100 lb. Club - My last nemesis, the Italian buffet.

06-14-2012, 11:49 AM
Here in the plains we have this fantastic Italian buffet called Valentino's.

I was at 200 on Monday and sure enough, buffet that night. Although I know I probably didn't gain anything really, it always takes at least 3-4 days to get the water weight off. Yeah there's salad there but I never seem to be able to make myself walk over there. I'm not much of a salad fan either to begin with.

We actually go there quite a bit - probably once a month. It's my son's favorite place so we use it as a reward for 100% on schoolwork, etc.

It's really the last place I've found where I lose complete control. Bread and pizza are really just my favorite things. Anyone have any tips for how to combat this and find more control at places like that?


06-14-2012, 02:26 PM
If this is the place... http://www.valentinos.com/menu.php then I think it'd be fairly easy to navigate.

Chicken, pot roast, veggies, fruit... Maybe go in with an "allowance" for one scoop of pasta OR one slice of pizza OR one plate of dessert. That way you can enjoy your favorites (just not all at hte same time) and still have room for healthier options.

06-14-2012, 02:38 PM
one thing I tell myself is: "This is not the last chance you're going to get to eat _____ so stay on plan" I know this might not work for everyone, but it takes away the idea that I have to eat every carb in sight.

06-14-2012, 03:24 PM
I went to Valentino's once when I lived up in Fargo, ND. It's a pretty good place.

For me, when I go to a buffet or some place where tracking my food will be hard I'll allow myself to have one plate only. I'll let myself eat what I want but not go overboard. For example, last weekend my friend had a party with tons and tons of food. I let myself have one plate. I had a little of lots of things. A little meant 2-3 bites of each item. And I didn't go back for seconds or dessert. I even avoided the bread, which was really tough as I love bread. I find that works for me at the buffet line.

Goddess Jessica
06-14-2012, 06:32 PM
My nemesis is cookies. And I see an entire platter of them every month for work. I can't avoid it because I host the event and the cookies are part of the lure. What I am saying is -- man, we all have this!

The thing is, you have to come up with a game plan. You said you're not a salad fan but you're a huge bread and pizza fan. I would start with that. Make a rule that you can't hit the bread or pizza until you have some salad. Then, moderation if it works for you.

For me, I can't have one cookie because I will have three (minimum). So I always bring my lunch and then I eat the grapes they use as garnish on the platter (really, who garnishes cookies?!). And once every quarter, I have my three cookies. Yep, I do. Why? Because a life without cookies is not worth living! :)

06-14-2012, 07:07 PM
one thing I tell myself is: "This is not the last chance you're going to get to eat _____ so stay on plan" I know this might not work for everyone, but it takes away the idea that I have to eat every carb in sight.

This tactic is key for me. Not every eating opportunity has to become and all-out festival of face-stuffing. There will be other chances to eat!

Especially when you visit the place fairly regularly, there's no need to go nuts on any one visit. Synger has the right idea - if you can't stay entirely with the closer-to-plan fare, then pick one off-plan thing each visit as your treat.

It's pretty empowering to realize that you don't need to eat the pasta and the breadsticks and the tiramisu all in one evening if you're going to be back in the place a few weeks later.

06-14-2012, 10:46 PM
one thing I tell myself is: "This is not the last chance you're going to get to eat _____ so stay on plan" I know this might not work for everyone, but it takes away the idea that I have to eat every carb in sight.

This sort of thing helps me a lot too.

Something similar is visualizing a room full of ____. It's always there. Ready for when I want to eat it on-plan. Just not right now....

06-15-2012, 04:48 AM
What about changing the idea of food as a reward? I've been moving away from that myself and instead treating myself in other ways: i.e. buying something I've been wanting.

Right now I'm job hunting and I told myself that the only way I can get a new laptop is if I find a job! I can afford the laptop now, but rewarding myself with a brand new shiny computer is making the job search all the more enticing ;) Oh and I need a new car, I'm doing the same thing with that, LOL.

I've never heard of this place, but if it's a decent Italian joint then it can't just have bread and pasta. There are so many really good Italian dishes that aren't loaded up on carbs: would you be able to get some of that at the buffet?

I really like gracesmomma's suggestion and it's what got me through going to a Chinese buffet not too long ago.

I also gave myself a little bit of what I liked at the buffet and then stuck to healthier things.

06-15-2012, 09:50 AM
I see that you're from Nebraska? So I'm guessing Valentino's? (I'm from Lincoln, originally and spent the last year on an extended visit to my family and sort of "living" there again...)

Valentino's has ALWAYS been a "Diet Killer" for me *lol* Because it is probably my absolute favorite place to eat. Luckily? They have pretty decent salad - so when I go I allow myself one piece of bread (I switch between the sticks and the rolls), a slice of pizza and a slice of lasagna (my three favorite things!) And one of the small cones of soft serve. Luckily, I also go with my Dad each time, and he's an extremely healthy eater so I just follow his lead and let everyone else indulge fully.

06-15-2012, 09:58 AM
Thank you for the responses. I think one idea that might work for me would be to get 1 off plan thing there and get the rest as salad, so I will try that. You're all right on with great ideas - it's all about moderation. It's just DOING it that I need to work on. :)

sontaikle - I realize the nature of the danger as food as a reward for kids (or anyone) and it does concern me. It just has worked SO WELL with him as motivation. I think if I can keep it to once a month at max, if he earns it, that would be ok.