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06-01-2012, 09:01 AM
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The Beck Diet Solution is a psychological program, not a food plan. It provides a step-by-step program to learn specific techniques to stay on our diet, lose weight, and maintain our weight loss for life. The program is based on Dr. Beck's clinical research in Cognitive Therapy (CT).

The Complete Beck Diet for Life expands the earlier work and includes a food plan with suggested menus. From the cover:With The Complete Beck Diet for Life you'll discover the 5 stages of successful dieting and maintenance. You'll learn how to motivate yourself, give yourself credit for every change you make, create time and energy for dieting, and handle hunger and cravings. Dr. Beck eases you into changing one step at a time. You'll master one task before moving on to the next. And you'll learn techniques to deal with challenging situations, such as sticking with ou plan at celebrations and dealing with "food pushers." With Dr. Beck's skills, you'll achieve a lifetime of healthful eating and lifelong motivation.

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06-01-2012, 09:03 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies - A good enough eating plan day, CREDIT moi. It was excellent until an early evening event where I expected to enjoy modest veggie snacks before we went out to dinner. Had the cold, grilled veggies, as planned, but unfortunately, the abundant table included baked brie. Baked brie got to me. At least I had the good sense to declare eating done for the day and to skip dinner. This morning scale jiggle showed down a pound when I expected to be punished by a five pound gain. A good reminder to me that scale readings don't show my exaggerated mental state.

Exercise was walking to continue to break in my new sandals, CREDIT moi. Walking is usually done with tennis shoes, walking shoes, or boots. But I've gotta be sure that these new sandals don't cause blisters under stress if they're to be my vacation daily riders this summer.

Joy (gardenerjoy) – Bon Voyage!!! Eireann go Brach !!! ("Ireland forever", for those few non-Gaelic speakers among us.)

Debbie (Lexxiss) – Double Ouch. Sending healing thoughts to your DH's leg surgery today, and sanity thoughts to you as you juggle it all. Kudos for finding healthy food at a hospital.

Beverlyjoy – Yay for a shift into focused and willing. Kudos for being aware.

maryann - Welcome to summer vacation. Thanks for the reminder, "Life becomes more vivid as I rely on my other senses rather than taste to satisfy me."

Readers - chapter 6 Stage 3 The Challenging Situations Plan
challenging situations skills
Special Advice for Entertaining at Home
Here are some ideas for you to consider:
. . .
Request help. Ask a friend or family member who is coming to your house to arrive early to help you prepare and set out food. Ask someone else to stay late to help you put away extra food and clean up. Be extra careful to resist rebound desire after the party. It's not worth it to overeat once everyone has left.
. . .

Judith S. Beck, Ph.D., The Complete Beck Diet for Life (Green book), pg 153.

06-01-2012, 01:38 PM
Good Morning, Coaches.

I declare yesterday a WIN. I wrote down what I ate, varied from it by afternoon but emulated BBE's example and called it a day after the last unplanned snack. I saw a pound weight loss. Like BBE, I am reminded that the scale does not judge what I want to eat, but what I am willing to resist.

I am on retro Day 4. I downloaded the weightless journal available on the Beck Diet Solution Website. Something new to help keep my energy high. I plan to check in morning and night with daily to-dos. Yesterday was an informative exercise in sitting while I eat. I didn't realize how much I have strayed from that practice. I have an advantage card that sums up the situation "If I do not sit while I eat I will gain back all the weight I have lost." that is the bottom-line.

Lexxiss: I am so sorry to hear about your husband. You are doing so well amid the chaos.

I changed my ticker for the new month. Unfortunately it is a pound higher. I am treating it as information.

06-01-2012, 04:03 PM
Hi Coaches!

This morning I juiced and went to the pool. Now I'm waiting to take DH to surgery. He was sleeping so I took myself to lunch*credit* someplace healthy*credit*credit*. My companion was my BDS book and a blank sheet of paper which I filled with ideas for "Week 1"
Week 1-Take Time to Be Healthy
My mantra "This________is not about me" I anticipate pain, grumpy, agitation and a few other emotions. I will probably feel unappreciated.
~eat healthy
~plan ahead
I'm going to gut the freezer and make some misc soups. Then I'm going to stock it with frozen veggies and healthy proteins. I'll get my big salad in the frig then be set for quick dinners.

Anyway, I hear a grumble from the bedroom and my free time comes to an end. I'm actually seeing this as an opportunity to get really focused on my food choices as I wait for DH to heal. No more big projects in the works....everything else on hold.

06-01-2012, 04:22 PM
Hello folks/coaches/diet buddies/friends....

Yesterday was a very focused day. I stayed with my plan until right before I went to bed. Some stress tripped me up. As Dr. Beck says.... we shouldn't just focus on what we didn't do.... but, what we did do. (Just learn from it all)

Planned/measured/logged food
lots of water
stretches & strengthening
jouirnal Beckisms and thoughts
ate seated mostly
no seconds
left a bite
ate a little slower
down and up... weight up and down a pound or so - today it's lower than my ticker weight. Wednesday is my 'official' weigh day.

I must work on reading the Book and my cards.

Tonight neighbors are coming over for a campfire. Smores are on the menu. I have PLANNED one for myself. It's a slippery slope. But, I also plan to sent some the extra fixin's.

The garden paths are almost done. DH says I should wait until the grass grows around them more.... before going fulfledged into walking on them.

blillbe - good job on revamping dinner. You said: A good reminder to me that scale readings don't show my exaggerated mental state.That goes either way, for sure.

MaryAnn - I agree about switching it up a bit... to make the things seem fresh.

Lexxiss/debbie - I am so so sorry to hear of your DH's knee injury. Sending healing thoughts to him. And a hug to you. Credit for making some good choices and that you are bringing your Beck things to work on!

Have a great evening.

06-01-2012, 07:51 PM
Hey Coaches

I've started each day semi-dedicated (I'm being honest here) to my foodplan but I all-too-easily and willingly toss them aside to eat eat eat. For all my eating I pretty much assure myself a weight not below 255 and not above, except for a day or two, 260. I've been super-tense working on hise two grant proposals which I successfully dropped off with 3 minutes to spare. BUT I have eaten my way through the process of teasing them into existence all week long. Bad old work habits.

DH is off on a camping trip this weekend with co-workers. It's a miserable start to the weekend for sure. Very high winds. About 55F/15C and rain rain rain. Tomorrow the weather icon is every weather: cloudy sunny rainy lightning. I have to load and unload the market stuff myself tonight and tomorrow morning and tomorrow afternoon. I feel like calling in sick at the market but I probably won't.

He did put in for some summer holidays finally. The last two weeks of July so he got primetime holidays. We have no plans.:(

Anyway I'll just keep getting back on track when I go off. Eventually it will stick again. Like others here, I too need to freshen up my whole foodplan and outlook. And as always you guys inspire me. Thanks.

Beverlyjoy I like seeing your Beck habits list growing. I know you've had your on and off days lately too and it's great to see you get yourself back into the swing of things. *credit* for your willingness to keep moving forward.

Lexxiss Hello Friend. Sorry this extra crisis has landed in your lap but boy you sure seem all set to navigate whatever it is that life throws at you. It is extremely credit&kudos worthy. You make me realize how badly I either need to find my beck book or get a new one. :hug:

maryann Credit for all your positive actions and thanks for the heads up about the weightloss journal on the Beck site. I'm going to go check it out. Kudos also for getting through the emotions of the end of term and beginning of the summer feelings.

BillBlueEyesKudos for buying sandals you need to continue to walk in to break in. Smart. This is strategy that can be applied to all seasons: winter boots, rain galoshes, dressyish shoes etc. Perhaps this is your diet book BBE! Discomfortably Thinner or something like that. Kudos for knowing when to say when re: brie and the rest of the day's eating. Excellent.

Must go--have to get cat food or the cats will bother me all night.


06-02-2012, 12:20 AM
Hello everyone. I'm a new chickie. Really enjoying all the support and encouragement on this web site. My daughter has used the Beck Solution to help her lose weight. I ordered and copy and have just received it. I'm on chapter 3. This approach really makes a lot of sense to me and I am excited to finish reading the book. One of the things that really stood out to me so far was "every calorie counts". That should be obvious, but it is amazing the games we can play with ourselves thinking something doesn't really count. Every calorie counts is my new mantra.

06-02-2012, 07:27 AM
:welcome: Melody (melodyjoy) :welcome:

How did you discover the books by Dr. Judith Beck?

And how did you find this Beck forum on 3 Fat Chicks?

06-02-2012, 07:33 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies - Good eating day, CREDIT moi. Yesterday was National Donut Day which meant a FREE donut at every Krispy Kreme or Dunkin' Donuts in my area. And I had . . . NONE. It was easy, provided that I didn't enter any of those dens of iniquity, but would have been a challenge if I wandered in and wafted the smells for a nano-second.

Exercise was gym, CREDIT moi, and several good walks in my new sandals. I don't walk as fast in sandals - just absorb the notion of leisure from the foot up.

onebyone – A scheduled vacation time is a good start - now you know you gotta plan something. Major Kudos for getting those two grant applications in on time.

Debbie (Lexxiss) – Hope your DH's surgery went well yesterday, and he's home and recovering. Big Kudos for facing tough with tough instead of folding or whining.

Beverlyjoy – I'm grateful that smores have never been a major draw for me - perhaps you have to have a girl scout childhood for that. Neat that you plan ahead to have exactly one.

maryann - Yep, no scale owns us, "I am treating it as information." Kudos for a WIN day.

Melody (melodyjoy) – What a great mantra, "Every calorie counts" - we do seem to miss that as we imagine that our gut knows about the denial in our brains.

Neat that your DD is already a role model for you so that you know that the Beck approach works. Are you reading the green book or the pink book? Glad that you've joined us.

Readers - chapter 6 Stage 3 The Challenging Situations Plan
challenging situations skills
Special Advice for Entertaining at Home
Here are some ideas for you to consider:
. . .
Take time to eat properly. Sometimes hosts get so busy that they pick at food all night instead of having a proper meal. Make sure to sit down, eat slowly, and enjoy every bite.
. . .

Judith S. Beck, Ph.D., The Complete Beck Diet for Life (Green book), pg 153.

06-02-2012, 09:11 AM
BillBlueEyes: Yes, hubby built it himself. If was on our front deck and he moved it to the back yard, it is so peaceful, not overlooking a lake (that would be AWESOME!), but nice and quiet, well except for the rooster when we are out there in the morning! But we really are enjoying it.

Eating is ok, could be better, but such is life, one day is up and another down, just like the scale:D. This week I am fasting from the scale everyday and not weighing in until next Saturday!

Ok, breakfast, church and then work! Have a blessed day all.

06-02-2012, 09:15 AM
Hi Coaches,

I'm back again ! I got super busy getting the garden in, and also we planted grass & laid some sod. Watering and planting have consumed so much time.

My weight hasn't been going down even though I'm getting back into all my Beck skills. I decided to dig deeper into the skills, as well as increasing the level of nutrition tracking. I do best when I do a full nutritional breakdown of foods and recipes, including the grams of fat. My diet had slipped to a higher fat version since I slacked up and only counted straight calories. I hope to see movement downward again soon.

I started listening to the Beck pink book on CD and taking lots of notes. It has helped me think Beck thoughts throughout the day more. I'm listening more closely for sabotaging thoughts now.

It is nice to check in with all of you. The day-to-day words you share mean a lot to lurkers, so thanks.

06-02-2012, 01:08 PM
Bonjour Coaches

I want to thank maryann for the mention of the worksheets at the Beck site. Not only did I print off the whole (45 day) daily worksheets to begin again (yes I am beginning again), but I also printed 4 copies of the advantages to weightloss sheet so I can always have one at hand/in purse/on wall/beside bed as well as 2 copies of the distractions activities chart. I need to really arm myself to get past this mental plateau and resistance that I find myself dealing with. I've got to move forward now or I will move the scale up just to stop cycling through the same 5-8lbs.

I have to say ... I skype with my sister almost daily and these days when I see myself in the tiny screen on the monitor, I have these shadows and "jowliness" around my mouth and lower jaw that wasn't there before. I think the physical transition stages are scary to me. It's extremely irrational to me. Like I know my looks will cahnge from 290+ to 250+ and on down the scale, but actually dealing with the changes is scary as I have no idea and no control really over how I will look--how my shape changes--if or when this jowliness will leave/get better/get worse. These are all matters of acceptance and self-acceptance and process. I do think the feeling this is stirring up is part of the reason I am stalling out at this weight. I *know* I am entering territory I just haven't been in in 9 years, and only briefly then. Previous to that it was about 10-15 years that I was at that weight. Not much experience with it and then toss in the aging factor and I know for sure I won't see an age 30 face staring back at me when I am almost 50.

wow. does that make me feel sad right now. holy cow. I REALLY have to get a handle on getting this weight off. Time is going by so fast.

OK enough of this public moaning and groaning.


Enjoy your weekend.

06-02-2012, 05:28 PM
Hi coaches... quick check in. GREAT day yesterday.... until right before bed.
DH was eating the smore ingredients. (Bad weather has postoned the campfire until tonight.) I started fixating on chocolate & graham crackers and gave into it right before bed. I must learn that just because DH eat something.... doesn't mean I get to have it too. As soon as the campfire is over.... the leftover graham crackers, marshmellos, and chocolate will GO away.

He just came home with candy from the Speedway. Here we go... I must learn to live with it around and NOT eat it. I've gone down this road for years. Keeping the environment 'easy' is what I need to strive for. Always a process.

Yesterday I took over twenty minutes eating my dinner - tasted each bite, put my fork down, and took a few deep breathes before I began. Credit! I got on the scale this morning and it was down a pinch. YAY

Have a great day.

06-02-2012, 08:12 PM
Hi coaches... . I must learn that just because DH eat something.... doesn't mean I get to have it too.

I understand!! I have the same problem!!

06-03-2012, 02:26 AM
Hi Coaches!

Thanks for all the kind wishes. DH's surgery went well and we got him over the divide and to our home near Denver. The surgery was postponed 3 hours and my choice became fast food or revisiting the hunger experiment. I know I can live without food when I'm hungry (thx BDS)but last night did not seem an appropriate time to just not eat. I made a "better choice" at taco bell. Good thing, as we didn't arrive home until after midnight and I had to be to work at 530 am.

Today was a healthy day yet I did not resist and finished DH's pancake/egg lunch. He's still eating light and I need to remember it's not "my job" to finish his food. credit for resisting all tastes at work today.

BBE, glad I missed natl donut day. lol Kudos for the standdown! I'm visualizing your new sandals as I am wearing my new Dansko clogs, which made my feet feel better after work. It's my hope they will become my summer work shoe.

MelodyJoy, welcome! Glad you are joining us and that you've already found a mantra.

onebyone, great job downloading all the worksheets! They really help.

Beverlyjoy, a powerful statement regarding your DH's food. It is hard. credit for willingness!

CatholicCajun, kudos for checking in amidst a busy life.

MaryAnn, I like your new advantage card...still remembering (from you) that it is much easier to take action now than in 10 or 20 pounds.

Woodland, nice to hear from you and great that you are "digging deeper".

Ok, better check up on my patient.

06-03-2012, 07:04 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies - It rained all day, cancelling an event on the Charles River with good music, performances, exhibits - stuff that encourages lots of fun walking. When it finally slowed down enough, I walked, CREDIT moi, to Whole Foods practicing my mantra That's Not About Me the whole way with the plan for one (1.0) FREE fruit sample at the door and ignore the rest. Did that, but then encountered FREE Portuguese Fish Stew samples. <sigh> . . . I ruled that rare and unusual (I've only had it once before in my life) and had the sample. Good enough. I counted nine other samples that I ignored. That felt good since I've been having a problem with their FREE samples recently.

Food was on plan, CREDIT moi, helped by having no dried fruit or nuts in the house since they've been the target of my over snacking. At one point when I was feeling a little cabin fever since I couldn't go out in the rain, I had a glass of water which resolved the desire for a snack. I need to remember that one more often.

onebyone – Thanks for posting the link to the Beck worksheets. Perhaps the part that stays the same as your weight changes is that you still have to face the challenges of today. Kudos for confronting the body image issues arising from your new shape. I hit that when I had to deal with my negative feelings that I had nice smooth skin when stretched out by fat, which then reduced to age-appropriate unsmooth skin.

Debbie (Lexxiss) – Yay for your DH having successful surgery and then surviving a drive over the top of the Rocky Mountains. Kudos for making a "better choice" when options were limited. I Amazon'd Dansko clogs - all you need to add is a pole across your shoulders to look like a proper Dutch lady.

Beverlyjoy – Ouch for the rain delay on smores. I saw smores wrapped in plastic packages at Whole Foods yesterday and was offended. They are only allowed when constructed at campfires at night. I also like your insight that you don't have to track your DH's eating.

Woodland - Kudos for attending to the Sabotaging Thoughts issue. I continue to be startled by the stuff one network of neurons will throw up to challenge the others. It's not a united congress up there. Glad to hear that you're lurking when you're not posting.

Tammy (CatholicCajun) – Neat to just accept, "one day is up and another down" - equanimity is a good start to most things dear. Enjoying the image of picking up a gazebo and moving it.

Readers - chapter 6 Stage 3 The Challenging Situations Plan
challenging situations skills
Special Advice for Entertaining at Home
Here are some ideas for you to consider:
. . .
Give away the leftovers. Have containers and food storage bags on hand, and ask people to take the extra food that you think will be too tempting.

Judith S. Beck, Ph.D., The Complete Beck Diet for Life (Green book), pg 153.

06-03-2012, 11:21 AM
Hi coaches/buddies/friends... I am doing the happy dance. I finally had a healthful food day. I am so grateful. When faced with extra of this or that I 'shouted' back at those sabatoging thoughts.

We were outside for hours getting the gardens finished up and I missed lunch. So I added some protein to my afternoon snack and it worked out OK. Grateful to remember that eating isn't an emergency.

I planned for a s'more - I had it and savored it. I had an extra dime size piece of chocolate when it was left in the wrapper. The fixn's went home with the neighbors. Grateful for the willingness to try.

My mom is coming over for lunch today. Grilling hamburgers and a turkey burger for me. I am taking green beans and mushrooms with a small about of evoo and garlic powder for a tasty side.

Some credits for yesterday:
ate seated mostly
no seconds
lots of water
weighed - the same
wrote down my food

Need to work on reading Beck and cards!

lexxiss/debbie - I am so very glad to hear that you DH's surgery went well. Credit for making a good choice when it was so easy not to at Taco Bell. The pancake finish up is over. Hop right back on your plan and you'll be fine, of course.

onebyone - thanks for the link!

Gotta go, quick... I"ll try to get back.

06-03-2012, 12:52 PM
Good Morning, Coaches.

Beverleyjoy: "we shouldn't focus on what we didn't do... but what we did" A fabulous reminder this morning.

onebyone: I completely understand how you feel about the "jowliness." I think you and I are almost the same age (I'm 48) It is scary to me to lose "my looks to age" I say that because that is the view of society. Women over fifty are rarely perceived as sexy or attractive. We become delegated to "motherly" or if in the business world "war hounds". As I lose weight, as my food becomes less dominant in my life, other pains and fears come to the front - the ones that have been masked by the addiction. I am grieving the loss of being "the pretty young thing" But what is the truth? Being 200 pounds in my youth, it was relatively few years that I could "rely" on my looks for attention. As a result, I developed personal skills, talents, improved my mind and my compassionate heart, my artistic self. All of these things stay intact as I age, in fact they flourish. Those who relied solely on youth and beauty have nothing in reserve. I am lucky. I see my husband facing a similar battle with his diminishing strength. He defined himself for many years by his capacity to work physically as a farmer. He can't work the way he use to and it scares him.

I know I am going on and on, but this is a critical point for me. I am losing weight because I am a precious child of a compassionate maker and God expects me to treat myself with kindness and love - no matter what age. In the end, a person free from addiction, centered in love and service is the most attractive person on earth.

As for me, I filled out my journal, read my Day 6, gave myself much more credit yesterday, planned for walk, slowed down when I ate breakfast this morning by praying in between bites.

Miral Paris
06-03-2012, 01:05 PM
Hi. I am new and just got my tracker (I like it). I read the Beck books and they were helpful. I've got a long way to go, but people here inspire me.

06-03-2012, 07:03 PM
BillBlueEyes: It took some Cajun ingenuity but they got it done. Leave it to a Cajun to take a gazeebo and put it on a trailer (the kind you get at home depot) tie it down and bring it to that back yard and it's still in one piece!

06-03-2012, 09:35 PM
BillBlueEyes, Thank you for the welcome! I learned about the Beck Solution Book from my mother. She learned about it from my daughter, who gave her a copy. It's all in the! I found this forum as it is listed on the main forum page under "Diet Central." I thought it would be a good place for me to check in as I am currently reading the book and working on applying the process. Look forward to keeping up with everyone here. Blessings to all. :dance:

06-04-2012, 07:46 AM
:welcome: Miral Paris :welcome:

How did you find out about the books by Dr. Judith Beck?

And how did you find this Beck Forum on 3 Fat Chicks?

06-04-2012, 08:01 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies - Did a terrific job when facing a table of cookies and homemade stuff, CREDIT moi. Particularly pleased to ignore two especially yummy things that were in abundance and being enjoyed by the whole bunch of people. The packaged cookies included several of my favorites, so the urges were there. At the end while helping to clean up, I took the package with one remaining dark chocolate covered graham cracker over to a teenager and asked him to make it disappear. No problem, teens are eating machines.

Limited exercise in the cool and rain. Did put in the last tomato plant, CREDIT moi, and happily observed that the sugar snaps are only a day or so away from ready. Lettuce hasn't done so well this year.

Beverlyjoy – Just love the drama, "'shouted' back at those sabatoging thoughts" - Kudos for staying the path. Yay for garlic.

maryann - Such a beautiful thought, "In the end, a person free from addiction, centered in love and service is the most attractive person on earth."

Tammy (CatholicCajun) – Yay for "Cajun ingenuity" - I'm impressed. Not to mention jealous of a backyard big enough for a gazebo, LOL.

Melody (melodyjoy) – Wow, a three generation Beck family; you guys can inspire each other. And avoid some of the pitfalls of family dinner situations where grandma is trying to force favorite dishes on the younger generations. Have you made your Advantages Card yet?

Miral Paris - Yay for the new tracker (I can see it on your user page with the whiskered cat even though not on this post). Have you read the pink book or the green book?

Is it time for you to revisit making your Advantages Card? Sometimes we change our thinking and benefit by additions. Glad you've joined us.

Readers - chapter 6 Stage 3 The Challenging Situations Plan
challenging situations skills
Confidently Follow Your Plan at Extended Family Dinners

Family dinners require you to combine skills from social events and holiday eating (pages 155-157). You will also have to learn how to stay true to your plan in the face of strong emotions - either positive or negative. You will need to be really good at saying no to food pushers (pages 141-143), too, as some families have strong beliefs about food and eating. For example, your family members many comment on the foods you are eating or not eating, complain that you are eating differently from them, or try to ply you with alcohol.

Judith S. Beck, Ph.D., The Complete Beck Diet for Life (Green book), pgs 153-154.

06-04-2012, 09:22 AM
Hi Coaches,

My weekend was productive. Lots of house activities and even a visitor. I continue to map out my food more carefully. I calculated the nutrition in some recipes, so now I have estimates of appropriate serving sizes. I hate not knowing because often I think I've had to much, when sometimes I have not.

I've decided to take my list of common sabotaging thoughts and map them to the 'errors in thinking' list. So far many of them are in the 'justification' category. It is interesting to do, and makes the thoughts seem more obvious and less damaging.

Have a nice week everyone!

06-04-2012, 11:44 AM
Morning all. I am at work on this board so don't tell my other workers, it sets a bad example!! LOL! Anyway have our food all measured out, we will be working with a salesman today and have a one hour drive home, once home I know what is for supper and NO SNACKING after supper. Am still fasting for 7 days from the scale, trying to bread the daily weigh in cycle. Have a blessed day.

06-04-2012, 01:33 PM
Hello Everyone,

I am still around and following all your posts. I've been really busy at work and at home I'm spending more time outside in the garden and yard and not getting close to a computer screen. And that doesn't feel so bad to me except that I'm not checking in with all of you.

My weight is still the same and now I think it's a psychological thing, the last time I was consistently in the 160's was in 1987. I think now that I'm there again my brain is thinking "I never expected to be here so this is a good place to stop". I'm not quite willing to stop yet but have decided to change my goal to 155. This is so much more of a "mind-game" than anything for me.

I hope to get back for personals soon. :wave:

06-04-2012, 02:05 PM
Thank you for the mention of the worksheets at the Beck web site. I am still new to the Beck Diet Solution and am still reading the book. I had not checked out the web site until now. I just printed out the worksheets and am ready to get started with it. I know this will help keep me focus on what I really want to do. It certainly does take re-training your brain to make better decisions. I'll keep you updated as to my progress and look forward to following everyone else, too. What a great community of support this is! :wave:

06-04-2012, 07:36 PM
Hi... I am checking in. Sunday was an on plan day. I had a nightmare, woke up in the middle of the night and ate extra food. I am not sure if it counts for today or Sunday. LOL I think I am counting it in for Sunday.

I did many of my Beck tasks.

I got a package of Weight Watchers Dark Chocolate on Raspberry ice cream on a stick. DH was buying ice cream bars for himself. I actually planned a couple... and had to throw away the rest. It's too soon.(I was obsessed and it was just easier to let them go in the trash covered with dish soap.) I'll leave my ice cream getting to the DQ's no sugar added fudge bar for 50 calories. Just get ONE at a time.That is a more controlled setting and keeping my environment 'friendly' for food sanity.



So glad you posted. You will find people here friendly, supportive with much wisdom.

Melody - glad you found the sheets online. I was happy to find them too.

Tazzy - I am happy to hear that you are maintaining your weight. It can be 'scary' venturing into VFT (virgin fat territory) - where you haven't been in a long long time. Carry on the best you can.

Catholic Cajun - Credit for planning and measuring ahead!

MaryAnn - you said: I've decided to take my list of common sabotaging thoughts and map them to the 'errors in thinking' list. So far many of them are in the 'justification' category Good idea to do and reminder.

Billbe - CREDIT for passing up the goodies! Good move on the passoff to the teens. When my son was a teen, growing up... his friends and he would swarm through the kitchen like locus.... eating it all.

Gotta run!

06-04-2012, 09:48 PM
Wow! I had a major breakthrough today. After several hours of dealing with a frustrating computer issue, I finally gave up feeling very stressed. My usual response would be to grap something sweet, some comfort food. I really wanted it. But, I made myself a protein drink, and much to my suprise I was satisfied and the craving for something sweet and comforting left. I stayed on plan. :carrot: I'm feeling like maybe I can do this. Maybe you can teach an old (OK - semi-old) dog new tricks. Yay! Happy dance...:dance:

06-04-2012, 11:44 PM
Hi Coaches!

Cheering us all on!


melodyjoy, credit for choosing a healthy option when faced with stress! I think one of the neatest things about BDS is learning that we can do this.

BBE, I love that innovative thinking...give it to a teen! I really get satisfaction when I can accomplish a "pass off".

:wave: everyone else!

It's 830 pm and I have DH tucked in. I am anticipating some moments for myself and have one more chore. Today was a good Beck day, filled with many opportunities to resist nibbles at work. An OP day :yay:

Last night, I had a major success. DH was extremely grumpy and was looking for a spat. Too much pain...anyway, I told him I was not going to engage in it. He kept up so I told him I'd be downstairs if he had an emergency but if he needed help w/anything else he could call me on my cell and apologize. I had an enjoyable evening on my own within hearing distance and did not need to get into any emotional

I came home today and my dream came true-DH was in a good mood and was hungry for "meat". Since we don't eat so much meat any more I've been thinking on creative ways to clean out the freezer. DH's wish fit the bill. I fixed pork-he loved it, so I fixed chicken which he loved, too. I must dig further into the stash since my goal is to totally reorganize the small in kitchen freezer to better suit our current eating habits.

06-05-2012, 06:51 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies - Cool and wet all day - seasonally inappropriate. But I walked in the light rain, CREDIT moi, to an evening event where there was food. I chose well, CREDIT moi, and was capping off a perfect food plan day until someone arrived late with dark chocolate sided shortbread cookies. I fell for those, Ouch. New resolve for today.

Hoping for clear skies to watch Venus transit the sun this evening. I watched eight years ago - just reveling in being part of the system.

Debbie (Lexxiss) – Yay for emptying the freezer and satisfying DH at the same time. Kudos for your continuing "many opportunities to resist nibbles at work."

Beverlyjoy – Sane strategy there, " Just get ONE at a time." I do find myself drawn to LARGE quantities of stuff; I drool over a four pound bag of almonds without much interest in just four.

Tazzy - Gardening is so much more sane than computering - good choice. Congrats for your time safely in the 160's.

Woodland - Oh Yes, is it ever easy to fall into 'justification' - so many good ones. Kudos for working that.

