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06-04-2012, 04:04 PM
Anyone primarily swimming for exercise? What does your workout look like?

I swam on a team when I was younger and have mostly retained technique, etc. I started working out regularly last February, mostly elliptical and treadmill, and started swimming last week- now am able to swim about a mile without worrying about drowning. :lol: But now that that milestone is over I'm afraid of getting bored!

For the last year I've been working out in the morning, but I actually think I prefer to swim at night. How do you incorporate weight training? And how do you beat the boredom? It's fun to zone out sometimes, but other times it's like OMG I wish I had my iPod (has anyone tried a water mp3 player? do they actually work?)

06-05-2012, 04:29 PM
I used to swim as my primary exercise and I totally let the bordom get the best of me. I got up to a two mile swim. I was so proud that I had finished it and felt certain that I never wanted to do it again, haha.

I think an mp3 player would probably be a good call. The ones with traditional headphones will have some sound distortion. I've seen others online that work through vibration against your jaw that is supposed to give clearer sound. But I don't know anyone who's actually tried it.

Maybe try more drills to beat the bordom instead of straight distance. I was so distance driven and I just burned myself out.