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05-21-2012, 12:30 PM

It is a clear sunny 66º day here in the ♥-Land as I type. The high temperature for the day is said t be 82º’s. Yes, it is summertime. I showed a “maintain” at weigh in this morning. Hopefully the scale will budge downward a pound next weigh day so I can take my 80 pounds down measurements. I’ll watch my p’s and q’s real closely this week again and hopefully I can lose that pound that is hanging on now for 2 weeks for my weight has been the same now for 3 weeks running. I need to change something that my system has gotten used to. Tweek my program a bit. The dogs are at the groomer getting a nice bath and will come home smelling so good. Cecil checked every room for them then went into the bedroom and is now napping on the bed.

I get a small mailing from Consumer Reports on Health and in it is an article that made me think of DONNA FAYE Yep, Donna it has an article on “Water Workouts Can Help Your Heart” and talks about doing the breaststroke and how good swimming is for you. Your computer cover is pretty. Isn’t it neat that they are making so many covers for our toys. The cover I have for my Blackberry is just that ~ black. How boring, I need to shop around for a more colorful one. Your dinner sounds like it was a fun time for all. Family get togethers are a time to cherish.

Have a great day Magnolias. Type at y'all later. :wave:

05-21-2012, 01:17 PM
Good Morning, Flowers! It's a sunny cool morning in my corner of the world. I've been to church and will go to the gift shop after lunch. The buyer finally checked in some merchandise that has been sitting there for over 2 weeks, so I can pay the bills while I'm there. We had a busy weekend and although it was "fun" I'm glad it's over. Beth and family came Friday night, Jason and family Saturday morning; we hit the road for a 2 hour drive to Bob's aunt's birthday open house. She was really surprised to see our kids and grandkids so that was fun. Since she owned several Hallmark stores I'm assuming that most of the people attending were connected either from them or from her church. Thank heavens for DS games that kept the kids entertained coming and going. Sunday Bob had to sing at church and I went to the early service. Amanda's parents, sister, dh, and 2 more children in the same age range as ours, came for lunch and Zowie's birthday party. They left about 4:30 and we went to a graduation reception for our pastor's two daughters, came home to pack up left over food for the kids to take home, and they all left. I was tired!

"Gma" -- I :lol: when you said you would be on your trip in 18 weeks. I visited with a teacher yesterday and asked how many more days of school he had. He held up 5 fingers and said, "but who's counting?" I hope you like your new doctor and she can give you good feedback to your questions. I also hope Jackson's trip to the hospital goes ok. Beth put a watch battery in her ear when she was about the same age. The doctor managed to get it out with long tweezers. I really like the sandals! I'm glad you enjoyed the brunch. :T Can you get email and surf the web on your Kindle? Thanks for the beauty place site; I will take a look.

Maggie -- :congrat: on another maintain! That shows you know what to do in that category. It has been very windy here the past week. We did get 1/4" of rain during a thunderstorm but we need more as it's very dry. I do get strange emails every once in awhile so I'm assuming from ads on Facebook. I :lol: at Beanie bringing in dirt clogs! Perhaps he thinks he's bringing you a present! What are you making for a glass project? I just have a top cover on my iPad -- bright!

I have laundry going, need to put my house back together, and vacuum. Enjoy the rest of this marvelous Monday! :wave:

05-22-2012, 11:22 AM
Good morning girls! I am working on socks, socks, and more socks this week trying to get something accomplished. I swear that yarn I bought is cursed. I have had nothing but trouble from it and it is twice the cost. It is beautiful colors but never again. It claims to be enough for a pr of adult socks, but I am having to order solid yarn to do the heels and toes because there isn't enough for anyone's socks. I am going back to my favorite place and buy their yarn. I know what I am getting, it doesn't stretch all out of place and it is reasonably priced.

They shipped my Kindle cover bundle, but it is regular mail and is coming from Hawaii of all places so it may be awhile before it gets here. They said by next Thursday so we shall see. I did get some cute ebooks for the cruise. I like the southern humor murder mystery types and got a couple of those and one from a favorite author that just came out.

Jean: I bought my Kindle used from Kelly when she upgraded to the Kindle Fire so it is the Kindle 2 one of the first ones that came out. It serves my purpose which is reading. I can use my Iphone for internet and such. A lot of people don't like it because of screen size, but usually that doesn't seem to be much of a problem with me. Wow, you were sure busy over the weekend. You needed wings I think. I am heading into grandkids birthday this next month. I have Jackson's stuff all picked out to order this week and I told Thomas I needed a list by the end of this month so I could buy presents for him and to keep it under $150 no $1300 computers like he sent me a few years ago by email. Made his mom mad he sent it, but I found it hilarious.

Maggie: Good for you. I know loss is better, but going up is worse than staying in the same place. One thing I like to do when I swim at Kelly and Tom's is to use the diving board to do pull ups. It is great for my upper arms and across my back and having most of my body in the water, it is not impossible like it would be if I were on all dry land. Swimming is a great cardio workout even if you can't swim hard. Water aerobics is terrific for older people and is fun.

Well, Jackson gets his rock out today. He will have a story to tell his kids how dad once had rocks in his head. :lol: Oh, here is a pic of them. This is there very first family portrait. Jackson's hair has gotten so dark in the last year. Of course, Alicia has such dark hair. I told Thomas on Sunday I knew he had been out in the sun a lot as his freckles were all out.

My dog is nuts. He has crawled behind the recliner and is laying down. It isn't even hot in the house so it isn't like it is cooler back there. Part of it is because my computer desk sits right next to it and he was barking at me a few minutes ago to get back in the recliner. He doesn't like it when I sit at the desk here for very long. I imagine I get up he will follow and back into my lap he will go.

Well, everyone have a nice day today. It is going to be a scorcher here. Faye

05-22-2012, 12:44 PM
Good morning, ladies! Looks like rain. It's 68 degrees.

I had a really good time at the retreat. I worked at WW on Saturday so I lost half a day but that was okay. Friday is English Paper Piecing and Saturday I'm taking a purse making class.

My neighbor came over yesterday to tell me I had a flat tire. He kindly changed it for me and I went to get a new tire before my drive to work today.

You have been prolific posters! I'm still catching up.

Faye, that is a beautiful family! Jackson has grown so much! I hope everything goes okay for him today. I'm sorry you are having such a time with the socks. That sometimes happens with me for quilting.

Jean, you have been a social butterfly!

Maggie, did that article say water aerobics or swimming? Water aerobics uses weights and is a better workout as far as toning goes so I was just curious. I've been sitting on an exercise ball when I'm on the computer to improve my core muscles. I need to change up my workout every so often because my body becomes used to it and then gets more efficient at doing it and uses less calories for the same work. Do you do anything besides your walking? If your plan is heavy and carbs, try eating more protein and limiting carbs to whole grains only. That's the advice we give at WW.

Have a wonderful day!

05-22-2012, 01:35 PM

Did I mention that I love that liquid Dial soap that is scented like Pomegranate Tangerine? I have a container of it in my bathroom and when I first wash my hands when I get up from bed in the morning it is so pleasant smelling it puts a smile on my face. I hope everyone is doing well this beautiful day. It is currently 60º’s and said to get up to 90ºs before the day is done. AH ~ but it is windy. I have dinner planned for Will bought a lovely steak and if the wind dies down some this evening he can grill it outside and if not I can do it inside. And veggies will be served along with it. I downloaded a neat program for my Blackberry that if I ever lose it or it gets stolen it can be traced and Blackberry will erase all my phone numbers and whatever information I may have on the phone. It is a free little program and I like the idea of them being able to remotely erase all my numbers, etc. Kinda like “big brother” is watching out for me. Scarey thought. It has gotten now that no matter where a person is “they” can find you if you have a cell phone that is. Some of the cars now have a device in them that the powers that be can cause the car to shut down if a person hasn’t made a payment for awhile.

