)

Today I'm off to the Container store to get a couple of those wide plastic framed storage things for clothes - one will be for clothes and one for dvds and misc that I'm not ready to scrap but they're all over the place.

So glad I found this group :)
Have a great weekend.

helping rachel
06-30-2012, 10:47 AM
Good morning all! Welcome to Exhale!

I had a very busy week with teaching class and an all day consulting job on Thursday. I did get my dining room cleaned and another bag to goodwill.

I only had a short time on Tuesday to get something done so I found my returns bag and made a list and route of returns. I went to one store and only had the receipt from another purchase from same store but it was out of state store.... Frustrated! So I can relate Lexxis. They told me that I could only get about half the credit, I said take it anyway, I waited way to long to take these things back. My fault, my procrastination. I did get in 2 more return stops before heading to work. I give myself credit for that.

I will be on vacation with my family at our cabin for a week. Lots of cooking and organizing. I have my walking clothes for daily walks or bike rides and had a long list of optional foods so I don't go overboard with holiday eating. I give myself credit for having a plan. Will check in mid week as I am thinking on some ideas for new goals.
I am going to do an Art collage of what gifts that I want to give myself. I know that a clean declutter organized space is on my heart as well as letting go of these extra pounds and having a consistent plan that works. I will let the process work itself to see what comes forth.

Wishing you all a safe holiday! Keep it light:)

06-30-2012, 06:36 PM
Congratulations to everyone posting here. This is such an inspiring thread.
I got a 9 cube book shelf. I can't believe what a difference it made in the living room. DS put his stuff in there but it cleared the room of clutter so this works well for me.
Exhale- Welcome.

Onebyone- Thanks for the info about posting pictures. I am charging the batteries for my camera and then I should be good to go.
I can't believe how much better I feel with that clutter gone. I only have 4 more rooms to do.

Lexi- Good luck with the bag and contents. While I was clearing through clutter I saw some Tic Tacs, the candy, I bought about a month ago for my DS. He just has them lying around but for some reason I felt he needed to keep them. I thought how can I be emotionally attached to TicTacs. I realized it isn't the tictacs, it is my son's reaction to me throwing them out. He doesn't care if I do. Beck strategies are making me learn so much about myself.
Rachel- way to go with all your progress. Enjoy your vacation with your family.
Have a great night all.

06-30-2012, 06:49 PM
I finished my bookcase on the last day of the month just like I stated in my goal. It never would have happened if I hadn't set a goal. Besides reorganizing, I cleared out enough space that I was able to bring some books up from the kitchen bookshelves. That will give us a leg up when it's time to reorganize those shelves.

I don't know that it looks that much better, but it definitely feels more organized.

So, next up is the northwest corner of my study. I don't have much of a vision for it, but it needs to be much less densely packed than this because things disappear in there forever. It's where projects go to die.

I'll aim for a little progress every day with a goal of completing it by the end of July.

06-30-2012, 07:18 PM

So at the market today I got to experience what it is like to be organized and to know where stuff is. I had already packed up my stuff when the market manager came by.
"Oh, I suppose it's too late to ask you to get out your cards for me? I wanted to buy a couple for birthdays this week."
"Oh no. They're right here."

And *presto*I lifted the lid on one of my two rubbermaid bins and because I bought special bright green plastic bucket-like bins for them there they all were, easy to find, and she chose two and paid me and I closed the lid on it.

In the past some cards would have been in this bag, or that bag, or scattered and not neatly together. I hadn't consciously organized my market stock so the bins wouldn't be filled with clutter, but I do recall wanting to "streamline" and sorting/tossing things out of those bins. They were empty when I set them up for the season and have remained in pretty good condition 8 weeks in.

I credit my heightened awareness concerning all things clutter for this small victory today.

Credit as well for unloading the car today, right after I got home from the market. We drove around all week with my market display in the car last week. I wasn't thrilled about that, even though it was great last night/this morning for packing the rest of my stuff in.

No decluttering on the agenda for today.

You guys are all doing so great!:bravo:

07-01-2012, 10:56 AM
Happy July 1st De-clutters :)
Our month of liberation from that which bogs us down:strong:

I wrote out a list of things I want done by the end of the year. Some have to do with de-cluttering. For this month I have the coat closet. I may do some other things, but that closet's gotta get done. So it's perfect.

One of the organizational items I bought yesterday is a cube file for dvds. It's a beautiful little clear box with a top that holds 120 dvds in multi-colored sleeves. Now it holds my dvds & I threw out a huge bag of empty boxes. Huge improvement. Very pleased. I also went through some vacation photos that I've had in a album for the longest time.

07-01-2012, 08:10 PM
Boy, that corner is really densely packed. I decided I wanted to see if the file carts really "fit" there. In putting them where I want them, I discovered an unused shelf thingy hiding under all the mess. I've now repurposed that to the top of my bookcase. The file carts fit side-by-side next to the desk and I think they'll work.

I'm calling that done for Day 1 of the clear the corner project.

07-01-2012, 11:30 PM

I decluttered my garden of some weeds this morning. The dishes are gathered up but not done. I really don't want to do them. I'm tired of doing them everyday *whine*
Oh well.
I'll have twice as many tomorrow if I don't do them today.

That was about it for my decluttering today. It just wasn't on my radar. Tomorrow I will re-group. I need a plan for the month like many of you are doing.

Thanks for the inspiration.

07-02-2012, 05:52 AM
I got rid of three large bundles of flattened boxes saved from our move/shuffle of last year. Since we paid like $4 per box, I hated to just put them in the recycle bin. Finally, my DS needed them and is delighted to get them for FREE.

It's a challenge for me that I think all my clutter needs to find such a happy reception. So Yay for succeeding with this one stash. Ouch for reinforcing me naive belief that everything I no longer need will be someone's treasure.

07-02-2012, 09:10 AM
Good morning all!

Was greeted by a clean sink this morning and that was so nice. Also, the dvds are in their proper place in the pretty colorful box.

It's a challenge for me that I think all my clutter needs to find such a happy reception. So Yay for succeeding with this one stash. Ouch for reinforcing me naive belief that everything I no longer need will be someone's treasure.

BillBlueEyes, I was like that for the longest time. Then what happened several years ago is that a friend of mine passed away. He had lots of things in his home that he never wanted to throw out, because they were his things, and when I visited him, there were lots of things, but my friend was there, too, and it was part of the visit. After he passed, it just looked like so much junk.

Something clicked for me, and I realized that the importance of things lie with the person who has them. That's the importance - their usefulness. Otherwise our things can get to own us. I realize that not everything I want to get rid of is going to be cherished by someone else. I call for the local charity to pick up some things and they are picky about what they take. They don't want to drive over for clothes, and the furniture has to be described to a 'T' and meet their requirements. Yesterday, I left some dvds out in the bin in my building's trash room. They were still there when I took out the evening trash. I know people saw them, but they didn't want them...that's just how it is...

Sometimes we just have to take a 'loss' and realize that some of the things we have - have bought, made, etc. are no longer important to us and maybe not really important to anyone. What is important, though, is that our homes and spaces are beautiful and clutter free. So, I've been just taking the loss, but I feel I've gained so much in doing so.

07-02-2012, 07:40 PM
:cheer: to all of us!

onebyone, yay for keeping those dishes done! Congrats, too, on such a great feeling when you could find your cards at the farmers market!

gardenerjoy, love your pics of the completed project as well as the new one!

Exhale15, boy did you hit the nail on the head with your observations! It's great to remember that as I go through more stuff! I am not my stuff AND if something happens to me next week I'd prefer that I had the opportunity to organize/pitch/donate MY stuff instead of someone else doing it for me.
....brings up a story....when I was in Alaska in May, I was taking stuff to the dump. When I got there I saw a friend (the town recycler). He said, "Hey Deb, come on there's a bunch of great stuff here!" I joined in with several others, and took away a plate with a sunflower on it. Ends up, a guy had passed away and the next of kin just scooped everything in the entire house up and sent it to the landfill.
REALITY: I do like recycling and finding another home for my stuff. The next in line will probably not have such a great interest in repurposing. I WILL DO IT SOONER VS LATER

Helping Rachel, have a fun vaca! Glad you got your dining room finished before you left. It will be clean upon your arrival home!

Ann (Newlifestyle), great job getting the new cubby! Interesting observation about the tic tacs. Funny, I have some floating around in my office. I will throw them away the next time I see them.

BBE, great that you found a home for more boxes. How many more do you have?

Me, did some more work in my office this weekend. Found thrift store stuff that went to my car. I have several piles of fabric that will go that way, too. *credit* I had some really nice swimsuit fabric that I'll never use. It will go, along with the old swimsuits I was going to use for patterns.

I did empty the contents of the stash bag I found. The next small project is a cardboard box in the living room with the contents of a beautiful wood chest that DH built that we gave to his DD. All that stuff needs another place until he builds another chest. As I look around my living room right now, I see several items that could find a more permanent spot. I'll move them now.

ETA-One item in my stashed bag was 30 or so packages of, etc. Some old and opened others newer and unopened. I keep saving them for "planting". REALITY: I sowed some of the flower seeds in Spring and nothing came up. REALITY: If I have a garden next year I will buy new seeds. OK, I opened every package and dumped all the seeds in a plastic bag. I recycled envelopes and took all the seeds up and sowed them on the hill above my Grandmothers. Probably nothing will come up but I gave them the best chance.
My gift to myself: I can quit moving this bag again and again and again and again....I remembered that there were more seeds in a drawer. I went and got them, too. All gone.

07-02-2012, 10:08 PM
I took another baby step in the corner -- emptied a basket that should be in one of the file carts. I'll have to empty another basket in order for that basket to fit, but it will help that this basket is empty when I get to that. :dizzy:

Lexxiss: great job with the seeds -- I love how creative that is to just go sow them and see what happens. I throw mine in the compost pile. So far, my compost hasn't spontaneously erupted in tomatoes or zinnias!

Exhale15: a primary motivator for keeping my house in order is that I was the one who emptied my parents' house. My mother was a tidy housekeeper, but unbeknownst to us until she died, she was a pack rat -- it was just all neatly packed away in every closet, shelf, and in the basement. I found the canceled check stubs for every check they ever wrote! As Lexxiss wrote, I want to take care of my own stuff as much as possible.

BillBlueEyes: woohoo for a happy home for the boxes!

onebyone: yay for garden decluttering!

07-04-2012, 06:44 AM
gardenerjoy, I've been taking baby steps, too. Each baby step moves me forward. Despite busy days, I've managed to get two boxes readied for exiting the house in my office. I've also cleaned out the box I said I would downstairs.

As I was packing upstairs, I had that "moment of clarity" where I reaffirmed I that I must continue to be vigilant about bringing "stuff" in. When I restrict what is coming in and persist in taking out then I make progress forward.

Happy 4th of July. I'm going to work.

07-04-2012, 09:01 AM
Happy 4th of July :carrot:

Little-by-little is key, especially for daunting tasks. I used to try to take a weekend day to get something 'done'. I basically wore out. Now, I look at a section or a little project - even 15 minutes' worth, and it happens, and that makes the next bit easier...I've also come to see that neat/uncluttered spaces are brighter, the energy moves about and there's light reflected by the surfaces... it's nice :)

Have a great day everybody :)

07-05-2012, 09:33 AM
Exhale15, yes, "little by little" is key for me, too! I love the feel of my spaces after I work on them.

Today is a day off, technically, but I have to take mom and DH to medical appts. I got up early and decided to "just do" one of the top projects on my procrastination list.

~I took all the receipts from our Alaska trip (business) and sorted, pitched, tallyed and made the master list for our taxes next April. When I had the final product in hand I almost put it in a "pending" file I have because I don't yet have my 2012 Tax File. I do now. It was just easier to totally complete it.

After I finished, I put a few more things in the thrift store box. Several items were thrift store/yard sale purchases. :rollpin: A pair of pants I'll never wear and a CD collection of Garth Brooks. I almost pulled it back out but if I haven't listened to it in 2 years I probably wont.

I tried to call about the infamous camera return but they don't open for another 90 min. I'm going to take a bike ride and try again when I return.

After a week of baby steps in my office it's starting to look pretty good.

07-05-2012, 09:50 AM
Good morning all :coffee2:

:cheer2: Lexxiss :cheer2:

Today, I'm going to visit my coat closet :dizzy:

Have a great day everyone.

07-05-2012, 11:52 AM
Good morning,
I was missing in action as my computer had a virus and I had to clear that up.
Thanks again for all the inspiration here. I find that just doing a bit at a time makes it all worthwhile. I am off to work soon, I will post later.
Have a great day everyone.

07-05-2012, 08:44 PM
I skipped a couple of days. I decided the resistance was due to a lack of vision so I scribbled a plan today. And emptied a box. So back to my baby steps. There's still a lot of month left for me to finish this project.

07-05-2012, 09:07 PM
Got some of the closet done, probably need about an hour straight to finish it, more a matter of straightening up and trying on some clothes that came back from the dry cleaners a while ago to see if they still fit :)

Doesn't seem like there's that much to do, maybe because I'm more comfortable with tossing what I don't need. I'm so close to the finish line....

Have a great evening all.....

07-06-2012, 08:49 AM
I skipped a couple of days. I decided the resistance was due to a lack of vision so I scribbled a plan today. And emptied a box. So back to my baby steps. There's still a lot of month left for me to finish this project.

gardenerjoy I'm really feeling resistance. The two chairs I moved into the living room are full of stuff. I see: plastic bags, packsack, carrybag, books (always with the books!) clothes, and under it another bag that's for the market booth. The sink is still, mostly, clean, but the counter was AWFUL. I am completely thrown now that DH is home for his holidays.

And I have no idea whatsoever what's happened in the bedroom to our laundry. OMG it's like two mountains on either side of the entrance to the room! There are too many clothes here. I just cannot release some old t-shirts, like DH wore them when we first met t-shirts.I once saw a quilt made up of the fronts of old t-shirts, but I don't quilt and haven't even sewn for years. Like I'll fit that in too.

That paragraph is EXACTLY what I go through. I identify a problem (mountains of clothes cluttering the floor space) and then I skip to a detail that stumps me (old tshirts I am sentimentally attached to). In between these two things is a lot of stuff I do know what to do with: clothes that don't fit, I don't like, are too used up, just need to be washed. Lot's to do before I get to the tshirts that are, actually, IN A DRAWER. Ugh. A major problem is the mis-use of the bedroom closet. I shoved a giant moving box in there when we moved in, then piled more boxes in there and all the space was taken and so we can't actually hang anything up, except minimally. It's just a very poorly used closet. If I was allowed I'd install a closet organizing system but my landord would freak out. I keep thinking about getting a small set of drawers to shove in there. Is that crazy??

I'm going to make a list, again, of what to do. I always always always have to start there.

Great work you guys.

07-06-2012, 09:49 AM
:cheer: :cheer: baby steps everyone!

Yesterday was sucked up with DH and mom's medical appointments and there was no time or energy when we returned for me to do much more than unpack perishables and fix OP dinner. credit for that.

Before bed I was feeling very distressed because everything seemed out of place. I thought, I must have accomplished something....I decided to write a list of 10 things I accomplished on Thursday and 10 I wanted to accomplish on Friday. I felt much better after looking at written progress forward.
Thursday I accomplished:
1. Alaska trip expenses
2. hauled recycling to the recycle center
3. rode my bike (first time in ages!)
4. 3 boxes to the thrift store
5. hauled 5 gal. water jug and dog food into the house
6. sorted a stack of magazines as and dropped them off at mom's eye clinic
7. paid monthly 941 taxes
8. finished our company 2nd qtr. report for IRS
9. dumped compost
10. dealt with one sentimental item sitting in my office

Friday's list
1. put water jug onto dispenser
2. put a light by our bed (in dining room)
3. reorganize refrigerator
4. look in the freezer and pitch items which don't fit in DH's food plan
5. take finished puzzle to library
6. ride bike
7. give cat a bath
8. call Apple about my dysfunctional ipod
9. old bike
10. get to the bank

Sometimes a list really helps me!

helping rachel
07-06-2012, 11:14 AM
Hi Ladies!

Just a short break from vacation. Had my weekly weigh in and was up .8. Frustrated as I have walked everyday in this 100 degree heat for one hour and skipped lots of vacation food and drink. Oh well, steady as she goes as I have lots of decisions to give myself credit for.

I cleared 3 more boxes out and one bag to trash. Chipping away and steady as she goes is my mantra for rest of weekend.

Good vibes sent your way for energy to 'Keep letting it go".

07-06-2012, 11:33 AM
I have no idea whatsoever what's happened in the bedroom to our laundry. OMG it's like two mountains on either side of the entrance to the room! There are too many clothes here. I just cannot release some old t-shirts, like DH wore them when we first met t-shirts.I once saw a quilt made up of the fronts of old t-shirts, but I don't quilt and haven't even sewn for years. Like I'll fit that in too.

That paragraph is EXACTLY what I go through. I identify a problem (mountains of clothes cluttering the floor space) and then I skip to a detail that stumps me (old tshirts I am sentimentally attached to). In between these two things is a lot of stuff I do know what to do with: clothes that don't fit, I don't like, are too used up, just need to be washed. Lot's to do before I get to the tshirts that are, actually, IN A DRAWER. Ugh.

I'm going to make a list, again, of what to do. I always always always have to start there.

onebyone, I can totally relate! For some funny reason, your post allowed me to let go of several emotional "things". A pile of paperwork from vets regarding our dogs passing AND my pup LEXISS' favorite stuffed toy. I have the memories and don't need those items any more.

One thing that really really really helped me was to give myself permission to not deal with the emotional stuff until a later time, when I was ready. When I was looking for space I had 4 catagories;
1. trash
2. reusable
3. keeping functional
4. keeping emotional

Going into a room, such as the bedroom and performing a first sort into my 4 catagories was really helpful. By acknowledging that certain clothes were worn to the point that a thrift store was going to trash them I was able to get rid of lots of stuff immediately, freeing space.
I had lots of items that no longer fit, and since I'd made the commitment not to regain they didn't need to stay. There were also items that I knew I would "realistically" never fit into again....clothes from my 30's. My big thrift pile took a dedicated day to wash/fold and deliver. freeing space.
Then I had to make room for items I needed/wanted/ and were closets and drawers.
The emotional stuff was folded and stacked, which also freed space.

I have found ways to enlist the help of my DH. This was not all my mess. He has been willing (in spurts) to help haul "trash" and "recyclable" clothing. Just this morning, I encouraged him to help me with some household stuff...he was in the mood and we made great progress.

In some respects, I think it's almost impossible to deal with the emotional stuff until there has been "freed space." Perhaps you'll find out that after you get rid of trash/recyclables that you will have space for those old t-shirts....perhaps you'll come up with a creative will not know until the time is right.

Best wishes! I'm sending you supportive thoughts! Yay for making a list!

07-08-2012, 12:57 AM
onebyone: it's not at all crazy to put a set of drawers in a closet -- I've done that. I've even put a filing cabinet in a closet and it worked great!

07-08-2012, 01:09 PM
onebyone: it's not at all crazy to put a set of drawers in a closet -- I've done that. I've even put a filing cabinet in a closet and it worked great!

I've had both in a closet, too!

I accomplished most of the items on my list of a few days ago. Some, I would not have done except for writing them on paper. I have started the process with the old bike, but it's an emotional one...will report on progress.

Since my last post I have taken more baby steps. Early this morning I was in my office looking for a box to place something I wanted to keep; some beautiful linens from the kitchenware/gourmet store I owned in Alaska. I looked at a briefcase which encased junk jewelry. I was willing to open it up AND clean it out. There were a few legitimate good items, and alot of stuff I could keep forever or let go of now. The nice earrings and charms have been put in my big jewelry box and all my old bowling pins, mismatched earrings and blah blah are gone. They went in the one else wants them and I accept that. The linens are stored nicely now.

I'm on the run, but took several minutes to put away all the above stuff AND to send off two emails to get taken off mailing lists.

Unwanted mail is clutter I don't have time to deal with. I'm grateful to get two more off my list.

Off to Veg-Fest.

helping rachel
07-08-2012, 05:29 PM
Taking a break from a busy day of decluttering, organizing and throwing out. Lots of good "space" exercising.

Cleaned under bathroom cabinet and both drawers. Threw out lotions and extras that have out lived their purpose.

Cleaned under 2 bookcases in FR storage area. Put all candles together and will have to purge later. Placed several books in recycle bin. Have a box of pictures to put in albums.

Cleaned out buffet in dining room. Organized all linens and glass wear. More room was made for other dishes to fit into closed area.

Cleaned middle pantry of kitchen.

Threw out 5 grocery bags of flour, sugar, expired spices ect. Now the four drawers have a labeled home, Foil, plastic bags, Baking products, spices and paper products.

Cleaned 2 cupboard out. Not sure what to do with my cookbooks. Thinking a space for hand held mixer and kitchen gadgets might be a better location for the 3 shelves. Going to sleep on it to make a decision.

Hung up sweatshirts, coats, jackets from 2 coat hook areas. Put them in winter storage. ( I know it JULY!!!!)

Done for today. Will be cleaning, writing contents of freezer and frig, and organizing menu for the next week. Cleaning 2 refrigerators is no easy task!

07-09-2012, 08:22 AM
Rachel, great that your food organizing for the week will be accomplished with your other tasks!

