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06-11-2012, 10:54 AM
Good morning, ladies! Another lovely day in the high 80s for us today.

Thursday I had First Thursday Bee, Friday was day quilt guild, Saturday I had a funeral (that's two Saturdays with funerals), and yesterday I rearranged the living room, vacuumed, and did laundry and bedding. The cap came off my front tooth yesterday morning so I have to go to the dentist at 11:50 instead of applique bee and then I'll go do my weight training at the Y this afternoon. Tomorrow is work and night quilt guild.

Casper was into everything while I was moving furniture and cleaning the living room. He ran and jumped like a wild cat. When I got done and sat down he climbed up onto my lap and went to sleep for over an hour.

Maggie, I'm not into beading for jewelry but only for adding embellishment to quilts so the only beading books I have bought deal with beading on fabric. Thanks for the offer of your book, however. Will you and Will be retiring next year to Texas? I know the church in Hayes will miss you a lot and you sure are leaving the parsonage in better shape then when you arrived.

Jean, we have a lot of children in all our Masses but the babies and small tots are in the nursery for the most part. We have a lot of teens because we have many activities for them to participate in. It's so nice to see the ones that were little grow into adults and marry and bring their children.

Faye, you are going to be so stylish on that cruise! I hope things get back to normal quickly now that you have ended the meds from h..l.

I'm going to clean out the fridge before I go to the dentist. Have a wonderful day!

06-11-2012, 02:26 PM

It is said to get up to the high 80’s this day with thunder storms. I hope it doesn’t get windy this day for we plan to do burgers on the outside grill this evening. I am having some inner ear thingie going on for I woke up and experienced a tad bit of dizziness. My head feels full but I don’t feel bad so will bash on regardless and get some things done this day. I am totally enjoying my new coffee cup for it really keeps the coffee hot for long periods of time like they said it would. My friend wants one just like it so I will keep my other one for my night water for the ice stays ice all night in it. She and her husband both are going to order ones like this one.

DONNA FAYE Hopefully you can get in a nap this day for you will be dragging around if you can't. Your poor dog. I hope pay pal comes through and you get your order in good time. I sure like being notified by e-mail when I have ordered something for I know they got it right for they list what it is that I have ordered. If there is something wrong then there is time to get it all straightened out. But if you don't get a conformation your order has been received it leaves you to wonder.

SUSAN That’s OK that you don’t want this embroidery bead book for I will keep it with my doll making tools. It tells how to make all the different stitches on fabric using beads. It gives extensive instruction on how to create 215 embroidery stitches, each presented with a photograph and ‘how to’ illustration showing options with or without beads. It is a comprehensive basic section showcasing each stitch at a glance, plus tips on choosing the right beads, threads, fabrics and tools to ensure a success. No, it isn’t a jewelry making book for sure but I bet you have the same book or one very much like it. My sister made a quilt of ecru colored fabric and it was very Victorian looking with the knots and bead work she had all over it in intricate designs. Very pretty.

Hope all is well with you Magnolias ~ type at y’all later ~ :wave:

06-11-2012, 04:56 PM
Good Afternoon, Flowers! It's a sunny windy day in my neighborhood today. My neighbor (the nice one) has been put in hospice this afternoon -- a heavy smoker and now has heart problems along with lung cancer. I'm guessing he is in the upper 80s. It was interesting at church this morning. We had extra money to count with the friendship fund yesterday and automatic checking deposit today. We were a quarter off; I found it when I tried to do my posting as the treasurer had put in the wrong amount for the loose coffee change. When she came back from the bank we were $10.00 long on the budget deposit and $1.00 long in the savings deposit. I found the $1.00! On my way home I stopped and picked up the gift shop money so have that deposit ready to go.

"Gma" -- I'll bet Jackson enjoyed Cedar Point -- I have been there if it is in Ohio. Doesn't seem possible he is 5. :no: Do you have both of Jack's socks finished? Our squirrels like frosted mini wheats too! I found a box in the back of a cupboard where I don't normally keep cereal. I'm betting one of the kids stuck it there thinking they wouldn't have to share. New jewelry is always fun! I hope it all comes through without any problem. I give you and Fortune permission for a nap this afternoon! ;)

Susan -- I'm glad you can get in to get your tooth fixed today. Bummer that it happened! :( I'll bet Casper needed a nap after following you around when you were rearranging and cleaning your livingroom. :lol: I would love to meet him . . . you too!

Maggie -- I hope the dizzy feeling is gone now. :yes: We didn't have wind while we were in MN and it was delightful! :cheer: I know we haven't always had the windy days we have now.

I need to put in another load of laundry and keep moving. Enjoy the rest of your day! :wave:

06-11-2012, 06:00 PM

I am just taking a break right now and enjoying sipping a sf ff latte. I am going to season the burgers liberally with lemon pepper before Will grills them for they are so yummy that way and we don’t use any salt on them. We will grill enough of them to have some in the freezer for another go round when it is too windy to grill out.

JEAN Isn’t it a great feeling when you locate the missing money to balance out the deposit for the account. It never is much but every little bit has to fit in there somewhere. How nice it wasn't windy in MN while you were there. Made it much more pleasant for the guys to fish also. I'm not thinking fish bite very well when it is so windy either. My dizziness didn’t come back so I have attributed it to sitting up too fast from a laying down and snoozing position. I didn’t ease on out of bed but sat up fast and I don’t usually do that. Plus when the ceiling fan is set to a certain speed it messes with my inner ear and body rhythms. Because I have such acute hearing one doc said to not use certain speeds on the fans that effect folks like me. It is an old mind control tactic. So I turned the fan down a notch. :cp:

Hope all is well with you Magnolias ~ type at y’all later ~ :wave:

06-11-2012, 06:39 PM
Maggie, I though your book was for jewelry making. If you still want to get rid of it, I'll be glad to buy it and pay postage. Just let me know how much and I'll send you a check.

06-12-2012, 11:04 AM
Good Morning, Flowers! I'm waiting for an email and working on my "to do" list for the week. It's a cool windy morning; was 47 degrees when I started my day at 6:30. :brr: I need to run a couple errands and make the gift shop deposit this morning.