Tammy (CatholicCajun) – Hope it wasn't one of those salesmen who shows up with Krazy Kreme donuts to lubricate sales, LOL. Yay for continuing your 7 day plan to avoid the scale.

Melody (melodyjoy) –Yay for finding the Beck Institute web site for all sorts of good reinforcements. Gotta agree, "It certainly does take re-training your brain to make better decisions." Kudos for abandoning the stress and moving forward.

Readers - chapter 6 Stage 3 The Challenging Situations Plan
challenging situations skills
Confidently Follow Your Plan at Extended Family Dinners

Created a Family Dinner Mindset
When adults spend time with their families, they sometimes revert to old patterns of thinking and behaving - and sometimes start feeling like children again. To help maintain your mature, adult mindset, read a Response Card such as the following:FAMILY DINNER RESPONSE CARD
I need to decide what is right for me to do and what
is right for me to eat, even if it bothers other people.
I may feel more emotional (either positively or
negatively) than usual, but it's so important for me to
stick to my plan anyway and to prove to myself that
I can absolutely stay strong.

Judith S. Beck, Ph.D., The Complete Beck Diet for Life (Green book), pg 154.

06-05-2012, 08:54 AM
I'm enjoying digging deeper into the sabotaging thought identification skill. I like pulling the blankets off these sneaky unhelpful thoughts, shining a light on them and taking away their power.

I think the Beck skills work for me because I like information. I like my chosen diet of calorie (and nutrition) counting, seeing the scale everyday, thinking about thoughts, etc., because it is data. I can see the data written down. It takes away the self deluding part of eating and makes me honest with myself.

06-05-2012, 09:27 AM
Hi coaches/friends - A good on plan day yesterday (90 %op). I pushed throught my sabataging thoughts. I wanted to eat lots of unplanned foods in the evening, but ended up going to bed earlier than usual. Some credits:

planned/measured/logged food
used distraction techniques
lots of water
did my exercises
ate seated, mostly
no seconds
left a bite

Today this came through on the Beck Facebook page:
**Tuesday Reality Check: If you were driving on the highway and missed your exit, you wouldn’t think, “Well, I’ve blown it now,” and continue driving four more hours in the wrong direction. No! You’d get off at the very next exit and turn around. The same is true for dieting – the moment you make a mistake, turn yourself around and get right back on track.**
Such a good reminder!

melodyjoy - I will join in the happy dance with you. Credit for changing a behavior & not eating when faced with stress. Carry on!

lexxiss/debbie - credit for not eating when DH was 'crabby'. You did all the right things & took care of you. YAY.

billbe - I think it would be very hard to resist that cookie. Having only one is a credit, really. You were right op all the other part of the day. Carry on! Also, thanks for your daily Beck post from the book. I will copy down that info on a card.

woodland - thanks for sharing your feelings on your sabatoging thoughts & how your information keeps away the delusions of living with food. Good reminder.

Today I am taking my mom to the doctor. I need to rehearse.

Have a great day!

06-05-2012, 12:00 PM
Good Morning, Coaches.

Welcome to the newbies.

I don't know what happened yesterday but I completely chose to space Day 7. I didn't write down my food. I didn't read. Etc... I know myself too well to think "Oh I was busy." This is my top priority - losing the five pounds I gained this school year and yet I don't read or write. I also thought this morning that it has been awhile since I have allowed my stomach to feel hallow. This is a clear sign that I am stuck . I have said it before and I will say it again, I will have to practice resistance - end of story. I would rather practice it now than when I am fifteen pounds heavier.

Credit for yoga yesterday and taking DS to In and Out Burger and only ordering a my burger protein style. Food is committed on paper for today and I have read Day 7.

Lexxiss: Credit for setting boundaries with your husband. Tough to do.
BBE: If I had to go to as many food events as you do I would really be in trouble.

06-05-2012, 11:51 PM
Hi Everyone!

Good day for me. Weighed, stayed the same. Went out for lunch and had pork & lettuce wraps, really yummy, low calorie and no wheat. Great Zumba class tonight, even my shins were sweating. Waiting for a wicked thunderstorm to arrive with predicted hail. Moved my herb plants and petunias under cover, the garden plants will have to "weather" the anticipated storm.

Be back later this week.

06-06-2012, 05:39 AM
Hi everyone, I'm new. I've been reading your thread. I've been floundering and more off my diet than on, and very scared I'll end up seeing "298" again. Okay.....hold the phone, I'm going to go weigh and get it over with....HOLY COW!!! 282!! Anyway....

Okay, excuses are over....I am on vacation from work for 12's a "take care of myself" type vacation. I'm staying home, and other than some usual type errands, I need to get into Beck book (I have the pink one) and start, now, this minute with Day 1. I also seriously need some physical activity -- I know that will improve my mood.

I am thankful for a thread to share the BDS experience, and it's helpful just knowing others are working on the same things....a healthful way of eating just isn't something that happens with my mouth and my's something that occurs in my head BEFORE I reach for food -- either the healthful food when I'm truly hungry, something that nourishes my body and sustains life....or the unhealthy food, or binge food that leads to obesity and all its problems, and takes away my initiative to live my best life. This is why I keep believing that BDS has to hold the solution, and obviously since I'm not doing so well on my own.

Soooooooooo in this house somewhere (maybe the room that is a little office, or maybe a closet) is a long forgotten tote bag that has the beck book inside, and I'm not doing anything else until I find it and read Day 1, and do whatever it tells me.

I CAN do this!

(thanks for listening)....

06-06-2012, 06:27 AM
:welcome: Elizabeth (Elizabeth779) :welcome:

How did you find our about the books by Dr. Judith Beck?

And how did you find this Beck forum on 3 Fat Chicks?

06-06-2012, 06:34 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies - Cool and wet all day - seasonally inappropriate. (Just used yesterday's sentence - it still works, LOL.) Eating was 100%, CREDIT moi, including salmon steak for dinner - it doesn't get better than that. Sides were baked sweet potato and Chinese Guy Lan (gorgeous dark green leaves) so it was a vibrant display of colors.

Used my walk, CREDIT moi, to gather unsalted roasted soy nuts, my favorite morning snack. Seems that Whole Foods no longer carries these in their bulk bins, but fortunately I know one store that sells them in a larger container. The clouds didn't part to allow me to view Venus transiting the sun at sunset. Yuck. NASA broadcast it live so I had it in a window on my computer . . . not the same, but good second choice. Think I'll use that as a motivation to eat extra healthy so I'll be here for the next one in 105 years, LOL.

Beverlyjoy – Thanks for the reminder to "turn yourself around and get right back on track" - my version of driving for four more hours is to have another cookie to chase the first.

maryann - Kudos for making it through In and Out Burger on plan. That place is on my Bucket List - it always gets rated way up there.

Tazzy - Hope your garden weathered the hail. Sounds like a stellar day.

Woodland - Love the perspective that uncovering Sabotaging Thoughts is getting data on the table.

Elizabeth (Elizabeth779) - So nicely put, "it's something that occurs in my head BEFORE I reach for food." Also think you're right on with the thought that a little physical activity "will improve my mood."

I'm guessing that you're reading the pink book - a great way to start. The first fourteen Days are just the best read ever. Good luck making your Advantages Card; that step opened my eyes a bit. Glad you've joined us.

Readers - chapter 6 Stage 3 The Challenging Situations Plan
challenging situations skills

family dinner skills
Try the following strategies:
Fortify your resolve before you go. Expect that this meal may be more difficult than normal and that you may have to work harder to stay in control.
Feel entitled. Bring one or more dishes that you know you can eat. You don't necessarily have to announce in advance that you're doing this.
. . .

Judith S. Beck, Ph.D., The Complete Beck Diet for Life (Green book), pg 154.

06-06-2012, 07:02 AM
Hi everyone -- I did the first step -- I FOUND the Beck was with some books on a shelf in my bedroom. So, I'll start reading and pick up with Day 1.

Thank you BBE for the nice AND BRIGHT welcome.

I first heard about Beck at the book store. My sister is a counselor who uses cognitive therapy. I bought the book since I was interested in the possibility of cognitive therapy approach utilized for weight loss strategies. I have read the book, but have not enacted the exercises and steps -- essential of course. I had fallen back on the idea that the problem was "the diet" and not "my habits that need to be modified through cognitive therapy". Out of desperation I am turning to BDS to help me with change my bad habits to better habits.

I love 3FC forum. I think in the world of online weight loss support websites and forums it is definitely the best. I was looking around the forum threads to see what support was available for changing my bad habits when I saw the Beck Diet Solution and remembered I had the book. is time to USE the book.

Thank you for asking, and thank you for listening....

I wish you a good day. Time for me to read BDS and sleep.

06-06-2012, 08:33 AM
Hi Coaches!

:welcome2: Elizabeth! This is a great spot for focusing on "the long run".

Me, extremely busy, but keeping focused on staying the course during this time. I work today, day off tomorrow and Friday we travel over the hill for Kirk's one week appt. Weight remains down, credit moi, as I've been very careful with food choices.

06-06-2012, 10:41 AM
Hi coaches/friends/buddies/becksters - Yesterday was mostly OP. Once again it was right before bedtime that got me. I was able to use my resistence techniques many times throughout the day. But, was not willing enough at bedtime.

One of my main goals for today will be to NOT add in a bunch of unplanned food in the evening, espcecially. DH had a dark chocolate candy bar in the freezer. There was a half a bar. I have planned for some - but, ate the rest. *sigh*. They I ate some dry cherrios. Not the worse things to eat, I know. However, it makes me feel bad because it felt bingey.

Wednesday is my official weigh day. I am trying to get used to weighing daily and get used to the daily fluctuations. This is very hard for me. I can become so obsessed with what the number says. This week my weight has fluctuated between 216 & 211. Today the scale said 212..... so I got to change my ticker. Down three pounds from 215 last Wednesday. :) Each morning before I step on the scale I keep saying... this is just information - this number doesn't have to 'make or break' your day.

All this being said... my usual MO is to have a binge on official weigh in day, if I lose. After all... I have a whole week until it's official again. NOT!!!! I swear, if I have to duct tape my mouth I will not binge tonight. (or today)

Some credits:
planned/measured/logged - until bedtime
ate seated mostly
no seconds
slow down sometimes
lots of water
took three deep breaths and my 'mantras' before a snack or meal
read arc
Must get the Beck book out today and move forward.

Lexxiss/debbie - so glad you are very focused during some stress these days -with your good choices. Credit!!!!

elizabeth 79 - WELCOME! So glad you posted. Folks here at the Beck forum are supportive, friendly and, ready to share any wisdom they think might help. I have read the first book too. It's a good one. I've read the second... and am now on the third! You said: a healthful way of eating just isn't something that happens with my mouth and my's something that occurs in my head BEFORE I reach for food I think we all need to tatoo this to our brains. lol

billbe - glad you found a new source for your soy nuts. Credit for a 100 % op day.

tazzy sounds like things are going along well. YAY... carryon. Many credits.

maryann - major credit on a healthy choice at the IN and OUT burger place. You said: I will have to practice resistance - end of story. I would rather practice it now than when I am fifteen pounds heavier. It's a good realization (and reminder for us too.)

Today is a quiet, at home day. Mostly writing and office work.

Have a great day, friends.

06-06-2012, 02:13 PM
Good Morning, Coaches.
Credit for yesterday OP until I went for a cupcake with the girl's after dinner. Still, scale back to ticker. Credit the numerous veggies and fruits I ate. They really are the key, aren't they? Off to juice bell pepper and romaine lettuce. I am determined to keep the momentum going. Also, trying to get cinnamon in my diet now. It is water insoluble so it has been tough to get it in my coffee.

06-06-2012, 05:29 PM

Nothing like hard manual labour to find out how you're doing physically. I've been working in my community garden for two days. I think I have two more days ahead of me but I am making real progress and it a) hasn't killed me and b) hasn't wrecked my back. yay.

My garden looks different from the others. Half of it is mounded up, mostly to just give me places to plant fast. It's working as I just planted 5 tomato plants: 2 yellow cherry pear tomatoes, 1 red cherry, 1 heirloom black, 1 your-usual-red. I have two spaces reserved in that row; 1 for the plants my MIL grew from seed, and I am going to experiment with planting tomatoes from seed. I am wondering if they will mature? The soil was nice and warm. I am super-satisfied with my garden efforts. Like down deep in my soul satisfied. Next to be planted are peppers, cucs, melons, squash, and potatoes. I have two more small beds to dig and ready for planting: carrots/parsnips/radishes... I want a bit of lettuce or bok choy or something and I need some shallots! Oh oh... where will the eggplant go I wonder?... hmmm....

My food is lowly calming down. My weight keeps climbing: 264.6 today. 261.4 yesterday. 259 the day before. Just numbers telling me I need to be and stay OP for a good stretch now. Luckily I need only focus on being OP today.

:wave: to the new Becksters! Welcome.

Off to figure out dinner...

06-06-2012, 09:34 PM
[B]BillBlueEyes[B]-actuallly every time this salesman comes he hints at how the other shops bake him cakes and give him treats, so he expects US to treat him-yeah right!:p

Still doing my "fasting" from the scales. Still doing good with my eating, just had boiled shrimp with a few bites of potatoes and crackers for supper and the best part was it was just enough for me and hubby, really enjoyed it!

Gotta go. have a blessed evening. Tammy:hug:

06-07-2012, 06:34 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies - Forgot to mention gym in yesterday's post - so belated CREDIT moi, LOL. Yesterday, itself, saw exercise by walking, CREDIT moi, that included an errand so that I didn't think about getting done, but about accomplishing the mission.

Eating was on plan, CREDIT moi. One thought of needing some extra snacks was handled by a glass of water. Yay for water.

onebyone – Congrats on that "hard manual labour" that "hasn't wrecked my back." You're reaping the benefits of the work on your body to date. Love that you've bringing that giant plot under control. You might just have a tomato-heaven summer.

Debbie (Lexxiss) – Just got reminded that you can spit one day and it drains into the Mississippi river system, and the next day you will spit into the Colorado river system. That's cool. Of course, "been very careful with food choices" is cool too, LOL.

Beverlyjoy – I can go for months ignoring a dark chocolate bar in the freezer, then fall for the call to go stuff it. Old habits require constant vigilance.

maryann - Yay for "numerous veggies and fruits" - gifts of the gods they all are.

Tammy (CatholicCajun) – Just drooling at the thought of casually having fresh shrimp from the Gulf anytime. We pay a fortune to have your shrimp flown up here, or slightly less for Maine shrimp that just doesn't compare. Yay for the good life.

Elizabeth (Elizabeth779) - You've certainly got the message clear per, "change my bad habits to better habits" - that does seem to be the step that helps us the most. Kudos for tracking down the book and getting started.

Readers - chapter 6 Stage 3 The Challenging Situations Plan
challenging situations skills

family dinner skills
Try the following strategies: . . .
Be assertive. Do what you need to do. Nicely say, "No, thank you," if someone pushes food or drink on you. Change the subject if someone starts talking about your eating, weight, or appearance, and you would rather not discuss it.
Take a walk. Excuse yourself and walk around the block if you find you're getting too stressed or tempted.
. . .

Judith S. Beck, Ph.D., The Complete Beck Diet for Life (Green book), pg 154.

06-07-2012, 09:15 AM
Hi All,

I'm still focused on listening to sabotaging thoughts and trying to figure out which type is my biggest problem. "Justification" and "Self Deluding Myself" seem to be the front runners. Also, the problem of getting back on plan after a small slip gets me too often. These habits are certainly difficult to break, and even when they seem under control, life events can kick them back into action. This is a life-long journey !!

Having all of you share your stories helps me see I'm not the only one fighting this battle. Thanks coaches !

06-07-2012, 09:39 AM
Hi All,

I'm still focused on listening to sabotaging thoughts and trying to figure out which type is my biggest problem. "Justification" and "Self Deluding Myself" seem to be the front runners. Also, the problem of getting back on plan after a small slip gets me too often. These habits are certainly difficult to break, and even when they seem under control, life events can kick them back into action. This is a life-long journey !!

Having all of you share your stories helps me see I'm not the only one fighting this battle. Thanks coaches !

Morning Woodland. Just wanted to say hang in there and you are soooo not alone!!!!:hug:

06-07-2012, 09:56 AM
I read this in the Eden Diet and it is soo my problem and thought I would share with you!
"If you want to lose weight and keep it off permanently, then you have to learn true hugner from false hunger. True hunger is physical. False hunger is mental. One takes place in the body the other in the mind. False hunger is a lie that originates in your head. It's when you need or want someting intellectually, emotionally or spiritually, and you're misled into believing food is the thing you are looking for".

Can I get a Amen!:D


06-07-2012, 10:21 AM
Hi Beckfolks.coaches.buddies... Yesterday was a very good food day. (about 95% op) I am grateful. I wanted to eat alot extra unplanned food in the evening, but, I used some of my resistence techniques and went to bed early. Of course, that means I got up earlier. But, because I take some morning medicine on an empty stomach and have to wait one hour before I eat.... this is helpful to me not getting up and just wanting to start eating right away.

I accomplished many goals:
planned/measured/logged food eaten
lots of water.
always left a bite
ate seated, mostly
no seconds
ate a bit slower
weighed - down

I do need to read my cards and book more consistently.

Today I go to see the orthosist (SP?). She's the lady who fitted me for my last ankle brace. I had trouble wearing it and ended up putting it away. She said I need a 1/4 in. lift in my right shoe under the brace. My doctor says no... I need a lift in my left shoe. So who to believe... the doctor (who beleives he knows what is really best for the desired outcome) or the lady (who's made and fitted these for 20 years)? It's put me in a quandary. BTW - this woman is someone that was very highly recommended to me.... not the usual person the doctor has used. hmm.... We'll see. I need to figure it out because my old ankle brace is not doing it's job.

Cajun Catholic - amen from me too.

Gotta go. I hope you all have a GREAT day. Treat yourself as kindly as you would a good friend.

06-07-2012, 11:32 AM
Hi Coaches!

A brief check in...

We have been up since 3 am. We got downstairs and drank coffee, etc, and talked alot about what we are looking at long term. I also did some reading on the internet. That said, my helper is coming at 10 to help me move our bed downstairs. The immediate goal is for DH to be more independent and it looks like any kind of stair stuff doesn't happen for at least 12 weeks. One step at a time. He's resting now and I'm going to try and get reorganized and into a new routine....paperwork, laundry, food, etc.

Yesterday I did pretty well with food choices, winging it as the day progressed, but I'd really like to get to a point of having more structure again. I will work on that today, as I have a day off. credit moi for not totally wiping out any sense of food sanity during this time. Fact of the matter, I seem like I am past that stage in my life. credit. I got on the scale this morning...dressed...more of a ritual than even looking for information today...and that is ok.

06-07-2012, 03:21 PM
Good Morning, Coaches.

This morning was not great. I have been waking up at night. I have not gotten 8 hours of straight sleep without a Tylenol PM in quite awhile. I have an appt. with the Dr. today. In addition, my buddy who was supposed to go travelling with me in the East Coast in three weeks called and cancelled because her cat is sick. This is the latest in thirty years of her bailing on me. I have a lot of feelings about it not the least of which is disappointment and anger. I am wondering if I am done with this relationship. I am no longer willing to be a doormat to people. I am not recovering from food addiction on a daily basis to allow myself to be continually disappointed and abused in other areas of my life.

This stuff makes me hungry but I am on a path of change and I will not eat through this.

Excellent OP day yesterday. Food is written down. I have plans for exercise. I have an AA meeting tonite. These things are steps to recovery.

Personals tomorrow.
Best to all.

06-07-2012, 06:39 PM

I've missed my weigh-ins at weight watchers for two weeks. I sincerely wanted to miss another week, but then my ww meeting leader facebooked me this morning. It's not as weird as it may sound as we have had some email contact and I invited her to my art show in Key West and her request to me my fb friend made me go to the meeting. It's a good thing I went. I am up exactly 5lbs. 5lbs is not 10, 15, 20, 30 or 50. The weigh-in person took the time to chat with me and to tell me she had regained and re-lost 30lbs over her mother's death and the other weigh-in person had re-gained and re-lost 50lbs over her mother's death so she was telling me she understands and she encouraged me to keep on keeping on. I assured her I would not stop trying and I won't. I feel like I got a new start today and it was a great great great relief to see *only* 260.8 and nothing more. This weigh-in coupled with my recent gardening acitvity makes me feel better. Guess, once more, it helps that someone cared enough to enourage me, to talk to me. I sound pathetic sometimes but it's still hard here. I just haven't replaced my longtime friends and nothing will replace them and only time will create those deep relationships with some of the new people I've met in the last year. The garden though is awesome. It makes me feel so good.

Better go--off to pick DH up at work.
Thanks for reading.

06-08-2012, 12:25 AM
I'm enjoying digging deeper into the sabotaging thought identification skill. I like pulling the blankets off these sneaky unhelpful thoughts, shining a light on them and taking away their power.

I think the Beck skills work for me because I like information. I like my chosen diet of calorie (and nutrition) counting, seeing the scale everyday, thinking about thoughts, etc., because it is data. I can see the data written down. It takes away the self deluding part of eating and makes me honest with myself.

I agree -- I like to know or find out how things work. I'm going to read those parts about the sabotaging thoughts also and figure out my thoughts and why I turn to food. I think I self-sabotage a LOT.

I like what you said about "it takes away the self-deluding part of eating".....I need to pull back the blankets off those thoughts and stop self-deluding myself.

Thank you for sharing your comments.:hug:

06-08-2012, 12:48 AM
MARYANN -- hang in there -- I have a sleeping disorder, and when your sleep is affected, EVERYthing is affected. Good for you for taking that to the doc -- hopefully, that will help get you back to sleeping better. Too bad about your travel plans, it's a bummer when people let you down, especially when it affects travel plans.

You said though: " This stuff makes me hungry but I am on a path of change and I will not eat through this.

Excellent OP day yesterday. Food is written down. I have plans for exercise. I have an AA meeting tonite. These things are steps to recovery."

I admire your determination to not let things get in the way of your plans for recovery and healing and health for yourself. That's important.

I had a good food day and BDS solution day also. Am reading the BDS like my life depends on it.

So, we'll just keep on keeping on.....We Can Do This -- one step at a time!

06-08-2012, 05:41 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies - Used the old glass of water trick again to ward off the munchis, CREDIT moi, so that I remained on my eating plan for the day. Both DW and I bought blue berries at the attractive seasonal price; breakfast has to include double the blueberries with my cereal. That's my notion of heaven. It's still too cold to eat outside around here - crazy June.

Walking, CREDIT moi, deliberately avoided Whole Foods and Trader Joe's. I'm not ready to restock the pantry with dried fruits and nuts - makes my favorite peanut butter and banana sandwich less tasty without the pecans, but I need to get my resistance muscle strengthened a bit more before I welcome that which I'm known to grab first.

onebyone – Yep, "keep on keeping on" sounds like a good companion to "Persist In Victory." It takes time to establish friendships; I wish you well. Yay for your awesome garden - what a conquest.

Debbie (Lexxiss) – Just amazing to think this is so, "I seem like I am past that stage in my life." Congrats for taking stock of your situation and just moving the bed to make life work. Hope the change allows less stress during your DH's summer of recovery.

Beverlyjoy – Hope you were able to resolve your left/right lift dilemma yesterday - seems like that choice matters. Kudos for dealing with your evening cravings.

maryann - Ouch for having to confront "disappointment and anger" over your East Coast trip. Hope you still make it to Acadia. Big Kudos for sticking to your "path of change."

Woodland - Neat to face your Sabotaging Thoughts. I'm a master at "Self Deluding Myself" - I can pull out "I don't care" with a perfectly straight face. Thanks for "This is a life-long journey !!"

Tammy (CatholicCajun) – Neat to be reminded of "true hunger from false hunger" - I'm not sure that I've experienced true hunger in years. Either my hunger-meter is broken or I'm just never long enough away from my last meal or snack. So, "Amen!!!" from me on that one.

Elizabeth (Elizabeth779) - I'm cheered by the enthusiasm, "Am reading the BDS like my life depends on it." It's good to be reminded that staying the path supports all the parts of our life. Thanks for that.

Readers - chapter 6 Stage 3 The Challenging Situations Plan
challenging situations skills

family dinner skills
Try the following strategies: . . .
Do deep breathing. If things get tense, take relaxing breaths (instead of a drink).
Defuse the tension. A little humor goes a long way when things are tense. Make light of others' critical comments. Let them roll off your back.

Judith S. Beck, Ph.D., The Complete Beck Diet for Life (Green book), pg 154.

06-08-2012, 09:26 AM
Yesterday did good. Drank water while doing paperwork. DID NOT SNACK after supper-big credit!! Have the stuff to make s'mores and had my fiber drink instead as an afternoon snack--BIGGER credit!
My fiber drink-1 cup pineapple juice, 1-container low fat yogurt, 1 scoop whey protein and 2 tbsp flax seed.

Have a blessed day. Tammy

06-08-2012, 06:07 PM
Hi Coaches.

My garden is all done. 18x18 feet of earth on lease to me for this growing season. How great.:val1: Love it soooo much. I've attached two jpgs: one of the wheelbarrow full of weeds from yesterday. The other my completed, completely planted, garden; picture taken mere hours ago. I am a real experimenter. I'm trying several things in this garden including trying to a)germinate and b)grow a rare Areni Jumbo Striped Banana Squash. Not sure what that will be like. There were only 6 seeds in the packet. My hope, of course, is to grow one of these squashes to maturity so I can save the seeds and help save one rare plant. I'm also trying to grow, from seed, in the garden, two different hot peppers: Hungarian Hot Black Pepper and Chinese 5 Colour Hot Pepper, plus Baby Finger Egglants, and two Cosmonaut Volkov Tomato plants. So very exciting. Nothing more hopeful than a garden just planted.

Aesthetically, my garden needs some cleaning up so I get to count that towards exercise *credit* all week long. Lots of hoeing, watering, and weeding in my future.

Foodwise, I tracked my food yesterday *credit* weighed in this morning: 259.4 (-2.9 or something) *credit* did exercise in the garden yesterday and today 2x*credit* and now look ahead to tomorrow's morning at the farmers' market. I think it's supposed to thunderstorm, but I stayed away last weekend when it was rainy AND cold so I am going no matter the weather. It bugged me all week I didn't go so I'd better just go.

And with that I am off.
TGIF Coaches!

06-08-2012, 07:14 PM
Yesterday did good. Drank water while doing paperwork. DID NOT SNACK after supper-big credit!! Have the stuff to make s'mores and had my fiber drink instead as an afternoon snack--BIGGER credit!
My fiber drink-1 cup pineapple juice, 1-container low fat yogurt, 1 scoop whey protein and 2 tbsp flax seed.

Have a blessed day. Tammy

Dang that sounds good. I'm going to try that. How much fiber in that?

06-08-2012, 07:24 PM
onebyone love the pic of your garden -- and kudos to you for pulling the weeds. I'm wanting a garden, but it's too late to plant here -- we will be having killer heat within weeks and baby plants would just die.....BUT I will be putting something in the ground. Might nurse along some established zucchini or somthing. Better yet, think I'll just start an herb garden in some 5 gallon buckets and put them on the patio so they will get some afternoon shade and call it good for now.

There is a ton of info on the internet about gardening. I have some books (love Square Foot Gardening).

Good for you for staying on program and getting your exercise in the garden.

My update: This is a BIG CREDIT for me. I have been in the habit of bingeing in my room late at night. I'm a night worker and day sleeper so late at night on days off I would bring my binge foods in here. Yesterday, I "fixed my environment" by getting rid of all food out of here. Nothing but water remains. Last night i was watching TV and was crocheting instead of snacking. Then I got a call from a friend about a problem, something that is sad. Then I wanted to eat, but decided i wasn't leaving my food-free zone unless this room caught on FIRE!!!! CREDIT BING! I stayed in here, did crocheting, finished the movie, said prayers for the sad situation and went to sleep. (Happy sigh). :):)

06-09-2012, 07:43 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies - Eating was on plan, CREDIT moi. DW made a new Thai dish of tofu broiled with peanuts and sauces. Seriously yummy. And I got to wear my vegetarian hat for the day.

Went out birding, walking (CREDIT moi) to a secret area in the suburbs that I'd never been to before. It was hidden from all the adjacent houses and contained a small hill from which we could see both the Boston skyline to the east and the Great Blue Hills to the south. We almost made it back to the car before the first thunderstorm; didn't get wet enough to complain. Then drove - slowly - through a downpour worthy of the Deep South. Just ferocious. That stopped and another followed it within minutes. Our plants welcomed the water, but would welcome a week's worth spread out more gently, LOL.

onebyone – Really curious about your "rare Areni Jumbo Striped Banana Squash" - you just don't do standard, LOL. Apparently the world has more squashes than I'm likely to get my hands on from local markets. Have a profitable Farmers' Market today.

Tammy (CatholicCajun) – Oh Yes, "BIGGER" Kudos for your fiber drink when s'mores were handy.