Me, work day and I slept in a bit. I unpacked groceries and took out compost last night which has already helped with my time this morning. I'm busy getting ready but I accomplished one declutter task;
~a pile of notes with addresses/phone numbers has been entered into my computer so I can pitch them.

I observed that even though my office is in "transition" that it felt much lighter this morning-probably why I could just pick up those notes and deal with them. credit.

helping rachel
07-09-2012, 11:26 AM
Debbie Thanks for the encouragement. It really helped me in an earlier post, when you talked about all we already do to maintain. I have to realize unless it is a weekend day, I can't do many big projects like yesterday. It has to be detailed one thing at a time. I have trash day on Tuesday and I am looking to fill a 5 gallon trash can of extra things that have outlived their purpose around here. It shouldn't be hard.

Blessings sent to all my fellow de-clutters!

07-09-2012, 04:24 PM

Yesterday was a real test for me. I had a friend over, inside my apartment. when she walked in she said "Oh. It looks like an artist studio." I felt happy when she said that and know it was a reference to the paintings that line the hallway right as you walk in the door. The kitchen was clear of all "food dirt" due to my maintanence of this space the past few weeks. I had only one sinkful to do to get it ready and a quick wipe took care of the counter. The floor was decent since I wet mopped it a week ago too. Maintaining this space made it feel easy to get it back into a presentable condition. It also took so little time that I was able to tackle the floor of the bathroom plus the "fixtures" if you know what I mean;) and that was done fast too since the bathroom is tiny. I didn't clean the tub, opting to draw the shower curtain instead. So long as the "organic" rooms are clean, I think it's ok for folks to come in. It felt GOOD. *credit*

I have not made my new to-do list. DH is still home on holiday. I have many art deadlines to meet as well. We may take a trip out of town to see prints made by my former printmaking teacher. His show looks incredible. I need the inspiration to keep moving forward with my prints. I also need to go jump in a lake. Really. I am dying to swim in a lake. I'd love to jump off a dock. I think, given my reality, that I will make a master list of really tiny infant-sized baby steps. Very small steps. I can do that and do the rest. It will help cement in my head that small incremental middle-of-the-road steps are more effective over the long term than the large, dramatic, all encompassing events I am so drawn to. It'll be good practice to reinforce this new slower but more consistent outlook I am trying to adopt to live a happier and ultimately more productive life.

Good job everyone... you help me to keep on keeping on!


07-09-2012, 09:12 PM
I've had a hard time making this a daily thing. But I made progress today, so credit for that!

07-10-2012, 04:15 AM
Great job everyone!

Baby I will make two file folders and insert the pertinent items that have been sitting on my desk.

I also pulled out my beading kit to restring two sets of broken beads (one my very favorite).

I will do my best to finish both of these projects.

ETA-files done and one necklace restrung. DH has a project for me so I've put the second necklace and the beading kit away. My old habit would be to leave it all laid out (for days or weeks) until I finished. I don't need to do that today.

helping rachel
07-10-2012, 12:18 PM
Progress not perfection! Sounds like everyone is doing their daily duties to chip away at the clutter/to do piles.

I only finished one frig last night. As I was standing over the frig it started to leak water. I had talked with my husband and let him know that I thought it might have been leaking as the wood floor is bowed beneath it. So it is 18 years old and I may be shopping for a new one. Still thinking on what may be causing the leak and what is the cost to fix it.

Planning on filling a 5 gallon trash can of excess today for trash day.
Planning on finishing the freezer and second frig in the basement.
Planning on cleaning out my car, decluttering that area and washing.

07-10-2012, 02:29 PM
I think that I'm resisting the clean-up of the corner in my office because of the file carts. I love my file carts. Fifteen years ago, when I was running a publishing business, they turned me from a total mess into a sane, organized, and productive person.

But a lot has changed in fifteen years. I have files in my file carts, but I look through them rarely, if at all. The file carts worked best when they held material that I needed daily. I put files in my file carts hoping that will prompt me to look at it daily but it doesn't work and hasn't worked in years.

The downside of file carts is that they are a visual clutter. It's one thing when it's a clutter of daily used items, quite another when it adds to the visual clutter of a room without adding to the functionality.

I want my study to feel more peaceful and the file carts are distracting from that.

There are alternatives.

A lot of the kind of things I put in my file carts -- ideas for gardens and house decor and travel -- are probably best handled online now, by Pinterest or Evernote.

The few things that I want in physical form could, perhaps, be better stored in file boxes. I'm thinking of Debbie's thing this morning of putting the beading kit away instead of leaving it out. If these sorts of files are going to be around to represent projects that I someday want to work on, they can at least be stored neatly away in boxes.

So, that's my baby step for today: entertain the idea that I no longer need my file carts.

helping rachel
07-10-2012, 03:05 PM

Sounds like some good thought is going into a new way of accessing and storing information. I appreciate you sharing your thoughts thru this forum. It gives me some ideas for my office area.

Hope you find the right solution and continue to challenge what is not working anymore.

07-10-2012, 11:26 PM
Hi all, you are all doing so great. I am very busy with work. I usually work a few days a week but have now been working much more. I think they need to hire more people. I find I am not getting time to get organized. Maybe a bit of an excuse. I want to spend time with my son once I get home. I need to find a balance here.
Have a great night.

07-11-2012, 09:15 AM
DH is having a hard day. While he rested on the couch this morning I started to sort through my cookbook collection. I want to make room for some new material more pertinent to our current and healthier way of eating. Upon first glance, I felt I wanted to keep them all. After I put the first one in my purge spot many others came much easier. I even found I had two of a certain reference book. I kept the newer one. I think I have 11 or 12 books ready for a new life somewhere else. credit.

gardenerjoy, your comment regarding the files not applying so much to your current lifestyle was what helped me to move to my cookbook collection. Thx.

ETA-22 books!:cp:

helping rachel
07-11-2012, 11:03 AM
Good Morning Declutters/Organizing Spacers,

Finished the task of cleaning and scrubbing out both refrigerators. Can you just say gross. When I decide to do it, it usually is long overdue.

Filled a 5 gallon trash can of "I think I will keep it, It might have some use some day stuff." Trash day today and it feels a lot lighter around here.

I am still thinking on my car as rain is coming in Thursday and Friday. I have 2 all day work projects and will be gone both days.
Planning on maintaining the rest of the week and I will have to see what new projects this weekend may bring.

07-12-2012, 09:32 PM
Yesterday as I was heading out the door to go to work, I took a magic marker and wrote on a piece of paper;

"Making space to live the life I want to live as a thin person."

It was a feeling at the moment about why I am putting continual effort into my present time space to declutter/organize/maintain.

I finally registered my VitaMix which I bought on May 9 and also acknowledged that;

"Procrastination is a part of my clutter/organizational issue".

I took baby steps again today.
~broken weed whacker out of basement and into back of car
~inflated tires on for sale bike and rode good bike to the store for "for sale" sign.
~brought styro-cooler out of basement

Tomorrow the carpet lady is coming to measure for carpet. I could have done that months ago. (procrastination) I stopped at the paint store to get color swatches and am going to really try to push through and finish this project, left hanging since I refinished the downstairs floor in March??

I will commit to moving out cookbooks, bike and cooler tomorrow.

07-12-2012, 11:25 PM
I sorted through a file box of house files, making room to move yard files from the messy file cart into the neater file box.

07-13-2012, 10:16 PM
~weed eater made it to the repair place
~cookbooks and one other large item made it to the thrift store

I finally ordered my carpet for the living room. It's been months...I knew it would be $$ months ago. It was a procrastination issue. Done.

helping rachel
07-13-2012, 10:19 PM
Way to go Lexxiss! Love your new mantra! Inspiring to shift the focus to new clear--clean space.....Yah for decisions and follow thru.

07-13-2012, 11:25 PM

My dishes have been sitting in soapy water for 12hrs. not sure what happened but i intended to wash them this morning. now I have the original plus todays dishes.

I find this completely demoralizing, but I am under some stress today/tonight with a visit to ottawa looming in the morning. I don't have a lot of personal reserves or resources at my fingertips tonight.

My hope is that when I get back I can re-start.

I love reading about all the progress here. It reminds me that I can do it too.

Bye for now.

07-14-2012, 08:49 AM
onebyone, safe travels. :hug: You WILL get back on track...Beck teaches you that. Just like w/your food plan...let go of demoralizing feelings and look ahead. You can and will do it.

Me, a busy work day but found a few minutes to myself in the upstairs office.
I got rid of a "pending" file that had been sitting for months. I have a new free space. I also went through my to do pile...paid some bills and deleted some of my online payees I'll never need again. Looked around and pitched a few items that I (or anyone else) will never ever use. credit for baby steps.

07-14-2012, 09:34 AM
A quick check in as I am off to work. I want to thank you all for the great posts. They inspire me. I have not had dishes in my sink since this thread inspired me to get them done before I go to bed. I think I am a procrastinator so setting rules about dishes has worked so far. Now to try and incorporate other helpful habits.
Have a great day all.
Take Care

07-17-2012, 07:16 AM
Hi everyone!

I got off my task list with the event of the new grandchild. It's time to get back on the boat here. I think I need to reevaluate and make a new list. My new focus is preparation for carpet installation.

I've maintained my space the past few days which feels great.

helping rachel
07-17-2012, 11:05 AM
Checking in to get back on track as well.

Have to clean my house today before I can even start with what additional projects are needed to chunk away at the extras. This will be a great start and then I can concentrate on additional rooms/problem areas.

Will check back tomorrow with an exhale and hopefully a new plan for this week. A/C went out and new one was installed yesterday. Grateful for that as the temp is going to be 103!

07-17-2012, 11:46 AM
I've managed tiny baby steps three days in a row. Guess what? Even tiny baby steps make a very visible difference when done consistently!

helping rachel
07-18-2012, 02:10 PM
It looks like slow and steady finishes the race. It may not win it but each step will lead to finishing it.

I am picking one room to work on. I have files from a class that I facilitate. I am in need of filing the lesson plans, gathering the projects that go with it and keeping all the reference books in one place.

My vision is to have each file box organized with :

--labeled file folders
--reference books in box
--activations and instructions included
--contents taped to the box

I will start today and allow myself to finish at least 2 boxes. I am thinking that 14 boxes will be included in the finished product.

I am not stuck in doing this, I am going to take one thing at a time, one day at a time.

Will report back later on the action taken or not taken. My value is to have things in a place with a home and labeled so when I need them I won't have to sort thru the big file box they are in. Sort, Organize, Label and Finding a home.
That is my vision.

helping rachel
07-19-2012, 12:09 PM
I had the opportunity to complete 8 boxes yesterday. I finished 3 out of the 4 steps. Today after work, I will label the contents. #Credit#

I am planning on watching the movie
"Defiance". It is a true story about a group of Jews in Belarus who hid in the forest for several years during World War II and survived the Holocaust. Twelve hundred people walked out of that forest at the end of the war. They had seen their families, friends, and neighbors murdered. They lost their homes, their dreams, their work, and for many, their faith as well. And despite these losses, they built a school, a hospital, and new relationships all while surviving in the forest. They fought freezing cold, hunger, illness, depression, fear and the ****s. I am using this a clip from this movie to give the invitation in class, to take committed action despite circumstances surrounding life. Are you going toward your values or Away? So simple, So hard to do.

Bonus was cleaning off my desktop and making file folders for like information that go together.

Off to work out before work.

07-19-2012, 04:54 PM
Way to go, Rachel!

I broke a taillight on my car and went to a "bank bag" which houses all my important papers, in order to get the phone # of the dealership. I have all the important documents...titles...birth/marriage certifs, etc., just shoved in. Imagine my surprise when I opened the bag and found everything filed in separate/marked envelopes. I've been working on decluttering/organizing ever since I started Beck Diet Solution. I had forgotten I had done this but it sure felt great!

Yesterday, I "made" $100, while reflecting on just how my clutter builds up. Several months ago my electric dog shears broke and needed some parts. I couldn't find them all online. Last week I wanted to use them and started looking for a new pair.
~old habit replace with new AND keep the old
I decided to try again and PERSIST TO VICTORY. It took 40 minutes but I found all the parts. They will be here by Monday and it was $100 less than buying new ones. credit

I continue to make baby steps but would really like to find enough time to focus again on a master list.

07-19-2012, 05:21 PM

I was super-annoyed to go to the cutlery drawer and discover there were no clean forks. I thought those days were behind me.

It wasn't hard to find them all. They're sitting in the sink waiting to be washed.

I did *credit* gather all the dishes into one place, making it easier to get them done once I start. The goal for today is to do the dishes and to put them away. It soooooo affects my food-plans for the day as I want to avoid the dish-strewn stovetop and cluttered countertop causing me to look for food in the freezer that I can pop into the microwave, or even worse, just decide "not to eat right now"/deny my hunger which sets me up to eat ANYTHING later on when I am STARVING and everything calls to me... not to mention the additional mental/emotional weight of both "failing" to keep my kitchen clean which is so "simple" and staying on plan which again is so "simple".

Anyway, not a good emotional day for me today but I am getting things done anyway. Feelings are not facts as even though I feel the sting of failure, it isn't true.

Feelings are not facts.

helping rachel
07-20-2012, 12:22 PM
Checking in on this hot Friday. A/C has a leak, that is the new A/C;( ....Hopefully we will see some relief by weekend.

Took 20 books to 1/2 bookstore and they bought everyone of them. So happy, so glad. I maintained my composure not to buy new. I did browse and look but was feeling the great feeling of declutter, I just couldn't do it. My Amazon account is higher than my bank account. (hee, hee ;0 ) Plan on making a pathway thru my office to closet. That's it for declutter goal today.

Sending prayers for Colorado families involved in the tragic shooting. May God's comfort surround them in their time of need. So very sad.

07-20-2012, 10:06 PM
Rachel, yay for looking at books but not bringing any home!

onebyone, kudos for acknowledging just how your kitchen environment affects your food choices.

I was rewarded for my persistance today. Kirk's two DD's and ex wife decided to come up in the afternoon with the new baby. We vacuumed, cleaned toilets and picked up a small amount of "stuff" but it was no big deal.

Mostly just maintenance stuff today, but I did get the dog bathed which was on my "procrastination list" which saved $50.
Sometimes after I've procrastinated long enough I just pay someone else and feel good I didn't today. Like many other things, "it was just not a big deal" once I just did it.

helping rachel
07-20-2012, 11:26 PM
Way to go Lexxiss! I love it when something off the "procrastination list" is ticked off. I think it is hard enough just keeping the daily chores done so anything extra is a big deal ***CREDIT*** I am sure your dog feels better with a nice bath especially with this heat.

Sending good vibes for more......

OnebyOne, remember the self compassion for a new day. I like the mantra progress not perfection. I am sure you have seen more good days in the last month than bad. Keep your chin up and keep plugging away.

helping rachel
07-21-2012, 12:07 PM
My son is coming home from summer camp next week. His room is piled high with college junk. I need to write a plan of attack to start the process to declutter and organize.

Also will be writing a plan for closet. That is my intention. Vision it, Plan it, Do it.

Need to let go of clothes that I don't wear anymore but are taking up space.....I understand when I watch the show "Hoarders" how people get comfortable with clutter. I also recognize that OCD comes into play and that is a mental issue. I don't recognize OCD in my life, but I do acknowledge that boxes of clutter and out dated stuffed --closets just don't bother me. Off to plan the work, so I can work the plan.

07-22-2012, 07:32 AM
Yay Rachel! What really stood out to me was your planning and writing the plan. I notice I do better when it's written but don't always do it.

It's time for the next step on my project, which comes ahead of my decluttering, but is certainly part of the process to "Own My Space". New carpet is being installed Aug. 3 and I need to rip the old off the staircase and paint stairs, spindles, baseboard and part of the adjoining wall. I promised DH I would not get on a ladder while he's gone and I must admit there are several spots I haven't quite figured out how to get to anyway.

I always want to put the cart before the horse and just wanted to get started on wall painting. Instead, I gave it some thought and wandered back to the basement this morning to locate the paint. Once in the basement.....I.....remembered this is where I started with my decluttering goals. Since my helper doesn't arrive until 9am I recognized some free time for continuing in my basement.

Baby Steps this morning:
~sorted through all the cans of paint, separating saves from discards
~hauled some misc. old chairs, pipes and metal up for recycling
~reorganized some antique chairs to a better location
~went through a file cabinet and pulled papers for recycle

My initial question about all these paint cans, since many had 2-3 inches of paint was, "Why did we save this???" I believe the reason we saved these cans was so we would have the # of the color and type of paint when we needed to repaint/touch up. We had no other system at the time.

The good news is that as I have decluttered the office I have found ALL the color strips from each project which I would need to reference at a later date. They are all in one file in the cabinet upstairs so we no longer need to house all these unusable cans. credit for another step towards organization.

helping rachel
07-22-2012, 12:52 PM

I bet you are excited to get the new carpet! Along with a vision; a deadline can help;0. Love your mantra and I appreciate walking this "Clutter Diet" with you. It feels empowering to let go of things that just aren't needed anymore. I need this space to think out loud and have someone else care as I tend to be the only one interested in getting certain things done. My daughter asked me why my office was such mess, and I swear after I get the basics done and then add a few other things, I don't get to my stuff. Looking toward that area in Sept. when everyone is back in school.

Great problem solving and decision making with your paint cans. I love how you cleared so much space and still have the information that you need for the future. Isn't procrastination tied into delayed decision making??

As far as the higher areas for paint, what about a paint roller extension? Just a thought.

It has gotten "Worse" before 'Better" with cleaning my son's room. That is ok, I have the "Vision" in my head where I want to land and made lots of progress yesterday. Had to wash 6 loads of laundry and bedding. I am about 1/2 way there. I am off to Target to get him containers for his "Beloved Record Albums". I am looking at this as a labor of love as he won't have time to go thru these things when he gets home because he will be off to school. It also helps me because I am the one that helps both boys pack, purchase and buy for school and Now I am comfortable with not having to buy so many things because they are still in good shape. (A senior and sophomore this year). I did throw out his electric blanket as it was 5 years old and not sure what kind of smells were coming from it.

Here is to progress not perfection!

helping rachel
07-22-2012, 12:59 PM

What is the opposite for you of not "Owning your own Space"? Just wondering what that looks like, feels like, acts like? I see a shift in your energy toward "Owning your own Space, with decision making and action. Just say'in. Who is going to hold the power.

My personal shift has been to a position of "Inner Champion/Mentor" instead of an "Inner Procrastinator" who has avoided in the past because of lack of focus, action and decision making.

helping rachel
07-24-2012, 01:04 AM
Worked in the basement storage room today. Filled 1 bag of trash. Cleaned out 3 rubbermaid containers. Filled 2 boxes of books to go to bookstore for resale. I can easily move in and out of the area. I set up a plan for the storage room. Not planning on working anymore in this area until work lets up. Credit for ....

Writing a plan,
Purging 3 boxes.-1 bag of trash-2 boxes of books
Setting goals for next part of process.

07-24-2012, 07:38 AM
Passed the last six stacks of flat folded boxes from our shuffle last summer, to our DS who's moving across town from his current apartment. That's all of them gone!! He and his GF were happy to save hundreds of $$$ and DW and I are happy to get our space back.

Otherwise my efforts have been minor - a foot thick stack of magazines that I hadn't gotten around to reading. It's still hard for me to toss an unread magazine; I can't get it in my head that they just keep coming, and any article I miss will be repeated in the future.

helping rachel
07-24-2012, 11:18 AM
BBE, What a great feeling to be able to recycle those boxes; especially when it helps someone else. I keep magazines as I do lots of collaging and art expression with them. I have 2 bins that I stack them in. I think it is hard to give up unread magazines.

07-24-2012, 11:33 PM
Yay Rachel and BBE!

It has been a whirlwind several days. On Sunday the old carpet came out and my helper agreed to paint the high ceilings of the staircase area. I got all the supplies Sunday afternoon and upon returning from work yesterday it was all finished. I have begun my part of the painting project. It is a very slow process but I'm encouraged by the results. It has made for long days but I'm already familiar with these short pushes which make great progress.

Rachel, I find myself OK moving from space to space, too. I like that you have a plan as you move forward. I have been pondering your question to me for several days now. You provoked some really deep thinking for me. Thx. It seems that the opposite of "owning my space" is living in it, but being disconnected from it...detatched from responsibility and settling for less.

BBE, several years ago I "quit" the magazine subscriptions. Then this year, I ordered one new one. I have a great memory for thing

helping rachel
07-24-2012, 11:59 PM
Lexxiss Says: It seems that the opposite of "owning my space" is living in it, but being disconnected from it...detatched from responsibility and settling for less.

Very insightful. I am grateful that this thread was started on the Beck forum. Your answer could tie into physical space as well as our bodily space that we carry everywhere we go. I am learning to be comfortable with the "uncomfortable" feelings this is bringing up in me. It is much easier to give an excuse that it can be done later, or just to ignore it but still hold myself accountable for wanting a clean, organized space. Same with my weight. I pulled my Beck's book and workbook out. Who knew it was behind 5 boxes in the furnace room. I desire to change my mind so my life will follow. Thanks for sharing and I look forward to hearing how the rest of your journey "owning your own space" plays out. Many of us are re-authoring a new ending to our stories and that requires us to show up intentionally!