I need to get moving. Have a terrific Tuesday and enjoy! :wave:

06-12-2012, 01:50 PM
Good morning girls! It is raining today and very sticky. It has been so hot and humid here and poor Jack came home last evening looking like a limp dishrag. He said he had to work out in it all day yesterday. I made him strip and just sit and relax and he soon dozed off for a bit in his chair. I texted him a bit ago and ask if things were going ok today and he said he was fine, but he doesn't like to worry me so he could be out on that pit hog all day again. It is dirty disgusting hard work let alone the heat and humidity. They refuse to put money into replacing all the stuff so they repair stuff that is 30 years old over and over again.

I got an email they shipped all my jewelry. I bought some really cute stuff and some fancier stuff too. I got a little nervous because after I had "paid" paypal, I found out the website is in CHINA!!! I had signed up for an account, but when I went in they said it didn't exist, which made me even more nervous. I was hoping that because it was paypal and not a direct pay to this company I wouldn't have any trouble and obviously not as they have shipped and it should be here in a couple weeks.

I finally broke down and ordered a new blow dryer that is small and fits in your hand like the kind you have in hotels. Mine still works perfectly, but it is huge and heavy and hard to manage if you want to style your hair. I am going a completely different way with my haircut this time (see the sample pic) I am not cutting it until September, which will have given it 6 months to grow out. I styled it on Saturday when we went to the commissary similar to the pic to see if my hair would have enough volume to be cut and worn in the bob and I really think it will be. I have ultra fine hair and it can be a challenge with the curl that has developed in it, but it looked cute on Saturday even if it was kind of shaggy around the neck and such from growing out. I am not going to have the bangs that long and I am going to have my neckline clean and a sort of what they call weight line around the back as my hair curls up on the ends when it gets longer, but this is the look I am going to strive for except with red hair! :lol: I spent over an hour looking at haircuts for older women, women with fine hair, etc, etc, and I really like this one for a big change from the spiked look. I already have the round brush, which is what you need to style it and it is cut in a way where it is pretty easy to style from what the article said about the cut.

Jean: Wow, it was chilly at your house this morning for June. No, I have one of Alicia's socks done and one of Jack's. I wanted to test out the two yarns on Jack's socks since they were different companies and all and then have him try it on. I held my breath and the sock fit absolutely perfectly so I exhaled! :lol: Glad you got all those financial little ducks in a row. I used to hate when things wouldn't come out right. Yes, they went to the Cedar Point in Ohio. I talked to Jay last night and he was exhausted. He said it was really hot and sticky there and chasing a 5 year old is no easy feat. Well, I told him that his dad was 27 when his first child was 5 and 31 for the second one. Jay will be 39 in October and that makes a big difference even if you are very healthy and fit. He and Jackson are coming down here for a few days in August which will be fun. They will stay with us. Then they are coming the first weekend in December instead of over Thanksgiving because Tom talked Jay into running the St Jude's Marathon on Dec 1 with him. Jay has never been a runner so we shall see. His dad used to run in his younger days and was giving him tips about how to go about it and such. I am sure he will do fine.

Susan: Maybe ole Casper was upset by the rearranging of the furniture. I know it bugs Fortune when I move stuff around. It is so nice he has settled in so well at your house. I am sure you enjoy him a lot. You will have to put up a photo of a quilt when you bead it. I don't think I have ever seen a quilt that is beaded before.

Maggie: Glad you are feeling better. I have that every once in awhile and it is a strange feeling for sure. Sounds like your burgers are going to be good. I am making hamburger gravy for dinner. I wanted something fast and easy since I am trying to get cleaning done and this works great. I just used gr sirloin, ff beef broth, a tsp of the jar type of stock, and a little corn starch and water to thicken. We eat it over mashed potatos and I just buy the stuff in the carton and make them in the microwave.

Well, I see it is almost noon so I have to hop to it. Have a good day all! Faye

06-12-2012, 03:44 PM

The talking heads say that it will get up to 86ºs this day with a cloudy sky but no rain in sight. Nothing out of the ordinary going on here in the ♥-Land to speak of. It is noon time of the clock and I have not yet eaten anything and am not hungry. I will have something in a bit when Will comes in for lunch. I am back and have had a half a sandwich which will do me till dinner time. We will have a re-run of those burgers we grilled last evening. I froze the rest of them but kept out some for today. I received my latest Artisan Table catalogue and of course they have a few things in it I want to order with my next allowance. They now have a set of salad servers with the blackened handles like my Twist and Shout set but these are like tree twigs and will go with my set nicely. They also have some Organic Crystallized Blossoms of pansies and snapdragons that I want to use to decorate cakes and cheese cakes for company desserts or for a pot-luck occasions. They are edible blossoms glazed with meringue and crystal sugar and beautifully dried. They also sell wild hibiscus flowers in a jar of all-natural sugar syrup that go great over a slice of cheese cake. They are raspberry and rhubarb flavored. OH ~ I am going to have fun with these flowers after I order them with my “allowance” next month. I ordered some new “under things” today and Will gave me his card to use. What a nice guy. I like having new unders.

DONNA FAYE Sounds like you are getting all your ducks in a row for your upcoming cruise. Isn’t it fun to try a different hair style once in awhile. The way I have mine cut is so I can wear it in an upsweep in the back or down. With the amount of natural curl in mine I am so glad I don’t have to use a blow dryer or a curling iron. Mine dries so fast after my shower I need to decide how I am going to wear it quickly. When I bought that dresser scarf in ecru colored crochet I was surprised it was shipped from China but it got here quick. I try to buy American but it doesn't always work out that way does it. It was an American company I was ordering from but the product was shipped from China. I am glad it all worked out for you and you are getting your jewelry. Poor Jack to have to work out in the hot sun. I sure hope it doesn't make him sick.

JEAN You sure made a quick drive by the thread this day. Hope you get all that you have planned accomplished today.

SUSAN I got to looking at that book and there is a photo of a white ball cap that someone had beaded some flowers on that I want to copy and make one for myslelf. It has a beautiful beaded design on it of flowers and leaves and trailing thingies. It uses some of the flower and leaf shaped beads. I am going to tackle doing that after I have been to a crafts store that sells that sort of bead. I could probably find them on line . . . It has been a long time since I beaded anything but in my glass works. I embroiderd flowers up the legs of a pair of jeans once and embelished them with beads. I wore them a long time and got rave compliments. Oh - I was much younger then. My aunt said that if she had taken them to Rushia with her when she had visited there ~ she knew back then she could have sold them for @ $2000 or more easy. One leg was done all in climbing flowers and the other leg in oceans, seaweed and fish. Land and sea. What fun that pair of jeans were to wear. When the seat wore out we made pillows out of the legs. Yep I am going to bead a design on a white ball cap.

