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06-16-2012, 01:24 PM
So, when I'm eating OP, I'm thirsty ALL of the time. It's odd, because I'm eating more water-based foods (spinach and raspberries right now), and consuming TONS of water. I consumed 200 ounces yesterday, and would have happily consumed more if I could have handled the bathroom trips. I don't take supplements, don't consume caffeine in any form, and can't think of anything that would cause dehydration. I have also been tested for diabetes recently, or I would suspect that. I do exercise quite a bit, but that can't account for all of it, can it?

Any thoughts would be appreciated.


Goddess Jessica
06-16-2012, 01:53 PM
If you haven't yet, consult your doctor. Obviously rabid thirstiness is a sign of diabetes. However, I have been tested for this many times because of my thirst and it's never even remotely an issue (when I had my blood sugar tested while pregnant the doc said I would probably never be diabetic based on the quality of my numbers). But there are other things BESIDES diabetes that could be the cause and you should always check when it comes to these things.

That aside, I am surprised it happens on plan and not off plan. Of course, you may be consuming things that mask your thirst when off plan (carbonated beverages usually satisfy thirst a lot faster than water due to the bubbles on your throat and your brain's perception of thirst) or simply eating to cover up the thirst (something we try not to do while on plan).

06-16-2012, 08:16 PM
I have no suggestions, but wanted to let you know I can sympathize.

I have been very thirsty the last few days and I have also been craving salty foods, which I have avoided, except for 100 cals of pretzels yesterday. I just ate a bowl of softened ice and I am still thirsty.

06-17-2012, 02:55 AM
Thanks for the suggestions, GJ. I think I may consult a doctor. I don't have to slake my thirst, and I know intellectually that I'm getting more than enough water, but it's hard for me to reconcile my new "listen to my body" attitude with ignoring thirst signals. I am thirsty off plan too, but not to the same degree, and then, I just chalk it up to eating high-sodium foods and not consuming enough water.

Envelope, thanks for sharing your experience. I hope we each find the solution to the thirst mystery. And congrats, BTW, on almost 50 pounds lost. Amazing accomplishment.

And 58 for you, GJ! I remember when I was on here several years ago (and successfully lost close to 100 pounds!) that you completed a triathlon. I think about that quite a bit, actually, as I am both swimming and starting to run again, and think I may want to try my hand at that soon.

06-17-2012, 10:05 AM
I'm also always thirsty when I am eating on plan and losing weight. I don't have diabetes. I'm just thirsty!

I tell myself a nice story, that lipolysis (the chemical reaction that breaks down fat in your body to fuel that your cells can use) uses a lot of water, so I need more water to stay hydrated while I am burning lots of fat. It might be complete malarkey but it makes me feel good. :D

Anyway I don't have any advice to offer, just wanted to let you know I've experienced this too - all through my weight loss. I just drink lots and lots of water and seltzer.

06-17-2012, 02:11 PM
Thanks, Carter. That's actually very comforting. And - WOW - 120 POUNDS! I am starting around the same weight as your starting weight. So great to see someone who is succeeding the same you are.