07-25-2012, 11:09 AM
I emptied one file cart and got about 70% through the second in an hour-long session last night. Some times 5-minute baby steps are best. Other times longer sessions are best. It helps if I don't get too wed to one strategy or the other because I get stuck when that strategy isn't the right one for the job or for the time at hand.

helping rachel
07-25-2012, 11:13 AM

What a great perspective. Flexibility is important whether the time spend on moving toward a goal is 5min. or 1 hour. The important thing is committed action is being taken! Yay for clearing the file cart.

helping rachel
07-25-2012, 11:15 AM
Off to goodwill to drop off a few bags and 1/2 price book store. My mantra is that I have enough and I will not be buying unless the 1/2 price bookstore has one DVD that I need for reference. That is all. One DVD.

07-25-2012, 12:36 PM
Hello Decluttering Becksters.

My apartment is once more bad enough to paralyze me and force me outside as everywhere I look there is stuff again, and in my own form of it too = PILES of stuff. I feel complete and total failure today on every level becasue my mind is cluttered with :devil: sabotaging thoughts and, as always, this too shall pass. So in the spirit :dance: of hurrying that feeling on out the door I am committing to doing ONE (1) sinkful of dishes. Should I do more, OK. If not, OK. But I must do one today. Back to basics which to me is to see and feel some success.

I will update an report back when this is accomplished today.

Great successes everyone. helping rachel you are really in the groove! Awesome. *I* feel your energy and just plain feel lighter :bubbles: just reading your posts! Great job. How is your decluttering affecting your food? or is it??

helping rachel
07-25-2012, 02:50 PM
OnebyOne: First of all, sending gentle vibes your way to get one thing done. Sometimes I have to "get out of my head" and do the next thing. I refer to my mental cognition as a popcorn popper. Sometime what comes up is not needed in terms of thoughts. So cheering you on to get your dishes done.

I am getting unstuck with the clutter. I do have to say that. I am holding steady with my weight but not crediting me for why I have been eating. I found that I rewarded myself with food when I purged part of the furnace room. Interesting thing was I just started in with the peanut butter and celery before I realized what the heck was going on. I hope I am not "playing the shell game with my issues". Time will tell.

07-25-2012, 11:00 PM
I emptied my second file cart. There were a few troublesome things -- things I feel I should feel sentimental about but don't, too valuable to give Goodwill, and it feels too crass to sell them. In the end, I boxed them up and put them in a place that feels okay for now. There's so much for me to deal with, I don't have to tackle the toughest cases.

helping rachel
07-25-2012, 11:09 PM
Gardenerjoy: Good job on completion of 2nd cart. I totally understand about setting things aside until later time. ....I moved 3 boxes back to furnace room, didn't want to toss or give away but they have been in there for years and not of use......I posted a 1, 2, 3, tag and dated. Will sort again on another time to try to make a decision. I think if I had a professional organizer I would be pressed to make a decision....not going to happen on my budget:0!

07-26-2012, 07:23 AM
Hi Everyone!

Cheering you all on!

I'm leaving home very early today. Last night I evaluated the state of my home after I found a stopping point with my painting. I recognized it was important to me to put things back in place before my departure. Accordingly, I went to bed early and set my alarm.

This morning I:
~put excess paint supplies downstairs
~took old carpet outside
~moved my valuable bike inside
~gathered dishes, washed and picked up kitchen
~moved all mail upstairs to the office
~put clean clothes away

I will run the vacuum, too. I have this accumulation of fine dust and old carpet lint.
When I return home tomorrow night I will have an "as clean" space as I can have right now (credit) and I can return to my painting project. As I progress here, I'm able to look at my space AND visualize it finished.

helping rachel
07-26-2012, 10:09 PM
Great perspective Lexxiss! Sounds manageable.

On a consulting job from 7-7 today. Nothing done at home but ok with it. Will look around tomorrow and see what can be done. One day at a time, One project at a time.

07-27-2012, 03:12 PM
Reporting to you guys that I washed a sinkful of dishes yesterday. I put them away this morning and did another sinkful right away. They are in the drying rack now and I re-filled the dishpan with every piece of irritating cutlery I could find. I'll put the dry dishes away, then do the cutlery and call it a day re:dishes. I may fully reclaim my counterspace as I shuffle the stuff off of it towards the floor/holding space/stuff to be washed space. I can't count on doing much more as I have the market tomorrow and I need to complete a few things yet.

Happy to be back dealing with the clean up once more.

:bravo: everyone.

07-27-2012, 06:13 PM
I'm calling my project to straighten up the corner in the northwest corner of my study done. I've attached before and after photos. Not only is it neater but the stuff takes up a much smaller foot print making my space feel bigger.

I'm not entirely happy with milk crates as book shelves (I feel about thirty years too old for that). They're library books so somehow temporary shelving feels right -- and, yet, I always have library books. Just the titles change. So I want to think about making room in my other bookcase or finding a small separate bookcase that's allocated for library books. Not today, though.

I want to choose a project for August, but I'm going to give myself a couple of days to decide what.

helping rachel
07-28-2012, 10:52 AM
One by One: Great job on taking committed action toward your value of having a clean sink/counter area. It sure is a process.

Gardenerjoy: Wow! Your pictures sure show the difference. It looks organized and clean. Can you find things easier?

Working on curtains today for 3 windows. That is my project for today. I went back and started to do step 4 of my project that I didn't complete last week. Went to Office Depot and bought a new hole puncher. Will continue to label and organize my work materials. Received $13 for another box of books and needed a reference book that I had planned on ordering from Amazon and found it for $8! Returned clothes to 2 stores and didn't buy new. My mantra is that "I have enough". I really need to clean and organize my closets. Will have to think thru to what that will look like.

07-29-2012, 11:19 PM
Rachel, how did your curtains turn out? Yes, I have enough, too.

gardenerjoy, yay for completion of your project and for posting pictures. Your new space looks great! Looking forward to your August project.

onebyone, great job getting back on track with your dishes.

My process continues. I traveled over to our other house for two days and although I had lots of appointments (mom and DH), I did some spot cleaning and left it in better shape than when I arrived. credit.

Back at the big house now....I continue my painting project. This morning, however, I chose to get some cleaning/organizing accomplished too. I cleaned/organized the fridge and freezer pitching a few items, too. I started washing the kitchen cabinets and will finish in the morning.

I recognized that I am looking ahead more than I used to. The carpet is scheduled for Friday and Sis is flying in a week from tomorrow. I'm finding it feels just great not to leave my necessary projects until the last minute. My brain must be more organized. Practice practice practice.

helping rachel
07-29-2012, 11:21 PM
Lexxiss: Great job on frig and freezer. I hate that job but feel so good when things are clean and organized inside. It also helps me with my eating plan. I have to agree that something is shifting in me that says these projects are doable. I think if I am fair to myself with what can be done each week, I will continue to build on success. Like you said Practice, practice, practice.

I did finish 3 sets of curtains with the help of my hubby. He helped me with measuring and making sure I had the length correct. Grateful for that.

Will be making a list for this week of what I confidently want to complete. Trying to make it realistic and to focus on how to get the "extras" done, let alone the day to day.

07-29-2012, 11:23 PM

I'm reporting in that I have been doing a sinkload of dishes for four days now. More than one most days. i still have "big stuff" on the floor by the sink but I could see the end of the built up pile tomorrow, and be back to the regular (imagine! regular! ha!!:) ) maintenance mode. *credit to me that I really did think that automatically. Yay.

I was just in the bedroom trying to cope with an overabundance of clothing and bedding. Yikes. I really want to make my bedroom into a peaceful oasis. It is like a permanent vortex of clothing and debris right now. I may choose to make my bedroom my special project for August. It would be so great to have a cozy, inviting, comforting space for the coming winter months.

Of course, the never-ending trying to get the common living areas into shape quest goes on.

Bye for tonight.

helping rachel
07-30-2012, 02:16 PM
One on One, I am right with you trying to get the common areas into "Shape". I know I am making more right decisions toward the house in general.

Great job on building momentum with 4 days of dishes. The way I look at it is... progress not perfection. 4 is better than zero.

August will be a month trying to set my boys up in new houses in their respective college communities. I know that will take money, time and effort so that I will be on my list of main things that I will try to accomplish for August.

I cleaned the utility room as I was doing 3 loads of laundry. Threw out 2 small baskets of socks. Credit.** Thought how long am I going to wait for the missing ones to come home. New thinking: They have been missing for 6 months, it is time to give up the search and rescue. It does boil down to making an Intentional Cognitive Decision. .......hee, hee! Small decisions count.

helping rachel
07-31-2012, 11:46 AM
Writing my Advantage cards for both Beck-Mind/Body Plan and applying the same concepts for House. Will start my 6 week neural-rewiring training tomorrow, Aug 1. Neuroplasticity means that our thoughts can change the structure and function of our brains. The idea was first introduced by William James in 1890, but it was soundly rejected by scientists who uniformly believed the brain is rigidly mapped out, with certain parts of the brain controlling certain functions.

So thanks to Judith and Aaron Beck's work on CBT and the Diet Solution, I am training to develop new neural pathways in my noggin. Will take it day by day, week by week.

Anyone want to join me starting at Day one? I will post on other thread for weight and this thread for house. My rebellion part is ticked off right now, because she is put on notice that she is no longer above the "rules".

I will try and accept the successes and failures along the way as they are both teachers.

07-31-2012, 09:07 PM
Hi Everyone:

I watched two episodes of Hoarding:Buried Alive:( Sometimes that show completely paralyzes me and makes me feel so very very sad that any energy I had just oozes out of me onto the floor and trickles on out the door...
Today though I wondered about me and whether I have a "hoard". The therapist was saying that hoarders like to do ANYTHING and EVERYTHING to deflect their attention from their hoards. They hate dealing with it. I can relate to this in terms of "areas of the house". The areas I seem to avoid are:
-the floor at the end of the futon in the living room
-the space beneath the dining room table
-the chair in the living room that's piled up with stuff again
-my boxes;all my boxes=boxes in the hallway and boxes in the two bedrooms
-my bedroom closet and the stuff piled in and around my dresser and the vanity that has no permanent home

Today I felt like loading the boxes, unopened, into my car's trunk and driving them over to the town dump. I am thinking "what do I really need anyway? Don't I already have it?" And then my brain goes...but maybe there are some really old things in there that I need to have/need to keep/can't ever replace And this is why I am not loading the car. I have to face my hoard, if that is indeed what it is. I'm not convinced it is -- also a sign of a hoarder apparently! shhh!:dizzy: So. I think this will be next for me. I'm going to look at it. Make the decisions about the contents. And keep moving forward owning my space as the summer starts to draw to a close.

I am visualizing a cozy winter retreat: warm, glowing, softly scented, cushy. I want it de-luxe and comfortable. I see myself on a chaise lounge wearing silk pyjamas that are NOT a plus size!

That's the goal.


helping rachel
07-31-2012, 10:34 PM

I like your new ticker....40lbs down. Great job, great accomplishment. I watch the show Hoarders as well. I think they show the EXTREME cases where people simply can't stop the process...relating to OCD.
Unless you have to crawl over loads of crap and can touch your ceiling, don't compare yourself to them. However, I think that show motivates me to just throw it out and makes me question why I have keep the things that I keep. I try to think of the people that Goodwill has helped and when I donate my "extras" maybe it will help the next person. I have to reframe-re-author my thoughts on this.

I am thinking about numbering boxes in our music room and my office. That way if I want to try to go thru one box a week it will be better than zero boxes.

08-01-2012, 09:23 AM
Hi Everyone:

I am visualizing a cozy winter retreat: warm, glowing, softly scented, cushy. I want it de-luxe and comfortable. I see myself on a chaise lounge wearing silk pyjamas that are NOT a plus size!

That's the goal.
What a wonderful goal! Can you turn that into an Advantage Card or perhaps make a small vision board with your statement and use pictures that help you envision your space?

I watch Hoarders:Buried Alive and had just finished an episode when I checked in here last night. :lol: I learn lots of techniques by watching and in a strange way, get a glimpse of what my collecting habits could be in "the extreme." I do recognize as I look and listen, that many of the people on the show "didn't used to be" like that. They are always able to acknowledge, with the help of the therapist, a specific event or series of events, usually very extreme, which pushed them over the edge.

Today I acknowledge gratitude for creating a positive set of circumstances in my life which facilitate personal healing and self worth. Through my work with Beck Diet Solution, which I use in many other non-food related aspects of my life I feel I am gaining the life I desire as I shed the pounds I had accumulated...along with alot of other "stuff".

I just read the note which I have beside my computer and changed one word.

"Making space to live the life I want to live as a thin person."

"Making space to live the life I want to live as MY thin person."

I have changed the word "a" to "my". I'm 54 years old and I let go of the world expectation of "a thin person" and instead embrace the vision of "my thin person".

I'm so excited today! I finished painting my staircase and got confirmation last eve that my carpet will be installed Friday morning. When we moved into this house in 2003 I started with a "vision". I had three gigantic goals:
1. State of the art kitchen which blended well with an 1887 Victorian. DONE!
2. Say goodbye to sky blue walls and baby blue old worn carpet, refinish original maple flooring and install a Victorian Era carpet which would last my lifetime. Almost done!
3. New bathroom upstairs which would blend with the old house....(next project??)

Work calls....gotta run....

Keep up all the great work everyone!

helping rachel
08-01-2012, 11:06 AM
Lexxiss Declares::listen: " Today I acknowledge gratitude for creating a positive set of circumstances in my life which facilitate personal healing and self worth. Through my work with Beck Diet Solution, which I use in many other non-food related aspects of my life I feel I am gaining the life I desire as I shed the pounds I had accumulated...along with alot of other "stuff".

Love your declaration and acknowledgement of declaring your values!

Can't wait to read your post on Saturday after the carpet installation. How very exciting. You stated that it was blue before, what color did you paint and what does the carpet look like?

Sending positive supportive vibes out to all the Becksters for committed Action toward desired goals.:hug:

helping rachel
08-01-2012, 11:12 AM
Day One: Decluttering-Organizing Home

I will try to make my home more functional and WORKABLE….not perfect like in magazines.
Having things where I can find them instead of guessing where things should be kept.
I have the power to do this, it is important to me that I have a clean space.
I will feel more confident, if I plan the work and work the plan.
I will not be embarrassed that everything is piled everywhere.
I will save money as I don’t need to buy more, I will enjoy what I have.
My thoughts of avoidance will not rule my life, my values will.
I would like to see my house change in the next 6 weeks.
I will love feeling peaceful and be able to relax in my space.
God grant me the serenity to change the things I can.

Will be working on Kitchen tupperware space today. Also, completing Step 4 of boxes in Living Room.

helping rachel
08-02-2012, 12:10 AM
Day 2 Post a little early.

Sneaking back in here tonight, because I have a 7-7 work day tomorrow. Working on a morning routine and night routine to follow like an eating plan. Not way out there but a guideline. This will be my plan as daily upkeep will help keep those clutter pounds from coming back on.

08-02-2012, 07:43 AM
Rachel, I really like your advantages and relate to them all. I appreciate your applying the BDS process to your environment. I have a "routine" of sorts yet you are really challenging me to rethink and streamline the process after my life normalizes a bit after my project is complete. (BTW) You asked about details of my new space. I will post pics as soon as it's finished. The old blue will shock you. The new neutral is so nice.

Speaking of routine...I'm out of routine with the project and this morning had a sabotaging thought as I looked around, "I'm losing ground here." Reality is that I WILL return to my pre-project "new normal". I have a helper coming over to move furniture later this morning and I'm going to pick up/put away everything I can before she comes. The old me would just pitch everything in a box/bag but I've changed. credit.

Here are some pics of my kitchen redo. The old kitchen had one outlet and many extension carpet over three layers of old linoleum tile. When we got the tile off there was tarpaper tarred to original maple flooring. We scraped/sanded the tar off and finished the original floor.

08-02-2012, 09:14 AM
I see that you got more counter space by removing the refrigerator.

Do you miss having cold stuff?

08-02-2012, 09:35 AM
I see that you got more counter space by removing the refrigerator.

Do you miss having cold stuff?

:lol: Removing the refrigerator could certainly address some behavioral issues such as the "midnight raids" is another picture, which shows the appliance movement. It made much more sense to have a work space on either side of the stove AND the eye appeal is much better, too. It took me a long while to think this out. What you can't see is that there are three doorways in this small kitchen leaving lots of unusable space. The window faces West and has an exit door...a North entry to the laundry/coffee room and an East entry to the rest of the house. I would have loved a larger and more modern fridge but they are all 2" too large for the space.

helping rachel
08-02-2012, 09:41 PM
:broc:Lexxiss: What a beautiful change. Your kitchen looks so fresh, clean and organized. I love your cabinets with the beadboard. I am glad you shared your pictures. They really show what a transformation the space has gone thru.

Too funny about the refrigerator. :D Wow, is that a beck card like "No Choice". Remove your frig or get you jaws wired shut!

I am processing a daily workable plan. One that will create a groove in my brain that involves daily action.

Morning routine:

Throw load of laundry in before coffee.I already do this.

Decide menu for day. What the heck am I going to eat to stay on plan?
Unload or re-load dishwasher.
Exercise if have time before work, if not will bump to evening routine.

Evening Routine:

Make and eat dinner on plan.
Clean dishes/run dishwasher
Exercise of choice.
Straighten up the house before going to bed. Funny thing, I think of this thread and act like you guys can see my house before I retire and it causes me to pick up and put away. ;)

I posted this list above washer to remember the groove.

08-02-2012, 10:18 PM
Rachel: Great lists! I have my "groove" that I do every day too, now. It's still very easy for me to fall back into old habits. I like that you posted your list where you will be sure to look at it.

This morning I started with the "idea" that I would accomplish the entire living room...move furniture and clean. I was going to have my clutter-stuff put in it's place. I started by sorting/dealing with mail...on to some magazines. I breezed through them and put them in the recycle pile....nothing worth saving. I was anxious so I posted on the Beck thread...felt better. Went upstairs for the windex and knock neighbor had showed up 45 minutes early for furniture moving. (PS she loves to talk)
We moved furniture then discussed a project I have procrastinated for months; putting up a piece of slatboard in my kitchen (the piece purchased AND already cut to size). It needed 2 people and a mortar drill bit/screws (which I had already purchased). You can guess where this is going-it is done!!:carrot: I ditched my other plans and went to Denver to get some hardware for hanging home and IMMEDIATELY went to my basement and pulled out a box. I knew just where it was.
I had a kitchenware store in Alaska (and a business partner) who always put me down. We parted and she kept the business. The hurt has been with me for years. In May when we went up, a very sane woodworker told me HIS story of HIS dealings with my ex-partner. I knew then (for sure) IT WAS NOT ME.
In my box-the copper "suns" I collected when we owned the store. They are now on my wall with my apron which I wore to work every day (and still cook with).
This is the most striking example, yet, of how my moving forward with my decluttering/home improvement projects is helping me to "own my space". The copper has been in that box for over 15 years and it only took one day of my life to put it where I wanted it to be. In my own kitchen.
As best I can relate it to my weight's a physical action which has moved a past experience which was shame based to an memory which I can feel happy about every single

Ok, back to reality. I have decided it would be much wiser to paint my living room baseboards before the carpet is put in. I'm going to bed early and will get up and paint in the wee hours of the morning.

helping rachel
08-02-2012, 10:58 PM
Lexxiss: I am a big fan of "Re-authoring" our life stories. I celebrate with you tonight, for reclaiming things that once brought you joy but were put aside. Empowerment and taking Action is going on in Colorado! It's funny that you stated that it was your "business partner's story"...phrased "HER STORY".. That is one of my favorite sayings, "that it is her story and don't get fused with it". Live your story, live your values. People will show you who they are and then it is validation if others tell you about the same encounters. If you love your copper suns and apron, I am glad they are where you can enjoy them. Hoorah! for a nice helpful neighbor. Don't you love when a little bit of help can go a long way with the To Do list! Exciting day tomorrow. Hope your painting flows easily and look forward to hearing how the new Space looks! You are reclaiming your valued space as we speak!

helping rachel
08-03-2012, 11:39 PM
Cleaned out kitchen junk drawers and misc. draws in the kitchen, while watching the Michael Phelps win another GOLD! That's all for the day.

08-04-2012, 07:17 AM
Thought I'd check in...project complete, with the exception of my final pickup. It's spectacular and I will post pictures. I woke up early, yet with plenty of rest. My thought was go back to bed "you deserve it", but upon looking around I knew I'd feel much better if I put some more things back in place. credit.

Interesting observation regarding my "collecting". I finished a jar of homemade marmalade from my BIL. I soaked the jar, removed the pretty tag and wanted to keep it. Fortunately, I'm able to take it right to my recycle but the important observation is that my "collecting" mentality is still very active and I need to constantly strive to make a "better choice" just as I do with food.

Happy weekend!

PS My celebration is a puzzle being laid out on the table in my reclaimed living room. Exciting.

helping rachel
08-04-2012, 10:49 AM

Kudos for completing the painting/carpeting project. I am glad for you and the intentional actions that you are sharing.

Love the reward of a puzzle!

I am glad you are giving voice to your process with "collecting". I sorted thru drawers last night and placed like items together. After I had some space (head space) away from the task, I realized that I could throw out 25% more of what was in the main junk drawer. Stuff not needed but I had the thought that I must store and save those things for a future use. So I can understand the "neural pathway that says I must keep for later use". Some of the items were heavy duty napkins from a hotel that we went to in the Cayman Islands. Really, I need to keep those?? After all these years. An old lottery ticket that expired. Maybe if I keep it long enough it will not be expired? My sub-personality masquerading as a hoarder has some crazy thinking that is going on!