Elizabeth (Elizabeth779) - Kudos for establishing your "food-free zone" - what a neat Beck strategy to employ. Getting some seedlings going is a great way to start late.

Readers - chapter 6 Stage 3 The Challenging Situations Plan
challenging situations skills
family dinner skills

Memory Box Cards
The first time you follow your plan during a family dinner and find that experience particularly meaningful, file it in your Memory Box, as Heather did:Memory CardToday was Dad's birthday. Mom criticized me a lot
for not eating the birthday cake she had made. But
I didn't care! I didn't even feel like I had to take a piece
of cake home just to appease her. I remembered that
I'm in control of what I eat! I'm just not going to eat
what she wants me to - ever - unless I decide to
do so.
Judith S. Beck, Ph.D., The Complete Beck Diet for Life (Green book), pg 155.

06-09-2012, 11:47 AM
Good Morning Everyone!

Again been awhile since I posted and that trend may continue for a month or so. Work is very busy with summer events coming so no time at the office to come here and write. I find if I start looking for one thing online it leads to another and I've lost an hour of time. Best to not start looking :o

Weighed today, down .6, happy about that as we had spaghetti and meatballs with garlic bread last night, not a veggie in site outside of the pasta sauce. And not sure that counts as one either. Today will be a busy day in our house, it's our 5th anniversary, I have a Zumba class at 10:30am and a hair cut at 2:30pm. DH thought we could take DS and all go to a movie, they both want to see The Dictator with Sasha Baron Cohen. Can't say that one is on my radar at all, I'll make them a deal and take them to the mall before my haircut and then go back and meet them after the movie. There's a sale at Old Navy on summer dresses so I'll check that out and a book store at the mall instead. I'm putting together a pulled pork recipe in the crock pot for dinner so it will be ready when we get home. None of this really romantic but great none the less.

Lots of catching up to do on personals:

onebyone Love your garden space, by the sounds of your list of plants you really like tomatoes! Last year I had 2 tomato plants in pots and we could not keep up with them, we just don't eat that many I guess. Every morning I open the kitchen blinds and check out the garden to see what's gotten bigger. Almost everything is doing well, lettuce not so good but maybe I'll just plant another row and see how it does. The potatoes are really slow too. We've had lots of moisture, not enough heat though. The poor trees in Calgary are so confused with our really warm winter that a lot of them still do not have all their leaves out. I feel your pain with the weeds and thistle. That stuff has roots that go on forever. If there was a good use for that crop I'd be in farming heaven! It's one I can apparently grow really well.

BBE I get the impression you watch a lot of birds! We put birdseed in our feeder this year and have a whole new array of birds to watch. Our boys built 2 birdhouses a few years ago while spending a week with my parents in the country and DH put them up on the fence last year. We've had some prospective tenants checking them out, DH thinks they might be swallows. We really need to get a bird book to check these things out. One of my co-workers suggested adding a bird bath as that really attracts them as well. I know they are here a lot as I heard them at 4:30am this morning and as late as 10pm at night.

cajuncatholic Credit for a fibre drink over s'mores. How big of a serving of yogurt do you use? I always buy the bigger multi-serving containers. Sounds yummy, I'll have to try it. I like adding a drop or two of coconut extract in anything with pineapple juice, then it tastes like a pina colada to me.

Lexxiss Sorry to hear about DH's injury and surgery. You really have your plate full and always manage to keep things balanced. Big credit for that!

maryann Credit for having a road to recovery plan. Hope your doctor's appointment went well. Sorry to hear about the struggle with your friend. After 30 years I'm guessing she does not even realize what she's been doing. Is she that way with others as well?

beverlyjoy How did things go with the appointment for your new ankle brace?

woodland Glad to see you back fighting the battle with the rest of us.

:wave: hello to all the newcomers as well.

06-09-2012, 07:55 PM
Good afternoon, Coaches. The Dr.'s appt went well but was VERY emotional. I can't get past my disappointment in my friend. Too little sleep is not helping. I went to an appt. with my therapist and together we made a sleeping plan and worked on the feelings of grief I have.. I am letting the friend go. This is the last time I will let her cancel on me. For thirty years I have allowed the chaos in her life to be more important than my needs. I have allowed it because it felt like home and my family of origin all over again when I was invisible and things were scary all the time. It breaks my heart to let her go but she is really the last chaotic relationship I have. I have outgrown her. I choose sanity.
Credit for not overeating although I didn't write down my food and I had a few sweets the last couple of days. Really, minimal damage. I have written down my food today, read my retro Day 10. I am sad, broken hearted but my beautiful DS is with me, loyal DH and a host of other people in my life.

Tazzy: Happy Anniversary! I don't want to see the dictator either.
Elizabeth779: Thank you for your kinds thoughts. Congrats on changing your environment. That was key for me. Also key was the willingness to throw food away once I started binging. I took a tip from Beverleyjoy and started pouring dish soap on the contraband so I wouldn't change my mind later and dig in the trash. (It has been known to happen)
Onebyone: HUGE credit for going back to weight watchers. Terrific. It is not how many times we fall away from sane eating. It is how many times we go back to it.

06-09-2012, 08:07 PM
Coaches, Hi.

I'm tracking my food today *credit* and it's a bit high but it's ok. I am super-tired. And my forearm is sore from the sun aka a sunburn. But surprisingly, I am not sore from working int he garden. This is baffling to me. It was only that first day that I had achiness. I think this is awesome even if I don't get it.

I had my best market day so far today. Not sure what to make of it, except to express gratitude. The bulk of my sales went to the market manager. her husband bought her a painting and he bought his daughter a painting. It was a very satisfying transaction. Outside of these sales ther were a few other nibbles. $-wise I think I have already paid for the season. You can't beat that with a market that goes until the end of October. I guess the lesson here as with everything all the time is persistence and showing up. And trying, not giving up. See where this is heading Coaches? Yeah. I know you know. As with our Beck program and our various weightloss programs we need to keep showing up, keep re-focuisng even when it looks like it's not working, even when we feel we can't do it, even when "it was better when" and it doesn't feel like it'll ever be that great again. You just keep moving forward. There is no other real choice anyway.

More credits:
*weighing in to see 257.something (-2.something) this morning
* setting up and tearing down my booth today in the heat

Talk more later...

06-10-2012, 05:59 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies - A good eating day, CREDIT moi. Including a slice of banana bread from a yard sale for my afternoon snack. DW had asked me to buy her a brownie but I got us both banana bread - no regrets. Also got a nearly new canvas bag with an embroidered Harvard University patch for only a buck. Must have been from a Yale family, LOL. Good enough for groceries.

Exercise was gym, CREDIT moi, and various walk abouts. Trip to our garden harvested a bag of super sweet sugar snaps - what a joy that was. I sampled right from the vine. I give myself permission to eat standing up when I'm in the garden facing sugar snaps.

onebyone – Good grief, TWO paintings in one day. When it rains, it pours. Congrats for a body that isn't sore from all that gardening.

maryann - Kudos for chasing down the disappointment to keep the situation from knocking you off balance. And Monster Kudos for "Onward."

Tazzy - Happy 5th Anniversary - may you have many, many more. LOL at pasta sauce counting as a veggie. That reminds me that folklore has it that tomato ketchup served with school lunches was declared a vegetable by the U.S. Government a few administrations ago. Kudos for planning a neat day that fits your family instead of a romantic fantasy. (I'll pass on the Dictator, also.) [Yep, an American Robin took a bath on our ground birdbath during my lunch yesterday only four feet from my face. Eyed me suspiciously, then just did it. The local Blue Jay makes a huge racket and won't touch the water until we go back inside, LOL.]

Readers - chapter 6 Stage 3 The Challenging Situations Plan

Confidently Follow Your Plan During Holidays
Holidays are difficult. Some of the difficulty is practical. We run around, we have less time, we're exposed to food at every turn. Some of the difficulty is psychological and requires a mindset change.

Judith S. Beck, Ph.D., The Complete Beck Diet for Life (Green book), pg 155.

06-10-2012, 09:08 AM
G'mornin' Coaches.

If my tiny Looloo cat wasn't curled up on my lap right now I'd be off to the garden, so, while I let her sleep on me, aka her warm furniture, I thought I'd send off a post to my Beck friends.

*credit* for weighing in this morning. I had to laugh. Yesterday's weigh-in was 256.8, which was less than what I noted here, and when I saw that a little :woohoo: went on inside me. And then I saw today's weight: 259.4 (+2.6lbs). I chuckled. I didn't eat 7000+ more calories yesterday. Silly body! Silly gravity and measuring instruments! I look forward to tomorrow's weigh-in.

I think we're seeing the Avengers this afternoon. The 3D version too. Go big or go home right?

I need to make a food plan for the day, which I'll do now, then it's off to visit and water my garden. Wonder if anything germinated??? According to the packets most germination is a minimum of 5 days from planting, in ideal conditions no doubt. It's always a crap shoot to me whether I have planted things too deep or not. Many of my seeds said they needed to be 0.5 or 0.6cm in the ground. Being in the 1st generation of Canadian kid to make the change from the Imperial system of measurement to metric I have strange glitches and I think ok: 1" = 2.5cm. 1/2" = 1/2 of 2.5= 1.25cm = ? and then I get lost. Probably I should have just looked at my measuring tape. O well. Not too worried. In the past I did ok with this sort of thing-seed germinating-so I will rely on my past successes for now. If nothing is up by June 20th I'll plant some flowers or something... so off-topic coaches! Thanks for reading.

Off I go and off Looloo goes too :)

06-10-2012, 10:24 AM
Hi Coaches!

Still here...just extremely busy!

Kirk is still in alot of pain so the majority of my time (when I'm not working) is spent keeping him company. He's sleeping right now so I've been getting some chores done...watering outside and even digging a few weeds. My body says it's smoothie time. Yum. I'm glad I have that great habit anchoring my food plan. I never need to make a decision about food in the morning I just do it.

Beckwise, I've been being very mindful during this difficult time. I continue many good habits:
~weigh every morning (still maintaining)
~eat while sitting (except at work)
~focus on a healthy daily food plan every morning
~eat slowly and mindfully

Formal exercise has been put on hold. I'm ok with that considering how much exercise I get at work and I'm now doing household chores for two. I'm actually needing to find creative ways to "slow down" without turning to comfort foods so I've set up a puzzle table downstairs.

Last night, I actually pitched half of my dinner. It was a concoction which was OP and DH loved but it wasn't thrilling me and my Beck brain let me know I didn't have to eat it. credit.

I have today off and will try to accomplish several things on my procrastination list....starting now.

Thanks for being here everyone! I continue to cheer us all on!

maryann, I send you support with your painful decision to disconnect from a long term friendship. I understand, as I have made several similar decisions on my journey. :hug:

onebyone, great job with your garden and with getting back to WW!

BBE, loved today's reading! It is so easy to take the word "holiday" and replace it with countless others...weekend....evening....It IS all about changing my mindset, and as you mentioned the other day, I don't believe I've felt real hunger in ages. What and why I eat is all in my head.

Elizabeth, great job changing your environment then sticking to your guns with resistance after an emotional time.

Tazzy, Happy Anniversary! You're doing great sticking with your food principles during a very busy time!

Tammy (CatholicCajun), great resistance not snacking after dinner!

I'm off to get a few more things done. I wish I could declutter my office. It seems to be the ending point for everything. Oh, well.

ETA-Perhaps I "could" declutter my office if I would change my mindset. I'm going to try.

06-10-2012, 11:38 AM
Hi everyone. I am being a "lurkoid" and trying to get back into the Beck Zone. Your posts are great, and you are all great for facing up and trying to manage a very challenging issue that we all share.

You all inspire me.

06-10-2012, 01:16 PM
Dang that sounds good. I'm going to try that. How much fiber in that?

Morning Elizabeth779! I am not sure how much fiber it has, just look on the back of the flax container and it will tell you, but it is a tasty "treat".

06-10-2012, 01:19 PM
[QUOTE=Tazzy;4364973]Good Morning Everyone!

acajuncatholic Credit for a fibre drink over s'mores. How big of a serving of yogurt do you use? I always buy the bigger multi-serving containers. Sounds yummy, I'll have to try it. I like adding a drop or two of coconut extract in anything with pineapple juice, then it tastes like a pina colada to

Hello Tazzy. Hubby is on meds that he has to take with yogurt so I get the smaller containers since I am out I don't have a container to go and look at but I imagine it's about 6-8 oz. The coconut extract sounds like an EXCELLENT idea, and I think I have some in the refrig. Thanks for the idea.

06-11-2012, 06:20 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies - Exercise was to a Great Blue Heron rookery. It's so funny seeing those guys in the tops of tall, dead trees instead of in shallow water patiently waiting for a fish to swim into range.

Food was on plan all day, CREDIT moi, until we went out to dinner. Our servings were too large, but didn't lend themselves to taking home. So both DW and I overdid it a little. It was my first time to have Portuguese fish stew in three years, so I don't feel too out of line. So glad that I like cilantro since that was the strong flavor of the evening. Did skip the dessert menu even though it was a bargain price - CREDIT moi for getting my sanity back before we left, LOL.

onebyone – LOL at "Silly gravity" - maybe Newton was just wrong. Seeds at only 0.5 cm isn't very deep. Hope those little guys find their way to the sun and bring you bounty. Waving to LooLoo.

Debbie (Lexxiss) – Kudos for "I continue many good habits" when you're a tad over busy right now. Neat idea to have a "comfort" puzzle rather than "comfort foods."

Susan (hikergirl) – Hi "lurkoid" - LOL at that name. Keep the faith and march back into the Beck Zone. We'll keep cheering you along.

Tammy (CatholicCajun) – Yogurt is one of my staples. I use it for sour cream, mayonnaise, ice cream, and just for the sheer fun of it. It is so good on a baked sweet potato with course ground black pepper.

Readers - chapter 6 Stage 3 The Challenging Situations Plan
Confidently Follow Your Plan During Holidays

Create a Holiday Mindset
While many people are busy preparing for and celebrating holidays, they begin to have sabotaging thoughts, such as:

It's okay to stop scheduling time for my dieting and exercise activities.
I should be able to live it up a little.
I'm too busy.
. . .

Judith S. Beck, Ph.D., The Complete Beck Diet for Life (Green book), pg 155.

06-11-2012, 05:36 PM
Good Afternoon, Coaches.

I don't know where the morning went. Part of my sleep solution is to not go to be until after 11:00. Usually I am in bed by 9:30. I finally fell asleep a little after 1:00 am and woke up at 8 which is good sleep but the morning is almost done. I don't like that. But my body doesn't seem to be asking me or not asking me hat I like. Sleep trumps most things.

DS and I did an experimental pistachio butter. He shelled the nuts and then we ground them in the juicer. Saved some of the first grind as flour. I think I am going to make ravioli with the flour. Then we re ground with coconut but it never hit butter consistency. Rolled it into cookies, then in choc syrup and powdered sugar and calling it a day.

I am counting the tasting process afternoon snack. In Last two days, 1 Op and one not tragedy. Going in and out of blue from saying good bye to my friend but had a terrific day with DH and DS yesterday - Jelly Belly factory and the park.

Excercise this pm is yoga. Going to track my hunger for Day 11 starting with dinner.

06-11-2012, 11:03 PM
Hi Coaches

Had an active morning *credit* walking to the local big box mall thingy then walking with a full knapsack to the garden where I watered the garden and saw the bright green of new life in my garden! The first things to germinate, in 2 days, were Sparkler Radishes. And to think that in 24 more days we will be eating them. Ain't Life grand?

I *credit* walked home after that and took the rest of the day off. We're having a good, soaking rain right now so I won't need to water in the morning. This is also good as it's back to work for me tomorrow.

*credits today*
-planning my food
-tracking my food
-planned exercise
-weighed in (no change)
-drank all my water
-took vitamin
-posted here

Off to bed now. A demain Coaches.

06-12-2012, 07:08 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies - Food was on plan, CREDIT moi, including a long wait until dinner. In summer, when the chef is so reluctant to leave her gardens, we dine fashionably late. We continue to eat the Sugar Snaps from our garden; I do hope I die before somebody does research discovering that they're bad for me. Today is the day I tick the monthly duration counters in my signature, CREDIT moi.

Exercise was to the gym, CREDIT moi, and several walks. I had to drive behind DW to the garage to leave off her car; as always, they found a few more things than expected that will cost a bit more than expected. Someday I'm going to sufficiently increase my expectations so that I get surprised at how little the trip to the garage costs. Someday.

onebyone – Welcome radish sprouting. Yay for radishes growing faster than anything else. I distinctly remember as a kid choosing radishes as the first thing I ever planted because the package said they'd be ready so quickly. I also remember that mini-radishes were ready even more quickly, LOL.

maryann - Neat pistachio butter experiment - when you figure out how to do that it should be awesome. Do you make walnut butter? Hope your sleep returns gently.

Readers - chapter 6 Stage 3 The Challenging Situations Plan
Confidently Follow Your Plan During Holidays

Create a Holiday Mindset
While many people are busy preparing for and celebrating holidays, they begin to have sabotaging thoughts, such as: . . .

I don't have to plan what I'm going to eat because I'm just going to try to maintain my weight. I'll just be careful.
I'm going to skip my daily weigh-ins until after the holiday.

Judith S. Beck, Ph.D., The Complete Beck Diet for Life (Green book), pg 155.

06-12-2012, 09:00 AM
When I woke up early DH was still sleeping so I figured it was best to keep quiet for another hour. I've already had exercise,dragging a trash bin up a big flight of stairs...then back with recycle. Laundry is in the dryer (work clothes). I just have time for my smoothie before work.

After a stellar food day, I ate some crap last night. I looked at my Beck book, I looked at my laptop(could have posted) but chose not to use any of my resistance techniques.....moving on...remembering I can just go to bed when I'm tired even if it is early. Although I didn't feel like it, I stepped on the scale this range...went down and had a big glass of water.

BBE, congrats on yet another month of maintenance! I envy those sugar snaps!

onebyone, great movement yesterday! Becoming more active on a daily basis is so helpful in "the journey".

Mary Ann, great that you counted tasting as a snack. Continuing to send you supportive thoughts.

Well, better get rolling. Part of my agitation right now is that DH is in so much pain. When he's ***interrupt**go get ice and blanket***resume...When he's up and waiting for the next pain med, he moans from pain constantly. I don't say anything about it because I can't understand his pain. Sometimes when he can't sleep it goes half the night. We both know this will go away but it's very slow.

credit for posting as I recognize 3FC is the anchor of my long term success with weightloss/maintenance.

06-12-2012, 10:41 AM

Another morning here. There too I'll bet:dizzy:

It rained through the night and has stopped now. I don't think it will hold off for long. The long term forecast shows no more rain after today for the rest of the week.All bright sunshiney suns and high temperatures going forward, so I am grateful for the rain (even if a part of me wonders whether my tiny seeds have been washed away). *credit* for weighing in today and seeing 0lbs +/-. Yep, again with the no change. Three days now at 259.5lbs on my wii fit. Kind of strange and I don't think that's happened before. Nevertheless I will take it as it is just information and not a statement on my value as a human being or anything else in that vein.

Inspite of my lack of scale movement I will continue to Make Art.


Not much to report today, which is good. I have to clean up the kitchen. It's gotten out of hand again. I'd like to get back to dealing with the boxes from the move once more. It's been half a year since I tried that so time to get back to the de-cluttering/decison-making about my boxed up stuff.

I had a bit of an "I'll show you" moment late last night. DH and I were both sleepy and I was chattering about how when I lose weight I always feel cold and my butt hurts when I sit too long cause I lose all the padding and DH says "when in your adult life have you ever experienced those things for any significant length of time?" This sooooooooooo annnoyed me. I assured him I knew of what I spoke (I do) and it just showed me how little faith he has in me actually losing my weight. Can't blame him. I start and stop and back off and move forward and re-gain and complain and am sad and all those things...but I've never been 48almost49 in a new suburban town where I feel mostly disconnected and am still meeting many new people and want to create a good first impression which goes better with a good physical form. You know coaches, there are lots of reasons to do this, but add, once again, the power of a *shaking fist in the air* "I'll show you" into the mix and gee it's fuel for my fire. Don't think I'll be giving up or giving in anytime soon.

Lexxiss Moaning in pain would be tough. No doubt it wears you down. I am glad you have your work and your schedule and your foodplans and us. So happy you choose to come back here to check in. I too consider this forum to be one of the primary reasons I am not 300lbs+. I could have easily been that. We move ever-forward Lexxiss. Wishing you and DH both a good, easy, day today.

BillBlueEyes*Credit for another tick of your counter. Excellent. Happy to read your food was on-plan yesterday. I feel your pain re:car. We have some work on the horizon, which becomes ever more expensive until the car actually gets tended to. Thankfully, we both know and understand that food will not fix our cars. How wonderful is that?

maryann Good sleep is so critical for a good day so *credit* for a body that's sleeping even if your conscious mind would have you dealing with the no sleep thing in some other way. Excellent job noticing that one day you were OP, one day not and it's not tragedy. It is soooo important for us to just keep going. A real Beck lesson that is. All is never lost. Sorry about letting go of your friend. I've done lots of that in my life. I know how that feels. Kudos for facing the problem instead of using food to make it seem like "not a problem at all, really, it's ok", all stuff that I would regularly tell myself to avoid doing something about something. Kudos again:hug:

Must go.
Enjoy your day everyone.

06-12-2012, 11:22 AM
Hi Coaches.... My ankle appointment went well. I saw a different person as the woman I was working with retired. The new person said I did not need any lifts and told me how to proceed. It had been going well when I became apparent that my shoes were way too tight in the toes with the brace on. I could actually see the impressions of my toes on the leather! Yikes. Wearing it for patches of time made my achilles tendon ache. I stopped wearing it, called yesterday to explain, & go back to the brace lady on Thursday morning.

I was in panic mode and did 'soothe' myself with some food. Of course, it was a false soothing. I've been up and made my plan for today and will carry on.

I weighed myself and it said two pounds up. I don't know if it's 'real weight' or salt, hormones etc. Good information to remind me of my purpose in eating healthfully and in lower calories.

I need to run my mom around to appointments today.

I hope everyone has a great day.

06-12-2012, 01:42 PM
Good Morning Coaches,

I read onebyones and BBE tales of the garden and I get a little jealous. Although my husband farms 2000 acres, here at our suburban home, we can barely keep the house plant alive. I should do more with DS I am just not a natural. I keep to the cooking side of health, I guess. I also pick lots of fruit when it is ripe.

I marked my hunger for Day 11 and - no surprise- felt like I wanted to eat more in the middle of the meal yet was completely full, over full an hour after the meal. This is a good reminder to eat only one serving and trust it will be enough. I am skipping Day 12 hunger experiment. It was a BAD idea last time round. Instead, I am practicing "Hunger is not an emergency" with babbling while preparing and cleaning up before and after meals.

Lexxiss: I am sending good thoughts your way. I really admire how well you take care of your husband.
BBE: Cute "expectations" idea. That really is the trick to all living - desire less, always be pleasantly surprised.

06-13-2012, 05:21 AM
Hi everyone -- I've been MIA the last couple days and off track with BECK.....BUT getting right back on. I took on a project to fill in for parish pianist for next four weeks and I've been picking out music and practicing like a wild woman. Forgot to even eat today after breakfast until 4:30......AMAZING!

Overdid it on the piano and hands are tired and sore so took naprosyn and will get off this computer (would like to read and type more) so can rest hands....

Sending best wishes for everyone to have a great BECK day tomorrow! :carrot:

Will be back in day or two when hands feel better.....still have to practice, but not as much as I did today. After all, I'm not that young anymore ;)

06-13-2012, 05:54 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies - On plan with food, CREDIT moi, until evening snack was larger - Ouch. A friend was over to make some vacation plans for this summer and DW put out a bite-sized pastry; I nibbled. Ouch again. D*rn those bite-sized thingies - they're harder for me to say "No dessert for me" when the hand can just reach to the platter as we're talking. Dinner included the lettuce I just picked from our garden - heaven.

Exercise was my longest walk to date (CREDIT moi) in my new sandals without socks. I had to convince myself that they are comfortable enough sockless so that I don't discover blisters while on vacation when there's a lot of walking going on. They did just fine. I did pass a Goodwill which yielded a new guide to Belize for a buck; have to assume that's an omen. Belize is on my Bucket List so I can start getting psyched on the cheap.

onebyone – Kudos for extracting "I'll show you" from a situation of male gender clueless. We guys don't always think before we speak - methinks it's caused by testosterone, we can't help it, LOL.

Debbie (Lexxiss) – Sending supportive thoughts for you and your DH through the pain of recovery. Kudos for staying the path without letting life be an excuse.

Beverlyjoy – Yikes indeed! Good luck getting shoes that don't pinch the toes - can guess that it's hard to focus on the toes when all your attention is on the ankles. You caught me by surprise that the solution to the left ankle / right ankle conundrum was neither.

maryann - Yay for "Hunger is not an emergency" - one of Beck's best zingers IMHO.

Elizabeth (Elizabeth779) - Love the image of "practicing like a wild woman" for church performance. You're winning with the attitude, "BUT getting right back on." Keep the faith.

Readers - chapter 6 Stage 3 The Challenging Situations Plan
Confidently Follow Your Plan During Holidays

Create a Holiday Mindset
Left unchecked, these thoughts can cause serious damage. To follow your plan during holidays, accept the reality that you can't eat the way you used to if you want to get and stay thinner. It doesn't matter that it's holiday time; others are eating and drinking a lot; you're exposed to special food; or your host is pushing you to eat more. If you eat extra calories, you are going to gain weight. Remind yourself that you have a choice: You can give in to holiday temptations, or you can practice these skills and keep the excess weight off for good. If you choose the latter, it's true you will be giving up eating some food. But you will be getting so much in return. Ask yourself Where do I want to be the next holiday season? And the season after that? And the season after that?

Judith S. Beck, Ph.D., The Complete Beck Diet for Life (Green book), pgs 155-156.

06-13-2012, 11:27 AM
Good morning, Coaches.

Op Yesterday. I felt the concave stomach, the slight emptiness in my stomach and I knew I was on track. I practiced welcoming the feelings. My first reaction is always, "Eat more, this can't be good." I gave myself credit and slept well last nite.

This morning, I am reading retro Day 13. I read half. It is about cravings. I am going to take a couple of days to chart this one. Step class in a half hour and a nice day planned for DS today - the last day I have a 9yo. Tomorrow is his birthday.

Glad you checked in Elizabeth 779. Every action counts toward sanity.
BBE: Your wayward hand reminds me of the old Addams Family show. Oh, the trouble "Thing" ( the disembodied hand) would get into.

06-14-2012, 06:21 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies - Diverted off plan when lunch was served with a dark chocolate brownie and I just ate it - Ouch. But, CREDIT moi for only having one and for not having seconds as some folks at my table were having. But evening was superb; I ignored some packaged cookies during the two hours of my book club when one of them was Girl Scout Thin Mints. My friend sitting next to me must have had half a sleeve himself. Yay for a little Resistance Muscle work.

Did gym, CREDIT moi, even though I had to walk there in the rain. I was happy for the light, drizzly rain since that's so good for DW's gardens.

maryann - Loving this, "I practiced welcoming the feelings" - so good to be reminded that feelings don't always have to be run from. [LOL at "Thing" - that's exactly how I observe my hand when it wanders.]

Readers - chapter 6 Stage 3 The Challenging Situations Plan
Confidently Follow Your Plan During Holidays

Create a Holiday Mindset
If you always want to be a thinner, healthier, in-control person, it's essential for you to learn these skills now. Then you will be able to use them at every future holiday. Create this Response Card to read each morning around a holiday:HOLIDAY RESPONSE CARDMy body doesn't know it's the holidays. Holiday time
is not a reason to eat unplanned food. When the holi-
day is over, I'm going to be so glad that I stuck to my
plan. It's worth it to forgo the momentary pleasure of
eating foods I haven't planned to eat so I can stay in
control, be happier with myself, and lose weight.
Judith S. Beck, Ph.D., The Complete Beck Diet for Life (Green book), pg 156.

06-14-2012, 09:55 AM
Hi Coaches.

My official WW weigh-in is this morning. I am pretty sure I'll be down as the wii-fit said 258.

I've planned to work in the garden after weigh-in. I can get those weeds back down if I do it today. June is the month to really fight with those weeds. I remember a few times when I didn't fight them in june and they just outgrow everything . The way my garden looked when I started could happen again in only a few days I fear.

*credits* for weighing in, and planning exercise, and checking in.

Off to start my day.

UPDATE: official weigh-in showed an encouraging loss of 3.6lbs. I was definitely puffy last week. *great relief* to see the scale move. I am mentally committed to seeing it do a large drop one more. I'm ready to do what I need to do. *credit* for Beck and for maintaining +/- 5lbs. For me, this is fantastic.
*credit* for hoeing in the garden and just taking down the weeds to ground level. I did not rake them up or remove them. Next time.

06-14-2012, 11:23 AM
Hi Everyone,

Still here, still busy at work and at home. We've had lots of rain lately so getting into the garden to get the weeds out has to be done while the weather cooperates. onebyone I can relate on getting those weeds out, if only my veggies were growing as well as the thistle.