We watched a movie the other night where a young college graduate had cut up all his personal information and burned his money and disappeared into the wilderness of Alaska. I thought if he had not thrown his phone away he could have been saved. When he had eaten a poisonous plant he wouldn’t have died for he could have called and they would have air lifted him out to a hospital for treatment. His body was found a couple weeks later by some hunters. Sad, but a true story. He wanted to disappear and that is what happened when he had a life threatening emergency such as that. He thought he was picking an edible plant but didn’t read about its “look alike” which was poisonous and described on the next page. We have a neat book called Edible Wild Plants by Thomas S. Elias & Peter A. Dykeman that has photographs and goes season by season as a field guide to North America. :D I bought it way back in ’86. We have taken it with us when out and about and eaten some of the wild plants making sure they matched the picture. Some of the poisonous plants are so pretty and look good to eat but are oh so dangerous. Up at our cabin in the high Sierras grow wild blackberries beside the road that we picked by the bucketful and they are so delicious. They are a slightly different looking berry than the ones that grow out east but just as tasty. We have picked Miners Lettuce there also among some other plants. What is neat there are no poisonious look alikes of the lettuce. When the roots are boiled slightly it brings out a taste like a water chestnut. The leaves and flowers are great in a salad. Ah, and Catail is edible summer, fall & winter. The buds before they ripen are like corn on the cob. There are many ways to fix that plant. :p Anyway all fruits & veggies need not be purchased at a market for one can go shopping in the wild. I don't do wild mushrooms for they are iffy to tell apart and I don't want to take the chance.

DONNA FAYE What a good looking family. Thanks for sharing the picture. Makes it hard if they aren’t quite honest with how much yarn is there to make a project so you know it will be enough. Good idea of yours to make the heel and tow different though. It will work. BTW was that charming little boy in the picture wearing a pair of sox you had made for him? Your little pooch just wants mommie to sit in that big chair so he can cuddle in your lap.:p

JEAN You are one whirlwhind of a gal doing all that you do. I don't have any of those neat computer readers or ipads as of yet. "Yet" being the operative word. Kinda waiting until they get better for they always do down the road. I never like to buy the "first" of things of that sort. Will has his eye on one he wants to get for me.:o. I am building a church and not giving this one away. :no: Next I am going to do a court house & jail I believe. My village is growing and we will need to put up another shelf on which to set them in the front room.

SUSAN What a nice neighbor you have to change your tire for you. It is nice that you had a good time while out and about. Purses ~ now what type of material will you be using? That article was about swimming and doing laps by using the breast stroke keeping your body horizontal with hips and waist in line with the water's surface causing one to move more efficiently through the water. Your advice is well taken and that will be my plan for the week. Fewer carbs for sure will pass these lips. I use my "heavy hands" weights and also my exersize balls from Danskin ~ 2 of the 2 pound squishy weight balls and one of the 5 pound squishy ones which I have been using. I have other items that I will use for a variety. I like the Leslie Sansone dvd's for Walk Away Pounds and several of the WW ones and of course my favorite Richard Simmons Blast & Tone dvd's. I have quite the varitey of equipment which includes all colors of the stretchy bands. I keep it all in a basket easy to get to. :p I just hadn't been walking much and decided to add that to my routine.

Have a great day Magnolias. Type at y'all later. :wave:

05-22-2012, 04:49 PM
Good Afternoon, Flowers! It's a warm windy day in my corner of the world. We're on the very edge of a wind advisory until 9 pm and the weatherman showed rain every day through the weekend. We need the rain but hate to see it spoil the whole weekend. I hope he is wrong. I've been catching up on laundry and sorting through a drawer full of recipes I have cut out of magazines and newspapers. Why I save them, I'll never know! :rolleyes: Some of them don't even sound good now. Bob is home and prepping for a colonoscopy tomorrow morning at 8. We have to be there by 7:15 and should be back home fairly early.

We had some excitement in our neighborhood yesterday. It happened on the street behind us and a block up. The guy left work saying he was going home for awhile. When he didn't come back someone called his wife to go check on him. She found him hanging in the garage. So sad! :cry: We know her because her former mother-in-law was Bob's secretary when he started his job 30 years ago.

Bob had an agency meeting yesterday, and his manager presented him with a mantle clock which chimes and plays a choice of two songs, for his 30 years of service. It even has an engraved plaque on it. He was shocked to say the least. He also got a standing ovation which is unheard of.

"Gma" -- :lol: I have this mental picture of you sitting in your recliner with a pile of socks surrounding you! I'm sorry you are having so much trouble with the yarn. That is such a good picture of Jay and his family! :yes: I hope all goes well for Jackson at the hospital today.

Susan -- I'm sorry about your flat tire but better in your driveway than on the road! It was nice of your neighbor to change it. :yes: Will you be quilting a purse? That sounds like a fun class! :cp:

Maggie -- I can think of all kinds of good things to fix for supper except that Bob will be limited to clear liquids and I would feel guilty eating something he would enjoy. I know . . . I could eat peas! :lol3: They are his least favorite vegetable and he wouldn't feel at all left out. I hope your glass creations are going well. :D

I need to keep moving and do some more sorting. Enjoy the rest of your terrific Tuesday! :wave:

05-23-2012, 01:00 PM
Good morning to you all. It is another hot one here. Going to just stay inside today and try and get some work done. These last couple weeks of this medication seems be causing more problems that the previous months. I guess problems isn't the right word. I have had more cramping and stuff than before. Ahh well, only 15 more days and I am done with the stuff forever.

I have Alicia's first sock into the foot now with no problem. I am going to have to again tear back Jack's sock to the leg and put in a different colored heel and toe so I have enough yarn. I ordered one skein of a solid color and the shipping cost more than the yarn did! :lol: I imagine it will be here the first of the week and maybe I will have her socks done and then can tackle Jack's two pair. Then no more knitting for other people until I finish my sweater and my wrap.

I was goofing around online looking for sock yarn with a company I have had good results with and found some gorgeous stuff. One company puts out a line of "rainforest" yarn every year where the bulk of the money goes to rainforest protection and the animals who live there. They has some gorgeous stuff and fairly reasonable. I have found that the really pretty self patterning yarns come from Germany. That is where the yarn for those socks I made my girlfriend came from. They have a style called fancy color and they have the greatest color for the boys for Christmas this year. I am itching to order it, but it will have to wait a couple months.

Jean: Jack had a colonoscopy a few months back and he said there was nothing to it. From what I understand you only need to have one every 10 years. I plan on scheduling mine when I get back from vacation. Want to make sure the colon is all tip top shape with all the stuff I have gone through. Oh my goodness what a horrible thing to happen. That poor woman finding her husband like that. You should see the rock Jackson had in his ear. I thought it would be small but this thing, I don't know how he got it into his ear in the first place. I guess kids can do all sorts of things if they want to. He is doing just grand now. She said he had no pain at all and was sitting watching tv a little dopey from the gas last night.