Enjoy your day, can't wait to hear feedback from DH's reaction.

Getting ready to clean the house for a few hours. Whooo hooooo ;)

helping rachel
08-04-2012, 09:20 PM
Done for the day.

Cleaned stove and all burners.
Cleaned out 4 kitchen drawers
Cleaned floors and vacuumed.
Cleaned bathroom.
Went thru 3 boxes labeled and moved to office.
Went thru lots of junk that was on counters and organized them.

Credit that I focused on the value of having a clean and organized space. Now off to watch the Olympics and relax without a glass of wine:)

SB thought: I don't know what to do with all this little stuff so I will just stick iti in a bowl/box.

Healthy thought: You can make a decision right now to decide if it is useful and needed and if it is find a home. (That is not piled on counter or desk)

08-04-2012, 09:43 PM
Thanks so much Lexxiss and helping rachel for continuing to post your transformative stories re: owning your own space.
I love reading it.
I need pictures!!

I am finally through my long list of to-do's for the week. It's been a tough demanding week. Lots of change a foot. I decided that I *could* part with those two chairs I moved from the dining/work space into the living area that are now holding piles.

I'll tell you my reasoning for holding onto the chairs :( : a woman who I really really liked and who was my very close friend for over 10 years gave them to me, but as is her way, she has just disappeared from my life. Hanging onto the chairs made/makes me feel she is in my life and still my friend. That's just not true. That relationship is over. If she wanted me as a friend she'd reach out. She's ok without me.

*big deep sigh*

The chairs have got to go. Look what SADNESS they hold!

Bye for tonight. :hug: to my virtual friends.

08-05-2012, 10:43 AM
Wow, onebyone, getting rid of those chairs sounds like a really healthy and liberating decision for you!

I decided not to assign an August decluttering project for myself because my August project is writing 50,000 words -- in the study that I decluttered the last two months. I have some things that I hope will get done and will report here, but I don't want to set a goal.

Summer goes until September 21, right? I know what I want my September goal to be.

helping rachel
08-05-2012, 11:38 AM
One by One I like the way you confronted a thought that kept you from your goal. The hook of keeping chairs so relationship would still be there when you state that it is not. May your letting go of the chairs open new space and opportunities for you to connect with what you love.

Gardener Joy] What a great example of how you spent time preparing last month for the new task at hand. I hope the words flow easily for you.

helping rachel
08-05-2012, 04:05 PM
Ready for nap ......

25 clothing items to goodwill
cleaned silverware drawers and water bottle drawer
Clean out Master bedroom end tables next to bed

Made homemade spagetti and low carb meatballs for dinner.

House looks great on 1st floor, now on to the upstairs ....will have to get the energy and motivation to do that.

08-06-2012, 10:20 AM
Hello All

To answer gardenerjoy's question, yes this decluttering thread is until the end of the summer, from the summer :beach:sunny :sunny:equinox to the fall rains:rain:and the autumnal equinox!

Summer officially ends at 10:49am on Saturday September 22nd.
I know I hang onto every single day.

I am sure to start a Fall decluttering thread ;) as I will have on-going projects and YOU GUYS OUT THERE are a big help in keeping me focused and coming back to it.

So, today DH has to go and try to mend his mother's computer. I am going to try to stay behind and get the dishes done and the kitchen back into order. DH now wants to do some cooking for himself and I need/want to help facilitate that as DH is very creative in the kitchen. I feel a *relief* of the burden of feeding us both. Organizationally speaking, we went grocery shopping with a list that DH created. I realized I was interferring and not trusting him somehow so I backed off and we did well. *credits* to us both for different reasons. The pantries will be re-organized now by DH, which I am ok with. He needs the orderliness way more than I do... and I can learn from his innate skills with this. I am more of a "oh on this shelf it's all pasta-y things, some soup stuff, cause they have noodles, and some noodle stuff". I like to categorize and if it fits the category it fits the space. And I don't mind sorting through things to find what I want as I like to be reminded of what I have which happens when I sort.

Hmmmm. I may have just named my specific type of cluttering disease here and my cure, if I can just wrap my head around it.

Anyway, going now. Have a great Monday. It's a holiday here in Canada, well in Ontario anyway. I feel like it's a holiday too.


08-07-2012, 08:46 AM
Hi! Cheering us all on!

gardenerjoy, how great that you get to work on your 50000 works in your new decluttered study!

Rachel, kudos for keepin' on task! Thanks for wisdom on those "little piles". I have many of them and need to try to either put the stuff in place or let go.

onebyone, kudos for letting go of some control and letting DH have a go in the kitchen. My thoughts would be to let him take responsibility in whatever area felt comfortable to him and then recognize your added time/energy for a new area. I have done that with my DH and very often have to resist the urge to "manage" him.

I have been quite busy with family arriving and joyfully noticed last evening that it only took 1/2 hour to have my entire house guest friendly. credit.

I'm trying to post pictures of the project but am having some difficulty. I'll keep trying.

helping rachel
08-07-2012, 11:56 AM
Good Morning;

Fly by as work has been very busy last 2 days. Goal to finish front living room boxes that just need a label and sent to basement home (office). My next step is working with son who is getting ready to go back to Northern Colorado for College. We have lots of planning, organizing and packing to do. Also, writing a written budget on excel for him. I need to teach him how to manage a weekly grocery list and menu plan. My oldest son is quite the cook and loves to create. Sam, on the other hand, loves his fast food. He will be on a learning curve that is for sure.

Blessings to my Beck Organizing Team Members. May the force be with you, whatever task is at hand.

08-08-2012, 01:30 PM
Hi Declutterers

I'm taking the time today to clean out the bedroom closet and to move the vanity that doesn't fit anywhere into the closet--if it fits in the closet that is. This requires a few steps:

empty the closet of what's on the floor in it = one very large almost empty box, two suitcases, a few carry bags, possibly one or two cardboard boxes done - emptied closet out BUT DID NOT sort through the things I found there: 3 suitcases & xlg moving box
sweep the floor of the cleared-out closet done
shift the tower of boxes out of the way--they are piled inbetween the edge of the closet and the edge of the vanity done
clean off the vanity done
check in the drawers :no: not yet
clear out whatever is underneath it-some cat blanket I think or bags-something is there anyway done
move vanity into closet if it fits *crossing my fingers here that it will* done, it's in there, it fits and I can close the closet door.

TV and CD player will be used once more when I can put a narrow table against that wall where the vanity was and put the TV and CD player on it.
to be able to easily open my dresser drawers fully
less visual clutter
more peaceful and calm space
a sense of moving forward in my life
a sense of accomplishment and achieving goals
To have clear space in the middle of the bedroom so when the cats wake me up I don't have to worry about what I am going to walk into/knock over/maybe lose my balance on
to be able to hang some of my artwork up on the walls
to have space to work in as I start sorting through the towers of boxes and the excess clothes
being able to see what the next decluttering task would naturally be on my path to a bedroom oasis for the winter months

That's my decluttering job and why it's important. Off to go see about it now. I'll check back in later.

helping rachel
08-08-2012, 02:05 PM

Good Luck with your plan. I like your detail and the committed action that needs to be taken to get to that value of BEDROOM OASIS. One thing at a time, one action at a time. Sending good vibes your way. If you get stuck with mind chatter, share it here for insights for another perspective.

08-08-2012, 04:05 PM
OK Gang.

I've moved, shoved, piled, and crammed everything in and around that vanity that was against the wall onto the bed, onto the floor around the bed, and onto the floor in the middle of the room which is pretty much the foot of the bed. It's a *real* mess.

I guess to tackle this now I should just separate everything into groups of the same thing, right?

So I have lots and lots of clothes, plus bedding. We don't really have any closets to store bedding in. Maybe I can find a place... a shelf in the hallway comes to mind. I'll check into that.

Clothes are keep, give away, and toss. Keep and give away then become "to be washed" and put away. This is future work. Not for today, except I can probably make those decisions today as I move stuff back into place.

My biggest, immediate, decision is wondering what will go where the vanity was. I have a narrow desk-like piece of furniture out here in the living room that would work well. We don't have much furniture. Oh ! Wait a minute! I just looked over and I have A MARTHA STEWART CUBE SHELF THINGY!!! HA! I've attached a jpg. This is product is the WORST design ever for putting it together but it would be fantastic and would serve to advance my bedroom oasis ideal. OK that's what's going there. The tv can sit on the top of it.


Now I need to move stuff again.

helping rachel
08-08-2012, 04:42 PM
Organized grocery list, used 20 coupons/price checks for savings of $24. Lots of healthy food like fruits, vegetables, chobani yogurt, fish ect.... Put groceries away and now to write my food plan for the week.

08-08-2012, 11:27 PM
onebyone, yay for "just doing it"! I have continually found that I just had to start somewhere then I could continually change and refine from where I started originally. As to all my bedding, I finally ended up with two sets of sheets that I really liked. The rest I ended up donating. They just took up so much space. I always have a clean set to put on and the pillowcases are interchangeable.

Rachel, yay when your organizing applies to your food/menu/groceries!

We traveled over to our other house and I was gladdened to see it in pretty great shape. The fridge boxes were dirty so I washed them. I found several little clutter items that had been floating around for months. Today I was able to part with them and am sure I'll look at some more tomorrow.
ETA-just looked on my desktop and was able to let go of another little box of misc. worthless stuff. The few items that were saving will be put in the appropriate place.


08-09-2012, 05:00 PM

Today I wasn't going to do anything in terms of decluttering as I had a big deadline for tomorrow for some paintings, but as it turns out, I now have a big reprieve. So. I'm going to deal with the oversized extra large box in the bedroom, the one that came out of the closet yesterday. Yesterday I shoved some dirty clothes in there to top off the box in case a cat jumped in it overnight. This means that box that had only a few things on the bottom is now full to the top with... :?:
I need to find out and get to the bottom of the box, literally and figuratively, and by the end of today, before I go to bed, I want that box to be a pile of cardboard, all broken down, never to be a box in my house again.

I'll update later.
UPDATE: The box is history. It held clothes, pillows, shoes, winter gloves, mitts, hat, bicycle helmet, garden plant supports (that I could have used!), and plant hooks for the wall. I put the winter stuff in one of my many suitcases in the closet, gathered stuff to wash and stuff to donate and stuff to throw out. It took less than 15 minutes, plus the year and 3 months that I spent thinking and fretting over it. crazy. Another box tomorrow. Maybe a sinkful of dishes tonight. We'll see. Bye.

08-09-2012, 06:42 PM
nice....onebyone! I find that until I remove a box I will just keep filling it. Sending support as you deal with the contents.

08-09-2012, 11:39 PM
That's gorgeous, Debbie! Such a wonderful shade -- cheerful but in a calm and elegant way.

helping rachel
08-10-2012, 01:41 AM

In late tonight, but LOVE your new carpet. It fits so perfectly with the Victorian Era. What a stunning staircase. The light color sure brightens the area. Great job and hope you had a good time with your sister and family.

08-10-2012, 09:39 AM
Hi Lexxiss

You have really done a great job wth the place. I have to say though, I LOVE your antique chairs! The staircase is stunning. So happy to see all those books too, and I am especially taken by the mysterious stormy painting. Does it remnd you of Alaska I wonder....?

Thanks for the pics :)

08-10-2012, 09:58 AM
Thanks for all the comments regarding my reno. I have taken down the pics...I don't thoroughly understand the vulnerabilities of my FB page. I have spent lots of time decluttering before getting to this point. Like onebyone and the Bedroom Oasis, I had to start with a dream and then take the rest step by step. When I finish an area I want it to be the way it's going to be as long as I reside there. I don't want to have to ever do that space again.

The antique couch was my Grandmothers and had to be hauled out of a storage spot 100 miles away. The interesting chairs and the painting were both from my stepfathers basement. Yes, onebyone, the painting reminds my DH of the old days on the water. He loves it.

My next project in that area will be to find someone to do some reno on the furniture. I have a major issue....which is the hairy cat who resides on the Queen Anne chair. If I make that chair less desirable for her she just moves somewhere else.

helping rachel
08-10-2012, 10:15 AM
Lexxiss: I agree about keeping things private, you never know who will try to find more information that is not up for sharing. I could see myself having a nice cup of tea or coconut mocha coffee in that room with a great book or having a Beck book club gathering. :)

I am off to regroup today. Had weigh in and am down 1 lb. I am on day 10 of Beck book and then will start posting daily. Just trying to get in my head the daily steps that are required.

Cleaned son's closet, 2 more bags to goodwill. I met with a friend whose husband is out of a job and she went thru the clothes to give to her son. That made me really happy to be able to help her and get rid of outgrown things.

No big projects this weekend, planning on cleaning the basics and writing a new project plan for next week.

08-11-2012, 08:54 AM
Rachel, I really love it when someone else can use things that I need to purge. It gets tougher when I have to just let go without knowing the outcome. (control) Great that you have planned a weekend of maintenance, without any big projects.

I'm back from our other house. While there, I realized I'm more "at home" right now at this house. Thats good since it's where I am mostly right now. I unpacked immediately *credit*.
I am alone this week and think I'm going to try a week with Flylady. I peeked and next week is Bathroom(s) and one other room. It fits perfectly since the one room I have been procrastinating on is our combo TV/exercise room. It has very little clutter but is extremely dirty. Everytime I go in that room to relax, I observe...yet never move. I think I'll move ladders up tomorrow (very high ceilings and windows) but will resist starting until Monday. In the meantime, I will do some reading on her website and integrate some new ideas into my head.

helping rachel
08-11-2012, 10:55 AM
Kudos for establishing that homey feeling at the house you are at the most. I may peak my nose into Fly Lady to share a prompt=action with you. In the past I have walked around and found 27 things to throw way. I also like the fact that she says to put your tennis shoes on to get your day started. More CBT training to learn.

Sending good vibes toward the one room you have been putting off. My room is my basement office. I have 3 major projects before I get to that but would like to at least start in Sept.

Be careful on that ladder :0 What do you want that room to function as and what is your vision for that area?

I am elated that I can run half of my treadmill time. Something internally is clicking with change and action in my life. Very grateful for that. Maybe I am finally controlling the things I can control. ( Recovering control freak)!

08-11-2012, 08:12 PM
Rachel, interesting, I had already found that dressing/shoes on in the morning makes me feel like I'm ready to face my day/chores....I saw her note yesterday. Hey, great news that you are running part of your treadmill time!

The extra room I'm working on doesn't really have any other possibilities. It was the master bedroom and has three closets. We have a large couch and chair facing a large tv and in the middle there is a weight bench and recumbent bike with misc weights. We do use the weight equipment and the tv doesn't fit anywhere else. It just needs a good clean and I'm going to fix a standing mirror I've been procrastinating on. I'll be careful on the ladder it's just for washing the light fixtures and taking down the curtains for washing. Someday I'll paint it, but not

Will peruse the flylady site tonight. Per her suggestions I brought the laundry down to do a load tonight instead of waiting until tomorrow.

08-12-2012, 02:15 PM

I have a dishpan soaking in the sink and I've washed some clothes and they are in the dryer now.

It's a start.

I want to do three dishpans of dishes today. UPDATE: 3rd load in hot water in the sink. Two loads washed, one drying and one put away.

I want to do three loads of laundry today. UPDATE: 3rd load in washer. Two loads washed, folded and put away.

I want to deal with three boxes in the bedroom, though I am toying with putting the Martha Stewart shelf together. This requires DH and I to do it together so... we'll see where we get on that. I guess my alternate bedroom plan will be the three boxes if we don't agree to assemble the cube shelf. I suspect the stuff in some of those boxes would find a home on some of the cube shelf shelves so I think that should be done first--but really it's 6 of one, half dozen of another you know? UPDATE: I have not even considered doing any boxes and DH is VERY resistant to tackling the Martha Stewart shelf. I may do it on my own sometime this week.

I used to get flylady emails daily. I totaly agree with the clean sink, shined up. I also know that getting dressed to shoes for the day really does make you feel like you "mean business". I just rarely do it.

Addt'l UPDATE: I feel like I have spent the whole day doing household chores Cooking three meals, doing laundry, doing dishes, cleaning veggies from the garden. It makes me feel cranky. My weekends are always all work-the opposite of DH's schedule. Oh well. I need a serious attitude adjustment. Perhaps it will come after our yummy cooked from scratch dinner. And if not, OH WELL, there's always tomorrow.

08-12-2012, 06:11 PM
onebyone, I like your increments of three! I'm really going to give a go with some new habits, inspired by FL...While I do recognize that in the long run her idea surrounding the fact that our clutter didn't happen overnight and it's not going to be repaired overnight either, I think I would like to progress a bit more quickly with some general improvements. While I progress with my general improvements (in 15 min. blocks) I am going to start studying her plan and work some new habits in.

My DH doesn't mind doing things if he has a list. I'm going to make two master lists today-one for my hotspots and another for hotspots for him. He does help create many of the "messes" and one small chore a day will make 7 big improvements a week X2 if I do one per day, as well. I'll post them after I make the list....accountability!

helping rachel
08-13-2012, 03:11 PM
Not sure what to do today. Finished packing my "Senior College Son" and he is off to college 3 hours away.

Our whole family volunteered moving rock and cleaning a backyard yesterday. It was for a home for young women who are homeless and it is faith based. When we finished with that project, we were called to go to another part of town to help with the "boys shelter" as a family of 4 didn't show up. We worked there for 2 hours and one of the church volunteers made the comment that my boys tied the tree brush bundles too loose so we were out of string. Then he proceeded to complain and re-do some of their work. For some reason that just ticked me off to high heaven. Here we are helping out ( volunteer) doing hard work and you have to complain how we are doing it. It must be my maternal mama bear side that flared up.

Thanks for letting me vent that because we did good work as a family and enjoyed the time giving of ourselves. I am glad that I didn't get feisty in the moment as It could have sent my value of doing the project right out the door.

Still regrouping will post next steps later.

OneonOne, great job on completing your tasks. I agree that it is a balance on the weekends between rest and personal chores. I sometimes find myself getting resentful when I do the laundry, fold it and no one puts their clothes away.

Lexxiss: Would love it if you shared your accountability list. It may spur me on to do something. Also, here to listen, watch and cheer you on with your home organization/declutter projects.

I watched hoarding while I ran yesterday. It made me so sick with all the bugs that were on the food and refrigerator. Almost too much. I found myself spraying for spiders around the basement windows. yikes!!

08-13-2012, 03:12 PM

I just completed a sinkful of dishes. credit. and plan on doing one more today: pots, pans and glass baking dishes. I finished the three sinkfuls yesterday and the 3 loads of laundry too. credit

Today I am moving the Martha Stewart shelf unit into the bedroom so I can attempt to assemble it tomorrow. I need to make some space for it in there. I plan to go through one moving box that's in the bedroom today, and to do one more load of laundry. If it bothers me too much I may try to assemble the shelf but it's a two person job. I don't know how ambitius I am today.

It all feels like a drop in the bucket . I'm feeling discouraged with my progress. I feel like I'm going over the same ground again and again, not really going forward, just barely even staying still. Oh well. I'm still 3 loads of laundry and 4 sinkfuls of dishes further than the day before yesterday. I'll remember that today.

08-13-2012, 11:26 PM
Yes, onebyone, change is happening. Kudos for moving forward.

Rachel, thanks for venting...I had an incident today which was someone elses' dumb behaviour.(just like your guy) I had to breathe...and breathe...and not take my initial anger any further. I walked away and didn't take their negative energy.

I will was a very busy day. I am committed, and yet, I am nowhere near being able to breeze through the FlyLady assignments, yet I understand that and did my best. I did change my addl. room to the office, which is where her focus is this week. Funny, I had already decided to change before reading...deciding my DH could help clean the TV room AND I really wanted more work done in "my space."

Today, I: (all FL stuff)
~emptied trash cans...
~changed sheets
~dealt with piles on both sides of computer
~dusted cobwebs of ceilings in both rooms
~decluttered for 15 min (actually more)
~did two hotspots

Additionally, I:
~dusted living room furniture (something I was going to originally do BEFORE putting back after carpet install)
~cleared a drawer downstairs for my keys, cell charger, ipod, etc.
~found and dealt with a lingering odor in the bathroom which has been bugging me for weeks now.
It's an old tub and a renter painted it :rollpin: to make it look better. It peels away in small pieces and we have a mat on the bottom 'cause you can't stand to stand on it (we only shower would never take a bath yuk). There was mold under pieces of paint and on the bottom of the mat. The good news is that the wall isn't rotting or water is under the dumb linoleum. I had thought that might be the problem.
I peeled off more paint and used the flylady technique for soaking w/bleach, etc. credit credit credit
~I attempted to put the glass back on the bathroom light, a procrastination project. Ends up the reason DH left it off is because it's broken. I started to try some great fix and recognized that my energy would be better used somewhere else.

The bathroom WILL be my next reno, however, not right away. I need to save $$ and recover from the last project.

So, a somewhat long and frustrating evening with many rewards. I had a moment or two where I thought it would be much easier to just bag it and watch TV. I also recognized I would not be happy with myself and would be prone to frustration eating. credit for staying the course tonight. I want this and I know in my heart it takes plain 'ol hard work.

I do think that I'm at a point where doing the FL thing may really help me to identify areas which need improvement/fixing/etc. so that I can get to the point where I can maintain my progress on a regular basis.