Hope all you Magnolias have a wonderful day ~ type at y’all later ~ :wave:

06-13-2012, 10:43 AM
Good morning gals! It is fairly pleasant at the moment, but it is going to be in the 90's today by this afternoon. Warms up the pools in the area nicely. Of course the dirt bags here have kept the condo one closed. They have even changed managment companies to some cheap group so now we won't get anything done. Ahh well.

Finish the downstairs today. It rained all day yesterday so didn't mop the floors. I couldn't see having to do it again today when muddy shoes got dragged in yesterday. So when I get done here, will have some breakfast and then get the mopping done along with finishing up the laundry and regular chores.

Ok, can you believe how much this kid has grown? This is his band picture for the Shelby County School system. He turns 12 in just a week from Monday. I love that he cut his hair all off again. I think he looks so cute this way.

Maggie: We are having seafood for dinner tonight. I have cold shrimp and Jack has crab cakes. We buy these cajun ones frozen that are Emeril Legasse and I just buy a big shrimp cocktail. We then usually have some starch and a veggie to go with it.

Well, I need to run. It is already getting later than I had hoped. Jack will be home around 1 as he has a dr appt today. Have a good day all. Faye

06-13-2012, 01:16 PM
Good Morning, Flowers. It's raining this morning and is a chilly breezy day so far. I've been to get my nails done and to the library. I've got lunch bunch at noon, a church memorial committee meeting this afternoon, and another meeting tonight. Needless to say, not much is getting done around the house today. :(

"Gma" -- I hope your jewelry will arrive safely and be just what you thought it would be. :yes: I think the hairdo is cute! My hair won't stay straight -- has a mind of it's own and sticks out every which way but where I want it to go. I remember comparing Jay and Jason's birthdays; Jason turns 39 in Sept. I hope Jack is back working inside where it is a bit cooler for him. Thomas is a handsome young man for sure! :D He has grown up so fast, as they all do.

Maggie -- I had to :) at you planning ahead for your purchases when you get your allowance, just like a kid! ;) The beaded baseball cap sounds cute. I'm not a hat person but know you will enjoy making and wearing it.

I need to change clothes and get going. Enjoy a wonderful Wednesday! :wave:

06-14-2012, 10:38 AM
Good morning to everyone. It is going to be a hot day here today around 93 degrees they are predicting. It did cool off overnight to low 60's so I was able to turn the ac off for awhile at least.

I have to get upstairs and do some cleaning up there this morning so I told Jack to leave the ac on in the bedroom and leave the bedroom door open. That way it cools down the hall and such.

Man, I was mad yesterday. I was knitting Alicia's sock and was on the leg when I cam to a spliced area! Not only had it been spliced together, it was spliced together two different colors. Now the sock is striped, which would have made it ok, but the color I was knitting was a very light sort of pinkish lavender and the splice was dark purple, which didn't match how the striping went on the sock. On top of that, the purple went for about 6 inches, stopped, the other color started again, but it had streaks of dark purple and orange in the lavender so when it was knit, it was a total mess and not striped at all. I had to cut at least 6 yards of yarn off and throw it away. I contacted the company, which is the one I use all the time and am hoping they will replace the skein. I went ahead and spliced it correctly and continued knitting, but it still makes me mad that you pay for yarn and you get a mess like that. This is not a machine mistake. A machine wouldn't tie two pieces of yarn together. The coloring, maybe, but not the splicing so whoever did it, knew they were splicing the color wrongly.

I should get my little blow dryer today. It should sure be easier to use that the huge heavy thing I have now.

Jean: Sounds like you had a busy day yesterday. It's hard to think of your kids turning 40 soon or at least I think so. Of course, Jay was born when I was 20 and Kelly when I was 24 so I had kids kind of young. Good and bad with it. You can enjoy your senior years more if you have them younger, but I don't think you are well prepared if you are young when you have them.

Well gals, I need to get some cereal in me and get going. Have a great Thursday. Faye

06-14-2012, 02:53 PM

The local weather :sunny: is said to be up to :flame: 93ºs this day with scattered strong storms. :o The “strong” makes me shudder. Hopefully it doesn’t do any damage to the produce. It has been very hard to grow a garden in these parts this year. I am definitely :idea: looking at container gardening on wheels where we can roll the plants under the awning during these storms. I have a flyer from the EarthBox® folks that has really caught my interest. They have a Junior™ Garden Kit that comes with all that is needed that I think I will get one of to try their method out with. This kit is designed for smaller spaces and about half the size of the original EarthBox with all the same features. This Junior model is 23” long x 7.25” H x 9.5” W. Maybe it isn’t too late to plant an outside herb garden. This method of growing plants has received the “Green Thumb 2012 Award." Anyway that is what I have been deciding on to do for next go round and it will work well also in Texas. :chin:

The cat is on the bed with the door closed and the two dogs are snoozing on the couch. Will is at the museum and all is rather quiet here :sssh: in the ♥-Land this Thursday. For dinner Will has requested :chef: mac & cheese with burger in it so that is what I will make. :hun: Easy enough to do and count the points+ I may say. I have some glass work I need to finish up so that will keep me out of trouble. The dishes are all done and unloaded from the dish washer and counters all clean so my kitchen is in ship shape. That new white china coffee pot and water heater pitcher sure have earned their keep. This is the quickest water heating pitcher I have ever had. No longer do we have that big electric coffee maker taking up space on the counter.:cp: Just heat the water and pour it into the pitcher and it brews the coffee or tea. So trick. Makes excellent tea for iced tea also.

DONNA FAYE What a terrible thing that they did with your yarn. Things of that sort cuts way back on the companies "quality." Things of that sort should never ever happen. I am glad for you that you know how to properly splice. Hope you have many wet heads to enjoy that new blow dryer. They are making more and more small appliances to make traveling easier to take them along.