Maggie: I have that setting on my Iphone where it will erase everything if it ever gets stolen. I think it is a good thing to have for sure. People shouldn't go out in the woods trying to be some kind of wild life people if they don't know what they are doing. This was a prime example of people not prepared for what is out there. There are poisonous berries that look harmless and can kill you in a very short time, you have to know which mushrooms are ok to eat and which ones aren't, etc, etc. I have read more stories about people "going out to live among nature" and killing themselves because they were plain stupid and unprepared. Sad, sad, but adults should know better.

Well gals, it is that time of day. I need to fix myself some lunch and get some work done. Have a grand day all. Faye

05-23-2012, 04:56 PM
Good Afternoon, Flowers! It's another hot windy day here, and we are still in a wind advisory until tonight sometime. We need rain! It was an early morning around here and we were back home by 9:30. Bob's colonoscopy was clear this time so he doesn't have to go back for 10 years. Afterwards we went to WM looking for larger life jackets for the kids; they had adult and small children sizes. GRRR! :tantrum: I won't say any more. I'm sure we can find them at the lake but they will cost more.

"Gma" -- Bob had two polyps removed 3 years ago so that is why he had to be rechecked today. Glad to hear the rock is out of Jackson's ear and he is no worse for wear. :D What will happen when you are finished with your meds if the problems reoccur? I hope they don't! :no: Do you feel better as the day goes along?

Bob is thinking "food" of some sort and hinted that a steak on the grill sounds good. Of course that means a trip to the grocery store, so I had better get going. Enjoy the rest of your wonderful Wednesday! :wave:

05-24-2012, 09:34 AM
Just a quick one this morning ladies. I have been up all night with Fortune. He is sick again and vomiting and pooing all over the house. His tummy is so upset he won't lay still but for a couple minutes so he wouldn't let me sleep either. On top of that, I have that dr appt this morning so I imagine my bp is sky high from no sleep. Ahh well. I just wish he could sleep for a bit. I gave him some antibiotic and his last anti nausea pill but he puked it up and it had been in his tummy long enough to be too soft to put it back down his throat. I gave him a 1/2 tsp syringe full of Pepto and I hope that helps. I came home after taking Jack to work, which takes about an hour and no issues unless he went upstairs while I was gone.

Talk to you all later, just wanted to check in. Gotta go. Faye

05-24-2012, 02:59 PM

Thursday already. The time is flying by the older I get. It is said by those who know these things that it will get up into the high 80’s this beautiful mostly sunny day here in the ♥-Land. Tonight we have been invited to go to the home of a woman who is running for some office or other. She is having a hot dog roast and invited lots of folks. She lives in the “big house” side of town. We bought a knife block from a yard sale she had when we first moved here and didn’t have a clue of “who” she was back then. Anyway we have met her at different functions and gotten to know her. It will be interesting plus we get a free meal. :cp:

Here are some dried fruit & nut combos that make good for you snacks:
raisins – peanuts
apricots – almonds
cherries – hazelnuts
pineapple – pistachio

I am just easing into the world this day and going to have one of my Schwan’s frozen meal lunches when I get off here. Will is at the museum this day so he will get lunch somewhere near there. Since we are having hot dogs for dinner I don’t have to plan a menu for this day.

DONNA FAYE Your poor little pooch. That is too bad he couldn’t keep his meds down that would help him get better. I am sorry you had a sleepless night then have to go see the doc today. Hopefully your BP isn’t as high this day as you think. Take a deep breath and relax. Maybe a nap this afternoon for a short while so you can sleep well tonight.

JEAN Rain would be nice. We could use some also. Good news about Bob's test coming out with not having to have anything removed this go-round and now can wait the full 10 years before the next one. What a bummer Wal*Mart was sold out of the right size you wanted in a life jacket and since it is in the middle of the season they may not order anymore of that size till next year. I used to have the neatest life jacket that was form fitting that I wore water skiing when I was in my late teens & through my young adulthood. Built to fit a lady if you know what I mean ~ not just flat. I don't own one now but that one was a good one. Enjoy your steak this evening.

Have a great day Magnolias. Type at y'all later. :wave:

05-25-2012, 05:24 AM
Good Morning, Flowers! I can't sleep so here I am! My crafty group went on a road trip yesterday so I was gone until late afternoon. We stopped first in a small town store that has all kinds of things: gift type items, greeting cards, candles, Avon, sewing notions, and a coffee corner where the locals can meet and gab. Our destination town has all kinds of shops: a quilt shop, antique shops, fashion shop, book store, several small cafes, gift shop, and a museum that I haven't been in since we took the scout troop to visit. I needed to pick up a few things at the grocery store, among which was a pop "sale" of 4 - 12 can cases of Coke for $8.00, which is usually running $4.00+ a case. The coupon was yesterday only and they were sold out. The sign said no rain checks but we got one anyway. You'd think with a holiday weekend someone would have planned ahead.

"Gma" -- I hope Fortune is feeling better and keeping his food down. Poor dog and poor you for having to clean up after him. Hope the doctor appt. went ok.

Maggie -- It didn't look like WM ever had the size jackets we were looking for which is what is NORMAL for this store. They will get just one of a set, or half of an order in bulk items. There was no empty spaces in the line-up and very little selection. It was almost like last years leftovers.

Guess I will move on to surf recipe sites. Have a fantastic Friday and enjoy! :wave:

05-25-2012, 01:58 PM

Howdy on this 81º day with scattered thunderstorms here in the ♥-Land. Since the storms are scattered and the wind isn’t blowing we are going to grill burgers for dinner this day. Nothing much going on this Friday day to speak of. Yesterday when Will was going through the books the library sells that have been donated for the purpose of raising money for the place he found one for me. It is a book in brand new condition and originally sold for 28 dollars and he got it for a dollar and a half. The title is Glass Art, “the easy way to a stained glass look.” It is all about painting glass but I can use the patterns and ideas to cut glass to decorate the jars I put mixes in to give for “mix” gifts around the holiday times. What fun I will have. :yes: I think after I finish the building I am currently working on I will cut out some patterns that will work on jars and experiment. Christmas will be here before we know it ~ the way time is marching on. You know I said I was cutting my nails ~ well I did cut half the growth off and they still looked long but what I am getting at by saying that is that somehow after I had cut them the one on my right middle finger decided to break during the night. All the growth. Anyway I ended up cutting them all back a bit. Feels weird to have them so short but it makes the one that is broken back not look so bad. Oh vanity, vanity. When it all boils down it just isn’t that important is it.

JEAN Sounds like you had a very fun outing. That is an unheard of a price for soda these days. Good that they give you a :rain: check. At that price one could buy enough to soda to last the summer and not be out very much money. Hopefully you can find proper sized vests that will be needed for the children before you go boating. It is so important to wear vests. Summertime events are so much fun.

Have a great day Magnolias. Type at y'all later. :wave:

05-25-2012, 07:28 PM
Good evening, ladies! Up in the 80s today and lovely.

I had English Paper Piecing today and tomorrow I have my purse class. I'll be going to spend the weekend with Sandy after class. We'll be doing some serious sewing.