I did pitch a bunch of small and insignificant stuff that I just didn't need to keep...extra combs, old lipstick, a vitamix CD, etc., and feel it helps me in my quest to not keep the stuff in the first place.

A major step forward to "owning my space" today.

08-14-2012, 05:09 PM
Lexiss really really great job tackling so many issues! I can picture painting a bathtub, especially if I was renter, cause you can just move on.

Terrible, I know, but I'd want to paint it tangerine orange or tropical sea green or something. Don't tell me they did all that damage just to make it white or beige? Did they? I *really* want to know.

Flylady really focuses you. Glad it's exactly what you need right now.

No house-work on my agenda today.
I can't face it today.
*credit* for knowing "this is not an emergency", and also knowing that I will get back to it.

helping rachel
08-14-2012, 05:36 PM
OnebyOne and Lexxiss: I can't thank you enough for starting this thread and sharing your process with me. I am amazed at the hard work you both have done.

I cleaned 2 levels of the house today. No need for details but I am planning a nap by 4pm. My new project was to bring all my pants from 2 closets into one area and I am trying them on to see size and fit. I have decided if they don't fit or fit into new designated space they are going out the door. I do have 3 sizes to choose from! Yikkes:) Food and exercise is on plan. I am going farther than I ever have on the treadmill with running. I have always hated exercise because of the breathing issue. Hopefully I am changing that up.

Hope you have a great rest of the week.

08-15-2012, 12:12 AM
onebyone, I wish you had painted my would be a work of art. Sadly, it is off white/white and there is no rhyme nor reason as to the different colorings. Now you know...

Rachel, great that you are downsizing your pants collection. When I went through the closet several weeks ago I couldn't figure out why I had kept some of the stuff. I think that is an indication that I am changing.

Today: I did FL's project, which was washing down the bathroom door and the cupboards (I don't have many). My morning declutter was in the dining room (now our bedroom). It was trash day so I took a run through the yard and found several items that were beyond repair and just sitting around.

After work I was tired but decided to do just a little bit before dinner. The action energized me and I dealt with a hotspot, the kittys space. She has a fenced off area because the pup like to eat her food AND p**p from cat box. I figured since I had the vacuum out I would do the rest of that room and the kitchen. The space felt much better afterwards.

Very tired...goodnight. I am glad you are all here, too.

helping rachel
08-15-2012, 04:02 PM
OneonOne I love how you used "this is not an emergency card". I feel the same way when I started my bedroom project. It will take weeks to get it where I want it. With my work schedule, I have big chunks of time to work on something, then I have to leave it for a few days. As long it is progression the right direction. I refused to do laundry today since I worked so hard yesterday.
Lexxiss says
Today: I did FL's project, which was washing down the bathroom door and the cupboards (I don't have many). My morning declutter was in the dining room (now our bedroom). It was trash day so I took a run through the yard and found several items that were beyond repair and just sitting around.

Thanks for sharing this. I was washing the bathroom door yesterday and said to myself "Who does this?". Then I read your post and had to chuckle. Weigh in date for the declutter diet is Tuesday around here aka asGarbage day!!!

I also went thru the garage and took a bicycle that my son ran over and is not fixable. A microwave from college that had a seen its last day. I also purged every drawer in the bathroom.

I unloaded the area, sorted like items, cleaned drawers and reloaded for a permanent home. One home for everything, like with like and if one thing comes in one goes out. Threw out perfumes that were 15 years old and purged lotions, hair products ect.

I took my son and daughter clothes shopping and didn't buy one thing. I haven't decluttered for about 5 years and I tend to keep things just to keep them. I am overjoyed with the cleaniness and space. My husband is going to be shocked when he gets home Friday as the bathroom was scrubbed, cleaned and organized. Felt good when I woke up today, wanted to hang out in there!

Off to get some work done. When Sam gets home tonight I will start the packing process with him.

helping rachel
08-15-2012, 04:26 PM
Peter Walsh says:

Love what you have,
Have what you need,
and be happier with less.

08-15-2012, 11:30 PM
It was a busy day between work and moving forward in "owning my space". After completion, I walked in the house, looked around and thought to myself, "this is hard work but I must work at it if I want to change my outcome." Checked my emails and had this quote from FL.
"in order to change my circumstance I have to change the behavior that caused it and I can't change behavior unless I change my mind".

Rachel, I notice parallels in our day. I did quite a bit of sorting and purging myself today. I am thinking the simple act of washing down a bathroom door may create a desire to keep moving forward. What do you think?

My "office" doubles as my clothing/personal item area. Last night, I had noticed my agitation at the state of my large chest of drawers. They no longer seemed to be organized right. I decided to go through them all this morning.
I found:
~Items to pitch, mostly my "at home" painting/work clothes
~Items to donate, which will be bagged and out of the house tomorrow
~Items I wasn't sure of how the'd fit. I will try them all on before my thrift store run.
~Items to keep, which are now reorganized and much easier to find.

We've been eating vegetarian and today our local food bank was open. I used to volunteer (pre-job) and my neighbor still does. I placed all meat and cream based soups in a box and set it by my neighbor's car before I left for work. I had meat in the freezer which the guy who helped with my lawn graciously took home. credit.

The yard kid had called yesterday looking for even an hour of work. I knew I would be tired this afternoon (and was) but had him come over anyway. We have a tool corner and I started decluttering. We filled my little toyota with metal(recyclable) and rubble (left over carpet) AND the old bed frame I had hauled off the porch several weeks ago. We went to the dump and it's all gone...he took home $40 and a bunch of meat and my project is done. credit.

For some odd reason, I had cleaned my computer screens last week, so FL chore was already done for today.

I am going to bed at a reasonable hour. I do believe that I will focus in my office again tomorrow morning and get things settled again. There has been quite alot of active moving of stuff the past few days. I would like to find a stopping point for the week so I can feel the new normal, with less stuff.

PS-Rachel, thanks for the quote.

08-15-2012, 11:39 PM

Tomorrow I have to take my mom to a large eye clinic for her monthly appointment.

I just remembered:
Last month I took 10-15 magazines down and left them for "browsing". It felt good that they would have another use.

I haven't missed one of those magazines ALL month!

I was just looking at several different piles of mags today...what to do....

I'm going to go pack them up right now so I won't forget them! I'm going to send almost all of them off and see how I feel when next month comes.

If I really have to read a magazine I can stop by the library.

helping rachel
08-15-2012, 11:48 PM
Lexxiss: I asked myself today what was the story my "indecision and ability to ignore" telling me......journaled on this awhile and then sunk into my new story of "Clarity and Simplicity". I think I was tuned out to these areas and tripping over stuff. I love your mantra "Owning your own space". I am a good support to my husband and my boss, but have been thinking what if I had a "Helping Rachel" in my own life. That is kind of my mindset lately on getting these chores done as I have the ability to do them, but really never had the drive.
I am glad you and onebyone are doing the same thing as it matters to me that I am changing my story with how I live. Good to share advice and adventures.

I love how you share with those around is easier to let things go... what a satisfying trip to let go of those things that were not serving you. We do need help and encouragement. I might share some pictures in a few weeks after boys are off to college and things settle down. I have to admit, I am enjoying seeing less clutter and less to clean!

helping rachel
08-15-2012, 11:56 PM
P.S. Reading the book by Karen Casey "Change your mind and your life will follow". Thinking outside the box for how to change things as the mind that got them that way needs a new groove. Maybe " Stella is getting a new cleaning Groove"!

08-16-2012, 11:30 AM
It is good to share stories and adventures. I am completely alone in this big house but today I have support and encouragement to keep going. Rachel, I do believe the "tuning out" is a very real coping mechanism...whether it be regarding our weight or the clutter in our homes. Pondering on "Clarity and Simplicity", I was able to let go of a few more emotional items this morning.

Just this morning I "noticed" how dirty my beautiful coffee maker was. It was such a $$ investment for us and it makes us beautiful coffee every day. It took me over an hour to clean it and it's now on my "hotspot" list.

As I was choring, I was having a moment of frustration. I thought, "why is this so hard?" For me, the answer is actually very clear. I've collected and purged for years and have vascillated with different levels of cleanliness (kind of similar to my ups and downs with my weight). I am a beginner here...learning to maintain my (item) losses and finding a way to manage my time so that I can walk into each room in my home and "own" it's good feeling.

This is the first day in weeks that I've had to really think some home decisions through. In my office/personal room. I'll update.

ETA-Yesterday I said I would try on 7 clothing items and save or donate. 1-keep 6-donate :carrot:

08-16-2012, 12:59 PM

Lexxiss and helpingrachel...

I think you guys are coming to some kind of profound understanding about clutter. I see mental shifts happening, post after post. I feel *honoured* to witness such events. Thank you both for continuing to share your insights--it takes effort to write it all down and press send so I want you to know I am a grateful audience.

And helpingrachel I too appreciate the quote and have made it my new avatar. It applies to weight as much as it applies to stuff. So thanks.

My own efforts are stalled, again. But, again, I have deadlines to meet. I'm all set to binge-work today, I have ideas, went out and walked to the store this morning for supplies *credit* and am getting ready to get to it. I will probably work right until I go to bed tonight but when I install my small paintings tomorro I know it will be awesome. I can *feel* it. *credit*

DH has let me know that I have permission to "order him" to help with stuff around the house. We are moving way more in sync now, working much more like the team of yore. *phew* I say. His "condition" has a silver lining to be sure! Who knew?

So, in terms of decluttering/clean up, I commit to cleaning up after myself today. I can start there, by not making or leaving things worse!


helping rachel
08-16-2012, 07:24 PM
OnebyOne: I don't think that when work deadlines are on the horizon, it necessarily is a "stall". Next week I am out at clients for the day and I know that I will not be able to give the focus or efforts on the house that I can do this week. The key for me is to be flexible but not to lose sight of the committed action toward the goal of have a decluttered space. Hope your day was one full of creativity and expression. I love your new Avatar!!

Lexxiss: Hope all went well with your Mother's eye appointment. I love the fact that you realized how important your coffee maker is to you and how it got upgraded to your hotspot list. I don't think I could function without morning coffee, I swear that gets me out of bed sometimes.

I love the breakdown of your clothing purge. Try on 7---only one kept. I have always wondered how much do we really need to have a functional wardrobe. . I am breaking my clothes up by use....I have to wear suits 2 days a week and then casual dress on days from home. I just want to find something when I am looking for it and take the "thought out of it" with like.

I like the comparison of diet/food plan to declutter plan. If I don't keep up with daily routines, I will gain back the declutter weight!

Peace, clarity and simplicity sent your way.

08-16-2012, 10:38 PM
OnebyOne: I don't think that when work deadlines are on the horizon, it necessarily is a "stall".

I agree! I do, however, have one rule which helps on days when I'm not working on a house project. If an object is in my hand then it goes all the way to it's final destination.
~if I carry a pop can from upstairs I don't leave it on the kitchen counter
~if I open something with a wrapper the discard goes all the way to the trash.
I figure everytime I leave something mid stream it is doubling the work.

onebyone, when your work is finished you'll be able to binge work on your home. I'm happy to hear your DH has offered assistance for two reasons. It did take two to create it and having help is just incredible. My DH has helped lots....(advise-take it or leave it). My DH and I both have pretty strong opinions which are often different. He cleaned out his stuff I do mine but I always ask for help when it's time to load the car or the trash.

Rachel, my ''rules" regarding clothes now....
~must fit in allotted space (closet and large chest of drawers)(no boxes or bags)
~must fit or be super special in a smaller size (one I know I can eventually fit into)
My emotional saves are down to just a few
~my wedding dress (not traditional)
~my Dad's favorite Harris Tweed
~my very expensive inflatible coat for Alaska
~my Mom's 60 yr. old Navajo dress (will never fit me)
Wow! That's it, even I'm surprised.

I persisted today and hauled out a bunch. When I knew time was running short I put everything back in order. credit

Moms appt was fine....time for dinner

helping rachel
08-17-2012, 09:31 AM
Rachel, my ''rules" regarding clothes now....
~must fit in allotted space (closet and large chest of drawers)(no boxes or bags)
~must fit or be super special in a smaller size (one I know I can eventually fit into)
My emotional saves are down to just a few
~my wedding dress (not traditional)
~my Dad's favorite Harris Tweed
~my very expensive inflatible coat for Alaska
~my Mom's 60 yr. old Navajo dress (will never fit me)
Wow! That's it, even I'm surprised.

I appreciate you sharing this. Your emotional saves have so much character and meaning.

I have lots to get rid of that simply are taking space, don't wear, but just haven't made a decision.

Taking the day to regroup once again. Grocery shopping and errand running this morning. Writing a presentation in afternoon. Packing to drive to 2 colleges tomorrow. House is clean and peaceful this morning.

08-17-2012, 11:05 AM
Rachel, yay for a clean and peaceful home this morning. Mine, too. Acknowledging, onebyone, that this has been a long process with baby steps forward....acknowledging and sending support that you can do this, too!

I slept in this morning...getting some needed rest because I work againg tomorrow for 5 days and DH will be back when I return. I was going to spend the day at home but did a regroup also.

I need to go to Denver w/mom (she has a meeting) because I have things that can get accomplished there.
~go to bead store to get help finishing a restring which has been on my desk for a month
~pick up 2 picture frames for pics which have been on my piano for 3 years (pics of my Alaska view and beach from my home there)
~library-I want to p/u "Does This Clutter make my Butt look Fat" and the other book Rachel mentioned.
~find some rubber bottoms for the chair that is scratching my office floor

Every baby step takes me forward. When I return home I'll still have to do my FL chore (baseboards in bathroom-which are a mess) and get my car unloaded at thrift store.

I know I won't feel like those two things when I get home but I'll do them anyway.

08-17-2012, 11:31 PM

Today and yesterday were spent binge-working and now I have 20 - 8"x10" paintings for the tea room to be installed on Monday. They are 10 sets of two, all called Tea for Two. Another reprieve for me but I am done save for the edges and I am solving that with hockey tape. Not painting all those edges this time. Just covering them with tape but I have to find the tape first. That's for Sunday.

So, the kitchen has fallen back down and we have eaten worse because I have not taken the time to cook. Maybe DH will lend a hand. Maybe not. Tomrrow I go to the farmers' market, leave here at 6am back at 2pm and then off downtown to vist the art show where I have 3 pieces of work amongst 600! The show closes on Sunday so I have to go tomorrow and take some video if they allow it and some pictures if they don't allow video.

I'll enjoy that but will be toast by the end of the day.

Thanks L and HR for confirming that I am not "stalled" but "working". :( I can just get so discouraged so very easily. My goal is to have the view from the picture window look "normal" when people peer in, which is pretty much everyday. For over ayear no9w all it looks like is a storage room and a messy one at that. Not even any "real" furninture to be seen.


Someday I'd like to have a grownup house.

Bye for now.

08-18-2012, 07:54 AM
onebyone, I am just constantly in awe of your gift of art and your ability to get hyper-focused...creating more paintings in two days then I will ever accomplish in my entire life. credit! I'd love a snapshot of the tea room after everything is hanging.

I am really confident that you can take your ability/energy to "binge-work" and apply a similar technique to your home. Like with your 20 paintings, it may require several dedicated days, but like your paintings you will have an end result you can see with your eyes.

Me, finished my first week with FL. I did her suggested chores which didn't take much time. The chores seemed to make me more aware of taking care of other things.
Yesterday I bought a $2.84 paint sample (yellow) and painted the old dresser in my office. It's gigantic...was built by a tenant in that room...and would never get downstairs and out the front door in one piece. It looks better now. onebyone, this is my K_ey W_est room. It was painted a bright green and I didn't want to paint. Years ago I found some 6" wallpaper strips which reminded me of the end of the road. It has KW style vegetations, white picket fences and some reoccuring yellow bush..with a yellow border. Now the dresser matches the border.

credit, yesterday I finished every single chore in Denver...forgoing my usual solitary sit down lunch. Today my
~necklace is fixed
~my two photographs are framed
~I have the little felt pads for my chairs.
~I have the two library books I wanted.
My observation when I went into the library, bead store, bath store and craft store really relates to how I got to the space I was (formerly) into.
At each place, I had a mission, but I got distracted at each place.
~at the library, I wanted more books
~at the bead store I wanted to buy either a book or more beads
~at the craft store I wanted to look at baskets
~at the bed/bath store I actually had 4 kitchen sieves in my hand that I was ready to buy.

In each place, I came out with zero...other than what I had gone in for. I have work to do before I read more books, I have plenty of beads (and don't really "enjoy" the hobby (poor eyesight), baskets just store more stuff. I do legitimately need sieves but decided it would be much better to look/evaluate WHEN I can focus on THAT task.
DH comes home this morning. I'll be working.

I did two tasks this morning I'd been putting off. I "felt" like my other stuff was done and I had time. For me, this seems like what my decluttering/owning my space is about.

helping rachel
08-18-2012, 10:21 AM
Oneonone Great job on completing your project for the tea room. I agree with Lexxiss you could transfer some of those skills to home maintenance. I think the good news is that it is within and with some focus could be released for your own benefit/desires. I think having my home in order benefits me the most as I am the main caregiver. I like the feeling I am getting with 6 rooms purged and now what is kept is where the item's home is to be.

Lexxiss Something is in the air! I ran errands yesterday and tried to come home with things that were 75% off but it just didn't happen. This is how I know my thought patterns have changed. It felt really good to have my returns done, new silverware bought (old clean silverware is heading to college with boys). I am impressed that you painted your dresser to suit your decor. I love the southern most point in Key West. Such a quaint area and the beauty is endearing. I love the description of your room. Makes me want to have a beer and conch fritters. (oops, not on plan).

Hubby got home last night at 12 after birds hit his plane and he was rerouted to NY. He came home to find we had all Sam's stuff packed in the garage. Shock for him that we are ahead of the game. He just left to drive to CO. to drop him off. I am leaving in 1/2 to drive a kitchen table to my oldest son, Joe--3 hours.

Lexxiss Let me know what you think of the books. I hope they both have good insights.

Loaded dishes before bed last night and did a fly thru in the kitchen, that was an automatic thought and boy did it fell good to walk down to a clean kitchen.

08-18-2012, 07:58 PM
Lexxiss and Helping Rachel:

Thank you both for encouraging me to see that my super-focused binge work ethic could be transferred to decluttering and cleaning.

You are right of course. I need you two to remain positive for me as I just only feel "surface-positive". The confidence that I can actually declutter and organize and make my apartment feel like a place where I want to live vs. how I usually feel which is this is where I have to live, is still tough for me to maintain and I keep getting derailed. I have started and I have seen a few weeks where I was maintaining my kitchen and I did move my vanity into my closet and I have made some steps: *credit credit credit. I will hang onto the positives to move me forward once I have some time to dedicate to the process.

Very exhausted so I need to just go veg right now. I had a successful market day so that too feels hopeful and *credit for sticking that out as well.

Persistence is such a big key to everything I am trying to achieve. I think I may do a "grand plan" of the thins I want to accomplish on the next year. This sort of thing helps me calm down and focus so I can make some (more) progress.

Bye for now. Great work you two flybabies :angel: & :angel:

helping rachel
08-18-2012, 08:10 PM
Hugs to you OnebyOne! Glad market day was successful. I just drove 6 hours in the rain to take my son the other half of his college things. I am not lifting a finger tonight. It's a marathon not a sprint to change up things. I wish there was liposuction for homes and thighs. Maybe a new groupon idea!

08-18-2012, 10:15 PM
Yes, Rachel and onebyone, this process is not a sprint to the finish. Slow and steady wins the race.
Rachel, kudos for a needed day off!
onebyone, congrats on a successful market!

Well, I have taken the day off, too, after a busy day at work. DH is home and we're watching a show about bears in Alaska. I will finish the kitchen before bed.

onebyone, you mentioned about DH helping. Well tonight we watched at PBS show discussing superfoods (J Furhman). DH is really into nutrition now. So I mention that I should start making the "sauce" and he can make kale chips in the dehydrator while I'm at work. He's like "yeah! Great! Tomorrow?" (My secret: I love the kale chips but don't especially like the time it takes to make them) Solution:(which applies to decluttering) enlist willing help. :lol:

Ok, off to kitchen! Goodnight, friends!

08-18-2012, 10:27 PM
Here are pics of the KW Room. The first taken a few weeks ago when I was persisting to get rid of that final bit of riff raff hanging out on the counter tops...the second taken just the other day.

Lexxiss: you seem to have trouble attaching images. If I don't resize mine they won't attach. it may be basic-sorry if I'm telling you something you know- just recheck the size.

helping rachel
08-19-2012, 08:09 PM
Home from the College moving frenzy. Went thru my closet with all my pants. Arranged and tagged each pants by color and size. Frustrated with myself that I only got rid of 3 pairs. Changed my shirt hangers to the soft velvet ones. Gained quite a bit of space. Moved shoes and sandals to my son's closet but want to get rid of 1/3. I am sick of clothing stuff. I have jackets from early 2000. Time for a purge and I need to walk away for a while because I'm not sure how it should look.