JEAN Sometimes when I plan ahead on how to spend my allowance if it is for "the house" I don't have to use my money. Especially for those sort of things that we both get the use out of. I call it "budgeting" and it is fun each month to decide on what and where to spend "my allowance." When I order the planting boxes they will come out of house money for sure. But the things that aren't really "necessary" I get them even if they are kitchen things like the salad fork and spoon that I want that matches our other items and the dried edible flowers. Will likes them but they aren't really necessary for life could go on without having them. Works for me. He gets to buy his things the same way. Before I order anything I ask if it can come out of house money just in case because it may come out of house money instead of mine ~ just depends. We load our debit cards with our "allowance money" at the beginning of each month.:D I may make a "poor boy" hat to embrodery instead of a ball cap. I have made a couple of them before and they turned out well and still have the pattern. When I get the beads rounded up I will know more of what I will do with it. I like caps especially in the Jeep where the sun can easily get in my eyes ~ otherwise I don't wear them.

Hope all is well with you Magnolias ~ type at y’all later ~ :wave:

06-14-2012, 03:07 PM
Good afternoon, ladies! Only in the high 70s today and rain. We've had flood warnings most of the days this month.

This is a quiet week for me. Nothing happening on the weekend and I'm glad to be able to stay home and get on with my "spring" cleaning. I moved everything but my chair and the tv out of the family room yesterday and tomorrow I'll be cleaning the carpet in there and then rearranging that room. Then it's onto the sunroom. Cleaning the skylights is a major undertaking but needs to be done inside and out. Fortunately I can get the outside from my bathroom window.

Faye, I like that haircut. I hate trying to grow my hair out. The yarn factory might employ color blind workers! LOL

Maggie, I have a baseball cap that is all sequined. I love it. I know you'll have fun making yours with beads.

Jean, Always busy!

Have a wonderful day.

06-15-2012, 05:56 PM

We just got in from yard sailing. We found 3 things we bought today and one is a really nice rattan lamp with matching shade for $3.00 which will go great with our furnishings and brass candle holder that holds a huge candle for $2.00 and a wooden box for tools for another 50ȼ so we did very well. Nothing that we can’t re-sell when we move but will have to enjoy for months to come for sure. Some of the places didn’t have anything out but we figure it was because last night we had such a gulley washer it discouraged them. Maybe they will put their stuff out tomorrow but we won’t be out and about shopping at garage sales tomorrow. However we have located where the farmer’s market will be and it will be their first time in town so far this year so we will be going there. I am looking forward to getting another jar of local honey and a couple bars of the wonderful soap that Simone makes. If she isn’t there with her soap I do have her phone number and can call and order some. I am looking for some fresh produce to dry also for future soups and stews.

Nothing much else happening today except I will do some glass work this afternoon.

SUSAN I have seen those sequined ball caps and they are pretty. What color is yours?

Hope all is well with you Magnolias ~ type at y’all later ~ :wave:

06-16-2012, 01:44 PM
Morning girls! We have been out and about running errands this morning and just got back a little while ago. We went and got a bite of breakfast, then I went and picked up my jewelry at the post office. The IRS has been busy. At least 4 people got IRS letters to pick up while I was standing waiting for my box. We then looped around back to the Kroger's by our house and picked up some stuff then headed home. It is miserable outside, very hot and humid so we wanted to just get stuff done and head home.

Well I screwed up big time. Thomas called me on Thursday afternoon to tell me he had a band recital on Saturday morning (this morning.) That's what I thought anyway. The recital was yesterday morning so I missed it. His mom said not to fret about it as she couldn't go either. Why would they have a recital on a morning workday anyway? Seems stupid to me because I would imagine a lot of parents wouldn't be able to go.

Susan: Knitpicks was top notch. They mailed out a replacement and even asked if I still had the lot number so she could report to the manufacturer. I giggled at the color blind comment. :D

Maggie: Sounds like you got some good deals. Does this lady make beeswax soap? I heard it is terrific. I buy all those Burt's Bees products because of the honey in them and such. I especially like the lip balm and the cuticle stuff.

We are going out to eat with Kelly for lunch tomorrow, but that's as exciting as our weekend gets. I just hope the restaurant isn't swamped. We are going right after they open so hopefully it won't be too bad and it will be inbetween a lot of church services.

You gals have a nice weekend. I am going to go and sit and knit on her sock. I am on the foot now so it is coming along nicely. Faye

06-16-2012, 04:42 PM
Good Afternoon, Flowers! We've had some sunshine, some rain drops, a little breeze, and now it is just cloudy and cool. I've been getting caught up on laundry and my church birthday cards for next week. I'm thinking about going to church tonight rather than tomorrow; Bob is planning to take the boat to the lake if the weather cooperates. If it's nice I may go along, if not I'll stay home. Jason is coming over to help unload it, put the hoist cover on, and power wash the cabin.

We did go to Ian's game Thursday night. He usually plays catcher but in the last inning was the pitcher. They have the 5 run rule and it was the last batter up. The last pitch hit him on the helmet and Ian felt so bad, he cried. The coach went running out and Jason went out too. After they did the high 5, good game routine Ian went over to their dugout to find out how the kid was and to apologize. I felt so bad for Ian. It was midnight when we got home -- too late for this old gal!

"Gma" -- I'm glad you were able to fix the spliced yard but how frustrating for you! :( I was 27 when I had Jason and 32 when I had Beth . . . old! I'm sorry you missed T's concert and especially when Kelly couldn't go either. Kind of dumb to have it in the morning anyway!

Maggie -- What does a poor boy hat look like? You can tell I don't wear hats! :lol: You have such good luck at finding good yard sale items. I just read where Ivory soap is the worst soap to use because it is so harsh on one's skin. I always thought it was supposed to be gentle. The dermatologist told me to use unscented Dove and to stay away from Bath & Body products. I love some of their flavors.

Susan -- You be careful cleaning a skylight. I have a mental picture of you hanging out a window -- not good! :no: Casper will be right there helping I'm sure. Enjoy your quiet weekend.

Not much else newsy; I've spent most of the last 2 days in the car so haven't gotten much done around here. Enjoy the rest of your day! :wave:

06-16-2012, 07:01 PM

Got my new bar of soap from the Farmers Market. It is Orchid Tea with Chamomile Tea and beautiful with lavender swirls on the top of the bar. You can see a bar similar on her website which is The one on the far left looks similar but mine has more lavender in it. She has lots of other types of soaps also. I also got a handmade book with blank pages and a cute bracelet from another gal. They were all wowed when Will told them about my glass houses and want to see some of them. Perhaps next week I will take some for show and tell and give them one of my cards. I think I will get some more of Simone’s soaps next Saturday for they would sure look pretty in a nice dish in the bathroom. Since it was the first market there weren’t many veggie growers there. Next week there will be more folks selling their wares.