Weighing everyday and the scale has been slowly creeping up. About 4lbs above ticker right now and I'm feeling it in my clothes and body! I had way too much food over the last few days that are wheat based and I now know that it's a food group that I need to stay away from. I just feel blah and sluggish after eating it but continue to eat it because of it's addictive properties. So back to writing down my food plan and eating better choices for me. It also helped that I bought groceries last night and didn't pick up any treats that are not conducive to my eating plan.

Back to my desk here, have a big event on Sat and we are bringing in a Canadian celebrity chef, looking forward to seeing what he can do with some really good Alberta beef.

Happy Thursday!

06-14-2012, 11:45 AM
BBE: Glad you mentioned resistance work. That is the theme of Day 13 Part 2.

I have read the five techniques to resist cravings. Good thing, too. I am off to the San Francisco Giant's game with DS for his bday. Who knows what I will find there plus there will be tension with newness and crowds. I guess somebody pitched a perfect game last night and the ball park could go wild.

Difficult to plan for food. I have protein bars in my purse and plan for a salad tonight at dinner. Only exercise is walking around the park.

onebyone: good luck at the weigh in.
Tazzy: I one hundred percent agree with you about wheat. When I limit myself to one serving in the morning, things always go better.

06-15-2012, 03:40 AM
Maryann -- love what you said: "Every action counts toward sanity." Wow, that is thought provoking.

06-15-2012, 03:55 AM
Hi Coaches -- credit to all of you. I see your strength and determination -- was inspired by BBE muscle strength to resist the thin mints and everyone working on gardens -- would any of you with the drizzles and rain send some California way??? We could use some rain.

I have been online cking in with threads and reporting how I fell yesterday in my mother's driveway. I tried to break my fall with wrists and then hit mostly on left side with banged up knee, ribs, etc. As I came here to report to my coaches about that, I was reading your posts and saw how falling down is like when we mess up with our program. AND getting back up is what we do? I didn't decided to just lay in that driveway forever....I got back up and did what was necessary to repair myself -- ice and naprosyn and rest -- and I kept on going. And that is what I need to do when I "fall down" from Beck. Because sometimes when I fall down on Beck it would just be tempting (sabotaging thought) to stay there and not struggle on.

And also, Beck is like gardening -- those sabotaging thoughts are like WEEDS and CRABGRASS that keep us from being successful with our goals. We never just give IN to WEEDs in the garden, but we find solutions. That is how like Maryann recently replied to me, "Every action counts towards sanity."

Anyway, my two cents worth.

I do have a question -- did anyone see the ABC show about Ultimate Weight Loss Makeover on a woman named Jacqui? It was so inspiring. She ate about 1,500 calories a day, worked out like "a wild woman" and also her web site says she used the services of a counselor.

We're lucky to have BDS.

Anyway, time to pack myself in more ice packs, take more naprosyn, and most of all rest wrists -- I'm going to be fine. It was hardest or most painful abgout 24 hours after the fall, but it's subsiding I can tell.

So, watch out for those cracks in the sidewalk -- I'm not trusting those sandals anymore -- they have a spongy type sole and I think they caught too easy, I looked and could only find the tiniest crack......

Here's to us (raising glass): Let's pull weeds and always get up when we fall.

06-15-2012, 07:16 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies - Confronted by a car that wouldn't start - such a good event to eat a handful of nuts about. But I don't have to eat because I have a feeling, being annoyed that I really don't like the car anymore, am not maintaining it optimally, and consider it my fault that it won't start. When a car doesn't start in wet weather, it's signaling that it needs a new distributor cap and spark plug wires. This car also needs a minor tune up. And a major tune up. And new timing chain and water pump. And a transmission overhaul. And a new radio and antenna mechanism. And a new heating control panel. And a new air conditioner. And new lifting pistons for the rear door. OR . . . a quick spray from a can of ignition wire drying stuff, have a cup of tea while that dries, and it started instantly. CREDIT moi for not eating over being too frugal to just go buy a new car. There's probably some car I'll just really love if I concentrated. But this is an old station wagon which is soooooo useful now and then. But I'd buy some gas-efficient little hybrid or something and lose that twice a year needed station wagon.

Exercise was worrying about buying a new car, LOL.

onebyone – Oh Yes, Kudos indeed for weeding in June while they're trying to grow above your planted veggies to hog the sun. Congrats on that encouraging loss.

maryann - Hope your DS was able to enjoy the Giant's game despite that awful grand slam by the Astros. I've never seen a professional baseball grand slam. At a Red Sox game I'm fine with no snacks, but when I start on peanuts it's hard for me to stop.

Tazzy - So neat, "didn't pick up any treats that are not conducive to my eating plan" - Kudos for countering the treats at the source ... sorta like weeding in June, LOL. Do you have an excuse to monitor the kitchen and sample your celebrity chef's stuff? (On plan, of course.)

Elizabeth (Elizabeth779) - Good grief - it's not the time for you to have wrist issues when facing a couple of weeks as church pianist. Sending supportive thoughts for rapid healing. Thanks for the encouraging notion that's I'll let rattle around my brain today, "Let's pull weeds and always get up when we fall."

Readers - chapter 6 Stage 3 The Challenging Situations Plan
Confidently Follow Your Plan During Holidays
Create a Holiday Mindset

holiday skills
Just as social events are an extension of eating out, holidays are an extension of social events. Here's what to do:
Create a general holiday plan. You may attend many events during some holidays. Rather than create a specific plan for each event, you can have one general plan for all of them. You might decide, for example, to use your Bonus Calories toward a glass of wine or small dessert whenever you go out to a holiday function. Beware of the dangers of having no plan (I'll just try to limit myself), too loose of a plan (I'll just have a little bit of some things), or having a plan but not following it (It won't hurt if I have this food I hadn't planned to eat . . . I can always start again tomorrow). These sabotaging thoughts are likely to result in gaining weight.

Judith S. Beck, Ph.D., The Complete Beck Diet for Life (Green book), pg 156.

06-15-2012, 01:08 PM
Hi Coaches!

I posted yesterday,but lost internet and post. I'm not organized enough right now for cut and paste.

Elizabeth, I hope you heal very soon! I did like your observations and am glad you came here to share.

Me, doing is staying pretty much on track-enough to maintain my weight. I weigh and make my green smoothie everyday and keep the fridge stocked with healthy food. I focus on my Beck skills and did catch myself eating while standing yesterday.
On the home front, I'm hanging in there with the added responsibilities. I was off yesterday-did yard work and took Kirk to PT. Today I'm housecleaning and keeping organized on the homefront. I'm really grateful for the time I had spent in the past months trying to focus on decluttering/organization. I have reflected on how much easier this time has been because of it.

MaryAnn, happy birthday to DS. Hope your game was fun.

Tazzy, kudos for getting back to meal planning.

onebyone, kudos for a good weigh in, especially since you had missed a few. Yay for back in the routine.

BBE, thanks for sharing your stellar example of not eating over feelings.

:wave: I've got to get on with it!

06-15-2012, 01:16 PM
BBE: We arrived just in time to see the grand slam. The team never recovered but DS had a good time with cousin and I enjoyed spending a little time with my brother. Your car sounds it might do with a match and a little extra gasoline as well.

Good food day yesterday. Food did not call to me, amazingly, at the ball park or on the two hour traffic drive back home. There was a fire on Rapid Transit and it brought the city to a stop. Still enjoyed the day and hardly had to practice resistance at all. I did not forget to be grateful. Sometimes on easy food days I wonder "Why is this so hard?"

More traveling in the Bay Area today, through Occupied Oakland, but I won't occupy it for long, than onto a family weekend. Food is written down. I finished the last part of retro Day 13 which is action steps when a craving hits.I notice my traveling clothes are flattering and fit well and I remember lots of days when neither of those conditions existed.

Elizabeth779: I am so sorry about your fall. that is disheartening. I didn't see the weight loss clip but when I do see one I marvel at the amount of time spent on recovering from overeating. It takes what it takes and there seems to be no shortcuts.

06-15-2012, 04:06 PM
TGIF everyone! Although with working at the event tomorrow from 8am - 5pm my weekend just got really short! For Father's Day on Sunday I'm going to make DH potato pancakes for breakfast as they are a favourite of his.

Yesterday was much better food wise, no wheat and no cravings to keep eating. Weighed and down 1.8 today. Exercise was walking to the community meeting by parking at the far end of the building and not knowing exactly where the new meeting room was. Still going with no wheat today and feeling pretty good.

I should get lots of walking in tomorrow. BBE I have other entertainment at the event (bands, DJ's and kid's entertainment) to look after so my visit to the chef demo stages will be really brief. Not sure I'll even get to try any of their creations. There are other local restaurants offering samples so I'll have to keep your "rare and unusual" rule in place, and not consider "rare" to be the degree the beef is cooked to. ;)

I have some dental work scheduled for Monday after work, I have to get one of my molars extracted because I have a fractured root socket. Basically a tooth with a root canal has now fractured vertically and I cannot put any pressure on the tooth. This is the first step of a bridge procedure that will be completed after a 2 - 3 month healing process. I think that could affect my food choices for awhile as I need to eat soft foods to not disrupt the healing. Good thing I like jello!

Lexxiss Good job on hanging in there with everything going on in your world. Decluttering feels so good.

maryann Credit for bypassing food temptations on your recent outings.

elizabeth779 Ouch for your fall and wrists. I loved your outlook on the situation in relation to getting back up and gardening.

onebyone Good job on the loss and continuing the fight the "weed" battle. At least we know we have a good workout plan for the summer with the gardens.

:wave: to everyone else who might be lurking around. Have a great weekend everyone.

06-15-2012, 09:34 PM
Hello Coaches

Had a good day today, and it's not even over yet. MIL is giving DH her bbq, which works just fine, as she bought a new one today. She called to say she replaced the bit that was bad "for Chris' birthday(DH)". DH is ery happy to have a bbq. So am I; especially a free one.

weighed in on wii fit saw 256.6lbs. Good.
tracked/planned food
cooked from scratch
posted here
did not eat all of a small yogurt-left the bottom bit-a super rare resistance-muscle-buildiing act for me
did not have seconds
am OP today and :carrot: about it.

Must go. Market tomorrow and I want to finish my new paintings and also watch Nick Wallenda walk the highwire across Niagara Falls. I would have loved to have been there.


06-16-2012, 07:09 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies - Eating on plan (CREDIT moi) included dinner on the patio of pasta salad and deviled eggs. Eating outside is one of our joys, although yesterday was chilly. We're outside to enjoy the warmth of summer yet temperatures are flipping back and forth between early spring and summer. The scale just reported a favorable number suggesting that there's a correlation between eating and weight - interesting only because I'm perfectly capable of not believing that per, These extra dried figs won't affect me of a few weeks ago.

Did gym, CREDIT moi, with the delight of adding five pounds to one of my routines. I do like numbers. On my walk I managed to find three books at the library and one at Goodwill to bring home with me. After much pondering, I didn't buy four other books at Goodwill remembering that when I'm ready to read them the library will lend me theirs and I won't have to find a place to put them when done. CREDIT moi for handling clutter at the source.

onebyone – Oh Yes, Kudos for "did not eat all of a small yogurt-left the bottom bit-a super rare resistance-muscle-building act for me" - leaving some at the bottom of a small container hasn't happened in my life yet. That's moving on. May you have a productive market today.

Debbie (Lexxiss) – Such a good example for me that, despite all your over-busy at the moment, "I focus on my Beck skills." Kudos for savoring the benefits of having decluttered.

maryann - Yay for "Food did not call to me" - especially on that two hour drive. Neat that DS is sophisticated enough to enjoy a baseball game even when his team doesn't win. [LOL at "a match and a little extra gasoline as well" - Yep, that notion appeals, rather than making a grownup decision to just buy a new car.]

Tazzy - Congrats on another 1.8 pounds gone forever. Hope you survive the physical stress of your big event today. Kudos for being clear that you'll deal with all the fancy food samples.

Readers - chapter 6 Stage 3 The Challenging Situations Plan
Confidently Follow Your Plan During Holidays
Create a Holiday Mindset
holiday skills
Just as social events are an extension of eating out, holidays are an extension of social events. Here's what to do: . . .

Create holiday rules. Think about situations that have tempted you to overeat and feel guilty in the past. Then create reasonable rules, such as, "I will not eat any goodies that people bring into my office," or, "I'll use my Bonus Calories for office goodies if I want to, but I'll bring the right portion home and eat it with my evening snack." Having such rules makes avoiding unplanned food so much easier and less painful because, when confronted with such food, you never have to go through the struggle that makes dieting so difficult: Should I eat this? I know I shouldn't ... But it looks really good ... But it's not on my plan ... But it's so hard to resist.... When you automatically say to yourself, I'm definitively not going to have any ... NO CHOICE, you eliminate the struggle and move on.
. . .

Judith S. Beck, Ph.D., The Complete Beck Diet for Life (Green book), pgs 156-157.

06-16-2012, 09:45 AM
I am happy and surprised to find this thread! I was on the site looking for general support and motivation, but this is even better since I am starting the Beck Diet Solution. Today is Day 1 for me! I'm off to read my benefits of losing weight, then it's a busy work day ahead for me. Hopefully, I'll be hearing more from everyone in the near future. I look forward to reading everyone else's experiences.

06-16-2012, 09:56 AM
Early check in before I leave for the event. Weighed and down another 2.2, good day yesterday eating on plan and further proof that wheat is not my friend. Having my ham and cheese omelet (doubt I'll find any pork at a beef festival :)) and packing a few healthy snacks to take along. Weather looks good, no rain in the forecast, it's gonna be a fine day!

Welcome Yanna It's a great, supportive group of people hear at the BDS thread.

06-16-2012, 12:20 PM
I'm back from Ireland! We had a terrific trip, lucky weather, and fun experiences.

I didn't weigh myself this morning since I'm feeling bloated from yesterday's extra long travel day. I suspect the weight is up, but I didn't need to see an artificially high number this morning when I couldn't be sure that my jet-lagged mind wouldn't turn it into a catastrophe.

The combination of the European Plan (breakfast included in the hotel stay -- which translated as "free food" in my head) and the Traditional Full Irish Breakfast damaged my ability to stay on plan. The default choice for breakfast was all of this: eggs, bacon, sausage, black and/or white pudding, grilled tomatoes, mushrooms, and potato pancake. We often also got toast just because we ordered tea. I never ate all of that and sometimes opted for the lighter contintental breakfast, but that default choice seemed to skew my notion of how much food was appropriate for breakfast.

Of course, not using my resistance muscle at breakfast made it flabby at other meals.

But there were lots of credits along the way. I ordered "super salad" every chance I got -- a salad made from the ingredients that show up on lists of super foods. I am on track for my exercise minutes and often added a bit of exercise on top of the normal travel walking to make sure that would be so. I learned that grilled tomatoes are lovely at breakfast and often designed my breakfast around that component rather than the less healthy parts of a full Irish breakfast. I thoroughly enjoyed the rare and unusual treats that I encountered with the full intention of not having them again until my next trip to Ireland -- brown soda bread ice cream, sticky toffee pudding, fish and chips, strawberries and cream, full fat yogurt (spelled yoghurt) in tiny glass jars.

It's great to be home, though, setting up my comfort zone for eating with trips to the grocery store and Whole Foods today.

06-16-2012, 03:12 PM
gardenerjoy: Welcome back. I remember the tomatoes for breakfast. The last time I toured Ireland, I was butting up against two hundred pounds and didn't appreciate the red sweetnesst of the fruit. I'll have to add them in.
Yanna: Welcome. There is sanity in the techniques Beck teaches.
BBE: We have fig trees I just never get my act together to dry them. Maybe they are "free in California" even if they are not free in Boston.
Lexxiss: Congrats on all you do. I also believe in organization as the key to success.
Tazzy: Terrific weight losses. Effort =success.
Onebyone: Congrats on the new low weight.

I have had two very successful OP days and a great breakfast today. Then I had a sudden thought I could successfully dip into the bulk Christmas candy we bought on our tour of the Jellybelly factory. $2.00 a bag! who could pass that up? Of course I ate it standing up. Credit for forcing myself to eat a protein and a fat with it per my diet plan. Credit for stopping. My day started over and now I have thirty minutes of On Plan. Facing huge challenge with food today - the worst - family graduation party. I am sure that could explain the jellybely "slip" I am anxious and overloaded with my family and tend to eat. Plan is one plate for late lunch and one small piece of cake. I am with Tazzy in no wheat for today.

06-16-2012, 03:58 PM
Hi Coaches -- good news, I'm doing better. After I posted the other night I thought about taking one Tylenol PM (which knocks me on my keester) sooooo I took TWO Tylenol PM's......and slept so well. Thanks everyone for your healing thoughts. Today i go back to work. I'll take my Beck Book to read and my cards, and take healthy food and take it easy this first day back -- as well as I can anyway (depends how busy the afternoon-night is). Everyone have a great Beck Day OP -- and don't forget to drink your water! :carrot::carrot:

BBE -- My vote is for keeping that station wagon around. It's PAID for, and they are so handy. Good for you for not letting the frustration "drive you" to making bad food choices. I really like what your Holiday Card said about "my body doesn't know it's a holiday." Your weather in Boston sounds wonderful. It's so hot and dry here -- we're already in triple digits summer heat and having to use AC.

Lexxis -- Your focus is good on keeping the refrig stocked with your healthy foods. That takes time and effort (my family thinks trucks drive down the street and the food jumps off the truck and runs in the house and jumps in the fridge). You're inspiring me with your decluttering/organizing talk. I had started that, but somehow got distracted, but I'm going to work on it as soon as I finish here. I read somewhere on a house organization site -- Flylady I think -- that losing weight is like decluttering Fat!! :carrot:

Maryann -- Good job for your reserve at the ball park. And good for you for being focused on your trip and not on food. I agree with you about "why does it seem so easy" somedays? Hoping you're having a good time on your trip -- Occupied Oakland -- took me a few to figure out what that meant. Are they still doing that?

Tazzy -- YAYYYY for your 1.8 pounds AND 2.2!!!! Wow, that's great!:carrot: Sounds like staying away from wheat works well for you -- thinking: "I should try that." Hope your event goes well. Sounds like lots of work -- AND lost of exercise.

onebyone -- Happy for you with leaving your lil bit yogurt -- wouldn't know how that feels myself, but with your inspiration I did try to leave a bite of bagel right now.....and then turned around and IT WAS GONE!!! :o Glad you're OP and :carrot: about it. You and your daily list inspire me.

Welcome Yanna -- and welcome to BDS. I do believe it's the solution. I'm new to Beck also. One thing I do is carry the book with me everywhere, and I don't read any other reading material before my "Beck reading for the day." Best wishes to you for your BDS success.

Gardenerjoy -- Your trip sounds FOOD wonderful -- it sounds like you did make efforts to control "the breakfast that ate Dublin" and the super salad sounds yummy. Post us some pictures if you can. I like what you said about "setting up my comfort zone" food-wise now that you're back home.

Hope I didn't forget anyone.....I'm still groggy from last night's ONE Tyl PM!

BDS Thought for the Day -- Just as the decision to eat can reduce tension, the decision not to eat can also reduce tension. BDS Pg. 31

06-16-2012, 06:36 PM
Had a good day today and a few NSVs. Went to the mall for a few kitchen items. The store I was in was having a Customer appreciation Day with food and CUPCAKES. I really wanted one and in the past would have taken one saying, "This little mini-cupcake won't hurt anything". But I kept thinking my mantra now "Every calorie counts and every carb counts!" Next, I went in Chick-Fil-A for a restroom stop. I really wanted something to eat or drink, as was my usual habit. But, I knew I had OP food at home and would be there soon. I remembered what Dr. Beck says about hunger not being an emergency and walked back out happily without food or water. I'm learning how to break old habits and developing healthly new ones. Just wanted to share. Happy dance :dance: :carrot: :dance:

06-17-2012, 07:31 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies - Happy Father's Day to all. A stellar eating day, CREDIT moi, with particular credit for dinner with friends when I didn't have seconds that were readily available and being taken by others. And I didn't have an extra evening snack when DW offered me some fresh fruit salad. I'm getting serious about releasing these pounds added by extra snacks of dried fruits and nuts. I begin to feel the return of eating until satisfied instead of eating until full. Methinks I've drifted away from what I've learned reading Beck. Time to get back to basics.

My walk was to a store next to Whole Foods to buy a simple cotton shirt for this summer. DW warned me earlier in the day that she had eaten "about 800 calories" of FREE snacks there. So, I didn't go in. Separate CREDIT moi for avoiding the stuff.

Joy (gardenerjoy) – Welcome back. You can help those of us in need of working our Resistance Muscles back into shape. Those monster breakfasts must be specials for the tourists - or else all the Irish would be blimp sized. Kudos for keeping perspective and making yourself a grand trip. I, too, think grilled tomatoes for breakfast is just the best.

maryann - Major Kudos for only buying one $2 bag from the bulk bins of the Jellybelly factory. Now, to figure out how to give that to the homeless, or the "starving children in China" as my grandmother would say.

Tazzy - Kudos for "packing a few healthy snacks" to an event overflowing with food - you've got your priorities right.

Melody (melodyjoy) – Love your example of a Sabotaging Thought, "This little mini-cupcake won't hurt anything," and a Helpful Response, "Every calorie counts and every carb counts!" Kudos for working your Beck program.

Elizabeth (Elizabeth779) - Yay for Tylenol PM's and Double Yay for healing hands so that you can play. Kudos for getting back into reading your Beck book.

Yanna - The Basics starting with Day 1 are such good information. And, as I've recently demonstrated, easy to first learn and then forget. Kudos for getting started and Double Kudos for finding this thread - even before you got to Day 6. Glad you've joined us. Can't wait to hear about your Advantages Response Card.

Readers - chapter 6 Stage 3 The Challenging Situations Plan
Confidently Follow Your Plan During Holidays
Create a Holiday Mindset
holiday skills
Just as social events are an extension of eating out, holidays are an extension of social events. Here's what to do: . . .

Talk yourself through temptation. Remind yourself that if you hadn't seen holiday goodies, you may not even have thought of them or wanted them. This helps diminish your sense of entitlement. If you say to yourself, I only want [this food] because I'm seeing it right now, but I can move on as if I'd never seen it, it will be easier to resist.

Judith S. Beck, Ph.D., The Complete Beck Diet for Life (Green book), pg 157.

06-17-2012, 07:31 AM
:welcome: Yanna :welcome:

How did you find our about the books by Dr. Judith Beck?

It's neat that you stumbled upon this thread by looking around 3FC. How did you happen to find 3 Fat Chicks?

06-17-2012, 10:31 AM
My weight gain wasn't nearly as large as I feared -- yay! I thought about not weighing myself again today, but I wasn't as in control of my food yesterday as I want to be and daily weighing really helps, so it was time to get back to it as a tool to keep my maintenance goal firmly in my mind.

WI: +0.7 kgs, Exercise: +35 755/1400 minutes for June, Food: 70%op, Read my Advantages and Responses: yes

Welcome, Yanna!

And, thanks for the welcome home, everyone. I'm really glad to be back here among the Beckies.

06-17-2012, 10:57 AM
Thank you everyone for the great welcome! I'm glad to see this is such an active friendly group.

I found an article referencing the Beck Solution while reading a magazine. I think it was an older copy of Whole Living magazine, but I'm not 100% sure. Since I work at a library, I figured I'd check out Beck's Diet Solution and it really struck a chord with me. I ended up buying both the book and workbook. It was actually months ago, when I first tried Beck's way. The first time I got through close to a week, but strayed when it came to recording my hunger every hour (which was very daunting for me) and the skipping lunch day (I have to face my fear of potentially being hungry). I know I can learn a lot and I really want to change my life (and habits) for the better, so I am back at it. Hopefully, having a group that's been through it will help me through those tasks that threw me off last time.

3FC I found simply through a google search for weight-loss forums.

I will post more later today, including my diet plan A and B, but my 3yo son is awake and wanting attention! Have a great day all :)

06-17-2012, 11:33 PM

I missed checking in yesterday :?: so I'll just report I was at the market and had one treat, which was fine *credit*. I had good sales, one large print to a potters' guild member from my personal vs. market stock and the rest all market sales. the crowd was in "summer mode" for the first time. Lots of laissez-faire attitudes all round.

Over the weekend I re-gained about 3lbs according to the wii fit. Gravity at work again. O well. It only counts on Thursday, my official weighin day. *credit* for weighing in.

I had an uncomfortable confrontation with the landlord today. He came in to turn the air conditioning on-it's locked to prevent tampering. When he saw the messiness he gently told me to clean up. Mostly he's concerned about the floor. he's very much in love with the plastic wood laminate in here. I just felt deflated/defeated/overwhelmed in a second. I am nowhere near being able to "keep a clean house" let alone understand where to put what or what to do with all those bloxes that I just dream of either placing in storage or getting rid of even though I deeply resent having to get rid of anything more. I, apparently, am still not over that art of my move here. 14 months and it's still stuck to me.

Anyway, back to trying to find a way that works for me. It's on par with the weightloss--equally hard/heart-wrenching/baffling. Slowly I'll get it done if I stay focused on it.

Bye for now.
Welcome Yanna and melodyjoy WELCOME BACK Gardenerjoy! I look forward to your Irish travel anecdotes as the days unfold....

06-18-2012, 12:11 AM
I'm so glad Maryann mentioned and OnebyOne linked the worksheets for the BDS! I have the workbook, but never felt comfortable writing everything in the book or carrying it around. Today I made a three ring binder with print-outs of the sheets, plus notebook paper to add-in my own notes AND I punched a hole in each of my index cards and placed them at the front of the binder (one pile of cards w/ my ARCs and one pile of blank cards ready for any new info that comes to mind). Everything is so organized and all together, but still flexible, so I love it! I think it's going to work great.

I've also been working on ways to overcome my challenge of being embarrassed. I like your idea, Elizabeth, of bringing my material with me, but I was embarrassed of the bright pink obvious "diet" book and didn't want to deal with questions from co-workers at lunch. The binder I created solves that issue. I was also worried about posting my list of reasons to lose weight around where anyone that came to visit could see. I decided to post my reminders "Read ARCs" everywhere around the house (and car) that are associated with my eating. The reasons for wanting to lose weight are placed nearby in a less visible location like a drawer or the inside of the cabinet. This way I have my reminders, but my list is discreetly located nearby.

Reasons I Want to Lose Weight

1) I want to be proud of myself.
2) I want to live each day w/o regret.
3) I want to take my son to the pool w/o being embarrassed.
4) I want to reclaim “me”.
5) I want to fit into my pre-baby clothes.
6) I want to prove to myself that I can achieve my goals, not just dream them.
7) When I try on clothes, I want to be excited about my appearance, not just settle for what looks the least horrible.
8) I want to set a healthy example for my son and be healthy enough to have another.
9) I want to wear clothes w/o feeling squashed or frumpy.
10) I want to be strong and confident.
11) I want to feel energetic and agile.
12) I want the thrill and pride of seeing smaller measurements, watching the scale go down, wearing a smaller size, and seeing the results of all my hard work.
13) I want my abs back … and my butt … and my legs.

I had a guilty mom moment today worried I was "ignoring" my son while I worked on my journal. I reminded myself that I'm doing this so I can be a better mom and a healthier happier person and that this is a temporary thing that will take less time when it becomes habit. Letting him watch some extra TV today is not the equivalent of being a bad mom. Then I let my son get involved by showing him how to use the 3 hole puncher which he was very interested in figuring out. He helped me punch the holes in all the sheets for my journal!

Since I'm behind on posting all my info, here's my diet plan A and back-up diet plan for Day 2:

Plan A - I'm calling it a "French Portions" diet which is a hybrid I created from French Women Don't Get Fat and the idea of having a set number of servings from each food group to use throughout the day. I like this plan because it focuses on balancing food types and allows for flexibility while delivering lots of nutrients. Right now I'm a junk foodie who constantly grazes (and never feels satisfied) so having a meal/snack structure will also be beneficial. I calculated several food combinations with these servings and find it's typically around 1400-1500 calories.

Daily Portions : 3 fruits, 4 veggies, 2-3 proteins, 3 grains/starches, 2 calcium, 3 1/2 servings of fat, and 1 treat no more than 150 calories.

Suggested Meal Breakdown :
B - 1 F, 1 P, 1 G, 1/2 f, water
S (if needed) - 1 F, water
L - 2 V, 1 P, 1 G, 1/2 f, water
S - 1 F, 1 C, water
D - 2 V, 1 P, 1 G, 1/2 f, water
S - 1 C, 1 treat

Plan B - This is a more traditional calorie counting plan, in case I am not seeing progress or just really want a more cut and dry approach.

Up to 1440 calories daily (average)
Up to 40g fat
Up to 200g carbohydrates

One struggle I have with diets is worrying that whatever I'm choosing is "not enough" to get results. Today, I put a reminder in my journal that counting portions will be better for me than mindlessly eating 24/7 (my current state).