08-20-2012, 06:18 AM

I'm continuing w/FL. This week is the master bedroom. Interestingly, it is 97% clutter free, and right now it's bed free since we moved our bed downstairs to accomodate DH's knee injury.
MB Story:
Somewhere in my process I got the message that it was important that the MB be a clean and peaceful space and I did a huge transition several years ago. I pulled everything out and started over. I painted the walls/ceiling and put in new carpet.(it's pretty small) We were going to Santa Fe for a fam reunion and I purchased a very expensive silk flower arrangement (140.00) Unheard of for me. I picked new bed linens to match (a very simple pale green quilt) I bought 2 sets of matching sheets and a comfy blanket and got rid of everything else. My only artwork is of Victorian era children with their pets. (I have 3). The clutter never reentered this space. It is perfect, except:
~I didn't paint the baseboards
~I didn't paint the window frames or trim
~I didn't paint the closet
This week I will paint the first two (don't know about the closet)

When I started painting this morning the thought kept running through my mind on how we can take small chunks of time and make noticeable improvements with CONSISTENCY. I timed it....15 minutes and my East facing baseboard is done. Only 3 to go and how long did I procrastinate this??

Rachel, great observations you have on your clothing situation. You are tired of too much and will pause to make a plan. credit.

onebyone, I thought of you this morning while I was projecting. I have a thought...let me know if you'd like me to share...

helping rachel
08-20-2012, 10:31 AM

I bet you are glad that your MB is in the condition it is with a detailed-doable list. Your description of your area sounds peaceful and calm with those colors and flowers.

I sewed 3 buttons on 3 pair of shorts that I had procrastinated on all summer. I was done in 7 minutes and had moved the items maybe 10 times before I completed the task. I so agree with what you are doing, sharing and stating. It can be done, if you break it down in doable tasks and with committed action.

I was glad I was mad yesterday. I woke up refreshed and realized that If I want the "space" and areas to be refreshed, items have to go. I have to work outside the house today, but have a small plan written on what to do tonight. I also have a 30 minute egg timer that I set which has brought awareness to how much I can get done before it is time to leave for work. Funny how one of my biggest statements that I say is "I don't have time".

Weigh in day (garbage pickup) is tomorrow and I need to see what can go that is in the cutter cemetery. More to go to breath new life back into some of these spaces.

08-20-2012, 05:01 PM
Hi Decluttering Friends

The kitchen continues to get worse again. I feel myself fighting it again. I want to go on strike again. I have to tell DH don't put dirty dishes in the sink that still have clumps of food on them because then they rot in the sink and then *I* have to move the dishes, clear the dishes and then clear the sink all before I can even get to doing the dishes and I HATE ROTTING FOOD so much and DH does this because he is helping me by getting the dirty dishes in the sink.

I am tired.
I don't have much reserve left right now.
DH's condition now requires me to cook for breakfast and for dinner. Like cook everyday. I used to like that. I need to figure out how to do this so it doesn't wreck my whole day.

Sorry for how cranky I am. Eventually this too shall pass.

08-21-2012, 09:12 AM
Rachel, it's trash/recycle day here, too. I don't haul the night before because we have a bear and it's a pain before work.

onebyone, I'm hoping your "temporary" down feelings are passing.

We had an "event" at work yesterday which kind of has me feeling down. The gal who hasn't been pulling her weight didn't show up and blamed it on everyone else. Several of us got mini lectures. It made me feel like I didn't want to be there trying to stay positive as we all readjust.

I was feeling deflated this morning but cleaned the kitchen and cat box anyway. It made me feel better. I will try to continue to move forward.

helping rachel
08-21-2012, 11:20 AM
Lexxiss and OneonONe, Hugs sent your way. It can be frustrating when you do your part on something and others aren't pulling their own weight. I like your thought, this too will pass.

Maintain is what I am doing today. I ruined 2 tshirts of my husband's in the wash. May try to fix the marks. Just need to do the basics. I have an all day presentation on Thursday that I need to get memorized.

One day at a time, one step at a time.

08-22-2012, 09:04 AM
Just wanted to say a quick hello here. I'm maintaining my losses today. Yesterday we ended up at Whole Foods for dinner so I did my big veggie/fruit shop which would usually happen on my day off. My morning has been focused on getting everything washed/dried and stored. credit. My old habit was to just get everything in the fridge, which then meant it had to be washed as I used it. I've found it's much more effective to make sure everything in the fridge IS all ready to be used. It's a step forward for me.

helping rachel
08-22-2012, 11:07 AM
Lexxiss, I so agree. I have printed my grocery lists and put them in a plastic sleeve because the truth is, I buy the same things week after week. It takes out the step of rethinking. Yes, I want fresh fruits and veggies each week and there are certain ones that I am drawn to. I am making a black bean mexican chicken salad with lime and cilantro for lunches this week.

What you did and shared is a great move toward household management and eating on plan*** success. Salads will be much easier to fix after a long day of work.

I am maintaining my routines. Credit. I do not have the time to add any projects in this week, too much work. I do have laundry all done, dishes and will be grocery shopping today. All day presentation tomorrow...Friday will re-evaluate.

08-23-2012, 09:15 AM
Rachel, best wishes with your presentation today! Great that you've accomplished an master grocery list. I'd like to do that, too. If I write it on my notepad it keeps cycling through my thought processes until I finally do it.

Yesterday afterwork/pre-dinner DH decided he needed something in the shop. I grabbed my timer and duster. Amazing, in 5 minutes I had dusted the entire TV room (lightly) which FL says can be enough. credit. Today is a day off and I'm going to go finish painting this morning so we can move our bedroom upstairs. Observing....everything stayed pretty organized during this work week.

I added two new habits which seem to be helping;
1. hang up fleece jacket between uses. It's my in/out coat and previously it ended up wherever I felt like taking it off. When I wanted to go outside this morning I found it in my closet in the dark.
2. Keys/sunglasses/wallet in newly cleaned out drawer. It has simplified because when I want to leave those items are all in one place.

08-23-2012, 04:33 PM

Okay, so... here's where I am at.
I weighed in today *credit* and it's the beginning of my new week. Even though I feel in it to the limit I also discovered something that has made me feel SUPER-hopeful.

On the kijiji website, where people buy and sell stuff, I decided to see if I could find any cheap furniture and here's something for instance that intrigued me:

So. This blue leather couch is FREE. Free. I can afford free. Of course I need to round up a mover but you know, I will be able to get this house in order sooner than I thought if stuff like that continues to show up online and I don't know why it wouldn't. It's added incentive to focus on my clean up and the general re-ordering of this apartment.

The other thing is I had the little talk with DH about him leaving his dirty dishes in the sink-dishes he hasn't scraped but has turned the water on so they soak. ICK. He was *meh* about my request, looking at me like what's the big deal, but he's not the one doing the dishes is he? Nooooooo. But this morning his breakfast plate was on the counter. So credit I suppose. But I felt, "less than", like ... and these are my thoughts that flood me... really, I shouldn't be having any issues with the cleaning. It should all be done. the house should be in great shape. I should be able to just do this ...and then it just feels impossible. I need to take a break from everything else and just bingework on the house like you guys mentioned. I think I am setting next week aside for that. I want to go into September feeling like something significant has changed in terms of decluttering.

And I'll end this up and down post on a positive note. We have discovered two meals we both like and can both eat and I am going to automate the food plans for us so we can budget better and I can cook or even prepare and freeze meals ahead of time. It's a lot of work in the beginning but it will be so worth it when I need to keep doing whatever it is I am doing and don't have to stop to make breakfast or dinner.

You know, I never did make my master plan and I'm going to do that this evening. I finished 6 paintings today and have 3 more 1/2 done. When they are done that's it for today for my work and I will focus on me and the house.

Thanks again for your support. Bye for now.

Lexxiss a few posts back you mentioned that you had a thought for me about ordering stuff... love to hear it!

08-24-2012, 09:00 AM

onebyone, that couch looks nice. Were you able to contact someone about it?

I must admit that FL's 5 minute swiff and 15 min. declutter every day REALLY moves me forward very quickly. In the past two days I have used my timer with both tasks and SEE the difference. credit. I do both in the morning acknowledging that I won't do it later.

Yesterday I struggled through the paint job in the bedroom but finished it. credit. I desperately wanted to walk away from it even though I had less than 1/2 hour to go. Distraction technique: music. I put my favorite music on and it worked magic. I had to think this morning...what was my issue? It was that I wanted to be moving the bed back upstairs instead of painting in preparation. Aha, back to "12 step" program basics, "First things first".

Today, I may, :crossed: have the day at home. I try to keep moving forward with baby steps so today I will:
~ take a pile of blankets/towels and several no longer used cat boxes to the shelter.
~fill (at least) one box and take to the thrift store.
~move the bed back upstairs
~fix a freestanding mirror that has been broken for (at least) a year
~take lawn chairs out of car (from 3 week ago event) and put away in basement

OK, DH is still sleeping IN the bed I want to move. I will try to move forward on other things.

helping rachel
08-24-2012, 09:53 AM
OneonOne: Hope the inspiration of the new couch helps you to make your home exactly how you want it. Good job on your tea room paintings. Do you freelance each week or do you have a set day to prepare and sell your paintings?

Lexxiss: Roll Tide Girl! I am getting behind your momentum today. I have set my timer to get the house back to "normal clean" and then will start on front living room with work boxes. I taught on Anxiety yesterday and the rupture of connection. When we have a "rupture" we create desire (needs/wants) that we try to fill with voids ...foods..... stuff ect....(Pick your filler). When we get grounded back with Self and become present to what is in the now, we decrease anxiety.....All that said, I am finding joy with taking care of what I have. Joy with being home-doing what I am supposed to do. Joy-connecting with what is given to me and holding gently thoughts that might try to derail my tasks at hand.

Accepting what is going to get me to my goals .....peaceful, organized space and not letting "emotional avoidance" derail my goals just because " I don't feel like it".

Happy Friday to all.

08-24-2012, 10:00 AM
onebyone, :df:

As I painted baseboards in the bedroom the other day I remembered that it used to be difficult to find the floor. I had to find the floor before I could paint. (First things first). When I said I was thinking of you, I was thinking of your frustration with the stacks of dishes. I thought, "this is a very discouraging chore, because it just keeps stacking up." My thought was that it might be far more encouraging to focus on some major movement of "stuff"...items that would not keep stacking up again every day like the dishes do. That way, you would have progress that you could see every day, even when there WAS a stack of dishes. (Then you mentioned binge-painting which I thought could turn into binge-sorting)

I need to take a break from everything else and just bingework on the house like you guys mentioned. I think I am setting next week aside for that. I want to go into September feeling like something significant has changed in terms of decluttering.

I really think if you would set aside a week for bingework that your progress by the end of week 1 would be very invigorating.

We have discovered two meals we both like and can both eat and I am going to automate the food plans for us so we can budget better and I can cook or even prepare and freeze meals ahead of time. It's a lot of work in the beginning but it will be so worth it when I need to keep doing whatever it is I am doing and don't have to stop to make breakfast or dinner.

We do this alot and I find it has helped free up so much time. Occasionally I'll ask DH, "are you still liking tostadas and healthy pizza?" "Oh, yeah!" He says, so I continue. When we tire of one or two of the choices I find something new and OP to automate. PS. It also helps w/keeping the kitchen clean.

You know, I never did make my master plan and I'm going to do that this evening.

How is that coming? I find I need two master plans; :write:
1. What I want my space to be like after I'm done
2. How I am going to best accomplish it

Lexxiss a few posts back you mentioned that you had a thought for me about ordering stuff... love to hear it!

I've been reading P. Walsh again and this paragraph really seemed to summarize the entire process quite well. Peter says,

"What I tell people is simple: You can't fit five cubic reet of stuff into three cubic feet of space. You only have the space you have. If you only bring things into your home and don't take anything out, sooner or later you will have no room. If you don't use, love, and honor something it has no place in your home. Just because someone gave you something doesn't mean you have to keep it. You must respect the limits of the physical space that you have, because if you don't the space can't function and your vision is lost."

ETA-What I liked about this statement was that it was like the "law of physics" AND that it left all the emotion out of the equation....why did I do this....why can't I do this....when will I do this....that chatter was gone. In my mind it got replaced with the new fact, "I have too much...I need to let go now so my space can function and my vision isn't lost. Period."

So, onebyone, I've been thinking it could really be helpful for you to develop a "plan" which could maximize the most space with the least amount of emotional effort. It could be called "the dance" (from FL), which is 1-2-3, 1-2-3 :dancer:
1. let go of "trash", items which don't have another life
2. cut your paper piles in 1/2 by only sorting out recyclable paper, with no focus on organization of stuff you want to keep
3. VIA a "plan"-going through all your clothes (1.keep 2.donate 3. throw away)

If you set aside a week, could you take DH to work so you could have use of the car? Would this help the process?

Have you located the thrift stores where you could drop items daily?

What is your recycle situation? Do you have lots of paper that could move out quickly?

What is your "clothes" situation? Do you feel you have to wash everything you're going to donate?

What is your "trash" situation? Do you feel you have lots of stuff that just doesn't have another "life", and if so, can your dumpster handle it or do you need to come up with alternate disposal?

Do you have items that could just be set by the dumpster as freebies? (BBE turned me onto this as he set stuff at the curb. I am amazed at how fast stuff disappears-it's acually fun!)

The reason I asked those questions is because I find it much easier to move stuff when I have the plan for the final outcome. I find it doesn't help me much to sort through all the clothes if I just pile them somewhere else. The final move from the house to the car/trash is what I call "exercise". I also find I don't obsess with eating while I'm accomplishing these tasks.

Anyway....just food for thought. I am always remembering that this is your process. Some ideas that worked for me may not work for you. We are all unique and have different visions. However, I do believe that what we have in common is the acknowledgement that we have too much stuff in too little space and we wish to make progress forward.

:cheer: Cheering you on!

helping rachel
08-24-2012, 10:09 AM
:bravo: Good Post! Lots of great questions!

08-24-2012, 10:14 AM
Rachel, it's I was expecting you. Now you've got me motivated to "put my shoes on", get my timer and do my 5 and 15. Let me know what new inspiration you have. I wish I could have been at your presentation....sounds right down my alley!

BTW-I mentioned music as a motivator. I shifted some tunes on my ipod calling them "cleaning/inspirational". It really helps me accomplish my projects faster.

helping rachel
08-24-2012, 07:37 PM
Lexxiss: I pulled out my IPOD and completed the cleaning, laundry and grocery shopping done. I would have loved to have you in the meeting. We teach psychological flexibility for the mind. Wanted everyone to know where anxiety originates from and we all suffer from it from time to time.

We are finally going to get a big rain tomorrow. I may work on my son's walk in closet that is full of lots of stuff that has been ignored for a long time. As Peter Walsh might say...Does the clutter in it make my butt look big? The answer is yes, it is quite overweight. !!

08-24-2012, 11:08 PM
I checked most off my list...the bed is upstairs anyway. I was finished by noon and I was happy once I said "enough". I must admit that the "durings" are not always my favorite and so when I start to wither I put on music and find a stopping point. Today it was putting away my tools and then picking up in the office...putting away my laundry. It did feel good to "finish" my work in the bedroom for the week, since FL chores are very light during the weekend. There were a few things that weren't perfect yet I already remembered I'd revisit this zone again in about a month....

I'll move the dining room table out of the living room tomorrow. I need to be to work at 530am.

onebyone, best wishes for your market day!

08-26-2012, 10:12 AM

I'm focused on the clean up this week in my apartment.
Workwise, I have only one long on-going project to do, no other deadlines that I can recall (yikes). I believe this is a good week to spend the majority of my time cleaning up and clearing out. My motivation is the new furniture I now know we can afford. I mentioned my discovery to DH re:cheap funiture people are getting rid of and he, right away, mentioned a friend at work with a truck, as in "I wonder if he would help us if I bought him a case of beer?". So, in this very concrete way I know DH is "in". This is good.

Lexxiss How can I possibly thank you for the well written organized (not cluttered!) post you wrote about questions to ask as I make my plan for my clean up? Thank you. I will print it out and as I follow it, and answer it, I know my own plan will form. I appreciate the thought and energy you sent my way by setting that down here in cyberspace (does anyone call this internet thing that anymore I wonder??)

helpingrachel Your talk sounded fascinating to me as well. I spent a good chunk of my late teens to early 20's coming down from full blown agoraphobia to a functioning whole human being on my own. I truly know and understand the levels of fear and anxiety one can experience and how much of an illusion they are when challenged! Anyone out there helping anyone else deal with this stuff has my greatest respect and support! I laughed too as I read I may work on my son's walk in closet that is full of lots of stuff that has been ignored for a long time. As Peter Walsh might say...Does the clutter in it make my butt look big? The answer is yes, it is quite overweight. !! I find the visuals in that sentence hilarious for some reason this morning. I cannot imagine how big my butt is right now!!! Funny.

Time to go. Have to get on with things. I may start to formulate that plan with step one: clear off the white board of all the other to-do lists that have come and gone!!


helping rachel
08-26-2012, 12:20 PM
Onebyone: I am here to support you and encourage the process of change. I understand the frustration, lack of focus and need for others that are working a plan with like minded goals. I may take a picture of my office to let you know my biggest disaster area. I sit in my clean and organized dining room to write or create power points. I am ok with the creative mess there but know that I can create a better organized space one day. Just a space at a time, daily upkeep and new progress as it fits in the overall plan.

Thanks for laughing at my joke. About the space being overweight, it is true. I chuckled about that as well.

Lexxiss: Could you share with me your smoothie recipe? I am going to switch over to a go green smoothie for my morning meal. I am researching recipes and looking for a mixer or I may use my current blender to see if It will hold up. I have to start tasting a few before I invest any extra money if I am to buy a good one.

08-27-2012, 07:20 AM

onebyone, great news that your DH is supportive of your furniture acquisition! Also great that it's helping inspire you on your week ahead! BTW-I forgot to mention I found two donation centers in Denver with buff guys who empty out my vehicle...I don't even need to get out of the car. It is sometimes really helpful to me knowing all I have to do is get stuff in the car.

Rachel, I wish I had any "before" pictures. Sometimes now it is hard for me to remember how it used to be.
Smoothies: Mine has developed over time and could probably be "more tasty" but it works for me. I don't like eating/fixing breakfast and so nutrition and carrying me through are most important. I use a vitamix and make for 2.
~apple and 1 other fruit (or berries)
~ginger root
~non soy protein powder
~greens powder

I made small progress forward, although I'm really trying to remember FL encourages slowing down on the weekend. With my work schedule I don't really have a weekend, anyway. I got the dining room table moved back which made me happy. Today will be maintenance as I work.

helping rachel
08-27-2012, 10:50 AM
Lexxiss: :p:D;) Vitamix envy! I was planning on similar ingredients and loved to see that you were using non-soy powder. (thyroid) I have some choices on the green powder to add from my nutrition store. I am ready for a change and more importantly energy. I am planning on increasing my alkaline veggies. Your shake is loaded with them, good for the inside and out!

I am in need of basis upkeep after a busy workday or weekend. I am doing laundry and a fly by of picking each room up. No big mopping or vacuuming as I did that on Friday.

Working on a presentation on committed action and values. Here is the quote that I am using...."The journey between what you once were and who you are now is where the dance of Life really takes you. -B.
DeAngelis I am pretty sure this is where our 1-2-3 Dance of Life comes in.

We don't always need pictures as we have that in our life stories and if the change matters, we know where we came from. Look at your weight loss! I have changed in my life more in the past 10 years, when I began to really focus on what was/is important to me. Just because I have something "cue" up in my head, doesn't mean I have to believe it. I like the quote, don't believe everything you think"! Giving myself space and shifting to "my observing self" helps me to see the big picture and what is "workable" for me. That movement is the very thing that gets me going and moving toward what is functionally important.

OneonOne: Wishing you a great week with loving action toward what is needed to manifest in your life. You are one creative being! I love your pictures that you posted on the other thread.

Blessings on your Monday!

08-27-2012, 01:55 PM

Already noon, and I need to have lunch before I launch into my project for the day: assembling the Martha Stewart 16 cube shelving unit in the lviing room.

ARC for this project:

1. This shelf will go a long way to "normalizing" the view from the outside of my apartment into my space. This is important as the landlord walks by my window several times a week and I like curtains open and I do not want hassles from him re: condition of the apartment. That's a BIG motivator believe it or not. People regularily look into my place. It always feels embarassing and/or shameful and I no longer need this in my life. Some days I don't care but the feeling always returns. I don't want to worry about it anymore. This is sooooooooo similar to carrying extra weight on the body and being in public! The feelings of being judged. Very similar indeed.

2. more storage space for my stuff

3. another cleared out area

4. slowly giving my apartment a bit of style

5. accomplishing another task off my to-do list

6. taking charge of my space

7. taking action

8. surprising DH when he gets home

9. creating a clean calm space

10. actively working toward my winter oasis

I've attached 3 jpgs for you: the space as it looks now (my before), the box with the shelf to be assembled, and my to do list: full of the baby steps to get this job done today.

Will update with photos and text later today.

08-27-2012, 03:51 PM
Update: posted an after/in process image of my space, cleaned and ready for the shelf. Now to tackle maing the beast.

Update #2 - 2 hours later - I am ready to throw that &!@#ing thing in the trash. OMG I HATE THIS DESIGN!!!!! Every little shelf is attached to the vertical panels with those little pegs and then there are these lock things that lock in metal bolts and some reach, some don't. Some wooden pegs go deep into the shelf holes and don't hold the shelf up at all, some won't go in at all and TWO BROKE OFF! On top of this, when you attach one shelf, ALL the others shift and lose their place and if you push them all in tight then there isn't enough leeway to get the next shelf in until you pull it apart a bit and then all the shelves come out of alignment again. Such a STUPID design.