We have been out and about and saw that the buffalo herd has increased by 4 newly born calfs which are so cute. Out at the fort the guy in charge of the visitors place asked Will if he would put on his presentation in the Fall, that he did for the museum awhile back, for their yearly program and he said of course he would be glad to. He needs to get hold of an old Calvary shirt in the meantime.

Tonight for dinner we are having grilled pork chops and a baked potato and green beans. We had brunch out and I only ate half of it for I got full quickly. :cp: I just heard a crash and all three animals came running in here. Wonder what it is that one of them knocked off a table. I will go investigate when I get off here.

DONNA FAYE Sounds like your knitting is progressing along and you will be finished with your projects in plenty of time before your cruise. That is strange that they would have that school program on a week day like that. It cut a lot of parents out of going for lots of them probably work.

JEAN You have been one busy gal these past few days. Hope the weather is nice and you can enjoy the day at the lake. Poor Ian ~ he didn't ever in a chance mean to hit that kid with the ball and he felt so bad. What a true sport to go check on the kid that got hit. It happens in the majors also by accident and sadly sometimes on purpose.

Hope all is well with you Magnolias ~ type at y’all later ~ :wave:

06-17-2012, 12:26 PM
Good Morning, Flowers,! It's a bright sunny morning in my neighborhood. The weatherman says it will be hot and windy today. :p It was peaceful and quiet (except for chirpy birds) until a neighbor put her son's dog out on a rope and left her other two dogs inside. He's been barking the whole time and I hope my cat hating neighbor complains! Bob left for the lake and I need to do some serious cleaning today. I think my grandma will be looking down and shaking her head at me since she always said Sunday was a day of rest. :rolleyes: We went to church last night -- short and sweet, 45 minutes in and out.

Maggie -- You will be a busy gal if you end up getting a lot of glass orders. :yes: I always think word of mouth is the best advertising. Bob has a client who has buffalo, and they got out of their pasture through a broken fence. He told Bob they will eventually come home for water and there was no point in trying to round them up because they don't "herd" very well. :lol:

I need to get dressed and get moving. Have a great day, and be thankful! :wave:

06-17-2012, 05:44 PM

It is in the high 90’s as I type this day and tomorrow is expected to be in the low100’s. After all summer does start on Humpday the 20th this month. While Will is doing his remodeling of the yard plants he will have to do it early in the mornings. We went out to :hun: at one of our favorite places, Whiskey Creek, and I had my usual grilled shrimp and half a sweet potato which was delicious without any of the butter or brown sugar and cinnamon the serve with it. I always ask that to be served on the side and today I tasted the potato first and didn’t touch the accruements. I brought half the potato home and it will be yummy later. The owner greeted us and told me I was welcome there but send that man standing behind me out to the Jeep to wait. She absolutely loves to try to aggravate Will and they go on and on. She will come sit at our table and it is a hoot to eat there plus the food is good. The man who works for Fed Ex stopped by our table and chatted for awhile. He lives several doors down on the opposite of the street from us. It never fails but we run into folks we know when we are in there. Or in any restaurant in this town it seems. Since the prices per meals has gone up $3 to $5 we will not be eating out as much :stir: as before which will no doubt help my weight loss efforts. :goodscale:

I got an e-mail from Simone telling me that she will hold back that bar of soap I want for it is her only one left of that batch with roses on the top. I’ll pick it up at the upcoming Saturday’s farmer market. She will make some more but that may be awhile. She has a show room in her house that I plan on visiting one day.

JEAN I certanily hope that those bufflo do find their way back home before being buffalo burgers somewhere. I love buffalo burgers ~ so much leaner than beef. Nope buffalo don't have that herd mentality like cows do. More independent thinkers I guess. It is too bad that those fur hunters killed off thousands and thousands of buffalo and left the dead carcases to rot and waisted all that good meat. It is good to see that a lot of them have thrived through the Yellowstone area. It has been a battle with the local ranchers though because those bufffalo leave the park and can give their cattle diseases that harm the herd. They try real hard to keep them in the park. The wolves keep the weak ones culled out of the deer and buffalo population.

DONNA FAYE & SUSAN Hope all is well with you two this beautiful day

I hope all is well with all of you Magnolias ~ type at y’all later ~ :wave:

06-18-2012, 11:24 AM
Good morning to you girls. I need to get upstairs and clean today, but I am going into my 4th day of female stuff, again. This time, I cramp really badly for most of the day and my whole body quivers making it hard to walk around even. I am also passing bloody tissue more than I did the whole time I took the meds, so I don't know what is going on. I am going to have to talk to her about it if it contines. I seriously don't want surgery again, but I am not about to live this way for the rest of my life, that's for sure. I can't function and get anything done. It is ridiculous.

Jack texted me and said his morning started "crappy." I guess 2 huge motors konked out this morning and though he doesn't work on them, he does have to troubleshoot the electrical and electronics so it may be a long day for him, poor guy.

Kelly texted me and canceled lunch yesterday so it was quiet all day. I knitted pretty much the whole day and am finishing up the toe today on Alicia's second sock so should have that done today and can wash and block them. I bought her a bath and body works gift card to go with the socks for her birthday next month. I can then make Jack's other green sock and start the brown ones and get them done then maybe, just maybe actually finish my green sweater and hope it fits.

I didn't tell you I got an "extra" piece of jewelry. I bought a cuff bracelet in aqua and silver made of beads. It looks like three thin bracelets entwined together. Well, whomever pulled it, didn't notice there was a second bracelet inside the first so I have two bracelets exactly alike. Sorry, but I am not paying to ship this bracelet back to China! :lol: One of the bracelets totally don't fit and I think was made for a girl not a woman. It didn't say so, but it is very tiny and little stretch in it so I will probably mail it to my sister to give her to dgd as I have no girls in my life for sure.

Jean: Sounds like another busy weekend for you. I am surprised that the pit bull next door doesn't bark all the time, but he is surprisingly quiet. Our little doggy comes to visit a week from Thursday for almost 3 weeks so it should be interesting as I have said he is mostly blind and deaf now. That would be weird seeing buffalo just roaming around on the roads and such! :lol: We have buffalo here and they even breed them at Shelby Farms. We have a pretty good sized herd right in the city too.