The Y is switching from FitLynx to ActivTrac software to record our workouts. I had my appointment to get set up on ActivTrac yesterday after work. I had a very nice young man who did the set up which included working out at the highest possible weight on 8 machines. When I told him I was there for ActivTrac he said "Can you do the machines?" He apologized when we were done because I do the machines very well after doing them for 2 years. This system is so nice because after he input the data, age, height, weight it generates a fresh workout for me every time I go. The workout has machines, a cardio component of my choice, floor exercises, and stepper. The software has nutritional tracking with over 20,000 items in the database and integrates with the exercise. I think I'll really like it. I did my first full workout today and entered it and then it printed out my next workout.

Faye, I hope you forgot to post and aren't feeling bad.

Jean, your crafty trip sounds like so much fun. I order a lot of things from Walmart on line and have them shipped to the store for free.

Maggie, That was a real bargain book! I love finding stuff like that. A real bummer breaking your nail.

I-64 has a 8 mile backup east and 7 miles west at the Hampton Roads Bridge Tunnel - a sure sign summer has begun!

Have a wonder day!

05-26-2012, 07:57 AM
Good morning to you gals. Sorry I didn't get in her yesterday to post. I was so exhausted from Fortune I slept in, then had a bunch of stuff to do in the house and pay bills and such and just did not get in here.

Fortune is doing ok. He ate some pumpkin and rice yesterday and I put our regular food for him this morning to see if he would eat some of it. I guess Jack will reshampoo the carpets this weekend sometime.

It is going to be around 100 degrees here today and we have commissary shopping. I want to get out early and get it done and over with. We have to go to Walmart and get some stuff to after we get groceries all put away. They have a better selection of frozen dinners and ice cream treats for Jack's lunches and such and I need hair color again. Seems like the gray comes roaring back faster and faster. If I could have lovely white hair or beautiful silver, I would be ok with that, but it grows out this really ugly dull color.

I got a deal and a steal with my sandals. They had a Memorial Day weekend sale with them being 50% off so I got both pairs for what one would have cost, plus I had a 15% online coupon so it paid for my shipping.

We have a "does it work" segment each week on one of our tv stations and they did one on these "tan towels." They had 2 people try them and they both raved about them and I went online and found a different brand and had about 32 reviews and they all were 6 stars! So, I bought two boxes for the cruise. I burn so easily that I can't even do tanning bed and I look like a fishes belly. I have tried the creams, sprays, etc and end up streaky or orange and everyone says the towels do not do that. They weren't expensive and lasts about a week so I thought what the heck? If I can get even a little color so I don't look so white and pale. I am going to try them out here at home and see how they do. Every person that reviewed including the tv ones said it doesn't streak, doesn't turn orange and gives a nice even medium tan. Best of all no cooking of my skin.

Oooh, I love my new doctor. She is going to be a real peach and her husband works there so Jack can take him on as his doctor. His doctor left with his wife when my dr left and no one told him. He made an appt with a dr that isn't even there anymore. My doctor gave me her husband's name and told me he is ex Navy surgeon so Jack should be thrilled with that. She was impressed I had lost 11 lbs since my last dr visit and she wants me back in 3 months so just see how things are going with me and such. Oh and my bp was fine, in fact a bit lower than the last time I had been to the dr.

Susan: Sounds like they have a great workout program now. I am sure you will enjoy it a lot. I can just imagine the bridge. I know we went out for a bite to eat early last evening and for a Friday it was amazing. It was around 5 pm and the restaurant normally humming was empty. We were only the second patrons in there and they only seated 3 others while we were there so everyone must have skeddaddled out of town. Jack said there was hardly anyone at work.

Maggie: Hope you have fun at your "dog" roast! ;) I have to be careful because I love a good hot dog and most times they are big pts for just one. I am really picky about them though. Good luck on your glass working I know whomever gets it will love it.

Jean: Sounds like you wandered all over. I noticed soda prices at the commissary dropped a bit. We, especially myself are big soda drinkers. We usually buy 2 cases of pepsi one, 2 cases of diet mountain dew, and 3 6 paks of diet IBC root beer. The commissary is the only place in town we have found the diet IBC and we like it a lot. I hate going out and going shopping today, but we have to do it. I used to buy great looking stuff at Walmarts to wear all the time, but the last 4-5 years their stuff is garbage and I wouldn't wear any of it. I stick to my online place. I have to order my swimsuit cover up and my long black skirt next week and another shaper then I am done with all my stuff for the cruise. I have to get Jack some new undies and a couple pair of pj pants. He wears those around the house all the time with tshirts and his are getting holey in the seats and are way too big for him since he has lost weight.

Well girls, I need to type up my grocery list, which is what I originally sat down here for this morning. Believe it or not, I am back to square one with all the socks, but I think I have a handle on the problem now and fixed it. I found that thought they are considered the same "weight" the yarn for Alicia's socks and the ones for Jack are a different thickness. I tore out Alicia's sock again as I put it on night before last and it was too big on my foot and we are about the same. So since her yarn is thicker, I switched the needles for the two and rearranged the size pattern and I think this will do the trick. I sure hope so because I need to get these done.

Have a great three day weekend everyone!!! Faye

05-26-2012, 12:00 PM
Good Morning, Flowers! The sun is shining and the wind is blowing; it's supposed to be in the 90s today and tomorrow. I'm gearing up for a lazy weekend; the kids are coming and going at the lake, with friends, so there is no need to be there. I'm thinking we may go to Sioux City and look at Scheels for life jackets. I could make a SAMs Club list but know that place will be crazy on a holiday weekend.

Maggie -- I figured out why the Weather Bug said it was 90 degrees here yesterday when it was really only 60 . . . somehow the location got changed to Atlanta, Georgia. :o The glass art book sounds like something you will enjoy. We seem to drink more pop during the summer months and especially when everyone is at the cabin. I didn't realize that there is an expiration date until several years ago when one of my card club gals bought some "old" pop and it had NO taste nor fizz to it.

Susan -- I wish we had a Y here! There is a fitness center but all of the "elite" tiny women in town go there. Your new workout program sounds really nice. You are so dedicated! :yes: There is on-going construction on I29 from IA to NE and SD. I forget how many years is projected before it is finished but this summer they are working around the bridge that crosses from Sioux City into NE. The tourists get really confused and there are lots of traffic jams. Have a fun weekend with Sandy!

"Gma" -- I'm glad Fortune is feeling better again. The tanning towels would be something I would like. I tried the lotion stuff one time and had streaks. :( It's good that you like your new doctor and found one for Jack that you think he will like. It's lucky that you can figure out how to adjust your yarn thickness and size needles so the socks will come out right. I hope your shopping trips are quick and easy today.

I need to round up the laundry and head to the basement. I hope you all have a nice day and enjoy! :wave:

05-26-2012, 02:49 PM

We are in for some weather. It is currently 86º here in the ♥-Land it isn’t even noon o’clock yet. We had lots of thunder and rain last evening and “they” say we will get more this day. It was a real gulley washer and fun to have the drapes open to watch it come down. I made a wonderful low p+ dessert yesterday. I cut up some strawberries and put a little Splenda® on them then sprinkled Grand Mariner over the top so the alcohol would evaporate come time for the serving of them. I put some sf ff vanilla pudding on some angle food cake and then some strawberries on top of that. There is enough left for a re-run for today. We are going to pick up some ribs from the market here that has them cooked and hot for lunch and have a light dinner. Our lawn is looking great and we get compliments from folks around town that have driven by and seen it. It is a huge area of green that has to be taken care of and Will has done a bang up job getting it into good shape these years we have been here. The plants he put in are growing nicely and the flowers are gorgeous. Life is good.:D

SUSAN Sounds like state of the art exercise equipment. The more you like it the more you want to use it. It is nice to spend weekends with your friends doing what you both like.