I especially hate it cause everything is all over and I am super-frustrated and then DH will come home and put it together and then he'll get the satsifaction of having assembled it, not me. ARGH. He's definitely going to shoo me away as I am so fed up with the thing.

Ok. I'm just watching a soap for a half an hour. Will try again after once I calm down.

update#3 I am no further along with this stupid shelving unit. I give up. Hoepfully Dh can wrestle it into submission. 6 hours and counting for this thing...

update#4 a mere 8 hours later, and it's done. what a piece of crap design it is, but it still looks nice and clean up. DH, as I said, had to rescue me on it but really we both had to work together to get it made. And you can't use their instructions at all., except for what piece goes where. the actual construction cannot be completed the way the instructions are written.

Martha Stewart, :nono: shame on you for putting your name on this product, and if you actually designed it like that, no wonder you were incarcerated. :rollpin:

Only two more items on my to do list for today: a sinkful of dishes and clean up around the left side of the futon. Off to finish up.

08-28-2012, 05:14 AM
onebyone, credit for persistence AND for acknowledgement that it is only together due to teamwork between you and DH. I fully understand....I have a set of dresser drawers in a closet of similar quality. After I had them all put together (as instructed) the bottoms kept separating and all the clothes would fall down to the next level. Finally one day I pulled it out...all apart and glued the cr*p out of each drawer. It doesn't do it anymore. Sending you supportive thoughts for day 2 of your clean up week.

Rachel, Happy Trash Day! Thanks for another great quote. Yes, the movement, for me, is very important. Any small movement takes me forward.

Me, going to take care of some of my basics before work this morning. My DH is pretty depressed right now and I'll keep moving forward but have to say I'm getting pretty bummed myself. He's 3 months out from his injury and sprained his ankle late last week. He's back to being immobile and my buzzing around doing everything isn't helping the mood. I didn't let it affect my eating yesterday and just went to bed early.

helping rachel
08-28-2012, 10:24 AM
Onebyone Hugs sent your way for making a plan and then to having a junky piece of crap furniture derail your focus. I hope today you find more peace in the process of doing what is important. Whatever that may be.

Lexxiss I am sorry to hear of your husband's injury. We as humans want to feel competent doing something each day and sometimes when we are sidelined by illness or pain...depression can begin to set in. Sending healing thoughts to your DH. I think it is empathic that you are conscious of what you get done in front of him. Finding the right balance at home and in marriage is a continual balancing act.

I am working on maintaining today. Will peek my head into fly lady for some good ideas. I too have a dry erase board that I use to write down daily and weekly projects. I am hoping for forward motion today as when I left the house yesterday, I left small messes. I ended up at the Doctor for a UTI infection and it sidelined me last night. Just didn't feel like picking things up. Back in the saddle today or as John Wayne says..."courage is being scared to death and saddling up anyway". I am not scared to death of my messes but I certainly can let them get me down if I look only at the mess. I am looking at the "horse that I need to ride to do the next thing today". Gitty Up, Chorehorse!

08-28-2012, 11:25 AM

Day 2 - today's decluttering goal: to have a clean/clear floor in the whole living room area.

*credit* for following and completing yesterday's plan
*credit* for creating a plan for today
*credit* for persistance

My overall goal has formed: to have my apartment look "normal" when you look in my front window.

This seems like kind of a co-dependent goal, like I am allowing others to dictate their needs/perceived needs onto my life. It's not quite so, because as a tenant, and not a home owner, I am at the mercy of my landlord and his opinion of how I am maintaining his property. If it gets out of hand then I have to deal with his flack. I do not want to deal with this and it interrupts my day to day life. Also, he will be coming in soon to turn the air conditioning off (the control is in a locked plexiglas box in our hallway) and when he was in turning it on early this summer, he was upset at the state of his precious plastic wood floor, which, months later, *I* am still fuming over. So, coaches, this is a real issue for me. And it's not the first time. I have had a history of landlord run-in's. At close to 50 years of age, I want to just put that horse behind me.

I'm going to go put up a painting.


Will update later. Thanks for your continuing support. On to day #2

PS. my butt's a bit smaller due to my efforts yesterday. I went from 252 to 249 overnight :carrot:

helping rachel
08-28-2012, 12:00 PM
It sounds like you want to be a good steward of your home and the things in it.
If reducing clutter and clearing space will reduce negative feedback--that is a good goal to have.

I love that you lost weight in your physical being and in your apartment. Yay and credit for you!

08-28-2012, 05:48 PM
Everything's upside-down. yikes. I'm just taking a bit of a breather.

My out of town friend came with her 7yr old daughter and we went or coffee, for 3 hours, and then when I got back I sure didn't want to start anything.

But I have.

And it looks like I have my agenda for tomorrow. Interesting how this whole apt. clean up is just like everything else, once started, the next step appears. I need to remember that cleaning up is not a mystery, or magical, or out of my reach. You just start and keep at it.

Right now I have the area to the right f the futon clean, the area in front of the tv clean, the left side of the futon is clean and I just have to pull the futon out and deal with the stuff underneath. Then I need to start putting thigns into place. BUT... I did an extra thing. I moved my wall o' boxes in the bedroom to put the new-found 1960's desk in there and instead of piling the boxes on top of it, as my sister suggested, I think I will move them into the living room, in front of my new shelf so I am *forced* to deal with them tomorrow. This way I get my tv set up in the bedroom, which I miss and love, especially in the winter months, and the bedroom is on its way to being my winter oasis, and my task of cleaning the living room floor is still completed. There may be things in those boxes that would go on my new shelves, as well as stuff for the dining room work space -- so it's all closer to where it's going to live anyway.

It makes for a marathon day tomorrow, but with my friends' visit I got off light today.

I've eaten more today than in the last week, but not offplan. I did find three tracking booklets so that's really great. I'm filling one out for today's intake. I've been slack with that.

OK that's my update. Time to finish up in the living room.

08-29-2012, 09:35 AM
:cheer: Cheering you on, onebyone! I find, too, that it does get worse before (or AS) it gets better. Kudos on your accomplishments, so far, and glad to see the scale is cooperating.

I didn't have much time this morning, but washed and put away the dehydrator which was on the kitchen counter. I noticed last night a very small thing which helps me in a big way. After I used the pizza wheel on our healthy pizza I took it right to the sink and washed it. I know now from experience how much more time consuming it becomes when I leave it for the morning.

Have a great day! I'm off to work.

ETA-I started thinking about some simple joys in "finding things". I have found things that hadn't been seen for years. Several years ago we had to buy my DH another "wetsuit" top when I was sure he already had one, purchased in Key West. Now he has two because the original did eventually show up. Now we have a place for both of them.

helping rachel
08-29-2012, 10:02 AM
:carrot::carrot::hug:I am cheering you on as well, OneonONe. It is progress not perfection.

Working a quick one hour on house and then off to work for the day. My reward is to come home to a nice clean house and cilantro lime chicken ready for dinner.

Have a good day!

08-29-2012, 12:23 PM
Hello Decluttering Coaches

I just got an unexpected reward directly related to my clean up efforts. My little, thin, deaf, rescued cat from Key West, Looloo, just played, very enthusiastically, with one of the toy mouses that have resurfaced. Since the whole of the livingroom floor is clean and clear, I watched her run, chase, catch, and toss that pink furry mouse into the air, then hunt it down and do it again and again. Caesar, my other cat, who is very playful, and I both watched Looloo with big big eyes, not believing what we were seeing! So great. I forget that as the floor gets cluttered, the world for my cats, who live at that level, shrinks. This little event has given me a needed boost as I woke up today feeling discouraged.

Today's weight is higher. I feel like I can't deal with today's tasks. I feel overwhelmed (again) and today I feel tired. So much done yet so much to do. Why is this realization triggering a "you'd better just give up then" :devil: response? Like I need to make things harder than they already are. Really.

I have my to-do list for today. It's all baby steps. Today's work will bring me 3/4 to my goal of a "normal view when you look in my front window". I've added an additional, related goal, to have the view when you stand in the front doorway, like when the landlord comes to drop something off or whatever, also appear normal. This is much more difficult as the hallway holds all my market stuff: tables, stock, display boards. But, perhaps, as I deal with my work space I will be able to create a dedicated storage area for my market stuff.

Update #1: Finished just over half of my to-do list. I even did an extra sinkful of dishes. *credit* *credit* I am now faced with the mess on top of my work table and the mess beneath it--which is worse: 4 big shopping bags of stuff and 3 big boxes of stuff. 2 boxes I have separated out, and they sit on my clean living room floor for now. They are stock for etsy sales. And there are 5 more items: market stock in 2 rubbermaid bins& 1 garbage bag, one shallow box with stuff to sort through from day 1 of my clean up, and a box of art supplies that is now full, from the last 2 days of clean up. I don't really have anywhere to place them. They should go in behind the work table which won't be dealt with until tomorrow. I have to remember THIS IS NOT PERMANENT--BECAUSE THEY ARE SITTING THERE DOES NOT MEAN I HAVE FAILED TO CLEAN UP MY SPACE> I AM NOT DONE YET. * credit for the reminder* back later.

Must go. Must start. Will update later.

update#2: ok I figured out what my problem is with the table. I don't liek that it's so open underneath. It means that you can always see what's going on in that work space and that means it has to always be left pristine and that I know is not realisti given the natuer of what I do. And the *pressure* to keep that up, becasue it affects the whole of this view from the outside window looking in, is too miuch for me. So, my sister suggested I move the table under the window and then I thought yes!:carrot: table under the window with the 3 sets of drawers (narrow) facing into the space so from the living room you can't see what's happening on the floor. Plus I get to look out the window. I may even be able to move my filing cabinet over to there which is where it should be.

Maybe I'll settle for making the switcheroo today and then sorting out the details tomorrow and Friday. It just might re-energize me to see that real change happen.

geez. so much writing, posting, and relating of such mundane events. I feel self-consious being so "needy" with all this stuff. I have to remember, I have never managed to get my place in order ever. I need the help, and I do not need to feel ashamed about it. While I picked up many a skill that others may never possess, I did not learn this cleaning house one. THANK GOODNESS there are kind folks out ther ewilling to help and support one such as I along the way. *credit for admitting my weaknesses and asking for help*

08-30-2012, 10:04 AM
onebyone, I did not learn the cleaning the house skill, either. As I write (and think) about that statement it broadens for me a bit. I guess it broadens because at the point I'm at in this journey, after doing the major haul-out, it is more than just "cleaning the house". For me, it is about retraining/teaching my brain to think differently about my "space". It's learning to differentiate between what I really "need" and what no longer serves a purpose it my life...then learning how to let go, which includes the exit from "my space". Then I learn about keeping my space "clean"...on a daily basis instead of the once a month plan. I am still very much in the learning stage.

Our house was pretty cluttered growing up. The living room was immaculate but the kitchen was piled very high (as I remember) and if you tried to open a closet it was like an avalanche. One of my first "cleaning" memories is of stacking phone books on a chair trying to do dishes. I must have been pretty young. My mom is 91, and it's still not her priority but it can be mine. Apparantly, the kid who was standing on phone books to do dishes wanted a cleaner and more organized space. Now I am an adult and I can learn these skills one step at a time. BTW-I'm also very good at other things, too.

I'm sorry I wasn't able to get back here yesterday to say, "right on"! I was just so tickled to hear you mention how your decluttered floor had such a positive effect on the kitties, especially Looloo. I forget, too, that our animals have such a different view than we do.

I'm sure you are tired, but you are moving forward in such a positive way. I hope you have a good day today and I look forward to hearing from you.

Me....we traveled over to our "pool" house last night. DH is not doing well and I'm just trying to see what we can do to help. I do have time to observe. This used to be the more organized and cleaner house. Now, after all the progress I have made forward on the East side, this house is the one that is more cluttered. DH isn't very mobile and so after we go to the pool I might just hop into some decluttering activity over here.

helping rachel
08-30-2012, 10:58 AM
Good Morning --Ladies:

OneonOne: What good thought processing on what works, why it works and how to take action to give it meaning that works for you. I am glad you are sharing this process with us. Thank you for making the thread as I would be all alone in attempting to make changes to my space. I love your problem solving with your desk and supplies. You know those things are needed so asking "What will be best for accessibility and function?" is a great question. What about putting velcro around the desk and adding material to hide the boxes or bins underneath. Just a thought.....

I had a day of doing nothing yesterday. I fought with guilt for awhile since I had a down day. I woke up with a very sore throat and wasn't reacting to my meds very well. I needed to just be and finally realized that I could let myself chill. It was a gift.

Lexxiss: Glad you are having time to connect with hubby and going to your "pool" house. I love that you have your "Own my own space" glasses on when you go over there, with some thoughts of decluttering AFTER the pool. Hope you enjoy time with hubby and pool.

I realized for me, that having my home in the best shape is important to me. First to have the peaceful feeling and as silly as it sounds it has been such a joy to go to my closet and know exactly where my casual, work and funky clothes are. My Master bedroom has stayed as clean as it was 2 weeks ago. I am also glad that it is happening in such a supportive and encouraging way with this thread. Like my weight, I am not ignoring it. Even when I start the change it is ok to see things getting worse than better. It's fun to have a new vision on how things might serve me better, than me serving my things/not knowing where something is, wasting time.

I am studying how to embrace meaning and values in life. Freud has the pleasure principle focus, Adler has the power principle and Victor Frankl has the Meaning principle. Asking myself these days, what is bringing meaning and value to my life and how that ties into being resilient.

Off to clean kitchen and work at 11. Blessings on your days, ladies.

08-30-2012, 02:04 PM
Hello Decluttering Coaches

So, I was *credit* doing the walk it out workout on the wii fit as the answering machine got a call from DH's mom who is going to attempt to drive over tomorrow she says. Why tomorrow? I ask myself as DH is at work. Does she just want to visit me?
Ugh I say.
Then the other part of me went "holy cow you sure read that right, getting your living area together this week. man. Now it doesn't look half as crazy as it did at the beginning of the week." BACKGROUND INFO: We moved here in April 2011. We have not invited DH's mom over yet. I said to DH this week "it's really bad we haven't done that." He seemed clueless. We've been to her place lots. I said, "we should have your mom over for a bbq this weekend or go to 1000 Hotpot (a restaurant near us) with her." So. I need to be at leace with the fact that this is the best I can do. It's far from normal but it's cleaner and more spacious and Oh well. So. She can come. I would rather keep working as my schedule for September gets busier and busier. I'm going to wait to call her back when DH gets home. I tink I'll be "out for the day".

I've discovered now that my first two weeks of October are even spoken for and get this, my ONE xmas craft show, that I just applied for, is in conflict with a trip to Miami for Art Basel Miami.

It seems that every special event that I want to go to is in conflict with a selling opportunity. I am going to Miami as it's the showcase of the art that's being made internationally right now, and it should be super-inspiring, but i can't believe it conflicts with the Toronto craft show.

Well, there's an aside. If I had made my to-do schedule for the events I have to be at I would have known that before I applied and would not have spent the $5 getting my application in. Oh well. This is on today's to-do list now. *credit*

Back later.

update#1 on my lst for today was dealing with the oversized moving box that said "craft" on the side of it. My stomach just knotted up even thinking about that box. I moved it to that space, oh, a year ago? BIG box. I went through it. Some stuff got tossed, others kept and aren't really away yet but it's ok. The box itself I was going to break down but have decided to fill it with DONATIONS! I had a smallish half-box from Costco for that so I emptied it into the giant box and that makes me feel good. I soooooo want to fill that giant box up to the brim and say byebye to it and its contents. :dancer:*credit*

I also had 5 full size permanent grocery store shopping bags to look through and 3 reg size boxes. I've done all of it. :dancer:*credit* It's not perfect, not everything is away, or in it's place, if I even know of a place for it, but I feel certain that there is a place. I have lots of poorly used drawers: 30 in fact and 5 double sized drawers, plus a dedicated Martha Stewart 16 cube shelf, the underneath of a microwave cart and a whole pantry, all available to me to store my stuff. :dancer:*credit* It's the large canvases and the rolls of paper that stump me but I think it's like how I was with a lot of this stuff: I get hung up on things that when I finally face them are *poof* nothing. I am learning to trust myself more and to see that I do have an idea of what to do with my stuff. I am not hopeless at this at all.:dancer:*credit*

A plus is I have re-discovered recent (1-2yrs) work that I can put on etsy to sell. :dancer:*credit*YAY! And I found some craft material to make these other things that I want to sell online so all is good. I turned my worktable to the side btw, so it's under the window, which I love and it's made all the difference to that space for me. If only I could take down the hanging light fixture. If it was my place it would be gone. However. I'll live with it.

I'm also now on my last load of dishes. :dancer:*credit* They will be completed tonight.

I hope all is well out there with you guys!

Oh, I did call DH's mom and his aunt and uncle are in town on the weekend and want to get together and they all want to travel up here we are to visit me at the farmers' market and to see my stuff at the Hillary House site, which is near the market and then they want to go to the tea room for tea. So, really, I should be flattered. They all support my artwork and take the time to go and see it. Nice. I invited MIL over but said maybe not wiht the gang but later on. She was very happy. She's very kind to me and not pushy at all. So :dancer:*credit* for facing things--even though I did find myself eating soup over the stove because of this. yes, it's true, but I stopped :dancer:*credit* and dealt with it head on. It was better than overeating and wrecking my foodplan. It is ALWAYS better than overeating and wrecking my foodplan. Thank goodness I get that now. :dancer:*credit* for that for sure.

08-30-2012, 08:40 PM
Wow! onebyone, dancing with you! :dancer: I'm so happy reading your post. I'm on my way to DH's TBI support group picnic so don't have but a moment now. I think it's just great that you're making progress, feeling good and that you felt comfortable to invite MIL...yet she might have to decline. Right on. Later....

helping rachel
08-30-2012, 09:25 PM
:cb::cb::cp::cp::cp::cp::cp::cp::cp::T Way to go OneonONe! What determination and progress. Yes, You do know what to do!!!!!

08-31-2012, 03:23 PM
Decluttering Coaches, Hello!

I just *credit* finished all the dishes. It's not perfect perfect as their are cat dishes that are still dirty, but the whole cat food area needs cleaning so I consider that another, separate, chore...and so back to, I just finished all the dishes! *credit*

I haven't made a to-do list today. I think I'll still do that, but I am not really cleaning or organizing anything else today. I have to be up at 6am for the farmer's market tomorrow morning so I need to re-connect with my market stock and maybe attempt a couple of new, small paintings for the market. I want to make sure I pack the car tonight and not leave it for the morning.

I just want to make sure I leave a clean kitchen before I go to bed tonight.

Thanks for the support this week. I have a *really* good handle on this whole front room space now. I even feel like I'll be able to work in here over the winter which was really bugging me that I didn't feel that way about my space.

Must go. Have a fantastic day/evening/weekend!

09-01-2012, 09:42 AM

onebyone, best wishes at the market today!

Mom and I just got back over the hill and I'm drinking my green smoothie and checking in.

I went to the T-get yesterday and got my favorite cleaning solution for each bathroom...and found some nice brushes. My new "habit" is going to be trying to keep bathrooms clean on a daily basis. I have to head to work now but am excited to come home and get started.

Happy weekend!

helping rachel
09-01-2012, 12:03 PM
Hi Ladies!

Credit on supplies and completion of tasks. I am out at our cabin on the Platte River and enjoying the beauty of nature for the weekend. It is easy to keep this place in shape as we don't have the excess clutter that is in town.

Relaxing and maintaining is my goal this holiday weekend.

Hope the market is a good one for you and your bathrooms sparkle.

09-02-2012, 12:38 AM

I noticed tonight that my market supplies, which usually are painfully strewn all around my apartment, now seem to be not so much in the way and even though they aren't all put away, they aren't taking up all the space. I don't really get why that is except I guess when I decluttered and made my floor clean, I really made space and I must have made a lot cause like I say, it seems to be able to hold my amrket stock. So *credit*

Wow. Completely wiped out. Must go. Hope all is well with y'all!

09-02-2012, 07:33 AM

I noticed tonight that my market supplies, which usually are painfully strewn all around my apartment, now seem to be not so much in the way and even though they aren't all put away, they aren't taking up all the space. I don't really get why that is except I guess when I decluttered and made my floor clean, I really made space and I must have made a lot cause like I say, it seems to be able to hold my amrket stock. So *credit*

Wow. Completely wiped out. Must go. Hope all is well with y'all!


This morning when I finally had the opportunity to look around I was just amazed at how quickly "things" start to slide. I just had enough time to unload the car and get ready for work and "stuff" just ended up wherever. I did a survey of each room:
~laundry/cat room-bicycle in the middle of floor
~office...laundry not put away, stack of books/mags/undealt paperwork/stuff to go downstairs
~dining room-lawn chairs headed towards basement in middle of floor
~kitchen-new cleaning supplies all over counter
~bathrooms dirty
~living room-little piles accumulating

I was a little frustrated at first and started s-l-o-w-l-y picking up. Remembering FL, I set my timer for 15 minutes. Amazing, the pace picked outside, lawn chairs to basement, laundry put away. Downstairs bathroom cleaned....paperwork sorted/filed/tossed.

IT TOOK 20 MINUTES! I have to persist. After that, I sat down and paid some tax bills (not yet due) but they are now done. I will file them NOW.

I have to persist and maintain my losses.