Maggie: I have no problem with hunting, but I have to say, it disgusts me when hunters only hunt to have trophys and such. If you are going to hunt, then eat the meat, if not, leave the animals alone. I know it isn't very popular, but I just think killing any animal just to stick it's head on your wall is revolting. Sounds like you had a nice meal. I really need to buy and eat more sweet potatoes. I like them, Jack hates them so I guess that's why I don't because any more than one would be wasted.

Well girls, this is not getting anything done and like I said I have cleaning, am doing laundry and sheets today and need to do my regular morning chores. Have a great start to the week. Faye

06-18-2012, 12:44 PM

It is said it is going to get up to 101ºs today and be hot the rest of the week. I don’t as of yet have any plans to be outside in that heat. I can find lots to keep me occupied here in the air conditioned house. I have a house to solder together for one thing and some things to tend to in the kitchen area.

The dogs are at the groomer and Cecil is asleep on the bed and I am waking up to the world sipping my coffee out of my wonderful container. Will is in his office being very quiet.

DONNA FAYE Cramping ~ I was under the impression those meds you were taking were to take care of your problems in that area. Is it that you will be in for an operation after all? Poor you ~ and planning for a cruise, how fun can that be. :hug:

I hope all is well with you Magnolias ~ type at y’all later ~ :wave:

06-19-2012, 12:10 AM
Good Evening, Flowers! It's been a HOT 93 degrees in my neighborhood this afternoon. Bob helped me coral Ernie for a trip to the vet -- $75 less in the bank for 2 shots, clipping his claws, and cleaning the wax out of his ears. I went to church this morning and there wasn't much money from yesterday :( so that didn't take long. Stopped to pick up the gift shop money and there wasn't much there either. :(

We have a possibility of 3 funerals this week. Our "nice" neighbor died this afternoon but arrangements will be made tomorrow for his funeral. The 60+ year old husband of a former agent who worked with Bob died this morning. We took country dance lessons together and traveled to CO together for a company meeting and vacation several years ago. He had a type of bone cancer they found when a mental patient attacked him and broke his collar bone a few years ago. The other is a 74 year old from Bob's home town. He has a sepsis infection in his colon but just had a heart attack a few weeks ago so not strong enough for surgery.

Maggie -- Whiskey Creek sounds like a fun place to eat. I had to :lol: at leaving Will in the car. We are supposed to have cooler weather midweek. Hope that happens. :yes:

"Gma" -- I hope you felt better this afternoon. :yes: I, too, thought the meds would solve your cramping and resulting problems. I'm sure you will enjoy wearing all of your new jewelry. You are a good dog grandma to take care of Marty. I'm sure he is much happier staying with you. :twirly:

I need to fold a load of towels and head to bed. Have a terrific Tuesday tomorrow! :wave:

06-19-2012, 08:50 AM
Good morning everyone. It starts out hot and stays hot it seems. I could stand it if it weren't for the darn humidity. I mean you take a shower and get out and get dressed and you are hot again even with the AC on. That doesn't even count going outside in it. Ahh well, the joys of living in the south. :lol:

I did most of the upstairs yesterday, but it was so miserable I quit before doing the upstairs bathroom so will tackle that today. It won't take long to do and hopefully if I get up there soon it won't be too miserable to work up there. It can get mighty hot upstairs.

I don't know anymore what is going on with me. I took the meds to irradicate the spotting and bleeding, which it did do that. She told me to expect cramping on and off while the uterus was "sloughing off" the tissue and gave me a stronger NSAID to take for pain, but even when I eat and take it, it sometimes makes me nauseous so I avoid taking it if I can. I have been off the meds nearly 2 weeks now and was hoping my system would balance out, but like I said before I am passing more tissue than I did on the meds and cramping quite a bit. It is crazy. I go back and see her the 28th so we shall see what she says. I am doing NO surgery if it comes to that until after vacation. I just hope it will eventually just stop. My whole thing about surgery is I have nothing wrong with the uterus. It is healthy so I can't see ripping it out, but I am not going to live with discomfort either so we will just have to wait and see what happens I guess.

I started Jack's other green sock and almost have the cuff done, which is the part I hate to do most. I am not a fan of ribbing. :lol: Then it will be on to the brown socks and maybe sooner or later finish my sweater.

Kelly texted me and we rescheduled Father's Day lunch to this Saturday. She had to make 32 kilts for the boy scouts and she had stayed up all night Friday night and had all but 8 of them done by 6 AM Saturday morning. She also was making some kind of vests and stuff for their trip and I don't know if she ever got those done for the three of them. They leave for Amsterdam in 11 days. She said she didn't have any packing done or anything else. Big surprise. She and Tom can wait until the last minute to do things like that sometimes.

A woman who lived across the street from me in high school and who I babysat her 4 children all the time has passed away. We were pretty good friends as she wasn't a whole lot older than I and she was a really nice lady. I guess she died in her sleep on Sunday night and her daughter found her on Monday morning. Really sad.

Jean: You can't be poor and have a pet that's for sure. I hate to think how much I spend on Fortune each year between shots, grooming, kidney meds, flea and tick, heart worm shots, flu shots, food, treats, etc, etc. I would think cats would be difficult to take to the vets. Butterscotch was a pistol.

Maggie: Sounds like all is quiet at your house.

Well girls, I need to go and get things done this morning. Have a good Tuesday! Faye

06-19-2012, 02:29 PM
Good afternoon, ladies! Heading for the 90s and humid. Well, summer is here!

I went to Sandy's Sunday for some freshly caught flounder, coleslaw and corn on the cob. Yum! She showed me a new way to do corn in the microwave. Don't shuck the corn, put it in the microwave as is for 4 minutes for 1, 8 for 2, 12 for 3, etc. As soon as the timer goes off, take it out and cut the big end (opposite where the silk shows) completely off. Pick it up by the opposite end and hold it over a plate and shake it. The corn will fall out and there won't be a silk left on it.

I had a really hard fall Friday while cleaning the carpet. I forgot to be careful when I walked into the kitchen where I have ceramic tile and my wet shoes went right out from under me and I went down on my butt (good thing it's well padded) and then my head hit the tile with a thud. I can tell you I saw stars. After a minute I thought that nothing was hurting as far as my arms and legs, so I better fell my head and see if it was bleeding. It wasn't but I have a lump the size of a walnut. Then I thought about my brain slamming into my skull (I do watch too many medical shows on tv) so I could have a blood clot forming or a concussion. Another minute went by and I realized I didn't even have a headache so I better get up. Did that and went on and finished my carpet. My butt still hurts bad today. Advil helps. Learned my lesson.