DONNA FAYE I'm so happy little Fortune is feeling better. We didn't go to the dog roast afterall ~ Will was "on call" so we ate at home aferall. Hope you found all you went for at the commissary today. I don't like grocerie shopping either but make good lists. :o

JEAN I hope you are able to find the correct sized life jackets. Guess that is a reason there is an expiration on pop. I never have it around long enough for it to "expire." Yep you have to be in the right zip code to get the proper information for you area with the Weather Bug. I have both the Weather Bug and the Weather Channel on my Blackberry. I think they both came on the phone ~ after all it is called the Blackberry Storm.:cool:
Have a great day Magnolias. Type at y'all later. :wave:

05-27-2012, 01:36 PM
Good morning to you girls. It is very, very hot here today so we are just staying inside. We will go to Walmart tomorrow to pick up the rest of the grocery list, get hair color and I am going to check out nail color for my hands and toes for the cruise and hopefully buy something. That way if it chips I have it and can repair whereas if I use one of the salon colors, I am just stuck with chipped nail polish. Jack really likes the french tips so I don't know for sure about my hands, but will definitely get polish for my toes so I can wear all those sandals and flip flops on the ship.

We did get the commissary shopping done. Have mercy it was totally nuts. It was not only a holiday weekend where everyone was getting bbq food and supplies, but they picked this weekend to have a case sale. The line to check out wove out to the back of the store. I decided to try and walk it yesterday and I got about halfway through and the muscle cramping in my lower abdomen started but I just sucked it up and finished. I was pretty miserable by the time we got in line, but it is what it is. It is weird because it is only in one place, right at the bend between your leg and groin on the left side and feels like a pulled muscle. It continues cramping and aching until you set down then after about 2 minutes it completely goes away. There is no other place on my abdomen it does it either so I am wondering if that area is where he reconnected my limited bowel and walking tugs at it.

Jean: Sounds like it might be quiet at your house this weekend with the kids using the lake and you staying home except for your trip to Sioux City. Hope you found your life jackets. Jack told me they don't make you put on life jackets anymore when they do the drill on the ship. I just hope they are at hand!!!! :lol: If you want to try those towels, Target has L'Oreal brand that has 6 towels, which you are supposed to be able to do your whole body with one towel and the box is $10, which I bet 6 trips to the tanning salon are more than that. I am anxious to see if they work since I cannot tan.

Maggie: Sounds like you had a great dessert. I bought fresh strawberries and blueberries, pears and bananas yesterday and I like to cut up the strawberries and mix them and the blueberries and put ff cool whip on them.

Well gals, I need to get out of here and fold some laundry. Have a lovely Sunday and holiday tomorrow. Faye

05-27-2012, 09:54 PM
Good Evening, Flowers! It is hot, humid, and windy here with storm warnings until midnight. :hyper: We went to early church and then headed up to the cabin. It was so windy there I stayed in the cabin and read my book. The kids said the water was too cold to swim so they were in and out of the sand and cabin. We grilled brats for lunch and headed home late afternoon. Needless to say I don't feel like starting any projects now. :no:

Maggie -- Your dessert sounds delicious! :T We need rain as everything is so dry. Our yard has some cracks forming but the grass is still green. On our way to the lake we noticed some farm fields that haven't been planted yet. Bob said the crop will be beans and the soil is too dry; they don't plant beans deep and the wind would blow the seeds away. We did find life jackets at Scheels and getting them to the lake was the reason we went today. The neighbors sometimes invite the kids to go in their boat so we wanted them to be able to go.

"Gma" -- Maddie just loves her new life jacket! It is pink and baby blue w/o the crotch strap which the kids all hate. Zowie's is the same color and Kolby's is blue. Ian can still wear his from last year and it is red. Does the doctor think your muscle cramping will go away eventually? I sure hope so! :yes: Thanks for the tanning towel tip. The Sioux City Target has added more groceries so that one whole side of the store is now like every other K-Mart, Shopko, etc., part grocery and part "other." That makes me wonder what merchandise they no longer carry. Target used to be in the mall and my store of choice. They moved out and now stand alone quite a ways from the mall so we don't stop there as often.

I'm off to read the Sunday paper and see what's on tv. Enjoy the rest of your evening! :wave:

05-28-2012, 12:21 PM
Good Morning, Flowers! It's cloudy, breezy, and much cooler today. We are supposed to have sunshine this afternoon according to the early weatherman. We did have a thunderstorm roll through during the night but no wind damage around us. Beth called and they got the thunder and rain but no wind there either. A neighbor in a year round home invited them over if the storm got too bad. Bob is at the office doing catch-up work and I have laundry going. I need to start on my vacation food list, which is no vacation for me. :rolleyes:

Our pastor recognized the veterans in church yesterday which was nice. Whenever Jason sees someone in uniform he always makes it a point to thank them for serving. I know he still wishes he could have been in the military.

I need to get the next load of laundry downstairs. Enjoy a marvelous Memorial Day! :wave:

05-28-2012, 03:03 PM

I hope everyone is having a nice Memorial Day and remembering the troops that have kept us all safe. It is another warm day here in the ♥-Land with a temp of 80ºs and sunny. Very few clouds in sight when we were out and about. Went out for breakfast :hun: and I brought most of mine home and it is now in the freezer for later use in an omelet. I had ordered the “sampler” with beaters. I ate most of the beaters but was full so left the rest to be brought home. I am one happy camper this day for at ‘weigh in’ I showed a pound down which brought me to 80 pounds gone from this body. This little :ink:ie only has 7 and a ½ pounds to go to reach the half way mark on this journey downward. I am getting there slowly but surely. For dinner this day :hun: we are grilling since it is such a lovely day to cook :chef: outside. I have the fixin’s for a nice salad and some sun tea will be put out to brew when I finish here. :cp:

I saw a little video on TV that showed a dog with a long stick trying to get through the doggie-door with it. He had it in his mouth in the center of the stick and no way could he get through that door no matter how many tries he gave it. Well yesterday when I was out back I observed Beanie pick up a long branch and head for the doggie door with it. He had it in his mouth in the center and no way would it go through the door. He backed up and dropped it then picked it up on one end and went through the doggie door that way. Smart little dog our Beanie is.

JEAN When we are "out and about" we always make it a point to thank what ever service men and women we see in uniform. We have struck up some lively conversations with folks that way. :p That is terrific that you found proper sized life jackets in lively colors. Yep gotta have a life jacket if they are going boating.

DONNA FAYE Don't you just love this time of the year when we can get so much fresh produce ~ especially the fruit. Frozen is good but fresh is so much better. Can they fix it if that is the area that is causing you distress when you walk. That is a good idea to take along matching nail polish so you can do touch-ups if needed. The polish I have on my nais said on the bottle that it lasts up to 10 days. So far so good and no chips and I have even cut and filed my nails with the color on. It is "Rimmel from London" called "Lasting Finish PRO". Really good stuff. I also use a good base coat and top coat with it.

Have a great Memorial Day Magnolias. Type at y'all later. :wave:

05-29-2012, 09:30 AM
Good morning all. I never did get a chance to get in here yesterday. We are still dealing with Fortune being sick. He hasn't eaten and this morning we found a place where he had runny stools again so I am calling the vet this morning. I am not going to have a full 10 days of antibiotic so I need to get some more. I think this time he just got a really bad bout and it is going to take time to get his system righted. We decided to just go out to eat last night as it was so very hot here. I think most of the country is way above normal for this time of year. Should heat Kelly and Tom's pool up nicely though.