Now I'll go enjoy my morning coffee before work and will commit to the accumulated pile of books/papers on coffee table. (after work)

09-02-2012, 10:43 AM

Very tired this Sunday morning. Had an early day and a late night last night.
Such a gorgeous day. Makes me want to swim in a lake. Little to no chance of that today.

I was gripped with *fear* about this coming month a few minutes ago. I still haven't made my schedule for all the events coming up, which will then break down for me all the work I need to get done and the type of work that needs to be done. In september I always think "oh, good, the busy summer is over" and then I realize "uh... NOW you REALLY get busy" as the schedule gets crammed with fall and xmas sales. For me though, I get to take off and fly away for at least a week at the end of November. So that's an excellent endpoint to my artistic year, and will surely set me up for next year.

So, for brain-dcluttering and fear reduction I need to get that schedule made.

As for today I have to do the to-do list as there are some things I really need to do or my work of last week will unravel. The kitchen is the top of the list. I have dishes to put away and I need to make a goal of removing whatever is on the kitchen floor so it is free and clear. I want a clean open kitchen by the end of the day. Maybe I can take some time to begin organizing my workspace more closely like one of my sets of drawers, the table top, or the cube shelf along the wall. We'll see. could also use some time off.

ok. I'll be back later.

09-02-2012, 02:11 PM
Just got some inspiration from DW: she's ready for my pile of stuff from our trip to get put away and for my pile of stuff on the kitchen table to get put away.

Now, the trick is to figure out where, LOL.

09-03-2012, 09:37 AM
Just got some inspiration from DW: she's ready for my pile of stuff from our trip to get put away and for my pile of stuff on the kitchen table to get put away.

Now, the trick is to figure out where, LOL.

Welcome home, BBE! :lol:

onebyone, great that you acknowledged the need for a little bit of progress on a day when you also needed some time off!

Me, glad I picked up yesterday...I felt much better in my space when I got up this morning. I attacked several procrastination projects which involved getting into my files and finding the "manuals" for my kitchen faucet (needs fixed) and for the electric cat box which needs to go away, manual included. credit for finding both.

It seems FL skipped Zone 1 (Entrance, Front Porch, Dining Room) and jumped into Zone 2 (Kitchen). I've decided to follow her lead and work in the kitchen this week. I am going to reorganize drawers, and purge in the process.

My thought this morning as I shuffled my "stuff" into it's proper place was this;

Even though there may be "room" for everything IT IS STILL about BEING HAPPY WITH LESS. I want to spend 1/2 hour when I get home today and purge again, starting under my kitchen sink.

Have a great day.

09-03-2012, 11:07 PM
Hello :wave:

Well the end of the summer is this month. A few more weeks. I feel good about where I am at so far with this decluttering challenge. I would like to make it a priority to get more stuff out of here and donated or tossed. This requires me to go through my stuff. It's better as the "moving my stuff" is kind of done for a while. I don't feel a need to do any more of that kind fo work. *credit there for sure. Now it's zeroing in on what I am using, what I need to keep even if I am not using it right now, what I really want to keep and then "all the rest" which is the stuff I can get rid of one way or the other.

My schedule is tight now until December so I need to keep my decluttering projects short and to the point. But if I do them daily I can maintain what I have done in my marathon week of decluttering and I can advance the goal of an oasis-like environment of creativity and relaxation. Actually, I need to change my goal as the "looking normal from the living room window is pretty much achieved-at least as far as I want to take it right now. No towers of boxes and no clutter all over the floor. It remains clean and clear. The kitchen is clean as I write this no dishes in the sink-none on the counters. Everything that was dirty has been washed. The floor is clear. And DH did the cat area for me on Saturday. It looks great. He also organized the cat food cans which is great as we have been in a weeks long experiment trying to figure out what our Looloo cat likes to eat. She is inscrutable that cat. So far, Nature's Choice Venison and Pea is her hands down favorite. Venison. hello? A Key West stray who loves venison with peas. This is why we are experimenting cause you just never know...

*credit* alos for finally doing my to-do list. Some aprts are better than I thought, others worse. I do have lots going on and I have to make lots to do a good job at these events. My first big one is the opening of my joint show and my tea paintings in the same building. That's on thursday. After feeling totally discouraged, several times, for several reasons, instead if giving up I pushed forward. now I'll see what the return on my efforts will be. My show partner confessed to me today that she could not get herself to invite her list of friends or email whatevers to our show opening. This upset me greatly but it is her decision. It floors me how short-sighted people are. This was after the show organizer emailed to ask if it would be ok if she didn't come to the event as she had a wedding she'd like to go to and could we look after it. But not suggestion that she'd find a replacement for herself. And in discussion with my art show partner about this the other artist said "Oh we can handle it cause you know no one's going to come."
Well, why are we bothering then? Why did she do it? And yeeah, if she doesn't send email's out or tell people about the show, yeah, no one will come. So I sent out 50 invites and we'll see who shows. I am expecting 10. But before I got so mad, I was expecting 0 but it's one thing for me to think it, another for me to take it in from someone else, someone who is supposed to be my ally. And then to have the show organizer ask to not be there too. Another big Why Bother to me. Everyone complains that these spaces are no good, don't work, people don't come and when an attempt is made to try to change that people don't follow thorugh on their end of things. yesterday I was so upset at "the lack of professionalism" that I was fuming, and then I thought, everyone's a volunteer. Can you expect that from volunteers? I don't know. I am a professional, full time artist and it looks like there is indeed a big difference between being a professional and someone who makes things part-time. But then don't complain about the lack of sales or the poor attendance. People can't have it both ways. And you don't get good results without putting the time and the work in.

hmmm. Goes for de-cluttering and weightloss as well.

And on that tricky observation I will move along. Thanks for listening.

helping rachel
09-04-2012, 12:20 PM
OneonOne: Glad you are happy with the decluttering progress you have made at home. How frustrating it must be to do your part and not to have others pick up their part.

Lexxiss: I am with you on following FlyLady this week. My Kitchen is the dump zone and I intend to follow the daily tasks to get it back up to speed. Only makes sense as this is where I spend a lot of my time when I am here.

Out and about Thursday and Friday. Going to Doctor for Thyroid and Menopause symptoms. Setting up my 50 year old well check.

09-04-2012, 07:13 PM

Rachel, any special kitchen projects??

onebyone, if I lived closer I would come to your opening. Great that after you "fumed" that you recognized that the only person you can change is you, whether it be in art stuff or weightloss. Yay for thinking through your plan now through December. BTW-I am having very good results with the FL 15 min/day declutter (and 5min. hotspots). I wear a timer around my neck and do it every morning (otherwise I'll procrastinate it later) and I'm amazed how quickly things are improving.

Last night I thought I was too tired to do under my sink, as I had planned. While I was cooking my dinner...staring at the pan....I thought why not just do it and I did. It took 5 minutes. I pitched some stuff, moved stuff I rarely use into the basement pantry and washed the bottom before reorganzing. credit.

This morning I took advantage of my early morning energy to get a few kitchen drawers cleaned out (onebyone, I believe you have the same rainbow plastic drawers). I'm really trying to remember to save enough time so I don't leave more of a mess than I started.

Oh, BTW, been meaning to mention several things...
Rachel, once you asked me who is responsible for "our" space. I never answered. It is me. I can't make DH change, although I'm noticing the longer I do and talk about it he is getting better. Today on the phone he said he was doing small cleaning things like me and had washed down the washer/dryer at the other house, where he's at now.

Oh, just in general....I have always been agitated about DH trimming his beard/moustache over the mirrors and leaving all the hair. I got a big surprise during FL bathroom week when I washed the bathroom floor. It hadn't been done for awhile and it was lots of my long curly dark hair. Boy was I amazed! Now that I know that I'm being very much more careful about how I brush my hair and I'm making a commitment to sweep more often.

That's all....

helping rachel
09-04-2012, 07:30 PM
Soooo good to hear your feedback Lexxiss. I wiped out my sink after I use it. I am the Oscar to my husband who is the Felix. He has been patient with me, is complementing me on my efforts to change my messy ways. I am surprised at how some things are staying organized and clean.

My refrigerator is on my list this week. I want to clean off the shelves and then go thru the freezer to see what I really do have. I am cleaning the top of the refrigerator which is a catch all. Then whatever Fly Lady commands, I am following!

I showed up at my appointment 2 hours early today. My inner Fly Lady kicked in and I washed my car, cleaned out the inside of my car, Cleaned my purse, and made a return list for things that need to go back to the store. I have one box ready to go to goodwill and will continue on.

OneonOne: glad you can vent here and then continue to do what is BEST for you. I agree with Lexxiss, I would come for a tea and artist encounter with you.

09-04-2012, 09:51 PM
Rachel, great job dealing with the car when you found you had some spare time. I'm really finding that the whole FL timer thing has got me doing extra little things here and there AND especially noticing how short of a time most things really take if I just do them.
I used to be oscar and DH was felix....however I think I am really starting to notice that through my persistence I am starting to see a change in the wind. I have started to notice that my DH is quite a collector, but in less public areas....his shop :fr: and his two personal closets. I've decided that they are "none of my business". I'd rather focus on all the public areas; LR, DR, kitchen, TV room, BR and baths AND especially my office/personal room, which has all my clothes and other personal stuff. I have started simply taking his items which get left around the house and leave them on his desk. His desk seems to get cleared off and I don't see where it ever goes. His desk and two closets are in an upstairs corner that no one else ever sees (including me).

I had a personal success to share this evening. I was thinking I'd go over and stay w/DH next W-TH-F, but have to take my mom to an eye appt. DH and I talked and decided he'd come over and get me tomorrow AM so I could have 3 days at the hot springs. I decided to cross a few things off my list tonight. 60 minutes of my life:
5 min-cut up chard and put in the dehydrator
5 min-wash off top of refrigerator
10 min-take down my pretty stained glass fixtures in kitchen/wash/reinstall
My original intent was to simply clean under the refrigerator. Once I had it moved I could see all the cat hair/dust inside the mechanical stuff in the back. I got my tool kit (didn't used to have one), took off the back and proceeded to clean it out really well. There was lots of cat hair twisted up in the fan.
After I finished that, as long as the little vac was out I did all the edges in the kitchen and 1/2 bath, then cleaned out the lint trap for the dryer.
40 more minutes total.
The best news is that I did my refrigerator last month AND KEPT IT CLEANED OUT.
So I will wash my floor in the am and be done with Zone 2 for this time. :dancer:

I am really growing as I persist with this process. I am finding someone inside that I didn't really think existed.
Thx for listening :)

helping rachel
09-04-2012, 10:03 PM
Love to hear your progress. Isn't interesting in how procrastination and lack of action has to do with time and not making a decision. Your night is empowerment at it's best! Enjoy!

09-04-2012, 10:03 PM

No extra decluttering today. I do have a dishpan in the sink, full of hot soapy water, into which all today's dishes are going. We are just getting ready to eat dinner and all those dishes will go right into the hot water so I can get them out and done before bed. It's late now, almost 9pm. But I am partly responsible as I decided to batch cook some diabetic friendly "magic rolls" so it's time well spent. Part of planning ahead, and with the hot soapy water, I'm ready for the clean up too.

I did catch myself accepting the notion that we have "breakfast dishes" everyday. I have never thought of us as having breakfast dishes, such a mundane everyday kind of thing. But we do. Almost everyday. And now that I accept it, I plan for it. It's all good.

I sent out 54 invites to my art opening. Between us, I don't even think that the shows have anywhere near my best work BUT it is good work and it is my work, and it is using the facilities to the max, which is never done here. I have heard back from 5 people, one who said she'll be there. So if she's the only one, there will be four of us and that's enough for a party!

Any suggestions for food I can bring to the event? Does anyone have a favorite party recipe or suggestion? Something that always goes over well at potlucks?? I'm all ears.

Thanks for all your good wishes btw. I'll raise a glass to you guys for sure.

09-04-2012, 11:05 PM
I'm embarrassed to say that I'm pretty sure I've taken this picture before -- for a decluttering thread we had a couple of years ago. It's the balcony off of my study and over the sunroom. Really, one of the most interesting places in the house. So, how did it get turned into a storage room? Time to do something better with it!

My vision: a relaxed reading space

09-05-2012, 06:32 AM
I moved the stuff from our vacation from the floor to the bed in the morning, sorted a bit, and put it back on the floor before going to bed last night.

There just gotta be a better way than to shuffle and shuffle removing one item at a time, LOL. But, by my standards, it's progress.

09-05-2012, 09:51 AM
onebyone, regarding a recipe, I looked in my "family" cookbook and looked for an easy dip (which would go great with and assortment of fresh veggies AND crackers/pretzels). When my mom was injured the lady pastor brought this over and it was fantastic. I suppose doubling it woud make it a nice size for an open house.
Makes one cup
Sundried Tomato Dip
1 med/large tomato
1 package fresh basil
1 heaping t minced garlic
2 T olive oil
1 C sundried tomatoes
dash of lemon juice (optional)
garlic salt

Blend first 4 ingredients in a processor or blender. Then add sundried tomatoes and continue blending. Adjust flavor with lemon juice and garlic salt.
Serve chilled, with veggies, crackers or sturdy potato chips.

09-05-2012, 10:04 AM
I had a NSV (weight related) success this morning. I have gotten rid of every single piece of clothing that is too big, acknowledging I am not going back, with the exception of 4 pairs of really nice "skinny jeans". One pair was from 1982 when I was pretty normal weight(then I gained) and 3 from 1989-90 when I lost. I believe 1992 was the last time I wore any of them. Well this morning I can button and zip them all! Note: I have more of a muffin top than I used to, but I'm working on it.
Relating to decluttering: I purged the too bigs and only kept what was reasonable, regarding the too smalls. I had some beautiful stuff that I ABSOLUTELY KNEW would never fit again. They are gone.
credit for being realistic.

I've had a busy morning. I took all my little lists from the past few weeks of decluttering/cleaning and put them in one little notebook. I then did a few things on the list. credit. It's taken a month to take my pencils down to the basement for sharpening but it's done.

I went upstairs to get a zippered bank bag that I had stashed so I could take my loose change to the bank. OUCH It was full of stashed clutter s**t. I ask myself why? Paperclips, barrettes, a watch from Canada, screws, name it. Well credit for dealing with it. They are put away or thrown away. I imagine I'll keep finding these stashes for awhile.

Anyway, walking down the stairs after that, I said to myself:

My clutter is just like my weight loss....I need to persist...but it has rewards and it will get easier.

Off to the hot springs today.

gardenerjoy, I stared at your picture for a long time last night. I have those areas....I kept thinking (about my stuff) Why do I need all that?

09-05-2012, 07:37 PM
Coaches, and I need my decluttering coaches today!

DH came home from work with a container of butternut soup, a divided container with two squares of lasagna in each section and then a second divided container with lasagna on one side and veggies/rice on the other side. He said this might happen when the new catered lunch room people started. They started yesterday and so he took the containers and it seems that pretty much every evening he will bring me stuff home. All high quality made from scratch (I think) stuff.

So, coaches, how do I deal with the unespected bounty? I want to freeze it as this will ease my cooking big time. DH suggests I can have these thigns for my lunch--but three squares of lasagna ar three meals worth of food so I have to throw them away or put them away and I'd liek to put them away.

Now, should I get freezer bags for them? Will that be good enough? I'm hoping so. But what about the soup? I vaguely remember reading about that somewhere. has anyone done this?

Otherwise it's been a tough day. I have this big to do list related to my shows now and it's stopped me dead. I did decide on a theme for the work for the first studio tour, and so am beginning a large canvas for it. This is a relief let me tell you, but I'll have to stop painting it tomorrow as the whole day is dedicated to getting ready for the opening.

And on that note I am off. I need to pick up supplies for tomorrow and then clean the kitchen up so I can cook in there in the morning. Oh, and on a :carrot: note it was garbage day and the garbage man took away 4 black garbage bags + 3 white smaller bags + the garbage pail's contents. Awesome. That was all from last week's clean up (our garbage gets picked up every 2nd week--compost and recycling are weekly).

Anyway now I am gone.


BBE and Gardenerjoy welcome back! I am with you both with everything you both said.;)

helping rachel
09-05-2012, 08:18 PM
Great thought Lexxiss......"My clutter is just like my weight loss....I need to persist...but it has rewards and it will get easier".

OneonOne: I would do a cheese and salami tray with assorted crackers. I think people like to nibble. I also like to do a veggie tray with a spinach dill dip. Easy and you can make it early in the day and just grab and go.

GardenerJoy: That does look like a really cool vantage point. Where can your boxes find a permanent home? Are the things in them a must keep? What would you put in that space instead of the boxes?

BBE: I had to chuckle about where your motivation came from....wifely requests can be that push needed sometimes.

Had a busy day of doctor appointments. Finished all wash and took pictures of 3 areas that I would like to see change. I have a 7am-6pm day tomorrow so will have to wait till Friday. I may post a picture of master bedroom as it makes me very happy that this area is clutter free and staying in great shape. Same with closet.

Lexxiss: I needed to hear your reality check process with clothes. I could easily let go of 1/2 my clothes in a second closet. My goal is to have 3 boxes for goodwill on Friday late afternoon. Will report later on the letting go part .

09-06-2012, 03:57 AM
Hi everyone!

We traveled over to our other house this morning and I realized after 3 months of serious work on the East side that I choose not to live here like this. Too much stuff. I took a nap earlier and then started in the kitchen...recycle, compost, pitch.

Came to check in here, after going through the refrigerator and two freezers and read onebyone's initial thought, "that would be my nightmare right now." :lol:

onebyone, I'm interested to hear how your food situation evolves. I'm wondering how much DH will bring home. :lol: I store things like soups in yogurt containers and put masking tape on top where I write the contents and the date. If I'm freezing something like lasagna sometimes I'll slice it into portioned pieces then freeze the pieces on a tray before putting them in freezer bags.
BTW-great job with all those bags to the trash!

Rachel, glad I could be a little inspiration to you today. The last time I went through the closets I thought, why didn't I do this all the last time around. Best wishes on your next step.

On another note, after being isolated in my little town for weeks I got over here and had a mission for the thrift store. I was looking for 2 or 3 of those wine/water carafes for work. All but one have been broken this summer.
I went through one thrift store, then another, then bed bath and beyond, then Target.
Wow! After all this decluttering I still have urges to take things home because they are neat, pretty, unique.....the list goes on. It was almost like Dr. Beck has us eat a planned and small portion of trigger food. I had to resist all but what was planned. I came out with only one thing other than the 2 carafes I bought. It was one previously unopened puzzle for $1.00. Credit. I like puzzles for food distraction now that i have room for a table and I have been 100% about finishing them then donating them to the puzzle area at the local library.

helping rachel
09-08-2012, 01:49 PM
Lexxiss: I can relate to your thinking pattern and shopping. It is kind of like not eating on plan. I went to Target to return a shirt and got caught in the 75% section buying birthday gift bags...30 cents each and then it lead to boxes to deliver homemade cookies...30 cents each and then to file folder holders....30 cents each....My hoarding and bargin shopping kicked in. Kind of like free samples better get them when I can. Anyhow, spent an additional $20 on supplies that will I use or not be determined later.

Off to file and clean Extra room.

helping rachel
09-08-2012, 10:58 PM
Cleaned oldest son's room that became catch all for all the leftover college stuff. 3 boxes to goodwill. My house is definitely overweight. I donated electric cars that he had since 4th grade and model cars to goodwill. Good news. I worked out by purging stuff and then headed to gym and did 1 hour workout with steam room. Life is good.

09-09-2012, 10:44 AM
Rachel, yay for numerous boxes to goodwill!

My DH seems to be catching the bug. He completed a repair upstairs yesterday and is working on another one now.

My time over the hill was a success. I dropped a box at the thrift store, pitched stale/outdated food items and did some reorganizing. It looks much better. I had 3 or 4 items that needed to be dropped off at individual locations to complete the recycle and I did all but one.

Back to my primary home and I have almost unpacked from the trip. Kitchen is done. My task this morning is to seal several storm windows which we had open during the summer. Last year there were several I never did. I started downstairs with the hardest and then reevaluated. I'll start upstairs with the easiest. The hard one may need a more complicated fix.

I have so much I "can" do to make progress that I try not to get stuck on the ones that aren't moving.

I brought a box of stuff over. The unpacked box is going upstairs where I'm going to ask DH to help me fill it for donations.

helping rachel
09-10-2012, 11:54 AM
Lexxiss: I like your attitude to focus on what you can do....not getting stuck in what you can't.

My goals are simple this week. Maintain a clean kitchen. Try to fill 5 boxes to goodwill. When we went yesterday, we were behind 6 cars.....fall cleaning must be in the air. I have childhood knickknacks in the attic that may make that process pretty easy.

I have lots of work to do this week with my job. I have my 30 minute timer out so I can't use the excuse....I don't have time to clean and declutter.

Here's to an "On Plan Week" to make our spaces clean and functional.

09-11-2012, 09:31 AM

Rachel, it's a busy week for me, too. Yay for a simple goal to haul out 5 more boxes. I'm getting DH off to our other house again and will try to regroup here again after work. My sabotaging thought was that it's ok to blow it all off for a week. Instead, I choose to continue to move forward. I hauled the recycle up this morning and will make my bed and fold the clothes on it before I head to work. That's always a good maintenance step for me. I have one empty cardboard box that I will fill with reusables for the thrift store after work.