Faye, I'm sorry your problems haven't quit by now. I hope they get this cleared up for you before your cruise. Poor old Marty...he's so lucky he has a human grandma to care for him while mom is gone. Casper does well going in the car.

Jean, I just got a call that my friend's mother died last night. This will be 4 funerals for June already...2 brothers and 2 mothers. At least it isn't my friends who are going.

Maggie, I like buffalo burgers, too. You should offer your glass houses for sale on ( They sure a lovely.

Here's a link to a very interesting article just published in England. It applies to us as well.

Have a wonderful day.

06-19-2012, 04:00 PM
Good Afternoon, Flowers! I was here earlier and then got interrupted by the Schwans guy. It's 89 degrees but feels like 93 according to the computer. The wind continues to blow and dry out the soil. We need rain badly. I made a WM run this morning to stock up on paper goods for my neighbor. The funeral is Saturday so she will have a houseful for a few days. The other funeral is Thursday. We are heading to SF for a baseball game in a little while. It's supposed to rain so maybe we'll get rained out.

"Gma" -- Kelly is brave to be making kilts for the boy scouts on top of getting ready for vacation! That's too bad about your friend's death.

Susan -- I've made corn on the comb in the microwave but pealed it first. I'll have to try your method. I'm glad you aren't any worse for wear after your fall, but watch your goose egg! Thanks for sharing the article; I will check it out when I finish here.

I need to put a load of undies in the dryer so had better keep moving. Bob should be home soon. Enjoy the rest of your terrific Tuesday! :wave:

06-20-2012, 05:37 PM
Good Afternoon, Flowers! It's raining, it's raining, it's raining -- a nice gentle rain! I have my fingers crossed that this keeps up all evening. Last night at the ball game the wind was so strong it blew dirt off the field in huge gusts. There was no place to sit in order to avoid getting hit with the grit. We took showers at midnight when we got home! This morning I baked a jelly roll pan size cake for the neighbor. This afternoon I had a board meeting at the hospital. I'm thinking about WW tonight since we have a funeral in the morning. I learned of another death in our church family today, which is #4 this week.
I need to clean up my kitchen as I have baking dishes soaking in the sink. I just get one area picked up and another one is waiting for attention. Hope all is well with all of you! :yes: Enjoy the rest of your day and evening. :wave:

06-21-2012, 02:08 AM

I really thought I was here earlier ~ It was is a windy 101º day here in the ♥-Land and I am stayed inside doing what needed to be done in here. After I finished my house work I finished my building doing some soldering and waxing and it now sits on a shelf in the front room with the other part of the village. Tomorrow I will decide what building I will do next and cut out the pattern.

For a snack today I had some dried apricots and almonds which just hit the spot. Got a box of shelled almonds sealed up in individual packets and sure hope they do that with outer nuts. Would sure make it easier for a quick snack not to have to weigh out some ~ but I could always bag them up in small baggies ahead ~ now couldn’t I. I have all sorts of dried fruit in a large plastic container. Anyway Will and I are both trying to stick to “good for you” snacks.

Of all things a friend of mine loves Fried Pickle so I sent her a recipe that I just happen to have. They are rather high in points for one spear is 4 P+ and the recipe states that 3 is a serving. So that would make them 12 P+ ~ and not worth the whole serving to me. But it is a very good recipe for it uses Panko for the breading. Good to make for a crowd so there aren’t any left over to much on. When I make them I will certainly bake them instead of frying them to cut down on the points+ value some and see how they taste that way. There is a restaurant here in town that serves them and that is where she first ran into them and now she can make them for herself. If anyone wants that recipe I would be glad to e-mail it your way.

JEAN That is a large number of deaths in your area. But I guess they were all old folks weren’t they. I bet it sure felt good to get in your shower even if it was late at night to get all that grit off of you. I don’t like it when the wind brings me dirt.

I hope all is well with you Magnolias ~ type at y’all later ~ :wave:

06-21-2012, 12:30 PM

It is said to get up to 87ºs here in the ♥-Land this day and just a breeze. AH the wind has stopped finally. I think I will build a school house for my village for I do have another small bell to use in the tower. I need now to sort through my glass and decide what color it is to be. I have a red barn and a red firehouse so I don’t want to make this building red. I was going to make a court house but don’t have a watch to put in the tower but that will be put on my list of things to buy later. The one that I made that got sold had a way to take the watch out if it ever stopped working and replace it. I will have to remember how I did that. But I don’t want to think about that right now. :nono: Cecil hopped up on my table when I was using my grinder and sat there and watched me intently. Didn’t bother me or try to get on the grinder but sat there so cute. I am so glad he didn’t decide to scatter my glass pieces like Turn used to do. I have two trays that hold the pieces ready to grind. I have a nice table sitting in the middle of this room that holds the grinder and still leaves space for my glass trays. Under the table there is a 3 drawer plastic tower that holds lots of my supplies. On one side of the room is a couple boards set on bricks that hold 4 glass holders. Each holder has room for 12 of the foot squares of glass to stand up on edge. Makes it easy to see what colors I have to work with. I have them all arranged in colors like a rainbow. I have a couple boxes of scraps on the floor that sure come in handy when I need a little of this or that of a certain color. On the opposite wall is my work station which is a table with my tools and where I cut glass. The other end of the room where I am typing holds my desk and typing table and a bookcase with mostly cookbooks in it. Next to my desk is my set of upright scales that I step on once a week. It is called “Health-o-Meter Professional.” So now you have a tour around my room that I call my Office/Glass Room.

We watched a program last night was about a guy that goes to restaurants and is doing a thing on who has the very best sandwich. OH my goodness there was one place that made a BLT in St. Louis using a whole pound of cooked bacon in each sandwich along with the traditional lettuce and tomato. There was one made in Nashville that looked so good ~ shredded beef concoction. Makes me want to look though my Sandwich book of recipes I have gleaned through the years from WW and Cooking Light for I have some yummy on program ones in there. When I save a recipe I also try to save the picture and that is helpful to get the mouth watering. :lol: That pound of bacon BLT looked to me like a heart attack waiting to happen. I could deal with that slow cooked shredded beef one. I’ll shop in my freezers and see what I can come up with for a yummy sandwich for dinner this day.