Tomorrow things will be a little tougher since I will start eating everything sitting down. I hope everyone had a great weekend!

06-18-2012, 12:29 AM
Thanks Onebyone for the welcome. I must have been typing when you posted. I often start writing and get distracted, then come back later to finish so it can take me forever.

Good luck on cleaning up. It can be a real challenge to clean up and clear out the boxes. A couple years ago I was overwhelmed by the mess of stuff in our basement. After much thought, we ended up selling and donating a lot of things that we were holding on to "just because" (nostalgia, we might need that super random item one day, what if we break our other two dozen glasses, etc.). Although not an easy task, it was such a relief to clear things out. It was very freeing. Have you thought about making small cleaning/organizing goals each week? For example, going through one box to divide into storage or donate groups, calling one storage facility or charity to hear about your options, donating one bag of stuff, or even throwing out just one item. I hope you get things worked out and that you don't beat yourself up in the meantime. Good luck!

06-18-2012, 07:16 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies - On plan eating day, CREDIT moi. There was a bunch of celebration food available that included two different batches of homemade brownies. I'm immediately drawn to the notion that I want to try both. Instead, I glad handed a bit and skipped out of the celebrations early to avoid ANY of the food - even the healthy stuff. I remembered that I had a planned peanut butter and banana sandwich for lunch; went home and savored it. Father's Day dinner was a huge mass of grilled veggies, steak, and chicken. I had reasonable portions, CREDIT moi. Later in the evening, I had this urge for a second evening snack and was foraging for an orange. I didn't have anything. Wish I could heartily congratulate myself, but lack of oranges gets the most credit - second place goes to my late awakening notion that a second snack wasn't on plan and was NO CHOICE. In this case, second place worked well enough.

My walk, CREDIT moi, took me through a big flea market where a vendor was giving away FREE bagels with cream cheese. So I'd avoided one food occasion to go walking into another. I wielded my Jedi sword, That's Not About Me, and proceeded to look at some old books. CREDIT moi for recognizing that FREE food didn't mean that I had to eat it.

onebyone – Ouch for a landlord who has an opinion about messy - that's none of his business. You have the right to be annoyed. Congrats on good market sales. At some point will you please tell me what that Animal in ecstasy in your avatar is doing?

Joy (gardenerjoy) – Did the passionate writing skills of the Irish seep into your bones?

Yanna - I recognize this one, "I have to face my fear of potentially being hungry" - it's been the biggest Beck shock to me that, indeed, Hunger is not an emergency. Good luck facing those exercises - may you discover.

Thanks for sharing your reasons; I particularly identify with "4) I want to reclaim “me”." That covers so many aspects of our diversion due to weight gain.

Readers - chapter 6 Stage 3 The Challenging Situations Plan
Confidently Follow Your Plan During Holidays

Memory Box Cards
Holidays are perfect occasions for storing important memories so you can motivate yourself in the future. Here's what Scott wrote on his card:Memory CardIt was hard to resist the cake and ice cream at the
[holiday] party today, especially since most people
were eating them. But now that it's over, I'm glad I
did. It would have been much harder if I hadn't read my
Response Cards before I went and made a rule about
not having any beer. I remember how guilty I felt last
year after this same party.
Judith S. Beck, Ph.D., The Complete Beck Diet for Life (Green book), pg 157.

06-18-2012, 09:40 AM
Hi Coaches!

A less than stellar day foodwise, yesterday. I have a plan for today. It's hard for me to acknowledge "depressed". The situation is not great right now. The attitude of my DH has gone downhill in the past few days-he's pretty agitated....leaning towards angry at the world. It's just past two weeks since surgery and staying in bed by himself day after day is quite unsettling. I DO recognize that I can't allow a string of days like yesterday and am DETERMINED to get back on track here right away. Not helping the situation at home or at work is the fact that we are still on a boil order with tap water. It just makes everything one step more difficult.

Today I will try to keep a good spirit.

06-18-2012, 10:16 AM
I'm still not in good control of my eating. Of course, it's hard to stay on a plan if I didn't write down a plan. So, today, I have a plan. It's a generous one, but I'm taking this one step at a time. If it took a generous plan to get me to write one down, than that's fine for a day or two.

WI: +0.3 kgs, Exercise: +60 815/1400 minutes for June, Food: 70%op, Read my Advantages and Responses: yes

Yanna: I really like your French Portions diet! That's the kind of structure that works best for me -- an exchange plan arranged into meal and snack slots.

BillBlueEyes: Irish writers were inspiring. Among other things, we visited the Blasket Center ( on Dingle Peninsula. It celebrates a defunct island community that never had more than about 200 people and yet produced some 40 books! If subsistence farmer and fisher folk could do it, it seemed like maybe I didn't have much of an excuse.

Sending positive thoughts to Lexxiss and onebyone and maryann during trying times. Great to see all of you here and working through things.

Love seeing the progress of newer Beckies, Elizabeth799 and melodyjoy!

06-18-2012, 12:29 PM
Good Morning, Coaches.

Difficult weigh in this morning. I felt I had been successful during my four day trip. The scale said four pounds up. Normally, when I travel I take my scale with me. This time I didn't. It is hard to face AGAIN my feeling of injustice at a gain when there were so many things I DIDN'T eat. And as BBE said, everybody else was eating everything. Today is the first official diet day on my retro plan. I have written down what I will eat, I have planned exercise, I will fill the house with healthy food.

onebyone: It is funny how certain things people say "sting" us. The landlord and your apartment. My father bringing up the fact that my teeth had been stained yellow when I was a kid from some antibiotics he gave me. I am so angry at the shame such an event brings up in me. I eat one this crap.
Lexxiss: Depression is a daily battle for me in certain periods. It is so difficult in the middle of it to remember "This too shall pass." But it will.

Hi to everyone else.

06-18-2012, 04:29 PM
Hello everyone. I hope you don't mind me posting multiple times a day. I find it keeps my mind more focused (and me more accountable).

So far I'm finding the reminder notes on my snack cabinet to be very useful. On the outside of the cabinet I have the "Read ARCs" note and on the inside is my list of reasons I want to lose weight. Every time I go to the cabinet to grab something I'm faced with reading my notes. Unless I've planned to eat something in there, I'm finding myself avoiding the cabinet all together. Last night I had a major success. After my son was in bed, when my usual mindless snacking time hit, just thinking about reading those notes and disappointing myself was enough to keep me out of the kitchen. I knew that I could not enjoy those cookies or chips knowing how bad I was going to feel. It was not worth it! Another benefit of avoiding the craving was that I also avoided a soda which would have been the start of a non-productive night time habit that messes up my sleep and then my plans for the next day. Instead I went to bed at a reasonable time and read my Beck info for Day 3. As a result, I woke up at a decent time and took my dog for a walk before my guys were up.

Today is my 3rd day. I have now placed my "sit down" reminder on the snack cabinet, as well. Plus I've completed the writing in my journal regarding the benefits of eating while sitting down. For me this is not one of my bigger problems, but more of a mindless habit of grabbing things as I wander into the kitchen for something else. It will be a bigger challenge on the evenings I work from 5-9pm because it's an on my feet kind of job and I don't get a break. Usually I snack while I work in back (standing). I'm going to deal with this by eating a mini-meal prior to work, having a snack ready to eat in my car after work (until the plan asks that I eat at a table) and reminding myself that it's only a few hours and being a little hungry will not harm me. The next step will be waiting until I get home to eat, but I'll deal with that when the time comes.

06-18-2012, 09:17 PM
Hello Coaches

I didn't weigh in this morning. I don't even know why. It's rare I don't weigh myself. I did wake up annoyed at my looming clean-up. So so so overwhelming, so not my strong suit, so-simple-why-can't-I-do-this :devil: sabotaging thoughts which, when I go there the next thought is :devil: why bother? you can't do it/don't know how to do it/will never do it/will just let it get really bad again so why bother with it and this one: you are stuck doing it alone(that's a new twist to the old sabotaging thought ever since DH works out of the house.)

So I skyped my sister, DH left for work and took the car and I committed to my sister to do my dishes in two hours. To do all of them and put them away. At the 2hr mark the final two sinkloads were drying themselves as I skyped my sister to tell her I did it. I put them away all weird but I don't care. We can tell a bowl from a big plate from a little late from a cup with our eyes as we are both middle-aged adults with lots of experience with dishes and cutlery behind us. :rolleyes: <-- (I'll use this guy for a sarcasm icon today)

DH is at a going-away dinner for a co-worker who took 6 months off instead of burning out or getting fired. It's great that his job allows that kind of thing. DH's holidays are approaching: first 2 weeks of July. Still no plans except DH did say we could go to the movies every single day if we want to. I was happy he thought to include me in his plans. I sometimes wonder the state of our relationship but I am not one to act rash, even if my mind is going berzerk.

Gee, I sound like a basketcase today. That's probably accurate. I cried for a good part of the time I was over the sink with the dishes. I loathe this :rollpin: housewife role I am now in. I do have to accept the care of the home is my job. No doubt about it. He's bringing in the big $ and I have to take care of the house and all that entails. He's not bugging me about it but when stuff like the landlord's comments happen, well it's up to me to fix it and I guess that's fair, except I have not yet in my almost 50 years got a handle on this stuff HOWEVER maybe this is the time I will. I don't ever give up on anything and I certainly will not let this defeat me. creditIf it's my house to deal with then it's my house to get fixed up so it suits ME more than DH. That's the hidden

So my progress today is all the dishes are done credit and put awaycredit. I cleaned the counterscredit and moved the microwave to a counter I didn't want to put it on but now it's therecredit and I need the area where it was more than I hate the new place it is nowcredit.

Everyday I am going to put in 2 hrs minimum to the apartment cleanup to a max of 5 hrs. Today's sessions was

Foodwise tracked everything. credit
Didn't visit the garden today but it rained last night so I'm sure it's ok. I'll go early in the morning to see what's happening.

Yanna I can feel you working the Beck program from here. Big Credits for setting yourself up for success. Awesome. IMHO you can consider the sitting in the car to eat as eating sitting down. And I don't think Beck ever forces us to eat at the table--eat without distractions does come later, but it's more about just taking the time to sit down and be mindful. You are on your way. I love reading about everything you are doing for yourself. So great.

maryannMaryann it did trigger what some folks call a shame spiral. OMG nothing gets me more defeated in a second than a comment about my weight when I am not expecting it or someone judging my chosen way of life. I am so very senstive about these things especially cause I really do see things differently from others. Oh well. It's not unreasonable and for me to get the place in "sure, you can drop by anytime" condition would be of great benefit to me on many many levels, including extending invitations to people I would like to get closer to. I'm going to make this happen. We shall overcome Maryann. We shall overcome. Credit for expressing your irritation at that number on the scale. The mere act of traveling often pushes my weight up for no reason. It will come back down because you are OP.

gardenerjoy Thank you for the link to Blasket Island. I was reminded of my undergrad thesis in medieval studies on medieval manuscripts and the development of human figures in the interlacing design; not a native form of design but imported from the mediterranean during trade including those of an assortment of texts. The Irish kept all of the ancient texts alive, copying them and spreading them. They singlehandedly stored the knowledge of the western world while other parts of western culture were busy destroying it for not being of Christian origin. It wasn't. They were not afraid of knowledge and did not judge it. They embraced it and adapted it for their own purposes. Given all this, I am not surprised at the high literacy level of this little island! Gee, I think I may have to put this on my European tour wish list. Thanks. Credit for creating a plan btw. That's the way to do it...!

Lexxiss Sorry to read you are going through a rough patch with a boil order on top of it all. Even in good times that's a tough thing. Sorry your DH's mood is falling. It is understandable if you felt blue too. You are probably exhausted. I have to say, I smiled as I scanned the Beck posts and caught your avatar description "hot springs resident". Is that the other side of the hill from you now? I wish for you a good long rejuvenating soak if that is at all possible. If not, I just wish for you enough of a break to recharge. Big Credit for getting right back on track. As you have told me many times, it's what makes the difference and you know that's true. All is never lost.

BillBlueEyesKudos to your subconscious mind who arranged your environment to not have any oranges at hand when you went for them. Excellent. Excellent job saying no to all the homemade goodies opting for your homemade food instead. I admit, I wish I could have seen you glad handing folks. I suspect you are very good at it. My avatar is my wonderful Caesar enjoying his favorite toy: a handknit chicken. This was the last gasp for the chicken btw. He took all the catnip out of it. I got him a neon pink monkey with yellow banana (some local knitting loon makes these things for like $2. They are incredible.) and he doesn't seem to care for it much. He does sort of like the penguin though. What's weird is the thing is hairy and gets stuck in his tongue; it's why that image is so exaggerated. He's trying to lick and get the thing off his tongue. New avatar coming soon, but yeah, so much pure joy in that one for sure.

Must go. I was wordy today. :wave: to all readers; lurkers et al.

06-18-2012, 09:59 PM
Hi Everyone,

Just got home from the dentist, frozen and with a big hole in my gums. Kinda hungry but don't want to accidently chew my half frozen tongue. Weight was up this morning but expected from having Chinese food for Father's Day. Things went well at my event on Saturday, walked over 23,000 steps, equivalent to 7.7 miles. My feet felt every step when I got home with some cramps in my calf muscles and blisters on both heels. Wore the wrong socks in my runners. Did some gardening yesterday so it's keeping me limber, should be good for the last Zumba class tomorrow night.

Well, off to find something to eat or to lay on the couch, thinking the couch will win,freezing is starting to come out so I feel kind of tingly.

Will be back soon to catch up.

06-19-2012, 04:08 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies - A good food day, CREDIT moi. I made a point not to lick the knife when making my peanut butter sandwich just to work the Resistance Muscle which is in need. The urge for a second evening snack came roaring in and I managed to finesse it away. Knowing that there are no more California Navel Oranges helped - seems that their season is over. I get a bit addicted to them. There are open packages of cookies in the pantry - supporting one of DW's affairs - that just don't tempt. There are no dried figs or nuts at the moment - by design - which might have. So, I just went about my business. Some credit for managing my environment I guess. A fistful of lightly salted, roasted pecans would have called my name; glad they weren't there.

Gym was normal, CREDIT moi. As were my short walks that included a trip to the community garden to harvest some more Sugar Snaps. I ate one standing up. I returned Micro by Michael Crichton and Richard Preston to the library, suggesting to the librarian that the book was so bad it should be burned. She asked if I finished it - "You didn't have to," she said. I told her that I did hoping it would redeem itself, expecting to get scolded like a 3rd grader. She laughed, "I'm doing the same thing right now." Love my librarian! I gotta learn to stop reading a book when it's not my thing.

onebyone – Big Kudos for Skyping your sister to help get through the dishes. I am big time sympathetic for the difficulty of catch-up getting ordered. I've been known to shift clutter from one location to another with no reduction in volume or increase in order. Maybe you can try to slowly incorporate some Fly Lady strategies - my take is that she's an intuitive Cognitive Therapist disguised as a laywoman.

Joy (gardenerjoy) – Yay for the Basket Center as an inspiration; I loved the pictures. Fish, eat, write, sleep - appealing life. Neat idea to carefully select a generous plan that will work for you.

Debbie (Lexxiss) – Ouch for supporting a patient with cabin fever. I suspect that even Mother Teresa would have a tough time with two weeks in bed for a bum leg when the rest of body felt vigorous. Sending supporting thoughts as you keep the faith.

maryann - Bon Voyage on your "retro plan." Nope, you didn't gain four pounds in four careful days. So now you get the pleasure of watching the scale drift back.

Tazzy - Ouch for the molar hole in your gums; may they heal quickly. 23,000 steps is one active work day.

Yanna - Post in whatever style works for you; the rest of us do, and we've survived each other so far. Love your technique to put up sticky reminders publicly while keeping the details private. Such a neat demo how your brain thought of those reminders and didn't even have to go to the kitchen. Four hours is a long stretch without a snack. My take is that Beck's Eat Sitting Down excludes the car since that's a mindless place. In your case, it's a planned place and a really good idea - especially since there's certainly junk food of some type that might be tempting you while you're out back.

Readers - chapter 6 Stage 3 The Challenging Situations Plan

Confidently Follow Your Plan While Traveling

Traveling can be a challenge. You have less access to the foods you usually eat. Getting to your destination can be stressful. Your usual routine is disrupted, mealtimes may be irregular, and you will likely be exposed to tempting foods and drinks. Some dieters find it relatively easy to keep up their efforts for days but then slip into loose eating and gain weight. To avoid this pitfall, change your mindset about traveling.

Judith S. Beck, Ph.D., The Complete Beck Diet for Life (Green book), pg 157.

06-19-2012, 08:05 AM
Hi Coaches!

Well yesterday was a better food day. I concentrated on healthy foods until bedtime when I decided cookies were on "my" plan. I am acknowledging while I type that the environment is really difficult right now. It's all about encouraging DH to eat and since he has limited mobility there is stuff sitting out everywhere. It's also my "job" right now to keep a snack bowl filled for him at all times. *credit* for moving the cookies from the counter to a container inside his snack cupboard. It really helps me when they aren't visable.

Our boil order is off so I'm in the process of reclaiming my kitchen....dishes getting done, counters and stovetop cleaned...the sink is next. There just didn't seem to be a point in cleaning with contaminated water. I'll attack the fridge before work, too. I'm getting so much better with my household chores and the kitchen ALWAYS comes first since it is home base for healthy eating.

BillBlueEyes, credit for a stellar food AND exercise day! Good that you could just return that book to the library and not have to decide what to do with it at home. PS I no longer finish books I'm not enjoying. I move on to something which seems to suit me better.

Tazzy, I hope your healing is quick with your mouth AND blisters. I, too, walk lots at work and am happy to report my new Danskos are very comfortable from beginning to end.

Yanna, great credits as you start BDS! I'm so glad when we have someone new's like a Beck refresher course. Re:eating in the car....I have to sometimes. I have worked and have found a way to be mindful about it AND it does not include junk/fast food. It is always something on my plan with the intent of nourishment.

MaryAnn, agreed w/BBE. The scale will move. I don't get discouraged when I've eaten anything that didn't come from home. Travel food is always high sodium in my book.

onebyone, KUDOS KUDOS KUDOS many credits yesterday! I think your clean-up plan is a good one, especially enlisting some outside support. new Beck decluttering thread?? A little time each day starts showing results very quickly. Keeping up with the areas you have already done is helpful, too. What I have found is there are two parts-the clean up and the maintenance. I PROMISE YOU the results are very rewarding AND the sooner you tackle it the sooner you will be able to move on. I always remember that the reason I got to BECK DIET SOLUTION was because I came upon your decluttering thread. Thx again. Oh, btw, we're not at the hot springs location. We'll go back next week for a few days. The house here is much better suited for DH's healing since he can't get in the water yet. Travel is hard for him now so our bopping back and forth isn't practical, either.

gardenerjoy, great that you are back to writing down a "generous" plan to get back into the swing of things. I'm working in that direction, too.

Ok, must get back to my home-work before the real workday calls. The benefit today is that I'll come home to a clean kitchen and generally organized rest of the house. Instead of having that "sinking feeling" I get when I look at the un-done, I will feel recharged knowing that all I have to do is prepare a healthy dinner and enjoy the associated benefits.

Tally ho---can I say that? :lol:

06-19-2012, 10:57 AM
Thanks everyone for the continued support. I've really been enjoying reading everyone's comments.

My day of eating while sitting down went pretty well. I did intentionally eat some gummy vitamins standing up. Not exactly food, but certainly food-like. When I got dinner out of the oven, I tasted a potato slice to make sure they were done. It was such an ingrained habit I didn't even think about it until after I'd eaten it. I didn't beat myself up about it though. It was a simple mistake that I will place in my brain as a reminder for next time I cook. Instead I'd rather think of all the stuff I did resist eating while passing through the kitchen. Since today is my day to start giving credit. I'm going to give myself credit for that.

I had a major munchie attack last night after my son was in bed. I could tell I was not physically hungry, but it was a very intense craving that I could feel throughout my body. It made me feel panicked and a bit crazy and that I must have something now. I was not able to completely resist, even reading my notes, but I did use enough thought to add in some real food (baked chicken) so it would not turn into an all night mindless eating session. Having something with nutrients, especially protein, seems to lessen the amount of empty calories I eat when I feel this way. Today I'm going to try focusing on eating more balanced healthy snacks in hopes of keeping away this crazy craving feeling later in the day.

Some other things I want to give myself credit for yesterday are 1) not taking a nap while my son did and going to bed at a normal hour at night 2) eating real food breakfasts the past couple of mornings

It's only 9am and it's already a hot day here. I'm off to find some indoor activities to wear out my son.

06-19-2012, 11:31 AM
I'll take credit for a slight improvement over previous days in being on plan with my eating. Apparently, readjustment is going to take awhile. Patience and gentleness is certainly going to work better than beating myself up, so I'll go with that.

Today's challenge is an event called "brunch." In the old days, that might be a fourth meal between breakfast and lunch. Fortunately, the jet lag means we're on a very early schedule. So, we've had breakfast and we're calling this event "lunch."

WI: NA kgs, Exercise: +30 845/1400 minutes for June, Food: 75%op, Read my Advantages and Responses: yes

Yanna: I agree with onebyone that eating in the car will likely work fine for you. If it's done mindfully, no problem. I made a rule to not eat in the car, but that's because it was my favorite place for eating mindlessly and in giant quantities. But even I would do it in the circumstances that you describe, so I think you have a good handle on it.

onebyone: How the Irish Saved Civilization was one of the books I read before my trip -- a terrific story! I was fascinated by Irish design -- there seems to be a continuous line from prehistoric to Celtic to early Christian. The carvings at Newgrange were amazing (Entrance stone: and Tri-spiral: The Book of Kells was a highlight of my trip:

Lexxiss: thanks for this: "the kitchen ALWAYS comes first since it is home base for healthy eating." I've complained that since we got back I'm cleaning the kitchen every time I turn around. Nice to reframe it as the base for my healthy eating. In the past, I've observed "The more times I run the dishwasher, the better I eat." I should aim for 5 some day this week -- that would mean that I both cooked lunch and baked bread.

06-19-2012, 12:33 PM
Good Morning, Coaches. As prophesied by BBE and Lexxiss the scale jumped back down a pound and a half today, landing me two pound above ticker. Credit for exercise, practicing my resistance muscle most of the day, and looking at the clock when a craving came - timing its duration. I was in a funk most of the day but continually explained to DS it wasn't his fault he didn't have to cheer me up. As usual, he seemed to take the day in happy stride. Today seems better. I have written down my food and committed to 100% "yes" on my check off sheet. Starting to pack for Vermont. I leave on Thursday.

Yanna: I am going to take your lead and get the Post-its out with "Read Arc". It is always good to get into a new good habit.
Onebyone: Congrats on the dishes. Great that you put the dishes away "funky" because it means you put the dishes away. I find that my perfectionism often stops me from doing anything.
BBE: I, too, resisted a few knife licks and didn't lick up DS leftovers. These things are not trivial.
Lexxiss: I cleaned three shelves of the refrigerator yesterday. I took me twenty minutes and was totally spontaneous.

06-19-2012, 12:33 PM
I have been eating sensibly for one entire day. I am back and need to commit to myself that when I stray with my food that I will not disappear into an abyss, but rather, stick with posting and know that it will get better.

I have glanced at some posts and it does read that some folks have some non food challenges that are affecting food choices (and many other things). I will sit tonight and read everything and get caught up.

I am still unwilling to stand on the scale. Will do so at the right time. I do know that if you have a goal, that it must be measurable and that you must know where are in relation to that goal--ie--current weight.

06-19-2012, 05:46 PM
Hi Hikergirl. I also have the tendency to disappear when things aren't going well. Even when I was a child, I'd avoid things that made me uncomfortable (like I'd suddenly be "sick" and not go to school the day some event was going on that I was dreading). I'm also a perfectionist who avoids doing things when I know I can't achieve perfection. It can definitely be a frustrating thing to deal with.

- I created a card for myself this week that says "Making an effort, even if it is imperfect is much better than making no effort at all". That's something I need to keep telling myself!

You all have given me a lot to think about regarding eating sitting down/eating mindfully. So far I have only reached the part of the plan that includes eating sitting down, so tonight I'm going to simply eat a small snack while driving home. Tomorrow is my official Day 5 - Eating Slowly and Mindfully. I have not yet read it, but hopefully I'll get some more ideas about how to make things work on my work evenings. I don't really like the idea of sitting in the car in the dark parking lot (behind the building) after everyone has gone home, while I mindfully eat my snack. It's only a 15 minute drive home and only 2 days a week, so I may just have to learn to wait until I get home. I'm thinking I'll still keep a snack in my car to keep myself from panicking about the potential of being too hungry.

Credit - Standing in the kitchen today, I caught myself right before I was going to taste my son's lunch. It felt great to remember in time.

Credit - I am also going to give myself major credit for avoiding the junky food while I was out with my son this morning. Between the mall, the million temptations on the drive home and it being almost lunch time it was a toughie. I told myself that 1) Since I had no phone to call my husband it would be rude to show up w/o something for him and I didn't want to buy something and find out he didn't want it 2) That we really can't afford it right now so I'd be mad at myself for wasting money 3) That fast food never satisfies my hunger and that I'd just end up eating again afterwards.

One struggle I'm having right now is that I want to plan my foods already, but I'm not sure that is "allowed" in the plan. I know the book states that it is preferred you not start your diet before day 15. However, I'm finding it hard to determine, for example, if eating a snack is against my goals or not without having it all laid out in front of me. It's not the idea of having a snack when it's part of a well-balanced plan that's an issue, but more of a not being able to see the big picture in a given moment. A more specific example would be along these lines: I'm wanting to pop popcorn for a snack. The popcorn in itself is not a terrible choice, but do I really need the popcorn? Will the popcorn hinder my progress in terms of both giving in and not losing weight? I ask myself these questions but have not yet figured out how to determine the answers. Of course, there's also my fear of not getting enough to eat, throughout the day (the fear of hunger I've mentioned before). I'm hoping that somewhere along the way, as I become more in tune with myself, these answers will become clearer to me. One idea I am considering is prepping my snacks the night prior so know those are pre-determined good choices not spur of the moment emotional choices, but I'm having a lot of self-doubt about what is right. I think that may be my perfectionist mentality showing her face again. I think I'm going to do some reading to get my head back on straight.

On a side note : Oh my gosh, Gardenerjoy! I just noticed your location. I live in Kirkwood, too! If you see a lady walking around with a cute little boy it may just be me. I'm not very talkative in person so I doubt we've ever met, but still ... what a small world!

06-19-2012, 05:57 PM

Many *credits* to report on the cleaning front. A lot of firsts.
I mopped the floor. what this really means:
I mopped the floor with floor cleaner stuff, with a vileda spray mop, which meant the we, me and the cats, had to stay off the floor until it dried. I can't remember the last time I did that much of a cleaning.
I put together my third pantry for extra storage space. I re-discovered it, still unassembled in its box, just as I had placed it leaning up against the big freezer (which isn't in use, but is on my to-do list soon, like tomorrow) about 5 months ago. It just became part of the mess after a while so I didn't really see it until after the kitchen was clean. Weird eh?
dishes are completely done for two days now, including cat bowls, my least favorite things to clean
wiped down small appliances (stove, fridge not included as they are things unto themselves)
have started into my dining room, which is not a dining room, but my studio space. The microwave cart no longer holds a microwave, but my printer. yay. New/more storage in that cart for art stuff. Kitchen stuff in it now will travel to the newly assembled pantry--but maybe only tomorrow.

-scale rose today. back at 260 again. I weigh-in on Thursday and don't know what to expect. oh well. I'll know on thursday.
-tracked my foood.
-ate mostly sitting down. Did start having a few bites on my way to sitting down. Must insist I hold off for those 5 or 6 steps!

I need to make a Dr appt for me and DH. We're due, no, overdue, for checkups. Have to get my new Dr to get the old Dr to send my files. This feels insurmountable to me today. O well.


ps. I am starting a new Beck De-clutter thread. If you have any task like that to help clean up your environment come join in. Thanks for the reminder Lexxiss;)

06-20-2012, 12:33 AM
Wow, Onebyone. You got a lot done today!

I didn't get very far on resisting a snack at work. At 5:30, I was hungry and caved. Good news is I only ate the healthy snack I had packed plus water. It also took me 2 hours to get through my snack since I could only eat it a bite at a time. Obviously I had plenty of time to realize if I was full and never got overstuffed. I stayed far away from the vending machine and didn't go in the break room to check for any treats left on the table. I think I'm going to have to find another plan for dealing with this, though. I'm a bit discouraged about the fact that sticking to the Beck plan 100% seems like it's going to be miserable in this instance. My body doesn't want a huge meal at 4pm, but it does want something between 4:30 and 9pm. I'm worried about "cheating" but it seems like it would make more sense if I had a special plan for these two nights of the week where I could only eat my planned snack, but start delaying when I eat. For example, when I felt hungry the first night, I could delay it for 30 minutes, reminding myself that being a little hungry for a short while is ok. Then I could build up from there. I have to remind myself again that "Making an effort, even if it is imperfect is much better than making no effort at all". I also need to remind myself that I did a great job resisting all the other food temptations at work.