I am trying to clean the downstairs today in bits and pieces. The humidity is 85% and it is already in the 80's so it is a sticky day. With us using the big room ac unit, it can get warm in the back of the downstairs so it gets hot to clean in there. It will all get done today.

I finished my audio book, Death Match and downloaded another one totally different. It is a young adult book called, Theodore Boone, Kid Lawyer by John Grisham and it is a very cute book. I am enjoying it. Audio books really do well for me when I knit. Makes the time go faster and I get a lot more done than when the tv is on or it is quiet.

Maggie: I use other Rimmel products because frankly they are much cheaper and no different than the expensive brands. I will search out their nail polish this weekend when I go shopping. We went out for breakfast yesterday and I tried eggs benedict for the first time. I have a feeling they did a cheap version as it was kind of bland. I knew it was egg emulsion with butter, usually an acid like lemon juice and a lot of time cayenne, but this one had some kind of oil and the eggs only. It was pretty runny. So I know never to try it again at that restaurant. Congrats on the lb down!!!!

Jean: I bet the girls love the "girly" life jackets. We have a Super Target here and it has a nice grocery and a very nice bakery, deli section. The choices are more limited than they would be in like Kroger or something, but you can usually find what you need. It is a heck of a lot cleaner than Walmart that's for sure.

Well, I guess I should get up and do the dusting then have a bowl of cereal. I finally got around to buying more skim milk. Have a great day all. Try and keep cool and drink lots of water when you can. Faye

05-29-2012, 12:53 PM
Good Morning, Flowers! It seems like a Monday to me! I've been to church and not much money so we balanced quickly. It's a sunny breezy morning in my corner of the world. We have Ian's game in Sioux Falls at 5:30 so will be doing a road trip this afternoon. Otherwise I am making my vacation list and checking it twice, maybe three times!

Maggie -- :congrat: on losing another pound last week! WOW! 80 pounds would be A LOT of kitty litter to carry around! ;) I enjoy eating breakfast "out" because I always order something I rarely make at home. Lately I've been on an omelet kick.

"Gma" -- Do you have any idea what upsets Fortune's digestive process? Poor dog! :( It was chilly enough that I wore a jacket to church this morning. We've had very strange and unpredictable weather this year. :yes: I hope you get your cleaning done, but don't over do in the heat and humidity.

I'm off to count the gift shop money. Hope everyone has a terrific Tuesday and enjoy whatever you are doing! :wave:

05-30-2012, 08:35 AM
Good morning girls! It will be a smidge cooler today and dip into the 70's tomorrow, which will be nice. I am gong to do some work on the upstairs this morning and finish it up tomorrow. I told Jack to leave the ac on upstairs and the bedroom door open so it was cooler to clean.

After the 6th time of ripping out my dil's sock, I finally got it right and am coming along. I needed to use a small sock needles for this yarn and for the stuff I bought for my husband and it did the trick. The larger needle just allowed it to stretch out too much. This gives a tighter, smaller stitch and it doesn't stretch a huge amount.

Jackson got his birthday package last night, but mom put it away for a few days. His birthday isn't until the 10th, but Target gave me a 3 weeks window for shipping so I went ahead and ordered it and of course they shipped it out the next day. It is all Avenger stuff. He is still very much into the super heros stuff so I bought him a legos hulk thing that my son suggested, all 4 of the avenger super heros large action figures, and a pair of hulk fists that he was really badly. Hulk is on back order though so won't join the group until the end of the month. :lol:

Jean: Fortune has one of these really sensitive stomachs I guess. I think he is coming around though. I have him on the antibiotics for 10 days, he still isn't eating dog food and wouldn't even eat the egg and rice I made for him. I did something awful and gave him some of my rice a roni from dinner as we were sitting there eating. He ate it off my hand and since there was leftovers in the skillet, I gave him about 1/3 of a cup and he ate all of it. The sodium isn't great for him, but at least he ate something. I don't put the butter or margarine in the stuff, just brown the vermicelli mix in some spray Pam then make it so it has a lot less fat. I put out food today but he hasn't touched it. I will pick it up and put it in the fridge in a bit to keep it from spoiling then bring it back out later on and try again. Ok, what did I miss in the posts about vacation and you???

This week I am going to order my caftan cover up and my long black skirt to go with my knitted sweater and another shaper. Though it doesn't stop the cramping completely, I noticed when I didn't wear one and walked around in Krogers on Sunday that I started cramping almost right away. In the commissary I got about 1/2 to 2/3 of the way finished before it started. I have talked to my gp and my surgeon, neither knows what is causing it, finds nothing wrong with my surgery and such and says in this case it is not connected to my weight. So I don't know if I am going to have to live with it or what. My instinct tells me that when he put my colon back together the second time that it is tight now and when I walk the motion of the leg and groin area spasm it. Like I said, it only lasts until I quit walking and goes away a couple minutes after I sit down. I just deal with it the best way I can.

Poor Jack had to work out in the sun yesterday and overtime to boot. He barely made enough to make it worth his while considering taxes being taken out of it. He got a sunburn on his face, neck and lower arms and he will probably be in the sun again today trying to fix the same problem.

Well, I am out of here. I am going to listen to the end of my audio book and get some more knitting done then fix myself a bowl of cereal. Have a great Wednesday all. Faye

05-30-2012, 03:03 PM

It is a bright sun-shiny day with T-storms predicted here in the ♥-Land with the temps in the high 70ºs. We have been out to lunch at our favorite Mexican place and I had my usual which I can count the points on easily. 2 shredded beef tacos and rice + 10 chips which all costs me 22 P+ and I will call it the main meal of the day and eat light this evening with the remaining 8 p+ left. (Plus I do have the extra weekly points+ we are allowed but I am trying not :nono: to use all of them this week.) :cp:

Oh, my ~ Will just handed me his list of 2 items he wants me to order from Schwan’s®. He wants Pecan Rolls (13P+ each) and a Double Lemon Supreme Pie (11P+ each piece – pie serves 9). Granted those are excellent desserts but I will steer clear of them. I have yet to look at the book and decide what I need to order and get it done in time for delivery on Friday. I think I will take that pie to pot-luck next month so it won’t be in the freezer calling my name and Will can have a piece there. :yes: That will work and Will will go for it when I tell him what I have decided.

My jerky order arrived today and it has gone up in price just like everything else has. There may come a day when I can no longer afford to order it and turn to making it myself ~ for I do know how :yes: and have a dehydrator in which to dry it. I have a real tasty recipe from my mother who used it to make it by drying it in the oven. Plus other good recipes and one by Emeril in which he uses his Creole Seasoning. I use his season recipe as a rub on ribs sometimes when I do them in my indoor Smoker. After while I will weigh the jerky out in 1-oz portions and bag it all up and pop it in the freezer. One ounce equals 2p+ of this jerky and it is so good with a couple of Cuties and a boiled egg for a healthy 4p+ breakfast. One ounce of this jerky is usually two pieces that fit nicely in a zip lock snack bag. I have 2#’s to bag after while. I will do that after I have had my lunch.

