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05-29-2012, 05:36 PM
So I've been doing Insanity and can definitely tell I'm getting stronger. Saturday something went wrong with my knee and ever since I've had a slight pain in it. Sunday I took off and it was feeling better so i did the fit test monday and today I can tell my knee is more sore than it was. So I absolutely HATE to take a break from insanity (mostly out of fear that I won't make myself start again), but I think I need to before I really screw something up. I can tell the pain is not just sore muscle pain and its in a specific spot on my knee which is similar to what my dad described before he tore something (he has a physical job and couldnt just take a break off his knee.)

At any rate...what sort of work outs could I be doing that are gentle on the knee/exclude the knee for the next few days or week until my knee feels 100%? I'd love to be able to do some sort of cardio but I have a feeling all cardio is going to involve the knee. Thanks for any suggestions :)

05-29-2012, 06:18 PM
Oh, I can totally relate- I did 6 weeks of Insanity and ended up with knee problems in both knees and also pain in my left shoulder and left elbow.

I was still able to walk, so I did that. Walking isn't high impact. I didn't jog or anything, though. Swimming would be awesome but wasn't an option for me but if you have access to a pool swimming can't be beat for low impact. Bike riding and using an elliptical trainer are also supposed to be fairly low impact. I would avoid walking steep hills for a while, as walking downhill is hard on the knees. Yoga or Tai Chi or something like that would also be good.