Since today is my first official credit day, I have extra credits to give myself (better than being down on myself, that's for sure).

* Today I was thinking about how far I've come with my fast food "addiction". Less than a year ago, I was eating it almost everyday and felt the crazies thinking about getting my fries at lunchtime. Now I'm able to say "No, I don't need that" most of the time and am eating that stuff less than twice a month. It seemed like it was going to be an impossible feat at first, but somehow I did it and I'm proud of myself.

* I've done two days in a row of 30 Day Shred. It's hard, but I enjoy the sense of accomplishment after I've completed a workout (thankfully they are only 20 minutes each!).

06-20-2012, 07:59 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies - On plan, CREDIT moi, including a triumph when I volunteered to walk (CREDIT moi) to Whole Foods to get dinner after DW had a demanding day and didn't want to make it. On the way there, I planned to have NO FREE samples - NONE - feeling that my Resistance Muscle is so in need of exercising. Then I didn't, CREDIT moi, and chose four dynamite (and healthy) cold dishes from their deli in volume sufficient for a couple of meals. It greatly improved DW's mood.

A shopping triumph occurred when I finally made it to a store to replace some underwear that DW insists has to be tossed - so reminding me of my childhood when my grandmother worried how I'd look in imperfect underwear if I were taken to the emergency room. And I bought a wrist watch which was badly needed since the band on mine broke months ago. I wear the inexpensive Casio's so that stolen or lost isn't a big deal. But Casio makes a thousand models each with slightly different features. I just chose one that was good enough. Did I ever mention that I HATE shopping?

onebyone – Nice, "much ado much to do much done." That's an impressive list of done - Kudos for it all.

Joy (gardenerjoy) – LOL at an event called "brunch." Around here it's the first meal of the day for the Yuppie twenty-something's who've slept in on the weekend, replacing two meals; at least you finagled to replace one.

Debbie (Lexxiss) – Yeah for water that doesn't need to be boiled. What a reminder to be grateful for the simple things. Kudos for "reclaiming my kitchen."

maryann - Yep, "didn't lick up DS leftovers" is not trivial and deserves Kudos. Good luck preparing for your journey to Vermont.

Susan (hikergirl) – Kudos for an entire day of sensible eating; they accumulate one day at a time. I know that desire to stay away when I'm not staying the course. Keep the faith.

Yanna - Kudos for thinking about the contents of your snack to make it work for you. Thanks for "Making an effort, even if it is imperfect is much better than making no effort at all" - I can use that one also. And Kudos for persisting with 30 Day Shred. I do admire being able to do anything in addition to chasing a three year old - I remember those times.

Readers - chapter 6 Stage 3 The Challenging Situations Plan
Confidently Follow Your Plan While Traveling

Create a Travel Mindset.
You just can't take a vacation from dieting without regaining weight. Not responding to the following sabotaging thoughts will make traveling difficult and gaining weight probable: I can't stick to my diet . . . I shouldn't have to stick to my diet . . . I don't want to stick to my diet. While you may not have control over foods, you should plan to follow the Think Thin Eating Plan as best you can, eating the usual number of extra Travel Calories (at right).

Judith S. Beck, Ph.D., The Complete Beck Diet for Life (Green book), pg 158.

06-20-2012, 08:44 AM
Hi Coaches!

I'm on the run this morning. I did post on onebyone's Own Your Space decluttering thread

Food is not great and I really spent some time thinking through "what is bothering me right now?" There were many items on the list, most which I have no control over right now....acceptance. And with acceptance I can move ahead making progress in my home, which is where I am very "stuck" right now as DH's injury makes very slow progress.

I also came up with a more solid plan for today since I didn't stick to yesterdays. It does include getting back to bringing my own lunch to work. That entails leaving a bit early so I can stop at the store for an orange.

Thanks for being here everyone and kudos to all as we keep trying! I have had several opportunities to get in touch first hand with my "food addict" in the past few days. Plan plan plan.

06-20-2012, 10:09 AM
I overate compulsively for about an hour yesterday. It had an air of inevitability about it. As if I had to hit bottom before I could start improving things again. I'm not buying that -- "inevitable" is a sabotaging thought.

I'm going to try the Seven Question Technique in a bit (Day 27 in the pink book) to see if I can come up with a better technique for handling post-vacation blues and jet lag. I suspect one key will be acknowledging that they exist.

That's always tricky for me because sometimes if I don't take negative feelings too seriously, they will dissipate on their own. Other times, they will bite me if I don't deal with them.

Discernment is the problem. One hint might be that if I go two or more days with a marked unwillingness to follow my food plan, then I probably need to pay attention because that isn't normal for me.

Yanna: that's so cool that you live in Kirkwood. I'll send you a private message to see if you want to meet up.
My take is that "sticking to the Beck plan 100%" isn't required. Your well-thought out plan to have a healthy snack seems very Beck-like -- it's following the spirit of the law if not the letter.

06-20-2012, 10:15 AM
Oops, Yanna, you're still a baby chick, so I can't send you a private message.

Do you want to meet? I'll understand if you don't -- part of the allure of an online support group is the anonymity. But I'm not being anonymous in my interaction any more, so I'm open to the idea.

We could meet at the Farmers Market. Or we could walk in Kirkwood Park or Powder Valley. I'd be happy to meet your son, too, if it makes it an easier outing for you. I'm available most any time since I'm not working right now.

06-20-2012, 11:58 AM
BBE--- kudos to you for actually finding a watch strap that fits a Casio and a big kudo to you for getting in and out of Whole Foods without snacking (I tend to circle around the snack aisle and buy those silly "Pirates Booty" snacks-- zero worth. The bag is usually emptied between the cashier's till and my car.

gardenjoy: 10 days ago I returned from 3 weeks in France and the devastating eating that I undertook when I returned home has been physically and emotionally -- a challenge.

Yanna: Keep at it.

Maryann:-- oh my, I read through many posts last night and I think that you are the one suffering from insomnia. Everything is totally overmagnified when you cannot sleep. You can even get more and more worked up about not sleeping which contributes to the problem. For me, insomnia causes me to lose perspective and when that happens life can be tough. I send you calm and warm wishes for regaining your footing. Rest assured, it will return and hold on to that thought.

one by one: I too do summer and Christmas markets. My first is this Sunday. I too suffer from clutter etc --- I cannot tackle this all at once. I have to do it a bit at a time.

Lexxis: what is the prognosis for your husbands injury? Please do not feel that you have to answer this.

I have yet to stand on the scale. I have two respectable eating days to my credit. That is all that I can deal up for now. I am a very fortunate person with quality problems, but this food swing business is my total bugaboo--it has ruled my life since the age of 15, and I am sooooooooooooo tired of it. I have the beck tools, I have my beck kit. It is up to me (as it has always been).
bye for now
(sorry if I missed someone in this post--i am just getting back into the swing of things)

06-20-2012, 12:10 PM
BillBlueEyes - My husband is a a very involved father and would do pretty much anything for me (like watching our son all those times I wanted some extra sleep), so that makes things much easier for me. I've been taking advantage of nap time to do the DVD, then shower and do some other things. It's actually giving me more energy and I'm getting to sleep at a reasonable hour at night which makes me feel even better. Not to mention reducing my junk food intake is making me less sluggish. This morning my kid did have a fit over the shades being open and then another fit over me vacuuming, but he's generally pretty good (like now he's totally immersed in his trucks). You just have to do what you have to do :)

Gardenerjoy - Thanks for making me feel a bit better about my work night snack challenge. I'm not yet ready to meet up (I'm very shy!), but thank you for the offer. Hopefully, I'll feel more comfortable at some point in the future.

This morning was my first mindful meal. I used a special plate and chopsticks and had a clock to keep track of the time. I found myself drinking much more water than usual to pass the time between bites. At times it was a bit annoying and I'd have unhelpful thoughts, but I just keep going through with the plan knowing I would be happier if I completed what I set out to do. It was nice to taste just how sweet those summer strawberries are and I even felt the intense desire to stop eating (and listened) rather than my usual eating until everything was gone. One mental challenge I dealt with was the idea of wasting food. I had some fruit left after I realized I was full. I felt so guilty about throwing away food since money is tight. I felt like I was stealing it from my family. I did remember Beck's idea about not wasting food in your body either. I decided to keep my leftover fruit to use with my lunch and I will start giving myself smaller portions, taking more if need be, so I won't be taking more than I really need to begin with.

I give myself credit for getting up to go for a walk with my dog this morning and stopping when I felt full at breakfast.

06-20-2012, 03:57 PM
Hikergirl: I hear you about "quality problems". I don't know anyone with a more blessed life than mine and yet I struggle with sanity. My husband says "You earn your own luck." Maybe I am lucky because I am willing to face my challenges no matter how imperfect my efforts.
gardenerjoy: Your talk about the "inevitable episode" of overeating sounds very true to me. I know I build up to these binges, forcing myself to a state of catastrophe before I allow myself release and peace.
BBE: I don't know if I have ever read two more "male-ish" statements in such close succession. "My wife told me to throw away my underwear." and "I hate shopping"

As for me, Coaches, I am packing for MFA in Writing Program in Vermont. I leave tomorrow. Terrific OP day yesterday. Scale is down another pound. I am one pound from ticker. My plan for school is as follows: Read Beck Daily Thread on the BDS website; write down food; bring scale; bring yoga mat. Today I will put peanut butter on my plate and not eat it per retro Day 17. I will juice spinach, apple, lemon and celery. Sushi tonite with DH.

Best to all.

06-20-2012, 10:37 PM
I had two very mindful meals and then it went downhill. I was very hungry after completing another day of the 30 Day Shred and had a large mindless snack. I was hungry and just wanted to relax and eat. It was a stressor. Dinner was at the table, but not the most mindful since my son talks non-stop. I took him out to do some food shopping after dinner and he decided to play ask mommy questions until she cracks. It was pretty much a constant from the time we left the house until we got home. I wasn't sure if I should laugh or cry ... maybe a little of both. I ended up taking out my stress on a bowl of chips. Then we ran around the house. I give myself credit for not eating the entire bag! I'll need to think some more about ways to deal with these things that don't involve food. Maybe the run around the house should come first!

* I give myself credit for doing another session of 30 Day Shred and not taking a nap.
* I also give myself credit for eating sitting down, except a slice of nectarine (caught myself right afterwards). Except for the occasional forgetful moment, the not eating while standing is really sinking in. Last night when I first put my toothbrush in my mouth, I had an instant thought that I needed to sit down. Then I realized it was just a toothbrush. It actually felt odd.

06-20-2012, 11:10 PM
Coaches I will be brief:

-overate today--was fueled by and email from a sibling and worry over scale reading back to 260 this morning. (credit for weighing) Like eating MORE will solve anything? Uh no. seemed to have forgotten everything today.

-credit for walking to the garden, watering and walking home before 8am this morning. The garden grows.

- credit for organizing linen closet anf for another night (#3) of no dishes in the sink and a clean kitchen.

Off to bed with me.

06-21-2012, 07:49 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies - On plan again, CREDIT moi. I've had a run of good days so I'm beginning to feel like I'm in control again. My big moment was sitting at a table in the evening where Girl Scout Thin Mints and Fig Newtons were being passed around. I had none - Not About Me. I could have remembered that I'll have future opportunities with both of those.

Did gym, CREDIT moi, where the real interest was the mechanical lift being used to install a large air-conditioning unit. I love watching plumbers work when they're using tools that I don't own, doing a scale of work beyond my home skills. I did find my brain with the thought that since they made a workout difficult I would be justified to just skip it. Amazes me that my neurons can conjure up a bad option whatever the situation. Celebrated the exact moment of Summer Solstice (7:09pm ET) while out chasing birds. Didn't see anything special, but a Double Crested Cormorant put on a good show by repeatedly diving for his dinner.

onebyone – Continued Big Kudos for the clean kitchen. Ouch for family dynamics - sending supportive thoughts to remind you that you've brought onebyone to a sane place and that you keep her there despite hurtful emails.

Joy (gardenerjoy) – Lovely, "inevitable" is a sabotaging thought - Sigmund Freud missed the Sabotaging Thoughts part of the brain located between the Ego and Super-Ego. It's clearly there.

Debbie (Lexxiss) – Thanks for "Plan plan plan" - since that works for me and failure to plan doesn't it would seem obvious to just keep on planning, but I'm capable of forgetting. Kudos for acceptance.

maryann - Drooling over a sushi night. Have a good flight to Vermont. Kudos for having a plan for your stay.

Susan (hikergirl) – Kudos for two days in a row on plan. They accumulate by the onesies. [Yep, I found a Casio band - attached to a new watch. I've hunted for Casio bands for years and never found one cheaper than with watch attached.]

Yanna - Kudos for your mindful meal. The barrier to tossing food is so strong; I'm almost only able to leave food on my plate if we put it in the fridge for later use. DW tosses it when it turns green, but tossing it immediately brings out a chorus of "Starving Children in China" from my childhood. And Kudos for choosing a DH who is such a good partner with parenting.

LOL at "ask mommy questions until she cracks" - I never cease to marvel at the early mastery of both language and social use of it. The four year old next door talks non-stop to DW when she's visible working in her garden. DW enjoys being reminded of our own DD, but she can quit at any moment by going inside. I do remember the feelings when I couldn't quit since I was on duty.

Readers - chapter 6 Stage 3 The Challenging Situations Plan
Confidently Follow Your Plan While Traveling
Create a Travel Mindset.

What you must avoid at all costs is having no plan or having a plan but spontaneously deviating from it when tempted. Traveling gives you continual opportunities to strengthen either your resistance muscle or your giving-in muscle, that's why continuing to plan your food intake in advance is so important.

Judith S. Beck, Ph.D., The Complete Beck Diet for Life (Green book), pg 158.

06-21-2012, 11:21 AM
Good Morning, Coaches.

Food OP yesterday. Sushi was great. Had a big glass of green juice - celery, spinach, tomatoes and lemon. Credit for retraining my taste buds to like things like that. Also, credit for no longer using sweet in my coffee.

Off to finish packing.

06-21-2012, 12:02 PM
Hi there. Mindless eat yesterday evening with a large container of 2% fat yogurt. I think that I ate about 3 cups of it. Yikes. It was yummy, but it was totally mindless. Otherwise did ok. Will not stand on scale for a while. Have not made it to the gym for a couple of days.

BBE- wonderful picture of celebrating the solstice at the exact moment. Very mindful!

06-21-2012, 12:25 PM
Hello Everyone,

It's been an interesting few days since the dental work and trying to figure out what "soft" foods one can eat and stay pretty OP. It's been oatmeal, yogurt, applesauce, mashed potatoes, steamed cauliflower. No wonder I'm not feeling satisfied I just realized in typing out all those foods there are all very bland to look at, no color at all! My jaw is still aching some, have a nice bruise and some swelling as well. Oh well, once this pain passes I know I won't have the throbbing ache that was there for so long everytime I had a bite of something hard or crunchy.

Exercise lately has been pulling weeds in the garden and flower beds. We could really use some heat here to get things growing. Would love to have some of those eastern temperatures right now! I'm not having to water much as Mother Nature is looking after that.

Busy weekend ahead, it's my birthday on Sunday. My mom and sister are taking me to a spa on Saturday and then we're having a birthday/Father's Day BBQ that night. In our family we are always combining celebrations when we have the chance to get everyone together.

Back to the paper on my desk, it's now much more manageable for which I am thankful.

06-21-2012, 12:46 PM
Credit for doing the 7 Question Technique. I'm engaging in Overly Positive Fortune Telling (jet lag won't effect me) and Justification (I should get to eat this because I'm tired). Interesting, but I still think and act on both of those thoughts. The Behavioral part of Cognitive-Behavioral has always worked better for me. So I'm committing and/or re-committing to these three rules:

1. Mayonnaise is only consumed when mixed with a generous amount of yogurt cheese.

2. Cereal is a breakfast food, not a snack.

3. Only eat sitting down.

That should curb the worst of my instincts while I recover from jet lag.

Exercise yesterday was turning over two piles of compost -- a full body workout!

hikergirl: Thanks for this: "10 days ago I returned from 3 weeks in France and the devastating eating that I undertook when I returned home has been physically and emotionally -- a challenge." It helped get it into my head that this is not easy. Thinking it should be easy has made me not take it all seriously enough.
How was your trip to France?

Yanna: no worries -- will meet up when you're ready.
LOL at the toothbrush moment!

06-21-2012, 01:20 PM

I am happy to report no official weight change this week at my weigh in. Once more my feelings (omg :eek: I am sure I gained weight this week--I don't even want to go weigh in) were not fact. I had no change at all. Exactly the same. I ate a lot this week. I did an experiment to "eat all my activity points and see what happens". Well, what happens is I stay the same. So this week's goal is to not eat my activity points and to attempt to stay within my daily point allotment trying to dip into my weekly points only if truly necessary. Seems complicated when you write it down but it's not. This whole WW thing is growing on me again. I was a little meh:shrug: about it the last two months but I can feel the light is on again. I think this is DIRECTLY related to me dealing with my environent and facing issues that need to be faced head on and geez Louise I am so tired of always worrying about "the house" and "the mess". I pretty much have been worrying about that for as long as I've worried about "my weight". It is sooooooo time to get past these things and move on! As I am pushing 50, ugh don't tell, I need all my available energy for making Art and for reaching Big Goals. I don't need this old stuff keeping me down any more. I'll even suffer :thanks2: "turkey neck" if that's what it comes to.

Happy Summer to the Northern Hemisphere Beckies!

Happy Winter to the Southerners!

06-21-2012, 03:01 PM
In the pink book, today is the day I'm supposed to find a diet coach. Since no one has cursed me out or asked me to leave, I believe I have this one covered. Thank you :)

Moving on to Day 7 - Arrange Your Environment. So far I have decided the following:

Work - Don't bring change or ones to work. Not having money for the vending machine will drastically reduce my chances of getting anything out of it. To deal with the treats that often get brought in, I will allow myself to bring home one portion of one food to eat the next day as my planned treat. All the food is always in the kitchen so avoiding the kitchen when I'm feeling anxious is also part of the plan.

Home - I moved my husband's snack foods to the cabinet above the microwave. This way I won't accidentally see them unless I'm looking for spices to cook with, at which point I'm not going to be leaning over to the top shelf and risk burning myself on the hot stove.

Has anyone else had effective ways of arranging their environment? I'm drawing a blank for more ideas.

I give myself credit for eating lunch at the table today, especially when the couch and computer are so tempting. I also give myself credit for having an apple (and sharing it with my son) to appease my sweet tooth. My sabotaging thought was that one cookie wouldn't really be any more calories than an apple, but I reminded myself that I rarely stop at one cookie. At the same time, I don't remember ever eating more than one apple in a single sitting.

After lunch I opened the fridge, saw an open bottle of skim milk and thought that I need to buy some cookies so I don't waste the milk. I had to laugh at myself for that sabotaging thought. Buying the cookies would waste both the milk and the cookies. Maybe I'll use the milk for oatmeal for breakfast tomorrow or something else that would be more in line with my goals.

06-21-2012, 04:12 PM
Hello everyone, I haven't been here in so long and it shows on my scale.
I have decided to get real with my weight and my goals. I find I am so focused on the legalities of losing weight rather than the happiness that I will feel if I get healthy. My two food plans will be calorie counting and my plan b will be ww. I feel overwhelmed coming back and having gained weight. I don't like that feeling of being human and making mistakes. Well here is to a new learning experience.
Take Care

06-22-2012, 01:04 AM
Hi Coaches!

Well I found the perfect day to revisit the hunger experiment. I had my morning smoothie at's 10pm and the experience of going an entire day without eating didn't affect me at all. I did pick up an organic apple/mint 100% juice at the CSA store and enjoyed it in the car at 5pm.

Did I mention what an interesting day it turns in to when your DH has a medical crisis and his Dr. is 150 m. one way?? I was concerned this morning about "blood clot" as he was experiencing excruciating pain and his injured food was swollen and he couldn't walk. Our only other option was the "big city" ER. He begged me not to take him there. So exactly 11 hours (and 300 miles) later we are home...An ultrasound found no thrombosis. He was diagnosed with gout, which I did not know is common post-surgery, especially with knee surgery. I can't figure out why they did not tell us this...he was eating all the wrong things.

This may work out in my favor...he is swearing off junk food, including chips and sugary items. He said he never again wants to feel the pain he had this morning.

I could just go to bed but DH is resting comfortably(already 100% better with the gout medication) and I have bags and bags of fresh organic produce. I really want a big salad. I think I will stay up and enjoy one.


PS. spontaneous exercise today was pushing DH 2 long blocks in a wheelchair in 95 degree weather for his ultrasound, walking another 4 blocks for his prescriptions, then returning for the car. It was much easier than getting him in and out of the vehicle an extra time.

I am glad this day is over but am grateful for continued health which allows me to "show up" when these things happen.

06-22-2012, 07:13 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies - Was a good enough food plan day, CREDIT moi. Lunch at a restaurant with old friends could have been better - a grilled Ruben sandwich. If I could have figured out how to leave with half of it I'd have been better off. I did ignore the bread and butter that we sat in front of for half an hour. I skipped afternoon snack as a token compensation. I walked to a place giving a FREE iced coffee - I've never tried iced coffee. It's not for me; hot coffee is so good and iced tea is so good it's just not needed. The Barista wouldn't believe me that I'd never had iced coffee before. I didn't know it had become that common.

Exercise was walking, CREDIT moi, that included a trip to Whole Foods to pick up one item. I planned to walk directly to it and then to checkout; this I did, CREDIT moi, without even going near the FREE samples. High temperature was in the 90's so I changed clothes a few times during the day.

onebyone – Kudos for going to your weigh in despite your feelings, as well as for your Environmental Maintenance work.

Joy (gardenerjoy) – This is such a good one, "2. Cereal is a breakfast food, not a snack." I still have positive memories of a box of cereal being passed around the car while we were returning from an adventure with the two kids. But now cereal as a snack just opens the brain to want more cereal. Kudos for doing the Seven Questions Technique and for making a response plan.

Debbie (Lexxiss) – Monster Kudos for having evolved to being the person who could take on your eleven hour journey. Gout just isn't on my radar; I agree a warning from the doctors was in order for that. Glad your DH had medicines to relieve the pain.

maryann - Hope you're reading this from Vermont.

Tazzy - Gladly emailing Boston's excess heat to your corner of Canada. Ouch for your duration of soft foods; at least you know this phase will end.

Ann (Newlifestyle) - Neat point to shift from the legalities of losing weight to the joy of a more healthy life style. Kudos for joining the "being human and making mistakes" crowd - we're certainly experienced in that around here.

Susan (hikergirl) – Ouch for too much yogurt. Hopefully your bones will grab all that good calcium.

Yanna - Great point, we seldom have an unplanned second apple. Yep, that one's covered; the agreement around here is that we'll all be your online Diet Coach if you'll play that role for us.

Readers - chapter 6 Stage 3 The Challenging Situations Plan
Confidently Follow Your Plan While Traveling
Create a Travel Mindset.

You will need some strong responses to counteract sabotaging thoughts. Think back to trips in the past. Can you remember losing control of your eating and then feeling guilty and frustrated with yourself - if not while you were away, then when you came back and got on the scale? Or have you ever come back and avoided the scale for the next few days or weeks? Was it worth it? Some dieters report that they had done so well on diets until they traveled. Then they got off track and were unable to get themselves back on a diet for a very long time.

Judith S. Beck, Ph.D., The Complete Beck Diet for Life (Green book), pg 158.

06-22-2012, 11:04 AM
I need to work a little more with the Justification sabotaging thought.

One form it takes for me is Compensation. I don't want to write, but I'm going to, so I should get to eat cookies. That's a scheme that I came up with in college and have used on and off since then.

The startling realization that I had yesterday is that it doesn't work. This would be a difficult problem to solve if, in fact, cookies increased word count. But, they don't. I wrote fewer words and quit earlier than I would have without the cookies.

I think that it's the attitude that clusters with that sabotaging thought and behavior. If I need Compensation cookies to write, then I'm going in to the project with an attitude of resignation. Resignation will get me started on a project, but it won't take me through the collapse of the sugar rush, the completion of the initial idea, and the disappointment that the last paragraph could have been written by a whiny sixth grader. With an attitude of resignation, I'll just pack it in and try another day.

If, instead, I follow my food plan and resist opportunities to stray from it, I'm summoning an attitude of determination. With determination, there is no sugar rush and I can push my way onto a second idea after the first and rewrite bad writing or ignore it and move on.

Here are the new responses I'm putting on my response list:

Compensation cookies negatively correlate to word count.
Compensation Sabotaging Thought = Resigned attitude = bad for projects
Staying on plan = Determined attitude = good for projects

06-22-2012, 08:16 PM
Yesterday, I was craving a snack at 3pm, but knowing I was not really hungry I reminded myself that it would be better to wait until 4pm when I was supposed to have my pre-work dinner. It worked out very well and I wasn't hungry for my evening snack until 7:30. However, after several stressful situations I stress ate after I got home from work.

Today has not been a great day. Too much to do and I reverted back to my old ways (fast food lunch, eating mindlessly, eating when I was already full, tasting lots of food while standing and avoiding dealing with incorporating all the methods I've been learning). Feeling pretty crummy and exhausted. I've started working on my time planning, which is today's task, but I've been feeling overwhelmed trying to plan for all the million little things I do during the day. To make it easier on myself I think I need to focus on fitting in the big items that I was ignoring before (meal planning, exercise, etc.), knowing that the other things will get done as needed. The laundry or taking care of my son will get done whether it's on the list or not. In case you haven't noticed, I have the tendency to stress myself out about things unnecessarily because I over-think everything!

I give myself credit today for ...
- getting up early and going for a walk with my dog
- not taking a nap
- taking the time and effort to experiment with a bread recipe, even though it did not turn out so good

Hopefully, I'll be in a better mood by next post! Tomorrow is an all day work day for me. I won't have a lot of time to overeat, but I will have to remember my plan of bringing any treats home for the next day, rather than eating them on the spot.

06-22-2012, 08:42 PM

Here I was composing my note and it completely slipped my mind that I ate 4 "bits" of pastries at the Guild this morning. I didn't even add it to my tracker today until now. I just wiped it clear out of my head! Wow.

I think this is a good time to temper this with a *credit* for weighing in: 256.6 this morning on the wii fit. This is the 2nd lowest number I have reached since weighing myself for a few years now on there. My lowest is 255something so this is very encouraging. Inspite of my grazing/surging bingey behaviour-urges this afternoon I have stopped and I have had dinner and the kitchen is closed. My out of control eating ran to peaches and raspberries.

Today I was tired and it surprised me. I wanted food to fix tired. I also wanted it to take away the stuff that I had to do, but it didn't do that either.

I'm going to take *credit* for four nights of a clean sink.

Ok going to veg:broc:out a bit before I have to pack the car for the market tomorrow.

Have a great evening.

06-23-2012, 06:53 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies - Eating on plan, CREDIT moi, included spending an hour at the table with friends discussing vacations without having one single madeline. That was special because they appealed as a rare treat. They aren't rare - these had been purchased at Whole Foods by my DW. But I clearly wasn't drawn to eating one; I wanted a handful, and I knew this. So I double dog planned to have none and joyfully ate the fruit salad they were served with. Pastry desserts are a slippery slope for me.

Exercise was gym, CREDIT moi. The plumbers continue to install a ceiling air conditioning unit in an increasing large portion of the gym, giving opportunity to the Sabotaging Thought to just skip it. Benches and dumbbells are jumbled about so it was an effort to find the equipment I needed. An effort yes, justification to quit NO. Also got outside to water the garden to fight the 90+ degree Fahrenheit weather without rain that we're experiencing.

onebyone – Congrats on that low wii fit reading. LOL at "I wanted food to fix tired." I do know that feeling that food is the solution to whatever's the problem.

Joy (gardenerjoy) – Amazing series of insights: cookies don't increase word count; resignation decreases productivity; determined attitude improves both. Just amazing. I've never so honestly confronted that stuffing cookies didn't help with the task at hand.

Yanna - Neat that you confronted that craving for a snack with the Helpful Response that you would have a planned meal in an hour. Beck writes about doing exactly that. Kudos. And Kudos also for giving yourself credit for the bread experiment that failed. We are so reluctant to take credit for experiments that successfully demonstrate what won't work so that a better choice can be made.

Readers - chapter 6 Stage 3 The Challenging Situations Plan
Confidently Follow Your Plan While Traveling
Create a Travel Mindset.

To travel successfully, you will probably need to repeatedly read many of the Response Cards from earlier in this chapter and this book. In addition, here is a special travel-oriented Response Card:TRAVEL RESPONSE CARDIt's worth it to me to stay in control while I'm away.
The consequences of getting out of control are too
severe. If I cheat, it will put a damper on the trip.
I'll feel guilty and bad about myself. I'll be strength-
ening my giving-in muscle. If I stand firm, I can still
enjoy every bite of food I plan to have and I'll feel good
about myself both on the trip and when I return home.