Will has gone now to the museum to work today so we will have tomorrow free to go out and about on a long drive. He got a call from one of the college kids that works there who was given an assignment that he doesn’t know how to accomplish. Some of the plaster has fallen off the bricks in the men’s bathroom and he was told to fix it ~ so he called Will. Will can surely help him patch it up nicely. Evidently the kid had received a note to do it and the man who assigned it wasn’t there when he got it for the kid to inform him he didn’t know how to do that ~ so he called Will for help. Good thing Will can teach him how.

I now have my back door key back. Paul has officially moved out. I wish him safe travels to and from work. It is a long drive and he works long hours. My bet is that he will get a sleeping bag and sleep on the floor sometimes in his office for that long drive home will get tiring for sure ~ I can imagine. In my working days I didn’t want to live more than a half hours drive from work but that can’t always be, now can it. But a long drive to and from work sure cuts down the time you can spend with your family. His little girl is so cute and growing quickly. Kids do grow up so fast don’t they.

DONNA FAYE I certainly hope Jack is slathering himself with sun screen so he doesn't get too deeply burned. Nice that you have figured out to use smaller needles and your knitting will go faster and you won't have to be undoing it anymore. My glass work isn't so forgiving for I can't re-use the material if I have not used it correctly the first time. It is good thing that you aren't wasting your materials when you have to re-do a project. You are a good momie to your special needs doggie. He is so fortunate to be living with you for he gets such good care. Isn't it so neat that they have so many of the flavored sprays now that we can use to lighten up dishes such as Rice a Roni ~ that San Francisco treat. And if you need the butter flavor there are always those Butter Buds or the spray that you can add to a dish to make it more tasty. Yep we have "I Can't Believe It's Not Butter" spray in the fridge as I type. There are so many products out there now that we can take advantage of to make our dishes we cook lighter and tasty at the same time.

JEAN Yes, 80#'s of kitty litter would be too heavy for me to lift and to think that it used to be hooked to my body is mind-boggling. I don't want to ever lug that 80#'s around again. An albatross around my neck, so to speak. Yikes and I plan to lose that again plus a few pounds one at a time. Omelets are good. When I have one out I have it made with "Egg Beaters" to cut down on the points+. What kind of omelet is your favorite? How was the game? Hope Ian did well while playing.

SUSAN & GAIL Howdy :wave: to the two of you beautiful Magnolias.

Have a great day Magnolias. Type at y'all later. :wave:

05-30-2012, 11:53 PM
Good Evening, Flowers! I thought I had been here today but realized I'm a day behind! :o I had my nails done this morning, stopped at the hospital to leave my gift shop checkbook and deposit book in case they needed to pay bills. I spent the afternoon at church working on the monthly newsletter. Other than that have been doing laundry, making my food list, and sorting through the paper piles.

"Gma" -- My furnace has run off and on today! It was 47 degrees outside at 6:30 this morning! :brr: We are leaving for the annual fishing trip to MN. This year we have rented a house and will all be together: my "mom," "sister," and her husband. We each are planning 2 days worth of meals :hyper: and I need to get that organized tomorrow. I hope Jack has a cooler day to work outside tomorrow! I'm glad Fortune ate something even if it was people food.

Maggie -- The Schwans desserts sound yummy! :T I would have a hard time staying away from them. Ian's team won last night but he struck out twice and walked once. It is kid pitch this year and he can hit 'em hard and far when he and Jason practice. I don't know if he gets nervous at the games or what. He likes to pitch and play the catcher position. I wore a t-shirt, a sweatshirt, and my spring jacket with another sweatshirt wrapped around my legs. It was quite windy and I was still cold! My favorite omelet is one with cheese, ham, onions, and green peppers. However, that combination doesn't always like me so I'm careful where I order it and ask for just a few pieces of onion and green pepper.

I need to address my church birthday cards for when I'm gone. The church secretary will send them out for me. Enjoy what is left of your evening! :wave:

05-31-2012, 08:24 AM
Good morning ladies. It is cooler this morning in the upper 60's and going to be upper 80's today. It is only supposed to be upper 70's tomorrow, which will be a nice change. I have to go downtown first thing in the morning and pick up Thomas and take him home from his dr appt. I think his dr is downtown now because it is close to St Jude's and makes it convenient for Kelly. She asked if I could come get him and I was happy to do it though parking and stuff can be nuts down there so I think I will just park, text her where I am and tell her to have him come to me when he is finished and she can go on to work them.

My shoes get here today so I will be interested how they fit. They aren't expensive shoes so I don't know if they will be comfortable or not. I can take them back here in town though and not ship them back if they don't feel right or whatever which is nice. Jackson's last action figure will be delivered today so we will get everything all together since she hasn't given it to him yet. I am waiting for the tan towels yet. They should be here tomorrow. I am anxious to try them and see how they do. It sure would be nice to have a nice bit of color for the cruise and not be orange or streaky. All the reviews for all the different brands are pretty positive.

Maggie: Yum, those desserts sound great. Like Jean, I would be hard pressed to stay out of them I think. Jack and I are kind of each other's worst enemy. If either of us gets something un-WW friendly, then the other person is likely to buy something too. So, we have to avoid getting anything of course. The rice a roni is only 2 pts per half cup, which isn't bad at all. The only thing is the sodium level is of course higher and you can't do anything about that if you are going to make it. It isn't like canned veggies where you can rinse them! :lol:

Jean: I guess I missed you talking about Minnesota. I know you guys go up there every year, but just zoned it out I guess. Are you guys leaving this weekend or when are you going? Wonder what the weather will be like up there this year? It has been so hot all over the country so far this spring. Fortune is now feeling better, will take his meds in a piece of cheese so no more bit fingers for me (he doesn't mean to bite me, when I shove it down his throat he tries to chew and clamps down on my fingers) He isn't eating dog food though and we are going to have a test of wills. I am not going back to making his food. He has two types of dog food here so he is going to eat it or go hungry until he is desperate I think. I put it down for 2 hours then put it in the fridge then bring it out later for a couple hours, etc. Sooner or later he will eat. I am not allowing him to have treats either so mama is getting hard nosed with the doggy now! :lol:

I was really sick yesterday from the pills again so I never got upstairs. I need to try and get to it today, especially this morning. It is not in a desperate situation yet, but I would prefer it didn't get to that. :lol:

We now have all the shows reserved for the cruise. You can make reservations and get better seats from what I understand. There is a production kind of song and dance show, one with what they call a headliner, a comedy show with the cruise director, a magic show, an ice show, and a crack grimms fairy tale show where the story telling is a bit off and supposed to be really funny. We are going to all the late 9 PM shows hoping less kids and less people will go to the late ones. Since we eat early seating at 5:30, that gives us plenty of time before the show to grab a nap or whatever if we need to.

Well I need to get going. It is slower going with the sock using tiny needles because it causes more discomfort to my hands and I have to put them down more, but it is coming along finally. Have a good Thursday all! Faye

05-31-2012, 06:08 PM
Good Afternoon, Flowers! It's another windy cool day (so what else is new) :( , and the sun is trying to shine this afternoon. We had a little rain during the night which was most welcome. I went for coffee with a friend this morning and then stopped by the library to leave a book, renew one I'm almost finished with, and choose a couple more. When I went to check out the gal said I owed a fine from the last time. I don't think my books were late but had no proof so paid the 40 cents. One time I looked at the date wrong but that was a few months ago, and they caught it the same day. I need to go to the grocery store and have started my list. I just hate that chore! :tantrum:

"Gma" -- We are leaving Saturday and will be home in a week. I have no idea what to pack for clothes since it has been colder than usual. We are going a week earlier this year but I can remember a few trips when it was really hot. :dunno: I'm sorry your pills made you sick again. I hope your shoes will be comfortable for you and you can keep them. It would be so nice if every company used the same pattern for clothes, shoes, etc., so a person would know a certain size or style will fit. I had to :) about Fortune will eat his dog food or else.