I hope all is well with you Magnolias ~ type at y’all later ~ :wave:

06-21-2012, 12:50 PM
Good morning, ladies! A hot and humid day of 96 degrees today.

Didn't do anything but a little quilting yesterday. Tonight is applique bee with dinner before hand. Tomorrow is English Paper Piecing and then Saturday Sandy, Shelly and I are going to a quilt show. That should keep be busy for awhile.

Jean, I wish you could have a little of our rain. We are way ahead of normal for this month. My butt is still sore but the bump on my head is gone.

Maggie, Thanks for the tour! I can just see the sparkling colors of the glass. I found some lower fat bacon that is 3 slices for 2 points and I use that to make BLTs. I'd love to have a ton, but know it isn't good for me. Vinny's Pizza has a BLT pizza that must have a pound of bacon on it. It sure is good but spread over an extra large size not too bad for one slice. The bake the pizza with sauce and cheese, then add fresh tomato, lettuce shreds and bacon when it comes out.

Faye, I hope all is well with you.

Enjoy your day!

06-21-2012, 12:59 PM
Good morning gals. Sorry I didn't get in here yesterday, but I am so down in the dumps I just didn't feel like posting and explaining everything. As you know, I told you that I seem to be having the bad cramping and passing of tissue, well the spotting/bleeding has come back now too. I can handle the cramping and stuff, but this quivering really impacts my life. My thigh muscles and knees shake so much it can be hard to do anything. Walking up stairs is tough I can tell you. I have always had this problem, since I was a teen having periods. When I cramp, I have the quivering. I cannot continue to take hormones to keep it at bay and I figure she is going to recommend taking it out, at least a partial hysterectomy. Facing a 4th surgery just fills me with dread on top of the fact this cannot be done before vacation at this point with only 3 months until we leave. On the other side of the coin, this will mean being miserable the whole trip, which makes me so very sad for Jack. He has looked so forward to this trip and I hate to be feeling rotten because it makes him worry and feel bad. Nothing much I can do except talk to her next week.

On a positive note, I got Alicia's socks finished and they are now drying. They wash up so very soft so I know they will be so comfortable for her this fall. She wear Birkenstocks with socks sometimes in the winter before the snow falls so these would be so cute with them. She wanted colorful so I gave her colorful that's for sure. I am almost halfway on the leg on Jack's green sock and hope to get it finished maybe by Monday then can start the brown ones. It is hard to knit when my hands shake though.

Susan: Wow, I hope you get to feeling better soon. I have done that more than once and it is certainly no fun. For me, it always involves dislocating my bad knee. Once I walked from the carpet to the linoleum with a whole head full of red hair color and slipped and fell in the laundry room and popped out the knee. I had red dye on the washer, the floor, the wall, what a mess and believe me, on the wall, it doesn't come out. I had to crawl to the computer chair to heave myself into it. Luckily, I keep my walker from the first time I messed up my knee in the house and used it. Thanks for the great tip about the corn. We like to soak them in water, then peel down the husks, rub garlic on the corn then roast it on the grill. Yum and you use a lot less butter that way too.

Maggie: Have you ever used hamburger dill slices to make fried pickles? That's what they use here in Memphis. First time I ever had them was in a now defunct restaurant named for Elvis Presley. My favorite is the jalapeno slices deep fried, but wayyyyyy too fattening especially with the wonderful sauce Chili's serves with them. We have them as a treat, infrequently for sure.

Jean: How awful to have so many people you know pass all at the same time. It makes me feel old when people I grew up with or knew start dying. Hope your day went well yesterday. You always seem so busy all the time. I can't imagine sitting all gritty for a ballgame. The things we do for our grandkids, huh?

I better go. I need to finish morning chores, fold laundry, etc. We are having garlic/parmesaan roasted asparagus, tenderloin and b potato tonight so jack will be doing most of the cooking. Have a nice day today and a nice weekend. Faye

06-21-2012, 04:21 PM
Good Afternoon, Flowers! The sun is shining, the breeze is blowing, and it's a cool 77 degrees in my corner of the world this afternoon. We have one funeral down and two more to go. I will be glad when it's Sunday night and our funeral attendance is over as well as multiple grandchildren transporting and babysitting schedule is finished. I did go to WW last night, in the downpour no less, and lost 1.6#s. I was pleasantly surprised and told the leader to bring that scale to the hospital meeting! :lol:

Maggie -- I just noticed that breaded pickles are being advertised around here. The pictures look like chips rather than the spears though. Amanda loves pickles so maybe we will try them when she is here. The funeral today was for a 64 year old -- too young! All the funerals at our church have been for 80/90+ "old" members. I can picture Cecil watching you work. My grandma had a cat who like to watch her sew on her sewing machine. He would bat at the needle and finally he did get the needle through his paw. :eek:

Susan -- We did get about an inch of rain last night. Bob says that an inch a week would do wonders for the crops from now on. :crossed: Is the quilt show just for displaying quilts or are they for sale? I enjoy seeing quilts that others have made and marvel at the time and expertise involved. What brand of bacon did you find?

"Gma" -- I would think if you had surgery now you would have recovered pretty much by vacation time. I was back subbing after 3 weeks but I was also much younger then. ;) I feel bad for you putting up with all that is going on in your body. I love Alicia's socks! Meatloaf is on my supper menu I think. The funeral lunch was ham sandwiches, pasta salad, chips, and a cookie from the local grocery deli. Tomorrows food will be an excellent variety put on by the church ladies in Bob's hometown, and I'm sure Saturdays funeral will be more of the same.

I have to go to the gift shop and do the paperwork this afternoon since the volunteer coordinator is gone today and tomorrow. It makes my money paperwork easier when the payroll deduction sheet closes out at the end of the day or week. Hope you all are enjoying a terrific Thursday! :wave:

06-22-2012, 10:21 AM
Good Morning, Flowers! Our sunshine has disappeared, it's a cool 59 degrees and NO wind . . . yet. We are leaving in a few minutes for funeral #2. I will need to head to the grocery store when we get home, pack for tomorrow/Sunday, and do some laundry.

Bob says it is time to head out. Have a fantastic Friday and enjoy! :wave:

06-22-2012, 12:18 PM