Judith S. Beck, Ph.D., The Complete Beck Diet for Life (Green book), pg 158.

06-23-2012, 10:47 AM
I ate a bit closer to plan yesterday, but it happened in an odd way. I ate my lunch and both of my afternoon snacks within an hour of each other. But then I was full and when the normal times for my afternoon snacks came along, I was able to skip them. I was hungry as supper approached but talked back the urge to snack with hunger is not an emergency and supper will be ready soon. Credit for that.

Unfortunately, then I ate more than planned at supper.

Still, it's progress. And opens up the notion in my mind that there may be days when three meals with no snacks works better for me.

06-23-2012, 09:19 PM
Hello everyone.
I was so busy yesterday I didn't post.
I had a great OP day yesterday and today. I am adding more protein to my eating as I don't really enjoy many proteins this is something I need to focus on.
I ran around the pool for a half hour and it felt so good with the heat we have been having.
I love that new thread about decluttering. I was just wondered how did you each figure out where to start. I feel overwhelmed and it seems like if only I could figure out a plan I can start getting this place more organized. I find that my son has taken over the house and I need to regain control of the house. If anyone has any advice they can offer me to help me get started, it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for all the great info in this thread.
Have a great night.

06-23-2012, 09:50 PM

8:28pm on this glorious day here in the northern hemisphere.

I'm very tired. I'm about to make an evening snack, clean up the kitchen, choose my jpg of the day and do my writing exercise. That's all that's left to do.

*credit* for going to Winners, where most food offerings are rare and unusual amidst their rare and unusual clothes and home furnishings, and bypassing the vast variety of snacky things. I carried some veggie chips around at first then reminded myself that I really want to fit those linen pants I bought at Costco about a month ago before my stall started. I tried them on the other day and the pockets aren't gaping as much as they were so it's happening, I'm getting closer to wearing them for real, but not if I extinguish whatever weightloss was occuring in my body due to the hard labour of setting up and tearing down my market booth with a 170g bag of veggie chips (whose main ingredient was potato followed by potato starch--what veggies??).
Instead I bought a "house dress", sleeveless (:devil:horrors! I have never worn sleeveless!), horizontal (:devil:don't large ladies only wear vertical to slim them??) orange (:devil:so bright you're drawing so much attention to yourself!) stripes, t-shirt fabric (:devil:where's the support in that kind of fabric?), the *exact* kind of thing I'd like to wear. I won't wear it outside without a cover-up of some kind, but I am wearing it freely around the house. And as I type this to you I have it on. ;)*credit* for not waiting until I get thin to be the person I want to be.

I also tried on 4"+ cork platform sandals (!) and walked around in the shoe aisle with them just to see if I could still do that after years/decades of running shoes and little heels. I used to dance in stilhettos, and I don't really like little heels truth be told. Before I die I want those high heel shoes once more darn it. So, *credit* for allowing myself a little bit of that too. I didn't buy them as they aren't in the budget but it was great to give them a test drive.

Foodwise I had a special market treat for breakfast and then I was surprised to discover it was the 10th birthday of the market, so someone dropped off a piece of free cake and someone else made every vendor a small red velvet muffin with cream cheese icing and a fondant radish on top.:dizzy: I had both. I've tracked it. After I got home we went out for a mid-day meal which I knew would double for my dinner. So I'm having a small snack to avoid being way way to hungry. I don't want to feel deprived or trigger backlash in me somehow. *credits* for tracking, staying aware and making conscious choices, posting to my coaches, plus keeping my sink clean overnight again + meeting my other daily tasks.

Life is good.

Big Credit to my DH who, when he saw how tired I was last night, pitched in to help make sure the kitchen and sink were clean. He's a good guy my DH. He likes this clean-up change as well.

Bye for now.

06-24-2012, 06:23 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies - New Jersey blueberries have arrived - just pure joy. Eating was on plan, CREDIT moi, with an abundance of blueberries. DW was annoyed that the dinner she made was too many veggies without a 'starch' - that oldie fashioned requirement for a balanced meal. So I had way too much broccoli - sue me, LOL.

Minor exercise. I watered our community vegetable garden - failing to note the rainstorm that started within an hour. Oh Well. I picked the last of the Sugar Snaps.

onebyone – Kudos for carrying the notion of your goal pants to keep the motivation. And Super Kudos "for not waiting until I get thin to be the person I want to be."

Joy (gardenerjoy) – Yay for continuing to be mindful of adjusting your eating plan.

Ann (Newlifestyle) - A pool sounds like the ideal place to be in this heat wave. You might try a local plan for one small area, say a closet or a bookcase. My only advice is to have a firm strategy for making stuff leave the premises since shuffling from room to room just delays the problem. For many folks that's obvious, but I'm capable of shuffling and shuffling without decreasing.

Readers - chapter 6 Stage 3 The Challenging Situations Plan
Confidently Follow Your Plan While Traveling

The Travel Calories Decision.

Make an important rule for yourself, similar to the Special Event Calories decision. Be prepared before the next time you travel. You can opt to:o Follow your Think Thin Eating Plan as is.
ORo Eat up to 300 extra Travel calories as often as every day you are away (for not more than a week and as long as you plan in advance how to use the extra calories).
Judith S. Beck, Ph.D., The Complete Beck Diet for Life (Green book), pg 159.

06-24-2012, 07:33 AM
I love seeing all the fresh fruits and vegetables at the market. It is funny how there were certain fruits and veggies I didn't think I liked. I was just trying them out of season so they didn't have the best taste, as I am trying them once again I realize how enjoyable they are.

Bill, too much broccoli sounds delicious. Growing up I did not like broccoli, my mother would overcook it and it was all mushy. Once I had it not so mushy I enjoyed it. Thanks for the beck quotes at the bottom of your posts.
Wow, that is my problem, I move the clutter from one room to another, you are right, I need to move it right out of this house. How many things does a 9 year old boy need? People keep giving us things for him. I think I need to learn to say no thank you.

Onebyone, you make things sound so fun. I really don't like shopping but when I read about your shopping at winner's it sounds like you make things fun. I wish I were brave enough to wear a sleeveless dress/shirt even in my house. I am always worried someone is going to knock on the door and see me like that. Funny as I am typing this I realize I wear my bathing suit in the back yard and I just never considered people can see me out an Aha moment. (thank you)

Gardenjoy- thank you for your post, it reminds me that we are all works in progress. I have that all or nothing mentality,,,, baby steps.

It is a beautiful day here right now so I am going to go for a walk. I hope you all have a wonderful day and thank you for your posts, they are inspiring to me at this time.


06-24-2012, 08:34 AM
Hi Coaches!

Food and mindfulness has been pretty spot on lately, which I will credit my persistance with Beck skills. I am planning nutritionally for two now, since Kirk's food choices are very important and he's in the learning phase. I've been reclaiming the kitchen this morning and found myself pondering on two almonds left in a bag on the counter. I finally scooped them up and put them back in the jar in the freezer. credit.

We're going to brunch this morning, a belated Father's Day. A buffet, I will have to serve Kirk as well as myself. We both have a plan, which includes moderation AND abstinance from foods that don't serve either one of us well.

I ran up the stairs*credit* to weigh this morning before coffee and was rewarded with a favorable number.

BBE, ah, an overabundence of broccoli and blueberries! What a great life!

Ann(newlifestyle), join us on the decluttering thread, if you wish. I've been at it awhile and could offer a few suggestions on how to get started. :welcome2: back and credit for reincorporating Beck into your life.

gardenerjoy, yay for the persistance required to get back into the groove after vacation.

onebyone, credit for mindfulness and restraint yesterday regarding those awful chips! Veggie chips did not fool you! Kudos for purchasing such an awesome dress! I do that at home,too, and it's such a great feeling!

Lexxis: what is the prognosis for your husbands injury? Please do not feel that you have to answer this.
I don't mind your asking at all:) The recovery time for this injury is 6 months. His leg is kept straight except when manipulated at PT. The quadracep needs to "atrophy" in order to heal 100%. He has had a miraculous recovery from the gout, which he is taking medication for AND we've switched his diet in a major way. He is feeling great now, and is very mobile when compared with his condition on Thursday.

06-24-2012, 11:29 AM
Friday after I posted I took some time to de-stress and read some info in the books about stress and emotional eating. I wrote a bunch of reminders in my journal and made a few new notecards and felt better afterwards being a little more prepared. I also pre-planned Saturday's food and made the decision to pack all that food and skip watching a movie so I could go to bed on time. I reminded myself how I'd much rather go to bed on time and feel better in the morning than stay up late knowing I was sabotaging my next day's chances of success.

Yesterday was a busy day for me. Having a plan and all my food packed for work was really a help. Putting my lunch away in the work kitchen, I spotted some of my favorite candy on the table. I reminded myself that my plan said I could take home a treat at the end of the day. If the candy was all gone by the end of the day, it was no big deal. I could find something else instead. At 11am I started to get hungry, but reminded myself that lunch was at 11:45 and I could wait. Just like the book says, I soon forgot about being hungry and just went on with my work. At lunch I chose to pay attention to my food rather than reading and re-reminded myself about the candy. At break time, their were cookies in addition to the candy, but I repeated my plan to myself. At the end of the day I took a small amount to share with my husband after dinner. I give myself major credits for sticking to my plan during my workday!

My Day 9 task was to fit in exercise. I already had this one started, but wrote down my plan in my book. My spontaneous exercise is wearing a pedometer. I started doing this about a month ago and have found it really helps motivate me to spend less time on the couch. For my planned exercise, I'm going to continue doing my 30 Day Shred at naptime (20 minutes) and getting up to walk outside in the morning.

My Day 10 assignment is to set my first weight loss goal. As the book suggests, my first goal is to lose 5lbs. Honestly, I would be very excited with that.

I'm now on to working on my tolerance of hunger. I'm starting to feel ready to face my fear of being hungry and conquer the hunger tasks.

06-24-2012, 11:51 AM

Checking in early today. Oh, it's almost 10:30am! Not so early afterall!
*credit* for weighing in: 255.5 the wii fit said. I feel *desperate* to get to a number under 254, so, for my continued sanity, I will be on plan today. *credit* for having a plan. Exercise today will be a walk to the garden and probably some weeding or some hoeing. or not. I'm pretty exhausted today.

My real task of the day is to get some designs down on paper for a commission that I am letting drag out. My sister reminded me that it is a paying project so I have to get focused. She's right. I am committed to giving away 5 small-ish pieces of art within the next two months, and was even thinking of volunteering to help decorate the background of 3 stages for the upcoming Jazz Festival after a brief discussion about the event with the organizer in my market booth yesterday. My gut told me to volunteer myself. My brain told me to hold my horses and think this out and find out how much time that would involve and take note of what else I am doing and where I am in my other projects as well as what kind of potential benefits this could bring me. That, as usual, is unknown. As she talked I pictured a giant drawing unfurled across the back of the stage. Probably impractical (rain! fragile!). Anyway I have done nothing about it. We'll see how I am tomorrow on this topic. If it's still bugging me I may send her an exploratory email. I always underestimate how much is involved in projects like this, all because I am guided by the final image. Good for inspiration. Not good for time management.

Better go. DH just got up. Time for breakfast.:wave:

06-24-2012, 07:01 PM
Hi Everyone,

Things are good with me and my birthday weekend activities. Enjoyed the day yesterday with my mom and sister at the spa. I now have pretty painted and manicured finger and toe nails. Figure it will be harder to see the garden dirt under the fingernails. Mom and I went to the mall after for some shopping and ate at Subway, best choice we figured. My sister made a lovely Italian style dinner with my favorite birthday cake being angel food with strawberries and whipped cream. Ate well and was not uncomfortable after. Tonight DH is taking DS and I out for dinner as today is my official birthday, I've narrowed it down to 3 restaurants and will need to decide here soon which one to go to.

Hope everyone had a good weekend. I'm hoping to see the sun soon as it's still cloudy and raining here. Enough already!!:rain: Did discover that weeds pull out much easier from very saturated soil though. Had to try out a new pair of garden gloves my parents gave me. I also got a pink tool belt which I was most happy about as when I wear one of DH's during our building projects it's always too big. Pretty sure no one will try and "borrow" my pink one. :)

06-24-2012, 08:36 PM
Good Evening, Coaches.
Writing in Vermont - beautiful weather today. I feel lucky I missed the heat wave.
Food has been good- credit. I have made rules to follow in the cafeteria for yesterday and today. No seconds. Leave lots of open space on the plate. Breakfast is only eggs and fruit. The only deviation was the frosting off cake tonite. I am not going to worry over it. The only exercise so far has been the walk into town today. Tomorrow, I will wake up and do yoga.
Being here is very emotional. I am grateful for the opportunity but I miss my boys. Missing them makes me very hungry. Still weight on scale was one pound from ticker.

Yanna: Was it Yanna? one way I arrange my environment is to put tempting anything in a paper bag and staple it shut. Weird but it works for me. I don't want to bust open the staples.
onebyone: Congrats on a new low.
Lexxiss: Your drive to the doctor sounds harrowing.

I am learning lots and feel like I am in the mainstream of life rather than on the sidelines with my addiction.

06-24-2012, 11:03 PM
Thanks, Maryann. That was in fact me that asked about environmental arranging. :)

Today, I conquered my fear of hunger! I completed my planned "skip lunch" day. Around 11am I was craving food (mostly habit of eating lunch after grocery shopping). I started having sabotaging thoughts about how I should do it another day or the doubtful voice saying I couldn't or shouldn't do it. However, I had already decided today was the day and knew how disappointed I'd be backing out on the promise I made to myself. At noon it felt sort of odd not eating, so I distracted myself by doing a workout video (way too hot for me outside). I didn't feel true hunger until about 1:30pm. It was mild, though, and I was thirsty so I had a little water. By 2:30 I was tired, but the hunger really didn't bother me. I rested in the afternoon, feeling the hunger grow, but it never became painful and I never felt faint (which was a fear of mine). At 5pm, I was grouchy and ready to eat. I was surprised that the hunger really didn't feel any stronger than if I'd just had a busy afternoon and was ready to eat. My wonderful husband offered to pick up dinner for us. While eating, I noticed feeling full sooner and the food was more satisfying. I certainly appreciated eating more than if I'd been snacking all day. I'm very proud of myself for facing my fear and completing this task! It made me feel empowered and surprised that being hungry was really not a big deal at all.

06-25-2012, 12:02 AM
Happy Birthday, Tazzy!

It was hot, Yanna! I worked outside for an hour this morning and was still sweating even though I came in at 10 and my work was deadheading which isn't terribly strenuous. Great job on the hunger experiment -- and for learning exactly what it was supposed to teach. That experience is why I believe it when I tell myself "hunger is not an emergency."

I'm still not getting myself on track, but I feel like I'm getting closer to knowing where the track is. I can hear the train in the distance. :)

06-25-2012, 06:10 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies - Eating was good enough, CREDIT moi, given that it included an Ethiopian buffet. I had one plate of small servings with the appropriate amount of Injera bread. I declare Injera bread to be healthy since it's make with Teff flour. Friends were having seconds and I didn't, so felt pretty good about that. At dinner I faced the choice of 'finishing up' a dish or tossing it; I tossed it, CREDIT moi, an achievement for me since I'm loathe to toss food.

Exercise was a walk (CREDIT moi) in The Great Blue Hills just south of Boston - one of our last wooded areas. (I apologize that we call a 600 foot bump a hill, since some posters around here know about hills, LOL.) The weather was perfect. From the top we could see the Boston skyline, harbor, the JFK Library, and the Corita Kent gas tank.

onebyone – LOL at your brain-gut debate about creating free art. It's easy to see the tension between making a living and getting the exposure. Wish you well finding the balance.

Joy (gardenerjoy) – You crack me up with, "I can hear the train in the distance."

Debbie (Lexxiss) – Yay for "I ran up the stairs" - I just like that thought. Glad that your DH is recovering some mojo.

maryann - Yay for remaining mindful while using the cafeteria with rules that you can follow. Such a happy thought, "I am in the mainstream of life."

Tazzy - Love the pink tool belt; Nope - no guy will borrow it. Glad to hear that you had good birthday celebrations while remaining aware of your plan. Belated Happy Birthday.

Ann (Newlifestyle) - Yep, most of us experienced overcooked veggies as kids. It's a wonder that we discovered just how good they can be. A 9 year old can consume a house without any effort; I wish you good luck finding a way to control the influx.

Yanna - Kudos for successful completion of the hunger experiment. Neat that you came to see that you wouldn't die of hunger - that "grouchy" was the worst problem. Kudos also for dealing with the cookies and candy in the break room.

Readers - chapter 6 Stage 3 The Challenging Situations Plan
Confidently Follow Your Plan While Traveling

The Travel Calories Decision.

There are advantages and disadvantages to either decision. Sticking to your regular plan makes life easier because you will have less opportunity to obsess over how to spend the extra calories, and less planning to do, and you are more likely to lose - or at least maintain - weight while you are away. And you will still have daily Bonus Calories. But it may be difficult to maintain this rule the entire time you are gone. If you might eat too much, it's better to have an extra Travel Calories rule than to violate a No Travel Calories rule that could lead to more mistakes.

Judith S. Beck, Ph.D., The Complete Beck Diet for Life (Green book), pg 159.

06-25-2012, 11:32 AM
Hi All,

Okay the birthday celebrations are over and so are the excuses that it's just one day! Dinner went well until I decided I "deserved" to have dessert. A skillet chocolate chip cookie with caramel sauce and vanilla ice cream. The first couple bites tasted good and I should have stopped there, I ended up eating about 1/2 of it, DH & DS had a few bites too. Went home feeling way too full and was uncomfortable most of the evening.

Today is a new day and I've decided that my 50th year is a good time to focus on getting back on track and march on towards that goal of mine!

Have a great day everyone.

06-26-2012, 06:02 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies - The gym (CREDIT moi) continues to work on their overhead air conditioner, creating a mess above the dumbbells and benches. Ouch. I'm looking for encouragement and warm fuzzes and I get support for my Sabotaging Thoughts to just chuck it and go get cool. But I persisted, dreaded lunges and all. It rained all day, reducing the desire to sneak in a walk.

Eating was good enough, CREDIT moi. I ate reasonable portions at dinner even though extra was available. I did have two evening snacks of fruit, a problem caused by summer's abundance. Evenings are my toughest time unless we go out to a performance. I'm lucky at movies since I don't feel the need to buy their popcorn or other concession stuff. Perhaps I have to go on the Movie Diet to fix my evenings. I could catch up on a few decades of missed gems.

Tazzy - Ouch for "deserved" - the deadliest Sabotaging Thought of them all. Kudos for the rapid recovery via, "getting back on track and march on towards that goal of mine!"

Readers - chapter 6 Stage 3 The Challenging Situations Plan
Confidently Follow Your Plan While Traveling

The Travel Calories Decision.

If you choose extra Travel Calories, you will have to find out the calorie content of what you plan to have. More freedom puts you at risk for additional overeating and cravings while you are away. You may also have a difficult time getting back on track when you return and have to give up those extra calories. You will likely gain some weight (but once you return to normal eating, the weight will come off).

Judith S. Beck, Ph.D., The Complete Beck Diet for Life (Green book), pg 159.

06-26-2012, 06:48 AM
Hi Coaches!

BBE, I seem to have shifted to the Declutterer's Diet. I've been focused on Owning My Space, and haven't really felt like eating/overeating. Credit for persisting at the gym under less than desireable conditions!

Seriously, I feel great about my progress on the home front but I credit my recent food success with my recent decision to start bringing my own lunch to work, a habit which I had found so successful but didn't pick back up when we returned from Alaska. I resisted even microscopic bites yesterday, a favorite being tiny corners of toast which accumulate on the toast slicing plate. credit.

I continue to weigh every day. credit. I'm so close to ticker weight and it feels good. My pounds come off very slowly now BUT I still have major successes, which don't reflect on the scale. I have to assume it's because my body fat percentage is shifting for the better as I continue to maintain my losses, exercise and eat healthy. Sunday we went to brunch. I pulled a beautiful dress shirt out which has a side zipper. When I first bought it it did not zip, in fact it was difficult to get it over my head. Sunday, I could slip in off and on WITH the zipper fully zipped. That's alot of change for a 5 pound weight loss. It was an amazing feeling!

06-26-2012, 08:32 AM
Hi! I am still around. Have been struggling - but, am turning it around. I must learn that food doesn't solve stress, pain, frustation, emotions, etc. Also, that being out of town and going to celebrations isn't a liscene to eat just anything I want.

I got on the scale yesterday and was up three pounds. I got on the scale today and was down those three pounds. Am grateful for that. I am still ten pounds higher than in January.

I did a 'bend & twist' yesterday and have lower back pain. I also need to learn to follow my intuition about what I can actually do when it could impact my lower back. When it feels good... then I think, "oh I can do that". I guess I can't drag the hose over to the tomatos, even though I want to. Not fair...oh well.

I will move forward.

Thanks for your support.

06-26-2012, 08:52 AM
Good morning, yesterday was a very busy day for me which is the only reason I stayed on plan eating. Things were happening that would have normally caused me to emotionally eat. I just didn't have time. Once I returned home I was so exhausted I just brushed my teeth and went to bed. Not sure the busy til exhaustion diet is a very healthy one.

Bill- Kudos for working out under those trying conditions. Hopefully it won't last much longer. I feel it is a little frustrating having to work around any repairs at my workplace. I also find the evening a tough time, it may be because it is readily available for me. Someone mentioned that if I eat more protein through the day I may not have a difficult time in the evening.

Onebyone – Congratulations on your new low. You are doing awesome. I was wondering what you find the best Wii game is for exercise/ fitness?

Debbie (Lexxiss) – Congratulations on wearing your zipper dress shirt. It is so rewarding when you can fit into something that was snug. I have a closet full of clothes that are way too snug to wear. My goal is to fit into them. Thanks for the invite over to the other thread. I am nervous as I feel like I need a plan for decluttering and I am not there. I often feel like if I don't contribute I shouldn't be here. Sabotaging thoughts I guess.

Maryann - Is Vermont beautiful? I live so close yet have never been there.

Tazzy - Happy Belated birthday. My son thinks we should have a birthday week. Yikes.

Yanna - What a nice feeling to realize hunger is not a big deal.

Joy (gardenerjoy) – When you find the track can you send the directions my way. I need all the help I can get.

Beverlyjoy- I hope your back feels better soon.

Have a wonderful day everyone.

06-26-2012, 03:05 PM
Hello Coaches

I've got a purring kitty using me as warm furniture. I was working on my commission project but she kept prancing around walking all over it until I stopped to be her soft warm bed:dizzy: So I figured why not check in with my coaches?

*credit for weighing in: 257.3(+0.9lb). I was up yesterday too., up 2+lbs in 3 days. It's just my body. I've been 100+ % on plan this week *credit*. I expect a loss on official weigh-in day this Thursday.

I was exhausted yesterday. It's forever thus with me. It's not the day after I do a show(the farmers' market), which are my Sundays now, but the day after that that I am truly bone weary tired. These are my Mondays. I can barely think straight. Couple that with a visit with my client to hash out the details of his project *credit we got it done to our mutual satsfaction* and then I headed home to start it but my energy fizzled out.

Part of the cause was that in the very early morning (7am) I was at the 50% Value Village clothing sale picking up jeans in the next 3 sizes down, each pair $3-$4! I also bought a jean skirt $4, and shoes, unused, for $3--similar to the ones I test drove the day before, but not as high a platform sole. Those were $59.99. I like the $3 pricetag a lot more. *credit for believing I will progress to that 18, then the 16, then the 14 which look so very very small to me*

After clothes shopping I bought some insecticidal soap (organic-y help for the garden). I sprayed all my vining crops. I have cucumber beetles. They may have killed my rare squash:mad:. I read the larvae infest the roots. :p Yuk. So I doused them all :rollpin:and saw 8 or so mature beetles scuttle off and a bunch of eggs on the underside of the leaves, but only on the squash. So upsetting. I'll need to go back and spray again today and for the rest of the week to really get them to move to my neighbour's garden already!

I then remembered I had a guild executive meeting, planned for it, picked DH up, and as we were planning our first bbq I got a call asking me where I was and was I coming to the meeting? I completely forgot about it. Like totally gone. So off I went, downing cheese slices to tide me over until I got home. When I got back I *big credit* halved my bbq meal that DH had waiting for me and then watched tv and then went to bed, not doing the dishes, or my other 2 end of the day daily tasks.
That felt bad today, so *credit* I did the dishes as soon as I got up.

Anyway, the big thing here is I did not use food to fix tired.
And, as Beck always says, start now. As a result the dishes are not piling up again. I am reminded I am not perfect and will not do this perfectly, but I am making progress.


06-26-2012, 05:56 PM
Lexxiss: I seem to be doing the Declutterer's Diet INSTEAD of the Beck Diet. Thanks for modeling the possibility that I could be doing both at once!

Beverlyjoy: I'm struggling, too. I've just had a really hard time getting back in the game after being out of town. I'll get there, but I'm not there yet.

Newlifestyle: I used Wii Fit Plus to get started and have also enjoyed Walk It Out and Gold's Gym Cardio Workout. With my decluttering, I can actually get to my Wii now. I also could use some cardio in my life right now, so I may get going on that again.

onebyone: good for you for getting right back on top of keeping the sink clean. That definitely seems to be a prerequisite for both a clean house and clean eating for me.

BillBlueEyes: Movie Night wouldn't work for me -- I haven't got over the need to buy popcorn. Concert Night or Play Night or, even, Read a Book on the Deck Night would all work. I may have to try that.

06-26-2012, 10:02 PM
Good Evening, Coaches.

I have had a super-filled day at Goddard including a master class in fiction which I was afraid would make roadkill out of my humble submission. I was pleasantly surprised that many things of quality were noted and I was given good strong direction for the second draft. The main question was "Is the narrator reliable?" Since the pieces are mostly autobiographical I would have to say, "No" :)
Food continued to be good until the evening lecture by Kathyrn Davis when I had some candy. Weight was at ticker andI did treadmill for 25 mins.. Tom. is morning yoga. I am very proud of myself for food choices.
I di notice that the skinny women around me eats lots of salads. Everybody has to work at this stuff.

BBE:Isn't it Nebraska that had to build a "hill" in the zoo to teach the kids what it is?
NewLIfeStyle: Vermont is beautiful thick and lush green. Much different then my desert California.

Everbody else: Hey!

06-27-2012, 12:14 AM
I've gotten very off-track with all the diet related stuff. Before I move on to another task in the book, I'm going to focus on practicing the stuff I've learned so far.

However, I'm doing well in other areas, so credit to me for:

- Doing the 30 Day Shred both yesterday and today. I've done it 7 times now.
- Going for a 30 minute run this morning.
- Impressing my boss today :)
- Not completely throwing in the towel when I mess up diet-wise.

Nature Girl
06-27-2012, 02:35 AM
I have been lurking for so long, following your progress and getting tips and motivation. I am ready to jump back in, finally. I kept thinking I had good excuses to not focus on weight loss, I guess I could go on like that forever. I'm taking a time that many people would think is crazy to start my program: my mom is having hip replacement surgery tomorrow and I am driving 425 mile to spend 9 days with her & my dad, helping as she recovers. I know that normally hospitals, etc are not conducive to healthy eating, but I think its going to work: Mom is diabetic & Dad (83) could also use some healthy meals. So these 9 days are controlled eating, model for my mom, get out and walk each day (for stress relief, too!), keep up the strength exercise I have learned for PT after the shoulder surgery I had this past winter.
I have a plan; I actually have a very cool diagram of my plan that I tried to scan into my new printer and post here, but computer & printer are not speaking today. I will commit to posting here each day for the next 10; I will lay out my plan piece by piece; I will walk or do weights daily; I have healthy road food planned and ready for the cooler; I have go-to strategies for stressful moments which I know will show up. Wish me luck!

06-27-2012, 06:04 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies - Eating was on plan, CREDIT moi, including only one evening snack. Yay for fresh mango. Wherever those are grown, we seem to get them year round - just like bananas.

Exercise was walking (CREDIT moi) to Eastern Mountain Sports - our local sporting goods store - to take advantage of a 20% off sale. DW needed new boots and I had to be there for the 20%. I felt like a hero, LOL. I want one of each thing in there; it's as if owning the equipment will get me outdoors more often, or give me the body of the kids in the ads running up mountains.

onebyone – What a haul of $3 bargains from the Value Village clothing sale - makes it hard to contemplate full price for clothes. Kudos for "I did not use food to fix tired."

Joy (gardenerjoy) – I, too, need a bit more cardio in my life right now.

Debbie (Lexxiss) – Congrats on your NSV with the dress shirt - just lovely that the body knows stuff is happening. Toast corners is just the kind of thing that would tempt me.

Nature Girl – I think it's a super idea to start a diet at a place where over eating would be otherwise likely. Sending supportive thoughts for your mother's surgery and for your nine days with your parents.