I need to finish my list and get moving. Any more if I don't get things done in the morning I seem to lose my "steam" later on in the day. Enjoy the rest of your day! :wave:

06-01-2012, 10:51 AM
Good morning, ladies! Heading for the high 80s once again this lovely day.

Another busy weekend on tap. Tomorrow I have a graduation and funeral and Sunday is a beading class in the afternoon and a evening wedding reception (they got married in Las Vegas). Today Sandy and I are going to the Greek Festival, quilt shop, and lunch. I was at the Y at 6:30 am to get my workout in. I'm really loving ActivTrax but it sure is kicking my butt! I've been using the nutrition portion to plan and record my meals. I have put them all in for next week and it generated my grocery list so I'm all ready for grocery shopping.

Faye, it surely is not like you to have a problem with socks. I'm glad you figured out the problem. I really enjoyed the purse class last Saturday and
had a finished purse when I left.

Jean, enjoy MN! I hope the weather is fine for you.

Maggie, you are doing a fabulous job with your weight! Thanks for the calendars, they are hanging on my pantry and fridge.

I need to get ready to meet Sandy so have a fine day!

06-01-2012, 02:33 PM
Afternoon gals. Didn't have time to get in here this morning. I had to go downtown at 7:45 so I could pick up Thomas from his dr appt. His mom works close by at St Jude's so she asked if I could come down and pick him up and take him home. We were going to go swimming but we had a huge thunderstorm move through last night so it is only low 60's today and the pool ended up with dirt and stuff in it. They had a guy put in a new liner this year and he is dragging his feet finishing the job and it involves the pump drains and stuff in the pool so the dirt didn't clear out. We did go frog hunting in the pool though! :lol: Thomas had said they have frogs bad this year and he took me in the back way to the house to look at the new liner and there were 3 frogs in the pool, ICK! We chased them down and he netted them and flung them into the grass! :lol: I took him to breakfast at IHOP and we had such a good time talking and eating. They have been "training" for the Kilamanjaro hike. He said it is a 5 1/2 day hike going up and 1 1/2 day coming down. They have 12 "porters" that will be hauling their stuff and a guide. They leave in 4 weeks exactly. We also talked all about the cruise and all the things to do and see and eat and play, etc, etc. I realize how much I miss him. He is so very busy all the time, I don't see him very much. For instance, next week is band camp all week, the following week is boy scout camp all week, then he has a week off then two weeks on vacation. When he gets back he is going with his Aunt to South Dakota for a week then school will be starting again soon after that.

Sandals fit perfectly so as long as my feet don't swell I will be ok. If they swell none of my dress sandals are going to fit I am afraid. So far, I haven't had trouble with swelling this year and we have had some really humid weather, which usually causes the problem. They are pretty cute and will look nice with the long dresses I think. I ordered a cover up and a long black skirt this morning. They sold out of the caftan I wanted. Bummer!! I ordered another shaper too because I may wear a shaper all the time on the cruise when I am dressed. I hope it will help with the cramping some.

Susan: I had a tough time with the larger socks. They would gauge properly but when I would knit them, they would be too big. I finally saw a notation I had on my sock book that has my charts and it said, 2.25 which is a size 1 needle so I went down to a size 1 and it seems to be doing the trick. I will try it on when I am done. The calf will be too small for my leg, but the foot should fit perfectly as we are the same size. My niece made me the cutest purse one year for Christmas. She made it out of placemats. I am taking it on the cruise to use on the formal night as it is black and has a crystal high heel shoe pin on it. It will be perfect.

Jean: Hope you have great weather and a wonderful time this next week in MN. I guess I am glad Jack is not a fisherman. I am not much of a cabin kind of gal, more the Holiday Inn type! :lol: I went camping as a kid and always hated it. We went camping once when Jay was about 2, he fell off the side of a mountain/hill and tore up his little knees and hands. I was mad and refused to go camping again! :lol: Nowadays, I am too old and fat to sleep in a tent or anything not at least 3 star! :0) Fortune is getting the idea I am not fixing him people food so he ate some of his dog food twice yesterday. He has turned his nose up today so far, but he gets hungry he'll eat as he is no longer sick. Thank goodness he is finally well enough he will take his antibiotic in cheese. I take a small piece off a slice of sandwich cheese and warm it in my hand to make it pliable then put the med in the center and roll it around in my hand into a ball. He gobbles it right up. No more bit fingers. :lol: He has to take it through next Wednesday.

Well, I guess I should get back to knitting. I would like to get the sock done no later than tomorrow so I can start on the second one. Have a great weekend, Jean enjoy your trip!!! Faye

06-01-2012, 04:24 PM
Good Afternoon, Flowers! It's a sunny cool day in my corner of the world. I finished doing necessary laundry this morning, made a WM run which has become the $100+ store, and then the grocery store which was also over a $100! :eek: I try to take as much food as possible because everything is twice as expensive in the resort area.

Susan -- I think I would be worn out if I followed you around for very long! ;) You have a busy schedule of past and upcoming events. Enjoy! How's Casper?

"Gma" -- Thomas is a busy guy! It's nice you could spend some time together today. I'm glad your new sandals fit and hope your feet don't swell. Our cabins had cable tv, WiFi, microwaves, air, and heat, etc. I'm anxious to see the what the house is like. I know I will miss all the other resort guests coming and going by our place, but we were at the opposite end from our relatives and their partying neighbors which would get old fast. I am not a camper for sure! My idea of vacation is eating out (that's why I don't consider this a vacation for me) and a nice hotel room! :D

Maggie -- What are you up to today? :dunno:

I need to start sorting clothes and decide what to take for next week. Guess I will check MN weather and see what is in the forecast. Enjoy the rest of your day! :wave:

Here is the link to where we will be next week. ( #358865

06-02-2012, 10:07 AM
Good morning, ladies! Cooler this morning at 66 degrees with sunshine.

We had a terrible storm yesterday evening. A tornado did major damage in Hampton (2 miles from my house) in one of the nicest neighborhoods which is along the Chesapeake Bay. Over 3 inches of rain in less than 2 hours. The Greek Festival was fun and I bought 3 pair of earrings there. I looked at all the pastries but passed them up. We had lunch at Applebee's where they now have all you can eat soup and salad and bread sticks for $5.99. I had tomato basil soup and spinach salad which was very good.

Faye, I hope you can post some pictures of your cruise. You will certainly be one lovely lady! Glory's daughter and her family moved to Houston 2 years ago and she said she was alright with it because the grandchildren had reached the middle teens and were busy with all their activities and had little time for grandma anymore so it was okay for her daughter's in-laws to have them now. LOL.

Jean, Casper is one stubborn cat. When he does something wrong, he turns his head so he can't see me scolding him. He is so full of energy right now and runs and plays a lot with his toys. He still stays near me all the time.

Hi, Maggie!

Well, I need to get going with my day. Have a great one.

06-02-2012, 04:41 PM

Please go to the New Thread for this one is now closed.

Have a great day Magnolias. Type at y'all later. :wave: