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06-10-2012, 11:45 PM
I'm 23 and I have insulin resistance. I was diagnosed about 4years ago. I don't have PCOS, at least it doesn't seem like it because I have no cysts and before starting birth control my periods were very regular. But I have some hair loss and some mild hirsutism... so maybe I have some symptoms but I digress.

I was wondering if low sex drive could be related to insulin resistance. Around 5 years ago I kinda had a depressive episode... I started feeling fine afew months later, but my sex drive started decreasing progressively and since then, it has never come back. I miss the pleasure I felt simply kissing someone. At one point I thought it was because I was bored of my then boyfriend (we had a rough relationship), but then I was with a couple guys I thought were attactive and nothing.

I've read that insulin can have an effect on mood and other hormones and all... but I don't know, it just feels like such a big stretch to me... however I hope it has something to do, because that will be one more reason to get my IR under control.

06-11-2012, 12:22 PM
Are you still on birth control? Certain types of birth control have been known to reduce sex drive. Higher levels of testosterone (out of normal limits is not good) are associated with better sex drive, but this can be diminished by birth control and other androgen reducers such as spironolactone.

06-11-2012, 01:30 PM
Yes, I'm still on birth control, and maybe that made it worse now that I think about it. But my sex drive began decreasing before I started the pill, sadly. It all started before I was diagnosed with IR... these things are so frustrating. But thanks for the info :)

06-12-2012, 11:20 PM
I am PCOS/IR/Syndrome X/hypothyroid.

I've been on BCP for years, I've been off it. Right now I'm on a break from BCP as DH navigates vasectomy time.

To be honest? We've had low drive dry spells, and it's be a high drive spell lately. It cycles.

And it was more related to mood and stress and what ELSE is going on for me/him.

Like last fall it was the PITS -- bad sleep, eldercare crazy, tension, etc.

With that off our plates, it's be a lot easier to reconnect for intimacy --not just the body intimacy of sex, but heart to heart talks, and so on.

You do NOT have to answer any of these on the board -- I'm just throwing it out for you to consider in your own mind.

Do you feel sexy in yourself? How's your body image?

Do you fly solo? Because if your masturbating life is fine, maybe the prob is in the rship?

What about medications besides the BCP? Any changes there? That could factor in.

What are you doing for the depression? Any other stress/tensions in your life?

What are you doing for vitamins? Diet? Could you be deficient in anything? That could affect energy level.

How's your sleep? Good quality? Enough? That also can affect your mood/energy.

Can you relax at home? What is home? How is your bedroom? It's hard to feel "Aaaaaahhhh" in a room that is messy, cluttery, lacking in privacy, etc. What can you do to improve it in the circumstances you are in?

For instance -- When I lived in a dorm I put half my dorm bed into my closet and took the doors off. My nightstand and lamp was in there too. Then I hung a curtain across it so my head at least could be in the dark and I could get better sleep because my roomie and I had such different schedules! (I worked night shift and went to morning classes, so I had to be sleeping in the afternoon.) I could also lay on my stomach and do my homework in there without the light bugging HER when she was trying to sleep.

Gal's gotta do what a gal's gotta do, right?

Hang in there!