Beverlyjoy – Congrats on maintaining those ten pounds since January. Ouch for the ouch in your lower back - bodies can be so annoying at times.

maryann - Yep, "Everybody has to work at this stuff." Congrats for the good review of your fiction. [LOL at Nebraska trying to teach kids about hills.]

Ann (Newlifestyle) - LOL at the "busy til exhaustion diet" - with Kudos for not eating over the stressful stuff at work. [Thanks for the protein tip.]

Yanna - Yay for the joy of "Impressing my boss today," and Yay for having a boss smart enough to show it. Practicing Beck strategies sounds good.

Readers - chapter 6 Stage 3 The Challenging Situations Plan
Confidently Follow Your Plan While Traveling

The Travel Calories Decision.

Decide what your rule will be. In your Diet Notebook under "Travel Plan," write either:
I am making the choice to follow my regular Think Thin Eating Plan,
My rule for traveling is:
I can have up to _________ extra calories (fill in a number up to 300) on up to ___________ days (fill in a number between 1 and 7). I can eat these extra calories only if I have planned to do so in advance. I can't use them spontaneously.

Judith S. Beck, Ph.D., The Complete Beck Diet for Life (Green book), pg 159.

06-27-2012, 10:00 AM

*credit weighing in:255.5 today (-1.8lbs). Official Weigh-in Day tomorrow.
*credit posting here
*credit for a foodplan for today

Today's plan includes completing the colour mock-up of the project I am working on for my client. I had hoped to get it done yesterday but it had more parts to it than I thought; another example of the chronic "underestimating how long things take" gene I have. Actually, right now it strikes me as this is a form of "people-pleasing" with me. I *want* to tell you that I will get it done really fast so you will be happy with me instead of risking upsetting/angering you with a more accurate but slower estimate. But, of course, when I fail to deliver or have to come back with an excuse it completely undercuts my desire to have you think nice of me so in the end this behavoiur is defeatist.

I'm going to try to remember this going forward.

On other fronts I had a clean sink as I went to bed. I did not do my other daily tasks. I plan to get caught up with these this morning.

Also on the agenda is a walk to the Dr.'s office to set up an appointment for a physical for me and for DH and to try to get an appt in the next 5 days to refill a prescription. I thought I had another month supply and I don't. This is for my bp meds. maybe within the next year I will be able to kiss those things goodbye. I won't know if that's possible until I lose the weight and see where I stand.

Have a great middle-of-the-week!

06-27-2012, 06:42 PM
Hi coaches...friends.... Well I got through yesterday pretty well on plan. That's two solid days. I am grateful for that. My back is feeling a little bit better.... still have a way to go. Improvement is good.

Yesterday - my credits were that I wrote down all my food, planned my food (however, didn't write it down in advance), measured my food, logged my food, lots of water. It's a start to try and get to where I know I can find some 'peace' with food.

maryann - credit for your good choices. sounds like many more good choices than others. Good work with the exercise.

gardenerjoy - sorry you are struggling too. You will reach the point of willingness to try. Sometimes, when coming off of a vacation with lots of food... I plan things kind of easing into my plan. It's still a plan, however.

yanna - major credit for not 'throwing in the towel' when your are struggling!! All credits count you know.

onebyone - such a good reminder.... giving yourself credit for checking in. I have a hard time doing it sometimes.

Billebe - I love hearing about where your walks take you. You are so consistent... Credit!

Nature girl - safe travel with your long trip. I wish your mom a good recovery. It's a good strategy to take this time to good healthfully as a role model. Plan, plan, and plan some more.

I hope you all are having a healtful day.

06-27-2012, 09:06 PM
Beverleyjoy: Credit for two solid days. Every OP day builds on the next. I know what it is like to get back into a habit.
Naturegirl: Credit for a plan going into a difficult time - the alternative is having two difficult times.
Yanna: This is a long race. There is no need to rush anything.
BBE: I always figure people blow big bucks on dinners and booze. I spend that money on things that let me enjoy the great outdoors.
onebyone: Good Luck in tomorrow's weigh in.

As for me. Credit: I stuck the same breakfast I have had every day in residency - a scoop of eggs and fruit. Credit for small portions. Two desserts however was too much. I started thinking I only have one more day here and somehow that was reason to overeat. I start my new day right now with 10 mins of OP.

Nature Girl
06-27-2012, 11:57 PM
Here I am on my parent's couch & Mom's computer--nobody knows the log in for the wireless to hook mine up. Mom is doing well--I'm so glad. Of course everybody tells her that tomorrow morning will be a different story. Dad & I are beat but after this I'm going to ride my bike around the old home town in the long lasting evening sun we have here--not a hard ride, just to ge the kinks out. Trip went well; ate only grapes, cherry tomatoes, sweet peppers, 1 container of peanuts, and one cheese stick. Oh, and half a burrito at lunch instead of the huge burgers at the drive in next door. After the bike ride, my allotted piece of dark chocolate, and I'm good to go!

06-28-2012, 06:54 AM
Hi Coaches!

A quick check in this morning. We're (I am) packing the car and heading over the mountains. DH has gotten authorization to try the pool. It's been one month since his injury. It's been a good month for me, foodwise. I moved my ticker down a pound yesterday. I don't move it often these days so that felt good. credit for maintaining my losses.

Yesterday I worked THEN drove DH to PT. I brought my lunch to work*credit* AND started a new work habit. When the toast crunchies start accumulating on the plate I simply take the plate and scoop them in the trash. I think it can become a routine habit for me AND so helpful because when I have a little bite I always want more.

HikerGirl, glad your moms surgery went well. Sending you support as she recovers.

06-28-2012, 07:41 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies - A good eating day, CREDIT moi, including only one evening snack. Except for some extra blueberries, to which I magically ascribe zero calories during peak season when New Jersey blueberries are a bargain. It's cookies, gratuitousness dried fruit, and nuts that build my muffin top, not blueberries.

At gym, CREDIT moi, semi-order is returning, but the air conditioner installation isn't completed yet so that dumbbell order remains random. Kinda fun to go chasing after a matching pair. Took a walk, CREDIT moi, on a route that satisfied two errands and didn't go near food. Amazon delivered a book I'd ordered for DW. I get goosebumps when I get a book in the mail even if not for me, so ordering the books becomes my job.

onebyone – May your Official Weigh-in today reflect your staying the path. Good luck resolving the standard problem of promises made by optimistic projection - BTDT in my professional career.

Debbie (Lexxiss) – Yay for DH recovering sufficiently to get into the hot springs. Super CBT idea to dump the toast corners to avoid them calling to you. I do hope those awful fires get under control.

Nature Girl – Kudos for well executed eating plan for that long drive. And Double Kudos for avoiding the huge burgers next door.

Beverlyjoy – Yay for the back feeling a bit better. With Kudos for consecutive days on plan.

maryann - Kudos for getting right back on track. Have a glorious final day in Vermont.

Readers - chapter 6 Stage 3 The Challenging Situations Plan
Confidently Follow Your Plan While Traveling

The Travel Calories Decision.

Implement your chosen rule the next time you travel to see how well it works for you. Jordan found his rule to stick to his Think Thin Eating Plan too limiting, especially since he ate every meal for a week in restaurants. So he decided to eat 300 extra calories every other day of his six-day trip. The number on the scale went up a pound and a half. When he returned home, however, Jordan went back to his normal eating, continued to weigh himself, and lost the extra weight in the following week.

Judith S. Beck, Ph.D., The Complete Beck Diet for Life (Green book), pg 160.

06-28-2012, 09:12 AM
Good Morning,

I just lost my post. It is so frustrating. I will try once again. Yesterday was a very trying day. I did well until about 2pm and then for some reason I thought I would try some of DH's mint m&m's, once I had those, I figured I might as well eat ice cream and so on....When all was said and done I had 512 more calories that I had allowed myself for the day. I then had the sabotaging thought that since I screwed up, I might as well not eat supper. I did have a healthy supper and today is a new day. I don't like that uncomfortable feeling I get when I go off plan. I am trying to learn I made a mistake get back on track. I find that using Beck strategies you are forced to look at yourself, whether it is comfortable or not.

Bill - you had mentioned in an earlier post about eating Ethiopian food. My sister in law is from Ethiopia and when she is making Ethiopian meals she cooks very healthy. I was surprised because I always the food was delicious but was filled with butter and oil. She explained the spices they use give it the real flavor. When I lived in Calgary there were a few good Ethiopian restaurants I went too but since moving here I haven't really found one. I only get Ethiopian food when I go back to Calgary or when she comes here to visit. Lol at trying to find the dumbbells that match. Visualizing a where's Waldo picture.

Gardenjoy- thanks for the info about the Wii Fit.

Debbie - Enjoy your day at the pool with DH. As I hear the report of the forest fires in Colorado, I worry about you. Take Care

Nature Girl – you have great ideas for snacks while driving. Great job not having the greasy burger.

Beverlyjoy – That is great your back is feeling better. Take Care

maryann - It is funny when I visit other cities, I have always thought every place has lush green areas but I just didn't see them. Gives me something to, Also thanks for the reminder This is a long race. There is no need to rush anything

Yanna- Thanks for sharing your credits. I need to remember this one- Not completely throwing in the towel when I mess up diet-wise.

Onebyone- Good luck with your weigh in.

Have a great day everyone. Waving hello to anyone I missed.

06-28-2012, 07:17 PM
Hi folks... yesterday was a healthy food day - I am always grateful for that. I accomplished some of my goals: planned/measured/logged food, lots of water, always left a bite, watched my sodium, weighed,posted here & tried to taste the food.

My little water the garden helper came again this morning. He help watering the annuals, veggies and any newly planted plants. It's very very hot with little rain. Ugh... plants are stressed out.

I hope you are all doing well.

06-28-2012, 11:27 PM
Hi Coaches!

I'm very tired tonight but we had a great day! DH was like a fish in the pool feeling just great to enjoy some moments without the gravity effect. We decided to take our own dinner to the picnic, since he is eating very carefully-post gout. We made a good choice since the two main dishes were ribs and KFC. We'll go back over either tomorrow eve or very early Saturday morning. Think I'll turn in soon before my addict brain starts telling me that food will make the tired go away.

06-28-2012, 11:39 PM

It's getting late here but I had to stop in and check in *credit*

I had my official weigh in and it was this number: 255.6 So far, on my Weight Watchers journey, this is my lowest number to date. I was close to this number in APRIL when I was 255.8. So, I've been bouncing between 255 and 263 or so for 2+ months. I am so ready to let the 250's go and now I have added incentive. My Key West sister joined WW and she has challenged me to a week of staying within my daily points only and not dipping into the weekly ones. Personally, I have zero guilt over doing that but my sister says that thats when I'll *really* lose weight; when I can let go the extra weekly points. I will always use my weekly points but I do want to say bye bye to the 250's ASAP so I am taking her up on that challenge. So for today I was 100% on plan with this. It did require me to do a very Beckian thing: plan my food out 100% in advance to get maximum bang for my point allottment. I informed DH that I had a "bet" with my sister and he knows not to get in the middle of us so he is being supportive in spite of this being a holiday weekend/his first week of 2 weeks of holiday/ and his birthday next week. Lots of eating challenges to navigate. My resistance muscle will be getting a workout for sure.

*credit* for scheduling physicals for both of us next Friday morning. Ugh I say about that.

I really want to do personals but I have got to get to sleep. So I'll leave that for tomorrow morning's post. Have a good night.

06-29-2012, 07:15 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies - Eating on plan, CREDIT moi, included dinner on the patio and only one serving of fruit for dessert. So far, we've escaped the killer heat in the three digits that's hit elsewhere - just seasonably warm.

DW and I walked up a local hill, Mount Towanda, CREDIT moi; since once isn't that big a deal we did it twice to get in two hours of hiking. Both of us are testing new boots/sandals and socks in preparation for this summer.

onebyone – Congrats on that new low. Super neat that you'll use your sister to help with the next phase. Kudos for scheduling physicals.

Debbie (Lexxiss) – Kudos to you and your DH both for passing on the ribs and KFC. I don't like the smell of either wafting my way because I immediately just want want want. So glad to read that your DH is happily swimming after such a difficult time as a prisoner in bed.

Beverlyjoy – Ouch for your "very very hot with little rain" - that stresses humans as well as plants. Glad you've got help with watering.

Ann (Newlifestyle) - The key strategy, "today is a new day" - Kudos for getting right back on track. [I'd love to have a SIL to teach me to cook Ethiopian dishes. We have good Ethiopian restaurants around here, but I tend to overeat when we go.]

Readers - chapter 6 Stage 3 The Challenging Situations Plan
Confidently Follow Your Plan While Traveling

The Travel Calories Decision.

Nancy decided it wasn't worth using Travel Calories on subsequent trips because it had taken her so long to lose even the small amount of weight she had gained on a previous trip. When she travels, she continually reminds herself why it's worth it to stick to her usual number of calories. After practicing her new rule on several trips, it became much easier for Nancy to stick to her plan. She now has the confidence to do it, and her determination has grown because she knows it's worth it.

Judith S. Beck, Ph.D., The Complete Beck Diet for Life (Green book), pg 160.

Nature Girl
06-29-2012, 01:24 PM
Wow- last night was the first time I've ever fallen asleep with the computer on my lap! Usually it's a book open that I drop...Anyway, because of that I didn't post my progress from yesterday: pretty good, actually.
Stayed with my 4 food rules: No Sugar, No Booze, No Eating Standing Up, and No Eating in the Car. The last one was tricky because I was back and forth to the hospital so many times; got hungry for morning snack so I sat in the parking lot in the back seat of my Dad's Civic and ate my grapes and almonds. Shopped at a new store and discovered many, many aisles where I had to say "That's not about me." (Candy, beer, cookies, baking mixes, etc.) Did my PT strength work at 9PM, and thought oh heck I won't go for a walk; stood on the porch in the warm, light, quiet evening, changed my mind, and walked the neighborhood for 30 minutes...still not dark at 10:15!
Mom did well yesterday; made a lot of progress and kept a positive attitude when they asked for a lot of effort at PT, etc. Probably coming home Saturday.
I'm like onebyone with her dishes - didn't do it last night but got to it right away this morning instead of letting a new habit slide! Today's report tonight BEFORE other web surfing

06-29-2012, 05:50 PM
Hi coaches... checking in for today. Yesterday was a healthful day... I am so grateful. That makes four days. YAY.

It seems that when I get back to my plan, etc - after an off period of time - that I kind of ease back into my healthy living goals. First the food part & then the writing part, and then the behavior goas. I guess that it's my path back to any semblance of food sanity. I am grateful.

Big storm... turning off the computer.

06-29-2012, 05:55 PM
Good Afternoon, Everyone.

Well, here I sit in JFK waiting a new record of 8 hours for my flight. Here is my big credit. I have my yoga mat. So instead of being incredibly uncomfortable sitting in chairs for 8 hours and then sit in an airplane for 6 hours, I found a secluded corner at my gate and unrolled the mat. I did my stretches, ordered some Bach on iTunes, lay on my belly answering emails and now I well spread out and watch a movie.

This is what I know:

No one is watching me. They may look over briefly but I am just not that important. I put the words "improper", "lady like", and "decorum" away. It is like the days I would refuse myself a swim in my beloved ocean because I was too fat to fit into a bathing suit. Moments lost are never regained. I will lose no more minutes to vanity.

I feel like a "swami" cross legged on my mat and that is who I am at the moment. I have rarely been "diverse" in my whole life. I fit in, I conform. I have even cast a few judgemental glares at "tree huggers" but the truth is I must remain true to myself. If I am doing something no one else is, I am not automatically wrong. I might be on to something.

Bet your bottom dollar there isn't another near fifty year old woman in the lotus position on a yoga mat in this airport. Women my age suffer from doubt, from loss of power now that we are not young and "sexy". Now that we don't count. I see a teenage girl sitting cross legged in front of me, giggling with her friends. I can have that, too. It is only lost if I allow it to be lost.

As for food, I brought a sandwich from the commons, some fruit and granola. I bought some cheese and will breakdown and buy something from the vendors here. I think a sushi roll or stir fry.

Best to all.

06-29-2012, 11:22 PM

Evening check ijn before bed and my early day tomorrow to get to the market. Credit for weighing in, credit for dishes done, credit for planning and recording my food and sticking to it. I am day 2 on plan for my sister's challenge. The market will be tough but I'll get through.

My client emailed me back and he loved the preliminary design for that commission. In fact he wants a few more characters so it's all cha-ching+ now. Such a great project. Can't wait to tell you about it but I can't yet...

Must go. TGIF. DH started his 2 weeks of holidays today. He's already a changed man, and I am sure he'll be until 3 or 4am.


Nature Girl
06-30-2012, 01:07 AM
Yesterday's Mantra was "That's not about me - today's has been "Food won't fix sad." It was a rough day at the hospital for my mom - it looks like there is probably a rehab center in our future - and I came out the last time and just wanted to dive into something sweet and creamy. But I thought about the line so many of you use: Food won't fix tired and I thought, I wonder what will fix sad? Well, turns out shopping won't either, but it did divert me from eating until I was ready to go fix dinner for Dad. Stuck with other rules, mostly. I should explain that each rule has a specific exception, and the one for booze is "No booze, except for one drink on Friday nights." So I had a beer on the deck with Dad and called it good.
My Cardio "Rules" are 1)Move: just do it!" 2) Push yourself each time and 3) Rack up miles and minutes. I had planned to bike or walk every other day, alternating with PT strength. I biked Weds, walked yesterday, and just didn't get out the door before dark tonight. :( But I guess I can count the 15 minute ride back from the bike repair shop this morning, right? So I'm still mostly on track! Credit, credit, and credit!!!
Tomorrow: 1- do Mom's last set of exercises earlier so there's time to ride before dark. 2-ask the bike shop guy where to go besides just through the neighborhoods 3-take snack food with to hospital so I don't get caught w/ low blood sugar

06-30-2012, 07:07 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies - Good eating day, CREDIT moi, helped because we went to our community garden after dinner on the patio. We pulled down the dead Sugar Snaps, planted cukes, and harvested greens: lettuce of three types, mustard greens, and collard greens. Tomato plants are growing but no hint yet of produce coming. DW wouldn't quit until 9pm when we could no longer see. I thought we'd already pulled all the weeds last week so was resentful that so many were back.

A leap second will be added to clocks at midnight Greenwich Time tonight - 8pm E.T. By my personal reckoning, no diet book covers that second, so all foods are zero calories during that time. Eat whatever you can stuff in one second and enjoy, LOL.

After gym, CREDIT moi, my walk to the library picked up a book I'd reserved for DW about the geology of Yellowstone National Park area. Apparently, I'm three massive volcanic eruptions away from knowing about that part of the world - just fascinating. All three were large enough to dwarf Krakatoa.

onebyone – Good luck at your market today - hope this heat wave has passed by so folks will be in a buying mood. Congrats on getting your paying customer excited about the work you're making.

Nature Girl – Sending supportive thoughts for your mom's recovery. Kudos for sticking to your 4 rules during a trying time. Yay for a repaired bike to give you different scenery.

Beverlyjoy – "YAY" indeed for four days in a row, nicely easing yourself back to "food sanity."

maryann - Love the image of you and the teenage girl sitting cross legged at JFK airport. Eight hours is long enough to establish residence. Kudos for behaving like a human instead of prowling the fast food places for amusement.

Readers - chapter 6 Stage 3 The Challenging Situations Plan
Confidently Follow Your Plan While Traveling

The Travel Calories Decision.

Once you figure out the best rule for you, I think you'll find it a big relief to have a plan that keep you in control, minimizes weight gain, and leaves you feeling good about yourself throughout every trip you take in the future.

Judith S. Beck, Ph.D., The Complete Beck Diet for Life (Green book), pg 160.

06-30-2012, 08:27 AM
Hi Coaches!

Me, recovering from my "weekend". We came back over the hill last night and I'm prepping for work. I had a somewhat "crappy" day yesterday....DH and his DD are mad at me for different reasons (I think) but it seems to be tensions regarding the upcoming baby, finding a car and DH's injury. This is not about me.

What I am about, is checking in here every day and following my food plan.
~ I will go enjoy coffee and pack my lunch for work....that's a start.
~I will try and email the exwife and kindly explain my position and suggest that we just "drop" the details of this vehicle transaction until after the baby is born and she (the ex) is down here.
~I will write a plan (by the refridge) for dinner while making my smoothie.

MaryAnn, kudos for such a great moment in time in a crowded airport. That sounds like one for your memory box.

BBE, yay for OP dining on the patio!

onebyone, good luck at the market! I love the sound of your new commission. Kudos for attacking those dishes!

NatureGirl, with my DH's recent injury, I really relate to how you are feeling right now. One day at a time is all we can do here. It seems the first 10 days post surgery are very difficult, especially when they don't keep the patient in the hospital any more. DH's surgery was outpatient and 5 hours later we were home, on our own, trying to decide what to do next. Kudos for taking care of yourself during this time.

Beverlyjoy, yay for healthy eating and a plan to continue.


06-30-2012, 12:28 PM
Good Morning, Coaches.

I am back safe and sound at home. Long, long day. Credit for food choices. I sent back the sesame chicken I ordered. The menu never said it was fried. They made a stir fry instead. The calories for the day were still high. I won't weigh myself until tomorrow because of traveling, etc... Today's plan is to take it easy, do some of my required reading, do laundry and get ready to head up to Taho for the fourth weekend.

I will head to the store to get fresh fruits and veggies.

Lexxiss: That is a huge bummer when extended family vibes are funky. Credit for realizing you can only do what you can do.
BBE: Regarding extra second of free for all - Some thinking is sicker than others - but I like it.

06-30-2012, 06:44 PM
MaryAnn, I love the image of you in the airport doing yoga. How empowering.

BBE, I was trying to figure out what I could eat in that

onebyone, Things are going so wonderful for you. Yeah. I hope the market was successful for you.

NatureGirl, Hugs to you. It sounds like a very trying time for you. Great job taking care of yourself.

Beverlyjoy,Yeah for 4 days on plan. You are doing great.

Debbie, Hugs to you...I hope it all gets worked out to your satisfaction. Sometimes dealing with others can be difficult. Way to go realizing it is not about you.

Have a great evening everyone. My eating has been on plan today. It is very hot here. I hope they get the power back to all the people with no power during this heat.
Take Care

06-30-2012, 07:34 PM
Hi Coaches

Successes to report.

not eating a darn thing at the farmers' market today
not buying anything truly tempting to bring home
planning my water for a hot market day by freezing a 1.5l bottle (unopened from the store) in the freezer and drinking it as it melted so it was re-freshingly cold-old market trick but requires PLANNING
tracking everything I have eaten
choosing to eat only the "recommended serving size" of something that turned out, after I ate it, to be SO NOT WORTH IT, but I stayed on track due to my willingness to have the rec. serving only THANK GOODNESS.
for finally playing with my India Ink and trying a technique I saw another artist use over 10yrs ago. Sometimes i wait FOREVER to do stuff i want to do-credit for no longer waiting on this one
clean sink today-did dishes last night and put them away
weighed this morning: 254.3 so amazed not to see that 2-5-5 number.
stayed within my daily points yesterday - on track to stay within my daily points today as well
credit for submitting an application for another art residency for Sept or Oct 2013 with OVER AN HOUR TO SPARE!! Usually I am scrambling minutes before the deadline.

See yas.

06-30-2012, 08:40 PM
Hi Everyone,

It's been a long time since I checked in. I'd love to say things are going great but that would not be true. Weighing daily and it's slowly creeping up. I have not written a food plan since the middle of June, my Zumba classes are over, I have not been on my bike. Not making good food choices and seem to be stuck in a rut.

I'm not sure which food plan I want to follow, I've been reading a lot of different books lately, all with "the best plan ever" theme, and can't even pick one to follow. I'll think "this one looks good, but I don't like that about it, how about this one?", then there will be something about that one I don't like. I think the biggest thing is that I just need to take some time, make at least some dinner menus, shop for that food and do some prep. Maybe it's even making big batches of recipes that I can freeze in individual servings so I have that to fall back on.

Canada Day is tomorrow so we have Monday for the holiday, Wed starts my really busy schedule at work with the 100th anniversary this year of the Calgary Stampede and lots of events happening through to July 15th. I have 3 major events with 10 - 12 hour days and it's harder to plan food for that as we never know exactly when we'll get a chance to eat. I try and take some good snacks to get me through and I always get a ton of walking and steps in on those days but am really tired at the end of it. I really want to lose a couple pounds before then and at least maintain my way through it.

One step at a time and for now I'm giving myself credit for posting as I'm not feeling too positive about this right now.:?:

07-01-2012, 12:09 AM
Tazzy credit for posting. You can't go wrong with posting. I 100% understand how you are feeling. I've been there many many times. My thoughts are, given your indecision and confusion about food plans, coupled with your super-busy/super-stressful schedule, and your lowered self-confidence, for the time that you are super-busy I'd just follow some loose food guidelines; for example: no seconds, 3 meals and one snack/two snacks, post to the group, just make a very simple plan because as you feel yourself being successful you will start to want more of that and you'll more forward. Just do something that works for you for now. All is not lost. Not by a long shot. Say O Well to the past and let it go. Just, simply, start again. It's what we all have to do.:hug:

Newlifestyle It was hot here today too. At the market the temperature just slowly rose after after hour until you just go Wow it's *really* hot out. I have a nice market spot under a tree and I also have my canopy and we had a strong breeze. For me, it felt perfect. For my garden, it's another story. I'll be heading over to water early tomorrow morning. CREDIT for being OP today.

maryann I have to say that your post from the airport's floor was profoundly moving to me. I *know* all about the almost-50 invisible woman. I see it every market day when the young male volunteers can't do enough to help the very pretty 19 yr old, who is young and strong, set up her booth. For me they do it cause they are supposed to help any vendor who needs help. I make it a point to speak directly to them and ask them about their lives but I HATE the age divide. I think it's such BS. Just as the youth want to be seen as individuals, so do we oldsters. I think people categorize and generalize way too easily. Lazy thinking is what I believe it all is.... anyway, you can see you hit a nerve with me.
Glad you are back home and really really really massive credits for using many coping tools but not the food one. :bravo:

Lexxiss I love how you are so dedicated to your own sanity and peace of mind :carrot:and joy! :carrot: It is such a relief to know when things are not about you! When you say "came back over the hill" you mean the Rockies right? the mountains right? I still cannot wrap my head around that after all these many posts. I went eek reading about trouble with an ex too! You sure are being challenged with summer. and you sure are doing well, crappy day or no. I :coffee: salute you.

BillBlueEyes I have had to face heartbreak in my garden. All my rare squash germinated and thretened to be a magnificent force of nature in my garden only to be felled by cucumber beetles! They are on their way to killing all the vines: canteloupe, cucumber, and the watermelon are struggling but think in the end they'll die too. The pattypan squash never even germinated. That was weird. I'm not sure what to do with the hills. I may just plunk something in there. Flowers maybe. And my weeds are horrendous. I am so :mad: the gardens were not tilled. It is a real issue. One garden was tilled to a depth of voer a foot by her SIL with the machinery tht digs backyard swimming pools. Her garden is glorious. I am green with envy everytime I walk by it I so admire it. I met the gardener early the other morning. Both of us had the same insecticidal soap in hand! she is also battling the cucumber beetle though I had to educate her about it. She didn;t know to look for the eggs on the udnerside of the leaves. She found some. Ugh. And like many of us, upon reading your wise assumption that the leap second is a free for all food second I too went to imagining how much I could eat in a second. If only I could guarantee that it would stop after the second was over. I can't, so I won't try. Instead I'll glory in the second added to my lifespan.

Nature Girl You were so wise to implement your food plan/strategy during this tough time for you and your family. You are right, food won't fix tired. Kudos for believing this without the need to test it. You are truly a great helpful daughter. I hope you find some really inspiring bike paths to enjoy while you are there. Massive Kudos to you.

:wave: to all lurkers and those just stopping by.

Nature Girl
07-01-2012, 02:17 AM
Well folks tonight I have another bit of wisdom I learned from a producer for the Mr. Rogers show: "Anger is a reaction to feelings of helplessness, powerlessness, rejection, or fear." So when Mom blew up at the caregivers today, and then blew up at Dad & I when we showed up, I was able (later) to explain it by thinking of how helpless she felt in that wheelchair in a new place all day, alone. This does not excuse her, but it helps me understand and try to figure out how to move on, with her and with the rehab people, who were awesome tonight.
The cynical part of me says that without my plan and rules, I could have stopped at every fast food between rehab & home, had a bunch of treats at the craft fair, headed to Coldstone Creamery (I didn't even know there was one in town til tonight!!) or headed to the local saloon. but dang it, no eEating in the Car, No Eating Standing Up, No Sugar, and No Booze! So I went out on my bike until my legs threatened to fall off, and then sat on the deck in the sunset cooling down; tomorrow is another day.
Sunday: PT strength and some ab work; more sensible meals withing limits; choose a dinner that Dad will like but is reasonable healthy for me...a tricky compormise!
Thank you all so much for your kind words--right now they are what I have to keep me strong! Thanks for listening.

07-01-2012, 06:26 AM
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